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April 14, 2012


Fox: Romney says Obama will erode the rights of gun owners in speech to NRA
NatJ: Romney Pitches NRA on Support of Guns for Self Defense
Examiner: Romney to NRA: Obama will pack court, limit guns
WTimes: Romney pitches NRA with attack on Obama gun record
WSJ: Romney Makes His Pitch to Gun Owners
NYT: Romney Assures N.R.A. of Support for Gun Rights
WaPo: Romney tries to reassure NRA that he will aggressively defend gun rights
NYT: Editorial: Republicans and the Gun Lobby

Ralph Reed: To beat Obama, Mitt Romney must channel Rick Santorum

Jonah Goldberg: Romney must shun Obama’s audacity of hype

Fox: Rosen vs. Romney: Anatomy of a controversy
WSJ: Winning the War Against Women
Kathleen Parker: Rosen vs. Romney: A faux girl fight
Politico: Sarah Palin: ‘Mama grizzlies’ roar at Rosen
James Taranto: Feminism's latest triumph: Boys are afraid of girls
Ruth Marcus: The debate on women we should be having

Bill O'Reilly: The Book of Santorum

Rasmussen: Christie, Santorum Are Early Veep Favorites
Examiner: Republicans, women pick Santorum for VP
NatJ: Veepstakes As the NCAA Tournament

NYT: In Cash Push, 2 Campaigns Likely to Reject Public Funds

NYT: The Candidates’ Tax Returns
WaPo: Obamas report earnings of $790K in 2011 tax returns
WSJ: Romney Seeks Extension on His Tax Returns
WSJ: Obama Team Jabs at Romney on Taxes
Fox: Obama paid lower tax rate than secretary
WTimes: Obamas’ tax bill under ‘Buffett rule’ standard
NYT: Obama, Like Buffett, Had Lower Tax Rate Than His Secretary

WaPo: Editorial: The limits of the ‘Buffett Rule’
Mark Steyn: What’s Your Plan?
WSJ: The Buffett Tax Loss: Obama proposal will cost federal revenue
WaPo: Obama, Romney tax plans for ultra-rich offer window on disparate economic views

NYT: For Obama, Going Positive May Be More Difficult This Time
Hill: Obama puts bully in bully pulpit

WaPo: Mystery donor gives $10 million to Crossroads GPS group to run anti-Obama ads
Politico: Democratic super PACs gain ground but still trail GOP in fundraising


WTimes: House GOP to tie oil pipeline to highway bill
NYT: House Republicans to Tackle Ambitious Budget

Hill: GOP Rep. Upton says Obama policies making gas prices ‘even worse’


NYDN: Secret Service prostitute scandal: 12 of Obama's agents sent home from Colombia
WSJ: Secret Service Misconduct Is Alleged
WaPo: U.S. Secret Service agents recalled from Colombia
WTimes: Misconduct alleged against Secret Service agents
NYT: Secret Service Agents Accused of Misconduct
Politico: Secret Service scandal rocks Obama trip

WTimes: Obama issues order to coordinate fracking oversight
WSJ: Obama Forms Group to Coordinate Gas-Drilling Policy
Hill: Obama order coordinates federal oversight of 'fracking,' gas development

Sen. Mike Enzi: Halting union attack on employee privacy

WaPo: Criminal probe sought in GSA case
Politico: GSA official to take the Fifth
Fox: GSA official's memo worried Las Vegas extravaganza wouldn't be seen as 'substantive'

WSJ: Holding Mr. Holder Accountable
Andrew McCarthy: Holder Meets Sharpton
Dana Milbank: Al Sharpton, power player

NYT: OpEd: Ducking the Crisis in Medicare

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Politico: Hilary Rosen to skip Meet The Press


WaPo: Democrats hope to dethrone Rep. Steve King in Iowa


NYT: Want to Read Cuomo’s Story? Biographers Will Offer Options
Albany TU: Governor opens door for biography


SacBee: Jerry Brown says lawmakers need to 'man up' and cut California's budget

SacBee: Nathan Fletcher drops GOP, moves up in San Diego mayoral poll


Austin AS: U.S. Senate candidates square off on televised debate
Dallas MN: Cruz blasts Dewhurst in televised Texas Senate debate


Hill: Blago's brother expected to testify this month on 'for sale' Senate seat
Roll Call: Former Illinois Governor's Brother to Testify on Jesse Jackson Jr.


