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July 14, 2011


WaPo: Bachmann: Obama should ‘tell the truth’ about debt ceiling
Daily Caller: Bachmann surges in national poll, Perry makes strong debut
Wash Times: Iowa’s ardor for Bachmann not shared in New Hampshire
Dana Milbank: Michele Bachmann’s defaulty logic
WaPo: Bachmann under fire over husband’s clinic
CBS: Michele Bachmann in 2004: Homosexuality is "personal enslavement"
Des Moines Register: Bachmann herself is caught not reading

Daily Caller: Perry, Bachmann lead in July Daily Caller/Conservative Home Tracking Poll

NatJ: Poll: Obama Trailing Romney In Iowa
Politico: The Bain of Mitt Romney’s campaign
Salt Lake Tribune: Poll: Romney crushes Huntsman in Utah
American Spectator: Hindsight No Longer 20/20

NYT: Amid Minnesota Crisis, Pawlenty Faces Scrutiny
WaPo: Pawlenty releases video on his faith as he seeks Iowa evangelical vote
NYT: Pawlenty’s Playbook for Skipping Marriage Pledge
NYDN: GOP candidate Tim Pawlenty exchanges jabs with Conan O'Brien on Twitter

Politico: Ron Paul ads hitting airwaves in Iowa, N.H.

Daily Caller: Rudy: I’ll run for president if no other Republican can beat Obama
Fox: Giuliani Heads to New Hampshire to Explore Presidential Bid

Politico: Palin: 'Reload' on debt limit
Politico: Palin gives rough late summer time frame for 2012 decision

NatJ: Obama Campaign Raises $47 Million in Q2
Examiner: Obama campaign taps wealthy for big bucks

NYT: How Kevin McCarthy Wrangles the Tea Party in Washington
Wash Times: Democrats lead GOP 2-0 in 2011 special elections

NYT: Editorial: The F.E.C. Awakes


WaPo: McConnell warns default could ‘destroy’ GOP brand
WaPo: Top Republicans clash over debt-limit plan
WaPo: Top Democrats laud GOP debt-limit move
NatJ: Cantor: Obama Stormed Out of Debt-Ceiling Talks
National Review: Obama ‘Abruptly’ Walks Out of Debt Talks
Hill: Obama warns Cantor: 'Don't call my bluff' in debt-ceiling talks
ABC: Boehner: Dealing With the White House 'Has Been Like Dealing With Jell-o'
WaPo: With no debt deal, Obama would face tough choices Aug. 3 about what bills to pay
Fox: Moody's Weighs Downgrading US Credit Rating, Obama Says He 'Won't Yield' in Talks
American Spectator: Obama's Debt
Wash Times: Lawmakers consider Plan B for debt payments
Politico: President Obama abruptly walks out of talks
NatJ: Debt Talks Splinter Into Dueling Plans
NYT: Tensions Escalate as Stakes Grow in Fiscal Clash
NYT: OpEd: The Republican Case for Compromise
WaPo: Editorial: McConnell’s escape hatch: The best Washington can do?
WaPo: OpEd: Warning to Washington: Don’t mess with the debt ceiling
Rush Limbaugh: McConnell's Plan Shows Weakness
Rush Limbaugh: Conservatives in Revolt Over McConnell Proposal
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Promise Not to Scare Seniors Reaches Expiration Date
Ann Coulter: One President Left Behind: McConnell schools Obama on debt
Karl Rove: Obama Owns the Debt-Ceiling Fiasco
William Kristol: No More Taxes, No More Debt, No More Obama
Stephen Moore: McConnell Hits the Panic Button
J Taranto: America Tunes Out: Why is Obama such a bore? One historian blames Reagan
Rush Limbaugh: Busting the Reagan/O'Neill Myth
NYT: G.O.P.’s No-Tax Stance Is Outside Political Mainstream
NYT: Editorial: A Pathway Out of the Debt Crisis
EJ Dionne: Obama isn’t out of danger in debt-ceiling debate

WSJ: The Disappearing Recovery
NYT: Bernanke Says Fed Would Consider New Stimulus
WaPo: Fed chief warns of ‘calamity’ if U.S. defaults

WaPo: Grover Norquist, the anti-tax enforcer behind the scenes of the debt debate

Wash Times: Campus affirmative action again may head to Supreme Court
Linda Greenhouse: A Supreme Court Scorecard
NYT: Editorial: The Courts Step In


WaPo: Christie to raise money for Iowa Rep. Steve King


Roll Call: Nevada Is Special Test for Parties


NYT: Cuomo Says Curbing Public Pension Benefits Will Be His Top Goal in ’12

Albany TU: Grisanti gets $ from Bloomberg and Gill


Roll Call: Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Even the Opportunities

Star-Telegram: Texas voters to decide 10 proposed amendments to state constitution


CNS: RPOF Works on Gov’s Image
SPT: Tampa mayor: Don't let debt ceiling debate delay funds for 2012 political convention


WSJ: Minnesota Budget Standoff Leaves Some Bars, Liquor Stores Unable to Restock


Reuters: Wisconsin Democrats say likely to recall governor in 2012
KOB: Poll: 59 pct disapprove of Wis. gov’s performance

Milwaukee JS: The loss of competition in the GOP's Wisconsin redistricting plan


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich backs a deal on federal debt


Roll Call: McCotter Could Face Primary After 2012 Bid

Detroit News: 48-month welfare cap clears Senate


Politico: Ex-Edwards prosecutor jumps into House race


Wash Times: Allen, Kaine quicken cash race in Virginia


WaPo: Web software helped keep immigrant-tuition foes’ petitions valid


Roll Call: Survey Shows Casey Holds Strong Lead
Politico: Pa. Dem chair: Senate race is over


Roll Call: GOP Sees Opportunity With Maine House Seat


WSJ: Warren for Senate


July 13, 2011


WaPo: GOP indecision on 2012 may give Rick Perry a ‘huge opening’
Politico: What's Rick Perry waiting for?

