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October 21, 2011


Rasmussen: Iowa: Cain 28% Romney 21% Paul 10%
Fox: Cain Adds to ‘9-9-9’ Plan, Angering Unions
American Thinker: Cain's Valuable 9-9-9 Plan
Fox: Attacked By Rivals, Herman Cain Clarifies Abortion Stance
Politico: Herman Cain says he took Piers Morgan's abortion question literally
Weekly Standard: Herman Cain's Muddled Abortion Remarks
American Spectator: Cain in the Cross-Hairs
Daily Caller: Cain still giving paid speeches
Politico: Herman Cain: 'Lots of brothers from another mother'
DC: Thomas Sowell on Cain’s ethnicity: ‘He is certainly one of us, far more so than Obama’
Human Events: Herman Cain Appeals to 'Main Street' and Christian Credentials
American Thinker: Who Will Save New York? Herman Cain?
Matthew Dowd: It's the Values, Stupid: Why Character Counts in 2012

NYT: Romney Will Compete in Iowa, if a Bit Cautiously
WSJ: Iowa Back on Romney's Map
Politico: Iowa landscape tempts Romney
Hill: Iowa conservatives complain Romney’s snubbing them
WSJ: Pinpointing Romney's Mormon Challenge
NatJ: Romney Gives Obama Credit for Qaddafi
NYT: GOP Speed Daters Ready to Go Steady With Romney?
Examiner: Cozy relationship with Wall Street hurts Romney
Examiner: Why Romneycare is Romney's biggest problem
Hill: Dems see Romney vulnerability on autos
Daily Caller: Coulter: ‘I want Romney-Cain’
HChron: Romney’s controversial anti-Perry attack ad pulled from YouTube
Daily Caller: Ed Rendell: Romney would win Pennsylvania if election were held today
Daily Caller: Ohio poll: Romney tied with unpopular Obama
Kim Strassel: Romney's Guilty Republican Syndrome
Rich Lowry: Romney: Proficient but Unloved
Byron York: Romney health plan still faces GOP challenge

NatJ: For Perry, A Rapid Fundraising Rise -- and Fall
NatJ: Perry's K Street Meet-and-Greet
WSJ: Flat Tax Seen as Savings Booster
Wash Times: Flat tax to the rescue
Examiner: Perry proposes flat tax to counter Cain's 9-9-9
HChron: Perry polling behind even Bachmann in Iowa

NatJ: Ron Paul Launches TV Ad Blitz

Glendale NP: Bachmann slams Obama in Pasadena talk

Wash Times: Santorum: Cain ‘pro-choice’ on abortion, not true conservative

Charles Krauthammer: Punch-out in the desert
Peggy Noonan: The GOP Wins by Bruising: The debates have been an unexpected success
Rush Limbaugh: The GOP Debate Made Me Laugh
Reuters: Fox News announces Republican debates

NYT: More Women in Senate, but Seats Are at Risk
Politico: President could drag down Dems in Senate

NYT: Without ‘Super PAC’ Numbers, Campaign Filings Present an Incomplete Picture

Pete DuPont: No More Years: Obama looks increasingly likely to lose. What then?
Politico: President Zig-Zag: Barack Obama's Wall Street whiplash


WSJ: Senate Blocks Funds for State Workers
Wash Times: Obama’s jobs bill fails second Senate test
WaPo: Senate blocks money for teachers, firefighters
NYT: Obama’s Jobs Plan Is Blocked Again by Senate Republicans
National Review: Bailout Lite
Gene Sperling: The Case for the President's Jobs Act
Paul Krugman: Party of Pollution

WSJ: Fed Is Poised for More Easing

Politico: Appropriations bedlam continues

Hill: Senate housing bill would sell excess properties to foreign investors
James Taranto: Housing Bubble Jr.: Young Americans mortgage their future

WSJ: Top Lawmakers Push Debt Panel to Wrap Up
Politico: The supercommittee's credible accounting
Hill: AMA bills for lobbying supercomittee as high as during healthcare bill debate
Sens. Olympia Snowe & Jeff Sessions: An End to Budgetary Trickery

WaPo: Occupy Wall Street, unions get their activism together
Human Events: George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street
Michael Gerson: Obama’s risky embrace of Occupy Wall Street
Michelle Malkin: Robin Hood vs. the Occupiers

WSJ: GOP Lawmakers Press FBI on Fast and Furious
Wash Times: Lawmakers blast Justice Department’s ‘Fast and Furious’ probe
Fox: Congressional Investigators Target FBI Over Fast and Furious
American Thinker: Fast and Furious Scandal Cannot Be Contained

DC: Congressional investigators try to deposition Solyndra loan memo author; DOE refuses
Politico: Carol Browner escapes center of Solyndra storm

ABC: Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland

LA Times: Changes seek to save key aspect of healthcare law

Sen. David Vitter: Obama Stalls Deepwater Drilling Despite Lifting of Moratorium

Wash Times: ‘No Child’ overhaul proceeds with support of both parties

Rep. Ted Poe: All Hail the Chief Ignorer of the Law (Especially Illegal Immigrants)

WSJ: Senate Confirms Bryson as Commerce Secretary
NYT: John Bryson Confirmed As Commerce Secretary
Wash Times: Obama pick owed millions from Disney, Boeing board posts

Roll Call: Darrell Issa Defends Rejection of Travel Funds for Oversight Democrats

Hill: Influence industry officially in a funk


Des Moines Register: Romney noncommittal on subsidies


WaPo: National GOP urges Nevada to delay caucuses by 3 weeks
WSJ: A Nevada Boycott?


NYT: Cuomo Picks Political Veteran to Lead M.T.A.


LA Times: California becomes first state to adopt cap-and-trade program
SacBee: California board approves cap and trade on carbon emissions
WSJ: California Moves Closer to Cap-and-Trade Program
NYT: California Adopts Limits on Greenhouse Gases

NatJ: Announcing Retirement, Dem Congressman Bashes Obama
Politico: Calif. Democrat rips White House 'inaction'
Politico: Cardoza 14th House Dem to retire

SacBee: Federal judge rejects Prop. 8 backers' bid to hide donors

Dan Walters: The reality behind California vs. Texas

WSJ: 'Instant Runoff' Faces Test: San Francisco Election Showcases Voting Method


NYT: In Bid to Cut Costs at Some Texas Prisons, Lunch Will Not Be Served on Weekends


NatJ: Rubio Disputes Post Article About His Family's History
Weekly Standard: Rubio Rips Washington Post Story
WaPo: Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show
NYT: Florida Senator Denies Claim He Gilded His Family History
Politico: Marco Rubio embellished family history, according to the Washington Post
Miami Herald: Did the Washington Post embellish Marco Rubio's 'embellishments'?


