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Gone Fishin' - back on May 27th

May 19, 2011


Sen. Tom Coburn: Why is the Senate stalling on the debt debate?
WaPo: Senators ‘encouraged’ as Gang of Six deficit talks resume, minus Coburn
WaPo: For budget deal, ‘Gangs’ less important than Obama, GOP leaders
WaPo: In dismissing risk of default, conservatives retool GOP strategy
Politico: GOP isn’t buying Barack Obama's debt limit pitch
WSJ: The Quandary of Coburn's Exit
Daily Caller: Republicans step up calls for Democrats to offer budget proposal
Hill: McConnell leaves House GOP budget twisting in the wind
Hill: After Gang of Six dissolution, eyes turn to Biden deficit talks
NYT: Editorial: Budget Hopes, Further From Reach
WSJ: The Debt Ceiling Fiasco (via Google)
Karl Rove: Washington's Robo-Signing Bank Heist (via Google)
Cal Thomas: Obama, Geithner blackmailing taxpayers on debt ceiling
Dana Milbank: Default deniers say it’s all a hoax
EJ Dionne: The symbolic battle over the debt ceiling

NYT: Senate Rejects Republican Bill On Exploration For Oil and Gas
Wash Times: GOP’s drilling bill is easily defeated
Hill: Senate rejects GOP bill to expand, speed up offshore drilling

Ann Coulter: To Liberals, Every Woman Looks Like a Hotel Maid

NYT: G.O.P. Senators Question I.R.S. Scrutiny of Donors
Bloomberg: Republican Senators Seek Answers on IRS Gift Tax Enforcement

Hill: New tax evasion law has foreign investors looking to K Street

DC: Obamacare transparency fail: Who’s still waiting for waivers and who got denied?

LA Times: U.S. to investigate Secure Communities deportation program

WaPo: Obama plans to nominate Gallagher to be SEC commissioner

NYT: Many With New College Degree Find the Job Market Humbling

Linda Greenhouse: Justice in Dreamland (4th amendment)

WSJ: Obama Court Pick Nears Pivotal Vote (9th Cir.: Liu)
SacBee: Long-stalled judicial nominee, Berkeley prof Goodwin Liu, braces for key vote
WSJ: Goodwin Liu's Precedents (via Google)
WaPo: Feinstein: Goodwin Liu faces ‘very tight’ judicial confirmation vote
Wash Times: Republicans stand firm against court nominee
Fox: Obama Pick for Bench May Be Defeated by GOP
Politico: Goodwin Liu teeters toward a loss

WSJ: Disability-Claim Judge Has Trouble Saying 'No' (via Google)

Mahmoud Abbas: The Long Overdue Palestinian State

WSJ: Schumer Loves Gingrich: Democrats use Newt's words against the GOP
Rush Limbaugh: An E-Mail from Newt Gingrich
Rush Limbaugh: The Newt of the '80s Wouldn't Get Tangled Up in This Mandate Mess
Roll Call: DNC Compiles Gingrich Backlash Into Video
Hill: Gingrich considering a return to Sunday shows this weekend
NYDN: Newt Gingrich covered in glitter by gay rights activist in Minneapolis
American Spectator: Newtonian Politics
American Thinker: Eye of Newt, Butt of Donkey

Michael Barone: Gingrich and Romney Run Against Their Own Party
American Spectator: Mitch Over Mitt

Chicago Tribune: Gingrich and Trump boost Pawlenty
Politico: Tim Pawlenty set to raise big bucks
Hill: Pawlenty planning Washington visit
NRO: Grading Pawlenty

Fox: Huntsman Picks Important Swing State as Home Base
WaPo: Moderate Jon Huntsman, possible 2012 candidate, tests the waters in today’s GOP

Politico: Herman Cain says voter ID laws not discriminatory
Daily Caller: Herman Cain: My wife will not be traditional ‘campaign wife’

Politico: Sarah Palin: Arnold Schwarzenegger is 'disgusting'
NatlJ: Palin Still "Considering" 2012 Bid, While Bachmann Gears Up
Politico: The Michele Bachmann hints keep coming
Politico: Bachmann shopping book

NYT: Paging Rick Perry: How a Southerner Could Sweep to the G.O.P. Nomination
Star-Telegram: Perry for president? He says no, but Rush Limbaugh says don't rule it out
Rush Limbaugh: Rick Perry Scares the Heck Out of the Washington Establishment

John Fund: GOP Search Continues
Weekly Standard: What's Missing from the GOP Field?
NatlJ: The GOP’s Turnout Problem
Wash Times: Barbour calls on colleagues to raise own 2012 funds

Roll Call: Democrats Scale Back 2012 Map
WSJ: Obama's Digital-Age Advantage
Rush Limbaugh: Axelrod: We Need More Time
Rush Limbaugh: Donna Brazile Floats Voter Fraud
Wash Times: Birth papers hit book sales
NYDN: Obama's 2012 reelection campaign hawks 'born in the USA,' birth certificate T-shirts
James Taranto: How Not to Write Satire

