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March 7, 2011


NYT: Obama Considers Tapping Oil Reserve
Fox: Obama Weighs Tapping Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Counter Oil Price Spike
Human Events: What are Republicans Waiting for, $10 a Gallon at the Pump?

Fox: Lawmakers at Impasse Over 7-Month Budget; Redirect Focus to Benefit Programs
Hill: The $50 billion question: Where will House Republicans draw the line?
Wash Times: $6B budget cut: A ‘limit’ for Democrats, a nick for GOP
NYT: Editorial: Holding Firm on the Budget
EJ Dionne: How Boehner is playing the Democrats
Wash Times: Boehner feeling heat from tea party
Human Events: The Return of the Balanced Budget Amendment

LA Times: House GOP budget bill aims to slash environmental regulation

WSJ: ObamaCare's March Madness

WSJ: GOP Prods Obama on Libya

Shultz Perry Kissinger Nunn: Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Proliferation (via Google)

WaPo: Congressman King defends himself against criticism over hearings on radical Islam
NYT: White House Seeks to Allay Muslims’ Fears on Terror Hearings
Ted Nugent: The West awakens to Islam’s intent to dominate, not assimilate
Roll Call: King, Ellison Debate Focusing on U.S. Muslims in Hearing
Detroit News: Muslims protest House hearing
NYDN: Protesters call Rep. Pete King's hearings on Muslim radicalization a witch hunt
NY Post: Rep. Peter King says Muslims aren't cooperating in fight against terrorism
Fox: Obama Adviser Praises American-Muslim Anti-Terror Cooperation

NYT: Tight Budgets Mean Squeeze in Classrooms
NYT: Bipartisan Group Backs Common School Curriculum
Paul Krugman: Degrees and Dollars

NYT: Are State and Local Government Employees Paid Too Much?
WSJ: Battered Public Pensions Do Better
Robert Samuelson: Why Social Security is welfare
Michael Barone: Who's to Blame for Union Woes?

WaPo: In states, parties clash over voting laws that call for IDs, limits on college students

WSJ: Big Payday for Some Hill Staffers

Ross Douthat: Why Monogamy Matters

WaPo: Will the South stay solidly Republican?

LA Times: GOP presidential contest begins to warm up
Wash Times: Romney recalibrates pitch for 2nd bid
American Spectator: Front-Runner Failure
Roll Call: Alexander Shrugs Off Trump as Obama Challenger
American Thinker: Islamo-phobia and Palin-phobia
NRO: Pawlenty to Like

Politico: The liberal campaign against SCOTUS conservatives


Albany TU: State eyes sixth tier


WSJ: Did California Gov. Jerry Brown Compare Himself to Jesus?

Dan Walters: 3-way duel clouds California congressional race


WSJ: Texans Duel Over Millions in School Funding


Buzz: Tea party turning on Mike Haridopolos?


Chicago Tribune: Quinn expected to sign redistricting legislation in Chinatown


Roll Call: Bachmann Stands by ‘Gangster Government’ Description


Milwaukee JS: Pro-Walker bus tour ends with rally in Madison
AP/Bauer: Supporters of Wisconsin anti-union bill hold rally
Milwaukee JS: Recall drives could make history
WSJ: Democrats to End Union Standoff
NYT: Talks to Resolve Wisconsin Battle Falter
Mike Lupica: WI Gov. Scott Walker, David Koch ganging up on working heroes


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich readies speech on his fix-Ohio plans


Boston Globe: Maine’s green future debated


NYT: Utah G.O.P. Adopts Immigration Alternative


March 6, 2011


WSJ: Obama Willing to Cut Spending Further
Hill: Deficit hawks, debt panel heads work to keep focus on long-term solutions

WSJ: FHA Powers What's Left of the Home Market
Dana Milbank: Behind the foreclosure crisis, big banks' reign of error

Fox: Homeland Security Delays Launch of 'Real ID' – Again

Fox: Ex-Rep, 'Gopher' Leaves Radio Show After Alleged Pressure Over Islam Comments
Mark Steyn: Arid Uka’s Gratitude
Andrew McCarthy: Jean-Jacques Jihad
Nicholas Kristof: Is Islam the Problem?

