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May 7, 2011


NYT: House Republicans Express Unity on Budget
NYT: Farm Subsidies Become Target Amid Spending Cuts
WSJ: Bowles Hopeful for 'Gang of Six' Deal (via Google)
WaPo: Why the Senate likes to ‘gang’ around those divisive issues
Wash Times: Higher taxes keep federal deficit in check
Ezra Klein: GOP looks ready to make a deal
Larry Kudlow: Where’s the Beef, GOP?
Weekly Standard: Budget Deal Critical to Obama's Future?

Wash Times: Unemployment jumps to 9 percent despite greater job growth
Fox: Jobless Rate Ticks Up to 9 Percent as Economy Adds 244,000 Jobs
NYT: Payrolls Show Strong Growth but Jobless Rate Rises
Rush Limbaugh: Unemployment Rate Rises to 9%, State-Run Media Cheers Obama
WSJ: The New Lackluster: More private job growth, but higher jobless rates for the unskilled
NYT: Editorial: Contradictory employment data: questions about the economy’s momentum
AP/Wagner: Fannie Mae seeks $8.5 billion more in federal aid
WSJ: Fannie Mae Falls Back Into the Loss Column
Joe Nocera: More than two years since the financial crisis, and still no criminal charges

WaPo: Al-Qaeda confirms Osama bin Laden’s death, vows retaliation
WSJ: Spies Piece Together al Qaeda Playbook
ABC: Osama Bin Laden Raid: Al Qaeda 'Playbook' Revealed
WSJ: The bin Laden Raid and the 'Virtues of Boldness'
Hill: Freshman senator wants to know if waterboarding helped nab bin Laden
James Taranto: Try Not to Think of a Waterboard
Human Events: Top 10 Bush Terror Policies Continued by Obama
WaPo: Death of Osama bin Laden: Phone call pointed U.S. to compound — and to ‘the pacer’
Fox: Bin Laden Killing: How the White House, Pentagon and CIA Botched the Storyline
Rush Limbaugh: A Composite of All Versions of the Raid That Killed Osama Bin Laden
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Turns Back on Burlingame; Beamer Nails Prez for Narcissism
Rush Limbaugh: Michael Moore Criticizes The One
Rush Limbaugh: Report: NYU Radical Symposium
NYT: Probing Link to Bin Laden, U.S. Tells Pakistan to Name Agents
WSJ: Pakistani General Under Fire (via Google)
Fox: Obama to Navy SEALs Who Raided Bin Laden: 'Job Well Done'
WaPo: Obama meets with participants in raid that killed bin Laden
NYT: Presidential Spotlight Shines on the Commandos Who Work in the Shadows
WSJ: The SEAL Sensibility
Charles Blow: The Bin Laden Bounce
Kathleen Parker: There’s nothing to cheer about in bin Laden’s death
Bill O'Reilly: Truth vs. Ideology
Andy McCarthy: Holder v. Holder: When it comes to terrorists, AG is at odds with himself
William Kristol: Justice

WSJ: Drone Targets Yemeni Cleric
NYT: Drone Strike in Yemen Was Aimed at Awlaki

WSJ: OpEd: Islam Needs Reformists, Not 'Moderates'
Human Ev: Islam Is Peaceful? Denial's More Than Just a River in Egypt, Says This Author
Human Events: Why Egyptians Want War With Israel: It's in the Koran

NYT: Obama Calls for End of Oil Subsidies
Hill: Republican claims drilling bill vote prompted oil price tumble
NYT: Editorial: The Return of ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’
NYT: Energy Dept. Panel to Revise Standards for Gas Extraction
Hill: Obama pushes green tech as an answer for jobs, gas prices
Hill: Obama: Nation can't drill its way out of soaring gas prices

NYT: U.S. Warns Schools Against Checking Immigration Status
NYT: Judge Gives Immigrant in Same-Sex Marriage a Reprieve From Deportation

WSJ: Consumer Groups Back Warren for CFPB

Fox: GOP Warns Obama Not to Issue Executive Order for Government Contractors
Hill: Republican leaders blast disclosure order as 'blatant' assault on free speech

Rush Limbaugh: GOP Debaters Rip Into the Regime
NYT: Editorial: In Search of a Republican Presidential Field

Rush Limbaugh: Romney's Health Care Problem

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Ace Trump Out of Indy

Politico: Gingrich hires a manager
iWatch: Gingrich selects Rob Johnson as campaign manager for presidential bid
Politico: N.H. insider Dave Carney will support Gingrich

Politico: Ron Paul hauls more than $1 million
Hill: Paul's 'money bomb' nets over $1M

NYT: Huntsman Says He Sees an Opening in Race
AP/Elliott: Huntsman Inches Toward White House Bid
Politico: A South Carolina welcome for Huntsman

Politico: Rudy Giuliani: ‘I can probably be talked into’ 2012 run

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


DMR: Republican candidate forums will put emphasis on fiscal issues


Daily Caller: Hatch: ‘We’re going to win’ against NLRB in South Carolina


Politico: John Boehner to campaign for Jane Corwin on Monday
NY Observer: Poll: Corwin/Hochul in Dead Heat
Politico: NY-26 Siren: Dem poll shows 3-way race
Daily Caller: Republicans scramble to avoid another New York special election loss
National Journal: Davis Hits Both Corwin And Hochul In TV Ad
Rochester D&C: Candidates for 26th District to debate on Thursday
Rochester D&C: Candidates in 26th Congressional District race to debate on May 12
Hill: Republican targets Tea Partier in NY special election
Buffalo News: No. 2 leader in House visits to boost Corwin’s prospects
Tonawanda News: 26th District Special Election: Week in Review

NYT: Looming Layoffs at Schools Imperil Bloomberg’s Legacy
NYT: Mayor’s Budget Seeks to Lay Off 5% of Teachers


NYT: Jerry Brown’s Last Stand

LA Times: GOP candidate for Congress loans campaign $250,000
Roll Call: Dems Spar Over Fundraising for California Special Election


NYT: Florida Legislators Pass H.M.O. Plan for Medicaid
Miami Herald: Immigration bill dies in Florida Legislature
Orlando Sentinel: Florida Legislature goes into overtime
SPT: Legislature goes into overtime
Miami Herald: Florida getting a budget makeover as session goes into OT

Florida TU: Brown poll shows him gaining traction, but Hogan still in the lead


AP/McCaffrey: Race for GA GOP chair pits veteran official against governor's pick


AP/Kusmer: Pence not observing a 'truce' on social issues in GOP campaign for governor

Roll Call: Democrat Crooks Announces Bid Against Bucshon


Milwaukee JS: Walker rescinds layoff notices to state prosecutors
Milwaukee JS: Unions might drop state status
Wash Times: Lesson from Wisconsin: Bypass union teachers


Vindy: House approves Kasich's budget


Roll Call: Akin, Steelman Neck and Neck in Missouri


WRAL: NC minority chamber leader has criminal past
Daily Caller: Top official from Obama-backed black chamber faces criminal charges