Fred Barnes: Is the Obama Administration Playing the Race Card in Alabama?


Weekly Standard: Obama in Trouble in Ohio?


Politico: How Claire McCaskill dropped 50 pounds


NYT: Governor Moves to Take Fiscal Control of Pennsylvania’s Capital
WSJ: Harrisburg Takeover Looms as Governor Signs Bill


Politico: 70% of Warren's money from out of state
Politico: Barbra Streisand praises Elizabeth Warren


Roll Call: Republicans Can Pick Up Two Seats in Utah


October 20, 2011


Hill: Cain draws boisterous support at Western GOP conference
NatJ: In Las Vegas, Cain Combats Criticism of ‘9-9-9’ Plan
WaPo: Herman Cain’s campaign, 9-9-9 tax plan face greater scrutiny as GOP race heats up
Chicago Tribune: Under fire, Herman Cain modifies '9-9-9' plan
Wash Times: Cain: Lobbyist heads are exploding over tax plan
NYT: There’s Nothing Like a ‘Super PAC’ for the Serious Contender
Wash Times: Cain super-PAC might violate election law
NatJ: Cain Regrets No Muslims in Cabinet Remark
Politico: Nontraditional Cain strategy is working
Hill: House Republicans slow to back health bill endorsed by candidate Herman Cain
Miami Herald: Herman Cain's campaign puzzles political establishment
American Thinker: Herman Cain's Campaign Autobiography
National Review: Can Cain Do It?
National Review: Cain: The Restaurant Years
WS: Polls: Cain, Romney Virtually Tied in South Carolina, Florida

WSJ: Republican Rivals Put Focus on Shifts in Romney's Views
NYT: Bad Blood Between Perry and Romney Is Longstanding
WaPo: Mitt Romney and Rick Perry’s longtime rivalry resurfaces at debate
Boston Globe: Romney speech touts ability, as video rips Perry's
Weekly Standard: Romney Video: Is Perry Ready to Lead?
WSJ: The GOP and RomneyCare: The Republican front-runner's principles should be tested
Jim Taranto: ObamaCare's Heritage: The individual mandate and the trouble with Romney
American Spectator: Romney's Lawnmower Problem
Gail Collins: Mitt and Begonia-gate
WaPo: Unwritten rules of debate: No hands
NatJ: Romney Draws 2,000 in South Dakota
VOA: Romney Faces Political Challenge Over Religion
Examiner: Cozy relationship with Wall Street hurts Romney
Examiner: 'Dignified' Romney endures as GOP front-runner
Roll Call: Team Obama Hits Mitt Romney After Debate
Roll Call: For Some GOPers, It’s Still Anyone but Mitt Romney
DC: Despite warning signs, Romney declines to reach out to major tea party groups
LA Times: Mitt Romney may win the GOP presidential nomination by default

WSJ: Perry Takes Up Flat-Tax Banner
WaPo: Presidential candidate Perry proposes a flat tax
Wash Times: Revived Perry presses Romney, pushes for flat tax
Weekly Standard: Perry Commits to Flat Tax, Reforming Entitlements
NYT: Perry Says He Backs Flat Tax, Drawing a Contrast With Romney
WSJ: Rick Perry’s Support for a Flat Tax Cheers Steve Forbes
WaPo: Rick Perry called Herman Cain “brother.” Why?
NYT: Perry to Pay Jet Owners Higher Rate After Questions About Use
WSJ: Campaign to Pony Up for Flight Costs
WaPo: Rick Perry, Ron Paul have mixed record on energy subsidies
Roll Call: Texas Ties, Bonhomie Bond Cuellar and Perry
HChron: For Pete’s sake, Perry forces Romney into the most quotable line of the debate

Chicago Tribune: Michele Bachmann questions U.S. role in Uganda

Rep. Ron Paul: Blame the Fed for the Financial Crisis

Wash Times: Newt’s surge: GOP disarray benefits Newt, starts talk of Gingrich-Palin ticket
Human Events: Newt Gingrich: Obama Is a 'Radical and He's Incompetent'

WaPo: Campaign Finance Explorer: Track the top 10 candidates’ finances
NatJ: Fundraising Doesn’t Always Matter
Politico: Labor lags in new fundraising world

WaPo: Editorial: The GOP’s disappointing disdain for foreign aid

WSJ: Obama's Biggest Donors?
WaPo: Obama still flush with cash from financial sector despite frosty relations

Human Events: Democratic House Incumbents Dropping Like Flies


WaPo: Supercommittee’s lack of progress on debt reduction raises alarms on Hill
WaPo: Vets mobilize against defense cuts
Human Ev: 'Catastrophic' Defense Cuts Seen as Tipping Point of U.S. Military Supremacy
Politico: Gang of 6 meets supercommittee
LATimes: 'Super committee' on deficit reduction is getting an earful
Human Events: Senate Vote Saves Spending for Squirrel Sanctuaries
WSJ: Harry Reid's Jobs Math
Karl Rove: Obama's Political Stimulus Plan

Ann Coulter: 'Occupy Wall Street' [Hearts] Wall Street

NYT: Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages

Hill: House GOP demands White House release Obama’s emails on Solyndra
Wash Times: Solyndra beats back federal takeover, but not Justice concerns
NYT: U.S. Solar Panel Makers Say China Violated Trade Rules
WaPo: China-bashing nothing new

Wash Times: Napolitano tells panel 400,000 deported in year
Examiner: Latinos unfair target of Obama deportation program
NYT: Some Cheer Border Fence as Others Ponder the Cost
NYT: Comments on Immigration Alienate Some Hispanics
Dana Milbank: A Republican hazing ritual on Capitol Hill
Wash Times: Britons pin economic troubles on immigrant policies
Fox: D.C. Mayor Orders Police Not to Check Immigration Statuses, Even in Arrests

Examiner: CLASS Act is just the tip of the Obamacare iceberg

NYT: Warning by States as Tax Revenues Fail to Rebound

WSJ: How to Clean Up the Housing Mess
WSJ: Obama Nominates Official to Lead Federal Housing Administration

WaPo: GOP Sen. Rand Paul halts committee action on ‘No Child’ overhaul
Wash Times: Paul pulls plug on education bill markup


WaPo: Will New Hampshire blow up the nomination calendar?


Roll Call: Democrats Look to Pick Up Two Seats in Nevada

Politico: Nevada caucuses close to being moved by GOP
Daily Caller: Nevada GOP faces internal party discontent over moving caucus date


WSJ: Cuomo Fills Key Two Posts
NYT: Cuomo Names a Deputy to Lead the Port Authority


SacBee: California Republican Party sinks $400,000 into effort to nix Senate maps


Miami Herald: Birthers ask: Is Marco Rubio eligible to be president?


