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June 14, 2011


Fox: GOP 2012 Hopefuls Take Stage, Target Obama
Wash Times: Republican debaters target Obama
NYT: 7 in G.O.P. Square Off, 7 Months From First Vote
WaPo: Republican presidential candidates attend New Hampshire debate
WSJ: Candidates Run Against Regulation
Examiner: GOP candidates go after Obama, not each other
Wash Times: GOP debate obviousness: CNN still despises Republicans
Chris Cillizza: New Hampshire Republican debate: Winners and losers
NatJ: Political Insiders Give Debate Nod to Romney, Bachmann
NatJ: GOP Debate Winner: The Tea Party
Jennifer Rubin: GOP debate in New Hampshire
Stephen Stromberg: The GOP debate in New Hampshire: A digest
Human Events: The New Hampshire Debate: After tonight, it’s Romney versus Bachmann
Human Events: New Hampshire Debate Winners: Romney, Bachmann, No-Shows
NYDN: Romney, Michele Bachmann impressive in New Hampshire debate
William Kristol: The Missing Seven

WSJ: GOP 'Flight to Safety' Benefits Romney
Hill: Romney escapes GOP debate unscathed
LA Times: GOP rivals go easy on Romney in first major debate
Dan Balz: Romney survives first test in debate with GOP rivals
Boston Globe: GOP debaters target Obama, not Romney
Daily Caller: No Mitt Romney feeding frenzy; Pawlenty refuses to attack
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Ad Demonstrates How Easy It Should Be to Beat Obama
American Spectator: Is Mitt Romney the New Nelson Rockefeller?

John Fund: Pursuing Palin
Michael Gerson: Palin vs. the press: In this war, neither wins
Examiner: Lessons from the Palin emails fiasco
Joe Scarborough: The media's creepy Palin obsession
Politico: Palin film at conservative confabs
Rush Limbaugh: Backfire: Nothing in Palin E-Mails

NYT: Debate Swings Door Open for Perry, Closed For Palin
NPR: Texas Gov. Perry Ratchets Up Conservative Credentials

NYT: Bachmann Announces Presidential Candidacy
Roll Call: Bachmann Jumps Into 2012 Presidential Race
Hill: Bachmann grabs spotlight with filing announcement
Guardian UK: Michele Bachmann scores a hit in first Republican presidential debate
WaPo: Bachmann leads a victory march at debut party
WaPo: Michele Bachmann files paperwork to run for president
Dana Milbank: Michele Bachmann steals the show at GOP debate
EJ Dionne: GOP debate winner: Michele Bachmann
Chris Cillizza: Why Palin is good for Bachmann
Mark Steyn: Bachmann did well on a night of silly choices
Weekly Standard: Bachmann's Strong Start

NatJ: Pawlenty Waffles on 'Obamneycare' Label
Politico: Pawlenty beats hasty N.H. retreat
Thomas Sowell: Minnesota's Pawlenty may be plenty enough for GOP
Politico: Ayers: No mind-control on Team TPaw
Hill: Pawlenty seeks distance between Bush fiscal policies and his

Daily Caller: Newt’s daughters: His campaign goes on despite staff quitting

Politico: Cain says he meant Muslims 'who are trying to kill us'
Weekly Standard: Cain Regrets Saying Bachmann Pandered to Religious Right

NYDN: Santorum: Doctors who perform abortions should face criminal charges

David Brooks: Pundit Under Protest

Rasmussen: 30% Like Third-Party Option Given Current 2012 Presidential Candidates

Politico: Obama fundraiser underwhelms
SPT: President Obama hits Miami fundraisers; historic Puerto Rico trip is next
Hill: Obama’s focus: Romney, Pawlenty and Huntsman
American Thinker: The Obama Campaign Team's Electoral College Obsession


Politico: President Obama pushes to extend payroll tax cut
NYT: Obama Offers Training Plan Designed for High-Tech Jobs
CJO: Government Jobs Untouched by the Great Recession
WSJ: Uncertainty Is Not the Problem

Politico: Joe Biden group looks for budget deal
Politico: Congress has basis for deficit deal

WSJ: Why ObamaCare Is Losing in the Courts

Fox: GOP Governors Ask Washington to Give States More Flexibility on Medicaid

Politico: Report: States deep in debt, too

Wash Times: Ethanol vote to set off GOP subsidy battles
Hill: Senate GOP splits on axing ethanol subsidy

NYT: In 5-4 Vote, Supreme Court Limits Securities Fraud Suits
WSJ: A Thwarted Liability Scheme (via Google)
NYT: Editorial: Nearly a Year After Dodd-Frank

WSJ: Immigration Replaces Economy as Top Latino Issue
Politico: Swing states face immigration fight

Hill: Graham to block Commerce nominee over Boeing complaint

WSJ: The Return of the Population Bomb (via Google)

NYT: Justices Turning More Frequently to Dictionary, and Not Just for Big Words

NYT: U.S. Senate Web Site Hacked
WaPo: Hacking group claims it breached Senate website, publishes evidence of break-in

Roll Call: Southern Seats Line Road to Majority in House
Politico: Redistricting a new headache for GOP frosh


WSJ: High Court Upholds Legislators' Ethics Law
WaPo: Supreme Court upholds recusal rule
NYT: Supreme Court Upholds Nevada’s Law on Conflict of Interest


Wash Times: Obama: I’d quit if I were Weiner; Hill probe begins
WSJ: Obama Suggests Weiner Resign
NYT: Obama Suggests That Weiner Step Down
LA Times: House grants Rep. Anthony Weiner leave of absence
NYT: Her Call for Weiner to Resign Puts a Diminished Pelosi Back in the Limelight
Roll Call: N.Y. Democratic Chairman Not Joining Weiner Resignation Chorus
James Taranto: Can Heterosexuality Be Cured?
Politico: Anthony Weiner’s road back may be long
Politico: Why congressmen stay, govs resign
Human Events: Thanks to Modern Amorality, Weiner Isn't Guilty, But He's Still Going Down
Rush Limbaugh: Tony Weiner: Feminized Playboy in the Chickified Political Universe

