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October 31, 2011


Politico: 2 women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior
DC: Coulter rips Cain allegations: Liberals ‘are terrified of strong, conservative black men’
Byron York: Cain responds to sex harassment allegation
NYT: Report Cites Women’s Claims of Inappropriate Acts by Cain
Wash Times: Cain accused of sex harassment
NatJ: Report: Cain Accused of Inappropriate Behavior While Head of Trade Group
WaPo: Cain camp denies harassment allegations
LA Times: Herman Cain denies allegations of sexual harassment
Fox: Cain Denies Report of Sexual Harassment
Hill: Cain fires back at report alleging sexually inappropriate behavior
NYDN: Herman Cain scrambling after sexual harassment allegations surface
Daily Caller: Cain campaign accuses Politico of ‘unsubstantiated personal attacks’
DC: Cain spox calls ‘Geraldo’ show about ‘smear campaign’ but won’t deny Politico allegations
Politico: Cain attacks, doesn't deny Politico report
Examiner: Blaming "establishment" won't save Cain

NYT: Tested Again and Again, Cain Takes Comfort in His Rise in the Polls
Fox: Cain Train Continues to Roll in Alabama
Wash Times: Operatives raise cash for Cain, themselves
DC: Herman Cain, the Howard Dean candidate of the 2012 presidential race?
Wash Times: Cain says he’s pro-life, with no exceptions
Fox: Planned Parenthood Rejects Cain Claim Abortion Clinics Are Aimed at Black 'Genocide'

Fox: Piling on Romney, Candidates, Obama Team Accuse Frontrunner of Flip-Flopping
Wash Times: Democratic strategy targets Romney as GOP nominee
Daily Caller: All the president’s men go after Romney
Examiner: For Republicans, Mitt is a marriage of convenience
Wash Times: Romney attacks Perry again, this time on illegal immigration
Wash Times: Dems spoof Romney with Halloween contest
NatJ: Plouffe Says Romney Lacks 'Core' on Issues
NatJ: The Bad News for Romney in Iowa
Politico: Fox host hits Romney for ducking Sunday shows
National Review: Romney, Perry, and Tax Returns
National Review: Romney ruminations, &c.

WaPo: Perry defends tax plan: ‘There’s nothing wrong with lower revenue’
NatJ: Perry Defends Policy Positions on Fox News Sunday
Fox: Perry Admits Debate Skills Lacking, Says One-on-One is Better to Reach Voters
Star-Telegram: Perry says he could stand up to Obama in debate
Austin AS: Perry to GOP: I could handle Obama in debate
HChron: Perry says he’d win debate with Obama & “may end up being a pretty good debater”
Politico: Rick Perry flip-flops on debates
Politico: Rick Perry on Fox: I can still win
NYT: Perry Presses for Second Look From Early Voters
Hill: Perry downplays campaign's slide
NYT: Perry Displays Varied Stance Toward Crime
HChron: Tax item pushed by Perry is under fire

WSJ: Paul Tamps Down Third-Party Talk
Hill: Rep. Ron Paul has ‘no plans whatsoever’ for third-party presidential bid
Politico: Ron Paul doesn't say no to third-party run

Weekly Standard: Strange New Respect for Newt
Human Events: Gingrich Back in the Fight
Fox: Gingrich Warns of Anti-Christian Spring

Des Moines Register: Bachmann lower in poll, but attracting big crowds
Politico: Bachmann won't say if Iowa is must-win
NYDN: Michele Bachmann: I would ‘not do anything’ for children of illegal immigrants
Michael Gerson: Michele Bachmann’s callous and discreditable campaign

Examiner: Santorum gains little from hard work in Iowa

Wash Times: Huntsman compares Romney to backflipping toy monkey

Jen Rubin: New Iowa poll: Elimination threatens several not-Romneys

WSJ: Candidates Mold Economic Teams
Wash Times: Republican candidates’ budgets not realistic, some analysts say
LA Times: GOP presidential candidates share foreign policy strategy

Mike Lupica: So just how can President Obama lose in 2012?

LA Times: Election laws tightening in GOP-run states

WaPo: Election 2011: Ohio ballot measure, Va. state Senate races among those to watch
Hill: One nation, two camps: The most ideological election in years

Roll Call: Wall Street Helps, Harms Cantor


Wash Times: Bipartisan House group tells debt panel ‘go big’
Politico: Deficit reduction still a devil deal
Roll Call: Deficit Panel Still Has Long Way to Go
Roll Call: Minibus Conference Shapes Approps
WSJ: Census Confronts Budget Ax
Judd Gregg: Stakes are too high, debt panel must reform entitlement programs
National Review: John Boehner Is Doing Something Right

NYT: As Meeting Approaches, Fed Panel Is Divided on Direction
Hill: The Week Ahead: All about the economy
WSJ: Slow Recovery Feels Like Recession
WSJ: OpEd: What Business Wants From Washington

NYT: A Tax Bracket Divided Over a Plan to Pay More
NYT: Editorial: Flat Taxes and Angry Voters
Hill: Poll: Fears about inequality in income grow
WaPo: Editorial: No time for a corporate tax ‘holiday’
Paul Krugman: Bombs, Bridges and Jobs
EJ Dionne: Paul Ryan’s frown should make Democrats smile

WaPo: Occupy protesters arrested in TX, Oregon; in many cities, it’s the cold they’re fighting
NYDN: NH woman, Justina Jensen, tried to pimp out teen she met at Occupy protest: police
American Spectator: Organized Ignorance
American Thinker: The Hard-Left OWS Plan

WSJ: Housing Finance Regulator Defends Against Critics

Politico: Wall Street reform law bogged down

Roll Call: New Jobs Narrative for GOP
Hill: Tangled in an ethics scandal years ago, land-swap bill now called a job creator
Hill: Obama jobs bill picks more than 90 House cosponsors
Politico: Memo to D.C.: Want jobs? Fund infrastructure

Daily Caller: Congressional calls for Holder’s resignation more than double to 17

American Thinker: One Pivotal Week For Fast and Furious

Examiner: House GOP may subpoena White House on Solyndra
Fox: Aide: Admin. Cooperating on Cong. Probe of Solyndra, Subpoena Talk is Premature

DC: Congressman: HHS sec. has patient-privacy double standard for abortion, Obamacare
NYT: Obama Tries to Speed Response to Shortages in Vital Medicines
Sen John Thune: Time to end Obama's CLASS struggle

WSJ: Obama's Tragic Iraq Withdrawal
American Spectator: Obama's New War in Uganda
WaPo: Clinton credited with key role in success of NATO airstrikes, Libyan rebels
Robert Samuelson: The dangerous debate over cutting military spending
Juan Williams: Republicans could lose national security advantage in election

National Review: The Jihad against Walid Phares

WaPo: Obama to pitch economic program at Group of 20 summit
Hill: White House officials defend economic efforts, hit Republicans for blocking
WSJ: Steve Jobs's Advice for Obama

NYT: OpEd: Hatch Act: A Law Misused for Political Ends
Politico: Special counsel: Rewrite Hatch Act

WaPo: Supreme Court to take another look at prosecutorial misconduct

American Spectator: Doubting Thomas: The latest liberal campaign to discredit him

Wash Times: Gay-marriage backers making full-court press


WSJ: Iowa Vote Is Rising in Stature


Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Romney 41% Cain 17% Paul 11%


Fox: Voter Fraud Allegations Mar Buffalo Race
Buffalo News: Erie County ballot case goes national

NYT: Former Adviser to White House Is Likely to Seek Rangel’s Seat


WSJ: CA's New Green Tax: As the world retreats from cap and trade, Sacramento signs on

George Skelton: Brown has two reasons to push pension reform


Austin AS: Redistricting court battles to heat up this week


Hill: Berg sees North Dakota as good economic example for the nation


Milwaukee JS: State firm's cash to Herman Cain may breach federal campaign, tax laws

Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 49%, Baldwin (D) 42%

Milwaukee JS: $45 million federal check not in the mail


WSJ: Michigan Governor's GOP Brand Is Distinct


WaPo: Va. elections could redefine McDonnell’s image
Wash Times: Political text messages roil Senate race in N.Va.


