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September 21, 2011


WaPo: Perry blasts Obama’s policies on Israel, Palestinians
Wash Times: Perry: Obama ‘appeasement’ hurts Israel in Palestinian clash
HE: Perry tells Israel 'Help is on the Way," Criticizes Obama's Muddled Middle East Policy
Politico: Perry's Israel policy yet to win converts
HChron: Jewish leaders team up with Rick Perry to slam Obama Middle East policies

Atlantic: Perry vs. Rove: How Their Feud Got Started
NatJ: The Grudge Behind Perry and Rove's 13-Year Feud
Boston Globe: Perry’s political career took root in Democrats’ soil
Wash Times: Cancer vaccine directive dogs Perry campaign
Daily Caller: Immigration hawks: Hit Perry on his record
Hill: Lawmakers: Perry must deal better with his weaknesses to win
NYT: Perry Opens Record of Financial Investments
WaPo: Rick Perry releases stock holdings
Austin AS: Perry dissolves blind trust, reveals financial holdings
HChron: More Texans disapprove of Rick Perry than approve, poll finds
HChron: Big names back Perry’s Florida straw poll efforts
American Spectator: Rick Perry, Evangelical

Miami Herald: Romney in South Fla. ahead of GOP debate
Miami Herald: FL poll: Romney-Perry tied. But Romney has best chance to beat Obama
National Review: Romney’s Man on the Hill
Roll Call: Big GOP Donors Pick Sides

Huff Post: Michele Bachmann: Food Industry Overregulated
Fox: Bachmann to Obama: Keep Ahmadinejad Away from UN
NatJ: Michele Bachmann Says Obama Should block Iranian President’s U.N. Speech
Jen Rubin: Ed Rollins goes rogue

NatJ: Ron Paul May Lag in the Polls, But His Campaign Has a Private Jet

Hill: Gingrich promises updated 'Contract with America'
Newt Gingrich: Love, Contracts, and Leading America

Politico: Rick Santorum struggling with Pennsylvania donors

WSJ: Second-Tier History

NYT: Dodd-Frank Wears the Bull’s-Eye on G.O.P. Campaign Trail

McClatchy: Shock Poll: Palin pulls within 5-points of Obama
Wash Times: Stalker’s book on Palin fetid, yet feted

John Fund: The Last Temptation of Christie

Miami Herald: Tampa readies security for GOP convention

James Taranto: If you were Bill Clinton, would you want Obama re-elected?
Dick Morris: Obama might pull out
Wash Times: Clinton for president?
WSJ: Obama Shift Marks New Bet
State: Poll: Obama expected to lose but still tops any Republican one-on-one
Rasmussen: Obama 44%, Romney 41%
Maureen Dowd: The Re-election Tango
Thomas Friedman: Are We Going to Roll Up Our Sleeves or Limp On?
Daily Caller: Sheriff Joe Arpaio appoints ‘cold case posse’ to probe Obama’s birth certificate
American Thinker: Will Scandal Drive Obama Off the 2012 Ticket?
Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Predictable Scandals

Harold Meyerson: The GOP is trying to rig the electoral college
NatJ: What If Every State Changed Electoral Vote Allotments?

NatJ: Senate Races Play to Bases
NatJ: Thune Seeks to Ascend to Senate GOP’s No. 3 Spot
Politico: Lamar Alexander puts leadership life behind him
Hill: Alexander exit shuffles top of GOP

Human Events: House Redistricting's Civil Wars Within the States

Wash Times: Republicans mark decisive win in August fundraising


WaPo: Congressional showdown looms over disaster relief spending
WSJ: Government Shutdown Possible Over Disaster Aid
Hill: Shutdown fight looms over disaster aid
NatJ: GOP Likely to Prevail on Limiting Disaster Aid; Expect to Avert Shutdown
Examiner: Government shutdown looming once again
Hill: HHS spending bill stuck in impasse
Politico: Senate targets NLRB in spending bill

Fox: Economic Plan Fallout Shows Difficulty of Tackling Deficit, Jobs at Once
WSJ: Even Chuck Schumer has problems with Obama's tax plan
NYT: A Tax Others Embrace, U.S. Opposes
Ruth Marcus: A debt plan that’s going nowhere
Rush Limbaugh: Higher Taxes Do Not Raise Revenue in a Sustainable Way
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Not Interested in Jobs, He's Just Trying to Gin Up His Base
Rush Limbaugh: We're No Longer Alone: Obama's Tax Lies Refuted Throughout Media
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Should be All Over Obama's Proposed Medicare Cuts
NYT: In Cuts to Health Programs, Experts See Difficult Task in Protecting Patients
Mike Littwin: Obama's ransom note and his mighty veto pen

NYT: G.O.P. Urges No Further Fed Stimulus
Hill: GOP leaders pressure Fed to avoid further stimulus efforts
WSJ: GOP Leaders Urge Fed Not to Try to Boost Economy
WSJ: Barney Frank's Fed Packing Plan
David Malpass: The Fed 'Twist' That Won't Dance

NYT: Solyndra Executives to Invoke Fifth Amendment Rights
WaPo: Solyndra executives will invoke the Fifth at House hearing
Wash Times: Solyndra executives now planning to invoke the 5th
Hill: Issa sinking his teeth into ‘corruption’
Andrew McCarthy: The Solyndra Non-Investigation
Michelle Malkin: LightSquared: Obama’s Dangerous Broadband Boondoggle

Daily Caller: Mexico’s attorney general: US still mum on Operation Fast and Furious
Human Events: Secret Fast and Furious Tapes Spring a Watergate-Sized Leak
Hot Air: Report: At least 200 murders in Mexico now linked to Fast & Furious weapons

Detroit News: Terror suspect: Don't show jurors underwear bomb model
Human Events: Broad Support for Muslim Radicalization Hearings

