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May 31, 2011


Hill: Debt ceiling D-day
WaPo: House sets vote on debt, to focus on budget talks with White House

Hill: House GOP not backing away from Ryan Medicare proposal
Hill: Who said that? Dems and GOP display dizzying shift on Medicare rhetoric
NYT: Medicare Plan for Payments Irks Hospitals
Michael Gerson: How the GOP could rescue Medicare reform
Byron York: Like Obama, GOP plans pivot to jobs, economy
Jed Babbin: Sessions Leads Budget Battle

AP/Zaldivar: In shift, feds target top execs for health fraud

WaPo: Study: Closing tax breaks for retirement would do little to help budget

NYT: Housing Index Is Expected to Show a New Low in Prices

Hill: Optimism wanes ahead of new unemployment numbers on Friday
NYT: Editorial: The Numbers Are Grim (Unemployment)

WaPo: Forget the budget: House, Senate can’t even agree on recess

Wash Times: Obama names Dempsey as Joint Chiefs chairman
WaPo: Obama nominates Army general Dempsey to lead Joint Chiefs of Staff

Pat Buchanan: What Must We Defend?

NYT: A Post-9/11 Registration Effort Ends, but Not Its Effects

Fox: Groups Target Thomas' Wife's Work to Force Him to Sit Out Rulings on Health Care

NYT: Justice Stevens Is Off the Bench but Not Out of Opinions

WSJ: The 2012 Republican Battle Test

Fox: Palin Stages Delicate Dance, Launching Bus Tour While Downplaying Talk of 2012
Fox: Palin Swings By National Archives As Presidential Plans Remain Mystery
NYDN: Day 2 of Sarah Palin bus tour has D.C., Virginia, Mayland stops
Politico: Sarah Palin's bus tour prompts confusion on Day 2
Politico: Sarah Palin swarmed at first bus tour stop
NYT: Palin Family Hits Road, if Not 2012 Trail
WaPo: Following Sarah Palin’s bus tour
American Thinker: Palin and the White Working Class
Eugene Robinson: The GOP’s self-destruction derby
DC: Krauthammer calls Palin tour ‘eccentric,’ doubts she’ll run in 2012

WaPo: Bachmann strongly hints during N.H. visit that she will run for president

Fox: Pawlenty Touts Medicare Proposal During Iowa Trip
Roll Call: Pawlenty Finds ‘Time and Space’ to Advance Campaign

WaPo: Just who is Herman Cain? And what does his presidential run mean for the GOP?

Daily Caller: RNC chair taking on Obama, the media and millions in debt

WSJ: Democrats Hitch a Ride on Auto-Industry Rebound
Examiner: Editorial: Dems figure they can win as 'Party of No'
Hill: Weiner: GOP's 'Young Guns' book is roadmap to Democratic victory
American Thinker: Will Obama Sink the Democrats?
Victor Davis Hanson: Reelecting Obama

Politico: May rankings: Top 10 Gov. races

American Spectator: Talk Radio Hosts Targeted in Ratings Scandal?


DMR: GOP eyes Obama campaign tactics

American Spectator: Ethanol Strategery


NYT: Governing, but Not Taking Any Questions

Politico: Anthony Weiner hires attorney in Twitter incident
Weekly Standard: Did Weiner Send Lewd Picture to a College Coed?
NY Post: Weiner cops out, hires att'y
NYDN: Weiner hires attorney to explore civil, criminal charges in lewd Twitter photo 'prank'
DC: Weiner spokesman: ‘We’ve retained counsel to explore’ possible ‘civil or criminal actions’
NYDN: Statement from Gennette Cordova, student who was sent lewd Twitter photo
NYT: Congressman, Sharp Voice on Twitter, Finds It Can Cut 2 Ways
American Spectator: Is America Ready for 'WeinerGate'?