WSJ: Why America Will Stay on Top

Human Events: Will Medicaid Bankrupt States?

Bill O'Reilly: Look for the Union Label

Fox: Romney Slams President Obama's Health Care Law
Politico: Mitt Romney's prescription for ‘Obamacare’: Repeal it
NYT: To Quiet Critics, Romney Puts 2012 Focus on Jobs
Hill: Romney to criticize 'Obama Misery Index' in address to GOP in early primary state

McClatchy: Michele Bachmann wants GOP to win in 2012, maybe with her

WaPo: Obama's 2012 reelection team gets moving

Hill: Republicans in solid shape to take control of Senate next year

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday shows: Let's make a deal


Politico: NH gay-marriage debate puts 2012 hopefuls on spot


NYDN: Catholics back Cuomo in church tiff despite his 'living in sin' with girlfriend Sandra Lee

NYT: Editorial: State Workers and N.Y.’s Fiscal Crisis


Politico: At Miami school, Barack Obama praises Jeb Bush

Miami Herald: Senate president walks political tightrope


AJC: Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in a rush to divvy up Georgia


NRO: Mitch Daniels’s Obamacare Problem


WSJ: Union Fight Sparks Recall Campaigns
NYT: Both Sides Begin Efforts for Recalls in Wisconsin
Wkly Std: Wisconsin GOP Senators Aren't Going Wobbly, Says Republican Targeted for Recall
NYT: Organized Labor Hopes Attacks by Some States Help Nurture Comeback
NYT: Wisconsin’s Legacy of Labor Battles
AP/Richmond: Michael Moore tells Wis. protesters to keep fighting gov's anti-union efforts
Milwaukee JS: Opinions polls show sharp divisions on Walker
Spencer Abraham: The Michigan Experience


Columbus Dispatch: 'Action' agenda pleases Kasich

Hill: Sen. Brown apologizes for Hitler, Stalin references in speech
Columbus Dispatch: Brown apologizes for Hitler-Stalin remark


Detroit News: Snyder appears open to expanding privatization


Fox: North Carolina Democratic Governor Vetoes GOP Challenge to Health Care Law


Wash Times: Maryland House panel passes gay marriage bill


Andrew McCarthy: Loughner Indictment: Legally Suspect and Tactically Foolish


Fox: Utah Passes Arizona-Style Immigration Law
LA Times: On immigration, momentum shifts away from Arizona


NYT: In Montana, an Economic Boon Faces Repeal Effort


March 5, 2011


Fox: Senate Dems Answer House GOP on Spending Cuts, Reid Predicts Bills Will Fail
Hill: Democrats argue McConnell move exposes GOP divide on spending
Hill: Reid: GOP spending bill among ‘worst pieces’ of legislation in history
Weekly Standard: Winning the Real Budget Fight

NYT: As Health Costs Soar, G.O.P. and Insurers Differ on Cause

Erick Erickson: Gas Price Increases Are Intentional
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wants Higher Gas Prices

WSJ: Mortgage Practices Overhaul Proposed
NYT: Mortgage Modification Overhaul Sought by States
WSJ: Local Governments Keep on Paring Payrolls

NYT: House Republicans Move to Uphold Marriage Act
WaPo: Boehner launches effort to defend gay-marriage ban

Fred Barnes: What a Difference a Year Makes

NYT: Cancer Research Before Activism, Billionaire Conservative Donor Says

WaPo: Anxiety on all sides of upcoming House hearing on radicalization of U.S. Muslims

William Kristol: The Gates of Resignation

James Taranto: John Galt vs. Bamtrak

LA Times: A whole new Romney for 2012 presidential run
George Will: Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and the spotlight-chasing candidates of 2012
Kathleen Parker: Eager to know the GOP field for 2012? I'm not
Human Events: Land of Enchantment for the GOP in 2012
NYDN: Top aide heads to Iowa to plug for a possible Donald Trump presidential run in 2012
NYT: Possible Republican Presidential Candidates

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Des Moines Register: Trump says he would play in Iowa, aides to visit Monday
Des Moines Register: GOP chairman seeks to protect caucus date


NYT: Bloomberg and Cuomo, Co-Stars, Vie for Top Billing
Politico: Paladino to Pelosi: You're 'sick'
NY Post: Espada trial set for Sept.


