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July 7, 2011


NYT: Romney Holds London Fund-Raiser
WaPo: Romney raises $18 million in second quarter
NYDN: Romney rakes in $18M in second quarter, crushes fellow GOPers
Politico: Mitt Romney fundraising sparks Republican fears
Daily Caller: Romney leads in NH poll, but has slipped
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Runnin' Against the Tea Party?
NRO: DeMint Calls Romney a ‘Good Candidate’

Hill: Pawlenty co-chairman: Bachmann will be 'very hard to beat' in Iowa
NYT: Pawlenty Aide Apologizes for Citing Bachmann’s ‘Sex Appeal’
WaPo: Pawlenty adviser apologizes for comment on Bachmann’s ‘sex appeal’
WaPo: Tim Pawlenty’s attack on Hillary Clinton

Politico: Bachmann vs. Boehner: Till debt do us part

AP/Haines: Herman Cain revs up mainstream conservatives

Politico: Newt Gingrich must reestablish 'credibility'

Daily Caller: Die hard organizers wait for Palin to make a move on 2012
American Thinker: Lynching Palin, Cain, West, and Bachmann

Politico: Huck: Still neutral

George Will: Who will bat against ‘Alibi’ Obama?

WaPo: Why Obama won’t ditch Biden for Cuomo in 2012

Roll Call: Public Funds Dwindle for 2012 Campaigns

Human Events: Reince Priebus Makes it Official: The Grand Old Party is Conservative


Karl Rove: Obama's Debt-Ceiling Opportunity
LA Times: Obama, Boehner hold one-on-one deficit talks
WaPo: In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts
NatJ: Social Security Changes on the Table in Debt Talks
Daily Caller: Obama puts Medicare, Social Security cuts on the table
Hill: Obama expected to press for bigger deal on debt with leaders
Politico: Obama deficit deal stance gets bolder
WSJ: Movement in Budget Impasse
Fox: Kyl: Republicans Agree to Revenue Increases in Deficit Talks
Hill: Cantor: GOP willing to talk about closing tax loopholes in debt negotiations
Wash Times: GOP: Some tax breaks may go
NYT: President Looks for Broader Deal on Deficit Cuts
Nicholas Kristof: Taxes and Billionaires
WSJ: Higher Taxes Yield to Budget Cuts in States
WSJ: 401(k) Law Suppresses Saving for Retirement
Rush Limbaugh: Do NOT Cave and Raise Any Taxes, Republicans; Bam Will Blink First
Sens. Snowe & DeMint: The Only Reform That Will Restrain Spending
WaPo: McCain opposes balanced-budget amendment in debt deal
Sen. Mark Warner: Dishonesty in the debt talks
EJ Dionne: Political math makes a debt deal harder
Colby King: A debt-limit failure would be indefensible
Adam Serwer: Is ignoring the debt limit a viable option politically?
WaPo: Obama, Democrats not ready to play 14th Amendment card with debt ceiling
Hill: GOP rep. says '14th amendment solution' is impeachable offense
Hill: Senate Dems rally around Conrad's left-leaning budget proposal, tax raises
Human Events: GOP's Just Do Your Job Act Aims to Force a Senate Budget
Rush Limbaugh: Boxer Lies About Clinton Budget; Reid Gripes on Taxing Millionaires
NRO: Budget Danger Ahead

Hill: Defense spending faces $700 billion cut

WSJ: Shuttle's Last Flight Leaves Russia With Space Monopoly
Rush Limbaugh: Rush on NASA's Space Program
Daily Caller: Jet industry furious at Obama

Fox: Justice Department Obstructing 'Fast and Furious' Gun Probe, ATF Director Says
WSJ: ATF Chief Denies Blame for Gun-Tracking Program
NYT: A.T.F. Official Defends Role in Criticized Gun Operation
WaPo: ATF director testifies on bungled gun operation
Wash Times: ATF chief: Higher-ups at Justice blocked response to Congress
Examiner: Editorial: Is the Justice Department covering up 'Fast and Furious'?
Daily Caller: Issa, Grassley blast Holder in letter after secret meeting with ATF’s Ken Melson
Daily Caller: Justice Department snipes back at Issa, Grassley

WaPo: At Twitter town hall, Obama concedes ‘not enough’ done to address housing crisis
Fox: Obama Violated ACORN Funding Ban With Housing Grant to Offshoot, Watchdog Says

NatJ: Condolence Letters for Suicides Adds Fuel To Debate Over War Wounds

WSJ: Dueling Bills Seeks to Fund Road, Infrastructure Plans

WSJ: Jobs in the Pipeline

NYT: First Study of Its Kind Shows Benefits of Providing Medical Insurance to Poor

American Spectator: ObamaCare and Kagan's Conflict of Interest

James Taranto: Ruthless People: Libs to Ginsburg: Drop dead

NYT: OpEd: Assimilation’s Failure, Terrorism’s Rise

Ann Coulter: Casey Anthony: Single Mom of the Year!


