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March 14, 2011


Wash Times: Lawmakers predict new stopgap budget will pass
Fox: McConnell: Senate GOP a No-Go on Debt Limit Hike Without 'Something Important'
NYT: When It Comes to the Deficit, Resolve Is Weak

NYT: State Legislatures Slow on Immigration Measures

WSJ: GOP Set to Begin Chipping Away at Mortgage Giants
Paul Krugman: Another Inside Job

Wash Times: Obama urged to tap oil reserves

WSJ: EPA Tangles With New Critic: Labor
WaPo: EPA chief Lisa Jackson perpetually on Capitol Hill hot seat

WSJ: The Season of the Political Sting

WSJ: Obama Pushes Overhaul of No Child Left Behind

Pres. Barack Obama: We must seek agreement on gun reforms

Fox: Crowley Out at State Department After Comments on Egypt, Accused WikiLeaker

NYT: Campaigning as All Things to All Republicans
DC: Huckabee says 'keep it simple' as he gears up for possible presidential run
Politico: Sarah Palin: 'She's becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska edition'
Judd Gregg: Sadly, the primary process might help Sarah Palin
American Spectator/Prowler: Patriotic Gore
Weekly Standard: More Momentum for Paul Ryan 2012?

WSJ: Donors Told Obama in Weaker Position
WSJ: Jobless Rate at 2012 Presidential Vote Forecast at 7.7%
Hill: Parting ways: President’s path is diverging from Senate Dems

NYT: Retiring Senators Make a Wish List of Bills


Wash Times: South Carolina waiting for ‘12 hopefuls to show

Politico: Lindsey Graham tempers tea party stance


NYT: For Cuomo, Slower Pace on Addressing Mandates

Politico: NY26 special election lineup uncertain

NY Post: Kruger's political favor


LA Times: Senior judges keep 9th Circuit courthouses open


Miami Herald: Keeping up with the GOP governors


Hill: Gov. Daniels endorses GOP Sen. Lugar, a big Tea Party target
Politico: Daniels backs Lugar for Senate


Chicago Tribune: Attempts to unseat Wis. senators could be historic

RightNetwork: Far Left Protesters Now Videotaping License Plates at Walker Fundraisers


Politico: Va. House delegation protects itself


Politico: Pennsylvania GOP dreaming


March 13, 2011


Politico: GOP offer: 3 weeks, $6B in cuts
Hill: GOP freshmen uneasy about latest stopgap bill, lawmaker says
Fox: Federal Debt Limit Hangs Over Budget Debate
WaPo: Editorial: Budget gamesmanship
WaPo: Pentagon cancer research budget comes under scrutiny
David Limbaugh: Time for War Against Democrats' Fiscal Sabotage
Nicholas Kristof: Pay Teachers More
Steven Pearlstein: Key to job growth, equality is boosting tradable sector of economy

Erick Erickson: Gas Prices Are High Because of Democrats

DC: Bill Maher tells Rep. Ellison the Quran is a 'hate-filled holy book' that inspires terrorism
Clarice Feldman: The Chic of Araby

WaPo: Obama gets laughs at first Gridiron Club dinner as president
Politico: Obama, Daniels score laughs at Gridiron Dinner
Politico: Obama, Daniels roast potential 2012 candidates

WaPo: Obama keeps his eye on independent voters

LA Times: US Supreme Court Justices have been siding with workers, underdogs

Roll Call: RNC Chief’s First Move: Ditch Car

Hill: House Republicans grumble about public airing of party dues

AP: Big GOP donors taking time to get into 2012 race

Weekly Standard: Daniels Showing More Signs of 2012 Run

Politico: For Michele Bachmann, a pattern of getting facts wrong
Boston Globe: Bachmann visits N.H., slips up on Revolution
Hill: Bachmann makes New Hampshire gaffe

DC: Pat Buchanan: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a potential 2012 veep

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Human Events: Tepid Warmup to the 2012 Iowa Caucus


NYT: Editorial: Medicaid and the N.Y. Budget: Sensible Cuts, and Little Political Flak
NYT: Editorial: Medicaid and the N.Y. Budget: A Bad Deal on Malpractice