NY Post: Lewis rejoins Jersey race
Philadelphia Inquirer: Tough run for Carl Lewis as Democrat in Republican stronghold
Bloomberg: New Jersey Supreme Court Won’t Hear Carl Lewis State Senate Election Case


Boston Globe: Snowe, facing primary fight, shifts to right on votes
Hill: Facing possible Tea Party challenger, centrist Snowe moves to the right
Bangor DN: Snowe, Collins keep differences to themselves


NYT: Labor Board Sues Arizona Over Union Amendment


Denver Post: Bid to repeal Colorado adultery law dies


WSJ: Utah's Immigration Model (via Google)


May 6, 2011


NYT: G.O.P. Rethinking Bid to Overhaul Medicare Rules
WaPo: Budget talks focus on common ground while Medicare stance sparks GOP split
Politico: Medicare fight exposes House GOP’s internal rifts
Hill: Dems to Obama: No to GOP on Medicare
WSJ: Medicare Recedes in Debt Talks (subscribers only)
NYT: Editorial: Could It Have Been the Polls?
NYT: Biden Calls First Deficit Meeting ‘Productive’
WSJ: GOP, White House Talk Deal on Debt
Politico: Deficit talks lack clear path to deal
Human Events: What Happens If They Don’t Raise the Debt Limit?
Daily Caller: Sessions unloads on Conrad’s ’secret budget’
Reps. Gohmert, King & Bachmann: Raising the Debt Ceiling: Republicans' Last Stand

WSJ: Claims by Jobless Surge (via Google)
Rush Limbaugh: Jobless Claims at 8-Month High, As Media Focuses on Obama in NY

Wash Times: Evidence at bin Laden’s home raises nuclear concerns
WSJ: Al Qaeda Sought to Target U.S. Train Network
Fox: Al Qaeda Planned to Attack U.S. Trains on 9/11 Anniversary, Bin Laden Material Shows
WaPo: Al-Qaeda data yield details of planned plots
WSJ: U.S. Boosts Ranks of Elite Forces (via Google)
WSJ: Crashed Copter Sparks Concern About Secrets
WaPo: CIA spied on bin Laden from safe house
NYT: Data Show Bin Laden Plots; C.I.A. Hid Near Raided House
WSJ: Widow Says Home Was Base for 5 Years
NYT: In Long Pursuit of Bin Laden, the Raid That Just Missed
NYT: Attack on Bin Laden Used Stealthy Helicopter That Had Been a Secret
American Spectator: Law & Order: Special SEALs Unit
NYT: Raid Account, Hastily Told, Proves Fluid
Politico: Questions linger after Osama bin Laden raid
AJC: Saxby Chambliss: First shot at Osama bin Laden was a miss
Politico: U.S. strike in legal gray area
NYT: Pentagon Breaks Silence on Pakistani Role
WSJ: Pakistan Warns U.S. Against Raids
WaPo: Pakistani military, government warn U.S. against future raids
Hill: Lawmakers call for tougher restrictions on aid to Pakistan
Wash Times: Obama, aides struggle with post-raid miscues
Fox: Obama Rejects Plea From Sister of 9/11 Victim to End to CIA Probe
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Still Hate the US Military
ABC: Sen. Carl Levin: 'High Levels' of Pakistani Government Knew Where Bin Laden Was
Hill: Watchdog group is prepared to sue for photos of bin Laden
Charles Krauthammer: Evil does not die of natural causes
Peggy Noonan: Show the Proof, Mr. President
Michael Mukasey: The Waterboarding Trail to bin Laden
Rush Limbaugh: Gutsy Panetta Admits There was No Live Video in Situation Room
Michelle Malkin: The Fog of Fog
Rush Limbaugh: Why the Story Keeps Changing: Obama Can't Say What Happened
Pat Buchanan: Vanishing American Footprint
Human Events: Obama a Great Benefactor to Al-Qaeda
Rush Limbaugh: Left Enthralled with Hero Obama
Ted Nugent: Kudos for the bin Laden kill
John Fund: Kudos on Getting bin Laden, but I Still Need a Job

NYT: Obama Honors Victims of Bin Laden at Ground Zero
WaPo: At Ground Zero, Obama quietly completes a circle
NYT: Editorial: The Quiet at Ground Zero

WaPo: Obama to meet with participants in bin Laden raid
Hill: Obama to meet SEALs from bin Laden mission in Friday visit to Ky.

Human Events: House Bucks Obama: Bill Jump-Starts Gulf Oil Production
Wash Times: House calls on Obama to issue drilling permits
NYT: House Passes a Bill to Expand Offshore Oil Drilling
Hill: House passes offshore drilling bill
Hill: Senate to take up bill on ending tax breaks for big oil next week
WaPo: Americans blame oil companies, politics, others for rising gasoline prices
Wash Times: Oil price drop cuts drivers a break
Detroit News: Leaked draft bill reveals Obama admin's new auto safety proposals

WSJ: Consumer Agency Stymied by GOP
Hill: GOP senators vow to block any nominee for consumer bureau

Fox: Holder Intervenes in Gay Man's Deportation Case

Daily Caller: NPR hires firm to lobby for its taxpayer funding

Kim Strassel: Obama's 'Gangster Politics' to order companies to disclose political donations

NYT: States Resisting Program Central to Obama’s Immigration Strategy

NYT: Companies Hedge Bets at a Cost to Consumers
Paul Krugman: Fears and Failure
NYT: OpEd: Preventing the Next Flash Crash

David Brooks: The Politics of Solipsism

Fox: GOP Rivals Hit Obama Foreign Policy Despite Bin Laden Killing, Hit Harder on Economy
WSJ: First Debate for GOP Has Sharp Exchanges, But Lacks Big Guns
NYT: 5 G.O.P. Hopefuls (Who?) Flock to First Debate of ’12 Race
WaPo: In first 2012 debate, GOP contenders hail bin Laden’s death, but still criticize Obama
NYT: Republicans Debate in South Carolina
LA Times: Lesser-known GOP presidential hopefuls debate in South Carolina
Daily Caller: In South Carolina debate, candidates focus on foreign policy
Wash Times: Pawlenty raps Obama in GOP debate
Roll Call: First GOP Debate Introduces Pawlenty to Nation
Fox: Ron Paul Launches 'Money Bomb' on Day of First Debate
Hill: Cash pours in for Paul's 'money bomb'
Hill: Huntsman's service in administration gets pass from some GOPers
NYT: Haley to G.O.P. Candidates: ‘It’s Go Time’
Human Events: Impressions From the South Carolina Debate
Rush Limbaugh: Republican Candidates Can't Debate Obama on Foreign Policy?

