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June 7, 2011


WaPo: Obama loses bin Laden bounce; Romney on the move among GOP contenders
DC: Carville: 2012 could be ‘very rough’ for Obama, says civil unrest ‘imminently possible’
Hill: Carville: Obama faces 'very rough' election without job growth
Rasmussen: 49% See Romney As Qualified to Be President
USA Today: Ron Paul raises $1 million attacking Mitt Romney

Atlantic: New Film Paints Favorable Portrait of Sarah Palin
McClatchy: New movie on Palin resembles a political commercial
NY Post: Palin tries to rock O's boat
WaPo: Sarah Palin’s midnight ride, twice over
Wes Pruden: She gets it right, you betcha
Politico: Palin emails to be published by Friday
American Spectator: Palin Ponders Third Party Paradox

WaPo: Ed Rollins will run Michele Bachmann’s campaign
Daily Caller: Michele Bachmann hires Ed Rollins to run campaign
Fox: Bachmann Team Talking to Rollins

WaPo: Pawlenty to propose tax cuts, smaller government role in economic address
Fox: Pawlenty to Lay Out Three-Tier Income Tax System in Obama's Hometown

NYT: ‘Culture Warrior’ Rick Santorum Jumps In
Human Ev: Santorum Announces Run For Presidency, Embraces American Exceptionalism

Michael Gerson: A serious GOP candidate: Jon Huntsman

Wash Times: Rick Perry faces uphill battle in possible presidential run
NatJ: Gov. Perry's Prayer Summit: Testing The Waters?

Wash Times: Democrats jump on ‘buyer’s remorse’

NYT: A Conservative Blogger Looks for Legitimacy (Andrew Breitbart)

Pat Buchanan: Return of the Anti-Interventionist Right

James Taranto: Bizarro World Racism: Chris Matthews discovers a new slur

Wash Times: States balk at illegals program: Democratic areas rebel

WaPo: House GOP unveils plan to cut federal workforce

Hill: GOP may push for two-year budget as price of debt deal
Hill: Conservatives press GOP leaders to tough out talks on raising debt ceiling

NYT: Courts Upend Budgets as States Look for Savings

WSJ: Second-Mortgage Misery: Nearly 40% Who Borrowed Against Homes Are Underwater

WSJ: Obama to Lose Top Economic Adviser
WaPo: Obama’s head of economic council, Goolsbee, to leave, plans return to academia
NYT: Top Obama Economic Player to Return to University Post

John Bolton: War-powers crisis

David Brooks: Where Wisdom Lives (Medicare)

WSJ: ObamaCare's Next Constitutional Challenge

WSJ: Fan and Fred: A Bad GOP Sequel (via Google)


DMR: Branstad on Iowa budget tour: My party is working in good faith


Boston Globe: N.H. voters weigh in on shifting GOP field


NYT: S. Carolina Supreme Court Rules Against Governor


NYT: Democrats Shy From Weiner as G.O.P. Seizes on Scandal
WSJ: Weiner Admits to Sending Photos; No Plans to Resign
NYT: Weiner Says He Sent Photos and Lied; Won’t Resign
WaPo: Anthony Weiner admits he sent photo, but won’t resign
DC: DCCC Chair, Pelosi call for ethics investigation against Weiner
WSJ: Anthony Weiner's Judgment
Daily Caller: Mixed reviews on Anthony Weiner’s chances of political survival
Politico: Can Anthony Weiner survive?
NYDN: Anthony Weiner will never be NYC mayor, says expert

NYT: Though Hailed, Albany Ethics Deal Is Seen as Having Weaknesses
NYT: Editorial: Ethics Reform, Albany Style
Albany TU: Ethics reform, warts and all


AP/Lin: Countdown begins to strike deal on Calif. budget

Dan Walters: New California legislative maps make good on promise of reform


Star-Telegram: Texas Senate passes bill allowing teacher furloughs, pay reductions


SPT: State Sen. Mike Bennett files papers to run for Congress against Kathy Castor


WSJ: Prosecutors Continue Blagojevich Cross-Examination
Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich says Senate trade would have been ‘a favor worth doing’

NYT: Justices Reject Challenge to Senate Election


Roll Call: Race Ratings: GOP Poised to Scoop Up a Seat


Star Tribune: GOP moves $110M closer to Dayton


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin Supreme Court weighs its role in collective bargaining case
AP/Richmond: GOP asks high court of state to reinstate union law
Reuters: Wisconsin high court quizzes both sides on union law

Milwaukee JS: GOP planning to field spoilers for all recalls

Beloit Daily News: Dems turn to Walker recall

Daily Caller: Democrats targeting Paul Ryan in 2012


Columbus Dispatch: Expected changes to Senate budget would cut legislators' pay


NYT: Edwards Rejected Deal That Called for Jail Time
AP/Pickler: Edwards-aide emails discuss payments to his mistress

