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March 31, 2011


Fox: Republicans Pitch Unusual Backup Plan as Fragile Budget Talks Resume
WaPo: Republicans and Democrats begin negotiating possible budget agreement
WSJ: Lawmakers Near Deal on Spending (via Google)
ABC: Budget Negotiators Reach Tentative Deal To Avert Government Shutdown
Politico: Budget deal close with $33B in cuts
WaPo: House Whip McCarthy acknowledges meeting with Dems on fiscal issues
Politico: Tea partiers warn GOP on dealmaking
NYT: Negotiations on Budget Inch Ahead in House
Hill: Democrats consider proposing tax hikes
Hill: In the 2012 GOP budget plan Social Security gets a pass
WSJ: Fiscal Health Hinges on Containing Costs of Care (via Google)
Sen. Marco Rubio: Why I Won't Vote to Raise the Debt Limit
Human E: Barbour, McDonnell, & Perry Call on Congress for Balanced Budget Amendment
Rush Limbaugh: Chuck Schumer Wants Extremism? Maybe We Should Give Him Some
Rush Limbaugh: Howard Dean Wants a Shutdown
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Party vs. US Taxpayer
Dick Morris: Cut foreign aid budget now
Ezra Klein: With a shutdown, the government could lose the market’s trust
Dana Milbank: GOP freshmen in House shut down compromise, & possibly the government
American Spectator: A preferable alternative to shutting the government down
American Thinker: Fear of a Government Shutdown?

WSJ: CIA Operatives Are Aiding Rebels
WaPo: In Libya, CIA is gathering intelligence on rebels
NYT: C.I.A. Agents in Libya Aid Airstrikes and Meet Rebels
Fox: Obama Authorizes Covert Operations in Libya, US Considers Aiding Rebels, Sources Say
WSJ: Libyan Foreign Minister Resigns His Post, in Blow to Regime
Karl Rove: Obama Bungles the Libya Speech (via Google)
Ann Coulter: Obama Cried, Kids Died
Rush Limbaugh: The New York Times Prays to God That Obama Gets Lucky in Libya
Weekly Standard: Rubio Takes the Lead
Weekly Standard: Marco Rubio on Libya – and the Need for Regime Change

WaPo: Within Obama’s war cabinet, a looming battle over pace of Afghanistan drawdown

LA Times: GOP drafts legislative assault on illegal immigration

WSJ: Obama Outlines Energy Plan
Wash Times: Obama seeks one-third cut in oil imports
NYT: Obama Sets Goal of One-Third Cut in Oil Imports
NYT: An Energy Plan Derailed by Events Is Being Retooled
WSJ: States Hit the Gas for Road Funding
Christine Todd Whitman: The U.S. nuclear future
Rep. Morgan Griffith: Death By A Thousand Rules: EPA’s Drive To Kill Coal

Fox: House Republicans Seek IRS Probe of AARP
WaPo: In campaign against health-care law, Republicans take on AARP

WSJ: Blinking on Fan and Fred (via Google)

Wash Times: Tea party to storm Capitol for ‘gut check’
NYT: Odd Alliance: Business Lobby and Tea Party
Michael Barone: Is the Tea Party Pooped? It Must Keep Making Its Case

Wash Times: Voter-intimidation case handled fairly

Hill: Issa report: Release of documents is 'more politicized' now than under Bush

NYT: Warren Defends Agency at Chamber of Commerce

NRO: Media Matters’ War on Fox News
James Taranto: David Brock Is a Clownfish

WSJ: Quinnipiac Poll: Obama Approval Sinks
Politico: Poll: Obama's approval hits new low
Roll Call: Obama Campaign Racks Up Large Legal Fees
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Approval Hits All-Time Low, Libs Focus on CNN's Tea Party Poll
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Gives Campaign-Style Energy Speech to Audience of Kids
Rush Limbaugh: Trump Lawyer: Only Buildings Named After Obama are in Africa

Roll Call: Pawlenty Headlining Boston Tea Party Rally
Daily Caller: Bachmann on possible 2012 White House bid: ‘This isn’t a game for me’
Daily Caller: Jon Huntsman snags endorsement of Sam Brownback’s campaign manager
Daily Caller: Donald Trump casts Obama as an impostor on the Laura Ingraham Show
Hill: Strategists: 2012 White House hopefuls will bash any bipartisan budget deal

Politico: Barack Obama could be key to Senate majority
Human Events: Polling Shows Democrats' Tough Road in 2012


WSJ: New York State Passes Budget
NYT: Albany Finishes Rare On-Time Budget
Rochester D&C: New York legislators OK historic budget plan
Albany TU: Protesters make final drive against cuts as Legislature OKs budget
Buffalo News: Protesters take message to Capitol's halls
Albany TU: State ready to pay $140M 'step' hikes
Human Events: Cuomo's N.Y. Budget Follows Christie's Lead

Rochester D&C: Thomas Richards is Rochester's next mayor
Rochester D&C: Mayoral vote in Rochester reflects divide


Wash Times: California looking into a $26 billion abyss
SacBee: Jerry Brown faces tricky budget options
LA Times: Budget talks fold, and California GOP's influence fades further
LA Times: Jerry Brown ends talks on bipartisan budget deal
WSJ: Public Unions: Is California Next? (via Google)
George Skelton: There's blame to go around


Star-Telegram: Stakes high as state lawmakers brace for debate on budget


Roll Call: New Poll May Indicate Weakness for Nelson in Florida

Miami Herald: House committee approves deep budget cuts
Miami Herald: Senate: State workers should pay more for health insurance

SPT: Dramatic end to Ray Sansom trial gives way to debate on what happened


AJC: Senate committee passes out House immigration bill


WSJ: Teetering Alabama County Has 'Productive' Meeting With State


Chicago Tribune: House Democrats, GOP join hands on Illinois budget


Roll Call: Odds Are Against Lugar in Bid for Seventh Term


Star Tribune: State GOP passes sweeping education overhaul


John Fund: Legal Limbo in Wisconsin
Rush Limbaugh: Wisconsin State Worker Whines and Moans About Governor Walker
Milwaukee JS: Walker's bill to fill deficit this year would push debt payments into future

Milwaukee JS: As Supreme Court race nears, TV ad spending soars
NRO: Editorial: Bench Brawl in Wisconsin


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio House passes Senate Bill 5
NYT: Ohio Lawmakers Pass Anti-Union Bill

WSJ: Heartbeat Abortion Bill Clears Ohio House Panel


Detroit News: Dems looking to block changes in unemployment benefits
Detroit News: Snyder leaves judge jobs vacant, seeks permanent cuts
Detroit FP: Request for professors' e-mails on labor strife sparks outrage


