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November 7, 2011


Charles Schott: The current view from here for 2012: A Tale of Two Alternative Futures

NatJ: Report: Cain Raises $2 Million Since Scandal Broke
National Review: Cain Train On Track in Iowa
NatJ: Two decades after Anita Hill, voters shrug at sex harassment
WSJ: OpEd: Sexual Harassment's Legal Morass
Joe Curl: Politico and the Cain story that wasn’t
NYT: Cain ‘Back on Message,’ if His Rivals Will Allow It
Fox: Cain Offers Ethics Reminder to Reporters in Pushback Over Sex Harassment Allegations
HChron: Barbour to Cain: Get all the facts on the table
NYT: Cain: Up, Down or Sideways?
NYT: On the Ropes with Herman Cain
DC: Sexual harassment allegations eroding Cain’s popularity, poll finds
Politico: Foes count on Herman Cain to self-destruct
American Spectator: Cain Is Still Able
American Thinker: Cain Showed Inexperience in Debate with Gingrich
Human Events: The Cain Mutiny
Michael Barone: Cain’s Rules: His is an unconventional campaign; will it work?
WaPo: Herman Cain scheduled to appear on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

WaPo: Romney, seen as most electable, still struggles to break out of pack, poll shows
NatJ: Romney Still Managing Expectations in Iowa
NatJ: Hotline's Presidential Power Rankings: Romney Back on Top; Perry Back to Earth
Hill: Romney is the Hillary Clinton of 2012
NYT: An Aloof Romney in a Plane Encounter
EJ Dionne: Election 2012’s great religious divide

Dallas MN: Rick Perry’s parents say their son is strong medicine needed by a sickly nation
Roll Call: Kay Bailey Hutchison Stands by Criticism of Rick Perry
Politico: Hutchison: I won’t take back Perry criticism
Hill: Hutchison defends Cain, won't retract criticisms of Perry
HChron: Kay Bailey Hutchison says Rick Perry “was very brutal” to her two years ago

WSJ: Gingrich Finds Footing as Race Shifts
American Thinker: The Tea Party Case for Newt Gingrich
Byron York: How Gingrich wins by debating Cain

Wash Times: GOP’s Paul would bring U.S. troops home
WSJ: Paul Says Drone Strikes ‘Make More Enemies’
Fox: Paul: I Don't Want to Run as an Independent

Roll Call: Jon Huntsman to Put Maximum Effort Into New Hampshire Primary
Politico: Huntsman lets Cain off easy on China gaffe

Byron York: Why Santorum runs

Politico: Early-state GOP lawmakers in no hurry to endorse
Politico: Boehner passes on endorsing Romney
American Spectator: Evangelicals Prepare For 2012

NatJ: What Should Be the Key Issues in GOP Debate on Foreign Policy?
Fox: Rice: U.S. Should Do Everything Possible to Bring Down Iran's Government
WaPo: IAEA says foreign expertise has brought Iran to threshold of nuclear capability
NYT: U.S. Hangs Back as Inspectors Prepare Report on Iran’s Nuclear Program
National Review: The Iranians Certainly Think They’ve Won in Iraq

John Sununu: On taxes, ‘flat’ means ‘no exceptions’

Wash Times: Redistricting sets up tussles for many seats in Congress
Hill: Race for gavel picks up speed

NatJ: Five Things to Watch on Election Day

Hill: Personal behavior seen as critical to how they cast ballot, say voters

LA Times: Obama's strategic edge: cash to campaign everywhere


NatJ: Report: Pentagon Weighing Base Closures, Military Benefits in Face of Budget Cuts
NYT: Weighing Pentagon Cuts, Panetta Faces Deep Pressures
Roll Call: Defense Cuts Will Likely Stay in Place if Super Committee Fails
Wash Times: Critics on left hit Pentagon on talk of budget disasters
Hill: Republican Senate leader dons flak jacket after friendly fire on spending
National Review: Supercommittee vs. the Tax Monster
Fox: Moderate Lawmakers Lead Insurrection, Urge SupCmte to Defy Leadership and Go Big
Stephen Moore: A Look Inside the Super Committee
Robert Samuelson: Busting the budget myths
Juan Williams: US needs break from debt deadlock
WaPo: Editorial: Public pension pain

Wash Times: Boehner: House will have own roads plan

WSJ: Generation Jobless: Young Men Suffer Worst as Economy Staggers
NYT: Editorial: The Next Fight Over Jobs

Wash Times: Durbin turns ire to check fees
Hill: Dem lawmakers push Wall Street tax despite White House, GOP opposition

Judd Gregg: It's time to bring our cash home

DC: Koch group staffers, event attendees: 911 hung up on us 4 times during Occupy DC mob
American Spectator: Under Occupation Friday Night
CBS Boston: 3 Charged With Dealing Crack; Occupy Boston ‘Deteriorating’
American Spectator: The Mob Who Came to Dinner
American Spectator: Blame Transfer Day
Weekly Standard: Giuliani: Obama Owns Occupy Wall Street
WSJ: The Corporate Welfare State

WSJ: Justice Faces 'Sting' Grilling
DC: Cuccinelli on Holder: We might ‘be hoping for some change at the Department of Justice’
NYT: Editorial: Gun Walking the Mexican Border

Hill: States worried they'll bear the brunt of anger over health law’s shortcomings

WaPo: Finding more flaws in HUD’s accounting of HOME program

NatJ: What's the Sum Effect of EPA Rules?
Paul Krugman: Here Comes the Sun

Examiner: Supreme Court to hear GPS surveillance case
LA Times: Exhibit A in 4th Amendment privacy cases: technology


DMR: Iowa Poll: GOP caucusgoers no fans of health law


Human Events: Obama Slaps Intimidation Lawsuit on South Carolina Over Illegals


SacBee: California Assembly aides expecting budget deficit up to $8 billion
WSJ: Jerry Brown's Canoe Lesson: California unions oppose even modest pension reforms
George Skelton: There's too much pork on the table


Star-Telegram: 10 amendments to Texas Constitution to be on Tuesday's ballot


AJC: Voters get their say on Sunday sales ban


Chicago Tribune: Republicans claim national Democrats tainted Illinois legislative maps


