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July 28, 2011


Des Moines Register: Bachmann lines up singers to entertain straw poll crowds
CNN: McCain refers to 'tea party hobbits,' blasts Bachmann-backed idea
WaPo: Tim Pawlenty struggles to step out of Michele Bachmann’s shadow
Star Tribune: Pawlenty, Bachmann take divergent path on the debt
WaPo: How attacking Michele Bachmann is making her stronger
State Column: Michele Bachmann Has People in South Carolina
Miami NT: Michelle Bachmann to Visit Florida to Speak to Anti-Gay Group
Jack Cowan: No matter what happens next, Bachmann's makeover splendid
Alaska Dispatch: Is Michele Bachmann's campaign a Joe Miller tea-party redux?

AP/Castro: Perry calls fears of default overblown
WaPo: Rick Perry is not a frontrunner (yet)
RCP: Tea Party Leader Blasts Romney, Praises Perry
NYT: Recuperating From Surgery, Perry Persists in Campaign
Wash Times: N.H. delegation woos Perry
Politico: Rick Perry to host two more Dinners next week

WaPo: Romney, visiting Ohio factory, says Obama’s policies are bad for business
Columbus Dispatch: Romney talks jobs, but no details
AP/Sanner: Romney Looks Past Primary, Campaigns Against Obama
Reuters: Romney vows tough stance on China trade
Boston Globe: Ann Romney campaigns for husband in N.H.

LA Times: Sarah Palin to keynote September 'tea party' gathering in Iowa

Wash Times: Paul’s supporters see his influence beyond win-lose

Daily Caller: Cain meets with American Muslim leaders, apologizes for past comments

WSJ: The GOP's Secret Weapon: Flower Power

Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: President Obama is Landslideable Beatable

Roll Call: NRCC’s Recruiting Aim: Stay on Offense


Hill: GOP leaders rally troops for Thursday's debt-deal vote
Hill: Outcome is referendum on Boehner
LA Times: John McCain derides 'tea party hobbits' in debt ceiling fight
WaPo: Boehner, other GOP leaders ramp up pressure on Republicans to pass debt plan
Fred Barnes: Reagan and Boehner, Two Peas in a Pod
Hill: Lawmakers who signed 'Cut' pledge will decide fate of Boehner bill
Fox: Tea Party Activists Revolt Against Boehner Amid Debt Crisis
Hill: WHIP LIST: Vote on Boehner debt plan will go down to the wire
Fox: GOP Group Admits 'Inappropriate Emails' to Influence 'Undecideds' on Boehner Bill
Hill: Rep. Jordan apologizes for RSC staff emails criticizing Boehner debt plan
NYDN: GOPers blast Republican Study Committee staffer for undermining Boehner debt plan
Wash Times: GOP scrubs bill for $65 billion in further cuts
Hill: CBO: Revised Boehner bill cuts deficits by $917B over 10 years
WS: Revised Boehner Bill Cuts $917 Billion, Raises Debt Ceiling by $900 Billion
Daily Caller: CBO issues good prognosis on Boehner’s revamped plan
NYT: With G.O.P. Unity at Risk, Boehner Tries Tougher Style
IBD: Editorial: Boehner's Plan Is Better Than Nothing
NYT: In Both Houses, Fortifying Support for Rival Plans
NYT: Investors, Worried About Debt Talks, Look for Havens
NYT: Debt Impasse Fuels Sharp Fall in Stocks
Buffalo News: Schumer warns Impasse may halt checks for Social Security
NYT: Credit Agency Tells Congress a Default Is Unlikely
NYT: Q. and A. on the Debt Ceiling
WaPo: For the origins of today’s deficit fight, look to 1990
WSJ: The Road to a Downgrade: A short history of the entitlement state
WaPo: Why the Tea Party is unyielding on the debt ceiling
WaPo: Q&A: Default and federal workers
Karl Rove: A Small Business Dies
Jennifer Rubin: Why Boehner’s debt plan is a good start
Rush Limbaugh: Baseline Budgeting Makes Real Cuts Impossible in Washington
Rush Limbaugh: Rush Limbaugh: Head of the GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party vs. Ruling Class in GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Can We Ever Cut Entitlements?
Rush Limbaugh: If GOP Caves, Hello Third Party
Politico: Bring on the 14th Amendment

Roll Call: FAA shutdown continues while Dems and GOP play the blame game

NYT: Republicans Seek Big Cuts in Environmental Rules

NYT: Justices Are Asked to Hear Challenge to Health Care Law
Wash Times: Health care law won’t rein in costs, study says

Fox: Senate Confirms Mueller for New Term as FBI Director

Human Events: Rep. King Holds Third Hearing on Muslim Radicalization

J Taranto: Dictatorial Daydreams: The liberal elite's rhetoric takes an authoritarian turn
Stephen Moore: Warren Buffett Is Wrong On Taxes

