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September 14, 2011


NatJ: Nevada Governor Sandoval Endorses Perry
LVRJ: Sandoval announces he'll back Perry for president
HChron: Nevada’s Governor gives Perry a key endorsement
Daily Caller: Perry picks up endorsement from Nevada’s governor

Texas Tribune: In Battleground Virginia, Perry Faces Christian Right
Hill: Perry to court conservatives in Virginia speech

Austin AS: Anita Perry's salary comes indirectly from governor's backers

Roll Call: Congressional Endorsements Not Focus for Perry

Hill: The Sarah Palin factor: Would she be a boost or a burden for Perry?

WaPo: Top Republicans gird for a long, bitter Perry-Romney duel
NYT: Leading the Pack Brings New Perils, Perry Discovers
WSJ: Republican Tag Team: Rick Perry's two main rivals went after him
HChron: Poor debate performance raises questions
Byron York: Flash mob: GOP candidates gang up on Perry
Charles Hurt: Perry falls victim to a Texas Cheerleader Massacre
Jonah Goldberg: Debate Jars Perry Out of Sweet Spot
Rush Limbaugh: Notes on the Republican Debate
Rush Limbaugh: Despite Baggage, Romney and Perry are Far Superior to Obama

Fox: With Target on Back of Perry, Romney Seeks to Capitalize
Rasmussen: Romney 43%, Obama 40%

WaPo: Bachmann claims HPV vaccine might cause ‘mental retardation’
Rush Limbaugh: Did Michele Bachmann Jump the Shark?
NYT: In Republican Race, a Heated Battle Over the HPV Vaccine
NatJ: Bachmann Hits on New Argument for Vaccine Doubters
WSJ: Bachmann's Viral Politics
WaPo: Rick Perry and HPV vaccine-maker have deep financial ties
NYDN: Rick Perry got at least $30,000 in contributions from maker of HPV vaccine: report

Star-Telegram: Perry's support for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants draws fire
Buzz: On immigration, Rick Perry strays from tea party script
WSJ: Immigration Foes Fault Perry
Human Events: Pro-Bachmann Super PAC Attacks Perry on Illegal Immigration

Des Moines Register: Bachmann to return to state, stress 'real world' experience

American Spectator: The Third Rail Unplugged

WSJ: Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote
NY Post: Disaster looms for O in 2012

WaPo: The pitfalls of a third-party candidacy

Wash Times: GOP wins House seats in N.Y., Nevada
Politico: Twin defeats spark Democratic fears
NatJ: Rethinking the 2012 Landscape
Roll Call: RNC Rakes In $8M in August, Eclipsing DNC’s Haul


LA Times: U.S. poverty totals hit a 50-year high
WSJ: Income Slides to 1996 Levels
WaPo: Nearly one in six in poverty in the U.S.; children hit hard, Census says
NatJ: A Sobering Economic Reminder From the Census Bureau
NYT: Soaring Poverty Casts Spotlight on ‘Lost Decade’
Rush Limbaugh: The Headlines from Obamaville

NYT: Debt Panel Opens With Bleak Economic Picture
National Review: Cut Defense Before Raising Taxes
Wash Times: Budget director cuts time for supercommittee to cut deficit
Dana Milbank: ‘Supercommittee’? More than stupor committee
Hill: Deficit climbs by $134 billion in August
Hill: CBO chief warns debt panel spending cuts could slow recovery

Examiner: GOP may slice and dice Obama's jobs plan
Human Events: Obama Batting Zero With Latest Jobs Plan
Examiner: Obama jobs tour rolls through key electoral states
NYT: In Ohio, Obama Emphasizes School Upgrades as Part of Jobs Proposal
NYT: Tax Plan for Jobs Bill Has Familiar Ring
NYT: Bigger Economic Role for Washington
Hill: Obama jobs bill would raise revenue by taxing health benefits for wealthy
Bloomberg: Obama Approval Plummets on Jobs Plan: Poll
WaPo: No quick bounce for Obama, but speech proposals seen as promising
James Taranto: The Phony War on Unemployment
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Doesn't Want Jobs Bill to Pass

Fox: GOP Probes Now-Bankrupt Solar Company That Obama Once Touted
WaPo: White House pressed on $500 million loan to solar company now under investigation
WSJ: Obama Administration Set to Defend Solyndra Loan at House Panel
Hill: After Solyndra bankruptcy, White House defends clean energy investments
DC: Obama administration marches forward with ‘green’ agenda despite Solyndra scandal
Michael Barone: Obama tainted by loan guarantees to solar firms
Reince Priebus: Solyndra represents stimulus failure

WSJ: House Panel Targets EPA Rules in Vote
NatJ: Energy Insiders Say Obama May Punt More Environmental Standards

Hill: Napolitano denies knowledge of Fast and Furious gun-tracking program

WSJ: The 2013 Tax Cliff: Business had better enjoy the next 16 months

Fox: House Weighs Bill to Make Gun Permits Valid Across State Lines

Hill: House passes short-term bill extending funding for FAA and highways

NYT: With Bipartisan Support, Law on Expansion of Charter Schools Passes the House

Human Events: House Oversight Chairman Targeted By Ethics Complaint

Politico: Hill staffers fear pay cuts, layoffs

NYT: Democrats See Perils on Path to Health Cuts
Dick Morris: Obama’s Medicare blunder
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare Must be Repealed Before the 2014 Changes Kick In

Thomas Friedman: Is It Weird Enough Yet? (climate change)

Newt Gingrich: The Emerging Crises in the Middle East


DMR: Perry announces Iowa team; Matt Whitaker named Iowa co-chairman


LVRJ: Amodei defeats Marshall for Nevada congressional seat
NatJ: Amodei Routs Marshall in Nevada Special Election
NYT: Republican Wins in Nev. House Special Election
WaPo: Republican Mark Amodei wins GOP-leaning district in Nevada House special election