Human Events: 'Disgusted' Rep. Buerkle Fires Back at DCCC 'Mediscare' Calls

Albany TU: Budget Division gets the layoff list

NYT: Albany Money Flows to Clients of Firms Employing Legislators

WSJ: Tide Turning on Gay Marriage
NY Post: GOPer's switch a huge boost to gay marriage
NYT: Once Against Gay Marriage, 4 Senators Say They Will Back It
Albany TU: Same-sex deal is closer
NYDN: Four pols change their stance as effort to legalize gay marriage gains momentum
Buffalo News: Albany close to approving same-sex marriage
Rochester D&C: Sen. James Alesi backs same-sex marriage in final week of session

Roll Call: Ex-Rep. Sweeney, Now Sober, Joins Law Firm


LA Times: Faced with loss of pay, Democrats are crafting alternative state budget
Dan Walters: The big stakes? Two-Thirds Margin

NYT: Judicial Bias Is Alleged in a Ruling on Marriage


Wash Times: Republicans defend their redistricting map


Roll Call: Putnam Backs Haridopolos in Florida Senate Race

Fox: Rubio to Give First Speech From Senate Floor
Politico: Marco Rubio to speak of 'new American century'


Roll Call: Race Ratings: GOP Safe as Can Be in Alabama


WaPo: Tammy Duckworth leaving VA post


Milwaukee JS: Collective bargaining limits may rejoin state budget bill

AP: Filing deadline for 6 Wisconsin recall elections


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich's goal on links will be to beat Obama

Hill: Ohio governor swipes at LeBron James
Politico: Ohio gov is happy LeBron lost


Detroit News: Republicans' empty Senate suit

Detroit News: Michigan House Republicans to release redistricting plans

Detroit FP: Kwame Kilpatrick's campaign fund faces a fine of nearly $1 million


WaPo: For Senate GOP, an unlikely foreign policy voice emerges (Sen. Bob Corker)


Fox: Obama Talks Jobs, Looks for Votes in North Carolina


Reuters: Washington Governor Chris Gregoire says won't run again


June 13, 2011


Hill: Romney widens lead over GOP field heading into major NH debate
Fox: New Polls Show Romney Winning Over Weary Republicans
WSJ: Romney Set to Face Challenge From Right (via Google)
WSJ: Romney’s Salt Lake Lobbying Push
Politico: Mitt Romney underestimated

Telegraph UK: Sarah Palin email frenzy backfires on her media antagonists
WSJ: New Portrait of Palin as Governor (via Google)
WaPo: Sarah Palin e-mails shows hostility toward Big Oil as Republican governor of Alaska
Daily Caller: ‘The Sarah Palin I Know’
Hill: Emails show details of Palin-Murkowski feud
IBD: Editorial: Media's Bias On Display In Hate Of Palin
Hill: Scott Brown's wife, a journalist, rips coverage of Sarah Palin as 'sexist'

NYT: Gingrich Attacks Obama in Return to Campaign Trail
WaPo: Gingrich addresses Republican Jewish Coalition; reaffirms commitment to campaign
Daily Caller: Newt looks to revive campaign with debate
Michael Barone: The End of a Surprisingly Good Political Career

NatJ: Pawlenty Tries to Hang 'Obamneycare' Tag on Front-Runner
Boston Globe: Pawlenty takes shot at Romney health bill
Roll Call: Pawlenty Digs at GOP Competition Ahead of Debate
WaPo: Editorial: The many flaws of Tim Pawlenty’s tax cut plan

Wash Times: Huntsman: Obama economy has ‘failed’
Wash Times: GOP’s Huntsman takes jabs at ex-boss Obama on TV show
WaPo: Jon Huntsman campaign errs on fundraising claim

Fox: Texas' Perry Assails Obama on Abortion at Stop in Los Angeles
Politico: Rick Perry assails President Obama on abortion
American Spectator: My Governor, Rick Perry

Star Tribune: Bachmann: Outsider from the start
Fox: Bachmann Adds Another Former Huckabee Staffer

Roll Call: Santorum Portrays 2006 Loss as Anomaly

WSJ: Aiming to Connect at the GOP Debate (via Google)
Boston Globe: Clashing GOP fiscal visions take stage
LA Times: Republican presidential candidates make bold right turns

Roll Call: 2012 Race Steeped in Tea Party

WSJ: Democrats Face Donor Gripes
NYT: Obama Seeks to Win Back Wall St. Cash
Examiner: Obama rubs elbows with regulatory robber barons
Politico: Barack Obama goes in quest of Hispanic votes


Wash Times: Americans in a funk as housing, jobs stall
WSJ: Sluggish Hiring Seen as a Threat to Recovery (via Google)
Sen. Orrin Hatch: Entitlements must be on the table
Jeff Immelt & Ken Chenault: How We're Meeting the Job Creation Challenge
Lawrence Summers: How to avoid a lost decade
EJ Dionne: Gridlocking the lives of the jobless
Juan Williams: GOP forsakes middle to aid rich

Hill: Tick, tick: Time's up on debt limit
Hill: The Week Ahead: Deficit talks times three
Judd Gregg: Don’t use amendment to dodge debt ceiling action

WSJ: The EPA's War on Jobs (via Google)
WSJ: America Needs the Shale Revolution (via Google)

Sen. Jim DeMint: Time to Curb the NLRB’s Mission Creep

Andrew McCarthy: Ending Medicare does not mean abandoning the elderly
Paul Krugman: Medicare Saves Money
Donald Luskin: Paul Krugman: The Prophet of Socialism