Roll Call: Democrats Say Brown Rival Will Emerge Late


Roll Call: Berkley Poll Shows Tight Nevada Senate Race


NYT: An Arizona Senate Race Waits to See if Giffords Emerges to Run

Fox: Arizona Law Bans Abortions Based on Race or Gender


Denver Post: Civil-unions bill faces test today in House committee


Human Events: Sarah Palin’s Subsidized Alaska


March 30, 2011


WSJ: Democrats Agree to Take New Look at GOP Proposals
Fox: Budget Talks Sour, Dems Blame Tea Party for Stalemate as Deadline Looms
Fox: House Dem Fears for Gov’t Shutdown Next Week
NYT: Budget Fight Faces Hurdle Beyond Price Tag
WaPo: House Republican leaders turn to moderate Democrats for budget deal
Politico: Eric Cantor balks at short-term budget deal
AP: House GOP: No stopgap spending bill beyond April 8
Forbes: How The GOP Should Play The Government Shutdown Threat
Bloomberg: Democrats Challenge Republicans to Compromise on Spending Cuts
NYT: On a Senate Call, a Glimpse of Marching Orders
Politico: Dems budget strategy: Blame the tea party
Politico: Harry Reid will consider hot-button riders
NYT: Editorial: The High Price of Rigidity

NYT: Washington in Fierce Debate on Arming Libyan Rebels
James Taranto: Obama's Libya speech echoes Bush's worst Iraq flub

WSJ: Home Prices Continue Descent (via Google)
NYT: U.S. Housing Prices Fell Again in January
WaPo: Drop in home prices in January raises fear of double dip
WSJ: Regulators Unveil Mortgage-Lending Rules
WaPo: Housing regulators propose 20% down payment for best rates

WSJ: Justices Challenge Gender Suit Against Wal-Mart
WaPo: Justices question next step for massive Wal-Mart discrimination suit
NYT: Justices Take Up Class-Action Issue in Wal-Mart Bias Suit

Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Doctrine: 2012 or Bust
WSJ: Obama Visits N.Y. for $1.5 Million Haul

MSNBC: GOP insiders say Romney's still number one
WSJ: Sarah Stateswoman: Palin in India
News Tribune: Palin in the polls: still trending downward
Indy Star: Haley Barbour knows name recognition will be challenge
WaPo: What John Bolton, former U.N. ambassador, would bring to the GOP presidential field
Winnipeg FP: Huntsman's faith means an uphill battle for Republican nomination
Atlantic: Roy Moore Runs for President
Juan Williams: If Capitol Hill Is High School, Bachmann Is the 'It' Girl of the Moment
USA Today: Sen. Rubio insists he's not running for president
WaPo: Late entrants into the 2012 field?

WaPo: The GOP’s Voter ID gambit


WSJ: NY budget done? A lot of work still under way
National Journal: Cuomo Looking Like Future Dem Star


NYT: Budget Talks in California Break Down


NPR: Texas Republicans Take Harder Line On Immigration


Wash Times: Florida governor would lose do-over election, poll says

AP/Kaczor: More prison privatization in Fla. Senate budget


AJC: Arizona senator endorses Georgia's immigration enforcement bill
AJC: Panel swaps out Senate immigration bill with more extensive House version
AP/Brumback: Georgia House guts immigration bill


AP: Alabama GOP moves closer to requiring photo ID to vote


AP: Indiana GOP pushes ahead with big voucher program


AP: WI GOP faces another hurdle in battle over unions as judge issues new order
WaPo: Judge weighs arguments whether WI union law took effect after being posted online
AP/Bauer: Republican lawmakers break ranks on Walker budget


NYT: Revised Bill on Collective Bargaining Advances in Ohio
Reuters: Ohio legislative body passes bill to curb unions
AP/Sanner: Ohio House panel OKs public worker union bill


WaPo: Searching for the Stabenow challenger

NYT: Group Seeks Labor E-Mails by Michigan Professors


WRAL: Perdue signs budget, rules changes measures


Pocono Record: Pa. speaker seeks to cut 50 members from House


NewsMax: Christie May Pull Out of Regional Emissions Pact

National Journal: Ousting Menendez A Tall Task For GOP


March 29, 2011


WSJ: Government Shutdown Grows Likelier
WaPo: With “time short,” Congress still at impasse on shutdown talks
Hill: Dems adopt divide and conquer strategy on spending cuts
Hill: Cantor: Democrats would take blame for federal shutdown
NYT: Part of the Budget Fight: Picking a Bad Guy
WaPo: The Republican House that Bill Thomas built
WaPo: Despite pressure to reduce national debt, few in Congress use payback program
Fox: Senior Federal Workers Told to Give Up Pay Raises From Last Year
American Spectator: Red Ink Rumble
Weekly Standard: Boldness on Entitlement Reform Will Benefit Republicans

WSJ: Consumer Spending Keeps Rising
WSJ: Housing Booms North of the Border (via Google)
Donald Luskin: Oil Prices Won't Kill the Recovery (via Google)

WaPo: GOP lawmakers to unveil own plan to wind down Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Wash Times: Administration proposes banks spend $20 billion to fix botched foreclosures

WSJ: Obama Defends Libya Fight
NYT: Obama Cites Limits of U.S. Role in Libya
WaPo: Obama: U.S. had responsibility to act in Libya
Wash Times: ‘Deadly advance’ Obama’s trigger
Fox: Obama Defends Military Mission in Libya, Says U.S. Acted to 'Prevent a Massacre'
WSJ: Text of Obama’s Address on Libya
Hill: McCain: Gadhafi must be 'somewhat comforted' by Obama's speech
WSJ: Editorial: Obama, Libya and the GOP
NYT: Editorial: President Obama on Libya
Wash Times: Editorial: The president’s speech
John Fund: The Libyan Tab
Pat Buchanan: Obama's War
Jennifer Rubin: Obama’s Libya speech
Rush Limbaugh: Humanitarian? We're at War in Libya to Protect European Oil
Dana Milbank: The Obama doctrine: A gray area the size of Libya
Joe Scarborough: The hypocrisy of the American left
Stanley Kurtz: Obama in Libya
Daniel Pipes: Four Middle Eastern Upheavels
Politico: Prez hopefuls take aim at Obama's Libya speech

NYT: Arriving as Pregnant Tourists, Leaving With American Babies
WSJ: 'Silent Raids' Squeeze Illegal Workers
WaPo: Federal agency halts green-card decisions for some gay immigrants

WaPo: Previewing Dick Durbin’s hearing on the rights of American Muslims
Human Events: Durbin Hearing to Fuel the Muslim Victimhood Myth
Weekly Standard: King Criticizes Durbin for Singling Out Muslims
CBN: Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'

Fox: Administration Under Mounting Pressure for Botched Gun Trafficking Investigation

WSJ: Campaign Law Has Doubters On Court
NYT: Justices Review Arizona Law on Campaign Financing
WaPo: Supreme Court skeptical about Arizona’s campaign finance law
Wash Times: Justices bore into validity of Arizona election-finance law
WSJ: Free Speech, Act Two (via Google)
Fox: Kagan Speaks Out on Public Financing of Elections

