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April 21, 2012


WSJ: Romney Takes a Victory Lap in Arizona
WTimes: Romney makes strong pitch to GOP gathering
NatJ: Romney Commends Fellow Candidates, Begins Party Healing
Politico: In Ariz., Mitt listens on immigration

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney offering perks in his bid for major donors

LA Times: Mitt Romney meets with Latino business leaders
WSJ: Romney Woos Hispanics
WTimes: Romney camp makes pitch for Hispanic vote

WSJ: Budget Promise Proves Tough Test
NYT: Romney Set to Merge Staff With National Committee
WSJ: Romney Posts Best Money Month Yet
Hill: Romney on Keystone: ‘I will build that pipeline if I have to myself’
NYT: Concern in G.O.P. Over State Focus on Social Issues
James Taranto: Another attack on Romney predictably backfires

WSJ: Romney’s Women Split: Single vs. Married
Charlie Cook: With White Men in the Bag, Romney Needs to Focus on Women

Rasmussen: Ohio: Obama 46%, Romney 42%
Hill: Jobless rate falls in Ohio, Florida, where Obama is opening lead in polls

Fox: Jeb Bush says he'd consider vice presidency
Miami Herald: Jeb Bush: “I’d consider” the vice presidential job
WaPo: Condi Rice on veep slot: ‘Thank you, but no’
NatJ: Romney’s Top Aide Is a Lot Like Him

WSJ: Chamber’s Donohue Grades Obama on Economy: C+
Arthur Laffer & Stephen Moore: A 50-State Tax Lesson for the President
WSJ: The Obama Oil Embargo
Larry Kudlow: Obama’s 2.5 Percent Stall

WSJ: Scandals Undercut Obama's Message

Politico: Obama's pot promise a pipe dream?

NYT: Obama Sees Steep Dropoff in Cash From Major Donors
WSJ: Obama Fundraisers Focus on Gay Community

Dallas MN: Romney trails Obama in fundraising, but gap may narrow
WaPo: Obama posts big cash advantage over Romney
LA Times: Fundraising reports show Obama's financial edge
Fox: Obama posts 10-1 financial edge over Romney, putting $104M into campaign war chest

NYT: In Strategy Shift, Obama Team Attacks Romney From the Left

WaPo: Outside groups plan to focus on air war, ground game in 2012 election fight

WaPo: Conservative Crossroads groups raise $49 million


Hill: CBO estimates Obama's 2013 budget plan would hit economic growth

WSJ: Democrats for Keystone

WaPo: Editorial: A tax cut of little benefit

WaPo: Obama officials push Congress to block doubling of student loan interest rate
Hill: Obama: GOP needs to prevent doubling of student loan rates

Hill: Senate Dems, GOP differ on saving USPS
Hill: Postal bill could bring hike in health premiums for federal workers
NYT: Post Offices Face Hurdles in Efforts to Diversify


WaPo: Secret Service ousts three more in Colombia scandal
Fox: Palin has message for ousted Secret Service agent who ogled her
Politico: Sarah Palin: Agent got what he deserved
WTimes: White House accuses Palin, Sessions of ‘politicizing’ Secret Service incident

Fox: Tangherlini's arrival at GSA started with long climb in Democratic circles

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: The Great California Exodus

SacBee: Congress on track to deny Obama's $1 billion request for high-speed rail


WSJ: Tea Party Test in Orlando

Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott approves bill creating new state university


WTimes: Former Rep. Jefferson to serve sentence in 2 weeks


WSJ: Big Test Set for Tea Party Muscle


DC: Scott Walker predicts: ‘We’ll prevail’ in recall election, put name in history books
Politico: Scott Walker's $760K bonus program
Milwaukee JS: Koch gives $1 million to pro-Walker GOP group


WSJ: Trouble in Tar-Heel Country


Roll Call: Ron Johnson Endorsing, Stumping for George Allen Today


WaPo: Democratic senator Joe Manchin not sure he’ll back Obama


WSJ: Elizabeth Warren's Tax Epiphany
Politico: Brown camp: Warren ‘hypocrite’ on taxes


WaPo: Orrin Hatch in strong position heading into Utah GOP convention
Fox: Utah's Hatch faces tough re-election, with challenges from his own party
Roll Call: Orrin Hatch Looks to Surpass 60 Percent Mark in Saturday Vote


NYT: Alaska Lawmaker Put Campaign Money to Personal Use, Ex-Aide Told Inquiry


April 20, 2012


WaPo: Romney gaining conservatives’ support, if not their hearts
WTimes: Romney winning over key GOP skeptics
Politico: Mitt Romney’s challenge: Convincing GOP he can win
Weekly Standard: Can Romney Win Back the Wealthy Suburbs?
Hill: Romney suits up for November battle with President Obama
WSJ: Romney Visits Empty Factory to Mock Obama
Examiner: Romney claims Obama is attacking 'success'
WSJ: Poll Frames Rivals' Strengths
WaPo: Romney hires national security spokesman
NYT: In Boston, Romney Ramps Up for Fall
Fox: Poll: Obama and Romney in tight race in Florida
NatJ: Battleground Poll: Obama Leads Romney in Florida, Ohio
Chris Cillizza: People like Barack Obama. What can Mitt Romney do about it?
American Spectator: Will Harry Reid Elect Mitt Romney?