Fox: Obama Administration Seeks to Close Gitmo Before 2012 Elections

Wash Times: Taxpayers foot the bill for Justice Department’s $16 muffins
WaPo: A $16 muffin? Justice Dept. audit finds ‘wasteful’ and extravagant spending

Rush Limbaugh: Howard Dean Admits: Obamacare Will Kill Private Health Insurance

NYT: House Republicans Discover a Growing Bond With Netanyahu

Hill: House creates intern program after ending page program

Wash Times: Wasserman Schultz resigns from House Judiciary Committee

NYT: S.E.C. Hid Its Lawyer’s Madoff Ties
WaPo: SEC’s IG: Review ex-counsel’s role in Madoff victims policy

Wash Times: Democrats need to choose: EPA or jobs
Robert McFarlane & James Woolsey: How to Weaken the Power of Foreign Oil


NYT: Nevada’s Dean Heller Gives First Senate Speech


Albany TU: State appointee salaries: Who gets what
NYT: Father’s Role in Bank Venture Poses Test for Cuomo

NYDN: Prosecutors eye John Haggerty mistress in $1 Million Mayor Bloomberg scam

NY Post: Meeks a top graft choice

Roll Call: Jerry Springer Reflects on His Former Boss’s Victory


NYT: Political Shift in California Trips Brown

Roll Call: Reagan Republican May Challenge Dianne Feinstein in California


LA Times: Justice Department condemns Texas redistricting


Miami Herald: Another first for Gov. Scott: leading the state GOP
Buzz: Gov. Rick Scott's approval inches up to 37 percent
Miami Herald: Rick Scott, GOP to consider taking courts out of foreclosure process

Miami Herald: Fla. senate president pushing casino resort vote


NYT: Georgia Pardons Board Denies Clemency for Death Row Inmate
NYT: Editorial: A Grievous Wrong
WaPo: Condemned Ga. inmate wants to take a polygraph test before scheduled execution
AJC: Troy Davis willing to take polygraph test, lawyers say


Chicago Tribune: Supreme Court blocks another Texas execution


Milwaukee JS: Recall cost to government: $2.1 million; amount spent: a record $44 million


Detroit News: U.S. Rep. John Conyers could be vulnerable in primary

Detroit News: Lawyer regrets fling with Kilpatrick


Boston Globe: Senator Alexander swaps power for independence


Roll Call: Giuliani Endorses George Allen (VIDEO)


ABC: West Virginia Governor’s Race Tightens 2 Weeks Before Special Election


Boston Globe: Mass. GOP urges Harvard to end Elizabeth Warren’s salary
Roll Call: Netroots Uses Elizabeth Warren to Boost Online Auction


September 20, 2011


USA Today: Poll: Perry, Romney draw support from distinct groups
AP/Babington: Rivals ask: Is Perry weak on the right, or left?
Health News: In Iowa, Perry rips Romney over healthcare plan
NYT: Rick Perry Takes Upper Manhattan
Fox: Perry to Slam Obama Over Policy on Israel
WaPo: Rick Perry’s newbie mistake on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
NatJ: Chatty Charlie Rangel Crashes Rick Perry's Party
Politico: Charles Rangel on Rick Perry: 'Tall and he's from Texas'
Charlie Cook: Advantage: Perry: Gov could cinch the GOP nomination if he steps out of TX
Byron York: Perry locked, loaded for Thursday's debate
Fox: As Candidates Prepare for Latest GOP Debate, Time All But Up for Late Entries in Race
Daily Caller: If Perry falters, is there another ‘anti-Romney’ in the GOP field?
Politico: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry's economic agendas come to Capitol Hill
Star-Telegram: Tea Party wants Rick Perry to revive 'sanctuary cities' bill
HChron: Texas Tea Party to Rick Perry: ‘We are fed up’
American Spectator: Liberals Embrace Perry's Christian Values

NYT: An Unconventional Strategist Reshaping Romney
Michael Gerson: Mitt Romney, a safe choice for risky times
Wash Times: GOP’s primary calendar may aid Romney
Buzz: Mitt Romney's Fla campaign schedule this week

Star Tribune: Iowans like Bachmann's energy but want to see a meatier campaign
DMR: Michele Bachmann says Obama doesn’t understand economy
NatJ: Bachmann: Buy Your Own Health Insurance
Forbes: Bachmann criticizes Perry stand on border fence
NYT: Rollins Has More Tough Words for Bachmann
MSNBC: Ed Rollins: Bachmann lacks the 'ability or the resources' without winning Iowa
WaPo: Rollins says Bachmann can’t compete past Iowa right now
Hill: Former Bachmann manager says she lacks resources to go beyond Iowa
Star Tribune: Bachmann says she was not linking retardation to cancer-prevention vaccine
NYT: Remark on HPV Vaccine Could Ripple for Years
Examiner: Bachmann hoping Florida re-energizes her campaign
Weekly Standard: Bachmann's Implosion

MSNBC: Paul raises $1 million in 'money bomb'

Boston Globe: In N.H., Santorum aims at his GOP rivals

Rasmussen: Obama 43%, Huntsman 35%

Politico: GOP underdogs retreat to early states

Wash Times: Liberals vow to challenge Obama in Democratic primaries
Human Events: Fed-Up Democrats Lash Out at Obama
Chicago Tribune: Why Obama should withdraw
WaPo: In early Obama White House, female staffers felt frozen out
NYDN: Obama should 'go negative' on GOP to win 2012 election, experts say

Daily Caller: GOP legal group files ethics complaint against Debbie Wasserman Schultz

James Taranto: To the New York Times, opinion polls test whether the public passes muster