SacBee: Jerry Brown says he's meeting with Republicans on taxes


WaPo: Obama praises Jeb Bush on education reform
NYT: Obama, With an Unlikely Co-Star, Pushes Bipartisanship on a Miami Visit

NYT: Fla. Supreme Court Says Governor Can Reject Rail Funds
SPT: No high-speed rail for Florida; court rules for Scott

Human Events: 'Once Met, Never Forgotten': Rep. Allen West

Miami Herald: Florida House Democrats have choice of two for thankless job


Milwaukee JS: Walker notifies unions of layoffs, but gives Dems 15 days to reverse move
WaPo: Wis. governor begins process for layoffs
NYT: Wisconsin Protesters Leave Capitol After Judge’s Ruling
WSJ: Union Fight Sparks Recall Campaigns
WSJ: The Wisconsin Wobblies
Rasmussen: Wisconsin Governor Walker: 43% Approval Rating
Rush Limbaugh: Wisconsin Idea: Deem Bill Passed


Fox: Kasich: When Ohio Union Bill Passes House, I'll Sign It
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich's two picks finally fill out panel


Boston Globe: Brown emerging as key Senate player
WSJ: Gov. Patrick's Name-Dropping


Las Cruces Sun-News: Wilson reportedly vying for Bingaman seat


Denver Post: Late-session GOP redistricting bill for Colorado infuriates Dems


March 4, 2011


WSJ: GOP Aims to Tame Benefits Programs
Fox: Lawmakers Stuck in Stopgap Mode While Budget Problems Fester
WSJ: Biden, Lawmakers Open Talks on Budget (via Google)
LA Times: GOP tries to sell idea that less spending means more jobs
Hill: Obama, GOP start $50B apart
NYT: Democrats Open Talks by Offering $6.5 Billion More in Cuts
WaPo: White House proposes $6.5 billion more in spending cuts
Hill: Boehner promises Obama GOP cover on entitlements

Sen Jim DeMint: Public Broadcasting Should Go Private

Peggy Noonan: Public Unions Get Too 'Friendly'

WaPo: Democratic legislators embracing tactic to gain leverage: fleeing

WaPo: Obama administration prepares for possibility of new post-revolt Islamist regimes
Charles Krauthammer: From Baghdad to Benghazi
Michael Novak: The Desire for Liberty Is Universal (via Google)
David Brooks: Huntington's Clash of Civilizations Revisited
Pat Buchanan: Robert Gates, Neo-Isolationist?
NYT: Editorial: Another Brave Man Killed

WSJ: Health Overhaul Is Given Reprieve
NYT: Judge Stays Own Ruling Against Health Care Law
Rush Limbaugh: Vinson Gives Regime Seven Days
American Spectator: Judge Vinson Fails to Apply the Two-By-Four
NYT: House Votes to Help Small Businesses Comply With Health Bill, but Relief Is Held Up

NYT: Without Loan Giants, 30-Year Mortgage May Fade Away
Paul Krugman: How to Kill a Recovery
NYT: Editorial: Foreclosure Follies

NYT: Harvard Says It Will Allow the R.O.T.C. to Return
WaPo: Harvard reopens door to ROTC

WSJ: U.S., Mexico Agree to Settle Truck Feud

NYT: House Action Likely on Marriage Act

WaPo: Alito stands alone on Supreme Court's First Amendment cases
Jonah Goldberg: Between Garbage and Gold

Kim Strassel: Obama's Gas Price Migraine (via Google)
WSJ: Vilsack's Candor (via Google)
Politico: Barack Obama reelection starts cash chase

Michael Gerson: The last doughboy and the emergence of a great nation

WSJ: State Lawmakers Aim to Reduce Ranks
WaPo: Economists: State, local pension funds understate shortfall by $1.5 trillion or more