Roll Call: DSCC, War Room Partner for 2012
LA Times: In local races, Democrats see a changing tide

WSJ: Stephen Colbert's Free Speech Problem


Politico: Jon Huntsman's hype faces New Hampshire test
NatlJ: A Stranger in N.H., Huntsman Hits the Campaign Trail


Politico: Nikki Haley muscles up for 2012


Hill: NY special heads into frenzied final days
NRO: Buffalo Swing: Medicare proxy war and tea-party squabbles
Buffalo News: Route to House just might lead through Greece
Rochester D&C: Jane Corwin, Kathy Hochul clash over Social Security, Medicare
Politico: Corwin calls in Allen West
Roll Call: Rep. West Records Robocall for Corwin
Hill: Rep. West says Corwin backed by Tea Party in NY-26
Atlantic: Hill Staffers Head to Medicare Proxy War in New York
Slate: NY-26: Hochul vs. Corwin
Stuart Rothenberg: Republicans Face No-Win Situation in New York

NYDN: Rep. Peter King tells supporters L.I. Republicans want him to run for president
WaPo: King for president? Hometown GOP leader suggests NY Rep. make 2012 WH run

Albany TU: Tax cap talks alive
WSJ: 'Millionaire's tax' resurfaces in NY Assembly

Albany TU: Court layoffs largely spare Capital Region

NYT: New York Voters Pass 93% of School Budgets in State


LA Times: Candidates in runoff to fill Jane Harman's seat won't be known before Friday

LA Times: UC tuition might jump 32% if tax proposal fails, official says

Rush Limbaugh: TIME Excuses Modern Day Men of Power Who Spread Seed Around
LA Times: Arnold Schwarzenegger was unfaithful to Californians
Chicago Trib: Schwarzenegger's son with housekeeper born days after Shriver gave birth

WSJ: Circumcision Ban to Appear on San Francisco Ballot


Star-Telegram: Special session for congressional redistricting appears more likely


Buzz: Gov. Scott says he's still reviewing elections bill
SPT: Governor, veto this awful voting bill


AJC: If a politician goes broke, who gets the campaign cash?


WSJ: Oystermen Scrape Bottom


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich prosecution prepares to wrap up case


AP/Lohn: Minnesota Legislature, Dayton head toward total gridlock on budget


Examiner: Tommy Thompson and the Obamacare-industrial complex
Roll Call: Club for Growth Cool to Thompson Candidacy
NatlJ: Can The Most Liberal Congresswoman Win A Senate Seat?

Milwaukee JS: Walker wants changes to unemployment benefits


Columbus Dispatch: Obama's approval rating holds steady in Ohio

Roll Call: Kucinich Is Spending Weekend in Seattle Area


Detroit News: GOP struggles to find Senate challenger for Stabenow


Roll Call: Between the Lines: Where’s Russ Running in Missouri? He’s Everywhere


Lexington HL: Western Kentucky will be key battleground in race for governor
Louisville CJ: David Williams promises aggressive campaign for Kentucky governor


Human Events: Bob McDonnell Puts David Axelrod in His Place


Politico: Chris Christie approval sags back home in New Jersey
NY Post: NJ Gov. Christie's popularity takes a hit in new polls


Boston Globe: Key witness paints DiMasi as cash-driven conspirator


Roll Call: Poll Shows Cantwell on Right Track


May 18, 2011


Wash Times: Republicans block oil tax break repeal
NYT: Senate Refuses to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil
Fox: Senate Dems Lose Vote on Repeal of Tax Breaks for Oil Companies Amid Pain at Pump
Hill: Vote to hike taxes on oil fails in Senate 52-48; Dems vow to revive it
Hill: Reid 'confident' debt agreement will include repeal of oil tax break
Politico: The gas price blame game
Human Events: Plentiful Fuel

Fox: Hiring Rates Still Stalled at Recession Levels

Dick Morris: A winning GOP debt gambit

WaPo: ‘Gang of Six’ on verge of collapse as Republican Sen. Coburn withdraws
LA Times: GOP senator drops out of deficit negotiations
WaPo: Sen. Tom Coburn leaves ‘Gang of Six’
National Journal: Coburn: Gang of Six Appears Doomed
NYT: Senate Group on Debt Loses a Key Republican
WSJ: Budget Talks by 'Gang' Falter
Weekly Standard: Gang of Six Gone Bust?