NYDN: Cuomo wants lobbying groups to be required to disclose financial backers

Buffalo News: Paladino campaign reneges on debts

NYT: At State-Run Homes, Abuse and Impunity


LA Times: John, Ken and two powerful Republicans battle Jerry Brown on spending

NYT: Judges Resist Plan to Unify Court System in California


NYT: Records Reveal Holes in Campaign-Finance Law


Milwaukee JS: Democratic senators return to Madison to tell crowd fight isn't over
WaPo: 'Wisconsin 14' group of Democratic senators returns, greeted by thousands at Capitol
NYT: For Wisconsin Lawmakers, a Hero’s Homecoming

Hill: Democratic leaders confident Kohl will run for re-election in 2012


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich budget will include cuts, cuts, more cuts


March 12, 2011


WaPo: House GOP offers new stopgap spending measure
Wash Times: Congress readies new stopgap spending bill
NYT: Stopgap Bill Cuts Budget by $6 Billion
Hill: Could Schumer’s entitlement reform plans stall budget deal?
Rush Limbaugh: Dingy Harry Wants a Shutdown

WSJ: GOP Leader Seeks Broad Deal on Debt
Hill: McConnell: Obama must address debt for GOP support on raising debt limit

Politico: House Republicans kill $1 billion HUD program
Hill: House kills second mortgage program

NYT: Energy Policy Defended as Gasoline Prices Rise
Fox: GOP Questions Obama's Vocal Support for Domestic Drilling to Lower Gas Prices
Hill: Amid rising gas prices, President Obama calls for long-term energy strategy
Wash Times: Obama says he’s leery of tapping oil reserve
NYT: Editorial: Gas Prices and a Sane Energy Policy
NYT: Give Up Familiar Light Bulb? Not Without Fight, Some Say

NYT: Congressional Hearing Puts Muslim Civil Rights Group in the Hot Seat Again
NYT: Editorial: Mr. King’s Sound and Fury
Politico: Rick Santorum: Sharia 'is evil'

NYT: Obama Defends Detention Conditions for Soldier Accused in WikiLeaks Case

NYT: Partisans Adopt Deceit as a Tactic for Reports

Fox: Appeals Court Speeds Up Health Overhaul Appeal
George Will: The Supreme Court and the health-care mandate muddle
Hill: Growing number of waivers a GOP rallying cry for healthcare repeal
WaPo: New fronts open in abortion wars

NYT: Ex-Fannie Mae Chief May Face S.E.C. Charges
NYT: U.S. Inquiry on Military Family Foreclosures

NYT: Is the Imperial Presidency Inevitable?

WSJ: The Man Who Defined Deviancy Up

Politico: N.J. poll: Mitt Romney edges Chris Christie
Daily Caller: Michele Bachmann seriously considering presidential campaign

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Des Moines Register: House passes union bill after emotional debate


NYT: Shedding Light on Influence of Hospitals on Albany

NYT: In a Series of Phone Calls, an Ear Into a Federal Corruption Case
NY Post: Kruger's sly game of hide-and-sneak

NY Post: Cuomo goes slow on LIFO


John Fund: Jerry Brown Is Dogging It


Hill: After GOP denials, Scarborough says he was courted for a Senate run
Politico: Joe Scarborough, NRSC clash over 2012

NYT: How Flaws Undid Obama’s Hope for High-Speed Rail in Florida
Hill: LaHood puts Florida rail money up for grabs

SPT: Ray Sansom case shocker: Ex-college president flips on him, developer


Milwaukee JS: Walker signs budget bill, legal challenges mount
WSJ: Restrictions on Unions Become Law
WSJ: Wisconsin Rifts Run Deep
NYT: Union Bill Is Law, but Debate Is Far From Over
NYT: Democrats See Wisconsin Loss as Galvanizing
James Taranto: E-J Day: Win or lose, liberalism is always victorious
Roll Call: RNC Chairman Thinks Wisconsin Fight Boosts GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Scott Walker and Taxpayers Win


WaPo: Maryland House derails bill that would legalize same-sex marriage
NYT: Same-Sex Marriage Bill Falls Short in Maryland
Wash Times: Same sex marriage bill ends in Maryland assembly


