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May 14, 2011


Wash Times: Obama allows for more U.S. energy production
LA Times: Obama to open Alaska petroleum reserve to new drilling
Hill: Under pressure on gas prices, Obama shifts on domestic drilling
NYT: Obama Shifts to Speed Oil and Gas Drilling in U.S.
Hill: Bingaman: Dems’ bid to strip oil tax breaks will fall short next week
Hill: Menendez: Dems will ‘insist’ on oil tax-break repeal in debt fight
Hill: Cheers, jeers for Obama’s drilling push

Ras: 51% Blame Extreme Weather on Long-Term Planetary Trends, 19% Human Activity

WSJ: What If the U.S. Treasury Defaults?
Wash Times: Social Security deficits now ‘permanent’
WSJ: The Coming Postal Bailout
Daily Caller: Report details financial difficulties of Social Security, Medicare
Rush Limbaugh: Times Change: Budget is Hot News
Weekly Standard: Fight to the Debt

WaPo: Tax debate causes rifts among Democrats

NYT: Slow Recovery Worsens Financial State of Medicare
WaPo: Medicare funds will be depleted in 13 years, report says

WSJ: Using a Dictionary to Define Inflation Can Spell Trouble (via Google)

NYT: Health Insurers Making Record Profits as Many Postpone Care
Rush Limbaugh: Rand Paul's Interesting Point

Hill: GOP preps second round of bills to remake Fannie, Freddie

James Taranto: Corporate Turkeys: The birdbrained phony populism of the NY Times Co.

ABC: George W. Bush Gives First Public Reaction to Osama Bin Laden Death
Politico: Bush 'not overjoyed' by Osama bin Laden death
Fox: Bin Laden's Last Audio Tape Recovered From Compound
Denver Post: Computer files taken from bin Laden compound filled with porn videos

Fox: With War Powers Act Deadline Looming, Libya Stalemate Continues

Fox: Obama Accepts Resignation of U.S. Mideast Envoy
NYT: Amid Impasse in Peace Negotiations, America’s Chief Middle East Envoy Resigns

WSJ: Huckabee's Aides Say He Won't Run
NRO: Former Huck Adviser: ‘Sense Around Little Rock’ That He Won’t Run
NYT: Huckabee to Announce Decision on Presidential Run Saturday
WaPo: Mike Huckabee’s ‘very important announcement’
WSJ: Does the Huck Stop Here?
Politico: Mike Huckabee will show his hand on Saturday

NYT: Romney’s Rhetoric on Health Care Echoes Obama
Boston Globe: Patrick says Romney plays both sides on health care
Rush Limbaugh: A Mitt Romney See, I Told You So
Mark Steyn: Romney’s Fix

Wash Times: Tea party godfather Ron Paul running for president
Politico: Ron Paul: 'The time is right' for presidential run
Hill: Paul says he would have opposed 1964 Civil Rights Act
DMR: Ron Paul is in; support seen as 'inch wide, mile deep'

AJC: Newt Gingrich takes aim at the tea-party crowd
Politico: In campaign debut, professor Newt Gingrich makes his case

Wash Times: The GOP’s new godfather: Herman Cain’s star rises
Politico: For many Georgia Republicans, Newt Gingrich's no Herman Cain

LA Times: Will Mitch Daniels run? He's still thinking
John Fund: The Daniels Tease
NYDN: Cheri Daniels makes splash at GOP dinner, but pundits still wondering if Mitch will run
Rush Limbaugh: Is Mrs. Daniels Ready to Run? Because the Left is Ready for Mitch
Rush Limbaugh: Theories on Mitch and The Maha
Weekly Standard: Mitch Daniels: Hypothetically, I'd Like Condi Rice as My VP

Boston Globe: Huntsman seeks to break into GOP pack

DMR: Tim Pawlenty says he'll announce in 'month or less'

Daily Caller: Why Sarah Palin scares them

NY Post: NBC's primary concern: Will Trump run?

AP/Bernac: AP-GfK Poll: Republicans shrug at GOP's 2012 field
Gail Collins: Presidential Primary Book Club

David Limbaugh: My Recurring Obama 'Dream'
Bill O'Reilly: Rapping at the White House
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Beatable, But He Can Win

Politico: War fatigue in House GOP

Fox: Colbert Heads to FEC in Ongoing Effort to Form Political Action Committee
Daily Caller: Stephen Colbert appears in Washington to file his super PAC with the FEC
Politico: Stephen Colbert at the FEC? Really

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Fox: Haley Rejects Claim of Ulterior Motive in Boeing Factory Defense


Las Vegas RJ: Ensign may face more legal problems
NYT: U.S. Scrutinized Ensign, but Senate Dug Deeper
Politico: John Ensign report filled with bombshells
NYT: Editorial: The Ensign Investigation, to Be Continued


WaPo: GOP budget & Medicare proposals shape special House election May 24 in upstate NY
CSM: N.Y. race heats up: Democrats test message on GOP plan to 'end Medicare'
Buffalo News: Differences glaring as Corwin, Hochul debate
Tonawanda News: Debate highlights differences between Corwin, Hochul
Roll Call: Corwin’s Campaign Loans Surpass $2.4 Million in N.Y.
DC: Tea Party Express denounces NY-26’s self-identified Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis
NYDN: Nancy Pelosi Hits NYC Kathy Hochul Fundraiser

NYT: Donors to G.O.P. Are Backing Gay Marriage Push
Rochester D&C: Civil unions have few fans in New York

NYT: Budget Cuts Imperil Aid in Foreclosure Cases

NYT: Ex-Senator Gets 21-Month Prison Term in Tax Evasion Case

NYT: A Top SUNY Official Is Accused of Giving a No-Show Job
Albany TU: State ethics commission files complaint into how Bruno's daughter got job
NYDN: SUNY official faces fine for giving 'no-show' job to daughter of Joe Bruno


LA Times: Gov. Brown to skip tax increase this year
WSJ: California's Tax Revolt—In Favor of Higher Rates
SacBee: California to close 70 state parks


Rush Limbaugh: Why Obama Denied Texas Aid

Star-Telegram: Faltering gambling bills in Texas are jackpot for Oklahoma
Star-Telegram: Fracking bill that passed Texas House may see roadblock in Senate


Miami Herald: Will Gov. Rick Scott seek the White House in 2012?