Hill: Dem plan for millionaire surtax intended to soften GOP

WSJ: Amtrak Chugs Deeper Into the Red

Wash Times: Postal Service pleads for help to stay afloat, make payroll

WaPo: Limits on performance award funds being considered to help trim budget

Hill: Reid files cloture on Ninth Circuit judicial nominee Liu

Daily Caller: Harkin's political pressure tainted error-ridden GAO report on for-profit colleges

Wash Times: Senator questions benefits to ‘adult baby’ - Coburn sees possible fraud

WSJ: The Hidden State Financial Crisis
NYT: For States, a Glimmer of Hope on Deficits

WSJ: The Incentive to Save Act (via Google)

Michelle Malkin: Why is one-fifth of all Obamacare waiver recipients in Pelosi’s district?

WaPo: CIA flew stealth drones into Pakistan to monitor bin Laden house

Bruce Ackerman: Death of the War Powers Act?

Wash Times: 2012 GOP guide to the climate debate

WSJ: America's Other Most Wanted: An animal rights extremist makes FBI list (via Google)

Newt Gingrich: I Signed the Pledge To Repeal Obamacare, Have You?
American Spectator: Newt's Economic Recovery Plan
National Journal: Gingrich Apology Caps Tough First Week as Candidate
Fox: Gingrich Apologizes to Paul Ryan for 'Right-Wing Social Engineering' Criticism
Rush Limbaugh: A Theory on What Newt's Doing
WaPo: Gingrich’s bumpy start deepens doubts about his presidential candidacy
Politico: Newt Gingrich campaign fights for its life
Dana Milbank: Gingrich gives voice to moderation
Chris Cillizza: Newt Gingrich: A man out of time?
Human Events: Confessions of a Right-Wing Social Engineer
Human Events: Newt Gingrich and the Imposition Of Liberty
Daily Caller: Gingrich owed over $250,000 to jewelry company
AJC: Gingrich hit with glitter at Minneapolis event

NatJ: A Perry Shot At Romney?
Wash Times: Perry performance fuels talk of 2012 draft

AP: Romney has it all - except GOP stalwart support
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Guy: Where's the Love, Rush?
Ruth Marcus: Romney, you can’t govern by bullet point
DC: Cindy Crawford supports Romney

Hill: Palin might not get Huck's backers

Examiner: Gingrich and Romney run against their own party

NYT: Christie Says No to 2012 Bid, but G.O.P. Keeps Calling

Politico: GOP elite see Mitch Daniels as 2012 savior
James Taranto: Daniels vs. Daniels
Chris Cillizza: How Mitch Daniels is winning by waiting
National Journal: Daniels 'Not Going To Take Much Longer' To Decide On WH Bid
American Spectator: Smearing Mitch

DC: Michele Bachmann poised to make announcement on campaign end of May

NYT: Santorum Says McCain ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Enhanced Interrogation
Andrew McCarthy: Maverick Malice: McCain gives a dishonest account of interrogations

DC: Cain surges to the top in latest TheDC/ConservativeHome Tracking Poll

Politico: Willie Nelson endorses Gary Johnson

John Fund: Donald Ducks 2012 Bid
Hill: Obama sent a message to Trump
Human Events: GOP State Leaders 'Relieved' as Trump Drops President Bid

WSJ: As Field Thins, Search Goes On
Jonah Goldberg: A Sharper GOP Field

Roll Call: New PAC May Test Finance Rules

Politico: RNC weighs outsourcing list to new group

WSJ: The IRS Gets Political

National Journal: Obama Expects Modest Fundraising Quarter
Rush Limbaugh: Official Obama Criticizer Branded "Inappropriate" by Michael Steele
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Admit: Obama is Beatable

American Thinker: Corsi Book An Important One


DC: Pat Buchanan betting on a Romney-Bachmann finish in Iowa Caucuses
DMR: New Iowa Caucuses website

DMR: Standoffs in Iowa Legislature put tally of bills at 22-year low point


Daily Caller: Gov. Nikki Haley hammers Gingrich over Medicare remarks


Roll Call: Focus Turns to GOTV in New York
Buffalo News: GOP tries to make Pelosi key issue in House race
Rochester D&C: 26th District rivals discuss issues at forum
Buffalo News: Corwin TV ad accused of making bogus claims
WSJ: Outside Cash Flows to New York Race
Roll Call: House Majority PAC Buys TV Ads in N.Y. 26 Special Election
WaPo: NY 26: Republicans in retreat from Medicare cuts

Buffalo News: Skelos open to changing limit on tax increase
NYT: Assembly Leader Seeks to Keep Millionaires’ Tax
Albany TU: Abbate: Another tier? So soon?

