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July 31, 2011


SCTimes: Bachmann pitches to Iowans
NewsMax: Bachmann, the Candidate the Others Fear
Daily Beast: Smart Girls Back Bachmann

Star-Telegram: Texas millionaires and billionaires helped fuel Perry's political rise
Houston Chronicle: Support for Rick Perry growing among Tea Party Republicans, poll finds
Star-Telegram: PerryScope: Tracking the governor's exploratory campaign
Politico: Perry puts a 'sharp point' on marriage views
Politico: Sarah Huckabee says Perry hasn't been 'vetted'
Fergus Cullen: Is Rick Perry this primary's Fred Thompson?
DMR: It's hard to ignore Rick Perry, but about that straw poll

SCTimes: Pawlenty is down, not out

WaPo: Record of family’s global corporation follows Jon Huntsman Jr.
NatJ: Huntsman Courts Young Republicans

Des Moines Register: Gingrich defends debt limit actions

Gather: Rick Santorum Runs Hard Right on Presidential Field

Doyle McManus: A politician seeking the presidency must be in want of a memoir
NatJ: Where 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Stand on Abortion, Gay Marriage

Politico: The anti-Mitt Romney narrative develops

Daily Caller: Buddy Roemer needs one million Americans

Hill: Rep. McCotter calls for a truce between Republicans, Tea Party

Des Moines Register: Little-known Johnson feels excluded

Daily Caller: Trump: I may run for president if economy stays bad

Weekly Standard: Ryan-Rubio

DC: GOProud and Birchers ousted as CPAC co-sponsors (David Horowitz survives vote)

SacBee: Presidential fundraising: California ATM


Fox: Senate Vote Delayed as Debt Talks Progress Between GOP Leaders and White House
NatJ: Outlines of Debt Compromise Emerge
NatJ: Reid Delays 1 a.m. Vote, A Sign of Hope After a Tense Day of Debt Negotiations
Examiner: Reid: 1 a.m. debt limit vote postponed until 1 p.m. Sunday
Hill: Forty-three GOP senators pledge opposition to Reid debt-ceiling plan
Hill: Reid postpones debt vote, citing progress in White House talks
Wash Times: Senate delays debt showdown as optimism for deal grows
Politico: Senate debt vote delay is sign of hope
WaPo: White House, McConnell negotiating over last-ditch deal on debt
DC: McConnell leads GOP Senators in bashing Reid’s plan, calls for Obama to get in involved
WaPo: Debt deadline may provide another Mitch McConnell moment
NYT: Amid New Talks, Some Optimism on Debt Crisis
Boston Globe: Crossfire, and hints of compromise
WaPo: For Speaker John Boehner, an even bigger debt-ceiling test looms in House
NYT: Rightward Tilt Leaves Obama With Party Rift
WaPo: Back at center of debt debate, Obama faces politically precarious task
NatJ: America's New Civil War
Hill: 'Enough' ads to urge bipartisanship, compromise on debt ceiling crisis
Hill: Boehner: 'I stuck my neck out a mile' for debt-ceiling deal with White House
Politico: Republican Rep. Rooney rips RSC
David Limbaugh: Conservatives, Let's Remember Who Our Political Enemy Is
NYT: Debt Problem’s Sure Cure: Economic Growth
NYT: Taking a Closer Look at the Result of a Credit Downgrade
WaPo: U.S. default could deliver swift hit to consumers
Guardian UK: US economy: The Tea Party is a real threat to America
WaPo: Read their lips: For the origins of today’s deficit fight, look to 1990
Thomas Friedman: Bring Back Poppy
Jen Rubin: Defending defense in the debt-ceiling talks
Frank Bruni: Taxes, and a Dangerous Purity
Maureen Dowd: Tempest in a Tea Party
NYT: Editorial: Meanwhile, Back in the Economy

Fox: Group Calls on Congress to Suspend NIH Grants After China Receives $90 Million
Human Events: Top 10 Examples of Government Stupidity

Fox: U.S. Contractor in Iraq Charges Pentagon $900 for $7 Control Switch, Report Finds

NYT: The Man Behind an Anti-Shariah Push

NYT: Farmers Oppose G.O.P. Bill on Immigration

WaPo: What we’ll lose if we lose the post office

Daily Caller: Study: ‘Huge discrepancies’ between global climate predictions and hard data

Hill: Sunday show preview: Lawmakers resume debt fight on television


Sioux City Journal: Two weeks from Iowa Straw Poll: Where's the passion?


NatJ: South Carolina GOP Delegation Sticks Together Against Boehner Bill
Roll Call: DeMint Leads South Carolina Opposition to Debt Bills
State: Is S.C. GOP set to go rogue?


