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September 7, 2011


WaPo: Rick Perry moves ahead of Mitt Romney in race for GOP nomination in new poll
NYT: Super PAC Plans Major Primary Campaign for Perry
NatJ: Perry: Obama’s Worst Nightmare
NatJ: Rick Perry the Debater: He's Dull But Gets the Job Done
Austin AS: Perry to debate tonight, spokesman says
HChron: Experts call California debate Perry campaign’s first gauntlet
Des Moines Register: Debate rivals likely to target Perry over inconsistencies
National Review: Palmetto Perry: The Texan bets on South Carolina

WSJ: Romney Unveils Job-Creation Plan
Fox: Romney Promises 11.5 Million Jobs in Sweeping Economic Plan
Wash Times: Romney predicts 4 percent growth, 11.5 million jobs
WaPo: Romney unveils sweeping plan for jobs, economy
NYT: Romney Lays Out Plan to Revive Economy
Daily Caller: Romney delivers jobs plan speech without teleprompter
LA Times: Mitt Romney releases jobs plan as he faces a surging Rick Perry
HChron: Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman pitching Romney, takes a shot at Perry?
WSJ: Mitt Romney's 59 Economic Flavors
Jen Rubin: Romney’s jumbo jobs plan
Marc Thiessen: Will Romney ‘pull a Pawlenty’ in GOP debate?
Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney finds his (corporate) voice
NatJ: Romney: Cutting Taxes and Regulations Equals Jobs

Star Tribune: Bachmann faces doubts going into Wednesday's GOP debate
NYT: Loss of Top Two Aides Raises Questions About Bachmann Campaign
Politico: Security among issues in Bachmann shakeup, firm claims
Roger Stone: Ed Rollins Never Disappoints: Bachmann bounces buffoon
Weekly Stand: When It Comes To Liberty, Michele Bachmann Knows It When She Sees It

Daily Caller: Ron Paul calls Perry ‘Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader’ in latest video
DMR: Ron Paul’s new Iowa ad smacks Rick Perry for ‘pushing liberal values’ in the ’80s
Star-Telegram: Perry, Paul fight over their 1980s political stances
Wash Times: GOP rivals test bounds of Reagan’s admonition
Human Events: Huntsman and Paul Release Provocative Commercials
Daily Caller: In search of Jon Huntsman supporters

Newt Gingrich: Out of Tune and Out of Touch

American Spectator: Santorum's Moment: The Reagan Library Debate

Hill: Palin keeps 2012 guessing game going
Rush Limbaugh: "Run, Sarah, Run" Drives 'Em Nuts

Politico: Debate presents crucial GOP test
NatJ: September's Debates Will Sharpen Differences Among the GOP's 2012 Field
Politico: Debate season could alter GOP race
Hill: GOP race enters new phase as Romney, Perry face showdown
Human Events: 10 Concerns of the GOP Debate
Michael Barone: GOP needs a stronger front-runner than Candidate X
LA Times: The real Ronald Reagan may not meet today's GOP standards
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Generic Republican 49%, Obama 41%
Examiner: GOP candidates need to get serious about entitlements

Daily Caller: Kucinich: Primary challenge would make Obama ‘a better president’

WSJ: The Myth of Conservative Purity

WaPo: Teamsters’ Hoffa stands by Labor Day remarks about tea party
Rush Limbaugh: Don Hoffa Goes to the Mattresses

DC: GOP cries foul over Dems accepting corporate cash for convention despite Obama pledge


NYT: Old Tax Relief Seen as Anchor in Obama Plan
Fox: Obama to Propose $300B Jobs-Creation Package
NatJ: Obama to Propose $300B to Jump Start Jobs
LA Times: Obama jobs plan to include $300 billion in tax credits, spending
NYT: Democrats Press Obama for New Works Programs; Republicans Say They’ve Failed
NatJ: Boehner, Cantor Want to Meet With Obama Before Speech
NYT: Polls Show Declining Support for Obama on Economy
Hill: Democrats fear it’s too late
Politico: The incredible shrinking Obama
James Taranto: 'To Heck and Back': Obama's model for America: Detroit
Dick Morris: Uncertainty is enemy No. 1
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Jobs Speech Will Be Just Another Campaign Attack on GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Expect Obama to Reject His Socialist Economic Policies

WaPo: Members of debt panel have ties to lobbyists
Wash Times: Debt panel urged to target job creation
Fox: Debt Commission Members Rake in Health Money
Politico: Jon Kyl lowers supercommittee expectations

WaPo: Fed considers buying more long-term Treasury bonds to lower rates

NYT: G.O.P. Legislators Balk at a Call to Tie Storm Aid to Budget Cuts

Fox: Sources: Obama Administration to Drop Troop Levels in Iraq to 3,000

Daily Caller: Congressman: Dismantle the NLRB, give its duties to the Justice Dept.