AJC: Governor signs Arizona-style immigration bill into law
NYT: Georgia Gives Police Added Power to Seek Out Illegal Immigrants


Wash Times: La. spillway to open, flooding Cajun country
WSJ: La. spillway to open, flooding Cajun country but averting disaster in New Orleans


Chicago ST: Tearful Daley says goodbye to City Hall, begins retirement
Chicago Tribune: Daley leaves City Hall for last time as mayor


Weekly Standard: Paul Ryan Mulling 2012 Senate Run
Milwaukee JS: Many names emerge in race to succeed Kohl
Human Events: Wisconsin Abuzz Over Herb Kohl's Open Senate Seat
Hill: Kohl decides against '12 bid in blow to Democrats' efforts to keep Senate
Hill: Heavyweights Ryan, Feingold weigh Senate race in Wisconsin
Roll Call: Ryan Says He Needs Time to Decide About Senate Bid
WaPo: Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl retires
Roll Call: Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl to Retire
NRO: Kohl’s Announcement Shakes up an Already-Shaken Wisconsin


Politico: Berg vs. Gulleson in North Dakota?


Detroit FP: $690 million in extra tax revenue predicted for Michigan
Detroit News: Legislature passes Snyder's tax plan by narrow margin
Detroit News: New tax policy could be game-changer that Michigan needs

Detroit News: Mike Rogers enters national spotlight
Detroit FP: Some conservative fans want GOP rocker McCotter in presidential race
Detroit News: GOP delegate debate a closed-door matter


Roll Call: St. Louis Businessman Brunner Moving Toward Senate Bid
Roll Call: Luetkemeyer Passes on Missouri Senate Bid


Zanesville TR: Judge: Williams' divorce records appear tampered with
AP/Schreiner: Ky. GOP gubernatorial rivals press for tax reform
AP/Schreiner: Ky gov hopeful Moffett stresses tea party ties as key in primary
Cincinnati Enquirer: No NKY stops for Williams Monday


DC: Pro-life groups: Casey unfit for Villanova commencement honor due to abortion votes


NYT: Connecticut Unions Agree to $1.6 Billion in Givebacks


C&E: Olympia Snowe's Primary Challenger Hires Consulting Firms


May 13, 2011


WSJ: A New York Warning for the GOP
John Fund: Special-Election Spoiler?

WSJ: Stakes Rise on Debt Vote (via Google)
NYT: McConnell Thinking Big on Entitlements
WaPo: McConnell demands spending cuts, Medicare overhaul for deal on debt limit
DC: GOP defense authorization bill bans ‘monuments to me’ with taxpayer dollars
Paul Krugman: Seniors, Guns and Money
David Brooks: Let’s Go Caps!
Rep. Frank Wolf: The deficit spending storm we cannot avoid

NYT: Uncertain Leadership Strains Financial Overhaul
American Spectator: The True Story of the Financial Crisis

NYT: I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics
WSJ: Is IRS Eyeing Gift-Tax Rules to Rein in Nonprofits’ Political Activities?

WaPo: Senate committee puts big oil execs in the hot seat
Wash Exam: Democrats assail Big Oil as greedy, out of touch
NYT: Oil Executives, Defending Tax Breaks, Say They’d Cede Them if Everyone Did
Rush Limbaugh: Oil Exec Nukes "Shared Sacrifice"
WaPo: Obama administration set to raise fuel efficiency standards, but by how much?
Wash Times: Experts forecast relief for gas pains
DC: Krauthammer rips oil company congressional ’show trials’: ‘A disgrace’
Human Events: Bipartisan Energy Legislation Has Legs

Laffer & Moore: Boeing and the Union Berlin Wall
Daily Caller: Republican senators drop legislative bomb on NLRB
Hill: With suit against Boeing, labor board a top GOP target

Charles Krauthammer: Demagoguery 101 (Obama on immigration)

Wash Times: Ensign made false statements to FEC, panel says in report
WaPo: Senate ethics committee: Ensign violated federal laws
WSJ: Ethics Committee Refers Ensign Case to Justice Dept.
NYT: Ethics Panel Asks That Ensign Inquiry Be Reopened

NYT: Editorial: Gutting Class Action

Donald Rumsfeld: How Wikileaks vindicated Bush’s anti-terrorism strategy
James Taranto: Faces of Justice: Eric Holder does a 180 on bin Laden

NYT: Pakistan Army Chief Balks at U.S. Demands to Cooperate

NYT: Obama Seeks to Extend Mueller’s Term as F.B.I. Director

Wash Times: DOMA law firm flap a ‘misunderstanding’

Wash Times: Listing contractor donations brews bipartisan opposition
Hill: Opposition to contractors disclosure rule grows among Dems

NYT: Editorial: Congress should set tight caps on what former officials can earn from lobbying

Peggy Noonan: It's Off to the Races (via Google)
Hill: GOP 2012: And they're off

WSJ: Romney Defends State's Health Plan
Boston Globe: Romney says he stands by Mass. law
NYT: Romney Defends Massachusetts Health Plan, but Concedes Flaws
WaPo: Mitt Romney defends his health-care record
Wash Times: Romney: I was right, Obama wrong on health care reform
WSJ: Romney's Daredevil Act: On health care, Mitt tries to bridge the unbridgeable
Mitt Romney: Romney Responds to Health-Care Criticism
NYT: Editorial: Mitt Romney in a Time Warp
Rush Limbaugh: Health Care Providers Discover That Obamacare is a Total Disaster
Dana Milbank: The medical mystery of Mitt Romney
Greg Sargent: Take a beating now on health care and hope it goes away later
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney's Big Political Problem

Fox: Huckabee Launches Cartoon Series That Canonizes Reagan

NYT: Huntsman’s Positions on Gay Rights Are Within the G.O.P. Mainstream
Politico: Huntsman on cap and trade: 'It hasn't worked'

WSJ: Pawlenty Attracts Wealthy Donors (via Google)