Hill: GOP might need Democratic votes on stopgap spending bill

WaPo: Obama proposes new taxes on wealthy for half of debt plan
WaPo: Boehner on Obama debt plan: ‘I don’t think class warfare is leadership’
Hill: McConnell, Boehner: Obama proposal doesn't help supercommittee
WSJ: Obama Yokes Benefit Cuts to New Taxes
Fox: Obama Yields to Liberal Outcry on Entitlement Reform
Hill: Obama plays to base with tax plan
Wash Times: Obama ties Medicare cuts to tax increases on wealthy
Politico: Eat the rich
Politico: The end of the middle class
National Review: Obama Hits Bottom
National Review: The History of the Millionaires’ Tax
WSJ: The Buffett Alternative Tax: The rich don't pay lower average tax rates
WaPo: Old debate over raising rich’s taxes plays out on new landscape
NYT: Obama Vows Veto if Deficit Plan Has No Tax Increases
NYT: Obama Draws New Hard Line on Long-Term Debt Reduction
NYT: Obama Proposes $320 Billion in Medicare and Medicaid Cuts Over 10 Years
Hill: Almost all stakeholders grumble about Obama healthcare cuts
NYT: In Deficit Plan, Obama Drops Compromise for Confrontation
Larry Kudlow: Obama’s Bizarre Tax Attack
Rush Limbaugh: Another Offensive Obama Speech: The Warren Buffett Tax Hike Plan
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Tax Math Doesn't Add Up
Jen Rubin: Republicans to President Obama: No, really what is your plan?
WaPo: Editorial: In debt plan, Mr. Obama goes ‘medium’
NYT: OpEd: Our Hidden Government Benefits
David Brooks: Obama Rejects Obamaism
Joe Nocera: No Extra Credit
Dana Milbank: Obama launches a revolution

DC: Will restricting criminal background checks actually increase minority unemployment?

Hill: House Judiciary chairman urges Justice Department to probe Solyndra loan
WaPo: House Judiciary chair: Justice should probe Solyndra bankruptcy
Wash Times: FBI-targeted solar company to put shine on law firm’s wallet
NYT: Republicans Sought Clean-Energy Money for Home States

Hill: White House threatens veto over House attack on EPA pollution rules

Fox: TX Rep. Calls for Immigration Reform, Tighter Border Security in Congressional Hearing

NYT: Appeals Court Rules Jose Padilla’s Sentence Is Too Short

WSJ: GOP Vets an ObamaCare Program


Stateline: Iowa Senate control at stake in November special election


Nashua T: Lamontagne becomes the first to throw his hat in the governor’s ring, post-Lynch
NatJ: Lamontagne Casts Wide Net in Initial Pitch


NatJ: Heller Leads Berkley in Republican Poll
Roll Call: GOP Poll: Heller Up 6 Against Berkley
Hot Air: New Dem strategy in Nevada: No pics with the Prez


Daily Comet: SC Republicans attack Obama's $1.5 trillion tax


IBT: Bob Turner Campaign Chief Gets Republican Post
NYDN: Turner vs Weiner: How new Congressman compares to scandal-plagued predecessor

Albany TU: Cuomo: On Obama’s tax thing, what I meant was …

Albany TU: Senate spokesmen duel over prospect of 63rd member


Politico: Orly Taitz considering challenging Feinstein

SacBee: Amid failures, Jerry Brown's job approval rating rises

Roll Call: Redistricting Floods Calif. With Competition

LA Times: California won't slip back into recession, UCLA study predicts

George Skelton: Advice from the front line


Austin AS: Justice Department refuses to pre-clear new Texas districts
Hill: Justice Dept. opposes new Texas congressional map drawn by GOP
NatJ: Obama v. Perry: Justice Department Challenges Texas Redistricting Map
Wash Times: Legal battle begins over 2 of Texas’ redrawn voting maps
Roll Call: DOJ Issues Opening Salvo in Texas Remap Fight, but Details to Come
WSJ: New Texas Voting Map Faces Federal Challenge
NPR: Could Texas' Redistricting Leave Latinos Behind?

Star-Telegram: Straus is proud of House's achievements, he tells DFW Republicans


Buzz: GOP's new party registration rules could ice out some ambitious Tea Partiers

Sun Sentinel: Allen West tops freshmen media darlings

SPT: Lawmakers are back in Tallahassee, so it's fundraising time


AJC: New Georgia congressional district needs feds' OK but has race

AP: Romney swings through Georgia for fundraiser as Perry plans a visit next week

AJC: Rick Perry schedules a first Georgia appearance


AP: Conservatives Stage Rally for Ala. Immigration Law


Roll Call: Tommy Thompson Makes Wisconsin Senate Bid Official
Politico: Thompson finally files
Hill: Thompson faces tough road in contest for Wisconsin Senate seat


Roll Call: Many Ohio Democrats Assess Comeback Bids

WaPo: Connie Schultz, wife of Sen. Sherrod Brown, leaves Cleveland Plain Dealer


Detroit News: State House Speaker Bolger backing Romney

Detroit News: Snyder puts muscle into public bridge


Politico: GOP fissures hurt Pa. Senate hopes


Roll Call: McMahon Jumps In for Second Senate Bid


Wash Times: Tiny Rhode Island faces huge headache to pay for pensions


WaPo: Democrats’ control of Senate could hinge on Warren campaign
Boston Globe: Harvard link could aid, hinder Warren

Politico: Mass. GOP chair steps down


Denver Post: Colorado panel approves new state legislative districts


NatJ: Another Scandal Brewing In Wu's District?