Hill: Pros, cons of Capitol veep picks
WTimes: If Romney picks a woman for VP, who?
Politico: Poll: Chris Christie ties Mitt Romney with Obama
WSJ: Marco Rubio Dismisses Talk of Vice Presidential Nod
Fox: Rubio shrugs off veep talk but just wait till 2016
WaPo: Denying interest in vice presidency, Rubio pushes version of Dream Act
NYT: Rubio, in Appeal to G.O.P.’s Conscience, Urges Compromise on Dream Act

NYT: Student Loan Interest Rates Loom as Political Battle

WTimes: Obama reverts to 2008 plan: Blame Bush
WaPo: Romney ties Obama to factory closed under Bush
WaPo: Obama ’08 campaign failed to disclose $2 million in contributions, FEC audit finds
John Fund: Obama’s Funny Money

Politico: Crossroads groups: $100 million raised so far this cycle


WaPo: House approves tax-cut plan for small businesses
WTimes: House GOP pushes small-business tax cut
WSJ: House Approves Small-Business Tax-Cut Measure
NYT: Rejecting ‘Buffett Rule,’ House Passes Business Tax Cut

NYT: Democrats Joining G.O.P. on Pipeline
Byron York: Obama faces defeat on pipeline as Dems defect

NYT: New District Maps Toughen Democrats’ Race for House

WTimes: Obama goes to battle with Reid over NRC appointment
Kim Strassel: The Democratic War on One Woman

Peggy Noonan: America's Crisis of Character

Tom Davis: Voters can help cure poisonous partisanship


WSJ: WSJ/NBC Poll: Gasoline Prices Are a Rising Issue for Voters
NYT: Fears Rise That Recovery May Falter in the Spring

NYT: A Military and Intelligence Clash Over Spy Satellites
WTimes: Republicans fear exchange program put national security at risk
Charles Krauthammer: Farewell, the New Frontier

WaPo: Secret Service supervisors involved in Colombia scandal identified
James Taranto: 'There Was a Language Gap'

Hill: Democrats expressing buyers’ remorse on Obama's healthcare law


Wendy Long: Financial Regulation Is Hurting New York

NYT: Nine-Year Sentence Requested for Carl Kruger


Politico: California, the mother of all redistrictings


Dallas MN: Perry -- this time, no wiggle room -- endorses Dewhurst for U.S. Senate


Roll Call: Illinois: Joe Walsh, Ex-Wife Agree He’s Not a ‘Deadbeat Dad’


Politico: Richard Mourdock had key message for NRSC


Milwaukee JS: Barrett, Falk debate electability against Scott Walker


Human Events: Rand Paul won't vote for the Paul Ryan budget plan


DC: North Carolina Democratic Party chair ousted from Charlotte DNC convention committee


WSJ: GOP Eyes Giffords Seat
WaPo: Ron Barber, former Gabrielle Giffords aide, sees Arizona race as call to civility


WTimes: Hatch’s re-election bid looking more secure


April 19, 2012


WTimes: Romney in demand with GOP hopefuls on the stump
WSJ: Romney Delivers ‘Prebuttal’ to Obama’s Convention Speech
Politico: Mitt delivers 'prebuttal' in Charlotte
NatJ: Romney Connects Obama to Greek Debt Crisis, Condemns Campaign Attacks
NYT: In Wariness on Economy, Poll Finds Opening for Romney
WSJ: Romney Says He’d Fire Secret Service Agents Involved in Scandal
NYT: In Ohio, Hurdles for Both Candidates
WSJ: Mitch Daniels Endorses Romney
Fox: Anti-gay marriage group accuses IRS of leaking Romney donation details
WSJ: Romney’s Cookie Comment Bites Back
WSJ: Romney Goes on the Attack in Swing States
Politico: The fight for 'the persuadables'

Karl Rove: How Romney Can Beat the Buffett Rule
Dan Balz: Who is Mitt Romney and what does he believe?
Politico: 3 reasons Mitt Romney can win
EJ Dionne: Two-paycheck couples, working because they must
Dana Milbank: Democrats battle back against Republican ‘war on women’

Politico: Poll: Condi Rice tops GOP VP list
American Spectator: Let the Veepstakes Begin