WSJ: Santorum Fires First Shots of 2012

NYT: Daniels Is Coy About His 2012 Plans
WSJ: The Daniels Shed No Light on 2012 Run
Politico: Mitch Daniels, the reluctant candidate
Ruth Marcus: The appeal of a Mitch Daniels’s presidential run

Fox: Gingrich Feels the Heat for Appearing in Global Warming Ad With Pelosi
Wash Times: OpEd: No to Newt: Some positives but too much baggage burdens ‘90s retread

Politico: Ron Paul to launch W.H. bid Friday

Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama, Action Hero
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's 2012 Reelect Pitch: It's Taking Longer Than We Thought


Fox: Iowa Conservatives Took $3 Million in Tax Funds


Buffalo News: Sparks fly for Corwin aide, Davis on YouTube
Rochester D&C: Jack Davis campaign responds to GOP video
WaPo: Tea party candidate for House scuffles on camera with GOP volunteer in upstate NY
Politico: The tracker was a Corwin staffer
ABC: New York House Candidate Jack Davis Gets into a Fight with Cameraman
Rochester D&C: Medicare, taxes central to debate for 26th District
Roll Call: Corwin’s Personal Campaign Loans Reach $1.96M
Hill: In NY-26, House Republicans look to break special-election slump
DC: ‘Tea Party’ candidate in NY special election pays Dem consulting firm to conduct survey
Politico: Both sides 'all in' New York race
WGRZ: 26th District Congressional Debate (with video)

Albany TU: Gov. Cuomo blames school job cuts on spending, not aid

WSJ: NY seeks felony for prostitution near schools

NY Post: Kruger facing double trouble


WSJ: Christie Burns Bridge With N.J. Senators


LA Times: GOP lawmakers issue plan to balance California budget

Roll Call: NRCC Hits McNerney in New Ad


Roll Call: Huckabee Endorses Florida Senate Hopeful Haridopolos
Politico: Huckabee endorsing Mike Haridopolos


WSJ: Illinois Lawmakers Pass Education-Overhaul Bill, Despite Union Objections


WSJ: Tennessee's Chamber Maids (via Google)


Wash Times: Poll: Allen, Kaine in near-tie for Va. Senate seat


NYT: OpEd: Abandoned on the Border


May 12, 2011


Hill: Senate Dems target millionaires for tax in draft budget outline
Frum: Conrad Budget Has Millionaires’ Tax
NY Post: Let's $ock millionaires: Dem big

WSJ: Top GOP Lawmaker Proposes $30 Billion in Discretionary Spending Cuts (via Google)
NYT: Republicans Propose More Cuts to Spending
WaPo: Obama urges Senate Democrats to remain open to debt-ceiling negotiations
WaPo: Battle over national debt ceiling has negotiation experts shaking their heads
WSJ: The Constitution and the Debt-Ceiling Debate (via Google)
Politico: Republicans set stage for major cuts in 2012
Hill: Republicans throw right hooks in escalating fight over budget, debt
WSJ: April Budget Deficit Totaled $40.49 Billion
NYT: Catholic Professors Criticize Boehner in Letter
American Spectator: Fiscal Conservatives Are Winning

Fox: Congressional Republicans Decry "Mediscare"
WaPo: House GOP freshmen accuse Democrats of using scare tactics on Medicare
Politico: GOP freshman get taste of own medicine with new Medicare attacks
WSJ: The Millionaire Retirees Next Door (Social Security & Medicare)
Hill: His budget plan under a spotlight, Ryan's political stock takes hit
George Will: History lessons for Obama and other liberals

WSJ: On Housing, There Will Be More Lean Years Ahead
WSJ: Bill Proposes Mortgage Shake-Up
Hill: With prices still dropping, housing woes remain a hurdle for White House

NYT: House Approves a Bill to Spur Oil Exploration
NYT: Report Strengthens Democrats’ Argument to Eliminate Oil Tax Breaks
WaPo: How much do oil companies really pay in taxes?
Fox: Oil CEOs Head to Hill for Grilling by Senate Dems
Politico: What to watch when Big Oil testifies

EJ Dionne: Health-care lawsuits: Delaying the inevitable

Wash Times: Republicans from border states hit Obama on immigration push
WaPo: Editorial: What Mr. Obama can do to further immigration reform
Human Events: President's El Paso Immigration Pander

John Fund: Hoyer Bucks Obama on Disclosure Plan
Wash Exam: Editorial: If you want a federal contract, better be nice to Obama

Roll Call: IRS Eyes Big Donors: Past Gifts to Political Nonprofits May Face Taxes

NYT: Squeezed Cities Ask Nonprofits for More Money

NYT: Congress Urged to Increase Oversight of Peace Corps

NYT: Navy Rescinds Guidelines For Same-Sex Marriages

WaPo: Guantanamo Bay detainees’ family members may be allowed to visit

NYT: OpEd: Demanding Answers From Pakistan
Michael Barone: History Weeps at the Partition of India and Pakistan
WaPo: Bin Laden’s preoccupation with U.S. said to be source of friction with followers
WaPo: Photos of bin Laden’s body will be available for some lawmakers to see, CIA says
American Spectator: The Mystery of the Second Helicopter
American Thinker: Did Obama Delay the Osama Raid for Political Reasons?

Karl Rove: Remembering the First Blow Against al Qaeda (via Google)
Ann Coulter: More Gutsy Calls from Obama!
Dan Henninger: Killing bin Laden (via Google)
James Taranto: Does Obama really think he has to win an argument against al Qaeda?
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Hits the Trail with Bin Laden, Armed with Bogus AP Approval Poll
Rush Limbaugh: Classless, Arrogant Obama on Display in Texas Amnesty Speech
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Landslideable Beatable If GOP Doesn't Nominate a RINO
Hill: Priebus: Obama has 'no chance' in 2012 if economy is top issue

Daily Caller: Top official from Obama-backed group jumps bail again, disappears

Mitt Romney: As first act, out with ObamaCare
Detroit News: GOP's Romney tries health care policy reboot at U-M
WSJ: Romney Aims to Inoculate Himself on Health Care
Politico: What Mitt Romney’s health-care speech needs to say
WSJ: Obama's Running Mate: Mitt Romney's ObamaCare problem
Roll Call: DNC Goes After Romney Health Care Speech
Hill: Dems go on attack against Romney ahead of healthcare speech
Jennifer Rubin: Mitt Romney: Do you remember the Hillary campaign?