Roll Call: Busy Cycle in Tarheel State


Fox: N.J.'s Christie Compares Public Broadcasting to Soviet Union Before Announcing Deal


Boston Globe: US overrules Patrick on immigration
NYT: Immigration Program Is Rejected by Third State


NYT: In State Parks, the Sharpest Ax Is the Budget’s


June 6, 2011


Weekly Standard: Economic Speed Bump or Double Dip Recession?
Hill: Weak jobs report fires up House GOP freshmen's calls for spending cuts
Wash Times: Democrats fire back at GOP on unemployment numbers
Fox: Obama Adviser: Private Sector is Key to Economic Recovery
Hill: White House shifts from ‘recovery mode’ to reviving private-sector spending
Michael Barone: Obama Tunes Out, and Business Goes on Hiring Strike

WSJ: Questions Linger on Getting Debt Deal by July 4
Hill: GOP freshman unconvinced on Geithner's debt ceiling timetable
Wash Times: ‘Drums of fear’ will sell bill on debt limit, Paul predicts
Roll Call: Paul Perceives Shift in Electorate
Hill: Ron Paul: Electorate moving toward me
Hill: Pelosi will 'never support' a deal that 'reduced benefits for Medicare'

Hill: The Week Ahead: Senate returns

WSJ: The Real Cost of the Auto Bailouts

WaPo: States slow to adopt health-care transition
Paul Krugman: Vouchercare Is Not Medicare
American Spectator: The Free Rider Problem
Andrew McCarthy: End Medicare

Examiner: Taxpayers are still subsidizing billionaire bankers
WSJ: Goldman Plans to Fight Back Against Senate Report (via Google)

Hill: String of major cybersecurity breaches builds momentum for government action

T. Boone Pickens: Natural gas is the key to energy security

NYT: Editorial: We Call That a Big Tent (John Bryson)

Examiner: What is Elizabeth Warren hiding from Congress?

Fox: Gates, on Farewell Tour, Warns Against Early Withdrawal from Afghanistan
NYT: Steeper Pullout Is Raised as Option for Afghanistan
Politico: No signs of a wrap-up in Afghanistan
Sen. Richard Lugar: The Obama administration’s dangerous course on Libya
WSJ: The Kucinich Republicans: The House GOP turns isolationist on Libya and war powers

WaPo: Among GOP, anti-tax orthodoxy runs deep

EJ Dionne: Romney’s flawed view of freedom

NRO: Palin the Undefeated
Hill: Palin on the big screen
Human Ev: "The Undefeated:" Documentary seeks to reset conventional wisdom on Palin
Politico: Filmmaker rescues Sarah Palin from 'vile'
Fox: Palin: I Didn't Mean to Step on Romney's Toes During Campaign Rollout
LA Times: Palin apologizes for upstaging Romney but not for her Paul Revere story
Wash Times: Palin won’t walk back her spin on Revere ride
Daily Caller: Palin doubles down on her Paul Revere claim, calls out Shep Smith
Roll Call: Palin Evaluates ‘Lay of the Land’ as She Gauges 2012 Bid
Politico: Palin: 'I didn't mess up about Paul Revere'
NYDN: Sarah Palin defends comments that Paul Revere warned British
Politico: Palin: Obama wants to 'go down with this sinking ship'
American Thinker: My Super Summer Vacation (Piper Palin)
Fred Barnes: Will the Real Sarah Palin Please Stand Up?

Weekly Standard: Land of Pawlenty

WaPo: Conservative women enthusiastic about Bachmann, Palin

Fox: Santorum Poised to Enter GOP Presidential Contest
Politico: Santorum sees a Huckabee path
WaPo: Santorum set to join Republican presidential field with western PA announcement
NYT: ‘Culture Warrior’ Looks to Broaden the Battle (Rick Santorum)

Wash Times: Trump, Cain, Israel fire up Faith-Freedom crowd
Weekly Standard: GOP Candidates Seek Values Vote at Faith and Freedom Conference

IBD: Ryan Also Does Foreign Policy, Stirring White House Chatter

Roll Call: Legislator Hopes to Spark ‘Christie for President’ Movement in S.C.

Hill: Obama '12: The record he’ll run on
NatJ: Back to Square One: Obama's Ratings Settle Near 2008 Levels
Ross Douthat: How Obama Loses
Joe Curl: Election 2012 by the numbers (take 1)

Politico: House Dems see chance for payback in 2012

NYT: Editorial: They Want to Make Voting Harder?