Politico: Mike Huckabee tells lawmakers he's still undecided

Daily Caller: Still no front-runner in the battle for the GOP nomination
Michael Gerson: The GOP’s message challenge
Weekly Std: If Our 'Food Stamp Recovery' Persists, Obama Will Lose Big

Wash Times: DNC’s new chairwoman takes last dip in money pool


DMR: Vander Plaats to deliver warning from tea party


Fox: Senate Republicans Threaten to Fight NLRB Nominations Over Boeing Complaint
DC: As Boeing factory debate heats up, past writings of NLRB Craig Becker raise questions


Roll Call: Krolicki Opts Out of Nevada Special Election


NYT: G.O.P. Medicare Plan Shakes Up Race for House Seat (NY 26)
National Journal: Corwin Targets Davis In NY-26

NYT: Faith Groups Campaign to Block Gay Marriage
NYT: Bill Clinton Urges Albany to Legalize Gay Marriage
NYDN: Bill Clinton helps push for gay marriage in New York State

Albany TU: Kolb to Cuomo: turn up heat on tax cap X2

Rochester D&C: New York lobbying tops $200 million in 2010

NYT: NYC Mayor to Pull Back on Child Care Cuts and Trim $400 Million More From Agencies


LA Times: Jerry Brown's nose and the public's right to know

SacBee: California 'Dream Act' clears Assembly


Star-Telegram: Texas' abortion sonogram bill heads to Perry
NYT: Texas Passes Bill to Require Sonograms Before Abortions
Fox: Texas Legislature Passes Bill to Require Sonogram Before Abortion

NYT: Those Really Important Bills? Sorry, the Puppies Ate Them

NYT: Fund-Raising for ’12 Elections Sets Fast Pace


Miami Herald: Bill requiring welfare recipients to take drug tests headed to governor

NYT: Florida Passes Bill to Limit 3rd-Party Voter Registration

Miami Herald: Rick Scott prepares to sign ultrasound abortion bill


Fox: Disasters Challenge GOP Governors of Alabama, Mississippi


Chicago Tribune: Trial will probe alleged Chicago ties to Mumbai attack

Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich in 2008: Jesse Jackson Jr. a ‘repugnant’ pick for Senate


Wash Times: Indiana’s Pence announces governor bid
WaPo: Rep. Mike Pence enters Indiana governor’s race

Roll Call: Messer Likely to Run for Pence’s Seat


Star Tribune: Voter ID-card bill clears House


WaPo: Wisconsin recalls hit deadline: Where things stand


Politico: Kucinich asked Wash. Dems about redistricting

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich questions Capitol's security


Detroit News: Terri Lynn Land won't challenge Stabenow for Senate seat
Roll Call: Land Declines to Challenge Stabenow in Michigan

Rush Limbaugh: Nearly Half of Detroit Can't Read


Boston Globe: Case against DiMasi laid out as trial begins


Hill: Facing possible Tea Party challenger, Snowe moves right
WaPo: Maine senators may not like each other much, but they share love of state, job


Denver Post: Colorado House quickly approves bill to repeal 2010 law on online sales tax


Roll Call: Koster to Run Again in Washington State


May 5, 2011


WSJ: GOP, White House Talk Deal on Debt (via Google)
WaPo: Budget talks: Republicans offer to seek common ground with Democrats
Politico: Eric Cantor: I’m still with Paul Ryan on Medicare
NYT: Lawmakers’ Challenge: A Plan to Lower the Deficit, and Make It Stick
Politico: Eric Cantor, Jon Kyl challenge White House on debt
Hill: Members eager for White House tax plan
Hill: GOP presses Obama to get specific
NYT: Debt Ceiling Has Some Give, Until Roof Falls In
WS: Quinnipiac: 60% Voters Prefer Medicare Status Quo to Subsidized Private Insurance
Martin Feldstein: Raise Taxes, but Not Tax Rates
AP: Stocks sink after weak data on jobs

WSJ: Signs Point to Pakistan Link to bin Laden
NYT: Pakistani Army, Shaken by Raid, Faces New Scrutiny
WaPo: In Pakistan, no more secrets

NYT: Account Tells of One-Sided Battle in Bin Laden Raid
WaPo: White House goes silent on bin Laden raid
Rush Limbaugh: Gutsy Call? Obama Had No Choice
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Can't Get Its Story Straight

NYT: In Bin Laden’s Compound, Seals’ All-Star Team
WaPo: Adm. William McRaven: Terrorist hunter on whose shoulders bin Laden raid rested
Human Events: Forty Minutes In Abbotabad

Reuters: Photos from the Bin Laden Compound
WaPo: News agency Reuters releases graphic photos of raid
WSJ: U.S. Won't Release bin Laden Photos
Wash Times: Obama: No bin Laden photos
Wash Times: Without photo proof, is bin Laden really dead?
Hill: Palin: Not releasing photo of bin Laden's body is 'pussy-footing around'
Rush Limbaugh: It's Trump Time: After Dithering, Obama Decides No Photo Release
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Always Sides with Muslim Sensitivities Over US Sensitivities
American Spectator: Dirty Pictures of Osama bin Laden

NYT: President to Travel to Ground Zero to Honor Lives Lost
NYT: A Brief Victory Lap Before Budget Fight Strains ‘Unity’ Call
Hill: Obama to address troops at Kentucky's Fort Campbell
Wash Times: Editorial: Obama’s Ground Zero hypocrisy

NRO: Obama’s Improved but Mixed Poll Numbers
NYT: For Obama, Big Rise in Poll Numbers After Bin Laden Raid
WaPo: An approval lift for Obama, but a long way to go in the war on terror
American Thinker: Why Obama's Polling Bounce is So Anemic
Weekly Standard: Is Obama's Bin Laden Bounce Likely to Evaporate?

WSJ: Debate Rekindled on Guantanamo
WSJ: Holder should end his investigation of the CIA's interrogators of terrorist detainees
DC: Holder tells Judiciary Cmte captured terrorists get presumption of trial in civilian courts
WaPo: In bin Laden victory, echoes of the Bush years
American Spectator: Do I Hear Cheers for George Bush?
Chicago Tribune: Trail to Bin Laden began with CIA detainee, officials say
Human Events: Carney and Panetta on Waterboarding and Osama
Politico: McCain: No proof of waterboarding
NYT: Editorial: The Torture Apologists
WaPo: Editorial: In killing Osama bin Laden, U.S. had the law on its side
Rush Limbaugh: Panetta Confirms Waterboarding Led to Bin Laden, Left Freaks Out
Ann Coulter: Next Time, Use FedEx
Michael Barone: To Get Bin Laden, Obama Relied on Policies He Decried
Erick Erickson: CIA Chief: Waterboarding Aided Bin Laden Raid
Victor Davis Hanson: Rules for Killing Rogues
Daniel Krauthammer: A Most Justified Jubilation
Ken Blackwell: Cut U.S. Funding for Osama's Mourners

Politico: John Ashcroft to advise Blackwater on ethics

Fox: 1,300 Guns Were Bought Illegally by Suspect Buyers Under ATF's 'Gunrunner' Program

Kim Strassel: Obama's Empty Transparency Rhetoric

Hill: Watchdogs urge action on White House's contractor donation disclosure order

Wash Times: Up-down vote gives Obama 20th 2011 judicial OK
DC: Republicans accuse Sen Dems of ‘pay-for-play’ favor with Jack McConnell cloture vote
Politico: Judicial vote reveals rift in GOP

WSJ: House Bill Blocks Government Funds for Abortion
WaPo: House approves ban on tax funding for abortions
Human Events: House Passes Ban on Abortion Funding

Wash Times: Anti-DOMA law firm loses two clients

WaPo: House panel’s Republicans vote to delay action on financial overhaul rule

Politico: Immigration bill cracks down on cities
American Spectator: Walking Too Softly

Hill: The House offshore drilling battle begins
NYT: Suit Accuses U.S. Government of Failing to Protect Earth for Generations Unborn
NYT: Editorial: Washing Away the Fields of Iowa

Karl Rove: The 2012 Electoral Math Looks Good for the GOP
WaPo: Poll shows a nation deeply divided and more doctrinaire

NYT: Using History to Mold Ideas on the Right
NYT: Liberal Group’s Video Assails Koch Brothers

Fox: GOP Hopefuls Get Ready to Rumble in First 2012 Presidential Debate
State: Some GOP hopefuls battle tonight in S.C.
WaPo: A near-empty debate stage and an unsettled presidential field for Republicans
WSJ: Off to a Slow Start in South Carolina
Daily Caller: Idiot’s Guide to the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary

Human Events: The Emergence of a Sarah Palin Foreign Policy Doctrine?