September 19, 2011


Hill: Perry's rise in the polls brings new scrutiny to record as Texas governor
Wash Times: State record on jobs no guarantee as president
USA Today: On the campaign trail, Rick Perry defends himself and his record
NYT: Paint Creek, the Town Perry Left Behind
HChron: New spotlight shines on old Perry-Bush rift
WaPo: Tensions between Perry and Bush: disagreement over judicial appointment
Detroit FP: Perry and Bush deny a rift, but there's tension in Texas
Politico: Could Rick Perry take the fight to suburbia?
Jen Rubin: Perry’s letter
WaPo: Editorial: Capitalizing on ‘venture socialism’

WaPo: Republican front-runners Mitt Romney, Rick Perry come from different worlds

Telegraph UK: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party aren't anti-intellectual

IBT: Bachmann woos California, flaunts business savvy

NYT: Republican Calls for a More Honest Debate (Gov. Mitch Daniels)

Doug Schoen: Voters Want State Government Reform

Seth Lipsky: Let's Have a Televised Debate on the Constitution

EJ Dionne: Can Obama calm Democratic panic?
WaPo: With Hispanic support for Obama waning, could Latino vote be up for grabs in 2012?
DC: Michelle Obama’s ‘Urban Health Initiative’ sparks questions


NatJ: Obama Proposing $1.5 Trillion in New Taxes
Wash Times: GOP slams Obama’s millionaire’s tax as “class warfare”
LA Times: Tax on millionaires gets hostile GOP reception
CBS: Obama's $3T deficit plan is half tax hikes
State Column: Obama’s Deficit-Reduction Plan Will Utilize ‘The Buffett Rule’
WaPo: Obama to call for new minimum tax rate for millionaires
WaPo: Obama’s debt-reduction plan: $3 trillion in savings, half from new tax revenue
Hill: Obama to propose $3 trillion in cuts
NYT: Obama Plan to Cut Deficit Will Trim Spending by $3 Trillion
Wash Times: Durbin: Senate will act on Obama’s jobs bill in Oct.
NYT: Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts
NYT: Fed Runs Risk of Doing Less Than Investors Expect
Paul Krugman: The Bleeding Cure
Paul Volcker: A Little Inflation Can Be a Dangerous Thing
National Review: Stimulus Jr. Won’t Work, Either

Michael Barone: President of the Unionized States

WaPo: Imam serves as public face of an embattled mosque
NYT: Editorial: No Room for Tolerance
William Kristol: Oddly Ashamed

NYT: Editorial: Packing Heat Everywhere

NYT: Editorial: An Open Court


National Review: Mr. Turner Goes to Washington

NYT: For a Governor Partial to Corvettes, a Chance to Indulge His Inner Gearhead


Roll Call: Redistricting Battle Coming in Texas

Hans von Spakovsky: The University of Texas and Racial Preferences


NYT: Cautionary Lessons From Michigan


NYT: Pennsylvania G.O.P. Weighs Electoral Vote Changes for 2012


Boston Globe: Mass. suspends Arizona licenses


Wash Times: New Mexico Democrats, governor clash over licenses for illegals


September 18, 2011


Weekly Standard: Poll: Perry Leads Romney by 7 Points
Bloomberg: Perry Supported By Republicans in Poll as Plurality Reject Views
Politico: Old Texas story lines resurface as Perry goes national
NYT: Editorial: Governor Perry’s Vaccine Tribulations
Philadelphia Inquirer: Merck in sudden spotlight over Texas vaccine
Star-Telegram: New pro-Perry super PAC sets its sights on raising $55 million
Austin AS: Perry has big ideas but mixed record in enacting them
Corpus Christi: GOP opponents are hitting Perry where it helps
HChron: At Houston gala, Perry brags about Texas’ help for vets
HChron: Texas billed $294,000 for Perrys’ security on trips
Albany TU: $294G for Perry's trips
Gail Collins: Rick Perry, Uber Texan
Maureen Dowd: Egghead and Blockheads

Tampa Tribune: Perry vs. Romney shows split in GOP ideology
Hill: Amid anti-Congress mood, Perry, Romney tout gov. endorsements
Townhall: Romney as Underdog
Dana Milbank: Democrats for Romney?
Denver Post: Allegation involving Denver Christian Schools highlights religious rift

NatJ: Bachmann Takes On Leno
NYDN: Bachmann goes on Jay Leno's 'The Tonight Show,' talks gay marriage, HPV vaccine
Hill: Bachmann makes health claims about HPV vaccine not 'speaking as a doctor'
Star Tribune: Bachmann deflects HPV controversy on Leno show
NatJ: Bachmann Calls Arab Spring ‘Radical’
Star Tribune: Ex-staffers say Bachmann has to do it her way
NPR: Bachmann Struggles To Regain Early Momentum

Hill: Vince Vaughn introduces Ron Paul at libertarian event

Salt Lake Trib: Huntsman doubts Romney on foreign policy, Perry on non-mainstream views
NatJ: Huntsman Counting on Granite State

Forbes: GOP candidates revive private Social Security idea

Salena Zito: Today's climate mimics the 1890s
Clarice Feldman: Hall of the Blue Dog
Dan Balz: For Obama, another September of discontent
Detroit FP: Politically speaking: It won't be getting any easier for Obama
David Limbaugh: Is the Administration's Latest Propaganda Arm


WSJ: Obama to Propose Tougher Tax Regime for Wealthy
NYT: Obama Tax Plan Would Ask More of Millionaires
LA Times: Obama to propose millionaire's tax to cut the deficit
Hill: Obama to propose 'Buffett Rule' to raise taxes on millionaires
WaPo: Ever-increasing tax breaks for U.S. families eclipse benefits for special interests
NYT: Editorial: Leadership Crisis

WaPo: Five things to watch on the Hill next week

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Hill: Sunday show preview: Past administrations look to the future


Las Vegas RJ: Democrats face 2012 worried about Obama's low ratings


NY Post: Meeks on crony express


Fox: Michael Reagan Considering Run Against Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2012
SF Chronicle: Feinstein weak in poll, but no GOP challenger yet
Human Events: A Graceful Exit for California Fixture Dianne Feinstein?

