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June 21, 2011


Wash Times: Huntsman revs up for GOP race
Fox: Huntsman to Announce Presidential Bid
Daily Caller: Right out of the gate, Huntsman fields Democrat attacks
NYT: Huntsman Steps Into the Republican Vacuum
Politico: Jon Huntsman: Defining 'conservative'
Hill: Dems strike ahead of Huntsman’s 2012 announcement
Politico: Jon Huntsman's venue, Liberty State Park, has storied history
Politico: Jon Huntsman campaign raising off civil unions
NatJ: The Selling of the Candidate 2012: Is Jon Huntsman the Un-Republican?
WaPo: Romney, Huntsman try to tap wealth of Mormon community
RTT: Poll Shows 22% Opposed To Voting For A Mormon In 2012

Daily Caller: Romney campaigning in likely swing state Colorado
Boston Globe: Abortion foes’ pledge is snag for Romney
Fox: Frontrunner Romney Takes Heat Over Abortion Stance
Politico: Mitt Romney versus the many

Rush Limbaugh: Comparison of the Media Coverage on Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman
NatJ: 12 Things Texans Know About Gov. Rick Perry That You Should, Too
Politico: Rick Perry aids prepped for rumor rehash
Hill: Texas delegation presses Perry to run

Chris Cillizza: Michele Bachmann’s (sort of) silent strategy
American Spectator: Is Sarah Palin Bachmann's Goldwater?

Daily Caller: Pawlenty supports Christie pension reform

Rush Limbaugh: The Republican Party Looks to Losers to Tell Them How to Win

Houston Chronicle: Why does Ron Paul keep winning all these GOP straw polls?

Michael Gerson: Herman Cain’s modern-day religious test

Hill: Obama the human Rorschach test faces huge 2012 challenge

EJ Dionne: How states are rigging the 2012 election


WaPo: White House, lawmakers speed up debt-reduction talks
WaPo: McConnell: Short-term raising of debt ceiling possible if deal isn’t reached
Hill: Kyl: GOP wants 10-year plan to cut spending as part of debt deal
WaPo: Debate over raising U.S. debt ceiling high on civility, low on anger
Politico: GOP eyes tax breaks, loopholes
WSJ: The GOP Myth of 'Job-Killing' Spending
Hanna, Chocola & Blackwell: The Fiscal Pledge We Need: Cut, Cap, Balance
DC: ‘Cut, Cap, Balance’ pledge ties conservative choices to debt ceiling vote
Joe Nocera: Banking’s Moment of Truth
WSJ: Democrats and Dying Cities (via Google)
Rasmussen: Confidence in Housing Values Plummets

WSJ: Justices Curb Class Actions
NYT: Justices Rule for Wal-Mart in Class-Action Bias Case
WaPo: Supreme Court blocks massive sex-discrimination suit against Wal-Mart
WSJ: Justices Curb Class Actions
Wash Times: Justices nix Wal-Mart class-action bid
NYT: Wal-Mart Case Is a Blow for Big Cases and Their Lawyers
NYT: Editorial: Wal-Mart Wins. Workers Lose.
WSJ: Wal-Mart's Class Victory . . . (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: A sensible call on the Wal-Mart class-action suit

WSJ: . . . And the Climate Tort Cashiered (via Google)
WaPo: EPA budget cuts put states in bind

NYT: Court Issues Split Ruling on Poor’s Right to Counsel

WSJ: Obama to Specify Afghanistan Troop Cuts
NYT: Obama to Announce Plans for Afghan Surge Pullout
Fox: Top Advisers Split on Afghanistan Withdrawal
WaPo: Obama to announce Afghanistan withdrawal plans Wednesday
David Brooks: Smart Power Setback

Wash Times: Libya testing limits of ‘73 law
Politico: House GOP mulls new limits on Libya
Hill: Boehner under pressure from the right and the left on Libya policy
WaPo: Obama’s negation of ‘hostilities’ in Libya draws criticism
Bruce Ackerman: Legal Acrobatics, Illegal War
Human Events: Showdown Looms Over Libya

LA Times: ATF director to resign, agency sources say
American Spectator: Operation Fast and Spurious

NYT: Health Law in a Swirl of Forecasts

Rush Limbaugh: On the Cutting Edge: We Covered the Fast and Furious Story in March

Bret Stephens: A Republican Foreign Policy

NYT: House Republicans’ Solution to Recess Appointments? No Recess

Pat Buchanan: The Dumbing-Down of America

Rush Limbaugh: Golf with Bam a Flub for Boehner?

Rush Limbaugh: Outrage Over NBC Golf Broadcast Omission of "Under God" in Pledge

James Taranto: Happy Donor's Day!


