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January 14, 2011


Fox: House Republicans Tee Up Health Care Debate After Pausing for Tucson Victims
WaPo: House GOP to resume health-care repeal effort, but with more civil tone
American Spectator: Some Vitriolic Rhetoric About Repeal
Rush Limbaugh: Civility is the New Censorship
NYT: House Republicans Edge Back to Business as Usual
NYT: Democrats Embrace Mixed-Party Seating for State of the Union
NYT: OpEd: How the G.O.P. Can Cut and Survive
WSJ: Test Ahead on Rhetoric in House
WSJ: The Congressional Accountability Act (via Google)
Peggy Noonan: Obama Rises to the Challenge
Rush Limbaugh: CNN and Fox Commentators Switch Roles on Obama Speech
Michael Gerson: Obama's staff changes give him a second chance
James Taranto: A rebuke from Obama leads the NY Times to run from the fight it started
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Sarah Palin Is Right About 'Blood Libel'
NRO: Who’s to blame for Tucson? Why, Sarah Palin and you, of course
Rush Limbaugh: Unbridled, Vitriolic Hatred for Sarah Palin Continues Unabated
Hill: Pawlenty defends Palin, saying after shooting, she was 'falsely accused'
Daily Caller: Palin death threats rise to unprecedented levels
DC: Stephanopoulos, NYT, CNN WaPo decline to correct erroneous Giffords reporting
Michelle Malkin: Blame Righty: A Condensed History
WaPo: Editorial: A call for civility in the Arizona aftermath
David Brooks: Tree of Failure
Paul Krugman: A Tale of Two Moralities
Ted Nugent: Passion essential to American politics
Rush Limbaugh: Thoughts on the Arizona Pep Rally
Rush Limbaugh: Great Democrat Memorials Past: Clinton's Tear for Ron Brown, 1996
Rush Limbaugh: Great Democrat Memorials Past: The Wellstone Memorial, 2002
David Limbaugh: Where Will Obama Go From Tucson?

WaPo: Police recover black bag, ammunition believed to belong to Tucson suspect

NYT: Banks Are Poised to Pay Dividends After 3-Year Gap

WaPo: Tax cuts hinder Obama's plans to overhaul tax code, reduce deficit
WSJ: Talks on Corporate-Tax Revisions Set to Start

Hill: Liberal groups worry Obama will cut deal on Social Security
Pat Buchanan: Is Obama Leaving the Left Behind?

WSJ: New Hit to Strapped States

WaPo: Obama administration cracks down on mountaintop mining
WSJ: EPA Blasted as It Revokes Mine's Permit
Hill: EPA mining decision roils Capitol Hill

Hill: Frustration on global warming deepens for supporters of climate change bill

NYT: Accused Soldier in Brig as WikiLeaks Link Is Sought
Hill: WikiLeaks condemns GOP embargo call

NYT: A Clamor for Gun Limits, but Few Expect Real Changes
Hill: King will push ahead with gun bill despite GOP leaders' opposition
Rasmussen: Most Say Stricter Gun Laws Would Not Help Prevent Shootings

UPI: Analysts: Priebus poised to be GOP head
Wash Times: RNC's Steele being urged to exit gracefully
WSJ: Next RNC Chief Has Tough Job
NYT: Looking to 2012, G.O.P. Is Set to Select a New Leader
WaPo: RNC finances suffer from loss of major donors
Wash Times: Editorial: Time for change at the RNC
Roll Call: RNC Panelists Hail Tea Party
Detroit FP: Anuzis may need an upset to win national GOP post
Politico: Zero hour for Michael Steele at RNC
Hill: With Steele's job on the line, Republicans vote for party chief

Hill: House Republicans begin annual retreat under tight security
AP/Pettus: Miss. Gov. Barbour to speak at House GOP retreat
Politico: Sessions taps 8 NRCC vice-chairmen
Roll Call: NRCC Hires Hickey to Head Incumbent Retention

WSJ: Little Change in Obama’s Approval Ratings
WSJ: A President’s Rating at 2-Year Mark Says Little About His Re-election Prospects

Weekly Standard: Cato Institute Praises Pawlenty, Disses Daniels


Des Moines Register: Dallas Morning News’ Leubsdorf handicaps 2012 GOP prospects


State: House passes Haley’s roll-call voting bill


NYDN: Gov. Cuomo urges upstate crowd to 'rise up and make their voices heard' on reform
NY Post: Gov's bipartisan pitch
Buffalo News: Cuomo calls on residents to insist on changes
NYDN: Gov. Cuomo delays in hiring boss of the state's economic development agency
Albany TU: Cuomo will ‘review’ SP raises

Albany TU: Senate departures, thus far
AP: Leader of New York Senate Democrats says dissidents betrayed party


LA Times: Jerry Brown seeks to eliminate firms' ability to choose between CA tax formulas
Dan Walters: Time looms as Jerry Brown's biggest hurdle

WSJ: Health Insurers Feel Heat in California

WSJ: Jerry Brown Orders 48,000 State Workers to Return Cell Phones


Fox: List of Possible Hutchison Successors Takes Shape
Dallas MN: Would-be successors kick into high gear after Hutchison's announcement
Roll Call: Texas Lt. Governor in Running for Open Senate Seat
Politico: Kay Bailey Hutchison's exit stirs Texas hopefuls
Dallas MN: Quick take: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison yields to forces of change
Wash Times: Hutchison says she won't seek re-election to Senate
WSJ: Sen. Hutchison Won’t Run Again in 2012
NYT: Hutchison Will Not Seek Re-Election

Human Events: Tom DeLay: The Injustice System


Buzz: Mike Haridopolos raising money for U.S. Senate bid

Buzz: Florida Republicans launch new web site, install Carroll on Cabinet
SPT: Cabinet to Rick Scott: No, you can't veto our regulations


AJC: Nathan Deal shifts his tone on ice aftermath


Chicago Tribune: Quinn signs tax hike into law
Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich rips tax hike: ‘I hate the fact I was right about this’

NYT: Editorial: Illinois and Capital Punishment

Roll Call: Bill Clinton to Campaign with Rahm Emanuel in Chicago


Star Tribune: Pawlenty's civil manner right for the times?