Human Events: Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary Race Beginning to Take Shape

WSJ: Shale Gas Fuels Legal Boom


WSJ: Corzine Races to Save Firm


October 30, 2011


Des Moines Register: Herman Cain, Mitt Romney lead new Iowa Poll
NYT: Cain and Romney Top Iowa Poll
WSJ: Iowa Poll: Cain, Romney Running Neck and Neck
NatJ: Cain, Romney Lead in Respected Iowa Poll
NY Post: Iowa barely-theres Cain, Romney top new poll; Bachmann support plummets
Examiner: 'Cain train' rolling through Iowa
NatJ: Cain Says He’s In to Win, Not to Get on TV
WaPo: Cain plans to cut back campaign appearances to avoid fumbles
Daily Caller: Drew Carey on Cain’s 9-9-9: ‘I don’t think it will ever go anywhere’

WaPo: In N.H., technocrat Romney vs. preacher Perry
WaPo: Mitt Romney: Unstoppable in New Hampshire?
Politico: Mitt Romney's friends provide ammo to his critics
Chicago Tribune: Romney's stumbling path
Huff Post: Mitt Romney's Rough Week Doesn't Change Much In 2012 GOP Primary
Human Events: Conservatives Who Back Romney Ignore Their Own Principles
Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney, Telemarketer

Star-Telegram: Perry positioned to bounce back in GOP race, some experts say
WaPo: Texas Gov. Rick Perry commits to 5 more presidential debates
Politico: Rick Perry to debate after all
HChron: Perry still trying to catch on in states with early primaries
Hill: Perry defends stance on college tuition for illegal immigrants in Texas
WaPo: Who had the worst week in Washington? Texas Gov. Rick Perry

WaPo: Newt Gingrich: GOP’s consummate survivor is back on his feet
NatJ: Gingrich Calls Arab Spring 'Anti-Christian Spring’
Fox: Arab Spring Optimism Gives Way to Fear of Islamic Rise

DC: Tea party groups disagree with American Majority’s call for Bachmann to drop out of race
CSM: Is Michele Bachmann dragging the tea party down with her?
MSNBC: Bachmann camp courting S.C. consultant

Politico: Ron Paul defends student loan plan

CNN: Santorum endorsed by ‘nation’s oldest & largest’ GOP volunteer group

NYT: Outside Groups Eclipsing G.O.P. As Hub of Campaigns Next Year

Fox: Two Controversies Threaten to Derail Obama’s Re-Election Bid
LA Times: Obama's demographic support may not weather economy
Miami Herald: Obama’s math problem: winning election if he loses Florida
Hill: Biden: ‘We can’t win without Florida’
Miami Herald: Republicans beware: Obama’s one-on-one campaign gains steam in Florida
Daily Caller: Obama uses ‘Occupy Wall Street’ language in weekly address

Ross Douthat: What Tax Dollars Can’t Buy
Frank Bruni: Pizzas and Pessimism
NYT: OpEd: Why Our Candidates Disappoint Us

Major Garrett: How 2013 Could Play Out in Congress
Hill: Pelosi, in pitch to donors, sees ‘turning point’ for Dems in 2012 House races
Salena Zito: Moderate House Dems a vanishing breed


WaPo: The debt fallout: How Social Security went ‘cash negative’ earlier than expected
WaPo: Congress’s fiscal to-do list has some must-do items
Fox: Groups Urge Super Committee to Keep Dairy Farmers Off New Federal Teat
Politico: Chamber to deficit panel: Cut more
Hill: Does the supercommittee need a failsafe plan? Democrats are split
WaPo: 2012 House calendar keeps GOP two-weeks on, one-week off plan

Fox: Obama Cites Income Gap to Push Stalled Jobs Bill
NYDN: Obama in weekly address: Millionaires are willing to pay higher taxes for my jobs bill

WaPo: Good business for bad times: Mortgage field services

WaPo: OpEd: Oil’s new world order

Examiner: Democrats now sour on Obama health care reforms
Weekly Standard: Democratic-Leaning Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Obamacare
Hill: Supreme Court to decide if suits can be filed over Medicaid cuts

WSJ: Iraq Projects to Need 'Robust' Oversight After Withdrawal
NYT: U.S. Is Planning Buildup in Gulf After Iraq Exit
NYT: Editorial: The Bloated Nuclear Weapons Budget
Michael Barone: Abroad, Obama needs respect, not love
Andrew McCarthy: Islam or Islamist? Is our trouble with a religion or an ideology?

Wash Times: Government to disclose evidence against WikiLeaks suspect in pre-trial

Fox: Holder Called on to Resign Over Fast and Furious Scandal
American Thinker: How Can Holder Keep Holding On?

Hill: GOP’s Solyndra point man skeptical of White House's review of solar loans

Walter Isaacson: The Genius of Jobs

Human Events: America Now More Pro-Civil Service Than Russia


Fox: Iowa Up for Grabs 2 Months Before GOP Caucuses


Reno GJ: Republicans: Nevada presidential caucus woes being fixed


Roll Call: Lindsey Graham: National Security Will Be South Carolina Issue


NYT: Nearly Two Million Lose Power as Snow Coats Region
WSJ: Early Snow Pelts East Coast, Cuts Power to 2.3 Million Homes
Albany TU: Cuomo declares snow emergencies in 13 counties

NY Post: Cuomo to fill cushy judgeships


NYT: Occupy Protests Test the Mayor of Oakland

Fox: Brown Risks Wrath of Unions With California Pension Overhaul Plan


Buzz: Sen Bill Nelson in unfamiliar territory


Politico: Alabama immigration battle recalls civil rights past


Chicago Tribune: Jackson expects to be 'vindicated' in ethics probe
Chicago ST: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.: ‘I will be vindicated’


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Governor: Walker's Approval Numbers Edge Up Slightly


Reuters: Public sector union curbs face fierce fight in Ohio


Detroit FP: Michigan rep's recall election seen as vote on GOP budget


WaPo: Despite arrests, Wall Street protesters in Tennessee defy curfew a 3rd straight night


Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. election: Big stakes, middling interest


Dana Milbank: Elizabeth Warren’s winning formula


Tucson Citizen: Judge ousts Arizona attorney general from redistricting case
Arizona Republic: Brewer's map-panel attack unjustified


Denver Post: Occupy Denver protesters, law enforcement officers clash; 20 arrested
NYT: Denver Police Move Into Occupy Protest Encampment
WaPo: Denver police move into Occupy protest encampment after earlier scuffle near Capitol


October 29, 2011


ABC: Cain Momentum Continues; South Could Be Key
NatJ: Cain Draws 1,000 in Alabama
Human Events: Cain: Cut 10% of All Federal Agencies' Budgets
NatJ: Cain to Capitol Hill on Wednesday
Hill: Cain to discuss healthcare vision next week on Capitol Hill
Hill: Herman Cain: Obama's weakness emboldens 'so-called Palestinian people'
Politico: Cain Report that staffers shouldn't talk aren't true
LA Times: Herman Cain losing some steam
NYT: For Cain, Reverse Becomes a Prominent Gear
NYT: The Cain Enigma
Fox: Cain's Cigarette-Puffing Aide Has Checkered Past
Kathleen Parker: Herman Cain’s smoking gun
Hill: Cain smoking ad brings flood of donations
Rush Limbaugh: Cain and Perry Break the Mold
American Thinker: A Cain Presidency: Creative Destruction Loosed
WS: MSNBC Analyst: GOP Sees Herman Cain as a 'Black Man Who Knows His Place'

NatJ: GOP Insiders Near-Unanimous in Predicting Romney Nomination
Rasmussen: Romney Still Seen as GOP Candidate Most Qualified for White House
WSJ: Romney Picks Up Bush Backers
WSJ: Romney Rivals See Flip-Flop
Hill: In a position shift, Romney says the cause of climate change is unknown
Politico: Mitt Romney remains cool to climate science
NYT: Romney Seeks Order in Chaos of Campaign
NYT: Romney Fields Friendly Questions in New Hampshire
NatJ: Romney's Authenticity Problem Illustrated
George Will: Mitt Romney, the pretzel candidate
NatJ: A Tour of Romney’s $10 Million Lakefront New Hampshire Getaway
Star-Telegram: Are Mormons Christians?

NatJ: Perry: Deficit Reduction May Have to Wait
Politico: Rick Perry's uphill battle for flat tax
WaPo: Perry: In-state tuition prevents immigrants from becoming ‘tax wasters’
NYT: In Romney’s Backyard, Perry Highlights Abortion
NatJ: Perry, Romney Almost Cross Paths in Granite State
NatJ: Ethanol industry takes aim at Perry
Politico: Rick Perry courts conservative media
Politico: Anita Perry: Rick will 'do more debates'
ABC: Perry, Romney Contrast in Style, Substance
Rasmussen: Obama 45%, Perry 38%
HChron: Perry backer in NH says Texan “isn’t going to beat Obama,” switches to Romney

HChron: Tea Party leader’s ready to say bye to Bachmann
CBS: Bachmann accuses rival Perry of organizing Tea Party slam
NatJ: Bachmann: Perry Behind Tea Party Ambush
Politico: Bachmann blames Perry for tea party trashing
NYDN: Bachmann slammed by right-wing organization demanding GOPer pull out of race

Hill: Huntsman on rival Romney: He’s a ‘perfectly lubricated weathervane’

WaPo: The contenders and the pretenders of the Republican race
NYT: Beyond 2012 Field, Nuanced G.O.P. Views on Immigrants
NatJ: Explaining The Glut Of Debates
NatJ: The GOP Electorate: Like 2008, but Now With More Conservatives
Politico: Republican ranks rising, poll suggests

NYT: Editorial: The Court and the Next President

WSJ: We're All Reaganites Now: The enduring influence of the politics of Reagan

WaPo: Obama’s bite-size initiatives reminiscent of Clinton reelection
Wash Times: Obama lost many donors from ‘08 presidential race
NatJ: Obama's Lobbyist Problem
Daily Caller: Critics: Obama’s college aid plan increases tuition costs, hurts students
Hill: On jobs, Obama presses Congress with 'we can't wait' message