NYT: Surprise Victory in New York Invigorates Democrats Looking to 2012
Politico: In campaigns today, 'coordinate' is a dirty word
Politico: Cantor: Medicare had 'undeniable' role in NY-26

Albany TU: SUNY leader, foundation face scrutiny


WSJ: Off the California Rails (via Google)

Fox: California Governor's Plan to Shut State Parks Foiled by Federal Funding

LA Times: Debate over judge's sexual orientation not likely to affect Prop. 8 case

Dan Walters: California cities are paying price for overspending


Star-Telegram: Texas lawmakers are called right back for special session today


Hill: Florida GOP's electoral reform sparks ire, may add hurdle for Obama in '12
SPT: 'Fair districts' for Florida is only a beginning

Miami Herald: Rubio’s backers pull him in two directions on immigration issue

Buzz: Alan Grayson eyeing redistricting for a comeback


AJC: Bernice King to step down as New Birth elder


Roll Call: Race Ratings: Primaries Are What to Watch in Louisiana


Politico: 6 GOP seats hit by new Illinois map

Chicago Tribune: House bets on gambling boom, Chicago casino
Chicago ST: Illinois House OKs casino for Chicago, slots at O’Hare, Midway


Roll Call: Lugar Rival in Indiana Wins Backing of Steve Forbes


Roll Call: Building a Race Against Ryan


Roll Call: Blackwell Leads GOP Senate Hopefuls in Ohio Poll

NRO: Senator Portman’s Jobs Agenda

Columbus Dispatch: Kasich's stops today include high school

WSJ: Republicans for Lawsuits (via Google)


WaPo: Republicans brace for tough 2012 fight against Obama in unlikely place — N.C.


Roll Call: In Virginia, Radtke Challenges Allen on Ryan Budget


NYT: Editorial: Gov. Christie Abandons a Good Idea


Boston Globe: Small-scale donations dwindling for Brown


NYT: Under an Arizona Plan, Smokers and the Obese Would Pay Medicaid Fee

Hill: For Giffords's staff extra casework, creative solutions until she returns


May 30, 2011


ABC: John McCain Says Palin Can Beat President Obama in 2012

News AU: Sarah Palin rides in Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally as bus tour kicks off
Fox: Palin Appearance at 'Rolling Thunder' Feeds Election Speculation Fury
Politico: Sarah Palin swarmed at first bus tour stop
WaPo: Palin makes ride in Rolling Thunder in D.C. her kickoff to Northeast tour
Bloomberg: Palin Harley Ride Starts Campaign-Style Tour as GOP Race Revs Up
NYT: For Palin, a Short Ride With Lots of Rumbling
Hill: Sarah Palin rolls into the spotlight
WaPo: Mixed feelings about Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder
NYT: Palin’s Path May Be Unclear, but Her Ride Is Revved Up
Telegraph UK: The Sarah Palin mystique explained
Swampland: Palin Plays Hard to Get
NatJ: The GOP’s Rolling Thunder Revue
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrats Fear Sarah Palin
Wash Times: Bikers journey for a day of Thunder

Detroit FP: Mitt Romney looks like the one to beat in GOP race
Boston Globe: Romney and health care: In the thick of history

Star Tribune: Pawlenty: Don't raise the debt ceiling
Hill: Pawlenty: Drastic change is needed
Human Events: Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain: Two GOP Truth Tellers
DC: ‘Herman Cain Train’ singer ’stoked’ for ‘bad ass’ Cain to run

Daily Caller: RNC chairman says donors aren’t worried about 2012 GOP field
Gary Bauer: A Smaller (and Better) GOP Field

Wash Times: Tea party 2012 effect stirs GOP trepidation

Human Events: Barney's Boyfriends

NYT: As Physicians’ Jobs Change, So Do Their Politics

Fox: Voter Registration Could Be Key for Obama's 2012 Re-Election Campaign

Fox: McConnell: Ryan Plan Still 'On the Table' Despite Senate Defeat
Wash Times: McConnell puts Medicare changes ‘on the table’
WaPo: McConnell: Ryan Medicare plan ‘on the table’ in budget talks with Obama, Dems
LA Times: Republicans still firmly against raising debt ceiling without big cuts
NYT: Editorial: Rep. Ryan’s Dubious Sales Pitch
Hill: Courted by Ryan, Blue Dog Dem stands by vote against GOP budget

NYT: A Crackdown on Employing Illegal Workers
Ross Douthat: Trust but E-Verify

Paul Krugman: Against Learned Helplessness
NYT: Editorial: Millions Need Not Apply

NYT: An Unclear Course on Emissions Policy
NYT: An Unlikely Power Duo Emerges in the Global Fight Against Climate Change

