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November 14, 2011


WSJ: Romney, Gingrich Get Bump
Politico: Romney grinds down GOP resistance
Politico: Bush energy advisers go to Romney
Wash Times: Romney cites ‘constancy’ to counter flip-flop charges
WaPo: Mitt Romney: Idealistic turnaround whiz kid or heartless Gordon Gekko?
Bill Keller: How Romney Could Win

Ann Althouse: There's something I like about Newt Gingrich
Daily Caller: Resurrection: Why voters are giving Gingrich a second look
Daily Caller: Hume on the rise of the latest GOP front-runner: ‘He’s Uncle Newt’
Wash Times: Gingrich ties fortunes to South Carolina
Human Events: Gingrich Shows Why He Will Be a Contender in Palmetto State
Politico: Gingrich's turn: The eye of Newt

NYT: Gloria Cain Says Allegations Don’t Square With Her Husband
WaPo: Gloria Cain speaks out about sexual harassment allegations
NatJ: Gloria Cain Defends her Husband in Fox News Interview
Daily Caller: Mrs. Cain speaks: Herman Cain ‘totally respects women’
Hill: Gloria Cain says her husband 'totally respects women'
Fox: Cain's Wife: Sex Harassment Claims Don't Ring True
Hill: Hill Poll: Voters split on harassment charges, favor lie detector test
WaPo: Editorial: The lingering questions about Mr. Cain’s conduct need answers
Wash Times: Fundraisers show little cash for Cain
Politico: Post-allegations, the Cain drain
Wash Times: Basking in media spotlight, Cain at same time bashing it

Daily Mail UK: Saturday Night Live lampoons Rick Perry
WaPo: ‘SNL’ lampoons Rick Perry’s ‘oops’ moment
NYT: ‘Oops’ Moment Takes On a Life of Its Own for Rick Perry
Austin AS: Video: ‘SNL’ mocks Perry
Politico: Pro-Rick Perry ad cites Rush Limbaugh, James Dobson
Daily Caller: George Will addresses wife’s ties to the Perry campaign
Star-Telegram: Market for Perry books shrinking with poll numbers
EJ Dionne: The real conservative scandal

Politico: Bachmann: I'd beat Sandusky 'to a pulp'
Star Tribune: Bachmann campaign manager blasts 'manipulation' of debates
Hill: CBS on defensive after Republican debate
NYT: A Finger Slips, and the Bachmann Camp Pounces
American Spectator: Debating the Deciders

InfoWars: Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds To Speak In CBS Debate

Politico: Battleground Poll: Economy drags on Obama
Politico: Even kids lose passion for Obama
Politico: Some Democrats refuse to back President Obama

Roll Call: House Overview: What’s In Play?

Roll Call: Senate Republican Members Race to the Top
Hill: Dems outraising GOP to protect Senate seats

Gary Bauer: Americans With Religious Faith Have Fled the Democratic Party


Politico: Hensarling: Tax increases 'a reality'
WSJ: Deficit Deal Might Delay Tax Overhaul
NYT: Deficit Panel Seeks to Defer Details on Raising Taxes
Fox: As Deadline Nears, Debt Reduction Panel Weighs Undoing Its Own Rules
Wash Times: Deadlocked deficit panel weighs Plan B
WaPo: On supercommittee, growing doubts about reaching a debt deal
Politico: Deficit panel ponders endgame
Hill: Deal-breaker election looms over supercommittee negotiations
Hill: If the supercommittee fails...
NatJ: If SuperCommittee Fails? Members Suggest Congress Would Rethink Sequestration
WSJ: The Folly of the Flat Tax
WSJ: About That 'Christmas Tree Tax'
Rasmussen: 60% Favor Considering Spending Cuts in Every Government Program

Hill: The Week Ahead: Clock ticks for deficit panel, government funding

Examiner: Balanced-budget amendment back in Congress
Roll Call: GOP to Promote Balanced Budget
Wash Times: Don’t hold your breath for a 28th amendment

WSJ: Cities Hit as Funds From Bonds Pay Other Bills

NYT: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Shifting to College Campuses

NYT: Banks Quietly Ramping Up Costs to Consumers
WSJ: Republican Gets Serious Look for Fed Board Spot
Hill: Report questions whether lawmakers are trading stock on inside information

Robert Samuelson: Housing woes won’t yield to quick fix

NYT: Health Law Puts Focus on Limits of Federal Power
WaPo: What does Supreme Court decision on Social Security mean for health-care act?
WaPo: Obama administration to announce effort to expand health-care workforce

Hill: Holder pushes back against GOP lawmakers over Fast and Furious

WSJ: The EPA's Reliability Cover-Up: Doubts about the U.S. electrical grid?
WaPo: Does government regulation really kill jobs? Economists say overall effect minimal
Politico: EPA to be GOP target in 2012
Politico: EPA poised to roll out 2012 agenda
Sen. Lisa Murkowski: Obama's Oil Abdication: Projects adjacent to our borders
Rep. Bob Latta: Let states regulate energy development

NYT: Felons Finding It Easy to Regain Gun Rights

WSJ: Technology Rewrites the Fourth Amendment

NYT: OpEd: A Frugal Fleet to the Rescue

Paul Krugman: Vouchers for Veterans

WaPo: For Dover AFB mortuary whistleblowers, echoes of Arlington

Fox: As Obama Talks Sanctions With Foreign Leaders, Candidates Debate War on Iran
WSJ: Obama Seeks New Pacific Influence
NYT: Obama Talks Up Free Trade and Jobs at Asia-Pacific Meeting

NYT: Chelsea Clinton to Report for NBC
Daily Caller: A commanding presence for Politico on the left’s favorite cable news channel


Politico: South Carolina GOP primary up for grabs


Rochester D&C: State Senate focus in 2012
NYT: Cuomo Tries to Shore Up the Support of Minorities
WSJ: Senator Gillibrand Struggles to Break Through
NYT: Regions Will Compete for New York State Cash


Dan Walters: Data differ greatly in California property tax debate


American Spectator: Big Mack Attack in Florida
Miami Herald: Senator Bill Nelson in Islamic-donor whodunit

Buzz: Herman Cain to join Haley Barbour in Sarasota


NYT: Editorial: On the Rise in Alabama


National Review: The Mississippi vote was no repudiation


Chicago Tribune: Effort to recall Wisconsin governor slated to begin


Fox: Corbett: Paterno Had to Go, More Sandusky Victims Likely
WaPo: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett responds to Penn State sexual abuse scandal
NYDN: Judge who gave Sandusky bail after sex abuse scandal is Second Mile volunteer


WSJ: Massachusetts on Front Line of 2012 Senate Battlegrounds
Politico: Elizabeth Warren's 'nuance'


Wash Times: Eyeing ‘12, Democrats in Arizona take heart from recall


Denver Post: Three Occupy Denver protesters arrested after scuffle with police


Wash Times: Portland police move in on Occupy protesters
WaPo: Occupy protesters defy eviction order in Oregon; dozens arrested elsewhere