Politico: Tim Pawlenty prepares for his moment
Des Moines Register: Pawlenty: Democrats woo aid recipients

NYT: A Potential Candidate in No Rush for a Race (Mitch Daniels)
Human Ev: Daniels Highlights Education Achievements, Offers Few Clues On Potential Run
Dana Milbank: Mitch Daniels, an alternative to scary

Fox: Gingrich Opens Campaign Headquarters, Expected to Announce Presidential Run

Politico: Michele Bachmann: Pray for me

Daily Caller: Kiss of Death? Huntsman’s candidacy wins praise from Jimmy Carter
Politico: Jimmy Carter praises Jon Huntsman

Wash Times: DNC elects Floridian as new chief


DMR: Iowa GOP leaders nervous about two-year budget


WMUR: Granite state poll (.pdf)
Politico: Poll: Mitt Romney tops the field in New Hampshire
Hill: Poll: Romney leading GOP pack in NH


AJC: Nikki Haley: Newt Gingrich will have to prove he’s ’still relevant’ in S.C.


Roll Call: Top Democrat Marshall Enters Nevada Special Election

Politico: Harry Reid suffers minor injuries in fall


Politico: Kathy Hochul vs. Jane Corwin: A state election with national implications
Roll Call: Crossroads Eyes Sending Help to N.Y. Special

Alb TU: 'Seat at the table' for Cuomo draws a fight from lawmakers in ethics reform debate
NYDN: Gov. Cuomo hitting road to drum up support for gay marriage, ethics reform
Albany TU: Cuomo will deploy cabinet members in agenda push
NY Post: Andy's Capitol idea
Albany TU: Skelos glad tax cap push is going on the road
Albany TU: Video: Silver on end-of-session priorities


LA Times: California has $2 billion in unexpected tax revenue
LA Times: California to delay sending DMV registration bills


WSJ: Texas Senate Passes State Budget
Star-Telegram: GOP senators use rare procedure to pass Texas budget

Star-Telegram: Texas officials hope feds will reconsider on disaster declaration
Fox: FEMA Refuses Texas Disaster Declaration After Fires


NYT: Florida Struggles With Arizona’s Immigration Plan

Miami Herald: Senate Dems name Chris Smith of Fort Lauderdale as next minority leader

Miami Herald: Miami-Dade mayoral candidates make their case


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich jurors hear political maneuvering on tapes
Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich angrily snaps at wife on tapes


Evansville CP: Pence to run for Indiana governor in 2012
AP: Pence appears sets to enter Ind. governor's race


Star Tribune: Dayton stands firm on budget
Star Tribune: GOP targets Legacy funds for MPR, arts
Star Tribune: Republicans explain change on Legacy arts money


Milwaukee JS: Assembly result means a fight for GOP senator
Milwaukee JS: Nuns' votes tossed in court recount


Politico: Kucinich might move left -- to Wash.
Roll Call: Kucinich Eyes a Left-Coast Address


Detroit News: Metro Detroit home ownership plunges by 40K


KC Star: Lawmakers overide Nixon's veto of redistricting plan
Roll Call: Missouri Legislature Overrides Nixon’s Redistricting Veto


News & Observer: McHenry: GOP will draw districts with race in mind

Politico: Heath Shuler floats gas tax holiday


NYT: Connecticut’s Budget Is Done, but Governor’s Work Is Not


Roll Call: Arizona Senate Poll: Giffords Up 7 Points Over Flake

NYT: In Arizona, Tea Party License Plate Draws Opposition From Its Honorees


Rep. Lamar Smith: Obama Must Challenge Utah Immigration Law


Denver Post: Romer, Hancock start Denver mayoral runoff race by underscoring differences


May 4, 2011


WaPo: Bipartisan effort to reach deal to control national debt stalls
Politico: Gang of 6 window is closing
Wash Times: Senate budget chief readies response to GOP outline
iMarket: Conrad: Senate Dems To Propose Budgt W/$4T In 10y Savings
Politico: Kent Conrad: $4 trillion in cuts over 10 years
Hill: Conrad outlines draft budget
Rasmussen: Opposition to Ryan Budget Plan Grows
Dick Morris: Danger: Tax trigger ahead
Politico: New W.H. battle: Corporate taxes
Altman & Haass: How to reduce the national debt
NRO: Third-Rail Myths: The political cost of entitlement reform is inflated
Newt Gingrich: Job Creation Must Be Job One

UPI: GOP may stage debt ceiling test vote
Politico: GOP floats test vote on debt ceiling
Weekly Standard: Jim Baker on the Debt Limit: ‘Don't Renew the Credit Card!’
NYT: Good Feeling Gone, in Congress, Anyway

DC: GOP introduces legislation to unravel unfunded Medicaid mandates to states

WaPo: Rising gas prices shift energy debate
Hill: Dems push tough oil vote on GOP
WSJ: Let the Market Pay for Renewable Energy (via Google)
Human Events: Gasoline and Onions
Milwaukee JS: Fuel nears all-time high in Wisconsin, Midwest
American Spectator: Obama's War on Oil
Rasmussen: 72% Say $5-A-Gallon Gas Likely By July 1

CBS: Rep. King: Waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Gave Up Bin Laden’s Courier
NRO: Peter King’s Take
Boston Globe: Harsh tactics may have aided US raid
NYT: Bin Laden Raid Revives Debate on Value of Torture
Wash Times: Debate flares anew on harsh interrogation
RCP: Panetta: "Open Question" If Waterboarding Helped Find Bin Laden
Daily Caller: Torturous evasions: Panetta: Waterboarding led to bin Laden
John Yoo: From Guantanamo to Abbottabad
American Thinker: Interrogation Not Litigation Led to Osama
Hill: Welcome to Bizarro Washington: Democrats put on combat boots

Ynet: Mosque imam vows to avenge killing of Osama bin Laden

NYT: Bush Declines Obama’s Invitation to Ground Zero
Politico: George W. Bush says no to ground zero invite

WSJ: Massive Intelligence Haul (via Google)