NYT: F.B.I. Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds

NYT: Editorial: False Claims About FOIA

NYT: Two States Ask if Paperwork in Mortgage Bundling Was Complete

NYT: Many State Legislators Lack College Degrees


WaPo: Mitt Romney makes 2012 pitch to N.H. Republicans after 2008 primary loss

Wash Times: New Hampshire politics requires personal touch

NYT: Gibbs to Counter GOP Message in New Hampshire


NYDN: Weiner finally considering he may have to resign amid sexting scandal, says source
American Spectator/Prowler: This Property Is Condemned, Hard Drives Seized?
WaPo: More photos surface of Rep. Weiner
NYT: More Photos and More Calls for Weiner to Resign
WSJ: Democrats Insist That Weiner Must Quit
Fox: Weiner Opts for Treatment as New Self Portraits Emerge
NatJ: More Weiner Photos, More Democratic Angst
TMZ: Rep. Weiner Used Congressional Gym As Backdrop
NY Post: New Weiner photos taken in House gym could be an ethics breach
Ross Douthat: The Online Looking Glass
DC: George Will predicts Weiner ‘digs in,’ uses the Americans with Disabilities Act
Politico: Democrats worry Anthony Weiner will hurt agenda
Hill: Boehner's office examining leave of absence rules for Weiner's request
Human Events: Weiner Nation
American Spectator: WeinerGate Stalemate

NYDN: Cuomo packs judicial screening committees with cronies, big-time campaign donors

Buffalo News: Style, skill give 'marginal' Grisanti an edge

NYT: To Curb Malpractice Costs, Judges Jump in Early

NYT: On Gay Marriage, State Senate’s Undecided Eight Are Feeling the Strain


Fox: Lawyers Target Gay Marriage Ruling By California Judge
NYT: Same-Sex Vote Unlikely in California

American Thinker: California: The Sanctuary State


SPT: At Democratic gathering, Rick Scott gets most of the attention


Milwaukee JS: GOP leaders agree on basics of budget bill


Columbus Dispatch: Budget plan spares rich of the worst


Detroit News: GOP activist courting former Red Wing for Senate run


Boston Globe: Democrats see opportunity in Senate race


NYT: Photos Released as Giffords Prepares to Leave Hospital


June 12, 2011

WaPo: Poll: What matters to GOP voters


Politico: Mitt Romney leads the Drudge primary
WaPo: Stage is set for GOP debate in New Hampshire

NYT: Palin’s E-Mails Undercut Simplistic Views of Her, Both Positive and Negative
WaPo: What’s in Sarah Palin’s e-mails
WSJ: Emails Show Palin Surprised by Nomination (via Google)
Alaska Dispatch: Emails reveal Palin's attempt to overthrow Alaska GOP leader
AP/Bohrer: Sarah Palin e-mails hint at presidential desire
Indian Express: E-mails reveal Palin received threats during VP campaign
LA Times: Palin closely guarded her public image, emails show
Chicago Tribune: Sarah Palin emails: Rocked 'n' rolled by the radio
WaPo: E-mails: Palin worked, joked with staff on day she went into labor with Trig
WaPo: In e-mails, an ambitious, protective Palin
WaPo: Media frenzy over Palin e-mail release was unusual even for her
Boston Globe: Palin’s regard for Jane Swift changed in a swift manner
Daily Caller: Palin emails reveal Trig ‘birther’ rumors even before election
NatJ: The Top 10 Revelations from the Sarah Palin E-Mails

NYT: Texas Governor Draws Criticism on Prayer Event
NatJ: What We Learned: Perry Interesting Developments

Pioneer Press: Pawlenty and Bachmann: Minnesotans. Republicans. And rivals.
Hill: Pawlenty: NLRB’s suit against Boeing evokes 'Soviet Union circa 1970s'

WaPo: Huntsman tests GOP waters with a different kind of lure
Bloomberg: Former Utah Governor Huntsman May Declare, Says Obama Beatable

Sioux City Journal: Newt 2.0 to relaunch Sunday with defense of Israel
Examiner: As Gingrich exits, remember his gifts as well as flaws
AJC: On the bright side, his implosion is proof that Newt Gingrich hasn’t changed
AJC: Scrutiny of Callista Gingrich’s role in her husband’s beleaguered campaign
Maureen Dowd: Newt Loves Callista

Daily Caller: Christie trails Romney in new poll

WaPo: Obama has his work cut out for him on the political map

LA Times: Democrats losing favor with some Latinos

NYT: For Republicans, Redistricting Offers Few Gains


WaPo: Parties agree on need to curb health-care spending but deadlock over Medicare
Boston Globe: Retiring boomers, rising health costs are a frightening combination
Detroit FP: Editorial: Ending Medicare as we know it
Townhall: Reforming Medicare the Right Way
Milwaukee JS: GOP better study how Ryan flies

Hill: Boehner calls weak jobs report a ‘punch in the gut,’ 'sobering reality check'

NYT: Yes, We Want to Cut the Budget. Just Not That Part.
Human Events: Welfare Steak and Lobster May Kill the Middle Class
Tom Friedman: The Uncertainty Tax
NYT: Editorial: The Economy and D.C.: Republicans’ Tax-cutting Fantasia

WaPo: OpEd: Instead of unemployment benefits, offer a ‘signing bonus’

WSJ: Duncan Threatens to Alter No Child Left Behind
WaPo: Duncan pledges ‘No Child’ relief for states
NYT: Education Secretary May Agree to Waivers on ‘No Child’ Law Requirements

