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April 7, 2012


WSJ: Romney: Obama Out of Excuses on Jobs
WSJ: Campaigns Gird for Battlegrounds
NYT: Starting the Day, and Ending It, at Romney’s Side
NYT: On Jobs, Obama and Romney Argue Over Fullness of the Glass
Politico: Romney huddled with conservative leaders in DC this week
NYT: Introducing the Romney Magic Numbers Calculator

Fox: Romney looks for winning combo in narrowing VP field
George Will: What Romney needs in a running mate
NatJ: Romney's VP Sleeper: Kelly Ayotte

WSJ: Santorum’s Youngest Daughter Hospitalized
WaPo: Bella Santorum hospitalized
Fox: Santorum's daughter taken to hospital
Boston Globe: Santorum moves fuel predictions he will exit
NY Post: Santorum’s Texas twist

HE: Ron Paul leaves other GOP contenders in the dust when it comes to military donations

NYT: Obama Campaign Seizes Security Issues
WSJ: A 'Fat Cat' With Obama's Ear
WaPo: Obama has aggressive Internet strategy to woo supporters
WaPo: Obama and Romney: Mano a mano on Twitter
Pat Buchanan: The socialist and the social darwinist
Roger Hedgecock: Change the subject and attack
Rush Limbaugh: Beware Obama's Taxmageddon
Andrew McCarthy: Obama Funds the Egyptian Government
Mark Steyn: Our Contemptuous President
Gallup: Obama job approval at 50%

NYT: How to Expand the Voter Rolls

WSJ: Ad Rates for Politics to Hit Web

WaPo: Has the tea party become a GOP liability?


NYT: Democrats Ready to Pressure G.O.P. on ‘Buffett Rule’

WSJ: Women Buoy Democrats in Senate Races


WSJ: U.S. Labor Market Slows Its Stride
NYT: After a Winter of Strong Gains, Job Growth Ebbs
NYT: Some Dreary Forecasts From Recovery Skeptics
WaPo: Mild winter may have artificially inflated jobs data, economists fear
NatJ: Don’t Jump to Conclusions on Jobs
Weekly Standard: A Disappointing Jobs Report

WTimes: Government records 40th straight deficit month in March
Weekly Standard: $73,000 Debt Per American Under Obama's Budget Plan

Hill: GOP: Obama, Democrats view energy as 'hazardous waste'

Fox: Issa: Obama administration knew for 11 months about lavish Vegas conference

NYT: Limits on Lobbyists as Hosts? Simply Unworkable, They Say

James Taranto: Boyz II Goats

Politico: Mike Huckabee takes aim at Rush Limbaugh

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Fox: Haley 'shocked' by Time's question about Indian taxi drivers


Ithaca Journal: Gillibrand reports $9.1M for re-election campaign

NYT: Court Upends 9-Year Fight on Housing Mentally Ill

NYT: Judicial Conduct Unbecoming


WSJ: California Declares War on Suburbia


Daily Caller: Effort underway to turn Texas into winner-take-all state
Dallas MN: The politics of making Texas winner-take-all


Chicago Tribune: Judge appoints special prosecutor in Daley nephew case
Chicago ST: Special prosecutor to re-examine case of Koschman, Daley nephew


WSJ: Poll: Warning Signs for Sen. Lugar


Milwaukee JS: Walker signs 51 pieces of legislation into law


Harvard Crimson: Scott Brown Raises $3.4 Million in First Quarter of 2012
Roll Call: Scott Brown Ended March With $15 Million
Hill: Gimmick fundraisers bring in needed cash for 2012 candidates


April 6, 2012


National Review: Mitt Romney’s Keystone State
WSJ: Romney: ‘I’d Have Women in Augusta’
Boston Globe: Democrats take aim at Romney on outsourcing
WaPo: Romney using ethics exception to limit disclosure of Bain holdings
WaPo: Obama to Romney: Release more tax returns

NYT: Santorum Meets With Conservative Leaders to Consider Possible Next Steps
WaPo: Rick Santorum huddles with conservative leaders, ponders future in race
Hill: Santorum and conservative leaders meet to discuss next steps for campaign
Hill: Campaign fights speculation that Santorum's race has been run
WTimes: For Santorum, Pennsylvania is a double-edged sword
Politico: Rick Santorum’s Pennsylvania primary problem
WTimes: Polls don’t hold strong promise for Santorum
Examiner: Santorum, conservatives plot to beat Romney