DMR: Kurtenbach takes position with Pawlenty campaign
Politico: George Pataki defends Iowa caucuses


WaPo: Fight between labor and Boeing puts Obama in a bind


USA Today: Nev. GOP candidate raises specter of Chinese takeover
Politico: Debt limit takes stage in Nevada


WSJ: Stalemates Lock Albany (via Google)
NYT: Legislature Still at Odds Over Cuomo’s Top Issues
Buffalo News: Demonstrators congregate as Senate continues to mull vote on gay marriage
Buffalo News: Albany halls resound with pros and cons on gay marriage
WaPo: NY Senate stalls on gay marriage vote as hundreds of demonstrators rally in Albany
Albany TU: The talk is gay marriage

Roll Call: Buerkle Becomes Democrats’ Prime N.Y. Target

NYT: Politically Tied Lawyers Win Jobs Handling Foreclosures in the City


WaPo: New redistricting map could make California less golden on the Hill


Star-Telegram: Texas congressional redistricting plan gets final approval
AP/Vertuno: New congressional district map sent to Gov. Perry


Miami Herald: Florida redistricting meeting draws fire

SPT: Unions sue Gov. Rick Scott over pension overhaul, employee pay cut


WSJ: Georgia Immigration Law Faces a Test by July


Reuters: Senator Mark Kirk seeks private cash for public infrastructure
Pioneer Press: GOP leaders ask Dayton to call special legislative session


Duluth NT: No negotiations with 10 days of Minnesota money left


Dana Milbank: Scott Walker finds making bumper stickers is easier than creating jobs

American Thinker: The Democrats' Recall Bomb


Detroit News: Democrats unveil plans for redrawing House districts

Bloomberg: Michigan May Get to Vote on Budget Cutters


Politico: Blunt lauds foundation to rebuild Joplin


Roll Call: GOP Sees Red, Not Carolina Blue, in N.C. Gains


AP/Scolforo: Pa. House takes up photo ID requirement for voters


NYT: In New Jersey, Bill Advances on Public Workers’ Benefits


Roll Call: Poll: Hatch, Chaffetz Close in GOP Primary
NYT: Support Is Mutual for Senator and Makers of Supplements
Hill: Hatch wins Kennedy’s hideaway


June 20, 2011


NRO: Michele, New-Feminist Belle
WaPo: Michele Bachmann, others raise millions for political campaigns with ‘money blurts’
Wash Times: Bachmann generates buzz; Perry fails big expectations
Politico: Michele Bachmann assails Mitt Romney
Gary Bauer: Bachmann Rising

WSJ: Texan Perry Sizes Up Roadblocks to GOP Bid
Daily Caller: Perry continues to hint at presidential run
Politico: Rick Perry scouts 2012 bid
LA Times: GOP lacks a strong contender from the South

Jennifer Rubin: More on pledge mess: Abortion group says Romney is swell
Joe Curl: Veep blunder in ‘08 might be right pick for Romney
Examiner: 'Fabulous' health care law now haunts Romney
Hill: GOP rivals' knives come out for Romney
Boston Globe: Mormons’ image campaign
SacBee: Field Poll: 25% of California GOP voters favor Romney for president

Politico: Issue for Jon Huntsman: His family's Iran business
NYT: For 2012 Hopeful, Envoy Job in China Was a Useful Detour

Politico: In heated presser, Cain discusses the Fed, abortion and gun rights

Politico: GOP magic trick: Making George W. Bush vanish
Human Events: 10 Reasons Obama is a One-Term President

Ross Douthat: Rand and Rubio


NYT: Congressional Week Ahead: Budget Talks Heat Up
Hill: The week ahead: Fed meets to set key interest rates, Bernanke speaks
Fox: Lawmakers Talk About Same Goals, Offer Starkly Different Suggestions for Debt Deal
Hill: Changes to Medicare, Medicaid to be discussed in hearings, debt talks
Hill: Interest rates cast cloud over deficit talks
WSJ: Five Lessons for Deficit Busters
WaPo: Editorial: First rule of economics: Do no harm
Michael Barone: Government Looks to Past, Free Enterprise to Future
American Spectator/Prowler: Anti-Business as Usual

NYT: Nominees at Standstill as G.O.P. Flexes Its Muscle

NYT: House May Vote This Week on Money for Libya Strikes

NYT: Companies Push for Tax Break on Foreign Cash
WaPo: Stock awards and bonuses push up compensation totals
WaPo: With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America

Chris Cillizza: For Obama, closer look at state unemployment numbers shows silver lining
WaPo: Rise in giving signals economic rebound

Fox: As 'Fast and Furious' Fiasco Unfolds, Obama ATF Nominee Prepares Return to DC
DC: Experts blast AG’s claim that lawyers are most effective terror-fighting weapon’

WSJ: Remarkably, the FCC decides that govt should leave the local news industry alone

Examiner: Dems' policy on Big Oil is punishment, not reform


Roll Call: Influence of Iowa, Ethanol Industry Appears to Wane
Human Events: Ethanol Tax Fight in Senate


WSJ: Boeing's Threat to American Enterprise
Wash Times: NLRB faces double-edged decision


NY Post: OK for gay marriage is 'rite' around the corner
Buffalo News: Inevitability of marriage for gays stirs exultation
Albany TU: The big push at session's end


WSJ: As Sacramento Turns: California Governor Jerry Brown's latest budget soap opera
George Skelton: Jerry Brown's burden of consistency


Star-Telegram: Texas voters can expect big changes in elections


Hill: Obama, Republicans prepare for another showdown in Florida

Buzz: Republicans must hit political reset button with redistricting process that begins Monday


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder to announce sweeping DPS reforms today


Politico: McConnell: Get terror case out of Ky.