NYT: It’s What They Asked For


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin agencies told to prepare for more cuts


Detroit News: Nugent blames Ohio governor for lax animal law


George Allen: Listen to Virginians, Mr. President


George Will: In Colorado, colliding views on the proper form of government


Weekly Standard: Hawaii Senate Race Tightens


October 19, 2011


Wash Times: GOP front-runners hit hard in debate
WSJ: Gloves Come Off During Heated GOP Debate
LA Times: Republicans take off gloves in Vegas debate
Politico: Vegas fight night jumpstarts GOP race
Hill: Candidates go for the jugular in testy Republican debate
Human Events: The Las Vegas Debate
Fox: Romney, Cain Under Fire at Feisty GOP Debate
Miami Herald: In testy debate, Romney fights off Perry; Cain fades from spotlight
NYT: A Fierce Clash for Romney and Perry as Republican Candidates Debate
NYT: Viewers Get Latest Episode of ‘Real Republicans of the Trail’
NatJ: Five Takeaways from the GOP Presidential Debate
Fox: Palin's Take: The Debate and the Candidates
NYDN: Romney, Perry & Cain beat each other up, but make no case against Obama
Jen Rubin: Republicans brawl in Vegas
EJ Dionne: The Republican Bickersons

WaPo: Republican presidential debate puts Herman Cain to test
American Spectator: Cain the Contender
American Thinker: The Power of Herman Cain
Fox: As Cain Rises in Polls So Does Scrutiny About Candidate's Ability to Hold His Own
WSJ: Study Puts Cain Tax Plan Under Microscope
NYT: Behind Cain’s Humor, a Question of Seriousness
Fox: Study: Cain Tax Plan Raises Taxes on 84 Percent
Hill: Architect of Cain’s 9-9-9 plan wants him to drop national sales tax
American Thinker: Dear Herman Cain: Replace 9-9-9 with a Flat Tax
Arthur Laffer: Cain's Stimulating '9-9-9' Tax Reform
Ruth Marcus: Cain’s 9-9-9 plan doesn’t add up

Daily Caller: Romney gets hit, fires back during Vegas debate
Hill: Romney campaign makes Perry the top target after debate
Examiner: Romney counters attacks in GOP debate
Politico: Hill conservatives warm to Romney
National Review: Interesting, But It’s Still Mitt. Not Much Change
Weekly Standard: The Romneycare Bout
Hill: Romney: 'I didn't get the job done' lowering healthcare costs as governor
NYT: Romney’s Lawn Care History and the Fight Over Immigration
American Thinker: Why Romney Alarms Me
Maureen Dowd: Anne Frank, a Mormon?
Robert Jeffress: Why a candidate’s faith matters
Rasmussen: Obama 43%, Romney 42%

Politico: Rick Perry revives by rattling Mitt Romney in Las Vegas debate
Weekly Standard: Perry Hits Romney on Jobs, Immigration
Austin AS: Perry steps up his profile in fifth GOP debate
Star-Telegram: Perry, Romney take gloves off during fierce GOP debate
HChron: Rick Perry delivers his most aggressive debate performance yet
HChron: Cowboy Rick Perry rides roughshod over Mitt Romney for hiring illegal immigrants
Byron York: In fifth debate, Perry finally shows up

Daily Caller: Michele Bachmann picks up coveted Wayne Newton endorsement

Human Events: Gingrich and Santorum Draw Swords, Slam Romney on Healthcare

Jon Huntsman: 'Too Big to Fail' Is Simply Too Big
Dana Milbank: Jon Huntsman, the reasonable Republican
NatJ: Huntsman Mocks ‘Game Show’ in Vegas

NatJ: Insiders: Energy Issues Will Be Significant for GOP Candidates in 2012

NYT: Some Risks as Obama Confronts Congress
WSJ: Wayward Senate Democrats Keep Distance From Obama
WaPo: Republicans mock Obama’s teleprompter use
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Teleprompters Stolen on Debt Man Riding Tour, Part Two
Wash Times: Obama nixes parley with ‘Occupy’ activists
WaPo: New poll: Democrats losing enthusiasm in presidential campaign
James Taranto: 'I'm the President': Reminding voters of that is probably a mistake

NatJ: The GOP’s Red-State Recruiting Blues


Wash Times: Debt-cuts panel gets conflicting Hill input
NYT: Deficit Panel May Need Push, Lawmakers Say
Wash Times: Hatch cites impact on charities if tax write-off is cut
NYT: Three Lawmakers Propose Cutting Contractor Wages
NYT: OpEd: In Defense of the Back-Room Deal

WSJ: Social Security Recipients to Get First Raise Since 2009
Fox: Social Security to Hand Out First Raises Since '09

Michael Barone: Barone: Congress says yes to high-skill immigrants
WSJ: The Immigration Solution for Job Growth

NYT: U.S. Moves to Cut Back Regulations on Hospitals

WaPo: Investigators have questions about Solyndra investor’s charitable tax status
National Review: Solyndra and the IRS
WSJ: Your Cash for Their Clunkers

Wash Times: Senate tells Justice: No tax dollars for gunrunning programs
Fox: Senate Passes Amendment Banning Funds for Fast and Furious-Style Programs

NYT: Editorial: Long-term care insurance: It Didn’t Add Up

NYT: Senate Saves the Potato on School Lunch Menus

WaPo: Postal Service says stamp prices are going up
WSJ: Post Office Wants More Than Mail

WaPo: Military voting increased last year, report finds

WaPo: Here come the judges? Maybe not.


WSJ: Jerry Brown's Union Salute
Human Events: Paycheck Protection Makes a California Comeback


Politico: Ethics to look into Jesse Jackson Jr. allegation on Obama Senate seat
DC: Ethics Committee re-launches probe into whether Jackson attempted to buy Obama’s Senate seat


Fox: College Student Credited With Uncovering Possible Election Fraud in IN 2008 Primary


Star Tribune: DFL retains two Senate seats in special election


Examiner: Obama takes jobs tour to Virginia


WaPo: FBI was investigating Murtha for corruption, new records show


NYT: Candidate’s Fighting Words Draw G.O.P.’s Fire


October 18, 2011


Rasmussen: Cain 43%, Obama 41%
Fox: Cain Squeaks Ahead of Obama in New General Election Poll
Politico: Mitt Romney, Herman Cain tied nationally, CNN poll shows
HChron: Cain & Romney neck-and-neck in nationwide poll, but Cain pulls ahead in SCarolina
Examiner: All eyes on Cain in latest GOP debate
Daily Caller: Cain has most to gain, lose at Las Vegas debate, say GOP strategists
American Spectator: The stakes are high in tonight's GOP debate in Las Vegas
WSJ: Cain's Sales Tax Test
Human Events: Herman Cain Defends The 999 Plan
Wash Times: ‘9-9-9’ tax plan raising Cain, doubts
Examiner: Cain apologizes for comments on border fence
NatJ: Cain Reembraces Electric Fence
NYT: Song Adopted by Cain’s Campaign Also Aims to Be a Tea Party Anthem
Politico: Is Herman Cain serious?
Politico: Cain 'proud' of link with Koch brothers