Zev Chafets: Stinger: James O’Keefe’s Greatest Hits

Fox: 'Swift Boat' Veteran Who Defended Kerry Stripped of Silver Star

Ann Coulter: New York Times reader kills dozens in Norway


Des Moines Register: Advocates pay to tout oil, debt agendas at Iowa straw poll


Daily Caller: As NLRB deliberates on Boeing, union takes organizing into its own hands

Politico: South Carolina Republican refuses to step down


NYDN: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly tops list of NYC mayoral favorites in 2013


Hill: New district map shakes up Calif.
Roll Call: Members Brace for California Map

WSJ: Goodwin Liu, Meet Rose Bird

LA Times: Gov. blasts California universities' hiring of pricey presidents


Roll Call: State Representative Seeking Ron Paul Seat


SPT: Bondi faces call for inquiry into forced resignations of two state lawyers


Chicago Tribune: Illinois' 5 House freshmen face key vote on debt limit

Roll Call: GOP Lawsuit in Illinois Charges Latino Discrimination

Chicago Sun-Times: Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh sued for $100,000 in child support


Roll Call: North Carolina Enacts Map Favoring GOP

Politico: Shuler spokesman gets definitive: He's running


Boston Globe: Brown sticks with reticence on proposals


July 27, 2011


Boston Globe: Romney outlines GOP VP short list
NY Post: Romney says Christie on his VP shortlist
Politico: Mitt Romney name-checks Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio
Politico: Mitt Romney 'applauds' Boehner plan
Roll Call: Romney Fundraiser Hosts Included Koch Lobbyist, but Now He's Out

Miami Herald: Perry eyes Florida talent, money in possible presidential bid
WaPo: Perry calls Obama’s debt speech condescending, says he’s still weighing 2012 bid
Michael Gerson: Rick Perry’s passion for states’ rights
NYT: Romney and Perry: Dual Front-Runners?
Spectator UK: New favourite emerges to challenge Obama
American Spectator: Scary Perry

AP/Beaumont: Michele Bachmann opposes House GOP debt limit plan
WaPo: Bachmann benefitted from federal home loan program
CNN: Influential Iowa Rep. King assesses GOP field
NY Post: Michele's campaign hair rai$er
Roll Call: Hill Physician Pulled Into 2012 Politics

Des Moines Register: Pawlenty stays on defense against fellow Minnesotan
NYT: Pawlenty Opposes Boehner’s Debt Plan
Star Tribune: Pawlenty rejects Boehner debt plan
Jennifer Rubin: Team Pawlenty implodes
National Review: T-Paw’s Notable Quote

NYT: Iowa Polling to Test Paul’s Move to Mainstream

Newt Gingrich: The Three Catastrophes Threatening America
Daily Caller: Gingrich regrets 2008 climate ad with Pelosi; conservatives still not amused

Daily Caller: Herman Cain to hold roundtable discussion with American Muslim leaders

Politico: Mike Huckabee planning to stay neutral

Politico: George Lopez: If Palin wins presidency, I’ll move

NYT: Primary Calendar Stirs Republican Anxiety

NatJ: Obama’s Battleground-State Blues
Michael Barone: Under Obama, Millennials move into the GOP column

Roll Call: Crossroads Up With New Ads Targeting Vulnerable Democrats (VIDEO)


Fox: Congress Faces Narrowing Options for Avoiding Credit Downgrade
WSJ: Boehner Plan Faces Rebellion
Hill: Whip list on Boehner’s new debt-limit proposal
Wash Times: Boehner plan runs into GOP rebellion
AJC: A Republican caucus fleeing its House speaker?
Rep. Paul Ryan: A Step Forward, but a Long Journey Remains
WSJ: For Obama, Golden Opportunity Is Fading
Hill: Boehner risks losing leverage in House deficit-reduction plan vote
NYT: Vote on Boehner Plan Delayed Amid Opposition
WaPo: Boehner, Reid scramble to build support for rival debt-limit plans
NatJ: Beneath Clash Over Debt, a Divided Public
WaPo: Boehner presses debt plan opposed by Democrats; IMF urges debt-limit increase
Rush Limbaugh: Speaker Boehner Calls America's Anchorman to Explain His Proposal
Rush Limbaugh: Carney Says Boehner Deal DOA
NatJ: Senate Leaders Working Behind Scenes on Debt Compromise
WSJ: Republicans who oppose Boehner's debt deal are playing into Obama's hands
NatJ: Boehner to Adjust Debt Bill After CBO Says it Saves Less Than Intended
Wash Times: GOP to change debt bill after finding it violates Boehner’s pledge
NYT: Tax Inflow Means Aug. 2 Deadline on Debt May Be Flexible
Denver Post: Federal debt debate has states worried about impact on Medicaid
Hill: White House issues terse veto threat against Boehner plan
WSJ: Leading From Behind
Dick Morris: Obama’s big lie
Fred Barnes: All Talk, No Walk
Pete DuPont: The Antidote for Socialism
William Kristol: A Time for Choosing
James Taranto: President Dangerfield: Barack Obama has trouble commanding respect
Rush Limbaugh: The Country Finally Can See the Obama We've Always Known
Rush Limbaugh: The Rating Agencies Play Politics
Rush Limbaugh: Baseline Budgeting and DC Culture
American Spectator: Don't Blame the House
Ruth Marcus: The ‘mischiefs of faction’
NYT: OpEd: Washington’s Rogue Elephants
Maureen Dowd: Not O.K. at the O.K. Corral
Thomas Friedman: Can’t We Do This Right?
NYT: Editorial: The Reid Plan vs. the Boehner Plan
NYT: Editorial: A Denial of Reality
Daily Caller: Poll shows public split on debt ceiling
NatJ: Former Cheney Aide Addington, Now at Heritage, Driver in Debt Debate

