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November 30, 2011


Gallup: Gingrich Leads; Romney at New Low in Positive Intensity
Weekly Standard: Gingrich Pulls Ahead in Gallup’s Net Favorability Ratings
Telegraph UK: Newt Gingrich begins to draw in on Mitt Romney in New Hampshire
WSJ: Gingrich Ramps Up in South Carolina
National Review: Newt Gingrich storms South Carolina
Human Events: Gingrich Embraces and Defends American Sovereignty in South Carolina
Weekly Standard: Gingrich: Automatic [Defense] Sequestration Is Absolutely Irrational
WaPo: Gingrich’s long history on the national stage is an asset
WSJ: OpEd: Gingrich vs. the Immigration Status Quo
NYT: Gingrich Gave Push to Clients, Not Just Ideas
Examiner: Editorial: Conservatives should think twice about Newt
DC: Mark Steyn: Gingrich’s ideas ‘sound all as if they are coming from a self-help manual’
Politico: Politico eBook excerpts: Newt Gingrich opens up
Newt Gingrich: Three Katrinas and Education
Am Spectator: Entitlement Reform: Gingrich has proposed most cutting-edge solution
Charles Hurt: Gingrich is GOP’s latest not-Romney
Maureen Dowd: My Man Newt

NYT: In Interview, Romney Sets Stage for Gingrich Rivalry
WaPo: Romney lands his first blow on Gingrich, calling him ‘lifelong politician’
NatJ: Romney Comes Out Swinging Against Gingrich
Politico: Romney engages Gingrich: Lifelong Washington man
SPT: Mitt Romney stumps in Florida with focus on President Barack Obama
WaPo: Romney snags backing of Florida Latino lawmakers
Examiner: Romney courts Hispanic vote in Florida
Wash Times: Romney putting time, cash into Florida
NatJ: What Romney Really Thinks On Immigration
DC: Evangelical leader: Social conservatives may not back Romney in 2012
NYT: Building a Better Mitt Romney-Bot
Kathleen Parker: Behind Romney’s change of heart on abortion
Dan Balz: After 2008, Romney works a very different campaign
Michael Barone: Untouched by '60s, Romney reflects corny '50s

NatJ: Cain Signals that 'Reassessment' Doesn't Mean Retreat
WSJ: Cain Mulls Campaign's Future
WaPo: Cain reassessing his 2012 campaign
NYT: Cain, Support Eroding, Weighs Dropping Bid
Detroit News: Embattled Cain focuses on security in Hillsdale
Detroit FP: Herman Cain sticks to speech at Hillsdale, but posts message to Twitter
NYT: Cain Speaks on Foreign Policy, Avoiding Accusations
WSJ: Cain to Reassess Presidential Plans
NYT: Cain Reassessing Candidacy Amid New Allegations
WaPo: Herman Cain reassessing presidential candidacy
WaPo: The Herman Cain collapse: Who benefits?
Wash Times: Cain tells aides he’s reassessing his campaign
AJC: A stark assessment of Herman Cain’s chances from an Iowan congressman
NYDN: Cain's sex scandals eclipse those of Bill Clinton - where's the outrage from the GOP?
Jen Rubin: Once again, voters must reassess Herman Cain’s character
WaPo: Ginger White, latest Herman Cain accuser: Who is she?

Wash Times: Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio endorses Perry
WaPo: Rick Perry nabs Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s endorsement in New Hampshire
NYT: Perry Gains Endorsement From an Arizona Sheriff Tough on Immigration
NatJ: Arpaio Endorsement Fails to Spark Enthusiasm for Perry in New Hampshire
Reuters: Perry says will deport all detained illegal immigrants
Politico: Rick Perry shakeup: Allbaugh, Fabrizio take the lead
WaPo: Perry denies reports of staff shake-up
NatJ: Perry camp knocks down campaign shakeup rumors
WaPo: Rick Perry gets U.S. voting age wrong in New Hampshire
HChron: Perry gets U.S. voting age wrong in New Hampshire speech

Daily Caller: Bachmann: Romney ‘championed the pro-abortion cause’

Politico: Ron Paul's family publishes 2012 cookbook

Politico: Jon Huntsman bets on retail politicking
Ross Douthat: The Huntsman Handicap

Daily Caller: Why Rick Santorum hasn’t had his moment in the primary sun
WaPo: GOP hopeful Rick Santorum campaigns with a seriously ill daughter at home

Dick Morris: Room at the top in GOP field
WaPo: Contenders’ campaigns gain a new urgency

James Taranto: The Receding Democratic Majority?

NYT: Support for Tea Party Falls in Strongholds, Polls Show
NatJ: In Conservative Districts, Tea Party Losing Support

Wash Times: Obama takes tax pitch to ‘must-win’ state of Pennsylvania
WaPo: Pennsylvania becomes major battleground for Obama in 2012
NYT: Obama Is Facing a Replay of ’08 Hurdles in ‘Hillary Country,’ Pa.

NYT: OpEd: How to Free Congress’s Mind About Compromise

NatJ: Democrats Bet the Senate on Women


Fox: McConnell Opens Door to Payroll Tax Cut Extension
Hill: GOP shifts battle tactics in war for tax supremacy with Obama, Dems
WSJ: GOP Set to Back Payroll-Tax Cut
NYT: In Congress, Role Reversal Over Federal Payroll Tax Cut
NYT: OpEd: Choosing Between the Rich and Everyone Else

WaPo: Democrats to attack Republicans for pushing Medicare cuts

WaPo: Despite earmark ban, lawmakers try to give money to hundreds of pet projects
Hill: Sens. Toomey, McCaskill stir pot with proposal for permanent earmarks ban

Hill: Lawmakers propose end to congressional pensions

WSJ: Home Prices Edge Downward
NYT: A New Shot at Mortgage Relief

Politico: Dodd-Frank foes beating path to courthouse door

WSJ: U.S. Nears Milestone: Net Fuel Exporter

WaPo: Foes of health-care law are among states receiving federal money to implement it
Wash Times: Altering health law by executive order a no-go, report says
Wash Times: No consensus among states on tack for health law

WSJ: National Labor Relations Board Scales Back Union-Vote Plan
Fox: Labor Board Dials Back Union Proposal Amid Shutdown Threat
Hill: Republican wildcard in NLRB vote
Human Events: NLRB Likely to Punt on "Quickie Election" Proposal For Now
American Spectator: Ambush Election Prevention

Wash Times: Senate defies Obama veto threat in terrorist custody vote
NYT: Senate Approves Requiring Military Custody in Terror Cases
Hill: Senate rejects effort to ease terrorist detainee policy in defense bill
LA Times: Senate vote sets up fight over terrorism detainees

Daily Caller: Holder lashes out while refusing to address growing calls for his resignation
Politico: Eric Holder to Daily Caller: quit pressing me to quit

WaPo: House votes to end country limits for skilled workers seeking green cards
WSJ: Bill Eases U.S. Residency for Foreign Skilled Workers
NYT: Highly Skilled May Wait Less for Visas