Politico: S.C. GOP to leapfrog Arizona primary


Hill: Republicans win Weiner’s seat
NatJ: NYC Stunner: Republican Turner Wins House Special
WaPo: Republican wins Democratic New York House seat
Human Events: Bob Turner Wins NY-9 Seat for GOP
WSJ: GOP Wins in Race to Replace Weiner
NYT: G.O.P. Gains House Seat Vacated by Weiner
Roll Call: Bob Turner Upsets Democrat David Weprin in New York Special
LA Times: Weiner's House seat goes to GOP
NYT: For Democrats, It’s 2010 All Over Again
Fox: Republican Wins House Race in New York, Seen as Obama Rebuke
NY Post: GOP Turner wins Weiner seat in upset
NYDN: Turner dispatches Weprin, dealing embarrassing blow to Obama, Democrats
DC: Republicans trumpet Turner’s victory as referendum on Obama’s handling of Israel, jobs
Michael Barone: New York 9: Stunning Repudiation of Chuck Schumer
William Kristol: New York, New York!

Buffalo News: Man who made harassing call to Paladino campaign avoids jail time
Albany TU: Former Paladino aide furious over bomb-threat caller’s sentence


WSJ: Fraud Case Rocks Democratic Party
NYT: A ‘Go To’ Accountant Is Accused of Fraud

NatJ: Obama's Approval Rating Plummets in California

SacBee: California's poverty rate highest in more than a decade


Star-Telegram: Man is executed for 2001 Denton County slayings
LA Times: Texas Gov. Rick Perry is asked to halt execution


Star Tribune: Attorney general dumps Dorsey & Whitney, raising eyebrows


NatJ: Obama Takes Jobs Pitch to Columbus, Boehner's Backyard
Hill: Hearing familiar sounds in Ohio? It's Obama's campaign music

WaPo: Ohio GOP looks to cement 2010 gains with overhauled congressional map
Roll Call: Ohio Remap Creates Multiple Member-vs.-Member Contests
Politico: Ohio redistricting boosts Republicans
Hill: Kucinich will run for reelection in Ohio


Detroit News: Ron Paul attracts loyal following


WSJ: Ban on Gay Marriage Gets on N.C. Ballot
NYT: North Carolina Voters to Decide on Same-Sex Marriage
NatJ: N.C. to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage on Same Day as 2012 Primary

Daily Caller: Where does North Carolina stand on NLRB vs. Boeing?


Hill: Manchin’s strategy for surviving 2012 in a red state: Bash President Obama


NYT: Carl Lewis Is Put Back on Ballot
Politico: Court: Carl Lewis off to the races


Boston Globe: Warren to seek Brown’s Senate seat
NYT: Warren Jumping Into Race for Brown’s Senate Seat
WSJ: Warren to Announce Bid for Mass. Senate Seat
WaPo: Elizabeth Warren to challenge Scott Brown in Massachusetts Senate race
Wash Times: Consumer activist Warren set to seek Brown´s Senate seat in Massachusetts


Roll Call: Hatch Gets Air Cover From Utah Nonprofit


Roll Call: Washington Redistricting Commission Releases Four Maps


September 13, 2011


Wash Times: Perry, Romney trade jabs over Social Security at Florida debate
Star-Telegram: Perry guarantees seniors that their Social Security benefits will remain intact
Star-Telegram: Key exchanges from tonight's Republican debate
Fred Barnes: Romney’s Win
Weekly Standard: Get Rick: GOP candidates gang up on the front-runner in Florida
Austin AS: Candidates hit hard at Perry
HChron: Winners, losers and the best lines of the night
Tampa Tribune: Rivals assail Perry in GOP debate
SPT: At GOP debate in Tampa, Texas Gov. Rick Perry draws attacks from all sides
Miami Herald: Debate shifts the GOP focus to Florida
Daily Caller: Rick Perry and Mitt Romney accuse each other of scaring seniors
WSJ: Perry's the Man in the Middle
WaPo: Rick Perry goes on defensive in Republican presidential debate
American Spectator: Perry Under Fire
NYT: As Perry Rises, G.O.P. Elite Look Toward Romney
NYT: Perry Is Target as Republican Candidates Take Aim
WSJ: Doubts About Perry Echo Those Faced by Reagan
WaPo: GOP candidates take a vow of candor, but skirt the details
WaPo: Mitt Romney uses Boeing union issue to appeal to tea party
WaPo: Rick Perry reverses himself, calls HPV vaccine mandate a ‘mistake’
CNN: Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party debate
Human Events: The Tea Party Presidential Debate
Human Events: Perry Wins One-on-One Battle With Romney, Gets Bloodied by Field
Chicago Tribune: Republicans jab at Perry in 'tea party' debate
LA Times: Republicans jab at Perry in 'tea party' debate
Weekly Standard: Perry and Huntsman Incoherent on Afghanistan
Boston Globe: Rivals put Perry on defensive in debate
Politico: Rick Perry's pain is Mitt Romney's gain
Politico: The GOP debate: 7 takeaways
Politico: Bachmann reignites fire -- for now
Star Tribune: Bachmann pushes back against Romney, Perry
Politico: Newt Gingrich charms crowd from back of pack
LA Times: Ron Paul's 9/11 answer draws boos from 'tea party' crowd
American Spectator: The Hypocrisy of Ron Paul
LA Times: GOP debate: The night's winner, loser, survivor and comeback
Politico: Karl Rove clarifies Rick Perry critique
Hill: Candidates pile on against front-runner Perry in GOP debate
NatJ: Perry Becomes the Punching Bag in Florida Debate
NatJ: Is Rick Perry Making Mitt Romney a Better Candidate?
NYDN: Sharp Mitt Romney hammers shaky Rick Perry on Social Security
Jen Rubin: Fireworks in Tea Party debate
Matthew Dowd: Is Rick Perry the Br'er Rabbit of the Republican Field?
Chris Cillizza: Florida Republican presidential debate: Winners and losers
Dana Milbank: The frontrunner has no clothes
DC: Limbaugh warns Bachmann, Romney not to attack Perry for ‘Ponzi scheme’ remarks
Rush Limbaugh: Be Careful, Republicans, When Attacking Perry on Social Security
Rush Limbaugh: Republican Field: It is What It is