Milwaukee JS: Medicaid cost cuts planned: Some states propose co-pays


Roll Call: Ohio Redistricting Compromise Looks 'Dead'
Politico: Ohio's battle for health care freedom
Hill: Trumka heads to Ohio before referendum vote
Human Events: Showdown in Ohio
Wkly Std: John Kasich & Scott Walker on Ohio's Uphill Battle Against Government Unions


Politico: The war on Fred Upton

Detroit News: 49 state retirees collect pensions that top $100K


WSJ: Governor Favored in Kentucky Race


Fox: Knives Come Out in 11th Hour Before Virginia Elections
WaPo: Virginia election forecast: High stakes, low turnout
Wash Times: State Democrats hear stirrings from a ‘dead’ Old Virginny


WaPo: Good news for O’Malley: Democrats fare better in governor races than in 2010


Roll Call: Coons Savors His New RoleCoons Savors His New Role


WSJ: Chris Christie: A 'Superstar' With Modest Political Goal


Politico: Warren: A well-off voice for the poor


LA Times: Arizona Senate president may be ousted over his conservatism


Denver Post: Governors have futilely tried to rein in Colorado's enterprise zones


November 6, 2011


WSJ: Cain and Gingrich Face Off
Human Events: The Cain-Gingrich Debate
NYT: Cain and Gingrich Meet for a Congenial Debate
WaPo: For Gingrich and Cain, it’s a friendship and a contest
NYDN: Herman Cain squares off with Newt Gingrich at GOP debate in Texas
Politico: Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich agree to agree at debate
HChron: Cain and Gingrich agree more than they debate
AJC: Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and an oasis of scandal-free debate in Texas
LA Times: A nondebate between Cain and Gingrich
Wash Times: Harassment claim off limits in Gingrich-Cain forum
Politico: Herman Cain clashes with reporters over allegations
DC: Limbaugh proposes $50k bounty for proof of sexual harassment by Politico employees

Herman Cain: One year from now, When I am president …

Fox: Cain Plans to Introduce Public to His 'Greatest Supporter' -- His Wife

Michael Barone: Can Cain keep flouting rules of politics?
Clarice Feldman: Razing Cain

NYT: Romney, Always Campaigning for Others ... and for Himself
DC: Ryan: Romney’s new entitlement and spending reform plan ‘a great development’
Politico: Mike Huckabee supports Mitt Romney on 'personhood' comments
Hill: As GOP field runs ragged, front-runner Romney lays low
Miami Herald: Tea party faithful bemoan Romney, hope for Cain victory
SPT: Tea party convention cool to Romney as GOP nominee

NYT: Risks Seen in Perry Plan for Switch to Pensions
CBS: "Are you better off today than you were $4 trillion ago?" Perry asks Iowans
Austin AS: Perry, trailing in Iowa, must hone conservative message

NatJ: Bachmann Slams Cain for Inconsistencies on Issues
Hill: Bachmann: Sexual harassment scandal is least of Herman Cain's problems

Fox: Ron Paul Wins Illinois GOP Presidential Straw Poll

Hill: Gingrich: I'd trail Obama around country until he accepts debate challenge

Daily Caller: Rep. Steve King handicaps the 2012 field
NYT: The Problem With Flat-Tax Fever

Wash Times: A year left: Obama running against history
WaPo: A year from Election 2012, a dark mood awaits Obama and GOP rival
Hill: In new book, Bill Clinton criticizes President Obama for debt-ceiling crisis
Salena Zito: Obama's populist path

Hill: Disputes over tighter voting procedures grow as election year approaches


Fox: Looming Deficit Panel Deadline Has Lawmakers Considering 'All Options'
NatJ: Name and Shame? Obama May Go Public with Lawmakers' Funding Requests
NYT: Hoping to Save Money for the Government, Some Seek an End to the $1 Bill

NY Post: 20 'Occupiers' cuffed in courthouse clash
Examiner: Occupy DC protesters ticketed after jumping in front of car
NY Post: Protester throws fit in McDonald's when he can't get free food
NY Post: Zuccotti protesters put up women-only tent to prevent sexual assaults
AJC: Occupy Atlanta | Police halt midnight march
AP: Fed-up consumers planning for 'Bank Transfer Day'
DC: Palin opens up about ‘Occupy’ movement, says Obama gives ‘the fat cats’ their ‘cat nip’
NYT: Occupy Wall Street Protest Reaches a Crossroads
WaPo: Occupy this: Six culprits for economic injustice and inequality in America
Mark Steyn: Standing with “the 99%” means supporting the destruction of civilized society
William Kristol: Occupy Wall Street?

Hill: Eric Holder has a gun problem

NYT: Editorial: The Court’s GPS Test

Hill: Sunday show preview: The Speaker, Ron Paul and the Huntsman clan
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Roll Call: DeMint Says He's Unlikely to Dole Out 2012 Endorsement


Buffalo News: Erie County Executive race is dead even as vote nears


Roll Call: Richardson Probe Raises Questions of Race

Dan Walters: Profligacy persists in California


Star-Telegram: Millions raised in area congressional campaigns


Fox: Former Minnesota Gov. Ventura Miffed by Courts, Says He's Off to Mexico


Examiner: Eyes of nation on Ohio vote on union-limiting law
Fox: Ohio Ballot Battle Pits Union Rights Against GOP Efforts to Shrink Government
LA Times: Ohio voters look set to dump Republicans' anti-union law
Roll Call: Ohio Redistricting Compromise Looks 'Dead'
NYT: Editorial: In Ohio, a Hint About 2012


Detroit FP: Jobs likely focus for GOP debate in Michigan


Politico: Spence opens door to Kinder primary


WaPo: Republicans work to take control of Virginia’s Senate


Politico: Gabrielle Giffords book: I will return to Congress


November 5, 2011


Hill: Cain rocks the house at conservative summit
Examiner: Volunteers, money flood Cain camp in Iowa
Bill O'Reilly: Why Experience Matters

HChron: Cain slips behind Romney in newest poll, with Perry faring slightly better than usual

Wash Times: Cain accuser sticks to allegation
WSJ: Cain Accuser Releases Statement
NYT: Cain Accuser Tells of Pattern, Lawyer Attests
WaPo: Attorney for Cain accuser says ‘series’ of incidents prompted complaint
NatJ: Statement from the National Restaurant Association
James Taranto: Sexual Harassment Stories
Rush Limbaugh:
Rush Limbaugh:

NatJ: Romney Reaching Out to Fiscal Conservatives
LA Times: Romney presents plan to cut $500 billion from federal budget
WSJ: Romney Proposes Voucher Option for Medicare Plan
Hill: Romney proposes entitlement reform as part of fiscal policy
NYT: Romney Debt Plan Includes Medicare Overhaul and Social Security Changes
Weekly Standard: The Romney Plan
NYT: Hello, It’s a Message From Mitt Romney About Rick Perry
Hill: Romney keeps fire trained on Perry, stays silent on front-runner Cain

NYT: Gingrich Tailors Message at Iowa G.O.P. Dinner
Politico: Newt Gingrich embraced at Iowa GOP dinner

Austin AS: Perry goes New Age when it comes to personal health
NYT: Perry Discloses New Debts From Jet Travel

George Will: This time, how about a debate of substance?