NYT: Official Calls for Urgency on College Costs
NYT: Line Grows Long for Free Meals at U.S. Schools


Hill: Top Iowa social conservative won't endorse for president


Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Romney 34%, Gingrich 24%, Paul 14%, Huntsman 11%


NYT: Judge Says Suit to Void Marriage Act May Proceed
Rochester D&C: Local lawsuit seeking to overturn gay marriage law can proceed, judge rules

NYT: Assemblyman Faces New Charges of Bribery
NYT: 2nd Bribe Case for Lawmaker Just Acquitted

NYT: National Report Praises School-Choice System for New York City Students

NYT: Editorial: Suffolk’s Mean Streets


LA Times: Occupy L.A.: City Hall campsite left in shambles; small group remains
LA Times: Occupy L.A.: Police load protesters onto buses headed for jail
WaPo: LA police move in to dismantle Occupy encampment at City Hall, arrest protesters
WSJ: L.A. Police Ready for Raid on Occupy Group
WSJ: Appeasing the Occupiers

SacBee: California Republicans still favor Romney but Gingrich now in second


American Spectator: A Mack by Any Other Name

Politico: Florida proposal pleasing to GOP's eyes


NYT: Editorial: An Intolerable Burden of Proof for Mentally Ill in Death Penalty Cases


Politico: Lugar fundraising with Bloomberg

Politico: Daniels to remain on the sidelines


Fox: Watchdog Claims OH Failed to Look After $266M in Stimulus for Energy-Efficient Homes


Star Tribune: State may face new big deficit


Politico: Hoekstra's fourth quarter bar

WSJ: Emergency Manager Named for Flint, Mich.


Politico: Martin may switch to Missouri governor's race


Roll Call: Internal Poll Shows Ben Nelson Besting GOP Foes


WaPo: Defense, prosecution agree Ehrlich campaign manager approved robo-calls


Dana Milbank: Barney the bully: Congressman Frank’s other legacy
Human Events: Barney, Banking and Brothels


Roll Call: Jan Brewer Decides Against Special Session on Redistricting


November 29, 2011


NYT: Gingrich Wields History, Seeking to Add Chapter
NYT: Gingrich Says He’s ‘Conservative Alternative’ to Romney
RCP: Gingrich Says He's "A Lot More Electable Than Anybody Else"
NatJ: Gingrich Voices Support for S.C. Immigration Law
Politico: Newt Gingrich goes deeper on immigration plan
Wash Times: Tea partyers split over Gingrich on illegals
Thomas Sowell: Gingrich and Immigration
DMR: Christian conservatives split on Gingrich’s right-to-life record
NPR: Gingrich Has Record Of Clashing With The Right
WaPo: What the Union Leader means for Newt Gingrich (and what it doesn’t)
Hill: For Gingrich, personal baggage could be heavy campaign weight

Fox: GA Woman Claims 13-Year Affair With Cain, as Candidate Denies Latest Allegations
Politico: "Stalking, defaming, libeler"
AJC: Woman claims 13-year affair with Herman Cain
HChron: Hermain Cain’s lawyer: “Private sexual life” not public’s business (VIDEO)
Hill: Cain denies allegation he had a 13-year affair
Daily Caller: At fundraising event in Virginia, Cain denies affair allegations
Wash Times: Cain denies new claim of 13-year-long affair
WSJ: Cain Denies New Accusation From Atlanta Woman
Politico: Herman Cain affair: Candidate fights back against Ginger White's claims
NYT: Woman Claims an Affair With Herman Cain
WaPo: Ginger White accuses Herman Cain of a 13-year affair
Detroit News: Cain visits Michigan amid allegation of extramarital affair
NYDN: Who is Ginger White? Herman Cain’s alleged mistress is single mom and unemployed
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 46%, Cain 36%

Weekly Standard: Romney Urges Obama to Defend Defense
WSJ: Obama, Romney Camps Look Past the Primaries
Politico: Newt who? Dems, Romney keep clashing
NatJ: Romney Campaign Counterattacks DNC Claims
AP/Farrington: Romney the 1st GOP candidate to plant flag in Fla
Fox: Romney Charts Risky Course With Immigration Attacks
Michael Gerson: Obama has no room to complain about ad distortions
James Taranto: Mitt & Maureen: One of them quotes deceptively. The other is a politician
Ezra Klein: What Gingrich, Romney and Obama have in common

NatJ: Perry Says He’d Ask Geithner, Bernanke to Resign or He’d Fire Them
HChron: Pair of Perry ads test limits of the election law
HChron: At Houston event, Perry avoids presidential politics
HChron: Rick Perry to appear on Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday

Roll Call: Michele Bachmann Touts Glenn Beck Vote, Gets S.C. Tea Party Boost

Daily Caller: Supporters unveil video urging Palin to reconsider, run for president

Byron York: Time running out for anti-Romney Republicans
Examiner: GOP debaters still rattling obsolete sabers

WSJ: Obama Abandons the Working Class
Rush Limbaugh: NYT: Dems Not Interested in Voters Who Work, Target Losers Instead
Charlie Cook: It’s the Numbers, Stupid
Fox: White House Denies Targeting Swing States in Obama Travel Schedule
DC: Obama in 2006: I ‘stole’ book title ‘Audacity of Hope’ from Rev. Wright, ‘my pastor’
American Spectator: Back to the 1930s
Rich Lowry: Spirit of ’48: Obama will make like Truman, nasty virtuoso of crude populism

WSJ: GOP Hopes to Keep 2012 Edge in Voter Intensity

Hill: Retirements hit Dem aspirations for a House takeover in 2012
Human Events: Rep. Barney Frank's Surprise Bow-Out Has GOP's Hopes Up

NYT: Why Are Primaries Hard To Predict?

WaPo: As White House candidates abandon public funding, Republicans look to end system


WSJ: Parties to Square Off Over Payroll-Tax Cut
NYT: Senate Democrats Propose Extending Payroll Tax Cut
Examiner: Millionaires vs. middle class in Dem tax cut plan
Hill: Senate Dems plan to move $1 trillion omnibus in December

Emily Miller: Defense on the chopping block: Sequester favors Dem programs over military
Politico: Pat Toomey: Dems had reason to fail
Politico: Rob Portman holds out hope for tax reform

Politico: Maxine Waters lobbying for top Financial Services slot
Hill: Maxine Waters in line to take over from Frank on Financial Services Committee

Rush: As World Faces Economic Disaster, Powell Shows up on Sunday to Play Games

WaPo: Judge rejects SEC-Citigroup settlement

Wash Times: Family: Illegal-immigrant student martyred himself for Dream Act
Examiner: Reid bill might block state immigration laws

WSJ: Recipe for Middle-Class Jobs
NYT: As Public Sector Sheds Jobs, Blacks Are Hit Hardest

William Reilly: Keep the Clean Water Act Strong

WSJ: The Great Global Warming Fizzle

Politico: Health care waivers denied for Indiana, Louisiana
Hill: Obama administration rejects Republican states' health law waiver requests

