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July 21, 2011


Fox: Bachmann Busts Up GOP Race
WSJ: Bachmann Scrutiny Rises With Poll Surge
LA Times: Bachmann given good bill of health from Congress' physician
CBS: Rove: Bachmann should release medical records
WaPo: Michele Bachmann releases physician’s note on migraines
Hill: Bachmann issues doctor's note on migraine headaches
SF Chronicle: Editorial: On Michele Bachmann's migraines
Chris Cillizza: Michele Bachmann’s headaches
Daily Caller: Krauthammer downplays Bachmann migraines, points to Kennedy, FDR
LA Times: OpEd: The Marcus Bachmann hypocrisy
KC Star: Bachmann stops off in South Carolina, praises governor
Macon Telegraph: Bachmann's S.C. visit includes stay at Governor's Mansion
NatJ: In 2006 Interview, Bachmann Attacks Same-Sex Marriage, 'Big Love' Series
Roll Call: Bachmann Ad Says She Has ‘Courage’ to Oppose Debt Ceiling Increase
American Spectator: Bachmann and the Pope

Texas Tribune: Draft Perry Group Adds Volunteers in Early States
AP/Blood: Perry courts potential fundraisers at LA meeting
Chris Cillizza: Rick Perry’s ace in the hole: Rudy Giuliani
IBT: Too Early to Return Murdoch Money: Texas Gov. Perry
SacBee: Romney, Perry in Calif. as 2012 field takes shape
Voice of America: Texas Governor Perry May Join US Presidential Race
NatJ: Polls Show Perry Already Resonating With GOP Voters
KHOU: Anita Perry encourages husband to run for president

RCP: Romney Holds Double-Digit Lead in National Poll
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Romney 43% Obama 42%
Daily Caller: Obama ties Romney in new poll, loses among independents
WaPo: Poll: Romney still ahead, but with big vulnerabilities in quest for GOP nod
NYT: As Rivals Stir, Romney Sticks to Playing It Safe
WaPo: Wall Street investing in Romney
HHIP: Ann Romney gives glimpse into husband's life
WaPo: Romney as Job Creator Clashes With Bain's Job-Cut Record
Deseret News: Mitt Romney as job creator clashes with Bain record of job cuts

Wash Times: Pawlenty presses in Iowa to show early momentum
Politico: Tim Pawlenty’s unlikely Iowa ally: Michele Bachmann

DC: George P. Bush: Don’t count father Jeb out as future presidential contender

Daily Caller: Sarah Palin’s son Track expecting child
Daily Caller: Politico reporter who covered Palin quits for Democratic Party job

WSJ: The Paul Ryan Factor: Non-Obama voters want policy combat
Examiner: Obama's sleight of hand on lobbyist contributions
Politico: Barack Obama's 2008 bundlers flee political 'machine'
EJ Dionne: GOP leaders must free themselves from the Tea Party’s grip

Roll Call: Tough Terrain for Senate Democrats

NYT: 3 Groups Denied Break By I.R.S. Are Named

Fox: States Dispute Criticism of New Voter Laws, Move to Offer Photo ID Free of Charge


Karl Rove: How House Republicans Can Seal a Budget Deal
NYT: Wall St. Makes Fallback Plans for Debt Crisis
Hill: Wall Street isn’t sweating over debt-ceiling debate
Wash Times: Reversing course, Obama now backs short-term debt patch
WaPo: As debt talks intensify, Obama opens door to short-term deal to buy more time
WSJ: Obama Open to Debt-Cap Deal
Hill: Sides edging toward short-term debt deal
NatJ: More Thought Turning to Short-term Solution Until Bigger Debt Plan
AJC: The Gang of Six plan, Social Security and other entitlements
WSJ: The Gang of Six Play: A conceptual breakthrough that has too few details
Human Events: 'Gang of Six' Budget Blueprint Booed by Both Sides
National Review: Editorial: Government by Platitude
Hill: Republicans feuding about cuts in $1.5 trillion stopgap debt plan
WSJ: Even With A Debt Deal, the U.S. Might Lose
NYT: Push for Broad Budget Deal Intensifies Among Leaders
Rush Limbaugh: We're Still Waiting for Obama's Plan
Rush Limbaugh: 1967 and 1979: Debt Ceiling Talking Points Were Same as We Hear Now
Rush Limbaugh: Enough of This "Gang Of" Crap
NYT: Editorial: Signs of Intelligent Life in Congress
Fox: Fox News Poll: Majority Against Raising Debt Ceiling
Politico: Pizza night: Boehner dines with frosh
Tony Perkins: Cut, Cap, Balance is a Moral Duty
American Spectator: An Intransigent President

WSJ: Layoffs Deepen Gloom

Wash Times: House to question ATF officials on guns to Mexico

Daily Caller: Congress creeps closer to FAA shutdown
Hill: Partial FAA shutdown looms over debate

Wash Times: House ethics panel hires outside lawyer for Waters case

James Taranto: Does the Los Angeles Times "deserve" the First Amendment?
Ann Coulter: Media Mogul Charged With First-Degree Murdoch


NYT: Caution Urged on Raises for State Judges


SacBee: Study says term limits failing to produce California 'citizen legislators'
George Skelton: Study upends term-limit theory


Roll Call: Dewhurst Jumps Into Texas Senate Primary

NYT: Texas Man Executed for Race-Related Killings


SPT: Allen West, Debbie Wasserman Schultz feud emblematic of Washington these days


NYT: With Signing of Budget, Impasse Ends in Minnesota


Milwaukee JS: A look at turnout in the Wisconsin recalls: How high will it go?