WSJ: Romney Support Broader Than It Seems
Boston Globe: Lessons from ’08 strengthen Romney
NatJ: Romney Does Vegas
NYT: Romney a Front-Runner, but the Race Is Long
Charlie Cook: ‘Next in Line’ Redux for Romney?
Fox: DeMint Aide Muffles Talk of Looming Romney Endorsement
Roll Call: Members to Join Romney at D.C. Fundraiser
American Spectator: Romney Hasn't Earned the GOP Nomination

NYT: Questions Raised Over Perry Campaign’s Reimbursements for Use of Private Plane
Byron York: If Perry doesn't attack Romney, Obama will
Politico: Rick Perry’s big Florida fundraiser, A.K. Desai, stands by his man
HChron: Perry will target immigration issue
Reuters: Anita Perry - small-town nurse to power player

NYT: For Bachmann, a Bid to Reconnect in Iowa
NatJ: Trump, Bachmann Join Forces
Hill: Trump tough on Republicans, Democrats during Bachmann tele-town hall
Hill: Bachmann joins voices from right and left questioning online copyright bill

WSJ: Paul Seeks $1 Trillion Spending Cuts
NatJ: Paul Promises to Cut $1 Trillion
NYT: Paul Plan Would Eliminate Cabinet Departments to Cut $1 Trillion
Hill: Ron Paul economic plan would eliminate five agencies and thousands of jobs
Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul Has a Good Idea (No, Really)

NatJ: Huntsman: All N.H., All the Time
Politico: Jon Huntsman raises money from Nevadans in third quarter

WaPo: In Campaign 2012, Web sites are the new real estate
Dan Balz: GOP debates become key proving ground

Wash Times: Obama opens bus tour with attack on GOP jobs plan
WaPo: Obama bus tour shows campaign in full swing
WaPo: Can Obama hold on to African American voters in 2012?
Wash Times: Obama suffers enthusiasm deficit
Fox: Obama's First 1,000 Days Marked By Federal Spending Spree, More Unemployment
Politico: Where Barack Obama’s independent problem began


WSJ: A New Spending Record: Washington had its best year ever in fiscal 2011
NYT: Farmers Facing Loss of Subsidy May Get New One
Boston Globe: Charities fight bid to cap gift deduction
Weekly Standard: Senate Dems to Push $35 Billion Stimulus Provision

NYT: Banks Start to Make More Loans
WSJ: New Mortgage Plan Floated
FT: Improvement in US mortgage delinquencies ends

Doug Schoen: Polling the Occupy Wall Street Crowd
James Taranto: Behind the Lines With Krugman's Army
Anne Applebaum: What the Occupy protests tell us about the limits of democracy
Human Events: Frances Fox Piven's Call to Riot

Wash Times: ‘Fast & Furious’: How a botched operation spawned fatal results
DC: Issa theorizes about ‘missing’ third weapon from scene of border patrol agent’s murder

Hill: House GOP looks for legal action in Solyndra solar loan scandal
Wash Times: Judge denies bid by government for Solyndra trustee
National Review: Solyndra Questions for Obama

LA Times: Republicans lay groundwork for healthcare repeal
National Review: The Reconciliation Option
Hill: New healthcare fight is joined as White House's 2010 law implodes
Examiner: Obama defends program he admits won't work
NYT: A Tea Party Panel Supports Health Care Law’s Repeal
Rich Lowry: Obamacare’s Great Unraveling

NYT: Editorial: Republicans and Foreign Policy

Fox: Supreme Court to Take Up 'Stolen Valor Act'

Pat Buchanan: A.D. 2041--End of White America?


WSJ: Iowa GOP Sets Jan. 3 Caucus Date
Examiner: Iowa GOP schedules Jan. 3 presidential caucuses
WaPo: Iowa caucuses set date


Reuters: Hard-hit Nevada will be key battleground in 2012


NYDN: Ball's in your court, Gov. Cuomo warns state government's second-largest union
Albany TU: It's up to PEF's membership
NYT: Despite Protests, Cuomo Says He Will Not Extend a Tax Surcharge on Top Earners
Buffalo News: Groups buck Cuomo in bid to keep tax on rich
NYT: Sandra Lee Opens Up on Life With Cuomo and Offers Career Advice
NYT: Cuomo Names McCall, a Former Rival, to Lead the SUNY Board


Dan Walters: High-speed choo-choo to nowhere


SPT: Adam Putnam backing Mitt Romney


AJC: Bob Barr confirms he’s considering a return to Congress


Chicago ST: Ex-DCFS director’s friend accused of ‘large-scale’ fraud of state funds

NYT: G.O.P. Freshman Joe Walsh’s Fiscal Message Clashes With His Finances


Fox: Chairman of Local Indiana Democratic Party Resigns in Midst of Fake Signature Scandal


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin official whose house was raided returns to work


National Review: John Kasich vs. Public Unions
Vindy: Dems issue ultimatum on redistricting


Detroit News: Michigan donations tilt to Romney


Roll Call: McConnell’s Influence Still Strong in Kentucky

Politico: Rand Paul ends hold on SSI benefits


Weekly Standard: Romney Gets North Carolina Endorsements

NYT: Looking Toward 2012, Obama Finds North Carolina Less Receptive


WaPo: In tight Virginia races, Democrats cutting ties to Obama
Roll Call: Clinton Doing Virginia Democrats’ Fundraiser


Examiner: O'Malley open to 15-cent increase in Md. gas tax


Politico: Olympia Snowe breaks from GOP on health care


NYT: Massachusetts Tries to Rein in Its Health Cost

Daily Caller: Elizabeth Warren says she’s ‘going for the hick vote’


WaPo: Mike Lee looks to carve a niche on the campaign trail


Roll Call: Flake Builds Up Campaign Coffers in Arizona


October 17, 2011


WSJ: Cain's Next Test: Harnessing Surge
Human Events: Dial 9-9-9
NYT: On Taxes and Fences, Cain Stumbles a Bit
NYT: Song Adopted by Cain’s Campaign Also Aims to Be a Tea Party Anthem
Politico: Former Fed colleagues praise Herman Cain
National Review: Cain’s Caustic Columns
Detroit News: Cain's presidential campaign tied to conservative organization
James Taranto: Ho Hum, a Black Candidate