Human Events: Gingrich staying in the race for 'the conservative movement'
AJC: Newt Gingrich’s Georgia backers in Congress say they’ll stick with him
DC: Gingrich's Secret Service detail costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a day

WSJ: Ron Paul Inspires an Old-School Video Game

WTimes: Obama: Prosperity comes from bottom, not top
WaPo: Obama: ‘I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth’
Hill: Stumping in Ohio, Obama hits Romney with ‘silver spoon’
Human Events: Obama wages 'war on coal' in Pennsylvania
NatJ: Poll: Obama Still Quite the Ladies' Man
WSJ: George Clooney to Host Obama Fundraiser
Dan Henninger: It's 1936 All Over Again
James Taranto: Bam Bites Dog: The political perils of personal attacks
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Ate Dog Meat as a Child in Indonesia
Rush Limbaugh: Romney's Weaknesses Pale in Comparison to the Obama Disaster

WaPo: Jim Webb: Health-care law represents a leadership failure for Obama

WSJ: Ted Nugent: ‘Looking Forward’ to Meeting With Secret Service
Rush Limbaugh: Secret Service Investigates The Nuge

WTimes: Battlegrounds established for Hispanic votes


WaPo: Transportation funding extension passes U.S. House
Fox: House passes highway bill, Keystone OK included
Politico: House passes Keystone XL pipeline - again
Hill: House clears highway bill with Keystone pipeline mandate, thwarts Obama

Hill: Trade bill raises fight over earmarks for GOP

Hill: Toomey to force vote on Ryan budget
Hill: Obama warns GOP not to move spending bills that break debt deal
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's $5 Trillion in Debt

WTimes: McConnell, Reid spar on status of nuclear appointee

Fox: Senate panel urges General Services Administration to 'clean house'
Examiner: GOP: Scandals prove government is bloated, corrupt
Daily Caller: Rand Paul asks Issa to probe Obama admin. Vegas conference policy

NYT: For Senate Democrats, Vote Revolves Around Women

Fox: Boehner says Obama can't run on economic record

Examiner: K Street and Tea Party again fight for soul of GOP

Roll Call: Spending Battle for Senate Kicks Into Gear
Boston Globe: Senate power struggle fuels Maine race


Hill: EPA finalizes first-ever air pollution rules for natural-gas 'fracking'
NYT: U.S. Caps Emissions in Drilling for Fuel
Daily Caller: Inhofe: Obama ‘trying to run away from the far-left environmentalists’

NYT: Woman Recounts Quarrel Leading to Agent Scandal
WaPo: Scandal ousts three Secret Service personnel
Fox: 3 out at Secret Service in prostitution scandal as congressman warns 'it's not over'

NYT: Veterans Department to Increase Mental Health Staffing

NYT: Justices Limit Suits Under Law on Torture
WaPo: Supreme Court says torture victim law applies only to people, not organizations

Ann Coulter: Negroes With Guns

WTimes: White House denies ‘deal’ on Panetta’s commute

Daily Caller: RGA raises nearly double DGA in first quarter of 2012

National Review: Polygamy, Too: Muslims eye a redefinition


Albany TU: Cuomo named to Time’s 100 most influential people


Dallas MN: Cornyn, long neutral in GOP fight, endorses Romney for president

Austin AS: To keep up with rising costs, Austin may raise property taxes for coming year


Roll Call: Marco Rubio Hones Foreign Policy Chops in Colombia

Miami Herald: New Super PAC backs GOP Senate candidate Connie Mack
Tampa Bay Times: Republicans fret about Connie Mack campaign


Chicago Tribune: Glimpses of Illinois Medicaid cuts emerge


Weekly Standard: Campaign Poll: Mourdock 42, Lugar 41
NatJ: Death of the Center


News & Observer: Dem Party chairman refuses to resign, calls for referendum on his job
WRAL: Documents detail complaints against Dem party director
DC: Illicit photo, unwanted contact among harassment allegations against NC Democrat
Politico: National Democrats prepping to shove North Carolina party chair amid scandal
WRAL: 2-page letter (.pdf)


WTimes: Democrat’s surprise vote gives Virginia a budget
Examiner: Virginia lawmakers finally approve budget

Jen Rubin: Bob McDonnell interview


Roll Call: 12th District Race Illustrates Changes in Pennsylvania


YouTube: Massachusetts Republicans Hit Warren On Taxes


April 18, 2012


WSJ: Boehner Endorses Romney for President
NYT: Boehner and McConnell Endorse Romney
WaPo: McConnell joins Boehner in endorsing Romney for president
Hill: GOP leaders endorse Mitt Romney, seek party unity behind probable nominee

Gallup: Election 2012 Trial Heat: Romney 48% Obama 43%
WSJ: A Favorable Turn in Romney's Favorability Rating
Jen Rubin: Romney’s numbers rebounding
Boston Globe: ‘Likability’ scores are hurdle for Romney
Rush: If Nobody Likes Mitt Romney, Why is He Leading Obama by Five in the Gallup Poll?