June 19, 2011


WSJ: Gov. Perry Calls for More State Power
NYT: Texas Leader Calls for Rightward Tilt
NatJ: Perry Road-Tests A Stump Speech
Examiner: Rick Perry sounds like a candidate in his RLC speech
Fox: Texas Gov. Perry Not a 2012 Candidate Just Yet

WaPo: Perry prospects, Obama impersonator draw attention at GOP gathering
NYT: Fake ‘Obama’ Stuns Crowd at Republican Event
Wash Times: Ron Paul wins straw poll at GOP conference; Rick Perry draws applause
Chris Cillizza: Ron Paul takes RLC straw poll

NYT: Conservative Bloggers Cheer Palin Film
Bill O'Reilly: The Great Palin E-mail Hunt
Daily Caller: Bristol Palin lost virginity during drunken moment

Star Tribune: Bachmann takes glitter protest in stride (with photo)

LA Times: Was Jon Huntsman campaigning while he was still ambassador?
Weekly Standard: Huntsman Comes in Second in RLC Straw Poll
Daily Caller: Paul wins straw poll, Huntsman places second

DMR: Herman Cain will compete in the Iowa straw poll, campaign says

Wash Times: Obama slammed at liberal conference

Hill: With Weiner gone, Democrats waste no time trying to move on

David Limbaugh: A New Paradigm for the Left?


Chicago Tribune: Golf win for Obama and Boehner, but no political deals
Wash Times: Putter there pal: Obama, Boehner play much-anticipated golf match
NYT: On the Links, a New Alliance for Obama
Politico: No gimmes at 'golf summit'
NY Post: It's a bi'par'tisan summit: Bam, Boehner win $2

Hill: Dems are lukewarm on Obama's push for a payroll tax holiday

WaPo: With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America

LA Times: Supreme Court heads into final two weeks


Daily Caller: Mark Amodei gets Republican nomination for Nevada special election


American Thinker: The Muslim Brotherhood and Weiner
NY Post: Odd bulge in Weiner tax form


LA Times: Hip-hop-themed Janice Hahn attack ad draws FEC complaint [Video]


Buzz: The most powerful person in Gov. Scott's office

Miami Herald: Allen West makes waves, earns tea-party raves


Milwaukee JS: Redistricting pushes boundaries to help a Republican congressman

Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin unions try to battle back


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich adviser ends bid for superintendent post


Detroit News: McCotter raises profile in weekend tour on conservative circuit


WaPo: Mooney: Despite robocalls, ‘plenty’ of reasons to vote GOP


June 18, 2011


WaPo: Republican activists keep their sights on Obama at conference
Hill: Ron Paul wins Republican Leadership Conference straw poll by wide margin
Politico: Bachmann fires up RightOnline
Hill: 'President Bachmann will allow you to buy any light bulb you want'

Andrew McCarthy: Romney’s Religion Problem
Politico: Romney won't sign abortion pledge
WSJ: Pawlenty Takes On Romney

WSJ: Rick Perry's First 100 Days

Bill Keller: The Tom and Jerry Problem (Sarah Palin)
Politico: An ugly portrait of Levi in Bristol's new book

Wash Times: Herman Cain: Don’t mess with Israel
Politico: Herman Cain campaigns in black and white

Rush Limbaugh: Don't Doubt Me! A Brand-Name Conservative Will Clobber Obama

Hill: DeMint creates litmus test for 2012 field

WSJ: Group Targets GOP Senate Candidates in Rerun of 2010 (via Google)

WSJ: Death of the Duopoly


WaPo: Obama & Boehner focus on sinking putts, not striking deals in bipartisan golf outing
Hill: Obama, Boehner win on the golf course, take $4 off Biden, Kasich
Fox: Obama, Boehner Mix Politics With Birdies and Bogies
Wash Times: Putter there pal: Obama, Boehner play much-anticipated golf match
WSJ: Obama, Boehner Play Golf

Hill: Hoeven links pending trade deals to job creation, debt reduction

NYT: After Snips to Budget, a Thicket Looms
NYT: Editorial: Debt Limit Endgame
Joe Nocera: The Banking Miracle

WSJ: Head of ATF Is Likely to Go

NYT: Medicare Claims Show Overuse for CT Scanning

NYT: AARP Is Open to Cuts for Social Security Benefits
WSJ: AARP's Revelation

NYT: Program Offering Waivers for Health Law Is Ending
WSJ: No New Health-Law Waivers to Be Given (via Google)

NYT: U.S. Pressing Its Crackdown Against Leaks

NYT: U.S. Pledges to Raise Deportation Threshold
Wash Times: Obama administration changes deportation focus
LA Times: Government alters deportation program

NYT: 2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate
WSJ: Leading Libya From Behind (via Google)

James Taranto: Losing His Religion: A Pentagon terror scare and a media taboo (Islam)

NYT: Looking Back, Gates Says He’s Grown Wary of ‘Wars of Choice’

NYT: Friendship of Justice and Magnate Puts Focus on Ethics

NYT: A New Twist to Wives’ Playbook for Sex Scandals

Arlen Specter: How to End the N.F.L. Deadlock

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday show preview: Gates's exit interviews and Senate showdowns


Boston Globe: N.H. closing in on a repeal of union dues rule


Wash Times: Haley: Obama, NLRB killing jobs with Boeing case
WSJ: Obama and Boeing
Hill: NLRB lawyer: Boeing complaint 'not intended to harm' S. Carolina workers


Roll Call: Ex-Nevada GOP Chairman Nominated in Special Election


Wash Times: Dems expected to keep Weiner’s seat
Fox: Race to Replace Weiner Begins, but District's Future in Doubt
NYDN: Day after Weiner's resignation, he stays in hiding
American: A montage of New York Post Anthony Weiner covers

Albany TU: Religious rights debate delays same-sex marriage vote
NYT: On Staten Island, Mixed Views on Gay Marriage
NY Post: Gay-marriage push gives devout an out
Rochester D&C: Gay marriage: Fiery social topic stalls in Albany