LA Times: Bachmann and Paul speak at state GOP convention
Politico: California takes back seat in 2012 GOP race
OC Register: Ron Paul wins California State GOP straw poll
SF Chronicle: Ron Paul the unlikely star of state GOP convention
LA Times: Ron Paul wins California Republican straw poll
Mercury News: California Republicans to attempt Hispanic outreach again
KC Star: Democrats are fretting in blue state California
Human Events: At LA Convention, California's Golden for the GOP in '12

Human Events: Calif. GOP Fighting Gerrymandered State Senate at a Cost to U.S. House


SPT: Grover Norquist built the GOP's no-tax brand

Miami Herald: Municipal pensions a bonanza for employees, a burden for cities


Chicago Tribune: Former Illinois Sen. Charles Percy dies at 91
Chicago ST: Former Illinois Sen. Charles Percy dies at age of 91
NYT: Charles Percy, Former Ill. Senator, Is Dead at 91
WaPo: Former IL Sen. Charles Percy, a moderate Republican opposed to Vietnam War

NYT: Chicago’s Mayor Challenges Teachers Union


Milwaukee JS: Is Thompson too centrist for GOP?


Hill: Tea Party candidate seeks to challenge Boehner in 2012
Fox: Tea Party Activist to Challenge Boehner in Next Primary


WaPo: Even as Virginia Gov. McDonnell rides high, tests loom


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. GOP torn over electoral plan
Reading Eagle: Change unlikely in electoral vote
Lancaster Newspapers: Corbett wants party to stay focused on election


Hill: Lieberman may support Republican in race for his Senate seat next year
Danbury NT: Q Poll: Linda McMahon, Chris Murphy take lead in 2012 U.S. Senate race


Hill: Elizabeth Warren draws similar fire from Sen. Brown, Dem primary opponents
Jeff Jacoby: For Elizabeth Warren, a story from ’84


Dan Nowicki: GOP candidates seek out Arpaio


September 17, 2011


Austin AS: Perry colleagues remember solid pilot and airman
WaPo: Some Iowans believe Perry is ‘the one’
HChron: Rick Perry, Donald Trump go out on the town for New York Fashion Week
NYT: On a Swing Through Early-Voting Iowa, Perry Finds Kindred Spirits
WaPo: Perry and ex-aide Mike Toomey have deep, mutually beneficial ties
DMR: Perry denies he supported bank bailout; Deace calls him out
Hill: Anita: The nurse Rick Perry wants with him in the White House
LA Times: Why Rick Perry is wrong about Social Security
Rush Limbaugh: California, Texas and Rick Perry
Kathleen Parker: Smart money betting on stupid politicians
Rasmussen: Obama 46%, Perry 39%
Politico: New poll: Rick Perry, Mitt Romney up, Barack Obama down

Politico: Mitt Romney can can beat Obama, say Florida political insiders
WaPo: Romney pushes Social Security message to seniors in Arizona
NYDN: Mitt Romney: Dick Cheney is the 'kind of person I'd like to have' as my VP in 2012
Hill: Romney: Religion not 'the most important issue' in presidential campaign
WSJ: Romney's China Blunder

LA Times: Bachmann predicts a GOP win in California in 2012
SacBee: Two dollar gas? Bachmann thinks GOP can win California
HChron: Drama, Texas-style, as California Republicans gather to hear 2012 candidates
Politico: Michele Bachmann's misstatements: A constant staff worry
NatJ: Bachmann Brushes Off Gay-Bullying Question
Human Events: Gardasil Mandate Against HPV Blesses Sexual Freedom ... for 9-Year-Olds!
Rush Limbaugh: Thoughts on Bachmann and Palin

HChron: Ron Paul looks to buck fringe candidate status

Politico: Rick Santorum wins Pennsylvania GOP straw poll

Hill: Huntsman launches fresh attack on Perry’s stance on climate change
Roll Call: Chaffetz Thinks Huntsman Can’t Win — This Time

WaPo: New Sarah Palin tell-all biography tells us more about ourselves
WaPo: ‘The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,’ by Joe McGinniss
American Thinker: McGinniss Book About Palin: Yet Another Attack on America

Politico: GOP presidential calendar threatened by rogue states

Rush Limbaugh: Conservatives Must Stay Focused

Daily Caller: Poll finds opportunities, challenges for Republicans among Hispanic voters

NYT: Support for Obama Slips; Unease on 2012 Candidates
NYT: Sure, Obama Can Fire His Staff. So Should He?
Fox: White House Defends Daley Amid Calls for Staff Shakeup
Hill: Obama team pushes back against suggestions the president is in trouble
WSJ: Obama's Twitter Disaster
WaPo: Book portrays dysfunction in Obama White House
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Takes Tired Act to Bridge, As Poll Claims Public Blames GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Gawker Says Bam's Depressed, as Dems Chatter About Replacing Him
Rush Limbaugh: Carville Puts Voice to the Panic


Wash Times: House Republicans find common ground with Obama’s jobs package
NYT: House Republicans Outline Common Ground on Jobs
Hill: Republican leaders assess Obama jobs plan in memo to members
Politico: House GOP picks apart jobs bill
NYT: House G.O.P. Leaders Find Some Things to Like About Obama’s Jobs Plan
Hill: Roskam: Focus on jobs not 'Washington’s busy work,' regulations
Hill: Obama asks Americans to read, judge his jobs plan for themselves
Andrew Card & Tom Daschle: A Pro-Trade Agenda for U.S. Jobs

WaPo: Debt supercommittee to hold third public meeting next Thursday
Hill: Restaurants, farmers square off over ethanol as supercommittee gets to work

NatJ: Where Is Congress With Appropriations?