John Fund: Manchin's Rebellion


NYT: A Legal Privilege That Some Lawmakers See Broadly


March 11, 2011


WSJ: Three-Week Bill on Spending Seen
NYT: New Temporary Spending Bill in Works
Hill: GOP lines up $6 billion more in cuts
Hill: Democrats demand Obama’s budget help
Fox: Republicans Threaten Senate Blockade if Reid Doesn't Deal With Debt, Spending
WSJ: U.S. Runs $222.5 Billion Deficit in February; Highest for Any Month
Human Events: No Time to Give Up on the Budget
Politico: GOP's 2012 playbook: Budget cuts blaze trail
Politico: Republicans ready for budget debate marathon
NYT: Cuts to Head Start Show Challenge of Fiscal Restraint
Wash Times: Mayors balk at cuts to community grants
NYT: The Burden of Pensions on States
WaPo: Stocks sink amid concerns out of China and Europe, continued turmoil in Arab world
WSJ: Families Slice Debt to Lowest in 6 Years
Jonah Goldberg: Dems’ Dull Budget Scissors
Charles Krauthammer: Social Security: Et tu, Jack Lew?
Paul Krugman: Dumbing Deficits Down
Sen. Jim Inhofe & Rep. Ron Paul: Earmark Ban a Huge Victory for Obama

Wash Times: King stands by hearing on Islamic radicals
WSJ: Emotions Run High at Hearing
Hill: Tears, fears at hearing on Muslims
WaPo: Rep. Peter King's Muslim hearing: Plenty of drama, less substance
NYT: Domestic Terrorism Hearing Opens With Contrasting Views on Dangers
NYT: Terror Hearing Puts Lawmakers in Harsh Light
Roll Call: Tensions High During Muslim Hearings
NRO: Rep. Keith Ellison’s Bigotry
NRO: It’s Not Just Al-Qaeda
Weekly Standard: King's Hearing on Homegrown Radicalization Reveals Dems' Bias
Weekly Standard: Kristof Decries 'Picking On' Members of 'Radical Mosques'
Pat Buchanan: After the Revolution

WSJ: NPR in Dispute Over Fake Donor Offer
NYT: New Tape Increases Pressure for NPR
WaPo: Secretly recorded phone calls cast NPR fundraiser in unflattering light
NRO: All Things Contemptible

WSJ: ObamaCare and the Truth About 'Cost Shifting' (via Google)
Hill: Growing number of waivers a rallying cry for healthcare repeal

Fox: Republicans Pledge New Legislation for Domestic Energy Production as Gas Prices Rise
NYT: Republicans Urge More Energy Production
Fox: Chamber of Commerce Report Finds Hundreds of Energy Projects in Regulatory Limbo
Politico: Gas prices change Senate energy politics
WSJ: Obama to Address Rising Energy Prices
NYT: Obama to Discuss Energy Prices

WSJ: House Panel Backs Bill Blocking EPA Action on Emissions (via Google)
NYT: House Panel Votes to Strip E.P.A. of Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gases
NRO: All Aboard the Climate Gravy Train

NYT: Editorial: Indefensible Detention

Peggy Noonan: The One That Got Away (via Google)

Hill: House approves bill ending mortgage assistance program
Human Events: House GOP Shuts Down Failed TARP Mortgage Programs
WSJ: Housing Agency Chief to Step Down

NYT: Editorial: Cynical Non-Enforcers at the Federal Election Commission

Wash Times: Priebus plots RNC’s long climb out of financial hole
Politico: Reince Priebus meets with 2012ers' representatives

Boston Globe: Romney’s plan for tax breaks stirs debate
Fox: The Rise of the Anti-Romney? Barbour Campaign Takes Shape
Daily Caller: Palin has enormous favorability deficit according to poll
American Spectator: Presidential Epic: What a winning candidate needs
William Kristol: Walker-Christie 2012!