WaPo: Panel grills ATF over botched gun operation
WSJ: ATF Chief Says He Didn't Approve Tactics
Daily Caller: ATF agent denies ‘walking’ guns into Mexico
Wash Times: ATF agents denounce rogue guns transfers
NYT: Agent Who Supervised Gun-Trafficking Operation Testifies on His Failings
Wash Times: Issa: Obama admin intimidating witnesses in ATF gun probe

John Bolton: Obama's Libya Missteps Imperil NATO's Future

Fox: Texas Lawmaker Calls for Probe Into Ban of Christian Prayers at Military Funerals

WaPo: Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities, report says
Daily Caller: Wealth-killing federal home ownership policy backfires on Hispanics
NYT: Hispanic Congressman Is Arrested in Deportation Protest

NYT: Nearly 4,000 Post Offices Might Close
WSJ: Post-Office Closure List Sent
WaPo: Postal Service targeting 3,653 post offices for closure; retailers would replace some

NYT: Editorial: A Decision for Clean Air

NatJ: U.S. to Take Another Look at Gay Blood Donation Ban

Hill: 50 Most Beautiful People for 2011


Roll Call: New Map Clears South Carolina Legislature


NYDN: Cuomo 71% approval rating from NYers but shouldn't seek White House yet: poll
Albany TU: Cuomo appoints three regional councils
Buffalo News: Cuomo to WNY: Get out of the past

Albany TU: Kessel to step down from NYPA
Buffalo News: State Power Authority head resigns

NYT: Weiner’s Exit Sets Off a Race to Be Israel’s Better Friend


WSJ: California Counties Reel From Tax Hit
SacBee: California agency to hold hearings on Internet tax rules

SacBee: Gov. Brown picks UC Berkeley prof Liu for California Supreme Court
LA Times: Jerry Brown defends high court nominee's lack of judicial experience
Wash Times: Denied federal judgeship, Liu tapped for California court

LA Times: Schwarzenegger now open to spousal support for Maria Shriver


WSJ: Public Sector Added to Texas Job Boom


SPT: Rev. Jesse Jackson assails new Florida election law at Tampa rally


Wash Times: Alabama county readies for record bankruptcy


Daily Caller: Sen. Mark Kirk is leading the charge for a robust American foreign policy

Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez arrested during DREAM Act protest


Roll Call: Poll Shows Mourdock, Lugar Virtually Tied


Daily Caller: Walker rakes in campaign cash, Democrats say he’s bracing for a recall


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio leaking jobs again


Roll Call: Ross Departure Makes Arkansas Seat Tough to Hold


Politico: Heath Shuler to face new opposition


Politico: Elizabeth Warren to return to Harvard
Hill: Elizabeth Warren returning to Harvard


NatJ: Wu Resigning From Congress
NYT: Oregon Congressman, Named in Sex Case, to Resign
Human Events: With Wu Through, Who’s Up?
Michelle Malkin: Rep. David Wu’s Creepy Enablers


July 26, 2011


USA Today: Texas Gov. Rick Perry leads Florida presidential poll
Roll Call: Perry’s Texas Turnaround Sets Stage for 2012 Bid
Politico: Rick Perry inches closer to 2012 bid

Roll Call: Romney Fundraiser Hosts Include Koch Lobbyist

Hill: Bachmann skips 40 percent of votes since launching bid
NYDN: Mike Huckabee says criticism of Michele Bachmann's migraines 'really fries my bacon'
Des Moines Register: Fact check on Bachmann, Pawlenty statements

CNN: Paul gets big endorsement ahead of crucial Iowa contest

AP/Ramer: In NH, Gingrich warns of 'Obama default' on debt
WaPo: Newt Gingrich’s personal finance report out: Tiffany’s credit line closed

NYT: Huntsman Assails Romney on Taxes
Fox: Huntsman Building Big N.H. Team, Changing Campaign Tone

Politico: Huck adviser to help Santorum

North Jersey: Major GOP donors are anxious, even if Gov. Christie isn't
Reuters: NJ Governor Christie more like 2016, not 2012, hopeful

NYDN: Palin's 'The Undefeated' documentary bombs at box office, heads for pay-per-view