Wash Times: Hill fight intensifies over consumer czar

NYT: Editorial: Virginia v. Stewart: Inching Closer to States’ Rights

Rep. Ted Poe: Memorial Day 2011
Rep. Jeff Miller: Honor and Remember
Victor Davis Hanson: What We Might Remember This Memorial Day
NRO: Citizenship and Memory
American Thinker: Our Holiday
American Thinker: They Who Serve
Examiner: A salute to the military, bedrock of American democracy
NYT: OpEd: Memorial Day: Forgetting Why We Remember
NYT: Editorial: Among the Graves This Memorial Day
Weekly Standard: Take Time to Remember

Wash Times: House moves to bring home remains of ‘earliest Navy SEALs’


WaPo: Iowa Republicans worry about their relevance in the 2012 presidential election


Boston Herald: N.H. GOP energized over visits from Romney, Palin


NYDN: Rep. Anthony Weiner says crotch photo posted via his Twitter was work of hacker
NY Post: Rep. Weiner grilled over lewd pic; recipient says it was sent by 'stalker'
NYT: Congressman Says Hacker Sent Lewd Photo Using His Name
WaPo: Weiner says lewd Twitter photo was sent by hacker
DC: Weiner spokesman on #Weinergate: We’re ‘consulting’ on next steps
Joe Curl: Porn Twittergate has Rep. Weiner hacked off
Politico: A statement on a tweet

NYT: Hochul: Her Inheritance: An Eagerness to Serve


George Skelton: Capitol Journal: An on-time budget for a change?


WSJ: Texas House Votes to Cut School Spending by $4 Billion

NPR: Former Texas Gov. Clements Dead At 94


Politico: President Obama's secret weapon in Florida: Rick Scott


Chicago Tribune: Senate Republicans block $6B in Illinois borrowing

Chicago ST: Illinois House rejects overhaul of workers’ compensation system


Fox: Planned Parenthood Challenges New South Dakota Abortion Law


Wash Times: In Wisconsin, target of recall stands by stance on union bill


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio gun-sale laws easily circumvented


Fox: Obama Offers Condolences, Encouragement to Joplin Tornado Victims
Wash Times: Twister-ravaged Joplin gets promise of U.S. aid
WaPo: Obama tours ‘heartbreaking’ destruction in Mo.
WSJ: Obama Tours Joplin, Promises Sustained Federal Help
NYT: Visiting Joplin, Obama Offers Message of Comfort


May 29, 2011


NYT: Obama Expected to Name Army’s Leader to Head Joint Chiefs
Politico: Army Gen. Martin Dempsey to lead Joint Chiefs of Staff
WaPo: Gen. Cartwright, poised to lead Joint Chiefs, had his shot derailed by critics
NatJ: The Clean-Energy Military
Wash Times: Navy too politically correct for ‘old salts’
Examiner: Stolen Valor Act faces legal challenges
Human Events: Top 10 U.S. Military Actions

NYT: Obama Uses Autopen to Sign Patriot Act Extension

Fox: Obama Administration Eyeing Gun Control 'Under the Radar,' Groups Warn

NYT: Administration Opposes Challenges to Medicaid Cuts
David Limbaugh: Time for GOP To Implement Full-Frontal Budget Assault

NYT: Editorial: Passive in the Senate

NYT: An Unlikely Power Duo Emerges in the Global Fight Against Climate Change

Maureen Dowd: For Office Civility, Cherchez La Femme

Dan Balz: Romney bets his candidacy on the economy
LA Times: Many in GOP who oppose health insurance requirement used to favor it

Fox: Rolling Thunder to Keep Focus on Troops Despite Palin's Appearance
Politico: Palin had invite to bike rally
Politico: Sarah Palin’s political mystery tour
Hill: Few would place bets on whether Palin is running for president
American Thinker: Anti-Palin Books Proving to Be Commercial Flops
Fox: Palin, Giuliani, Perry Consider Jumping Into Presidential Race
NYDN: Michele Bachmann on 2012 presidential run: I'll announce my plans in Iowa
Bloomberg: Possible presidential nominees Bachmann, Palin may compete for same voters