Wash Times: Graham pushes Boeing fight as 2012 campaign issue


NYT: Cuomo Triumphs by Courting the Capitol He Ran Against

WSJ: Replacing Weiner

Politico: CNN cancels Eliot Spitzer’s show


Fox: California Moves to Control Health Insurance Rates

Roll Call: Hahn Sheds Party Label in California Special


NatJ: A Texas Death Row Case With Implications for Foreign Policy and Presidential Politics


American Spectator: Florida Campaign Update

Miami Herald: Scott: Florida’s $100 million governor


WSJ: Georgia Eyes Cost Buffer for Nuclear Plant

AJC: An early take on the race for Georgia’s 14th District

Roll Call: Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Enters National League


WaPo: Tammy Duckworth running for Congress again


Politico: In Indiana, it's open season on Burton


WSJ: No Progress in Minnesota Budget Stalemate
Politico: Citing Tim Pawlenty, Mark Dayton turns to cigarette tax
Star Tribune: Zellers: 'Things went backwards'


WSJ: The Buckeye Budget Lesson


Roll Call: Hunt for Challenger to Beat Shuler May Finally End in 2012


Roll Call: Connecticut Senate Hopeful William Tong Announces Big-League Campaign Hires


Daily Caller: Snowe grows campaign war chest but draws Tea Party ire

Roll Call: Between the Lines: Maine Advisory Panel Members Chosen


Roll Call: Scott Brown Raised Nearly $2M, Has $9.6M in Bank


NRO: Oregon’s Verdict on Medicaid


AP: AK releases emails from Palin’s 1st month in office that were missing from prior release


July 6, 2011


Boston Globe: Romney keeps up the recession drumbeat
Boston Globe: Romney, in NH, again criticizes Obama on economy
NYT: Romney Questioned on Critique of Economy Under Obama
WaPo: At N.H. town hall, Romney says Obama has made the economy worse

CNN: Poll: Romney still ahead in New Hampshire
DC: Romney takes large lead in NH primary poll, would defeat Obama head-to-head
JTA: Romney’s deal-closing skills appealing to Jewish Republicans
Hill: Romney's war chest sets Republican candidates' fundraising yardstick

LA Times: Shifting terrain in a GOP proving ground (South Carolina)

WaPo: Tea party Democrats do exist
RCP: Bachmann: Obama Thinks "Tea Party Made Up Of Toothless Hillbillies"
WaPo: Michele Bachmann’s husband shares her strong conservative values

WSJ: Pawlenty's Homespun Tale
WSJ: Pawlenty Fires Back Over Minnesota Shutdown
AP: Pawlenty names Huckabee daughter as top Iowa aide
ABC: Pawlenty Goes All In In Iowa
DMR: Pawlenty criticizes coalition formed to end Minnesota shutdown
HE: Pawlenty Hires Mike Huckabee's Daughter, Shows How Crucial Iowa Is to Campaign's Fate

Daily Caller: Gingrich says consultants left campaign in debt
Newt Gingrich: A Diplomatic Defeat for President Obama and America
NYDN: Gingrich suggests that upcoming fundraising report will show his campaign in debt

Politico: WMUR poll shows no bump for Jon Huntsman

Politico: Herman Cain loses key Iowa tea party backer
CNN: Cain hires new staff
Daily Caller: Despite Iowa shake-up, Cain denies his campaign is in disarray

Hill: GOP Rep. McCotter’s union ties to be tested

NYDN: Santorum says 'back of the pack' is the place to be in 2012 campaign

NYT: Perry Breaks With a Fellow Texan: Bush
DMR: Former Gingrich staffer joins group advocating for run by Rick Perry
Hill: Palin, Perry: Friendship with a '12 twist
Human Events: Gov. Rick Perry: The Candidate Obama Would Fear the Most

Weekly Standard: Volunteers Laying Palin Groundwork in Iowa?

WSJ: The Fundraising Gap

Hill: Fast pace in House leads to lawmaker mistakes, confusion on votes

Dick Morris: Obama losing Jewish voters

Fox: Obama Campaign Rejects Claim Biden May Be Replaced by Cuomo on 2012 Ticket
Politico: Andrew Cuomo: I won't replace Joe Biden

Wash Times: Clinton fundraiser gets probation in campaign coverup

Wash Times: Kaine reports $2.25M in second quarter fundraising

WSJ: Latinos Join the Electoral Land Grab


WaPo: Obama calls lawmakers to White House in effort to break debt stalemate
WSJ: Obama Calls for Debt-Limit Summit
Hill: Cornyn: Short-term debt-limit increase might be needed
Hill: House GOP pushes back against short-term debt-ceiling increase
Hill: Obama urges lawmakers to seize moment, rejects short-term deal
Hill: Dem seeks 50-50 split: Taxes and cuts
WSJ: A Debt-Limit Breakout: Republicans should call Obama's bluff on tax increases
NYT: Obama Seeks to Reopen Budget Talks
CBS: Obama: "Real differences" remain on debt deal
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Invoke the 14th — and end the debt standoff
American Spectator: President Obama's Trump Card
CSM: Who loses if debt-limit talks fail? Possibly Republicans
Hill: Senate postpones Libya authorization bill to focus on debt
AJC: The debt ceiling fight and Republican credibility

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Document Dump: Stimulus Cost $278,000 Per Job!