Dick Armey: State-union battles revive school-choice hope

Ted Nugent: Obamacare is crony-care

Sen. James Inhofe: Energy Tax Prevention Act: The Only End to Cap and Trade
Hill: Climate votes promise to echo on stump
Wash Times: Editorial: Al Gore’s seawater swindle
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Obama Regime Subsidizes Brazilian Oil Drilling

Star-Ledger: Mitt Romney donates $25K to N.J. Republican Party
Boston Globe: Romney re-hires key player for political committee
Politico: Religious voters still wary of Romney

Politico: Haley Barbour courts Mike Huckabee
Economist: Haley Barbour and the Republican race

Jackson CL: Huckabee still weighing run for president
Hill: Huck keeps the 2012 field guessing

MN Daily: Pawlenty names 2012 fundraising team
Politico: Pawlenty names top fund-raisers

Politico: Michele Bachmann to attend Faith and Freedom Coalition conference

Boston Herald: Republican Rick Santorum returns to NH

Daily Caller: Team Huntsman admits ‘huge disadvantage’ in Iowa
Weekly Standard: Huntsman Lands a Big Endorsement

Sunshine News: Ten Commandments Defender Roy Moore Set to Enter 2012 Race

Chicago Sun-Times: GOP credentials must trump charisma
Texas Insider: Karl Rove: How to Win the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Rush Limbaugh: Two Conflicting RINO Views on the Influence of Rush Limbaugh
American Spectator: Patricia Harrison and the 2012 Republican Divide

Roll Call: Wars Emerge as 2012 Issue
Hill: Democrats’ central message on jobs might not be enough

Roll Call: Redistricting Doesn’t Always Go as Planned


Wash Times: Iowa, Minnesota see spillover from Wisconsin’s union battles
Des Moines Register: Branstad conducted narrow director searches

WaPo: Steve King, kingmaker or true believer?


AP/Love: New Hampshire House to vote on $10B budget


Albany TU: Sounds of silence, fury at cuts
NYT: In Budget Fight, an Albany Titan Is Overshadowed
NYT: Bloomberg Calls State Budget Deal an ‘Outrage’
NYDN: Bloomberg charges cuts will mean massive layoffs, but Cuomo sees schools surplus
NYT: Chief Judge Says Deal Will Require Hundreds of Layoffs in Court System
Rochester D&C: Cuomo uses a velvet-fist approach to state budget
Buffalo News: Effort made to fight state on budget cut
WSJ: The Cuomo Half-Step (via Google)
Fred Dicker: Cuomo's triumph a feat of grit and cunning
Albany TU: Poll: Cuomo remains popular; more could go into budget
Albany TU: Millionaires by Senate District
Albany TU: Senate GOP has a new set of rules changes

NYT: State Senator in Graft Case Won City Privileges for Housemates

NYT: Hevesi Hospitalized; Sentencing Delayed as Judge Steps Aside
NYDN: Hevesi in hospital - not court - on sentencing day for felony corruption charge

NYT: Editorial: Suffolk County: That’s What They Think About the Voters

Rochester D&C: Rochesterians to elect mayor today


Wash Times: Brown urges tax measure on ballot
George Skelton: Brown shouldn't leave hard choices to voters


Roll Call: Retired Gen. Franks Endorses in Texas Senate Race

Star-Telegram: Texas lawmakers to hear new arguments on expanding gambling


NewsOK: Fallin meets with Republican lawmakers


SPT: Florida Senate budget plan would privatize prisons in 18 counties

Tampa Tribune: Editorial: The shameful Sansom case

Hill: Player of the Week: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Human Events: Rep. Allen West Sees the GOP Odyssey's Glorious End


NOLA: Democrats accuse Jindal aides of partisan politics in House remapping plan
Roll Call: Between the Lines: Redistricting Meets Rough-and-Tumble Politics


WSJ: Indiana Democrats Come Home
NYT: Democrats in Indiana End Protest and Return
LA Times: Indiana House Democrats return six weeks after fleeing in protest


Star Tribune: Dayton rejects piecemeal budget bills from GOP


Milwaukee JS: State stops collecting union dues, starts charging more for health care
WaPo: Fight over whether Wisconsin union law has taken effect heads to court
LA Times: Wisconsin contract talks stall amid union law fight
WSJ: William Cronon vs. Wisconsin Republicans

Milwaukee JS: Court rivals spar over state constitution


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Republicans get no satisfaction


NYT: Michigan Cuts Jobless Benefit by Six Weeks
Detroit FP: Michigan governor Rick Snyder signs bill to cut unemployment benefits in 2012

WSJ: A Requiem for Detroit
Detroit News: Metro Detroit no longer most segregated


NYT: For a Missouri Senator, Comeuppance Comes With Wings and a Big Tax Bill
Politico: In 2004 primary, McCaskill attacked Democrat for private jet


Wash Times: Allen at home on ‘Us against Washington’ team
Roll Call: Virginia Senate Race Also Pits Top Campaign Teams


S-L: N.J. redistricting commission returns to redrawing legislative districts after Christie visit


Politico: Maine governor removes labor mural


Arizona CT: Leadership awaits Brewer counterproposal


Denver Post: One-fourth of Colorado banks ailing


March 28, 2011


WSJ: Fiscal Showdown Looms in Capitol
Wash Times: Little progress as shutdown deadline looms
Fox: Lawmakers Aim to Break Budget Impasse as Congress Returns
Politico: Fiscal cloud still hangs over Congress
Fred Barnes: Republicans Are Winning the Budget Fight
WSJ: Firms Face Uncle Sam's Cuts (via Google)

NYT: Gates and Clinton Unite to Defend Libya Intervention, and Say It May Last Awhile
WSJ: The Libya Mission Was 'Never About Regime Change'
Fox: Obama Urged to Clear Up Confusion Over Libya Mission in Critical Address
Ross Douthat: A War By Any Name
Jed Babbin: Charlie Foxtrot Over Libya
Jim Talent: Luck as America’s Foreign Policy
Andrew McCarthy: Decoding Libya
William Kristol: Give War a Chance
American Spectator/Prowler: Obama Arming Al Qaeda?

WSJ: The Senate's EPA Showdown

NYT: Editorial: Who Will Rescue Financial Reform?