WSJ: Wisconsin 1, Illinois 0


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich plans to keep, overhaul Medicaid


Detroit News: Snyder fails to release salaries

Politico: Stabenow sees Obama as asset for 2012 campaign


DC: Woman behind Va. 'Repeal Amendment' effort running for Senate


WSJ: New Jersey Sits Out ObamaCare Fight
Human Events: Christie Sets Second Year Agenda in State of the State Address
WSJ: Editorial: Chris Christie's Year to Deliver
NYT: Christie Hopes to Lure Businesses Fleeing Illinois Taxes
Politico: Booker polls well against Christie

Roll Call: Menendez’s Former Challenger Could Give Him Trouble in 2012


AP: Brown's first-year Senate stances bounce around

Boston Globe: Rep. Tierney’s wife gets 30-day sentence

NYT: Massachusetts: Wife of Congressman Sentenced to Prison on Tax Charges

Boston Globe: Patrick overhauls parole


Las Vegas RJ: Ensign humble in talks with factory workers


American Thinker: Sheriff Dupnik Must Resign


Denver Post: Hickenlooper looks to balance sides, budget


Politico: 61 percent disapprove of Gregoire


January 13, 2011


Sarah Palin: America's Enduring Strength (video in HD)
Wash Times: Palin denounces 'blood libel' in Tucson debate
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin's Prebuttal to Obama
WSJ: Palin Stands By Rhetoric
LA Times: Sarah Palin video on Giffords aftermath stays true to who Palin is
NYT: Palin Joins Debate on Heated Speech With Words That Stir New Controversy
WaPo: Sarah Palin's effort to defuse controversy backfires with 'blood libel' comment
Big Govt: Alan Dershowitz Defends Sarah Palin’s Use of Term ‘Blood Libel’
NYT: A Phrase With Roots in Anti-Semitism
Ann Coulter: Liberal Seek Ban on Metaphors In Wake of Arizona Shooting
Dan Henninger: Why the Left Lost It
American Spectator: More Evidence Liberalism Is Dead
American Thinker: Liberalism's Ugly Face
James Taranto: Big Lies and Little Ones: Paul Krugman's only example was fraudulent
Wash Times: Some Democrats seek to dial back overheated rhetoric on shootings
Rush Limbaugh: Jared Loughner's Friend on GMA: "He Didn't Listen to Political Radio"
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Plan to Use Shooting in Effort to Curtail Boehner's Agenda
Rush Limbaugh: Clyburn Calls for Fairness Doctrine
Michael Barone: Systematic Assassinations Not Part Of Our Politics

WSJ: FBI Seeks Suspect's Web Game Records
WSJ: Suspect's Downward Spiral
WaPo: Friends, teachers tell of Loughner's descent into world of fantasy
NYT: ‘Creepy,’ ‘Very Hostile’: A College Recorded Its Fears
Politico: Judges back off Loughner case
NYT: Police Stopped Loughner’s Car on Day of Shooting
WaPo: Loughner was stopped for running a red light before allegedly shooting Giffords
Rush Limbaugh: Dupnik Knew About Loughner

WSJ: Obama Calls for a More Civil Nation
NYT: Obama Calls for a New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics
WaPo: Tucson shootings: Let us heal together, Obama says at memorial event
Wash Times: Obama: May good come of Ariz. tragedy
NYT: Facing Challenge, Obama Returns to Unity Theme
NYT: Pelosi on Hand When Giffords Opens Eyes
Wash Times: Senator wants to mix it up at Obama State of Union address
Daily Caller: Democrats slam Boehner for missing Arizona memorial service
American Spectator: Obama's Bullseye
Rich Lowry: The Non-Accusatory Case for Civility

Karl Rove: Why Obama Chose Bill Daley (via Google)
Roll Call: Daley’s Donations Reflect Moderate, Pro-Business Views

WSJ: U.S. Unlikely To Recoup GM Bailout, Panel Says (via Google)
WSJ: U.S. Ran $80 Billion Budget Deficit in December
Arthur Laffer: A Price for Raising the Debt Ceiling
WSJ: 'Say No to Us:' Chris Christie's advice to the House GOP (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: What a plan to replace Fannie and Freddie should include

Wash Times: Health-law fight highlights CBO balancing act
LA Times: GOP in a bind over healthcare repeal vote

WSJ: Gulf Political Spill: Obama indicts an industry, without evidence (via Google)

Senators Lieberman & Collins: How to Prevent the Next WikiLeaks Dump (via Google)

NYT: Ghailani Prosecutors Challenge Defense Request for Dismissal

Linda Greenhouse: Problems of Democracy

NYT: 5 Candidates Casting Nets for Votes in G.O.P. Contest
WaPo: Handicapping the Republican National Committee chair race: The Final Edition
Roll Call: With Tide Turned, New Goals for RNC Election
NYT: In R.N.C. Battle, the Other Barbour Steps Out
ABC: Reince Priebus Has Edge in Race to Republican Chairman
Politico: Boehner officially endorses Cino
Wash Times: OpEd: Maria Cino for RNC chairman
Rochester D&C: Fisher graduate could be next RNC head
St. Louis PD: Wagner making grass-roots appeal in late drive to become GOP chairman
Wash Times: OpEd: Michael S. Steele for RNC chairman

WaPo: House Republicans heading to Baltimore for retreat

Politico: Poll: Obama approval up 6 points


Des Moines Register: Branstad urged to rescind rule on felon voting rights


AP/Love: Gay marriage repeal not on NH GOP agenda this year


Wash Times: Haley aims to trim government, cut taxes
State: The Governor's Gala


NY Post: Andy's ire 'rai$ed:' Blasts secret State Police pay hikes


John Fund: Jerry Brown's Budget Gambit
LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown's budget plan a 'good starting point,' nonpartisan analyst says
SacBee: Analyst says budget plan carries risks
George Skelton: An older, bolder Jerry Brown deserves kudos for his budget plan

WSJ: Recasting His Role for a Bigger Stage (Gavin Newsom)


Dallas MN: No new taxes - but maybe a revision, Texas GOP leaders say
Star Telegram: GOP leaders say state budget can be balanced without tax hike
AP/Tomlinson: Texas faces budget shortfall; GOP likely to 'slash and burn'
AP/Root: Perry's trips to keep him on national GOP stage
Impact: Straus gets second speaker term with broad support

WSJ: Judge Can't Rule on Texas Death Penalty, Court Says


SPT: Gov. Rick Scott's tax cut plans collide with state budget shortfall

NRO: Charlie Crist, Attorney at Law


AJC: Deal warns of cuts, promises progress in first State of the State


Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn vows quick signing of tax hike
Chicago Tribune: Quinn, Madigan defend Illinois tax hike
WSJ: Illinois Braces for Tax Increases
NYT: Questions Persisting as Illinois Raises Taxes
AP/Bellandi: Gov. Quinn promises to quickly sign Ill. tax hike
WSIL: Residents React to Income Tax Hike
WSJ: Illinois Exit Fee: Voters can't say they weren't warned (via Google)

Chicago Tribune: Quinn refuses to be pinned down on death penalty repeal


Roll Call: Republican Hopeful Is Exploring Conrad Challenge


Milwaukee JS: Republicans unveil plan for voter ID, constitutional amendment

AP/Richard: Wis. gov., others threatened


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich cuts office payroll by $300,000


Detroit News: New Michigan legislators excited to tackle tough issues


AP/Johnson: Tenn. gov-elect sticking to no layoffs in 1st year


Philadelphia Inquirer: Millions in project grants will await Corbett's OK


NYT: Governor Thrusts New Jersey to Fore of an Education Fight
State Column: Gov. Chris Christie’s popularity surge
Politico: Christie waves off Giuliani's 'peanut gallery' comments