Politico: HUD wants public housing investors

Human Events: Law of Sea Treaty Could Cost U.S. Trillions

James Taranto: A new ruling in favor of racial preferences could spell their doom
Jonah Goldberg: ‘That’s Racist’


DMR: Branstad suggests raising public worker pension age


Hill: Nevada's Yucca Mountain nuclear site a dilemma for Republican hopefuls

Roll Call: Nevada High Court Rules Against ‘Battle Royale’


Albany TU: Document drop: Seniority lists by agency

Albany TU: Paladino on VP Cuomo: Take our gov — please!
Buffalo News: Cuomo touts tax-increase limit in event at Lancaster home


SacBee: California Republicans win tax argument, little else


Star-Telegram: Almost 1,500 new laws are taking effect in Texas


Roll Call: Haridopolos Raises $900,000 in 2nd Quarter

SPT: Introducing the St. Petersburg Times' Florida Insider Poll


Chicago Tribune: Quinn says he's ready to meet employee unions in court


Roll Call: Lugar to Post $900,000 for 2nd Quarter


Star Tribune: 'Same gulf' divides Dayton, GOP
Politico: Minnesota budget talks grudgingly resume
WSJ: Land of 10,000 Layoffs


Milwaukee JS: State budget cuts transit funding, but it could have been worse


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich staffer taking job with Columbus chamber


Charlotte Observer: New districts likely heading to court


Wash Times: Maryland Democrats eye delicate redistricting balance


Roll Call: Bob Casey Raises $1.3 Million in 2nd Quarter


Politico: Christie's low-key reply to 'head-punch' senate president
APP: Sweeney says relationship with Christie has changed
NRO: Putting the Jersey in Jersey Politics


AP/Singer: Conn. becomes 1st state requiring paid sick time


Denver Post: Petitions could put mandatory paid sick leave on Denver ballot


Daily Caller: Chaffetz joins Utahans for Romney, bypasses former boss Huntsman


July 5, 2011


WaPo: One Republican race, two starting points
WSJ: GOP Rivals Meet Up on the Trail
NYT: A Busy Romney Sets the Pace
NatJ: What We Learned: Romney Rising
Wash Times: Romney leads GOP hopefuls in filling war chest
Boston Globe: Romney sticks to recession criticism of Obama
Politico: Paying attention to Mitt Romney
LA Times: Romney again mixes messages about Obama and the economy

NYT: On Main Street, Cheers for Bachmann
Politico: Marcus Bachmann, campaign spouse

NYT: Gingrich Marches, Philosophically
Politico: Newt Gingrich starting over, looks to Greg Ganske

NYT: Huntsman Stays on Message

Politico: Rick Perry's RGA rakes in $22.1 million

Fred Dicker: Obama to ask Cuomo to be 2012 running mate: sources
Daily Caller: Speculation swirls that Obama will dump Biden from the ticket in 2012
William Kristol: If Not Biden, Who?
Byron York: Labor has 'snootful' but will stick with Obama

WaPo: New breed of ‘super PACs,’ other independent groups could define 2012 campaign


WSJ: Deficit Talks Focus on Taxes
NYT: Administration Offers Health Care Cuts as Part of Budget Negotiations
Wash Times: Public doesn’t have place at table in debt talks
Hill: Dem leaders announce support for extended payroll-tax holiday
NYT: Editorial: More Folly in the Debt Limit Talks
David Brooks: The Mother of All No-Brainers
Malpass & Moore: America's Troubling Investment Gap
Eugene Robinson: Obama calls the GOP’s bluff
Pat Buchanan: Is a U.S. Default Inevitable?

WaPo: HUD to give away $1 billion to struggling homeowners

NatJ: After Geithner, a Weak Econ Bench

WSJ: Judge Sutton's Imaginary Mandate (ObamaCare)
NRO: Entitlement Bandits

NYT: Firearms Bureau Finds Itself in a Rough Patch

Marc Thiessen: The CIA’s exoneration and Holder’s reckoning

WaPo: As shuttle era ends, questions loom for shrinking astronaut corps

NYT: An Agency Builder, but Not Yet Its Leader (Elizabeth Warren)

NYT: Time in House Could Be Short for Republican Newcomers
Hill: Redistricting adds to Republican leaders' debt vote pressures


Roll Call: Anyone’s Race in South Carolina


NYT: A Gillibrand Campaign: More Women in Politics

NYT: Pay Frozen, More New York Judges Leave Bench

NYT: Editorial: New York’s Especially Undemocratic Elections

NYDN: Former Gov. Paterson heaps praise on Gov. Cuomo's achievements

Buffalo News: 2% solution no panacea as mandates lurk


WSJ: The Rise and Needless Decline of the Golden State
LA Times: Prickly allies for Jerry Brown


Cal Thomas: Sen. Marco Rubio is ready for political prime time


WSJ: Minnesota Shutdown Continues; GOP Meets at Capitol
American Thinker: Governor Dayton, What's Your Motivation?