Wash Times: Issa: Panel to probe Obama campaign ad

WSJ: Two Democrats Bow Out of Re-Election Bids


WaPo: President Obama, House Speaker Boehner present dueling debt-limit plans to nation
NatJ: The Full Text of Speaker Boehner's National Address
Examiner: Conservatives bridle at trillions in 'phony' cuts
Fox: Boehner Says GOP's Efforts on Debt Have Been Rejected
Daily Caller: Obama, Boehner present conflicting debt-crisis solutions to America
NYT: Parties Head to Showdown as Obama Warns of a ‘Crisis’
Wash Times: Obama uses speech to try and break debt logjam
NYT: A ‘Unique Opportunity’ on the Debt Ceiling, Lost
WSJ: Obama Warns of Default Risk
NYDN: Professor Obama lectures on debt crisis: He has many ideas, but no answers
Politico: Debt ceiling speeches: Obama reasserts himself; Boehner pushes back
WSJ: A Leadership Default: The President blames House Republicans for everything
NatJ: Obama Keeps Mum On A Word Dirtier Than 'Compromise'
AP/Espo: House GOP unveils new debt bill
NatJ: Boehner Outlines Two-Step Plan; Vote Could Come Wednesday
Fred Barnes: Boehner’s Bargain
WaPo: Cut, Cap and Balance Coalition pans Boehner’s debt ceiling proposal
Wash Times: Two sides craft debt plans before deadline
WaPo: House, Senate leaders unveil dueling debt-limit plans
Daily Caller: White House, Republicans spar over length of debt limit increase
CBS: Democrats offer debt plan they say GOP "can't refuse"
NYT: Senate and House Split as Obama Is to Address Budget
Wash Times: Blaming Republicans, Obama tries to rally Hispanic support
NYT: Speaker Boehner’s Big Gamble
NYT: Editorial: The Republican Wreckage
Rush Limbaugh: Where We Stand: What Speaker Boehner Told Me This Morning
Rush Limbaugh: The Boehner Plan Explained
Rush Limbaugh: Your Social Security Check Will Go Out Unless Obama Orders It Not To
Rush Limbaugh: Sorry, Mr. President, Americans Don't Believe in "Shared Sacrifice"
Jed Babbin: All-Drama Obama
William Kristol: Baby Talk
American Spectator: The GOP'S Reykjavik Moment

Politico: Bomb scare at Norquist's office

NYT: Guns at Mexican Crime Scenes Linked to U.S. Sting
Ex: Report shows ATF officials in Mexico were kept in dark about ‘Operation Fast and Furious’
Wash Times: Issa: ATF warns witnesses to limit testimony
Fox: Feds Silent on How Convicted Felons Bought Guns in 'Operation Fast and Furious'

CNN: Obama: 'I need a dance partner' on immigration reform

Human Events: NASA's New Mission: Boost the Muslim World's Self-Esteem

WSJ: The Latest Job Killer From the EPA

Wash Times: Values groups file suit to overturn law on homosexual marriages
James Taranto: The New Religious Right?


Politico: S.C. GOP calls for resignation of local officials after 'shoot cop' flap


LA Times: Brown signs California Dream Act
LA Times: Jerry Brown eases path for undocumented college students to receive aid
SacBee: Brown signs 'Dream Act' bill, vetoes new elderly care program

SacBee: California commission finalizes districts that may boost Democrats
Dan Walters: Redistricting commission makes California's divisions official


Roll Call: GOP Candidate Out; Lampson Could Run in Texas


WSJ: Mike Ross, a Leading Blue Dog Democrat, to Leave the House
Politico: Arkansas Democrats face extinction


Chicago Sun-Times: Rod Blagojevich seeks new trial on fraud conviction
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich asks for new trial, cites judicial bias


Roll Call: Senator Seeks Conyers Primary Challenge

Politico: Thad McCotter's Michigan district not waiting for him


Roll Call: In Missouri, Akin Has His Own Asset Problems


NYDN: 100-year-old heiress stands by scandal-plagued John Edwards


Roll Call: Freshman Rep. Barletta Draws Democratic Rival


Politico: Lee sings Senate rookie blues


Fox: Wu Discussing Options With Family, Attorney as Pelosi Seeks Probe
Roll Call: Democrats Prepare to Succeed Wu, but When?
Roll Call: Larson Advises Wu That He Has Few Options
Politico: David Wu saying he did nothing illegal
Human Events: Scandalized Rep. David Wu Likely Out Before '12


July 25, 2011


WSJ: Romney Defends Jobs Record

Wash Times: Ex-governors’ jobs numbers fall short of Perry’s

Daily Caller: Pawlenty campaign hits back after Bachmann’s attack
Daily Caller: Bachmann campaign fires omnibus broadside at Pawlenty