Dr. Milton Wolf: Bye-bye, Berwick: Asterisk of history falls on his socialist sword

WSJ: State Budgets Improve Slowly
WaPo: States face bleak economic forecast, report says

Sen. Mark Udall: Defense bill gives military too much responsibility for detainees

Politico: Ethics Committee looks at Alcee Hastings, Don Young
Hill: Ethics extends Hastings, Young probes


WSJ: Cuomo wants to raid state pension funds for political purposes

NYT: A Court, Not Votes, Sustains a Political Machine in Queens


LA Times: In clearing Occupy site, time is on LAPD's side, chief says
NYT: Los Angeles Police Withdraw After Occupy Eviction Deadline Passes


WaPo: Texas asks Supreme Court to block federal judges’ redistricting plan


Fox: Rep. Connie Mack IV Announces Run for U.S. Senate
Fox: FL Senate Race: Mack Makes Bid Official
Roll Call: Connie Mack IV Officially Joins Florida Senate Race

Roll Call: Florida Senate Releases GOP-Friendly Map Proposal
Miami H: First redistricting maps for Fla. create new Hispanic seats and retain GOP strength
FL Senate: Redistricting Maps Drawn by the Senate


Fox: Justice Department: Alabama Immigration Law Complicating Enforcement


Roll Call: Joe Walsh May Switch Districts to Avoid Primary

Chicago Tribune: Judge nixes request to play tapes, sets hearing after Blagojevich attorneys claim new evidence


Roll Call: Jim DeMint Backs Wisconsin Senate Hopeful Over Tommy Thompson

WaPo: Effort to recall Wis. Gov. Scott Walker says it has more than half of needed signatures
Milwaukee JS: Recall group says it has 300,000 signatures


Dana Milbank: Supercommittee death brings Rob Portman new life


Detroit News: Detroit gridlock worries Snyder


Fox: Kansas Governor Apologizes for Trying to Discipline Student Over Rude Tweet
DC: Brownback apologizes to high school student for ‘over-reaction’ to ‘he sucked’ tweet
WaPo: Teenager Emma Sullivan and Sam Brownback’s insulting interlude


Politico: 3 former Perdue campaign aides indicted


Wash Times: Democrats dominate Virginia map lawsuit

Roll Call: George Allen Touts Support From New Lawmakers

Fox: Tea Party Alleges Double Standard by Occupy-Friendly Mayor in Virginia


Roll Call: Christine O’Donnell Touring Early 2012 States


Fox: Barney Frank Announces He Will Retire at End of Term
NYT: Barney Frank, a Top Liberal, Won’t Seek Re-election
Hill: Frank retires, blames redistricting
Roll Call: Barney Frank Says Redistricting a Factor in Retirement
WSJ: Barney Frank to Retire From Congress
NYT: Barney Frank to Quit House After 30 Years
WaPo: Is Frank a bellwether for Democrats?
WSJ: The Barney Frank Era: The Congressman from Fannie Mae retires
WaPo: Barney Frank leaves his mark on economic policy, gay rights movement
Hill: Maxine Waters in line to take over from Frank on Financial Services
Politico: Retirement leaves Dems pessimistic about House
Rush Limbaugh: Good Riddance, "Subprime" Barney Frank
American Spectator: Barney's Bubble: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Congressman Frank
National Review: Editorial: Exit Barney Frank


Roll Call: DeConcini Endorses Carmona for His Old Senate Job


Denver Post: Colorado legislative map friendly to Dems nears passage


Roll Call: Orrin Hatch Gets Outside Help on Fiscal Issues


Charles Lane: Oregon’s death penalty cop-out
National Review: Oregon and the Death Penalty


November 28, 2011


Union Leader: For President, Newt Gingrich
WaPo: New Hampshire Union Leader endorses Gingrich
NYT: Gingrich Gets Key Endorsement in New Hampshire
Wash Times: Gingrich snags N.H. newspaper’s nod
AJC: Gingrich wins key New Hampshire newspaper endorsement
WSJ: Prized Endorsement Goes to Gingrich
Human Events: Gingrich Gets Endorsement of Influential Conservative Newspaper In NH
Politico: Mixed record for Union Leader nod
Jen Rubin: Gingrich’s endorsement and the failings of the conservative media
Jed Babbin: Newt Gingrich, Grownup
DC: Union Leader endorsement ‘legitimizes’ Gingrich as ‘anti-Romney’ but doesn’t clinch state
NYT: Gingrich Eager to Be More Than an Anti-Romney
NYT: Looking to Build, Gingrich Eyes South Carolina
Roll Call: Boehner & Gingrich: Their Long and Winding Road
Politico: Newt Gingrich's chance to narrow GOP field
Politico: Bill Clinton praises Newt, riffs on Hillary's next act
Hill: Clinton: Gingrich stance on immigration ‘thoughtful,’ could win over independents
Hill: Norquist says Gingrich, Romney good on taxes, could win his support
HChron: Prominent TX Dems call Gingrich “humane” on immigration, denounce Romney
Human Events: Romney Vs. Gingrich on Jihad and Sharia: A Yawning, if Unappreciated Gap
American Spectator: Newt's Health Problems

WaPo: George and Mitt Romney: Like father, like son, until a political parting point
WaPo: In besieged Mormon colony, Mitt Romney’s Mexican roots
Hill: Romney calls on Obama to block $600B in defense cuts
NatJ: Romney Steps Up Attack Against Obama
Roll Call: DNC Ad Attacks Mitt Romney on Changed Positions
Politico: Union Leader makes case against Mitt
Hill: Gingrich may have key endorsement but Romney still holds the edge in NH

Hill: Cain would implement ‘targeted identification’ to aid airport security
Wash Times: ‘Targeted identification’ isn’t profiling, Cain says
NYT: Cain Acknowledges Shift in His Fortunes
Fox: Cain Acknowledges Damage to Campaign From Harassment Allegations
Daily Caller: Cain blames ‘false accusations and confusion’ for his 8-point drop
Politico: Cain: False accusations cost endorsement

Politico: Legal questions on Perry's use of SuperPAC video

Hill: Bachmann: Trailing in polls, manages to keep her foothold in media spotlight

WSJ: Paul's Iowa Rise Faces Hurdle

Wash Times: Most GOP bundlers still sitting on sidelines
NYT: Friend? Foe? A Republican Scorecard
Hill: Republican presidential field shows diverse views on foreign policy
NYDN: GOP challenging Obama with social media tools he pioneered in 2008 campaign

Wash Times: Year later, tea party’s profile low but focused

NYT: The Future of the Obama Coalition
WSJ: Obama Swing-State Visits Surpass Presidential Record
Joe Curl: Does Obama really want to win?