November 13, 2011


Wash Times: GOP candidates tackle Iran, drone strikes and foreign aid
Fox: GOP Candidates Debate Foreign Policy in South Carolina
Hill: Foreign policy debate highlights differences within GOP field
WSJ: Republicans Argue on Afghanistan, Iran, Torture
Human Events: The Wofford College Debate
WaPo: GOP candidates hammer Obama on his Iran policy during South Carolina debate
NYT: Up for Debate: Foreign Policy and Obama
NYT: Highlights From the Republican Debate in S.C.
CBS: Romney, Gingrich back war to keep Iran from nukes
Examiner: Perry, Gingrich standout in GOP debate
Hill: Perry praises debate moderator for naming that third federal agency
CBS: CBS News/NJ GOP debate: Winners and losers
DMR: Debate: Perry recovers, Cain wades in the shallows
NatJ: Insiders: Romney, Gingrich Winners; Huntsman, Cain Losers
NatJ: Republicans Channel Dick Cheney in NJ/CBS Foreign Policy Debate
NYDN: Gaffe-free GOP hopefuls stay on-message at S Carolina debate: Down with Obama!
DC: Ron Paul suggests Cain, Bachmann have ‘un-American’ beliefs on torture
Hill: Huntsman plays to his strengths, goes after GOP rivals on foreign policy
NatJ: At Debate, GOP Candidates Take Aim at Obama, But Also Hit Bush
Star-Telegram: GOP rivals blast Obama's foreign policy
NatJ: The Debate: No One Really Measured Up
Politico: Bad news: Nobody terrible at CBS Republican debate
Hill: Confederate flag hangs over South Carolina Republican primary
Michael Barone: Barone: Thoughts on first foreign policy debate
John Podhoretz: Newt takes round: Out-debates Cain & Perry
Stephen Hayes: Republicans Debate Foreign Policy
Telegraph UK: Saturday's debate hints at a Republican sea change in foreign policy

AP: Romney: Obama re-election spells nuclear Iran
Politico: At CBS Republican debate, Mitt Romney rivals again skip attacks
Buzz: Mitt Romney's retooled 2012 campaign learning from past mistakes
Louisville CJ: Change agent or flip-flopper? The evolving ideology of Mitt Romney
NYT: After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs
Fox: Pro-Obama Group: Romney Not a Flip-Flopper on Abortion
Examiner: Republicans reluctant to accept Romney as nominee

DC: Gingrich pulls a Pawlenty, declines to take swipe at Romney
Dan Balz: Can Gingrich seize an unexpected moment?
American Thinker: Newt's Physics

CBS: Cain held his own, but answers didn't show depth
AJC: Accusations test Cain’s political style
Hill: Cain: God told me to run for president
NYDN: Herman Cain leads as top GOP contender, edges out Mitt Romney, but needs to focus

Chicago Tribune: As GOP rivals strike hawkish tone, Perry rebounds
HChron: Tough talk, humor set Perry apart at latest debate
NatJ: Perry Takes a Page from The Gipper
Human Events: Rick Perry Fits Perfectly Into a Novel Cast of Characters
Austin AS: Undocumented students grateful to Perry for defending in-state tuition law

NYT: Bachmann Campaign Accuses CBS News of Bias
Daily Call: Bachmann campaign says CBS email is ‘concrete evidence’ of liberal media bias
Star Tribune: Michele Bachmann: Stage set for worldwide nuclear war against Israel

NYT: Editorial: Super PACs for individual candidates brazenly violate the law

Salena Zito: Time again for third-party run?

American Thinker: The 2012 Presidential Election Will Be Won or Lost in the Middle

DC: Gay TV star: I was assaulted for being associated with Ann Coulter


Hill: Poll: Disapproval of Obama on economy hits record high
Fox: Obama Warns Debt Super Committee Not to Cheat on Deficit-Cutting Mandate
NYT: The only way to fix the economy is to squeeze the middle class
NYT: Spotlight Fixed on Geithner, a Man Obama Fought to Keep
WaPo: Editorial: At last, Republicans break the no-new-taxes spell

Fox: Ex-Obama Operative Urged White House to Oust Energy Secretary Chu, Emails Show
WaPo: Before Solyndra, a long history of failed government energy projects

Fox: Questions Arise Over $433M Smallpox Drug Contract to Company Tied to Dem Donor
LA Times: Cost, need questioned in $433-million smallpox drug deal

LA Times: Occupy Portland in standoff with police as other cities make arrests
Denver Post: 17 arrested as Occupy Denver protesters' gear cleared from park
Albany TU: 24 arrested at Occupy Albany

Hill: Obama, world leaders forge broad deal on Asia-Pacific trade

NYT: Deportations Under New U.S. Policy Are Inconsistent

NYT: For Ex-Lobbyist Abramoff, a Multimedia Effort at Redemption

Ezekial Emanuel: Billions Wasted on Billing

NYT: OpEd: Why Are Political Cartoons Incendiary?


LA Times: GOP group files signatures for vote on California redistricting


AJC: The lessons of Arizona, Mississippi for Georgia Republicans
WaPo: Two Washingtons: Bitterly divided Georgia town reflects discord in nation’s capital


Roll Call: Rep. Timothy Johnson's Expensive Phone Bill


Evansville C&P: Indiana politics are set to heat up as the 2012 campaign begins


Roll Call: N.D. Senate Race Moves to Likely Republican With Heitkamp's Entry


Milwaukee JS: A 2012 Wisconsin polling snapshot: tight races, vulnerable big-name pols


Cleveland PD: Ohio lawmakers running out of time to cut congressional map deal


Detroit News: Kwame Kilpatrick moves into larger, $372K home in Texas


St. Louis PD: Missouri GOP struggling for candidates as 2012 approaches


WaPo: After elections, Lt. Gov. Bolling poised for more powerful role


Baltimore Sun: Maryland Republican Party owes over $100,000 to vendors


Clarice Feldman: Living in Omelasville


November 12, 2011


NatJ: Can South Carolina Pick a Winner in 2012?
WaPo: Republican debate in South Carolina tests Rick Perry and Herman Cain once again
NYT: A Taste for Reality TV Seen in Popularity of Presidential Debates
NatJ: At Debate, the World That's Waiting for GOP Candidates

NatJ's Foreign Policy Dossier:
Romney | Paul | Bachmann | Santorum | Huntsman | Gingrich | Perry | Cain

Hill: Poll: Gingrich jumps to second place, Cain drops to third while Romney leads
HChron: GOP race in state of flux as Gingrich surges, Perry sinks in latest polls
CBS: Poll: Cain tops 3-way race with Romney, Gingrich