LA Times: Republicans refuse to confirm leader for ATF despite its troubles

Rush Limbaugh: The Public Sector Union Pension Ponzi Scheme Has Been Exposed

NatJ: Four Ways the Postal Service Might Stay Solvent
Hill: Obama administration moves to save debt-ridden Postal Service from default

NYT: Consumer Pick Vows to Streamline Regulations
Fox: Senate GOP Block Obama Nominee Until Consumer Agency Is Made More Accountable

Hill: White House may take bigger role in vetting costly regulations ahead of 2012

NatJ: Senate Moves Forward on Patent Reform

WSJ: The Other Climate Theory
NYT: In the Land of Denial


NY Post: Turner: Weprin a Democrat ‘hack’
NYT: Race Tighter Than Expected, Democrats Aim to Bolster Candidate for Weiner Seat
Roll Call: Weprin Faces Tough Road to Victory in Big Apple
Daily Caller: Poll finds Republican Turner leading in Anthony Weiner special election


Roll Call: California Embezzlement Case Might Touch Many Campaigns
Fox: California Democratic Campaign Accountant Accused of Election Fund Theft

Roll Call: California State Sen. Negrete McLeod Makes House Bid Official

LA Times: Gay marriage foes may win right to defend Prop. 8 in court

SacBee: Democrats make last-minute push to unionize California child-care workers


WSJ: Texas Struggles With Intense Blazes
Austin AS: Video: Gov. Rick Perry speaks at Steiner Ranch


Daily Caller: George LeMieux has extensive history with disgraced GOP Chair Jim Greer

SPT: Gov. Scott clarifies his support for oil drilling in Everglades


AJC: A ‘small depression’ among black voters could devastate Obama, says Atlanta mayor


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin Supreme Court hears campaign ad case


Fox: Michigan Governor Signs 48-Month Welfare Limit

Detroit News: Michigan's Supreme Court to hear pension tax arguments


Fox: John Edwards' Lawyers Ask Federal Judge to Throw Out Case
AP/Biesecker: John Edwards' lawyers ask judge to toss charges


Roll Call: Poll: Scott Brown Popularity Remains Above 50 Percent

Boston Globe: Many facts in play for sentencing of DiMasi


Denver Post: Hickenlooper for president?


September 6, 2011


Wash Times: Hopefuls court tea party at South Carolina forum
LA Times: GOP hopefuls court 'tea party' conservatives in South Carolina
National Review: Palmetto Scorecard
Daily Caller: GOP presidential candidates audition before conservative heavyweights
NPR: Perry Skips S.C. Tea Party Forum, 5 Others Appear

Mitt Romney: My plan to turn around the U.S. economy
Jen Rubin: Romney has his best outing in South Carolina
Byron York: After Perry bails, Romney shines in SC forum
Boston Globe: Romney, in S.C., courts Tea Party
AP/Hunt: Romney unveils economic plan ahead of Obama speech
State: Romney tells forum he'd let states opt out of health care law
NatJ: Romney and Huntsman Woo Independents in New Hampshire

Daily Mail UK: Bachmann slams Obama as GOP contenders square off in South Carolina
Fox: Bachmann Swipes at Romney, Calls State Health Care Mandate 'Unconstitutional'
Hill: Bachmann attacks Obama's policies as 'unconstitutional' at DeMint's forum
WaPo: Bachmann’s courtship of S.C.’s Haley continues
Des Moines Register: Bachmann shakes up campaign with ‘planned restructuring strategy’
Star Tribune: Bachmann's campaign makes some management changes
NYT: Senior Aide to Bachmann Leaves Post
AP/Elliott: Bachmann campaign chief, deputy depart WH bid
NatJ: Rollins Taking a Back Seat as Bachmann Shakes Up Campaign
Politico: Michele Bachmann 2012 campaign's turnover raises new questions

NatJ: Palin Draws Double the Size Crowd as Romney, Yet Remains Out of Race
LA Times: N.H. Republican says Sarah Palin's window is closed
WaPo: Sarah Palin’s waiting game on presidential race continues
Roll Call: Palin Bashes 'Permanent Political Class' at Tea Party Rally
NYT: Palin Praises Influence of the Tea Party
News & Observer: Palin urges tea party unity
AP/Peoples: Palin's visit perplexes Granite State activists
American Spectator: The People's Palin

NYT: G.O.P. Hopefuls Vying for Tea Party’s Support

WaPo: Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades
NatJ: Obama Falls to New Lows in End-of-Summer Polling
Wash Times: Obama punches in at union rally in Detroit
Detroit FP: Obama tells Detroit: I'll defend union rights
NYT: What the Left Doesn’t Understand About Obama
NYT: The Too Black, Too White Presidency
SacBee: Despite economy, president may luck out with Republican field