NYT: Bruno Asks Appeals Court to Spare Him Another Trial
NYDN: Joe Bruno, ex-state Senate leader, back in court: 'I just want to go on with my life'


LA Times: Brown's budget veto won't break political deadlock
SacBee: Jerry Brown leaves legislators to stew over budget veto
WSJ: California Budget Battle Inches Forward

Politico: Poll: Arnold Schwarzenegger reviled in California


Fox: Texas Senator Criticizes Man for Testifying in Spanish, Saying 'Speak English'


Miami Herald: Redrawing the political map

SPT: Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos faces tough questions in Tampa


Fox: Ohio Set to Allow Concealed Guns in Bars, Restaurants


Roll Call: Levin, Peters Drawn Together Under New Michigan Map
Detroit FP: Proposals for reshaped districts met with outrage from Dems
Politico: GOP draws blood with new Mich. map


Politico: Did Steelman flip on Ryan?


Rush Limbaugh: Chris Christie: Where My Kids Go to School is None of Your Business


NYT: In Arizona, Sponsor of Immigration Law Now Faces a Recall

Politico: Gabrielle Giffords traveling to Tucson


June 17, 2011


WaPo: Romney campaigns in Florida and Georgia, picks up key endorsements
Miami Herald: Romney: Respected but not revered among Republicans
AJC: Mitt Romney in Atlanta: Time for Afghans to stand up
Fox: Romney Jeered for Saying 'I'm Also Unemployed'
Rasmussen: Romney, Bachmann, Cain Lead The Pack Among GOP Primary Voters
Politico: N.H. poll: Mitt Romney wins, Michele Bachmann places
Rush Limbaugh: Algore Endorses Mitt on Climate

Des Moines Register: Key Bachmann aide moves to Iowa to build on surge of support

NYT: Pawlenty Goes After Romney
Daily Caller: Pawlenty says could have, should have gone after Romney in debate
Hill: Pawlenty explains New Hampshire debate gaffe
Politico: Pawlenty sticks with health law repeal
Weekly Standard: Pawlenty Shoots Another Spitball at Romney

WaPo: Huntsman to rev up his campaign next week
NYT: Huntsman, Ill, Misses Big G.O.P. Meeting

Roll Call: Cain Fundraiser Features Dickie Brennan in New Orleans

NatJ: Gingrich Promises His October Surprise
Politico: The Newt Gingrich show

Human Events: Run, Rick, Run!

Hill: A weekend of conservative courtship

Hill: Palin skewers media over email release
Human Events: Why Do Liberal Men Hate Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann?
Rasmuss: 45% of GOP Primary Voters Say It’s Bad for Party If Palin Enters Presidential Race

Peggy Noonan: Republicans Return to Reality
Wes Pruden: Trivial Pursuit with the GOP stars
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Sweat GOP Primary Schedule
Wash Times: GOP candidates for president don’t embrace Bush years
NYT: Little Consensus on the Candidates
NYT: Many Choices in the G.O.P. Field
NYT: Young Chicagoans With Varied Opinions
NYT: Assessing the Field
Rasmussen: Economy, Health Care, Taxes Continue to Be Top Issues for Voters

Daily Caller: If election were held today, Obama would lose
WaPo: White House’s Daley seeks balance in outreach meeting with manufacturers
Fox: Google Denies Early Ad Deal for Obama Campaign

NatJ: FEC Asks Crossroads to Reveal Donors
Roll Call: Court Backs FEC on Disclosure

John Fund: Michael Steele in a Dress? The bizarre statements of Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Rush Limbaugh: Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz on Democrat Ownership of Economy

Roll Call: Feingold Criticizes Democrats for Forming Super PACs

NatJ: NRSC Pays Off Debt


Speaker John Boehner: ‘Recovery Summer,’ One Year Later
WSJ: Biden Talks Aimed at $4 Trillion in Cuts Over 10 Years (via Google)
WaPo: Biden on debt-reduction talks: Negotiators ‘getting down to the real hard stuff’
James A. Baker: How to Deal With the Debt Limit (via Google)
Michael Gerson: Obama’s dilemma on the debt-limit talks
Charles Krauthammer: The union-owned Democrats
Jonah Goldberg: A Shovel-Ready Punch Line

Wash Times: Obama, Boehner set for Saturday golf outing
American Thinker: The Golf Summit

Grover Norquist: Sen. Coburn Fails to Sway Republicans From Taxpayer Protection Pledge

WSJ: House Passes $125.5 Billion Agriculture Spending Bill
NYT: A Tough Day for Farmers as Lawmakers Look for Cuts
WaPo: Senate approves cut in ethanol subsidies
Wash Times: Senate strikes at ethanol handout
NatJ: Senate Votes To Stop Ethanol Tax Credits
WSJ: An Ethanol Miracle (via Google)
WaPo: House Republicans vote to cut funds to implement food safety law

Ezra Klein: The right way to cut Medicaid costs

WaPo: OpEd: Coming soon: A bigger, costlier Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: American Medical Association Reconsiders Obamacare Mandate

NatJ: Possible Goolsbee Successor Not Big on New Stimulus

NYT: Wall Street Braces for New Layoffs as Profits Wane
David Brooks: Who Is James Johnson?