Wash Times: Bachmann not ready, says GOP veteran
Daily Caller: Bachmann leads in Iowa, another poll finds
AJC: Newt Gingrich’s fund-raisers shift to Michele Bachmann
NYT: Bachmann Adds Staff to Court Major Donors

Des Moines Register: Romney Iowa campaign leader calls marriage pledge ‘ill advised’
Boston Globe: Parents chafe at Romney security

Daily Caller: Ron Paul not seeking re-election to Congress, will aim for presidency
American Spectator: All In

NatJ: The Curious Case of Jon Huntsman
Politico: Jon Huntsman stays anonymous in Mitt Romney attacks

Newt Gingrich: Stop Killing Jobs Now: An Action Plan
Hill: Presidential campaign's end could lead to another resurrection for Gingrich
American Spectator: President Gingrich Would Curtail Judicial Power

Politico: Rick Santorum gets Iowa RNC official's backing

NatJ: What Makes Thaddeus McCotter Run?
Politico: Thaddeus McCotter: The anti-'alienation' candidate

NYT: Obama Raises More Than $86M for Campaign, DNC
WaPo: Obama reports more than $86 million in combined fundraising for campaign, party
Rasmussen: Generic Republican Candidate 48%, Obama 43%
American Spectator: Will the Unemployment Numbers Cost Obama His Job?
Fred Barnes: The Permanent Obama Campaign

WaPo: OpEd: Voter photo ID laws are good protection against fraud

Roll Call: Fiorina Named to NRSC Position
Roll Call: Vulnerable Senate Democrats Stockpiling 2012 Cash

Politico: Young Guns relaunched by NRCC


NYT: Hopes Dwindling for Compromise in Budget Talks
Hill: Obama: Government checks could stop on Aug. 2 without deal
Rush Limbaugh: Economic Terrorism: President Lies About Social Security Checks
Wash Times: GOP says Obama resorting to scare tactics
Fox: Boehner Casts Doubt on Obama’s 'Veiled Threats' on Social Security
Fox: Transcript of Special Report Interview With House Speaker Boehner
WSJ: Budget Solution: Squeeze the Middle
NYT: Why Taxes Will Rise in the End
NYT: Agreement on Debt Talks: Health Groups Dislike Proposals
WSJ: Cuts Would Only Shift Health-Care Costs
WSJ: As Talks Stall, New Debt Plan Offered
WaPo: McConnell outlines new proposal on debt ceiling
Hill: McConnell fallback plan would leave debt-ceiling hikes to Obama
NYT: McConnell Proposal Gives Obama Power to Increase Debt Limit
WSJ: Debt-Limit Harakiri: Mitch McConnell isn't selling out Republicans
DC: McConnell proposal on debt limit prompts swift backlash from conservatives
Weekly Standard: The McConnell Plan's Pitfalls
William Kristol: Moving on from Mitch McConnell
NRO: Editorial: Leadership by Default
James Taranto: Raise Taxes or Granny Gets It
Dick Morris: Revenues that shrink gov’t
Rush Limbaugh: Media Attempts to Psych-Out GOP, As Bam Aims for Collapse, Default
Rush Limbaugh: McConnell Says It: We'll Have No Solution with Obama in Oval Office
Jonah Goldberg: The Presidency Matters
Dana Milbank: Eric Cantor’s slick upper lip

NYT: Rush to Defend Tax Rule on Inventory and Profits

NYT: Senate Bill Seeks to Raise Revenue by Closing Tax Havens

Wash Times: GOP wants health care review board jettisoned

Daily Caller: Oversight committee demands NLRB documents on Boeing suit

Hill: Republicans split on trade tactics

Daily Caller: Issa, Grassley name 12 senior Justice officials in Fast and Furious letter
Fox: Justice Department’s New Rule on Border Gun Sales Gets Mixed Reviews
Hill: Republicans want records from Justice officials about botched gun operation

NYT: G.O.P. Bid to Void Light Bulb Law Fails
WSJ: Repeal of Light-Bulb Mandate Fails to Pass House
Wash Times: House turns out light on old-style bulbs

Fox: Durbin Urges Churches to Get Involved in DREAM Act Debate
Michael Barone: New reality emerging on illegal immigration


Daily Caller: Berkley raises more than $1.2 million for Senate bid


NYDN: Christine Quinn's $4M war chest leads New York City mayoral wanna-bes


LA Times: Janice Hahn wins House seat
NYT: Janice Hahn Keeps California House Seat for Democrats
WaPo: Democrat Janice Hahn wins hotly contested California race for US House seat

NYT: California Counties Talk of Cutting Ties to State


WSJ: Ron Paul Opts to Give Up House Seat
WaPo: Ron Paul won’t seek reelection to House seat

Star-Telegram: Texas' debt growing at faster rate than federal government's


Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo Talks with Senator Marco Rubio

SPT: Gov. Scott at last passes hearing test

Miami Herald: State GOP collects record donations


Roll Call: Boustany Has More Than $1 Million for Member-Vs.-Member Challenge


Chicago Tribune: Quinn set to sign 'clean coal' bill, opening door to Southeast Side plant


Roll Call: The Primary Education of Indiana’s Dick Lugar


WSJ: Frustration Bubbles Up in Minnesota
Star Tribune: One by one, bars get tapped out


Milwaukee JS: 6 fake Democrats fall, setting stage for GOP recalls
NYT: Democrats (Real Ones) Win Primaries
WSJ: Wisconsin's Total Recall


Roll Call: Mandel Outraises Brown in Second Quarter

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich asks teachers to design merit-pay plan


Detroit News: Stabenow boosts war chest by $1.5M


Politico: Allen posts $1.1M, but trails Kaine


Roll Call: Snowe Uses Debt Debate to Show Conservative Cred


Boston Globe: Judges vow to shut 11 courts


Daily Caller: Hatch faces real challenge from Matheson in 2012


July 12, 2011


WaPo: Rick Perry to meet major Republican donors at Aspen summit
WSJ: Howdy! Rick Perry Calls N.H. Power Broker
Boston Globe: Texas governor seeks advice on a GOP bid
USA Today: Rick Perry sounds out top N.H., Iowa leaders about 2012
Houston Chronicle: Perry calling key Iowa, New Hampshire Republicans for advice
AP/Peoples: Texas’ Perry testing N.H., Iowa waters
Politico: Rick Perry reportedly calling New Hampshire GOP leaders
Forbes: Perry may 'shake up' GOP field
Gather: Rick Perry Could be Set for GOP Run
NH Journal: Perry calling big name Republicans in New Hampshire
Commentary: How Are Perry’s Chances in New Hampshire?
Star-Telegram: As a candidate, Perry less likely than Bush to claim education as top priority

WSJ: Romney Silent Over Debt Talks
Boston Globe: Three N.H. DAs to back Romney for president
OregonLive: Mitt Romney visits Portland for closed-door fundraiser
Union Leader: Romney to return to NH on Thursday for Derry town hall
Daily Caller: New anti-Romney website launches

Iowa Republican: Bachmann overtakes Romney in Iowa
Hill: Bachmann opens door to raising debt limit — if it repeals healthcare reform
Miami Herald: Police reports show different side of Michele Bachmann
Politico: The Michele Bachmann police files
Minn Post: Bachmann's 'police record' and husband's clinic make news
Politico: ABC News probes gay 'cure' claims about Bachmann clinic
LA Times: Michele Bachmann's clinic accused of trying to straighten out gays
Politico: Michele Bachmann's unlikely model: Howard Dean
New American: Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney Lawyer Up With Same Campaign Law Firm
Des Moines Register: Bachmann: Executive experience isn’t everything