Wash Times: Kasich pushes change in Ohio


Wash Times: Chairman of Maryland GOP upbeat about future


LA Times: Arizona conservatives scramble after campaign finance law's defeat


Roll Call: Heather Wilson Running to the Right in N.M.


Politico: Tea party's new role model: Mike Lee


July 4, 2011


Wash Times: Early lead in polls no indication of GOP nominee

LA Times: Michele Bachmann courts conservative Iowa voters on bus tour
DMR: God will bring ‘a new day,’ Bachmann tells Iowa worshippers
Politico: The musical culture wars

Fox Atlanta: Michigan Rep. McCotter Latest In 2012 Presidential Race
Wash Times: At lakeside rally, McCotter tests waters with GOP presidential bid
Politico: Thaddeus McCotter 2012 announcement is unusually understated

NYT: How Tim Pawlenty Is Like RC Cola

WaPo: Newt Gingrich bets on Alzheimer’s, other niche issues as key to a 2012 comeback

Wash Times: Cain revs up mainstream conservatives, rises in poll
Politico: Herman Cain hits some speed bumps
Hill: Key Iowa staffers leave Cain campaign

WaPo: At NEA convention, mixed feelings among teachers for Obama ahead of 2012 vote
LA Times: Obama administration backs lesbian employee's case


Bloomberg: Republicans May Take ‘Mini’ Debt-Ceiling Deal
Hill: Tea Party activists split over debt ceiling increase strategy
Wash Times: GOP reaffirms stand against tax hike
WSJ: Republicans Open Door to Eliminating Tax Breaks
NYT: 2 Republicans Open Door To Increases In Revenue
Hill: Clinton: Obama shouldn't 'blink' on GOP opposition to tax revenue increases
Hill: Bush tax cuts take back seat in debt limit debate
DC: John McCain: American people ‘don’t want compromise’ on deficit
DC: Rand Paul plans to filibuster until Senate debates debt ceiling
Wash Times: Credit agencies issue warnings on debt-payment delay
Hill: Cornyn: 'Irresponsible' to force last-minute vote on debt deal
Fox: Cornyn: Obama Bypassing Congress on Debt Limit is 'Crazy Talk'
Politico: Cornyn: Invoking 14th Amendment 'crazy talk'
NRO: Obama’s Spendthrift Constitution
Politico: Guide to health industries at risk in debt deal
Paul Krugman: Corporate Cash Con
Ted Nugent: On This Independence Day, Another Revolution at Hand

Hill: Wall Street looks to fill Treasury Secretary post after Geithner exit

LA Times: Republican senators criticize Afghan pullout plan
NYT: 3 Senators Voice Worries on Obama’s Withdrawal Plan
WSJ: Graham, McCain Fret About Troop Withdrawals

NYT: Carmakers and White House Haggling Over Mileage Rules
WaPo: New vehicle rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions spark debate
Hill: Amid criticism from GOP, environmental groups see political opportunity

NYT: With the Shuttle Program Ending, Fears of Decline at NASA

WaPo: House shuts out bald eagles, motherhood and other symbolic resolutions

NYT: Editorial: It Gets Even Worse (Immigration)


LA Times: Obama faces a less friendly Iowa


Miami Herald: DeMint book reveals widening GOP divide

Politico: Nikki Haley’s rise raises tensions back home


NYT: After Backing Gay Marriage, 4 in G.O.P. Face Voters’ Verdict
Ross Douthat: More Perfect Unions

NY Post/Dicker: Top GOPer: Obama will tap Cuomo for VP in 2012
Albany TU: Winning team to split up?