Larry Sabato: The 2012 Election Will Come Down to Seven States

Reuters: Republican "Young Guns" make history, draw fire


Bloomberg: Obama Mulls Tax Cuts Beyond Republican Plans
WSJ: Voter Discontent Deepens Ahead of Obama Jobs Plan
Politico: Battleground Poll: Obama approval rating down amid deep economic fears
Hill: Ahead of Thursday's jobs speech, Obama blasts House Republicans
WSJ: The Boehner-Obama Precedent
WSJ: The President's Speech Impediment
David Brooks: Where the Jobs Aren’t
Fred Barnes: President Zero: Read his lips: No new jobs
Examiner: Zero jobs prompts Obama retreat on EPA regs
Fox: Obama Urges Congress to 'Get on Board' With More Infrastructure Spending
Fox: Jobs at Top of Agenda as Congress Reconvenes, but Bipartisan Compromise Unlikely
Politico: Democratic analysis: Jobs plan key
Politico: Republican analysis: GOP gains likely

Michael Gerson: The debt debate is far from over
Rep. James Clyburn: Three essentials for the deficit panel’s proposal
WaPo: Members of debt panel have ties to lobbyists

Wash Times: For House, budget cuts hit close to home
WaPo: Is Congress ready to take a pay cut?

WaPo: Postal Service warns it could lose $10 billion this year
Fox: Nearing Default, Postal Service Goes to Hill

NatJ: What's Next for the Pentagon Budget?
Wash Times: After winning key right, gays press for more from military
Jed Babbin: Petraeus Reprises Sisyphus

Human Events: Three Fall Guys Won't Make Fast and Furious Go Away

Hill: Obama’s pick to head consumer agency steps under the spotlight

Hill: House Republicans paint target on NLRB's proposed union election rules

NatJ: Patent Reform Faces Final Hurdles in Senate

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Why are three free-trade deals languishing on Obama’s desk?

John Yoo: Ten Years Without an Attack

WaPo: Editorial: Time for deal on banks’ misconduct

WaPo: Of Princeton pair of Krueger and Krugman, it matters which is going to Washington
Pat Buchanan: How Capital Crushed Labor


Rasmussen: Iowa Caucus: Iowa GOP: Perry 29%, Bachmann 18%, Romney 17%, Paul 14%

Roll Call: Iowa’s Loss of Seat Pits Boswell and Latham Against Each Other


NYT: A Congresswoman’s Cause Is Often Her Husband’s Gain


NatJ: Perry Gets Warm Welcome at South Carolina Town Hall with Rep. Tim Scott


Wash Times: Race for Weiner’s seat close but margin is up for debate
National Review: In the wake of Weiner, Bob Turner has a shot


LA Times: Poll illustrates California voters' anger
Hill: Poll finds Perry and Romney tied for lead with GOP Calif. voters


Fox: Perry Leaves Campaign Trail for Texas in Wake of Wildfires
LA Times: Texas wildfire in Bastrop County the worst ever single fire in the state
Star-Telegram: Massive fire still raging outside of Austin
Austin AS: Fires destroy hundreds of homes
PressTV: US vows wildfire catastrophe in Texas

National Review: The Vetoes of Rick Perry
Politico: Rick Perry: The reluctant debater
Politico: Poll: Perry doubles up Mitt

WSJ: Texas and Health Care

HChron: Texas Senate race heats up; David Dewhurst takes flak from key lawmaker

Roll Call: GOP Dentist Looks at New Houston-Area Seat


SPT: Gov. Rick Scott on a mission to repeal 1,000 state rules


Chicago Tribune: Quinn plans layoffs, facility closings


Milwaukee JS: Tammy Baldwin enters race for open Senate seat
Fox: Democratic U.S. Rep. Baldwin Joins Wisconsin Senate Race


Detroit News: Obama in Detroit: Time to rebuild


NYT: Courts Put the Brakes on Agenda of G.O.P.


Roll Call: Real Estate Investor Eyes Heath Shuler’s Seat


Politico: Scott clears the way for Kaine


WaPo: Rhode Island considers radical moves as pensions put state on brink


Boston Globe: Warren addresses labor council
Roll Call: Warren Presents Herself to Labor Activists as Fighting for Middle Class


Politico: Gabrielle Giffords returns to Houston


September 5, 2011


Union Leader: Perry revs up Republicans in Manchester back yard
NatJ: Perry Draws Big Crowds in New Hampshire, Takes Subtle Swipe at Romney
Wash Times: Perry carefully distances self from book’s heated rhetoric
Salena Zito: Perry, Romney on road to 2012
Politico: GOP establishment nears decision point