NYT: Pawlenty Aims to Slow Bachmann in Iowa
NRO: Don’t Count Pawlenty Out Yet
WSJ: Minnesota Spice
Christian Post: Michele Bachmann Top Choice of Iowa Voters; Pawlenty Begins Attack
Politico: Pawlenty likes Gaga, but disputes that gays are 'Born This Way’
NatJ: Pawlenty Is Right: Bachmann Has Accomplished Very Little

Chicago Tribune: Gingrich says tea party key to 2012 GOP majority
NatJ: Gingrich Won't Sign Social Conservative Group's Pledge Without Changes

ABC: Huntsman Calls out Romney…Sort Of.
Politico: Huntsman's new approach on engaging

Politico: Herman Cain croons

Palm Beach Post: Rudy in ’12? Thrill is gone in sixth borough
Daily Caller: Rudy to decide on 2012 soon
NY Post: Rudy flirts with NH run

Big Govt: The extraordinary Sarah Palin
IBT: Sarah Palin drops biggest hint yet that she will run in 2012
Big Hollywood: ‘The Undefeated’ Opens Friday: Impact Felt Already

WSJ: DeMint Plans Forum With GOP Hopefuls

Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Only Hope of Reelection is Forcing John Boehner to Cave


Rush Limbaugh: Obama Has to Learn to Prioritize Spending to Avoid Default
Wash Times: Obama wooing of Boehner falls on deaf ears
Fox: Dems Balk as Obama Offers to Raise Medicare Eligibility Age in Deficit-Reduction Talks
Pew: Public Now Divided on Debt Limit Debate
WaPo: Partisan divide on debt talks growing deeper
Hill: Debt-ceiling talks hit brick wall as President Obama, GOP trade jabs
NYT: Budget Talks Beginning to Take On a Testy Air
NatJ: Monday Talks Conclude With Little Movement
WSJ: President's Focus: $4 Trillion
Rush L: Boehner Should Tell Obama: "Call When You're Ready to Talk Cutting Spending
Daily Caller: Deal now, spend more later, Obama urges
Hill: Top Democrats ask Wall Street to step up debt-ceiling pressure
Wash Times: Conrad offers own $4 trillion debt reduction plan
WSJ: Conrad Wants $2 Trillion
NYT: Obama Grasping Centrist Banner in Debt Impasse
Fred Barnes: A Press Conference Devoid of Answers
NYT: Freshmen Republicans Push House Toward Right
NYT: Editorial: Ideology Trumps Economics
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Obama’s debt deal advice: Give peas a chance
Examiner: Editorial: Budget battle is a clash of two eras
Dan Balz: In debt-ceiling talks, Obama tries to keep his balance
WaPo: Eric Cantor emerges as key player in debt negotiations
Hill: Strained relationship of Cantor, Boehner put to test in debt debate
LA Times: Boehner-Cantor rivalry affecting debt talks
Politico: With Boehner bailing, Cantor ascends as GOP voice
Dana Milbank: John Boehner’s bind
Wes Pruden: Waiting for the enemy to blink on the debt limit
WaPo: Top Senate Dems privately warn: Deep Medicare cuts will squander our big advantage
Jennifer Rubin: Busting the Democrats’ Mediscare scam
Pat Buchanan: Black America vs. Obama?
David Brooks: The Magic Lever
Tony Blankley: After the deluge — restoration
WSJ: Are You Better Off? Obama will have to answer the question Reagan asked in 1980
James Taranto: First Rule of Liberalism: Government failure always justifies more govt
Roll Call: Club for Growth Warns Lugar, Hatch on Debt Ceiling
Rush Limbaugh: The Left's 14th Amendment Lie
American Thinker: Debt Ceiling: Worst-Case Scenario

WSJ: U.S. Tackles Housing Slump
WSJ: Housing Official Tapped as FHA Director
WSJ: Government-Sponsored Meltdown
WSJ: Struggling Cities to Get Federal Help
AP/Householder: HUD secretary announces cities plan in Detroit
Detroit News: Feds come to Detroit, forget to bring jobs
NatJ: Frank Pushes Back Against Liberals on Risk Retention

NYT: Obama Administration Rolls Out Standards for Health Insurance Marketplaces
WSJ: States Get Leeway on Shape of New Insurance Exchanges
WaPo: ‘Flexibility’ may help states meet key part of health-care law
Wash Times: HHS promises flexibility on exchanges
Human Events: Ted Kennedy’s Haunting Legacy in ObamaCare

Examiner: Fresh doubt cast on Obama's health care story

NYT: New Reporting Rules on Multiple Sales of Guns Near Border
WSJ: New Rules on Border Gun Sales
WaPo: Gun dealers will have to report multiple sales of semiautomatic rifle
Daily Caller: New border gun rules a distraction from Fast and Furious scandal, Issa says

WSJ: Our National Jobs Emergency
Daily Caller: Oil trade groups: Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 jobs

WSJ: The Taxman Retreateth

Fox: House to Consider Bill Nixing Light Bulb Restrictions
NatJ: Battle of the Bulb: House Takes Aim at Efficiency Standards

Roll Call: Hispanics Waiting for DREAM Act

WSJ: High-Paying Disability Judges Cost Taxpayers $1 Billion a Year, Official Says

Detroit FP: Current, former first ladies gather for Betty Ford funeral today
LA Times: Nancy Reagan, Clintons, Bush to attend Betty Ford memorial
NYT: OpEd: Betty Ford, Pioneer


Des Moines Register: Iowa marriage pledge continues to stir controversy


Sun News: Democrats lambaste S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley for private New York visit


NYT: Editorial: New York’s Lagging Judicial Pay

NY Post: Blow against O in Weiner race
Roll Call: From Early Age, Politics Has Been David Weprin’s Life
Richard Cohen: Anthony Weiner, victim of a digital mob

Albany TU: Federally backed jobs on state's layoff list

NYDN: Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy taps war chest for Albany housing costs

Rochester D&C: Rep. Kathy Hochul moves into her district


Hill: GOP looks for special election upset
Wash Times: ‘Give Me Your Cash’ may cost Calif. Democrat some votes
NYT: Los Angeles Democrats Pressed to Retain Seat
NatJ: Previewing California's 36th District Special Election
Roll Call: Democrats Call in Late Reinforcements in California
Roll Call: PPP Poll Shows Hahn Leads Huey by 8 Points
Fox: California House Race Rattled by Death of Candidate's Mom
LA Times: Ramona Hahn, matriarch of L.A. political family, dies
Politico: California special House election: 5 Things to Watch

Dan Walters: California redistricting panel may be failing


Examiner: American sovereignty and Republican politics in Texas execution

Fox: Ex-Aide's Lawsuit Claims Rep. Jackson Lee Mocked, Disregarded Her Disability


SPT: A tale of two governors: Florida's Rick Scott and Texas' Rick Perry
Miami Herald: Scott’s confidante Enu Mianigi keeps low profile

Roll Call: LeMieux Raises $950,000 in 2nd Quarter

Roll Call: West Bringing in Big Bucks for Re-Election
Politico: Allen West outraises Fla. Senate candidates

NatJ: Grayson Seeks Return To Congress


AJC: Deal rakes in cash from healthcare, lobbyists


Chicago ST: Quinn cuts foster-care contracts with Catholic Charities over civil unions dispute


Star Tribune: In some corners of the state, what shutdown?
CSM: Minnesota government shutdown: What could end it?