Examiner: Obama, Boehner exchange words over Libya
John Yoo: The GOP Plays Politics With the War Powers Resolution (via Google)
Rep. Ron Paul: Why I’m suing the Obama administration over Libya
Pat Buchanan: Fed Up With Freeloaders
American Spectator: Unconstitutional Authority

NYT: Americans Support Offshore Drilling, but Washington Wavers

NYT: OpEd: How’s the Weather? Storms on the sun can have impact on life on Earth

NYT: Attorney General and Senator Clash on Where to Try Terror Suspects

Examiner: Editorial: Operation Fast and Furious should end Holder tenure
Roger Hedgecock: Obama's the Target of Mexico Gunrunning Probe

Jimmy Carter: Call Off the Global Drug War


Wash Times: Charleston welcomes Boeing, hopes it stays


WSJ: Parties Get Moving in Anticipation of Special Election for Weiner Seat (via Google)
Roll Call: Special Election Scramble Begins in N.Y.
NYDN: Jockeying begins in full force for Anthony Weiner's congressional seat
NatJ: Cook Report Rates Special Election for Weiner Seat: Likely Democratic
Politico: Succession talk swirls as Anthony Weiner quits
Human Events: GOP's Ulrich Has a Shot in Special Vote to Replace Weiner
NRO: New York Special

WaPo: Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns
Wash Times: Weiner resigns amid sexting scandal
NYT: Weiner Resigns in Chaotic Final Scene
NY Post: Weiner and wife head to the Hamptons
WSJ: Congressman Weiner Joins Jobless Ranks
NYT: For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status
NYT: Why Republicans Should Keep Expectations Modest for Winning Weiner’s Seat
NYT: Editorial: Anthony Weiner Resigns
NY Post: So long Weiner, what a 'sorry' excuse
Jennifer Rubin: Weiner’s ego trip goes awry — again
NYT: OpEd: Those Manly Men of Yore
J Taranto: Triumph of Smart Diplomacy: State Dept helps to oust a troublesome leader
Eugene Robinson: No escaping the obvious: Weiner had to go
Michelle Malkin: Weiner's woes: No skillz to pay the billz
NatJ: Weiner's Fall Indicative of New Ethical Standards in House
Rush Limbaugh: Weiner Licked, Won't Hang In There
NYDN: Weiner, other men behaving badly leave door open for women candidates to shine

NYT: Republicans Urge Cuomo to Alter Same-Sex Marriage Bill
NYT: Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Frustrated in N.Y. Lobbying
WSJ: Gay Wedding Law Hits Hurdle (via Google)
Buffalo News: Grisanti gets Conservative ultimatum


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes 'unbalanced' state budget
WSJ: Brown Vetoes California Budget
NYT: California Governor Vetoes Budget

Kim Strassel: The Canary in California (via Google)


Wash Times: Texas GOP scraps straw poll

Star-Telegram: TX House passes bill letting schools compensate for cuts in state funding


SPT: Gov. Rick Scott suspends drug test requirement for many state employees


Chicago Tribune: Blago jurors end 5th day without verdict
Chicago ST: Is a predominately female jury a good thing for Rod Blagojevich?


Milwaukee JS: Senate OK'd budget goes to Walker


Columbus Dispatch: Protecting turf is GOP aim in congressional redistricting


Detroit News: Time will tell' for GOP primary, Michigan leaders say


Roll Call: Sarah Steelman Steps Away From Ryan Plan


Roll Call: Allen Names Bill Riggs Campaign Press Secretary


WaPo: Md. robo-calls: Ehrlich aide, consultant accused of trying to suppress black vote


NYT: Workers Swarm Trenton on Benefit Changes
WSJ: Democrats for Pension Reform (via Google)
Daily Caller: Union leader calls New Jersey gov ‘Adolf Christie'


Boston Globe: A long way up for DiMasi before the spectacular fall


Chris Cillizza: What’s next for Gabrielle Giffords


Roll Call: Chaffetz Fires Back at Hatch on Radio Show
Daily Caller: FreedomWorks board member disagrees with ousting Hatch


Roll Call: Rehberg’s Fortunes Go Up in Flames


June 16, 2011


WSJ: Romney Solidifies 2012 GOP Lead (via Google)
Daily Caller: Romney leads race for GOP nomination
MSNBC: Poll: Less than half of GOP primary voters satisfied with 2012 field
James Taranto: The Romney-Bachmann Ticket?
Politico: Al Gore praises Mitt Romney on climate
Politico: The GOP's unfavorite son primary

Atlantic: Can Michele Bachmann Cross Over?
Emmett Tyrrell: The charismatic Michele Bachmann
Human Events: Trump Calls Bachmann the Real Deal, but Pawlenty Is Fired
Michael Barone: Romney in Front as Feisty Bachmann Gains on Pawlenty

LA Times: The telltale signs of a Rick Perry 2012 campaign
WSJ: Rick Perry: Ready for Prime Time? (via Google)
Politico: Rick Perry left off RLC ballot

NatJ: Frenemies? Palin, Perry White House Flirtations Could Set Allies Against Each Other
Daily Caller: All quiet in Iowa on the Palin, Perry front
AP/Thiessen: Alaska investigates apparent gap in Palin emails
Fox: Group of GOP Hopefuls Still Indecisive on 2012

Daily Caller: Gingrich says he feels ‘liberated’ by staff exodus
Lanny Davis: Don’t count Newt Gingrich out so fast
Atlantic: Can't Not Look at This Alleged Photo of Newt Gingrich
NYDN: 'Newt Gingrich' photo surfaces of pol lookalike sunning in Greek Isles