WaPo: Sunday talk show guests: June 12, 2011


Hill: Vote to end ethanol subsidies revives Coburn-Norquist tax revenue battle


Boston Globe: Economy the issue for N.H. voters


Politico: Abandoned, defiant Anthony Weiner seeks ‘treatment,’ House leave
NYT: Weiner to Enter Treatment Center and Seek Leave From House
WaPo: Weiner planning leave of absence for treatment
NatJ: Weiner Still Not Stepping Down, Says He Will Seek Treatment
Roll Call: Weiner Enters Treatment; Leaders Call for Resignation
Daily Caller: Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi call on Weiner to resign
Wash Times: Weiner asks for leave from House as pressure to resign grows
NY Post: Weiner heads to rehab as Pelosi, party leaders call on him to resign
NYT: When It Comes to Scandal, Girls Won’t Be Boys
Mona Charen: Weinergate marks the end of the Clinton era
NYDN: Anthony Weiner's future could be in TV: 'The Spitzer/Weiner Hour'

Rochester D&C: N.Y. House members hiring Albany lobbyists for battle

Albany TU: Sweeney joins Tully Rinckey

NYDN: National Organization for Marriage crusading against gay nuptials in NY


LA Times: To survive, state GOP must reinvent itself

SacBee: 10 Bills to Watch in California's Legislature


Roll Call: Perry Possibility Puts Sessions, Cornyn in Tough Spot


Miami Herald: Crist for governor? As a Democrat? His name comes up at gala

Daily Caller: South Fla. Tea Party skips out on bill for Trump rally


Fox: Alabama's Tough New Immigration Law Can Withstand Legal Challenges, Experts Say


Hill: Pence bashes ‘Obamacare,’ Washington in Indiana governor campaign launch


Milwaukee JS: Stark choices between parties
Milwaukee JS: Democrats to force primaries


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich wrangles deal for more casino money
FallsNewsPress: 'State is very divided' due to Senate Bill 5


Detroit News: Mitt can still be Michigan's man


Boston Globe: How about a Brown-Coakley rematch?


Politico: Gabrielle Giffords photographs released
Hill: First photos of Giffords since shooting posted on her Facebook page


Denver Post: Denver Mayor-elect Hancock fighting off allegations that have surfaced before


June 11, 2011


Fox: As Frontrunner, Romney Attacked From All Sides
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney Wins Over Media by Opposing Rush on Climate Change
Rush Limbaugh: Debate on Consensus in Science
American Thinker: In Defense of Romney, the Alleged Flip-Flopper

WaPo: Palin emails show political persona, husband's key role
Fox: Email Trove Reflects Scrutiny Palin Faced After Emerging as VP Pick
WSJ: Emails Offer Peek at Palin in Office
NYT: In E-Mails, a Glimpse From Inside Palin’s Rise
WaPo: Sarah Palin e-mails released on Friday
AP/Bohrer: Palin emails show her eyeing VP slot in summer '08
Politico: Sarah Palin emails provide no big bombshells
Hill: Emails: Palin cheered Obama’s ‘flipflopping’ on offshore drilling
LA Times: Sarah Palin's emails underscore polarizing effect

Politico: Long-lost Sarah Palin surfaces in emails

Politico: AMC will distribute Palin film
AJC: Sarah Palin documentary to debut in Atlanta – and elsewhere – on July 15

Rush Limbaugh: While GOP Women Dump on Palin, Dem Women Circle Round Weiner

Politico: Mitt Romney move puts spotlight on Tim Pawlenty
Hill: Pawlenty benefits from turbulence in Republican presidential field

Stephen Moore: Michele Bachmann: 'On the Beach, I Bring von Mises'

NYT: As Ex-Aides Speak Out, Gingrich Continues Bid
WaPo: Why Newt Gingrich’s campaign crashed
Daily Caller: Georgia governor sticks by Gingrich
Hill: Gingrich scrambles to save campaign
Rush Limbaugh: A Note from Newt: I'm Still in It
AJC: Newt Gingrich lacked the cash for Iowa straw poll

Politico: Newt's fall sparks Rick Perry buzz
Star-Telegram: Some analysts say signs point to Perry presidential bid
NPR: Buzz Grows Over Possible Rick Perry Presidential Bid
American Thinker: Is Perry the One?

Politico: Draft of Huntsman mailer slams Obama

American Thinker: A Case For Cain

WSJ: GOP Takes Two Tax Tracks (via Google)

Politico: Poll: Barack Obama would bury Chris Christie

Daily Caller: Air Force Campaign One

Bill O'Reilly: What Kind of a Country Do You Want?
William Kristol: Don’t Block Up the Hall


WSJ: Stocks Swoon, Worry Rises (via Google)
WaPo: Stock markets plunge as losing streak extends to six weeks, longest since 2002

WSJ: Job Picture Set to Test Obama in Key States (via Google)
Rich Lowry: An Unemployment Catastrophe

Hill: Obama vows to fight on economy, warns recovery will ‘take time’
Hill: Federal budget deficit on track to eclipse $1 trillion for third year
Hill: Obama economy guru: Fiscal imbalance 'not materially worse'
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich and Boehner to meet Obama, Biden in golf round
Stephen Moore: Dems Play the Default Card
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Policies Have Prevented the US Economy from Rebounding
Rush Limbaugh: The Myth of Obama's Competence
Mark Steyn: Obama’s Road to Nowhere

Hill: Senate panel could take up Panetta nomination for defense chief Tuesday

NatJ: Keeping control of the Senate in 2012 may be a hill too steep for Democrats

Politico: Memo reveals GOP summer plan
Hill: Cantor previews summer schedule

Joe Nocera: Blocking Elizabeth Warren

Hill: Feinstein measure would give feds power to block increased health insurance rates

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Politico: Iowa Republicans: Ames to pick Mitt Romney alternative
NYT: With Abstentions, Iowa Questions Political Role

Hill: Groups press GOP '12 field to oppose tax breaks for ethanol
DMR: Rick Perry perfectly clear on ethanol


Boston Globe: N.H. Democrats hit Pawlenty in ads


Fox: Police Investigate Weiner's Messages to Teenage Girl in Delaware
NYT: Weiner Confirms He Sent Private Messages to Girl, 17
WSJ: Weiner's Messages to Teen Are Probed
NYDN: Weinergate: Cops probe Weiner's Tweets to minor, pol's team says it was G-rated
NatJ: Congressman Weiner Acknowledges Online Interaction With Delaware Teen
Examiner: Weiner says online contact with teen not indecent
AP: Pelosi declines to call for Weiner's resignation
NYDN: Weiner has a defender: Rep. Charles Rangel lends support to sext-scandal colleague
NY Post: Weiner finds an ethics defender . . . Rangel!