NatJ: Romney Begins to Court Moderates, Independents
Dick Morris: Undecided lean to insurgent

Breitbart: Romney Rips Media, 'Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy'
CNN: Romney cites 'vast left wing conspiracy'
WSJ: Anti-Romney Spots Dominate Web Ads
WSJ: Democrats Link Romney and Ted Nugent
Politico: The year of the 'surrogate'

NYT: Romney’s Critique of War Policy Gets a Closer Look
WaPo: Why does Mitt Romney seem so stiff? He’s trying too hard, friends say

WSJ: Rubio Would Give Romney No Florida Bounce – Poll
Politico: PPP: Only Jeb boosts Mitt in Florida
NYT: Romney Aide Turns Focus to Search for His No. 2
Michael Barone: To win burbs, Mitt may pick 'double-vanilla' veep

WSJ: Santorum Still Mum on Endorsement, Delegates
Human Events: Santorum cancels Pennsylvania appearance tonight
NYT: Santorum Offers Hints on His Plans, but First, a Debt

WSJ: Crossroads GPS's Haul: $76.8 Million
Politico: Crossroads: the ATM of the Right

Jonah Goldberg: Obama’s Problem? His Record
James Taranto: Behind silly debate over whether election is a "referendum" or a "choice"
Thomas Friedman: A third voice is just what Election 2012 needs
Kathleen Parker: Presidential race has really gone to the dogs
Chris Cillizza: A permanent gender gap problem for Republicans?
Ronald Brownstein: Familiar Divisions Give Obama Narrow Edge

Hill: Voters like President Obama to lead but prefer Romney on economic issues

Hill: Obama flips, re-labels likely foe Romney as hardcore conservative

WaPo: Latino voters take center stage in both presidential campaigns


WTimes: Democrats punt on Senate budget bill for 3rd year
Hill: Sen. Conrad backs off plan to vote on budget
WSJ: Conrad's Budget Surprise: Simpson-Bowles
NYT: Senate Budget Panel to Take Up Deficit Plan
Politico: Kent Conrad budget a study in congressional gridlock

Politico: Details shake out in appropriations bills
Hill: Catholic bishops criticize Ryan budget cuts to food stamps
Politico: Will GOP gamble on tax-cut votes?
Stephen Moore: Buffett Tax Baloney
Rush Limbaugh: The Flat Tax and Fairness

Hill: ‘Terrified’ lobbyists brace for lame-duck chaos, expecting tough tax, budget votes

WaPo: Senate GOP joining legal action against Obama recess appointments
WTimes: Obama’s recess actions spur Republicans to join lawsuit
Politico: GOP senators challenge recess appointments
WTimes: Miguel Estrada, victim of Democrat filibuster, to fight Obama appointments

WaPo: HUD targeted as budget pressures grow

Hill: Obama threatens to veto Cantor’s small business tax cut, calls it a 'giveaway'

WTimes: Senate takes up financial problems of Postal Service
Fox: Senate seeks ways to save ailing US Postal Service

Human Events: House blocks EPA from banning lead in ammunition

Hill: House Republicans threaten to shut down GSA after spending scandal
Fox: Lawmakers slam GSA officials for South Pacific trips at 2nd day of hearings
WaPo: GSA official’s wife accompanied him on trips at taxpayer expense
Charles Hurt: Tax-and-waste never seems out of style
Michelle Malkin: The Real GSA Scandal

Fox: Tea Party adapting, still picking winners in changing political climate

Weekly Standard: Senate Races Heat Up With TV Ads


Sen. Lisa Murkowski: America's Lost Energy Decade
NYT: As Gas Prices Cast Cloud, Obama Calls for Scrutiny on Market
WTimes: Obama wants $52 million to crack down on oil speculation
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Bashes Big Oil Speculators in Rose Garden Campaign Appearance
WaPo: $4 gas reinforces trend toward lower U.S. fuel consumption
WTimes: Gas prices stall early in season
NYT: Panel Faults Congress for Inaction on Drilling
NYT: Editorial: The Big Spill, Two Years Later
Fox: Poll: Voters say gas prices pose serious threat to economic recovery
Daily Caller: Joe Kennedy III calls for ending ‘cheap oil’

Rush Limbaugh: The Jobless Numbers Manipulation

NYT: In Agent Scandal, Inquiry Leads to Colombian Bordellos
WaPo: Inquiry points to wider Secret Service scandal involving as many as 21 women
Fox: Feds dispute claim of up to 21 women tied to Secret Service prostitution scandal
Dana Milbank: Debauchery: An American specialty

NYT: In Poll, Many Link Weather Extremes to Climate Change

WSJ: 'Stand Your Ground' Backer Retreats, and New Bills Stall
WaPo: Legislative committee moves away from ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws
WSJ: OpEd: Understanding 'Stand Your Ground'
Newt Gingrich: The Right to Bear Arms is a Human Right

Holman Jenkins: The Inequality Obsession


NatJ: Iowa and Caucuses After 2012: Will They Survive?