WSJ: Gingrich Enters 2012 Fray
WaPo: Newt Gingrich announces for president
Fox: Gingrich Accuses Obama of 'Dishonest Scare Tactics,' Calls for New GOP 'Contract'
WaPo: Newt Gingrich has ideas. Can he turn them into presidential appeal?
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Gingrich’s Intolerant History
NRO: The Message Man

Rush Limbaugh: Indiana News on Rush and Mitch
NYT: Weighing a White House Bid as Opening a Door to Past Pain
WSJ: Am I Running? Ask My Wife
WaPo: Whether Mitch Daniels runs for president may come down to his wife’s vote

WaPo: Donald Trump drops ‘birther’ talk, focuses on foreign policy in New Hampshire

C&E: Iowans Hope to Coax Christie into 2012 Race

Politico: Sarah Palin: 'Just too easy' to criticize Common's White House appearance
Jennifer Rubin: What went wrong with Palin?

Politico: In letter, Huntsman looked forward to gay legal equality

NRO: Introducing Herman Cain

Politico: Haley Barbour's exit frees up 2012 cash

WSJ: On the List for 2012?

Roll Call: Top 10 Power Brokers in Redistricting
Roll Call: NRCC Makes Cash Push: Pay Your Dues — Now

Roll Call: For Some in Senate, Losing Once Is Way to Win

Hill: GOP messaging ‘lousy’ on Hispanics, says party chairman

Wash Exam: Abortion lobby powers the Democratic money machine

Fred Barnes: Triumph of the Conservatives in Canada


DMR: Advisers predict vigorous effort in presidential nomination race by Newt Gingrich


WSJ: New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Antiunion Bill


DC: Carney ducks NLRB question with ‘independent agency’ defense, Gov. Haley not pleased
Wash Times: Reid calls GOP moves in Boeing dispute ‘disgraceful’


Buffalo News: House race may hinge on Medicare reform
Buffalo News: Slaughter firmly on board Hochul campaign wagon
Buffalo News: Davis pulls out of Thursday's debate
Rochester D&C: Davis drops out of debate
Politico: Jack Davis pulls out of NY-26 debate
Albany TU: This just in: Carl Paladino’s still mad as hell
Hill: Video: Candidate strikes tracker as NY-26 special election gets heated

NYDN: 'Strike back' against scandalous state Legislature, Gov. Cuomo urges New Yorkers

NYT: Two Men Arrested in New York Terror Case

NYT: Ex-Senator Said to Have Paid Contractors at Discount

Albany TU: Poll: Slight majority favor traditional marriage


George Skelton: Darrell Steinberg throws a tax pitch
SacBee: Brown appointments toe the party line

WSJ: California Weighs Plan to Test Old Gas Lines

Human Events: California High-Speed Rail Still on Track to Nowhere


NYT: General in Abu Ghraib Scandal Files to Run for Senate in Texas

WaPo: A leading Republican’s longtime ties to 2 men accused of financial fraud

NYT: Texas Passes Bill to Make Some Fish Tales a Crime


Roll Call: LeMieux Aims Past GOP Rivals in Video Targeting Nelson
WaPo: Mike Haridopolos and the meltdown

WaPo: Fla. pilot program to cut Medicaid costs raises new questions

Buzz: Fla Elections Commission owed $1.4-mil in unpaid fines
SPT: State Sen. Jack Latvala leveraged his vote to slow down conservative march


AJC: The ‘favorite son’ campaign of Newt Gingrich


Roll Call: Member-Vs.-Member Race Could Get Nasty in Bayou


Fox: Jury Hears Audio of Blagojevich Swearing, Bartering for Obama's Senate Seat
Chicago ST: Ex-ally: ‘A lot of money’ promised to Rod Blagojevich for Senate seat

Fox: ACLU Sues Illinois for Not Changing Gender on Birth Records for Transsexuals

American Spectator: Thanks, Rahm!


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Big show of support for voter photo ID

Star Tribune: GOP activists are questioning state chairman

WSJ: Minn. Senate OKs Vote on Gay-Marriage Ban


Milwaukee JS: Assembly approves voter ID, sends bill to Senate


Politico: Berg to announce for Senate next week


Detroit News: McCotter to decide soon on Senate run


Roll Call: Tea Party Express Endorses Jon Bruning in Nebraska


NYT: Robert Ellsworth, Lawmaker and Nixon Aide, Is Dead at 84


Weekly Standard: Governing Kentucky


Wash Times: Kaine turns to Obama lobby foes for campaign cash


Boston Globe: Senate race appears off to early start


Denver Post: Legislative session ends after House GOP backs down from standoff


May 11, 2011


Dick Morris: GOP has set its own trap (Medicare reform)
Politico: GOPers: Outspend Dems on Medicare
Wash Times: Second budget talks end in inertia
Politico: Pessimism clouds deficit talks
Hill: Carney: Speaker Boehner being inflexible in debt-ceiling debate
Wkly Std: McConnell Makes Spending Cuts a Requirement for Debt Limit Increase
Hill: Budgets everywhere, but not a single one has votes to pass
Fox: Lawmakers Clash Over Oil Subsidies, Medicare as Budget Talks Resume
NYT: Critics Fear G.O.P.’s Proposed Medicaid Changes Could Cut Coverage for the Aged
WaPo: Boehner declares tax hikes ‘off the table,’ drawing White House rebuke
WaPo: Senate Democrats push to end tax breaks for big oil companies to cut deficit
DC: Senate Dems split with Obama on transferring tax credit revenue to alternative energy
WSJ: Senate Democrats Target Tax Breaks for Big Oil
Boston Globe: Democrats say oil subsidies add $21b to deficit
Rush Limbaugh: David Brooks Writes an Excellent Column, But He Doesn't Know Why
NYT: Editorial: Republican Demands and the Debt Limit
Ruth Marcus: Boehner’s unreality check on the deficit