WSJ: Recall Season Opens in Wisconsin
NYT: It’s a Season of Recalls for Voters in Wisconsin
Chicago Tribune: Fake Democrats run in Wisconsin primaries for recall elections

Roll Call: Gay Community Gears Up for Tammy Baldwin Senate Bid

Milwaukee JS: How the GOP redistricting plan protects 3 Republican state senators


Detroit FP: U.S. puts faith in Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's neighborhood renewal plan


Roll Call: Claire McCaskill Has Nearly $3M in Bank


Politico: RGA begins assault on Beshear


Politico: McDonnell PAC ramps up for 2011


Reuters: New Jersey Democrats fail to override Christie budget cuts


NYT: A Small City’s Depleted Pension Fund Rattles Rhode Island


Roll Call: Flake Has $2 Million in Bank, Still No Rival
American Spectator: Virtue Is Its Own Reward


July 11, 2011


Rep. Michele Bachmann: What ‘constitutional conservatism’ means to me
WSJ: Bachmann's Tax Attorney Job Was Collector for the IRS
Politico: Iowa Republican poll: Bachmann first
Roll Call: Selling the Anti-Bachmann Phone

Reuters: Republican Pawlenty raps rival Bachmann
Examiner: Pawlenty blasts Bachmann's "nonexistent' record
Hill: Pawlenty attacks Bachmann, calling her record 'non-existent'
Politico: Bachmann ignores TPaw 'negativity'
Daily Caller: Tim Pawlenty: Bachmann hasn’t accomplished much in Congress
CNN: Pawlenty punts on homosexuality

CNN: Santorum: My campaign is the ‘little engine that could’
Roll Call: Santorum, Pawlenty Keep Their Chins Up

LA Times: Romney's jobs record a little shaky

Daily Caller: Herman Cain signs up for Sunday morning grilling

Daily Caller: Gingrich: ‘This is the Obama depression’

Deseret News: Jon Huntsman Jr. revs up presidential campaign in Florida

Newsweek: Palin Plots Her Next Move
Politico: Sarah Palin: 'There needs to be a larger field' for 2012
Hill: Palin warns Boehner on debt ceiling deal
Sarah Palin: The Sugar Daddy Has Run Out of Sugar
Daily Caller: Palin: ‘I believe that I can win a national election’

Wash Times: Job creators score in straw poll
Chris Cillizza: Who will Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll make, break?

NYT: A Compass for Conservative Politics (NewsMax)
American Spectator: Trials of the Tea Party

Daily Caller: Obama huddles with Hispanic groups to woo support for 2012 race
Daily Caller: Obama seeks 2012 victory via debt talks
Human Events: Is Obama's Destiny FDR in Reverse?


Fox: Deadlocked Debt Talks to Resume as Clock Ticks
NatJ: Deficit Talks End With No Deal
Wash Times: Progress scant in negotiations to reduce debt
WaPo: Debt reduction talks in limbo as clock ticks toward Aug. 2 deadline
WaPo: President, speaker motivated by ‘big deal’
WSJ: Deficit Negotiators Hit Reset
Hill: The Week Ahead: Deficit talks redux
FT: Obama’s failed debt ceiling gamble
Hill: Obama, lawmakers fail to reach breakthrough at White House
Human Events: GOP Blasts White House Dismissal of Balanced Budget Amendment
NYT: For Boehner, Lofty Budget Goals Checked by Reality
Politico: Boehner's 'grand bargain' - with House GOP
Chicago Tribune: Taxes still a stumbling block in debt talks
Wash Times: Jobs numbers underscore dilemma over agreement
NYT: Obama Leans on G.O.P. for a Deal on Debt Ceiling
Reuters: Will Boehner pull a ‘Reagan at Reykjavik’ and walk?
CBS: Sessions: Dem tax demands killing debt deal
NYT: Obama to Seek Biggest Deficit Cut Possible, Geithner Says
Jed Babbin: Beware of 'If-Then' Budget Deals
Paul Krugman: No, We Can’t? Or Won’t?
Ross Douthat: The Method to Their Madness
Fred Hiatt: There’s a lot riding on the deficit showdown
WSJ: Taxes Upon Taxes Upon . . .
Boston Globe: Benefits at risk, Geithner warns
Rasmussen: 55% Say Decreased Government Spending Good for the Economy
Daily Caller: Major Garrett gives high marks to Boehner: ‘Stronger’ than Gingrich
Politico: House GOP balks at defense cuts
Hill: In debt talks, McConnell and Pelosi send Obama a message: We're still relevant
Gary Bauer: Four Walls Hide Debt-Ceiling Talks That Put Real Lives at Stake
American Thinker: Our Retreat from Prosperity
NRO: Editorial: Make Ours Medium
Weekly Standard: Obama vs. Obama

Rep. Spencer Bachus: Dodd-Frank blocks road to recovery

Human Events: Government Pay Raises--It's an Inside Con Job

WSJ: A Home Is a Lousy Investment

WSJ: Why Medicare Patients See the Doctor Too Much
Hill: House to hold hearings on panel GOP claims will ‘ration’ health care

Fox: McConnell Warns Against Civilian Terror Trials
WaPo: Editorial: A Somali terrorism suspect’s case is right for federal court

NYT: Editorial: An Aggressive Ruling on Clean Air

Wash Times: Steering Capitol Hill leaders to drunken-driver devices

Fox: Education Department 'Concerned' About Wave of Cheating Probes, Allegations

Wash Times: Groups want House to re-start Waters ethics probe

DC: Hume: Obama handling of ‘Fast and Furious’ reminiscent of scandal-plagued Nixon DOJ
DC: Allen West: Obama must remove Holder, or he’s complicit with Fast & Furious cover-up


LA Times: Iowa Democrats trying to stay in the game


Roll Call: Right’s Graham Grousing Could Fizzle by 2014


Buffalo News: Governor turns to appointing officials
NY Post: Cuomo's carrots vs. Christie's sticks
Albany TU: Senators weigh return to Capitol
NYDN: Abuse of authority? State agencies dishing out 6-figure salaries galore

NY Post: GOP eyes on Weiner's seat


AP/Blood: GOP looks for upset in race for Calif. House seat

WSJ: California Split
LA Times: 'South California' for 51st state?