Detroit News: Michigan jobless rate hits 10.5%, highest since January


Boston Globe: Patrick backs illegal immigrants on tuition

Boston Globe: Warren’s US Senate campaign in debt


Roll Call: Snowe Far, Snowe Good for Moderate Senator


July 20, 2011


NY Post: Bachmann tops GOP field for first time in new national poll
Daily Caller: Bachmann, Romney lead national poll
WSJ: Bachmann Gains in GOP Ranking
State: Bachmann’s S.C. trip includes overnight stay at governor’s mansion
Hill: Gov. Haley: Bachmann sleepover 'not an endorsement'
Politico: Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann pitch South Carolina pastors
NYT: Bachmann Says Migraines Won’t Be a Problem if She’s Elected President
NatJ: So What If Michele Bachmann Has Migraines?
Des Moines Register: Migraine pain won’t stop me, Bachmann says
Des Moines Register: Nearly all migraines treated successfully
Politico: Michele Bachmann's migraines are a potential headache
Human Events: Can Michele Bachmann Withstand the Attacks?
Ruth Marcus: Would Michele Bachmann be a submissive president?
Roll Call: Bachmann Knows It’s Iowa or Bust

CNN: Potential Perry donors to meet Tuesday night in Austin
Hill: At second glance, Texas Gov. Rick Perry not as conservative as some think
Daily Caller: Perry’s Democratic past like so many other Republicans’
Houston Chronicle: Draft GOP Rick Perry group opening office in Iowa
Des Moines Register: Group supports Perry but isn’t part of campaign
Des Moines Register: Advocacy group for Rick Perry to open Iowa office, report says
NYT: Perry Eyes Religious Voters
AJC: GOP Texas Gov. Rick Perry not interested in VP job
Texas Tribune: Video: Analyzing 20 Years of Perry's Political Ads

NatJ: Pawlenty Tweets Campaign Speech
Des Moines Register: Pawlenty says Iowans’ candidate selection is important

Human Events: A Businessman for President? (Herman Cain)

Rasmussen: Generic Republican Candidate 47%, Obama 41%

WaPo: Tea party moves to put its stamp on priorities on campaign trail, in Washington

Dana Milbank: The new party of Reagan

Politico: Twitter presidential debate set for Wednesday

NYT: Political Advocacy Groups Denied Tax-Exempt Status

WaPo: Waters’s attorneys call for dismissal of ethics case after leaked emails

NatJ: House Race Scramble


NatJ: House Passes Cut, Cap, Balance Bill
Fox: House Approves 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Plan
Human Events: House Passes Cut, Cap and Balance
Yahoo: Huge deficit-cutting bill sails through GOP House
Hill: House GOP passes ill-fated 'cut, cap, and balance' legislation
LA Times: House Republicans pass symbolic measure on debt ceiling
Tony Perkins: Cut, Cap, Balance Is a Moral Duty

Politico: Debt deal momentum builds as House resists
WS: Paul Ryan: "Gang of Six" Actually Proposal Would Raise Tax Revenue $2 Trillion
WaPo: New debt plan gains support in Senate; House passes balanced-budget measure
Wash Times: Obama backs ‘Gang of Six’ debt plan
WSJ: Obama Backs Latest Bargain
NYT: Bipartisan Plan for Budget Deal Buoys President
WaPo: Obama hails deficit-reduction plan gaining momentum in Senate
Hill: Obama hails $3.7T plan as ‘good news’ in stalemate over debt limit
Hill: Boehner's office says Gang of Six proposal 'appears to fall short'
NatJ: Boehner Says It's Time to Contemplate What 'Plan B' Will Be
WaPo: Editorial: The Gang of Six: New hope in the debt crisis
Daily Caller: DeMint: Supporting McConnell plan ‘suicidal’ for Republicans in the House’
Hill: House Dem opposition rises against McConnell fallback debt-limit plan
Hill: Liberal governor's request for Medicaid cuts puts Democrats in tough spot
NYT: Cost-Cutters, Except When the Spending Is Back Home
Paul Gigot: Secrets of the Budget Talks
Human Events: Secrecy in Budget Talks to Obama's Advantage
NatJ: Poll: Majority Of Americans Back Debt Ceiling Compromise
WaPo: Post-ABC poll: GOP too dug in on debt talks; public fears default consequences
Jennifer Rubin: Polls: A mixed picture on debt
Dick Morris: Checkmating Obama

Timothy Geithner: Dodd-Frank Has Made Our Banks Stronger
Newt Gingrich: To Create Jobs, Repeal the Dodd-Frank Law Immediately

Daily Caller: Rep. King to hold third round of hearings on Islamic radicalization
Hill: King announces third hearing on Muslim radicalization in US

Jed Babbin: Computers Are Weapons of War

Weekly Standard: The Last Shuttle Launch: One giant leap backwards

US News: GOP to Block Obama Pick Cordray, Leaving Consumer Watchdog CFPB Toothless

NYT: Panel Recommends Coverage for Contraception

NYT: Obama to Support Repeal of Defense of Marriage Act
WaPo: Obama backs bill to repeal Defense of Marriage Act
Human Events: Polygamist Jumps on Bandwagon After Gay Marriage Victory

James Taranto: Power and the Press


Des Moines Register: Vilsack goes after King in a race 'about values'


State: How much do SC's public workers get paid?