Roll Call: Tea Party Leader Predicts Scott Brown ‘Completely Safe’
Boston Globe: Kennedy’s decision throws field wide open


Las Vegas Sun: Mitt Romney leads in Nevada Republican presidential primary poll

AP/Griffith: Ensign not worried about Heller bid
WaPo: Why John Ensign has it harder than David Vitter did

Reno GJ: Sharron Angle calls for more civil dialogue, criticizes critics

Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval wants to end furloughs but cut state employee pay 5 percent


USA Today: Ariz. GOP official resigns: Won't 'take a bullet'
WaPo: Some Arizona Republican party officials resign after Tucson shooting


Hill: Man arrested on charges of threatening Rep. Jim McDermott


January 12, 2011


NYT: Police Say They Visited Tucson Suspect’s Home Even Before Rampage
WSJ: Postings of a Troubled Mind: Job Woes, Rejection by Women
NYT: Legal Strategy Could Hinge on Mental Assessment
Daily Caller: Jared Loughner and the ins and outs of the insanity defense
WSJ: Early Legal Issue: Where to Try Case
NYT: Threats to Lawmakers Rarely Lead to Charges
WaPo: Media grapple with how to present mug shot of Tucson shooting suspect
WaPo: Giffords's condition is encouraging, doctors say; Tucson awaits Obama's arrival
NYT: For Boehner, Rampage Imposes Its Own Agenda
Fox: Debate Continues Over Whether Arizona Shooting Sends Message to Rein in 'Vitriol'
WSJ: Republicans Shift Themes in Debate About Rampage
Daily Caller: Washington's top five most ridiculous reactions to the Arizona shooting
Weekly Standard: Sanders Fundraises Off Arizona Murders
Examiner: Dem Rep. who called for GOP Gov. to be shot now pleads for civility
WSJ: A Predictable Tragedy in Arizona: We emptied state mental hospitals
WSJ: Loughner's Sickness (via Google)
Holman Jenkins: The Jared Loughner Problem (via Google)
James Taranto: The Authoritarian Media: The New York Times has crossed a moral line
American Thinker: The Media Has Declared... WAR!
American Thinker: Incitement to Tyranny
John Fund: Sheriff Dupnik Misfires
Rush Limbaugh: Pima County Needs a Real Sheriff
Michelle Malkin: The Worst Sheriff in America
Charles Krauthammer: Massacre, followed by libel
Jonah Goldberg: The Exploitative Rhetoric of Tragedy
Pat Buchanan: Poisonous Politics
Al Sharpton: In MLK's honor, let's strive for dialogue that's passionate but not poisonous
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrat Party Turns Jared Loughner into a Victim of the Right
American Spectator: The Victim and His Victims
Rush Limbaugh: No Labels Types See Golden Opportunity in the Tucson Tragedy
Rush Limbaugh: Rahm: Don't Exploit This Crisis
Rush Limbaugh: How Liberals Look at the World
Human Events: The Left's History Of Violence

Fox: Murdered Arizona Judge Called For 'Judicial Emergency'

Hill: Speaker Boehner says no to new restrictions on firearms
Hill: Rep. Peter King: Ban weapons near federal officials attending public events
NYT: OpEd: When Congress Was Armed And Dangerous (19th Century)
NYT: Editorial: Not Just for Lawmakers (Gun Control)

NYT: State of the Union Speech on Jan. 25
WaPo: Editorial: A State of the Union recommendation: Mix up the seating
Weekly Standard: A Majority—If You Can Keep It

Dick Morris: Debt-limit chickens face chop
American Spectator: The Budget Battle: How President Obama Is Trapped
WaPo: Bill would propose a 10 percent cut in the federal workforce
Steven Pearlstein: The day of reckoning for public employees unions is here

WaPo: What to expect with Republican oversight

Wash Times: Obama's veto pen likely to see more action
WaPo: Obama aims to revise No Child Left Behind

Newt Gingrich: Forever Stamp Folly

Rasmussen: Voters Still See Democratic Agenda in Congress As More Extreme than GOP’s

Hill: Spill commission asks Obama to consider executive action on drilling
Wash Times: Oil panel comes up dry on drilling
WSJ: Panel Faults Oil Firms, Calls for Better Oversight
NYT: Tougher Rules Urged for Offshore Drilling
NYT: Editorial: The Verdict on the Spill

Politico: For EPA, climate tough in Senate

WSJ: Alaska Pipeline to Restart Temporarily

NYT: WikiLeaks Founder Said to Fear ‘Illegal Rendition’ to U.S.

WSJ: Tax on Medical Residents Upheld by Court
NYT: Court Rules on Debtors and Doctors in Training

Wash Times: Senate to reconsider scuttled judicial picks

NYT: Editorial: Impeachment as Intimidation (Judicial Impeachment)

Daily Caller: ACORN leader avoids prison for voter fraud conspiracy

Politico: Former Tom DeLay aides thrive in GOP

Weekly Standard: Jeb Bush on the Need for Hispanic Outreach

WSJ: Obama Begins Gearing Up Re-Election Bid

Hill: 2012 presidential hopefuls to address annual House Republican retreat
WaPo: Can Tim Pawlenty light a fire with Republicans?
WaPo: The "Haves" and the "Have Nots" of the 2012 GOP presidential race
Politico: Tucson shooting presents 2012 test

Wash Times: Showdown over Steele dominates RNC gathering
Frank Fahrenkopf & Jim Nicholson: Don't repeat error of picking Steele
SPT: Sembler, other top GOP fundraising chiefs call for Michael Steele's ouster


Politico: Mike Huckabee up in another Iowa poll
Daily Caller: Huckabee leads other potential candidates in early Iowa poll


Roll Call: Republicans Boost Ayotte as New Face of Party


State: Haley takes the reins of SC government today
AP: Haley to be sworn in as South Carolina governor


NYDN: Gov. Cuomo set to make his sales pitch to rank-and-file lawmakers
Albany TU: AQE launches email-Cuomo campaign

Buffalo News: Collins calls for fewer Medicaid benefits

Albany TU: Ethics training for GOP

NY Post: State cops' secret hike$

NYT: N.Y. Judges, Angry on Pay, Seek Union-Like Group


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown begins wooing GOP support for tax plan
LA Times: Higher education leaders anxious about cuts in proposed California budget
LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown orders California workers to turn in 48,000 cellphones
SacBee: Governor tells state to slash cell phones
WaPo: Editorial: Hit the brakes on California's high-speed rail experiment


Dallas MN: Texas legislators return, facing giant budget deficit
NYT: Texas Republicans Savoring Power


Buzz: Florida's role in pushing Michael Steele aside
Buzz: How Florida's voting in RNC chair race