AJC: Gingrich-founded think tank files for bankruptcy
WaPo: Gingrich health-care think tank files for bankruptcy protection
American Spectator: Gingrich and the 'Money Power'

Hill: Focused on presidential bid, Ron Paul has missed 92 percent of votes in 2012

WSJ: Ryan Lands in VP Spotlight
Politico: Rob Portman tops veepstakes
NatJ: Insiders Poll: Enthusiasm Wanes for Rubio as VP Pick; Portman Rising
CNN: Haley on Romney's 'golden bullet'
Eugene Robinson: Handicapping Romney’s potential running mates

NYT: Republican Committee Makes Big Turnaround on Fund-Raising
Politico: RNC neutrality challenged on Romney

WSJ: Super PAC Stalled Despite Obama Greenlight
David Brooks: That Other Obama
Peggy Noonan: Noonan: Oh, for Some Kennedyesque Grace
Byron York: To Obama, legal precedents are all about politics
Rush Limbaugh: The White House is in Panic Mode

WaPo: A ‘war on women’ or a battle for their votes?


NYT: Obama Signs Bill to Promote Start-Up Investments
Hill: President Obama and Cantor are all smiles as JOBS Act is signed into law

WaPo: OpEd: Damage control for Budget Act
Weekly Standard: Dempsey and Ryan, Strategy and Budgets, cont.

Politico: How Angus King could swing Senate


WaPo: The political deadlock over national debt
NYT: Low Growth in Earnings Is Expected
Gramm and McMillin: The Real Causes of Income Inequality
Paul Krugman: Not Enough Inflation

Fox: Video shows federal officials joking about cost of lavish conference
National Review: Obama Praised GSA Administrator's Work Culture in 2010

Fox: Holder says court power to review laws 'beyond dispute'
WaPo: In letter to judge, Holder defends Obama’s comments
Sen. Mitch McConnell: Obama needs to 'back off' Supreme Court
Charles Krauthammer: Obama v. SCOTUS
James Taranto: The Dissent That Wasn't
David Limbaugh: Obama has it backward; Striking down ObamaCare would protect republic
Rush Limbaugh: The Latest on Obama v. the Court

DC: Issa, Grassley hammer White House for stonewalling on ‘Fast and Furious’ witness

AP: Board Seeks Marine's Dismissal for criticizing Obama on Facebook
Hill: Prosecutors: Marine superimposed Obama’s face on donkey image

NYT: Smaller Navy Ship Has a Rocky Past and Key Support

Hill: Energy Department prepares to approve more green loans

NYT: Catholic Fund Cuts Off Aid Over Groups’ Affiliations


NYT: Delegates Up for Grabs in Primary in New York

Albany TU: Cuomo picks Peters to preside over AD’s Third Dept.


Dallas MN: Santorum backers seek to change Texas primary rules


NYT: Editorial: The Law of the Gun in Florida


WSJ: Mississippi Learning


Weekly Standard: Jindal Reforms Education in Louisiana


Roll Call: New Poll Shows Dick Lugar With 7-Point Lead


Politico: Scott Walker: My family’s been targeted


IBD: Kasich and allies force Ohio party chair out early


Fox: Nebraska Senate candidate accuses rival of targeting daughter's twitter


DC: Va. attorney general Ken Cuccinelli less than psyched about prospect of Romney win


National Review: McMahon, Shays Trade Barbs Over Spending


Politico: Scott Brown touts W.H. access


Roll Call: Heather Wilson Has GOP Confident in New Mexico


April 5, 2012


WSJ: Romney Accuses Obama of Masking Agenda
NYT: Romney Says Obama Hides His Agenda
WaPo: Romney sharpens his attack, says Obama is running a ‘hide-and-seek campaign’
WTimes: Romney tells press to uncover Obama’s secrets
Hill: Romney: Obama a ‘hide-and-seek president,’ concealing real agenda

WaPo: In Pennsylvania, Romney focuses on Obama
Politico: Pennsylvania primary: Romney heads to Keystone State
Daily Caller: Poll: Romney leads Santorum in Pennsylvania
American Spectator: Romney Is Coming On Strong