Fred Barnes: Medicare: It’s Voucher Time

WaPo: Municipalities trim health services amid housing bust

WaPo: Wal-Mart asks Supreme Court to deny class-action suit by female workers
NYT: Supreme Court to Weigh Sociology Issue in Wal-Mart Discrimination Case

WaPo: Is lying protected speech? Military-medal case on track for Supreme Court

NYT: Facebook May Hire Robert Gibbs, Former Obama Aide

Bradley Smith: Government Shouldn't Play Election Favorites (via Google)

Fox: Biden Aide Apologizes After Reporter Kept in Storage Closet During Fundraiser

WaPo: The Republicans’ Hispanic problem

Wash Times: Key GOP leadership targeted for backing nuke program cuts

State Column: Mike Huckabee returns to Florida
Technorati: Among GOP Hopefuls, Sarah Palin Winning Social Media Race
Hwood Reporter: Sarah Palin Has More Facebook 'Likes' Than Any GOP Presidential Hopeful
Wash Times: Gingrich seeks Georgia base, but is time ‘long gone’
Roll Call: Gingrich Hopes to Soon Run Presidential Campaign
Fox: Gingrich: 'We'll Be Running' for President in a Month
NYT: Gingrich on Bill Clinton: ‘It’s Not About Personal Behavior’
State Column: Gov. Haley Barbour: Obama administration “thinks we’re stupid”
Memphis CA: Haley Barbour shows his savvy at fundraising for GOP
Human Events: Tips for a Trip to the Top

Politico: March rankings: Top 10 Gov. races


Press-Citizen: Bachmann to speak at UI


WSJ: Cuomo, Legislature Strike a Deal on Budget
NYT: N.Y. Budget Deal Cuts Aid to Schools and Health Care
Buffalo News: Leaders announce $132 billion spending plan
NY Post: Andy rocks the bloat with budget-cut pact
DN: Cuomo, lawmakers reach budget deal, agreeing on 2% cut in spending & no new taxes
NYDN: Forget Spitzer and Paterson: In Gov. Cuomo, New York has a 'steamroller' that works

NYT: A New York Prosecutor With Worldwide Reach

NYT: Non-Hispanic Whites Are Now a Minority in the 23-County New York Region


SacBee: California Republicans seek new spending cap
LA Times: State GOP tries to craft its own mail-in primary before Prop 14. takes effect
John Fund: California's Union Lessons
Dan Walters: California GOP hits sharp skid

SacBee: California redistricting panel tilts left, GOP critics say
American Spectator: Redistricting Reform, California Style


Michael Barone: The Eyes of Texas Are Sparkling in the 2010 Census


Miami Herald: GOP, Democrats eye Florida for 2012

SPT: Drug testing of Florida employees may spark legal showdown
Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott’s drug-testing order may face legal challenges


American Thinker: Gouging Taxpayers in the Chicago Suburbs

Chicago ST: Tapes show ex-Gov. George Ryan ‘didn’t understand’ pardon

NYT: Hardly Settled in House, but Already in Hot Seat (Rep. Bobby Schilling)


WSJ: Indiana Tea Party Targets Centrist Republican


Star Tribune: Minnesota's GOP legislators rushing to craft state budget


Salena Zito: GOP Can't Ignore Wisconsin Recall Battle
Badger Herald: Republicans target UW professor with open records request
Paul Krugman: American Thought Police
EJ Dionne: The Midwest’s new class politics

Milwaukee JS: Public employees are wild card on April 5 and beyond


Columbus Dispatch: Utilities' foe faces uncertain future


Detroit News: GOP chairman expects standout to run for Stabenow's Senate seat

Detroit News: Snyder advocates city-county mergers


Cincinnati Enquirer: Gov candidates: Change needed in Frankfort
WAVE: Republican gubernatorial candidates prepare for May 17 primary


Wheeling NR: Candidates Talk Jobs, Taxes, Health


WSJ: Rhode Island's Medicaid Lesson (via Google)


Boston Globe: Patrick, Romney trade jabs as 2012 race looms


AP/Silva: Nevada GOP gambles on caucuses


Human Events: Sanchez vs. Wilson for Senate Run in New Mexico?


Roll Call: Ed Case to Decide About Hawaii Senate Bid Soon


March 27, 2011


WaPo: Odds of government shutdown rise as parties snipe over faltering budget talks
Hill: Back and forth escalates over state of budget negotiations
Hill: Tax break for charitable giving targeted for elimination again
Hill: Fast to begin Monday to protest proposed GOP budget cuts

NYT: Fed Official Suggests Early End to Stimulus Effort

Hill: On the heels of 'ObamaCare' conservatives target 'ObamaRail'

Hill: As more permits are approved, fight over offshore oil drilling heats up

WaPo: DeMint predicts fresh GOP candidates for president
NYT: DeMint Says Other Republicans Should Enter 2012 Race

WaPo: Potential Republican presidential candidates court evangelicals
Politico: The unlikely frontrunner: Mike Huckabee tops polls
Fox: Huntsman Allies Assemble Campaign, Need Candidate
Politico: Gary Johnson to launch 2012 presidential bid in April

Hill: Among the 61 Democratic targets in 2012: GOP panel chairmen

Politico: Kochs lash out at 'dangerous' critics, 'radical' Obama

WSJ: Geraldine Ferraro, Political Groundbreaker, Dies at 75
Fox: First Female Vice-Presidential Nominee Geraldine Ferraro Dies
WaPo: Ferraro, first woman major-party candidate on presidential ticket, dies at 75
NYT: Ferraro Ended the Men’s Club of National Politics
AP/Fouhy: First female VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro dies at 75
Politico: Sarah Palin on Geraldine Ferraro: I stood on her shoulders

Politico: Sunday TV talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday's talk show lineup: Selling Libya


Des Moines Register: Republican prospects show differences at Des Moines forum
WaPo: GOP presidential prospects court Iowa conservatives
WSJ: Republicans Battle About Over Focus
NYT: Iowa May Turn G.O.P.’s Focus to Social Issues
NYT: From Republicans in Iowa, Different Views on Winning in 2012
Politico: Michele Bachmann steals the show in Iowa
Hill: The clock is ticking for Huckabee, Palin to join the race in Iowa


Albany TU: State budget talks spill into next week as April 1 deadline draws near

NYT: Cleanliness Is Next to Politics

NYT: Editorial: Rich District, Poor District


LA Times: Poll shows public support for Brown's budget plan is slipping
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown getting squeezed three ways on budget


Chicago Sun-Times: State Police investigating ex-chief of Gov. Quinn’s security detail


Milwaukee JS: Indiana governor set the blueprint


Milwaukee JS: La Follette says union law not in effect, Walker official disagrees
Milwaukee JS: Union measure injected into high court race


Politico: WIll Scott not give Kaine a clear shot?


Boston Globe: Mass. vies for Fla.’s spurned rail funds


WaPo: With Ariz. case, Supreme Court takes up campaign finance issue again


March 26, 2011


Fox: Obama to Looks To Outline Plans for Libya Crisis in Monday Address
WSJ: Obama Addresses Congress on Goals (via Google)
Hill: Obama briefs lawmakers on Libya, says mission is going well
Sen. John Kerry: Libya and the Just Use of American Force (via Google)
James Taranto: Obama KLAMs Up

NYT: Budget Impasse Increasing Risk of U.S. Shutdown
WaPo: As budget impasse drags on, government agencies operate in limbo
Hill: Cantor, Schumer tussle over 'progress' in spending negotiations
Politico: Mitch McConnell lobbies for balanced budget
Human Events: Top 10 Spending Cuts Thwarted by Democrats

WSJ: Republicans to Propose Overhaul to Medicaid

WaPo: GOP revamps state, local agendas

WSJ: Weingarten for the Teacher's Union Defense

WSJ: The Incredible Ms. Warren

NYT: Southern Lawmakers Focus on Illegal Immigrants

WaPo: Advocates seek to use census data to secure clout for Hispanics
NYT: Census Apparently Did Check Behind Every Tree and Under Every Bench

Hill: McDonnell: Healthcare law is an unconstitutional budget buster
Hill: New report presents alternatives to health reform's individual mandate
WaPo: ‘Obamacare’ and the myth of rising cost estimates
WSJ: Justice Widens Blue Cross Probe Across Several States

WaPo: What’s the future of the Defense of Marriage Act?