Politico: In Iowa, Tim Pawlenty is mailing it in
Examiner: Pawlenty's debate whiff fuels Perry buzz

Human Events: Jon Huntsman Gears Up For Formal Presidential Announcement
Examiner: Huntsman will be only moderate in GOP race
Politico: Jon Huntsman’s Utah health reform shows detached style

Daily Caller: Herman Cain gives campaign staff business titles
Daily Caller: Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison to Herman Cain: ‘Review that Pledge of Allegiance’

Daily Caller: Christie’s ‘first instincts are good’ on foreign policy, say defense hawks

Roll Call: Home State Blues: 2012 Contenders Have Tough Climb

Wash Times: Obama’s ‘bundlers’ appointed to key jobs
Politico: Carney defends jobs for donors

Roll Call: Judge: Super PACs May Donate to Candidates

Daily Caller: RNC using DNC chairwoman as 2012 lightning rod

NatJ: GOP governors could define national race
Hill: ‘Wimp factor’ could pose threat to some 2012 GOP contenders
WaPo: Most presidential contenders have no plans to attend Glenn Beck rally
WaPo: Glenn Beck rally in Israel: Lieberman, Cain may be in

Ann Coulter: Get rid of government -- but first make me President!
EJ Dionne: After GOP debate, feeling nostalgic for George W. Bush


Sen. Rand Paul: Obama’s unconstitutional Libyan war
Fox: White House Defends U.S. Role in Libya Mission Amid Congressional Backlash
NYT: War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, Obama Argues
WaPo: Obama administration: Libya action does not require congressional approval
Wash Times: Lawmakers sue to end U.S. role in Libya fight
Marc Thiessen: Republicans for retreat?
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama, warmonger
LA Times: Obama's unauthorized war on Libya costs $9,421,000 a day

NYT: States Brace for End of Extra Payments for Medicaid
WSJ: Negotiators Consider Medicaid Cutbacks (via Google)
NYT: Children on Medicaid Shown to Wait Longer for Care

Sen. Jim DeMint: Why Are Taxpayers Paying for Wine Tasting? (via Google)
Hill: GOP skirmishes complicate Boehner’s plan on debt deal
Rush Limbaugh: Spending Addiction: Will Obama and Dems Go to Stimulus Rehab?
Ted Nugent: Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand
Dana Milbank: Republicans slash and spurn
LA Times: GOP shifting on anti-tax policy
WaPo: Editorial: Cutting into agribusiness’s subsidy pie
WaPo: Top Senate Republican suggests eliminating energy tax breaks to reduce debt
Hill: Debt reduction talks inspire optimism in corporate America about recovery
George Pataki: Our $14 trillion debt is our greatest threat and opportunity

Karl Rove: The ObamaCare Bad News Continues (via Google)

WSJ: Why 70% Tax Rates Won't Work

Hill: Senate to vote again on ending ethanol industry tax breaks on Thursday
NatJ: Failed Vote Won't Stop Ethanol Opponents
Examiner: More regulations: EPA's fantasy solution to unemployment

WSJ: GOP Seeks Bidders on Amtrak Rail Lines (via Google)

NYT: States Want More in Pension Contributions

NYT: I.E.A. Says World Will Increasingly Turn to Americas for Oil

WSJ: Top Brass Cited in Gun Sting (via Google)
NYT: Top Agency Officials Knew of Disputed Gun Program
Wash Times: Editorial: States challenge feds on guns
Hill: Issa: DoJ should be ‘ashamed’

Politico: Eric Holder tacks left at DOJ

Hill: Rep. King seeks to stop payment on farmers' discrimination claims

NYT: Supporter of Leak Suspect Is Called Before Grand Jury

Wash Times: Radical Muslims recruit criminals in U.S. prisons
NatJ: Emotions Run High at Radicalization Hearing
Daily Caller: Rep. King: Islamic prison radicalization hearings are NOT racist
Human Events: The King Hearings, Round 2: Jailhouse Muslim Radicalization

Wash Times: Hackers take down CIA website

NYT: Ex-Spy Alleges Effort to Discredit Bush Critic

Linda Greenhouse: Activists by Invitation
NYT: Editorial: Can Justice Be Bought?

WaPo: Reps. Boehner, Cantor continue millionaires reign over House
WaPo: Some Republican freshmen in Congress hold major debt, disclosure forms show
WaPo: Nancy and Paul Pelosi have a plethora of real-estate and high-tech holdings

Hill: House Democrats say GOP censoring Medicare mailings

WaPo: GOP’s redistricting advantage is real, but muted


LVRJ: DC BLOG: Internal poll shows Berkley up in Senate race
Roll Call: Shelley Berkley Up 5 Points in New Poll
LVRJ: Heller financial report shows family wealth above $2.3 million

Daily Caller: Nevada GOP candidates for House seat vie for position in debate


Wash Times: Ex-porn star says Weiner ‘asked me to lie’ about tweets
AP/Zraick: Porn actress: Weiner asked me to lie about talks
NYT: At Friars Club, Exotic Dancer Roasts a Congressman
Daily Mail UK: Images emerge showing Weiner cross dressing and 'oiled up'
Politico: Democrats may strip Anthony Weiner of committee assignment
Human Events: Donald Trump Calls Weiner a 'Cancer on the Congress' and 'Wacko'
NatJ: Weiner OK Financially but Needs to Work
Roger Stone: Weiner Shouldn't Resign
Hill: is already taken!