NYT: Cuomo Seeks Tougher Laws for Texting While Driving
Albany TU: Cuomo will introduce tough texting-while-driving bill

Albany TU: Cuomo names four No. 2's


LA Times: District maps draw a new political landscape
SacBee: California legislature may see more swing districts under draft political maps
WSJ: Voting Map Stirs Criticism
NYT: Redistricting by Citizens Has Test in California
Roll Call: New California Lines Create Upheaval
Politico: Political earthquake roils California delegation
Hill: Early analysis gives Dems advantage in California redistricting

SacBee: California Senate rejects extending state taxes, votes to expand local tax power
Bloomberg: California Republicans Block Brown’s Deficit Plan


Houston Chronicle: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison protests White House ‘bias’ against Texas

Texas Tribune: Sanctuary Cities Causes Rift Within Texas GOP


Daily Caller: Florida Senate campaigns heat up

Buzz: Federal grand jury turning attention to Ray Sansom


Politico: Alabama's immigration crackdown


Chicago Tribune: Judge denies mistrial motion from Blago defense
Chicago ST: Jury ends first day in Rod Blagojevich trial; judge denies mistrial bid


Milwaukee JS: Democrats may join GOP in fielding 'fake' candidates in recalls

James Taranto: God Hates Special Olympians? Left-wing zombies


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich website link showed 'idiot' gaffe


NYT: North Carolina: Edwards Seeks Delay of Deposition
Politico: John Edwards seeks to delay testimony in sex tape case
Main Justice: George E.B. Holding, U.S. Attorney behind John Edwards case, resigns


USA Today: Obama struggling in Keystone State, poll says


Roll Call: Ex-Rep. Chris Shays Interested in Senate Bid


Denv Post: Hancock backs off vow to release full records that could refute link to prostitution


Politico: Moderates for McKenna


June 10, 2011


Daily Caller: Sources: Rick Perry is running
Star-Telegram: Gingrich shake-up fuels speculation of Perry bid
NatJ: Stock Rising: Bachmann and Perry

Wash Times: Romney runs in front; Democrats try trip-ups
NYT: Romney to Skip Iowa Straw Poll
WaPo: Romney will skip Iowa straw poll in August
WSJ: Romney to Skip Key Poll in Iowa (via Google)
Roll Call: Romney Takes Pass on Iowa Straw Poll
Buzz: Mitt Romney won't participate in Fla, IA, or MI straw polls
Peggy Noonan: Someone Had a Good Week (via Google)

Politico: Sarah Palin film to get nationwide release
AP/Bohrer: Alaska set to release emails from Palin's time as governor
NYT: Trove of Palin E-Mails Draws Press to Alaska
Hill: Alaska's release of Palin emails could shed light on governorship
NYDN: Sarah Palin calls 'One Nation' bus tour 'one of the best weeks of my life'
Politico: Will rivalry make Sarah Palin run?
Rush Limbaugh: Why Women Hate Sarah, Day Two
NRO: A Sarah Palin Tina Fey Could Love

Star Tribune: Palin, Bachmann go from Tea Party allies to testy rivals

Roll Call: Huntsman Courting Tom Ridge for Endorsement
NYT: The Reluctant Mormon (Jon Huntsman)
Politico: Jon Huntsman's no-names strategy

AJC: Sonny Perdue abandons Gingrich ship for Tim Pawlenty
Ruth Marcus: Pawlenty’s magical economic plan

Hill: Candidate Ron Paul thinks GOP, nation moving closer to his libertarian views

American Spectator: Run, Rudy, Run

WSJ: Godfather vs. Tax Man: So how good a businessman is Herman Cain?

Fox: Top Gingrich Aides Resign, Leaving Campaign in Question
AJC: Gingrich's top aides quit campaign as presidential bid takes major hit
WaPo: High command quits Gingrich campaign
Wash Times: Gingrich campaign hit by mass exodus
Roll Call: Gingrich Commits to Campaign After Senior Staffers Quit
Boston Globe: Gingrich campaign hit by defections
NYT: Gingrich Aides Quit en Masse Over Conflicts
NatJ: With Mass Exodus, Gingrich's Longshot Campaign Becomes a Sideshow
Human Events: Can Newt Gingrich Get a Second Life?
LA Times: What the Newt Gingrich staff implosion means for the 2012 Republican race
Fred Barnes: The Problem Was the Wife

NYT: In Visit to Puerto Rico, Obama Has Eye on Mainland

Charles Krauthammer: Stewardship? Or ideology?
Roger Hedgecock: Stealing the Election of 2012
Pat Buchanan: Obama's Dilemma -- and Ours
David Brooks: Politicians Behaving Well

Politico: Debbie Wasserman Schultz has rocky DNC start

Rasmussen: 75% Support Showing Photo ID At The Polls


Hill: House Dems to call for expiration of Bush tax rates in debt-limit deal
Fox: Washington Keeps Fighting Over Taxes as Deadline to Raise Debt Limit Looms
Hill: Reeling from Ryan budget, GOP wary of debt deal vote
WaPo: Biden, lawmakers pick up pace of debt-reduction talks
Hill: Pace quickens in Biden debt negotiations
Reuters: Debt talks to speed up, taxes still a hurdle
Politico: Gang of Six unveils budget ideas
NYT: Companies Spend on Equipment, Not Workers
Paul Krugman: Rule by Rentiers
NYT: Editorial: Budgeting for Insecurity
WaPo: Senate legislation may slow, but quorums continue
Michael Gerson: The high price of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Charlie Cook: Medicare: Too Good to Last
Fox: Fox News Poll: Some Americans Say 'Crisis' Is Best Way to Describe Debt Situation
Human Events: GOP Medicare Reforms Need, Deserve Better Marketing
Rush Limbaugh: Sessions Schools CNN Anchorbabe on the Debt Ceiling and Spending