NatJ: Target Lugar: Mayhem in Indiana
Weekly Standard: Anti-Mourdock Ad Hits Indiana Market


Milwaukee JS: Walker tells NRA members he's 'a target'
WSJ: Wisconsin Battle in National Eye


Detroit News: Donations to Hoekstra drop 30% since last quarter

WTimes: Michigan governor signs motorcycle helmet repeal
Detroit FP: New Michigan law lifts motorcycle helmets -- with strings
Detroit News: Motorcycle riders can finally take off helmets in Michigan


Rasmussen: North Carolina: Romney 46%, Obama 44%

Fox: John Edwards' mistress among dozens of names on witness list at corruption trial

DC: Staffer claims sexual harassment by NC Dem official; Party fears credibility ‘doomed’


Boston Globe: Brown, wife unhurt in two-car accident
WSJ: Scott Brown Woos Sox Fans

Roll Call: Massachusetts: Joseph Kennedy III Raises $1.3 Million in First Quarter


WTimes: New Mexico firm applies for first horse meat slaughterhouse


Denver Post: Republicans gather in Denver for congressional district assembly
WTimes: Colo. GOP choosing more delegates for convention


Hill: Sen. Hatch looks to knock out Tea Party foes at Utah’s Republican convention


April 13, 2012


Fox: Fox News Poll: Romney Edges Obama as Approval of President Drops
Rasmussen: 49% Trust Romney Over Obama on Economy; 39% Trust President More

WSJ: Spotlight on Ann Romney Key to Campaign Strategy
WSJ: Stay-At-Home-Mom Remark Triggers Talk of the Town
WTimes: Gibe at Ann Romney opens a new front in ‘war on women’
NY Post: Dem’s jab at Romney’s wife has O reeling
Examiner: Romney uses Dem's remark about wife to slam Obama

WaPo: Ann Romney defends role as stay-at-home-mom after Democratic pundit’s remarks
Hill: Ann Romney defends 'career choice,' calls out Rosen's lack of 'respect'
Rush Limbaugh: Ann Romney's Response to Rosen
NYT: Ann Romney’s Résumé Includes More Than ‘Stay-at-Home Mother’
Hill: Ann Romney’s chance to shine
WSJ: Hilary Rosen Apologizes for Ann Romney Comment
Rush Limbaugh: Hilary Rosen Apologizes to Ann Romney, Asks for Peace in "Phony War"
Fox: Dem strategist apologizes for attacking Ann Romney, Obama calls remarks 'ill-advised'
Hill: 'No tougher job': Obama repudiates jab about Ann Romney
WSJ: First Lady Weighs In on Ann Romney Controversy
WaPo: Obama: Spouses should be left alone
Dallas MN: Barbara Bush, in defense of Ann Romney: 'Raising George Walker was not easy'
NYT: Collision Over Roles of Women Sets Off Combative Debate Along the Trail
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Regime Declares War on Moms
Michelle Malkin: Real Moms of the GOP
James Taranto: The Battle of All Mothers: Hilary Rosen and misogynistic feminism
Byron York: Time for cease-fire in phony 'war on women'?
David Limbaugh: Thank You, Ms. Rosen

Peggy Noonan: It's Over. What Have We Learned?
Kim Strassel: Romney's Primary Lessons
Kim Strassel: Romney's Santorum Windfall
Michael Gerson: What Mitt can learn from David Cameron
Charlie Cook: Down to the Wire: The election will be close
American Spectator: It's Romney's to Lose
Politico: The Draperizing of Mitt Romney
Caddell & Schoen: The empty election
Jonah Goldberg: Romney Should Play It Uncool

WTimes: NRA seeking ‘reassurance’ from Romney

WTimes: Two pro-life groups endorse Romney

DC: Tea party leader warns Romney: Don’t expect us to campaign for you

NYT: Campaigns Plan Maximum Push to Raise Money
WTimes: Decades-old law opened doors for big-money donors
Boston Globe: Quietly, ‘Swift Boat’ donor throws big money behind Romney

WaPo: How YouTube and Twitter are hurting Mitt Romney

NYT: Santorum Says Suspending Campaign Was Financial Decision

NYT: Gingrich Accuses Fox News of Bias
Politico: Newt Gingrich rents donor list to raise cash

WaPo: President Obama: Quoting Reagan out of context
William Kristol: What Reagan Actually Said

NYT: Obamas and Bidens to Release Tax Returns
WTimes: Who foots bill when Obama travels?