American Thinker: How Obama Bungled the Aftermath of the OBL Mission
WSJ: White House Fixes Record, Says Target Wasn't Armed
NYT: White House Corrects Bin Laden Narrative
NYT: New U.S. Account Says Bin Laden Was Unarmed During Raid
WaPo: Osama bin Laden ‘resisted’ assault but was unarmed, U.S. officials say
WSJ: U.S. Found bin Laden Unarmed, Resistant
Fox: Bin Laden Appeared to Be 'Reaching for a Weapon' Before Fatal Shot, Official Says
WaPo: Who shot bin Laden? Former SEALs fill in the blanks
Wash times: SEALs are standing taller after secret raid
Weekly Standard: About the Navy SEALs
Wash Times: How bin Laden led operations
WaPo: American Indians object to ‘Geronimo’ as code for bin Laden raid
NYT: Behind High Walls, Model Neighbors Were Harboring a Fugitive
WSJ: A Look at bin Laden's Compound
NYT: Bin Laden Hosts at Compound Were Two Pakistanis
WSJ: Pakistan as Terror Sanctuary (via Google)
NYT: Tensions Rise as U.S. Officials Press Pakistan for Answers
WSJ: U.S. and Pakistan Try to Ease Tensions
Wash Times: Further U.S. aid could hinge on what the Pakistanis knew
WSJ: Pakistan Criticizes U.S. Raid on bin Laden
NYT: Pakistan Pushes Back Against U.S. Criticism on Bin Laden
WaPo: Pakistan defends role, questions ‘unilateral’ U.S. action
NYT: Prosecutors Are Expected to Seek Dismissal of Charges Against Bin Laden
WaPo: Panetta: Bin Laden photo may be eventually released, but White House makes call
Wash Times: CIA signals it may release photo of bin Laden’s body
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Dithers on Photo Release
Fred Barnes: The Politics of Osama Bin Laden’s Death
Rush Limbaugh: The President Owes Us an Apology
Rush Limbaugh: State-Run Media Totally Falls for Rush's "Thank God for Obama"
Holman Jenkins: Civilization Vindicated
Tom Friedman: Will the Arab and Muslim people kill off Bin Ladenism?
Maureen Dowd: Cool Hand Barack
NYT: Editorial: The Myth of Mr. Obama’s Weakness
Politico: Whose terrorism policies get credit: George W. Bush or Barack Obama?
Human Events: Obama's Win, Bush's Credit!

Hill: Ron Paul: Troops should come home now that bin Laden is dead

Politico: Eric Holder in fiery exchange over decision on CAIR, other groups

WSJ: Congress vs. the NLRB (via Google)

Sen. John Cornyn: No gavel for Obama’s pay-for-play appointee

Hill: McConnell, DeMint meet about plum Senate Finance panel post

NYT: U.N. Forecasts 10.1 Billion People by Century’s End

WaPo: Obama renews effort to reform immigration laws despite detractors
Politico: President Obama to ramp up immigration fight
Hill: President punts immigration reform issue to Congress

WaPo: House GOP set to move ahead with legislation to limit new consumer bureau
NYT: Editorial: Republicans aim to derail the consumer financial protection agency

Fox: Despite Bin Laden's Death, Obama's Re-Election Hopes Still Tied to Economy
CNS: Gallup: 89% Credit Military for Finding, Killing Bin Laden--35% Credit Obama
Gallup: Americans Back Bin Laden Mission; Credit Military, CIA Most
NYT: Overnight Polls Find Muted Improvement in Obama’s Approval Rating
Politico: Obama up in post-bin Laden polls
NY Post: Osama slay sends poll soaring
Rush Limbaugh: Where's Bam's Bin Laden Bump?
Harold Meyerson: For 2012, a reversal of Obama’s selling points
Dana Milbank: Pax bin Ladenis no more
Bill Schneider: Beware passion gap 2012

Wash Times: Outsider hired for Obama speeches: 7 other writers on staff payroll

AP: In NH, Romney praises Obama for bin Laden's death

Jennifer Rubin: Sarah Palin changes advisers, and her worldview
Politico: Palin splits with neocon advisers

WaPo: Mitch Daniels’ political inner circle
NRO: Gov. Daniels on the Verge

AP/Elliott: Santorum, Huntsman take next steps toward run
CBS: Rick Santorum launches presidential exploratory committee
NYT: Huntsman Opens Committee to Raise Money

Star-Ledger: Christie would lead Republican candidates in presidential primary, poll shows
Rasmussen: Christie Leads, Trump Loses When GOP Voters Asked

James Taranto: Why the Left Needs Racism--II


AP/Glover: Senate Democrats join GOP on Iowa abortion bill
DMR: Abortion bill moves in Iowa Senate, but debate in doubt


WMUR: Lynch Maintains High Approval In Latest Poll


Daily Caller: Days before S.C. primary debate, Republicans talk endorsements
National Journal: Field Set For South Carolina Debate
LA Times: South Carolina presidential debate still on, with or without candidates


Politico: Heller swearing in scheduled for Monday
Las Vegas RJ: Heller in transition: One foot in House, one foot in Senate
AP/Freking: Heller meets future US Senate GOP colleagues


WSJ: Cuomo 'optimistic' NY will legalize gay marriage
NYDN: State Legislature should approve same-sex marriage, Gov. Cuomo says
Albany TU: Cuomo steps up Capitol job

Rochester D&C: Senate passes tougher texting bill

WSJ: Schneiderman's Spitzer Stonewall (via Google)
Albany TU: Schneiderman fundraising begins

NYDN: Kirsten Gillibrand For Kathy Hochul In NY-26

Politico: Michael Grimm in tempest with tea party

NYT: Former Aide to Rangel Pleads Guilty in Tax Case
NYDN: Rangel aide who ran his NY office, James Capel, pleads guilty to tax charges
NY Post: Rangel aide admits: I'm a tax cheat, too


CNN: California nightmare: Spending cuts vs. tax extension

SacBee: Republican Beth Gaines wins California Assembly contest
SF Chronicle: Calif. Assembly seat in GOP district up for vote

WaPo: Gay Calif. judge now the focus in same-sex marriage fight
NYT: Editorial: Gay Judge Fit to Rule on Same-Sex Marriage

LA Times: 3 Democrats stand out in race to replace Jane Harman

Dan Walters: Judges' civil war flares up over court administration


Facing South: Texas GOP moves to win over Latino vote
Texas Tribune: Texas House Redistricting Maps: Before and After
Austin AS: House backs bill to allow guns in cars at work
Star-Telegram: Texas sonogram bill clears Senate, heads to House


SPT: Lawmakers agree on $68 billion budget, tax cuts
NYT: Fla. Senate Puts Sweeping Court Reforms Before Voters

Roll Call: Allen West Tweets He’ll Stay in House


AJC: Disgraced mayor Bill Campbell resurfaces in city


Chicago ST: Blago re-trial opens with allegations of scheme to sell Obama’s Senate seat
Chicago Tribune: Prosecutors begin attacking Blagojevich defense


Milwaukee JS: GOP wins 2 of 3 Assembly elections
AP: Democrat wins Wisconsin Assembly seat previously held by Republicans
AP: Dems flips Wis. Assembly seat as GOP holds 2 others in special election to fill vacancies
American Spectator: Wide-Left in Wisconsin


WKYC: Portman unveils U.S. Senate Republican 'Jobs Plan'

Columbus Dispatch: GOP voters dump Newark mayor


Detroit News: Terrorists may target Detroit, expert says


Roll Call: PPP Poll Shows McCaskill in Dead Heat With Akin


Tenn: Teacher union bill stalls: Surprise maneuver could kill plan to end bargaining rights


Politico: Race politics hit North Carolina redistricting


Roll Call: SEALs’ District Is Battleground Territory


C&E: Can Bob Massie Beat Sen. Brown in the Bay State?