Fox: Gingrich Moves Into Top Tier of GOP 2012 Candidates, Polls Show
WSJ: Polls: Gingrich Grows on GOP Voters
NYT: As Foes Flounder, Gingrich Gets Bump in Poll
YouTube: Newt Gingrich: Impeach judges - Crush and Replace the Left
Daily Caller: Tortoise on the march: Gingrich surges to near front-runner status
Politico: Newt Gingrich overtakes Herman Cain, McClatchy-Marist poll says
HChron: Is Gingrich forgetting the 11th Commandment on the way up?
AJC: Newt Gingrich takes exception to Herman Cain joke about Anita Hill
Weekly Standard: Brave Newt World

NYT: Romney Hosts Veterans Round Table in S.Carolina
NYT: Romney Comments on Perry Debate Gaffe
Wash Times: James Baker: Romney ‘our strongest candidate’
Fox: Romney Increasing Presence in Iowa
Examiner: Polls show stubborn resistance to Romney
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 43%, Romney 42%
Rasmussen: Missouri 2012: Romney 45%, Obama 42%

WSJ: Cain's Wife Remains Silent for Now
NYT: Herman Cain’s Wife Plans to Sit Down for a Television Interview
NYT: OpEd: Cain’s Paine
Hill: Anita Hill has 'no comment' on Cain
Rush Limbaugh: Cain Insults the Legend of Anita Hill
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Fail to Stop the Cain Train
Human Events: Top 10 Liberal Hit Jobs
Rush Limbaugh: When Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd Sexually Harassed Carrie Fisher

HChron: Perry gets another chance at GOP debate Saturday night
Star-Telegram: Saturday's debate vital for Perry as he drops in polls
NYT: To Catch Up, Perry Makes a Big Ad Buy
WaPo: Rick Perry scoops up ad time on Fox cable network
NYT: Perry Finds Voters in S. Carolina Warm but Wary
WaPo: Rick Perry’s rough path back to relevance
American Thinker: Gov. Perry Should Be Glad
Rasmussen: Just 25% Have Favorable Opinion of Rick Perry
Politico: Columnist Will's wife working for Perry
Rush Limbaugh: Media Harps on Perry's Brain Freeze, Ignores Numerous Examples of Democrat Stupidity

DC: Despite critics who claim waste, Bachmann supports $690M bridge project in district
Politico: Bachmann dings Romney, Newt on mandate

Wash Times: Santorum raises possibility of Iran strikes

Wash Times: Biden to continue collecting rent from Secret Service


WSJ: Hints of Hope as Deficit Deadline Approaches
WaPo: Obama urges supercommittee leaders to reach deal
WaPo: Sen. Lindsey Graham: If supercommittee fails, cut congressional pay
Fox: Debt 'Super Committee': Bipartisan Solution or Prolonging the Problem?
Roll Call: Obama Warns Super Committee
Hill: Obama warns he'll block any attempt to avoid debt deal spending triggers
Hill: GOP senators seek to divide and conquer deficit supercommittee
Mark Steyn: Deficit-Reduction Fever

NYDN: Officials move to break up Occupy protests after three deaths in two days
AP: 2 deaths at Occupy protests in Calif. and Vermont
NB: NBC, CBS Give Scant Coverage to Deadly Shootings at OWS Protests; ABC Ignores
Matt Kinnaman: It's not capitalists who are greedy
James Taranto: 'Diversity of Tactics': This week's Obamaville death toll hits 4
Fox: Study Tying Conservative Views to Personality Disorders Met With Skepticism
Fred Barnes: Obama [hearts] the Big Guys

Reuters: Top Republican opposes extending U.S. payroll tax cut

Examiner: Facts show Fannie, Freddie led mortgage market to the collapse
Daily Caller: Fannie & Freddie bonuses three times the size of AIG bonuses

WS: Since Obamacare’s Passage, Millions Have Lost Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
NYT: Editorial: Affirmation of Health Care Reform

WaPo: Abortion, birth control access at issue in dispute over denial of grant to Catholic group

WaPo: Energy Department failed to sound alarm as Solyndra solar company sank
Fox: Govt Source Releases New Batch of Documents in Response to GOP-Issued Subpoena
Hill: White House delivers Solyndra documents, rebuffs full GOP subpoena

Hill: GOP calls for drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuge to pay for infrastructure

Fox: Keystone Pipeline Decision a Political Ploy or a Political Problem?
Hill: Keystone oil pipeline delay may boost Obama in 2012 race
Rush Limbaugh: The Truth About the Keystone Pipeline

Hill: ‘Swag’ industry warns of job losses from Obama executive order

WSJ: Bill Daley's Comeuppance

Andrew McCarthy: The President, the Constitution, and National Security:
A response to Lindsey Graham

George Will: Who gets to judge political truth? (Stolen Valor Act)

WSJ: The Government and the Guitar Man

Daily Caller: Porn icon Sasha Grey reads to first-graders at NEA-sponsored event

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Cuomo Pledges to Fight Joblessness Among Minority Youths


WSJ: Train to Neverland: California's railway gets more fantastic all the time

NYT: Power Broker Savors a Victory in San Francisco


Austin AS: U.S. Senate race to succeed Hutchison finally heating up

Austin AS: Texas Democrats hope court will help the party restore some seats


Roll Call: Mack Surges to Lead in Latest Quinnipiac Poll
Miami Herald: Poll shows Rep. Connie Mack dominates GOP, best to beat Sen. Bill Nelson
Buzz: In Naples, Sean Hannity throws support behind Mack
Buzz: Adam Hasner, George LeMieux spin Connie Mack's daunting poll position

Politico: Poll: No dent in Marco Rubio’s popularity


NYT: In Georgia, Some Vote to Stay Dry on Sundays


WSJ: The New Orleans homicide rate is 10 times the national average


Chicago Tribune: Juror in Cellini trial appears to have hidden two felony convictions


Stephen Moore: Obama's Indiana Problem


Fox: Republicans Outnumber Dems Running for GOP Rep's Maryland Seat


Star-Ledger: N.J. elections empower Democrats as Christie's weaknesses are exposed


Hill: Pentagon blasts Ariz. Senate candidate


Denver Post: New map may shake up Colorado congressional races


November 11, 2011


Wash Times: Once written off, Gingrich surges
HChron: As others fall, Gingrich may emerge
Weekly Standard: Newt's Night
Weekly Standard: PPP: Gingrich Moves into 2nd Place in Ohio
Rich Lowry: The Newt Moment? The former speaker gets a second look
Roll Call: New PAC Seeks Tea Party Support for Gingrich
Rush Limbaugh: Newt Schools Debate Moderators
Politico: Newt Gingrich explains on Fannie and Freddie
Jen Rubin: Gingrich, Fannie and Freddie

Politico: Mitt Romney hits President Obama on Iran
WSJ: For Romney, 2005 Was Key Year of Policy Shifts
DC: Mitt Romney: Lawyer for NLRB should lose his job
Detroit News: Mitt Romney lacks perspective on auto bailouts
Rush Limbaugh: Romney and Conservatism
Kathleen Parker: Mitt Romney: A nice guy in a season of nastiness