NYT: Jindal to Endorse Perry
Times-Picayune: Gov. Jindal backs Texas Gov. Rick Perry for GOP presidential nomination
LA Times: Endorsement fever: Bobby Jindal backs Rick Perry
Daily Caller: Despite endorsement, Bobby Jindal says he’s not interested in V.P.

National Review: Perry: Small-Government Zealot or Spendthrift?
LA Times: Governors group is Perry's largest donor
American Spectator: Rick Perry: 234 Dead

WSJ: Romney Gains Pawlenty Endorsement
WaPo: Tim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney for GOP nomination
Politico: Pawlenty endorses Romney
Hill: Pawlenty endorsement brings pluses, minuses to Romney campaign

HChron: Romney’s electability argument isn’t moving polls

Byron York: Low polls may knock Huntsman out of debates

Boston Globe: Florida looms as key GOP battlefield

Michael Gerson: Obama fails the Lincoln test

Roll Call: Polls Show GOP Favored to Win Both Special Elections
Hill: Dems' peril in New York special election sparks fear for Nov. ’12


WSJ: GOP Balks at Taxes to Finance Jobs Plan
Examiner: Obama would raise taxes to pay for jobs plan
WaPo: Obama proposes higher taxes for wealthy to fund jobs bill
Human Events: White House Not Saying How Many New Jobs
NYT: Obama Offers Jobs Bill, and the G.O.P. Balks
WSJ: Obama Would Sign a Partial Jobs Bill
NatJ: Obama Gets Specific in His Jobs Bill
Wash Times: Obama: ‘Politics’ impeding jobs plan
Wash Times: Jobs plan paid for as president says, but with tax hikes in future
Rasmussen: 38% Favor Obama Jobs Plan, 36% Oppose
Rush Limbaugh: Little Barry Finally Has a Bill!

Wash Times: Aviation, highway agreement reached

Politico: John Boehner tries to cut deeper on 2012 funds

WaPo: For Xavier Becerra, ‘supercommittee’ post holds promise and peril
Boston Globe: Kerry vows no lobbyist meetings during supercommittee work
WaPo: Revolving door of employment between Congress, lobbying firms, study shows
Hill: Simpson, Bowles join call for supercommittee to set their sights high
Mona Charen: Gov. Mitch Daniels explains America’s impending fiscal catastrophe

Fox: Regulation Nation: Drowning in Rules, Businesses Brace for Cost & Time for Compliance

National Review: Will Congress Stop the NLRB?

NYT: Government Pays More in Contracts, Study Finds
NYT: U.S. Spending Billions on Rural Jobs, but Impact Is Uncertain

WSJ: Coal Industry Backs Boehner
NatJ: Not Just Dems: GOP Also Has Solyndra Ties
Rush Limbaugh: Green Energy Does Not Work

DC: Issa: If Holder ‘didn’t know’ about Fast & Furious: ‘he made sure he didn’t want to know’
Hill: Rep. Issa hit with ethics allegations

Daily Caller: Rep. Peter King to testify on Islamic radicalization before Parliament

Hill: Rep. Steve King says Judiciary Committee should question Obama's 'Uncle Omar'

NYT: OpEd: Protect Our Right to Anonymity

WaPo: Supreme Court is asked about jails’ blanket strip-search policies

David Brooks: If It Feels Right ...


Des Moines R: Iowa GOP chair: Arizona’s defiance could cause Iowa to reschedule caucuses


Fox: GOP Candidate Confident as Nevada Special Election Focuses on Jobs, Economy
Roll Call: Democrats Brace for Disappointment in Nevada


NY Post: Weiner flees amid Dem panic over vote today
NYT: On Eve of Special Election for Weiner’s Seat, Candidates Seek to Firm Up Support
WaPo: GOP hopes for upset special election win in N.Y. Democratic district
NatJ: Both NY-09 Candidates Urge Voters to Send Far-reaching Message
Roll Call: If Democrats Lose 9th, Plenty of Blame to Spread
Roll Call: Clinton, Cuomo Call for Weprin in Final Hours
Examiner: Anger at Obama may cost Dems N.Y. House seat
Politico: 5 things to watch for in New York-9

NYT: Former Hospital Chief Convicted of Offering Bribes to Albany Legislators

NYT: With Ruling, Mayor’s Spending May Enter Trial of Former Aide

NYT: Out of Prison, Ex-Procurers for Client 9 Get New Jobs


LA Times: Feinstein says campaign may be 'wiped out' by Durkee


NYT: Accused of Defying Orders, Miami Police Chief Is Fired


Fox: Supporters of 'Personhood Amendment' Make Case to Mississippi Voters


Roll Call: Race Ratings: Wisconsin GOP Likely to Keep Majority


Detroit FP: Kilpatrick bribery case: Top aide's plea deal tightens screws
Detroit News: Kilpatrick confidante to testify against ex-mayor
Detroit News: Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick says he's innocent