Boston Globe: Climate shifts in state gambling debate


Boston Globe: RI lawmaker loses leadership job after pot bust
NYT: Rhode Island: Civil Unions Proposed


Roll Call: Arizona Tea Partyers Worry License Plates Send Wrong Message


Wash Times: Holder eyes Utah guest-worker law


Denver Post: Romer, Hancock a study in contrasts in sprint to runoff for Denver mayor

Denver Post: Colorado health insurance exchanges get initial OK in House


May 3, 2011


NYT: Politics Over Gas Prices, Budget on Collision Course; Bin Laden's Death a Wildcard
Financial Times: Dollar’s bin Laden bounce proves short lived
NYT: Extra Tax Revenue to Delay Debt Crisis
WaPo: Deadline to raise U.S. debt ceiling pushed to Aug. 2, Geithner says
WSJ: Treasury Will Act to Avoid Default
Thomas Sowell: Fed Up with the Fed?
American Spectator: Red Ink and Upward Redistribution

NRO: Some Democrats are souring on the centerpiece of Obama’s Medicare reform
NYT: Rule Would Discourage States’ Cutting Medicaid Payments to Providers
American Spectator: Hard on Drug Execs, Soft on Dictators

WaPo: Another week, another vote (or two) to defund health-reform bill
Hill: Experts say GOP bill meant to cut healthcare funding would boost fed role
Rasmussen: Support for Repeal of Health Care Law Falls to New Low at 47%

Human Events: Rep. Joe Walsh Blasts Obama's $1B for Head Start

WSJ: High-Earning Households Pay Growing Share of Taxes
NYT: U.S. Business Has High Tax Rates but Pays Less

WaPo: Embattled House ethics panel hires top lawyer, filling four-month vacancy

Human Events: Time for the Supreme Court to Rule on State Immigration Laws

ABC: Phone Call by Kuwaiti Courier Led to Bin Laden
Fox: CIA Looks for New Clues on Al Qaeda, Reviews Evidence From Bin Laden Compound
Politico: Osama bin Laden raid yields trove of computer data
WSJ: U.S. Rolled Dice in bin Laden Raid (via Google)
WSJ: Victory in Abbottabad
Weekly Standard: Welcome to Abbottabad, Pakistan
WSJ: His 'Waziristan Mansion' Was No Cave
WaPo: Bin Laden discovered ‘hiding in plain sight’
Weekly Standard: Bin Laden Used Wife to Shield Him from American Fire
NYT: Behind the Hunt for Bin Laden
NYT: Obituary | Osama bin Laden, 1957-2011
Wash Times: Senators: Bin Laden photos may need to be released
ABC: Osama Bin Laden Sea Burial Video to Be Released
Atlantic: How Congress Will Change After Bin Laden
NYT: Editorial: The Long-Awaited News
NYT: OpEd: The End of the Jihadist Dream
Rich Lowry: A Victory for America
Fouad Ajami: Osama Bin Laden, Weak Horse
David Brooks: What Drives History
Joe Nocera: 4 Questions He Leaves Behind

Wash Times: Obama gets praise for bold action
NYT: Obama Finds Praise, Even From Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Congratulations, Mr. President, for Continuing Bush Anti-Terror Policy
Bret Stephens: Obama's Finest Hour (via Google)
Dana Milbank: Obama’s victory lap

Hill: Obama will visit Ground Zero Thursday

James Taranto: Viva Guantanamo: Much-maligned interrogators helped dispatch bin Laden
WS: Reminder: Group that Killed Bin Laden was Smeared as Cheney's 'Assasination Ring'
Bill Gertz: Intelligence break led to bin Laden’s hide-out
Wash Times: SEALs are standing taller after secret raid
AP/Dozier: Fabled SEAL Team 6 ends hunt for bin Laden
Human Events: Credit for Bin Laden's Killing Goes Entirely to Special Operators
Marc Ambinder: The secret team that killed bin Laden
Time: This Is the Gear Likely Used in the Raid of Osama's Compound
Rush Limbaugh: Background on the Bin Laden Op Devised by Obama All by Himself
American Thinker: Bin Laden's Death and the Vindication of George W. Bush
American Thinker: OBL's Death a Victory for the Adults

Sen. Richard Lugar: Next threat? Counterstrikes with nukes, bioweapons

Wash Times: Bin Laden’s hideout raises questions about what Pakistan knew
WSJ: Pakistan's bin Laden Connection Is Probed
Fox: Pakistani President Denies Harboring Bin Laden Amid U.S. Skepticism
WaPo: Failure to discover bin Laden’s refuge stirs suspicion over Pakistan’s role
NYT: Amid Skepticism, Pakistan Calculates Its Response
Jennifer Rubin: What did Pakistan know and when did it know it?
Human Events: Bin Laden's Takedown Must Force U.S. to Rethink Relations With Pakistan
Telegraph UK: Pakistan has questions to answer, says David Cameron

SF Chronicle: Obama expected to see bump from bin Laden killing
WSJ: A Boost for Obama Likely to Be Fleeting
Daily Caller: What Osama’s death means for Obama’s reelection prospects
DC: Obama to get a bump from OBL killing, but not undefeatable in 2012 says Brit Hume
Hill: Obama's ‘bin Laden bump’ might not dash hopes of 2012 GOPers
WSJ: Bin Laden's Last Challenge—to Republicans
Wash Times: Economy still key concern for 2012: Likely to flatten bin Laden ‘bump’
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Liberals Don't Think Obama is Reelection Shoo-In
Rush Limbaugh: Left Sees Osama Kill Through Prism of Obama's 2012 Prospects
American Spectator: Obama's Churchill Dilemma
American Thinker: Why Bin Laden's Death May Benefit the Republicans in 2012
David Limbaugh: 2012 Is the Republicans' Election To Lose

Politico: 2012 Republican race gets wake-up call

ABC: Cain Officially Jumps Into May 5 SC GOP Primary Debate, Mitt Romney Stays Out
Human Events: Gingrich to Skip South Carolina Debate

Denver Post: In Colorado, Sarah Palin hails bin Laden's death, praises troops


DMR: Branstad plan would apply raises to all state employees


Deseret News: Mitt Romney ratchets up his visibility in New Hampshire


Las Vegas RJ: Miller opens special election for Heller's seat to all candidates
LA Times: Decision may make Nevada's U.S. House race wide open
NYT: Nevada: Senate Race Is Thrown Open to All