NYT: ‘Spreading the Wealth’ in Democrats’ Favor

EJ Dionne: This is no time for a third party: Divided moderates will be conquered
Roll Call: No Labels Pushes Consensus, Cooperation
Daily Caller: The phantom menace: Gary Johnson considering third-party run
Hill: Powell: Tea Party presidential candidate can't win in 2012


Fox: Kyl: GOP May Not Support Extension of Payroll Tax Holiday
NYT: Senator Kyl Questions Extension of Tax Cut
Hill: Sen. Kyl: Payroll tax cut extension wrong way to boost job creation
Hill: Schumer vows to keep pushing payroll tax break extension until it passes
Roll Call: Payroll Tax Cut Will Top Political Theater
Politico: Toomey: Payroll tax cut extension could pass
Hill: Toomey: GOP will try to reconfigure automatic spending cuts
NatJ: Super Committee Sequel? Sparring Over Tax Cuts, Sequestration
LA Times: Decade-old tax breaks continue to loom over budget
Fox: Go Big or Go Backward? Earlier Deficit Plans Reprised After Super Committee Failure
Roll Call: House Must Pick Up After Super Committee
Hill: Stage set for contentious December, budget at forefront

Gary Bauer: Two Contrary Visions of America Doomed the Super Committee
Michael Barone: Entitlement, Not Tax Cuts, Widen the Wealth Gap
American Spectator: Grover Norquist Crushes Them
Paul Krugman: Things to Tax
Bill Keller: The Politics of Economics in the Age of Shouting

WaPo: ‘Passback Day’ is a key date in the federal budget process

WSJ: OpEd: The Rising Fear in Bank Stock Prices

WSJ: What Housing Risk? FHA says there's nothing for taxpayers to worry about. Oh-oh

Examiner: Labor board broke federal law on Boeing suit
Human Events: Brownback, Pompeo Blast Boeing Betrayal

WSJ: The United States of EPA: Ms. Jackson's agency takes over automobile design
WSJ: Climategate 2.0: A new batch of leaked emails
American Thinker: Durban Climate Conference: The Dream Fades

WaPo: Health-care case brings fight over which Supreme Court justices should decide it
Hill: Supreme Court hearing on Obama healthcare law sets up lobbying storm
Robert Samuelson: A grim diagnosis for our ailing health care system

WaPo: Nominee to head Medicare viewed as a pragmatist
NYT: Editorial: A Vacancy That Needs to Be Filled

Examiner: Secular Left's intolerance of religious freedom
WaPo: New Jersey nurses charge religious discrimination over hospital abortion policy

WSJ: Detainee Fight Goes to Senate
Sens. Levin & McCain: Defense bill offers balance in dealing with detainees

WSJ: Occupy Camps Told to Quit
American Spectator: Last Protester Standing

WaPo: Someone is digging a massive hole at the White House. Why?


DMR: Caucus week Nov. 28-Dec. 4: Notes from the campaigns


NY Post: NY City Councilman Barron to challenge Rep. Towns


LA Times: Occupy L.A.: Police step up presence as supporters converge on City Hall
WaPo: Occupy Los Angeles protesters don’t budge from City Hall lawn as deadline passes


Miami Herald: Tensions over minority redistricting divide legislators


NYT: Editorial: Alabama's immigration law: The Price of Intolerance


Milwaukee JS: Political parties fight for edge in state recalls
Human Events: Dems Come Out in Droves to Oust Wisconsin Gov. Walker
Wash Times: Walker already running to keep Wisconsin post


Detroit News: GOP uses majority to move legislation


DC: Opponents of MO candidate Wagner claim Enterprise Rent-A-Car is buying House seat


Wash Times: Ten Commandments dispute in Va. headed to federal court


WaPo: Legal immigrants join fight against Dream Act


Star-Ledger: Number of N.J. residents receiving food stamps doubled in last four years

Politico: Christie keynoting RJC 2012 panel luncheon


Hill: Poll finds Ariz. Senate seat in reach for Dems


Politico: Chamber misspells Tester's name


November 27, 2011


Hill: Gingrich wins Union Leader endorsement
Fox: Newt Gingrich to Get Big New Hampshire Endorsement
NatJ: Gingrich Outlines ‘Path to Legality’ for Some Illegal Immigrants
WaPo: Gingrich attracts crowds in Florida, as rivals continue attack on immigration stance
Hill: Gingrich says he is 'not for amnesty,' defends immigration stance
WaPo: Newt Gingrich Inc.: How the GOP hopeful went from political flameout to fortune
WaPo: Editorial: Gingrich’s immigration crucible

NYT: Romney Dominating Race for Endorsements
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Romney on Foreclosures

Detroit News: Herman Cain's implausible story

Fox: Controversial Arizona Sheriff to Endorse Rick Perry, Sources Say
Politico: Perry ad features SuperPAC footage
Hill: Anita Perry says running for president was 'the right choice'

Fox: Bachmann Ratchets Up Spat With Gingrich Over Illegal Immigration Stance
NYT: Bachmann Renews Attack on Gingrich Over Immigration

Hill: Palin supporters announce Iowa ad buy

NYT: TV Attack Ads Aim at Obama Early and Often
Frank Bruni: Craven Political Crudités
NYT: Team Obama Gears Up for 2012
Dan Balz: Will demographic shifts save Obama in 2012?
Fox: Biden Poised to Play Key Campaign Role in Battleground States
Examiner: Obama to rally supporters in must-win Pennyslvania
Daily Caller: Matthews: Limbaugh ‘uppity-ism’ remark indicative of his listeners’ ‘prejudice’
Politico: The return of Van Jones

Ross Douthat: The Enduring Cult of Kennedy

WaPo: Democrats post big fundraising numbers for 2012 House races


WSJ: Black Friday Sales Gains Strongest Since 2007
WaPo: Black Friday sales up 7 pct as shoppers respond to promotions

Hill: Republican members push back in blame game over supercommittee failure

Michael Barone: Entitlements not tax cuts widen income gap
Salena Zito: Millennials foresee success

LA Times: Higher loan limits transform FHA into key source of financing

Hill: Advocates for jobless expect lawmakers will extend benefits

Politico: Eliot Spitzer and Occupy Wall Street find each other

Hill: Most GOP governors refuse to join calls for Attorney General Holder's resignation

Hill: All about Solyndra: A short primer

NYT: Critics Say Budget Cuts for Courts Risk Rights

NYT: Editorial: Going After the Pirates


NY Post: Anthony Weiner does Black Friday shopping with 'X-rated' moustache
Fox: Anthony Weiner Does Black Friday Shopping in N.Y.C. With Moustache


NYT: California Bullet Train Project Advances Amid Cries of Boondoggle

LA Times: LAPD's approach to Occupy L.A. will be put to the test


Fox: TX AG to File Emergency Stay With U.S. Supreme Court Challenging Redistricting Maps
Austin AS: Greg Abbott to challenge judges' interim state districts map
Star-Telegram: Court releases final map of Texas congressional districts

Austin AS: Even if Perry's campaign fails, his hold on state power likely won't

NYT: Texas Democrat Won’t Run Again for House


Hill: Parody videos satirize Warren’s polarizing traits in Mass. Senate race


NYT: Editorial: The Curious Don Young


November 26, 2011


NYDN: Newt Gingrich stands by 'soft' immigration stance, despite party backlash
Miami Herald: Gingrich brings common sense to immigration debate
Winnipeg FP: Why Gingrich is rising to the top
CC Examiner: Gingrich: Too liberal for today's GOP?