WaPo: As Romney and Ryan campaign across Wisconsin, ‘chemistry’ and talk of a ticket
NYT: Budget Author Becomes Focus of Election for Ties to Romney
Politico: The Barack Obama, Mitt Romney budget battle
Rush Limbaugh: In Direct Appeal to the Dumbest Americans, Obama Claims

NYT: Editorial: Haunted by the Primaries
Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney, talking to the press, keeps the press at a distance
Politico: Ed Gillespie joins Team Romney

WaPo: Romney’s N.Y. team hopes primary can deliver final blow to Santorum
Buffalo News: Poll: Romney holds sizable lead over GOP foes in New York

Karl Rove: Rove: It's Almost Over for Santorum
WSJ: Santorum's Pennsylvania Resembles States He Has Lost
WTimes: Santorum plans on winning home state of Pennsylvania
Examiner: Santorum says Pennsylvania is 'must win' for him
NYT: Santorum Sees Long Campaign Road Ahead, but Many See Dead End
Fox: Santorum Taking Four-Day Break from Campaign Trail

Fox: Where's Ron Paul? Campaign slows, though candidate shows no sign of quitting

Roll Call: John Boehner Likely to Stay Neutral in GOP Presidential Race

NYT: After a Rollicking Primary, a Different Kind of Fight in November

WTimes: Gas numbers game is a loser for Obama

Fox: GOP, Obama fight to win over female voters

Grover Norquist: The Tax Hike Election of 2012


Hill: On the stump, Dems split with Obama over Keystone XL pipeline
Hill: Dems intensify attacks on oil speculators in effort to counter Republican attacks

AP: Obama signs bill banning insider trading by lawmakers

Politico: Redistricting sparks House cash dash


WSJ: Markets Fear End of Stimulus

Examiner: Obama backtracks on criticism of Supreme Court
Fox: Holder says 'courts have final say' in response to Obama's health law comments
WaPo: Obama’s Supreme Court comments lead some to question his strategy
WaPo: What Obama meant by ‘social Darwinism’
Hill: Pelosi predicts Supreme Court will uphold healthcare reform 6 to 3
Dan Henninger: The Supreme Court Lands in Oz
Ann Coulter: Verrilli not the Administration's worst lawyer, after all
James Taranto: Obama's Base Play
Rush Limb: Obama Understands Judicial Review, But Counts on Ignorance of His Audience
Rush: Brave Judge Jerry Smith of the Fifth Circuit Makes Himself a Target of the Regime
Rush Limbaugh: What Obama Will Say if Obamacare Loses

NYT: Court’s Potential to Goad Voters Swings to Democrats

Politico: Early Palin-Couric numbers in, NBC wins
Politico: Sarah Palin wins solid reviews as ‘Today’ host


Politico: N.H. names Rep. Charlie Bass in ‘push polling’ lawsuit


WaPo: Nikki Haley’s succession problem


NatJ: Q Poll: Gillibrand Unthreatened by Turner, Other GOP Candidates

Albany TU: Capitol pay rise next on agenda?
Albany TU: More money? A review of lulus and other states
Albany TU: It's a season of hope for Assembly, Senate candidates

NYT: New York City’s Population Barely Rose in the Last Decade, the Census Finds


WaPo: Editorial: Derail this gravy train


Austin AS: Austin-area growth rate ranks 2nd in nation


Miami Herald: Connie Mack disses Paul Ryan budget as "a joke."


Chicago Tribune: Emanuel and Quinn discuss pension reform

Chicago Tribune: Rep. Tim Johnson won't run again, sources say
WaPo: Rep. Tim Johnson won’t seek reelection


Pioneer Press: Minnesota voter ID measure going on fall ballot
Star Tribune: Voter ID amendment is now up to Minnesota's voters
Michelle Malkin: The Democrats' election forgery racket


Milwaukee JS: Romney won WI by blowing Santorum away in the Milwaukee media market
WaPo: Scott Walker and the most polarized state in the country


Weekly Standard: Can Clark Durant Replicate Rick Snyder’s Success in Michigan?