Politico: Energy subsidies hard to quit for GOP candidates


Roll Call: Dem Polling Suggests Bass Is Vulnerable on Medicare


NYT: Cuomo Health Adviser Absolved in Ethics Inquiry

Albany TU: Cuomo, lawmakers agree on ‘Clean Up Albany Act’

Mike Lupica: Weiner doing his best to let lewd Twitter photo scandal sink his political career


SacBee: California Capitol astir over upcoming district maps


Daily Caller: Ted Cruz: Cuban Ivy League Tea Partier for Senate


Politico: Alabama pushes health reforms


Human Events: Gerrymander Endangers Nearly All House GOPers in Illinois


Roll Call: Edwards Case May Test Bounds of Law
WaPo: Edwards danced a risky line between his public and private life
Human Events: Dumb & Dumber

Roll Call: NRCC Hits Brad Miller on Debt Limit Vote


Roll Call: George Allen Apologizes for ‘Macaca’


Wash Times: Maryland spending boost among largest


Boston Globe: DiMasi defense set to start rebuttal


WSJ: Driver's License Fight to Be Renewed

Fox: Ex-New Mexico Gov. Richardson Tied to New Pay-to-Play Allegations


Wash Times: Chaffetz mulls bid for Hatch’s seat in Senate


June 5, 2011


Wash Times: Job growth slows sharply; unemployment rate at 9.1 percent
NYT: For the Jobless, Little U.S. Help on Foreclosure
WaPo: Swing states still struggling after housing bust pose challenge to Obama reelection
NYT: Obama Retools 2008 Machine for Tough Run

NYT: Sarah Palin and the Politics of Winging It
Donna Brazile: Sarah Palin for U.S. president?

NYT: A G.O.P. Hopeful Gathers Momentum as More Voters Like What They Hear

WaPo: Huntsman’s not yet in 2012 White House race, but he’s mapping campaign strategy

LA Times: Republican contenders compete for Christian conservatives
NYT: Conference Offers Tryout for Hopefuls


WaPo: Louisiana redistricting case seen as crucial test of Voting Rights Act


NYT: Edwards Case Casts Spotlight on a Long Reclusive Donor
NYT: Editorial: John Edwards, A Cautionary Tale
Wash Times: John Edwards indictment a vindication for National Enquirer

News & Observer: N.C. Republicans cheer their successes


NYT: In Connecticut, Paid Sick Leave for Service Workers Is Approved


Arizona Republic: Palin: Arizona home not base for Senate try


June 4, 2011


WSJ: Job Market Loses Momentum (via Google)
WSJ: Democrats Ponder Next Step
WaPo: Economic news is bad for Obama’s reelection bid
NYT: War of Ideas on U.S. Budget Overshadows Job Struggle
NYT: Hiring in U.S. Slowed in May With 54,000 Jobs Added
NYT: What Do Economic Models Really Tell Us About Elections?

Tom Daschle: The Trouble With the Balanced Budget Amendment (via Google)

NYT: House Rebukes Obama for Continuing Libyan Mission Without Its Consent

WaPo: Can a Mormon presidential candidate win over the Republicans’ evangelical base?

WSJ: Sarah Crashes Mitt's Party

John Fund: Will Rick Run?

NYT: Using Legacy of Watergate, John Dean to Teach Ethics


NYT: Cuomo and Legislative Leaders Strike Deal on New Ethics Rules

NYT: Under Scrutiny, Official at State University Resigns


NYT: In Alabama, a Harsh Bill for Residents Here Illegally


NYT: Edwards Charged With Election Finance Fraud
NYT: Complex Case Ahead for Prosecutors


NYT: Between Young and Old, a Political Collision


June 3, 2011


WaPo: Mitt Romney announces 2012 presidential bid
WSJ: Romney Blasts Obama Over Economy
Boston Globe: Officially in, Romney all about the economy
NYDN: Mitt Romney announces 2012 presidential bid in NH: Obama has 'failed America'
NYT: Romney, Opening Race, Presents Himself as the Candidate to Face Obama
Wash Times: Romney’s in; Mormon faith still seen as hurdle
Roll Call: Romney Launches Campaign With Assault on Obama
Daily Caller: Romney announces run, blames Obama for making economy worse
Politico: Mitt Romney promises to 'bring this country back'
Hill: Romney announcement focuses on economy, says Obama 'failed'
HE: Romney Announces Run For Presidency, May Be Best Positioned to ‘Survive & Advance’
Rush Limbaugh: We All Knew About Obama, Mitt

WaPo: Sarah Palin dismisses Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s warnings about debt ceiling
Boston Globe: Palin in Boston to pick her spots, take her shots
Weekly Standard: Palin Rips Romneycare in Massachusetts
Politico: In New Hampshire, Sarah Palin blasts Timothy Geithner, fishing regulations
Human Events: Palin's Political Plan: No Memo for Media
WaPo: The Influence Industry: The fine lines between a Palin vacation and Palin tour
Byron York: Amid media circus, Palin lays out policy positions
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin vs. The Establishment
Politico: Sarah Palin's bus tour leaves GOP cold
Kim Strassel: The Problems With Palin (via Google)
Daily C: Alaska to release 250 pounds of Palin emails, some may touch on family matters
DC: Bristol Palin’s show to air in November, she’s not dating co-star