Daily Caller: NRCC ad buy in Nevada attacks Marshall’s record as treasurer


Miami Herald: The governor’s lawyer, Charles Trippe, is a busy man


AJC: Bobby Franklin and the loneliness of a political purist


Milwaukee JS: Darling, Pasch race at apex of recall efforts


Detroit FP: 10 years after concealed weapons law, unclear why many in state were gun-shy


Roll Call: Djou Eyeing Comeback, but for Which Office?


July 30, 2011


WSJ: Who's Afraid of Rick Perry?
Denver Post: Texas' Perry draws a crowd at Western Conservative Summit
Wash Times: Perry slams Obama administration at conservative summit
Daily Beast: How Perry Could Win
ABC: Rick Perry Heads Out West to Face First Straw Poll Test
NatJ: Anti-Abortion Group Presses Perry For Clarity
Des Moines Register: Perry picks up key Iowa supporter
American Thinker: The Federalist from Texas

RCP: Romney's Low Profile on Budget Debate Rankles Foes
American Spectator: Romney's Divided Foreign Policy Brain Trust
Boston Globe: Romney, Robertson appear together in Virginia

LA Times: Bachmann trying to broaden her appeal
Commentary: Bachmann: The Anti-Sharia Candidate
DMR : Bachmann cancels Iowa trip due to debt talks in D.C. but may call in to events

AP/Beaumont: Tim Pawlenty aims for strong showing in Iowa
Politico: Tim Pawlenty pursues Fla. stronghold strategy

Hill: Ron Paul calls for a crash, Mitt Romney disappears, Rick Perry combs his hair

Union Leader: Huntsman making a summer stand in NH next week
Politico: Jon Huntsman assails Obama, Romney for lack of leadership
National Review: Huntsman to Romney: Hey, Where Do You Stand on Boehner’s Plan?

William Kristol: Six Circumstances in Search of a Candidate

WaPo: Democratic outside groups raise $10 million for 2012
NatJ: Conservatives Spend $1 million Attacking Obama
Politico: Will Obama sink below 40%?

Daily Caller: Ed Gillespie says Reince Priebus ‘saved’ the RNC

Politico: 50 politicos to watch


WSJ: McConnell Likely Holds Key to Deal
Wash Times: Senate quickly kills House debt bill
Hill: Senate quickly tables Boehner debt plan
NYT: Senate Quickly Kills Boehner Debt Bill
NatJ: Senate Votes Down Boehner Plan
Politico: Harry Reid debt ceiling bill to be targeted by House on Saturday
WaPo: House passes GOP debt bill over objections of Obama, Dems; Senate votes to table
Fox: House Passes GOP Debt Limit Bill; Senate Works on Rival Dem Legislation
Hill: Kyl: Dems using debt debate for 'much broader tax increases'
WaPo: Senate headed for critical debt vote Sunday
WaPo: Editorial: Debt-ceiling sanity is now in the Senate’s hands
NYT: Editorial: It’s Up to the Senate
Daily Caller: Reid’s budget plan contains gimmicks that could result in tax increases
NYT: That Aug. 2 Deadline? It May Be Impossible, Veteran Lawmakers Say
NYT: House Passes Boehner’s New Debt Plan
WaPo: House passes GOP debt bill over objections of Obama, Democrats
Hill: House passes revised Boehner debt plan with 218-210 vote
NatJ: US House Votes to Approve Boehner Debt Plan
NYT: For Republican Freshmen, the Power of No
Fred Barnes: The Boehner Recovery: The House speaker survives a near-death experience
Rush Limbaugh: The Nuts and Bolts of Boehner 3.0
Rush Limbaugh: Behind the Scenes, They're All Working on Plan C (Tax Increases)
Rush Limbaugh: You Can Be Proud, Conservatives: Tea Party Puts Country Over Party
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Call Conservatives Hostage Takers, Villains, Terrorists
Rush Limbaugh: Fortney "Pete" Stark: The Debt Limit Debate is a Political Charade
Rush Limbaugh: Establishment Targets Jim Jordan
Rush Limbaugh: Operating Out of Fear Guarantees That You're Doing the Wrong Thing
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Politics of Grievance
James Taranto: He's Back! Obama finally bows to reality
NYT: Obama’s Crucible Moment at Intersection of Politics and the Economy
WSJ: The Obama Recovery: Why there is a growth recession, and what to do about it
WSJ: The Debt-Limit Hobbits: The GOP fantasy caucus is empowering Nancy Pelosi
Kathleen Parker: The Tea Fragger Party
WaPo: Poll: Tea party splits Republicans on debt debate
NatJ: Leaked Emails Highlight GOP Rifts

NYT: New Data Shows Sharp Slowdown in Growth Rate
Stephen Hayes: It’s Obama’s Economy