NYT: Cuomo Reported Income of Over $230,000 in 2011

Albany TU: Senate approval slipping

Buffalo News: Slaughter injury raises age issue


Dallas MN: Straus, Dewhurst won’t sign on to Perry’s TX Budget Compact to limit spending


NYT: No Savings Are Found From Welfare Drug Tests

Roll Call: David Rivera Will Not Be Charged Over Financial Issues

Politico: Connie Mack skips out on big votes, hits trail instead


WSJ: Mississippi Law Tightens Requirements for Abortion Providers


Chicago ST: Indicted state Rep. Smith shows up for House session


Weekly Standard: PPP: Republicans Lead in All Wisconsin State Senate Recall Races
Weekly Standard: Barrett & Falk Attack Wisconsin's Property Tax Cap


Daily Caller: Perdue calls on state party chairman to resign


WTimes: Virginia budget dies in Senate stalemate
Examiner: Virginia Democrats kill budget deal over Dulles Rail money


Hill: GOP Senate hopeful: Friends involved in Secret Service scandal


Weekly Standard: Lieberman Doesn't Rule Out Supporting Shays


Boston Globe: Senator Brown works hard to woo South Boston


NYT: Arizona Republicans Pick Jesse Kelly for Congressional Race
Hill: Kelly wins GOP primary in contest for former Rep. Giffords’s seat
Politico: Kelly wins GOP nod in Ariz. special
Tucson Sentinel: Kelly wins GOP nomination in CD8 special election
Tucson Citizen: Kelly to face Barber for Giffords’ seat
KVOA: Barber talks to News 4 Tucson about his CD8 opponent
WSJ: Kelly to Face Ex-Giffords Aide in Arizona Race
WaPo: How the GOP could steal Gabby Giffords’s seat
Hill: Poll: Former Giffords opponent is strongest GOP candidate for her seat

Fox: Brewer vetoes bill allowing guns in buildings

NatJ: Federal Court Strikes Down Part of Arizona Voter ID Law
Fox: Appeals court upholds Arizona's voter ID requirement


Fox: Utah system puts a unique spin on Senate race


April 17, 2012


WSJ: Romney Woos Conservative Leaders
WSJ: White House: Romney Has a Core — and It’s Deeply Conservative
WSJ: Romney's Tea Party Tax Day
Politico: Mitt warms up Philly tea party
Hill: Romney tells Obama to 'start packing'
NYT: Aides Play Down Romney’s Talk on Taxes for Wealthy
National Review: Editorial: On the budget, Mitt moves in right direction
WaPo: Editorial: Romney’s inadequate ideas to pay for tax cuts
NYT: $800 Million Target for Romney Campaign and Republican Committee
Rush Limbaugh: Cheney Rips Obama, Rallies for Romney

Gallup: Romney 47%, Obama 45% in Tight Race as Gallup Daily Tracking Begins
WTimes: Independents give an edge to Romney
WaPo: Poll: Romney rallies GOP, faces big popularity deficit for general election
NatJ: Poll: Voters Doubt Romney Can Beat Obama

Byron York: Will Romney follow public opinion on Afghanistan?
Marc Thiessen: Romney is walking into Obama’s ‘secrecy’ attack
Victor Davis Hanson: Target: Ann Romney
WTimes: Democrats say Romney the one who hides
Eugene Robinson: Which Mitt will we get?
Richard Cohen: Mitt Romney, a man of falsehoods

WaPo: Mitt Romney’s hunt begins for vice presidential pick
WaPo: Beth Myers, longtime Romney adviser and confidante, to lead VP search
WTimes: Romney taps longtime adviser to head veep search
NatJ: Four Categories for Romney's Veep Choice
DC: Christie at Ind. fundraiser: ‘I don’t expect to be asked’ to join Romney ticket
Weekly Standard: New Mexico’s governor is a rising star, but won’t enter the veepstakes

Hill: Mitt Romney's fixer: Drew Maloney

Chicago Tribune: Rick Santorum declines to endorse Mitt Romney

Politico: Newt Gingrich bitten by a penguin
Dallas MN: Newt Gingrich continues his longshot campaign in Richardson

Hill: Obama seeks to tie Romney to former President Bush’s economic policies
David Brooks: The White House Argument
Bill McGurn: The 'Likable' Barack Obama
Ted Nugent: Economic kamikaze

Charles Lane: Return of the ‘white man’s party’?