NYT: Bloomberg Lobbies G.O.P. Senators on Gay Marriage
Albany TU: GOP donors wield clout for gay rites


TMZ: Arnold's Love Child -- Spitting Image (with photo)
RadarOnline: Mother Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child Revealed
NYDN: Mildred 'Patty' Baena, 50, identified as mother of Schwarzenegger's love child: reports
NY Post: 'Sperminator' won't be back
NYT: Schwarzenegger Whispers Become an Admission
WSJ: Schwarzenegger Had a Child With Former Household Staffer
WaPo: Schwarzenegger’s love child: How did he keep the secret so long?
LA Times: Arnold Schwarzenegger's plans terminated? Not likely
SacBee: Schwarzenegger's secret child crushes his political future, say analysts

San Diego UT: Brown’s new tax plan still a tough sell for Republicans
Reuters: Spending cap new issue in California budget politics
LA Times: California's revenue surge might stymie efforts to stabilize finances

WSJ: California's Next Train Wreck (via Google)

Politico: GOP on track for CA-36 upset?
Hill: GOPer takes surprise second in California special; heads to runoff
LA Times: Janice Hahn, Craig Huey appear headed for Congress seat runoff
Roll Call: Janice Hahn Advances to Runoff in California
C&E: Many Vie to Replace Harman in Congress


WSJ: Fires Have Texas Pouring Cold Water on Residents' Fun

Star-Telegram: $1.2 billion in additional revenue available for Texas budget


Roll Call: Florida GOP Seeks Leadership as Scott Settles In
Miami Herald: Scott threatens veto of college construction projects

SPT: JQC brings charges against 'Taj Mahal' Judge Paul M. Hawkes


AJC: Nathan Deal vetoes effort to revive ban on anonymous campaign speech


Politico: Illinois Dems eye at least 3 pick-ups

Chicago ST: Testimony: Rod Blagojevich, aide schemed to get racetrack owner’s donation


Star Tribune: Budget battle impedes Vikings stadium


WaPo: Rep. Paul Ryan rules out Senate bid
NYT: Paul Ryan Opts Out of Wisconsin Senate Run
Wash Times: Pass by Ryan still leaves Democrats in tough spot
Milwaukee JS: Ryan won't run, but Thompson may be in
Politico: Can anyone top Tommy Thompson?
Roll Call: Businessman Tim Sullivan Mulling Wisconsin Senate Bid
Hill: Rep. Ryan passes on Senate bid and starts primary battle
Milwaukee JS: Looking back at an unstoppable election force named Herb Kohl

Milwaukee JS: Senate vote on photo ID bill delayed until Thursday

LA Times: Anti-union law puts Milwaukee teachers union in spotlight


Columbus Dispatch: House speaker calls for updating Ohio Constitution


Roll Call: Todd Akin Announces Missouri Senate Bid
WaPo: Todd Akin running for Senate

Hill: Sen. McCaskill fires back at Feingold


Politico: David Williams to face Beshear for governor in Kentucky
Lexington HL: John Kemper wins Republican nomination for state auditor


Wash Times: Johnson pleads guilty to public corruption charges


C&E: Maryland Influencers Web Links


Boston Globe: Senate plan gives more to unions


Fox: Fiesta Bowl Wants Campaign Cash Back From McCain, Kyl


Hill: Susana Martinez the GOP's Mexican Connection


May 17, 2011


Wash Times: Federal government hits $14T debt limit
Fox: Treasury Tapping Federal Retirement Accounts to Stave Off Default
NYT: As the Federal Government Hits Its Debt Limit, Lawmakers Spar Over Solution
WSJ: U.S. Acts to Keep From Going Over Debt Ceiling (via Google)

WSJ: Medicare Revamp Exposes Divisions Within the GOP
WaPo: Ryan defends Medicare overhaul, argues that GOP plan would grow economy
Milwaukee JS: In Chicago, Ryan defends Medicare remake, GOP budget plans
Fox: Paul Ryan Fires Back at Gingrich Over 'Right-Wing Social Engineering' Criticism
WSJ: Gingrich to House GOP: Drop Dead
NYT: Gingrich Seeks to Clarify Comments on Individual Mandate
Hill: Gingrich knocked by right on healthcare
Wash Times: Gingrich’s spending call irritates his base
Politico: House GOP fires back at Newt Gingrich
Daily Caller: Hume: Gingrich a ‘provocative thinker, but a promiscuous talker’
Daily Caller: Paul Ryan swipes back at Newt Gingrich over budget plan
Daily Caller: Mentioning ‘food stamps’ the new racism, says Chris Matthews
Daily Caller: Krauthammer on Gingrich’s presidential aspirations: ‘Now it’s over’
Politico: Newt Gingrich's rough roll-out
Rush Limbaugh: Newt Gingrich Seeks a Niche
IBD: Editorial: Editorial: Gingrich On Wrong Side In Medicare Debate

NRO: Ryan vs. Toomey: GOP chooses sides on whether Medicare reform is politically feasible

WaPo: Pelosi: Medicare is on the table in debt-limit talks
Politico: Nancy Pelosi to John Boehner: You need me
Politico: Who’s in the John Boehner’s circle of trust
Hill: Without Dem help, GOP must pass spending bills on its own

Hill: Bank fight tests Reid’s allegiances

Hill: Senate to vote on oil tax bill Tuesday
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Sinks in Polls, Flip-Flops on Oil in Attempt to Drill His Way Out