Roll Call: DeMint May Endorse Romney
WSJ: Romney Is Mining Wall Street
NYT: Presidential, Sure, but Who Is the Real Mitt Romney?
WaPo: For Mitt Romney, Iowa could be fork in the road to GOP presidential nomination
Fox: Romney Blasts Perry for Supporter's Statements on Mormonism
Fox: Romney Stature in Polls Shows Tea Partiers Can Be Pragmatic Over Dogmatic
Hill: As Mitt Romney’s star keeps rising, sullen mood envelops the right
Politico: Mitt Romney: Too unlovable to be inevitable?
National Review: Can Mitt Make the Ladies Swoon?
American Thinker: Romney's Smoking Gun Picture
Mort Kondracke: Bet on It: Romney Will Be the GOP Nominee
Michael Barone: Romney Buoyed by Good Luck — and Hard Experience
Joan Vennochi: It’s Romney vs. Romney

HChron: Is Perry mustering evangelical core?
WaPo: Rick Perry takes military-style tack to protect Texas border from Mexican cartels
Jen Rubin: Perry uses an old trick: Gimmicky budget numbers
Daily Caller: Mormonism-bashing, Perry-boosting pastor: 2012 election not that important

Wash Times: Gingrich slams Obama over national security

NYT: Republican Debates Are a Hot Ticket on TV
Wash Times: GOP hopefuls having trouble raising money nationally

Gary Bauer: The Media's Religious Test

NYT: Big Cash Edge Powers Obama in Drive for ’12
Wash Times: Obama’s 351 ‘bundlers’ bag big campaign bucks
WSJ: Obama Targeting a Few, Crucial States
Joe Curl: Obama’s stumbling, bumbling 1-term presidency

Politico: House GOP freshmen come up short in cash dash

Judd Gregg: Reid hollows out the Senate


WSJ: Spreading Protests Yet to Jell
NYT: Protesters Debate What Demands, if Any, to Make
WaPo: Occupy movements across the country look to diversify as the movement grows
WaPo: Occupy Wall Street inspires a new generation of protest songs
Hill: Rallying behind Wall Street protests, the left finds its mojo
Wash Times: Obama: King would have backed ‘Occupy Wall Street’
Daily Caller: Red, White and Angry: Communist, Nazi parties endorse ‘Occupy’ protests
WSJ: Occupy Wall Street's Crony Capitalism
Human Events: None Dare Call It Socialism
Paul Krugman: Losing Their Immunity
Mike Lupica: Obama should visit Occupy Wall Street protesters before it's too late (for him)
FT: Obama extends support for protesters
Jed Babbin: Where Are the Grownups?

WSJ: Three Policies That Gave Us the Jobs Economy
NatJ: Public Workers First on Obama's Jobs Agenda
Fox: Cantor: Encouraging Businesses to Spend Will Improve 'Income Mobility'
Harold Ford, Jr.: Where the Jobs Are
Robert Samuelson: Why our children’s future no longer looks so bright

Hill: Deadline looms for Congress to cut deal on unemployment benefits

WSJ: ObamaCare Starts to Unravel
WaPo: Some states seek flexibility to push health-care overhaul further
American Spectator: We'd Like to Know a Little Bit About You for Our Files

Wash Times: Solyndra won’t talk about its contracts

WaPo: Hill staff begins probe of alleged mortgage loan fraud of veterans

WSJ: Union Seeks Role In Postal Revamp
WaPo: Obama’s ex-auto, manufacturing adviser sets sights on the Postal Service

WaPo: If everyone is unhappy with the Supreme Court, has it found the right spot?

Roll Call: The Week Ahead


Hill: Iowa: Cain's most crucial battleground


American Thinker: Restoring the Right to Work in New Hampshire


WaPo: Economically troubled Nevada may be ripe for GOP in 2012 race against Obama


Albany TU: Many questions linger about state ethics panel

NY Post: Cuomo, union reach tentative deal to avoid layoffs
Buffalo News: State and union reach accord on tentative deal
Albany TU: PEF, Cuomo arrive at new tentative agreement
Albany TU: PEF board to vote on tentative deal


LA Times: New California law bars E-Verify requirement for employers

SacBee: Chuck DeVore heads for Texas


Chicago ST: Republican House tells Quinn: Don’t expect pension bailout


Wash Times: Wisconsin’s Walker broke his campaign promise on pension


Boston Globe: Key backing for Obama slips in N.C.


Fox: Virginia Republicans Hope Senate Wins Will Solidify McDonnell Agenda
Fox: Virginia Gov Donates $5,000 After FEMA Denies Disaster Aid to Earthquake-Hit County


Wash Times: Maryland lawmakers to mull redistricting plan


NYT: Editorial: Elizabeth Warren’s Appeal


Wash Times: Sham candidate could sway Arizona vote


October 16, 2011


Fox: Cain's 'Impossible Dream' Resonates With Voters
DC: Cain sings ‘Impossible Dream’ to adoring throng at Tenn. campaign stop [AUDIO]
Hill: Will Herman Cain's Sunday sit-down be the new GOP front-runner's star turn?
WaPo: Herman Cain tests how far a campaign can go with few traditional strengths
WS: Herman Cain's Plan to Balance the Budget in One Year
NYT: Cain Proposes Electrified Border Fence
HChron: Herman Cain pushes electrified border fence that can kill
NYT: At Rallies, 2 Candidates Deliver Blistering Attacks on Illegal Immigration
Hill: Top-tier Cain pulls in second-tier cash

NYT: Romney Beating Obama in a Fight for Wall St. Cash
NYT: For Romney, a Role of Faith and Authority
Hill: Many lawmakers holding back support for Romney 2012 bid

Dan Balz: Rick Perry’s campaign team, undaunted by plunge in polls, readies phase two
National Review: A Perry Comeback?
WaPo: GOP candidates’ third-quarter fundraising: Most of Perry’s money came from Texas
WaPo: Liberty University’s Johnnie Moore speaks the language of young evangelicals
NYT: Questions About Ad Dogged Perry in 1990 Race
WSJ: Anita Perry, Unplugged
Daily Caller: David Brooks sees ‘a lot of weirdness’ in Perry campaign
Politico: Huckabee: Perry's problems aren't over his faith

NatJ: Bachmann Challenges Perry On Immigration
Fox: Bachmann Pledges Border Fence With Mexico
Daily Caller: Donald Trump to join Michele Bachmann for ‘tele-town hall’
NYT: Bachmann Raised Almost $4 Million in Third Quarter