Politico: Rick Santorum could be unlikely Iowa force


WaPo: New Hampshire college students can still vote in state, for now


WSJ: Eight Charged in Albany Bribery Scheme
NYT: Graft Charges Depict Kruger’s Lavish Lifestyle
NYT: Federal Corruption Case Ensnares a Self-Styled Fighter for the Underdog
Albany TU: Sampson: ‘Serious charges,’ Krueger replaces Kruger on Finance

Albany TU: Same-sex marriage advocates lobby Cuomo while seeking Senate votes


WSJ: Covert Maneuvers Grease California Budget Talks
NYT: California Budget Deadline Passes, but Deal May Be Near
Dan Walters: California budget battle is a replay of 2009


Hill: Republican courts MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' for Florida Senate challenge
SPT: It might get harder to be unemployed in Florida


AJC: Georgia abortion clinics shuttered under Senate bill


Chicago Tribune: Illinois enacts Internet sales tax law


Politico: Mitch Daniels sticks to his call for truce


Milwaukee JS: Assembly passes union measure after bitter debate
Fox: Wisconsin Lawmakers Pass Anti-Union Bill as Police Remove Protesters
WSJ: Wisconsin Curbs Unions: GOP Governor to Quickly Sign Limits on Bargaining Rights
WSJ: Taxpayers Win in Wisconsin
WSJ: Sparing Police, Firefighters Makes Cost-Cutting Tough
WaPo: Wisconsin governor wins his battle with unions on collective bargaining
Wash Times: Wis. governor’s bill to limit unions’ power
American Spectator: Democrat Thuggery in Its Worst Form
NYT: In Wisconsin Battle on Unions, State Democrats See a Gift
NYT: Editorial: It’s Not Over in Wisconsin
James Taranto: 'This Is War': Could Michael Moore be on to something?
John Fund: Wisconsin Pols Get Ready to Rumble
Rich Lowry: Peter King’s Important Service
Rush Limbaugh: After Walker Wins, Obama's Union Mob Riots at the Wisconsin Capitol
Rush Limbaugh: Wisconsin Republicans Receive Vicious Death Threats from the Left
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Freak Out Over Wisconsin
Rush Limbaugh: The Reverend Jackson Brings His Cliche Machine to Madison
Ezra Klein: A rough Wednesday for Democrats
NRO: Wisconsin: Playing the Recall Card


Hill: Ohio bill on collective bargaining could affect Senate, White House campaigns
Columbus Dispatch: Ohio House puts $7 billion in transit budget


Detroit News: Detroit officials gear up to fight Snyder's budget plan


Politico: McCaskill billed, repaid taxpayers for political flights


Politico: Heller announcement imminent

WSJ: Nevada Considers Legalizing Web Poker (via Google)


NYT: Hispanics Are Surging in Arizona


Roll Call: Republican Joining N.M. Senate Primary


WaPo: The 'Utah Way' toward immigration reform


March 10, 2011


WaPo: Senate rejects spending bills from both Republicans and Democrats
Weekly Standard: Senate Votes Down Dem and GOP Spending Bills
Wash Times: Senators hail defeat of rival spending cuts
Hill: Votes backfire on Senate Dems
WSJ: Deficit Proposal Picks Up New Allies
NYT: Amid Battle to Cut Spending, Republicans Turn Spotlight to Jobs
Wash Times: GOP pushes total pay freeze
Dana Milbank: In Senate's debt debate, talk isn't cheap
Roll Call: Senate Votes Put 2012 Politics in Spotlight

NYT: Domestic Terrorism Hearing Set to Begin
Fox: Witness at King Hearing to Warn 'Political Fear' Stifling Debate Over Radical Islam
Hill: Democrats plead with Rep. King to cancel hearing on US Muslims
WSJ: The Homegrown Terror Hearings (via Google)
WaPo: Rep. Peter King's Muslim hearings: A key moment in an angry conversation
WaPo: Editorial: Homegrown Islamic radicalization: Worth studying
Roll Call: King Hearings Called Political Witch Hunt
Steve Emerson: Muslim American groups are the ones fomenting hysteria with hearings
American Thinker: Dear Rep. King: Forget 'Radical' -- Islam is the Culprit

Hayden & Mukasey: Senate legislation threatens key anti-terrorism tools

Human Events: Congressional GOP Push Back Against Obama’s New Gitmo Policy
Rush Limbaugh: Club Gitmo: Still Bush's Fault

WSJ: Video Kills the Radio Czar
WaPo: NPR executive Vivian Schiller resigns under pressure from board and CPB
Fox: Schiller Forced Out as NPR President Following Hidden-Camera Sting
Wash Times: NPR chief quits post; foes not placated
NYT: Resignation Comes at Sensitive Time for NPR
Daily Caller: NPR Interim CEO a Democrat Contributor
Boston Herald: GOP pol: NPR fed funding must end
Politico: NPR girds for funding battle
McClatchy: DeMint demands end to NPR funding
American Spectator: Yes, Vivian, Defunding NPR Will Reduce the Deficits
John Fund: NPR's Damning Admission
Michael Barone: Why NPR Should Urge Congress to End Its Subsidy
James Taranto: The Happiest Man in America
Rush Limbaugh: O'Keefe Hits NPR Grand Slam
Weekly Standard: O'Keefe: More NPR Videos On the Way