WSJ: Romney Tries to Cut Out the Middlemen
NatJ: After Ignoring Iowa, Romney Ramps Up in the Hawkeye State

HChron: Perry’s newest campaign ad stars former Navy SEAL with a powerful personal story
NYT: For Perry, Life Was Broadened and Narrowed by the Military
Politico: Rick Perry's Texas gets plenty of money from the feds
HChron: Rick Perry continues to struggle to win endorsements from Texas lawmakers
HChron: Top 25 Rick Perry jokes of the presidential campaign

Daily Caller: Krauthammer blasts Ron Paul on foreign policy for ‘living’ in the 1920s
HChron: Ron Paul is on the rise in Iowa
Hill: Romney will lose Iowa, Paul can win

Hill: GOP field takes on the media

Buzz: Tampa police prepare for anarchist attacks at 2012 Republican National Convention
Politico: A rogue convention? How GOP party rules may surprise in 2012

Rasmussen: Obama Gets Low Marks From Homeowners, Gun Owners

WSJ: Antsy Voters Look for a Third Way
Politico: Gary Johnson threatens third-party 2012 run

Politico: Dad of charged Palin harasser admits to similar actions
Politico: Sarah Palin fans plan to run Iowa ad
DMR: TV ad asking Sarah Palin to ‘reconsider’ on tap in Sioux City

Human Events: Top 10 Reasons for Conservatives To Be Thankful

Fred Barnes: Not So Young Guns: The House GOP’s new establishment
SF Chronicle: Million-Dollar Advantages Banked by House Republicans for 2012


Sens. Kyl, Portman, Toomey; Reps. Hensarling, Upton & Camp:
The supercommittee failed because Democrats insisted on $1 trillion in new taxes

Rep. Chris Van Hollen: The supercommittee failed because GOP refused to compromise

Politico: The perils of the wrong budget cuts
Mark Steyn: More More More: How do you like Andrea True’s federal government?
Andrew McCarthy: Republicans Subsidize Mansions

WSJ: Help Wanted: In Unexpected Twist, Some Skilled Jobs Go Begging
WSJ: The Non-Green Jobs Boom

WSJ: New Tammany Hall: How government unions came to dominate politics
Hill: Unions cry foul over Republican’s NLRB resignation threat

WaPo: Post-9/11 security focus has created sometimes tense rivalry between FBI, NYPD
Judith Miller: New York Police and the FBI Feud Over a Terrorist Case

George Will: Privatize the nation’s mail delivery

Tony Blair: The end of foreign aid

Human Events: Intel Experts: CIA Penetration by Terrorist Group is 'Catastrophic'

Daily Caller: Military advocates decry ‘illegal’ early terminations of 157 Air Force majors

American Thinker: Obama's Problematic New Nominee for Top Medicare/Medicaid Post

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Millions Spent in Albany Fight to Drill for Gas

Rochester D&C: Next year's budget challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo already


LA Times: Villaraigosa announces impending shutdown of Occupy L.A. camp
WaPo: LA mayor says Occupy LA demonstrators must leave City Hall camp by Monday

SacBee: Federal suit challenges California's new congressional districts

LA Times: Backers of initiatives to boost revenue see growing public support

SacBee: Gavin Newsom seeks to get along while awaiting his shot at Jerry Brown's job


Fox: U.S. Court Won't Block its Texas Redistricting Map
Star-Telegram: Texas seeks to block court-ordered redistricting map
Austin AS: Attorney general's office has harsh words for court's redistricting maps

NatJ: Charlie Gonzalez Won't Seek Reelection
Roll Call: Charlie Gonzalez to Announce Retirement
Politico: Charlie Gonzalez to retire


Tampa Tribune: Once again, GOP hopes this is their chance to defeat Nelson


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich wants tapes played at sentencing


Fox: Occupy Organizers in Indianapolis Recruit the Homeless to Keep Protests Going


WSJ: A Thompson Bid; Snappy Answers to Occupiers


Hill: After one victory, Ohio Dems take aim at GOP redistricting map


WaPo: Virginia’s GOP targets government spending, a key driver of state’s economy


Pueblo Chieftain: High court ready for redistricting


November 25, 2011


Fox: Gingrich Says His Immigration Plan Doesn't Include Legalizing 11M Illegal Aliens
WSJ: Gingrich Stance a Tough Sell in Iowa
WSJ: To Err Is 'Humane': Gingrich's immigration gaffe was to tell the deportation truth
Miami Herald: Newt Gingrich could face ‘Perry Plunge’ over immigration stance
WaPo: Editorial: Gingrich’s immigration crucible
Byron York: Front-runner Gingrich gets immigration grief
Hill: Republican lawmakers shun Gingrich's presidential bid
Daily Caller: Does Gingrich look at GOP rivals with contempt when challenged? [VIDEO]
Michael Gerson: The GOP’s latest choice: Steady Romney or risky Gingrich?

LA Times: Mitt Romney still faces a trust deficit with GOP voters
NYT: Image Expert Shapes Romney (His Hair, Anyway)
Eugene Robinson: Romney still waiting for the GOP love

WSJ: Herman Cain's Political Education
Allysia Finley: Cain's Foreign Policy Fogginess
WaPo: Cain’s assertion that he could win over black voters is dismissed by analysts

NYT: Palin’s Disappearing Act Holds a Warning for Perry

Wash Times: Santorum eyes brass ring on anti-Romney ‘carousel’

Peggy Noonan: A Kettle of Hawks
William Kristol: Special Editorial: A Flock of Hawks

WaPo: Obama’s Chicago campaign staff living good life — away from Washington
Pete DuPont: Bye Bye Biden? Why Obama may be eyeing Mrs. Clinton for the 2012 ticket
Fox: Russian Newscaster Fired for Flipping Obama the Bird in Live Broadcast

WaPo: Moderate Americans Elect group hoping to add third candidate to 2012 election ballot


WaPo: States expect budgetary fallout from ‘supercommittee’ failure
Wash Times: Obama steers clear of deficit panel failure
NYT: Support Builds for a Plan to Rein In Medicare Costs
Wash Times: Money slated for health law gets detoured
Charles Krauthammer: The Grover Norquist tax myth

Sen. Bob Corker: Moving beyond Freddie and Fannie

NYT: As Fewer Americans Serve, Growing Gap Is Found Between Civilians and Military

NYT: Loan Request by Uranium-Enrichment Firm Upends Politics as Usual
NYT: Editorial: The Solyndra Mess
Mort Zuckerman: How America Can Escape the Energy Trap

WSJ: The NLRB Putsch: The labor agency tries to ram through quickie union elections
Kim Strassel: Stringing Up Gibson Guitar