George Allen: Virginians are paying too much at the pump


Examiner: Maryland lawmakers far apart on budget as session wanes


NYT: Christie Leaning on Tax Subsidies in Hunt for Jobs


Politico: WWE suit dismissed against Linda McMahon

Fox: Connecticut Senate votes to abolish death penalty amid victim concerns


Rasmussen: New Mexico Senate: Heinrich (D) 46%, Wilson (R) 42%


Rasmussen: Montana: Romney, Santorum Still Lead Obama


Politico: Orrin Hatch sells seniority in Utah debate


April 4, 2012


WSJ: Romney Rolls Up Three Wins
WaPo: Mitt Romney wins Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C. primaries
WTimes: Romney sweeps GOP primaries in D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin
Fox: Romney sweeps 3 primary contests, eyes general election battle
Hill: Romney wins Wisconsin primary, increases lead in delegates
Hill: Romney seals the deal with GOP base
NYT: Pennsylvania Lets Romney Go Straight for Jugular
WSJ: Voters See Front-Runner as Nominee
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s Wisconsin win means the end of the end
National Review: Game Over?
Weekly Standard: In Wisconsin, Romney Develops Momentum

Milwaukee JS: Romney wins 'great victory' over Santorum

NYT: Romney Adds 3 Victories and Clashes With Obama

Detroit FP: Mitt Romney sweeps 3 primaries, sharpens focus on President Barack Obama

Kathleen Parker: Are women just not that into Mitt?

NatJ: The Hard Road Ahead for Rick Santorum
Hill: Santorum on losses: We're beginning the 'second half'
WaPo: Rick Santorum has much to prove in Pennsylvania primary
Hill: Santorum may drop out rather than lose home state of Pennsylvania
WSJ: Santorum Prepares for Last Stand
American Spectator: Predictably Predictable

Hill: Gingrich issues statement about conservative platform on night of losses

Dick Morris: Obama’s enthusiasm gap

Ross Douthat: The Virtues of the Super PAC


NatJ: House Budget Members Battle It Out On GOP Spending Plan

WTimes: House subpoenas Obama administration on Gulf oil drilling

WTimes: GOP making gains on fundraising front


WTimes: In attack mode, Obama labels Ryan budget ‘social Darwinism’
WaPo: Obama: GOP budget plan would create form of ‘social Darwinism’
Examiner: Obama blasts GOP budget as 'social Darwinism'
WSJ: Obama Blasts GOP Budget as 'Trojan Horse'
Hill: Combative Obama assails GOP, Romney for 'radical' vision in Ryan budget
NYT: Obama, in Talk, Calls House G.O.P. Budget the Work of Rightist Radicals
NYT: Budget Plan’s Defeat Shows Hurdles to Compromise
NYT: Editorial: Calling Radicalism by Its Name
WSJ: GOP Leader Calls Obama Out of Touch

Michael Barone: Colleges skimp on science, spend big on diversity

Fox: Judges order Justice Department to clarify Obama remarks on health law case
WaPo: Judge tells Justice Dept.: Clarify remarks on judicial activism amid health-care debate
Daily Caller: Federal judge fires back after Obama health care comments
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Puts Out Figurative Bounty on Supreme Court
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Assaults the Supreme Court, Day Two: the Human Element
Weekly Standard: Barack Obama vs. Anthony Kennedy?
NYT: Looking Ahead, Republicans Examine Options in Health Care Fight
National Review: The Impropriety of Obamacare

NYT: Agency Trip to Las Vegas Is the Talk of Washington


NYT: In Wisconsin Exit Polls, Hints at the Leanings of November Voters
Roll Call: Ron Johnson Pivots Toward Political Focus


Roll Call: Louise Slaughter Breaks Her Leg, Will Miss STOCK Act Signing


Roll Call: Virginia: George Allen Raised $1.4 Million in First Quarter


Fox: Maryland GOP Rep. Bartlett wins close primary
NatJ: Delaney Wins MD-06 Primary, Will Face Bartlett
Roll Call: Maryland: John Delaney, Roscoe Bartlett Win Primaries
WaPo: Delaney defeats Garagiola in Democratic primary for House seat from Maryland

NatJ: Cardin Will Face Bongino in Maryland


WaPo: Arizona sheriff rejects court monitor; Justice Department threatens to sue


Rasmussen: Montana Senate: Rehberg (R) 47%, Tester (D) 44%


Roll Call: Washington: 1st District Special Election Set


April 3, 2012


NYT: Romney Cites Obama’s Energy Policy in Rise of Nation’s Gas Prices
WaPo: Romney’s subtle shift to general election mode