Wash Times: Gingrich to ‘explore’ run in 2012
NYT: Gingrich Tests 2012 Presidential Support
WaPo: Does Newt Gingrich have what it takes for the 2012 presidential campaign?
WSJ: Gingrich 2012 Website Uses Kennedy Stock Photo
NYT: Few Winning Scenarios for Gingrich

WSJ: Roemer Forms 2012 Exploratory Committee

NYDN: Huckabee slams Portman as bad role model for having a baby 'out of wedlock'
Politico: Huck rips Portman's pregnancy
NYT: The Fictions of Mike Huckabee

WaPo: Sarah Palin's Iowa problem

Human Events: Jeb Bush in Danger of Missing the Boat

Politico: Democratic senators ditch 2012 runs

Rush Limbaugh: Obama: The Tea Party is Racist
James Taranto: Color Us Skeptical: Did Obama really call the Tea Party racist?

Roll Call: Priebus Taps Texan as RNC General Counsel


NYT: Republicans Have High Hopes for Iowa
WSJ: Iowa GOP Chairman: No Leapfrogging!
Roll Call: Iowa GOP Chairman Warns Other States Over 2012 Calendar
Des Moines Register: Exploring run in 2012, Donald Trump plans Iowa visit


Albany TU: Cuomo offers a two-year plan
Albany TU: Special elections extended; NY-26 call on deck?
Albany TU: Poloncarz out from NY-26


LA Times: Trips, tickets and golf for California lawmakers highlight laxity of ethics rules
LA Times: Redondo Beach mayor joins crowded race to succeed Rep. Jane Harman


Dallas MN: Texas House votes to require sonogram before abortion


SPT: Challenge to Scott's rejection of high-speed rail is in court's hands


Chi Trib: Emanuel says secretly funded group should reveal donors in City Council election


Richard Land: Americans Don't Want a 'Truce' on Social Issues


Star Tribune: Dayton signs on to big shift in environmental oversight


Milwaukee JS: Hiding senators held in contempt; layoff notices to go out today
WSJ: Pressure Mounts on Absent Democrats
Politico: Wisconsin Senate orders Democrats’ arrest
Milwaukee JS: Overnight protesters leave Capitol
WaPo: Protesters leave Wis. Capitol after 17-day sit-in
NYT: Wisconsin Governor Says He Will Begin Issuing Layoff Warnings to Unions
Richard Trumka: Scott Walker's False Choice (via Google)
Rasmu: WI Poll: Support for Budget Cutting, Not for Weakening Collective Bargaining Rights
NRO: A New Strategy for Wisconsin


Columbus Dispatch: State workers' pay, benefit cuts near end
WaPo: Ohio GOP may invite backlash with tough stance on unions
WSJ: Editorial: The Buckeye Union Lesson (via Google)


Roll Call: Michigan Democrats Weary Over Redistricting
Detroit News: Michigan will try again for early primary


NYDN: Lawyers back in court over John Edwards-Rielle Hunter sex tape


Wash Times: Parole power worries Maryland GOP


WSJ: Internet Gambling Vetoed in New Jersey


Roll Call: Franks Signals on Arizona Senate Bid


Politico: Heather Wilson to announce for Senate Monday


Hill: Republicans see 2012 race against Rep. David Wu as 'highly competitive'


Wash Times: Alaska’s Parnell seeks tax cuts for oil, gas firms


Wash Times: Akaka retirement opens door for GOP
Roll Call: Colleen Hanabusa Says Senate Talk Premature


March 3, 2011


NYT: Obama Signs Two-Week Budget Extension
WaPo: Obama signs short-term spending bill, averting federal shutdown
Fox: Reid, Boehner Exchange Barbs Over Stopgap Measure
WSJ: White House to Broker Budget Talks
Hill: Obama to walk tightrope on budget talks after Democrats accept cuts
Wash Times: With government shutdown averted, parties debate next move
WaPo: Federal agriculture, education programs among first to face budget cuts
Wash Times: Napolitano contends GOP cuts would threaten homeland security
NYT: Editorial: The Hollow Cry of ‘Broke’
WSJ: Poll Shows Budget-Cuts Dilemma
John Fund: Government Shutdown Polling Spooks Pols
Ann Coulter: Uncivil Unions
Michael Barone: Government Shutdown No Longer a 'Train Wreck'
American Spectator: Quotations From Chairman Ryan