Boston Globe: At Tea Party rally, Romney focuses on Obama
Concord Monitor: Romney tests Tea Party etiquette
NYT: Romney Speaks at Tea Party Event, Drawing Sparse Protest
Fox: Romney's Tea Party Outreach Met With Skepticism
Politico: Mitt Romney doesn't pander to New Hampshire tea partiers
Detroit News: Romney: Sell U.S. bailout stakes
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s record in the ‘real economy’
Roll Call: Documentary Explores Potential for Mormon Presidency

Fox: Bachmann Downplays Perry Surge, Calls Race 'Marathon, Not a Sprint'
Star Tribune: Bachmann stands aside as Super PAC skewers Perry
WaPo: Michele Bachmann’s political outreach hasn’t extended very far, critics say
Politico: Bachmann: Hurricane, quake riff was a ‘metaphor’
Hill: Bachmann 'open to' debate on eliminating corporate income taxes

NatJ: Courting N.H. Independents, Huntsman Bills Himself as the Candidate to Unite the GOP

Des Moines Register: Sarah Palin runs unannounced in Iowa half-marathon
LA Times: Sarah Palin runs half-marathon incognito in Iowa
Union Leader: As Palin returns to NH, questions abound
Jen Rubin: Sarah Palin stirs the pot but doesn’t announce

NYT: Hopes Rising, G.O.P. Voters Seek a Winner
Des Moines Register: September holds big tests for candidates

Wash Times: Academics dub tea partyers devout, racist

Daily Caller: Dick Cheney praises Hillary Clinton
Fox: Cheney: Clinton Could Work Better With Republicans Than Obama in White House

Daily Caller: Former DNC chair: GOP would win control of Congress if elections held now

Hill: The Hill's 2011 50 Wealthiest Members of Congress


NYT: A Debate Arises on Job Creation and Environment
Wash Times: Obama actions choke ‘green’ backers
Fox: Republicans Not Holding Their Breath Over Obama Jobs Speech
Star-Telegram: 9.1% unemployment rate only hints at real U.S. jobs picture
Paul Krugman: The Fatal Distraction
Hugh Hewitt: An opportunity for the 'Gang of Twelve'

Daily Caller: New Fast and Furious details indicate gov’t cover-up, White House involvement

NYT: Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount

NYT: Editorial: Lessons on Health Care


WSJ: DeMint: ‘Very Tired of Speeches’
Roll Call: Jim DeMint Open to All Six GOP Candidates at His Labor Day Forum
National Review: A Serious GOP Debate


Roll Call: DCCC Poll Shows David Weprin Ahead in N.Y.

NYT: Bloomberg Defends His Handling of Aide’s Arrest


Fox: Democratic Campaign Veteran Arrested in Mail Fraud
Roll Call: Major Democratic Campaign Treasurer Arrested in California, Accused of Fraud
Daily Caller: FBI arrests prominent Democratic campaign treasurer

LA Times: Obama strongly leads GOP candidates in California poll

LA Times: Prop. 8 sponsors' arguments go before California high court


SPT: Jim Greer trial may expose Florida Republican party's inner workings

Examiner: Allen West attacks his own CBC


Human Events: Georgia Redistricting to Benefit GOP

AJC: Pinning the future of Democrats in the South on John Barrow


NYT: OpEd: Tough Times in the Second City


Human Events: Hot on the Senate Trail With Richard Mourdock


Milwaukee JS: GOP candidates line up for U.S. Senate seat

Milwaukee JS: Labor losses prompt a change in strategy


Detroit FP: Labor Day speech in Detroit will test Obama


NYT: In New Jersey, Obama Vows Federal Help, Not Washington Politics


Politico: Utah pulls plug on Huntsman plan


September 4, 2011


Des Moines Register: Feisty Sarah Palin, mum on 2012 bid, promotes plan for change
Des Moines Register: Palin takes stage to wild cheers
Des Moines Register: Video: Sarah Palin speaks at ‘Restoring America’ rally
Des Moines Register: Palin puts anti-establishment twist on a boilerplate GOP agenda
LA Times: Sarah Palin speaks like a candidate but keeps them guessing
Wash Times: Palin has harsh words for Obama to tea party crowd
NYT: Palin Rails Against ‘Crony Capitalism’ and ‘Career Politicians’
Star-Telegram: Perry is their governor, but these Texans back Palin
WSJ: Palin Mum on Potential Candidacy
NatJ: 'Run Sarah Run!' Will Palin Heed the Call?
Daily Caller: Sarah Palin mum on presidential ambitions during Iowa speech
Daily Caller: Cheney dubious on Palin’s political prospects
Rasmussen: Obama 47%, Palin 35%