Hill: Business groups to Obama: Drop order on contractor disclosure

Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Fighting Off Power Grabs

NYT: Editorial: House Republicans propose a dangerously expansive new definition of war

Rasmussen: 2012 GOP Presidential Primary: Romney 27% Christie 26%

WSJ: Romney Hits Jackpot in Las Vegas
Politico: Mitt Romney’s money machine cranks up
Hill: Romney: I won't cut defense budget

WaPo: Pawlenty has the edge on Republican populism

Rush Limbaugh: Ruling Class Attacks Bachmann

Hill: Democrats hope to kill a Huntsman White House bid with kindness
WSJ: Huntsman Won’t Self-Fund 2012 Bid
Fox: Huckabee’s South Carolina Chairman backs Huntsman

WaPo: Messy marital histories pose challenge for Gingrich, Daniels and their wives

WSJ: Trump Won't Seek White House
NYT: Trump Bows Out, but Spotlight Barely Dims
Wash Times: No-Trump — The Donald won’t run in 2012
Fox: Trump Declines to Run for President, Cites 'Passion' for Business

WSJ: Huckabee demurs, who benefits from his absence?
Byron York: With Huckabee out, voters look for a likable candidate

WSJ: Obama's $250,000 Question: His agenda requires him to break his tax pledge
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Porkulus: A Slush Fund and Money Laundering Operation
Rush Limbaugh: Press Learns Obama is Vulnerable
National Journal: Obama's Post-Bin Laden Bounce Disappears In Gallup Poll
NYT: Obama Is a Millionaire, Records Show


Politico: Terry Branstad: Time to get Iowa campaign started
WaPo: Gingrich, fresh off declaring presidential candidacy, begins swing through Iowa
Des Moines Register: Sparring over Iowa's political relevance


NYT: Hoping Third Party Is Charm, Industrialist Jolts House Race
LA Times: Republicans play Pelosi card in New York special election
Buffalo News: Schumer joins Hochul in campaign for House
Batavian: Hochul campaign says Corwin distorting position on Medicare and Social Security
C&E: Interests Pump Cash into New York's Surprisingly Competitive Special Election
Rochester D&C: Candidates in 26th District differ on more than Medicare
WNYMedia: Where’s Mallia dot com

Albany TU: An austere pension tier?
NY Post: Gov's $93B retirement plan

NYDN: Skelos releases ethics disclosure statement, and wants Cuomo to do the same

NYT: New York Names New State Education Commissioner

NYT: Group Spent Nearly $5 Million Backing Cuomo Budget
Buffalo News: Cuomo's efforts to push laws called 'irrelevant'

NYDN: Prosecutors won't seek to jail Alan Hevesi pal Ray Harding


LA Times: Schwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff
NYT: Schwarzenegger Reveals He Had Child With Staffer
WaP: Schwarzenegger acknowledges fathering child with longtime member of household staff
Politico: Arnold Schwarzenegger had child with employee
NYDN: Schwarzenegger, Shriver split over baby he fathered with member of household staff

LA Times: Brown releases revised budget plan with $6.6-billion windfall
NYT: Revenue Helps Halve California’s Deficit, Brown Says
WSJ: Brown Trims Tax Hike
Dan Walters: Brown's new tax pitch aims at debt

LA Times: Election to fill Jane Harman's post is Tuesday
Roll Call: Hahn, Bowen Expected to Move On in California Special Election


NYT: Texas: State Poised to Require Photo ID From Voters
Star-Telegram: Tea Party gets mixed results in local elections in North Texas


Hill: Player of the Week: Tom Coburn


Miami Herald: FEC clears complaint against Rep. Rivera
SPT: George LeMieux sends mixed messages on spending, earmarks
Fox: Hospital Firm Florida Gov. Scott Once Led Sues State Over Tax Dispute


WSJ: Georgia Supreme Court Overturns Charter-Schools Law
NYT: In Georgia, Court Ruling Could Close Some Charter Schools


WSJ: Emanuel Takes Reins as Chicago Mayor
NYT: A Washington Flavor as Chicago Swears in a Mayor


Weekly Standard: In Indiana, Mitch Daniels Appointee Rejects Common Law Right
Rush Limbaugh: Indiana Supreme Court Overturns Right Dating Back to Magna Carta


Roll Call: Retired Navy Pilot to Challenge Klobuchar

Star Tribune: Dayton offers deal on budget


National Journal: Berg Enters N.D. Senate Race
Roll Call: House Freshman Berg Will Run for Senate in North Dakota


Fox: Report: Rep. Ryan Unlikely to Run for Kohl’s Senate Seat
Politico: In Wisconsin, all eyes are on Paul Ryan
Hill: Senate bid would be colossal risk for fast-rising Paul Ryan
Roll Call: Ex-Rep. Kagen May Seek Open Senate Seat