Dan Walters: California cities feel clobbered by Capitol

Human Events: California's Book Ban


Star-Telegram: Tarrant County ties abundant in Perry's political emergence

Wash Times: Disabled ex-aide sues Jackson Lee


Wash Times: Inhofe targets FAA after his flying is faulted


Buzz: Winner and loser of the week in Fla politics


Fox: Tough New Georgia Sex Trafficking Law Takes Effect


Chicago Tribune: Illinois high court to rule on $31B public works program

Chicago ST: Mayor Emanuel cuts government credit cards from 500 to 30


NYT: Cautionary Lessons From State’s Shutdown
Star Tribune: Gridlock deals gut punch to businesses


Roll Call: Democrats, GOP Agree: Ryan Race Is National


Detroit News: Michigan's redrawn congressional districts take twists and turns

Detroit FP: MEA joins recall drive, but GOP isn't quaking


Roll Call: McConnell, Paul Perfect ‘Frenemies’


July 10, 2011


NatJ: Tax Collector or Tax Litigation Attorney? Closer Look at Bachmann's Past
Des Moines Register: Bachmann: Don’t believe cries of default

NatJ: Why Tim Pawlenty Is Embracing the Minnesota Budget Shutdown

Politico: 2012 Republican primary: Where Mike Huckabee fits in

Wash Times: Cain beats Romney in TWT/Conservative Leadership Conference straw poll
Politico: Herman Cain's name recognition jumps
Christian Post: Gallup: Herman Cain Rising in Recognition
AJC: Herman Cain proving to be real contender

Foster's: GOP presidential hopeful McCotter visits Dover
Detroit FP: McCotter taking on anyone -- and everyone -- regardless of party
Fox: McCotter Takes Aim at Romney

Daily Caller: Perry putting out feelers in Iowa
Politico: Perry calling Iowa activists as potential donors convene

WaPo: Conservative ‘marriage pledge’ group apologizes for slavery reference
Fox: Conservative Group Removes Slavery Language From Marriage Pledge
Politico: Conservative group backtracks on marriage pledge slavery language
Fox: Bachmann Stands By Marriage Pact That Links Slavery to Black Family Values
Human Events: Democrats Should Know Jim Crow, They Created Him

Clarice Feldman: Progressive Unemployment
Salena Zito: Issue could cost Obama his job
Human Events: Top 10 Obama Gaffes

NYT: Presidential Candidates Warn About Debt Deal


WSJ: Boehner to Seek Smaller $2 Trillion Deal
WaPo: Boehner abandons efforts to reach comprehensive debt-reduction deal
NatJ: Boehner Backs Away From Comprehensive Debt-Ceiling Deal
Wash Times: Boehner tells Obama ‘no’ on big debt deal
Politico: Under pressure from right, John Boehner steps back on debt deal
Examiner: Boehner: It's time for small ball
Daily Caller: Boehner says ambitious $4 trillion debt deal isn’t happening
Hill: Boehner backing away from grand compromise on debt, tax reform
Hill: White House says Boehner balked over taxes, not entitlements
AJC: In search of Republicans who have John Boehner’s back
Fox: Obama Asks Lawmakers to Make Political Sacrifices in Debt-Limit Talks
Hill: Obama calls for a 'balanced approach,' sacrifices in debt deal
CT: Obama, Hill leaders at pivotal point in debt talks, Boehner drops goal for bigger package
Reuters: Obama faces new obstacles in high-stakes debt talks
NYT: Deficit Talks Scaled Back Over Tax Increases
Hill: Labor angered by Obama's willingness to cut Social Security in debt ceiling deal
WSJ: Government to Tackle Problem Tax Policies
NYT: Editorial: The Worst Time to Slow the Economy

Hill: Legality of 'Fourteenth amendment solution' comes under fire
WSJ: Treasury Official Disputes 14th Amendment Wiggle Room on Debt Limit
Politico: 14th Amendment is no debt solution, writes Laurence Tribe
Atlantic: Why the 14th Amendment Doesn't Solve the Debt Ceiling Problem
NRO: Constitutional Nonsense on Debt

NYT: Somehow, the Unemployed Became Invisible

Fox: Weak Economy Poses More Budget Problems for Cash-Hungry States in New Fiscal Year

Hill: GOP gets one last shot at Consumer Protection bureau before it opens

Hill: Governors oppose Obama Medicaid plan

Hill: Conrad budget cuts $800B from Defense

NYT: U.S. Is Deferring Millions in Pakistani Military Aid

NatJ: Betty Ford's Legacy: Wide and Lasting
EJ Dionne: Betty Ford’s contribution
Salena Zito: First lady Betty Ford's passion for life and country inspired nation

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Hill: Sunday show preview: Shaping the narrative for the debt debate


Des Moines Register: Democrats gearing up to claim Iowa is still ‘Obama country’


Examiner: Editorial: 'Client Nine' Spitzer begins to pay for his sins

Albany TU: PEF’s Brynien: Why are we being held hostage?

NY Post: Quitter Kruger 'plea deal'

Bob McCarthy: New-look state legislative delegation


LA Times: State prison protest continues

LA Times: Speaking the unspeakable in California politics (Prop. 13 reform)


LA Times: Texas aglow with effort to save the incandescent bulb

NYT: Editorial: Texas’s Progress on Juvenile Justice


Tampa Tribune: Restaurateur enters U.S. Senate race
Politico: It's Miller time in Florida
UP: Former Ruth’s Chris CEO to Run for U.S. Senate

SPT: A year out, making roads ready for Tampa's GOP convention

Miami Herald: Scott’s confidante Enu Mianigi keeps low profile
Buzz: Enu Mainigi, Gov. Rick Scott's confidante, stays in the shadows


AJC: Sharpton headlines rally against new illegal immigration law


NYT: Redistricting Squeezes G.O.P. Class of 2010

NYT: Rahm Emanuel and Unions Square Off Over Work Rules


LA Times: In Minnesota, little urgency to end shutdown
Star Tribune: More signs point to a lengthy siege
NPR: For Minnesota Shutdown, A Deal Seems Distant
Star Tribune: In GOP, a deep divide over hard line on budget


Fox: Web Training May Suffice for Wisconsin Concealed-Carry

Gov. Scott Walker: Accountability for schools
Milwaukee JS: Walker, education leaders seek new school evaluation system