NYT: On the Trail in New Hampshire, Perry Focuses on Jobs
Miami Herald: As GOP presidential race heats up, Perry holds spotlight
Star-Telegram: Spotlight will be on Perry during debate
Austin AS: Rick Perry's a competent debater in TX, but national stage brings new challenges
Austin AS: Editorial: Can Perry hold up in debate?
Tennessean: Debates will allow GOP to scrutinize Gov. Perry
Texas Tribune: Perry Says He's Best Contrast to Obama
NYT: In Texas Schools, Perry Shuns Federal Influence
Politico: Perry chats with Sheriff Joe
Hill: Gov. Perry repeats opposition to building fence along U.S.-Mexican border
Roll Call: Rick Perry’s Campaign Team Crystallizes
Politico: Rick Perry and the death penalty

SPT: With threat of Rick Perry in the air, Mitt Romney takes on immigration
Miami Herald: Romney takes tough line on immigration
Boston Herald: Mitt’s numb numbers
NatJ: Does Romney See Immigration as Perry's Weakness?

CNN: Huntsman ends speculation of an Independent run

Fox: Accelerating GOP Race Poised to Test Perry’s Staying Power, Romney’s Obama Strategy
WaPo: 2012 presidential race begins in earnest this month for Obama and Republican slate
NYT: Republican Candidates Turn Attacks on One Another

NYT: G.O.P. Candidates’ Stances on Health Care Mask Their Records as Governors
Hill: Obama faces new conundrum in selling his healthcare law

Maureen Dowd: One and Done?


Fox: Congress Returns to Work Amid Economic Peril
AP/Espo: Divided Congress returns to work amid dismal public approval

Hill: Cantor’s infrastructure funding plan offers compromise to Obama
Boston Globe: Obama pushes transportation bill

NYT: Stung by the President on Air Quality, Environmentalists Weigh Their Options
Hill: President Obama’s smog policy gamble holds uncertain political payoff

Hill: Sunday show preview: Labor Day politics
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Concord Monitor: Taking the Tea Party's temperature


Roll Call: Mark Amodei Ties Kate Marshall to Obama, Reid in NV Special Election (VIDEO)

Politico: Rick Perry leads Mitt Romney in Nevada, poll finds


KC Star: DeMint summons GOP hopefuls for forum at which he'll star


Dan Walters: Jerry Brown involved in big rail, water issues


Ocala: Florida having an early impact on GOP presidential race

Human Events: Allen West a Wild Card in Florida Redistricting


AJC: Georgia’s presidential primary and the threat of a lumpy mattress


Roll Call: Jesse Jackson Jr. May Face 2012 Race Against Debbie Halvorson


Hill: Kasich urges cooperation on deficit


Boston Globe: Brown’s support high, but slipping
Roll Call: Mike Capuano Won’t Challenge Scott Brown, Seeking Re-Election
Joan Vennochi: If Warren wants to race, she should leave the gate


Fox: Arizona Governor Will Not Move State's Presidential Primary to Jan. 31


September 3, 2011


WaPo: Some in tea party declare war on Romney

DC: Former DNC chair: GOP would win control of Congress if elections held now


Wash Times: Job growth, unemployment stall in August
NYT: Job Growth Halts, Putting Washington Under Pressure
WaPo: No new jobs, as Washington remains divided
Jen Rubin: No new jobs
EJ Dionne: More reasons for Obama to go big on jobs

WSJ: Obama Asks EPA to Withdraw Proposed Ozone Rule
NYT: Obama Pulls Back Proposal to Tighten Clean Air Rules
WaPo: Obama pulls back proposed smog standards in victory for business

Wash Times: New questions, possible cover-up, surface in ATF Fast and Furious probe

WaPo: ‘Top Secret America’: A look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command


September 2, 2011


Rasmussen: Perry 44% Obama 41%; President Leads Other GOP Hopefuls
Fox: Fox News Poll: Perry Overtakes Romney as Top GOP 2012 Pick
Hill: Perry leads GOP field in another national poll
Time: Social Security and Ponzi Schemes: Is Rick Perry Right?
Telegraph UK: Rick Perry falls victim to first attack ad of campaign
MSNBC: Did Perry sideline a foe opposed to waste site?
WaPo: Rick Perry’s donors fare well, Texas-style
Jen Rubin: Perry silliness on the right and left
WSJ: Perry's Job-Creation Funds Draw Flak From Left, Right
Michael Gerson: Perry’s campaign against the New Deal
Peggy Noonan: Perry and Romney's First Face-Off
Byron York: Left paints the campaign as a religious war
Examiner: Jesse Jackson Jr: Perry supports slavery amendment
Daily Caller: Carville: Rick Perry ‘wants to repeal the 20th century’
Politico: Perry fires back at pro-Bachmann super PAC
Austin AS: Perry's social agenda is sometimes at odds with Texas business

WaPo: Is Romney ready for the next round?
Atlantic: Mitt Romney's Tea Party
WSJ: Romney Tweaks Strategy