WaPo: The 9 swing states of 2012

WTimes: GOP chief: Economy key to winning Hispanic vote
Examiner: Republicans trying to woo back Hispanic voters
Hill: Romney hire means shift on Hispanics


WSJ: 'Buffett Rule' Tax Plan Fails in a Senate Test Vote
WaPo: Senate rejects consideration of ‘Buffett rule’ tax increase for millionaires
NYT: In Senate, Republicans Block Debate on ‘Buffett Rule’
Fox: Senate GOP blocks Obama's 'Buffett rule' for minimum tax rate on millionaires
WTimes: Obama loses vote on ‘Buffett,’ gains tool
Gallup: Americans Favor "Buffett Rule" by 60% to 37%
Grover Norquist: Trickle-Down Taxation
American Spectator: Economic Ignorance and the Buffett Rule

Hill: House to 'deem' approval of 2013 budget on Tuesday

LA Times: Tax measures may be doomed, but clarify parties' goals

WSJ: Ex-GSA Chief Apologizes Over Conference
WTimes: Officials offer mea culpa for GSA retreat
Fox: GSA officials grilled on Vegas bash at Capitol Hill hearing
Examiner: GOP rips GSA for 'culture of wasteful spending'
WaPo: GSA inspector general is investigating possible bribes, kickbacks
WaPo: What was the GSA’s Jeffrey Neely thinking?
WaPo: Acting GSA chief clamps down on travel
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's GSA Administrator Pleads Fifth
Rich Lowry: Fast Times at the GSA

WaPo: Senate resumes debating U.S. Postal Service

Politico: Republicans to slash food stamps

Roll Call: NRCC Raises $9.3M, Starts Push for Dues

Politico: Blue Dog Democrats facing extinction in next election


Human Events: Defense cuts that conservatives and the troops can live with

WTimes: Panetta defends $860,000 for weekly trips home
WaPo: Panetta said he regretted cost to taxpayers for trips home to California

WSJ: Trial Details Terror Planning

WaPo: More military personnel might have been involved in misconduct before Obama’s trip
Fox: Secret Service revokes security clearance for agents in prostitution probe
Rush: After Years of Cultural Rot, Why are We Surprised by the Secret Service Scandal?

James Taranto: The perils of politicizing the George Zimmerman case

Politico: Prosecutor in Ted Stevens & leak cases quitting

Rasmussen: 73% Think Photo ID Requirement Before Voting Does Not Discriminate


NYT: Disabilities Act Used by Lawyers in Flood of Suits in NYC
WSJ: OpEd: Defining Disability Down: The Expanding Definition of Disability

NYT: New York’s Poverty Rate Rises, Study Finds

NYT: How Does Press Irk Cuomo? Document Offers Clues

NYT: Call to Restore Income Tax on NYC Suburbanites

WSJ: Election Presents Changing Guard

NY Post: GOP going all out to have Ray Kelly run for NYC Mayor

Rochester D&C: Senators bill taxpayers for charter expenses


SacBee: Democrats delay California mortgage overhaul amid business opposition
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's up to his old say-anything tricks


Politico: Coburn’s book criticizes both parties on debt woes


Weekly Standard: DNC Chief Called on to Release Tax Returns


Fox: Georgia to require drug tests for welfare benefits


Pat Buchanan: Jindal’s Tough Education Reforms


Fox: Mississippi governor signs bill putting new limits on abortion providers


Chicago ST: Wisconsin lieutenant governor rallies Tea Party crowd in Daley Plaza


NYT: Once Every 36 Years, a Primary Fight for Lugar
National Review: Mourdock’s Chances


Star Tribune: House panel vote leaves Vikings stadium plan in peril


Politico: Poll: Walker leads Democratic challengers in Wis. recall
Weekly Standard: Wisconsin Recall: Scott Walker Leads Tom Barrett 50% to 45% in Poll
WSJ: Property tax bills fall as Scott Walker's reforms start to kick in
Weekly Standard: Wisconsin's Property Taxes Drop for First Time in 12 Years
Milwaukee JS: Falk, Barrett pledge to roll back tax cuts for corporations


Hill: 'Joe the Plumber' gaining ground in money race against Rep. Kaptur


DC: NC Dems demand state chairman’s resignation, for harassment scandal


Roll Call: Redistricting Makes Blue Dog Holden an Underdog


Weekly Standard: Races to Watch: Connecticut Senate Primary


Boston Globe: Foes set to pounce on Brown’s Buffett Rule vote
WTimes: Brown localizing effort to win Senate re-election in Massachusetts


Hill: Tuesday primary marks beginning of process to replace Gabby Giffords
Roll Call: Race for Vacant Gabrielle Giffords Seat Heats Up

Rush Limbaugh: Was There Music This Time, Mrs. Clinton?