WaPo: 2012 redistricting update: GOP and Dems fighting to a draw in battle for new seats

NatJ: Senate Landscape: Recruiting Unknowns Remain
Daily Caller: Durbin: If 2012 is a ‘referendum,’ Democrats are ‘in trouble’


WSJ: Energy-Loan Program Faces Review
Fox: White House Orders Review of Energy Department Loans in Wake of Solyndra Scandal
NatJ: White House Orders Independent Review of Energy-Loan Program
WaPo: White House orders review of Energy Department loans amid Solyndra fallout
NYT: Leader Picked for Review of U.S. Loans on Energy
Hill: White House to review energy loan programs as subpoena looms
Politico: House panel set to subpoena W.H. for Solyndra docs

WSJ: Deficit Panel Less Likely to Tackle Tax Code
Hill: AFL chief: Dems conceded too much
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Leaders Fear Another Debt Fight

Hill: GOP calls on Dems not to wait, back House-passed ‘jobs’ bills
WSJ: The Other Jobs Crisis: The immigration crackdown has created labor shortages

WSJ: 'ObamaCare' has become the great unmentionable
Fox: For First Time, Poll Finds Most in U.S. Don’t Like New Health-Care Law
Hill: Healthcare law's popularity hits new low
Prof. Ronald Rotunda: Does ObamaCare, As Written, Prevent Congress From Repealing It?

WSJ: Consumer Spending Gains Outpace Income
Fox: Americans Spent More Last Month Despite Flat Earnings
Rush Limbaugh: Spin Begins: The Economy is Back!

Politico: Eric Holder to testify on Fast and Furious
Wash Times: Former ATF head’s testimony sought in ‘Fast and Furious’ probe

NYT: The $16 Muffin That Wasn’t
WaPo: Justice Dept.: Muffins weren’t $16 after all
Wash Times: Justice Department IG erred in report of pricey muffins

Fox: Obama Praises Judge’s Approval of $1.2 Billion Settlement for Black Farmers

WSJ: Authorities Increase Pressure on Protesters
Roll Call: For Some, Occupy Crackdown Brings Bad Memories
Daily Caller: Occupy DC to secede from the United States?
WSJ: Unions Look to Protesters for Future Supporters
LA Times: Occupy movement is largely secular
WSJ: Cantor Addresses Northwestern Students as Protesters Gather
James Taranto: Three years later, will Obama's victory site become an Obamaville?
Human Events: Top 10 Reasons Occupy Wall Street Is a Joke
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: Media Wants Kent State-Style Violence

Examiner: Abortion issue activists go on offense

WSJ: How the Death Tax Hurts the Poor

Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo at Career Crossroads?

NatJ: Previewing The Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


LA Times: Record number of Republicans file for New Hampshire primary


Politico: S.C. GOP, Election Commission won't settle


NYT: Liu Hires Ex-Attorney General to Review His Campaign Finances


WaPo: Ombudsman: The story behind the Marco Rubio story
Erick Erickson: Washington Post Steps Up Attacks on Marco Rubio

SPT: Despite contracts, RNC officials tell hotels they want cheaper rooms, higher fees


WSJ: 'Personhood' Backers Target Abortion


Chicago ST: Legislative watchdog agrees to investigate ‘Buttongate’ vote flap


NatJ: Club For Growth Noticeably Absent From Roster of Mourdock Supporters


WaPo: Va. candidate says he’ll push to ban sex-selective abortion


WSJ: How Harrisburg Borrowed Itself Into Bankruptcy


NatJ: Shays: Lone Wolf No More

Mark Steyn: Adult Babies


Roll Call: Matheson Decides Against Utah Senate Bid


Roll Call: Earl Blumenauer Wades Into Oregon Special With Re-Air of Old Ad


October 28, 2011


NatJ: Cain Has Already Lost on Abortion Issue
Daily Caller: Long-time aide to Herman Cain leaving presidential campaign
Wash Times: Herman Cain, the black Barry Goldwater
American Spectator: Herman Cain Sails Into Uncharted Seas
American Thinker: Cain is the Real Thing

Wash Times: Romney blasts Perry’s Social Security plan
Roll Call: Florida’s Jeff Miller Endorses Mitt Romney
HChron: Immigration group warns Romney on Smith endorsement
Examiner: Candidates hoping 'anti-Romney' emerges from Iowa
Politico: Evangelicals more aware of Mitt Romney's faith
HChron: America still doesn’t know Mitt Romney is a Mormon

NYT: Perry Ignites Discussion Over Debates He May Skip
NatJ: Perry’s Plan to Skip Debates Prompts Criticism from Gingrich, Santorum
Hill: Perry plan to skip debates is a gamble
Austin AS: As Perry lags in new poll, will he skip potentially harmful debates?
Byron York: Perry's right: Republicans drowning in debates
Wash Times: Rival hits Perry on death penalty
Stephen Moore: Flogging the Flat Tax
HChron: Warren Buffett would pay 0.2 percent tax rate under Perry tax plan
NYT: New Hampshire Representative Shifts Support to Romney From Perry

Hill: Bachmann doubling-down on Iowa
NatJ: Tea Party Activist Calls on Bachmann to Drop Presidential Bid

DMR: Gingrich creates a storm with EPA dust accusation

NatJ: The Two Republican Races
Weekly Standard: The Real Issue in the Upcoming Election

USA Today: Hillary Clinton leads GOP presidential candidates, poll says
NYT: Obama Backers Tied to Lobbies Raise Millions
Wash Times: Promises, promises: Obama’s 60% tally too high?

NatJ: New Polls Hint at Scrambled 2012 Map

Peggy Noonan: The Divider vs. the Thinker: Obama vs. Paul Ryan
Rush Limbaugh: Paul Ryan's Great Speech

American Spectator: Welcome Back, Scooter

NatJ: Incumbents Beware: ’92 Redux Ahead
Fox: Fox News Poll: 76 Percent Dissatisfied With Direction of Country
Politico: The party's over
Politico: Polls: 12 House pickup chances for Democrats


WSJ: Taxes Remain Stumbling Block For Deficit Panel
Wash Times: Divergent debt plans highlight partisan divide
NatJ: Boehner Team Rips Senate Dems’ Deficit Plan
Hill: Boehner rejects Dem debt proposal
WaPo: Boehner rejects Democratic $3 trillion deficit reduction proposal to ‘supercommittee’
CNBC: US Republicans Call for $2 Trillion in Spending Cuts
Roll Call: Parties Draw Their Lines in Deficit Reduction Fight
Roll Call: House Leaders Weigh In on Deficit Panel
Politico: Debt 'trigger' unacceptable, says John Boehner
Politico: Parties still far apart on supercommittee deficit deal
National Review: The Supercommittee’s Dueling Budgets
Hill: Liberals get 'deja vu' and complain Dems have bungled in debt talks
NatJ: Energy, Environmental Groups Get In SupComm Game

Wash Times: House OKs small part of Obama’s jobs plan
WaPo: House Republicans pass first Obama jobs bill
NYT: In Small Burst of Bipartisanship, House Passes Two Pieces of Jobs Bill
Human Events: House Passes Tax Cut, White House Signals Support
NYT: A President Trying to Work the Levers He Still Possesses

NYT: Economic Growth in U.S., Though Still Modest, Speeds Up
WaPo: U.S. economy grows nearly twice as fast in 3rd quarter
Daily Caller: Data suggests inflation on the way
Rush Limbaugh: Upcoming Regime Spin: Obamanomics is Starting to Work
WSJ: Four Reasons Keynesians Keep Getting It Wrong
Paul Krugman: The Path Not Taken

NYT: Cities Begin Cracking Down on ‘Occupy’ Protests
WSJ: The Occupation: The endless sit-ins are setting a bad precedent
WaPo: Occupy movement could be damaged by violent clashes
NatJ: Some Democrats Wary of Welcoming OWS to the Fold
James Taranto: No Soup for You! Obamaville debunks another Obama idea
Rush Limbaugh: Occupy Wall Street Cooks Join the 1%, Refuse to Feed the Homeless
Jonah Goldberg: OWS Needs a Republican President

WSJ: Repeal Health Law? It Won't Be Easy
Fox: Obama’s Health Care Law Penalizes Marriage, Analysts Say
Examiner: GOP says health care law undermines marriage
Politico: GOP says health law could discourage marriage
Rush Limbaugh: Uh-Oh: GOP Giving Up on Obamacare Repeal?