Buffalo News: Regulations to move up primary voting date

Buffalo News: Developing ties paid off for Hoyt


AP/Williams: Calif. GOP claims win in holding out against taxes

SacBee: Things may be looking up for Republican Rep. David Dreier

NYT: Congress’s Man of the Vines, Including His Own


Buzz: The insider in Gov. Rick Scott's team of outsiders
Miami Herald: Job growth under Scott depends on the numbers


Fox: Illinois Governor Signs Bill Banning Release of Firearm Owners Names


Star Tribune: Businesses feel immediate bite
CNN: Minnesota government shutdown could last days longer
AP/Condon: Amid shutdown, Minn. governor resolute on need to tax the rich
Politico: Cooling-off period in Minnesota


Hill: Gov. Walker: 'Not a lot of courage' in Washington to cut spending


Hill: Kasich: I've taken 'some hits' over budget
CBS: Kasich: Congress needs to look in the mirror
Politico: Kasich: 'So what' if I pay political price?
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich closes Ohio off from more casinos


Wash Times: Tea party’s Radtke challenging Allen for Senate


Politico: Patrick won't say if he'll sign Mass. state budget


Wash Times: Reid meets his match in Arizona in land tax-assessment challenge


Politico: Max Baucus marries in Montana


July 3, 2011


WaPo: GOP presidential candidates tally up second-quarter fundraising
WSJ: Romney Backers Tout Fund-Raising
Boston Globe: Romney under fire
PA Ave: Romney web video focuses on Allentown
AP/Beaumont: Romney watches for Iowa path as campaigns heat up

DMR: Friendly crowds greet Bachmann during tour of Iowa
Fox: Bachmann Rallies Voters in Iowa Ahead of Key GOP Poll

Iowa Indep: Bachmann gets nod from fourth Iowa Senator
Daily Sentinel: Bachmann in Le Mars Sunday
Chicago Tribune: Iowa bus rush is on for GOP’s Bachmann
WHO: Michele Bachmann ends first week of campaign with six stops in Iowa
AP/Beaumont: Bachmann courts tea partiers in Iowa

SacBee: Republican Bachmann begins weekend visit to Iowa
SacBee: Bachmann, Palin differences on display in Iowa
Wash Times: Bachmann was right: The Founding Founders did fight against slavery
Seattle PI: Fox: Bachmann, Perry up, Romney down

Sydney MH: Tea Party favourite Bachmann turns on overdrive in Republican race
William Kristol: Strange new respect breaks out all over for Michele Bachmann
Commentary: Bachmann’s Polling Can’t Be Dismissed
LA Times: Michele Bachmann says a miscarriage helped define her anti-abortion stance
Economist: Michele in the heartland
phillyBurbs: Bachmann's dream song is history
WaPo: A Petty ‘Girl’? Bachmann, you don’t know how it feels.
SheKnows: Tom Petty and Katrina & the Waves to Michele Bachmann: Not my song!
CSM: Five picks for Michele Bachmann campaign song, now that Tom Petty said no

SHJ: GOP presidential hopeful Bachmann visits Greenville
Miami Herald: GOP presidential hopeful Bachmann stumps in Myrtle Beach
WaPo: Bachmann meets S.C. voters on bus tour

WaPo: Jon Huntsman raises $4.1 million in the second quarter
CNN: Huntsman campaign fires back at Meg Whitman
CNN: Huntsman staffs up in South Carolina

Sunshine News: Thad McCotter Files to Run for President
ABC: Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter Set to Launch Presidential Campaign Saturday
Daily Caller: An interview with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter
Fox: Guitar-Playing Congressman Officially Announces White House Run
Hill: McCotter launches White House bid at music festival

State Column: Ron Paul raises $4.5+ million

Andrew McCarthy: Pawlenty’s Foreign Policy

Politico: Herman Cain's top Iowa staff resigns
Daily Caller: Cain loses several senior staffers in Iowa
Fox: Businessman Herman Cain Loses Key Staffers from Presidential Campaign
Columbus Dispatch: Cain a welcome guest for tea party

Star-Telegram: Conservative GOP primary voters likely to like Perry's positions
WaPo: Will Rick Perry run for president?
CSM: Will Rick Perry join the presidential race?
Fox: While Rick Perry Rests, Presidential Talk Ramps Up
Austin AS: Perry fans seek spot for him at Iowa straw poll
Houston Chronicle: Rick Perry climbs to second place in new national GOP presidential poll
Waco Trib: Can Texas Gov. Rick Perry cure what ails GOP?
Huff Post: Rick Perry Watching 2 Things: Bachmann's Excitement And Romney's Money
SA: Court rules Perry's travel details can stay secret
Colo Indep: Perry’s call to prayer: A not-great presidential campaign commercial
Guardian UK: Rick Perry, Republicans' lone star
USA Today: Calif. Republicans like Rick Perry for president
LA Times: California Republicans push Rick Perry to run

AJC: Sarah Palin’s movie message to GOP ‘establishment’

Politico: Gas prices to blame for Obama administration releasing oil reserves?
Clarice Feldman: The Community Organizer Who Would be King

Fox: With 2012 Fundraising in Swing, Time Running Out to Enter GOP Field
Dan Balz: In 2012 GOP race, where are the governors?

Bloomberg: Republican Priebus Winning Back Big-Dollar Donors to Erase Party’s Debt


NatJ: Clinton Calls on Obama Not to 'Blink' on Debt-Ceiling Deal with GOP
UPI: GOP: Make balanced budget a law
Times-Picayune: Federal deficit impasse hinges on parties' tax ideology
Weekly Standard: Big Government, Debt Ceilings, and Barbecues

Michael Barone: Replacing property as a source of wealth creation
Bill O'Reilly: The Decline Line

CNN: Who would follow Geithner?