WaPo: In Fla., crucial state for GOP hopefuls, Michele Bachmann seeks broader support
CBS: In speech to veterans, Michele Bachmann invokes Margaret Thatcher comparison
Jen Rubin: Will Bachmann go on offense?
Politico: How Rick Perry helps Michele Bachmann

WSJ: Huntsman's Good Economic Plan
NatJ: Wall Street Journal Hearts Huntsman
Fox: Huntsman: Why I'll Win the N.H. Primary (video)
NYT: Another Departure From Huntsman’s Camp
DC: Husband of Jon Huntsman’s NH director has history of mocking Romney, Mormonism
HChron: Huntsman says he may not have Rick Perry’s Texas Rangers, but he has his wife

DMR: ABC News: Palin’s speech in Iowa will be tea party rallying cry
WSJ: Palin Moves Puzzle Some Fans
Examiner: Why Tea Party organizers should ban Sarah Palin
DC: Palin documentary ‘The Undefeated’ set for video on demand release this weekend
Fox: Fox News Poll: Most Say Palin Should Stay Out of Race

Daily Caller: Obama’s approval rating hits record low in Quinnipiac poll
Wash Times: Obama: From ‘yes we can’ to ‘it takes time’
Time: In His Admin’s Own Economic Outlook, Signs of Obama’s Grim Re-Election Prospects
Rush Limbaugh: The President's Dilemma
Charlie Cook: Obama’s Anchor

Daily Caller: Ralph Nader proposes new model to challenge Obama, threatens primary

WSJ: GOP's Hopes Rise for Control of Senate

Daily Caller: Conservatives to get a lesson in liberal groups’ election tactics


Fox: White House Projects 9 Percent Jobless Rate Ahead of 2012 Election
WSJ: White House Downshifts on Jobs, Growth
DC: White House predicts 9 percent unemployment in 2012, no ‘double-dip recession’
NYT: Plan to Create Jobs Is a Balancing Act for the President
NYT: White House Expects Persistently High Unemployment
WSJ: The Great Recession and Government Failure
Rush Limbaugh: El Rushbo Runs the GOP (Again): Boehner Rejects, Obama Caves
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Should Apologize in His Joint Session Campaign Speech
Jonah Goldberg: The speech I’d like to hear from Obama
David Brooks: The Vigorous Virtues
James Taranto: Obama still has at least one faithful yes-man

NYT: U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages
NatJ: Dim Hope for Obama Housing Efforts

Wash Times: Prospect of more battles over budget unnerves economists
Politico: Pat Toomey a supercommittee dealmaker?
Human Events: $35M for Mice, Fairy Shrimp, Mussels, and Beetles

Wash Times: Key deadlines loom for USPS

Wash Times: White House tells Hill $5B needed for disasters, not counting Irene victims aid
Roll Call: DCCC Tries to Stoke GOP Rift Over Relief Funds
Paul Krugman: Eric and Irene

Hill: Gore urges Obama to block pipeline for ‘dirtiest source of fuel on the planet’

Fox: Demand for More Answers in Fast and Furious Scandal

Wash Times: Justice nominee keeps names of 11 clients secret
Rep. Barney Frank: The Senate refuses to consider Obama nominees

NYT: No Slack for Obama’s Uncle
Wash Times: Obama aware ‘long-lost’ kin detained as illegal alien
WaPo: Illegal immigration is flash point for Republican White House hopefuls

NYT: Highway Bill Could Face Congressional Gridlock

WaPo: After Solyndra failure, auditors wonder what other bad bets Obama officials made
NatJ: House Republicans Seek White House Documents in Solar-Company Loans
Hill: GOP wants White House papers on loan to failed solar company
Daily Caller: House energy committee steps up investigation of Solyndra
Weekly Standard: Solyndra, Obama Administration Had Mutually Beneficial Relationship
Examiner: Solyndra's lobbyists
Rich Lowry: Obama’s Enron
Stephen Moore: 'Green Jobs' vs. Real Energy Jobs

Rush Limbaugh: Andre Carson Should Stick with It


Des Moines Register: King to question candidates in quasi-debate Monday


Fox: New Hampshire Republican State Chairman Resigns
Politico: Jack Kimball resigns as chairman of the N.H. Republican Party

Politico: Mitt Romney endorsed by N.H.'s Bettencourt backs as 'plenty conservative'


Politico: 6K ballot lead for GOP in Nevada


DC: SC Gov supports crippling ‘un-American’ NLRB, including resignation of lone GOP member


Roll Call: GOP Poll: N.Y. Special to Replace Weiner Tied
DC: Weprin, Turner tied in NY special election, according to internal GOP poll
Politico: Fight for Anthony Weiner's old seat sparks Dem worries
NYT: In House Race, Democrat Is Far Ahead in Fund-Raising
Roll Call: David Weprin Touts Fundraising Numbers in New York Special Election
NYDN: Same-sex marriage a tricky issue for both David Weprin, Bob Turner