NYT: G.O.P. Senators Are Stalled in Talks on Marriage Bill
Buffalo News: State Senate stalls one vote short on gay marriage bill
Albany TU: Fate of same-sex marriage bill unclear in Senate; passes Assembly 80-63
WSJ: GOP Wrestles With Gay Marriage Vote (via Google)

NYDN: Rent regulations for one million NYers expire as state Dems lose game of chicken
NYT: Cuomo Gives Lawmakers Ultimatum on Rent Laws

Albany TU: Federal court to hear arguments over Bruno retrial

NYT: Editorial: New York Legislature: Nice Work if You Can Get It

WSJ: Rangel Sold Condo, Report Shows


LA Times: California Democrats pass budget with taxes, cuts and tricks
NYT: California Lawmakers Close Budget Gap
WSJ: How Not to Balance a Budget
Fox: Fight Breaks Out Over 'Sopranos' Comment During California Budget Talks

Roll Call: LA Members Face Tough Choices and Races


George Will: In Ted Cruz, a candidate as good as it gets

Roll Call: Between the Lines: New Texas Map Clears Second Legislative Hurdle
Star-Telegram: Texas House rejects Barton attempt to change redistricting plan


Daily Caller: Florida Senate candidate says no Medicare reform until 2035
Hill: Florida GOP contender tested on Ryan budget


AP: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signs bill banning abortions at 20 weeks


WSJ: Wisconsin Fight Moves to Recalls

Fox: Wisconsin Assembly Passes Budget on Party Line Vote

Fox: Wisconsin Worker Groups File Suit to Block Collective Bargaining Law
AP/Bauer: New lawsuit filed against Wisconsin union law
WSJ: Wisconsin Vindication (via Google)


Detroit News: Judge: Kilpatrick book profits to go towards restitution


WSJ: Justice in Kentucky (via Google)


Fox: Edwards Offers Smile in Newly Released Mugshot
WSJ: John Edwards Is Not a Criminal
WaPo: John Edwards mugshot released
LA Times: The official 2011 campaign mug shots of John Edwards

AP/Breen: John Edwards asks judge for delay in sex tape case


Boston Globe: DiMasi found guilty on 7 of 9 counts in kickback scheme
NYT: Massachusetts: Ex-Speaker Guilty of Taking Kickbacks


Arizona Republic: Giffords released from Houston hospital
NatJ: Giffords to Live in Texas with Husband Mark Kelly
NYT: Giffords Is Released From the Hospital


Daily Caller: FreedomWorks will make Orrin Hatch first 2012 target


June 15, 2011


Dick Morris: GOP’s 2012 pecking order

WaPo: Republican Michele Bachmann basks in newfound momentum
Politico: Michele Bachmann flexes national security credentials
WaPo: Michele Bachmann dominates Republican debate with stories of her 23 foster children
WaPo: Michele Bachmann, the GOP debate and the SNL Palin factor
Michael Barone: Romney in front as feisty Bachmann gains on Pawlenty
Roll Call: Bachmann Bid Relieves Pressure on House GOP

Boston Globe: Despite GOP criticism, Romney holds ground
NYT: Romney Smiles, for Now
American Spectator: Improving His Odds
John Fund: Romney the Possum
Buzz: Mitt Romney's monster Fla finance team
Dan Balz: GOP race scrambled by Romney, Bachmann
Hill: Graham says Romney risks looking like Jimmy Carter
Dana Milbank: A day of awkwardness with Mitt Romney
Michael Barone: My take on the New Hampshire debate
Rush Limbaugh: A Good Night for Conservatism
NYT: Editorial: The G.O.P. Debate
Rush Limbaugh: Why El Rushbo Doesn't Endorse

Wash Times: Watch out for Mama Grizzly Palin’s bite
NYDN: Sarah Palin writes at an eighth-grade level in recently released emails

SF Chronicle: Perry Calls for Halt of 'Economic Ruin' in NYC Republican Speech
Rich Lowry: Perry’s Draft Stump Speech
Roll Call: California Republicans Fundraising for Rick Perry
WaPo: Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he has time to decide on possible run at White House
Fox: Perry: Still Time to Decide on a White House Run
NYT: Perry Speaks, but Avoids Big Question
Wash Times: GOP hails debate, still waits for Perry
NRO: Good for Texas. Good for America?
Jennifer Rubin: Will Rick Perry help Romney?
NatJ: Perry, Huntsman AWOL From Debate but Not the Campaign?

WaPo: Huntsman to announce for president next week
NYT: Huntsman Will Announce at Liberty Park

James Taranto: Pawlenty of Nothing
Daily Caller: Huckabee to TPaw: Give your staff the boot

Newt Gingrich: A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters
Daily Caller: Gingrich charity contributed cash to former Speaker’s company

Hill: Herman Cain is no Mike Huckabee

NYT: Candidates Show G.O.P. Less United on Goals of War

Daily Caller: Democrats fighting not to lose Jewish voters

Weekly Standard: Medicare Debate Will Be Decided in Presidential Campaign

Wash Times: Obama low-key during Puerto Rico visit
NYT: In Visit to Puerto Rico, Obama Offers (and Seeks Out) Support
NYT: Warm Welcome for Obama in Puerto Rico
WSJ: Obama Visits Puerto Rico With Eye on 2012 (via Google)
NYT: OpEd: Obama in Old San Juan
WSJ: The Obama Hiatus: The Administration takes a two-year holiday from its own agenda
Rush Limbaugh: Gibbs Gives Us the 2012 Theme: It's All Still George W. Bush's Fault