Hill: McConnell has Senate Tea Party problem

Hill: Sunday show preview: Debt debate, the Constitution and beyond the Beltway


DMR: Iowa Poll: Likely GOP caucusgoers are educated, religious
Carroll DTH: Iowa GOP chair: White House hopefuls skip state at own peril


Union Leader: Bachmann, Perry generating plenty of NH buzz


NYT: South Carolina’s Young Governor Has a High Profile and Higher Hopes
WaPo: South Carolina Republicans struggle to draw new GOP seat


Albany TU: Cuomo could face rocky road if he runs for White House
WaPo: Andrew Cuomo is the 2016 Democratic frontrunner
WSJ: Poll: Cuomo approval at 64 percent among NY voters
NewsMax: Quinnipiac Poll: NY Catholics, Republicans Like Cuomo
SheWired: National Organization for Marriage Targets NY Republican Senator Grisanti
Politico: Gay marriage not a hot topic with Congressional Republicans


SacBee: GOP proved doubters wrong on state budget
LA Times: Jerry Brown is working without a net

SacBee: Haggling over California's water complicates Feinstein's re-election bid

Politico: Early vote forecasts tight race in CA-36

LA Times: California given strict deadline to reduce prison population


NYT: Perry Flexed His Muscles to Influence the Session
Houston Chronicle: Group sues to stop Texas' pre-abortion sonograms


Hill: Inhofe blames illness on lake algae


Miami Herald: Senate hopefuls decry Crist at GOP debate
SPT: Florida under Gov. Rick Scott: Adding jobs, or destroying them?
Palm Beach Post: Rick Scott attends secret Koch brothers meeting in Colorado


Fox: Thousands Rally Against Georgia Immigration Law
AJC: Gov. Deal’s small circle of trust
AJC: Deal names ally Pridemore to Georgia World Congress Center board
Savannah MN: Deal names two Savannahians to state economic development panel


Montgomery Advertiser: Chief Justice Cobb quits; no timetable for new appointment


WJBC: Illinois GOP head: Blagojevich conviction a ‘good start’

Chicago Daily Herald: Duckworth eyeing another congressional bid?
LA Times: Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth may be prepping another House run


Hill: Coats: Leadership and the 'Hoosier way' can fix the economy


Star Tribune: Shutdown cost will bring sticker shock
Star Tribune: Losing 'non-essential' services hurts
PP: Battle lines that preceded state government shutdown were drawn last fall
NYT: Closing a State? The Rules Are Tricky
Star Tribune: Dayton and GOP final proposals
MPR: Dayton: New budget talks unlikely until Tuesday
American Thinker: Governor Doofus Shuts Down Minnesota

St. Cloud Times: Bachmann's 2012 run: What happens to 6th District residents?


Milwaukee JS: Johnson zeros in on federal spending

Roll Call: State Senator Likely To Run for Wisconsin Senate


Plain Dealer: Ohio Gov. John Kasich boasts about budget, says more work ahead
NYT: In Ohio, a New Governor Is Off to a Smooth Start
Toledo Blade: Budget not an 'assault' on anyone, Kasich says
Dayton DN: Ohio begins selling off its assets to raise cash


AP/Lieb: Mo. governor pledges $100M more for disaster aid


Lexington HL: Beshear administration mum on plan to cut $168.9 million from budget


Charlotte Observer: Proposed GOP Congressional redistricting maps released
WaPo: North Carolina GOP targets four Democrats in redistricting proposal


Richmond TD: Poll shows 2012 presidential and U.S. Senate races in Va. as toss-ups
Wash Times: Allen-Kaine race a dead heat

Wash Times: McDonnell’s pragmatism translates to popularity
MSNBC: More 2012: McDonnell looks strong in VA
Examiner: Popular McDonnell becoming attractive VP choice
Daily Caller: Rob Lowe’s son to intern for House Majority Leader Cantor
Hill: Va. GOP presses Kaine on NLRB Boeing case


Fox: Convicted Maryland Councilwoman Stands to Gain $28,000 By Refusing to Resign
Republic: Md. Republican Chairman Alex Mooney sees positive signs for state GOP


West Virginia Record: Maloney, Tomblin talk legal reform


AP/Scolforo: Pa. House Republicans send governor state budget


News Journal: Complaint against O'Donnell divides FEC along party lines


NYT: His Aggressiveness Unabated, Christie Keeps His Momentum
Patch: Christie Cuts Nearly $1 Billion from Democratic Budget
Bloomberg: New Jersey Lawmakers Send Christie Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing


Greenwich Time: Outgoing state GOP chairman: McMahon game for Senate 2012
Hartford Courant: Largest Tax Increase In State History Starting Friday