Examiner: Romney expected to romp in GOP primaries Tuesday
Politico: Mitt Romney gets boost from unified Wisconsin GOP
Daily Cllr: Paul Ryan stumps for Romney, accuses Obama of ‘cash for clunkers economics’
National Review: The Ron Johnson Factor
WTimes: Romney seeks sweep to knock out Santorum
NatJ: Poll: Romney Leads by Single-Digits in Wisconsin
NYT: Romney Could Net 50 Delegates From Maryland and D.C.

NatJ: Poll: Romney Gaining on Santorum in Pennsylvania
Weekly Standard: Pennsylvania Poll: Santorum 41, Romney 35, Gingrich 10, Paul 7
Hill: Despite delegate lead, Romney struggles to put Santorum away
Rush Limbaugh: If the GOP Race is Over, Why is Everyone Still Attacking Rick Santorum?

WSJ: GOP, Romney to Raise Funds Jointly

Roll Call: Romney’s Chief Whip Roy Blunt Has a Good Week

WSJ: Romney Is Asked on Faith and Interracial Marriage

Michael Gerson: How Romney can overcome his shortcomings
William McGurn: Romney's 'Women Problem'
Frank Bruni: And Now, the Veepstakes

Fox: Santorum defiant as Romney eyes strong showing in next primary round
WSJ: Santorum to Wisconsin: Long Fight Is Good for Party
WaPo: Santorum defies mounting pressure to bow out
NYT: Weighing When Slim Hopes Become a G.O.P. Problem
Politico: Rick Santorum counts on rural voters
NYT: Santorum Ad Draws Pointed Obama-Romney Parallels
WSJ: 'Obamaville' Takes Top Political-Ad Spot

WaPo: The Professor Gingrich roadshow
Examiner: Newt aims for Gingrich flavor in Romney platform

Hill: Ron Paul: 'I haven't decided' if I will support eventual GOP nominee

NYT: Obama Campaign's New Ad Attacks Romney and the Oil Industry
NatJ: Obama Campaign Hits Back Against American Energy Alliance Ad
Sen. David Vitter: Truth about Obama’s energy claims
National Review: Carbon Emissions Are Good

David Limbaugh: Obama touts his record

Rush Limbaugh: Is the Gallup Poll Gender Gap a Fluke?

NYDN: Cuomo could be on collision course with Clintons in 2016 race for White House


Hill: Obama, Ryan to go another round in battle over federal budget

WTimes: Talk of pork revival tempts lawmakers on Capitol Hill


WSJ: Obama Warns Supreme Court
Fox: Obama warns 'unelected' Supreme Court against striking down health law
Politico: Obama, the left take on Supreme Court
Hill: Dems wage pressure campaign on Supreme Court over health ruling
WSJ: Court Lands on Campaign's Front Lines
American Spectator: Obama's Preemptive Strike on the Supreme Court
WSJ: Obama vs. Marbury v. Madison
Rush Limbaugh: The Obamacare Mandate is Unprecedented
Rush Limbaugh: The President Runs Against the Supremes

WTimes: Obama ‘confident’ Supreme Court will uphold health care law
NYT: President Confident Health Law Will Stand
WaPo: Obama ‘confident’ Supreme Court will uphold health care law
NYT: The ABC’s of the Health Care Law and Its Future
WSJ: OpEd: What to Do on the Day After ObamaCare
American Spectator: Ten Ways That Obamacare Is Bad Law
Charles Lane: The war on terror and Obamacare: Mirror images

Sen. Jon Kyl: What's at Stake in the Missile-Defense Debate?

Richard Clarke: How China Steals Our Secrets
WSJ: Chinese Applicants Flood U.S. Graduate Schools

NYT: White House and the F.D.A. Often at Odds

NYT: Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip-Searches for Any Arrest
WaPo: Supreme Court upholds jail strip searches, including for minor offenses

WSJ: Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Held
WaPo: Immigration officials arrest more than 3,100

NYT: Noncitizens Sue Over U.S. Gay Marriage Ban

NYT: Agency Administrator Fires Deputies, Then Resigns, Amid Spending Inquiry

Edward Lazear: The Worst Economic Recovery in History

Pat Buchanan: A nation arms itself -- for what?