Columbus Dispatch: Tax hike? Casinos, Kasich at odds
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich, Strickland camps quarrel over $418,243 in bills left behind


Human Events: Gov. Rick Snyder: 'There's Lots of Opportunity Here'


Roll Call: As Akin Gets In, GOP Worries About Missouri Field
Roll Call: Rick Wilson Joins Steelman Campaign in Missouri


Politico: What Rand Paul could teach Ron Paul


Human Events: Virginia Gov Lopped Off a Quarter of Public Broadcasting's Funds


Human Events: Gov. Tom Corbett: 'We Can Grow Our Way Out of Hard Days'


NYT: Out of Politics and Closet, McGreevey Pursues Dream to Join Clergy


Boston Globe: Stance lands Brown in Medicare debate
Roll Call: Pundit Joins Mass. Democratic Senate Primary Crowd


Denver Post: Denver mayoral candidates line up support in education


Roll Call: Reichert Floats 2016 Run Against Murray in Washington


Roll Call: Lingle Pushes Senate Decision to Summer


May 16, 2011


WSJ: As Debt Limit Reached, Agreement Still Far Off
WaPo: Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government
National Journal: With Government Set to Hit Debt Limit, Tensions Rise First in Washington
Wash Times: Boehner ready for debt-limit deal
Hill: Conservatives' bill aims for strict spending limit of 18 percent of GDP
WSJ: Sen. Kyl Suggests He's Open to Revenue Increases
NYT: Idea Rebounds: Automatic Cuts to Curb Deficits
WaPo: U.S. should sell assets like gold to get out of debt, conservative economists say
WSJ: Why the Job Market Feels So Dismal
NYT: Editorial: Going Back on the Deal
Paul Krugman: America Held Hostage

Reuters: Top US Republican rejects higher taxes on oil firms
NRO: End Big Oil Subsidies?
Wash Times: Lawmakers push for electric cars while driving gas-guzzlers
WaPo: Warming Arctic opens way to competition for resources

NYT: Nursing Homes Seek Exemptions From Health Law

WaPo: Speculators score, District loses in affordable-housing deal

WaPo: Last-minute agreement boosts chances for passage of Intelligence Authorization Bill
Human Events: Republicans and Democrats Join to Fund Spies

Wash Times: GOP fundraising tactic avoids cash limits
NYT: Editorial: The Rush to Secret Money

Examiner: To Mitt Romney, big government is good for business
Hugh Hewitt: Critics missed brilliance of Romney's day-one Obamacare promise
American Spectator: The Federalism Dodge
About: Romney vs. Pawlenty?

NY Post: Huck: Vote for Trump
WSJ: Huckabee Declines to Endorse Any in GOP Field
USA Today: Huckabee leaves wide-open GOP presidential field
Ross Douthat: A Requiem for Huckabee
WaPo: The outs and ins of Mike Huckabee’s no-go decision
National Journal: Huckabee's Pop-Culture Plunge

WSJ: Gingrich Blasts House GOP's Medicare Plan
NYT: Gingrich Calls G.O.P.’s Medicare Plan Too Radical
LA Times: Newt Gingrich slams Paul Ryan's plan to overhaul Medicare
NRO: Team Ryan Responds to Newt
WS: Newt Spokesman: 'There Is Little Daylight Between Ryan & Gingrich' on Medicare Reform
Wash Times: Democrats demagogue Medicare
Hill: GOP’s big Medicare gamble
CNN: Gingrich says voters should judge his ability to lead now
AJC: Gingrich dismisses idea of No. 2 spot on ticket
Roll Call: Gingrich Loyalists on K Street Begin Lining Up
American Spectator: Sunday's Disqualifiers

Daily Caller: Paul Modestly Pitches His Presidential Qualifications
Joe Curl: Ron Paul's ideas will win ‘12 GOP nomination

EJ Dionne: Lincoln would weep at the GOP’s 2012 field
M. Lupica: Huckabee out, Gingrich in as rest of GOP pretenders try to find way out of dugout

Politico: President Obama polls well amid bad omens

Politico: Battle for control of RNC data to be decided tomorrow

WaPo: FreedomWorks’ Dick Armey helps tea party shift and stay relevant

NYT: How Drudge Has Stayed on Top


ABC: Nikki Haley Says Health Care Will Remain Issue For Romney
Roll Call: Haley Rules Out Vice Presidential Bid
Politico: Haley: Talk of Daniels' wife 'ridiculous'


Las Vegas RJ: Sandoval vetoes Democrats' redistricting plan
Las Vegas Sun: Taxes are not off the table this legislative session
Las Vegas Sun: Senator’s web snared Nevada’s elite pols