WSJ: House Republicans Win Early Battle Over Net-Neutrality Rules (via Google)
Wash Times: GOP panel members balk at new Net rules

WSJ: Lawmaker Wants Consumers to Have Waiver Rights in Health Overhaul
WSJ: Medicaid Is Worse Than No Coverage at All

Wkly Std: Hope and Change: Gas Prices Have Gone Up 67% Since Obama Became President
WSJ: Senators Seek to Repeal Tax Credit for Ethanol Use
Rush Limbaugh: Template: Gas Prices are Up, But Nobody Minds; Everything is Fine

Hill: GOP advances two more bills to end Obama housing relief programs

SF Chronicle: House GOP leaders vote to defend marriage act

Karl Rove: Political Campaigns Go Viral

Rush Limbaugh: Assessing the 2012 GOP Field
Politico: Campaign 2012: the Kabuki phase
Politico: Barbour adds online communications aide
Human Events: Trump for President Goes Grassroots
Chicago Trib: Gingrich says his passion for his country contributed to his marital infidelity

Politico: Jim DeMint campaign could rival NRSC

WaPo: Congressional freshmen include dozens of millionaires, financial disclosures show


Politico: Iowa's new generation gap


Roll Call: Pawlenty Plans Dinner With Sponsor of N.H. Birther Bill


NYT: Brooklyn Senator and Assemblyman Face Corruption Charges
NYDN: Carl Kruger, William Boyland to surrender to feds on bribery charges
Albany TU: Kruger latest senator in peril

NYT: Cuomo Vows Personal Push to Legalize Gay Marriage
Albany TU: No commitment to vote on same-sex marriage this year

Roll Call: New York Special Election Set for May 24


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown pitches his budget plan on Republican turf
George Skelton: Gov. Jerry Brown's prophecy isn't pretty


Roll Call: Cornyn Won’t Pick a Favorite in Texas Primary


SPT: Gov. Scott, Cabinet okay civil rights restrictions for felons
Buzz: Mitt Romney continues the presidential parade to Gov. Rick Scott
NYT: In Florida, Push to Link Teacher Pay to Student Performance


AJC: State workers, teachers to see 20% health increase


WSJ: Illinois Is Latest State to Ban Death Penalty
NYT: Illinois Governor Signs Capital Punishment Ban
NYT: Editorial: Justice Advances in Illinois


American Spectator: Picking on Mitch Daniels


Star Tribune: Deficit talks lead to fight over state aid to cities


Fox: Wisconsin Senate GOP Votes to Strip State Workers of Collective Bargaining Rights
WSJ: GOP Ends Union Stalemate
Milwaukee JS: With Democrats absent, Republicans advance collective bargaining changes
Gov. Scott Walker: Why I'm Fighting in Wisconsin
NRO: How the Wisconsin Senate Passed Walker’s Bill
Chicago Tribune: Wisconsin Senate passes union curbs as protesters rally
NYT: Wisconsin Senate Limits Bargaining by Public Workers
WaPo: Republican Wisconsin senators bypass Democrats in vote on collective bargaining
Human Events: Wisconsin Goes Nuclear
Milwaukee JS: Demonstrators crowd Capitol in wild scene after Senate vote
NYT: Wisconsin Dispute Could Mobilize Democratic Base
WSJ: Badgers vs. Gophers (via Google)
Ann Coulter: Six-Figure Bus Drivers & Other Working-Class Heroes
Rush Limbaugh: Governor Scott Walker Isn't Caving
EJ Dionne: What Wisconsin Democrats can teach Washington Democrats

Fox: Republicans Vote to Impose Fines on Wisconsin's AWOL Democrats

Roll Call: Kohl Not Rushing to Make Re-Election Decision


Columbus Dispatch: Group sues to oust Kasich's development chief
WSJ: Cleveland Sees Plunge in Population