Roll Call: McCotter Goes It Alone

WSJ: GOP Absentees Quietly Stalk Iowa


Wash Times: As deadline looms, both parties craft debt plans
NYT: Rival Debt Plans Being Assembled by Party Leaders
Wash Times: Geithner: House GOP ‘praying for default’ on debt
NYT: With Washington at Impasse, Worry Over Investor Reaction
NYT: The 14th Amendment, the Debt Ceiling and a Way Out
NatJ: Debt Aspirations Don't Match The Situation
Paul Krugman: Messing With Medicare

Wash Times: Agents could lose thousands in salary

Examiner: Editorial: Possible showdown today on congressional oversight

Wash Times: Gay-marriage foes cite polygamy suit


Daily Caller: Paul LePage embraces fiscal conservatism for survival


NYT: As Familiar Face Contemplates Senate Run, Democrats Weigh Possibilities
Boston Globe: For US attorney, another legal challenge


Reuters: Pelosi seeks ethics probe of Oregon Democrat Wu
AP/Freking: Pelosi calls for ethics probe into Wu sex report


July 24, 2011


CNN: Bachmann talks about potential 2012 coattails, deflects Pawlenty slams
Des Moines Register: Bachmann: Country won’t go into default if debt limit isn’t raised
Ames Tribune: Bachmann makes short visit to Story County fair
Star Tribune: Bachmann builds a base of the faithful
Times-Republican: Bachmann fills in details during Marshalltown stop
Des Moines Register: Bachmann tells Iowans she gives more headaches than she receives
Boston Globe: A president with migraines? Ask Thomas Jefferson
Politico: Michele Bachmann giving Mike Huckabee respect
Frank Bruni: Much Ado About Michele

WaPo: In besieged Mormon colony, Mitt Romney’s Mexican roots
Salt Lake Tribune: Some political donors pick Obama and Romney

Politico: Tim Pawlenty chief says Michele Bachmann won't last over long haul
Star Tribune: Pawlenty: Obama not showing courage in debt fight, needs to talk specifics

NYT: Editorial: Herman Cain’s Bigotry

Fox: Gov. Perry: Gay Marriage Is States' Rights Issue
Daily Caller: Perry loves states’ rights so much, he doesn’t care about gay marriage in NY
Hill: Rick Perry expects to make 2012 campaign decision in next month

Politico: Palin: '2012 can't come soon enough'
Chicago ST: Sarah Palin documentary screening a political love fest for supporters

Hill: Jeb Bush says current GOP candidates ‘capable’ of 2012 win

Michael Barone: To get a mandate, GOP must win another election

Thomas Friedman: Make Way for the Radical Center


Hill: Boehner aims to release new debt plan by Sunday afternoon
Fox: Despite Weekend Meetings, Congressional Leaders No Closer to Debt Solution
Politico: Congress ditches Obama on debt talks
Hill: Responsibility for debt talks shifts to Congress, away from Obama
Hill: Reid hopes GOP leaders will 'reconsider their intransigence' in negotiations
Hill: Pelosi says leaders looking at two-tiered debt approach
WaPo: Boehner tells GOP he will unveil new debt strategy
NatJ: Boehner Wants Debt Plan in 24 Hours
Columbus Dispatch: Boehner avoids conflict with GOP conservatives
Wash Times: Despondent leaders try to put debt talks on track
SF Chronicle: Boehner Said to Seek $3 Trillion Cuts, Signal for Markets
NYT: Lawmakers Renew Push to Reach Deal on Cutting Deficit
NYT: Default Seen as Unlikely, but Markets Prepare
LA Times: Fight over raising the debt ceiling almost sure to lead to bad policy
Roll Call: Democrats, Republicans Remain in Deadlock
Daily Caller: Saturday morning at the White House: Debt talks continue
NYT: A Rock-Solid Conservative Who’s Willing to Bend (Sen. Tom Coburn)
DC: David Brooks turns on Obama: ‘There’s a little arrogance and self-superiority there’
Clarice Feldman: The Budget Talks: Edge of the Rim of the Cusp

Politico: Right dominates debt ceiling ad war
Hill: DCCC launches robocalls against GOP members for 'gamble' on debt ceiling

Fox: FAA Shutdown Leads to Widespread Job Loss, Cheaper Airline Tickets
Hill: FAA furloughs 4,000 workers after funding expires, congressional 'inaction'

Fox: Army's Famed Hospital to Close After More Than a Century


Des Moines Register: Rules outlined for the Iowa Republican debate on Aug. 11
Des Moines Register: GOP committee places 9 on ballot for straw poll
NatJ: Perry Left Off Ames Straw Poll Ballot
Politico: Iowa caucuses up for grabs
Globe Gazette: Straw poll surprisingly powerful as test of GOP candidates’ potential


SacBee: What's next for Jerry Brown? He's not telling
SacBee: California lowers taxes, raises fees


Star-Telegram: In Hurst, outlook on federal debt issue runs from bleak to angry


Buzz: U.S. Rep. Allen West receives rock star welcome at Hillsborough County GOP event