Roll Call: Bachmann Moves Chief of Staff to New Gig
Politico: The Michele Bachmann - Tim Pawlenty grudge match

LA Times: Palin, Giuliani steal some Romney thunder in New Hampshire
WSJ: Contrite Giuliani Weighs New White House Bid

Wash Times: Paul Ryan is the anti-Obama who can bring back America from the brink
WS: Ryan Embraces American Exceptionalism, Rejects Isolationism in Foreign Policy Speech

Weekly Standard: The Anti-Huntsman Ad

Politico: Donald Trump out of race, but not his money

Hill: GOP candidates head to DC
Politico: Newt Gingrich to skip Faith & Freedom Coalition conference

NRO: The Options for 2012
LA Times: Pew poll finds Republican candidates haven't made a great first impression
Sunshine News: National Poll Finds Close Race for GOP Presidential Nomination in 2012

Politico: Obama disapproval sub-40 for first time in 18 months

NYT: On the Maddeningly Inexact Relationship Between Unemployment and Re-Election
NYT: Legal Outsourcing Firms Creating Jobs for American Lawyers

WaPo: Republicans hope to spark political revival among evangelicals for 2012 race

NYT: Rural Legislators’ Power Ebbs as Populations Shift

NYT: Editorial: About That Precedent (corporate contributions to political candidates)

Wash Times: Dissenters in GOP rethink Electoral College

James Taranto: Give Me That Old Gray Religion

Wash Times: U.S. debt rating faces downgrade
NYT: Moody’s Warns of Downgrade for U.S. Credit
WSJ: Moody's Threatens U.S. Debt Rating Cut (via Google)
WaPo: Moody’s: If debt deal fails, U.S. risks credit downgrade
Trib: Geithner to GOP: Raise debt limit or 'lights out'
LA Times: Geithner meets with skeptical House GOP amid new warning on debt ceiling
Politico: John Boehner pressures Barack Obama on debt limit
Hill: Obama, Democrats talk jobs as impasse over cuts hardens
Charles Krauthammer: Our salutary debt-ceiling scare
Peggy Noonan: Obama and the Debt Crisis (via Google)
Paul Krugman: The Mistake of 2010
Alan Simpson & Erskine Bowles: The Gang of Six is our best shot
Michael Gerson: A budget cutter with a conscience (David Cameron)
Pat Buchanan: Obama in a Dream World
Rush Limbaugh: Republican Leaders Meet with the Extremely Beatable Barack Obama

Fox: Job growth could be weakening as economy sputters
WaPo: Economic outlook hinges on unemployment report
Bloomberg: U.S. Employers Probably Added Fewer Workers
Hill: May jobs report meets low expectations
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Panic Over the Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Flashback: Joe Bite Me on the Great Success of the Stimulus

Hill: Boehner searches for Medicare reform's bumper sticker
WSJ: OpEd: What Paul Ryan's Critics Don't Know About Health Economics (via Google)
Wash Times: Lack of retirement savings makes entitlements sacrosanct
NRO: Medicare? What Medicare?

Politico: Homeland Security appropriations bill clears House
Human Events: House GOP Fight To Secure Defense and Protective Service Appropriations
AJC: Budget Baby Steps

WSJ: Health-Care Initiative Draws Fire

Fox: U.S. Offers Foreign Aid to Countries Holding Billions in Treasury Securities

WaPo: Boehner introduces alternative resolution on Libya
Politico: House GOP moves to bar ground troops in Libya
Hill: Boehner introduces new resolution seeking Libya mission clarity
NYT: House Sets Votes on Two Resolutions Critical of U.S. Role in Libyan Conflict
Telegraph UK: Republican challenge Barack Obama over Libya involvement

John Bolton: How to Block the Palestine Statehood Ploy (via Google)

Hill: Panetta hearings set for next Thursday

WaPo: Legal adviser Bauer to leave White House post
Roll Call: Obama Counsel Bob Bauer Leaving White House

Fox: Republicans Ready for Battle Against White House Over Commerce Secretary
Examiner: Editorial: Crony capitalist Bryson should be rejected at Commerce

WSJ: Gmail Hack Targeted White House
Politico: FBI investigates Gmail hack


DMR: In front or underdog? Iowans still mixed on Romney
NYT: In Iowa, Pawlenty’s Campaign Is Taking the Road Less Traveled
Human Events: 7 Months to Iowa