Politico: Claire McCaskill to return $88k to Treasury for charter flights


Daily Caller: Rand Paul’s party of one


ARRA: Arkansas Governor's Office Responds To Inquires About Obamacare


George Allen: Obama is pumping pain: Poor policies lead to predictably high fuel prices
Roll Call: Kaine Returns From Vacation to Senate Rumors


NYT: Christie’s Talk Is Blunt, but Not Always Straight


Boston Globe: Brown’s mother, sister defend book


NYT: Ex-Aide Calls for Ensign to Resign From the Senate Right Now


March 9, 2011


WSJ: Democrats Raise Stakes on Budget
WaPo: Senate still wrangling over spending bill
Hill: Reid, McConnell reach deal to allow votes on spending bills
Hill: GOP calls out Obama, preps second stopgap
Wash Times: Senate set to kill parties’ competing spending-cut bills
LA Times: Senators walk political tightrope on budget
NYT: Neither of Rival Budgets Is Expected to Move in Senate
WaPo: Simpson, Bowles kick off campaign to focus on longer-term deficit reduction
Lawrence Kudlow: Government Shutdown? So What?

WSJ: Our Man-Made Energy Crisis
NYT: Rising Gas Cost Finds the Nation Better Prepared
NYT: At House E.P.A. Hearing, Both Sides Claim Science
Dick Morris: Suspend the gas tax

WSJ: In Health Law, Rx for Trouble
WSJ: U.S. Appeals Florida Ruling on Health-Care Law
NYT: U.S. Appeals Florida Health Care Ruling
CNBC: Maine gets break in federal health care overhaul

American Spectator: The Means Testing Temptation for Social Security

WaPo: NPR exec calls tea party members racist, xenophobic in secretly recorded video
NYT: Facing Lawmakers’ Fire, NPR Sees New Setback
Wash Times: NPR exec caught vilifying tea party
Fox: NPR Exec Caught on Camera Slamming Tea Party, Republicans
Weekly Standard: NPR Exec Fired
James Taranto: Fake Muslims have NPR executives for lunch
Rush Limbaugh: NPR Executive Caught on Tape Being an Ignorant, Arrogant Liberal
Daily Caller: White House to liberal-minded Muslims: drop dead

Wash Times: GOP leaders back hearings on Muslims
Hill: Congressman receives threats on eve of hearings on Muslims in America
Wash Times: Uncovering the roots of Islamic radicalization
NYDN: King is right, say feds and cops: We don't get many tips from Muslim community
American Thinker: What Do They Fear From Peter King?
NRO: Editorial: King Hearings Are Overdue
NYT: For Lawmaker Examining Terror, a Pro-I.R.A. Past
WaPo: Japanese Americans: House hearings on radical Islam 'sinister'
Ruth Marcus: Islamic radicalism: The questions that Rep. Peter King is right to ask
WSJ: The Myth of 'Moderate Pakistan' (via Google)

WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Obama's Gitmo order is a half step in the right direction
NYT: Editorial: The Prison That Won’t Go Away
Rush Limbaugh: A Really Big See, I Told You So: Obama Keeps Club Gitmo Open

Human Events: Liberals Resist Even Dumbed-Down Immigration Checks

WaPo: White House moving to repair troubled relationship with Cabinet
Hill: Sources: Net neutrality point man in the running for job in Obama's Cabinet

NYT: S.E.C. Chairwoman Under Fire Over Ethics Issues

NYT: Senate Passes Bill to Change Patent System and Pricing

NYT: Fed Nominee Still Opposed by a Senator
WaPo: Taxpayers caught in the middle of costly Fannie lawsuit
NYT: AARP Sues U.S. Over Effects of Reverse Mortgages

WaPo: For Romney, a different campaign but old obstacles
Rush Limbaugh: Husband: My Lib Wife Likes Mitt
Salon: Why Mitt Romney is still the favorite

Newt Gingrich: How Fast Can We Turn Things Around?
Politico: Newt Gingrich: 'I was doing things that were wrong'
NRO: Hawkeye Newt

John Fund: Palin's Unpresidential Calendar
Hill: Palin already booked on debate day
Rush Limbaugh: Electability and Sarah Palin
Hill: Palin vs. Christie: GOP rock-star feud