Star-Telegram: Despite stumbles, Perry vows to stay in presidential race
Austin AS: Perry, trying to erase debate debacle, is suddenly everywhere
WaPo: Rick Perry does damage control, vows to press on
WSJ: Perry's Debate 'Oops' Opens Door for Rivals
NYT: Perry Goes on TV to Regain Footing After Debate
NYT: National Spotlight Might Shine Too Bright for Gaffe-Prone Perry
NYT: The Other Problem With Perry’s ‘Oops’ Moment
NYT: Researchers Tune In to a High-Profile Lapse
NYT: The ‘Top 10 Rick Perry Excuses’ on Letterman
NatJ: Rick Perry's Excuse Tour Hits with Thud in South Carolina
J Taranto: 'Sorry. Oops.' On the bright side, at least Perry didn't do his campaign any harm
R Limbaugh: Perry's Brain Freeze & Why the GOP Establishment is Angry at Conservatives
Rush Limbaugh: Rick Perry vs. David Gregory
Byron York: Perry blows chance to be the anti-Romney
Erick Erickson: South America and Life's Choices

Reuters: Cain defamation lawyer hired to monitor accusations
DC: Cain Train on the wane? Leaked polls show eroding Iowa support
NYT: Cain on Camera Joking About Anita Hill
NYT: Even Cain’s Old Jokes Face Extra Scrutiny Now
Rush Limbaugh: Comparing the Experience of Obama and Cain
Rush Limbaugh: The New York Times Reports on My Pronunciation of "Buy-a-lick"
American Thinker: Blacks Still 'Played' and Controlled by Tired Old Democrat Paradigms

American Thinker: Ron Paul Ignores Iran's Treachery

Hill: Occupy Wall Street protesters interrupt Bachmann foreign policy address
Politico: Michele Bachmann hits back at Occupy Wall Street protesters

Human Events: Jon Huntsman Looks to Make a First Impression
Hill: Huntsman's web videos keeps them laughing, but not pledging support

Peggy Noonan: The Republican Unreality Show
Politico: Sarah Palin tut-tuts the focus on the GOP horse race

Charles Krauthammer: The 2011 elections: A split decision
Kim Strassel: Obama's Virginia Defeat

Rush Limbaugh: GOP Eyes Senate, Not WH, in 2012

DC: Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher: Ted Kennedy asked if I would have sex with Chris Dodd

LA Times: Nixon testimony sheds little light on missing tape mystery
NYT: Newly Released Transcripts Show a Bitter and Cynical Nixon in ’75


Fox: Panetta Warns Military Cuts Would Invite 'Aggression'
NatJ: Panetta Plays Last Card, Warns Defense Cuts Could Lead to Attack on the U.S.

Hill: Republican senators aim for supercommittee breakthrough
NYT: Appetite for Budget Bill, but Success Is in Doubt
Politico: Supercommittee tries to salvage $1T deal
Politico: Supercommittee chair 'not giving up hope'

WSJ: Risk Rises for Federal Housing Administration

Wash Times: Senate finally agrees on small piece of Obama jobs plan — $30B to hire vets
Wash Times: Small part of jobs stimulus clears Senate, may be the last
Rush Limbaugh: More Jobless Number Manipulation
David Brooks: The Inequality Map

Dauckster: Milton Friedman 31 yrs ago on alternatives to Capitalism (video)

Hill: Obama delays Keystone decision until after 2012 reelection bid
WSJ: Keystone Cop-Out: Obama punts on more than 20,000 shovel-ready jobs
Roll Call: Obama’s Pipeline Delay Earns Boehner Rebuke
WSJ: U.S. Delays Pipeline Decision
Wash Times: Canadian pipeline to Texas on hold until 2013
NYT: U.S. Delays Decision on Pipeline Until After Election
WaPo: Keystone pipeline route in Nebraska to be reassessed
WaPo: Support for federal backing of renewables slips, driven by GOP skepticism

CBS Atlanta: Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base

Examiner: Senate committee passes gay marriage measure

Wash Times: Grassley: Justice Dept. balking at making witnesses available
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Fast and Furious was About Gun Control
DC: Holder shares apology letter with press before slain agent’s family

Hill: White House agrees to hand over Solyndra documents to GOP

Wash Times: GOP effort to stop FCC’s ‘net neutrality’ push fails
Hill: Senate in party-line vote rejects measure to overturn FCC net-neutrality rules

Wash Times: Senate panel OKs repeal of Defense of Marriage Act

Human Events: Free Wi-Fi, VIP Treatment, and a $50 Abortion Discount (Sundays Only)

NYT: Obama’s Influential Mideast Envoy to Resign
WSJ: U.S. Plans Bomb Sales in Gulf to Counter Iran
WSJ: If Iran Gets the Bomb
Jed Babbin: Iran on Nuclear Threshold
Sen. Lindsey Graham: Team Obama’s Foreign Policy

WaPo: Panetta orders review of discipline in Dover mortuary probe
Hill: Defense secretary vows 'full accountability' for mishandling of remains


National Review: Cuomo’s Big Tests
Albany TU: DiNapoli: Out-year budgets look bad


SacBee: California budget cuts loom as revenue dips, spending soars
American Spectator: Jerry Brown Starts to Get It Right


NatJ: Popping The Ted Cruz Bubble


SPT: Tea party picks up ethics issue as Gov. Scott retreats


AJC: Report: Occupy Atlanta base tests positive for TB


Rush Limbaugh: Rep. Joe Walsh Screams Truth


NYT: How Obama Can Win Ohio Again
American Thinker: What Conservative Movement Can Learn from Dems after Ohio Failure


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: McCaskill Bid for Reelection a Toss-Up


Examiner: Focus shifts to Virginia's U.S. Senate race
WaPo: Dem Houck concedes Senate race, clenches effective GOP takeover of Va. Senate


WSJ: Governor Targets Sandusky Charity
Politico: Penn State scandal consumes Pa. politics
NYT: Abuse Inquiry Set Tricky Path for a Governor
CNN: Assistant coach who reported Penn State incident threatened, won't be at game
NESN: Jerry Sandusky Rumored to Have Been 'Pimping Out Young Boys to Rich Donors'
NBC Philly: DA Who Never Charged Sandusky Has Been Missing Since 2005


National Review: Recall in Arizona: What Tuesday’s mixed electoral results really tell us

Roll Call: Carmona Announces Arizona Senate Bid

Politico: Gabrielle Giffords's ABC Diane Sawyer interview previewed


Denver Post: Judge rules in favor of Democratic map in Colorado redistricting
Roll Call: Colorado Judge Approves Democratic-Friendly Map