Fox: Huntsman Pins Fading Presidential Hopes on New Hampshire
NYT: A Billionaire With Distinct Ideas of Philanthropy, and Presidential Politics

NatJ: Gingrich Campaign $1.2 Million in Debt

Politico: Big gets: 12 GOP endorsements worth having

WaPo: Isn’t there a better way to pick a vice president?
NYDN: Clint Eastwood almost chosen to be George H.W. Bush's Vice President in 1988

Politico: FEC reports hold invaluable intel on 2012 races


NatJ: Rome Protests Turn Violent
NYT: Buoyed by Wall St. Protests, Rallies Sweep the Globe
WaPo: Occupy Wall Street protests go global
WSJ: 74 Arrested as Protesters 'Occupy' Times Square
Fox: Thousands Turn Out for Sharpton-Led Rally in Washington
Hill: Unions back Occupy Wall Street movement
Nicholas Kristof: America’s ‘Primal Scream’
WSJ: The Exasperation of the Democratic Billionaire
Holman Jenkins: Class War—or Generational War?
Examiner: Can 'Occupy' protests last without leaders?
Mark Steyn: Crisis of Decadence
Fred Barnes: Boneheaded Economics

WSJ: Debt Panel Hears What Not to Cut

Examiner: Adult leadership comes from the House, not Obama
Roll Call: House Administration Committee Members Suggest Spending Cuts
Hill: House GOP, Senate battle over allocation of $8.3 billion in nuclear funds
Fox: Republicans Unveil Their ‘Buffett Rule’ Allowing Americans to Pay More to Uncle Sam

NatJ: Report: U.S. Abandoning Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq Next Year
Fox: U.S. Said to Have Abandoned Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq Next Year

Hill: Nixing of health law's 'unsustainable' CLASS Act prompts GOP inquiry
National Review: First CLASS, What Next?
Weekly Standard: CLASS Dismissed: Obamacare’s costs just went up $53.6 billion

Hill: White House counsel: No evidence that Solyndra aid was gift to campaign donors

Fox: U.S. House of Representatives Group Files Motion in Defense of Marriage Act Suit

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Sunday show preview: 2012 race, Iran plot, a Furious investigation


DMR: Interest in Cain picks up across Iowa


Politico: Mitt Romney on top, Herman Cain moving up in New Hampshire poll


NYDN: Haggerty scammed system without Mayor Bloomberg's knowledge, top aide testifies


Human Events: Voting Rights Act Last Chance to Save Imperiled Calif. GOP House Seats

WSJ: How California Drives Away Jobs and Business

SacBee: Jerry Brown's prison plan under fire from Republicans, Democrats alike


NYT: Planned Parenthood Struggles After State Budget Cuts


NatJ: Ohio Republicans Face Setback With Congressional Map
NYT: Ohio Wages Fierce Fight on Collective Bargaining

Columbus Dispatch: Is SB 5 good for Ohio?

Columbus Dispatch: Mandel outraising Brown


Examiner: Obama faces changing tide in Virginia


WaPo: Black lawmakers poised to accept Md. redistricting plan


Salena Zito: Obama's Pennsylvania problem


October 15, 2011


NatJ: Cain Says He Might Join Boycott of Nevada Caucuses
WSJ: On Health Care, Cain Returns Home
Fox: Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Would Double the Sales Tax for Residents of Some States
Fox: Rove: Cain Needs to Focus on Battleground States
Sioux City Journal: Will Herman Cain's rise damage Iowa?
Miami Herald: Business groups blast Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan as job killer

Wash Times: Romney hauls in $14 million for quarter
NYT: Romney Raises $14 Million in 3rd Quarter, Second to Perry’s Receipts
Chronicle Herald: Mormon faith dogs Romney

WSJ: Perry Looks to Energy to Recharge Economy
Wash Times: Perry plan: Boost energy, curb EPA
WaPo: Rick Perry calls for increased oil and energy production to reboot U.S. economy
NYT: For Perry, Lobbyist Is a Take-No-Prisoners Ally
NatJ: Perry -- Like Obama -- Touts Questionable Job Gains in Energy Plan
Boston Globe: Perry makes first major policy speech

NatJ: Bachmann: Do U.S. troops belong in Uganda?
NatJ: Another Bachmann Aide Departs
Miami Herald: Bachmann’s road to the White House gets rocky

WSJ: Huntsman Relying on His Wealth to Fund Campaign

Rasmussen: 44% Have Favorable View of Christie, 29% Like Rubio

WaPo: Obama plans to turn anti-Wall Street anger on Mitt Romney, Republicans
NatJ: Obama's Performance Rating Slips Again
Wash Times: Obama ‘bundlers’ raise $20M for reelection

Salena Zito: Independents drive strategy


WaPo: White House eliminates insurance program for long-term care
Wash Times: Health overhaul law suffers first major casualty
NYT: Health Law (Obamacare) to Be Revised by Ending a Program

AP: Job ideas don't meld

WaPo: ‘Gargantuan large’ investment in infrastructure needed, experts say

WaPo: Key senators back extending federal pay freeze

Wash Times: Energy Secretary Chu to be questioned in Solyndra collapse
NYT: House Panel Examines Details of Solyndra Deal

Fox: Obama Sends U.S. Troops to Central Africa to Aid Campaign Against Rebel Group

Daily Caller: Secret mission: The Horse Soldiers of 9/11


Examiner: GOP hopefuls threaten to skip Nevada over primary


Albany TU: As election nears, political shakedown probe resurfaces

NYT: Regents Plan Push for Aid to Illegal Immigrants


SacBee: California Assembly rejects request for more information about its spending


NYT: Part of Alabama Immigrant Law Blocked


WaPo: Virginia’s top Republicans removed from party


October 14, 2011


WaPo: Cain’s style: Simple solutions and a willingness to say ‘I don’t know’
WSJ: Cain Plan's Reagan-Era Roots
NYT: What's So Bad About a Flat Tax?
Human Events: Godfather of Supply-Side Economics Supports Cain's '9-9-9' Plan
WaPo: Cain’s ‘9-9-9’ tax plan hits poor, helps wealthy, experts say
Boston Globe: Cain’s simple tax plan has complex outcomes
NYT: Cold Pizza from Herm Cain
NatJ: Cain Leaving the Campaign to God
Politico: Herman Cain's surge put to test
Weekly Standard: Cain Surges
Eugene Robinson: Raising up Herman Cain
Rasmussen: National Poll: Cain 29% Romney 29% Gingrich 10%
Fox: Cain Leapfrogs Romney to Vault to Lead in Poll
Politico: Haley Barbour: My wife would vote Herman Cain today
National Review: Cain Channels Reagan

Mitt Romney: China must respect the free-trade system
WaPo: Romney would be tough on China, he says
Sen. Joe Lieberman: Romney and America’s promise of religious freedom
American Spectator: The Left's Mormon Problem
Roll Call: Oregon’s Greg Walden Endorses Mitt Romney for President
NatJ: Let the General Election Begin? Obama, Romney Already Appear Engaged
NatJ: Romney's New Trade Team—the 'Corporations Are People' Crew
Hill: Mitt Romney's rise brings buzz back to Iowa caucuses for GOP
Detroit FP: Steady Romney looking like lock for GOP nomination
American Thinker: Hold On There, Romney Pushers!
Boston Globe: GOP isn't sold on Romney, seeking other options
Michael Barone: Romney buoyed by good luck -- and hard experience
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Advisor Admits Romneycare was Blueprint for Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Flashback: Romney on Global Warming
Rich Lowry: The New Romney?
American Spectator: Can the conservative grassroots stop Mitt Romney?