WaPo: N.Y. race is referendum on GOP Medicare plan
NY Post: For Congress: Jane Corwin
Rochester D&C: Hochul is best for sprawling 26th Congressional District
Batav: Spokesman claims Corwin staffer was yelling 'Coward' at Davis after veteran's event
Daily News: Corwin chief of staff allegedly shouts 'coward' at Davis event
Hill: Corwin aide stirs up controversy in NY special election
Bob McCarthy: All eyes are on WNY race

NYT: Cuts Could Stall Sluggish Courts at Every Turn

NYDN: State Senate Dems facing significant GOP-imposed cutbacks - again
NYDN: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Gov. Cuomo: Less talk, more action
NYT: Editorial: Governor Cuomo’s List

NYT: Many Eyes on a Fight in Nassau County Over a G.OP. Proposal for Redistricting


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown not giving up on tax hikes to help California budget
George Skelton: Good GOP bills held hostage in budget stalemate
SacBee: Dems believe 2/3's margin in California Legislature is within reach

Politico: Class divide in war for Jane Harman's seat


Human Events: Gov. Rick Perry's Business-Friendly Texas Thriving


Miami Herald: Florida Democrats divided on redistricting, black representation
PNJ: Scott predicts political brawl in '12

SPT: Jeb Bush's education reform ideas draw national attention


AJC: Herman Cain’s reception in Macon at GOP convention


Chicago Tribune: Emanuel's planned spending freeze just a first step


Fox: Indiana High Court Rules People Cannot Resist Illegal Entry by Police Into Homes

Ball State DN: Pence announces bid for governor, won't observe 'truce'


AP/Bakst: Ex-state GOP Rep. Severson to challenge Dem US Sen. Klobuchar in 2012

AP/Bakst: Rep. Bachmann: Always rising, never compromising
Daily Caller: Michele Bachmann’s record: Earmarks, farm subsidies and pardons?

Star Tribune: State GOP chief quits outside positions


WaPo: Paul Ryan: Expect Senate-run announcement this week
LA Times: GOP's Paul Ryan considering Wisconsin Senate bid
WSJ: Rep. Ryan Weighs Run for Senate (via Google)
Jennifer Rubin: Who will follow Herb Kohl?
Roll Call: Kohl Exit Makes Map Tougher


Salena Zito: As go jobs, so goes Ohio
Human Events: ‘We’re Open for Business Now’--Ohio Gov. John Kasich


Detroit News: McCotter won't run for Senate


Hill: Rep. Hartzler sees God’s plan in politics


Fox: Obama Flies to Tennessee to View Flood Damage


Wash Times: Decision on killer now haunts Kaine


Daily Mail: Gubernatorial candidates prepare for showdown


Pittsburgh TR: Republican lawmakers moving slowly on their stated priorities


NYT: Commuters Feel Pinch as Christie Tightens
North Jersey: Christie picks generous GOP donor for sports authority


NYT: Rhode Island’s Medicaid Experiment Becomes a Talking Point for Budget Cutters


Burlington: Montpelier 2011: Vermont's single-party rule


Hill: Arizona Dem: Having Giffords on the ballot more helpful than Obama


May 15, 2011


Fox: With Gas Prices Soaring, Obama Looks to Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production
NYT: Obama Shifts to Speed Oil and Gas Drilling in U.S.
WaPo: Obama seeks to promote more oil drilling in Alaska, offshore
AP/Superville: Obama announces steps to speed U.S. oil production
NYT: Editorial: A Big Whine From Big Oil

WaPo: Federal worker pensions emerge as target in debt-reduction talks
National Journal: Geithner Predicts Double-Dip if Congress Fails to Lift Debt Ceiling
WaPo: Dire warnings on debt limit hark back to Reagan
AP: Social Security changes off table

NYT: How $250,000 a year become the dividing line between the haves and have-nots

WaPo: A trail of stalled or abandoned HUD projects
WaPo: Million-Dollar Wasteland: How HUD has mismanaged America's affordable housing
LA Times: Are we facing the end of the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage?

WSJ: Farmland Values Rise 20%

Fox: Gov. Brewer to Obama: Stop the Jokes, Secure the Border
Michael Barone: Obama's hypocritical rhetoric on immigration reform
Linda Chavez: Singing praises to the English-for-immigrants choir leader

Hill: Rand Paul is second Tea Party senator to miss coveted committee slot

Hill: Boehner describes tumultuous House tenure to graduates

Fox: Huckabee Opts Against 2012 White House Bid
Wash Times: Mike Huckabee: I will not seek a presidential nomination
WSJ: Huckabee Won’t Run for President
WaPo: Mike Huckabee won’t run for president in 2012
Roll Call: Huckabee: 'My Heart Says No'
Hill: Huckabee will not run for the 2012 Republican nomination
Daily Caller: Huckabee will not run in 2012
NYT: After Hinting Otherwise, Huckabee Says He Won’t Run for President
National Journal: Huckabee's Opponents See Opportunity, Offer Praise
Politico: Mike Huckabee casts big shadow over early primary states in 2012 elections

Kathleen Parker: Mitt Romney’s preemptive strike
Wash Times: OpEd: Romney right on state-level health reform focus
Examiner: Editorial: Memo to Romney: Stop defending the indefensible

NYT: Marital Matters and the 2012 Election (Newt Gingrich)
Boston Globe: Gingrich companies owed taxes in 4 states
Will Durst: Run, Newt, Run!

