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March 21, 2011


WSJ: Allies Press Libya Attacks
Wash Times: Coalition batters Libya’s air defenses
NYT: Allies Target Qaddafi’s Ground Forces as Libyan Rebels Regroup
WaPo: U.S. jets strike Gaddafi’s forces; coalition continues hitting Libyan air defenses
WaPo: Missile strikes building in Libyan compound where Gaddafi lives
NYT: Target in Libya Is Clear; Intent Is Not
WaPo: Questions raised about U.S. role and goals in Libya
WSJ: Leaders Struggle to Define Next Moves (via Google)
Hill: Boehner wants Obama to explain US role in Libya
WSJ: U.S. Eyes Gadhafi Terror Response
NYT: Airstrikes in Libya; Questions Back Home
Politico: For President Obama, Libya is a political as well as military risk
WSJ: War by Global Committee
Ross Douthat: A Very Liberal Intervention
Politico: GOP hopefuls on Libya: Either scathing or silent
American Spectator: Obama Goes to War
American Thinker: The Conservative Case for the Libyan Intervention
Victor Davis Hanson: What a No-Fly Zone Means

WSJ: Promise on Taxes Sparks GOP Rift
NYT: That Budget ‘Battle’? Only a Skirmish
Hill: Dem centrists not sweating party split on short-term budget bills
American Spectator: Ryan Takes the Battle to Obama

WSJ: Democrats Split on Social Security

WSJ: Raise Interest Rates to Boost the Economy (via Google)

Wkly Std: Rising Health Costs, and How to Lower Them Without Rationing Care

Paul Krugman: The War on Warren
American Thinker: Paul Krugman and The Know-Nothings

Hill: Ron Paul to highlight pet themes with bullion hearing

NYT: Editorial: Infrastructure Bank: A Chance to Build Again

NPR: 2 Bush Officials In Running To Be Next Head Of FBI

DC: Critics contend Asst AG Loretta King guided more by racial politics than the law

WSJ: Reported Gulf Slick Likely Silt From Dredging, Coast Guard Says

Wash Times: Pump prices may put Obama in peril
Rasmussen: Just 31% Now Give Obama Positive Marks for the Economy
HotAirPundit: "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?" Farrakhan Blasts Obama (Video)
Gary Bauer: Obama a Hesitant Crisis Manager

Toronto Sun: Sarah Palin visits Israel
Fox: Palin Travels to Israel, Will Meet With Netanyahu
Ynetnews: Sarah Palin visits Western Wall
WaPo: Sarah Palin visits Israel in possible preparation for presidential run

Politico: Haley Barbour: President Obama is all 'happy talk'
SPT: Jeb strategist Sally Bradshaw joins Haley Barbour camp

Human Events: Advice: How Romney, Barbour, Daniels & Pawlenty Can Win

WaPo: Nine states expected to be central to battle for Senate, presidency

Roll Call: Veepstakes Kick Off: 14 Capitol Hill Contenders

Roll Call: Loaning a Campaign Cash but Not Writing It Down

Roll Call: RNC Has $21 Million in Debt

Roll Call: NRCC Airs TV Ads on Gas Prices, Spending (video)


Pittsburgh PG: Haley Barbour tests waters in Iowa


WSJ: Cuomo and 'the Rich' (via Google)
NYT: Food Stamps and Tax Aid Kept Poverty Rate in Check

Politico: Chu says N.Y. reactor 'an issue'

NY Post: Kruger's campaigns see big 'Net' gains

Auburn Citizen: Some Hanna votes raise conservatives’ ire

Rochester D&C: Mayoral hopefuls differ over how best to close budget gap


LAT: Republicans vote to nominate candidates by mail to sidestep 'top-two primary' system
SacBee: State GOP general session passes sweeping endorsement plan
SacBee: State GOP opposes tax measures even if tied to reforms
SF Chronicle: Calif. GOP denounces Schwarzenegger clemency
SacBee: Ron Paul wins one 2012 straw poll at GOP convention


Texas GOP Vote: State House To Take Up Photo ID Legislation On Monday


NewsOK: Oklahoma House leadership bills advance


Herald-Tribune: Florida courts face a new day
SPT: Legislature seeks to saw off the judicial branch
Ocala: Voters may decide on major changes to Florida’s courts