NYT: Maria Cantwell: Ascent of a Woman


Fox: Hawaii Cuts $5.4M From Programs to Help Welfare Recipients


November 10, 2011


Fox: GOP Candidates Target Housing Market, Tax Reform and Bailouts in Latest Debate
Detroit FP: Issues, not idle gossip, rule the day during GOP debate
WSJ: Debate on Economics Turns to Character
Examiner: GOP candidates focus on economy, give Cain a pass
AJC: Cain, Gingrich face grilling as Perry falters in debate
WSJ: Perry's Key Moment in Debate: a Memory Lapse
LA Times: GOP debate features stymied Rick Perry, defiant Herman Cain
Detroit News: GOP economic debate sees Perry stumble
WaPo: Rick Perry stumbles badly in Republican presidential debate
Austin AS: Perry stumbles at debate; can't name third agency he'd disband
Daily Caller: ‘Oops’: Perry flubs CNBC debate question
NYT: ‘Oops’ and a Long, Sad Pause at Debate When Perry Can’t Get to Three
HChron: Major Rick Perry ‘oops’ steals show at the debate
NatJ: Perry Can't Remember Agency He Wants to Cut -- video
HChron: Perry talks about his “oops” moment
Star-Telegram: Perry's debate gaffe could devastate his campaign
Chicago Tribune: Cain defends himself, Perry stumbles at GOP debate
Hill: Perry has debate 'oops'; crowd cheers Cain in face of allegations
NYT: Perry’s Other Debate Mistake
Politico: Romney rivals continue to implode
Human Events: Oops! Perry's Dumbfounding Moment of Ineptitude
HChron: Winners and Losers from the CNBC GOP debate
Human Events: Cain, Romney, and Gingrich graduate; Perry might have just flunked out
Wkly Std: Top Fundraiser for Perry Tells Washington Post His Campaign is Over
Wash Times: In debate, Cain rebuffs charges
Hill: Cain refers to Pelosi as 'Princess Nancy'
Hill: Cain chief of staff under fire
Rich Lowry: Romney and Gingrich Shine; Perry Doesn’t
Jen Rubin: The Michigan debate: One candidate falls, one runs away with it
LA Times: GOP debate recap: Romney's challengers fade away
Stephen Stromberg: Romney wins because he’s not Perry or Cain
NatJ: Mitt Romney: Fortune's Favorite?

Mitt Romney: I Won't Let Iran Get Nukes

Ann Coulter: David Axelrod's Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior

Karl Rove: Reading This Week's Political Tea Leaves

Rasmussen: Florida Primary: Cain 30%, Romney 24%, Gingrich 19%
NatJ: Polls: Romney Ties Obama in Key Swing States
Politico: Poll: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney tied in 3 key states
Rasmussen: Obama 48%, Cain 37%

NYT: Cain’s Lawyer on Accusing: ‘Think Twice’
WaPo: Cain accusers Bialek, Kraushaar planning joint news conference
Rush Limbaugh: The Cain Babes Band Together
Rush Limbaugh: The Double Standard for Cain
Ross Douthat: The Cain Scrutiny
Wash Times: Hopes hang on McCain’s miracle
Wash Times: Tea party leader: Herman Cain must go
American Spectator: Campaign Crisis Tests Cain

Rush Limbaugh: Newt Says Pelosi Ad Was Mistake

Erick Erickson: Rick Perry on Federalism and Immigration

Wash Times: Will Bachmann cut foreign assistance to Israel?

Hill: Conservatives organize to defeat Romney
Rush Limbaugh: America Will Continue to Decline Unless the GOP Establishment Embraces Conservative Ideology

Rush Limbaugh: Tonight is Jon Huntsman's Chance to Impress Rush Limbaugh (No, Really Somebody Said This on TV)

Human Events: Mississippi and Philly Bright Spots in a Dark Day for the GOP

Roll Call: Burr Counts on His Record in Whip Race


WaPo: Debt-reduction talks at an impasse despite ‘breakthrough’
NYT: Panel Is at Impasse, but Obama Sees No Reason to Step In
WSJ: Democrats Unveil New Deficit Proposal
WSJ: A Super Offer Rejected: GOP bids $500 billion in new revenues. Dems want more
Wash Times: Durbin: ‘Breakthrough’ by GOP in debt talks
NYT: Obama Cuts $4 Billion, Then Uses It Elsewhere

WSJ: Lawmakers Target Fannie, Freddie Pay
Human Events: Freddie Mac's Latest $4.4B Debacle Fits the Formula for Political Scandals
WSJ: Home Prices Keep Dropping
Fareed Zakaria: The downward path of upward mobility

WSJ: Solyndra Supporter Spoke to President
NYT: Second Solyndra Loan Discussed With Energy Dept., E-Mail Suggests
WaPo: Solyndra e-mails show Obama fundraiser discussed lobbying White House
Fox: Solyndra Emails Claim Biden Team 'About Had an Orgasm' About Energy Loans to Firm
Wash Times: New emails show White House, VP office ‘orgasmic’ over Solyndra deal

Hill: Issa blasts DOJ over gun-walking letter
DC: As a victim’s family speaks, 38 congressmen demand Eric Holder’s resignation

Brad Smith: Another Union Attack on Corporate Speech

James Taranto: The Krugman Standard

WSJ: ObamaCare: Flawed Policy, Flawed Law
Rush Limbaugh: Examining Judge Silberman's Ruling

WaPo: Remains of war dead dumped in landfill

WSJ: U.S. to Build Up Military in Australia

WSJ: Suspected Militiamen Plead Not Guilty to Alleged Plot

Fox: White House Sidelines Christmas Tree 'Tax'
Hill: USDA backs off Christmas tree tax, will revisit issue
ABC: Obama Administration to Delay New 15-Cent Christmas Tree Tax
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Finds a Tax He Doesn't Like!

WaPo: FCC plans cheap Internet service and computers to connect poor Americans


NYT: Cuomo Calls Vote Results ‘Big Victory’ for New York

Fox: After Seven-Year Lawsuit, Federal Court Allows 'Choose Life' License Plate


NYT: Justices Likely to Overturn California Law Against Slaughtering ‘Downer’ Animals


Roll Call: Interim 2012 Map Expected Soon in Texas


Miami Herald: Herman Cain's Florida team largely silent on allegations


WSJ: Largest Municipal Bankruptcy Filed


WSJ: Mississippi House Likely to See Shift in Power


WSJ: Ohio Tea Leaves
NYT: Ohio Vote on Labor Is Parsed for Omens
WSJ: Ohio Vote on Unions Will Reverberate, Backers Say
Rush Limbaugh: Ohio Cost Dems Big Money


WSJ: Michigan Sizes Up Taking Over Flint


Wash Times: Republicans take control, ‘responsibility’ in Virginia
WaPo: Va’s GOP, Dems spar over whether having a GOP lt gov breaks likely state Senate tie
WaPo: GOP Reeves pulls ahead of 7-term Dem in race to determine control of Va. Senate
Rush Limbaugh: Bob McDonnell Exudes Confidence


WSJ: Paterno Ousted at Penn State


Roll Call: Elizabeth Warren Hires Campaign Manager


Wash Times: Anti-immigration lawmaker ousted in recall
NYT: Recall Election Claims Arizona Anti-Immigration Champion


November 9, 2011


HuEv: Anti-Romney Voters & Potential Cain Defectors Up for Grabs in Tonight's GOP Debate
Detroit News: Michigan in spotlight as GOP debates economy
Detroit FP: Stage set for GOP debate at Oakland University
MSNBC: GOP Debate: 5 Things to Watch
Politico: GOP debates enter elimination round