Daily Caller: Federal data shows troubling unemployment, underemployment trends
Hill: Do more on jobs, Dems tell Obama
Michelle Malkin: The Government Job-Training Juggernaut
Rush Limbaugh: TIME Mag Discovers: No Recovery

WSJ: A Gulf Drilling Revival: Notice how the energy breakthroughs are in oil and natural gas
Politico: Tom Coburn forces Tuesday ethanol vote
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Keeps Promise to Kill Coal

Hill: Dems defend NLRB against GOP pushback on Boeing suit

American Spectator: Obamacare Has Another Rough Day in Court

Wash Times: Government’s espionage case against NSA official stumbles
NYT: Ex-N.S.A. Aide Gains Plea Deal in Leak Case; Setback to U.S.
WaPo: Ex-NSA official Thomas Drake to plead guilty to misdemeanor

Wash Times: Top counterterrorism chief stepping down
NYT: Director of National Counterterrorism Center Is Resigning

Hill: Lawmaker announces second hearing into Muslim-American radicalization

NYT: Panetta Demurs on Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan

Kim Strassel: Obama's Nuclear Politics (via Google)


Fox: Ethanol Issue Slips Behind Jobs, Deficit in Iowa


Hill: Busy N.H. weekend for trio of 2012 contenders


Wash Times: Weiner reiterates his stance: He will not resign
NY Post: Weiner can't afford to quit the DC day job
Examiner: Weiner uplifted by poll - won't resign
Politico: Anthony Weiner shows no signs of quitting
Hill: Rep. Weiner digs in, says he will not resign
Fox: Rep. Weiner Defiant as Odds Stack Against Him
Roll Call: Joe Crowley Would Play Kingmaker Should Weiner Resign
NYT: Brash Style Alienates Congressman From Peers (Weiner)
NatJ: Weiner Scandal Likely to Dominate House Agenda
C&E: Will Weinergate Increase Controls on Candidate Tweets?
Susan Estrich: Anthony Weiner's Viral Adventure
NYDN: Huma Abedin, Rep. Weiner's wife, appears cheerful as she is spotted in Abu Dhabi
NY Post: Voters stick up for their rep: poll
LA Times: New Yorkers still support Rep. Anthony Weiner

Albany TU: State Civil Service workers lack training to administer layoff, bumping lists

NYT: Editorial: Gov. Cuomo and Public Pensions

Buffalo News: Multiyear tuition hike for SUNY in the works


Daily Caller: California GOP gives obvious nod to Tea Party in new video
SacBee: California Republicans doubt success of new labor union committee

SacBee: No deal, but California lawmakers to begin voting on state budget
Dan Walters: Here comes the California budget (again)

LA Times: Redrawing of district boundaries will shake up California politics
LA Times: Redistricting at a glance

James Taranto: 'Monster Mohel'


WSJ: The Lone Star Jobs Surge


Roll Call: Former Steakhouse CEO Considering Florida Senate Bid


WSJ: Alabama Gets Tough on Illegal Immigrants
American Spectator: Yes, States May Restrict Illegal Aliens


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich case goes to jury
Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich case goes to jury; ex-gov, wife cry during defense closing
NYT: Blagojevich Jury to Begin Deliberating in Retrial

NYT: Governor Seeks Sharp Tuition Increase in Five-Year Plan for SUNY


Milwaukee JS: State preparing for big budget protests next week


Columbus Dispatch: House, Senate leaders have 3 big budget items to wrangle over


Detroit News: Romney gets cheers, jeers on first campaign swing through Michigan


Roll Call: Delaware Man Admits to Reimbursing Employees’ Campaign Donations


WSJ: Judges for Higher Taxes (via Google)


NYT: In Connecticut, Pondering the Loss of a Big Employer


Politico: Olympia Snowe wears down Harry Reid


Roll Call: Arizona State Senator Interested in House Bid

Politico: Aide: Gabrielle Giffords struggles to communicate


June 9, 2011


WSJ: New Whispers of a Perry 2012 Bid

Rush Limbaugh: If Sarah Palin Gets in the Race, She Will be the Candidate to Beat
Rush Limbaugh: A Self-Described Lib from Branson on Why the Democrats Fear Palin
Rush Limbaugh: Annette: Women Have Palin Envy
CBS: Poll: Most Republicans don't want Palin to run for president
Daily Caller: Palin’s camp returns fire for Ed Rollins’ comments
Politico: Palin chief blasts Rollins, expects 'retraction'

WaPo: Romney draws early fire from conservatives over views on climate change
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney's Climate Questioner

Rush Limbaugh: The Rick Santorum Interview

William Kristol: Rudy's Running

WaPo: Expansion of earmarks while Gingrich was speaker could alienate tea party voters

Dan Henninger: Obama's Worst Week, Pawlenty's Best

Rush Limbaugh: Trump and Huckabee on Rush

Politico: Jon Huntsman's no-names strategy

DC: Cain would require ‘loyalty proof’ from Muslims to serve in his administration
Politico: Herman Cain to attend Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally

Rush Limbaugh: State-Run Media Stunned as Obama's Osama Bump Vanishes
Politico: President Obama's campaign expands its 2012 map
Human Events: How Obama and ACORN are Sabotaging America
LA Times: Forget those Republicans for now, Obama's real 2012 opponent is The Economy
Jonah Goldberg: It’s Obama’s Economy, Stupid

Conrad Black: Seeking the Next President


Karl Rove: The President's Medicare Abdication (via Google)