Hill: Ex-Florida Sen. LeMieux in talks with pollsters

WaPo: Marco Rubio continues to impress


AJC: Candidates for state GOP chair endorse secret ballot


AP/Bellandi: Illinois’ governor stays on the liberal side
Chicago ST: Rahm Emanuel nearly swept black neighborhoods in mayoral victory


UPI: Recalling elected officials no small task
Milwaukee JS: Southeast counties take hard hit in Walker budget
Human Events: Washington Republicans, Look to Wisconsin


Daily Caller: GOP lawmakers seek labor reform in Michigan
Detroit News: Michigan weighs crackdown on illegal immigrants


Roll Call: Republicans Crowd Senate Field in Missouri


WaPo: GOP freshman Pompeo turned to Koch for money for business, then politics


AP: Arkansas prepares for significant tax cuts


Politico: Thompson piles up more labor support


Boston Globe: Brown amid the green


Las Vegas Sun: If Angle learned from her loss to Reid, will it be enough to win cong. bid?


March 20, 2011


WSJ: Allied Forces Attack Libya
NYT: Allies Open Air Assault on Qaddafi’s Forces in Libya
WaPo: International coalition launches strikes on Gaddafi’s forces in Libya from sea and air
Wash Times: ‘Odyssey Dawn’ starts: U.S. Navy fires cruise missiles at Libyan air defenses
Human Events: Odyssey Dawn: Day 1
NYT: Qaddafi Pledges ‘Long War’ as Allies Pursue Air Assault on Libya
NYT: At Qaddafi Compound, a Human Shield
Politico: What is the Libya endgame?
Politico: Liberal Democrats in uproar over Libya action
Hill: Congressional GOP's response to Obama on Libya is largely muted
Human Events: GOP Hopefuls Split on Libya Air Strikes
Rush Limbaugh: It's a Tricky Situation in Libya
Andrew McCarthy: Go to Congress First

NYT: Amid Crises, Obama Lands in South America

Clarice Feldman: The Fukushima 50 and the White House Cipher

DC: Biden compares Republican economic policies to blaming rape victims
Fox: Biden Likens GOP Economic Strategy to Blaming Rape Victims

Fox: Republicans Seek to Sell Off Disposable Federal Real Estate to Help Pay Debt

Hill: Collins calls for more cyber security

WSJ: U.S. Coast Guard Investigating Oil Slick Reports in Gulf
David Limbaugh: Blue Over Green Energy Promises

NYT: Health Law Waivers Draw Kudos, and Criticism
WaPo: Wisconsin’s health-care fight illustrates challenges as states change leadership

NYT: Editorial: D.I.Y. Immigration Reform

NYT: Palin, in India, Still Mum About 2012
WaPo: On first trip to India, Palin talks tough on China, other topics
Politico: In India, Sarah Palin bashes President Obama
Hill: Palin: I could have brought change in '08
NYDN: Palin takes fight against media to India, slams Obama's 'indecisivness' over Libya
India Today: India no longer a struggling economy: Sarah Palin
Guardian UK: Sarah Palin uses India visit to fuel rumours of her White House ambitions

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Union Leader: Gingrich says he's best candidate, rips Obama


NYT: Editorial: Gov. Cuomo’s All-Cuts Budget

NYT: A Senator’s Shadow Family (Carl Kruger)

Politico: Dems tap Hochul for NY26 special
Hill: Dems tap Hochul for N.Y. special election
Buffalo News: Democrats pick Hochul as candidate to succeed Lee
Rochester D&C: Democrats choose Kathy Hochul to run in 26th


LA Times: Barbour tells state Republicans to focus on economy
LA Times: California GOP sees anti-tax stance, opposition to Brown budget as key strengths
SacBee: California Republican convention scorns Brown's tax plan
McClatchy: California GOP focuses on taxes, primary endorsements during convention

WaPo: Citing pension costs, Costa Mesa, Calif., plans to lay off nearly half its employees


Miami Herald: Pension battle overlooks the deeper numbers


Milwaukee JS: Supreme Court tensions boil over


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich's budget would cut 95% of clean-coal agency