Kathleen Parker: President Robin Hood

NatJ: Republicans Proving More Ruthless in Redistricting


NYT: Lawmakers Aim to Stop Defense Cuts if Debt Panel Fails
WSJ: The 'Go Big' Illusion
Roll Call: House Conservatives Rally Against Tax Increases
Hill: GOP members of deficit-reduction panel huddle with Boehner, McConnell
Hill: Left targets Kerry, frets about other super panel Dems
Fred Barnes: Deal or No Deal

Hill: House GOP fractured over strategy for balanced budget amendment vote

Daily Caller: Big money still flowed to politically connected donors while Solyndra sunk
Fox: White House Fires Back at 'Overbroad' Subpoena on Solyndra Documents
WSJ: White House Pushes Back On Solyndra Documents
Wash Times: White House rebuffs subpoena on failed solar firm

Andrew McCarthy: A Terrorist Released

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Brooklyn Legislator Doesn’t Testify at His Bribery Trial


Hill: Ethics panel probes Rep. Richardson
NatJ: Rep. Richardson Says Race, Gender at Center of Ethics Inquiry


SPT: RPOF Palin dinner raises ton of cash


Fox: Feds Say They Have 'Express Authority' to Investigate AL Public Schools re: Immigration


Milwaukee JS: First recall effort launched against Walker, triggering unlimited fundraising


Fred Barnes: Government Unions Strike Back in Ohio


NatJ: Republicans Favored to Recapture Virginia State Senate


Hill: Scott Brown uses GOP address to promote maverick image


American Thinker: Gov. Jan Brewer Wins a Round in the Great Arizona Redistricting Battle
Politico: Brewer struggles to explain impeachment
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Brewer’s Power Grab


November 4, 2011


Rasmussen: National Poll: Cain 26%, Romney 23%, Gingrich 14%
HChron: Newest poll shows Cain unscathed by allegations; Perry remains behind Gingrich

WSJ: Cain Never Prepared for the Storm
WSJ: The Cain Bonfire: The story was bound to come out
WaPo: Will Herman Cain survive the scandal?
WSJ: The Churches of Cain and Obama
DC: National Restaurant Association chairman during Cain’s tenure: ‘It’s a hatchet job’
DC: News organizations continue to protect identities of Cain’s accusers
Hill: Restaurant group will decide Friday if Cain accuser can tell her story
WaPo: For Cain, some troubles as trade group chief
NYT: For a Close Aide to Herman Cain, Scrutiny Comes on Two Fronts
NYT: Cain Revives Charge Against Perry, Shifting Message Again
NYT: Shockingly, Cain’s Mystery Tipster Turns Campaign into High Drama
Politico: Herman Cain accuser got $45,000 settlement
Politico: Herman Cain allegation: Sources reveal new details
NYT: Woman Said to Have Felt Hostility at Work After Complaining About Cain
Hill: Romney or GOP conservative — who would benefit more from a Cain bust?
James Taranto: Who Smeared Herman Cain?
Fred Thompson: Who Dropped the Dime on Cain?
Rush Limbaugh: Cain Didn't Handle This Right?
Rush: Alleged Details of the Alleged Incident Alleged to be Final Nail in Cain's Coffin
Rush Limbaugh: The Cain Story is About All the Republican Candidates

WaPo: Romney lays out fiscal policy in N.H., while Perry and others campaign across Iowa
NYT: From Romney, a Preview of His Economic Speech on Friday
NatJ: Romney Lays Out Spending Policy in N.H.
Chicago Tribune: Mitt Romney says reducing spending a 'moral responsibility'
Wash Times: Romney avoids distractions on the stump
Hill: Mitt Romney: 'I've been as consistent as human beings can be'
Daily Caller: As opponents stumble, Romney waits dreaming
NYT: Democrats Target Romney on Reproductive Rights
WSJ: Donor Suit Shows Roots of Romney and Perry's Rift
WSJ: RomneyCare Led the Way
Rasmussen: Obama 42%, Romney 41%

NYT: In Rick Perry’s Speeches, a Growing Anti-Washington Theme
NatJ: Perry Coins a Slogan in Iowa
NYT: For Perry, Private Jets Have Been Key to Public Job
NYT: Being Texan Doesn’t Mean You Support Perry for President
Politico: New Hampshire speech puts Rick Perry on defensive

NatJ: Gingrich Making the Right Moves in Primary States
American Spectator: Gingrich Rises Up to Glass Ceiling

Hill: Ron Paul: I oppose 'In God We Trust' bill

Star-Tribune: Bachmann blames "overweening" government regulation for banking crisis
DMR: Michele Bachmann’s ‘tax the poor’ plan won’t be flat or simple

Byron York: Pawlenty coulda been contender in this race

Rush Limbaugh: The GOP Race Isn't Over

Rush Limbaugh: It's Bleak Out There for Obama
NYT: Is Obama Toast? Handicapping the 2012 Election
Wash Times: Low ratings raise the bar for Obama
Politico: Poll: Unease in 12 swing states
WaPo: MF Global ties awkward for Obama campaign

Peggy Noonan: Happy Days Aren't Here Again
Kim Strassel: The Democrats' Blue-Collar Blues


Wash Times: Debt panel’s inactivity stirs unease on Hill
WaPo: Debt-reduction supercommittee talks appear to be at an impasse
WSJ: Boehner Presses for Deficit Deal
Hill: Boehner on supercommittee: Tax increases are out, revenues could be in
CBS: Boehner: Debt deal will include new tax revenues
Human Events: Hatch Rallies Support for 'Consensus' BBA
NYT: Interest Groups Try to Catch Debt Committee’s Ear
NYT: G.O.P. Senators’ Letter Clouds Talks on Deficit
Hill: Go big, says McConnell, in an about-face on the deficit
Roll Call: McCain, Graham Ask Pentagon to Weigh Military Costs of Super Committee Failure