Reuters: Republican Perry to lay out energy jobs proposals
NatJ: Perry: Energy Plan Will Create 1.2 Million Jobs
Austin AS: Perry cites Texas jobs, but his figures include future jobs
Politico: Perry yokes Iran to border security
HChron: Anita Perry says press, fellow GOP have ‘brutalized’ husband’s campaign
Hill: Rick Perry 'brutalized' by own party over his faith, says wife
Wash Times: Perry backers lament errors in campaign
Roll Call: Despite His Stumbles, Members Stick by Rick Perry
WaPo: Rick Perry: Does he really want to leave Texas?
HChron: Cain steps into first place as Perry slides to fourth in new national polling
Byron York: Lesson of Perry's candidacy: Think before you run
Rush Limbaugh: It's Not Over for Rick Perry

NYT: For Bachmann, God and Justice Were Intertwined
Politico: Bachmann may boycott NV debate
NatJ: Bachmann Coy about Fundraising
DMR: Michele Bachmann claims 92K donors; will not participate in Nevada caucuses

Roll Call: Ron Paul Explains Proposed Meeting With Far-Right Figure

NatJ: Insiders Swoon Over Rubio for VP Nomination

Rush Limbaugh: GOP Elite Declares War on Tea Party
Rush Limbaugh: When Did the Team Break Up?

Karen Tumulty: New Hampshire debate: The view from the moderator’s chair

WSJ: Obama Raises More Than $70 Million
NYT: Obama Raises More Than $42 Million for Campaign
Charles Krauthammer: The scapegoat strategy
Michael Gerson: Why is Obama worsening our nation’s polarization?

Wash Times: GOP group to raise unlimited cash to keep House majority
Roll Call: House GOP Leaders to Headline November Super PAC Event
Human Events: Don't Bet on Democrats Recapturing the House


WSJ: Shipbuilders Batten Hatches as Navy Weighs Cuts
WSJ: Why Defense Cuts Don't Make Sense
NYT: In and From Congress, Calls to Limit Pentagon Cuts
Wash Times: Panetta warns of retreat in Africa due to budget cuts
NYT: OpEd: America the Overcommitted
Fox: House Panel Approves Bill to Slash UN Funds
Human Events: From Budget Showdowns to Government Shutdown?
Peggy Noonan: This Is No Time for Moderation
Grover Norquist: How the Taxpayer Protection Pledge helps push tax reform

Fox: Boehner 'Respectfully Challenges' Obama's Statements on Jobs Plan During Phone Call
Hill: Boehner confronts Obama on claim that GOP lawmakers have no jobs plan
Roll Call: John Boehner Upbraids Obama for Comment on GOP and Jobs
NatJ: Obama Makes Nice, Boehner Makes Hay
Hill: Senate Republicans present Obama with counteroffer on jobs
WaPo: Number of people seeking unemployment benefits reflects weak job market
WaPo: Jobs proposals multiply but go nowhere
Daily Caller: McCain: Obama may ‘get away’ with circumventing Congress on jobs act

NYT: Bank Rules That Serve Two Masters
NYT: Editorial: The Banks Falter

LA Times: Occupy Wall Street braces for showdown
WaPo: Occupy Wall Street protests reveal liberal tensions
Michelle Malkin: Costs of the Occupiers
Dick Morris: Protests peril for Obama

WSJ: Solyndra CEO Resigns
NYT: Solar Company Solyndra Says Its C.E.O. Resigned
Daily Caller: Even massive tax rebates failed to drive solar-panel demand
WSJ: Solyndra Came Close to Landing Navy Deal
Kim Strassel: The GOP's Solyndra Problem
Examiner: Solyndra funder Kaiser paid zero taxes for years

DC: Grassley to ask for resignation of highest-level person who signed off on Fast & Furious
Roll Call: In Holder Subpoena, Issa Also Probes White House Press Aide
Fox: Emails Show Justice Officials Drawing Blanks on 'Fast and Furious' Despite Memos

WaPo: House approves abortion-funding measure
NYT: House Passes Another Bill to Reduce Access to Abortions
Human Events: House Passes Bill to Block Abortion Funding by Taxpayers
Roll Call: House Passes Abortion Funding Ban That Has No Chance of Becoming Law

WSJ: Bleak News for Americans' Income

NYT: OpEd: Labor Rights, Under Republican Attack

WSJ: The GOP's Immigration Fixation

WaPo: Ray LaHood says he’s out after four years

Paul Krugman: Rabbit-Hole Economics


Politico: N.H. GOP chair calls for Jan. primary
Boston Globe: N.H. ponders benefit, cost of Dec. vote
NatJ: New Hampshire Pushing Nevada Boycott


Wash Times: GOP hopefuls to Nevada: Don’t leapfrog N.H.
CBS: Mitt Romney won't join boycott of Nevada caucuses
NatJ: Vegas or Bust for Romney


NYT: Democrats and Weprin Outspent Turner to Replace Weiner

Albany TU: Document drop: more PEF titles targeted for layoff

Albany TU: Sandra Lee in no rush to marry Cuomo


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown is giving unions most of what they seek
NYT: OpEd: Killing Medicaid the California Way


Roll Call: Cruz Raises $1 Million for Texas Senate Bid
NYT: No Openings in Austin, but Planning for One


Milwaukee JS: Senate Democrats, Republicans to be targeted in round 2 of recalls


Roll Call: Tim Kaine Posts $1.3 Million Raised in Third Quarter


Fox: Maryland Republicans, Democrats Criticize Proposed Redistricting Map


Human Events: Sen. Toomey, Pennsylvania Business Leaders Laud Free Trade Agreements


Boston Globe: Brown dismisses flap over copied speech as ‘a little silly’
WaPo: Scott Brown accused of plagiarism, blames staff
Roll Call: Brown, Warren Work to Sell Voters on Their Stories

Boston Globe: State Senate approves casino gambling bill
NYT: Massachusetts Senate Approves Casino Measure


Denver Post: Two hours after deadline, Occupy Denver and police both waiting


We're back from Russia!