Hill: Issa launches investigation into Obama's new fuel economy standards

WSJ: Soldier Accused in Fort Hood Plot Is Defiant in Court
Houston Chronicle: AWOL soldier defiant in court

Daily Caller: Petition launched asking Mel Gibson to make film that would ‘expose’ Islam

Bill O'Reilly: Demonizing Christianity

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NatJ: South Carolina GOP Delegation Sticks Together Against Boehner Bill
Daily Caller: Tim Scott speaks out

Fox: South Carolina Governor Rejects NAACP Push to Remove Confederate Flag


NYT: Editorial: New York Judges Deserve a Raise


LA Times: Panel's final redistricting maps drawn
SacBee: Panel OKs remap; fight likely
WSJ: Redrawn Maps Give Democrats Lift in California
NYT: Remap Aids Democrats in California
Roll Call: New Map Sets Off California Scramble


Fox: Judge Prohibits Texas From Denying Driver’s Licenses to Legal Immigrants


SPT: For Adam Hasner, past doesn't always match campaign trail pitch


AJC: Phil Gingrey swings to the ‘yes’ column on Boehner plan

AJC: U.S. Rep. John Barrow to be shoved out of Savannah?


Fox: Ex-Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards Marries Prison Pen Pal Less Than Half His Age


Fox: Tea Party Lawmaker Questioned After Reports of Unpaid Child Support


NatJ: Lugar Poll Shows Him Ahead But Not Secure


Milwaukee JS: Recall elections awash in outside spending


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich receives surprise support


July 29, 2011


Gallup: Romney Leads Field of Announced GOP Candidates
Gallup: Perry Is Top GOP Pick in South, Romney in West

WaPo: Michelle Bachmann still a ‘no’ on John Boehner’s debt plan
CBS: Bachmann praises Boehner, but won't vote for his plan
Reuters: Bachmann, campaigning, touts tough stance on debt
Bloomberg: Bachmann Says U.S. Will Retain Credit Rating Without Debt Rise
Slate: Bachmann Explains What the American People Really Think About the Debt Ceiling
LAT: Bachmann accuses Obama of debt-ceiling `scare tactics,' dodges question on clinic
Daily Caller: Bachmann and Romney tie in North Carolina, New Jersey
Star-Telegram: Bachmann planning Texas entertainment at Iowa Straw Poll
Politico: Iowa radio host accuses Tim Pawlenty of seeking dirt on Michele Bachmann

NPR: Romney, Unlike Competition, Keeps Head Down In Debt Fight

Politico: Rick Perry: Gay marriage 'not fine with me'
LA Times: Rick Perry contorts over same-sex marriage
Boston Globe: N.H. GOP weighs Perry run

Politico: Gingrich weaves book, movie tour into campaign

AP/Elliott: Huntsman says GOP must work to protect environment for the next generation
NatJ: Huntsman 'Not Ashamed to Be a Conservationist'
Hill: Huntsman laments 'heroin-like addiction' to foreign oil, touts conservation

Daily Caller: Mike Huckabee wonders aloud about Trump returning to the race

Politico: Debt ceiling debate causes turmoil for 2012 hopefuls

Wash Times: Business leaders air growing unhappiness with Obama
Peggy Noonan: Obama still has supporters, but theirs is a grim support
Daily Caller: Obama breaks 50 percent disapproval barrier