Roll Call: Ron Paul’s Quest: Lone Member Makes ’12 Bid

Debra Saunders: Sarah Palin's Birther Baptism by Fire

Arizona Republic: Big Republican names hindered by negative poll results

NYT: Republicans Optimistic About Retaking Senate

Boston Globe: Bank overhaul battle pays off for Republicans
NYT: News Corp. Will Disclose Its Political Donations
NYT: Editorial: The Secrecy Tax

AP: Redistricting delays 2012 House races

Hill: Sunday show preview: A 2012 candidate review and talk about money matters
National Journal: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Des Moines Register: Huckabee’s out: Who benefits?


George Will: The Dreamliner nightmare


Buffalo News: Editorial endorsement: Hochul for Congress
Buffalo News: Davis faces questions on disposition for Congress
Batavian: Hochul campaign hits Corwin on fundraising letter from Paul Ryan
Roll Call: Redistricting Shades N.Y. Race
Buffalo News: Republicans join attack on Corwin aide
National Journal: Tracker Tape Controversy Continues In NY-26
Buffalo News: Hochul leading in donor support
Daily News: Corwin: ‘Let the private sector perform’
Buffalo News: Corwin and Hochul will debate in Rochester
CBS: NY House race spotlights national spending issues


Mercury News: Bleak House: The budget and ordinary Californians
SacBee: Budget forecasts based on guesstimates
LA Times: California makes huge payouts for some workers' unused time off


Star-Telegram: Maintaining civility a growing challenge in Texas House

Dallas MN: Rawlings, Kunkle headed for runoff in Dallas mayoral race
Star-Telegram: Now the real fight starts in Fort Worth mayor's race
Austin AS: Tovo leads Shade as they head to runoff for Austin council seat
Houston Chronicle: No more free parking on Seawall


Tallahassee: Florida GOP gathering marks the start of 2012 campaign

Miami Herald: Feds indict Miami imam, family members on charges of supporting Taliban
NYT: Florida Men Accused of Supporting Pakistani Taliban


AJC: After shower of boos, Nathan Deal loses fight to pick GOP chairman
WSB: Newt Gingrich Speaks Before Georgia GOP


WSJ: Louisiana Floodgate Opens, Diverts Mississippi
WaPo: Engineers begin flooding to spare La. cities from Mississippi River


Chicago ST: Rahm Emanuel’s inauguration kicks off with concert, service, rain
Chicago Tribune: Mayor-elect: 'We all have a role to play'
NYT: Chicago Braces for the Unknown and a New Mayor
NBC: Daley can take $1.1 million with him

NYT: Chicago Trial May Unmask Pakistan’s Links to Militants


NYT: Running on Moderation in Immoderate Times (Sen. Richard Lugar)


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: 5 months in, Dayton has majority
National Journal: Bachmann Not Eyeing Klobuchar Challenge

Star Tribune: Seven days to find $5 billion

AP/Lohn: Minn. GOP health bill won't bank on federal action

Star Tribune: GOP chairman stepping down from board of anti-gambling group


Milwaukee JS: Kohl's retirement adds to state's political drama
Roll Call: Race Rating Change: Wisconsin Senate Moved to Tossup


Columbus Dispatch: New groups aim to rally support for Kasich plan
Toledo Blade: TV ad holds mostly true in backing Kasich budget


AP/Milburn: Legislature approves $13.8B Kansas budget


Louisville CJ: Primary to reflect on Gov. Beshear


Hill: Tomblin, Maloney win primaries in West Virginia governor's race
Politico: Tomblin, Maloney win in West Virginia
WaPo: Acting WV Gov. Tomblin, GOP businessman Bill Maloney win W.Va. special primaries
WSJ: Tomblin Wins West Virginia Democrat Gubernatorial Primary (via Google)
Wheeling NR: Poll: Maloney leads Ireland in Republican Gov. Race
WSJ: Democrat Leads Field in Race for Governor


WSJ: Connecticut Governor, Unions in Deal (via Google)


Boston Globe: Senate race already in the gutter


Arizona Republic: Poll: Giffords is top Dem pick for Senate


Denver Post: Decline in property taxes bodes ill for local governments in Colorado

Denver Post: Denver vote breakdown suggests many undecided between Hancock, Romer


AP/Gouras: Mont. gov signs main budget bill, others to follow


Fox: Oregon Moves Closer to Crackdown on 'Suicide Kits'


Fox: Alaska House Adjourns Early


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Fox: Cheney Memoir Will Be 'Straightforward', Daughter Says

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