Wash Times: Patent bill signing caps week of bipartisan deal-making
Examiner: Obama talks jobs, signs patent law in Alexandria

Wash Times: Postal Service seeks drastic cuts

Hill: House Republicans introduce bill to speed up illegal-immigrant deportations

Chicago Tribune: Obama fundraiser linked to loan program that aided Solyndra
NYT: Questions Raised Over Letting Another Lender Help a Failing Solar Company
WaPo: During Solyndra probe, Energy Dept. has to move billions in loans
Weekly Standard: Solyndra Nation
Andrew McCarthy: The Solyndra Fraud

George Will: At the Pentagon, the specter of a sequester

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Gay-Marriage Foes See Message in House Race

NYT: Bloomberg, on Radio, Raises Specter of Riots by Jobless
Rush Limbaugh: Mayor Doomberg Predicts Riots

Albany TU: Tax debt deals ready as New York state seeks revenues


WSJ: In California, More Cuts Are in the Cards

Roll Call: Fight Against New California Electoral Map Loses Steam

LA Times: Gun control bill in Gov. Brown's hands


NatJ: Perry: 'Justice will be served'


SPT: FDLE investigating recording within Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll's office


AJC: Saxby Chambliss’ Gang of Six becomes the 34 Club


Milwaukee JS: Walker says he knows nothing about what prompted FBI raid


WaPo: Is West Virginia the next New York 9th?


WSJ: State GOP Pushes to Alter 2012 Math
James Taranto: Red Penn: The GOP plan to split electoral votes is folly


Politico: Red flags for McMahon in the general


Boston Globe: Warren’s rivals chafe at her sudden ascent
WaPo: Forget the Senate. Elizabeth Warren should go work on Wall Street


WSJ: Why Is Arizona in the Jim Crow Penalty Box?


September 16, 2011


Gov. Rick Perry: The U.S. Must Support Israel At the U.N.
CBS: Republican Perry says Romney health plan cost jobs
Gallup: Perry "Ponzi Scheme" Remark Doesn't Faze Most Republicans
HChron: ‘National conversation’ on Social Security may be working for Perry
Charles Krauthammer: A Ponzi scheme that should be fixed
USA Today: Poll: Perry's Social Security view concerns some Republicans
Politico: Rick Perry's governing style: Secrecy over straight talk?
Jen Rubin: Perry: What does he think on foreign policy?
NatJ: Perry's Immigration Gamble
NatJ: Perry Back on Attack

Boston Globe: Romney plays electability card
Human Events: Split Decision? Perry Leads in Florida, Romney Ahead in California

Mercury News: Rep. Bachmann visits Bay Area for breakfast chat in San Rafael
SF Chronicle: Struggling Bachmann hunts for votes, cash in Calif
Bangor DN: Scientists offer $11,000 for evidence in Bachmann vaccine story
NYT: With Stakes for Bachmann Higher Now, Her Words Get in the Way
Rasmussen: Bachmann Now Trails Obama by Double Digits

WSJ: Ron Paul's Fantasy Empire

CNN: Tom Ridge to endorse Huntsman
CBS: Jon Huntsman defends Kurt Cobain joke, criticizes GOP presidential debates

Wash Times: Palin camp denounces racy bio of former Alaska governor
Politico: Sarah Palin is defended by 'Lamestream media'

CNN: New CNN Poll: GOP divided over tea party movement

WaPo: Republicans rewriting state election laws in ways that could hurt Democrats

Wash Times: Obama’s a flop in states he flipped in 2008
Byron York: Obama plagued by Democrats' ingratitude
Politico: New Gallup: Obama slips with Jews


WaPo: Boehner says no new taxes for debt panel
Wash Times: Boehner advocates rewrite of tax code
Examiner: Boehner offers a jobs plan of his own
NYT: Boehner, in Washington Speech, Reaffirms No-Tax-Increase Position
Hill: Boehner slams Obama jobs plan as 'poor substitute' for growth, calls for tax reform
Hill: Partisan lines harden over supercommittee work on tax reform
WaPo: Deja vu all over again on debt talks
NYT: Boehner Argues G.O.P. Case in Jobs Speech
NatJ: No Social Security Plan From White House to Super Committee
Fox: Bipartisan Group of Senators Call on Super Committee to 'Go Big' on Deficit Cuts
Examiner: Obama decides against Social Security cuts
WSJ: OpEd: Why the Jobs Plan Falls Short

NYT: House Republicans Push Stopgap Spending Bill
Politico: House GOP eyes year-end omnibus
Hill: Senate panel OKs Pentagon funding, sets up fight with House

WSJ: Dollars to the European Rescue
WaPo: Federal Reserve boosts flow of dollars to European Central Bank
WaPo: Geithner and European finance leaders meet on Greek bailout

James Carville: What should the White House do? Panic!
WaPo: Carville to Obama: Fire your staff
Rush Limbaugh: Barry Goes Looking for Love, But Doesn't Get Any from Carville
James Taranto: 'If You Love Me' (Stimulus Jr.)
Rush Limbaugh: From Phony Greek Columns in 2008 to a Phony Jobs Bill in 2011
Stephen Moore: The Obama Promise: Then and Now
Ted Nugent: ‘American Con Job Act’

LA Times: House Republican offers his own 'American Jobs Act'
Rush Limbaugh: An Idea for Louie Gohmert's Bill: Moratorium on All Taxes for a Year

Rush Limbaugh: Obama: 153 Bridges Will Collapse
Hill: Dems rip White House for going 'AWOL' on mortgage crisis
NYT: Book Details Dissension in Obama Economic Team
NYT: Editorial: Bipartisanship of the Wrong Kind
Paul Krugman: Free to Die
David Brooks: The Planning Fallacy

Fox: General Reported He Was Pressured on Testimony About White House-Backed Project
Human Events: LightSquared: The Next Big Obama Scandal

Fox: Obama Administration Defends Jobs Record of Loan Program That Backed Solyndra
NYT: Market Risks Are Seen in Energy Innovations
Politico: Solyndra scandal: Making sense of it
NatJ: Government Races to Close Billions in Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees
Hill: Despite controversy, White House doubling down on clean energy loans

NYT: White House Weighs Limits of Terror Fight
DFP: Judge's ruling on Miranda rights in underwear bomber terrorism case: legal debate

Human Events: Are Fast and Furious Guns Coming to a Town Near You?