WaPo: Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Americans torn over raising debt limit
NYT: Economy’s Woes Shift the Focus of Budget Talks
Hill: ‘Five guys’ struggle for deficit relevance

WaPo: OPEC fails to ratify proposal to boost the oil cartel’s output
WSJ: Exxon Announces Major Oil Finds in Gulf (via Google)
Michael Barone: Free Market, Not Government Policy, Drives Energy Boom

WaPo: Federal proposal would toughen debt restrictions on mortgages

NYT: Banks Defeated in Senate Vote Over Debit Card Fees
WaPo: Senate stands firm on lowering debit-card swipe fees
Hill: Senate rejects delay of debit fee regulations, ending K Street battle

Fox: Federal Judges Raise Questions About ObamaCare Mandate
Politico: Panel ponders striking individual mandate
WaPo: Legal battle over Obama’s health-care law moves to Atlanta courtroom
Wash Times: Judges seem receptive to health care challenge
LA Times: Judges sharply challenge healthcare law
NYT: Judges Weigh Limits of Health Law’s Powers
NatJ: Judges Question Mandate During Arguments in Health Care Law Appeal
WSJ: Senators Request Probe of Surgeons (via Google)

Wash Times: Obama outlines worker-training plan
NRO: Editorial: Help Wanted

American Thinker: Sole Loyalty: The Identity Politics of Immigration Reform

Wash Times: GOP-led House panel plans hearing on Boeing plant

George Will: Obama and free trade: Appease big labor

Fox: FCC Agrees to Take 'Fairness Doctrine' Off the Books

Lawrence Tribe/Shriver: Why Wounded Warriors Sleep in Dumpsters (via Google)

NYT: Editorial: Citizens United’s Outrageous Offspring

NYT: Editorial: Internet Piracy and How to Stop It


Roll Call: Nevada Supreme Court Will Hear From Parties


NY Post: Penis photo Weiner sent to online gal pal emerges
NYDN: Weiner penis exposed in photo as sexting scandal threatens congressman's career
Gawker: Anthony Weiner’s Cock Shot Emerges (WARNING: EXPLICIT)
Las Vegas Sun: Another Rep. Weiner sexting partner emerges, reluctantly
NYDN: Weiner's cybersex pal Lisa Weiss apologizes to disgraced Congressman's wife
AJC: Report: Athens woman involved in Weiner scandal
NYT: In Reckless Fashion, Rapid Online Pursuits of Political Admirers
WSJ: Democrats Push Weiner to Go
Wash Times: Democrats push Weiner to resign immediately
NYT: House Democrats Step Up Calls for Weiner to Quit
WaPo: Some congressional Democrats call on Weiner to resign from House
NatJ: More Democrats Calling for Weiner to Resign
Fox: Growing Chorus of Democrats Tells Weiner to Quit
Hill: Top Dem calls for Weiner to resign
NYDN: Anthony Weiner needs to resign, ex-DNC Chair Tim Kaine says
Human Events: Democrats Join the Cause: Weiner Must Go
WSJ: Weiner Hunts for Crisis Advice (via Google)
Roll Call: Weiner’s Woes Just Worsen
NY Post: Weiner's swan schlong
NYT: Talk Builds on Challengers and a District Vulnerable to Elimination
NYT: Why Weiner’s Seat Could Be Sacrificed in Redistricting
Chris Cillizza: Pressure ramps up on Anthony Weiner to resign
James Taranto: Can't Feminists Be Hypocrites?
Ezra Klein: Weiner’s future should be decided by his constituents
Politico: Allyson Schwartz says Anthony Weiner should resign
WSJ: OpEd: A Short History of Political Suicide
Human Events: Video: Breitbart's Triumph in His Words
American Spectator: Bill Clinton Syndrome (BCS)

NYT: Weiner’s Wife Is Pregnant
Politico: Sources: Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife, is pregnant

Albany TU: Cuomo orders pink slips to begin July 15
Albany TU: Document: Layoff memo from Megna, Glaser

NYT: Cuomo Urges Broad Limits to N.Y. Public Pensions
Albany TU: Cuomo wants to cut state pensions for new hires
NYDN: Gov. Cuomo pushes reform of state and city pensions
Fred Dicker: Gov bares retirement plan to save city $30B
Albany TU: AFL-CIO more restrained in opposition to Tier VI

WSJ: Mulling a Move From '30 Rock' to City Hall (Alec Baldwin)

Human Events: NYC Churches Fight Bloomberg’s Same-Sex Marriage Push


WSJ: California Voters Balk at Tax Plan (via Google)
SacBee: Union Chief says Jerry Brown's tax vote is 'fraught with peril'

Politico: California lawmakers brace for change
SacBee: California redistricting commission fine-tunes its proposals

Hill: Dreier tamps down retirement rumors


AP/Tomlinson: Texas House approves Medicaid changes


Politico: Another Blue Dog bites the dust


Daily Caller: Former Ruth’s Chris CEO is ’seriously considering’ running for Senate in Florida

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott takes credit for business expansion that started before he took office


AJC: Mitt Romney returns to Atlanta next week


Roll Call: Roll Crimson Tide — Governor Signs Map in Alabama


Chicago Trib: Blagojevich portrayed as desperate and corrupt as closing arguments begin


Roll Call: Race to Replace Pence Gets Less Crowded


Milwaukee JS: Recall elections set for 3 Democratic senators
NYT: In Wisconsin, Legislative Urgency as Recall Threat Looms
Althouse: Wisconsin protesters disrupt a Special Olympics ceremony!


Columbus Dispatch: Policy-changing budget bill goes to reconciliation panel


Detroit News: Gov. Snyder, 15 GOP legislators target of recall efforts

Detroit News: Romney defends his stance on U.S. auto rescue as he courts Michigan voters


Politico: Barr launching a rematch with Chandler


Daily Mail UK: Elizabeth Edwards’ revenge from the grave: She 'secretly recorded' John
Main Justice: Behind John Edwards Indictment, A Prosecutor's Political History
NYT: For Edwards’s Adult Daughter, a Recurring Role: Family Glue


Politico: Cory Booker for Senate?