Albany TU: Labor Department to charge businesses per-worker fee to repay feds
Albany TU: Unemployment is costing more

NYT: Cuomo Says for Next 6 Months, He Will Focus on Creating Jobs
Rochester D&C: Cuomo announces plan to woo new businesses to state
Fred Dicker: Andy will ad to his $uccess

NYDN: Albany Democrats plan push for independent redistricting bill

NYT: After Budget Cuts, Defendants’ Wait to See a Judge Often Exceeds 24 Hours

Albany TU: Senate GOP has big cash advantage


SacBee: Redistricting panel expects court fight after it delivers maps
Dan Walters: Los Angeles County to see a big shuffle under redistricting

LA Times: Rep. Maxine Waters again calls for ethics case to be dropped


Star-Telegram: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst joins crowded GOP field for U.S. Senate
Roll Call: DeMint Endorses Ted Cruz in Texas Primary
NatJ: Leppert: Texas Senate Race's Wildcard


Miami Herald: West trashes Wasserman Schultz as ‘vile’ for budget comments
NatJ: West Lashes Out at Wasserman Schultz Via E-mail

SPT: Police union sues Gov. Rick Scott over private prison plan


AJC: Saxby Chambliss and restored Gang of Six join debt-ceiling debate


Star Tribune: Special session ends


Milwaukee JS: Democratic senator Hansen retains seat in recall attempt
AP: Dem keeps WI Sen seat, next recall elections stemming from union law may be harder

Milwaukee JS: Senate approves new legislative districts

Milwaukee JS: Trains cost Wisconsin taxpayers millions


Columbus Dispatch: Poll: Kasich's approval rating takes a dive


Detroit News: Hoekstra back in race for Senate, seeks Stabenow's seat
Detroit FP: Hoekstra to challenge Stabenow next year
NatJ: Hoekstra Running For Senate
WaPo: Hoekstra to challenge Stabenow in Michigan senate race


NatJ: Revised N.C. Map Even Worse For Democrats
Roll Call: New N.C. Map Gives Democrats More Heartburn
Politico: A second map in North Carolina
Hill: NC redistricting map targets House Dems

Roll Call: FEC May Bill John Edwards $2.3 Million


NYT: Marijuana for Patients May Proceed, Christie Says


Wash Times: For Arizona election, it’s all about the issues


Daily Caller: Dana Perino confident about chances of former deputy against Sen. Cantwell


July 19, 2011


Roll Call: Bachmann Knows It’s Iowa or Bust
DC: Bachmann signs ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ pledge, adds promise to defund Obamacare
Christian Post: Michele Bachmann to Sign Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge
CSM: Michele Bachmann leaning towards spending limit pledge
AP/Beck: Bachmann criticizes black farmer settlement
NYDN: Michele Bachmann calls black farmer settlement a magnet for fraud
Politico: Gay Republican group reaches out to Michele Bachmann
Jennifer Rubin: Does Bachmann’s gender matter?
Daily Caller: Stress-related condition ‘incapacitates’ Bachmann; heavy pill use alleged

Politico: John Cornyn: 2012 is Rick Perry's best shot
Star-Telegram: Perry hears the call to run for president, but hasn't decided yet
Christian Post: Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann - Dream Team 2012?
Independent: Texas Governor hints he may answer call to lead Republicans
Politico: From Perry, neocon tea leaves
Pajamas: Poll: Perry Leads Obama in North Carolina
Chris Cillizza: Rick Perry: Game changer

Politico: Mitt Romney: Carbon not a health threat
Des Moines Register: Romney, Iowans have tele-town hall
Boston Globe: Fact-checking Mitt Romney
Detroit FP: Romney holds onto edge over Obama in Michigan election, poll shows

Wash Times: Cain: Romney’s religion a barrier to GOP nod

LA Times: Pawlenty's bid may face defining moment in coming weeks
Des Moines Register: Pawlenty says debt ceiling talks can be used to get real reforms

AP/Ramer: Santorum asks NH voters to sacrifice for campaign

Politico: The scramble for South Carolina

Daily Caller: Dissatisfied Republicans develop plan for brokered convention

LA Times: GOP accuses Obama of illegal fundraising video
Politico: Reince Preibus accuses Obama of 'an apparent crime'
Hill: RNC calls for probe of Obama fundraising

Politico: RSLC unveils Latino recruitment plan

Wash Times: GOP scores early gains as redistricting plans emerge

Weekly Standard: The Economy and the Election

Pat Buchanan: The Long Retreat of Liberalism
American Spectator: Gorby Obama and the Collapse of the American Left


Wash Times: House GOP readies ‘cut, cap, balance’ plan
WaPo: White House rejects linking debt limit to balanced budget, threatens veto
AP/Espo: Obama threatens veto of House GOP spending cuts
WSJ: A balanced budget amendment is the wrong debt solution
NatJ: Cut, Cap and Balance: Provocation or Pressure Release?
LA Times: Symbolic House vote on debt ceiling approaches
NYT: In Debt Crisis, a Legislative Trick Up the Sleeve
Politico: GOP has no backup plan after vote
Rich Lowry: Against the Balanced-Budget Amendment
Byron York: The next step for Republicans in the debt fight
Hill: House GOP seeking an alternative debt plan

Fox: Coburn Ups Ante in Debt Ceiling Standoff, Pushes Plan to Save $9 Trillion
Weekly Standard: Over $1 Trillion in Defense Cuts in Coburn Deficit Reduction Plan
WaPo: Debt-ceiling crisis still eludes compromise
WSJ: Debt Deal Search Intensifies
WSJ: Few Signs of Progress in U.S. Debt Talks
NYT: Boehner and Cantor Meet Again With Obama
Salon: How the GOP is winning the debt ceiling fight
Atlantic: Will the Debt Ceiling Split Senate Republicans?