NYT: Washington’s New Brat Pack Masters Media

WaPo: FEC still hasn’t issued new campaign spending rules

Gallup: Huckabee Has Slight Edge, Palin Down, in GOP '12 Preferences
Reuters: Huckabee and Romney lead Republican field: Gallup
Sunshine News: Presidential Derby
Hot Air: Gallup: Huckabee leading a broad GOP pack
NYT: Romney Backs Away From $50 Million Fund-Raising Goal
WaPo: Trump and Bachmann crowd Palin’s space
Ted Nugent: Trump Needs to Lay All His Cards on the Table
NYT: Who Wins and Who Loses if Bachmann Runs in 2012?
Politico: Questions for Newt Gingrich in 2012
NYT: Grassley Says Only ‘2 or 3’ Republicans Are Qualified for White House
WSJ: Bolton to GOP: Foreign Policy Is Key
Des Moines Register: GOP's Haley Barbour defends use of Mississippi plane
Dana Milbank: Haley Barbour, the fat cats’ candidate
Politico: Dick Armey says Mitch Daniels would have 2012 tea party cred
Human Events: Pawlenty and the Sharia Mortgages
Rush Limbaugh: Will Rush Endorse in GOP Primary?

Politico: Sunday TV talk show tip sheet


Kathleen Parker: Has Nikki Haley doomed her promising career?


Albany TU: Cuomo: ‘We’re obviously not there yet’ (video added)

Roll Call: Tea Party Leaders Ask Davis to Exit N.Y. Special

Politico: Dan Maffei mulls House rematch in N.Y.


SF Chronicle: GOP senators give Jerry Brown list of demands
LA Times: Brown's office calls GOP demands a 'hodgepodge' that complicates talks
CSM: California budget: Have Republicans outfoxed Jerry Brown?
John Fund: California's Union Lessons


PNJ: Proposal passes to limit union political activity
AP/Kaczor: House votes to end pay deductions for union dues

SPT: Case against Ray Sansom and Jay Odom is dropped
NYT: Florida: Charges Dropped Against Ex-Speaker

SPT: Connie Mack will not run for U.S. Senate
Roll Call: Mack Won't Run for Senate in Florida


Chicago Tribune: State police to review fatal altercation involving Daley's nephew
Chicago ST: State Police to review investigation of death involving Daley nephew


WSJ: Wisconsin Battle Spills Into Court (via Google)
NYT: New Dispute in Wisconsin: Is Workers’ Law in Effect?
Fox: Controversial Wisconsin Union Law Published Despite Court Order Blocking It

Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin GOP official files request for access to UW professor's e-mail
NYT: Wisconsin Professor’s E-Mails Are Target of G.O.P. Records Request
NYT: Editorial: A Shabby Crusade in Wisconsin


WSJ: Ohio GOP Revises Union Bill
Columbus Dispatch: House committee to vote Tuesday on SB5


Detroit News: Snyder may seek increase in incentives for business
FP: Gov. Rick Snyder presses his budget as GOP looks for alternatives
Fox: MI Governor Gets Mixed Reviews on Plan to Cut Corporate Taxes, but Tax Pensions


NYT: Editorial: Arizona’s Boon to Free Speech


Denver Post: Democratic sponsors fear for fate of Colorado civil-unions bill


March 25, 2011


WaPo: Pressure building on Obama to clarify mission in Libya
NYT: Allies Are Split on Goal and Exit Strategy of Libya Mission
WSJ: NATO to Lead No-Fly Zone
Wash Times: Both parties have Obama on defense over Libya
Peggy Noonan: The Speech Obama Hasn't Given
John Yoo: Antiwar Senator, War-Powers President
Kim Strassel: Obama, Libya and Congress (via Google)
Charles Krauthammer: Obama and Libya: The professor’s war
Pat Buchanan: How Killing Libyans Became a Moral Imperative
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Regime Undertakes "Kinetic Military Action" in Libya

WSJ: Boehner Facing Tea-Party Pressure
Fox: Tea Party Movement Growing Weary of GOP Budget Plan
LA Times: 'Tea party' group plans D.C. rally for budget cuts
Hill: In spending bill fight, GOP might ratchet up pressure on cuts
Hill: Medicaid advocates expect Dems to propose cuts to program
WaPo: House GOP’s ‘riders’ restricting federal agencies could hinder budget deal
Human Events: Senate GOP Demand Balanced Budget Amendment for Raising Debt Ceiling
NYT: In Op-Ed, Former White House Economists Urge Deficit Action
NYT: OpEd: The Federal Reserve is right to pay more attention to “core,” inflation
Grover Norquist: The Battle Moves to the States
Paul Krugman: The Austerity Delusion
NYT: Editorial: Let Them Eat Cutbacks
Wash Times: Fears rise that Japan could sell off U.S. debt
Hill: CBO: Taxing mileage a 'practical option' for revenue enhancement

WSJ: Postal Service to Cut 7,500 Managers
Hill: Commission split on Saturday mail cut

WaPo: OpEd: Social Security’s possible fate: Done in by its friends

WSJ: Fannie Report Warned of Foreclosure Problems in 2006

WSJ: Dodd-Frank's Threat to Financial Stability (via Google)

Fox: Nuclear Plants Not Reporting Some Defects, Internal Watchdog Finds
NYT: Lobbyists’ Long Effort to Revive Nuclear Industry Faces New Test

Sen. Mike Enzi: BULB Act Will Restore Incandescent Light Bulbs
Rich Lowry: Leave Our Bulbs Alone

American Thinker: The Energy Myth That Won't Die

WSJ: Detroit's Decline and The Folly of Light Rail (via Google)
Jonah Goldberg: Biden Rails On

Hill: Issa wants details on FCC White House visits
DC: Issa turns up pressure on FCC to reveal White House involvement in ‘net neutrality’ rules
American Spectator/Prowler: Power Plays

WSJ: Immigration Bills Rile Farmers

WSJ: The March of Health Progress (via Google)
Michelle Malkin: The Weiner Waiver Wormhole
WSJ: Mayberry OMG (via Google)
Businessweek: The Republican Response to Obamacare
American Spectator: Obamacare and the Law's Delay

James Taranto: In defense of the nondefense of the Defense of Marriage Act
Daily Caller: Same-sex marriages give polygamy a legal boost

LA Times: Hispanic population tops 50 million in U.S.
Fox: Hispanic Boom Brings Big Changes for Nation and Its Politics
AP: More than half of population hike is Hispanic
NYT: Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census

Roll Call: Top Hill Staff Have Consultants Helping Raise Money

Rush Limbaugh: Why We Elected an Unqualified Lie
Rush Limbaugh: Is Obama Intentionally Turning America Into a Worldwide Joke?