Wash Times: N.C. House passes bill on definition of marriage


Examiner: Md. lawmakers consider hikes in taxes, fees


NatJ: Arizona to Hold Feb. 28 Primary, Brewer Announces


Hill: Wu’s return shows perks don’t vanish


September 12, 2011


Miami Herald: Republican-palooza: GOP presidential hopefuls barnstorm Florida
USF Oracle: CNN to host Tea Party Debate in Tampa
HChron: Even at tea party debate, Perry likely to be on hot seat
Denver Post: GOP debate Monday will have Tea Party flavor
Tulsa World: Tea party eager for debate
Atlanta JC: Next GOP Debate
SPT: GOP candidates' debate Monday in Tampa ramps up Florida offensive against Obama
Human Events: Romney and Perry Will Be Focus of Tampa Debate
San Antonio Express: Foes likely to increase focus on Perry tonight
Hill: Perry, Obama jobs plan likely targets at Tea Party-hosted debate

CNN: New CNN Poll: Perry on top when it comes to electability
NatJ: Perry Continues to Lead GOP Pack on Eve of Second Debate
HChron: Perry’s tough talk wins him fans in California
Politico: For Perry, being governor has perks
WSJ: In Texas, a Weak Office Becomes Stronger
WSJ: Perry, Romney and Social Security
National Review: Perry and the Ponzis
NYT: Editorial: Rick Perry: Cheering On the Death Machine
American Spectator: Rick Perry On Science

Fox: Governor Mitt Romney slams President and unions in this ad
Las Vegas RJ: Romney works for repeat in Nevada
Jen Rubin: Romney goes after Perry on Social Security

NYT: Muted in Last Debate, Bachmann Looks to Rejoin Conversation
Politico: Bachmann prepping to swing at Perry
Byron York: Bachmann plans to hit Perry on Social Security
Hill: Pro-Bachmann PAC to air ad hitting Perry on illegal immigration
HChron: Pro-Bachmann group says Rick Perry has “atrocious record” on illegal immigration

NatJ: Huntsman Takes Care Not to 'Politicize' 9/11 Event in Florida
American Spectator: Governor Asterisk

American Spectator: Obama's Strategy of Silence
American Thinker: Obama's Gift Has Stopped Giving

Roll Call: NRCC Adds to Patriot List


Hill: The Week Ahead: Lawmakers turn attention to jobs
Wash Times: Bills come due for loans to pay jobless
Daily Caller: White House: Obama to send Congress jobs bill Monday
Politico: GOP grumbles about jobs plan
Hill: Alternative jobs plan is tough sell for House Republican leaders
Hill: Conservatives join liberals in opposing Obama's payroll tax cut extension
Politico: Bill may bleed jobs from health sector
Human Events: Obama's Anti-Jobs Bill Lacks Faith in Free Markets
Robert Samuelson: Job Creation 101
Joe Curl: For Obama, ‘pass the bill’ is more like pass the buck
Paul Krugman: An Impeccable Disaster
EJ Dionne: How much has Obama learned?
Ross Douthat: The President’s Do-Over
Arthur Laffer: How to Fight Black Unemployment
Stephen Moore: Money for Nothing

NYT: Pressure Builds on Deficit Panel to ‘Go Big,’ Beyond Its Mandate, in Cuts
Politico: On Supercommittee, K Street turns to Main Street
Politico: Deficit panel eyes good ol' options
NYT: Johnson and Roosevelt Legacies at Stake in Fiscal Fight
WaPo: Capital gains tax rates benefiting wealthy feed growing gap between rich and poor
Judd Gregg: Potential great for deficit-reduction supercommittee

WSJ: White House Regulation Shift Is a Political Bet

WSJ: Canada's Oil Sands Are a Jobs Gusher
Wash Times: Promises of green jobs start withering on vine

Hill: Feds ramp up efforts to help struggling homeowners refinance mortgages
LA Times: Job-creation plan largely ignores housing woes

Politico: Postal Service could default

WaPo: Editorial: The GOP’s immigration nonsense
Human Events: Obama's Backdoor Amnesty for 300,000 Immigrants

NatJ: Brennan Says White House Takes Terror Threat 'Very Seriously'
Fox: White House Pursues Guantanamo Closure Despite Setbacks
Examiner: Ex-Homeland Security officials score on K Street
Human Events: TSA Creator Says Dismantle, Privatize the Agency
Jed Babbin: Quo Vadis, Mars?

Human Events: Blackburn Demands Feds Give Answers on Their Gibson Raid, Inquest

Bob Woodward: In Cheney’s memoir, it’s clear Iraq’s lessons didn’t sink in


Human Events: Nevada 2nd District Race Shows Strong Signs for GOP


T&D: S.C. is Republican key and DeMint is key Republican


Politico: Republican poised for upset in NY-9
NY Post: Turner leading Weprin day before special election to replace Anthony Weiner: poll
Daily Caller: Turner up by six, just two days before New York special election
Wash Times: GOP smells blood in race to fill Weiner seat in N.Y.
NatJ: In NY-09, A Pause, But Attacks Quietly Continue
Weekly Standard: Democratic State Senator Robo-calling for Republican Turner in NY-9
Politico: In leaked custody filing, 'heedless' Weprin; 'dirty politics' alleged
NYDN: With Weiner's district on chopping block, special election winner will be in hot seat

NYT: G.O.P. Senators in Albany Block Federal Aid to Fulfill Part of Health Law
Albany TU: GOP cold on state-fed health care

NYT: Prosecution Seeks to Focus Trial on Election Aide, Not the Mayor
NYDN: Trial of Haggerty, accused of pocketing $1M from mayor, is still Bloomberg's problem

NYDN: Albany pols rack up $530K bill for travel, other expenses despite summer recess

NYT: Editorial: Too Fast on Drilling


Roll Call: California Members ‘at War’ Over Redistricting
LA Times: Congressional redistricting referendum cleared for signature-gathering