NYT: Ensign Apologizes in Farewell Speech
WaPo: In farewell speech to Senate, resigning Ensign apologizes for ‘arrogance’


NYT: Cuomo Backs Higher Tuition at Top SUNY Campuses
Albany TU: SUNY’s big four eligible for up to $140 million
NYDN: Don't link CUNY funds to SUNY, Gov. Cuomo says

WSJ: Cuomo boxes NY Legislature in on tax cap, ethics
Albany TU: Cuomo is shocked at tax cap hesitation

NYT: State’s Chief Judge Pledges More Aid for Poor in Courts

Buffalo News: GOP leaders making things tricky for Corwin
Buffalo News: Cuomo not jumping at Hochul endorsement


LA Times: GOP grumbles as Senate OKs state contracts
AP/Weintraub: Calif. state worker contracts stall in Legislature

NRO: California Dreamin’


SPT: Senate passes Supreme Court overhaul — without expansion plan

Miami Herald: Nelson blasts Florida Legislature's 2012 election-law fixes

Roll Call: State Senator to Challenge Kathy Castor in Florida

SPT: Tampa Bay will host ‘Super Bowl’ of politics in 2012


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich is painted as a crook and as a victim in opening statements
Chicago ST: Blagojevich re-trial: Less flash, fewer allegations and just as many objections
NYT: Blagojevich’s Second Federal Corruption Trial Begins
WSJ: Federal Prosecutors Say Blagojevich Guilty of Five Shakedowns
Wash Times: Second Blagojevich trial opens to simpler prosecution strategy


AP/Martin: Pence says he's reached decision on 2012 plans


Star Tribune: Minnesota House releases redistricting maps


Milwaukee JS: Grothman, Lazich recall efforts fall short on signatures


Roll Call: N.D. GOP Expecting Competitive House Race


DC: Kucinich may seek re-election from Washington State, not Ohio

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich college budget revised


Detroit News: Snyder: Immigrants welcome


WSJ: Corps Blows Hole Through Levee
NYT: Army Corps Blows Up Missouri Levee


American Spectator: Rand vs. Rubio


NYT: Christie and Democrats Agree to Truce Over Court Seat


NYT: Bucking Trend, Connecticut Budget Deal Raises Taxes, Gasoline Excepted


WaPo: Scott Brown going to Afghanistan
CBS: Scott Brown to conduct National Guard training in Afghanistan
NYT: Senator, a Guardsman, Seeks Afghanistan Stint


NYT: When Meeting a Congressman, Leave Nothing to Chance


Roll Call: First Democrat Enters Open 1st District New Mexico Race


May 2, 2011


WSJ: U.S. Forces Kill Osama bin Laden
Fox: Usama Bin Laden Killed in Firefight With U.S. Special Ops Team in Pakistan
NYT: Bin Laden Is Dead, Obama Says
Wash Times: Obama confirms: Osama bin Laden is dead; ‘Justice has been done’
WaPo: Osama bin Laden is killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan
WSJ: Operation Is Blow to al Qaeda, Taliban
WSJ: Pakistan Silent on Bin Laden Mission Role (via Google)
WSJ: World Cheers Bin Laden Killing, Prepares for Strikes (via Google)
Hill: Bin Laden was hidden in Pakistan mansion near retired military
NYDN: Al Qaeda leader's compound eyed by spies for a year
Politico: Bin Laden's house seemed 'unique'
Politico: Corpse buried at sea
LA Times: Osama bin Laden death: "When are they going to show us the body?"
NYT: Detective Work on Courier Led to Breakthrough on Bin Laden
Daily Caller: What we know about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden
AP/Apuzzo: Inside the raid that killed bin Laden
NYT: The Most Wanted Face of Terrorism
NYT: President’s Vow Fulfilled
LA Times: Palin, Republican candidates react to death of Osama bin Laden
WaPo: The political consequences of Osama bin Laden’s death
NRO: Killing Bin Laden
Victor Davis Hanson: Bin Laden — Ne Requiescat in Pace
William Kristol: Justice
Ross Douthat: Death of a Failure
Nicholas Kristof: After Osama Bin Laden…
Wash Times: Editorial: Osama dead; Obama should escalate

CNBC: Gas prices and debt to dominate Congress in May
Fox: Lawmakers Return From Recess to Face Budget Quagmire
NYT: Struggle Looms on Controlling Deficit Spending
Wash Times: Congress to try again to deal with debt
WaPo: Let the budget battle begin; congressional leaders dig in for long fight
WSJ: Senate 'Gang' Hashes Out Deficit Plan
Hill: Bipartisan Gang of Six plan would need quick support for cuts, taxes
Politico: Senate braces for a heated 2012 budget debate
Hill: The Week Ahead: Deficit reduction
NYT: Proposal for Medicare Is Unlike Federal Employee Plan
NYT: Editorial: The Economy Slows
Joe Curl: White House out of gas on remedies for pump price
American Thinker: About Those Oil Subsidies

Martin Feldstein: Private Accounts Can Save Social Security (via Google)

EJ Dionne: The GOP’s debt-ceiling silliness
Paul Krugman: Springtime for Bankers

WSJ: The Administration targets a drug CEO in a troubling precedent
WaPo: Shortages of key drugs endanger patients

Wash Times: Senators’ deal helps clear logjam for judiciary

WSJ: School Choice and Urban Diversity (via Google)

WSJ: Jimmy Carter's Moral Compass (via Google)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg: A New Immigration Consensus
Wash Times: Bloomberg: U.S. should invite illegals to live, work in Detroit
Detroit News: Detroiters split on Bloomberg plan to repopulate city with immigrants

Politico: Donald Trump pushes back at prez jokes
NYT: After Roasting, Trump Reacts In Character
Hill: Trump says jokes about him by Obama, Meyers were 'inappropriate'
NYDN: Trump not amused by Obama's jokes at White House Correspondents Dinner
Bloomberg: Trump Says He’s Decided ‘In My Mind’ to Pursue the Presidency
Fox: GOP Senators Criticize Trump Over Profanity-Laced Speech, Birth Certificate Talk

WaPo: Huckabee tells NRA that social issues are an economic issue; lambastes Obama
WaPo: NRA tries to keep gun issues in presidential politics
William Kristol: Enter Mitch, Michele, and Mike

AJC: Newt Gingrich: Announcement of presidential run to come next week

WaPo: Bachmann excels at attracting controversy but wields little influence on Hill

Roll Call: Daniels Came of Age Politically on the Hill

Politico: China tour key to Jon Huntsman's 2012 bid

Jed Babbin: Santorum's Clarity of Vision

NYT: Organizing Now, Democrats Expect Tough Bid in 2012
WaPo: The 2012 race gets warmer (Sunday Talk Shows)

American Spectator: Obama vs. the 'Undisclosed Donors'

WSJ: GOP Sees Shot at Latino Gains
WSJ: Obama Tries to Rebuild Hispanic Ties


Des Moines Register: Property tax bill's later impact fuels debate


Politico: Meet the new New Hampshire GOP

Wash Times: Republican stays cool as he faces heat at town hall (Rep. Frank Guinta)