April 16, 2012


Dallas MN: Romney’s challenge: assuring conservatives but reaching swing voters
WSJ: Romney Specifies Deductions He'd Cut
NYT: Republican Lawmakers and Romney Face a Delicate Tango
WTimes: Romney team ducks women’s pay discrimination bill
WTimes: Romney receives Colorado message
Roll Call: Romney Gathers Hill Allies
Chicago Tribune: Romney campaign says Axelrod 'makes the case for Mitt Romney'

Fox: Obama camp battles Romney over female job loss criticism
NYT: Geithner Scolds Romney Over Women and Jobs
WSJ: Geithner Rebuts Romney on Women
WaPo: Geithner: Romney claims on women and job losses ‘ridiculous and very misleading’
WSJ: OpEd: Taxpayers deserve the same defense from IRS penalties as Tim Geithner

NatJ: Bachmann 'Very Seriously Looking Into' Romney Endorsement

WaPo: Marco Rubio should be Romney’s VP choice, Huckabee says

NYT: Gingrich and Paul Defy Calls to Rally Around Romney

LA Times: Just a few states could decide battle for Obama, Romney
NYT: Obama Camp, Sensing Shift, Bets on a Long Shot in Arizona
Bill Keller: The Sweet Spot
Chris Cillizza: Obama still has electoral advantages despite a much-changed map
Juan Williams: How race may affect this year’s election

Fox: Axelrod: No plans for Obama to donate extra to defray deficit despite low tax rate

RCP: Cheney: Obama "Has Been An Unmitigated Disaster To The Country"
Fox: Cheney calls Obama 'unmitigated disaster' in post-surgery speech

WaPo: Tea party support stable, but interest is waning
NatJ: New Poll Shows Tea Party Support Declining


Hill: The Week Ahead: Congress returns from two-week recess

WaPo: Congressional Republicans turn focus to gas prices

Sen. Rob Portman: Skip Buffett tax, try for real reform

Politico: Priebus: Buffett Rule is 'shiny object'
Hill: GOP and Dem lawmakers race hand in hand toward a fiscal cliff
Judd Gregg: Let Bowles, Simpson finish their job
Politico: Preview of dueling tax votes

WaPo: Competitive bidding drives GSA inquiry
Fox: House panel kicks off wave of hearings on GSA spending controversy

Human Events: 'Doomsday Clock' of Defense budget cuts nears zero hour
Jed Babbin: Pentagon Forecast: The Perfect Storm

WSJ: Why Your Highway Has Potholes

Hill: New bipartisan House cybersecurity bill haunted by ghost of SOPA’s failure

WSJ: GOP House Candidates Have Edge in Finances
Politico: Newt’s billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, gives $5M to establishment
Rasmussen: Boehner Is Most Liked Congressional Leader, Pelosi Still Least-Liked


NYT: President Speaks Out on Guard Investigation
WaPo: Obama calls for thorough inquiry in Secret Service prostitution scandal
WTimes: Obama: ‘I’ll be angry’ if Secret Service allegations are true
Fox: Obama: Reported details of prostitution scandal fall short of Secret Service standards
Examiner: Issa suggests 'soul-searching' for Secret Service
NYDN: Inside the Secret Service's hooker hot spot

Hill: Weak jobs numbers raise pressure on Federal Reserve to adopt new stimulus
Fred Barnes: Clueless About Job Creation

Hill: Banks, GOP lawmakers fear top housing regulator moving to mortgage write-down

Paul Krugman: Europe’s Economic Suicide
Robert Samuelson: The global happiness derby

NYT: Editorial: From the Birthplace of Big Brother

EJ Dionne: Why the NRA pushes ‘Stand Your Ground’

American Spectator: Will the Supreme Court Let the Death Panel Stand?
National Review: Obama v. the Court
John Fund: How Obama Got the Individual Mandate So Wrong


Roll Call: New York: Edolphus Towns Retiring After 15 Terms
NYT: Towns Is Said to Decline to Run Again for Congress
WaPo: Rep. Edolphus Towns, a New York Democrat, won’t seek reelection

Roll Call: New York: EMILY’s List Endorses Louise Slaughter, Kathy Hochul

Albany TU: Order approves creation of 63rd Senate district

Albany TU: Review of Bruno case nears end


George Skelton: Brown takes a page from the opposition playbook
Dan Walters: Stockton not only California government in financial distress