LA Times: Elections may signal a pause in conservative trend

NYT: Cain Speaks Out to Deny Charges; 2nd Voice Heard
WaPo: Karen Kraushaar now wants to go public with allegations against Herman Cain
NYDN: Karen Kraushaar 'had to leave her job because of Cain' as accuser comes forward
Hill: Defiant Cain denies allegations as another woman speaks publicly
WSJ: Cain Goes on the Attack
NY Post: Cain accuser ‘went up & hugged him’
WSJ: Cain: No Memory of Latest Accuser
NYT: Cain Campaign Assails New Accuser’s Credibility
American Thinker: Female Intuition, Sexual Harassment, and Herman Cain
Wash Times: Cain camp strikes back against accuser
LA Times: Herman Cain answers sexual harassment allegations
Fox: Cain Denies Latest Harassment Claim, Says He Doesn't Know Accuser
Wash Times: Cain denies charges, will keep campaigning
WaPo: Herman Cain: Sharon Bialek’s charges are ‘baseless, bogus and false’
NatJ: Cain Won't Withdraw From Presidential Race
ABC: Newt Gingrich Urges Herman Cain to “Answer the Charges”
NatJ: Gingrich: Cain Owes Woman and Public an Explanation
AP: Romney: Cain allegations 'particularly disturbing'
NatJ: Santorum: Cain Charges ‘Very Troubling’
HChron: Kay Hutchison says Cain “should not be our nominee” if he harassed any women
Rush Limbaugh: Cain Scandal is Pure Politics
Rush Limbaugh: Clinton-Lewinsky: A Reading
Kathleen Parker: Herman Cain and the parked car
Charles Hurt: Allred’s Scarlet Letter should be returned to sender
Victor Davis Hanson: Cain Lost in the Labyrinth
NatJ: Voter Tide Still Not Turning Against Cain
HChron: If Cain fails, who will the tea partiers favor next?
NatJ: The Women Who've Made Sexual Harassment Charges Against Cain
Hill: Why Cain’s problems don’t help Obama

American Spectator: The Real Case Against Sexual Harassment

Bloomberg: Romney Returns to Iowa as He Weighs More Serious Effort to Win Caucuses
Dick Morris: Mitt Romney in a rut
Erick Erickson: Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins
MSNBC: Mitt Romney as a Mormon missionary in 1968 France
NYT: Democrats Criticize Romney for Opposing Auto Bailout
Miami Herald: Romney's energy plan promotes fossil fuels, dismisses solar and wind
Politico: Mitt Romney's new Tehran narrative
Hill: Gingrich, Perry in fight to face Romney
National Review: Good Mitt vs. Bad Mitt: Mitt offers practical policies but spineless politics
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney's Perfect Storm

Newt Gingrich: Dust in the Wind: Time for the EPA to Go!
Dorothy Rabinowitz: Why Gingrich Could Win
DC: Gingrich on global warming ad with Pelosi: ‘The dumbest single thing I’ve done in years’
NYT: Gingrich Rises in Polls But Has Major Obstacles to Nomination
DMR: Newt’s campaign is humming along now

Daily Caller: Perry’s son discusses father’s campaign, says he never expected it to happen
RCP: Rick Perry's Revival Plan: Debates and Early States
WSJ: Perry's Campaign Faces Battle in Iowa
HChron: How bad are things for Rick Perry in Iowa? He’s only ahead of Huntsman
Star-Telegram: Perry tries to reverse slide in polls
Star-Telegram: GOP nomination race probably returns to Perry vs. Romney
CNN: Clinton praises Perry over immigration
Erick Erickson: Rick Perry On the Super Committee and Energy
Rasmussen: Obama 44%, Perry 35%

Miami Herald: If Cain flames out, who will rise among GOP?

Tony Blankley: GOP primary deadlock? Five odd factors could thwart choice of nominee

NatJ: Republicans See 2012 Sweep
Fox: Obama a One-Term President? History Suggests Room for a Turnaround
ABC: New Poll Puts Obama Far Ahead of GOP With Latino Voters

Politico: U.S. doles $17.7M for conventions

Politico: Laura Bush jokes about husband's style


WSJ: GOP Open to Tax Deal in Talks on Deficit
LA Times: Republicans offer a tax proposal on the deficit
National Review: Republicans consider using budget gimmicks to keep spending down
WaPo: Republicans offer tax deal to break debt impasse; Democrats dismiss it
Hill: Republicans offer to limit tax deductions — for lower tax rates
NatJ: Senate GOP: Willing to Accept Up to $300 Billion in Net Tax Increases
Fox: As Super Committee Deadline Nears, Tax Reforms Become Focus Point
Fox: Deficit-Cutting Supercommittee Members Still Far From Compromise
NYT: Deficit Panel Members Seeking to Avoid Blame
NatJ: Public Split on Parties’ Super Committee Ideas
NatJ: Report: Patty Murray's State Staff Holds Retreat at Lobbying Firm
Politico: Odds stack up against supercommittee
Politico: CEOs not sold on debt panel's talks
Politico: How Grover Norquist corners Congress
Hill: House Republican lawmakers want out of Norquist tax pledge
Hill: Dem angst increases over supercommitee's secretive process
Hill: Sen. McConnell says President Obama is rooting for the supercommittee to fail

WSJ: Fannie Mae Says It Needs $7.8 Billion More U.S. Aid

WSJ: The Public-Union Albatross

WSJ: Do Americans Favor a Flat Tax?

WSJ: Holder Acknowledges Gun-Probe Mistakes
WaPo: Holder grilled on ‘Fast and Furious,’ admits mistakes
Wash Times: Holder: ‘I certainly regret’ agent’s death
Fox: Holder 'Regrets' Death Of Border Patrol Agent, Stands By Response In Aftermath
DC: During Senate testimony, Holder changes misleading testimony from May hearing
NYT: Holder Urges Lawmakers to Support Efforts to Stop Gun Trafficking
Human Events: Holder Grilled Over Fast and Furious by Senate GOP, Dems Change Topic
Rush Limbaugh: Holder Refuses to Apologize
NatJ: NRA to Obama: Fire Holder
Dana Milbank: Fast and Furious: The scandal Republicans have been waiting for?
Examiner: Holder's mounting credibility problems

DC: Former Ariz. US Attorney admits leaking memo smearing Fast and Furious whistle-blower
Politico: Former US Attorney owns up to Fast-and-Furious-related leak

Politico: Senators press Holder on Ted Stevens' prosecutors

Daily Caller: Obama rolls back immigration enforcement, again

WSJ: DC Circuit Court Rules Health Law Is Constitutional, 2-1
Wash Times: Appeals court upholds Obama’s health care law
NYT: Health Law Survives Test in Court of Appeals
WSJ: Judge Silberman's Strange Opinion
WSJ: ObamaCare: Flawed Policy, Flawed Law
American Spectator: Supremes About to Decide Which Obamacare Cases Make the Cut