Politico: Mary Kaye Huntsman: The unreluctant spouse

NYT: The Not-So-Simple Case for Taking Herman Cain Seriously

NYT: Republican Legislators Push to Tighten Voting Rules

Star Parker: Tea Party movement in search of a leader

NYT: Editorial: A Further Overreach on Political Money

Salena Zito: Analysis: Centuries later, Scots-Irish attract political courters

William Kristol: Harbingers of Success

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday show preview: Honoring Memorial Day, looking to Election Day


DMR: Iowans head east this week to court Christie


NYT: Letter: Governor Cuomo’s Aide Defends Proposed Tax Cap

Politico: Anthony Weiner: Hackers posted lewd photos on Twitter

Bob McCarthy: Fallout from the special election
Bob McCarthy: Collins has a lot on the line


Dan Walters: Arnold Schwarzenegger can't be blamed for California's chronic mess


Star-Telegram: State budget with $15 billion in cuts clears Legislature
NYT: In Texas, Budget Held Sway for 20 Weeks


Buzz: Elections supervisors in key counties refuse to implement new law


AJC: Nathan Deal and Kasim Reed’s wonderful Washington adventure


Chicago ST: Dems jockey over who will run in proposed congressional districts

Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich trial: When a quid pro quo crosses the line
NYT: With Scattershot Comments, Blagojevich Wagers All

Chicago Tribune: Lawmakers take holiday break with big issues left to tackle
Chicago ST: Illinois Senate approves workers compensation reform


Milwaukee JS: Walker revamping certified capital plan amid bipartisan scorn


Hill: Michigan redistricting plan targets suburban Detroit Dems

AP/Hoffman: Snyder to campaign for higher Michigan bond rating

Detroit FP: Free Press profiles controversial attorney Norman Yatooma


Hill: Edwards affair is a test case for Justice's prosecutions of political figures


Boston Globe: Governor Patrick’s day at the courthouse


Denver Post: Michael Hancock has 10-pt lead over Chris Romer in Denver mayoral race


May 28, 2011


Star Telegram: Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he will consider running for president
Austin AS: Perry says he will think about running for White House
Houston Chronicle: Perry says he'll consider White House bid after the legislative session
Wash Times: Texas Gov. Perry to ‘think about’ a 2012 White House run
Daily Caller: Texas governor says he might run for president
Hill: Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he's considering a run for the White House
Dallas MN: Perry’s consideration of presidential run reflects weakness of Republican field
Fox: Perry’s Path to GOP Nomination Could be the Clearest
WaPo: Texas Gov. Perry may weigh a bid for the GOP presidential nod
Gail Collins: The Coyote Candidate (Gov. Rick Perry)
NatJ: Perry Spokesman: "The Governor Has No Intention of Running for President"
David Freddoso: Perry's presidential talk may have more to do with Texas politics
Wikipedia: Gov. Rick Perry bio

John Fund: Romney Still Leads, but It's Early
WaPo: Romney tests waters in Iowa
LA Times: Mitt Romney finally shows up in Iowa
Fox: Romney Hedges on Support for GOP Budget Outline
DMR: The economy is ‘the sort of stuff I do,’ Mitt Romney tells Iowans
Politico: Mitt Romney's Iowa balancing act
Hill: In Iowa, Romney backs ethanol subsidies
NYDN: Romney sends leftover pizza to Obama's hometown headquarters
Wikipedia: Mitt Romney bio

NYT: Palin Releases Video Ahead of Bus Tour
Politico: Sarah Palin goes behind enemy lines
WaPo: Following Sarah Palin’s bus tour
Telegraph UK: Sarah Palin presidential speculation mounts as she announces bus tour
Human Events: Palin To Go On Bus Tour, May Add Fuel To Fire In Her Belly
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrats Fear Sarah Palin
NYDN: Sarah Palin's 'One Nation' bus tour shrouded in secrecy
Hill: Will she or won't she? Palin shakes up 2012 race without entering it
Byron York: Palin creates buzz but rivals bet she won't run
Boston Globe: As Palin hits trail, some old fans wary
Mediaite: Pro-Veteran Spokesman Is Unhappy Sarah Palin Is Stealing His (Rolling) Thunder
Rush Limbaugh: Vinny in Queens: Abandon Sarah
Chicago ST: A Sarah Palin presidential campaign would be gift from heaven above
WaPo: West Wing briefing: Why Democrats would like Palin to run
Wikipedia: Sarah Palin bio