Politico: House GOP backs spending bill

Wash Times: Senate GOP blocks infrastructure bill
Politico: Senate gridlock: Both parties block jobs bills
Wash Times: Third Obama jobs bill blocked in Senate
WaPo: Senate blocks $60 billion infrastructure plan
NYT: Editorial: Putting Millionaires Before Jobs
Examiner: GOP plan ties road projects to oil drilling
Roll Call: Boehner Proposes Linking Energy Proceeds to Highway Funding
Hill: House GOP bill would tie infrastructure spending to energy production

Wash Times: Vote on federal marriage law repeal put off

Fox: Freddie Mac Loses $4.4B in Third Quarter, Requests $6B More From Treasury
WSJ: Freddie Again Draws U.S. Assistance
Human Events: Bonuses For the Bankrupt

Wash Times: House subpoenas White House for Solyndra documents
WaPo: Solyndra: House panel subpoenas internal White House documents
Politico: Subpoenas OK’d for Solyndra documents
Hill: House Republicans vote to subpoena White House for Solyndra documents
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Subpoenaed on Solyndra

WSJ: Texan Guilty in Disputed Gun Probe
Fox: Texan Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Guns Tied to Death of U.S. Immigration Agent
DC: Congressmen, rifle assoc. president: WH must address calls for Holder’s resignation

DC: GOP senator: Holder should take action against illegal immigration sanctuary counties

Politico: Justice Department pulls controversial FOIA regs
Hill: Justice Dept. move on FOIA requests eases headache for administration

David Brooks: Shale Gas Revolution

WSJ: Solving the Growing Drug Shortages
Michelle Malkin: Obama’s Drug Demagoguery

Hill: Attorney: 'ObamaCare reinvigorates states' to challenge federal intervention

WSJ: Wall Street Protesters Are Opting for Trials
WS: The Nation Bemoans Plight of OWS Protester $35K in Debt for Puppetry Degree
Rush Limbaugh: Rich Celebrities vs. Wall Street
Rich Lowry: The Lawless Heart of OWS
Rush Limbaugh: Oakland Rioters: Obama's Base
Paul Krugman: Oligarchy, American Style

Fox: U.S. Calls Out China and Russia for Cyber Espionage Costing Billions
WaPo: In a world of cybertheft, U.S. names China, Russia as main culprits

Charles Krauthammer: Who lost Iraq?

WaPo: Boehner calls Grover Norquist ‘some random person’

NYT: Bleak Portrait of Poverty Is Off the Mark, Experts Say


Albany TU: PEF contract passes 27,718 to 11,645
Rochester D&C: New York union ratifies new pact, saving 3,500 jobs

Albany TU: Menges will lead Perry’s NY delegate effort


Roll Call: Dreier’s Fate Rests With Map Lawsuit

Fox: U.S. House to Launch Ethics Investigation Into California Rep. Laura Richardson
LA Times: House to launch ethics investigation of Rep. Laura Richardson

LA Times: California rail agency requests billions to start construction


Politico: Dewhurst poll puts him at 50%
National Review: Exile and the Revolution


Miami Herald: Nelson demands probe of new voting laws
Politico: Bill Nelson focuses on familiar target


Fox: Mississippi Voters to Consider New Law Limiting Eminent Domain Authority


WSJ: Unions Target New Ohio Law


Politico: Man arrested for allegedly threatening Eric Cantor, family
Hill: Man charged for phone threats against Rep. Eric Cantor's family


WSJ: Layoffs, Fee Increases Planned for Harrisburg


Fox: Half a Billion Missing From Corzine's Brokerage Firm
NYT: As Regulators Pressed Changes, Corzine Pushed Back, and Won
WSJ: MF Global Masked Debt Risks


November 3, 2011


WSJ: Cain Faces a New Accusation: Third Worker at Restaurant Association Raised Concerns
Fox: Cain Camp Accuses Perry Campaign of Leaking Sexual Harassment Claims
WaPo: Herman Cain denies new harassment allegations, accuses Rick Perry of fueling stories
Wash Times: Cain says Perry staff behind harassment story
DC: Pollster working for Perry PAC denies leaking Cain story after he reveals new details
Human Events: Perry Addresses Cain Allegations With RedState's Erick Erickson
CBS: Perry camp denies leaking explosive Cain story
Wash Times: Source - Rahm Emanuel involved in Cain sexual harassment accuser attacks
Politico: Herman Cain lashes out at Rick Perry 2012 campaign
NYT: Third Worker Says Herman Cain Harassed Her
WSJ: Third Worker Says Cain Harassed Her
NYDN: Herman Cain faces sexual harassment accusations from third former employee
WaPo: Third former worker says Cain behavior ‘inappropriate’ at restaurant association
ABC: Who Are Herman Cain's Accusers?
Wash Times: Cain mum on latest harassment twist
Politico: GOP pollster makes Herman Cain accusation
NYT: Cain Says Perry Is Orchestrating a Smear Campaign
NYT: Cain Faults Perry as More Allegations Emerge
NYT: Woman Who Accused Cain Won’t Go Public, Lawyer Says
Guardian UK: Republican candidate hit by third allegation of harassing women
WS: Perry Pollster Worked for Restaurant Association at Time of Cain Allegations
National Review: Controversy Punishes Cain All the Way to Frontrunner Status
NYT: Conservative Bloggers Cool to Cain
NYT: Cain to Review Links to a Nonprofit
NYT: Editorial: The Stumbling Campaign of Herman Cain
NatJ: Cain’s Problem Could Soon be the Republican Party’s
Rush Limbaugh: The Herman Cain Saga
Dana Milbank: The Herman Cain crack-up
American Spectator: Cain's Shadow War
American Spectator: Cained to the Ground
American Thinker: Charges against Cain Cannot Be Ignored

WaPo: As governor, Romney worked to reassure liberals
Examiner: Internal memo: Romney courting Kochs, Tea Party