Detroit FP: U.S. House staffers get $19M pay raise


Politico: Matalin hosts Allen funder in New Orleans


Providence: RI GOP elects new party chairman


LA Times: Utah bucks conservative trend on illegal immigration


March 19, 2011


WSJ: Senators Push Obama on Deficit
NYT: Senators Urge Obama to Confront Debt and Deficit
WaPo: More than 60 senators call on Obama to join deficit-reduction talks
Hill: Sixty-four senators call on Obama to take up tax and entitlement reform
WaPo: CBO: Obama policies would require deficits of $9.5 trillion through 2021
Wash Times: CBO: Obama’s budget doesn’t reach primary balance
Fox: Obama Budget Underestimates Deficits by $2 Trillion
Politico: Shutdown fight about to get heated

Fox: Obama Signs Bill Funding Government for Another 3 Weeks

WSJ: Fannie and Freddie Probe Faces a Snag

NYT: Many Banks Are Clinging to Billions in Bailout Money
NYT: Editorial: Settling Foreclosure Abuses
WSJ: Mega-Banks and the Next Financial Crisis

WSJ: Elizabeth Warren's Hit Squad (via Google)

NYT: Japan Crisis Could Rekindle U.S. Antinuclear Movement
Bob Herbert: A Price Too High?
Politico: White House: In Gregory Jaczko we trust

James Taranto: 'Civility' Was Always Dead

WaPo: OpEd: The rigged redistricting process

Rush Limbaugh: The Immigration Amnesty Debate Will Return

Kim Strassel: Schumer's Nouveau 'Speculators'

John Fund: National Soros Radio: George Soros's significant donations to NPR
Dana Milbank: The NPR ‘emergency’

WSJ: Cities Find Cash for Managers' Raises

NYT: Cantor and Democrats Raised Big Contributions in February

WSJ: GOP's 2012 Hopefuls Fault Obama's Libya Stance

Politico: In N.H. return, Rudy Giuliani comes out swinging

Politico: Hillary Clinton's siren call for Sarah Palin

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Is rent control request Cuomo’s tax cap opening?
NYT: A Cuomo Who Is Catholic but Hardly Theological

NYT: L.I. Congressman Leads Uphill Charge Toward a Democratic House (Rep. Steve Israel)

Roll Call: Democrats to Nominate Hochul on Sunday for N.Y. 26
Buffalo News: Hochul signals plan to run for Congress


LA Times: California's GOP Five unfazed by risk of budget talks with Brown
John Fund: Jerry Brown Shrinks From Real Reform (via Google)

LA Times: CA Republicans meet, squabble and fail to draw possible national headliners
LA Times: State Republican convention opens with discord over "top-two" primary
SacBee: Sparks fly at California Republican Party convention over top-two primaries
Mercury News: GOP convention kicks off
SF Chronicle: Calif. Republicans debate future amid budget drama
LA Times: Former U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton bashes Obama on Libya


NYT: Forget Having the Last Word; This Texan Always Wants the First (Rep. Ted Poe)


SPT: Florida's budget shortfall forecast grows, making tax cuts look harder

WSJ: After the Recall, Race Begins for Miami-Dade Mayor


American Thinker: The Case against Mitch Daniels


Milwaukee JS: Judge temporarily blocks implementation of public union law
WSJ: Judge Blocks Union Law
NYT: Judge’s Order Blocks Law on Unions in Wisconsin
WaPo: Judge blocks Wisconsin law curbing labor rights
Rush Limbaugh: Judge Blocks Wisconsin Union Law

Weekly Standard: Wisconsin Republican Senator's Car Window Smashed


Wash Times: Ohio poised to join reform movement


AP: Nixon names legislative redistricting panels


Day: The Connecticut Republican Party is poised for victory


NYT: Arizona, Bowing to Business, Softens Stand on Immigration


Denver Post: Bennet targets deficit in bipartisan letter to Obama


WSJ: State Wrestles With Health Coverage


March 18, 2011


WSJ: House Votes 228-192 to Ban Federal Funds for NPR Programming
WaPo: House votes to defund National Public Radio
LA Times: House approves NPR cut-off; Senate likely to balk
Fox: House Votes to Defund National Public Radio
WaPo: What the NPR fight is really about
WaPo: OpEd: The gap we need NPR to fill
Michael Gerson: The NPR video and political dirty tricks