WSJ: Medicare Premiums Rise Less Than Expected
NYT: Rise in Medicare Premium Is Lower Than Predicted
Wash Times: Medicare premiums to rise next year: Increase to be offset by SoSec COLA

WaPo: State spending on Medicaid up sharply
Wash Times: States struggle to pay for Medicaid
Hill: Obama administration approves massive Medicaid cuts requested by California

Michelle Malkin: Shredding Kathleen Sebelius

WSJ: Fannie, Freddie Bailout Costs Revised Lower
Kim Strassel: Ed DeMarco: Public Enemy

WaPo: New USAJobs site for federal job seekers continues to frustrate many

Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Student Loan Fraud
Rush Limbaugh: The Big Education Racket

Wash Times: General: Cuts risk Marines’ war-fighting missions
NYT: Military Is Said to Make Progress in Modernizing
NYT: G.O.P. Pushes Military Custody for Terror Suspects
WaPo: U.S. drone base in Ethiopia is operational
Charles Krauthammer: Libyan ‘crossfire’

Wash Times: Solyndra inquirers call for testimony of lawyers
Politico: Steven Chu's Solyndra testimony set for Nov. 17
WSJ: The Solyndra-ization of Philanthropy

Daily Caller: Holder’s days as AG may be numbered as resignation calls double overnight

Hill: Cantor keeps peace among chairmen
Hill: Watchdog Issa seeks new role other than hounding Obama


LA Times: Bill Gardner a New Hampshire institution

Daily Caller: New Hampshire may legalize civil unions for all — even siblings


NY Post: Silver renews call for rich tax
NYT: Occupy Albany’ vs. ‘Governor 1 Percent’
Albany TU: The economics of Occupy Albany

NYDN: Alec Baldwin's Twitter war with Dean Skelos backfires! Rant may help GOP

WaPo: Chelsea Clinton-for-Congress talk quashed

NYT: Cuomo Urges States to Allow Gay Marriage


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown risks backlash on pension plan
WSJ: California Proposes to Curtail Workers' Benefits
NYT: California Governor Offers Plan on Pension Costs
SacBee: Jerry Brown's pension package faces skeptical Legislature
LA Times: The retirement system overhaul at a glance
Dan Walters: Is Jerry Brown's pension plan real or a ploy?

SacBee: Obama administration OKs cuts to California doctors' reimbursement

SacBee: GOP-backed coalition now wants feds to kill California Senate maps


NatJ: For Mack, Weak GOP Field Means a Prime Opportunity
SPT: Why Connie Mack's Senate candidacy may be game-changer, not game-ender

WSJ: Rubio Faults GOP 'Rhetoric': Urges New Tone on Immigration
Miami Herald: Rubio: I’m not protecting Miami flights to Cuba


AJC: Gov. Deal: No expansion of gambling


NYT: Critics See ‘Chilling Effect’ in Alabama Immigration Law


Chicago Tribune: Quinn wants investigation of 'Buttongate'
Chicago ST: ‘Buttongate’: Quinn wants probe of votes cast for absent legislators


NatJ: Lugar Camp Fact Checks FreedomWorks


Star Tribune: State GOP faces $533,000 in debt


DC: Walker’s statehouse counterpart takes aim at WI Senate frontrunner Tommy Thompson

Milwaukee JS: Guns may be allowed in Wisconsin Assembly, not Senate galleries


St. Louis PD: Germ-Ex: Senate hopeful Brunner's company trims workforce


WSJ: Judge Denies Edwards's Bid to Dismiss Case
NYT: Edwards Loses Bid to Get Campaign Case Dismissed


Human Events: Nervous Pennsylvania GOP House Members Kill Electoral College Change


NYT: Bipartisan Accord in Connecticut Yields a $626 Million Jobs Package


Wash Times: Warren backpedals on claim of inspiring Occupiers


Roll Call: Arizona Governor Starts Impeachment Process Against Redistricting Panel


Politico: Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff hits Republicans on immigration


Politico: Hawaii cruises into ‘Monthly 10’ lineup


October 27, 2011


Fox: Fox News Poll: GOP Primary Voters Get on the Cain Train
AJC: Cain's campaign coffers growing
WaPo: In Ohio, praise and questions for Herman Cain
NatJ: Cain Releases Financial Information
NYT: Cain Touts Skills as Manager; Ex-Aides Describe Chaos
Examiner: Ex-Cain campaign staffers sing to New York Times
NYT: Herman Cain, Outlier
Michael Barone: Revolt against experts helps Herman Cain

NatJ: New Polls Show Romney Ahead in First Four States
Politico: CNN/Time poll: Mitt Romney leads Iowa, strong across early states
Rasmussen: Romney 44%, Obama 42%
WSJ: Romney's Finest Hour: He speaks the truth about housing and foreclosures
WSJ: Hunt for Endorsements Takes Romney to Capital
Examiner: Romney in damage control mode in Va.
Human Events: Romney in Virginia: Obama Has No Plan to Get America Back to Work
Politico: Mitt Romney impresses House GOP at meeting
Daily Caller: Romney praises potential running mate Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell
NatJ: D.C. Establishment Turns Out to Support Romney
NYT: Romney Appears to Waver on Ohio Anti-Union Rules
WaPo: As Romney learned in Ohio, state issues can be tricky to navigate
Weekly Standard: Romney Supports Ohio Collective Bargaining Initiative '110 Percent'
Rush Limbaugh: The Power of EIB: Romney Gets His Mind Right on Ohio Referendum
Politico: Mitt Romney may be haunted by Massachusetts health care costs
American Thinker: The Premature Coronation of Romney

NYT: Perry May Curtail Role in Coming Debates
WaPo: Perry might skip future debates
Politico: Rick Perry aide says yes to Michigan debate, but maybe not beyond
WSJ: Our Un-Presidential Debates
NYT: Perry Says He’ll Be a Job Creator
Chicago Tribune: Adwatch: Rick Perry's ad in Iowa on jobs
WSJ: Perry Says He Opposes Texas Confederate Plate
Austin AS: Perry says he opposes Confederate license plate
Wash Times: Perry opposed Confederate license plate design
WaPo: Perry on Obama: He is a citizen
WaPo: Editorial: The shortcomings of Rick Perry’s tax plan
Politico: Barack Obama’s new ally: Rick Perry
HChron: Polls going south, Rick Perry heading West for more moolah
HChron: Rick Perry loses the endorsement of key San Antonio congressman

Chicago Tribune: Ron Paul's unusual campaign

NatJ: After Her N.H. Staff Quits, Bachmann Files for Primary by Mail
Examiner: Bachmann plummets in GOP presidential race

NatJ: Eight Takeaways From Early-State Presidential Primary Polls
Hill: Republican primary is battle of tax plans

NYT: Black Voters’ Support for Obama Is Steady and Strong
Karl Rove: The President Who Hates to Govern
Daily Caller: Clashes between Karl Rove and conservatives becoming more frequent
James Taranto: Sitter in Chief: Barack Obama and the infantilization of America
Wash Times: State Department defends bulk buys of Obama’s books
Examiner: Despite 'ban,' fat-cat lobbyists bankroll Obama

Ann Coulter: If I Were A Liberal ...

Roll Call: Democrats Eye Gains in House
Roll Call: 2012 House Schedule Looks Familiar


WSJ: Parties Trade Deficit Plans
NYT: Democrats’ First Offer: Up to $3 Trillion for Debt
Hill: Dems seek $1 trillion tax hike, $3 trillion deficit cut from supercommittee
Examiner: 'Super cmte' Dems propose tax hikes, more stimulus
Wash Times: Supercommittee stays opaque
Examiner: Debt committee still deeply divided
Politico: 2 supercommittee plans show vast chasm
WaPo: ‘Supercommittee’ showing signs of life
WaPo: Congress struggles to fix budget gridlock as another deadline looms
NatJ: Super Committee Holds Public Session on Budget Cuts
Dana Milbank: Stuntmen of the supercommittee
WaPo: The Influence Industry: Judicial elections, corporate policies give glimpse into 2012
Hill: Dems increasingly call it a ‘Republican Congress’

Hill: House GOP preparing another stopgap to fund government to Christmas

NYT: Cities Begin Cracking Down on ‘Occupy’ Protests
WSJ: Occupy Clashes Test Mayors
WSJ: Protest's Money Problem
American Spectator: Those Demonstrators in the Park
NY Post: Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders
Rush Limbaugh: OWS Protesters: Rush More Dangerous Than Al-Qaeda

WSJ: The Mortgage Crisis: Some Inside Views
WSJ: GOP Lawmaker Readies Mortgage Proposal
Hill: Dems say Obama administration mulling paydowns to prevent foreclosures
American Thinker: Lawrence Summers and Obama's Clueless Housing Solution

WaPo: SCOTUS firms up health challenge timeline
NYT: Lawyer Opposing Health Law Is Familiar Face to the Justices
Wash Times: House Democrats don’t want to give up on CLASS
Wash Times: CLASS-less Democrats: Obamacare collapsing en route to Supreme Court
Examiner: Dems crack down on use of the word 'Obamacare'
Hill: Healthcare reform penalizes married couples, says report

Wash Times: Napolitano queried on lack of Fast and Furious probe
Human Events: Republicans Grill Napolitano on Fast and Furious
Fox: Napolitano Grilled Over ‘Fast and Furious,’ Likens Hearing to Cross Examination
Hill: GOP asks Napolitano why she didn’t meet with Holder on Fast and Furious