(You can better appreciate America
by seeing the alternatives.)

October 13, 2011


WSJ: Cain Vaults to Lead in Poll
NatJ: Poll: Cain Edges Romney Atop GOP Field
Daily Caller: Poll: Cain leads Republican field
Examiner: For upstart Cain, true test begins
American Spectator: Cain's Moment
NYT: With Three 9s, Cain Refigured Math for Taxes
WaPo: Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 economic plan gets lukewarm reviews from conservatives
American Spectator: The Missing Piece of 9-9-9
WaPo: Herman Cain’s harried staff trying to keep up with its star candidate
Wash Times: Cain blows up liberal creed on race
American Thinker: Wall Street Mobs Play into Herman Cain's Hands
Byron York: Why are Herman Cain's advisers secret?

Dan Henninger: The Unsinkable Mitt Romney
Fred Barnes: Romney Rolls On
National Review: Mitt Romney’s Regeneration
Hill: Obama team zeroes in on Romney
Roll Call: Romney Endorsed by Hastert, Cochran, Biggert
WaPo: Republicans increasingly see Mitt Romney as the ‘inevitable candidate’
Kathleen Parker: The shameful bias against Mormons

Star-Telegram: Is Perry the 'most laid-back Texan since Matthew McConaughey'?
HChron: Don’t count out Rick Perry, say experts
Roll Call: Despite His Stumbles, Members Stick by Rick Perry
Weekly Standard: The Perils of Donating to Perry
Hill: Perry backers worry time is running short
American Spectator: Perry's Last Hope
Chicago Tribune: Texas grant recipients gave to Governor Perry

DMR: Bachmann swing through Iowa to focus on jobs
National Journal: GOP Pollster Goeas Departing Bachmann Campaign

NatJ: Huntsman: ‘Gov. Romney’s Been a Candidate for 20 Years’

Rush Limbaugh: Notes on the GOP Debate
James Taranto: Ink-Stained Vigilante: An ugly moment during last night's GOP debate

Roll Call: Rep. Ron Paul Agrees to Meet With Leader of French Anti-Immigration Party

Rush Limbaugh: I'll Endorse When I Decide, Folks
National Journal: D.C.'s GOP Money Men Hedging Their Bets
Reid Wilson: The Missing Establishment

Hill: Key races to watch as third quarter fundraising numbers dribble in

Roll Call: Tea Party PAC Looks to Increase Role This Cycle
Dana Milbank: The Tea Party loses another round
EJ Dionne: The GOP ties itself up in knots

Wash Times: Obama’s Christian problem
Wash Times: House GOP revives abortion issue, irks Obama


Wash Times: Congress OKs three pacts on free trade
NYT: Congress Ends 5-Year Standoff on Trade Deals in Rare Accord
WaPo: Obama gets win as Congress passes free-trade agreements
NatJ: Congress Approves Free-Trade Pacts With Colombia, Panama, and South Korea
WSJ: The Senate's New Protectionists

Politico: Deal close on cut in farm subsidies

Hill: Anxious Dems want party leaders to embrace balanced-budget measure

Wash Times: Holder documents subpoenaed in probe
Hill: Issa subpoenas Justice Department, Holder for Fast and Furious documents
LA Times: Documents subpoenaed from Atty. Gen. Holder in 'Fast and Furious' probe
Wash Times: Gunwalker is only the tip of a scandal iceberg

Denver Post: Some Democrats explain why they opposed Obama's jobs bill
NYT: Editorial: No Jobs Bill, and No Ideas
WSJ: Families Don't Depend on the Minimum Wage
Rush Limbaugh: AP Headline: "Senate Republicans Vote to Kill Obama's Jobs Bill‎"
Daily Caller: Jackson: Obama should add jobs with ‘extra-constitutional’ action

Karl Rove: Democrats Court the Wall Street Protesters
Fox: Democrats Embrace of Wall Street Protests Poses Political Peril
George Will: Can Occupy Wall Street give progressives a lift?
R Limbaugh: Pathetically Lame Wall Street Protests Showcase Dire Circumstances for Left
Ann Coulter: Wingless, bloodsucking and parasitic: Meet the Flea Party
Politico: Tea party goes after Wall Street Occupiers

WSJ: Siblings of Solyndra: After the debacle, other federal solar subsidy deals get pulled
Fox: Solar Firm That Received $1.2 Billion Federal Loan Plagued by Financial Problems
Human Events: -mails Link Solyndra Investors, Campaign Donors and White House

Martin Feldstein: How to Stop the Drop in Home Values
WaPo: Banks turn to demolition of foreclosed properties to ease housing-market pressures

NYT: Supreme Court Weighs Strip-Search Propriety
WaPo: Supreme Court has trouble balancing strip-searches with privacy rights


NYT: New Hampshire Threatens Early December Primary
NatJ: New Hampshire Lays Down New Challenge to Nevada Over Primary
WaPo: New Hampshire and Nevada in standoff over presidential contests


Albany TU: Cuomo says it's now up to PEF
Albany TU: Savino on Cuomo’s ‘dilemma’

NYT: A Campaign Windfall for 4 Republicans Who Voted for Same-Sex Marriage

Albany TU: Cuomo Connections In Erie County Exec Race


George Skelton: Gov. Jerry Brown charts his own path

Roll Call: Competitive Calif. District Drawing New Blood

SacBee: Veteran GOP strategist to run CalChamber's campaign team


SPT: Gov. Rick Scott rolls out his job agenda

Hill: Obama’s struggles mirror Nelson’s


Roll Call: Tea Party Vs. Establishment in Georgia District


Roll Call: Jeff Fitzgerald Officially Joins Senate Primary in Wisconsin
Roll Call: Baldwin Snags Johanson for Senate Campaign

Milwaukee JS: Later state presidential primary could lose luster


NYT: Democratic Senator’s Ads May Break New Ground


Roll Call: Latest Quinnipiac Poll Continues to Show Virginia Is Top Battleground


WSJ: Capital Files for Bankruptcy


NY Post: Christie's poll numbers jump after ruling out White House run


Politico: Scott Brown caught in plagiarism flap
Fox: Elizabeth Warren Reports Raising $3.15 Million


Roll Call: Linda Lingle Up to Challenge of Hawaii Senate Race


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Daily Caller: Mitch Daniels book explains ‘conservatism for grown-ups’

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