Politico: Michele Bachmann vs. Sarah Palin: Something's got to give
Politico: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann size each other up
WaPo: Why Palin is good for Bachmann
WaPo: Palin vs. Bachmann: My money’s on Bachmann
Wikipedia: Rep. Michele Bachmann bio

NRO: Tim Pawlenty Slams Dick Morris
Wikipedia: Tim Pawlenty bio

IBD: Santorum staffs up in Iowa, N.H., announcement date set
Wikipedia: Rick Santorum bio

WSJ: Prominent Names Dip Toes in 2012 Race
Fox: Selling Them Short? 2012 GOP Candidates Work to Improve Image, Connect
NatJ: We Really Mean It This Time: The GOP Presidential Race Is Underway
Charlie Cook: The Cook Report: Room for One More
WaPo: Pence: 2012 GOP presidential field will grow
Weekly Standard: CNN Poll: More Republicans Want Ryan to Run

Wash Times: GOP presidential hopefuls shift on global warming

Kim Strassel: Chris Christie's Mixed Message
Rasmussen: In New Jersey, It’s Obama 49%, Christie 44%
Wikipedia: Gov. Chris Christie bio

SIlive: Giuliani is best of the GOP lot in national presidential poll
Politico: Rudy Giuliani leads new national poll
NYDN: Giuliani is top choice in poll of potential 2012 GOP candidates
AP/Fouhy: Giuliani to visit NH, 1st primary state
Wikipedia: Rudy Giuliani bio

Hill: Gingrich calls for ‘all out’ drilling
Wikipedia: Newt Gingrich bio

Rush Limbaugh: Be Confident: We're the Majority

WSJ: States Battle for GOP Role

NatJ: Will Hill Democrats Embrace Obama in 2012?
James Taranto: The R-Word: Rep. Jim Clyburn and the new racial taboo

WaPo: GOP freshmen get a tough lesson in politics

C&E: Republican National Committee to Outsource Voter File

Rush Limbaugh: Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz: Drive American Cars (Not Like Me)

NYT: Inside Meghan McCain’s Bachelorette Pad

NRO: Cut a Deal: The New GOP Strategy on Medicare?
Hill: McConnell: Saying Medicare is off the table is 'silly talk' and 'nonsense'
Holman Jenkins: How Medicare Was Saved (via Google)
Charles Blow: Endangered Ryan-os
Joe Nocera: Don’t Scorn Paul Ryan

American Thinker: Covering for Obama's high unemployment results

Wash Times: Coburn: $3 billion wasted by NSF

IBD: Editorial: Barney's Benefits
Michelle Malkin: Barney Frank's friends with benefits
Boston Globe: Frank recommended partner for housing agency
KNS: Book alleges Frank pressed Fannie Mae to hire companion

Politico: Liberals push Elizabeth Warren nomination
Hill: Frank bashes GOP 'thugs' over possible Warren appointment
Hill: By blocking its leader, GOP constrains consumer bureau

Wash Times: Running on empty: The drilling ban one year later

Hill: HUD chief plays long game on housing

WSJ: Gates Farewell Warning: America can be superpower or welfare state, but not both

James Q. Wilson: Hard Times, Fewer Crimes
NatJ: Why white working class is most alienated and pessimistic group in American society

Mark Steyn: Tyrannous Regulation

Star Tribune: Attorney General Holder reaches out to Somalis, hears from protesters

NYT: Justices’ Arizona Ruling on Illegal Immigration May Embolden States
WSJ: Immigrant-Law Ruling Irks Some Businesses

NYT: Judge Voids Ban on Campaign Donations by Business
WaPo: Va. judge rules against U.S. ban on direct corporate contributions to candidates

NYT: Sotomayor Got $1.175 Million for Memoir, Forms Reveal
WaPo: Sotomayor gets $1.2 million advance for memoir

NYT: Two Judges Join Secret Surveillance Court

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


DMR: Agencies ready pink slips as state budget cuts loom


Boston Herald: N.H. GOP energized over visits from Romney, Palin

Hill: Judd Gregg joins Goldman Sachs


Daily Caller: Nevada Sen. Dean Heller may be Tea Party, but won’t join Tea Party Caucus


Rush Limbaugh: Rove: Rush is Right About NY-26
C&E: Wrestling With the Implications of New York's Special Election