Daily Caller: Buddy Roemer: Warp speed without plan

Weekly Standard: The "Yes...But" Republican Field

WSJ: Obama a 'Radical'? Get Real
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's "Personal Popularity" is a Media-Created Myth


Dana Milbank: With Pawlenty's Iowa speech, a side of syrup


NYT: Cuomo, in Gay Marriage Push, Will Meet With Leading Supporters
NYT: Cuomo’s Right to Holy Communion Is a Private Matter, Bishop Says
NYDN: Cuomo has 'candid' sitdown with Archbishop Timothy Dolan & state's Catholic bishops
NYDN: All quiet on attack ad front, but Cuomo is geared to fire back at critics of budget cuts

NYT: Judge Criticizes Independence Party on Monitoring Money

C&E: Special Election Likely in New York's 26th District
Roll Call: Businessman Pushes for Third-Party Run in N.Y. Special Election

C&E: New York Reps Enlist Lobbyists for Redistricting Battles

Rochester D&C: Rochester mayoral candidates lay out stances to young professionals


WSJ: Hispanics Surge in California
NYT: For California, a Slower-Growing Population
WaPo: More than half of California children Latino, census shows

WSJ: Unions Oppose Pension Changes in California Talks (via Google)
WaPo: State and local workers: Gone but not off the books
SacBee: Budget talks resume amid doubts Dems and GOP can agree


Miami Herald: Scott touts “jobs” budget to lawmakers
SPT: Scott gives lawmakers the hard sell in his State of State, brushes off critics

AP/Farrington: Fla. might disrupt presidential primary schedule


AJC: Georgia health plan in $250 million hole


Chicago Tribune: Quinn expected to sign death penalty ban
Chicago Sun-Times: Yarbrough: Pat Quinn to sign bill repealing Illinois death penalty


Milwaukee JS: E-mails reveal possible Walker concessions on union bill
WSJ: Wisconsin Recall Bid Picks Up Support
NYT: Hard Stance Seems Softer in E-Mail of Wisconsin Governor
AP/Bauer: Dems say gov's compromise on union bill falls short, but negotiations continue


Columbus Dispatch: Forget the status quo, governor tells legislators
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich playing by his rules
Wash Times: Kasich unbowed in face of protests


Roll Call: Poll: McCaskill Barely Leads Potential GOP Challengers


ARRA: Arkansas Gov. Beebe Seeks To Be First State To Implement ObamaCare


Lexington HL: Kentucky Senate rejects eight Beshear nominees


News & Observer: Perdue shifts funds; GOP rolls eyes


Human Events: Ex-Senator in Comeback Bid Regrets Nod to No Child Left Behind


Politico: Joe Manchin goes rogue


WSJ: Pennsylvania Budget Cuts Hit Education (via Google)


Star-Ledger: Christie announces Superior Court judge nomination before bar finishes review


Las Vegas RJ: Friends, family urged him to retire, Ensign says


Denver Post: CO secretary of state seeks authority to cross-check voter rolls for non-citizens


March 8, 2011


WSJ: Policy Disputes Spill Over Into Spending Fight
Fox: GOP Lawmakers Target $105B in Spending Found in Health Care Law
NYT: A Rare Bipartisan Call to Share Budget Pain
WaPo: 'Gang of 6' senators launch public campaign to support deficit reduction
WSJ: Deficit-Cut Salesmen Hit the Road (via Google)

Wash Times: Tipping point for oil seen at $150 per barrel
Hill: Pump pain for President Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Friedman: Keep Gas Prices High

Wash Times: NPR, PBS campaigns to keep federal funds called unlawful

Politico: Republicans divided over Muslim hearings
Human Events: Germany's Jihad Murders Point Up the West's Denial
Michael Gerson: A blow to religious freedom in Pakistan
Human Events: Expect More Islamist Attacks
NYT: Drawing U.S. Crowds With Anti-Islam Message
NYT: Editorial: Peter King's Obsession
Bob Herbert: Flailing After Muslims

Marc Thiessen: Apply the Reagan Doctrine in Libya
Pat Buchanan: It's Their War, Not Ours

NYT: Rising Calls to Replace Top Man at Medicare
Ezra Klein: Republicans need to take a stand on health-care reform