Boston Globe: Romney shooting for win – in fundraising
Politico: Mitt Romney: $50 million needed to compete in presidential primaries
Politico: Mitt Romney’s path: Victory by ‘slog’

Hill: 'I'm through whining about a liberal press,' says Sarah Palin
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin on Libya, NAG Gang

LA Times: Haley Barbour known for fundraising talent and tactics
American Spectator: A Wonk in Sheep’s Clothing

LA Times: Michele Bachmann moves closer to presidential bid
Politico: Michele Bachmann bid could shake up GOP field
NY Post: Aide: Bachmann prez bid likely
Hill: Bachmann gives June deadline for 2012
Jennifer Rubin: Michele Bachmann isn’t the one sounding kooky today
Roll Call: Bachmann Lays Plans for 2012 W.H. Bid

Daily Caller: Donald Trump’s birth certificate strategy

Politico: Jon Huntsman PAC hires another John McCain vet

Seattle Times: Ron Paul: No decision yet on 2012 presidential bid

Wash Times: Tea party fallen stars may rise again for ‘12


NY Post: Gov puts brakes on talk of budget deal
NYDN: 'Incredibly strong and powerful' Gov. Cuomo on brink of budget victory
Albany TU: Dozens arrested outside Cuomo’s office (video added)

NYT: Lessons for Albany on Malpractice Limits
NYT: Editorial: N.Y.C. vs. N.Y.S., the Pension Battle

NYT: To End Inquiry, Suffolk Leader Steve Levy Exits Race
NYDN: Suffolk CEx Steve Levy bails on reelection bid amid probe of campaign fund-raising

NYT: State Board Freezes Wages on Most Nassau Workers

Albany TU: Feds formally seek retrial of Joe Bruno

NYT: New York Senators Push for Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Buffalo News: City of Buffalo population declined by 31,338, census data shows


LA Times: In major cuts, Gov. Jerry Brown slashes services for poor, sick and elderly
SacBee: Brown signs off on $11.2 billion in cuts, still seeks GOP help
LA Times: GOP files pension, spending measures, just in case talks with Brown collapse
Mercury News: Brown considering other paths on taxes as Republicans stand firm in talks
LA Times: CA employers could be hit with big tax bill for jobless benefits, auditor warns
American Spectator: Jerry Brown's Dilemma


Dallas MN: Texas House OKs bill requiring voters to show ID
Texas GOP Vote: Statement on Texas Voter ID


Roll Call: Rep. Connie Mack IV Set to Make Senate Announcement
Buzz: As goes Fla Hispanics in '12, so goes Fla

SPT: Gov. Scott signs first bill: Sweeping teacher pay, tenure, evaluation overhaul


Chicago Trib: Questions on juror background checks bring Chicago's top attorney to court

Chicago Sun-Times: Rahm Emanuel eyes cutting city council seats in half

Chicago Sun-Times: Alvarez: Investigate CPD handling of death involving Daley nephew


Evansville CP: Changing demands complicate Statehouse negotiations
CBS: Indiana Dems continue month-long boycott to protest GOP bills


Star Tribune: Dayton blasts GOP leaders
Star Tribune: House committee OKs health/human services cutbacks


Milwaukee JS: Appeals panel sends collective bargaining law to state Supreme Court
WSJ: Appeals Court Cedes Wisconsin Union Law to Higher Court
WSJ: Wisconsin's Battle Supreme (via Google)

Milwaukee JS: GOP conduit to help fight recall campaigns


Roll Call: Poll Has Mixed News for Obama, Brown in Ohio

Columbus Dispatch: Schools get the bad news on the state budget


WaPo: Michigan first to act as states weigh reductions in unemployment benefits
AP: Democrats want veto of Michigan unemployment bill

Detroit News: CAIR says Muslim Americans harassed when crossing border

FP: Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick tells why he lied about affair -- likely would again


Human Events: Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill's 2012 Turbulence
Kim Strassel: Airplane for Sale: McCaskill's taxpayer-funded use of a private aircraft


AP/Alford: Kentucky lawmakers deadlocked over Medicaid budget


Boston Globe: Public to pay for DiMasi’s lawyers


Las Vegas RJ: Ex-aide to Ensign, Doug Hampton, indicted in lobbying case
Politico: Husband of Ensign mistress indicted
Hill: Former aide to Sen. Ensign indicted
NYT: Ensign Aide Indicted on Seven Counts


Politico: Jeff Flake's immigration flip


Politico: Sanchez lays out contrast with Wilson


Denver Post: Amid acrimony, GOP to vote Saturday for new state party chairman

Denver Post: Senate gives nod to civil unions


March 24, 2011


Wash Times: Boehner seeks clarification on mission’s goals from Obama
Hill: Boehner to Obama: Lawmakers 'troubled' by intervention in Libya
Hill: Obama faces political storm on six-day-old Libyan mission
James Taranto: On Libya, there's confusion over both goals and authority
Andrew McCarthy: A Political Dispute, Not a Legal One
Rush Limbaugh: Can Khadafy Stay, or Must He Go? Obama Wages War "On the Fly"
Rush Limbaugh: Where is General Powell on Libya?
NYDN: Impeach Obama over Libya? Some liberal critics, Nader, Kucinich, suggest it
American Spectator: Obama's Crazy War
American Thinker: Obama's Big Blunder in Libya

Wash Times: Defense cuts a tough sell in bid to curb deficit
NYT: States Pass Budget Pain to Cities
WaPo: Poll: Deficit best closed by cuts and taxes
Politico: Unsustainable budget threatens nation
Wash Times: Republicans out to trim welfare again

WaPo: New-home sales plunged in February to record low
Wash Times: ‘Worst report’ on housing renews fears of recession
Fox: New Home Sales Plunge for Third Straight Month

WSJ: Rights Are Curtailed for Terror Suspects

WSJ: US Nuclear Plants Face New Worries
Fox: Lawmakers, Executives Slam Obama for Boosting Brazil's Offshore Drilling
Human Events: The Energy Choke
Human Events: Painful Lessons for Wind Power
Ann Coulter: Liberals: They Blinded Us With Science
American Spectator: Whose Clean Energy Standards?

WSJ: Liberal Bias at NPR?