Hill: Anti-tax advocates, deficit busters collide over repeal of health law subsidies

Wash Times: Obama again sidesteps Congress with Head Start order

Fox: White House Silent on Conversation With French Pres. Insulting Israeli Prime Minister

WSJ: U.N. Says Iran Is Working on Nuclear Arms
NYT: U.N. Agency Says Iran Data Points to A-Bomb Work
Wash Times: Watchdog reveals Iran’s nuclear arms work
Politico: GOPers seek Obama apology on Israel

James Taranto: This Is What Anarchy Looks Like: More stories of violence at Obamaville
Michael Barone: Working for fun is no laughs in capitalism

WSJ: Military Lost Troops' Remains
NYT: Air Force Officials Disciplined Over Handling of Human Remains
WaPo: Air Force mishandled remains of war dead, inquiry finds

Hill: Obama back in treacherous political waters with new offshore drilling plan
National Review: Paul Krugman’s Solar Eclipse

WSJ: Judges Weigh Phone Tracking


Albany TU: With Poloncarz up, Cuomo on track to go 3-0
Buffalo News: Poloncarz victory caps off spirited campaign
NYT: Bellone, a Democrat, Elected Suffolk Executive
Rochester D&C: Maggie Brooks wins historic third term as Monroe county executive
Albany TU: Schenectady mayor's race still too close


National Review: Occupied Oakland’s Quandary
NYT: OpEd: Occupy Oakland: Trouble Beside the Bay

Fox: Lee Takes Commanding Lead in San Francisco Mayor's Race

WSJ: San Francisco's Pension Fog

Dan Walters: New California Senate maps still not settled

Rasmussen: California: Obama 45%, Generic Republican 41%


Star-Telegram: Texas Legislature's redistricting maps derailed in federal court
WaPo: Court will draw Texas map in boon to Democrats
WSJ: U.S. Court Challenges New Texas Districts
WSJ: Court Paves Way for Texas Redistricting Trial
NYT: Texas: Trial on Redistricting Maps Is Ordered
Roll Call: Texas Redistricting Map Going to Federal Trial
Politico: Court halts Texas redistricting map

American Spectator: The Texas Tea Party Debate


SPT: Newton, Gerdes win big in St. Petersburg City Council races


AJC: Sunday alcohol sales prove popular with most voters


Fox: Mississippi Defeats Life at Conception Ballot Initiative
Wash Times: Mississippi rejects ‘personhood’ amendment
WSJ: Abortion Measure Defeated; Parties Split Governor Races
NYT: Mississippi Voters Reject Anti-Abortion Measure
Weekly Std: Why Did Anti-Abortion Mississippians Vote Down "Personhood Amendment"?

Fox: Mississippi Voters Approve Voter ID Proposal

Fox: Mississippi Voters Approve Eminent Domain Restrictions

WaPo: Phil Bryant wins Mississippi gubernatorial election
Fox: Republican Phil Bryant Wins Governor's Race in Mississippi


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Dayton hangs on to support even after tough year


Roll Call: Heitkamp Makes N.D. Senate Bid Official


Wash Times: Ohio voters repeal collective-bargaining law
Fox: Ohio Voters Reject Republican-Backed Union Limits
WSJ: Ohio Voters Reject Public-Union Limits
NYT: Ohio Turns Back a Law Limiting Unions’ Rights
NatJ: Ohio Voters Repeal SB 5
Roll Call: Unions Help Take Down Ohio Law
Hill: Unions, Dems win big in Ohio labor rights vote
DC: Defeat of bill limiting collective bargaining in OH will cause increased taxes, ‘mass layoffs’

Fox: Ohio Voters Choose to Opt Out of Health Care Mandate


Roll Call: DeMint Backs Stenberg in Nebraska Senate Primary


WaPo: Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear wins reelection easily


Wash Times: GOP holds slight edge in deciding Va. Senate race
WaPo: Va. elections: GOP Senate takeover hangs on 86 votes
Roll Call: Balance of Power in Virginia State Senate Still Unclear
Fox: Virginia Republicans Surge to Largest House Majority Ever
WaPo: Virginia elections may be a warning sign for Obama


WSJ: Pressure on Penn State Grows
WaPo: Joe Paterno ignored his moral responsibility
NYT: Editorial: Penn State’s Culpability
Rush Limbaugh: Joe Paterno and the Degradation of American Culture


Fox: Democrats Hold Ground in New Jersey Legislative Elections
NYT: Democrats Expand Their Hold on New Jersey Legislature, Despite Christie’s Efforts


Politico: Massachusetts Democrats map reelection routes


LA Times: Author of Arizona immigration law Pearce loses recall fight
Arizona Republic: Russell Pearce on verge of historic loss in recall

Arizona Republic: Arizona court won't temporarily reinstate official

Hill: Boehner takes the lead on plans for a tribute to slain aide to Rep. Giffords


Seattle Times: Patty Murray's staff holds retreat - at lobbying firm


Roll Call: Bonamici, Cornilles Advance to Oregon Special Election
Hill: Cornilles, Bonamici win Oregon primaries, will face off for Wu's seat


November 8, 2011


WSJ: Woman Makes New Claim Against Cain
Wash Times: Accuser says Cain groped her in car in D.C.
DC: Herman Cain: Accusations from ‘celebrity lawyer’ Gloria Allred ‘completely false’
National Review: Cain: Not ‘An Ounce of Truth’ in Allegations
Chicago ST: Witness says Cain accuser hugged him during Tea Party meeting a month ago
Star Tribune: Cain to hold Phoenix news conference on sexual harassment allegations
NYDN: Herman Cain denies sex harassment allegations to Jimmy Kimmel
NatJ: This Time, Cain's Accuser Has a Name and a Face
Fox: Cain Accuser Claims Candidate Proposed Interlude For Job
WaPo: Woman says Cain groped her; he denies it
Hill: Woman claims Cain groped her, he calls allegation 'completely false'
NYT: Woman Accuses Cain of Groping; He Denies Charge
NYT: Cain, on Late-Night Television, Speaks to Accusations
Politico: GOP urges Herman Cain to address accusations
LA Times: Herman Cain accuser goes public with sexual harassment claim
LA Times: Many Republicans shrug off Herman Cain accusations, polls show
Chicago ST: Getting to the truth of the allegations against Cain no easy task
DC: With Allred’s involvement, conservatives greet new Cain allegations with skepticism
DC: Krauthammer: If latest Cain allegations are true it’s ‘sexual assault’
Weekly Standard: Bill Bennett: Cain Allegations Not a "Witch Hunt"
AJC: The word from Iowa: Latest allegation is a ‘tipping point’ for Herman Cain
Andrea Peyser: Jobless & shameless gal going for gold
American Spectator: No Harassment Here
Rush Limbaugh: Blonde Bombshell from Chicago Accuses Cain
Rush Limbaugh: The Cain Story Gets More Ridiculous
Rush Limbaugh: Allred Joked About TSA Grope
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Elite and Lib Media Team Up Against "Unprofessional" Cain
Politico: Why media firestorm doesn’t sink Herman Cain among GOP
WaPo: Can Herman Cain’s campaign weather latest sexual harassment allegations?
WaPo: Conservatives divided on Sharon Bialek accusations
Greg Sargent: Herman Cain victimization narrative collapses
Erik Wemple: Sharon Bialek mocked by Rush Limbaugh: Telling
Ruth Marcus: Herman Cain harassment story was good journalism
Dana Milbank: The 2012 campaign gets seedier