Hill: McConnell's fallback gains steam
NRO: Debating the McConnell Plan
Politico: Mitch McConnell's debt ceiling plan makes choices public
Hill: Feinstein favors McConnell solution
American Spectator: McConnell Is Handing Obama a Rope, Not a White Flag
Marc Thiessen: Calling Jim DeMint — to warn GOP on debt plan
Hill: The lessons of 1990
WSJ: The St. Paul Solution
Douglas Turner: From Amo’s civility to Cantor’s walkout
David Brooks: The Road Not Taken
Tony Blankley: No more Washington tricks
NYT: Editorial: Signing Away the Right to Govern
WSJ: Debt Worries Roil Markets
WSJ: OpEd: America's Debt-Ceiling Opportunity
Wash Times: Liberals see opportunity for big cuts in defense
Ted Nugent: Americans can’t afford to pay the inflated salaries of public-sector unionists
Hill: Reid: Saturday workdays for Senate

Wash Times: Nonprofits getting loans for health insurance
Hill: HHS to loan $4B for health co-ops, says one-third might default
Fox: Administration Slow to Set Up New Health Care Law's Payment Advisory Board

NYT: Dodd-Frank Under Fire a Year Later
WSJ: Gensler's Struggles Mark Regulatory Challenges

Human Events: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Plan Yet Another House of Cards

Wash Times: Lawmakers want answers about ATF gun operation
Fox: ATF Chief Admits Mistakes in 'Fast and Furious,' Accuses Holder Aides of Stonewalling

CSM: Why GOP vows to block Obama nominee for consumer-watchdog agency

NYT: Lawmaker Requests End to Ethics Panel Investigation (Rep. Maxine Waters)
WaPo: Accusations of committee impropriety follow Rep. Waters’s ethics investigation

James Taranto: Who's 'Fox-ified'?


NYT: For Cuomo, Hairstyling and Makeup Fit for a Star

Albany TU: Breslin: Contract is a ‘tradeoff’ but a good one

NY Post: Rove targets LI House Dem


SacBee: New campaign groups target incumbent members of Congress

Dan Walters: Will California remap give Democrats two-thirds majorities?


SPT: State Senate President Mike Haridopolos drops out of race for U.S. Senate
WKMG: Haridopolos Drops Out Of U.S. Senate Race
Palm Beach Post: Haridopolos’ early exit raises Greer cloud

Buzz: Planning for the Republican National Convention, of power needs and housing options

Buzz: Scott sacks LeMieux law partner from state Supreme Court nominating commission


Fox: Illinois Lawmakers Ask Medicaid Agency to Let State Enforce Fraud Rules


Politico: Lugar buying TV time for this week


Politico: Minnesota shutdown drags on
Star Tribune: Secrecy reigns at State Capitol
Star Tribune: MN gov orders Capitol doors to reopen Tuesday in advance of special session


Reuters: Wisconsin voters go to polls Tuesday in first recall election
NYT: Wisconsin Democrat Faces Recall Vote

Hill: Wis. Reps. Duffy, Ryan see favorable numbers in state’s redistricting
Patch: GOP Legislative Redistricting Plan for Wisconsin Comes Under Fire


Roll Call: GOP Officials Wooing Hoekstra for Senate Bid

Detroit News: Snyder outlines economic benefits of immigration


News-Record: 2 Republicans to challenge Shuler


WSJ: Obama Looms Over Race for Senate Seat in Virginia
AP/Lewis: Va GOP's cash advantage nearly twofold over Dems


WaPo: 2 operatives for former Gov. Ehrlich plead not guilty to charges in robocall case


Boston Globe: For Brown, Mass. Senate race unfolding favorably
WaPo: Senate run not off the table for Warren
Boston Globe: Leaving D.C., Warren ponders run for Senate
Hill: Warren mulls run against Scott Brown


NYT: In Connecticut, Unions Amend Voting Rules to Revive Deal


Hill: Sanchez trails Wilson in fundraising for NM Senate seat


Roll Call: GOP Poll Confirms Close Nevada Senate Race

Politico: John Ensign shells out for legal fees


July 18, 2011


Des Moines R: Bachmann: I won’t vote to raise debt ceiling even if there’s a GOP agreement
Roll Call: Bachmann Accuses Obama of Being Disingenuous About Default
Chicago ST: Bachmann gains while Palin sits
Wash Times: Bachmann attracts small donors, but lacks big-dollar bundlers
Des Moines Register: Bachmann tells group how she accepted Christ
Denver Post: Bachmann default overdrive
Politico: Gay rights groups target Bachmann

Daily Caller: Perry presidential run seems like a sure thing
Christian Post: Perry 'More and More Comfortable' With Run for President
CNN: McDonnell ready to lead GOP group if Perry runs
Austin AS: Tight GOP primary calendar would set fast pace for a Perry campaign

AJC: Gingrich, Cain enjoy home state cash, but Romney paces all in Georgia
Huff Post: Why Romney Might Be In Trouble
Roll Call: PACs Might Not Always Help
Fox: Fox News anchor says Romney isn't a Christian
Deseret News: Fox News host: Romney not Christian

Tampa Tribune: TPAW's Florida helpers

Wash Times: Huntsman to GOP: Judge my record, not my religion
KSL: Huntsman leads pack of Harley riders in Utah

Houston Chronicle: Ron Paul is charting a new course to win the presidency

WaPo: GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain says communities have right to ban mosques
Fox: Herman Cain Says U.S. Communities 'Have the Right' to Ban Mosques
Daily Caller: Herman Cain: Tennessee mosque builders want Sharia law

Politico: Giuliani to GOP on gay marriage: 'Stay out of it'
NY Post: Rudy: GOP stuck in a 'gay' area
Gary Bauer: Libertarians and Gay Marriage

American Thinker: Sarah Palin's Grace Under Pressure

WaPo: 2012 presidential race: Expense reports give peek at candidates’ priorities, styles
USA Today: McCain's elite fundraisers stay on sidelines for now
Roll Call: RNC to Post $19M in Second Quarter

Daily Caller: Obama’s champagne march to 2012
Wash Times: Nearly half of Obama’s $86M traceable to bundlers
Juan Williams: 2012 campaign funds tell the tale: Obama out to commanding lead