Politico: Bayou brawl breaks out in new district


National Review: Editorial: Mourdock for Indiana


WSJ: Bachmann Says Gender Wars All About The Economy
Hill: Bachmann: Rosen’s remarks about Ann Romney ‘insulting’


Milwaukee JS: John Doe probe looms over Walker's recall election

Roll Call: Tammy Baldwin Running on ‘Buffett Rule’


Hill: Kucinich supporters eye Washington state move to revive his political career


Detroit News: Legislators' agenda will test Gov. Rick Snyder's leadership

Detroit FP: Database: Michigan presidential campaign contributions
Detroit FP: Romney raises more campaign cash in Michigan than Obama


NYT: Pseudoscience and Tennessee’s Classrooms


DC: NC Dem Party exec director resigns in wake of same-sex sexual harassment allegations
Examiner: Democrat resigns amid sexual harassment stories


Human Events: Obama's 'war on coal' likely to give GOP edge in West Virginia


WSJ: Cash Flows to Kennedy Campaign in Big Way


Roll Call: Poll: Three Top Republicans Within Striking Distance of Jim Matheson


April 15, 2012


Boston Globe: Mitt Romney’s inner circle to abruptly expand
LA Times: For Romney, stressing business prowess may be risky strategy
Politico: Romney's new donor program: 'Founding members'
AJC: Activists rate Romney’s appeal to Georgia conservatives

Hill: GOP strategists: Puerto Rico Gov. Fortuno is a sleeper vice presidential pick
CNN: Former AG Gonzales: Rubio not a wise VP pick

NYT: White House Opens Door to Big Donors, and Lobbyists Slip In

WTimes: Obama hits Romney over immigration stance
Hill: Obama pledges to pursue immigration reform in second term

Fox: Obama defends typically GOP states in race to 270
Mercury News: Obama starts re-election campaign in traditionally GOP territory
Examiner: Romney helps Obama blunt health care fallout
WTimes: Editorial: Obama’s tax hike patriotism
Salena Zito: Female voters problem for Obama

WaPo: Lead-up to Labor Day may determine winner of presidential race
Politico: Analysis: Obama leads in projected electoral vote totals
WaPo: Obama gains in Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest keys to early 2012 battleground

Politico: Cain campaign paid groups reportedly under federal investigation

Maureen Dowd: Come Back, Sarah Palin!

WaPo: Liberals and conservatives don’t just vote differently. They think differently

Daily Caller: With new heart, Cheney speaks over an hour in Wyo.
WaPo: With new heart, Dick Cheney speaks for more than an hour in Wyoming
Fox: Cheney to speak at Wyoming GOP event, weeks after heart transplant


Fox: New report shows GOP keeping House, Democrats making small gains
Bloomberg: Road to Democratic U.S. House Majority Bypasses Pennsylvania

Fox: Parties agree: Ryan's GOP backed budget emerges as election year divide

Hill: Rift opens between military brass, Republican lawmakers on defense cuts
Hill: House, Senate defense committees take aim at Navy’s 30-year shipbuilding plan

Hill: Congress poised to hammer GSA over lavish conference spending
Fox: Key figure in GSA scandal issued subpoena, won't testify on Hill

Human Events: Buffett Rule, GSA hearings headline Congress this week

Hill: Activists plan week of protests against new House cybersecurity legislation

Hill: Lawmakers: Controversial Cantor donation may come up this week


NYT: Agents for Secret Service Face Misconduct Inquiry
WaPo: 11 Secret Service agents put on leave amid prostitution inquiry
Politico: Scandal overshadows Obama Colombia trip
Politico: Military ensnared in Colombia Secret Service scandal
NYDN: Secret Service agents busted because they refused to pay hooker: source
NY Post: Secret Service hooker flap over $47

Fox: Main suspect in Operation Fast and Furious arrested twice before, report shows

Michael Barone: Ouch! Decade of Obamacare to cost $1.2 trillion


NY Post: Incendiary charge vs. Qns. candidate


SF Chron: How Rick Santorum's exit hurts California GOP


HChron: Senate candidate Cruz sees no disconnect in conservative views

HChron: Rick Perry returns — one more time — to Saturday Night Live


Tampa Bay Times: Republicans fret about Connie Mack campaign

Tampa Tribune: Romney can thank Florida


Indy Star: Santorum's exit leaves door open for Mourdock
Politico: AAN: 'Don't take the risk on Mourdock


Milwaukee JS: Barrett, Falk split on union issues


Politico: Brewer PAC spends big on her own book

Roll Call: Underdog in Giffords Special Positioned to Be Force in Arizona Politics


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The Overall Outlook for 2012

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

George Will: The constitutional right to be left alone

Politico: Coburn’s book criticizes both parties on debt woes

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Human Events: Uncommon Knowledge interview with Charles Murray

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

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