Examiner: Fifth woman raises questions about Cain's behavior

NYT: In Iowa, Mitt Romney Outlines Programs He Would Cut as President
WaPo: Mitt Romney at a crossroads on Iowa Republican caucuses strategy
Fox: Romney Eyes Iowa in Bid for Speedy Nomination
Politico: Mitt Romney returns for renewed push in Iowa
DC: As Gingrich gains and Cain fades, Romney steps up his game in Iowa
Politico: Poll: Romney leads on electability, but faces challenges
Politico: What happens in Mass. won't stay there
WSJ: Romney's Fiscal Awakening
David Brooks: Brooks: A Serious Romney
Charlie Cook: Romney is looking more and more like the 2012 nominee

Daily Caller: The comeback kid: Gingrich beating Romney in Iowa poll
Byron York: Gingrich's wonkish, unconventional campaign
Rasmussen: Obama 44%, Gingrich 38%

Politico: Perry downplays Obama role in bin Laden killing
Erick Erickson: Can Rick Perry Rebound With A Flat Tax?

NYT: Michele Bachmann Warns Against Supporting ‘Frugal Socialists’
Politico: Bachmann: GOP rivals are 'frugal socialists'
Hill: Bachmann ups conservative stakes, calls GOP rivals 'frugal socialists'
Daily Caller: Bachmann: Obama violating the Constitution and the Tenth Commandment

WSJ: Poll Finds Voters Deeply Torn
NatJ: Our Mirror Image Parties
NatJ: NBC/WSJ Poll: Cain Ties Romney, Obama Leads Both But Lags on Other Measures
Hill: Gallup: Cain tied with Romney, most are skeptical of charges
HChron: Cain’s negative ratings double, Ron Paul ties Rick Perry for fourth in new poll
HChron: Surging Gingrich passes Perry in new poll as Romney and Cain remain atop pack

NYT: G.O.P. Field Attacks Obama Foreign Policy With Tough Talk on Iran
Bret Stephens: Now For a Real Iran Debate

Fox: State Ballot Initiatives Pose Key Tests for Obama Re-election Drive
Hill: Small races could have big 2012 impact
WSJ: Winning Youth Vote Will Be Crucial for Obama in 2012

NYT: Obama Aide Hands Over Operations
WSJ: Key Obama Aide Relinquishes Some Duties
Daily Caller: Report: White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley demoted
NatJ: Rouse Given Expanded Role In West Wing


NYT: G.O.P. Talks of Limiting Tax Breaks
Hill: Dem leaders set to drive a harder bargain than Obama on deficit
Stephen Moore: Will Boehner Get Bush-Whacked?
Wash Times: Government starts fiscal year 2012 with deficit
NYT: Editorial: Staring Into the Budget’s Abyss
Human Events: The Super Committee Snooze Bar
Wash Times: Schumer predicts supercommittee will fail
Hill: Schumer: Supercommittee will fail
Sen. Jim DeMint: We’re Still Not Cutting: Congress refuses to face the fiscal crisis

Fox: House Oversight Chairman Calls for Probe into ACORN Role in Occupy Wall Street
Politico: ACORN heirs deny funneling cash to Occupy Wall Street
Examiner: Occupy DC becoming increasingly violent, police say
J Taranto: Obamaville Riots: Should liberal media be held responsible for left-wing violence?
Rush Limbaugh: Occupy Wall Street Update: Even the Parasites Have Parasites
WSJ: Bloomberg's Broken Windows: When the crazies come, you're on your own
Michael Gerson: As radicalism creeps in, credibility retreats from OWS

Wash Times: Senators agree on provision of jobs bill
NYT: Senate Acts on 2 Pieces of Proposal on Hiring

NYT: Wall St. Pay Is Expected to Fall 20% to 30%
NYT: OpEd: End Bonuses for Bankers

Fox: Census Data Show Americans Hit By Poverty at All-Time High
NYT: New Way to Tally Poor Recasts View of Poverty

Fox: Holder to Testify Again on 'Fast and Furious'
Daily Caller: Holder to face gun-walking music at Senate hearing
Politico: Eric Holder: Effects of Fast and Furious will linger
Human Events: Uncovering The Cover-Up: The Truth About "Operation Fast And Furious"

Hill: White House not expected to comply with Solyndra subpoena from House GOP

Hill: GOP senators call for Energy Dept. probe of $730M steelmaker loan

WSJ: Pipeline Project Comes Under Further Scrutiny
Wash Times: White House urged to defer final decision on oil pipeline
Fox: Obama Reviews Pipeline Proposal Amid Claims of Corruption in Vetting Process
Hill: State Dept. inspector general to probe Keystone oil sands pipeline review

Fox: Judge Blocks Graphic Images on Cigarette Packs
Hill: Court blocks new cigarette warnings


Roll Call: Carroll Campbell III Eyes Packed South Carolina GOP Primary


WSJ: GOP Viewing Westchester As a Big Test


Human Events: Did Rep. McCarthy Plan To Save Six GOP Reps in California?

Dan Walters: California is ignoring its decaying roads


Star-Telegram: Voters across Texas head to the polls today


Roll Call: Democrats Betting Big on Florida Redistricting

SPT: Florida antiabortion group wants its own 'personhood' amendment, faces long odds

Politico: Rick Scott does the conga


Hill: Mississippi to vote on proposed measure declaring ‘personhood’ of fetuses


Chicago Tribune: Nearly half of mortgages in Chicago area underwater

Chicago Tribune: Attorney: Blagojevich to make statement at sentencing


Star Tribune: Minnesota Poll: Marriage amendment divide is deep


Daily Caller: Ohioans vote on collective bargaining rights
Roll Call: Labor Focuses on Axing Ohio Law
Politico: Democrats use Ohio vote as 'slingshot' into 2012 elections
Rush Limbaugh: The Big Ohio Vote


Roll Call: Democrat Joins Race Against Thaddeus McCotter


NatJ: Previewing the Kentucky Governor's Race


Wash Times: Democrats rally in last-ditch effort to hold Virginia Senate
Roll Call: Parties Ready to Spin Virginia Results for 2012


Roll Call: Lawmakers Struggling Through Pennsylvania Redraw


Hill: Brown undecided on net-neutrality vote


Roll Call: No Surprises Expected in Oregon Special Primaries
NatJ: Previewing Oregon's 1st District Special Primary Election


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