WSJ: Senate Approves Stopgap Funding
Wash Times: Hill extends temporary funding, OKs a vacation
WaPo: Senate passes short-term government-funding measure that includes some easy cuts
NYT: House Votes to End Money for NPR, and Senate Passes Spending Bill
Ezra Klein: Are Republicans winning or losing on the continuing resolution?
American Spectator: Budget Battles Demand Perspective

WSJ: House Republican Tries Again to Eliminate Fannie, Freddie (via Google)
WaPo: SEC moves to charge Fannie, Freddie execs

NYT: F.D.I.C. Sues Ex-Chief of Big Bank That Failed
Paul Krugman: The Forgotten Millions
James Taranto: Fighting Inflation With Inflation

WSJ: White House Seeks to Boost Public Support for Health Bill

Charles Krauthammer: Social Security: It’s still an empty lockbox

Sen. David Vitter: Obama's Domestic Energy Doublespeak
Kim Strassel: Obama dodges the big decisions to keep his approval ratings up
John Fund: The Incredible Shirking Presidency
Rush Limbaugh: Explaining Obama's Inaction
Pat Buchanan: The Rising Irrelevance of Obama
Victor Davis Hanson: President Hamlet
Wash Times: Obama seeks another reset button on trip
Fox: Top Obama Aide Ripped by Rubio, Senate Dems
Roger Hedgecock: Atlas Shrugged 2011: Businesses Buck Obama

NYDN: Hillary: I won't seek another term as secretary of state even if Obama is reelected
Rush Limbaugh: Mrs. Clinton is in All Ways Tired

Stephen Goldsmith: Progressive Government Is Obsolete

WaPo: Lobbyists flock to Capitol Hill jobs

NYT: Editorial: Amazon v. the States

WSJ: Obama Nominates New National Security Prosecutor
NYT: Obama Acts on a Key Vacancy at Justice

WSJ: Obama Faces Choice on Petraeus

NYT: $350,000 Goal Is Set For Obama Re-election Donors

WSJ: GOP Contenders Split on Military Cuts
Peggy Noonan: You Can't Go Home Again (via Google)
Wash Times: Diversity panel wants military to look like U.S.
Weekly Standard: A Primer on the 2012 Polls

Hill: DeMint won't back Romney without repudiation of Mass. health law

NYT: Palin’s Successors (Republicans Too) Seek to Dismantle Her Energy Legacy
Hill: Sarah Palin's name floated for Arizona Senate
NY Sun: Palin Doctrine Emerges as Arab League Echoes Her Demarche on Libya

CBS: Signs mount that Huckabee won't enter 2012 race

C&E: Barbour Staffs Up for Presidential Primaries

Human Ev: Trump on the Somali Pirates: "I Would Wipe Them Off the Face of the Earth"
Rush Limbaugh: Donald Trump on His Own Money and Barack Obama's Place of Birth

DC: As Daniels considers White House run, supporters venerate, critics unload

WaPo: The misappropriation of the tea party label (and the headaches it’s causing)

NYT: Richard Wirthlin, Pollster Who Advised Reagan, Dies at 80


WaPo: GOP outsiders’ rise in South Carolina could rewrite presidential playbook
Politico: Michele Bachmann: South Carolina voters not sure she's ready for 2012


NYDN: 1,000 state workers earn more than Gov. Cuomo, Empire Center finds

NYT: Bloomberg Tries to Make Amends for a Joke, but a Cloud Trails Him


LA Times: Republicans, Democrats both see political advantage in California pensions issue
SF Chronicle: Threats directed at any state GOP 'turncoats'
Politico: Tea Party Express battles California GOP leaders
Politico: Poll: California Latinos spurn GOP
SacBee: California GOP official has a new playbook
American Spectator: California's Brown Out


Dallas MN: Texas Senate panel backs funding cut of almost 6% for public schools


SPT: Florida Gov. Rick Scott launches public records website
Miami Herald: House bill would raise retirement age
NYT: Florida Attracts 2.8 Million Over Decade


WSJ: New Orleans Cops Faulted in Report
NYT: Report Finds Wide Abuses by Police in New Orleans
WaPo: Justice Department criticizes New Orleans police, vows to fix problems