Reuters: Cain's troubles could open door in Iowa for Perry
Daily Caller: Perry: Poor debate performances due to fundraising pressure
HChron: Another prominent New Hampshire Republican abandons Rick Perry for Romney
WSJ: The Perry Paradox

AJC: Gingrich predicts GOP race will be ‘Mitt and Newt'
American Spectator: Newtonian Physics

AP: Bachmann: Cain's problem is inconsistency

WSJ: Santorum Makes Stand in Iowa
NYT: Rick Santorum Meeting Iowans, County by County, Table by Table

Karl Rove: The Republicans' Rising Satisfaction Quotient
Ann Coulter: Why Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks

WSJ: The GOP Candidates Square Off on Taxes

Politico: Barack Obama’s campaign style: Go negative, stay clean


NYT: Fed Lowers Its Forecast for Growth, but Takes No Steps
WaPo: Fed downgrades growth forecasts, sees high unemployment for years ahead

NYT: Deficit Committee Could Seek More Time, a Top Democrat Says
WaPo: House Republicans make cross-party pitch to embolden debt ‘supercommittee’
WaPo: Bipartisan group in House nudges debt supercommittee
WSJ: Lawmakers Prod Panel on Deficit Agreement
Human Events: "Go Bold or Go Home"
NatJ: Panel Considers Bill to Shrink Federal Workforce Through Attrition
NYT: Biggest Public Firms Paid Little U.S. Tax, Study Says
Sens. Ron Wyden & Olympia Snowe: Power of partnership

Wash Times: Obama calls for action by Congress on jobs bill
Hill: House conservatives unveil jobs agenda
NYT: Obama Taunts G.O.P. for Ignoring Jobs Bill
WaPo: Obama rips Boehner for ignoring jobs legislation in favor of ‘In God we Trust’
Politico: Barack Obama’s jobs drive not moving polls
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Dems Never Expected to Pass Jobs Bill in Senate

LA Times: Occupy Oakland: Police in riot gear reportedly fire tear gas
NYT: Oakland’s Port Shuts Down as Protesters March on Waterfront
WSJ: Oakland Protesters Shut Down Port
NY Post: Man arrested in sex assaults at Occupy Wall Street
NY Post: Time to throw the bums out
WSJ: An 'Occupy' Tale of Three Cities
Victor Davis Hanson: Who Are These Fat-Cat Few at the Top?

NYT: U.S. Considered Taking Partial Ownership of Solyndra
Hill: Obama administration mulled Solyndra bailout days before company's demise

DC: White House, DOJ silent as 34 members of Congress call for Holder’s resignation

Wash Times: Subpoena OK’d for ICE’s illegal-immigration data
Fox: House Panel to Subpoena Homeland Security for Information on Illegal Immigrants
Hill: E-Verify bill splits House GOP

WaPo: Senators unveil bipartisan Postal Service rescue plan
Hill: Senators pave way for tense USPS talks
Wash Times: Postal Service rescue plan finds way to pay for buyouts
Fox: Senators Propose Allowing Postal Service to Ship Wine, Beer as Part of Reform Plan
Politico: Senators: Cut 100,000 postal workers

Hill: Dems question housing chief on his ability to provide more mortgage relief
WaPo: Former HUD official details lapses in housing-construction fund for poor

Fox: Some 15% of U.S. Uses Food Stamps

NYT: WikiLeaks Founder Can Be Extradited to Sweden in Sex Abuse Case


NYT: New Hampshire Sets Jan. 10 Primary
NYT: New Hampshire Claims Its Usual Early Spot on the Republican Primary Calendar


Roll Call: Dina Titus to Run Again, This Time in Nevada’s 1st District


Rasmussen: South Carolina: Cain 33% Romney 23% Gingrich 15%
EJ Dionne: What South Carolina can do for the GOP candidates


NatJ: Poll: N.Y. Voters Remain Undecided on Gillibrand

WSJ: New York's Mandate Disorder: Cuomo thinks the state needs higher insurance costs
WSJ: Democrats, Labor Push Cuomo to Drop Opposition to New Levy on the Wealthy
Albany TU: Budget hearings delayed
NYT: In Local Races, Cuomo Lends a Hand, and a Face and a Voice

NYT: 3 Prospective 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidates Find a Stage


Roll Call: Theft Hits Races in California
Politico: Rep. Laura Richardson tries to head off ethics probe

George Skelton: Still no straight route to confidence in bullet train


Human Events: Connie Mack Back on Track to Seek Florida GOP Senate Nod


WSJ: Suspected Militia Members Arrested in Georgia
NYT: Georgia Men Held in Plot to Attack Government


Roll Call: Ohio Legislature to Vote Thursday on Compromise
Politico: Citizens United spends big in Ohio


Roll Call: Club for Growth Encouraging Upton Primary Challenger


American Thinker: The Missouri GOP Wakes Up


WaPo: Loudoun GOP official resigns over Obama zombie image


Examiner: No political fix for Corzine's bad bond bets
NYT: Many Alarms Rang Before MF Global Crashed


Roll Call: Linda McMahon Endorses Mitt Romney for President


Daily Call: Elizabeth Warren and Barbra Streisand fight for the downtrodden at $5,000 a pop


Roll Call: Arizona Map in Flux After Mathis Impeachment
Politico: Colleen Mathis impeachment sets off legal firestorm in Arizona redistricting fight
Hill: Arizona left with no clear path in redistricting map flap


Denver Post: Election results show Coloradans have a sour taste for tax fixes
Wash Times: Blizzard of ‘no’ in Colorado kills tax hikes for schools
Rush Limbaugh: Colorado Voters Reject Tax Increase to Fund Education
Paul Gigot: Colorado Says Occupy This