WSJ: GOP Hopefuls Betting Voters Want Deep Cuts

NatJ: Crossroads GPS Targets 10 House Democrats


Fox: Lawmakers Struggle to Find Detour Around Debt Impasse
Hill: As deadline nears, negotiators scramble to solve debt puzzle
WaPo: Congress tees up crucial votes on debt limit
NYT: Sides Confident on Deficit Talks Despite Impasse
SF Chronicle: Coburn to Offer $9 Trillion Budget-Cut Plan to Spur Debt Talks
Hill: Coburn to unveil $9T deficit-reduction plan
WSJ: Senate Debt Plan Promises Months of Budget Wrangling
Politico: GOP split over McConnell plan
Hill: Opposition to McConnell fallback plan grows among Republican senators
Hill: Budget experts raise concerns over McConnell debt-limit fallback plan
Politico: GOP's hard right shift may put deal at risk
Hill: Balanced budget amendment faces high hurdles in the House
NYDN: No. 2 Senate GOPer Jon Kyl assures 'country will not default' on debt
National Review: Ryan Urges ‘United Front’
NYT: Across Nation, Budget Talks Stir Pessimism
NYT: Politicians Can’t Agree on Debt? Well, Neither Can Economists
NatJ: OMB's Lew Warns of 'Chaos' Resulting from Default; Rubio: Obama Stalled Debt Talks
Wash Times: Many states celebrate surpluses as Congress struggles with debt
WSJ: Get Ready for a 70% Marginal Tax Rate
WSJ: OpEd: The Debt Battle Is Good for the GOP
Examiner: Editorial: House GOP must not shy from using 'ultimate weapons'
Joe Curl: Who says tax cuts kill jobs? Our history sure doesn’t
Michael Barone: What the Debt Limit Battle Is All About
Jed Babbin: Don't Fumble the Debt Ceiling
Ken Blackwell: It's About Jobs
Ross Douthat: The Republican Retreat
Paul Krugman: Letting Bankers Walk
Politico: Default could 'sink the whole boat'
Daily Caller: Sheila Jackson Lee: Disagreement over debt ceiling due to Obama’s race
American Spectator: How to Call Obama's Bluff
NYT: Editorial: The Value of Medicaid
Hill: The Hill Poll: Voters following the debt debate but remain wary

Hill: The Week Ahead: Deficit and Dodd-Frank

WSJ: Bank Challenger Picked to Run Consumer Agency
NYT: Former Ohio Attorney General Picked to Lead Consumer Agency
WaPo: Obama to nominate Richard Cordray for consumer agency, bypassing Warren

NYT: Editorial: Yet Another Political Game (trade agreements)

NatJ: Whither Coal-Fired Power?


Des Moines Register: Straw poll is anyone’s game


Politico: 2 sides of the DeMint coin


NYT: State’s Unions Press Members to Accept Deal

NYT: Commission to Set Raises for Judges in New York State Is Flooded With Suggestions


WSJ: How to Win Friends and Influence Governors

George Skelton: In Washington's game of chicken, California has plenty at stake
Dan Walters: California's huge pension debt will be jarring


WaPo: Republican Rep. Pete Sessions, of Texas, says he and wife of 27 years are separating


Tampa Tribune: Video: Rubio on Face The Nation


AJC: Fake ID law ratchets up penalties


Star Tribune: Chance for quick budget deal fades
Reuters: Minnesota leaders report progress toward ending shutdown


Milwaukee JS: The ad wars heat up in the Wisconsin recall campaigns


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio lawmakers key players in debt debate


Salena Zito: Obama won't hold Pa., GOP says


Denver Post: Colorado redistricting could turn allies into campaign opponents


WaPo: Utah Dem Party chairman believed to be state’s first openly gay political party leader


July 17, 2011


WaPo: In call to Iowa governor, GOP’s Rick Perry gives sense he’ll run in 2012
Des Moines Register: Texas’ Rick Perry starting to feel ‘called’ to run for president
Star-Telegram: Tracking Rick Perry's political ponderings
USA Today: As potential candidate, Perry a wild-card in Iowa
NYT: Who Pays Rick Perry’s Travel Bill?
Salon: Rick Perry's Confederate past
Independent: Republican with self-belief and God on his ticket
Politico: Bob McDonnell and Rick Perry talk 2012

Winnipeg Post: Tea partier Bachmann soars to top of Republican heap
Star Tribune: Bachmann raises $4.2 million in 2nd quarter
Sun News: Bachmann to sign spending limit pledge
Andrew McCarthy: Bachmann Is Not the Radical in the Room
CNN: Bachmann changes tune on 'Cut, Cap and Balance' pledge
Christian Post: Michele Bachmann Leaves Church, Gets Catholic Support
NYT: For Bachmann, Gay Rights Stand Reflects Mix of Issues and Faith
NYT: Christian Counseling by Hopeful’s Spouse Prompts Questions

Wash Times: Romney raises $18M in race for the Republican nomination
WSJ: Romney Adviser Backs Obama Health Exchanges
Bloomberg: Goldman Favors Romney Over Obama in Race for Wall Street Funds

State Column: Ron Paul Has $4 Million to Spend

Politico: Jon Huntsman’s enviro stance is up in air
Daily Caller: DNC, Huntsman take jabs at Romney on jobs

Daily Caller: Gingrich urges GOP to stand firm against ‘bully’ Obama
CBS: Gingrich campaign more than $1M in debt

Daily Caller: ‘The Undefeated’: Out of the gate strong
Politico: Palin movie: No thumbs up! Reviewers pan hagiography
Human Events: We Are The Undefeated
YouTube: The Undefeated Official Movie Trailer

Politico: Rudy Giuliani eyes New Hampshire path
Politico: Rudy's process
NewsMax: Giuliani Says 2012 White House Run an Option

NYT: Election Cycle Emerges as the Year of the Pledge, but Some Candidates Resist