Karl Rove: Message to the GOP: Austerity Is Not Enough
EJ Dionne: No glory for governors trying to do the right fiscal thing

WSJ: Obama's Health Waiver Gambit
Human Events: Two GOP Reps Take a Stand to Defund ObamaCare & Planned Parenthood

WSJ: Time to Get Serious About American Oil (via Google)

George Will: Lamar Smith: Immigration's taskmaster
Human Events: Immigration Lotto Lunacy

WSJ: First Amendment Protects 'Hurtful' Speech, Court Says
NYT: Justices Rule for Protesters at Military Funerals
Wash Times: Supreme Court upholds protests at military funerals as free speech
WaPo: Supreme Court rules First Amendment protects church's right to picket funerals
NYT: Editorial: Even Hurtful Speech
WSJ: Editorial: Free Speech for Jerks (via Google)
WaPo: Editorial: The right to even ugly free speech

WSJ: Justices Hear 9/11 Detention Case
WaPo: Supreme Court considers former attorney general Ashcroft's liability in lawsuit

James Taranto: Eric Holder's People
Rush Limbaugh: Holder and Farrakhan Make Racist Remarks, But Rush is the Racist?

Wash Times: WikiLeaks source charged with ‘aiding enemy’
AP/Burns: Army charges WikiLeaks suspect with 'aiding enemy'
Fox: Soldier Held in WikiLeaks Case Faces 22 More Charges, Including Aiding Enemy

NYT: Fox News Takes Two Potential Candidates Off Air

WSJ: Gingrich's Potential Bid Delayed by Business Ties (via Google)
FT: Inquiry into gambling group threatens to hurt Gingrich (via Google)

Hill: Chamber grades Barbour well on jobs

Roll Call: Democrats Need GOP Voters to Win


Albany TU: Glaser: We’ll start prepping layoffs 4/1 if no contract
Albany TU: Lippmann agrees to cut more from judiciary budget
NYT: Cuomo’s Teacher Plan Criticized as Falling Short on Seniority Rule
NYT: Proposed Malpractice Limits Face a Fight in Albany
NYT: In Plea Deal, Ex-Paterson Aide Admits Shoving Former Companion

Roll Call: Conservatives Rallying Behind N.Y. Contender
Politico: Lobbyists join redistricting in N.Y.


WSJ: GOP in California Tax Talks
LA Times: Jerry Brown taps trusted former aide for key cabinet position


WSJ: Texans Divide Over Guns on Campus
Dallas MN: House Democrats question costs of Texas voter ID bill


WaPo: Obama to appear with Jeb Bush at Miami education event
SPT: Gov. Rick Scott says senators want court to push their failed rail policies


AJC: Georgia’s jobless rate again hits all-time high of 10.4 percent


NYT: Wife’s Charity Offers Corporate Tie to a Governor


Fox: Illinois Officials Spar Over Order to Make List of Gun Owners Public
Chicago Tribune: Anonymously funded group backs Emanuel's agenda


WaPo: Midwest union battles highlight debate over improving schools


Milwaukee JS: State budget talks hold promise, then halt
AP/Bauer: With no end in sight, Wis. stalemate could drag on for months
Milwaukee JS: Largest unions pay leaders well, give extensively to Democrats

Roll Call: Poll Shows Kohl With Advantage in Potential Fifth Term


Columbus Dispatch: Collective-bargaining bill heads to House after heated debate
WSJ: Ohio Vote Puts Curbs on Unions in Reach
WaPo: Ohio Senate approves bill that weakens public employee union negotiating rights


Detroit News: Dems say Snyder plan too easy on business


WSJ: Population Jumps in North Carolina


NYT: James McClure, Powerful Western Senator, Dies at 86


Wash Times: Hawaii senator to call it quits
NYT: Akaka Will Not Run Again
Roll Call: Sen. Daniel Akaka Retiring
Hill: Akaka of Hawaii won't run again, opening another Dem seat