Boston Globe: Mass. Democrats target Brown on lack of town halls


July 9, 2011


Fox: Will Michele Bachmann Take the Caucuses?
Examiner: Bachmann Closing In On Romney In New Hampshire
Gallup: Cain, Huntsman, Bachmann, Pawlenty Gain Most in Recognition
Iowa Indep: Is Palin poised to play 2012 spoiler?
James Taranto: The Trouble With Approval Ratings

LA Times: Bachmann: Jobs report 'stunningly bad news'
Christian Post: Rep. Bachmann Ad Tells Iowans She Will Vote No on Debt Ceiling Increase
WaPo: Bachmann mulls pledge against debt-limit increase
Politico: Michele Bachmann first on unemployment report
Hill: Senate Democrats go after Bachmann on jobs

Daily Caller: Bachmann signs marriage pledge favoring traditional family structure
WaPo: Bachmann signs socially conservative pledge on homosexuality, marriage
LAT: Bachmann signs anti-gay pact that says times were better for black kids during slavery
WaPo: Michele Bachmann’s slavery and pornography problem
Hill: Bachmann laughs off comment about her 'sex appeal'
Politico: Michele Bachmann's different approach on gender
Bill O'Reilly: Why Bill Clinton Likes Michele Bachmann

News& Advance: GOP's Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann to speak at Liberty University
Hill: Perry, Bachmann to speak at Liberty U. in September
Austin AS: Perry to address Liberty University
Austin AS: Perry to address Falwell university

Des Moines Register: Rick Perry rings up Iowa Republican activists
Politico: Perry calling Iowa activists as potential donors convene
Frum: Perry Plans Donor Meeting, Iowa Outreach
SF Chronicle: Is Rick Perry Killing His Way To The White House?
Guardian: Humberto Leal's execution, Rick Perry's ambition
Star-Telegram: Criticism of Texas' execution of Mexican Leal doesn't bother Perry

Boston Globe: Romney gets a boost from new funding environment
Daily Caller: Romney takes swipe at Obama’s once promising campaign slogan
NY Post: Mitt to O: Ax adviser
Boston Globe: Romney turns to advisers to build foreign policy
Hill: Romney criticism of Obama echoes famous Thatcher phrase
Hot Air: New Romney ad hits Plouffe’s stupid unemployment comments
Miami Herald: Romney reconsidering Florida straw poll?
Patch: Bachmann Daily Beat: Gaining on Romney
DC: Christian author: ‘An indoctrinated Mormon should never be elected as president’

Hill: Huntsman gets a second dose of bad news from home state
American Thinker: John Huntsman: Wasting Conservatives' Time

Politico: Herman Cain's name recognition jumps

State Column: Ron Paul: House Republicans would be “foolish” to accept debt limit deal

WaPo: Pawlenty going all-out in Iowa
GG: Pawlenty campaigns in Cedar Rapids
Des Moines Register: Pawlenty: Obama ‘like a manure spreader in a windstorm’
WSF Courier: Pawlenty faults Obama for new poor jobless numbers
NatJ: Why Tim Pawlenty Is Embracing the Minnesota Budget Shutdown
NRO: Pawlenty the Hawk
American Conservative: Pawlenty’s Woes

WaPo: Republican candidates lagging far behind 2007 fundraising numbers

WSJ: Pledges Become GOP Litmus Test

Rush Limbaugh: A Tea Party Third Party Candidate Will Guarantee Obama's Reelection

NYT: Trailing G.O.P. With Cameras, Seeking Gaffes

Roll Call: New Crossroads Ads Target 5 Democratic Senators (VIDEO)

Politico: Judge a campaign by its lawyer: Obama’s campaign will rely on lawyer Bob Bauer


WaPo: Boehner: No ‘imminent deal’ on debt
Politico: Debt limit deal a key moment for John Boehner
WSJ: Obama: Parties Can Agree on 'Big Things'
Hill: Obama tells leaders he'd veto short-term debt hike, lays out two other options
Hill: Obama calls for a 'balanced approach,' sacrifices in debt deal
Hill: Relationship between Obama, Boehner builds at critical moment
WaPo: Progressives and tea party lawmakers pressure leaders on debt deal
Hill: Liberal senators warn Obama over Social Security cuts in any debt deal
Rush Limbaugh: Fear: GOP Will Cave on Sunday, Agree to Hike Taxes with Fake Cuts
Hill: Big debt deal threatens to split Republicans over tax reform
WSJ: Boehner's Obama Gamble: A tax increase now for promise of tax reform later won't fly
NYT: Jobs Report Reinforces Parties in Deficit Talks
Hill: GOP message: The only question to ask is 'Where are the jobs?'
Wash Times: Feds’ deficit streak hits record 33rd straight month
NRO: Constitutional Nonsense on Debt: What the 14th Amendment really says
Wash Times: Restive Democrats warn Obama on deficit talks
Kathleen Parker: Just-vote-no Republicans
William Kristol: A Sunday Sell-out?
Hill: Following Pelosi's lead, House Dems dig in their heels on entitlements
Fox: Pelosi to Obama: Dems 'Firm' in Opposition to Entitlement Cuts
Politico: Nancy Pelosi’s back at the negotiating table on debt ceiling
Hill: Senate Democrats abandon Obama promise to end Bush-era tax rates
Daily Caller: Where is the Democratic budget?
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Buy Talk of SocSecurity Cuts
Examiner: Editorial: How to measure the deal on the debt ceiling
Rush Limbaugh: The Establishment, Not the Base, is Pressuring Republicans and Lying to Us With Threats of a Dire Default

WSJ: Worries Grow Over Jobs
WSJ: Jobs Data Dim Recovery Hopes
Wash Times: Unemployment at 9.2 percent as jobs stall
NYT: Job Growth Falters Badly, Clouding Hope for Recovery
WSJ: Poor Jobs Report Dings the Dow
WaPo: Unemployment rate rises to 9.2 percent as U.S. adds only 18,000 jobs in June
Rush Limbaugh: O's Unemployment is a Disaster
Hill: Dismal jobs report adds urgency to debt talks, fears for Obama's 2012 campaign

Fox: Navy to Cut Jobs Amid Recession-Driven Sailor Surplus

Daily Caller: FEMA faces House heat for taking over flood insurance policies

NatJ: FDIC Chair Sheila Bair Heads to Pew

Wash Times: NASA’s space shuttle launches for last time
Rush Limbaugh: The Shuttle Program Ends an Era
NYT: 3, 2, 1, and the Last Shuttle Leaves an Era Behind
WaPo: Atlantis space shuttle launch and watching NASA backwards
Denver Post: As last shuttle launches, NASA's next move still up in air

Wash Times: Inquiry of weapons smuggling to expand

Daily Caller: House GOP set to repeal incandescent bulb ban

Daily Caller: Former federal employees still receiving taxpayer credit cards

WSJ: Former First Lady Betty Ford Dies
Detroit News: Former first lady Betty Ford dies at 93
Detroit FP: Remembering former first lady Betty Ford
Fox: Former First Lady Betty Ford Dies at Age 93
NYT: Betty Ford, Former First Lady, Dies at 93
AP: Former first lady Betty Ford dies at 93
WSJ: Betty Ford and the Battle Against Addiction
WaPo: Betty Ford dies at 93: Former first lady founded iconic clinic

WSJ: The Story of Dick Cheney's Heart

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Miami Herald: Did hacker get ’inside details’ of Florida voting systems’?