Wash Times: Obama changes stance on Gitmo tribunals
Fox: GOP Praises Obama's Decision to Bring Back Military Tribunals at Guantanamo Bay
WaPo: Obama creates indefinite detention system for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
WSJ: Obama Restarts Terrorism Tribunals
NYT: Obama Clears Way for Guantánamo Trials
Dana Milbank: Obama's new Gitmo policy is a lot like Bush's old policy

WSJ: China Post Goes to Commerce Secretary
LA Times: Obama plans to tap Commerce secretary for China envoy
WaPo: Gary Locke, Commerce secretary, to be nominated as ambassador to China
WaPo: Why sending Gary Locke to China makes sense

WSJ: Supreme Court Lets Prisoners Seek DNA Evidence

James Taranto: Why would the New York Times's top editor snarl at Fox News viewers?

Politico: Tea party steeped in redistricting

NYT: G.O.P. Voters Are Ready for the 2012 Race. Now Somebody Tell the Candidates
Gallup: Lack of GOP Front-Runner for 2012 Is Atypical
Jonah Goldberg: On the GOP menu for 2012
Michael Kinsley: See Mitt Romney flip-flop
Huff Post: Mitt Romney Faces His 'Mitt Romney Problem'

Boston Globe: Life full, Huckabee not set to leap
Roll Call: Barbour, Huckabee Weighing Presidential Paths

Roll Call: Huntsman Is ‘Not Considered a Conservative’

Rush Limbaugh: Don't Expect 2012 GOP Nominee to Echo Bachmann's Attack on Obama

Politico: Dick Morris calls Ron Paul ‘horrific’


Atlantic: The Republican Presidential Hopefuls Hit Iowa
Reuters: Five Republicans woo Iowa voters ahead of 2012 race
Hill: Ethanol a dilemma for GOP field in Iowa


Nashua Telegraph: Romney gets makeover for 2012 presidential run
Union Leader: Politico: Voters say 'Romneycare' not fatal


NYT: A Cuomo Schedule Conflict Draws Scrutiny
NYDN: Cuomo will meet with Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Catholic bishops
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo rallies support for new budget
Buffalo News: Extension of tax on wealthy sought
Albany TU: Silver: We’re open to shifting the floor on tax


LA Times: 5 GOP senators say Brown budget talks have stalled
SF Chronicle: Calif. GOP senators balk, slow push for budget OK
AP/Williams: Brown admits Thursday deadline for California budget unlikely
WSJ: Brown, GOP Group Reach Impasse


Miami Herald: Scott hopes to sell his agenda to state
Orlando Sentinel: Scott, legislators ready to begin contentious 60-day session
NYT: Florida Republicans at Odds With Their Leader

Politico: Conservative group files suit against Rep. Hastings


Milwaukee JS: War of words escalates
Milwaukee JS: Walker blames unions for standoff
Badger Herald: Walker scoffs at Democratic senators’ attempt to meet, negotiate
WSJ: In Wisconsin, Both Sides Dig In
NYT: Talks to Resolve Impasse in Wisconsin Flounder
WaPo: Wisconsin's Walker accuses Senate Democrats of blocking negotiations
Rush Limbaugh: Is Public Opinion in Wisconsin Really Turning Against Walker?

Weekly Standard: Wisconsin Republicans Want Paul Ryan for President


Vindy: House Democrats vow to fight Senate Bill 5


Detroit News: Kilpatrick is still a son of privilege


Politico: Top Pa. Republicans unlikely to run for Senate against Casey
Roll Call: Between the Lines: Partisanship on Center Stage in Redistricting Fights


Wash Times: Ensign won’t run, cites probability of ‘ugly’ campaign
WaPo: Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada won't seek reelection
NYT: Senator, After Scandal, Won’t Run Again
Las Vegas RJ: Editorial: Ensign bows out
Las Vegas RJ: There are myriad reasons Ensign isn't running for re-election
Roll Call: Ensign Exit Eases GOP’s Nevada Woes
Human Events: Senate Opening No Shocker


Hill: Former Sen. Pete Domenici backs Wilson for Senate
Albuquerque Express: Wilson Announces Candidacy For U.S. Senate Seat
AP/Holmes: Former Rep. Heather Wilson announces for US Senate


NRO: In Hatch’s Corner, Totally


AP/Valdes: Immigration, license bill voted down on WA Senate


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