Politico: GOP Israel group launches New York campaign

Albany TU: Cuomo displays mastery as governor during Irene crisis

NYT: Deputy NYC Mayor Was Arrested Before He Resigned
NYT: Bloomberg Hid Crucial Detail as Aide Resigned: An Arrest


Roll Call: Linda Sánchez, Grace Napolitano Pick New Districts to Pursue

Human Events: Crumbling California Close to Passing Dream Act


NatJ: Texas Senate Race: A Strategy Primer

Politico: Texas revs up aerial pig-shoot


Politico: Bobby Jindal's trial attorney ties


WaPo: Virginia lawmakers in stalemate over congressional redistricting


Politico: A trio of big gets for Hoekstra

Detroit News: Jobs, auto rescue in focus as Obama comes to Detroit
Detroit FP: GM suggests new round of possible UAW job buyouts, sources say


George Will: Colorado’s fresh brew


NYT: Gun Raffle in Giffords District Prompts Democrats’ Outrage
Fox: Pima County GOP Officials Raffle Same Type of Gun Used in Tucson Shooting


Boston Globe: Brown returns from US war zone: Reservist trained in Afghanistan


September 1, 2011


US News: Rick Perry's 2012 Challenge in New Hampshire
Detroit FP: Rick Perry off to big lead in Michigan, Macomb County straw poll shows
NatJ: Rick Perry Backs AT&T Merger Plan With T-Mobile
Marc Thiessen: If Perry is ‘dumb,’ why is he such a smart campaigner?
Jen Rubin: The Perry letters
Rush Limbaugh: The Left is Petrified of Rick Perry
DC: Joe Scarborough rips into Rick Perry, calls him ‘a dime store conservative’
HChron: Perry’s rugged Texan image can send conflicting message
HChron: Ron Paul calls Rick Perry “a formidable candidate”
American Spectator: "Saving America from Rick Perry" is now the media's mission
American Thinker: Perry Declares Sky Is Blue, Media Shocked

Boston Globe: Romney makes move to embrace Tea Party
NYT: Tea Party Groups to Protest Romney in N.H.
Wash Times: Romney invitation divides the tea party
Christian Post: Mitt Romney Jabs at 'Career Politician' Rick Perry
Reuters: Mitt Romney comes out of 2012 shell

Des Moines Reg: Bachmann: Obama shows ‘insecurity’ with jobs speech announcement
Des Moines Register: Bachmann returns to Iowa with visit to Water Works Park
Concord Monitor: Where is Bachmann?
Politico: Michele Bachmann AWOL from N.H.
State: Debate on Everglades drilling revived by Bachmann
Hill: Reps. West, Wasserman Schultz agree on Everglades drilling opposition
Shine: Is Michele Bachmann’s hair the new "Rachel"?
Time: Michele Bachmann's Hair: Supported by Both Red and Blue States
LA Times: Bachmann an outsider on Capitol Hill
National Review: Bachmann’s Way Forward

NatJ: Huntsman: Cut Taxes and Loopholes
NYT: Huntsman Urges Stripping Deductions From Tax Code
Human Events: Jon Huntsman's "Smart Money" Plan for Growth

Politico: Sarah Palin still set to appear in Iowa

Bill O'Reilly: Things Heat Up in Republican Precincts
Dan Balz: Debt-ceiling debate’s negative implications for 2012 elections

WSJ: Our Obsession With 'Looking Presidential'

Ann Coulter: Liberals' view of Darwin unable to evolve

WaPo: SEC proposal would disclose political donations by public companies

Politico: Kelsey Grammer as Chicago mayor in 'Boss'


Hill: Cantor vows disaster aid, punts on offsets

Fox: Obama Accepts Request to Reschedule Jobs Speech Amid Conflict With GOP Debate
NYT: Obama to Move Jobs Speech After Skirmish With Boehner
DC: Obama agrees to move jobs speech, avoiding scheduling conflict with GOP debate
WSJ: In Tussle Over Speech, the Speaker Wins Out
WaPo: Obama jobs speech creates conflict with GOP
WaPo: Obama-Boehner speech spat should worry Democrats
WaPo: Obama requests joint session of Congress for Sept. 7 jobs speech
NYT: Boehner Asks Obama to Reschedule Economy Speech
Rush Limbaugh: Boehner Should Reject Obama's Request for Joint Session Speech
NatJ: Boehner Fires Back at Obama Over Scheduling of Jobs Speech
Rush Limbaugh: Countdown to Obama Jobs Speech
Milwaukee JS: Obama jobs speech up against Packers

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Targets Enemies
James Taranto: The Great Perseverator: Barack Obama is a one-man echo chamber
WaPo: Wayward relatives a presidential tradition; Obama’s uncle may be latest example