WSJ: Are the Unemployed Victims of Discrimination?
NYT: OpEd: The Age of the Superfluous Worker
WSJ: Fairness and the 'Occupy' Movement
Fox: 'Occupy'-Inspired Campaign Urges Boycott of Black Friday
Paul Krugman: We Are the 99.9%

NYT: Editorial: Overhauling the Post Office for the 21st Century

Hill: Endangered lawmakers move to back bill banning congressional insider trading

American Thinker: Republican Senate Prospects in 2012


NatJ: New Map Gives Texas Dems Opportunities


Chicago Tribune: Maggie Daley dies
Chicago ST: Maggie Daley, Chicago’s gracious first lady
WaPo: Maggie Daley, wife of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, dies


DC: McCaskill asks for investigation into Obama administration’s sole-source vaccine contract


Wash Times: Local resistance building on Virginia’s eminent domain change


WSJ: A Democrat Bites Union Story: In RI liberals take the lead on pension reform


Fox: Arizona Lawmakers Say They Will Build Border Fence


Den Post: CO Gov Hickenlooper wrongly excludes GOP applicants for university board seat


NYT: Idiosyncrasy Runs Deep in the Soil of Wyoming


Roll Call: Montana Senate Race on Track to Be Among Cycle’s Most Expensive


NYT: Editorial: Oregon and the Death Penalty


November 24, 2011

Ted Nugent: All-American Thanksgiving Day
Rep. Ted Poe: Thanksgiving Prayer for Fallen Soldiers and Their Families
Wash Times: Editorial: Thanks for our abundance


RCP: Gingrich May Have Inside Track on Palin's Endorsement
NYT: Gingrich’s Words on Immigration Become a Target
AJC: Gingrich defends immigration stance
Miami Herald: Newt Gingrich could face ‘Perry Plunge’ over immigration stance
NYT: Gingrich, Immigration and ‘What Would Reagan Do?’
WaPo: Newt Gingrich may face backlash in Iowa over immigration comments
Dan Balz: Can Gingrich sell ‘humane’ immigration policy to GOP?
Examiner: Immigration: the new GOP social litmus test
Rush: Newt Says Let Illegals Stay, Drawing Raves from CNN Liberals for Having a Heart
Hill: Rep. King denounces Gingrich immigration plan as 'amnesty'
Rush: Newt is Right on This: Drill for Oil Here!
LA Times: Newt Gingrich a wild card in shuffling deck of Republicans
American Spectator: Newt Misses His Moment
Byron York: In GOP debate, Romney wobbles, Gingrich scores
ARG: Iowa: Gingrich 27% Romney 20% Paul 16%
Politico: New Hampshire poll: Newt Gingrich in second place

WaPo: Romney touts his own electability
NatJ: Romney Takes Hard Immigration Line, Defends New Hampshire Ad
WaPo: Romney: Gingrich’s immigration proposals are amnesty for illegal immigrants
Wash Times: Immigration: Enforcement vs. compassion divides Romney and his rivals
Hill: Dem strategist: Romney ad plays race card, echoes Rev. Wright
LA Times: Iowa is back in Romney's sights
Hill: Social conservatives meet secretly to defeat Romney in Iowa
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 44%, Romney 38%
Victor Davis Hanson: Romney: The Castor-Oil Candidate
Andrew McCarthy: Romney’s Iran Gaffe

Daily Caller: Bachmann welcomed on Fallon show with song ‘Lyin Ass Bitch’
Fox: Michele Bachmann Demands Apology From NBC
NYDN: NBC issues formal apology to Michele Bachmann
Fox: NBC Apologizes to Bachmann for Fallon Song Choice
MSNBC: Fallon apologizes to Michele Bachmann
NYT: NBC Expresses Regret to Bachmann Over Introduction on Fallon Show
Roll Call: Nita Lowey Condemns Band’s Treatment of Michele Bachmann
Rush: NBC Show Introduces Michele Bachmann with a Song Called "Lyin' Assed B-i-itch"

Examiner: Paul popular, but often dismissed in race
Daily Caller: Ron Paul: War on Drugs a ‘total failure’

Daily Caller: Ari Fleischer evaluates foreign policy fluency of GOP primary field
James Taranto: Last night's questions were a cut above those from previous debates
NYT: Editorial: Breaking Through the Clouds at the Debate

11Alive: 'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone'
Telegraph UK: Russian newsreader Tatyana Limanova flips Obama the bird
Rush Limbaugh: Caddell & Schoen Want Obama Gone
EJ Dionne: Obama’s challenge with Catholics and health care
NatJ: Obama May Not Be Able to Avoid Gun Issues Much Longer
Rush Limbaugh: If Obama Gets Reelected, He'll Have 4 More Years Left to Complete Transforming America

NatJ: The Dems' Money Problems

Wash Times: FEC pushes back on unlimited contributions


Ann Coulter: I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a tax increase today
Roll Call: Grover Norquist: GOP Will Stand Firm on Anti-Tax Stance
Ezra Klein: How to cut U.S. deficit by $6 trillion? Ask Congress, Obama to do nothing
NYT: Spotlight Back on Kerry, but Reshaped Role Eludes Him
WaPo: Debt supercommittee might turn out to be a useful failure
Wash Times: Credit rating unaffected by deficit panel’s lack of action

Fox: Jobless Benefits, Payroll Tax Cut To Come Up After Thanksgiving

Examiner: Occupy protests cost nation's cities at least $13 million
NYT: Editorial: The Poor, the Near Poor and You

NYT: Retailers Push Fed for Yet Lower Debit Fees

NYT: Obama’s Pick to Head Medicare and Medicaid Resigns Post
Fox: Berwick Resigns as Medicare Chief Ahead of End to Recess Appointment
Daily Caller: Obama caves, surrenders top Medicare administrator

WSJ: Sole Republican May Quit NLRB

NYT: Questions Over Whether Terror Suspects’ Aid in Inquiries Was Voluntary


Albany TU: Appellate Division supports state “spying”


Hill: Democrats win big with Texas court's redistricting map
Roll Call: Court-Drawn Texas Map Boosts Democrats


Wash Times: Alabama law takes bite out of pupil’s apple for teacher


Human Events: Is This Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Last Term in Congress?