David Maraniss: The polygamists in Obama and Romney’s family trees


WSJ: GOP Redistricting Bolsters Vulnerable House Members

Roll Call: Boehner May Tie Keystone to Extending Highway Funding

Hill: Top House Republican on Defense plans bigger budget than planned by Obama
Human Events: Gambling on security

Human Events: Napolitano perjured herself to Congress in Fast & Furious testimony


Fox: Applications for jobless aid reaches 2-month high

Hill: GOP not letting up on gas prices

Charles Krauthammer: Free-lunch egalitarianism
Roger Hedgecock: Tax the rich, hurt the economy
Paul Krugman: Cannibalize the Future

WTimes: Obama administration’s consumer agency softens credit card fee limit

Politico: Kathleen Sebelius: We don't have a health care backup plan

Fox: GSA purges calendar of questionable events after report on lavish 2010 conference


NYT: Cuomo Acts to Advance Health Law in New York
Albany TU: Cuomo uses clout to sidestep GOP on 'Obamacare'


Dallas MN: Texas’ U.S. Senate race gets a reset with debate tonight


Chicago ST: Blago’s brother heads to D.C. to talk about Senate seat controversy


Weekly Standard: Barrett & Falk Won't Say How They Would Have Balanced WI Budget
American Spectator: The Wisconsin Fight
Politico: Mellencamp to Walker: Hey, I'm liberal


WaPo: Court of public opinion has its mind made up on John Edwards

Roll Call: North Carolina: Ex-Shuler Aide Raises Big Bucks in 11th District


NYT: In Connecticut Vote, Death Penalty Critics Don’t See Major Shift


National Review: Amnesty for Irish Immigrants? Scott Brown treads a fine green line


Fox: Gov. Brewer signs Arizona bill with 20-week abortion ban

Hill: GOP candidate for Giffords seat fires treasurer over deficient reports


WTimes: Santorum’s Colorado delegates are at sixes and sevens


April 12, 2012


Examiner: Romney focuses on jobs to win over women
NatJ: Romney Campaigns at Female-Owned Company
NYT: Romney Taking Steps to Narrow His Gender Gap
WTimes: Romney’s wooing of female vote hits early snag
Hill: Mitt Romney's campaign stumbles in effort to court female voters
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Buy the Gender Gap

DC: Dem strategist Rosen: Ann Romney ‘never actually worked a day in her life’
WaPo: Ann Romney responds to Dem pundit saying she ‘never worked a day in her life’
ABC: Ann Romney Fights Back: Debuts on Twitter to Counter DNC Advisor’s Insult

Hill: Romney steals Obama’s spotlight for first time, with Santorum’s help
WSJ: Obama Campaign Out to Define Romney
WTimes: Social conservatives looking for a reason to love Romney
Boston Globe: GOP wing remains cool to Romney
Examiner: Will Romney suffocate inside the K Street bubble?
NatJ: Romney's Long-Odds Looking-Glass Strategy
Ann Coulter: Fighting the Last War
Fred Barnes: We Still Haven't Seen Romney's A-Game
Brett Decker: Romney’s race to lose
Michael Barone: Romney trails Obama, but key numbers break his way
American Spectator: The Mitt H.W. Bush Problem

National Review: Working-Class Wonk: Rob Portman for veep? He has appeal

NYT: Santorum Out, Evangelicals Edge Closer to Romney, but Warily
NYT: For Santorum, a Hard Road to Harmony With Romney
EJ Dionne: How Santorum boxed in Romney
John Gizzi: Santorum didn't want to lose again in Pennsylvania

Hill: Ron Paul: Campaign can’t continue without more donations
Politico: A guide to Ron Paul's money map

Karl Rove: Obama's Campaign Will Take the Low Road
James Taranto: AuBHO: The president's intriguing analogy to 1964

WTimes: Obama evokes Reagan in touting Buffett rule
Fox: Obama invokes Reagan in pitch for Buffett tax that GOP dismisses as 'pathetic'
Rush Limb: Obama Besmirches Reagan's Name to Distract Us from His Own Dismal Record
Rush Limbaugh: The Buffett Rule is BS
Dana Milbank: Rebuffing Obama’s gimmicky ‘Buffett Rule’
Politico: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Self-restraint in an age of rage

WTimes: Excess McCain campaign cash goes to charity

Politico: Sarah Palin PAC pays for space in Tampa


Politico: GOP leaders ask W.H. to halt regs until November

Dan Henninger: Demolishing Paul Ryan
WaPo: ‘Buffett Rule’ vs. Ryan plan: Who should chip in more?