March 2, 2011


WSJ: A 14-Day Reprieve in Budget Standoff
WaPo: Government shutdown avoided for now, with a two-week funding extension
Wash Times: House’s two-week stopgap bill cuts $4B
Hill: Done deal on a $4 billion cut gives Republicans spending victory
Hill: Despite steep cuts, Reid says Senate Dems will pass House GOP plan
NYT: House Advances Budget and Cuts $4 Billion
Human Events: Senate Democrats Agree To Stopgap Spending Bill
WSJ: For Obama, Moderates Are Key in Budget Deal
WSJ: Both Sides Embrace Government-Waste Study
Fox: D.C. Shutdowns Shed Light on Which Employees Matter Most
Rasmussen: 53% See Proposed GOP Budget Cuts As Pretty Insignificant

NYT: Feeling Budget Pinch, States Cut Insurance
NYT: A Tax Cut May Carve Into the Budgets of 19 States
WSJ: States Make Play for Web Gambling

NYT: Governors Seek Help on Medicaid Costs
Fox: GOP Panel Claims Medicaid Costs of Health Law Are Double Previous Estimates
WaPo: Republicans shift focus to Medicaid complaints

WSJ: Health Care and the Supreme Court: It’s All in the Timing
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obama’s Health Care Challenge

Newt Gingrich: Budget Bunk
Dick Morris: Obama’s legacy: Stagflation
Fred Barnes: The Way We Drive Now

WSJ: The Decline of U.S. Naval Power

LA Times: Corporations don't have 'personal privacy' rights, Supreme Court rules
Wash Times: Supreme Court rules in case of ‘privacy’
Fox: Former Attorney General John Ashcroft’s Case to Supreme Court Wednesday
WaPo: Editorial: High court should overturn Kidd v. Ashcroft
WaPo: Supreme Court justices are talking more

WSJ: In Defense of the Defense of Marriage Act

Wash Times: Jobless rates of minorities linked to illegals

WaPo: Rep. Darrell Issa fires trusted aide Bardella
NYT: Spokesman Loses Job for Sharing His E-Mail

NYT: Motion Picture Industry Group Names Ex-Senator Dodd as Its New Chief
WaPo: Christopher Dodd to lead the Motion Picture Association of America

WSJ: Gingrich Laces Up for Presidential Run
NYT: Gingrich Poised to Put Toe in 2012 Waters
Roll Call: Gingrich 2012 News Gets Mixed Hill Response

WSJ: By Reaching Out to Union Workers, Palin Follows Reagan
Politico: Sarah Palin: President Obama 'appalling' on DOMA
Dana Milbank: Dana Milbank: How I survived my Palin-free February

WaPo: Huckabee claims inaccurately that Obama was raised in Kenya
Politico: Poll: The South is Huckabee's
McClatchy: Poll: Southern Republicans prefer Huckabee for 2012

Politico: Mitt Romney spreads the wealth

Politico: Christie: I could win the W.H.

Politico: Barbour bashes Romney health plan

Rush Limbaugh: By Popular Demand: Donald Trump

WSJ: Approval Gap Between Obama and His Policies Could Spell Trouble

Roll Call: NRCC Expanding Regional Team in 2012

Stephen Moore: Blue State Blues


NY Post: Governor issues a 'LIFO' sentence: Bill to weigh merit in teacher layoffs
NYT: Assembly Will Push to Keep Tax Increase on High Earners, Defying Cuomo’s Wishes
NYT: Filmmakers in Tow, Irate Koch Presses Albany on Redistricting
NYDN: State Senate GOP renege on campaign promises they made to former Mayor Ed Koch
American Thinker: Is History Repeating Itself in New York?