Fox: Energy Department Facing Scrutiny for Loan to Russian Subsidiary

Wash Times: Banking on sin: States profit as taxes rise on vice
WSJ: State Tax Haul Jumps 10.8%
NatJ: Bipartisan Group of Senators Working on Online Sales Tax Bill

Fox: House to Repeal Law Withholding Contractors' Taxes

Fox: Obama Taps Taxpayers For Student Stimulus
Human Events: Obama's Student Loan Bailout
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Student Loan Giveaway


Union Leader: How committed is Rick Perry to NH? We’ll find out


Albany TU: Cuomo warns redistricting veto could create ‘chaos’
NYT: Editorial: New York’s Redistricting Charade

NYT: Skelos and Baldwin Get in Each Other’s Faces Over Taxes, via Twitter
NYDN: Alec Baldwin engages in Twitter war with state GOP leader Dean Skelos

NYT: A City Where Campaign Posters Can Promote Past Arrests


Fox: California Gov. Brown to Seek Sweeping Pension Cuts
LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown to unveil 12-point pension overhaul
SacB: Brown to propose higher retirement age, lower pension benefits for new state workers

LA Times: California high court rejects challenges to redistricting
Roll Call: California Supreme Court Rejects GOP Challenge to Redistricting
SacBee: Map critics look to ballot after California Supreme Court rejects lawsuits


Miami Herald: Shakeup alert: Rep. Connie Mack to enter Florida’s Senate race
WaPo: Florida Rep. Connie Mack to run for Senate
NatJ: About Face: Mack Running for Senate
Roll Call: GOP Field Cleared for Josh Mandel in Ohio

WSJ: Rubio's Good Fortune: Did the Washington Post do Marco Rubio a favor?
WaPo: Marco Rubio on national ticket could be risky bet for Republican Party
Politico: Marco Rubio faces Hispanic critics


Human Events: In Illinois' 12th, House Hopeful Plummer's a Good Bet for GOP

Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich faces pension hurdle, loses law license


Star Tribune: Cop killer wins landmark parole


Milwaukee JS: State GOP may move up voting-district changes before recalls


Wash Times: Referendum poses problems for GOP in Ohio
American Spectator: Ohio's Issue Initiatives
National Review: Editorial: Buckeye Badgers

Roll Call: GOP Field Cleared for Josh Mandel in Ohio


Detroit News: Snyder: $120 auto fee hike may pay for repairs


AJC: To win in 2012, McCaskill looks to lessons of 2006


Politico: John Edwards defense invokes John Ensign


Hill: Gov. McDonnell hints he won't endorse in GOP presidential race


Rush Limbaugh: Connecticut Governor Declares Diaper Need Awareness Day


Hill: Massachusetts Senate race will be first major test for Occupy protests
NYT: Two Massachusetts Democrats Say They Won’t Run, Clarifying State Politics


Roll Call: Arizona Governor Seeks to Impeach Redistricting Panel


Roll Call: Republican Launches First TV Ad in Oregon Special


October 26, 2011


CBS: Herman Cain tops Mitt Romney in latest CBS/NYT poll
Daily Caller: Cain campaign explains video of cig-smoking chief of staff
NatJ: Cain’s Smoking Chief of Staff Defends Video Ad
NYT: Cain Campaign Says Video Is Authentic
James Taranto: Thank You for Smoking: Herman Cain's latest ad is a real head-scratcher
DC: Hume on Cain: Smoking campaign ad ‘sheer oddness,’ attacks on Rove odd thing to say’
Politico: Cain robocalling in Iowa
Miami Herald: Prominent Florida Republicans helping Cain
Dick Morris: Cain sounds anti-Wall Street
American Spectator: Cain's Abortion Libertarianism
Michael Barone: Revolt against experts helps Herman Cain
Rush Limbaugh: Herman Cain Ads on This Show Do Not Constitute an Endorsement

Examiner: Romney refuses to back Kasich against govt unions
NatJ: Romney Sits Out Antiunion Fight in Ohio
Politico: Mitt Romney supported Gov. John Kasich laws in June
WS: Perry Hits Romney for Going Soft on Ohio's Public Sector Union Battle
Politico: Mitt Romney goes after Obama energy loans
NatJ: Romney Targeted in High-Dollar Ad Onslaught
NYT: Why It’s Good for Romney to Be at 21 Percent
Examiner: Romney organizes in Va. for presidential race
Politico: Mitt Romney pitches to GOP fence-sitters
Daily Caller: Club for Growth president says it’s time for Romney to be bold
Religious Dispatches: Why Do Southerners Call Mormonism a Cult?

Bus Insider: Rick Perry Is Going To Go So Negative On Romney 'Your Television Will Bleed'
Human Events: Perry Continues the Attack Against Cain and Romney
State: Perry unveils 20 percent ‘flat’ tax plan
WSJ: Perry Joins Flat-Tax Camp
Wash Times: Perry plan makes flat tax optional
Star-Telegram: Optional flat tax is centerpiece of Perry's economic proposal
Austin AS: Perry takes big campaign step with tax, spending proposals
Fox: Perry’s Flat Tax Plan Seeks Major Tax, Spending Overhaul
NYT: Perry Calls His Flat Tax Proposal ‘Bold Reform’
Rush Limbaugh: Rick Perry's Tax Plan is Great
HChron: Low-tax guru Grover Norquist likes Perry plan, dismisses “whining” detractors
NYT: Perry Plan Would Grant Big Tax Break to Wealthiest
NatJ: Perry's Flat-Tax Proposal Unlikely to Please Anyone
WaPo: Perry’s economic plan would slash taxes, federal spending on programs
LA Times: Rick Perry announces economic plan in bid to revive campaign
WaPo: Perry’s tax plan: What you should know
WSJ: The Flat-Tax Sweepstakes: Perry's 20% optional rate joins the GOP debate
Politico: Rick Perry tries to give his flat-lining campaign a flat-tax boost
NYT: Perry’s Emphasis on Birther Issue: A Wink at the Right?
Jen Rubin: Jeb Bush denounces birtherism
HChron: Perry campaign: New advisers will boost campaign with a focus on advertising
Ruth Marcus: Rick Perry and his rivals serve up scare tactics and drivel

Newt Gingrich: To Create Jobs, Abolish the Death Tax Now

Politico: Santorum: The next flavor of the month?

NatJ: Barbour Says There’s No Real Front-Runner Yet
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin: Kingmaker?
NYT: Anxiety on the Economy Fuels Volatility in 2012 Race
NYT: Most Republican Primary Voters Remain Uncommitted
WSJ: GOP Unleashes TV Ad War
WaPo: Republican candidates offer a diverse set of economic plans

Telegraph UK: Barack Obama accused of breaking transparency pledge
Wash Times: State Department buys $70,000 worth of Obama books
EW: Obama tells Jay Leno he's waiting for GOP rivals to get 'voted off the island'
Big Govt: Barack Obama Led #Occupy Chicago - Circa 1988
Hill: GOP congressman suggests birthers could be right to debate Obama's eligibility
WaPo: Valerie Jarrett’s latest role: Shoring up Obama’s support base
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Target List

Politico: Big Democratic donors stiff super PACs


Wash Times: White House backs House GOP jobs bill
WSJ: Natural Gas Can Put Americans Back to Work
Daily Caller: Congresswoman: Democrats ‘did not want to support’ Obama jobs bill [VIDEO]
NYT: OpEd: It’s Consumer Spending, Stupid
NYT: New Poll Finds a Deep Distrust of Government
Dana Milbank: Democrats on the sidelines
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats and the Middle Class

Wash Times: Democrats don’t prefer automatic debt cuts
Politico: Waging war over Pentagon budget cuts

Sen. Bob Corker: Durbin amendment backfires

Rush Limbaugh: Bam Drops Jobs Push, Switches to More Mortgage Meddling

NYT: Top Earners Doubled Share of Nation’s Income, Study Finds
Politico: Richest see biggest income bump

Rush Limbaugh: A Few Words on the Accuracy of the Conservative Intelligentsia
NYT: Political Newspaper Endorsements: History and Outcome

WSJ: Obama to Lay Out Student-Debt Plan
NYT: President to Ease Student Loan Burden for Low-Income Graduates
WaPo: Obama administration announces plan to ease student loan burdens

Wash Times: Bottom-line issues stall GOP efforts to pull back health law
WSJ: Obama's Health Care Gamble: The extremely big bet on ObamaCare's constitutionality

Human Events: House GOP Calls Janet Napolitano to Hill on Immigration Questions

Human Events: House in Dust Bust-Up Over Bill to Curb EPA


Fox: New Hampshire Likely to Announce Primary Date Next Week


Albany TU: New sign at protest: 'Cuomoville'

NYDN: Alec Baldwin trades barbs with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos


Fox: Voter Fraud Allegations Hit San Francisco Mayor’s Race

SacBee: Jerry Brown to propose public pension changes Thursday


Fox: Florida Appeals Court Rejects Call to Block Judge From Citing Islamic Law in Ruling