November 2, 2011


NYT: Cain Accuser Got a Year’s Salary in Severance Pay
WSJ: Woman Wants to Respond to Cain
NYT: Cain Accuser Wants to Tell Story, Lawyer Says
WaPo: Herman Cain’s accuser wants to tell her side of story, lawyer says
NatJ: Lift Muzzle on Accuser? Cain Won’t Say
WaPo: Herman Cain says sexual harassment claims are smear, fundraising boon
WaPo: Herman Cain’s rewriting of birth-control history
Roll Call: Cain’s Damage Control Could Be Most Telling
Politico: Iowa yawns at Herman Cain allegations
Examiner: Republicans say Cain can survive scandal
Hill: Senate Republicans rip media for Cain story, allege double standard
NatJ: As Cain Stumbles, GOP Strategists Question His Viability
National Review: Cain Advisers Confident in Strategy of ‘Answering All We Can’
American Thinker: Is Herman Cain the Answer?
American Thinker: Cain Versus the Lynch Mob
Daily Caller: Krauthammer: Defense of your contradictory statements ‘sounds Clintonian’
Wash Times: Report: Cain voted for Clinton
Michael Barone: Cain catches flak, but will it sink his candidacy?
Rush Limbaugh: Where is Your Sense of Proportion?
Rush Limbaugh: Sexual Harassment and Political Correctness are Political Tools of Left
Rush Limbaugh: The Media on Rush and Cain
Rush Limbaugh: Coincidence? Cain Advertises on EIB, Comes Under Attack
Maureen Dowd: Cain Not Able

NatJ: Poll: Romney Ties Obama in Florida
SPT: Fla poll: Romney 25%, Cain 24%, Gingrich 11, Perry 9
WaPo: Romney’s problematic claims of reducing health care subsidies
Politico: Mitt Romney hit for past emissions stance
NatJ: Romney's Big Money Langone Luncheon
NYT: Romney and Cain Pass on Iowa G.O.P. Dinner
American Thinker: Get off Romney's Back

WaPo: Rick Perry: It’s now or never
NYT: As Polls Slip, Perry Gets First Bounty of ‘Super PAC’ Ads
NatJ: Perry Doesn't Look Like The Comeback Kid
HChron: Donors to Bush absent for Perry
Hill: Perry wasn't drunk at speech, says host

Paul Gigot: Can Gingrich Break Through?
Hill: Rising in polls, Gingrich campaign must weigh pros and cons of going negative
Newt Gingrich: What the Battle of the Crater Means Today

WaPo: Evangelical opposites to hold discussion on 2012 presidential race

Roll Call: Presidential Debate Commission Announces Sites, Dates

Daily Caller: Roger Stone warns GOP about ‘great danger’ of a third-party candidate

Examiner: Obama's actions show jobs are not his top priority
Weekly Standard: RNC Ad: Obama in His Own Words
WSJ: Obama Aims at Election Laws
Hill: Dems, GOP spar over voter ID laws
Wash Times: Lawmaker says Obama should return book profits
Ruth Marcus: Campaign 2012: Welcome to the slugfest
Hill: Obama ‘can’t wait’ to fight Romney

American Spectator: Ryan Schools Obama on America
Weekly Standard: Paul Ryan's Second Act

NYT: Hating Incumbency and Incumbents Too
NatJ: GOP Senate Supermajority? Fuggedaboutit, Says Charlie Cook

NYT: Dorothy Rodham, Mother and Mentor of Hillary Clinton, Is Dead at 92
WSJ: Neglected Girl Who Raised a First Lady, Secretary of State
Wash Times: Hillary Clinton’s mother, 92, dies; described as ‘generous and strong’


WSJ: Worry Builds for Deficit-Panel Deal
NYT: Deficit Panel Is Warned That It Must Not Fail and Is Urged to Compromise
Hill: Nearing deadline, supercommittee holds public hearing on two old plans
WaPo: Supercommittee’s secrecy disappoints Republican House freshmen
WaPo: Supercommittee must not ‘fail the country,’ Bowles says, offering his own plan
Politico: Supercommittee compromise offered by Erskine Bowles
Wash Times: Experienced deficit cutters urge supercommittee to triple its goal
Fox: Budget Veteran Warns Deficit Committee Members They Might 'Fail the Country'
LA Times: Budget veterans have advice for 'super committee'
Fox: Governors' Suggestions to the Super Committee
Politico: Leon Panetta: Don’t gut our defenses
Hill: Moody's: Downgrade of US debt not automatic if supercommittee fails
Rasmussen: 72% Think Middle-Class Tax Hike Likely In Any Budget-Cutting Deal

WaPo: Senate approves partial spending measure
Politico: Conservatives lose spending round
Hill: Democrats seek to fracture Republican unity in the Senate

WaPo: Postal Service compromise in the works?

WSJ: Fed Poised to Cut Growth Forecast
WSJ: As Fed Meets, Bond Market Just Shrugs

Daily Caller: NYC arrest records: Many Occupy Wall Street protesters live in luxury
NY Post: Protesters force cafe layoffs as biz drops
National Review: A Day in Zuccotti Park
Michelle Malkin: Occupy Oakland’s Dangerous ‘Strike’

Fox: Republican Senator Calls on Obama to Cancel Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bonuses

WSJ: Reviews Begin for Borrowers Disputing Foreclosures
Fox: Millions of Homeowners Eligible for Foreclosure Review

WaPo: Justice official questioned in Senate about ‘gun walking’ to Mexico
Hill: Top Justice Dept. official: ATF should have stopped 'gun walking' tactics
Fox: Justice Official Regrets Not Speaking Up About Federal Anti-Gunrunning Operation
Daily Caller: Connie Mack becomes the 30th congressman to call for Holder’s resignation

Wash Times: House GOP to subpoena immigration data

Wash Times: Bankrupt firm, owing U.S., retains lobbyist
Fox: Jobs Panel Member Whose Solar Firm Won Loan Guarantees Raises 'Conflict of Interest'
CNN: Conservative group going up with TV ads attacking Obama over Solyndra

Politico: Health law ruling could be political earthquake

WSJ: The Bush-Obama Rx Shortages
NYT: Editorial: Vital Drugs in Short Supply

WSJ: The Terrorist Threat Beneath the Waves

LA Times: Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition to Sweden

Fox: House Votes to Reaffirm 'In God We Trust' as Official U.S. Motto
Hill: GOP: 'In God We Trust' bill needed to remind President Obama
NYT: In God We Trust, With the House’s Help
Human Events: House Votes to Reaffirm 'In God We Trust' as National Motto
Dana Milbank: House Republicans, keeping the faith

NYT: A Silver Lining to America’s Waning Influence

Bill Gates: Bill Gates’s plan to assist the world’s poor


WSJ: Republican Candidates Visit Iowa Without Gifts in Hand

NYT: Special Election in Iowa Will, G.O.P. Hopes, Cement Grip on Power


Albany TU: We have property tax cap, what about a cost cap?