Wash Times: Obama agrees to sell arms to Taiwan

WaPo: Senate leaders reach deal to avert another FAA shutdown
Wash Times: Senate OKs stopgap funding for highways and FAA

WaPo: U.S. Postal Service plans to close hundreds of facilities to save money

NYT: Deportation Program Sows Mistrust, U.S. Is Told

Hill: New rule would expand tight Obama lobbying rules to all federal workers

Wash Times: House OKs GOP bill to curtail NLRB’s authority
NYT: In Boeing Case, House Passes Bill Restricting Labor Board
WSJ: Boeing and Barack
Rasmussen: 64% Say Boeing Should Be Allowed to Operate Plant in South Carolina

NatJ: Will some of the requirements of the health-reform law spur older physicians to quit?

Pat Buchanan: The Democracy Worshipers


NY Post: I was sunk by Obama: Weprin
Jweekly: Jewish vote helps Republican win Weiner’s seat
Peggy Noonan: It Wasn't Really an Upset
Charlie Cook: The Cook Report: Isn’t That Special?
Daily Caller: Waxman: Jews vote Republican ‘to protect their wealth’


NatJ: Is Dianne Feinstein Vulnerable?

SacBee: GOP group sues to block new state Senate maps

SacBee: Charles T. Munger Jr. puts more than money into California Republican politics


NYT: Supreme Court Grants Stay of Duane Buck Execution
NatJ: Texas Man Spared Execution for Now


NYT: Editorial: Pandering to the Gun Lobby


Rush Limbaugh: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Thinks Your Money is Hers


AJC: Thompson faces conservative pushback in Senate bid
Roll Call: Kind Opts Out of Wisconsin Senate Race


Dayton DN: Republican-drawn map scores low in coalition contest


Detroit News: Convicted Kilpatrick aide got pension deal cash


Wash Times: Virginia board OKs stiff rules for abortion clinics
NYT: Virginia Health Board Tightens Rules on Abortion Clinics


Wash Times: Pennsylvania GOP looks to split electoral votes
WaPo: Could Pennsylvania Republicans end the electoral college as we know it?
Big Govt: Dem Doom: Pennsylvania May Apportion Its Electoral Votes
NYT: Pennsylvania Electoral College Plan Could Backfire on G.O.P.


NatJ: McMahon Trails Democrats for Conn. Senate Seat


Roll Call: EMILY’s List Backs Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts Senate Race

Boston Globe: Senate approves pension overhaul


Roll Call: Oregon Race to Replace David Wu Next Special to Watch


September 15, 2011


Hill: GOP front-runner Perry plays to Romney skeptics with speech in Virginia
Wash Times: Perry says nation doesn’t want a ‘caretaker state’
LA Times: Rick Perry: New York election shows Democrats 'on the ropes'
LA Times: Rick Perry at Liberty University: What's with Republican audiences lately?
Examiner: Perry trumpets values to Va. evangelicals
WaPo: Perry talks about his faith, forsaking talk of jobs for a day
Fox: Perry Aides Concede Fundraising Edge to Romney
NYT: Perry Explains His Poor Performance in College
NYT: Making the Grade? Perry Says He Didn’t
EJ Dionne: The GOP establishment’s Rick Perry problem

NatJ: Romney Packs the House in Phoenix
HChron: Romney stronger among independent voters than Perry, new poll finds
CBS: Romney criticizes Perry after raising money in his state
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney's Strange Answer

CBS: Perry hits Bachmann on HPV claim
NatJ: Perry Says Bachmann Wrong on HPV Vaccine Claims
DMR: Michele Bachmann’s HPV vaccine claims rejected by medical community
Star Tribune: Bachmann's vaccine claim draws fire
Star-Telegram: Perry's 2007 vaccine order remains controversial
NatJ: Bachmann Courts Arizona Lawman Famed for Tough Stance on Immigration
Politico: Michele Bachmann dines with Cindy McCain
NatJ: Democratic Movie Mogul 'Butters Up' Bachmann
Fox: Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein Offers Math Lesson to Michele Bachmann
Gail Collins: The Bachmann Chronicles

Herman Cain: My Plan to Revive Economic Growth

Politico: Santorum keeps needling Perry

Daily Caller: Palin book alleges ‘fetish’ for black men, extra-marital affair and cocaine use
Politico: New York Times trashes Palin book
NYT: Sarah Palin Could See This Guy From Her House
NYDN: Palin now an X-rated punch line after revelation of Glen Rice tryst in McGinniss book

NYT: History May Point Toward More Conservative G.O.P. Nominee
Examiner: GOP field takes aim at crony capitalism -- finally

Haaretz: Fate of U.S. Jewish vote in question following surprise Republican win
NYT: Seeing Ripple in Jewish Vote
WSJ: GOP Ties House Wins to President's Woes
NYT: G.O.P. Sees Bellwether in Two Democratic Defeats
WaPo: After losing special House election in New York, Democrats look toward 2012
NatJ: Special Election Losses Prompt Angry Labor Leaders to Call for Change From Obama
Politico: Barack Obama's blue-state blues
Hill: Some frustrated Democrats want to see Obama primary challenge
Karl Rove: The Rise of Democratic Discontent
AB Stoddard: Purity vs. victory