Dana Milbank: Rep. Weiner sinks meat hooks into health-care law’s attackers
Politico: Anthony Weiner: Waiver might work for New York

EJ Dionne: The GOP’s ever-shifting stance on Obama’s leadership

NYT: Rove Group Introduces Web Site Seeking Disclosures

WaPo: Opponents of unlimited outside election spending take issue to FCC
C&E: SCOTUS Upholds Limits on Party Assistance to Candidates

Linda Greenhouse: A Surprising Snapshot of the Supreme Court's 2010-2011 term
Human Events: Andrew Breitbart: Courts an Instrument of Leftist Thuggery

Hill: Hispanic vote in critical 2012 states could hold key to GOP Senate majority

WSJ: How Candidates Can Raise a Bundle
Wash Times: A president worth a billion dollars?
WSJ: GOP Hopefuls Woo Iowa Homeschoolers (via Google)
Politico: State parties cash in on 2012 GOP race
Politico: Barack Obama polls strongly in 2012 election survey

WSJ: Romney Hits Road to Target Big Contributors
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney Weighs In on Obamacare

Politico: Sarah Palin slams President Obama for interfering in Israeli 'zoning issue'

DC: Haley Barbour flew state plane to deliver cost cutting message to CPAC, Fox News

Politico: Donald Trump presses President Obama for birth certificate on 'The View'
NYDN: Donald Trump wants to see President Obama's birth certificate with his own eyes

Rush Limbaugh: Chris Christie Hits the Entitlement Mentality Right Between the Eyes

American Spectator: Pawlenty: Sam's Club President
Weekly Standard: Tim Pawlenty's Path to the Republican Nomination


Politico: Michele Bachmann calls judges 'black-robed masters' in Iowa


NY Post: Gov. Cuomo warns of potential government shutdown
NYDN: Governor Andrew Cuomo warns New Yorkers that a government shutdown is possible
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo warns of possible state shutdown
Albany TU: Cuomo wields the big stick
Albany TU: Skelos: We have prison plan; don’t flaunt your power

NYT: Bill Seeks to Expand Rights for New York’s Immigrants

Roll Call: Davis Campaign Manager Warms to Tea Party


SacBee: Field Poll says Feinstein backing is below 50%

LA Times: Poll shows public support for Brown's budget plan is slipping

NYT: Gay Marriage Ban Stays in Place


Fort Worth S-T: Texas House passes voter ID bill


Hill: Biden: If Bill Nelson loses Senate race, Obama won't win Florida in 2012
Wash Times: Freshman Rep. Allen West has GOP abuzz with talk of ‘12
SPT: Mixed messages on Fla from Team Romney

Miami Herald: Joe Biden slams Gov. Rick Scott over high-speed rail line

SPT: Charlie Crist's testimony pans Ray Sansom's college deal


NYT: Some Movement in House Stalemate


Star Tribune: Dayton revamps state's health care strategy


WSJ: Wisconsin's Battle Supreme

Milwaukee JS: New union votes may not meet deadline


Karl Rove: Ohio's Governor Moves Against Unions (via Google)
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich cancels check to casino

Roll Call: Poll Piques Blackwell’s Interest in Ohio Senate Race
Ken Blackwell: Evasion of the Body Snatchers


Politico: Strategic and PPP polls apart on Stabenow

Detroit News: Michigan lawmakers cut unemployment aid for future applicants


WaPo: Rand Paul for president? Maybe


WaPo: College students compete to redraw Virginia’s congressional districts


NYT: Mural of Maine’s Workers Becomes Political Target


Boston Globe: Whites still fleeing cities in Mass.


Roll Call: Club Rakes In $350,000 for Flake Senate Bid
Hill: Chuck Norris backs Rep. Quayle on need for tougher Mexico border enforcement


Denver Post: Colorado Senate gives initial OK to civil-unions bill


Roll Call: Bennet Lends Fundraising Hand to Tester


Roll Call: Alaska’s Joe Miller to Chair PAC
Politico: Joe Miller takes reins at tea party PAC


March 23, 2011


Hill: A year later, health reform fight rages
WSJ: Unhappy Anniversary: ObamaCare's cost jumps 8.6% (via Google)
Human Events: Not a Very Happy Birthday for Obamacare
Human Events: Top 10 Failures of ObamaCare After One Year
WaPo: As health-care law turns 1, supporters using occasion to shape its image
Weekly Standard: Gallup Shows More Bad News for Obamacare
Politico: Where are the health care all-stars?
WSJ: ObamaCare and Carey's Heart
Politico: Starbucks CEO rethinks health law position
Hill: After Giffords, Stupak's fears linger: 'I'm the face of healthcare'
American Spectator: An Obamacare Anniversary Bridge
Mitt Romney: If I Were President: Obamacare, One Year In
Pete DuPont: Very Bad Year: And it'll only get worse, unless ObamaCare is repealed
Sen. John Thune: 'Obamacare' is a failed experiment
Newt Gingrich: Repeal ObamaCare Now

NYT: Obama Seeks to Unify Allies as Qaddafi Vows Resistance
WaPo: Allied strikes pummel Libya’s air force but do little to stop attacks on civilians
Wash Times: Libya costs, mission unclear
NYT: Congress Unhappy With Obama on Libya
WSJ: Obama's Holbrooke Moment
American Spectator: Obama's Tomahawk Chop
James Taranto: Congress Strikes Back
Dick Morris: Libya fails Powell Doctrine
Rush Limbaugh: Anyone Know Why We're in Libya?
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama's "Smart" War
Rush Limbaugh: The Left Freaks Out Over Libya
Jonah Goldberg: Missed Opportunity in Libya

NYT: Appropriations Chief Spends Less and Cuts More
Kim Strassel: Dems' Fiscal Watchdog: Manchin goes nuclear on his own party's profligacy
Fox: NPR Member Stations Preparing for Budget Ax to Fall
Politico: Budget writers look for deals
American Thinker: Obama's War on the Middle Class

WaPo: OpEd: Why liberals should back Social Security reform

NYT: Nuclear Power Loses Support in New Poll

WSJ: Texas Cites EPA Error in Testing of Wells
NYT: Editorial: Natural Gas and Clean Water

Fox: Republicans Try to Block New Light Bulb Restrictions

WSJ: Housing Market's Weakness Persists
WSJ: Four GOP State Attorneys General Object to Loan Assistance in Foreclosure Settlement

NYT: Obama Calls for an Economic Cure for Illegal Immigration

Wash Times: Military set to train for end of ‘don’t ask’

Wash Times: Unions at crossroads in states’ budget wars
WSJ: Public Employees Rush to Retire
WSJ: Public Pension-Fund Squeeze (via Google)
Wkly Std: Out of 1.2M Federal Employees, Only 737 Denied Raises for Poor Performance

WaPo: Supreme Court sides with investors, workers in two business-related cases
NYT: Justices Back Employee in Wage Complaint Case

NYT: Editorial: The Right to Sue Over Wiretapping

NYT: Glenn Beck Contemplates Starting Own Channel
NYT: Virginia Thomas to Write for Daily Caller

C&E: As 2012 Election Season Gears Up, FEC is in Disarray

Politico: GOP leads Senate recruitment battle

Hill: Endorsements trickle in as GOP candidates enter White House race

Hill: Obama has no 'clear and convincing' foreign policy, Romney says

Politico: Sarah Palin meets Netanyahyu, tells Israel she'll come back

Weekly Standard: Pawlenty, Everyone's Number Two?