Fred Dicker: GOP's tax-cap sham exposed
NYT: Bill in State Senate Would Relax Rent Rules

WIVB: Race to fill Lee's seat should be close


LA Times: California Democratic leaders say party must put pressure on Republican districts

Dan Walters: A Scenario for fixing California's budget


UPI: Rubio: Medicare has to change
Fox: Rubio Says He Will Not Be on 2012 GOP Ticket


Fox: Alabama Close to Enacting Arizona-Style Illegal Immigration Crackdown


Chicago Tribune: Wis. special election on Tuesday gets contentious


WSJ: Levee Blast Still on Track
NYT: Plan to Breach Levee in Missouri Advances


Wash Times: Legislative battles reveal cracks in ‘One Maryland’


Politico: Jon Kyl’s novel Plan: All quiet on the Jeff Flake for Senate front

Wash Times: Brewer leads charge against feds


May 1, 2011


Politico: Paul Ryan: Harry Reid 'playing politics' with Senate vote on 2012 budget
Hill: GOP sticking together amid attacks on Medicare proposals
WaPo: Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt
WaPo: Virginia Sen. Mark Warner brings lessons from Richmond to Gang of Six deficit talks
NYT: Editorial: The Ryan Plan for Medicaid
Jennifer Rubin: The conservative coup: Now, on the debt ceiling
Weekly Standard: How Paul Ryan Won the Recess

NYT: Editorial: Mr. Geithner’s Loophole

WSJ: Obama, Republicans Continue Gas Prices Blame Game
Hill: Spending cuts to hobble agency's ability to analyze gas prices
NYT: OpEd: That ’70s Energy Crisis

Yahoo: 10 States Where Pensions Are Running Out of Money

NYT: In Search for F.B.I. Director, Administration Seeks a Shared Philosophy

Politico: NRA chief wants Holder resignation

Hill: House GOP to hold hearing on White House visitor records

Daily Caller: NATO strike kills Gadhafi's son but leader escapes
NYT: Qaddafi Is Said to Survive NATO Airstrike That Kills Son
WSJ: Gadhafi Survives NATO Missile Strike That Killed Son
WaPo: Gaddafi’s youngest son, 3 grandchildren killed in NATO airstrike

NYT: Editorial: Some Sunshine for the Campaign Jungle

WaPo: White House correspondents’ dinner sees a less-serious Obama
WSJ: Trump Talks Tough at Correspondents Dinner
WSJ: Obama Mocks Trump's Presidential Ambitions
NYT: Obama Zings Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner
NY Post: Obama mocks Trump at White House Correspondents' Dinner
Wash Times: Obama, Meyers target Trump at Correspondent’s dinner
Hill: Obama takes on allies and opponents with dinner jokes
WSJ: Obama Jokes About Birthers, Poll Numbers and 2012 Candidates
Politico: In his speech, Barack Obama trumps adversaries

Roll Call: Trump: Lots of Sizzle But No Ground Game
WaPo: Anna Holmes on Donald Trump’s sexism
Smoking Gun: Deferments Helped Trump Dodge Vietnam
Clarice Feldman: Trump and the Hunt for Red Obama

WaPo: Romney plods ahead quietly in 2012 presidential race, but attacks are coming
WSJ: Romney Addresses Health Care at GOP Forum (via Google)
NYT: Romney Catches Himself on ‘Hang’ Metaphor
Politico: Mitt Romney to woo Wall Street donors at New York City event

Politico: Sounding like a candidate, Mike Huckabee rouses NRA crowd

Politico: Palin boasts choosing anti-abortion fundraiser over WH Correspondents' Dinner
AP/Elliott: Quiet for a while, Palin’s voice is back

WaPo: In Iowa’s largely empty GOP field, Tim Pawlenty is first to make inroads
Politico: Pawlenty works for Ailes vote

Politico: Michele Bachmann compares debt crisis to Holocaust

NYT: Eyeing the White House After Service in China (Jon Huntsman)
WaPo: David Axelrod damns Jon Huntsman with praise

NYT: Republicans Are Pursuing a Wider Field for 2012 Race
LA Times: GOP candidates try to refocus

Roll Call: Obama Taps Swedish Ambassador as Campaign Finance Chairman

Fox: White House, Newspaper Clash Over Protest Video

Politico: Obama's father forced out at Harvard

Bill O'Reilly: The President and the Preachers

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday show preview: Ryan's rounds, the debt and the 2012 crystal ball


C&E: Open Seat in Nevada's Congressional Delegation Will Prompt Special Election


NYDN: Cuomo focuses on gay marriage but nothing deters a the chase for millions of dollars
NYT: ‘Cuomo 2014’ Gifts Announce His Intentions

Rochester D&C: GOP cuts staff in New York Senate

Albany TU: The cost of using private lawyers to represent indigent clients is rising


LA Times: California Democrats rally around unions
Mercury News: Fiery rhetoric punctuates Democratic convention
LA Times: Feinstein urges state Democrats to focus on reelecting Obama

Dan Walters: Steinberg proposes sensible tax plan

Fox: California May Let Locals Opt Out of Immigration Checks

LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown undergoes surgery to remove cancerous growth on his nose
Politico: California Governor Jerry Brown has surgery to remove cancerous growth


WaPo: Texas bill would make invasive pat-downs a felony
Star-Telegram: Texas government promotions top $3 million in lean budget times


NewsOK: OK House Dems hope to be more of a factor as session heads into final month


SPT: Planning for Republicans' Tampa party well underway

SPT: House passes controversial environmental bill in minutes

Hill: Obama's visit to Florida shows need to mend fences over NASA


WSJ: South Settles Into Slow Rhythm of Recovery
NYT: Government’s Disaster Response Wins Praise


George Will: Working up a tax storm in Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Richard Daley leaves office as one of Chicago's most ambitious mayors
Chicago Tribune: Madigan not ruling out cuts to cities to balance state budget


Journal Gazette: Session delivers boost for governor


Milwaukee JS: Walker, Ryan and 'shock and awe' politics
Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin Senate recall races tempt Assembly members


Detroit News: Snyder: New state office to focus on early childhood
Detroit FP: Snyder speech to U-M grads draws protest


St. Louis PD: Governor vetoes redistricting bill
AP/Blank: Gov. Nixon vetoes redistricting map for Missouri
Roll Call: Nixon Vetoes Missouri’s GOP Map
Politico: Three reasons Nixon vetoed the map

WSJ: Appeals Court Says Plan to Blow Up Levee Can Proceed


Fox: Judge Orders John Edwards to Testify Again in Sex-Tape Case
Yahoo: Judge orders John Edwards to answer questions about affair

News Observer: Perdue vows to defend N.C. leadership role


Virginian-Pilot: Rigell: No pushback over Medicare, Medicaid vote


Boston Globe: Unions reel as budget crisis, ebbing clout collide
Boston Globe: Patrick attacks GOP on labor


Fox: VT's Single-Payer Health Care Bill Ignites Debate Over Covering Illegal Immigrants


LA Times: In Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio shrugs off a rough April


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