Fox: Groups Sue to Block Alabama's Illegal Immigration Law


AJC: The implications of a routine appointment by Nathan Deal


WaPo: South Carolina voters torn between values, economy


Roll Call: State Reps. Lead List of Possible Kissell Foes


WSJ: GOP Picks Turner to Run for Weiner Seat
NYDN: GOP picks Bob Turner to battle for Anthony Weiner's house seat
NYT: Runner-Up to Weiner in 2010 Is G.O.P. Choice to Run for Seat
NY Post: Weiner-seat foes
RedState: New York GOP Should Pick Bob Turner for CD-9 Special Election

Albany TU: Patronage jobs join Cuomo layoff list

NYT: Cuomo Appoints Top Aide of Paterson’s as His Own
NYDN: Gov. Andrew Cuomo loses top aide, replaces with former Paterson advisor

NYT: 700 Miles From Albany, a Tax Office Awaits Bad News


Human Events: N.J. Democrats in Disarray as Christie Slashes Budget


Joe Trippi: The High Stakes in CA-36
Politico: Craig Huey getting by with little help from GOP friends

NYT: California Cuts Weigh Heavily on Its Colleges

American Thinker: California's Newest Job-Killer

NYDN: Schwarzenegger gets to keep family house as part of divorce settlement with Shriver


AP: Major state employee union files lawsuit over Illinois governor’s decision to cancel raises


Hill: Primary challenger Mourdock rips Sen. Lugar for focusing on foreign affairs


Star Tribune: Schools likely to bear brunt of a budget fix
NYT: Shutdown in Minnesota Ripples Out to Day Care


Milwaukee JS: GOP redistricting maps make dramatic changes
Politico: GOP redraws Wisc. congressional map

Daily Caller: Gov. Scott Walker signs concealed weapons bill into law

Milwaukee JS: Report critiques state response to collective-bargaining protests


Daily Caller: Ohioans fighting to kill Obamacare with state constitution

Columbus Dispatch: DeWine urging more latitude in privacy law


Arizona Republic: Giffords absent from D.C., but presence remains
Fox: America Still Awaits New Era of Civility After Arizona Shooting

Fox: Sponsor of Arizona Immigration Law Faces Recall Election


Roll Call: Elizabeth Warren Talked With DSCC about run against Scott Brown


July 8, 2011


Reuters: Texas Governor Perry likely to run in 2012
WaPo: Perry is still largely unknown to voters — and the national media
Houston Chronicle: Rick Perry polls well in national GOP match-ups, but trails Obama in TX
ABC: Is Texas Gov. Rick Perry a Jobs Wizard?
NatJ: Pro-Perry Group Raises $400,000 in Three Weeks

Vimeo: The Undefeated Teaser Trailer (video)
Daily Caller: ‘The Undefeated’ trailer hits the Web with premiere coming soon

Ross Douthat: The Semi-Inevitability of Mitt Romney
LA Times: Huntsman, Romney fight on each other's home turf
Daily Caller: Romney’s aggressive strategy to manage the press
Boston Globe: Healey a familiar face in the inner circle

Daily Caller: Bachmann’s launches first presidential ad, aims for Iowa
Christian Post: 'I Was Born and Raised in Waterloo,' Rep. Bachmann Reminds Iowa Voters
Christian Post: Bachmann's New Ad Emphasizes Iowa Roots
Politico: Michele Bachmann on Iowa TV: 'Waterloo'

Bloomberg: Failure in Iowa Straw Poll May Doom Pawlenty’s 2012 Presidential Effort
DMR: Pawlenty says he just started earnest campaigning in Iowa this week
NYT: Will Republican Race’s First In Be the First Out?
Kim Strassel: Beyond Minnesota Nice
Politico: TPaw knows his Lady Gaga

Daily Caller: Jon Huntsman’s Clintonian dodge on government bailouts

LA Times: GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain banks on his common sense

Fox: GOP Push to Tighten State Voting Laws Prompts Dem Backlash
Politico: National Dems' identification crisis

Peggy Noonan: 'We Need a Ronald Reagan'
Wash Times: Reagan back on campaign trail: 2012 candidates find ways to align with icon

NYT: Father Discussed Adoption for Obama, Records Show
James Taranto: Commander in Tweet
Hill: Top Obama adviser says unemployment won't be key in 2012
American Thinker: Dumping Biden for Cuomo?

Hill: It's good to be Speaker; Boehner raises $29M


WSJ: Sights Set on Grand Debt Deal
Fox: White House Pushing for 'Bigness' in Deficit-Reduction Deal
Hill: Dem déjà vu: Obama triangulates
WaPo: Obama calls debt talks ‘constructive,’ invites parties to reconvene Sunday
Hill: Debt showdown set for Sunday
Hill: GOP leaders say they'll know by Sunday if comprehensive deficit deal is possible
Hill: Obama tells Congressional leaders he will not sign short-term debt extension
Hill: Boehner: Tax reform 'under discussion' but GOP won't allow hikes
WS: Sen. Ron Johnson: Closed Door Debt Ceiling Negotiations "Outrageous," "Disgusting"
Wash Times: Debt deal remains elusive as liberals issue ultimatum
Hill: Conservative senators lay out debt plan
NYT: Still ‘Far Apart’ on Debt, 2 Sides Will Seek Broader Cuts
NYT: Industry Set for Fight to Keep Corporate Jet Tax Breaks
NYT: Democrats Oppose Talk of Cuts to Social Security
Politico: Entitlements talk spooks Dems
Politico: Debt talks turn to tax reform
DC: As debt talks ramp up, spending cuts not enough for some Republican senators
WSJ: Obama Calls Debt Meeting 'Constructive'
NYT: Obama Calls Debt Talks Constructive, but Big Gaps Remain
NYT: Liberal Democrats Have Leverage on Debt Deal
WSJ: Obama Gets Pushback From Liberals on Medicare, Social Security Cuts
Fred Barnes: Sorting the Real From the Phony Spending Cut Options
Charles Krauthammer: The Elmendorf Rule
Pat Buchanan: An Establishment in Panic
William Kristol: Further cutting the defense budget is unacceptable
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Must Not Accept the Premise That Congress Has to Hike Taxes
Rush Limbaugh: Rubio: Which One of Your Taxes Will Create Jobs, Mr. President?
Rush Limbaugh: Explanation: the Debt vs. the Deficit
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: Raise the Debt Limit So I Can Keep Being Irresponsible
DC: Limbaugh to GOP: Don’t let Obama, Democrats or media frame debt ceiling debate
Stephen Moore: The Debt Ceiling and the Constitution
Roger Hedgecock: Debt-Ceiling Deal Deja Vu: It's 1990 All Over Again
Daily Caller: Bill Kristol predicts GOP ‘to cave in a pretty big way’ on debt ceiling negotiations
Laurence Tribe: A Ceiling We Can’t Wish Away
Paul Krugman: What Obama Wants
Rush Limbaugh: Where's the Civility, Democrats?
NYT: Editorial: Negotiating on a Knife’s Edge
NYT: A Spectrum of Positions in the Debt Ceiling Debate
WaPo: Five myths about the debt ceiling
Politico: Debt ceiling deal: Five uneasy pieces to the puzzle
Hill: Medicaid advocates breathe easy on Ryan's entitlement reform proposal