NYDN: Alec Baldwin steals the show at Bloomberg's Awards, jokes about running for office
NYT: Bloomberg and Koch Deeply Split Over Blame on Fiscal Ills


SacBee: California's high-speed rail backers take steps to quiet critics
Dan Walters: High-speed California choo-choo slows down


NPR: Court To Decide If Texas Voting Maps Discriminate


Daily Caller: Poll: Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton could be Florida game-changers
Buzz: Poll: Rubio as veep offers Republicans a sure shot, with one exception
HChron: Marco Rubio may be Rick Perry’s last best hope in Florida

NYT: Florida: Miami Beach Mayor Wins Another Term

Miami Herald: More disclosure sought in tax deals with private sector


NYT: 4 Georgia Men Arrested in Terror Plot
FBI: Elderly Men Arrested, Charged in Plots to Manufacture Biological Toxin


Politico: DOJ warns Ala. schools on immigrants


Chicago Tribune: Cellini found guilty of conspiracy, bribery
Chicago ST: Springfield power broker Cellini guilty of extortion, aiding bribery


WSJ: New Detroit Charter Aims to Curb Corruption in City


NYT: McCaskill’s Campaign Prep: Lose 50 Pounds


Roll Call: Justice Department Greenlights New N.C. Congressional Map


Roll Call: Corey Stewart Endorses George Allen in Virginia
Politico: Jim Webb goes out swinging
Rush Limbaugh: Watch Out, Virginia!


Human Events: Toomey: Protect Conscience Rights


WSJ: MF Global's Collapse Draws FBI Interest
NYT: Federal Inquiry of MF Global Escalates
WSJ: Where Was the CFTC?
NYT: In Corzine Comeback, Big Risks and Steep Fall
WSJ: Corzine Agonistes
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Corzine’s Big Bet
Rush Limbaugh: Jon Corzine is a MF-ing Crook


Roll Call: Brown Responds to Attack on Environmental Record


Arizona Republic: Arizona redistricting chief ousted
NYT: Arizona Governor and Senate Oust Redistricting Leader
NatJ: AZ Senate Votes to Remove Independent Redistricting Chair
Roll Call: Arizona Governor Removes Mapmaker
Politico: Colleen Mathis impeached by Jan Brewer, Arizona Senate
Hill: Arizona Senate ejects redistricting chair, throws map into chaos


Denver Post: Colorado Election Day results prove a killing field for tax measures
Wash Times: Colorado voters overwhelmingly reject higher taxes


November 1, 2011


WSJ: Cain Calls Harassment Allegations ‘Totally Baseless’
Hill: Cain: I've been 'falsely accused'
Wash Times: Cain: Harassment allegations ‘totally false’
NYT: Cain Calls Harassment Issue a ‘Witch Hunt’
American Spectator: 'Sources Say': Herman Cain meets the D.C. media's scandal factory
NYT: Cain Confronts Claim From ’90s of Sexual Harassment
NYT: In Sex Harassment Cases, How Much Would an Executive Know?
NYT: Media Distrust May Shield Cain From the Right’s Critiques
WaPo: Herman Cain denies ever sexually harassing anyone, calls allegations ‘totally false’
Weekly Standard: Cain's Former Secretary: This Is Not the Herman Cain I Know
Examiner: Cain reiterates that he was unaware of settlement
WaPo: Cain says he knew of settlement with woman who accused him of sexual harassment
AJC: Herman Cain admits knowing of cash settlement, describes gesture
NatJ: Cain Offers Sexual-Harassment Claim Details
NatJ: 'Let Cain Be Cain' in GOP Race
National Review: A Question for Team Cain
DC: Conservative women grapple with a GOP front-runner accused of sexual harassment
Fox: Cain Campaign Gets Smoked on Harassment
NatJ: Ex-Clinton Hand Gives Cain Some Advice
Roll Call: Cain’s Damage Control Could Be Most Telling
Politico: Cain sexual harassment allegations: Damage-control marked by inconsistencies
Politico: National Restaurant Association decided against endorsing Herman Cain
Roll Call: Democrats Hope for GOP Primary Disruption
American Spectator: Herman Cain's a threat to both the left and the GOP Establishment
AP: Supporting Cain, GOP base evokes Thomas hearings
Paul Gigot: The Cain Scrutiny
Mark Steyn: Unsettling
Mona Charen: Another ‘Borking’?
Byron York: Cain details gesture that led to sex accusation
Byron York: Cain gets caught in Washington's scandal machine
Kathleen Parker: What Herman Cain recalls
Rush Limbaugh: We Should Not be Surprised by the Left's Racist Hit Job on Herman Cain
Rush Limbaugh: Who Leaked the Cain Story?
Rush Limbaugh: If Cain Was a Democrat, the Women Accusers Would be Under Assault
James Taranto: Eric Holder Was Right: Karen Finney, Herman Cain and "white privilege"
Dana Milbank: Herman Cain can do no wrong
Ruth Marcus: The flawed comparison of Cain to Clarence Thomas
Charlie Cook: Cain’s Troubles Help Perry, Romney

DC: Cain’s foreign policy: Vague while campaigning, hawkish in syndicated columns

WaPo: Herman Cain campaign’s financial ties to Wisconsin charity questioned

Fox: Cain Pulls Even with Perry In Texas, Says University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll
Star-Telegram: Poll shows Perry, Cain in virtual tie in Texas

WaPo: The conservative case for Mitt Romney
WaPo: Fact Checker biography: Romney’s fiscal policies as governor
Politico: Christie to hold fundraiser for Romney
American Thinker: Romney's Missing Core

Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Perry 46%, Obama 42%
Wash Times: New Perry ad: 'I'm a doer, not a talker'
NYT: Portraying the Face of Job Growth
HChron: Rick Perry’s new ad touts job creation, but do the numbers back up the claims?
Examiner: Video blunts Perry's reintroduction to voters
NatJ: Perry Super PAC Going Up In Iowa, South Carolina
NYT: Perry Tax Plan Would Help Rich and Lower Tax Revenue, Study Finds
WaPo: Perry speech video goes viral
American Thinker: Rick Perry and the Likability Factor

Fox: Gingrich Gains Ground After Rocky Campaign Start

Weekly Standard: Romney Up 2, Cain Even, Perry Down 18, Among Independents
Politico: Earliest states begin to shape up
Wash Times: Incumbent governors on safe ground
NatJ: Voters Evenly Split On GOP House, Obama