AP/Love: N.H. Senate OK’s expanding state’s capital punishment law


Rep. Joe Wilson & Rep. Trey Gowdy: Beyond the politics of NLRB's actions


WSJ: Weiner Now Silent Over Lewd Photo
Politico: Anthony Weiner and the law's peril
NYT: In District, Puzzled by Weiner’s Uncertainty on Photo
NY Post: Lewd-pic recipient worn out by Weiner scandal
DC: Weiner’s office calls police after CBS 2's Marcia Kramer asks for interview
John Fund: How Not to Handle a Political Crisis
Eugene Robinson: The brief on Rep. Anthony Weiner
Michelle Malkin: The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill
Rush Limbaugh: A Different Take on Weinergate
American Spectator: Weiner's Week

Rochester D&C: Rep. Kathy Hochul named to Homeland Security panel


LA Times: CA lawmakers will lose pay if budget isn't passed by June 15, state controller says

Fox: California Bill Could Protect Cross-Dressing in the Work Force


Roll Call: Club for Growth Picks Texas Senate Favorite (Ted Cruz)
Politico: Williams likely to drop Senate bid

NYT: Special-Session Time, but to Whose Advantage?
NYT: A G.O.P. Legislator Ardently Conservative, God-Fearing and Not a Team Player

WaPo: The GOP’s big Texas gerrymander


NewsOK: NY congressional election a signal for Republicans


Sunshine News: GOP Looking to Take on Bill Nelson Continue to Fire Away at Each Other

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott to launch inquiry into why some people were ejected from budget signing


WSJ: Lawsuit Challenges Georgia Immigration Law

C&E: Campaign Funds Seizure Decision Could Have Broader Implications


Chicago ST: Top Illinois Republicans to fight congressional remap
NYT: Incumbents Carve Out a New Congressional Map

Chicago Tribune: Prosecutors paint Blagojevich as slippery and evasive
Chicago ST: Cross-examination of Blagojevich: ‘You are a convicted liar, correct?’
WSJ: Prosecutor, Blagojevich Go Toe-to-Toe in Courtroom
NYT: Blagojevich, on Stand, Replies ‘Yes,’ He’s a Liar


Fox: White House Tees Up Clash With Indiana Over Planned Parenthood Law


Star Tribune: GOP: No budget mediation
Star Tribune: Skirmishes won't avert a shutdown

Roll Call: Poll Shows Klobuchar With Strong Lead


Roll Call: Feingold Will Decide on Senate Bid by Labor Day

Fox: Wisconsin Reopens Fight Over Collective Bargaining


WSJ: Unions Push to Undo Ohio Law (via Google)

Fox: Obama to Promote Auto Industry Rebound in Ohio

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich won't join governors club


Detroit News: Parole Board moves Kwame Kilpatrick closer to freedom

Detroit FP: Mail with suspicious powder sent to Gov. Rick Snyder


Roll Call: Cohen Confident He’ll Defeat Primary Opponent


Politico: Edwards charges expected Friday
Mail UK: Edwards 'begged his mistress to marry so she wouldn't have to testify against him'

Charlotte Observer: State budget's advance fires up some critics


Politico: Christine O'Donnell: FEC complaint dismissed


NYT: Christie and G.O.P. Repay State for Helicopter Flights
WSJ: Chopper Costs Christie (via Google)


AP/Haigh: Conn. governor warns of massive layoffs if contract is rejected


WSJ: Feds Settle Lawsuit Against Ariz. Sheriff's Office


Fox: Rep. Chaffetz Leaning Toward Senate Challenge Against Hatch


Roll Call: Rehberg Names Erik Iverson Campaign Manager


June 2, 2011


NYT: Stocks Drop Sharply on Disappointing Reports
CNBC: Horror for US Economy as Data Falls off Cliff
WaPo: U.S. economy: Manufacturing slowdown the latest sign the recovery is faltering
WSJ: The Housing Illusion (via Google)

NYT: Employment Data May Be the Key to the President’s Job
Dan Henninger: Obama's Cloud Economy
Roger Hedgecock: Americans Cut Spending as Economy Shrinks

WaPo: Obama meets GOP lawmakers at White House; no progress on raising debt limit
Wash Times: Obama, lawmakers stay at odds on spending cuts
NYT: Obama Urged to Act Quickly on Budget Agreement
Politico: John Boehner calls for debt deal in a month
Hill: Speaker Boehner calls for debt ceiling deal by the end of June
Human Events: Inside Scoop on Spending Sit-down Between Obama and House Members
Hill: Some GOP no’s on ‘pledge’ could complicate debt talks
WSJ: Budget Face-Off at White House (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: Playing With Matches on the Debt
WSJ: In Praise of Debt Limit 'Chicken' (via Google)
WSJ: The Debt Limit Dance (via Google)
Hill: Democrats get creative to prevent deep cuts to anti-poverty programs
James Taranto: The Debt-Limit Drama
EJ Dionne: Why Paul Ryan is losing the Medicare argument
Jennifer Rubin: Paul Ryan stands up to Obama on Medicare reform