Politico: Top gubernatorial races: Wisconsin recall leads list
Rasmussen: 52% in Wisconsin Support Recall of Governor Walker


Politico: Haley would decline VP slot


WSJ: For Rangel, New District And New Rival
NYT: Manhattan State Senator Says He’ll Challenge Rangel

NYT: Redrawn Districts Present a Hurdle for Democrats

NYT: State Public Workers Rushed to Join Pensions Before Cutbacks

Albany TU: Another GOP committee bucks McDonald


WTimes: Appeals court upholds Calif. affirmative action ban


Weekly Standard: Races to Watch: Texas Senate Primary

NatJ: Report: Perry Popped Painkillers to Get Him Through Debates


NatJ: Rubio Says He's Still Working on a GOP Immigration Bill


Fox: 4 Indiana Dems charged with election fraud in 2008


NYT: A Favored Son Returns to Uphill Battle in Nebraska


WaPo: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren and the ‘Have a beer’ factor

Boston Globe: Timothy Cahill indicted in corruption case

WaPo: Catholic school cancels address by Kennedy widow


April 2, 2012


WSJ: Wisconsin Sen. Johnson Backs Romney
WTimes: Wisconsin’s Sen. Johnson endorses Romney
WaPo: Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson endorses Mitt Romney

Boston Globe: Romney sides with Wisconsin governor in divisive recall
Hill: Siding with Gov. Walker in union fight could cost Romney in Nov.

NYT: Complacency Is a Threat to Romney in Wisconsin Primary
Human Events: A Wisconsin win may wrap it up for Romney
WSJ: Romney Falls for April Fools' Joke

WaPo: Maryland Republicans may give Romney a boost
NatJ: Easy Delegate Pickings for Romney in Maryland and D.C.

Politico: Ann Romney is the Romney Democrats fear most

WSJ: GOP Tries to Woo Hispanics
WTimes: As Romney nears nod, GOP base nods off
Joe Curl: Romney’s fortunes turn on high court health care ruling

NYT: Aides With Candidate’s Ear, if Not Title or Paycheck

WaPo: Who will Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick be? A conservative
Hill: Romney needs to pick Hispanic running-mate, advise Republican strategists
Jed Babbin: Romney's Only Option
NatJ: Coulter: Rubio VP Choice Would be a 'Mistake'
Miami Herald: Rubio-Bush-Ryan plan: Stop Rick Santorum
Milwaukee JS: In final push, Romney, Santorum court Wisconsin voters

NatJ: Rick Santorum Predicts a Win in Pennsylvania
Fox: Santorum downplays Romney's endorsement haul, compares rival to McCain
National Review: The Culture Warrior
NYT: For Santorum, Hope That Voters See Message as Pins Go Flying
WSJ: Santorum Bowls 124, But It's a Win
WaPo: Santorum vows to stay in race
WSJ: Santorum Battles Perceptions That Race Is Over
WaPo: Rick Santorum: Pennsylvania polls showing close race are work of ‘Democratic hack’
WSJ: Karen Santorum Steps into Spotlight

WSJ: Gingrich and Paul Hang in There
WaPo: Why Ron Paul draws big crowds but fails to catch on

Politico: Where is George W. Bush?

NYT: As Viewing Habits Change, Political Ads Switch Screens

Fouad Ajami: Obama and the Eisenhower Standard
James Taranto: The American left vows to defend the spoils of its revolutions
Fox: William Ayers: 'I get up every morning thinking ... today I'm gonna end capitalism'
Charlie Cook: After Embracing Change in '08, Young Voters Are Disillusioned with Obama

Fox: Top Obama re-election campaign donor accused of fraud


Fox: Rep. Ryan says he 'totally misspoke' in criticism of military testimony
Paul Krugman: Pink Slime Economics: The Republican budget
Juan Williams: Rep. Ryan’s budget proposal walks GOP into another political trap

Hill: Obama extends olive branch to Cantor after passage of jobs bill
Examiner: Entrepreneurs win half a loaf with the JOBS Act
NYT: Editorial: Their Contributors’ Bidding

WTimes: Congress puts Obama recess power to the test

Human Events: Will discredited Postal Service get next great bailout?