Hill: Rep. Mica: GSA spent week in Hawaii for one-hour ribbon cutting

Hill: NRSC makes major early ad buys for November election
Roll Call: NRSC Places $25 Million Ad Reservation for Fall Campaign

Human Events: Obama administration rebuffs subpoena

American Spectator: The Tea Party Is Not Over


WTimes: GOP fighting big bucks for Obamacare
WTimes: OpEd: Obamacare abortion mandate withers

WaPo: Post-ABC News poll shows drop in Republican support for Afghan war

NYT: When Governors Reject Their Mansions: Electing to Sleep Elsewhere

NatJ: Grassley Sees Potential GOP Tax Shift if Dems Measure Growth Differently
Rush Limbaugh: Libs Lament the Rotten Obama "Recovery"

Hill: Chu: Climate change evidence mounting


NYT: Wealthy Group Seeks to Reform Election Giving in New York

Albany TU: Cuomo on acceptable and unacceptable pork

NY Post: Gilly’s poll roll: Easily topping GOP foes


Politico: Race for Rep. Paul’s seat is free-for-all

Dallas MN: Planned Parenthood sues Texas for cutting it from women’s health care


Hill: Mack ties Nelson to monkeys, cocaine in first Senate ad

WaPo: Republican Rep. Allen West says many congressional Democrats are Communists


Milwaukee JS: Barrett, Falk spar on how to restore collective bargaining


National Review: Recall Snyder? A partisan stunt in the Wolverine State

Fox: Union workers in Detroit talk of Wisconsin-like battle over potential loss of bargin rights


Rasmussen: North Carolina Governor: McCrory (R) 45%, Dalton (D) 36%

NYT: Defining Campaign Spending Is at Heart of Edwards Trial
WaPo: For John Edwards, isolation is a symbol of his downfall


Roll Call: Tim Kaine Looks to State Elder in Quest for Senate


Politico: Poll: Chris Christie record-high approval
Weekly Standard: Quinnipiac: Christie's Approval Rating Hits 59%


NYT: Death Penalty Repeal Goes to Connecticut Governor


Fox: Rhode Island mayor fires adviser over bankruptcy suggestion


Rasmussen: Massachusetts: Obama 51%, Romney 40%


April 11, 2012


WSJ: Romney Campaign Focuses on General Election
WTimes: It’s game on, with Obama as Romney’s rival
NYT: Romney Turns Attention to Obama, Focusing on Women’s Job Losses
Hill: Romney: The war on women has been waged by Obama's economic policies
NatJ: Romney Finally Gets His Title: Presumptive Republican Nominee
NYT: For Romney and Republican Committee, a Waiting Game
Politico: What Mitt Romney needs to do now
Politico: Jindal backs Romney
WaPo: Mitt Romney, a ‘private man in a public world,’ is silent on tales of altruism
Roll Call: Mitt Romney’s Tough Job: Wooing Conservatives
Politico: Romney pulling back Pennsylvania ads
Byron York: Romney needs to win over Right and moderate women
Rush Limbaugh: A Warning to the Republican Establishment
Thomas Friedman: I’m Not Mitt Romney
Ruth Marcus: Mitt Romney can’t leave women voters to his wife

WaPo: Paul Ryan on VP: ‘It’s never come up’
NatJ: Your Favorite Vice: Hotline's Veepstakes Power Rankings
Hill: From rivals to friends: Romney finds VP contender, conservative ally in Huckabee