Buzz: Rick Scott's determined to control the message
Buzz: Scribbles from Gov. Rick Scott's meeting with Senate Republicans
NRO: How to Make Rick Scott’s Excellent Idea Even Better


AJC: Nathan Deal: ‘Take care of yourselves’ — icy roads aren’t going away


NYT: Illinois Legislators Approve 66 Percent Tax Hike
Chicago Tribune: Quinn congratulates Democrats on income tax increase
WSJ: Illinois House Passes Tax Increase
Chicago Sun-Times: Lawmakers pass income tax hike; Rep. collapses on Senate floor

NYT: Illinois Bill Eliminating Death Row Is Approved
Chicago Sun-Times: Senate votes to end death penalty
Chicago Tribune: Gov. Quinn to decide death penalty


Roll Call: Tarryl Clark Targets Bachmann While Retaining Her E-Mail List


Politico: Redistricting imperils Dennis Kucinich


Detroit News: Cox to specialize in health care law


AP/Nuss: Democratic Ark. Gov. Beebe sworn in for 2nd term


WaPo: Republican school board in N.C. backed by tea party abolishes integration policy


WaPo: McDonnell to unveil plan to replace state liquor stores
WaPo: Voters elect Republicans to fill two vacancies in General Assembly


WaPo: O'Malley will seek budget without tax increases but urges 'an open mind'


NYT: Christie Calls for More Cuts and Big Changes to Schools


Roll Call: Vicki Kennedy Won’t Run for Husband’s Senate Seat


Fox: Democrats Single Out Sharron Angle in Calling for Limits on Speech


Fox: Arizonans Rally to Prevent Westboro Church Disruption of Shooting Victims' Funerals
NYT: Governor Strives to Restore Arizona’s Reputation
Politico: Gun sales skyrocket 60 percent in Arizona


Fox: First Latina Governor's Historic Inauguration Gets Little National News Coverage


Denver Post: On first day as governor, Hickenlooper already at work on jobs


January 11, 2011


WSJ: Feds Depict Deliberate Plot
WaPo: Arizona shooting suspect Loughner makes first appearance in federal court
NYT: Shooting Suspect Waives Bail and Is Ruled ‘a Danger’
WaPo: Jared Loughner's music choice, Drowning Pool's 'Bodies,' strikes chilling chord
WaPo: In Arizona, anyone concerned can report odd behavior to mental-health experts
LA Times: A troubled mind in Tucson
NYT: Shooting Suspect Was Calm During Cab Ride to Supermarket, His Driver Reports
Mother Jones: Loughner Friend Explains Alleged Gunman's Grudge Against Giffords
WSJ: Father of Shooting Suspect May Issue Statement
NYT: Red Flags at a College, but Tied Hands
NYT: Loughner’s Lawyer Is Called a Master Strategist
AP: After Hinckley, insanity defense an ‘uphill battle’
NYT: In Giffords’s District, a Long History of Tension
NYT: In Tucson, Guns Have a Broad Constituency
NYT: Obama to Go to Tucson
Fox: Obama's Crisis Response Evolves From Fort Hood Massacre to Tucson Rampage

James Taranto: 'We Don't Have Proof Yet:' Violent fantasy goes mainstream on the left
George Will: The charlatans' response to the Tucson tragedy
Andrew McCarthy: A Horrid Crime, a Dishonest Debate
American Spectator: Tucson and the Left's Online Orgy of Accusation
Mona Charen: Contemptible Opportunists Obscure Actual Problem
Rich Lowry: The Abuse of Tucson
Politico: Gingrich blasts liberals over Giffords
Rush Limbaugh: The Irresponsible Sheriff Dupnik Ignores All Real Evidence in Case
WaPo: Jared Lee Loughner was a registered independent, didn't vote in 2010 election
Rush Limbaugh: An Embarrassment for the Media and Sick, Desperate American Left
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Eager to See Obama Profit Politically from Mass Murder
Rush Limbaugh: Vitriolic Anti-Gabrielle Giffords Screed Pulled from Daily Kos
Phoenix NT: Jared Loughner Described by Classmate as "Left-Wing Pothead"
WaPo: Tucson shootings don't quell debate over political rhetoric
Wash Times: Shooting from hip followed Arizona rampage
WaPo: Jared Loughner's alleged shooting rampage blamed on media by commentators
Victor Davis Hanson: Political vultures: The sick art of turning insanity into politics
David Brooks: The Politicized Mind
Michael Gerson: Is Arizona shooting an empty search for meaning?
Tony Blankley: Keeping the world safe from lunatics
Paul Kanjorski: Why Politicians Need to Stay Out in the Open
WSJ: OpEd: If You Can't Stand the Heat . . .
Wash Times: Editorial: Taking advantage of tragedy

John Fund: 'Pin This on the Tea Partiers'
Marc Thiessen: Stop blaming the Tea Party for the Arizona tragedy
Human Events: Top 10 Examples Of Liberal Hate
Human Events: The Giffords Blood Libel Will Fail
Rush Limbaugh: The Majority Will Not Be Silenced
Rush Limbaugh: This is All About Shutting Us Down
American Spectator: The Dismissal of Sarah Palin
WaPo: Cross hairs: Crossroads for Palin?
WaPo: Palin caught in crosshairs map controversy after Tucson shootings
Politico: Tim Pawlenty jabs Sarah Palin over 'crosshairs'
NYT: Palin, Amid Criticism, Stays in Electronic Comfort Zone
Dana Milbank: For Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, a McKinley moment?
Rush Limbaugh: Examples of Obama Hate Speech
Jed Babbin: Barry's Angry Words

Wash Times: Arizona shootings prompt call for ban on high-capacity clips
Politico: Missing from Arizona shooting debate: Guns
NYT: Congress Weighs Enhanced Security Plan
NYT: Editorial: An Assault on Everyone’s Safety
WaPo: Editorial: Gun control: It's not a political impossibility

Fox: Wife of White House Adviser Found Dead in Burning Car
Wash Times: Wife of Obama aide found dead in burning car in home's garage

Fox: Police Called to On-Flight Incident Involving Arianna Huffington
NY Post: Getting 'Huffy' on jet

Ron Rotunda: Individual mandate should be struck

WaPo: Oil spill panel to recommend tighter rules, money for Gulf Coast

WSJ: House Rules Revisited: An early defeat for the spending cutters (via Google)

Daily Caller: A secret $6 billion bailout for Puerto Rico?

NYT: Judges Berate Bank Lawyers in Foreclosures

Michelle Rhee: In Budget Crises, an Opening for School Reform

WSJ: Abortion Rate Rises After a Long Decline
WaPo: Decline in U.S. abortion rate stalls
NYT: Falling for Years, Abortion Rate Levels Off, With More Choosing Medication Over Surgery

WSJ: A Tale of Two Democrats (Cuomo & Quinn) (via Google)

Wash Times: States redrawing political maps

Daily Caller: Despite GOP's best efforts, specter of Steele second term hangs around

Weekly Standard: A T-Paw Party?