Miami Herald: Just the facts about redistricting in Florida


AJC: 'Gang of Six' role a risk for Chambliss


New Republic: Why a New Poll in Ohio Spells Trouble for Obama in 2012


Detroit News: Hoekstra's lobbying firm tied to Democrat donations


Denver Post: In Colorado, parties bicker over redrawing legislative districts


Roll Call: Wu Calls Sex Allegations ‘Serious’ Matter
Politico: Troubled David Wu reaches out to Nancy Pelosi
Daily Caller: He’s baaaaack


July 23, 2011


RCP: Perry Surges to Second Place in Two National Polls
NYDN: Perry, not yet running for president, nearly leads 2012 poll just behind Mitt Romney
Politico: Fred Malek gives thumbs down to Michele Bachmann, plugs Rick Perry
Politico: Kay Bailey Hutchison on Rick Perry: 'I don't know what his positions would be'
Fox: Gov. Perry: Gay Marriage Is States' Rights Issue

Politico: Michele Bachmann film ads to be aired in Iowa by Citizens United
Star Tribune: As Bachmann hits trail, her voting record drops
Star Tribune: Bachmann misses dozens of votes
WaPo: Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and everyone else
LA Times: In Iowa, can Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann cruise on celebrity?
NYDN: Gay rights activists glitter bomb Marcus Bachmann's Christian counseling clinic
Des Moines Register: Iowa ads will push Bachmann movie in weeks before straw poll

NYT: Romney Seeing Smaller Pool for Donations in Second Run
WaPo: In Iowa, Mitt Romney wages a stealth campaign
Politico: Romney wins, Perry strong write-in at Ohio GOP straw poll
American Thinker: Mitt Romney: A Liberal's Liberal Republican

NYDN: Pawlenty may face cease-and-desist letter for misusing footage in campaign ad

Des Moine Register: Gingrich has stepped up his Iowa visits; another set for July 30

Reuters: Jon Huntsman plans more aggressive race

Kathleen Parker: The education of Herman Cain
American Thinker: Herman Cain Got It Right on the Right to Ban Mosques

LA Times: Hmm. Jeb Bush doesn't 'anticipate' becoming a Republican candidate in 2012

WSJ: Now or Never for Chris Christie?

Texas GOP Vote: Karl Rove Discusses the Republican Primary Before the Primary
James Taranto: Vulcan in Chief
Rasmussen: Obama 41%, Ron Paul 37%
Daily Caller: White voters move to GOP

Wash Times: DNC’s debut TV ad for 2012 in Spanish


Detroit FP: Obama summons leaders to White House today to resume debt talks
Fox: Boehner Ends Debt-Limit Talks With White House, Turns to Senate Leaders
Daily Caller: Boehner derails tax increase, Obama’s 2012 plan
Wash Times: Debt talks break down between Obama, Boehner
LA Times: How the Obama-Boehner debt talks collapsed
NYT: Debt Ceiling Talks Collapse as Boehner Walks Out
Weekly Standard: Boehner: White House Debt Ceiling Talks Are Over
WaPo: Debt talks collapse between Obama, Boehner
Hill: Boehner cuts off talks with Obama
Hill: Boehner rebuts Obama's criticism, says the president moved the goal posts
NatJ: Obama Laments Debt Talks Break Off
National Review: Boehner Walks, Obama Says ‘We’re Out of Time’
Weekly Standard: The Grand Old Party Should Shun A 'Grand Bargain'
NYT: Editorial: The Party That Can’t Say Yes
Roll Call: Boehner Withdrawal Sparks Scrambled Effort to Avoid Default
Hill: Welch renews call for clean debt-ceiling vote after implosion of White House talks
Pat Buchanan: Is a Tea Party Triumph at Hand?
Mark Steyn: Planless Dems
Fred Barnes: He Can’t Help Himself: Obama would rather pander than win
William Kristol: Republican Virtue

Hill: House makes 6.4 percent cut to congressional budget in 252-159 vote

Human Events: Senate Democrats Kill Balanced Budget Amendment

WaPo: FAA faces partial shutdown
Fox: Partisan Dispute to Partially Shut Down FAA
Hill: FAA furloughs 4,000 workers after funding expires, congressional 'inaction'

Hill: GOP leader says House might take up balanced-budget amendment next week

NYT: Obama Ends ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy
Hill: 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy will end Sept. 20, Obama announces

Hill: HHS rejects North Dakota health waiver, approves two others

Wash Times: Obama dethrones czars, debate simmers

Fox: Automakers Warn of Huge Job Losses Under Obama Fuel Efficiency Plan

Andrew McCarthy: The Daqduq Dilemma: He is an enemy combatant, so treat him as one

NYT: Dodd-Frank Backers Clash With Regulator

NYT: Plan to Cut Budget of Ethics Office Fails House Vote

Politico: House votes to keep Styrofoam containers

Politico: Lanny Davis under fire from 3M

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Cuomo: Everybody in the water!