Boston Herald: Scott Brown using baseball cards as campaign tool


Arizona Republic: Arizona Medicaid cuts can proceed, feds say

Arizona DS: County GOP officials trying to oust party chairman over raid comments


Denver Post: Koch brothers hold secret GOP business retreat in Vail


Reuters: Washington state closes tourism office over budget woes


Hill: Rep. Peter DeFazio says Dems worried Obama will cave to GOP on cuts


WSJ: Palin Brand Wanes in Alaska
UPI: Follow Alaska, lawmaker tells Obama


July 2, 2011


Daily Caller: Mitt Romney’s effortless lead in Iowa

Roll Call: Crowds Flock to See Bachmann Stump in S.C.
Weekly Standard: Queen of the Tea Party
NYDN: Michele Bachmann: Miscarriage helped shaped my anti-abortion stance
American Thinker: Michele and Sarah: The Woman Warriors of the Right

NYT: Pawlenty Releases Fund-Raising Numbers
NatJ: Pawlenty Raises $4.2 Million
Roll Call: Pawlenty Raises $4.2 Million in Second Quarter
WSJ: Minnesota's Woes Shadow Pawlenty
Politico: Minnesota government shutdown puts Tim Pawlenty in spotlight

Politico: Cain raised almost $2.5 million
Human Events: Who Is Herman Cain?

NYT: What Does Newt Gingrich Know?
Politico: Newt Gingrich Inc. staffers reveal more on Tiffany relationship
Daily Caller: ‘The Office’ star offers to be Gingrich’s campaign manager

Detroit News: McCotter making 2012 presidential bid
WSJ: Michigan GOP Rep. McCotter Unveils Presidential Bid
Roll Call: McCotter to Seek GOP Presidential Nomination
Daily Caller: Fiery rhetoric not expected from Thaddeus McCotter

Politico: Pro Perry effort hires former Newt staffer in Iowa
Politico: Rick Perry backers scope Ames straw poll
NRO: Can Obama Win Texas?

WSJ: Teachers Could Defer Obama Support
NatJ: Does Anyone Really Think Obama Doesn't Support Gay Marriage?
NatJ: Over 100 People Earn in the Six Figures at White House
Hill: White House releases staffers' salaries
Wash Times: Obama works ‘day job’ and money trail
C&E: Vulnerable Dems betting Obama can inspire 2008-level turnout
Hill: Senate GOP mocks president with video of Obama on golf course
Roger Hedgecock: Obama's Amnesty for Illegals Sidesteps the Law Again

Rasmussen: 57% View Hillary Clinton Favorably

C&E: Colbert 'Super PAC' gets FEC green light
Roll Call: FEC Upholds Colbert PAC, but With Limits
Roll Call: FEC Left Room for Lawmakers to Aid Super PACs


Daily Caller: Top Senate Republicans call for more transparency in debt limit negotiations
Fred Barnes: Obama’s ‘Transparent’ Secrecy
LA Times: Deficit battle shaping up as GOP victory
Fox: Despite Deadline Uncertainty, U.S. Faces Bad Choices if Debt Limit Not Raised
NRO: No Deal in Sight as Cranky Congress Cancels Recess
WSJ: Politics Dog Possible Top Treasury Vacancy
George Will: Burning down the house
AP/Taylor: Passing major debt deal by Aug. 2 seems doubtful
Politico: White House: Real debt deal deadline is July 22
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Continue to Accuse Republicans of Economic Sabotage
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Policies Aim to Shut Down America's Private Sector

WSJ: Barton Biggs: U.S. Needs a Massive Public Works Program

WSJ: Court Tosses Affirmative-Action Ban
NYT: Court Overturns Michigan Affirmative-Action Ban
Wash Times: Mich. to appeal race in college admissions ruling

Wash Times: House panel probe urged of Kagan health care role
Daily Caller: 49 lawmakers call for Judiciary Committee investigation
James Taranto: The Kagan Principle

Daily Caller: Justice Department and Obama reverse stance on medical marijuana raids
Daily Caller: Holder curbs his CIA investigation
Fox: Justice Department Gets Mixed Reviews for U.S. Criminal Probe Into 2 CIA Cases

Hill: Google hiring 12 lobbying firms as FTC readies antitrust probe

NYT: Canceled Recess Upends Senators’ Plans
Politico: Senate seating squabble squelched
NYT: For 2 Republican Leaders, a Bond, Not a Rivalry

Politico: Meeks, Schmidt under scrutiny by ethics investigators

NYT: Change (but Not Too Much) at the Top of the Pentagon
NYT: Editorial: The Pentagon After Mr. Gates