ABC: Support for Obama Among Goldman Sachs Employees Erodes
American Thinker: Goldman Sachs report a warning to the Obama administration
US News: Zogby: Obama's Election Chances Dwindling
NYT: New Stable of Wealthy Donors Fueled Obama Campaign’s Record Fund-Raising Quarter


Hill: Saturday winds down with little progress to report in debt-limit negotiations
Hill: Budget experts raise concerns over McConnell debt fallback plan
WaPo: Top lawmakers target ‘grand bargain’ for debt plan
Hill: GOP leaders ignore Obama’s deadline
NatJ: GOP Leaders Slowly Convincing Newer Members of Importance of Raising Debt Ceiling
Christian Post: Will Obama, Like Mark Dayton, Cede to Republican Pressure?
Guardian UK: What hope is there for us if America is driven to the brink of meltdown?
Mercury News: Not reaching a debt-ceiling deal would be disaster
Michael Barone: Federal expansion the real issue in debt ceiling debate
Fox: Democratic Governor: GOP Wants to Hurt Economy to Win in 2012
Hill: Democrats invoke Reagan to argue in support of a debt-ceiling increase
Hill: Obama pits public against politicians in debt, budget fight
Human Events: Some in Europe Wrongly Blame Bush for the U.S. Debt Crisis
David Limbaugh: GOP: Please Do Call His Bluff and Man Your Battle Stations
C. Feldman: O Demands 'Massive, Job-killing Tax Increases' & Dares GOP to Call His Bluff
Mark Steyn: The Great Charade
Weekly Standard: Spend Spend, Elect Elect, Tax Tax

NYT: OpEd: We’re Spent: We are living through a tremendous bust
Thomas Friedman: The Clash of Generations

Hill: Dems' muddled message on Medicaid worries advocates

WaPo: Consumer agency won’t be led by Elizabeth Warren, source says
Daily Caller: Warren: Consumer bureau ‘in reality is much better than the dream ever was’

NYT: G.O.P. Freshmen Say Debt Concerns Them More Than Re-election

NYT: Same-Sex Marriage Faces Military Limits

Hill: Sunday show preview: Everybody makes their case for a debt solution


NatJ: Democrat Marshall With Big Fundraising Lead In NV-02
Roll Call: First Fundraising Numbers in Nevada Special Revealed

Las Vegas Sun: GOP ad hits Berkley for New York fundraising trip, shoe shopping


NYT: Union Yields on Benefits in Agreement With Cuomo
Albany TU: Deal avoids state layoffs
Albany TU: Cuomo and PEF reach contract deal w/ furloughs

Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo's next major challenge: The state's economy

SILive: Michael Grimm: House of Representative's most prolific GOP freshman


Fox: California Debates Whether to Abolish Nation's Most Populous Death Row

LA Times: Newly elected Janice Hahn may find trouble in new congressional maps

Dan Walters: High-speed rail on track for debacle


Star-Telegram: Texas spending kept rising for years with Perry as governor
Star-Telegram: Perry touts 'the Texas way' as he signs three energy bills


Journal Star: Bruning holds big GOP Senate funding edge


NatJ: Mike Haridopolos' Tough Summer

Miami Herald: The mastermind of message: Tony Fabrizio, Rick Scott’s friend, pollster


AP/Hawkins: Ill. is key battleground in congressional election

Chicago Tribune: Unused sick days add up to big payouts

Chicago ST: Major effort under way to fight child pornography in Illinois


Indy Star: State workers to get one-time bonuses


Star Tribune: Painful deal delays day of reckoning


Milwaukee JS: Walker says he wants to work with Democrats
Reuters: Wisconsin's Walker concedes mistakes, defends policies

LI: More misleading push-calls to help Robert Wirch (D-WI)


Columbus Dispatch: 'Scheduling conflict' keeps Kasich away


AP/Schelzig: Haslam defends subbing home care with group homes


Human Events: State Senate Race Looks To "Stir Up" Northern Virginia Conservatives


Fox: Union Opposes Pennsylvania’s Plan to Privatize Liquor Stores, Citing 5,000 Job Losses


July 16, 2011


WaPo: Mitt Romney has big cash lead
WaPo: Campaigning in N.H., Romney focuses on economy but avoids specifics
AP/Elliott: Romney banks 3-to-1 cash edge over closest rival
Politico: Mitt Romney's cash advantage
Boston Globe: Dems. tweak Romney over NASCAR visit
American Thinker: The Media Hates Mitt

NYT: Bachmann Off to Fast Start on Funds, but Plays Catch-Up
WSJ: What Michele Bachmann Should Have Said About Slavery
WaPo: Bachmann raised $4.2 million in second quarter
WaPo: Bachmann left church at pastor’s request, official says
Politico: Bachmann shells out cash to use 'American Girl'
Politico: Marcus Bachmann becomes sideshow
NYDN: Marcus Bachmann insists his Christian counseling clinics are not anti-gay

Daily Caller: Pawlenty confident he can gain in polls
Politico: Ayers emails TPaw staff about steady course
LA Times: Tim Pawlenty tries Twitter to tweak Romney and talk about jobs

WSJ: The Making of Brand Huntsman

NYT: Cain Raised $2 Million and Contributed $500,000
NYDN: Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain opposes planned Tennessee mosque

Hill: Gingrich campaign $1 million in debt
Daily Caller: Nearly 1/2 of Newt Gingrich’s campaign debt is from private airplanes

WSJ: Evangelicals Urge Perry to Enter Race
Politico: Rick Perry 2012 run 'very likely,' Terry Branstad says
LI: Can Rick Perry pull off a Hispanic Republican revolution?
Star-Telegram: Rick Perry began political career as a young star for Texas Democrats