Des Moines Register: GOP caucus poll: Huckabee favored, followed by Romney and Palin
Des Moines Register: Gingrich latest in late-January wave of 2012 prospects to Iowa


Albany TU: Cuomo rebuffs linkage of tax cap, rent control
NYDN: Gov. Cuomo won't link property-tax cap with rent rules
NY Post: Shelly blinks on rent and tax cap link
NYT: Three Men in a More Upscale Room
Albany TU: DiNapoli’s privatization warning

Albany TU: Cloak of secrecy over Breslin stop


LA Times: Jerry Brown rolls the dice with pain-filled budget plan for California
LA Times: A breakdown of Jerry Brown's budget
SacBee: Governor looking for three-sided trick shot on budget
WSJ: California Governor Unveils Tight Spending Plan
NYT: Deep Social Services Cuts Outlined in California
AP/Williams: Brown seeks 5-year extension of California taxes
Dan Walters: Brown's budget faces the state's ugly facts


Wash Times: DeLay sentenced to 3 years in prison: 'Hammer' free pending appeal
Dallas MN: Tom DeLay gets 3-year sentence for money laundering
NYT: DeLay Sentenced to 3 Years in Conspiracy and Money-Laundering Case
WSJ: Former House Leader Gets Prison Sentence
WaPo: Tom DeLay, former U.S. House leader, sentenced to 3 years in prison
AP: DeLay Defiant Before Getting 3-Year Prison Term

Austin AS: Despite tea party protests, GOP caucus sides with Straus

Dallas MN: Perry: Texas budget cuts likely 'across the board'
WSJ: Texas Confronts Budget Travails as Revenue Slows


AP/Murphy: Mary Fallin becomes Oklahoma's 1st female governor


AP/Hanna: Kan. Gov. Brownback promises to focus on 'basics'


SPT: Florida lawmakers size up Arizona-style immigration bill

Miami Herald: Victorious GOP spent lavishly
Buzz: A cheat sheet for RPOF's mad-money quarter


AJC: Deal takes oath of office as governor in weather-plagued inaugural
AP/McCaffrey: Nathan Deal sworn in as Georgia governor


Chicago Tribune: Democrats scramble for tax deal amid Quinn's inauguration
Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn: ‘We will pay our bills’


Star Tribune: GOP plan: Tax cuts for state's employers


Milwaukee JS: Doyle political appointees land civil service positions


Detroit News: Snyder names Zahra to Michigan Supreme Court
Detroit FP: Snyder taps Zahra for Mich. Supreme Court

Detroit FP: Kwame Kilpatrick, dad, others plead not guilty


Roll Call: Robin Carnahan Pursues Legal Defense Fund


WaPo: How will Va. Democrats respond to McDonnell's ambitious agenda?
WaPo: Virginia panel to review legislative, congressional redistricting plans
WaPo: Editorial: Virginia's legislature could put teeth in redistricting reform


January 10, 2011


WSJ: Suspect Fixated on Giffords
NYT: Federal Charges Cite Assassination Plan
WaPo: In Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shooting, U.S. sees evidence of assassination plot
Wash Times: Tucson shootings a federal case
Politico: Federal charges could carry death penalty
WSJ: Shooting Captured on Surveillance Video

NYDN: Frightening, twisted shrine in Arizona killer's yard
AP/Myers: Suspect in attack on congresswoman acted alone
NYT: Suspect’s Odd Behavior Caused Growing Alarm
Wash Times: Suspect had encounter with Giffords 3 years earlier
Politico: DHS probing shooter's ties to fanatical group
Hill: Armey: Answer on shooter's motive 'will come from psychology,' not politics

NYT: A Single, Terrifying Moment: Shots Fired, a Scuffle and Some Luck
WSJ: Woman Who Helped Subdue Suspect Says She Is No Heroine
NYT: Treating an Injured Brain Is a Long, Uncertain Process
WSJ: Giffords Shows Encouraging Responses
WaPo: Signs of hope in Giffords's medical condition
DC: An interview with the intern who likely saved Giffords' life
WSJ: Sorrow Racks Tucson After Killings
NYT: After Shooting, Fresh Look at Protecting Lawmakers
WaPo: Giffords shooting prompts security concerns from lawmakers, on Hill and at home
NYT: Office Staff for Giffords Is ‘a Family’

LA Times: Profiles of the Arizona shooting victims
WSJ: Family, Colleagues Grieve for Judge
NYT: A Judge Who Did Not Shy From Controversy
Politico: Judge presided over major immigration case

NYT: Born on Sept. 11, Claimed by a New Horror

WSJ: In Aftermath of Shooting: Calls for Security, Civility
WaPo: After Giffords tragedy, fingers point to the media model of confrontation
NYT: In the Shock of the Moment, the Politicking Stops ... Until It Doesn’t
NYT: A Sheriff Who’s Ready to Express His Opinions
Fox: Pima County Sheriff Sets Off Debate on Price of Free Speech
American Spectator: Federal Judge: Liberal Sheriff, Media Exploiting Attack
Politico: Tea party's message: Don't blame us
Stephen Hayes: Sometimes A Tragedy Is Just A Tragedy

NYDN: Sarah Palin is not to blame for shooting of Giffords; left-wing rhetoric just as vicious
Politico: Liberals blame Sarah Palin in wake of Tucson shooting
Politico: Tragedy marks turning point for Palin
NYT: Editorial: Bloodshed and Invective in Arizona
WSJ: Murder in Tucson: Jared Loughner's sickness is not the product of politics
LA Times: Mental illness, not rhetoric, at root of more political assassinations historically
Buffalo News: Vitriol first, and now the bloodshed
American Spectator: I've Got Your "Inflammatory Rhetoric" Right Here

Glenn Reynolds: The Arizona Tragedy and the Politics of Blood Libel
Paul Krugman: Climate of Hate
Human Events: The Climate of Krugman
Politico: Krugman ties shooting to Beck, Limbaugh
NRO: Editorial: The Most Cynical Campaign
DC: MoveOn launches campaign against vitriolic language despite its sordid history
Human Events: Left Has A Fingerpointing Field Day After Arizona Shootings
Human Events: Mainstream Media: Conservatives Responsible For Giffords Shooting
American Thinker: The Left, Not the Right, Owns Political Violence

EJ Dionne: Gabby Giffords, a tragic prophet
Ross Douthat: United in Horror
Ezra Klein: What the shooting shouldn't change

WaPo: Giffords shooting unlikely to sway public opinion about gun control
Fox: Arizona Suspected Gunman Passed FBI Background Check
WSJ: Shooting Puts Focus on Gun Laws
WaPo: Editorial: Questions about mental illness, access to guns follow Arizona shooting
Gail Collins: A Right to Bear Glocks?

NYT: Changing Corporate Tax Is a Tricky Balancing Act
WSJ: Big Consultant Payouts Hint Insider Probe Will Broaden
WSJ: How Washington Defriended Investors (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: Can You Trust the Market?