Albany TU: Joe Bruno backs Cuomo, same-sex marriage

NYDN: Cuomo's approval ratings at 71%; NYers say he's keeping his campaign promises

NY Post: LI pol & his judge wife split (Rep. Steve Israel)

Breitbart: Weinergate: Congressman Claims “Facebook Hacked” As Lewd Photo Hits Twitter

NYT: Editorial: Albany Needs Ethics Reform — Now


Fox: California's Smallest City Fights to Stay Alive Despite Rampant Corruption

LA Times: Online privacy bill fails to pass California Senate


NatJ: Patrick Exploring GOP Senate Run In Texas

NYT: Shale Boom in Texas Could Increase U.S. Oil Output


SPT: Gov. Rick Scott's office: We didn't kick anyone out of budget signing


AJC: Governor asks state to probe farm labor shortages

Hill: Rep. Graves questions Obama's autopen signing of Patriot Act extension


Chicago Tribune: Congressional lines drawn to edge out GOP
Chicago ST: Illinois Democrats target GOP with redrawing of congressional map
Politico: Illinois Dems eye sweeping gains with new map
Roll Call: Illinois GOP Members Charge That New Map is Unfair
Roll Call: Illinois Democrats Target GOP Freshmen With New Map
Michael Barone: Illinois's Democratic redistricting--and how Republicans may respond

Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich tells his version of what's on the tapes
Chicago ST: New defense at Blagojevich trial: Blame his dead friend
WSJ: Blagojevich Denies Tying Bill to Cash


Milwaukee JS: Review of recall petitions going slowly; July 12 election in doubt

Milwaukee JS: GOP lawmakers reduce cuts to schools by $116 million


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio experiencing drop in court cases


Detroit News: GOP draft redistricting plan targets Peters, Levin


NYT: Senate Gadfly Who Isn’t Shy About Buzzing


NYT: Edwards Has Lunch With Banking Heiress
Ruth Marcus: John Edwards: A jerk, not a felon


C&E: West Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Primary Yields Upset


NYT: A Republican Stays Connected in Democratic Massachusetts

Boston Globe: Patrick testifies former speaker asked him to deny involvement


Denver Post: Colorado Rep. Tipton apologizes to House ethics panel for improper e-mails


May 27, 2011


WSJ: Palin to Launch East Coast Tour
WaPo: Sarah Palin readies bus tour amid 2012 speculation
Wash Times: Palin bus tour seen by some as a signal
NYT: Palin to Begin Public Tour This Weekend
Weekly Standard: Palin Nationwide Bus Tour to Begin in Washington on Sunday
McClatchy: With tour lined up, Palin's looking more like a candidate
CNN: 5 reasons why Sarah Palin may be ready to shake up 'uninspired' race
NRO: Here Comes the Sarah Palin Express, Leading to . . . What?

LA Times: In president's hometown, Mitt Romney criticizes Obama's economic policies
WaPo: Mitt Romney launching campaign on June 2
NYT: A State of Uncertainty for the Romney Camp as It Looks to Iowa

Gallup: Romney, Palin Lead Reduced GOP Field for 2012

WaPo: Romney, Santorum and Bachmann all signal 2012 announcement plans
Politico: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann size each other up

Ed Rogers: Huntsman-Bachmann in 2012!
Rush Limbaugh: Who Is Governor Jon Huntsman?

MSNBC: Pawlenty says he'd sign Ryan budget into law

WaPo: ‘Comeback kid’ Newt Gingrich woos voters in New Hampshire
Hot Air: Gingrich tanks with GOP voters in new PPP poll

Rush Limbaugh: Will Christie and Palin Run?

Jonah Goldberg: Run, Paul Ryan, please run
Politico: Dick Cheney: 'I worship the ground Paul Ryan walks on'

Carl Leubsdorf: What to watch for in GOP race

Ed Gillespie: Why Catholics are right to applaud Boehner
Wash Times: Dem chief: House is ‘in play’ for 2012

NYT: Conservative Group Wins Nonprofit Status From I.R.S.

Hill: In 2012 campaigns, spoilers from the Tea Party worry GOP

James Taranto: Is Obama 'American Enough'?--II

Pat Buchanan: Democratic Dawn -- or Darkness?