Hill: Huntsman’s ties to Obama weigh heavily

NYDN: Trump may not become President, but GOPers can learn from him


Des Moines Register: Donald Trump will appear at Iowa Republican dinner in June


Albany TU: Cuomo ‘hopeful’ on budget, explicitly notes extender
NYT: Cuomo Says Budget Won’t Include Rent Laws or Property Tax Cap
NY Post: Gov eyes 'expanding' rent rules
Buffalo News: State budget set for OK thanks to ex-Gov. Paterson

NYT: For Cuomo and Indian Point, New Round in a Long Fight
NYDN: Shut aging Indian Point nuclear power plant down, Gov. Cuomo reiterates

Roll Call: With Ballot Spot Secure, Davis Focuses on Corwin in N.Y. 26

Roll Call: Altschuler Eyeing Rematch With Tim Bishop


LA Times: Brown looks at ways to put tax measure on ballot without GOP votes
SacBee: Governor may seek November ballot initiative on tax plan


AP/Farrington: Fla. Gov. Scott holds Facebook 'town hall'

SPT: Buckhorn routs Ferlita in Tampa mayor's race, then talks of creating a better Tampa

Fox: Florida Mayor Knocked Out at Town Council Meeting


Chicago Sun-Times: Report finds 2,239 Illinois bridges have structural problems


NYT: Lawsuit in Indiana Could Follow Daniels on Trail

WSJ: Hoosiers on the Lam: IN Democrats flee to block more charter schools (via Google)


Wash Times: Tea Party darling Rep. Bachmann a force on the Hill

Star Tribune: Dayton trashes GOP health care budget as "fantasy"


WSJ: South Dakota Abortion Law Requires 3-Day Wait
NYT: Women Seeking Abortions in South Dakota to Get Anti-Abortion Advice


Politico: RSLC hits back in Wis. Senate fight


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio House moving fast on voter photo-ID bill


Detroit News: Detroit's population falls 25%, Bing wants recount
WSJ: Detroit's Population Crashes
NYT: Detroit Census Confirms a Desertion Like No Other


Roll Call: Missouri GOP to Amend McCaskill Ethics Complaint
Wash Times: McCaskill hits more political turbulence
Politico: Republicans to Claire McCaskill: Release the 'damn records'


Wash Times: Maryland Assembly to weigh budget


Boston Globe: Unions look to weaken support for Brown
Politico: Scott Brown opposed defunding Planned Parenthood


Roll Call: Rep. Joe Heck Backs Mitt Romney


March 22, 2011


WSJ: Allies Expand No-Fly Zone Over Libya
NYT: U.S.-Led Assault Nears Goal in Libya
WaPo: In Libya, new rifts open in international coalition
NYT: A Libyan Fight for Democracy, or a Civil War?
NYT: Attack Renews Debate Over Congressional Consent
NYT: Editorial: At War in Libya
David Brooks: The Problem With Partners
Michael Gerson: Obama is dragged into doing the right thing on Libya
George Will: Is it America’s duty to intervene wherever regime change is needed?
Ted Nugent: No U.S. strategic interest in Libya

Hill: Cost of military campaign in Libya could wipe out GOP's spending cuts

WSJ: White House Budget Blowout
Hill: Cantor plugs ‘pro-growth’ economic plan
Hill: GOP leaders pledge to block deficit package that increases taxes
Hill: Pence: If necessary, fund the government one day at a time

Juan Williams: Now it's time to defund NPR

Fox: One Year In, Health Care Law Continues to Create Controversy
Weekly Standard: Obamacare: One Year Later, Even Less Popular

Steve Forbes: Reagan's Legacy and the Current Malaise
Fred Barnes: Reagan Versus Obama on Jobs
Bret Stephens: We're (Almost) All Neocons Now (via Google)
James Taranto: Neo-Bam: Eight years after Iraq, the Bush doctrine lives on

NYT: Supreme Court Denies a Move to Bar the Details of a Fed Bailout
AP/Holland: Campaign finance limit stands; banks that got Fed loans revealed

NYT: Court Revives Lawsuit Over Government Surveillance

WSJ: Pawlenty Makes the First Move
NYT: Ex-Governor of Minnesota Enters Race for President
Star Tribune: One step closer to candidate Pawlenty
WaPo: Pawlenty readies 2012 presidential campaign
Wash Times: Pawlenty sets up ‘12 run exploration
Roll Call: Pawlenty Begins 2012 Exploratory Phase
Politico: Mapping Tim Pawlenty's path to the nomination
Politico: Tim Pawlenty can't outrun climate past
Jennifer Rubin: Tim Pawlenty says he’s in; Mitch Daniels suggests he’s not

WaPo: Haley Barbour may try to rewrite the script for 2012 presidential race
NYT: A Proud ‘Lobbyist’ and ‘Southerner’ Weighs ‘President’
Politico: Haley Barbour's busy week starts in Nevada

Politico: RNC disputes charge from Michael Steele's trip


NYT: State Senator Receives 3 Years’ Probation
NY Post: Probation for fotog-attack pol

NY Post: Kruger crony thrown off B'klyn skyscraper plan

NYT: Editorial: New York’s Prisons Fall Short, Again


NYT: Judge Halts California Emissions Plan

LA Times: Los Angeles public housing authority fires its CEO


Miami Herald: Floridians face crazy 2012 election

SPT: As Ray Sansom case opens, defense vigorously denies charges


Politico: Mitch Daniels writing a book but may not be running for president

WSJ: GOP Raises Fines in Indiana Battle


Milwaukee JS: Attorney General appeals restraining order on labor law
NYT: OpEd: Wisconsin’s Radical Break

Milwaukee JS: Supreme Court debate focuses on rancor among current justices


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich opposes local tax hikes to offset state cuts

Wash Times: Lobbyist hosts gala for critic of lobbying (Rep. Betty Sutton)


WSJ: Michigan's War on the Middle Class (via Google)

Detroit News: Skeptics of Snyder's budget plan offer ideas
Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder turns up heat on Michigan cities to reduce benefits


WaPo: Claire McCaskill admits to $287,000 in unpaid taxes on private plane
Roll Call: McCaskill Admits Failing to Pay Taxes on Airplane
Politico: Claire McCaskill to pay back taxes on plane


WaPo: Leggett, Montgomery County unions spar over pension costs


Weekly Standard: Manchin Attacks Fellow Democrats Over Budget — Again


Politico: Angle wants 'mutual respect' with press


NYT: Editorial: Arizona Flinches


C&E: Colorado Influencers Web Links


NYT: A Panel Decides Washington State’s Health Care Costs


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