Wash Times: Brown faces tough challenge in Ohio Senate race


WaPo: Report: Jerry Sandusky family member made recent allegation, lawyer says
ESPN: Family member said among new cases

WSJ: Judge Rejects Harrisburg Bankruptcy Move
Fox: Federal Judge Says Pennsylvania's Capital Can't File For Bankruptcy


Wash Times: Arpaio is next marked man for recall by ‘posse’ in Arizona


Denv Post: Mark Ferrandino, new CO House minority leader, overcame challenging childhood


November 23, 2011


Fox: GOP Candidates Fault Washington for National Security Threats
Wash Times: Republican hopefuls diverge on immigration, Iran policies
WaPo: GOP candidates show sharp differences on national security and terrorism
NatJ: In a World of Challenges, Iran Again Dominates GOP Debate
Human Events: The CNN/Heritage/AEI Foreign Policy Debate
WaPo: CNN Republican debate: Winners and losers
Politico: The GOP debate: 6 takeaways
WaPo: Republican foreign policy debate winners: Romney and Gingrich
Michael Barone: Web and debates change rules of presidential race

WaPo: Newt calls for ‘humane’ immigration policy
NatJ: Did Gingrich Walk Into an Immigration Minefield at Debate?
Examiner: Gingrich gambles with immigration stance
Daily Caller: Gingrich: For the good of the family, let some illegals stay
Hill: GOP debate: Gingrich divides himself from pack on immigration
Politico: Newt shocks by endorsing mercy
Politico: GOP debate: Rivals seize on Gingrich’s immigration stance
WSJ: Gingrich Calls for Regime Change in Iran
NYT: Spirited Foreign Policy Debate Includes a Test of Gingrich’s Rise
Politico: Newt Inc. collides with campaign
Politico: Smartest Newt in the room
Emily Miller: Newt’s substantive surge
NatJ: The Return of Imperial Newt
Politico: Newt Gingrich misses Missouri primary filing deadline
Roll Call: Gingrich Leads GOP Field in Positive Intensity
Rich Lowry: Newt Wins–For Now

Examiner: Romney slams Obama on defense
Hill: Romney bets he can win Iowa without support from social conservatives
WSJ: Conservatives, Romney, and Electability
NYT: Thune to Endorse Romney
NYT: Mitt Romney’s First TV Ad
NYT: Democrats Cry Foul Over New Romney Ad
NYT: Poll Finds Religion Is Early Drag on Romney

Wash Times: Romney, Huntsman last holdouts as Cain signs pro-life pledge

Hill: GOP debate: Perry urges Panetta to resign over defense cuts

WaPo: Michele Bachmann says knowing ‘when to say no’ as a mom applies to presidency
Roll Call: Nita Lowey Condemns Band’s Treatment of Michele Bachmann
Politico: Glenn Beck calls Bachmann 'exceptional'

WSJ: Former Obama Backer Is Sentenced
NYT: Former Obama Fund-Raiser Gets Over 10 Years in Fraud and Bribery Case

NYT: Obama, in New Hampshire, Urges Payroll Tax Break
WaPo: On payroll tax cut, Obama paints Republicans as hypocritical

Wash Times: Protesters disrupt Obama N.H. speech
WaPo: Obama responds to Occupy protesters in N.H.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Sees America as an Immoral Nation
Holman Jenkins: If Only Obama Had Been This Guy Carter
Thomas Friedman: Go Big, Mr. Obama


WSJ: Panel Becomes Political Tool
NYT: Automatic Military Cuts May Stand in Congress
Fox: Super Devastating Cuts to Military
NYT: Despite Threat of Cuts, Pentagon Officials Made No Contingency Plans
Wash Times: Failure of supercommittee gives old debt plans new life
WaPo: Conservative groups hail supercommittee failure, keep up pressure on taxes
Jen Rubin: Democrats factually challenged on the supercommittee tale
WSJ: It's Still Possible to Cut Spending: Here's How
Rush: Mission Accomplished! Democrats Scuttle Super Committee, Can Now Blame GOP
Guardian UK: Grover Norquist hails victory after supercommittee deal fails
Ezra Klein: In supercommittee, Dems moved right and Republicans moved righter
Dana Milbank: Jon Kyl’s search-and-destroy mission

Hill: Senate Democrats ready to move $400 billion in new legislation

Ross Douthat: Economic Dislocation

NYT: ABA Panel Rejects Many Obama Prospects for Judgeships

Fox: Labor Department Allows Ex-Solyndra Workers to Apply for Federal Aid

WaPo: ‘Climate-gate’ resurfaces with new round of e-mails
NYT: New Trove of Stolen E-Mails From Climate Scientists Is Released

Hill: Justice accused of withholding records on Kagan's role in healthcare defense
NYT: Editorial: Health Care and the States

Wash Times: Armed illegals stalked Border Patrol


Fox: South Carolina Supreme Court Upholds Presidential Primary Date


NYT: Way Back Machine: Long Before Cuomo, Slaying the Gerrymander
NYT: Editorial: How Many Primaries in New York?


WSJ: Foreclosure Talks Push Ahead Absent California


Hill: Democrats join DOJ suit against Alabama immigration law‬


Chicago ST: Tony Rezko sentenced to 10-1/2 years in kickback scheme
Chicago Tribune: Top Blagojevich adviser Tony Rezko gets 10½ years


NYT: Editorial: Penn State’s Inquiry


Fox: Arizona Gov. Brewer Urges Supreme Court to Hear Immigration Law Appeal


Fox: Justice Department Challenges Utah’s Immigration Law


NYT: Oregon Governor Says He Will Block Executions


November 22, 2011


CNN: Much to gain and lose for Gingrich, rivals in CNN national security debate
Hill: Defense spending likely to dominate next GOP presidential debate
NYDN: GOP debate on tap in Washington: Newt Gingrich tries to keep momentum
Politico: Tuesday's GOP debate: 5 things to watch for
WSJ: Networks walk a tightrope over crowded debates
Wkly Std: Gallup: Perhaps ‘Most Competitive,’ ‘Most Unpredictable’ GOP Race in 40 Years

Fred Barnes: Gingrich Announces National Security Team
WSJ: Gingrich Touts Private Plans
WaPo: Gingrich wants younger workers to be allowed to choose private retirement accounts
NatJ: Gingrich Touts Personal Social Security Accounts, Retraining Bureaucrats
WaPo: Gingrich seeks to prove staying power
NYT: Granny Loves Gingrich
CNN: Newt Gingrich, the man who changed Washington
Politico: On trail, new Newt Gingrich looks like old one
Byron York: Despite surge, peril for Gingrich all around
Rich Lowry: Newt’s Friend Freddie
Hill: Newt Gingrich tops Mitt Romney for the first time in CNN poll
Weekly Standard: CNN Poll: Gingrich 24, Romney 20, Cain 17, Perry 11
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 46%, Gingrich 40%

WSJ: Swinging to Romney
IBD: Romney ahead among wider electorate, tied with Gingrich among conservatives
NYT: Romney Heats Up Campaign in New Hampshire With an Ad Attacking Obama
NYT: Romney’s First Television Ad Attacks Obama on Economy
WaPo: Romney’s first TV ad draws flak from Obama campaign (video)
Politico: Romney's debut ad aims at Obama, ignores GOP foes
WaPo: Iowa beckons, and Mitt Romney is responding
WaPo: In Boston, Mitt Romney ‘evolved’ in Mormon leadership, some churchwomen say
Daily Caller: Romney admits tasting beer and trying cigarettes, once!
Politico: Wesley Clark turns his guns on Mitt Romney

Gov. Rick Perry: Eric Holder must go: Attorney general should resign or be fired
Daily Caller: Rick Perry says Eric Holder should resign, or be fired immediately
NatJ: Perry Says He Doesn’t Know Answers to Some Foreign Policy Issues
HChron: New Hampshire to Perry: Where are you?
Politico: Perry: My 'heartless' quote was 'insulting'
American Thinker: Rick Perry's Jihad Problem