NYT: Improved Tax Collections Can’t Keep Pace With States’ Fiscal Needs, Survey Finds
WSJ: States See Uptick in Revenue, Costs (via Google)

WSJ: Future Oil Supplies Can Lower Prices Today (via Google)

Michael Hayden: Birthers, Truthers and Interrogation Deniers

David Ignatius: The blurring of CIA and military

DC: Amid scandals, Education Department finalizes regulation on for-profit schools

NYT: Second Appellate Panel Hears Arguments on Health Care Law
WSJ: Judges Give Health Overhaul Mixed Reception

Linda Greenhouse: A Voice From the Past

WSJ: New Terms in Crack Debate

WaPo: Mitt Romney to announce second candidacy for president in 2012
LA Times: Mitt Romney is ready to run a very different presidential campaign
Wash Times: In N.H., Romney looks ahead with benefit of hindsight
NRO: Romney’s Second Primary Act
Hill: Romney will say Obama 'has failed America' in 2012 launch speech
WSJ: Rivals Crowd Romney Kickoff (via Google)
NatJ: Mitt Romney at the Starting Gate: Is the Thoroughbred Ready for a Muddy Track?
Politico: New Hampshire: Mitt Romney’s must-win state
American Spectator: Romney Runs Again
Rich Lowry: The Problems of Mitt Romney

ABC: Sarah Palin Confirms Tour Will Go National
Boston Globe: Palin’s whirlwind tour could rain on Romney
Politico: After Ellis Island, Sarah Palin heads to Boston
Human Events: Palin Visits Ellis Island, Praises Legal Immigrants, Opposes DREAM Act
NBC NY: Sarah Palin Dons Star of David Necklace for NYC Visit
NYDN: Sarah Palin tour stops at Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty before visit to Fox News
WaPo: Palin’s bus tour filled with short glimpses of history
Hill: Palin meets with Fox News execs, still under contract with network
American Thinker: Dr. Krauthammer and Gov. Palin: Analyzing the Analyst
Jonah Goldberg: The Palin-Trump Show

NYT: In Iowa, Pawlenty’s Campaign Is Taking the Road Less Traveled
WSJ: Projected State Deficit Shadows Pawlenty's Bid
Roll Call: Tim Pawlenty Staffs Up in New Hampshire
Politico: The Michele Bachmann -Tim Pawlenty grudge match

Daily Caller: Staff shift may indicate Bachmann presidential run
Hill: Staff moves fuel speculation on a presidential bid by Michele Bachmann

George Will: Jon Huntsman’s thorny path to the GOP nomination
Politico: What is HuntsmanCare?

NYT: Rick Perry’s Bush Problem
Ted Nugent: Run, Rick, run
Star-Telegram: Cornyn says Perry would do well as presidential candidate

Daily Caller: Cain makes strong showing in Iowa poll
Politico: Herman Cain fundraises off rising polls

Chris Cillizza: Jim DeMint won’t run for president (again)

Chris Cillizza: Many Republicans “not impressed” with 2012 field
J Bernstein: DeMint’s flirtation with presidential run reveals key weakness in the GOP field

Wash Times: Obama loses women’s support


Hill: 2012 contenders flood New Hampshire as Romney prepares bid


Roll Call: Nevada 2nd District Special Election Could Be Delayed


WaPo: Anthony Weiner’s plan to cool Twitter furor backfires
NYT: Lawmaker Denies Sending Suggestive Photo but Doesn’t Rule Out It’s of Him
NYT: Weiner Can’t Rule Out That Twitter Photo Is of Him
Wash Times: Rep. Weiner won’t deny Twitter photo isn’t him
WSJ: Weiner Fails to Quell Controversy Over Photo
NY Post: Rep. Weiner's just a bad liar - and that's the truth
DC: Wolf bites Weiner in interview: ‘You would know if this is your underpants, for example?’
NatJ: A Republican Surge In Weiner's District
Human Events: Weiner’s Mayoral Ambitions Twittering Away?
Ann Coulter: Weiner's Penis Photo Dispute To Be Settled In Small Claims Court
Dana Milbank: @RepWeiner beats a hasty retweet

Buffalo News: Hochul takes oath of office
NYT: Hochul Is Sworn In as House Member
WaPo: Democrat Kathy Hochul sworn in as newest House member
NatJ: Meet Kathy Hochul, Newest Member of Congress
Roll Call: Boehner: Medicare Only Small Part of N.Y. Loss

NYT: Cuomo Ends State’s Role in Checking Immigrants

NYT: Governor Nominates Developer to Lead Thruway Authority
Buffalo News: Cuomo says Milstein will bring a 'business mentality' to job