WSJ: Greenspan Warns of Risks From U.S. Debt

NYT: 1986 Privacy Law Is Outrun by the Web

NYT: Twitter Shines a Spotlight on Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas
WSJ: U.S. Asks Twitter for WikiLeaks Data
WaPo: In Persian Gulf, Clinton says damage from WikiLeaks deep

WaPo: Federal agents raid home of recently retired National Archives official

WSJ: BP to Cut Alaskan Oil Production
Anchorage DN: Alaska pipeline running at about 5 percent
Hill: Key House Republican objects to findings of oil spill commission
NYT: Pentagon Must ‘Buy American,’ Barring Chinese Solar Panels
NYT: Editorial: Climate Change: At Least Some Politicians Get It
Human Events: GOP All Set To Wimp Out On EPA?

WSJ: South Draws U.S. Blacks

Wash Times: Farm bill fight could sow division in GOP

Michael Barone: Deal-maker Daley
American Spectator/Prowler: A Slap at Valerie

American Spectator: Liberalism's Frail Constitution

Wash Times: Appropriations staff staying put

WaPo: Outgoing members head to new jobs at law and lobby firms

RedState: Are RNC Committeemen Even Listening?
Roll Call: 168 RNC Members Have Power ... for a Week

Reuters: Republican Mitt Romney, eyeing 2012, on Mideast swing
Politico: Mitt Romney visiting the Middle East

NYT: If Giuliani Is Back, It Won’t Be By Popular Demand
Sydney MH: Trump tipped to chase Republican nomination for presidency
Gouveneur Times: Bachmann not ruling out bid for president

NYDN: 'Sarah Palin's Alaska,' TLC reality show, won't be renewed for second season


Des Moines Register: Party and ideological pressures divide chambers, caucuses


Nashua Telegraph: New state GOP chairman must uphold conservative values


State: Inauguration: ‘Sense of honor’ in Lexington County


NY Post: Cuomo sets up reform summit
NYT: State Assembly May Tie Property-Tax Cap to City’s Rent Rules
Buffalo News: Area's new state senators will seek cohesion, influence

Buffalo News: Schumer, Gillibrand enhance clout

Newsday: Mangano clashes with Dems over law firm hires

American Spectator: NYC: The Statue of Liberty or The Grim Reaper?


SacBee: Brown's Countdown, Day 1: Plan takes on powerful redevelopment forces
Atkeson & Simon: How to Revive the California Dream (via Google)
Dan Walters: California's state-local relationship in flux


Dallas MN: Poll says Texans like Rick Perry as governor, but not as president

Dallas MN: 3 GOP leaders of Texas will need 'True Grit' in legislative session
AP/Castro: Straus fighting conservative wave to keep seat
LA Times: Texas House speaker not conservative enough for 'tea party'
Dallas MN: State Senate becomes Texas Democrats' 'Alamo'
Dallas MN: Texas lawmakers must answer some big questions this session
Star-Telegram: Despite deficit, Texans oppose education cuts

WaPo: Texas judge weighs options on witness testimony for DeLay's sentencing


Enid N&E: Gov. Fallin takes office as Legislature falls under GOP control for first time


SPT: Scott's bumpy start highlights holes in staff
American Spectator: New Conservative in Town
Miami Herald: Florida Legislature to discuss immigration reform

NRO: Señor Rubio Goes to Washington


AJC: Atlanta weather: Deal inauguration moving indoors, gala called off
AJC: New faces and new conflicts in Legislature, but familiar problems


Chicago Tribune: Quinn mum on possible tax increase
Chicago Sun-Times: State tax-hike plan fails to win over Dems
NYT: In Illinois, a Giant Deficit Leads to Talk of a Giant Tax Increase

Chicago Tribune: Emanuel's police plan OKs more cops but doesn't redistribute forces
Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel backs crackdown on teachers


Star Tribune: Klobuchar Bill could allow IRS to help find kids


Toledo Blade: Kasich officially takes helm as Ohio governor
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich takes oath as governor in midnight ceremony
Cincinnati Enquirer: New Ohio governor John Kasich fills cabinet with old faces
Cleveland PD: Democrats' short reign in Ohio ends as new Republican era begins

Columbus Dispatch: DeWine to fight health overhaul
Dayton DN: DeWine, Husted sworn in to statewide offices


Detroit News: Former mayor, dad due in court for arraignment on corruption charges
Detroit News: Gov. Rick Snyder names Michigan Supreme Court justice today
WSJ: Hotel Mirrors Detroit's Woes


AP/Schelzig: Haslam names banker Hagerty as development chief
Commercial Appeal: Tennessee Governor-elect Bill Haslam wrestles with state issues
Commercial Appeal: Republican-led Tennessee legislature gets ready to launch Tuesday
Knox News: State GOP leaders ready for transition


Wash Times: Paul: Tea party movement is here to stay


WaPo: Editorial: Mr. McDonnell's toothless commission


Roll Call: Poll: Rick Santorum Strongest Challenger to Casey


Star-Ledger: Christie says no surprises planned for State of the State address this week


Las Vegas RJ: Reid says Tea Party will vanish with improved economy


LA Times: Arizona's us-versus-them brand of politics
NYT: Shooting Casts a Harsh Spotlight on Arizona’s Unique Politics


January 9, 2011


WSJ: Arizona Rep. Giffords Shot in Tucson
Wash Times: Congresswoman Giffords shot at town hall in Tucson
NYT: A Passionate Politician and a Friend to Colleagues, Bikers and Lost Mayors
WSJ: Giffords Known for Being Hands-On in District
WaPo: Gabrielle Giffords: Congresswoman seen as rising Democratic star
WaPo: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot in Tucson rampage; federal judge killed
Politico: Gabrielle Giffords wakes briefly, prognosis still uncertain
Wash Times: Sheriff: Suspicious package at Giffords HQ

WSJ: Judge Killed in Tucson Attended Event to Thank Giffords
WaPo: Slain judge was target of threats in '09; officials doubt link to Giffords shooting
WSJ: Judge Remembered as Fair-Minded
NYT: Amid Shock, Recalling Judge’s Life of Service
WSJ: Chief Justice Roberts Condemns Shootings

WSJ: Gunman Described Himself as a 'Terrorist'
NYT: Arizona Suspect’s Recent Acts Offer Hints of Alienation
LA Times: Mystery surrounds suspect in rampage
LA Times: Shooting suspect's campus troubles led to suspension
WaPo: Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner appears to have posted bizarre messages
Politico: Alleged shooter left social media hints
DC: Alleged Ariz. gunman Jared Loughner had prior run-ins with police
Fox: Arizona Shooting Suspect's Record Showed Minor Offenses Since 2007
Fox: Authorities Suspect Gunman in Arizona Rampage Posted Pre-Shooting Video Online
Fox: Arizona Suspect Likely Facing Death Penalty for Fatally Shooting Federal Judge
NYDN: Jared Loughner said to have ranted on government 'brainwashing'
Weekly Standard: Jared Loughner, Arizona Shooter, Appears to be a Lunatic