George Skelton: Howard Jarvis kills Brown tax plan


HChron: Perry proclaims 9/11 as Texas First Responders Day


Milwaukee JS: Battle for the base: next year's US Senate primaries in Wisconsin


Hill: Womack gets to keep promise on cuts


Fox: GOP-Led North Carolina Legislature Nearing Gay Marriage Vote


WaPo: Editorial: Reform underway — but it’s a Va. secret


Roll Call: DSCC Expects Murray to Juggle Duties


September 11, 2011


Star-Telegram: Perry, GOP rivals will court Tea Party in debate Monday
Star-Telegram: Perry likely to be targeted again in Tea Party debate
Boston Globe: Nuanced immigration stance riles Perry’s foes
LA Times: Floridians contemplate Perry's view on Social Security
Politico: Palin bolsters Perry on Social Security
Examiner: Perry defends Ponzi, treason, secession talk
Daily Caller: Rick Perry to hold ‘Washington Kickoff’ fundraiser in D.C.

Detroit FP: Romney, Huntsman woo Christian voters
Tampa Tribune: In flier, Romney hits Perry on Social Security
Politico: Mitt flier: Perry 'wants to kill Social Security'

Hill: Bachmann: Social Security needs to be salvaged to 'keep the faith,' not slammed
Deseret News: Michele Bachmann goes Hollywood
Des Moines Register: Political football? Bachmann meets Iowans at ISU/Iowa tailgate
Iowa State Daily: Bachmann attends tailgating at Cy-Hawk game

Boston Globe: Huntsman has $15 million to $66 million in assets

Dan Balz: What the tea party is — and isn’t

NYT: Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama’s Chances
Hill: Obama dragging down Democratic candidates in House special elections
DC: Krauthammer: People finally realizing Obama ‘is a mortal who is in over his head’
Maureen Dowd: Sleeping Barry Awakes
Thomas Friedman: Getting Back to a Grand Bargain
Salena Zito: 'Middle' America indeed


Hill: Economists say Obama jobs plan could help, but Wall Street thinks otherwise
Fox: Most of Obama’s Jobs Proposals Have Drawn GOP Support in the Past
NYT: Is Manufacturing Falling Off the Radar?
NYT: Editorial: No Job, No Insurance, No Health Care
WSJ: He's Not Jobama!
Hill: After stumbling this summer, Democrats go on the offensive on budget issues
Hill: Obama's jobs speech draws 31M viewers

WaPo: As states lag in implementing health-care law, bigger federal role looks likely

Hill: Obama-backed trade pacts could be heavy lift for House GOP

Hill: Manufacturers sue NLRB over union poster rule

Daily Caller: Issa, Grassley take ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation to the White House

NYT: Court Case Asks if ‘Big Brother’ Is Spelled GPS

Fox: Rise of the Drone: Long-Distance War Hallmark of Obama's Post-9/11 Strategy
WaPo: National security emerges as Obama strong point
Andrew McCarthy: Of Mafiosi and Mullahs
Ahmed Rashid: And Hate Begat Hate
Politico: Parties master the art of September 11 politics
Human Events: America's War on Terror 10 Years After 9/11


WaPo: All eyes on New Hampshire in 2012 governors races
Fergus Cullen: In NH, the Tea Party movement is smaller than advertised


Las Vegas RJ: Amodei odds on favorite over Marshall in House race
Daily Caller: After early voting, Republican leads in Nevada special election


LA Times: Republican could swipe Weiner's former seat
NatJ: Turner Supporters Hoping To Send Obama A Message
NatJ: Dem Congresswoman: Don't Blame Weprin For Obama's Problems
Roll Call: Unusually Quiet Weekend for Candidates in New York House Race
Politico: NY-9 mailer depicts mosque, ground zero
Albany TU: Family Research PAC: ‘Twas SSM that slew the Weprin


LA Times: As they gain strength, state Democrats act a bit like Republicans
WSJ: Calif. Lawmakers Approve Amazon Tax Compromise


Orlando Sentinel: 2012 presidential spotlight hits Florida this month
Tampa Tribune: Florida is focus of GOP presidential race

Florida TU: A rough first year for John Mica as chairman of House Transportation Committee


NYT: From Firebrand to a Bit of a Grump, a ‘Hippie Mayor’ Evolves


Louisville CJ: Top of ticket's struggles spell trouble for state GOP hopes


September 10, 2011


Daily Caller: Perry all in for Florida
Buzz: Rick Perry about to score Florida endorsement coup with John Stemberger
Wash Times: Perry takes new course with call to limit military use
Boston Globe: No fan of Bay State, Perry heads for Hub
Politico: Al Gore on Rick Perry: 'I was happy to have his support'
Politico: Rudy: Perry should have given his SS fix

HChron: Romney retools strategy to thwart Perry’s gain
Daily Caller: Meghan McCain backs Romney
Hill: Romney to give speech on labor policy in SC

Fox: Bachmann Camp Pushes Iowa Focus Despite Stops Elsewhere
Des Moines Register: Bachmann banking on Iowa more than ever
Star Tribune: Slipping Bachmann heads to Iowa to jolt GOP campaign
Politico: Late-night with Michele Bachmann

NatJ: Huntsman Shifting Florida Strategy

Wash Times: Cheney: Obama could face Democratic challenger if economy lags
Stephen Hayes: Five myths about Dick Cheney