Mona Charen: Republicans Better Learn to Defend Ryan Plan
Roll Call: Democrats Promise to Keep Up Medicare Attacks Through 2012
Kim Strassel: Who's Winning the Budget War?
Paul Krugman: Medicare and Mediscares
David Brooks: Medicare Survival Guide
Human Events: Truth on Medicare Will Win Out
Rush Limbaugh: Medicare Debate Presents Huge Opportunity for Gutsy Republicans
WSJ: OpEd: Mediscare: The Surprising Truth
Peggy Noonan: Word of the Decade: 'Unsustainable' (via Google)

Reuters: Republican senators say Geithner wrong on default

LA Times: House-passed defense bill would expand some presidential powers, restrict others

NYT: Senate Votes to Extend Terror-Fighting Bill
NYT: Senators Say Patriot Act Is Being Misinterpreted

NYT: White House Offers Plan to Revamp Regulation

NYT: Justices Uphold Law Penalizing Hiring of Illegal Immigrants


Jennifer Rubin: NY-26, Medicare and the 2012 election
NYDN: Democrats see Hochul's win in NY-26 as evidence they can take back House

Albany TU: Republican to run for Albany County executive

WSJ: Cuomo's Tax Cap
NY Post: Cap the debate, Andrew
NYDN: Cuomo: Property Tax Cap Is About Respect


Michael Gerson: California’s invitation for judicial activism
LA Times: No easy fix for California's prison crisis

LA Times: California lawmakers kill measure banning gifts to themselves


Bloomberg: Texas Passes Voter Photo-ID Law

Star-Telegram: Legislators miss deadline for congressional redistricting

John Fund: Texas's School-Reform Opening


Miami Herald: Rick Scott vetoes record $615m from budget
SPT: Gov. Rick Scott's budget scene scripted down to who could attend


Roll Call: Georgia GOP Looks Past DOJ to Clear New Lines


Weekly Standard: Rand Paul’s Balancing Act


Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich takes stand: ‘I’m here today to tell you the truth’
Chicago Tribune: As Blago wraps up for day, he denies one more shakedown charge
NYT: Blagojevich Chokes Up as He Defends Himself
WSJ: Disgraced Governor Testifies in Trial


Star Tribune: Dayton vetoes photo ID bill


NYT: Judge Voids Wisconsin Law Curbing Unions

Politico: The effort to sideline Tommy Thompson


Detroit News: Snyder ready to sign austere budget
Mlive: Highlights of Michigan's state government plan


NYT: Christie Pulls New Jersey From 10-State Climate Initiative
AP/Delli Santi: NJ plans to pull out of greenhouse gas initiative
Politico: Chris Christie: Global warming is 'real,' but program is ineffective


Wash Times: Supreme Court OKs Arizona’s business immigration law
AJC: Read the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding E-Verify

NYT: Neighborly Advice to the Palins: In Arizona, the Sun Burns

Roll Call: Political Clock Ticks for Giffords


May 26, 2011


WSJ: No Retreat on Medicare
NYT: Democrats Put G.O.P. on Spot as Medicare Plan Fails
WaPo: Senate Republicans stand by plan to overhaul Medicare
Karl Rove: Why the Republican Lost in NY-26

WSJ: Liu Drops Bid to Be Federal Appeals Judge

NYT: Signs Grow That Palin May Run

NYT: All That Glitters May Redefine Run by Gingrich

WaPo: Tim Pawlenty’s weak indictment of Obama

Yahoo: Rick Perry is rethinking his pledge not to run for president

Dick Morris: Who’s left on the right
Ann Coulter: Why Larry King Will Never Be President


DMR: Michele Bachmann has pull to attract Republicans


Philadelphia Inquirer: Gingrich, in N.H., tries to refocus his campaign


NYT: Angle Pulls Out of Nevada House Race


Buffalo News: Hochul savors astonishing victory
NYT: Democrat Wins G.O.P. Seat; Rebuke Seen to Medicare Plan

NYT: Editorial: Reject the Tax Cap


NYT: Blagojevich Did Not Seek Favors, Emanuel Testifies at Retrial


Detroit FP: Time to remind Gov. Rick Snyder he's a Republican


NYT: Edwards to Face Criminal Charges
WSJ: Edwards's Lawyers in Plea Talks


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Fox: Cheney Memoir Will Be 'Straightforward', Daughter Says

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