Times-Picayune: Another state senator switches to GOP


Chicago Tribune: GOP wants to cut Quinn's budget by $5 billion


Evansville C&P: Indiana House GOP moving on without Democrats


Star Tribune: Big business groups pay top dollar for clout at Capitol


Milwaukee JS: Walker gives himself more power to fill high state jobs


Roll Call: Sherrod Brown Looks Solid in New Ohio Poll


WSJ: Michigan Boosts Power to Intervene in Cities


Politico: Democrats hope Claire McCaskill flies above plane flap


Human Events: Sharron Angle-ing for Open Nevada House Seat


WSJ: Arizona Senate Defeats Birthright Citizenship Bills
NYT: Arizona Senate Rejects 5 Bills On Immigration


March 17, 2011


WSJ: Tax Plan Aims for 25% Cap
NYT: Boehner Tries to Serve Two Masters in Budget Deal
Hill: Boehner: Budget deal won't be 'easy'
WaPo: House Republicans try to steer focus back to jobs
Wash Times: Republicans say regulations, taxes stifle new jobs
WaPo: Cantor: Next step on government funding debate is up to Senate
Fox: Spending Debate in Congress Divides GOP
DC: GOP leaders, mainline caucus fume at conservative ‘no’ votes on three-week CR
Fox: GOP Senators Say No More Budget Resolutions Without Defense Spending Bill for Year
Hill: Senate GOP bloc demanding entitlement reform in exchange for debt limit hike
Politico: Democrats wonder: What's our plan?
Wash Times: In face of government shutdown, it’s still party time
Wash Times: Aid targeted for countries that ‘don’t like us’
Wash Times: Cost of groceries up and climbing higher
WSJ: Bowles Predicts Support for Deficit Deal
WSJ: Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition
Mort Zuckerman: The Anemic Recovery Continues
WSJ: Conservative Budget Revolt
American Thinker: Much, Much More than Budget Cutting

NYT: Lawmakers Find a Path Around an Earmarks Ban

WSJ: TARP Was No Win for the Taxpayers (via Google)

Human Events: House to Vote to Prohibit Federal Funds for NPR
WSJ: Republicans Put More Heat on NPR
NYT: Editorial: Punishment for NPR
Hill: NPR part of ruling 'elite,' should lose federal funding
American Spectator: NPR's Weak Case for Federal Funding
CSM: Why House Republicans are rushing to slash NPR funding

NYT: House Panel Questions Nuclear Regulatory and Energy Chiefs
NYT: Nuclear Agency Tells a Concerned Congress That U.S. Industry Remains Safe
Ann Coulter: A Glowing Report on Radiation

WSJ: EPA Rule Targets Mercury Pollution
NYT: E.P.A. Proposes New Emission Standards for Power Plants
WaPo: EPA proposes ‘first ever’ emissions standards for power plants

NYT: New Armed Services Chairman Is Ready to Be Heard

NYT: Fight Waged With Forks Is Rejoined in Congress
WSJ: How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine

NYT: Executions in Doubt in Fallout Over Drug
WSJ: Texas Adopts Animal Drug for Executions
WSJ: Georgia Delays Executions After Injection Drug Is Seized

Hill: GOP wants to overhaul the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
WaPo: Elizabeth Warren defends consumer agency's role in mortgage settlement talks
Dana Milbank: Just how powerful is Elizabeth Warren?

Rush Limbaugh: Recycling is a Meaningless Scam

James Taranto: The Limits of Common Sense

WaPo: The Influence Industry: Campaign donors called upon for expert testimony

Human Events: Gun Walking
EJ Dionne: Why won’t Obama stand up to NRA bullies?

NYT: A Republican Fund-Raiser Is Indicted in a Ponzi Scheme

WaPo: D.C. Republicans targeted by apparent shooter

Hill: House Republican campaign chief furious after leak on party dues

LA Times: 'The children of Reagan' reshaping Congress

Rush Limbaugh: Great Minds, Average Minds, Small Minds -- and the Battle for the GOP

Karl Rove: The GOP Race Is Underway
WaPo: The unlikely game-changers of 2012
Politico: GOP 2012: Return of the neo-cons

Roll Call: Barbour Hires N.H. Operative for 2012
WaPo: Haley Barbour lands NH operative Mike Dennehy
American Spectator: Barbour Out On the Hustings