WSJ: Mixed Reviews on Effects Of Obama's Jobs Proposal
NYT: Employers Say Jobs Plan Won’t Lead to Hiring Spur
Hill: House GOP reserves right to change Obama jobs plan
NYT: G.O.P. Is Cautious in Jobs Response
NYT: House Freshmen Emerge as G.O.P. Power Brokers
Hill: Pelosi backs Obama’s tax-cut plan despite strong opposition in her caucus
NYT: Obama Stumps for Jobs Plan, Calling for ‘Action Now’
WaPo: Obama holds jobs-bill rally at University of Richmond
Daily Caller: Obama stumps to base in Richmond
Politico: Obama stands his ground on jobs tour
NYT: Editorial: The Enlightened Rich Want to Be Taxed
Charlie Cook: Many voters have stopped paying attention to speeches about job creation

WaPo: Obama’s jobs plan may add to supercommittee’s burden
Politico: Supercommittee's job may grow by trillions

Wash Times: House chairman: Obama uncle’s got ‘backdoor amnesty’
DC: Judiciary chairman to Obama: Your illegal immigrant uncle shouldn’t get off!
Hill: Rep. Smith: ‘Uncle Omar’ shows Obama double standard
Boston Globe: Obama’s uncle faces supervised release

Politico: Deal funds highways, airways

WSJ: Treasury Weighs New Tax Scheme

WSJ: White House Seeks More Home-Loan Refinancings
NYT: White House Plans Effort to Refinance Mortgages

Fox: Solyndra Investigation Begins Critical Look at Federally Funded Green Ventures

Fox: NLRB Investigates Longshoremen Union for Strike Gone Wrong

Hill: Greens to EPA chief: Don’t quit over White House smog reversal

WSJ: The 9/11 Decade
Human Events: Rumsfeld: Attack Imminent If Congress Cuts Defense
James Taranto: Two Decades of Pursuing al Qaeda
James Taranto: Get over 9/11, Baghdad Bob says. Democrats oblige
George Will: Sept. 11’s self-inflicted wounds
Kathleen Parker: An America that no longer knows itself
Mark Steyn: Let’s Roll Over

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: Republican Leads in Race For New York House Seat
NYT: Fearing Loss of Weiner’s Seat, Democrats Make a Late Push
NatJ: Poll: Republicans On Verge Of Shocking NYC Upset
Roll Call: Poll: Republican Bob Turner Takes Lead in New York Special
Fox: Race for Weiner's Old Seat Could Turn on Jewish Votes for Catholic Republican
Weekly Standard: NY-9 TV Ad: You Can't Be Pro-Israel and Pro-Obama


SacBee: Democrats target Dan Lungren in early campaign ads

Politico: Campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee to be released on bond


SPT: Rick Scott has hired fewer minority staffers than Charlie Crist


Politico: Republicans pin hopes on West Virginia


Boston Globe: Disgraced DiMasi is given 8 years


September 9, 2011


Wash Times: Perry takes new course with call to limit military use
WSJ: Republicans Split Over Perry's Social Security Remarks
NatJ: With Blunt Social Security Talk, Perry Giving Heartburn To GOP Establishment
Star-Telegram: Perry's comments reignite Social Security debate
Des Moines Register: Rivals rip Perry over Social Security remarks
LA Times: Texas healthcare system withering under Gov. Perry
WSJ: Perry the Piñata
NatJ: Perry the Piñata: Six Ways Critics Could Attack
Examiner: Two cheers for Perry the provocateur
Human Events: Did Perry Always Jealously See Palin as a Threat?
Human Events: Secret to His Success Revealed in 'Rick Perry and His Eggheads'
Weekly Standard: Does it Matter that Perry Was a Democrat?
James Taranto: Why They Cheered
Byron York: Will immigration cripple Rick Perry's bid?
Mona Charen: Did Perry Blow It on Social Security?
Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh Debate Analysis: Governor Perry Sticks to His Guns
Rush Limbaugh: Gergen and Friedman on Perry

Hill: Romney: Obama's plan '960 days late'
NYT: Romney and Perry Assume Contrasting Republican Brands
Wash Times: Trying new pitch, Romney stirs old core-belief doubts
NY Post: Mitt: Perry anti-‘Social’

Star Tribune: Bachmann looks to Florida for strength
Des Moines Register: Bachmann to tailgate in Ames on Saturday
NYT: The Bachmann Response
NatJ: Michele Bachmann Blasts Obama Speech She (Mostly) Missed
Fox: Bachmann, Other GOP Presidential Candidates Slam Obama’s Jobs Plan
NYDN: Bachmann delivers GOP response to Obama's job speech

NatJ: Huntsman Shakes Up Finance Team
Politico: Struggling Jon Huntsman reorganizes

Wash Times: Perry vs. Paul: A Texas-sized war

Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh Debate Analysis: They're All Better Than Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh Debate Analysis: Can Brian Williams Sleep at Night?

WSJ: GOP Candidates Assail Fed Chief
WaPo: Fed Chairman Bernanke quietly takes the heat

Roll Call: Barbour Adds More Financial Heft to Crossroads Super PAC
Daily Caller: Haley Barbour brings fundraising prowess to American Crossroads