Politico: Sarah Palin's PAC still not staffed up
AJC: ‘The Undefeated’ and Sarah Palin’s message for the GOP establishment

Politico: Rudy Giuliani eyes New Hampshire path

WaPo: Barbour says he won’t endorse in primaries

WSJ: Reports Detail Campaign Fund-Raising, Spending
Wash Times: The money roll begins: Newest campaign finance reports
Politico: 2012 races: Who’s in the money?
LA Times: Campaign finance reports underscore GOP disparities

WaPo: Obama fundraising report signals juggernaut campaign
NatJ: Bundlers Raise at Least $35 million for Obama in Q2

NYT: A Bad Economy Could Harm House Republicans

WaPo: The GOP’s path to a Senate majority


WSJ: House GOP to Vote on $2.4 Trillion in Cuts
Hill: Republican leaders embrace 'Cut, Cap and Balance' plan; vote set for next week
Fox: House Republicans Push for Balanced Budget Measure as Part of Debt Ceiling Deal
NYT: Fallback Moving to Fore as Talks on Budget Stall
Hill: Reid and McConnell expect to unveil debt-limit 'Plan B' next week
Daily Caller: Dems afraid McConnell’s debt ceiling plan will make them look bad
Fox: 80 Percent of Americans Side With Obama in Debt Limit Talks? Not Quite
WaPo: Obama presses for debt deal as clock runs out
Wash Times: Obama: No ‘radical’ budget fix needed
WaPo: On debt, credit rating firms flex muscle with downgrade warnings despite U.S. pleas
NYT: No Matter How Debt Debate Ends, Governors See More Cuts for States
NYT: Editorial: Blundering Toward Recession: Beyond the Debt Stalemate
NYT: Blundering Toward Recession: Urgency and Sense Elude the House
WSJ: Election Shadows Deficit Battle
WSJ: Obama Tries to Win Battle for a Debt Deal — and Public Opinion
WSJ: Obama Pushes for Debt Compromise
Daily Caller: Obama cracks Medicare club
WSJ: Federal Land Up for Budget Grabs
WSJ: Markets Ponder Consequences of a Downgrade
WSJ: The Scourge of the Faith-Based Paper Dollar
James Taranto: Obama strikes a less belligerent tone, pointing toward a modest bargain
Fred Barnes: Divide and Conquer: The president’s real agenda
Ezra Klein: Beyond a default: Catastrophic calculations

WSJ: Hospital Ads Raise the Ire Of Democrats

WSJ: The HHS rule for state health markets will mean fewer choices
Hill: Number of healthcare waivers nears 1,500

NYT: Republicans Hold Up Vote on Extension of F.B.I. Term

Kathleen Parker: Obama’s not-quite-true story
DC: Despite campaign claims, new biography says Obama’s mother had health insurance

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Roll Call: Christie Vilsack Makes Steve King Challenge Official


Boston Globe: N.H. official says primary will likely be held before Feb. 14


Albany TU: Same-sex support pays off
NYT: Gay-Rights Group Gave Cuomo $60,000 as He Pushed Marriage Bill, Records Show
NY Post: Andy's got $9M handy

Fox: House Panel Lays Ground for Renewed Probe Into Massa Scandal
Hill: Ethics panel reauthorizes Massa probe

Albany TU: PEF contract talks ongoing but no deal yet


SacBee: California members of Congress worried about coming district maps


Daily Caller: Could Charlie Crist make a glorious return to politics?

SPT: Barack Obama's re-election campaign revs up massive Florida network


Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich’s Northwest Side home is on the market


NYT: Compromise in Minnesota Is Quick Fix on Budget
WSJ: Minnesotans Shrug Off the Shutdown


WaPo: Recall elections in Wisconsin a nationwide test for both parties

NatJ: Paul Ryan Challenger Struggles Raising Money


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich bucks GOP, vetoes lake bill


Politico: Hoekstra reconsidering Senate race

Detroit FP: Speculation starts churning on who will replace Kildee
Detroit News: Flint Rep. Dale Kildee will retire from House
WaPo: Dale Kildee retiring from Congress
Roll Call: Dale Kildee to Retire After 18 Terms


Politico: Christine O’Donnell says federal cash probe over


Roll Call: Hatch Rakes in $1.3 Million in 2nd Quarter
Hill: Hatch: A balanced budget amendment is the only way
Roll Call: Outside Group Ad Praises Hatch, Lee on Balanced Budget Measure


July 15, 2011


Star Tribune: New poll: Bachmann is now the Iowa frontrunner
NYDN: Bachmann Tops Third Straight Iowa Caucus Poll
LA Times: Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann gain Iowa momentum says new poll
Daily Beast: How Bachmann Could Win
Rolling Stone: How Michele Bachmann Could Win
CBS: Source: Bachmann raised $4 million in second quarter
Politico: Michelle Bachmann reportedly raised $2 million in 3 weeks
Time: Team Bachmann
SC Times: Bachmann backs military pay order amid debt crisis
Huff Post: Michele Bachmann May Just Be For Real
AP/Bakst: Going after 2012 candidate Bachmann has its risks
Chris Cillizza: John McCain knocks Michele Bachmann
Richard Cohen: Bachmann tosses all reason aside
IBT: Cut Bachmann Some Slack: At Least She Hasn't Sold Out
WaPo: Bachmann bashes Whoopi back in new fundraising letter
NewsMax: Bachmann, Perry Pass Romney in GOP Presidential Poll

WaPo: A rock star on the campaign trail, Bachmann wields little influence on the Hill

Boston Globe: Romney yields no ground to Obama over debt talks
AP/Ramer: Romney brags about, bemoans NH economy
MSNBC: Romney's Bachmann Strategy
CNN: Poll: Romney still front-runner in NH
Daily Caller: Romney zeroes in on New Hampshire with web video