Miami Herald: New discrepancies arise in Rubio story
SPT: Documents give shape to Marco Rubio's family history but raise new questions


NYT: Push for ‘Personhood’ Amendment Represents New Tack in Abortion Fight


NatJ: Surging Jindal Transforms Louisiana


Daily Caller: Thompson leads in Wisconsin Senate primary, but could have trouble


WSJ: 'Joe the Plumber' to Launch Bid for Congress

US News: Failed Democrat Pol Sues Critics Over Election Loss


Detroit News: Snyder offers new gas tax plan for road fixes
Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder to propose $40 annual fee to fix roads


Politico: Sen. Claire McCaskill sells ‘damn plane’


Fox: Judge Blocks Part of N.C. Abortion Law That Requires Women to View Ultrasound

NYT: Edwards Fights Campaign Finance Case
Politico: John Edwards case shadowed by politics


Wash Times: In Maryland, panel seeks 60% more in gas tax
WaPo: Md. commission proposes 15-cent increase in gas tax


Fox: Connecticut Officials Push Washington to Offer Free Diapers to Poor Mothers

Roll Call: Lieberman Will Go His Own Way


Business Insider: Elizabeth Warren: I Created 'Occupy Wall Street'
Hill: Elizabeth Warren takes credit for ideas behind Occupy Wall Street protests


Roll Call: Land Swap Bill Could Help Paul Gosar for 2012


October 25, 2011


NYT: Cain to Begin Ad Campaign, While Video Draws Notice
DC: Facing unease from conservatives, Herman Cain to get specific on foreign policy
Examiner: Herman Cain's bizarre new ad
Daily Caller: Cain’s chief of staff smokes in new YouTube ad [VIDEO]
Politico: Herman Cain honed 2012 stump spiel on radio
Politico: Cain following in reformers' paths
Daily Caller: DeMint on Cain: ‘He’s not quite as disciplined as he needs to be’ [VIDEO]
Byron York: Rove vs. Cain: The people's choice?
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 44%, Cain 38%
American Thinker: Cain-Romney 2012?

NatJ: Ex-Okla. Gov. Keating Backs Romney
NYT: Lectern Gone, Romney Finds More Success
WaPo: How Mitt Romney’s rule-following tendencies explain his campaign
WaPo: Romney’s problematic claims about illegal immigration in Texas
Fox: Romney Denies Okaying Health Care for Illegals
Rush Limbaugh: Romneycare for Illegal Immigrants?
LA Times: Medical help for illegal immigrants could haunt Mitt Romney
Politico: Mitt Romney’s unlikely role model may be Clinton ’92
Rush Limbaugh: George F. Will Compares Mitt Romney to Michael Dukakis

Gov. Rick Perry: My Tax and Spending Reform Plan
Stephen Moore: Perry's Optional Flat Tax
NatJ: Perry Proposes 20 Percent Flat Tax
Hill: Perry calls for optional 20 percent flat tax
Human Events: 20/20: Perry Will Call For an Optional 20% Flat Tax; 20% Corporate Tax
HChron: A First Analysis of Rick Perry’s 20/20 Flat Tax Proposal
Politico: Rick Perry outlines 'Cut, Balance and Grow' flat tax plan
Fox: Perry to Pitch Scrapping Tax Code, Offering Optional 20 Percent Flat Tax
WSJ: Perry Seeks Reboot With New Hires
WaPo: Rick Perry moves to recharge campaign with flat-tax plan and new hires
NYT: Perry Looks Outside His Circle to Boost Campaign
HChron: Perry’s new team members, formalized
Star-Tel: Perry shakes up campaign, brings in George W. Bush's top adviser from 2000
Austin AS: Perry adds to staff as campaign seeks to rebound
WaPo: Perry hires ex-Rick Scott staffers
Examiner: Perry adding high-profile Washington pros to staff
Fox: Former Bush Campaign Manager to Join Perry Team
Weekly Standard: Perry Ramps Up Iowa Campaign
Fox: Perry to Receive Key South Carolina Endorsement
Politico: Rick Perry slow to receive endorsement from Texas GOPers
Politico: Rick Perry readies assault on Mitt Romney
HChron: Perry blasts Romney for offering free health care to illegal immigrants
Politico: Media barred from Gingrich, Perry event
Weekly Standard: Steve Forbes Endorses Rick Perry
WaPo: Early race showed Rick Perry undeterred by prospect of challenging good friend
Dana Milbank: Rick Perry’s birther Parade

WaPo: Bachmann’s ex-N.H. staff says campaign’s rudeness, cruelty pushed them out
Politico: Departed Michele Bachmann New Hampshire staffers: It's the national team's fault
Hill: Bachmann's ex-NH staff releases scathing letter about campaign

American Thinker: Newt and the Next-in-Line Problem

NatJ: GOP Presidential Candidate Debate Timeline

David Brooks: The Fighter Fallacy: Obama’s current campaign strategy misreads the country
Daily Caller: Obama defies base, hires Wall Street lobbyist for re-election campaign
Daily Caller: NPR host ‘temporarily’ steps down while husband works to re-elect Obama
NYDN: Obama looks to shore up Hispanic votes as approval ratings among Latinos slides
Rich Lowry: Obama’s Latter-Day McGovernism

NYT: The G.O.P.’s Very Rapid Response Team

WaPo: Race and redistricting: Unholy alliance starting to fray

James Taranto: John Who? A bizarre denial from the New York Times

WaPo: ‘No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington’ by Condoleezza Rice


Fox: Obama Announces Major Revamp of Home Lending Program
WSJ: Housing Plan Highlights Sharp Political Split
WSJ: Obama Expands Mortgage Aid
Wash Times: Another try to float ‘underwater’ homes
WaPo: Government announces new program to help ‘underwater’ homeowners
NYT: Expansion of Mortgage Program Is Limited in Scope
Examiner: Obama unveils mortgage help for some homeowners
NatJ: Obama Says Housing Help 'Can't Wait' for Congress
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Sidesteps Congress on Housing
Hill: President Obama takes fight with Republicans to mortgage battleground
Hill: House Dems: Obama's response to mortgage crisis is insufficient
Human Events: Dems Blaming 'Do-Nothing' Congress on the Wrong Party
LA Times: New Obama refi plan could get help from Fed
WSJ: Fed Official Backs New Growth Push
NYT: In Cautious Times, Banks Flooded With Cash
WSJ: Error: And you thought the stimulus didn't work
NYT: Editorial: On the Road to Relief
WaPo: Editorial: Obama’s incremental effort to save the housing market
Hill: Fears of another US credit downgrade are growing on Wall Street

WaPo: On the supercommittee agenda: Cutting Congress’s budget
WaPo: Why a debt supercommittee success might still be a failure
Wash Times: Calls for debt panel to ‘go big’ get louder
Fox: Veterans Groups Object to Cuts in Health Care as Super Committee Targets Benefits
Examiner: 'Super' comm. to offer rare public view of talks
Politico: Spectrum feud lands before supercommittee
Politico: GOP governors lobby supercommittee on cuts

WaPo: Federal transportation funding mandates — the coming Capitol Hill battle
Fox: GOP Offers Transportation Spending as Jobs Creator

Examiner: Frank Wolf makes cause of exposing Norquist

WSJ: Protests Present Dilemma for Democrats

Pat Buchanan: What Is It We Wish to Conserve?

Wash Times: Cornyn urging wider probe of ‘Fast and Furious’

Wash Times: Senators fail to follow law on using E-Verify

NYT: Drilling in Fast-Growing Areas Ushers in New Era of Tension

WSJ: The Post-Global Warming World


Michael Gerson: Iowan Republicans still looking for love


Weekly Standard: Nevada Poll: Romney 38, Cain 26, Gingrich 16


Daily Caller: SC Gov. Haley: Republican primary race ‘so much fun’


NYT: Upset at Cuomo’s Property-Tax Cap, Communities Move to Get Around It

Albany TU: Cuomo’s (kind of) new hires


Politico: Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson may face ethics inquiry

Dan Walters: Jerry Brown still hazy about upcoming tax initiative


Fox: Judge Blocks Florida's New Welfare Drug Testing Law
WSJ: Florida Welfare Drug-Testing Law Blocked by Judge

WaPo: NPR finds new discrepancies in Rubio’s family history
Politico: Sen. Marco Rubio continues to push back


American Spectator: Could Jindal Run for President?
WaPo: Why Bobby Jindal (still) matters
Human Events: Solidly GOP Louisiana Reelects Gov, Eyes Landrieu in '14


Wash Times: GOP sets sights on taking back state


Roll Call: Ann Wagner Definitively Rules Out Senate Bid


Roll Call: Kentucky Democrat Ben Chandler May Have Advantage in House Rematch


DC: Muslim groups, Hispanic advocates, gays attack Maryland conservative conference


Wash Times: Pa. governor takes fiscal reins of debt-strapped capital
WSJ: Pennsylvania Increases Its Hold Over Harrisburg