Albany TU: Q-Poll: Cuomo is AWESOME, Gillibrand over 50
NYDN: Poll shows Gov. Cuomo still has sky-high approval ratings


LA Times: Bill on financial aid for undocumented college students advances in CA Legislature


Karl Rove: William Perry Clements: Lone-Star Giant (via Google)

Roll Call: Between the Lines: Doggett’s Darned District Dilemma in Texas


Roll Call: LeMieux Hires Rubio Campaign Manager
Roll Call: Haridopolos Seeks to Settle Medicare Stance After Radio Evasion
Daily Caller: Florida Senate candidate gets caught in Medicare trap

Roll Call: FEC Goes After Dealership With Buchanan Ties for Campaign Finance Infractions

SPT: State Sen. Mike Fasano most vocal voice of Republican opposition

Miami Herald: ACLU fights Gov. Rick Scott's order to drug test state workers
SPT: Florida government employees rush to apply for lucrative retirement benefits


AJC: Here comes the challenge to Georgia’s immigration law


Fox: House Speaker Candidate Smith Switches to GOP


Politico: Republicans in Ill. brace for bloodbath

Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich retrial turns to '(bleeping) golden' statement

Chicago ST: Gay couples celebrate Illinois civil unions with hugs, tears and cheers


Fox: Obama Administration Calls Indiana's Ban of Planned Parenthood Illegal
NYT: U.S. Says New Indiana Law Improperly Limits Medicaid
NatJ: CMS Denies Indiana Law Restricting Funding to Clinics Offering Abortions


American Spectator: Minnesota for Marriage


Milwaukee JS: State board requests more time to review recall petitions
Chris Cillizza: Republicans upset with Wisconsin recall process


Roll Call: Race Ratings: Can Democrats Reclaim Ark. Territory?


Politico: Rielle Hunter shopping a book?


WaPo: Ex-Secret Service agent Bongino enters race to unseat Cardin
Daily Caller: Agent leaves Secret Service to run for U.S. Senate


NYT: Christie Fields Criticism for State Helicopter Trip


Politico: Arizona weighs judicial woes


C&E: New Mexico's Open 2012 Senate Contest Already in Full Swing


Roll Call: Chaffetz Seems Increasingly Likely to Challenge Hatch
Politico: Chaffetz telling Utah insiders he's in


June 1, 2011


WSJ: House Soundly Rejects Increase in Debt Ceiling
Wash Times: House rejects ‘clean’ debt-ceiling hike 318-97
WaPo: House rejects proposal to raise debt ceiling
LA Times: In symbolic vote, House defeats measure to raise nation's debt limit
Examiner: Dems join GOP to defeat bill to raise debt ceiling
NYT: Pressing Obama, House Bars Rise for Debt Ceiling
David Malpass: A Smarter Debt Limit Strategy (via Google)
Tony Blankley: Democratic response to deficit spending

Fox: Falling Home Prices Erode Nest Eggs, Local Government Budgets
WSJ: Home Prices Hit Post-Bubble Low (via Google)
NYT: House Prices Fall to New Post-Bubble Low as More Rent
Politico: Economy may hurt Obama '12

WSJ: Share of Population on Food Stamps Grows in Most States

Wash Times: 77,000 fed employees paid more than governors

Wash Times: Marriage culture key to economy, study says

Examiner: Not so fast on 'Mediscare' and bellwethers
AJC: Tom Price: GOP’s Medicare changes may be more right than ‘politically smart’
Ruth Marcus: ‘Paul’ and ‘Barack’ talk Medicare
Jon Huntsman: Our Current Time for Choosing (Ryan's Medicare plan)

WaPo: Why health care might not be debated in 2012

WSJ: Obama Taps Businessman Bryson for Commerce Post
NYT: Obama Nominates Bryson for Commerce Secretary
NYT: Commerce Choice Draws Praise for Background
Hill: Obama Commerce pick sets up showdown on trade with Senate GOP

WSJ: Supreme Court Voids Suit Against Ashcroft
Wash Times: Supreme Court: Ashcroft can’t be sued over arrest
WaPo: Supreme Court: Ashcroft not liable in detention of American Muslim post-9/11
NYT: Justices Block Suit Over Use of Material Witness Law Against Detainee
NYT: Editorial: Qualified Immunity, Unqualified Doubt
WaPo: Editorial: The right call on John Ashcroft

NYT: Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War

NYT: In Shift, Justice Department is Hiring Lawyers With Civil Rights Backgrounds

Sec. Timothy Geithner: A rescue worth fueling

Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Stimulus Has Failed
Rush Limbaugh: Welcome to Obamaville, 2011: Downsizing the American Dream
Rush Limbaugh: The Left Sells Doom and Gloom