Hill: Dems struggle to beat maverick Sen. Brown in Massachusetts


NYT: Message of Survival Won Denver Race for Mayor


Roll Call: Hatch Defends Record, Rebukes Chaffetz


Roll Call: Could Schweitzer Challenge Baucus in 2014?


June 8, 2011


WSJ: Republicans Call for Weiner to Resign
Roll Call: Cantor Asks Weiner to Resign
WaPo: Rep. Anthony Weiner fights for political survival
Fox: Pelosi Seeks Ethics Inquiry as Rep. Weiner Faces GOP Calls to Resign
NYT: Democrats Shy From Weiner as G.O.P. Seizes on Scandal
NYT: Republicans Challenge Democrats on Weiner Donations
NYT: Weiner Faces Calls to Resign and Tries to Make Amends
NYT: A Twitter Group Warned About Weiner
John Fund: Weiner Won't Go, but His District Might
WaPo: Weiner and the modern e-ffair
Rush Limbaugh: Stand Firm, Weiner! Don't Resign
James Taranto: Anthony Weiner is a lot like Bill Clinton, only funnier
Maureen Dowd: Your Tweetin’ Heart

WSJ: Fed Sees Recovery Lagging (via Google)
Martin Feldstein: The Economy Is Worse Than You Think
Dick Morris: Stand firm on debt limit
WaPo: Sen. Kyl refines Republicans’ demands in debt-ceiling talks
NatJ: Obama and Bernanke Double Down on Economy
NatJ: Charlie Cook Predicts Unemployment Projections Will Not Look Good for Obama
Newt Gingrich: The Danger of the Obama Recession Turning into the Obama Depression
American Spectator: The Coming Crash of 2013

Hill: NY-26 shifts the Democratic playbook on Medicare reforms

Holman Jenkins: Crime & Punishment & Goldman (via Google)

Miami Herald: Federal healthcare law challenged in appeals court
WSJ: No, You Can't Keep Your Health Insurance

NYT: Editorial: Resistance grows to Obama's immigration plan

Politico: Top Republicans demand patent bill action

Rush Limbaugh: Goolsbee Gone After Admitting Government Can't Drive Recovery

Steven Pearlstein: A tale of two Mitts
Daily Caller: Joe Miller focused on defeating Mitt Romney in 2012

Rush Limbaugh: The Story of Palin and Paul Revere
Daily Caller: Bachmann vs. Palin feud hits Twitter
Politico: Stars collide: Michele Bachmann vs. Sarah Palin

WSJ: Pawlenty Calls for Deep Tax, Spending Cuts (via Google)
NYT: Pawlenty Calls for Greater Tax and Spending Cuts Than G.O.P. Rivals
NYT: Pawlenty Promises High Growth, Low Taxes and Tight Spending
WSJ: Pawlenty's Growth Marker

Rush Limbaugh: Romney Vaults Ahead of Obama; Declares Climate Change Manmade
Tom Friedman: The Earth Is Full
Rush Limbaugh: Advice to Dems: Abandon Obama
Hill: Key numbers will decide whether Obama wins reelection

Politico: GOP freshmen spend big bucks on office budgets

Politico: Beck launches subscription web TV channel


Politico: This just in: Newt Gingrich to campaign in New Hampshire


NYT: As Ethics Measure Emerges, So Do Questions About Its Teeth

Roll Call: Weiner’s Political Fate Still Unanswered in N.Y.
WSJ: Weiner Upends Mayoral Field

Albany TU: Republicans make move in Schenectady


LA Times: California budget talks hit an impasse over three-month tax extension
Mercury News: Governor: Talks teetering on edge
WSJ: California Moves to Cut Inmate Population After Ruling

Roll Call: Members to Get First Glimpse of New California Map


Fox: Perry's Planned Prayer Event Riles Critics

Star-Telegram: Perry adds immigration legislation to special session


NYT: Oklahoma’s Boren Leaving Congress
WaPo: Rep. Dan Boren won’t seek reelection
Roll Call: Boren’s Exit Makes for Tossup


SPT: In fighting health care law, Florida rejects millions in federal aid

Daily Caller: Rubio says he plans to play active role in 2012 races


Roll Call: Peach State Pits Minority Voters Vs. GOP Lean


Chicago ST: Trial tape: Rahm Emanuel asked Rod Blagojevich to appoint Claypool
American Spectator: Fame and Infamy in Chicago


Politico: Mitch Daniels declines Rick Perry invite


NYT: One-Party Rule in 2 States Sends Them Off in Opposite Directions


Columbus Dispatch: Strickland still in the political picture


Detroit News: Romney brings his presidential campaign to Michigan


Roll Call: Judge Reaffirms Ruling Allowing Corporate Campaign Donations


C&E: Former Secret Serviceman to Run for Senate in Maryland


NYT: Calling for ‘Achievable’ Target, Christie Plans Cut in State’s Renewable Energy Goals


NYT: Democratic Rule Remakes Connecticut’s Legislative Face


Roll Call: Heather Wilson Hires Ex-Chief of Staff to Manage Senate Campaign


Denver Post: Michael Hancock's feel-good story, campaign propels him to Denver mayor


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David Limbaugh: 'Demonic' is angelic
Rush Limbaugh: Ann Coulter Explains "Demonic"
Ann Coulter: Obama: Hope, Change, and the Occasional Sex Dream
Ann Coulter: Civil Rights and the Mob: George Wallace, Bull Connor, Orval Faubus And Other Democrats
Daily Caller: Coulter goes after Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews in ‘Demonic’
Politico: Ann Coulter's book gets Matt Drudge's touch

Fox: Cheney Memoir Will Be 'Straightforward', Daughter Says

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