Pima County Sheriff's Dept: Police release photo of second 'person of interest'
Fox: Authorities Search for Second Man in Deadly Arizona Shooting Spree

WSJ: Lawmakers Worry About Lack of Security
WSJ: Shooting Takes on Political Overtones
WaPo: Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Tucson: Did it stem from state of political discourse?
NYT: In Attack’s Wake, Political Repercussions
NYT: Bloodshed Puts New Focus on Vitriol in Politics
NYT: A Turning Point in the Discourse, but in Which Direction?
WSJ: House to Postpone Votes in Wake of Shooting
NYDN: Giffords' blood is on Sarah Palin's hands after putting cross hair over district
Jonah Goldberg: The Horror of the Day

Fox: House Delays Vote on Health Care Repeal After Arizona Shooting Spree
WaPo: Democrats mount second sales pitch on health-care law as Republicans seek repeal

NYT: Awed and Eager, Freshmen Tackle Plan to Put Conservative Stamp on House
NYT: House Democrats Rapidly Unleash Sharp Attacks

WaPo: Rep. Fred Upton assumes Energy and Commerce post

WaPo: OpEd: The Conservative Constitution of the United States

NYT: Facing Scrutiny, Banks Slow Pace of Foreclosures

NYT: U.S. Subpoenas Twitter Over WikiLeaks Supporters

NYT: After Decade of War, Top Officer Directs the Military to Take Stock of Itself

Politico: A conservative civil war over CPAC

Hill: Tax group seeks pledge for spending cuts with debt ceiling raise

Human Events: The Job For The Next RNC Chair

Hill: Sunday shows: No limits on debt debate


Des Moines Reg: Legislative leaders want focus on jobs, but social issues likely to pop up


State: Inaugural address offers a chance to lay out vision for S.C.


WSJ: Democratic NY gov picks Republican for review team
NYDN: Gov. Andrew Cuomo may have to hike rent money to get tax cap regulations
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo takes rising tide approach with upstate


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown wants to tame budget with tax extensions, deep cuts
SacBee: Legislators, left and right, dislike Brown budget
NYT: Tax Cuts From ’70s Confront Brown Again in California
LA Times: Jerry Brown tries to sell optimism to a battered state
Dan Walters: Population changes loom large


Dallas MN: How do you cut $25 billion from Texas' budget?
NYT: The Legislature Comes to Town, With Drama and Debate

Ralph Reed: Targeting Tom DeLay


Miami Herald: Rod Smith tapped as chairman for Florida Democrats


AJC: Deal brings in campaign cash since winning election as governor


Chicago Tribune: Will 75% tax hike fix Illinois budget mess?
Human Events: Bringing Passion For The Issues To Congress (Rep. Randy Hultgren)
Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel vow: 1,000 more cops on streets
Chicago Sun-Times: Census shows minorities moving outward, whites closer to Loop


Politico: Michele Bachmann rains on Tim Pawlenty's parade
Pioneer Press: A 'People's Inauguration' for Gov. Dayton
Star Tribune: No First Lady for Dayton? No problem


Columbus Disp: Kasich's style as governor will be to bulldoze into Ohio's many problems


WaPo: McDonnell to roll out massive spending campaign for roads, colleges, jobs


Boston Globe: 4 years after losing his US Senate seat, Lincoln Chafee returns to lead R.I.


Las Vegas RJ: First Hispanic governor, Brian Sandoval, is the rising hope of GOP


January 8, 2011


WSJ: Weak Hiring Casts a Cloud
WSJ: Jobless Rate Masks Depth of Labor Woes
NYT: Obama Promises Full Recovery for Employment
WSJ: Obama Touts Tax Breaks
WSJ: The Job Blahs (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Unemployment Numbers Fail to Meet State-Run Media Expectations

WSJ: Housing Statistics Hit Rough Waters
WSJ: U.S. Mortgage Rules Delayed in Regulator Spat
WSJ: Two Banks Lose in Foreclosure Cases

WSJ: Republicans Attack Obama Drilling Policies as Crude Prices Rise
Fox: Democrats Lock Horns Over Proposal to Protect Wildlife Refuge in Alaska From Drilling
NYT: Scope and Pace of Gulf Cleanup Is Criticized
Hill: Republican appropriator takes quick aim at ‘scary’ EPA and 'its bloated budget'

WSJ: Bernanke Rejects State Bailouts
Wash Times: Bernanke urges Congress to adopt sweeping deficit plan
Human Events: Raise Debt Ceiling Only with Off-Setting Concessions
Rush Limbaugh: Keep Soldiers Out of Budget Cuts
Rush Limbaugh: Paul Ryan: A Republican to Watch
Fred Barnes: Knowledge Is Power
Weekly Standard: Sessions: Where Is The Leadership?

WaPo: House clears way for health-care repeal vote
WSJ: House Takes First Step Toward Vote on Health-Care Repeal
NYT: House Moves Toward Vote on Health Care Repeal
Politico: Health care repeal vote set for Wednesday
Human Events: ObamaCare Repeal Begins Despite Democrats’ Protests
Human Events: Boehner: ObamaCare Will Bankrupt Our Nation
Hill: Cantor: GOP healthcare reform repeal key to getting economy back on track
WaPo: McDonnell, other GOP governors seek federal health-care law reprieve
Boston Globe: Democrats mount health plan defense
American Thinker: The Limits of Federal Power: ObamaCare on Trial
NYT: In Battle Over Health Law, Math Cuts Both Ways
WSJ: ObamaCare's Reality Deficit: If you believe that a new entitlement saves money
Rasmussen: Only 29% Say Congress Must Fund A Law It’s Unable To Repeal
Betsy McCaughey: The CBO's Fuzzy ObamaCare Math (via Google)
Gail Collins: God Save the Debate
Rush Limbaugh: Why Fear of Death Panels is Real

WSJ: The Autism Vaccine Hoax (via Google)

WSJ: Obama Turns to Old Clinton Hands
NYT: Obama’s Top Aide Daley a Tough, Decisive Negotiator
NYT: Sperling Returns as Obama’s Top Economic Adviser
WaPo: Gene Sperling to replace Larry Summers as head of National Economic Council
WaPo: Robert Gibbs: How the press secretary changed, and who will follow him
Telegraph UK: Obama mouthpiece Gibbs was forced out by new henchman William Daley
Politico: Bill Daley: The final straw for the left
Politico: Zeke Emanuel leaves the White House
NYT: Obama the Centrist Irks a Liberal Lion
Michelle Malkin: The Other New Chicago Crony Chief of Staff
Bob Herbert: Misery With Plenty of Company
Rush Limbaugh: Spin: The Return of the Clintonistas