Rush Limbaugh: Regime Launches Tattletale Site
J Taranto: Richard E. Coyote: The bumbling paranoia of the Obama re-election campaign

Ann Coulter: So A Comatose Guy Walks Into A Bar


WSJ: Obama Plan Won't Include Changes to Social Security
WaPo: Obama unlikely to put Social Security cuts back on the table, sources say
NYT: Some Democrats Are Balking at Obama’s Jobs Bill
Daily Caller: Reid in no rush to pass Obama jobs bill
Hill: Liberals fear payroll-tax holiday will undermine Social Security
NYT: Assigning a Jobs Bill as Homework
National Review: Houston, We Have a Solution
WSJ: A Blue-State Bailout in Disguise
George Will: Our floundering ‘federal family’

NatJ: Why the Super Committee Is Designed to Succeed
Hill: Deficit panel unlikely to go big

Hill: Stopgap measure to keep government running introduced

NYT: Poor Are Still Getting Poorer, but Downturn’s Punch Varies, Census Data Show

WSJ: 'Geriatric' U.S. Arsenal Needs Expensive Face-Lift
Wash Times: Republicans seek a ceiling on defense cuts

Wash Times: Administration officials grilled on Solyndra loan
NYT: Furor Over Loans to Failed Solar Firm
Fox: Treasury Joins FBI, Congress in Investigating Stimulus Loan to Solar Panel Company
Fox: Emails Show White House Pressure Ahead of Solar Company Loan Approval
WaPo: Obama green-tech program that backed Solyndra struggles to create jobs
NYT: Republicans Suggest White House Rushed Solar Company’s Loans
WSJ: The Solar Orphan
Daily Caller: EPA spending millions for ‘environmental justice’
Human Events: Green Businesses and Cut-Throat Economies
Weekly Standard: The New Global Warming?
Michael Barone: Obama’s Solar Scandal

American Spectator: Deep Corruption at the Obama Justice Department

Wash Times: Obama targets Republicans for blocking Dream Act

MSNBC: Cherokee Indians: We are free to oust blacks


NH Journal: Gov. Lynch won’t seek reelection

Fred Barnes: Right-to-Work Showdown: Should NH be pro-choice when it comes to unions?


Politico: Nevada election bears bad news for Dems
Human Events: Don't Forget Mark Amodei's NV-2 Win in Other House Race


CBS: New York special election: How Bob Turner won
Hill: Republican campaign chief: NY proves GOP can ‘be competitive’
Roll Call: Turner Win a Boon for GOP Lines
NYT: Just Elected to Congress, and Already Talking of Staying
NYT: A Congressman-Elect Wakes Up to His New Role
Albany TU: Schumer: Ninth CD isn’t a bellwether for city, state, U.S.
NY Post: Startling ‘wake-up call’ for House Dems
NYDN: Joe Crowley's decision to choose David Weprin as candidate was 'toxic to the party'
Rush Limbaugh: The Lessons of the NY-9 Election
NYT: Editorial: Israel and New York’s Ninth District
NatJ: Rush Limbaugh's New York Election Secret

NYT: Ex-Senator’s Chief of Staff Is Expected to Plead Guilty


SacBee: Field Poll: Romney leads Perry among state's GOP

WSJ: California Democrats Dig for Answers

George Skelton: 3 big bills in a pile of minutia


Star-Telegram: Texas voter ID law in federal hands as groups file papers


Wash Times: Florida straw poll will pick next president, GOP governor says

SPT: As Marco Rubio embraces national spotlight, he draws tougher scrutiny


Chicago ST: Sources: Feds say Rod Blagojevich could get 30 years to life in prison

Chicago Tribune: Illinois foreclosures surge nearly 18% in August

Chicago ST: Judge scolds Rep. Joe Walsh in child-support case with ex-wife


Roll Call: Dick Lugar’s Path Harder After Mike Delph Passes on Primary


Milwaukee JS: FBI seizes items at home of former top aide to Gov. Walker


Roll Call: New Ohio Map Has Plenty of Winners and Losers


Detroit News: Snyder takes on health issue


Politico: Missouri state senator floats flouting primary rules

WSJ: Missouri Compromised: Judicial selection the trial lawyer way


Roll Call: North Carolina Redistricting Sets Up Clash of Democrats

Denver Post: In battleground state of North Carolina, Obama pushes jobs bill


NatJ: Allen, Kaine Still in Dead Heat in Virginia
NatJ: Perry, Romney Tie Obama in Virginia


WaPo: Could Pennsylvania Republicans end the electoral college as we know it?
Weekly Standard: The Electoral College and Pennsylvania's Relevance


NYT: From the Halls of Harvard Into the Street, in Pursuit of a Senate Seat
Politico: Will Elizabeth Warren appeal to voters on trail?


NYT: Immigration Advocates Split Over Arizona Boycott


NYT: Malcolm Wallop, Ex-Senator From Wyoming, Dies at 78


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Daily Caller: Mitch Daniels book explains ‘conservatism for grown-ups’

Dick Cheney:
Learning from Setbacks

American Spectator:
Crediting the Cheney Chronicles

Politico: Dick Cheney’s last campaign: ‘We got it right'

Rush Limbaugh: Vice President Cheney Calls In

WSJ: 'I Didn't Change. The World Changed'

NYT: In Memoir, Cheney Addresses Controversies

WaPo: In memoir, Cheney defends decisions, Bush as president

Politico: A political junkie's guide to Cheney's memoir

DC: Cheney’s dog was banned from Camp David lodge for attacking Bush’s dog

WaPo: Powell disputes Cheney book passages

WaPo: ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir’ by Dick Cheney

Maureen Dowd: Darth Vader Vents

George Will: Declaration of independents

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