Boston Globe: Obama’s uncle quietly released from jail


WaPo: Obama announces $447 billion plan to boost economy
Fox: Obama Urges Congress to Pass $450 Billion Jobs Plan 'Right Away'
WSJ: Obama's Bid to Spur Growth
WSJ: Text of Obama’s Remarks on His Jobs Plan
WSJ: The Latest Jobs Plan
Hill: Obama unveils $447B jobs bill
Hill: Dems: Great speech, now walk the walk
Hill: Sens. Graham, McCain react to president's speech
Wash Times: Obama calls for end of ‘political circus’ on economy
NYT: Plan’s Focus on Social Security Taxes Reflects Its Modest Ambitions
NYT: Obama Challenges Congress on Job Plan
NYT: Editorial: The Jobs Speech
NYT: A Bipartisan Move to Tackle Benefits Programs
NYT: Despite Talk of Taming Partisanship, a Show of It for President’s Remarks
Boston Globe: Obama lays out $447b jobs plan
LA Times: Obama jobs plan spurs cautious hope among small businesses
Chicago Tribune: Obama faces tough slog to sell pivotal jobs plan
Chicago ST: Editorial: Obama pragmatic, but won’t roll over
National Review: Got Jobs?
Weekly Standard: House Republicans React to Jobs Address
Politico: Obama pivots to jobs - and dares GOP to follow
NatJ: Obama: Pass This Jobs Bill ... Or Else
NatJ: After the Speech: Republicans React
Examiner: Obama lays out $450 billion jobs package
Examiner: GOP sees Obama's plan as 'more of the same'
Daily Caller: Confrontational Obama presents jobs bill, leaves Republicans underwhelmed
Human Events: The Obama Jobs Speech
American Spectator: Putting Straw Men Back to Work

Paul Krugman: Setting Their Hair on Fire
David Brooks: Stimulus for Skeptics
Dan Balz: With speech, Obama seeks to invigorate economy, presidency
EJ Dionne: Obama goes big — and should stay big
Chris Cillizza: Obama the aggressive
Ezra Klein: What’s in the president’s jobs plan, and what comes next
Dana Milbank: The irrelevancy of the Obama presidency
Jen Rubin: Obama: Pay it now, pay for it later
Josh Greenman: GOP would serve themselves well politically by endorsing Obama's jobs bill
Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party Knows the Status Quo is No Longer Sustainable

NatJ: Super Committee's First Meeting Dominated by Jobs
WaPo: Senators meet privately on urging broad debt-reduction plan from supercommittee
Wash Times: Deficit reduction panel vows teamwork will cut $1.5 trillion
WSJ: Obama’s Jobs Plan Puts New Pressure on Supercommittee
Fox: Military Hawks Nervous Over Possible Cuts as Deficit Panel Meets
WSJ: Senator Threatens to Walk if Debt Panel Hits Defense
Politico: Kyl gives debt panel dose of reality

NYT: Settlement Said to Be Near for Fannie and Freddie
WSJ: Fannie and Freddie as Victims

WSJ: Court Upholds Health Law
NYT: Court Blocks Suit Against Health Law
WaPo: Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli’s health-care lawsuit dismissed by 4th Circuit
Wash Times: Court dismisses Virginia challenge to Obama health reform

Politico: New crime tied to 'Fast & Furious'
Fox: Gun Found in Arizona Is Third at U.S. Crime Scene Tied to ATF's 'Fast and Furious'

WaPo: FBI searches offices of Solyndra; lawmakers say they were misled
Daily Caller: Obama: $43m more for ‘wind energy’ green jobs

Hill: Historic patent reform bill clears Congress
Milwaukee JS: Patent reform OK'd; critics say it impedes start-ups
Daily Caller: Senate ends six-year battle, passes patent reform
Politico: Patent reform bill approved by Senate

Politico: Bush to open Fox NFL 9/11 special
Peggy Noonan: We'll Never Get Over It, Nor Should We
Michael Barone: America changed in a day


Human Events: Bob Turner in Shockingly Close Race for Weiner's N.Y. House Seat
NYT: In Last Push, Rivals in House Race Try to Provoke a Blunder
NYT: A Scion of Queens Democrats Vies for a House Seat
WSJ: Cash Pours Into Weiner Race
Roll Call: DCCC Makes New York Ad Buy to Help Save David Weprin
Daily Caller: Weprin to protest Trump’s endorsement of Turner outside Trump Tower
NYDN: Turner refuses to back presidential candidate from his own party during debate

NYT: Quinn Hires Pollster Tied to President for 2013 Race


NYT: A Tax Deal in California Is Bipartisan


Politico: Dave Bitner dies
Miami Herald: GOP leader Dave Bitner dies from Lou Gehrig’s disease at 62

Politico: West to stay in Black Caucus


AJC: Gary Black, Casey Cagle endorse Rick Perry


Roll Call: GOP Motion Seeks Info From DCCC on Illinois Redraw


Detroit News: Watchdog: Snyder funds 'disturbing'


Roll Call: Joe Manchin Remains Popular in West Virginia


Boston Globe: ‘Broken’ DiMasi begs for leniency


Wash Times: New Mexico governor: Grandparents came to U.S. illegally


Denver Post: CO commission to release maps for new state House, Senate districts today