Human Events: Palin: Obama is the '$4-Per Gallon President'
Human Events: Setting the Palin Record Straight

Human Events: Trump: I Can Bring Rush Limbaugh & Howard Stern Fans Together

Roll Call: GOP Has New 2012 Target: Obama’s $1 Billion Campaign
Hill: Gas prices hit economy and Obama
WSJ: Critics Press Obama on Crises
Human Events: Obama Boldly Continues his Energy Deception
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Picks Brackets on ESPN While World Falls Apart at Seams
Rush Limbaugh: Food, Gas Prices Rise and It's All Fine Because Obama is President
Rush Limbaugh: Dow Drops on Obama NCAA Picks
Rush Limbaugh: Jay Carney: We're Going to Rio!
NYT: Tests for a New White House Spokesman

Rush Limbaugh: The Nixon Funeral Scarred Carter


Michael Barone: The Framers Never Imagined a New Hampshire Primary


NYT: Democrats Press Cuomo on Rent Regulations
NYT: Cuomo? Oh, There He Is
Albany TU: Budget moving along, Silver not drawing line on tax
NY Post: Cuomo: NY will review safety at nuclear plant
NBC NY: Giuliani: Cuomo Doing Great, Just Like a Republican

Albany TU: GOP Assembly Freshman have their say


LA Times: Lawmakers OK billions in program cuts in California budget
WaPo: California’s Brown struggles to strike a budget deal on taxes, spending cuts
George Skelton: GOP activists are thwarting the democratic process, Jerry Brown says


Miami Herald: Florida House approves teacher tenure law
NYT: Florida House Approves Ending Tenure for New Teachers


DC: LA Senator accuses Salazar, Bromwich of misleading public on number of pending permits


American Spectator: Scapegoating Mitch Daniels


Gov. Scott Walker: Striking the right bargain in Wisconsin
WSJ: Another Suit Challenges Wisconsin Union Bill's Passage
NYT: Wisconsin: Lawsuit Seeks to Void Labor Law
Green Bay PG: Fulfilling jobs promise is Wisconsin Gov.-elect Scott Walker's challenge
Rush Limbaugh: Wisconsin Teachers Lead School Children in Anti-Scott Walker Chant


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich looks to extract savings from pensions
WaPo: Ohio Governor Kasich tries to sell his budget cuts to a skeptical public

Politico: Sherrod Brown doesn't plan to tone it down


Detroit News: 2 ex-Dem leaders charged in fake tea party scheme


WaPo: Senate clashes of the titans


WaPo: Sharron Angle will run for Congress, not Senate
Roll Call: Nevada Republicans Wary of Angle House Bid
Politico: GOP braces for Sharron Angle’s encore run
NYT: Nevada: Angle Announces She Is Running for Congress

Roll Call: Berkley on Nevada Senate Bid: ‘I’ve Paid My Dues’


Politico: Orrin Hatch: Health care law can't be fixed


March 16, 2011


NYT: House Passes Spending Bill, but Not Happily
Fox: House Approves Stopgap Spending Bill Despite GOP Defections
WaPo: House approves funding bill keeping government open until April 8
Wash Times: Democrats key in passing of spending bill
Hill: House passes stopgap measure; 54 Republicans vote contrary to party
Politico: No deal imminent as short-term spending bill passes
Hill: Party leaders spar over who has next move in spending-cut fight
WSJ: House Approves Spending Cuts
NRO: Another Stopgap
Rush Limbaugh: David Limbaugh on Republican Fear of a Government Shutdown
Hill: Republican lawmaker says, on the budget, Democrats left a 'pile of crap'
NYT: Editorial: Government by the Week
Wash Times: GAO’s report on waste suddenly a Hill must-read

Newt Gingrich: Make the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent (via Google)

Newt Gingrich: Rising Gas Prices and Obama’s Failure to Lead
Politico: Sarah Palin blames Barack Obama for pump prices
Wkly Std: I Have Come to Praise High Gasoline Prices, Not to Lower Them

NYT: Freddie Mac’s Former Chief May Face S.E.C. Action
NYT: Group Wants New Bank to Finance Infrastructure
NYT: 9 Senators Seek to Delay Debit Card Fee Changes
WaPo: Bills would delay swipe fee rules
NYT: Fed Staying on Current Path, With Job Creation as Top Priority
NYT: Geithner Backs New Financing Approach for Mortgages

James Taranto: Is Obama Like Ike?