National Review: Senate 2012 Outlook


NYT: Public Worker Pensions Find Riskier Funds Fail to Pay Off

WTimes: Justices ‘took off their chains’ in health care questions
WaPo: Biden says Supreme Court will uphold health-care law
WSJ: Assailing the Supreme Court: The legal left echoes Newt Gingrich on judicial power
EJ Dionne: The right’s stealthy coup

WTimes: Biden slams Republicans for blocking programs for renewable energy

Fox: Palin to co-host 'Today' show as ratings battle heats up


WSJ: Fundraiser's Woes Hit Nevada Politics


Albany TU: Awaiting, debating Cuomo's compensation abuse remedy
Fred Dicker: Cuomo whacks Pataki gun law


WSJ: Californians Duel Over Taxes, Budget


Austin AS: Texas House likely to become less Republican, more inexperienced


Chicago ST: In letters, even Rod Blagojevich’s aides ripped him


Milwaukee JS: Heart of state's GOP can be found in Milwaukee's suburbs
Politico: Priebus memo: Wis. recall strengthens GOP


Human Events: Buckeye budgeteer: GOP Sen. Rob Portman


Detroit News: Peter Hoekstra's GOP rivals line up for fight in primary


Roll Call: Massachusetts: Brown-Warren Senate Race Statistically Tied


KPLU: Age verification for 'sex-ads' now the law in Washington; first in nation


WSJ: Raucous Gay-Rights Push in Alaska


April 1, 2012


NYT: In Wisconsin, Romney Nears the Tipping Point
WaPo: Romney, eyeing Wisconsin, moves to close out GOP nomination battle
Boston Globe: Confident Romney predicts Wisconsin victory
Milwaukee JS: Romney, Santorum keep battling for votes in Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: Editorial: Romney's pragmatism makes him the best pick

Fox: Maryland in rare situation Tuesday of mattering in GOP primary

NatJ: Romney: I Can Bridge the Partisan Divide
WTimes: Romney looks to fall campaign; doubts linger
Fox: Romney pivots to Obama challenge, amid lingering doubt among GOP right
NYT: OpEd: A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney
Rasmussen: Obama and Mitt Romney are tied at 46% apiece

NYT: In Wisconsin, Santorum Tells Conservatives Not to Give In
Hill: Pennsylvania primary could be last stand for Santorum, GOP strategists say

Michael Barone: Americans worrying about Constitution again

WaPo: Obama campaign reviewing background of volunteer fundraiser accused of fraud
Politico: Gas prices fuel congressional campaign rhetoric
Hill: Obama takes back the lead in Florida
Salena Zito: It's the economy, Mr. President


WaPo: The top 10 House incumbents who could lose their primaries

NatJ: Hotline's Monthly Senate Rankings

Politico: Richard Burr won't seek Republican whip

Hill: House Republicans struggle to find allies for Medicare overhaul

Hill: Dispute among Senate Dems threatens postal reform before May 15 deadline

Hill: GOP, Dems at impasse over defense cuts, despite calls for action

Rep. David Schweikert: Now or never: We must lower the corporate tax rate


WaPo: How Obamacare got to the Supreme Court
Politico: Supreme Court health care debate: If the law fails, what's next?
WaPo: New spotlight on state responses to health-care law
NYT: Editorial: The Roberts Court Defines Itself
Ross Douthat: The Genius of the Mandate
Clarice Feldman: Capitol Follies

WaPo: Obama presses Congress to pass ‘Buffett Rule’ tax increase on millionaires

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


SacBee: Callifornia lawmakers skeptical of lowered price tag for high-speed rail


Politico: After ethics ruling, David Vitter vows to keep blocking Ken Salazar's pay raise


Politico: Lugar repays feds $14k for hotel bills
Roll Call: Indiana: Board Grants Lugar Voting Residency Appeal


Star Tribune: Minnesota's million-dollar inmates


Boston Globe: Brown, Warren deadlocked, poll shows
Boston Globe: On the trail with Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren
Roll Call: The Man Behind Massachusetts’ Republicans


NYT: Giffords Keeps Campaign Money, Prompting Talk of a Possible Comeback


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NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

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