Dick Morris: Romney’s primary path
Chris Cillizza: Mitt Romney’s healthcare “problem”
Fox: Romney Must Block Huntsman, Keep GOP Field Divided

LA Times: Sarah Palin's bus tour steals spotlight from GOP presidential candidates
Politico: Sarah Palin calls to eliminate energy subsidies
John Fund: Palin Takes in the Sights
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Toys with the Media
Dan Balz: Palin rewrites the rules but is that enough?
Politico: Sarah Palin mobbed on Day 3 of bus tour
NYT: Palin Visits Trump in New York
WSJ: Palin Tours Sites, Dines With Trump
WaPo: Sarah Palin and Donald Trump share pizza in Times Square
AP/Fouhy: Palin visits Trump in NYC while on her motor tour
Hill: Super ticket? Palin and Trump to meet Tuesday night in New York
Alaska Dispatch: What to expect from a Palin presidential campaign
NYT: Palin Dismisses the Media, but They Come Back for More
Wash Times: GOP presidential field needs a dose of excitement
Wash Times: Sarah of Alaska fits Joan of Arc role as 2012 possibility
Politico: Do not underestimate Sarah Palin
American Spectator: Sarah Has the Liberal Media on a String
American Thinker: Why The Elites Hate Sarah Palin

WaPo: N.H. voters meet Bachmann, talk about Palin
Politico: Michele Bachmann: Sarah Palin is not a competitor
DC: If Bachmann runs for president, there is much she can learn from Palin’s 2008 VP run

WSJ: As GOP Eyes Turn to Texas, Perry Hits Snag
Politico: Rick Perry to replace Donald Trump at New York dinner

Gallup: Newt Gingrich's Image Slides Among Republicans
Newt Gingrich: "This Week in American Exceptionalism"

Fox: Christie Tells Iowa Donors He's Still Not Running

Hill: DeMint mulls White House bid

WaPo: GOP presidential candidates rush to secure big donors
C&E: The 2012 Fundraising Race Is Well Underway
Examiner: GOP delays aid Obama's re-election, experts say
Hill: Charming but unelectable: The GOP presidential field takes an odd shape

NYT: One Person, One Vote? Not Exactly

Roll Call: Some Immigrants Turn to Tea Party

NYT: A Political Revival for Ralph Reed


Rush Limbaugh: Weinergate: Too Small to Matter
James Taranto: My Follow Americans: The first scandal of the Twitter era
NYT: Lawmaker in Twitter Case Assails Reporters
WaPo: Weiner calls lewd photo on Twitter a ‘distraction’
NYDN: Weiner snaps at reporter asking about lewd picture that came from his Twitter feed
NY Post: Weiner's tweet-hearts

Roll Call: New York Winner to Be Sworn In Today

Albany TU: Seniority rosters stir concern
Albany TU: Seniority rosters are going out to agencies

Buffalo News: Governor turns to Milstein to run Thruway Authority


Dan Walters: June is pivotal for Gov. Brown and California budget


Politico: New Texas map wins GOP support


NYT: Florida: Welfare Recipients Face Drug Tests

Gov. Rick Scott includes 'failed stimulus' money in budget
Miami Herald: After bashing Obama’s stimulus program, Scott includes money in budget


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich testimony addresses Senate allegations
Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich on Senate seat ideas: ‘Good, bad, stupid, ugly’
WSJ: Blagojevich Denies Pursuit of Political Funds
NYT: Illinois: Blagojevich Denies a Deal

WaPo: Illinois redistricting plan: DeLay Lite?
Roll Call: Democrats’ New Illinois Map May Not Withstand Time
Hill: At least six House seats now considered in play thanks to Illinois redistricting
Chicago ST: Illinois GOP lawsuit likely on congressional remap
Politico: Illinois's radical new map heads to Quinn

Chicago Tribune: Casino bill goes to Quinn
Chicago ST: Legislature ends session with casinos, workers comp, fistfight


Milwaukee JS: Kloppenburg concedes election to Prosser
WSJ: Kloppenburg Concedes Wisconsin Judicial Race
Politico: Results official in Wis. judge race

Milwaukee JS: Panel OKs recall elections against 3 more Republicans
Wash Times: Three more GOP state senators in Wisconsin to face recall
Roll Call: Senate Race Heats Up House Hunt in Wisconsin


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Senate budget restores some aid to schools
Reuters: Ohio Senate budget sends more money to schools and cities


LA Times: Kansas governor eliminates state's arts funding


WSJ: Money for Nothing
NYT: Christie Takes State Copter to Son’s Ballgame


Human Events: High Court Upholds Arizona Legal Worker Law


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Ann Coulter: Civil Rights and the Mob: George Wallace, Bull Connor, Orval Faubus And Other Democrats

Fox: Cheney Memoir Will Be 'Straightforward', Daughter Says

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