LAT: Despite medical parole law, hospitalized prisoners are costing CA taxpayers millions


SPT: Sens. Arthenia Joyner, Thad Altman sue Gov. Rick Scott over high-speed rail


Hill: Gingrich shoring up home state support ahead of 2012 announcement
AJC: 94 Georgia lawmakers back ‘birther' bill


Star Tribune: Minnesota GOP's 'no new tax' unity fraying a bit
Star Tribune: Pawlenty reveals some snapshots of his tenure


Milwaukee JS: Walker's budget cuts would touch most Wisconsinites
WSJ: Wisconsin Governor Seeks Deep Cuts
NYT: Wisconsin Budget Would Slash School and Municipal Aid
WSJ: In Wisconsin, 'Fighting Bob' Fights On
AP/Bauer: Wisconsin governor’s budget cuts $1.5 billion
Pat Buchanan: Why Scott Walker Must Win
American Spectator: Is Scott Walker the Next Calvin Coolidge?


Columbus Dispatch: At least 8,500 protest over collective bargaining
WSJ: Ohio Republicans Offer Union-Bill Amendments
NYT: Ohio Lawmakers Battle Over Union Bargaining Rights
WaPo: Protests grow in Ohio as vote on union rights nears
NRO: The Buckeye Union Brawl


Detroit News: Opposition to pension tax grows


Politico: Missouri looks to move primary back


Wash Times: Stewart hasn’t ruled out Senate run in ‘12


Boston Globe: Patrick defends Mass. health care


March 1, 2011


WSJ: Study Finds Billions in Government Bloat
WaPo: Government overlap costs taxpayers billions, GAO reports
Wash Times: Spending measure likely to be OK’d
WaPo: With government shutdown looming, freshmen are the wild cards
NYT: In Shadow of 1995, G.O.P. Freshmen Stand Firm
WaPo: Poll: Blame for possible government shutdown is divided
Rasmussen: 58% Favor Government Shutdown Until Spending Cuts Are Agreed Upon
AP/Elliott: GOP hopefuls cheer for a spending showdown
WSJ: Fannie, Freddie Stuck In a Dividends Circle

Wash Times: Obama yields to governors on parts of health care law
WSJ: Obama Offers Skeptical Governors Bigger Role Under the Health Law
NYT: Obama Backs Easing State Health Law Mandates
Fox: Obama Administration Appeals Virginia Judge's Health Care Ruling

WaPo: House Republicans pledge to defend Defense of Marriage Act

NYT: U.S. Plans for Trade Are Stalled
WaPo: Democrats call for an investigation of law firm, 3 tech companies
U.S. Readies Military Options on Libya
Charles Koch: Why Koch Industries Is Speaking Out
Michael Gerson: Conservatives shouldn't be so surprised by freedom
William McGurn: The Democrats' Collective Bargain (via Google)
John Fund: Justice Thomas Responds
David Brooks:
The New Normal
Stanley Fish: Watson Still Can't Think

WSJ: States Mull Shift in Worker Pensions
NYT: A Three-Man Band of Budget Cutters
NYT: Majority in Poll Back Employees in Public Sector Union
NYT: Unions Debate What to Give to Save Bargaining

WSJ: 2012 Election Spending Race Heats Up
NRO: Palin vs. Romney
WaPo: Iowa Republicans cool to Sarah Palin
WaPo: Rick Perry blocks journalists, Newt Gingrich moves closer to run
Hill: Gingrich's dual courtship of GOP base, Latino voters could pose problem
Weekly Standard: Who Can Unite the Republicans in 2012?
Eugene Robinson: The GOP wants Obama out, but offers no good replacements


Cuomo Seeks to Cap Pay for School Superintendents


WSJ: Wisconsin Governor Issues Ultimatum to Democrats
Amid Wisconsin Tumult, Some Strive for a Bit of Tidiness
Marc Thiessen: Wisconsin and the GOP revolution
Wash Times: Organized medical fraud in Wisconsin
Rich Lowry: Wisconsin Is About Breaking Up the Union Racket


Edwards Lies Low, but That Won’t Last


Wash Times: Va. House-Senate talks finally yield budget deal


Wash Times: Maryland gay-marriage foes prepare for 2012


WSJ: The Massachusetts Health-Reform Mess (via Google)
Boston Globe: Brown and Romney twist in the conservative winds


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