WSJ: Obama Recasts Border Issue
Fox: GOP Disputes Obama's Claim That Border Security Has Improved
Wash Times: Obama says border is secure enough to begin legalization
WaPo: Obama, in border visit, renews call for immigration reform
WLS: Obama mocks Republican position on immigration
Hill: Immigration reform: Just a political show
NYT: In Border City Talk, Obama Urges G.O.P. to Help Overhaul Immigration Law
NYT: Obama Asks G.O.P. to Support Immigration Policy
WSJ: Text of Obama’s Speech on Immigration
NYT: Editorial: President Obama at the Border
Michelle Malkin: Amnesty bandwagon rides again
American Spectator: Obama's Broken Immigration Clock

WSJ: Terror Worries Ride Rails
ABC: Osama Bin Laden Raid: Pakistan Hints China Wants a Peek at Secret Helicopter
NYT: Bin Laden Sons Say U.S. Violated International Law
Hill: Congress looks to attach more strings to billions in Pakistan aid
James Taranto: Take His Wife. Please. Who was that Laden we shot him with last night?
Rush Limbaugh: Barack H. Obama, Military Genius
Maureen Dowd: Old Man With Clicker
Thomas Friedman: Bad Bargains
John Bolton: Managing Pakistan After bin Laden (via Google)
Politico: Rudy Giuliani warns of convention terror risk
Andrew McCarthy: Killing and Grilling
Jonah Goldberg: The president should have given intelligence analysts more time

WSJ: Appeals Court Sharply Questions Foes of Health Overhaul (via Google)
Wash Times: Democrat-appointed jurists sound skeptical of Va. plaintiff’s arguments
WE: Panel hearing ObamaCare suit comprised of 2 Obama nominees and a Clinton nominee
NYT: Appellate Court Hears Defense of Health Law
WSJ: Judges Test Health Law's Foes
Rush Limbaugh: Repeal, Repeal, Repeal: Don't Leave Obamacare to the Court

NYT: Federal Retreat on Bigger Loans Rattles Housing

Human Events: Forbes Predicts U.S. Gold Standard Within 5 Years
American Spectator: The Incredible Shrinking Recovery

WSJ: Shrinking Oil Supplies Put Alaskan Pipeline at Risk (via Google)
Harold Ford Jr.: Washington vs. Energy Security

Fox: White House Invite of Political Rapper Stirs Controversy

NYT: Presbyterians Set to Approve Gay Ministers

Fox: Navy Halts Move to Allow Gay Unions by Chaplains

Human Events: Planned Parenthood's Dark Satanic Mills

WaPo: Interior strikes deal to clear backlog on endangered species listings

NYT: Romney to Deliver Health Care Speech in Michigan
WaPo: Romney to confront his critics in a speech on health care
Boston Globe: Romney to offer health proposal
WaPo: Romney focused on outraising — by far — Republican presidential competitors

Wash Times: Humbled Gingrich to launch 2012 bid
NYT: Gingrich Run Reflects His Sense of History
Politico: Newt Gingrich's route: Leave no state behind

Politico: John Boehner: Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels should run
Rush Limbaugh: The Ongoing Debate on Daniels

John Fund: Hunting for the Youth Vote (Jon Huntsman)
Roll Call: Huntsman Hits Capitol Hill to Charm Senators

Hill: Palin and Trump: It’s complicated
NYDN: Trump support crumbles in new poll for GOP nominee 2012, Huckabee on top
NY Post: Trump's presidential prospects collapsing, poll shows

Hill: Rep. Ron Paul to make '12 presidential decision within week
DMR: Paul on verge of 2012 decision
John Stossel: Ron Paul: Less Lonely These Days

Wash Times: GOP field has own ‘change’ ideas
American Spectator: New Republican Presidential Hopefuls Emerge

C&E: Expert Says Southern States May Seek to Avoid Justice Department in Redistricting
Roll Call: Oklahoma, Indiana Finalize New Congressional Maps

Politico: IRS gift tax move could hit new anonymous groups

Hill: Hoyer opposes Obama plan for political contribution disclosure

Rush Limbaugh: Washington Marriages Explained by Study on the Pill and Attraction


Politico: Iowa GOP chief in the spotlight


WSJ: Boeing Is Pro-Growth, Not Anti-Union
Newt Gingrich: Obama’s Assault on South Carolina Jobs
Human Events: The Mobility of Capital


Wkly Std: Conservative Bellavia To Buck Republicans, Endorse Third-Party Candidate
Roll Call: Money Flows to New York Race
DC: Republicans could have difficulties with special election in New York’s 26th district
Buffalo News: Ad spending skyrockets in three-way House race
WSJ: American Crossroads Spends Big in N.Y. House Election
NYT: American Crossroads Backs Republican Financially in Upstate House Race
WaPo: American Crossroads going up with ads in NY-26 special election
LA Times: Crossroads group launches new ad campaign
Hill: Sens. Gillibrand, Schumer making final push in NY special election
CNN: New York special election in national spotlight
Rochester D&C: New poll gives Hochul lead in 26th District
Mona Charen: N.Y.'s 26th District Republican needs help

Rochester D&C: Report: GOP Medicaid plan cuts funding in N.Y.

NYT: Governor Presses Lawmakers in Albany to Pass His Agenda
Albany TU: Cuomo: Don’t come home without a cap
Albany TU: State union snubs offer
NYT: In Popularity Polls of Governors, Cuomo Is High on the List

NYT: Ex-Senator Needs Longer Sentence, Prosecutors Say


LA Times: The unraveling of the Schwarzenegger-Shriver marriage
LA Times: Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks about separation from Maria Shriver
NYT: For Schwarzenegger and Shriver, a Transition and a Separation
Chicago ST: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affairs key to collapse of marriage: sources

LA Times: Cal State considers drastic plan in case of an 'all-cuts' budget
LA Times: California's limits on welfare debit cards inspire U.S. response

LA Times: Jerry Brown reorganization plan leaves plum political appointees in place

Dan Walters: High-speed train trip going nowhere


Roll Call: Sanchez to Enter Senate Race in Texas
Politico: Sanchez files in Texas