Politico: Herman Cain and the annals of cultural sensitivity

WaPo: Ron Paul: Flawed U.S. policy contributed to 9/11 attacks
American Spectator: Ron Paul's Submissive Side

NatJ: Bachmann Continues to Court Trump, Promotes Her New Book
Politico: Top Michele Bachmann book revelations
Roll Call: Michele Bachmann: Upbringing Influences Candidacy

Politico: Donald Trump says he's worth $7 billion, not ruling out running
Human Events: Trump Releases Financial Statement in New Book

NYT: Republican Debates Put Moderators in Hot Seat, Too
NYT: Republicans and Obama Can Agree on Criticizing China’s Trade Practices

Rush Limbaugh: Caddell & Schoen: Hand It to Hillary, Barack
Rush Limbaugh: NASCAR Boos for First & Second Ladies

NYT: The White Party

WaPo: Religious lobbying groups multiply on Capitol Hill

David Brooks: The Two Moons

Daily Caller: Democrat says Democratic Party bosses use voter fraud [VIDEO]


WSJ: Deficit Panel Folds Its Tent
WSJ: Partisanship Set Deficit Panel on Path to Failure
WSJ: Why the Super Committee Failed
IBD: For Supercommittee, Failure Was the Only Option
WSJ: Fight Is Just Beginning Over Cuts in Defense
Roll Call: Turning Back Defense Cuts Now a Likely 2012 Campaign Issue
Hill: GOP chairman to offer bill to prevent automatic defense spending cuts
Hill: Panetta decries Defense cuts, opposes voiding them and blasts Congress
Wash Times: Panetta gets VIP flights at coach cost
Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Why the Super Committee Failed
WS: Toomey: Super Committee Democrats Rejected Compromise, Demanded $1T Tax Hike
Fox: Obama to Veto Any Attempt to Roll Back Automatic Cuts After Committee's Failure
WSJ: Thank You, Grover Norquist
Wash Times: Supercommittee announces failure
Emily Miller: Supercommittee success: GOP focus on entitlement reform is a positive sign
WaPo: Supercommittee announces failure in effort to tame debt
WaPo: Supercommittee’s failure puts payroll tax cut at risk
LA Times: Congress prepares for payroll tax battle
WaPo: After supercommittee fails, parties pin hopes on 2012 elections
WaPo: Editorial: The failure of the supercommittee bodes poorly for future negotiations
Dana Milbank: The end of the supercommittee affair
NYT: Panel Fails to Reach Deal on Plan for Deficit Reduction
NYT: For Deficit Panel, Failure Cuts Two Ways
NYT: A Failure Is Absorbed With Disgust and Fear, but Little Surprise
NYT: Obama Weighed Risks of Engagement, and Decided to Give Voters the Final Say
NYT: Stimulus Measures Set to Expire at Year’s End Will Be Next Fiscal Battle
NYT: Editorial: The Supercommittee Collapses
Examiner: 'Super committee' fails to strike deficit deal
Charlie Cook: Super Committee Is Media Sideshow
Politico: Supercommitee failure: Obama avoids Hill debacle, but not risks
Politico: Supercommittee meltdown: Behind the scenes
Hill: Debt supercommittee dies
Hill: Supercommittee failure gives parties election ammunition
Hill: Winners and losers emerge from supercommittee's partisan stalemate‬
Hill: Congressional bust is a boon for K Street
Hill: Downgrade watch begins as debt panel concedes defeat
Human Events: Super Committee Epitaph
Human Events: GOP House Conservatives Blame Obama for Super Committee Fail
Rush: There Will Be No Spending Cuts! Even with Sequestration, Spending Will Go Up 16%
Rush: Remember When John McCain Called Us Super Committee Doubters "Hobbits"?

NYT: As Layoffs Rise, Stock Buybacks Consume Cash

WaPo: Government’s role in housing finance a difficult balance

WSJ: Government vs. Soup Kitchen

WSJ: Probe Finds Misconduct in Case Against Senator
NYT: Court-Appointed Investigator Offers Scathing Report on Prosecution of Senator Stevens
WaPo: Special prosecutor: Justice attorneys shouldn’t face charges in Stevens case
Fox: Investigator Says No Crime Committed by Prosecutors Probing Late Sen. Stevens

Wash Times: Obama tells insurer to reverse rate hike
Hill: Insurers 'terrified' of Supreme Court ruling on healthcare reform law

WSJ: Postmaster Says Legislation in Congress Falls Short
WaPo: Postal Service, two unions extend negotiations
Wash Times: Union will push to save mail delivery on Saturdays

WSJ: Police, FBI Split on Terror Suspect
NYT: Informer’s Role in Terror Case Is Said to Have Deterred F.B.I.
NYT: Suspect Held in White House Shooting Appears in Court
Human Events: Muslims in New York Protest Counter-Terrorism

James Taranto: Obamavillians are so angry, they could beat a horse


Roll Call: Lawsuit Adds to New York’s Redistricting State of Flux

Buffalo News: Fiscal clouds get darker in Albany


Human Events: Sen. Dianne Feinstein Battered on TV for Her 'Inaction'


Roll Call: Justice Department Clears New Alabama Lines


Chicago Tribune: Day of reckoning for Rezko

WSJ: Debtor Arrests Criticized

Wash Times: ‘Ethical distraction’ dogs Jackson
Chicago ST: Primary challenger sees opportunity in poll on Jesse Jackson Jr. race


WSJ: New Battle Looms on Labor
NYT: Republicans in Indiana to Seek Law Limiting Unions


Daily Caller: Wisconsin state Sen. Lena Taylor denies voter fraud allegation


Roll Call: Poll: North Dakota Senate Seat Competitive
Politico: North Dakota: Dark horse Senate battleground?


Wash Times: Ohio group seeks vote on a right-to-work law


Wash Times: Detroit faces state takeover
Detroit News: Council works on deeper cuts to keep Detroit solvent

Daily Caller: Report: U.S. Rep. Dale Kildee accused of sexually assaulting young boy
Detroit News: Speculation surrounds Kildee sex accusation


Fox: Proposal to Tax Jack Daniel Whiskey Derailed


Daily Caller: Dems accuse GOP of ‘waging a war on women’ in North Carolina


WaPo: Virginia Democrats suing to share power
Fox: Tie Goes to Loser? Virginia Democrats Lean Towards Yes


Examiner: Maryland spends $2.3m on renewable energy for $637,000 in savings

WaPo: Ehrlich unapologetic in book about his politics


WSJ: Penn State Taps Ex-FBI Director for Probe


NYT: Where't the cash, Corzine?


Roll Call: Deval Patrick Signs New Massachusetts Map


Roll Call: Arizona Legal Battle Continues Over Redistricting Chief


Denver Post: Colorado to feel the pain of funding cuts after debt panel fails


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