WSJ: Ways & Means Chairman Camp Wants Comprehensive Tax Talks

George Will: Fred Upton, Rust Belt revolutionary

WaPo: GOP rejects illegal immigration hard-liner Rep. Steve King as panel chairman
NYT: An Unexpected Choice for a House Post
NYT: Surprise Choice for Immigration Panel
AP/Gamboa: Brash congressman won't lead immigration panel

Hill: Appropriations subcommittee heads picked by GOP
Bozeman DC: Rehberg gets committee gavel, vows to de-fund ‘Obama care’
Hill: Chairman of Appropriations health subcommittee named

Politico: Zoe Lofgren back to House Ethics Committee
Hill: Lofgren to remain House ethics panel's top Democrat as successor sought

Wash Times: Republicans patch over constitutional snafu
NYT: House Cleans Up After Swearing-In Snafu

Fox: House Republicans Push Bill to Shut Down White House 'Czars'
Hill: Republicans introduce bill to eliminate presidential 'czars'
Fox: List of Obama Administration 'Czars'

WSJ: Obama Signs Defense Law but Protests Guantanamo Restrictions
AP/Werner: Obama strongly backs US trials for terror suspects
Hill: Obama will seek repeal of provisions barring Gitmo inmate transfers
WaPo: Editorial: Obama should fight barriers to Guantanamo civilian trials
NYT: Editorial: The Rule of Law

WSJ: U.S. seeks Wikileaks Twitter data
NYT: U.S. Subpoenas Twitter, WikiLeaks Says
AP/Satter: WikiLeaks: US demanding our Twitter account info

NYT: Ex-Lobbyist Sentenced to Prison in Corruption Case
Wash Times: Magliocchetti sentenced for illegal campaign contributions

NYT: U.S. Portrait, in Numbers
Charles Blow: Religion and Representation

Fox: 'Mother,' 'Father' Changing to 'Parent One,' 'Parent Two' on Passport Applications

NYT: Tax-Exempt Ministries Avoid New Regulation

NYT: OpEd: The First Drafts of American History
James Taranto: Listen Up, Perfesser Boehner
Andrew McCarthy: The Constitution Fetish
Kathleen Parker: Leave Twain alone

WSJ: Angry Voters Lead Drive for Recall Elections

WaPo: Uncertainty reigns in 2012 House handicapping

Roll Call: Pawlenty Spokesman Brushes Off Romney’s Poll Lead
Politico: Tim Pawlenty talks faith, Obama partisanship in book
NRO: Tim Pawlenty Talks Books, Fortitude, and 2012
WaPo: Pawlenty's defense of Palin
Politico: Sarah Palin: Obama 'hell bent' on weakening America
Politico: Report: Rudy Giuliani may run again
NY Post: Rudy gearing up for DC run

Rush Limbaugh: White Flight and Abortion Could Spell Doom for Democrats' Future

Rush Limbaugh: Time to Endorse in the Primary?

Roll Call: RNC’s Only Member of Congress Backs Cino for Top Spot

NY Post: Bob Dole leaves DC hospital
Wash Times: Report: Bob Dole back at Walter Reed hospital

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Des Moines Register: Democrats on impeaching justices: No way


State: Gen Xer Haley to be nation's youngest governor
State: Haley scores victory before taking office

State: Graham, DeMint: Recycle nation's nuke waste in SC


WSJ: Cuomo Criticized Over Medicaid Team
Albany TU: Cuomo names Medicaid redesign team
Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo puts fiscal remedy plan into motion
Albany TU: And now, the Mandate Relief squad

WSJ: Empire Falls: Next to CA, New York may be the country's biggest fiscal basket case

Albany TU: This weekend on ‘NYN’: Four against Sampson

NYT: Tax Charges to Be Added in Espada Case
NYDN: Ex-state senator Pedro Espada to be charged with tax evasion, fed prosecutors say
NY Post: Tax raps vs. Pedro

NYDN: Disgraced ex-State Sen. Hiram Monserrate hasn't paid defense lawyer: lawsuit
NY Post: Hiram: Can't pay my '$lush' defense

NYDN: Ex-boss of state Consumer Protection Board probed in chauffeur scandal

Bill O'Reilly: Let It Snow, But Clean It Up


LA Times: Jerry Brown says he'll slash $6.4 million from own office budget
SacBee: Brown trims security detail

NYT: Elton John to Perform at Fundraiser to overturn Prop 8

NYT: City Board Names First Asian Mayor of San Francisco


NRO: No, Paul Krugman, Texas Is Not Broke
Michael Barone: The Great Lone Star Migration (via Google)


NYT: Oklahoma: State Will Challenge Health Care Law

Human Events: From Falls Creek Camp To Congress


Buzz: Scott joins 32 governors in call to stop "federal health care mandates"
Miami Herald: Scott plays down gambling expansion

WSJ: Fannie Tests Foreclosure-Prevention Plan in Florida


AJC: Deal inauguration still slated for outside Monday
AJC: Tax council recommends grocery tax, lower income taxes


WSJ: Kidney-Sharing Sisters Released From Prison


Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn tax hike in trouble
Chicago Tribune: House lawmakers leave tax hike hanging
WSJ: Illinois House Puts Off Tax Vote
WaPo: Illinois faces steep tax increases to meet fiscal crisis
Stephen Moore: The Taxman Cometh to Illinois—With a 75% Hike (via Google)

Politico: Poll Rahm Emanuel holds lead in Chicago


Milwaukee JS: Walker pick was late to pay taxes


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich going after Medicaid
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich expects bang for the buck
Columbus Dispatch: Outgoing governor gives 290 pardons
Dayton DN: Strickland shortens killer’s prison term
Columbus Dispatch: O'Connor takes over court


Detroit News: Former Sen. Allen joins Snyder administration


Fox: Edwards Denies Report That He Proposed to Mistress Rielle Hunter
Politico: John Edwards denies reports that he is engaged to Rielle Hunter

Politico: Elizabeth Edwards leaves $1.5M estate


WaPo: McDonnell campaigns for candidates in Tuesday's special elections


WaPo: Editorial: Campaign finance in Md. ripe for reform


Roll Call: Health Care Issue Puts Spotlight on Joe Manchin
C&E: West Virginia May Schedule Gubernatorial Election This Year


WSJ: N.J. Democrats Make Own Pension Proposal
NYT: Editorial: A New Jersey Reckoning


Boston Globe: Patrick signs bill allowing trusts for pets


NYT: Rift in Arizona as Latino Class Is Found Illegal


Denver Post: Gov. Bill Ritter issues 29 pardons, commutations
NYT: The John Hickenlooper Exception


NYT: Idaho G.O.P. Seeks to Close Open Primaries


WaPo: Outside groups begin advertising in North Dakota Senate race
Roll Call: Flood of Ads Hitting North Dakota Airwaves Early
Politico: Conrad going up on the air


Anchorage DN: Smorgasbord of bills fill legislative plate
AP: Alaska lawmakers likely to revisit oil taxes


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