WSJ: Ethanol Subsidies Imperiled
Hill: Grassley has muted praise for ethanol deal

WSJ: Canada Has Plenty of Oil, but Does the U.S. Want It?
American Thinker: Obama's Plan for $10 Gas

WSJ: An ObamaCare Drug Preview in Germany
Human Events: ObamaCare Forcing Americans Out of Their Health Plans
Daily Caller: Obamacare still angers conservative voters, focus groups say

Wash Times: House vote lets Obama continue U.S. Libya deployment

Rush Limbaugh: Furious: The Obama Regime Gave 2,000 Guns to Mexican Drug Lords

NYT: I.R.S. Drops Audits of Political Donors

NYT: New Housing Program Is Aimed at the Unemployed

WSJ: Last Shuttle Liftoff Set, if Weather Allows
Weekly Std: As Final Shuttle Launch Looms, NASA is in Shambles

NYT: E.P.A. Issues Tougher Rules for Power Plants

Hill: GOP House leaders prepare to work through July recess
Hill: McCain mocks Senate work schedule

Hill: Dems slam House GOP transportation bill

Hill: Rep. Kline considers bill to block overhaul of union election process

Wash Times: House lawmaker asks Justice for data about Kagan

WSJ: Race to the Top Court: MI's racial preferences seem headed back to the Supremes

Daily Caller: Child pornography found on Assistant U.S. Attorney’s computer

American Spectator: Summer Books


Boston Globe: New Hampshire’s secret salesman luring Bay State firms across the line


Midlands: Haley signs pledge supporting control of country's spending


NY Post: Weprin is 'Weiner' seat pick
NYDN: Democrats tap David Weprin to run for seat vacated by Anthony Weiner
Roll Call: Democrats to Tap David Weprin for N.Y. Special
Wash Times: Democrats tap nominee for Weiner seat
CNN: Democrats pick nominee for Weiner's old seat

Rochester D&C: 321 N.Y. workers receive layoff notices
Albany TU: State layoffs: the second wave
Albany TU: Glaser: More layoff notices this week, and here’s why


LA Times: Candidates in 36th Congressional District clash in radio face-off
Human Events: California's Craig Huey a GOP House Upset in the Works

LA Times: Federal transportation bill offers mixed bag for Los Angeles

WSJ: California's Millionaire Windfall: Imagine: a balanced budget without a tax increase

Daily Caller: Shriver could win up to $200 million in settlement


Star-Telegram: Despite last-minute appeal, Texas executes Mexican citizen
WSJ: Mexican Citizen Executed After Court Declines to Intervene
Pajamas: Leal executed
WaPo: SCt won’t stop execution of Mexican man who didn’t get chance to contact consulate
Star-Telegram: Obama administration seeks halt to Texas execution

NYT: Redistricting Was Done, but Certainty Is Lacking


Politico: Florida GOP leaders push for early primary date, despite threat from RNC

Guardian UK: Florida: a vital battleground for 2012

Fox: Ex-Congressman Mark Foley to Undergo Cancer Surgery


Rush Limbaugh: NAALCP Criticizes CNN Lineup, Ignores Atlanta Cheating Scandal

AJC: Tom Price, Johnny Isakson and a deficit summit


Chicago Tribune: After today, Illinois will be only state with concealed-carry ban


Star Tribune: New plan: Raise taxes 'for everyone'
Star Tribune: Top earners cool to paying more
PP: The Mondale-Carlson plan: tax hikes, spending cuts. The reaction: a bipartisan 'no'
WSJ: Panel Offers a Budget Plan to End Minnesota Stalemate


Byron York: Wisconsin schools buck union to cut health costs
NatJ: What We Can Learn from Wisconsin
LI: Wisconsin isn’t over
Milwaukee JS: Should the state Supreme Court be appointed?


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio's tax revenue jumped $1.5 billion in past year


Detroit News: Federal government to help direct Detroit's rebuilding


Roll Call: Ed Martin Releases House Race Poll Showing He’s in Lead


Roll Call: Line of GOP Challengers to Brad Miller Begins to Form


Roll Call: Mike Henry Returns to Va. Politics to Run Kaine Campaign


Politico: Maryland tuition bill goes to ballot


Human Events: N.J. Democrats in Disarray as Christie Slashes Budget


AP/Haigh: Pressure mounts on Conn. state workers


Boston Globe: State GOP files ethics complaint against Newton Mayor Setti Warren


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Ted Nugent: The American battle cry today: American Exceptionalism

WT: Rumsfeld and Kissinger memoirs worth a read

AP/Kinnard: DeMint, in new book, outlines tea party’s rise
McClatchy: DeMint writes in book that he considered quitting in 2009

HE: David Mamet's Conversion

NYT: June’s Political Best Sellers

Ann Coulter: N.Y. Times: Fraught Nexus of Lies, Stupidity and Bigotry
Kerry Picket: New Coulter book 'Demonic' shows collectivist thought is mob mentality
David Limbaugh: 'Demonic' is angelic
Rush Limbaugh: Ann Coulter Explains "Demonic"
Ann Coulter: Obama: Hope, Change, and the Occasional Sex Dream
Ann Coulter: Civil Rights and the Mob: George Wallace, Bull Connor, Orval Faubus And Other Democrats
Daily Caller: Coulter goes after Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews in ‘Demonic’
Politico: Ann Coulter's book gets Matt Drudge's touch

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