Star-Telegram: Fort Worth Dem says Texas Senate redistricting map violates voting rights

WSJ: Texas Legislation Adds Conditions on Abortion


NYT: Florida Legislature Votes to Ease Rules on Development

SPT: Potential presidential candidate Jon Huntsman makes a stop in St. Petersburg


AJC: Erick Erickson’s plan to topple Saxby Chambliss in 2014

AJC: Feds: Don't screen students for immigration status


NYT: Alabama: Another Twist in Corruption Case


Chicago ST: Rahm Emanuel’s transition report chock full of ideas, but not details
Chicago Tribune: Emanuel camp plans bash with eye on budget


NYT: Indiana: Planned Parenthood Funds Are Cut


Milwaukee JS: Walker: Budget could expand school choice to other cities


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich suggests 2012 tax cut hinges on his budget passing
Columbus Dispatch: Sides square off over anti-abortion plan


Detroit News: Senate debates tax overhaul
Detroit FP: GOP lawmakers, Snyder expect state tax overhaul to pass this week


Politico: Mitch McConnell eyes edge in home-state races

Hill: GOP Sen. Rand Paul questions whether White House has 'enemies list'


Roll Call: Retired General to Challenge Frank Wolf in Virginia


NYT: Editorial: Even for Gov. Christie, This One’s a Stretch


NYT: Without Concessions, Connecticut Starts Layoff Process


Boston Globe: Witness testifies of payments to DiMasi


Reuters: Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state


Denver Post: Colorado stalemate on redistricting appears headed to court


WSJ: Federal Judge Blocks Utah Immigration Law
NYT: Utah Immigration Law Is Blocked


May 10, 2011


NYT: Boehner Outlines Demands on Debt Limit Fight
Wash Times: Boehner: Spending cuts must outweigh debt increase
WaPo: Boehner demands ‘trillions’ in spending cuts in exchange for lifting debt ceiling
Fox: Boehner says 'trillions' in cuts loom on debt vote
WSJ: Boehner Wants Cuts With Debt Increase (via Google)
WSJ: Boehner's Debt-Limit Marker
Politico: Jon Kyl predicts $6 trillion in cuts
WaPo: Obama to hold new deficit-reduction meetings with Democratic, Republican senators
Hill: Obama, Boehner vie for edge on debt
Hill: House GOP leaders skeptical of plan to hike debt limit in steps
Hill: Boehner's hard line on debt ceiling gets cool reception from Wall St.
Wash Examiner: Editorial: Senate Dems get ready to spring a stealth budget
David Brooks: The Missing Fifth
Dana Milbank: Muskets in hand, tea party blasts House Republicans

Hill: Republican rift widens on Medicare
Wkly Std: Misleading Polls and the Ryan Plan
Wkly Std: What John Boehner Didn't Say About the Debt Ceiling and Medicare Reform
Wkly Std: When Will the GOP Go On Offense Over Obama's Medicare Plan?

WSJ: Reports of Mortgage Fraud Reach Record Level

Wash Times: Federal appeals courts set to hear ‘Obamacare’ cases
WSJ: National Health Preview: RomneyCare's bad outcomes keep coming

Politico: 2012 battlefield: The Supreme Court

Fox: Obama Pushing for Immigration Overhaul in El Paso
WaPo: Obama’s border visit renews focus on immigration policy
Wash Times: Democrats hit Obama with gap on illegals
Hill: Obama stakes claim on immigration law reform

WSJ: U.S. Parcels Out $2 Billion for Rail
WaPo: Feds redistribute $2 billion for rail projects

WSJ: Drilling Is Tied to Gas in Eastern Well Water

Wash Times: Nominee for Justice is blocked in Senate
WSJ: Senate Republicans Block Confirmation of No. 2 at Justice Dept.
WaPo: Justice Department nominee remains in limbo after Senate vote

Politico: Darrell Issa and Sam Graves signal subpoena for Jack Lew

CNS: Navy Authorizes Chaplains to Perform Same-Sex ‘Marriages’ in Naval Chapels

WaPo: Pakistanis disclose name of CIA operative
Wash Times: Pakistan leader decries unilateral operations
NYT: U.S. Braced for Fights With Pakistanis in Bin Laden Raid
Hill: Report: Pakistan will allow US to question bin Laden's wives
James Taranto: The bin Laden Book Club: An ex-president gets an endorsement
WaPo: Editorial: The tracking of bin Laden is no vindication of torture
Jennifer Rubin: Time to reopen the interrogation debate
Wes Pruden: A tortuous route to the right thing
Pat Buchanan: Osama's Dead -- but Are His Ideas?
Rich Lowry: Why Kill Bin Laden?
NRO: The Dark Night of Islam
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Praise the "Cowboy" Obama
Rush Limbaugh: The Millionaire Mastermind Lived Like a Homeless Guy in a Pigsty

Fox: U.S. Military Draws Up Potential Afghan Exit Plan

NYT: Beyond Obama’s Bin Laden Bounce

Wash Times: Gingrich set to join race for presidency
NYT: Gingrich Set to Run, With Wife in Central Role
WaPo: Gingrich expected to officially join Republican presidential race
NYT: Recent Poll Shows Gingrich Has Work to Do
WaPo: Newt Gingrich: Serious candidate or sideshow?

Human Events: Do Palin and Romney Represent a GOP Income and Education Divide?
Rush Limbaugh: Ruling Class Washington Thinks They've Beaten Back the Tea Party

Michael Gerson: Ron Paul’s land of second-rate values
DC: Energy tax credit bill divides conservatives, even splits Ron Paul from group he founded

American Spectator: Herman Cain and the Outsiders


Wash T: New Boeing plant sparks uproar: NLRB says nixing Seattle site was to punish union


Las Vegas RJ: Heller sworn in as U.S. Senator
WaPo: Republican Dean Heller of Nevada sworn in as John Ensign’s replacement in Senate
NYT: Dean Heller Sworn In to Senate
Roll Call: Will Reid, Heller Play Nice in 2012?