WSJ: Funds Still Flow to Campaigns

Roll Call: Majority at Stake, DSCC Revamps Fundraising

Politico: July rankings: Top 10 Gov. races


Fox: Debt-Ceiling Outcome as Unclear as Ever
Politico: As debt ceiling deadline looms, default or compromise?
NatJ: House Vote on Boehner Bill Delayed
Wash Times: House doesn’t vote on GOP debt bill
WSJ: House Postpones Vote on Boehner Debt Plan
WaPo: House GOP leaders put off vote on debt plan until Friday
Human Events: Republican Rebellion Stalls Debt-Ceiling Vote
NYT: House Puts Off Debt Vote as Press by Boehner Fails
Politico: Debt ceiling vote postponed; for John Boehner, 'it's all on the line'
NatJ: Whipping The Boehner Proposal To Raise The Nation's Debt Ceiling
Hill: WHIP LIST: After postponement, GOP to meet again as leaders look for votes
Hill: Conservatives angry over Pell Grant funding in Boehner debt bill
Hill: Pelosi: GOP plan aims to dismantle public sector, not reduce deficit
Hill: Eleven arrested after Capitol sit-in against budget cuts
Daily Caller: Ron Paul calls on supporters to lobby GOP leadership for no compromise
Sarah Palin: Congressional Freshmen – For Such A Time As This
NYT: Palin’s Well-Timed Reminder to Freshmen
Daily Caller: Mitch Daniels endorses Boehner proposal
Hill: Unions hit Cantor, other vulnerable Republicans on debt ceiling
Politico: Rand Paul: 'I'd rather be a hobbit than a troll'
NYDN: John McCain calls Tea Party pols 'hobbits' in fiery Senate speech
Hill: House will remain in session this weekend
WSJ: Treasury Faces Pressure to Detail Backup Plan
Hill: Report: Bondholders to get priority under contingency plan
WSJ: T-Bills on the Brink
LA Times: U.S. may be able to pay bills beyond debt-ceiling deadline
NYT: Surprise Ending to Day of Strong-Arming, Head Counts and Meetings
WSJ: Delay Tests GOP Cohesion
NYT: Boehner, Short of Support in House, Delays Debt Plan Vote
WaPo: House GOP leaders delay vote on debt plan
Wash Times: House GOP delays vote on debt bill
NatJ: Boehner Still Seeking Support for Republican Plan
LA Times: An 'altar call' as Boehner pushes GOP for votes
NPR: Without Tea Party Votes, Boehner Speakership Hits Rough Waters
NatJ: Boehner Seeks Payback Against Jordan
Politico: John Boehner denies Jim Jordan payback
Pat Buchanan: What 'Big Deals' Did to America
Rush Limbaugh: We've Been Played for Saps, Folks: Boehner Bill Will Become Reid Bill
Rush Limbaugh: Regime: GOP to Steal Christmas
NY Post: Top Obama aides say GOP debt plan would 'ruin Christmas'
Rush Limbaugh: Do House Republicans Really Think They're Winning This Thing?
Rush Limbaugh: Washington Establishment Needs a GOP Leader Like Bob Michel Again
Rush Limbaugh: Obama, Dems: Poison for America
Rush Limbaugh: Irate Callers Say Your Host Doesn't Criticize the Republicans Enough!
Rush Limbaugh: The 14th Amendment Truth
Hill: Rep. Hoyer endorses 14th Amendment option as a last-resort solution
Paul Krugman: The Centrist Cop-Out
Kim Strassel: Boehner's Moment of Truth
James Taranto: America needs more media bias, claim some on the left
Sen. Bernie Sanders: Why Americans Are So Angry
Charles Krauthammer: The great divide
Jennifer Rubin: Why no vote tonight
Michael Gerson: The stranglehold on domestic policy

Fox: U.S. Health Tab Projected to Hit $4.7 Trillion in 2020

Politico: Naser J. Abdo arrested in possible Ft. Hood attack plot
Star-Telegram: Tip from gun store helped thwart Fort Hood terror part

NYT: Editorial: No Excusing the A.T.F., or Congress

Hill: Obama to unveil fuel-economy compromise

WSJ: Come Fly the Union Skies


Wash Times: War of words erupts before Iowa straw poll


Politico: Debt ceiling bill puts South Carolina vs. the world in House


NatJ: NRCC Nevada Ad Blasts Marshall's Economic Record
Politico: NRCC goes up in Nevada special


NatJ: Lieberman: Weprin's A Kosher Candidate

Albany TU: Cuomo’s Budget Cutting Techniques, Ray Kelly’s Early Lead


WSJ: How Los Angeles Lost Its Mojo


NYT: Judge Dismisses Atheists’ Suit Against Texas Governor’s Prayer Rally


SPT: Sen. Bill Nelson zigzags on debt ceiling votes


AJC: Austin Scott joins Georgia Republicans in favor of John Boehner debt-ceiling plan


Daily Caller: Mississippi NAACP leader sent to prison for 10 counts of voter fraud


Chicago ST: Rep. Joe Walsh: Sun-Times story on child support issues a ‘hit piece’


Star Tribune: In Minnesota, budget fight fed the feud
HE: Minnesota's Senate Majority Leader's Been There, Tells House GOP to Stay Strong


Milwaukee JS: Recall campaigns aren't focusing on collective bargaining


Columbus Dispatch: Voter ID rule is dead, at least for now


Detroit FP: Obama leads Romney in Michigan, reversing last week's poll


Politico: Chris Christie released from hospital
WSJ: Christie Taken to Hospital After Difficulty Breathing
NYT: Christie Hospitalized After Breathing Difficulties
amNY: Gov. Chris Christie checks into hospital


Politico: NRSC blasts 'lewd, violent, anti-Christian' Dan Savage

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George Will: Declaration of independents

YouTube: The Undefeated Official Movie Trailer

Politico: Sarah Palin film to get wider release

Human Events: Summer of Recovery Reading List

Rush Limbaugh: A Fun Read: "Of Thee I Zing"

Ted Nugent: The American battle cry today: American Exceptionalism

WT: Rumsfeld and Kissinger memoirs worth a read

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