LA Times: California voters see some bright spots in grim budget
LA Times: Californians would rather ease penalties than pay more for prisons

SacBee: California redistricting panel plays numbers game; some senators are on the edge

ABC: Schwarzenegger and Shriver's son hospitalized


SPT: Jesse Jackson coming to Florida to rally against new voter law

Roll Call: ‘Modern Family’ Star’s Beau Weighing Florida Senate Race


Nola: Gov. Bobby Jindal's chief of staff shifts to re-election campaign


Chicago Tribune: Quinn pardons 50 for past crimes
Chicago Tribune: Pay raises for state workers still on hold


Milwaukee JS: Training now offered for concealed carry may fall short


Columbus Dispatch: State Party: Romney tops poll at GOP dinner
Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Republicans pick Romney in straw poll
Toledo Blade: Ohioans divided on Obama but pick him over opponents
Plain Dealer: Ohio GOP dinner offers familiar criticisms of Democrats

Columbus Dispatch: Kucinich considers new seat out West


AP/Hoffman: Republican Durant to decide on US Senate run soon

Politico: John Conyers at mercy of redistricting


Politico: McCaskill: Obama in Mo. "would be great"


Politico: Maryland governor to push same-sex marriage bill


NYT: Tentative Deal Is Reached in Connecticut Between Governor and Unions


Boston Globe: Brown fashion catalog is put up for sale
Politico: Scott Brown was a knitting catalogue model
NYT: The Travails of Ms. Warren


CNN: Brewer considers earlier primary in Arizona
Politico: Jan Brewer: Move up Arizona primary to January


Roll Call: Stanzel Confirms Interest in Cantwell Senate Challenge


Oregonian: Sources: Young woman accuses Rep. Wu of unwanted sexual encounter
Roll Call: Report: Girl Accused David Wu of Unwanted Sexual Encounter
Politico: Wu at center of sex allegation


July 22, 2011


WSJ: Bachmann: Everybody Should Pay Taxes
WSJ: Michele Bachmann and the Pope
Judith Warner: Me, Michele and Our Migraines

Fox: Fox News Poll: Romney, Perry, Bachmann Top 2012 GOP Picks
NatJ: Ranking the GOP Candidates
Rasmussen: Obama Leads Perry, Bachmann by Single Digits
SF Chronicle: GOP hopefuls knock Obama, fundraise in California
WaPo: On debt-ceiling debate, GOP presidential candidates talk tough, walk softly
LA Times: Mitt Romney's under-the-radar approach to Iowa

Politico: Perry close to Mitt in two polls
Daily Caller: Texas reps: Perry will get in
Christian Post: Rick Perry Candidacy Would Help Republican Outreach to Latinos
Star-Telegram: Tea Party members have mixed views on a Rick Perry candidacy
ABC: Rick Perry Accuses Obama Of Leaving Astronauts To 'Hitchhike Into Space'

WSJ: Pawlenty Struggles for Iowa Foothold
Daily Caller: Pawlenty touts record, releases second new Iowa TV ad in two days
Politico: ABC Sports to hit Pawlenty with cease-and-desist over ad
Human Events: Tim Pawlenty Invokes 'Miracle on Ice' in New Ad
Des Moines Register: Pawlenty tells Iowans he’s the ‘right’ pick
Star Tribune: Pawlenty going for broke in Iowa

Wash Times: Huntsman campaign manager resigns: Wiles cites exhaustion
NYT: Huntsman’s Campaign Manager Resigns

Daily Caller: Buddy Roemer announces presidential bid

LA Times: Palin second only to Romney in Washington Post/ABC News poll
Examiner: Without running, Palin stays near top of GOP field
NYDN: Son of Sarah Palin expecting child with wife Britta Hanson two months after wedding

Wash Times: Mainstream media putting negative spin on Palin film box-office take?

Daily Caller: Black voter turnout in 2012 may slide
Politico: Campaigning from the White House
James Taranto: Can liberals re-elect President Obama by getting stupid?

NatJ: House Republican Strategists Bullish on 2012
Politico: NRCC rolls out newest Young Guns
Roll Call: NRCC Bests DCCC in June Fundraising