WSJ: Payroll Tax Cut Idea Joins Debt Talks (via Google)
WSJ: Bernanke Calls for Fiscal Plan, but Warns on Using Debt Ceiling as Bargaining Chip (G)
NatJ: McConnell Urges Obama to Play the 'Crazy Republicans' Card on Taxes
Politico: Senate Republicans clash with Grover Norquist
Rush Limbaugh: The Roots of the Financial Crisis
WSJ: The Jobless Insurance Mess (via Google)
Examiner: Editorial: Four pivotal questions for Tim Geithner
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Lie About Shovel-Ready Stimulus Jobs is Tragic, Not Funny
Human Events: The Money Hole
Human Events: Tea Party Caucus Leads GOP Charge Against Budget Crisis

Fox: States Battle Over Medicaid Eligibility and Access to Care
WaPo: GOP governors push back against Obama on federal Medicaid rules

Wash Times: Boehner gives Obama Friday deadline on Libya
Reuters: House Republican leader Boehner warns Obama over Libya

Wash Times: Senate preserves ethanol subsidy, for now
Hill: Senate keeps $6B in subsidies, but 34 GOPers side with Coburn
NYT: Effort to End Tax Credit for Ethanol Fails in Senate
WaPo: Senate vote to repeal ethanol tax credit fails, but some in GOP break ranks

Fox: House Panel Releases Scathing Report on 'Fast and Furious' Gun Operation
NYT: Justice Department Accused of ‘Reckless Technique’

WSJ: Boeing, NLRB Clash Over Non-Union Plant (via Google)

Fox: King Says Anger Over Muslim Radicalization Hearing Is Misplaced

NYT: Shuttle’s End Leaves NASA a Pension Bill

Hill: Ethics complaint filed against Boehner

Roll Call: House Retirement Watch Begins

Politico: Conservative groups pay for talk-radio plugs

NRO: The twelve best conservative TV shows of all time


NYT: Democrats Choose Not to Punish Weiner
WaPo: Weiner’s circle of friends, though ‘appalled’ by behavior, remains loyal
NatJ: Democrats Hoping Weiner's Wife Persuades Him to Quit
NYDN: Dems Levin, Pallone, Pelosi, McCarthy, instensify calls for Weiner to resign
Rush Limbaugh: Weiner Rehab Could Take "Years"
Ruth Marcus: In Rehab Nation, sin becomes addiction
Fox: Weiner's Congressional Pension Could Take Sting Out of Possible Resignation

NYT: Gay Marriage Bill Is One Vote Shy of Clearing State Senate
NYDN: Gay marriage now just one vote shy of becoming law in New York
NY Post: Dolan: Heaven help us if gays can wed
Buffalo News: Another GOP senator joins ranks of gay marriage supporters
NY1: Republican Senator McDonald Throws Support Behind Gay Marriage Bill
Albany TU: GOP senator from Saratoga becomes 31st vote for same-sex marriage bill
WSJ: Gay Marriage One Vote Away
NYT: Same-Sex Marriage Within One Vote of Passage in Albany
Human Events: Traditional Judeo-Christian Values and Gay Marriage

NYT: Editorial: Albany’s Duty to Stop Domestic Violence

NYT: Banks Turn to Schumer on Patents


American Spectator: Christie's Blind Spot


NYT: California Judge Upholds a Ruling on Gay Marriage
NYT: Appeal Planned After Gay Marriage Ban Upheld in CA
NYT: Calif. Gay Marriage Ruling Upheld

LA Times: Democratic lawmakers unveil California budget plan
SacBee: California Democrats ready to pass budget with higher car fee, sales tax
LA Times: Chief justice: 'Crippling' California court cuts would be 'a blow against justice'
SacBee: Field Poll: Support slipping for Jerry Brown, tax extensions


Politico: New Texas map targets Doggett

Star-Telegram: State Senate approves 'sanctuary city' bill on straight party-line vote


Miami Herald: Rubio delivers maiden speech on Senate floor
SPT: In first Senate speech, Marco Rubio ties America's immigrant past to his own


Daily Caller: GOP candidates for Nevada seat must woo committee


NatJ: Bachmann Won't Run For Congress While Campaigning For White House


Milwaukee JS: Supreme Court reinstates collective bargaining law
Fox: Wisconsin's High Court Says Controversial Union Law Can Take Effect
NYT: Wisconsin Court Reinstates Law on Union Rights
WSJ: Wisconsin Union Law to Take Effect
NYT: Wisconsin Union Law to Take Effect

Fox: Wisconsin Senate Votes to Legalize Concealed Carry


Examiner: Allen 'blueprint' offers familiar conservative proposals


Roll Call: Connecticut Poll: Voters Like Murphy More Than Bysiewicz


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Kerry Picket: New Coulter book 'Demonic' shows collectivist thought is mob mentality
David Limbaugh: 'Demonic' is angelic
Rush Limbaugh: Ann Coulter Explains "Demonic"
Ann Coulter: Obama: Hope, Change, and the Occasional Sex Dream
Ann Coulter: Civil Rights and the Mob: George Wallace, Bull Connor, Orval Faubus And Other Democrats
Daily Caller: Coulter goes after Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews in ‘Demonic’
Politico: Ann Coulter's book gets Matt Drudge's touch

Fox: Cheney Memoir Will Be 'Straightforward', Daughter Says

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