Las Vegas RJ: Nevada GOP Chairman Amodei announces run for 2nd Congressional District


Roll Call: Poll Shows Democrat Hochul With Lead in N.Y. Special
NYT: As Special House Race Intensifies, Washington Sends Backup (NY 26)
Buffalo News: Boehner trumpets Corwin's virtues
Politico: Dems take fresh aim at N.Y.-26
Buffalo News: Critics challenge Corwin's biography
Buffalo News: As lawyers donate, a fine line for Hochul

NYT: New Call in Albany to Quit U.S. Immigration Program

NYT: Westchester Towns Take Hit From Rise in Tax Appeals

Albany TU: Federal court vacates Indian tax injunction
NYDN: NY State allowed to collect taxes on cigarettes sold to non-Indians on reservations


Politico: California hits $25B pothole
Dan Walters: Good news isn't good for Dems

LA Times: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver announce separation
WaPo: Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver, say they’re separating
NYT: Schwarzenegger and Shriver Announce Separation
WSJ: Schwarzenegger, Shriver Announce Separation

LA Times: GOP's Huey insists he can win in a Democratic district


Star-Telegram: Texas House passes 'sanctuary cities' bill
Star-Telegram: Texas Senate gives final approval to voter ID bill
Star-Telegram: State Senate OKs concealed handguns on campus as amendment
NYT: Texas: Bill to Allow Concealed Guns in Class Advances

NYT: Exonerated Inmates Fight Lawyer’s Lobbying Fees


SPT: Florida legislators load November 2012 ballot with long-sought amendment proposals

NYT: Editorial: The Rejected Windfall (high speed rail funds)


Chicago Tribune: Rep. Aaron Schock, and his abs, land on Men's Health cover

WSJ: Illinois Education Overhaul at Risk


Star Tribune: Dayton, GOP tangle over veterans


Milwaukee JS: Recount cuts little from Prosser lead


Fox: North Dakota Oil Tax Revenue Breaks $100M Mark in March as Industry Booms


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich outlines his view on how to judge teachers


Detroit News: Feds provide $200M for high-speed rail in Michigan

Detroit News: Doctor: Trauma plagues ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick


WaPo: Virginians are almost evenly split on gay marriage, Post poll finds


Wash Times: Brown challengers in Massachusetts starting to add up
NYT: Setti Warren to Challenge Scott Brown in 2012


Wash Times: Arizona takes immigration law to Supreme Court
Arizona Republic: Gov. Jan Brewer wants Supreme Court to overturn SB 1070 ruling
WSJ: Arizona to Appeal Immigration Ruling to U.S. Supreme Court
NYT: Arizona: Governor Will Appeal to Supreme Court


Fox: Utah Immigration Law Gets Hearing on Day of Debut


Denver Post: Colorado Senate snuffs out bill that would set pot limits on drivers


May 9, 2011


WSJ: Home Market Takes a Tumble (via Google)
NYT: Seeking Business, States Loosen Insurance Rules
WSJ: Bills Try to Curb Reach of Unions
WSJ: Taxpayers and Money Market Funds (via Google)
WSJ: Race, Politics and the Minimum Wage

Hill: Medicaid may be a better target for cuts than Medicare
WaPo: Lawmakers moving to block defense cuts
NYT: Democrats’ Plan Would Offset Deficit by Ending Big Oil’s Tax Breaks
Sen. Bob Corker: The CAP Act: The fiscal straitjacket America needs to rein in spending
Sen. Jon Kyl: The Future of American Prosperity
Fred Barnes: On Spending Cuts, Democrats Give Voters the Brush Off
NRO: Lee’s Limit: The Utah Republican plays hardball on the debt ceiling
NRO: Blame the Not-Too-Rich
Daily Caller: Waxman breaks own rule by outing whistleblower at NRC hearing
Hill: The Week Ahead: Cut and spend
Judd Gregg: To Obama: Shun class warfare, exalt enterprise
Paul Krugman: The Unwisdom of Elites
Human Events: Balanced Budget Fight Begins

NYT: Battle Over Health Care Law Shifts to Federal Appellate Courts

Wash Times: U.S. tests Pakistan ties, seeks access to bin Laden wives
Hill: Obama says bin Laden benefited from 'support network' in Pakistan
Fox: Pakistan Vows 'Zero Tolerance' in Bin Laden Probe, Obama Questions Complicity
Fox: Pakistani Media Reportedly Outs CIA Chief
Wash Times: Without bin Laden, Taliban may talk peace
WaPo: Obama’s national security team was sharply divided over Osama bin Laden raid
Fox: Bin Laden Raid Fraught With 'Enormous Risk,' Obama Says
Wash Times: Intel from bin Laden raid called a ‘treasure’
WSJ: Unilateral Information Disarmament (via Google)
American Thinker: It is Immoral Not to Allow Enhanced Interrogations
Joe Curl: So many Osama queries, so little doubt
Ross Douthat: Whose Foreign Policy Is It?
Armstrong Williams: Pakistan is an ally we can’t afford to lose
American Spectator: Country, Courtesy, and Bid Laden
Jed Babbin: Post-OBL SGO

Reuters: Sen. Schumer proposes "no-ride list" for Amtrak trains

Wash Times: Democrats cite U.S. security in pushing Justice job nominee

WSJ: Obama to Travel to Texas to Push for Immigration Legislation (via Google)
American Spectator: Insecure Communities

NYT: Justice Dept. to Continue Policy Against Same-Sex Marriage

Fox: Justice Department Pursues 'Strange' Probe of Execution Drug

Politico: Gay donors fuel Obama's 2012 campaign
NYT: Obama Can’t Depend On New Poll Numbers
Hill: From here to 2012: Beyond the bounce from bin Laden
Gary Bauer: Osama Takedown No Obama Election Changer

NYT: The Partisan Corners of the News

Wash Times: In N.H., ambivalence on Romney

WaPo: Mitch Daniels: The man who could reshape the Republican field

WSJ: Gingrich's Secret Weapon: Newt Inc.