Roll Call: Fitzpatrick Targeted in Pennsylvania


Roll Call: Christine O’Donnell Hedges Her Bets


Human Events: Undercover Tape Exposes Pay For Play At Rutgers University


Roll Call: Joe Lieberman Speaking to Christopher Shays, Linda McMahon


Roll Call: County Sheriff Announces Congressional Run in Arizona
Daily Caller: Arizona border sheriff mulls congressional bid

NYT: Giffords Arrives in North Carolina for More Treatment


October 24, 2011


WaPo: The Cain recipe: enthusiasm, stamina and the ‘next thing’
Politico: Iowa challenges confront Herman Cain
Politico: Cain would autograph life amendment
CNN: Mysterious leaflets in Iowa take aim at Cain's abortion comments
Michael Gerson: Are the Republican candidates not taking Herman Cain seriously?
DC: Brit Hume: ‘Herman Cain may have peaked and may begin to decline’
National Review: Private-Citizen Cain

NYT: Romney, Once a Critic, Hedges on Flat-Tax Plans
LA Times: Medical help for illegal immigrants could haunt Mitt Romney
ABC: Former NH Gov. John Sununu to Endorse Mitt Romney
Union Leader: Sununu to endorse Romney for President
WSJ: GOP Calendar Gives Romney a Boost

Politico: Perry adds national muscle to his campaign
Parade: Rick Perry Hates to Lose, But Can He Win Over America?
Atlantic: Rick Perry Flirts with Birther Beliefs After Dining with Trump
Hill: Perry: ‘I don’t know’ if President Obama’s birth certificate is real
HChron: Perry “doesn’t know” if he’s seen Obama’s birth certificate
Boston Globe: At ease, Rick Perry hunts pheasants in Iowa
HChron: Attacking Romney on immigration is risky for Perry

WSJ: Paul's Policies Foreign to GOP
Wash Times: Paul would ax five agencies, hits focus on Romney’s lawn
Fox: Paul Calls for End to Federal Student Loan Program

Fox: Bachmann Defends Campaign After Staff Exodus, Sharpens Attack on Cain
Politico: Bachmann to Iraq: Reimburse us
Politico: Report: Bachmann staff unpaid for a month
Star Tribune: Bachmann's campaign relies on repeat donors
LA Times: Michele Bachmann's misstatements may be catching up to her
Roll Call: Squatters Lampoon Bachmann Candidacy

National Review: Newt’s Resurrection?

American Thinker: No Longer Ronald Reagan's Party
NYT: Do Good Debaters Make Good Presidents?
Wash Times: GOP hopefuls jockey for role of ‘anti-Romney’

NYT: Republicans Turn Judicial Power Into a Campaign Issue
WaPo: GOP candidates would cut federal judges’ power

Fox: Graham Warns GOP Candidates to 'Step Up' and Challenge Obama Foreign Policy

Roll Call: Tea Party Uncertain on 2012
Politico: Tea party hoopla fades on the Hill

Wash Times: Voter ID, other initiatives follow GOP’s resurgence

Hill: Nevada, Texas illustrate difficulties of 2012 congressional redistricting

WSJ: Obama's Re-Election Model Is FDR
American Thinker: For Obama, Is It 1948 Redux?
Politico: Democrats duck President Obama
WaPo: In GOP race, how much electability matters may depend on ‘beatability’ of Obama
American Spectator: Obama Under Water

WT: Hispanic voters at fork: Disillusioned with Obama, but wary of GOP on immigration
Hill: Tensions over immigration tear away at GOP candidates

WSJ: Biden Leaves the Door Open for 2016 Run
WaPo: Biden open to running for president in 2016


Examiner: House may finally agree on jobs proposal
NYT: Jobs Plan Stalled, Obama to Try New Economic Drive
NYT: More Jobs Predicted for Machines, Not People
WSJ: Lean Companies Ready to Cut
Politico: McConnell: Layoffs a 'local' problem
WSJ: Inflated Expectations for an Economic Fix
Politico: Lobbyists swarm supercommittee
Hill: Lawmakers push Defense fraud, waste report to influence supercommittee cuts
Examiner: Occupy tent cities are the 'Obamavilles' of 2012
Daily Caller: Sessions: Budget for food stamps ballooning out of control
Wash Times: Contractor tax withholding not a simple fix
Martin Feldstein: The Tax Reform Evidence From 1986
EJ Dionne: The GOP’s latest tax gimmickry: Soak the poor

WSJ: Home Lending Revamp Planned: New Rules Aim to Speed Refinancing
LA Times: Obama administration ramps up mortgage refinancing effort
WaPo: Obama’s efforts to aid homeowners, boost housing market fall far short of goals
Hill: Fannie, Freddie overseer looks to boost ailing housing market
Lawrence Summers: How to stabilize the housing market
NatJ: GOP Presidential Race Sidesteps Housing Crisis

Paul Krugman: The Hole in Europe’s Bucket: The euro system is doomed

NYT: Panetta’s Pentagon, Without the Blank Check
NYT: U.S. to Sustain Military Power in the Pacific, Panetta Says
WSJ: Panetta Assures on U.S. in Asia
Wash Times: Retired military’s health needs could feel sting of budget cuts
Wash Times: Ivy League gives salute to return of ROTC
Sen. Lindsey Graham: The military can do more with less

Politico: High Court call on health care
Hill: Tax law could hinder quick Supreme Court decision on healthcare mandate

NYT: OpEd: Seven Billion: Can humanity handle the unprecedented rise in population?
WaPo: Population growth taxing planet’s resources

Michael Barone: Public cools to global warming alarmism


Daily Caller: New Hampshire Sec. of State Bill Gardner always gets his way


Albany TU: GOP boasts leaner Senate
Albany TU: Bruno party on SUNY


Daily Caller: Crazifornia: Why the Golden State may have just doomed cap and trade
NYT: Editorial: California’s Persistence On Cap-and-Trade


WSJ: Flag Creates a Flap for Texas License-Plate Plan


WSJ: Hurricane Blinders: Florida Republicans pray the wind doesn't blow


Artur Davis: Alabama Voices: Should have supported voter ID law


National Review: Bobby Jindal, The Storm-Calmer

NYT: Well-Known Felon Still Draws a Crowd, but Louisiana Has Moved On


Chicago Tribune: State found funds to pay prominent Democrat's bill


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin owes U.S. $1.18 billion on unemployment borrowing


Roll Call: Ben Nelson Remains Undecided About 2012 Despite Ad Support


Wash Times: Debt incinerates holiday parade in Pennsylvania’s capital


NYT: 5-Year Inquiry on Menendez Is Terminated


NYT: In Race to Replace Him, Lieberman Again Has Liberals Shaking Their Heads


Boston Herald: Congressional shuffle: It’s a hack job


October 23, 2011


NatJ: Cain Plays Iowa Football Field
Hill: Cain: My team working on energy strategy
NYT: Cain, Now Running as Outsider, Came to Washington as Lobbyist
WaPo: Clinton pokes fun at Herman Cain and the ‘Stans’
NY Post: He won’t be stereotyped
Fox: Cain Stumbling Under Glare of National Spotlight
Daily Caller: Krauthammer sours on Herman Cain: ‘He is winging it’
Fox: Iowa Radio Host Calls Cain "Pro-Choice" and "Incoherent" on the Issue of Abortion
NYDN: Herman Cain's use of racial language is rhetoric we must refuse
Dick Morris: 9-9-9 can save our country

NatJ: Romney Says He Could Back Perry
WaPo: Mitt Romney reaches out to voters but often lacks the common touch
Ross Douthat: Mitt Romney, The Inevitable Nominee
Dick Polman: C'mon, Republicans, Mitt's your man
WaPo: OpEd: What it means to be Mormon
Hill: Christine O'Donnell: Romney isn't 'getting a fair shake,' donates
Boston Herald: Mitt Romney makes Oklahoma City appearance

WaPo: Rick Perry, on Iowa pheasant hunt, cites ‘long love affair’ with guns
HChron: Perry hunts Iowa birds, aims criticism at Romney
Fox: Is Perry Hunting for an Endorsement?
NatJ: Perry: Obama Endangers Troops
WaPo: Rick Perry challenges opponents’ abortion stances at Iowa Faith & Freedom dinner
Hill: At conservatives' dinner Perry dings Romney, Cain on abortion stances
NYT: Abortion Takes Center Stage at Iowa G.O.P. Forum
Fox: Looking for Boost, Perry to Unveil Flat Tax Plan Next Week

NatJ: Ron Paul Gets Rock Star Reception at University of Iowa

NatJ: Bachmann on the Spot In Iowa
Star Tribune: Republican candidates work for edge in divided social conservatives in Iowa
Fox: Bachmann Campaign Confirms Two New Hampshire Staff Members Have Resigned

Fox: GOP Candidates Vie for Iowa Edge
Kathleen Parker: The 2012 candidates, running for America’s Next Top TV Personality
Roll Call: McCain Warns Nominations Holdups Could Hurt GOP

Fox: Obama’s String of Foreign Policy Victories Still No Match for Economy in 2012 Election
NYT: Successes Overseas Are Unlikely to Help Obama at Home
WaPo: The politics of President Obama’s Iraq withdrawal decision
Wash Times: Obama campaign seizes on Iraq
Hill: Silicon Valley makes a big investment in President Obama's reelection campaign
SPT: Florida bundlers help bring in big bucks for Obama

NYT: Battles to Shape Maps, and Congress, Go to Courts
NatJ: Redistricting occasionally pits member against member
Fox: Factors Deciding Control of the House in 2012

WaPo: Ombudsman: Did The Post story do right by the Koch brothers?