Roll Call: Tough Terrain for Senate Democrats


Rush Limbaugh: Speaker Boehner Calls the Show, Says There is No Deal on Budget
Grover Norquist: Read My Lips: No New Taxes
NatJ: Senate To Vote Friday on 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Bill
Hill: Reid calls Friday vote on GOP's ‘cut, cap and balance' legislation
Weekly Standard: CNN: 66 Percent Support Cut, Cap, and Balance
CNN: CNN Poll: Strong partisan divide on debt ceiling
Wash Times: Momentum hinted on debt-ceiling agreement
Fox: Negotiators Near Deficit Deal Despite White House Denial, Sources Say
NYT: Boehner and Obama Nearing Deal on Cuts and Taxes
WaPo: Debt-limit talks: As Obama, Boehner rush to strike deal, Democrats are left fuming
Hill: Reid confronts Obama budget director on possible debt deal
LA Times: Democrats erupt over latest plan on debt ceiling
Hill: Democratic aides say Obama, Boehner moving closer to debt-ceiling deal
WaPo: Boehner’s monumental trial on debt talks lies within his own party
NatJ: Cantor’s Moment of Choosing
Human Events: The Debt Ceiling Deal Dance
American Spectator: The Deal That Dare Not Speak Its Name
WaPo: Obama, GOP leaders said to discuss new debt plan
Hill: Cantor gives 'Gang of Six' plan mixed review
NatJ: Boehner Seeks to Close Tax-Hike Window That Norquist Opened
NatJ: Obama: Cut Defense Spending Before Food Stamps
CNN: An end to Bush-era tax cuts near?
NatJ: Why a Small Deal Will Rattle the Markets
NYT: Debt Ceiling Uncertainty Puts States at Risk
WSJ: OpEd: Obama's Debt-Ceiling Scare Tactics
Daily Caller: Anonymous to release new data on the debt ceiling
Charles Krauthammer: The Half-Trillion Plan
Peggy Noonan: The Gang of Six puts forward some ideas worth pursuing
David Brooks: The Grand Bargain Lives!
George Will: Tea Party would defeat Obama by supporting McConnell plan on debt
Paul Gigot: Schumer's No Cuts Politics
Jonah Goldberg: The Terminology of Taxation
Jennifer Rubin: Republicans increasingly sour on the Gang of Six
WaPo: Editorial: Out from under the anti-tax pledge
Paul Krugman: The Lesser Depression
American Spectator: Fatal Flaws of Keynesian Economics
Michelle Malkin: The Beltway Industry Full-Time Employment Act

Hill: LaHood scrambles to avert partial FAA shutdown, furloughs for 4,000 workers

Wash Times: GOP confronts pro-union board over Boeing plant
Hill: House Republicans advance bill to curb authority of labor relations board

American Spectator: Inhibiting an Oil and Gas Boom

Sens. Lieberman & Ayotte: Send suspected terrorists to Guantanamo — not New York

Roger Hedgecock: Obama, Holder Busted in Gunwalker Cover-up

Rush Limbaugh: The End of US Space Exploration
NYT: After the Space Shuttle
Yahoo: Russia declares 'era of Soyuz' after shuttle

NYT: Many Seek to Revamp Post Office

Wash Times: Policy czars remain on job as objections simmer

WaPo: House votes to overhaul consumer agency

Politico: Senate clears way to extend FBI director's term

Kim Strassel: The Senate's Lawsuit Factory

Fox: Pentagon to Announce Friday Repeal of Military Gay Ban

WSJ: FEC: John Edwards’s Campaign Owes $2.3 Million
NYT: Edwards Ordered to Repay $2.3 Million in Public Funds

Hill: Dem seeks to slash funding for ethics office set up by Pelosi

Daily Caller: Document suggests witness tampering by Sen. Tom Harkin’s office


Des Moines Register: Expanded straw poll ballot is pushed
Press-Citizen: GOP candidates for president heading to Tiffin


NYDN: Cuomo signs law that protects public workers who leave jobs for active military duty

NYDN: Weiner in therapy; says hard part will be convincing Hillary Clinton he's recovered


Reuters: Schwarzenegger does not want to pay spousal support

NatJ: California Voters Oppose 'Amazon Tax', Poll Finds

SacBee: Draft redistricting maps put Ted and Beth Gaines in a bit of a predicament


Buzz: Florida's Republican contenders for U.S. Senate to debate Aug. 20
Buzz: Allan Bense considering entering U.S. Senate race
American Spectator: Is It Miller Time?

Rush Limbaugh: Deranged Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz Goes After Allen West
Hill: Rep. West stands by his harsh remarks

Miami Herald: Feds investigate Congressman David Rivera on casino contract

Miami Herald: The mastermind of message: Tony Fabrizio, Rick Scott’s friend, pollster


AJC: DeYoung executed with videographer documenting his death


Chicago ST: Rahm Emanuel to send his 3 kids to private school this fall


Wash Times: Issues linger in Minnesota after shutdown


Milwaukee JS: State reports a gain of 12,900 private-sector jobs

Milwaukee JS: Suit argues redistricting maps are unconstitutional


Columbus Dispatch: Early poll has Obama beating GOP


Roll Call: New N.C. Map Also Displaces Some Candidates


Roll Call: Who Will Be Odd Man Out in New Jersey Redraw?


Daily Caller: NRSC donates to Hatch despite pleas from Tea Party activists


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YouTube: The Undefeated Official Movie Trailer

Politico: Sarah Palin film to get wider release

Human Events: Summer of Recovery Reading List

Rush Limbaugh: A Fun Read: "Of Thee I Zing"

Ted Nugent: The American battle cry today: American Exceptionalism

WT: Rumsfeld and Kissinger memoirs worth a read

AP/Kinnard: DeMint, in new book, outlines tea party’s rise
McClatchy: DeMint writes in book that he considered quitting in 2009

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