Fox: Iowa GOP Donors Court New Jersey's Christie
NY Post: Run, Chris, run!
AP/Beaumont: Iowa donors want N.J. Gov. Chris Christie in 2012 race

WSJ: GOP Debate Fuels a Long Shot (Herman Cain)

Juan Williams: Ron Paul driving Republicans' White House campaign

Jennifer Rubin: Will Republicans go isolationist in 2012?
Michael Barone: What the GOP Can Learn From Canada's Conservatives


NYT: Tight Race for Congress Prompts Visit by Boehner (NY 26)
Politico: John Boehner goes to New York to talk debt
Rochester D&C: House Speaker John Boehner to hold fundraiser today for Jane Corwin

Albany TU: Conservatives enter debate over tax cap

NYDN: Bill Thompson may have tough time in 2013 mayoral race


Debra Saunders: Brown Wants To Cut Prison Population by a Fifth

LA Times: Large field of candidates hoping to replace Harman is a challenge for debate organizers

SacBee: Feinstein uses private bills to block deportations


Star-Telegram: Handgun proposal among bills hoping to beat Legislature's deadline


Roll Call: Florida Senate Race Heats Up for GOP

Human Events: A Legislator and a Gentleman (Rep. Dan Webster)
Politico: Is Alan Grayson eyeing a comeback?

SPT: With small victories, Gov. Rick Scott calls session a success
Buzz: Winners and losers of the 2011 Fla legislative session


AJC: Saxby Chambliss and the world’s biggest secret


Human Events: Obama Immune to Louisiana's Oil Moratorium Misery


Chicago Tribune: Budget plans have lawmakers eyeing calendar

Chicago Tribune: Blago's lawyers to cross-examine Harris this week

Chicago ST: Scandals, cronyism cloud Daley’s legacy


Detroit News: Michigan to get $200M for high-speed rail


WaPo: Bin Laden death helps Obama reposition in Virginia, but big challenges remain

Wash Times: Virginia watching for next steps in political dance


Roll Call: Conn. Lawmaker Will Compete in Democratic Senate Primary


Politico: Is Olympia Snowe feeling the heat?
AP/Miga: Snowe confident she’s still right


WaPo: Ariz. seeks online donations to build border fence


Denver Post: Colorado legislature's last days to focus on redistricting


May 8, 2011


NY Post: Obama's half-brother runs questionable charity

Fox: Cheney: Justice Probe of CIA Interrogators an 'Outrage'
Hill: Cheney: Lift ban on waterboarding
Politico: Cheney on photo decision: 'I can't quarrel with it'
NYT: Cheney Undecided on Heart Transplant Operation

Fox: Bin Laden Files Largest Terror Intelligence Find Ever, Security Adviser Says
WaPo: Bin Laden’s likely successor is a divisive figure
Wash Times: White House aide: Al Qaeda weakest since 2001
NYT: Bin Laden’s Secret Life in a Diminished World
Wash Times: Candid videos show rare view of unkempt bin Laden
WSJ: U.S. Releases bin Laden Videos
NYT: Videos From Bin Laden’s Hide-Out Released
WaPo: Pentagon releases bin Laden tapes
Yahoo: Video shows bin Laden watching himself on TV
Daily Mail UK: Inside Osama's squalid hideaway: New pictures emerge
NYT: OpEd: Watery Grave, Murky Law
NYT: OpEd: Why We Celebrate a Killing
Maureen Dowd: Killing Evil Doesn’t Make Us Evil
Clarice Feldman: About Abbottabad

Daily Mail UK: Robed Muslim clerics kicked off U.S. flight after pilot refuses to take off

Hill: House conservatives prepare strong demands to raise the debt ceiling

Hill: Administration taps top lawyer for first health reform appeal hearing

Greg Mankiw: If You Have the Answers, Tell Me

David Limbaugh: Obama's Scandalous War Against Domestic Oil
American Thinker: CSI: Climate Science Investigation

Fox: San Francisco to Stop Detaining Arrested Immigrants for Deportation

NYT: Nuclear Agency Is Criticized as Too Close to Its Industry

NYT: New Federal Crackdown Confounds States That Allow Medical Marijuana
Hill: Pot lobby grows in Washington

NYT: Big G.O.P. Donors Adopt Wait-and-See 2012 Tack
NYT: Editorial: Democrats, Seduced by Secret Dollars

Politico: Mitt Romney's South Carolina hesitation

NYT: Huntsman, Ex-Envoy to China, Tests Political Waters With Speech


State: Newberry businessman to lead S.C. GOP
AP/Davenport: SC Republicans meet to elect new chairman

Politico: South Carolina Republicans reward Santorum


Bob McCarthy: Issues matter in special election (NY 26)

Albany TU: Ads replace whisper as lobby hits $213M


LA Times: Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris: the California Democratic Party's future?

Dan Walters: California still looking for respect on presidential stage


Star-Telegram: in chaotic vote, GOP-led Texas House OKs limits on lawsuits


NYT: Florida Lawmakers Approve Deep Cuts in Jobless Benefits
Miami Herald: Lawmakers press for reforms on ALFs
SPT: Rancor, political games take toll on Mike Haridopolos in lawmaking session
Miami Herald: The Legislature’s final chaotic hours
NYT: Editorial: Standing Up for Florida’s Courts

Hill: Tea Party favorite Rep. Allen West breaks with GOP on healthcare repeal votes


AJC: Nearly 50 legislators owe Georgia money


Politico: Bobby Jindal releases birth certificate


Chicago Sun-Times: Daley’s appointees ranged from good to bad to embarrassing


Fox: Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly to Run for U.S. Senate in Indiana
AP/Jackson: Ind. congressman to run for Senate


Politico: Bachmann's 2010 opponent to challenge freshman Chip Cravaack

Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: More gambling a winner


WaPo: Wisconsin Republicans rush agenda before recalls
Milwaukee JS: Walker, GOP reversing green initiatives

Milwaukee JS: Straight-ticket voting in Wisconsin and the move the abolish it


AP/Hoffman: Snyder finding some GOP resistance to school cuts


WaPo: Kaine, Allen tied in 2012 Senate matchup, Post poll shows
Hill: Poll: High-profile Virginia Senate race starts in a tie between Kaine, Allen


Boston Globe: Coakley looks into treasury job offers


Denver Post: Hancock, Romer quickly take aim in Denver mayoral runoff


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