Boston Globe: Pawlenty picks up support of Romney defector
Des Moines Register: Pawlenty, Cain capture only 2 percent in new Iowa survey
NYT: Pawlenty Raises $4.5 Million for Race

AP/Tomlinson: Ron Paul's new TV ad opposes raising debt limit

Byron York: Energized by debt fight, a battered Gingrich pushes on

NatJ: Perry Adviser Says Governor Still on Fence About Run
NYT: Taking a Look at Governor Rick Perry, Back When He Was a Democrat
Des Moines Register: Rick Perry mixes Texas-sized helpings of jobs, social values
Des Moines Register: Perry told to run hard in Iowa if he seeks presidency

Huff Post: SarahPAC Raises $1.6 Million So Far This Year
IBT: Why the Republican Party Needs Sarah Palin to Run For Nomination
Politico: Sarah Palin report details staff spending
Human Events: Hollywood & Slime: Over-the-Top Coverage of Palin's Hoodie
Human Events: Deciphering Palin's Words and Actions: She's Running!
American Spectator: New Book Portrays a Paranoid Palin

Reuters: Giuliani tests waters, warns of Republican debt risk

Wash Times: Pataki ponders presidential run

WSJ: Gallup Poll: ‘Generic Republican’ Leads Obama by 8 Points
Fred Dicker: Prez slip is showing in NY

Detroit News: Pricey 2012 presidential race spotlights fundraising 'bundlers'


WSJ: Plan B Emerges on Debt
WaPo: As White House talks falter, Senate works on agreement to raise debt limit
NYT: Behind Battle Over Debt, a War Over Government
Charles Krauthammer: Call Obama’s bluff
Peggy Noonan: This Is No Time for Games
Govs. Rick Perry & Nikki Haley: Break the spend-and-borrow cycle
Dick Armey: Mitch McConnell’s Premature Retreat
Hill: GOP leaders maneuver over McConnell debt fallback plan
WSJ: The Obama Downgrade: The real reason the U.S. could lose its AAA rating
Kim Strassel: The Real GOP Debt Choice: A showdown now, or in 2012?
Michael Gerson: The danger in political pledges
Fred Barnes: The Great Debt Ceiling Gambit
Pat Buchanan: We're All Greeks Now
Daily Caller: Economy tilts debt-deal win to GOP

NYT: What Happened Between Cantor and Obama?
WaPo: Democrats bash Cantor over debt talks
James Taranto: The political dangers of an intellectually superior attitude
Rush Limbaugh: The Manchild President Cracks Up
Rush Limbaugh: Memo to Washington: It's Not 1995
Rush Limbaugh: Dems: We're Running Out of Time
Rush Limbaugh: Will the Republicans El Foldo?
Rush Limbaugh: Rush Limbaugh, Head of the GOP, Orders Obama to Present His Plan
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Has Destroyed the Economy in Two-and-a-Half Years
National Review: McCain on the Debt Limit
NYT: ‘Decision Time’ on Budget, Obama Tells Leaders
Paul Krugman: Getting to Crazy
Robert Reich: Can Obama Pull a 'Clinton' on the GOP?
Michael Kinsley: The McConnell debt plan, explained
NYT: The Debt Alarm Is Heard
NYT: OpEd: The Pentagon’s Financial Drawdown

WaPo: 24,000 Pentagon files stolen in major cyber breach, official says
Wash Times: Foreign spies stole weapons data from U.S. contractor

Fox: ATF Florida Gun Probe Earns Congressional Scrutiny in Wake of 'Fast and Furious'

Hill: Another provision of healthcare reform law comes under bipartisan assault

WSJ: Bin Laden Plotted New Attack

WSJ: McCain vs. Boeing Redux

WSJ: Senators Push NASA to Set Rocket Plans

Wash Times: As issues pile up, Senate sets record for sloth

Hill: TSA introduces 'known-traveler' program
WaPo: Pilot program to speed security checks for some air travelers

NYT: Republican Attacks Persist for Consumer Bureau
MSNBC: Elizabeth Warren's Summer Grilling

Fox: Emails Show White House Targeting Fox News Despite Denial


Jennifer Rubin: How many Republicans will survive Iowa?
Politico: The delicate debate dance


Roll Call: Nevada Is Special Test for Parties


Rochester D&C: N.Y. pension fund earns 14.6 percent


NYT: California to Require Gay History in Schools


Politico: Lloyd Doggett’s last stand in Texas


Star Tribune: Dayton, GOP finally reach budget deal
Wash Times: Minnesota governor, GOP reach deal to end shutdown
WaPo: Minnesota governor, GOP lawmakers agree to end shutdown
NYT: Deal Is Made for Ending Shutdown in Minnesota
WSJ: Outline of Deal Reached to End Minnesota Shutdown
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Governor Dayton Caves to End Minnesota Gov't Shutdown


Oshkosh NW: U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson blasts Obama on Social Security checks comment


Roll Call: Todd Akin Posts $500,000 Quarter in Missouri


Politico: John Edwards trial set for October
Fox: Tentative October Trial Date Set for John Edwards


AP/Levy: Pa. gov won't say how liquor stores should be sold


Seattle Times: Will Sen. Cantwell get a free ride in 2012 re-election bid?


Roll Call: Hirono Steps Down From Ethics Panel


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YouTube: The Undefeated Official Movie Trailer

Politico: Sarah Palin film to get wider release

Human Events: Summer of Recovery Reading List

Rush Limbaugh: A Fun Read: "Of Thee I Zing"

Ted Nugent: The American battle cry today: American Exceptionalism

WT: Rumsfeld and Kissinger memoirs worth a read

AP/Kinnard: DeMint, in new book, outlines tea party’s rise
McClatchy: DeMint writes in book that he considered quitting in 2009

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