NatJ: Outside Groups May Open Door to Lifting Spending Caps

NYT: Congressional Voting Records Show Few With Perfect Attendance


Roll Call: Awkward Hearing Set for Deficit Panel
NatJ: What's At Stake in the Deficit Debate?
Politico: Social Security appears on deficit panel agenda
Hill: Supercommittee panelists would take hit if they fail to get debt deal
Wash Times: Obama, lawmakers can’t swear off special tax breaks
Hill: For every tax break, a lobby to fight for it
DC: Senator: Appropriations bill promising $1 billion cut will increase spending by $9 billion
WaPo: Capitol Hill power player Fred Upton switches ideological gears as his clout grows
WaPo: Behind the scenes, Roskam is House GOP’s ‘listener in chief’
WaPo: House waves the red, white and blue (RSVP)
NYT: Editorial: Tales From the Supercommittee

WSJ: U.S. Investigates Fannie Mae
WSJ: More McMansion Subsidies: A backdoor effort to keep Fannie and Freddie in business
Politico: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac executives get big housing bonuses
Rush Limbaugh: Smoking Gun: The Government Caused the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Hill: Top housing regulator says he lacks authority for foreclosure relief

Fox: Another Energy Company Goes Bankrupt, $39 Million Borrowed From Taxpayers
WaPo: Beacon Power declares bankruptcy; second loan guarantee recipient to falter
Human Events: Beacon Power: Your New Obama "Green Energy" Bankruptcy
Hill: Second green flop stokes controversy
Weekly Standard: Obama, Dems Received Contributions From Failed Power Company

NYT: Failed Solar Company’s Auction Draws Bargain Hunters

DC: Holder dumps new Fast and Furious docs as 11 more congressmen call for his resignation
WSJ: Justice Official Regrets Gun Sting

Hill: As House GOP's chief watchdog, Rep. Issa treads carefully
Human Events: Issa Probes Park Service Science Used to Shut Down Oyster Farm

WSJ: A Slow-Growth America Can't Lead the World

WaPo: The U.S. infrastructure argument that crumbles upon examination

WaPo: Occupy D.C.: They’re occupying, but who’s counting?
NYT: Dissenting, or Seeking Shelter? Homeless Stake a Claim at Protests
Rush Limbaugh: Disgusting Stories from OWS Protests
American Thinker: Generation Null

NYT: Congress Questions the I.R.S. About Delays in Its Oversight of Nonprofit Hospitals

WSJ: Cooking the Books on Grandma's Health Care

WaPo: Obama names FCC commissioners, both agency, Hill veterans

Wash Times: Appeal denied on highway crosses in Utah
NYT: Justices Decline Case on Highway Crosses

NYT: Justices Hear Arguments in Faulty-Lawyer Cases
LA Times: Supreme Court hesitates to extend rights on plea deals

WSJ: What's Your Kid Getting From College?
David Brooks: The Wrong Inequality
NYT: Editorial: Punishing Poverty

Wash Times: FBI says Russian spies got close to Cabinet
LA Times: Russian spies were succeeding, FBI official says

Fox: U.S. Will Withhold Funds For U.N. Agency After Vote to Grant Membership to Palestinians
Human Events: Great Moderate Muslim Hope Mohamed Elibiary Leaks Intel Documents
WSJ: Why Islamists Are Winning
National Review: The Truth about Islam
American Thinker: 'Democratic' Arab Spring Becoming an Islamist Arab Winter

WaPo: Health, abortion issues split Obama administration, Catholic groups
Wash Times: Gillibrand bill encourages LGBT adoption
Human Events: Senators' Letters Intensify Debate Over Contraceptive Mandate
Pat Buchanan: The Coming Church-State Wars


DMR: Iowans appear ready to give Cain benefit of doubt on sexual harassment allegations


Reuters: Perry urges repeal of New Hampshire gay marriage law


Wash Times: Justice Department sues over S. Carolina’s law on immigration
Fox: Justice Department Sues South Carolina Over State's Strict Immigration Law
Daily Caller: Holder sues South Carolina over immigration reform
MSNBC: South Carolina immigration law challenged by Justice Dept.


Albany TU: Occupy Albany protesters planning to build on site

Albany TU: Cuomo chooses Eve and Quiniones

NY Post: State’s GOP in hell-rai$er


SacBee: California assemblywoman Mary Hayashi (D) charged with felony grand theft
LA Times: Assemblywoman charged with shoplifting at Neiman Marcus

LA Times: Compton finds itself in full financial meltdown

SacBee: Cost estimate doubles for California high-speed rail project

Dan Walters: $20 million gift to California courts a big mistake


Miami Herald: Republican politicians in Senate race point fingers over 'career' label
Roll Call: Rivals Jeer Connie Mack’s Entrance in Florida Senate Primary

SPT: Even if GOP C.W. Bill Young is vulnerable, no Democrat is opposing him for reelection


NYT: OpEd: Mississippi’s Ambiguous ‘Personhood’ Amendment


American Thinker: Governor Jindal Stirring Unrest among Louisiana Conservatives


Chicago Tribune: Quinn says he's no pal of lawmakers


Milwaukee JS: GOP bill to accelerate redistricting in Wisconsin falters


National Review: What’s the Matter with Ohio?


Newsweek: John Edwards's Trial Will Showcase a Novel Defense


WaPo: Va GOP condemns Loudoun GOP e-mail with an image of Obama shot in the head
NYDN: Virginia county GOP committee in hot water over image meant as Halloween joke

Wash Times: Illegal immigrant pleads guilty in killing of nun in Va.


Human Events: If Al Schmidt Wins Philly Board Seat, Obama Can Kiss Pa. Goodbye


NYT: Corzine-Led Firm Is Said to Be Eyed on Missing Money
WSJ: MF Global Collapses as Books Questioned
WaPo: MF Global Probe Said to Involve Hundreds of Millions in Funds
NY Post: Corzine’s MF Global files for bankruptcy
Joe Nocera: Corzine Crashes Like It’s 2008
WSJ: Pulling a Corzine: A financial firm fails, and it only loses its own money


Hill: Shays fights for name recognition, money in Connecticut Senate race
Roll Call: Christopher Shays Criticizes Linda McMahon, Obama


Hill: Hatch’s path to reelection gets easier

Politico: Utah joins top 10 governors' races


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