NatJ: Super-committee member Van Hollen offers a peek at the Democrats’ revenue strategy
Hill: Spending ‘normality’ unlikely to last

WaPo: Infrastructure projects to fix the economy? Don’t bank on it
LA Times: Republicans in Congress are in a quandary on jobs

WSJ: Fed Governor: Family Finances Key to Economic Recovery
Christopher Dodd: Five myths about Dodd-Frank

WaPo: For tea party and Occupy Wall Street movements, some common ground
WaPo: What do Americans hate more: Washington or Wall Street?
NYDN: Occupy Wall Street campground becoming spot for vagrants, ex-cons & 'takers'

WaPo: From Ellis Island to an electrified fence, why America is so torn on immigration
Hill: Civil rights groups allege White House hypocrisy on immigration

Michael Barone: Barone: Public cools to global warming alarmism

NYT: In Memoir, Rice Tells of Clashes With Cheney
NatJ: Condoleezza Rice Had Tumultuous Relationship With Cheney, Memoir Says


Fox: A Big 'Undecided' Watches and Waits in Iowa


WSJ: Nevada Moves Back Caucus
NYT: Nevada G.O.P. Relents on Early Primary
WaPo: NV GOP agrees to shift presidential caucuses to Feb. 4, avoid election calendar fight
Wash Times: Nevada moves caucus to Feb. 4 after backlash


SacBee: The power of one: Perez controls Assembly with money


Star-Telegram: Texas dollars are flowing into the 2012 presidential race


Salena Zito: Politics different in Oklahoma


Times-Picayune: Gov. Bobby Jindal shows strength across La. in re-election landslide
Fox: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Re-Elected in a Landslide
WaPo: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wins reelection
NYT: Jindal Wins Second Term as Governor of Louisiana
NatJ: Jindal Wins Reelection in Louisiana


George Will: Richard Lugar, the unlikely target of conservatives


Hill: GOP Senate candidate Thompson's Vatican speech creates stir in Wisconsin


Politico: Nazi reenactor gave Mandel $1,000


WaPo: Va. House of Delegates race between Armstrong, Poindexter turns heated and costly


NYT: The Little State With a Big Mess


WaPo: In Colorado, voter anger clouds 2012 choices


October 22, 2011


Wash Times: Cain tops field again in Nevada GOP straw poll
Hill: Herman Cain wins straw poll in Nevada
Wash Times: Cain tweaks 9-9-9 tax plan to allow exemptions
Daily Caller: Herman Cain says poor won’t pay ’9-9-9' income tax
WSJ: Cain's Legacy: Selling Big Ideas
WaPo: For Herman Cain, no steering clear of race
Politico: Cain's Faith and Freedom timing
NYDN: Herman Cain on homosexuality: Being gay is a 'sin' and personal 'choice'
Weekly Standard: Cain Tries to Clarify Abortion Remarks

NatJ: Romney Going for Quick Kill of Perry
Byron York: Romney health plan still faces GOP challenge
WSJ: The Mitt and Rick Show

NatJ: Perry Says He Took an "Ass Kickin'"
Politico: Rick Perry holds meetings with K Street crowd
NatJ: Perry Knows Bad Economy First Hand
Star-Telegram: Perry's proposal has big appeal, flat-tax backer says
Austin AS: Perry's flat tax plan might be political gamble
Examiner: Perry proposes flat tax to counter Cain's 9-9-9
HChron: Perry’s biggest church donation as governor came last year, tax return shows
American Thinker: Gov. Perry is On Track to Create a Million Jobs

Daily Caller: Ron Paul: Latest GOP debate was ‘disgusting’
Hill: Paul raises more than $2.5 million in 'media blackout' moneybomb

Star Tribune: Bachmann's entire New Hampshire staff reportedly quits
WSJ: Bachmann Disputes Collapse Of Her N.H. Operation
NatJ: Bachmann Loses New Hampshire Staff
NYT: Bachmann’s N.H. Campaign Manager Confirms He Is Leaving
HChron: Bachmann staffer to join Perry Monday

Human Events: Newt on a Run: Gingrich Campaign on a Roll After Bumpy Start

Gallup: Gallup: Obama Quarterly Approval Hits New Low
NYT: Can Obama 2012 Replicate Bush 2004?
J Taranto: Who'd have thought Obama would kill more Arab tyrants & terrorists than Bush?
DC: Steve Jobs biography reveals he told Obama, ‘You’re headed for a one-term presidency’

Joe Nocera: The Ugliness Started With Bork


WSJ: Troops to Exit Iraq by Year-End
Fox: Obama Announces Complete Withdrawal of U.S. Forces From Iraq by End of 2011
WaPo: All U.S. troops to leave Iraq by the end of 2011
Wash Times: Obama: All U.S. troops out of Iraq by 2012
NYT: U.S. Troops to Leave Iraq by Year’s End, Obama Says
NatJ: U.S. Troop Withdrawal Motivated by Iraqi Insistence, Not U.S. Choice
WSJ: Politics of Pullout Not Without Risk
WaPo: GOP presidential field unified in opposition to Iraq withdrawal
Hill: Romney: Obama puts Iraq victory ‘at risk’
Weekly Standard: Retreating With Our Heads Held High

Fox: Republicans Push for U.S. Role in Rebuilding Libya

WSJ: Fed Official Hints at Possible Effort to Boost Economy
WSJ: Spenders Become Savers, Hurting Recovery
WSJ: Farmers Sense the End of Big Boom

NatJ: Searching for Smoke Signals From the Super-Secret Committee
Fox: Super Secrecy of Debt 'Super Committee' Rubs Some Lawmakers the Wrong Way
Roll Call: Super Committee Will Keep Up Pace Next Week
Politico: Supercommittee: Recycling bin for old ideas?

NYT: Senate Panel Approves Bill That Rewrites Education Law

WSJ: Democrats Push Bill to Fund Infrastructure
Fox: Senate Unveils $60 Billion Infrastructure Bill as Next Piece of Obama Jobs Plan
WSJ: Democrats Against Stimulus 2.0: The Senate keeps killing Obama's ideas
Fox: Rove: Why Americans Should Be Wary of Obama's Jobs Plan

Hill: Burr urges Obama to embrace Republican jobs proposal

NYT: Senate, at Least for a Day, Gets Back to Legislating
Wash Times: Senators find sweet spot in ending benefits to millionaires
WSJ: Federal Posts Fill Up Amid Senate Thaw
WSJ: Senate Confirms Nominees to Several Key Posts

WSJ: Senators for McMansion Subsidies: The housing lobby strikes again

WSJ: A Life in Energy and (Therefore) Politics
Weekly Standard: The Solyndra Stonewall

Wash Times: Left’s war on legal immigration and voter integrity

NYT: Wall St. Protest Isn’t Like Ours, Tea Party Says

John Yoo: Twenty Years of Justice Thomas

Dorothy Rabinowitz: DOJ Finds A Cause: The DOJ intervenes on behalf of a Muslim
Andrew McCarthy: Islamophobia is not an irrational fear

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Nevada Republicans to Vote on Caucus Date Change
Politico: Nevada's 2012 primary calendar chaos: A guide


NYT: Ex-Governor of South Carolina Joins Fox News


NYT: Jury Convicts Consultant of Stealing Campaign Money From Bloomberg
NYDN: John Haggerty found guilty of stealing $1.1 million from Bloomberg
NY Post: Guilty in $1M elex theft

NYT: Editorial: Governor Cuomo’s Choices


Sen. Marco Rubio: My family's flight from Castro
Erick Erickson: Miami Herald: WaPost "Hit" on Rubio Manipulates Facts
National Review: Operation: Get Rubio Out of the Picture
Weekly Standard: Cuban-American Scholar Slams 'False' Story on Rubio
Miami Herald: Marco Rubio defends himself amid family exile saga
SPT: Sen. Marco Rubio aggressively defends family's history as Cuban exiles
Daily Caller: Rubio fires back at ‘outrageous’ Washington Post article
NYT: Senator Lashes Out at Critics Who Say He Embellished His Family’s Story
Politico: The Marco Rubio story: From birther blog to mainstream media
Dana Milbank: The birthers eat their own

NatJ: Congressman Bill Young Denies Rumors He's Dead


NatJ: Jindal on Cruise Control as Saturday Election Approaches


Fox: Ohio to Vote on Blocking Federal Health Care Mandate


Arizona CT: Giffords campaign spending like she’s running

Politico: Judge nixes Arizona's countersuit against U.S. over border


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