Hill: Obama faces lowest numbers on economy
Shelby Steele: Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism

Weekly Standard: The End of the New Deal Order

NatJ: Super Committee Dems Prep for First Hearing
Hill: Panel calls on supercommittee to look at waste, fraud in wartime contracts

NYT: Solar Firm Aided by Federal Loans Shuts Doors
Hill: Solar company to file for bankruptcy despite $535 million loan guarantee
WaPo: Solyndra solar company fails after getting controversial federal loan guarantees
Rush Limbaugh: Another of Obama's Green Energy Scam Companies Goes Bankrupt
Politico: Republicans: Solyndra investment 'dubious' from the start
National Review: Sunburned: Where are the jobs, Obama?

Examiner: Stop using tax dollars to fund Big Green lawsuits

WaPo: N.Y. billing dispute reveals details of secret CIA rendition flights

Hill: Rep. Issa launches website highlighting GOP push to overhaul Postal Service

DC: Issa: NYT burying latest Fast and Furious stories shows paper’s ‘biased approach’
NYT: Editorial: Plenty of Blame to Go Around (ATF)

Wash Times: Two senators riled by EPA payouts in lawsuits

Daily Caller: Labor Secretary: U.S. to ‘protect’ illegal workers
Human Events: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis: Not My Job to Second-Guess NLRB

Matt Miller: How billionaires could save the country

Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi Goes Nuts on the "Rich"

Fox: Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party Wants to See Black Americans 'Hanging on a Tree'
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Congressman Says Tea Party Wants to Lynch Blacks
NYT: G.O.P. Congressman Might Leave Black Caucus Over Remarks
Roll Call: No Punishment Likely for Carson’s, Waters’ Tea Party Criticisms

Wash Times: For ‘briefing,’ $20,000 lunch is on the House


Des Moines Register: Christine O’Donnell won’t come to Iowa at all, even to sign books


National Review: The Party’s Over: The NH GOP is divided over its tea-party chairman
Boston Globe: Couple is mainstay of Republican politics in N.H.


NYT: Storm’s Cost May Reach $1 Billion, Cuomo Says
Albany TU: Hope rises amid disaster from Irene
Albany TU: FEMA’s Fugate: More counties likely to be added to list

NYDN: David Weprin and Bob Turner, vying to replace Weiner, take off gloves at debate
Fox: Democrat Candidate Steers Clear of Obama Endorsement in Weiner Race
NY Post: Desperate Dem Weprin: O, no!

NYDN: Gay rights advocates throw $12,500-a-ticket fundraiser for Gov. Andrew Cuomo


LA Times: Goodwin Liu confirmed to California Supreme Court
WaPo: Panel confirms UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu to California Supreme Court

LA Times: State Senate OKs part of California Dream Act
NYT: Legislature in California Set to Pass a Dream Act

SacBee: Jerry Brown poised to take on pensions

Human Events: Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown's Bizarre Take on Taxes


Star-T: Conservatives pushing to keep Dems from picking replacements for Perry, Dewhurst

WSJ: Pay Up or Ogle Sober, Says Texas Court


Buzz: Ailing Fla GOP Chairman Bitner to step down, recommend Lenny Curry as successor
Palm Beach Post: Curry poised to succeed Bitner as GOP boss


AJC: The coming clash between tea partyers and ‘infrastructure’ Republicans


Reuters: GOP lawmakers can march in Wisconsin Labor Day parade

Roll Call: DeMint Weighs In on Wisconsin Senate Primary


Detroit News: Kilpatrick's wife tells her side of the scandal


Hill: Obama to tour hurricane damage in NJ
Politico: Chris Christie: Send aid now; cut later


Wash Times: In Arizona, a tentative return to politics as Giffords recovers

WaPo: 2012 primary calendar: Arizona starts the party


Denv Post: Study says CO budget outlook worse than thought and cutting alone won't fix it


Roll Call: Search for Conservative Challenger to Orrin Hatch Begins Anew


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Politico: Rick Perry's book a treasure trove for foes

Dick Cheney:
Learning from Setbacks

American Spectator:
Crediting the Cheney Chronicles

Politico: Dick Cheney’s last campaign: ‘We got it right'

Rush Limbaugh: Vice President Cheney Calls In

WSJ: 'I Didn't Change. The World Changed'

NYT: In Memoir, Cheney Addresses Controversies

WaPo: In memoir, Cheney defends decisions, Bush as president

Politico: A political junkie's guide to Cheney's memoir

DC: Cheney’s dog was banned from Camp David lodge for attacking Bush’s dog

WaPo: Powell disputes Cheney book passages

WaPo: ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir’ by Dick Cheney

Maureen Dowd: Darth Vader Vents

George Will: Declaration of independents

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