John Fund: Copying Christie: Others try emulating the governor's tough-talking approach

WSJ: President Warren's Empire (via Google)

WSJ: White House Intensifies Search for Next FBI Chief
WaPo: Candidates emerge to replace Mueller at FBI

Andrew McCarthy: Why They Celebrate Murdering Children

Rep. Dan Boren: Why I voted to repeal health reform
Human Events: The 'Untouchable' $23.6 Billion ObamaCare Fallacy
American Spectator/Prowler: Hands Off the Obamacare Slush Fund
Rush Limbaugh: John Conyers Admits Obamacare is Pathway to Achieve Single-Payer
NRO: Obamacare Marches On
NYT: Immune to Cuts: Lofty Salaries at Hospitals

Politico: House committee moves again to defund NPR
Hill: House GOP sets up committee vote on defunding NPR

WSJ: White House to Push Privacy Bill

WSJ: Food Stamps Surge in West

WaPo: House Speaker Boehner promotes funding for D.C. school choice program

NYT: Editorial: The Supreme Court’s Recusal Problem

Erick Erickson: This is What Happens When Republicans Get Milquetoast
Rush Limbaugh: Third Party Looms Over the GOP
Politico: Some in GOP grow tired of right wing

NYT: Party Seeks One Voice. Schumer Steps Forward
Politico: Democrats look at Ted Strickland for DNC job

Dick Morris: No way Obama wins in 2012
Rush Limbaugh: As the World Burns, President Obama Fills Out His NCAA Bracket
NYT: Obama Strategy: Share Credit (and Blame?)

Rush Limbaugh: The Problem with Palin: Day Two
WaPo: Sarah Palin losing more ground among Republicans, Post-ABC poll finds

Politico: Barbour breaks with rivals on Afghanistan, defense spending

WSJ: A Long Shot From Louisiana


Des Moines Register: Gingrich group gave to effort against justices
AJC: Newt Gingrich lined up $150k to oust Iowa justices in same-sex ruling


NYT: In Albany, Battle Lines Are Drawn Over the Budget
Albany TU: Senate budget resolution
NYDN: State Senate GOPers eye legalization of ultimate fighting to fix budget woes
NY Post: Gov-wary Assembly, Senate OK budgets

Roll Call: Corwin Going on TV in N.Y. Before Dems Have Nominee


LAT: GOP lawmakers threaten to withhold votes unless environmental rules are rewritten
Dan Walters: Field Poll shows California's wide divide


Politico: Marco Rubio brand readies for prime time
Rush Limbaugh: Marco Rubio is Fed Up with CRs

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott's new Republican-funded website focuses on tea party

WSJ: Voters Recall Florida Official
NYT: Miami-Dade County Mayor Is Removed
Buzz: 9 of 10 say ‘yes’ to ousting Miami mayor Alvarez


WSJ: Illinois Pension Crisis Eludes Easy Solutions


Star Tribune: Franken, Paul form unlikely Senate duo


C&E: Efforts Well Underway to Recall Sitting Legislators in Wisconsin


WSJ: Ohio Governor Poses Steep Cuts to Trim Deficit
Columbus Dispatch: Budget pain spread around, and down
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich inaugural, transition topped $2 million

Roll Call: Portman Is GOP’s Point Man in Ohio

NYT: Ohio Town Sees Public Job as Only Route to Middle Class


NYT: Michigan: Bill Expands Emergency Powers


Politico: Ethics complaint filed against Claire McCaskill


Hill: Rand Paul ratchets his proposed spending cuts down to $200B


Fox: Maine Senate Votes to Roll Back Seat Belt Law


American Spectator: Has Massachusetts Become a Brown State?