September 8, 2011


Wash Times: In wide field, it’s Romney vs. Perry
WaPo: Rick Perry, Mitt Romney square off in Republican presidential debate
WSJ: Perry, Romney Clash at Debate
Fox: Romney, Perry Spar at Debate as GOP Hopefuls Take On Obama, Each Other
Boston Globe: Perry, Romney spar in debate
Star-Telegram: Perry, in first debate, fends off rivals' attacks
Austin AS: Perry, Romney spar over Social Security, jobs
HChron: Team Perry declares victory; Bachmann’s ex (strategist) says she’s still a factor
Miami Herald: Debate was the Rick Perry Show, but Mitt Romney stole some of the spotlight
Chicago Tribune: Perry, Romney square off in Reagan Library debate
Chicago ST: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry spar on jobs in GOP presidential debate
Des Moines Register: GOP debate: Smooth Romney bests inexperienced Perry
Star Tribune: Perry takes the spotlight and the heat
Weekly Standard: Perry and Romney Spar Over Social Security and Job Creation
MSNBC: Who do you think won the Republican debate at the Reagan library?
National Rev: At Reagan’s House: The Gipper can’t rate the candidates, but our panel does
NYT: Romney and Perry Clash, Drawing Lines in G.O.P. Sand
NYT: Electability a Primary Liability for Perry
NYT: Attacking the Democrats, but Not Always Getting It Right
NYT: Aiming Economic Plans at Elusive Independents
LA Times: Perry, Romney square off in Reagan Library debate
LA Times: As Perry and Romney spar, Michele Bachmann fades
Denver Post: Denver viewers keep options open during GOP presidential debate
Politico: The Republican presidential debate: Eight takeaways
Politico: In Republican presidential debate, Perry gets bitten and bites back
Politico: At Reagan debate, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry place big bets on GOP direction
Politico: Michele Bachmann all alone on $2 gas pledge
Politico: Rocking out with Michele Bachmann Overdrive
NY Post: A national Republican star is born
NYDN: Mitt Romney stands out with attacks of Rick Perry, President Obama
Hill: Fireworks between Perry and Romney erupt early in debate
NatJ: Perry on the National Stage: Powerful but Unpolished
NatJ: For Huntsman, a Night to Shine
NatJ: Perry, Romney 'Win' Debate but at What Price?
NatJ: What the GOP Presidential Candidates Said About the Economy, Jobs at the Debate
Daily Caller: Perry throws punches, Bachmann holds them
Daily Caller: Newt Gingrich in debate: I’d fire Ben Bernanke as fed chairman
DC: Rick Perry says Karl Rove has been ‘over the top for a long time’
Human Events: The Reagan Library Debate
American Spectator: The Piñata at the Party

Dan Balz: Rick Perry shows aggressive style in his first GOP debate
Chris Cillizza: The Reagan Library Republican debate: Winners and Losers
Dana Milbank: Rick Perry comes out fighting
Jen Rubin: Karl Rove and Dick Cheney win GOP debate
Byron York: Perry comes out strong, but faces grave danger

WSJ: Romney Plays It Safe
Ross Douthat: Mitt Romney’s Tightrope Walk

Boston Globe: Bachmann’s staff is revamped as the challenge from Perry grows

ABC: Dick Cheney to Hillary Clinton: Run!
CNS: Gallup: Obama Had Worst Month Ever in August

Star-Ledger: Gov. Christie elected vice chairman of Republican Governors Association

George Will: Why liberals fear the ‘Lochner’ decision


WSJ: Fed Prepares to Act
NYT: Rising Fears of Recession
WSJ: Why the Stimulus Failed

Fox: House Could Prepare Two Continuing Resolutions to Avert Government Shutdown
Politico: Hill moving fast on spending bills

Human Events: Republicans Bailing on Obama Speech
Wash Times: Obama faces skeptics in 3rd try for jobs
Fox: White House Presses Congress to Pass 'Bipartisan' Jobs Plan, GOP Has Doubts
WSJ: The Obama Presidency by the Numbers
Karl Rove: Amateur Hour at the White House
James Taranto: The Special-Needs Economy

Wash Times: Debt reduction ‘supercommittee’ to meet
Hill: Supercommittee gives Reid, other Democrats buyer’s remorse
Hill: Senate appropriators draw 2012 battle lines over programs to cut
NYT: From a Summer Focused on the Debt, Congress Now Pivots to Jobs
NYT: Editorial: Job Program for the Supercommittee
VP Joe Biden: China’s Rise Isn’t Our Demise

NYT: In Congress, Storm Relief Is Grist for Dispute

DC: Sessions, Coburn: Patent reform provision ‘illustration of Washington at its worst’

Fox: Is Fed Raid on Gibson Guitar Enforcing Policy or a Push to Target 'Made in USA'?

Fox: Holder Denies Prior Knowledge of 'Fast and Furious'

NYT: Doctor Fees Major Factor in Health Costs, Study Says

Daily Caller: Solyndra officials made numerous trips to the White House, logs show
NYT: OpEd: Going Green but Getting Nowhere


Roll Call: Sharron Angle Mum on Her Nevada Special Election Vote


NYT: Race to Replace Weiner Down to the Wire
NYT: TV Executive Behind ‘Springer’ Tries to Win House Seat for G.O.P.
DC: Pat Boone to make robocalls in race for Weiner’s seat

NYT: Report Outlines Rewards and Risks of Upstate Natural Gas Drilling
Albany TU: Study of shale gas drilling shows potential bonanza for producers
Rochester D&C: Fracking may create up to 37,000 jobs


Politico: Power drain for Southern Calif. Jews


Roll Call: Randy Weber Likely to Run to Succeed Ron Paul in Texas


WND: Rush Limbaugh predicts: Marco Rubio will be president

SPT: ACLU, Navy vet sue over welfare drug testing law


Chicago Tribune: Indiana tea party groups look to endorse Lugar foe


Roll Call: Wisconsin Contenders May Split Tammy Baldwin Support


Roll Call: Race Ratings: West Virginia Redraw Disappoints Democrats


DC: Union members could cost Obama Pennsylvania in 2012


WSJ: Christie Tells of Secret Deal


NYT: Mogul Plans Another Run, to Succeed Lieberman


Roll Call: Steve Forbes Latest Endorsement for Orrin Hatch in Utah


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Dick Cheney:
Learning from Setbacks

American Spectator:
Crediting the Cheney Chronicles

Politico: Dick Cheney’s last campaign: ‘We got it right'

Rush Limbaugh: Vice President Cheney Calls In

WSJ: 'I Didn't Change. The World Changed'

NYT: In Memoir, Cheney Addresses Controversies

WaPo: In memoir, Cheney defends decisions, Bush as president

Politico: A political junkie's guide to Cheney's memoir

DC: Cheney’s dog was banned from Camp David lodge for attacking Bush’s dog

WaPo: Powell disputes Cheney book passages

WaPo: ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir’ by Dick Cheney

Maureen Dowd: Darth Vader Vents

George Will: Declaration of independents

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