Fox: Obama Picks New Counterterror Chief

WSJ: Obama to Nominate Comptroller Head

Pat Buchanan: The Death of Moral Community

NRO: What to Read this Summer?
NYT: June’s Political Best Sellers

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tipsheet


DMR: Iowa Legislature adjourns; state budget OKed, no property tax deal


Roll Call: DeMint Planning Presidential Forum in South Carolina


WSJ: Court Rules Fate of Yucca Site Rests With Regulators

Hill: Federal judge grants extension in US case against Ensign staffer


NYT: Editorial: What Gov. Cuomo Left Undone

IBT: Gov. Cuomo Sets September 13 Special Election for Weiner Seat
Roll Call: Cuomo Sets N.Y. Special for September

WSJ: The Amazing Strauss-Kahn Case
WSJ: Manhattan DA Is Put on Defensive
NYT: Another Black Eye for Cyrus Vance


LA Times: Maria Shriver files for divorce, seeks joint custody
NYT: Shriver Files for Divorce From Schwarzenegger

SacBee: California's $85.9 billion budget: Here are the major provisions
American Spectator: Jerry Brown's Phony Budget, Broken Promises


Politico: Dewhurst to join Senate race in July


SPT: In affront to his tea party base, Florida Gov. Rick Scott approves SunRail

American Thinker: Is Another Ballot Heist Coming?


AP/Wills: Quinn wants to cancel raises for state workers


Star Tribune: No holiday from the impasse
Wash Times: Government shuts down after no budget deal in Minnesota
NYT: No End in Sight as Minnesotans Grapple With State Shutdown
WaPo: Minnesota government shutdown reflects widespread budget paralysis
Fox: Despite Government Shutdown in Minnesota, Residents Still Face State Taxes


Milwaukee JS: Justices' emails detail security, photo concerns after altercation


WSJ: Ohio Shows the Way on Death Tax Repeal


Detroit News: State to fight ruling against ban on race in college admissions
Detroit FP: Michigan to appeal decision deeming affirmative action ban illegal


Roll Call: Proposed N.C. Map Seeks Large GOP Gains
Roll Call: Report: Shuler Considering Tennessee AD Job
Politico: Heath Shuler reportedly in talks to leave House for athletic director job


Fox: Maryland's 'Dream Act' Suspended Amid Petition Drive for Referendum


WSJ: Massachusetts Curbs Bargaining


Politico: Mark Kelly: I’m not running for office


Roll Call: Ex-Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez Running in 1st District


Roll Call: Cantwell Still Owed $2M From Her 2000 Campaign

Roll Call: New Lines Will Start Washington State Scramble


Roll Call: Oregon Closes In on Redistricting Map


July 1, 2011


WSJ: Romney Keeps Sights on Obama, Economy
NYT: Romney Blasts Obama as ‘a Failure’ on the Economy

WaPo: Analysis: Michele Bachmann’s reveal of miscarriage puts unique appeal on display

NYT: Fund-Raising Begins Slowly for G.O.P. Candidates
Chris Cillizza: What to watch for: presidential fundraising reports

NYT: Obama Is Fund Raising in Philadelphia

Karl Rove: How the GOP Can Blow It in 2012
Ann Coulter: Glenn Beck vs. The Mob
Michael Gerson: The GOP’s ideal America
Dana Milbank: Stephen Colbert, Karl Rove and the mockery of campaign finance


WSJ: Obama Pushes for a Deficit Deal by July 22
NYT: White House Sees Date for Budget Deal or Bust
Donald Rumsfeld: The Peril of Deep Defense Cuts
Paul Krugman: To the Limit

WaPo: Treasury Secretary Geithner considering leaving post after debt talks
NYT: Geithner Staying (for Now)

NYT: Republicans Boycott a Hearing on Trade

NYT: House Panel Members Joust Over Border Gun Program

NYT: Editorial: Ethics, Politics and the Law

NYT: MSNBC Suspends Halperin Over Obama Slur


NYT: Boeing Labor Dispute Is Making New Factory a Political Football


NYT: Cuomo Will Seek to Lift Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing
NYT: Cuomo Administration Closing 7 Prisons, 2 in New York City
NYT: Cuomo Takes Tough Stance on Nuclear Reactors


WSJ: Minnesota Government Shuts Down
NYT: Minnesota Government Shuts in Budget Fight


NYT: New Jersey Governor Vetoes Spending


NYT: Connecticut Steps Closer to Widespread Layoffs


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AP/Kinnard: DeMint, in new book, outlines tea party’s rise

NYT: June’s Political Best Sellers

Ann Coulter: N.Y. Times: Fraught Nexus of Lies, Stupidity and Bigotry
Kerry Picket: New Coulter book 'Demonic' shows collectivist thought is mob mentality
David Limbaugh: 'Demonic' is angelic
Rush Limbaugh: Ann Coulter Explains "Demonic"
Ann Coulter: Obama: Hope, Change, and the Occasional Sex Dream
Ann Coulter: Civil Rights and the Mob: George Wallace, Bull Connor, Orval Faubus And Other Democrats
Daily Caller: Coulter goes after Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews in ‘Demonic’
Politico: Ann Coulter's book gets Matt Drudge's touch

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