Wash Times: Nevadan to seek Senate seat
NYT: Heller to Run for Ensign Senate Seat in Nevada
Roll Call: Nevada Republicans Wary of Angle House Bid


Arizona Republic: Gov. Brewer's new Medicaid plan to cut few people from program
Arizona Republic: Senate strips Bundgaard of leadership role


Wash Times: New Mexico mayor, police chief indicted


March 15, 2011


WSJ: Spending Bill Breeds Dissent in GOP Ranks
NYT: Conservatives Balk at Stopgap Spending Measure
WaPo: Prominent GOP lawmakers oppose stopgap budget bills
Fox: Conservatives Voice Frustration With Short-Term Budget Bills
Politico: Budget vote tests GOP unity
Hill: Tea Party opponents complicate GOP vote on new stopgap funding bill
Wash Times: Cutting budget tougher as fiscal year’s funds dwindle
Human Events: Democrats Refuse to Cut Government Spending
NYT: Budget Stalemate Leaves Chaos at Many Agencies
WSJ: Why Can't Reid and Schumer Get Along?
WaPo: Poll: Budget impasse cements public’s disapproval of Washington
WaPo: Tricare target of Pentagon cuts as health care projected to reach $65B
Tony Blankley: Deficits, promises and destiny

WSJ: Banking's Scourge on Charm Offensive
WSJ: More Mortgage Mischief: Warren revs up her Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Hill: Social Security reform splits White House political, economic teams
American Spectator: Social Security's Glimpse Into the Left's Priority

Fox: WH Urges Supreme Court Not to Jump Into Health Care Law Cases Prematurely

NYT: N.R.A. Declines to Meet With Obama on Gun Policy

Human Events: King Hearings Shine Light on Muslim Evasion of Responsibility

NYT: G.O.P. Wants Deal on Commerce Secretary

NYT: Obama Urges Education Law Overhaul
WaPo: Obama: Rewrite No Child Left Behind before next school year

WaPo: Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans say Afghan war isn’t worth fighting

WSJ: Carbon and Democracy (via Google)

WaPo: Census finds more Hispanics than originally estimated

Hill: Fox News signs former Dem Sen. Bayh

Thomas Sowell: Blacks and Republicans

Politico: GOP sounds alarm over American 'decline'

Wash Times: Eyeing 2012, Barbour rips Obama on the economy
WSJ: Barbour Slams Obama's Energy Policies
WaPo: Barbour’s press secretary resigns amid e-mail flap

Rush Limbaugh: What's the Problem with Palin?

Human Events: Donald Trump: 'I'm a Committed Republican'
Politico: Ron Paul aide files compalint over Donald Trump's private jet

Politico: In Mass., Santorum rips Romney

NRO: Forgive Me, Voters, for I Am Newt

Rush Limbaugh: Criticism of Tea Party Will Create Whole New Tea Party Generation


NYT: Back in Albany After U.S. Charges, State Senator Finds a Different World

Roll Call: Davis Seeks ‘Tea Party’ Line in N.Y.

NYT: State Court Affirms Takeover of Nassau Finances


Mercury News: Finger pointing mars budget talks
Dan Walters: Brown-GOP budget talks hit a wall

LA Times: Scathing report alleges corruption at CalPERS

LA Times: Clash of the courts: Dissident judges challenge California chief justice's power

Roll Call: Calif. 36 Special Election Date Set


Wash Times: Fla. governor backs limits on bargaining

NYT: Miami-Dade Mayor Faces Special Vote to Keep Job
Miami Herald: Recall election could trigger change


AJC: Immigration bill passes Senate; negotiations with House to follow


Star Tribune: Some Minn. cities assuming state aid is long gone


Milwaukee JS: Walker unveils $1.1 billion capital budget plan
WSJ: Wisconsin Union Law to Take Effect on March 26
Chicago Tribune: Wisconsin unions rush to get deals in place
WSJ: Rules for Wisconsin Radicals (via Google)
James Taranto: The Leiter Side of Union Thuggery
Joe Scarborough: Scott Walker's win a gift for Dems? Hardly
Weekly Std: Hard to Believe: The New York Times on Wisconsin


Columbus Disp: OH congressman among GOP conservatives opposing stopgap budget deal


Detroit News: Michigan Capitol braces for protests of Snyder's budget plan


WaPo: DNC chair Tim Kaine leans further toward U.S. Senate run


Fox: Unions Rally by Thousands Against Maryland Governor's Plan


Weekly Std: Scott Brown in 'Strong Position' for 2012


NYT: Mormon Politicians From Utah Feel Tea Party Heat


WSJ: E Pluribus Tucson: Uprising in Arizona


NYT: For Honolulu’s Homeless, an Eviction Notice


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