WSJ: Santorum Exits GOP Contest
WSJ: Santorum's Strong Run: He helped Romney by taking apart RomneyCare
WSJ: Race Over, Santorum Considers Next Steps
WTimes: Santorum suspends campaign for GOP presidential nomination
WTimes: Santorum’s exit shifts GOP race
WaPo: Rick Santorum drops out of the presidential race
WaPo: What happens to Rick Santorum’s delegates?
Hill: Santorum exits GOP presidential race, clears way for Romney nomination
Fox: Santorum suspends campaign, paving way for Romney to take GOP nomination
WaPo: With Rick Santorum out of GOP presidential race, Mitt Romney shifts focus to Obama
WaPo: Santorum followed a clever, emotional strategy to political resurrection
Politico: Foster Friess, Santorum’s millionaire backer, swings to Romney
Jen Rubin: Santorum quits the race
Chris Cillizza: By quitting, Rick Santorum preserves his chance to run again
NYT: Santorum Quits Race, Clearing a Path for Romney
NYT: Santorum’s Future? Return to Fox News Is Unlikely
Rush Limbaugh: Santorum Suspends: So What Now?
Politico: Rush Limbaugh: The ‘establishment’ won

NatJ: Gingrich Makes Play for Santorum Supporters
NYT: Gingrich Says He’s in Race to the End
Politico: Gingrich check to Utah bounces

Star-Telegram: Ron Paul to appear in Fort Worth on Wednesday
HChron: Ron Paul vows to stay in the race as ‘last — and real — conservative

Politico: Herman Cain drops Newt Gingrich, ready to back Mitt Romney

WSJ: Obama Pitches 'Buffett Rule' Tax
Fox: Obama renews call for 'Buffett rule' to tax wealthiest
WTimes: Obama attacks inequality while soliciting big-money donors
WaPo: With eye on Romney, Obama makes another appeal to middle class with ‘Buffett rule’
NYT: Obama Goes on Offensive Over Taxes on Wealthy
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obama and the ‘Buffett Rule’
WSJ: The Obama Rule: He says taxation is about fairness, not growth or revenue
WSJ: OpEd: What's a 'Fair' Tax for the Mega Millionaires?
Human Events: The Buffett Rule and the audacity of hopelessness
Emily Miller: Class envy campaign tactic
Rush Limbaugh: Regime Refocuses the Buffett Rule
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thinks America as Founded is Unfair
Hill: Obama, Romney campaigns turn attention to general election fight
NatJ: Huge Gender Gap Powers Obama Lead Over Romney
NatJ: The Buffett Rule Won’t Get You a Job
NatJ: Obama, Not Holding the Center
Dick Morris: Obama’s second-term taxes

Hill: Crossroads $1.7M ad buy slams Obama energy policies

WTimes: Excess McCain 2008 presidential funds went to charity, not 2012 race

WaPo: Bush: ‘I wish they weren’t called the Bush tax cuts’

Human Events: How Mike Wallace nearly became White House press secretary to Nixon


WSJ: Ryan: Congress Likely to Push Off Budget, Tax Issues Until 2013
Rush Limbaugh: Bush, Trump and Ryan on Tax Cuts and Debt

Hill: Issa seizes spotlight on GSA’s $822K scandal
Hill: Mica moves up GSA hearing after Issa announces probe
Fox: Federal employees got bonuses for planning agency's lavish 2010 event

Politico: OpEd: Conservatives target Senate, not W.H.

Hill: Online sales tax battle pits Amazon against Norquist and Sen. DeMint


NYT: New Stance on Forgiving Mortgages
Politico: Ed DeMarco: Only 'fraction' of mortgage owners helped
WaPo: A bureaucrat’s unappreciated work for taxpayers
NYT: Lenders Again Dealing Credit to Risky Clients

Rush Limbaugh: Unemployed Americans Outnumber the Total Population of Germany

Fox: Could possible misunderstanding on ObamaCare cloud Supreme Court deliberations?
WTimes: Report: Health care law may grow deficit $540B
WaPo: Health-care law will add $340 billion to deficit, new study finds
Fox: New study shows ObamaCare increases deficit, knocking down president's vow
Rush Limbaugh: Is Anyone Really Shocked Obamacare Costs More Than They Told Us?
WaPo: Poll: More Americans expect Supreme Court’s health-care decision to be political
James Taranto: A law professor has trouble distinguishing the Supreme Court from the NFL
Rush Limbaugh: What Does the IRS Know About Obamacare That We Don't?

WSJ: Report Urges New Tax on Medical Care

Politico: Interior, Natural Resources clash on drilling subpoenas
Joe Kennedy: The High Cost of Gambling on Oil
Newt Gingrich: Some get rich off taxpayers in Obama's greenback energy program

WSJ: Overpaid Public Workers: The Evidence Mounts

WaPo: Koch vs. Cato: Koch brothers file second lawsuit over ‘Board-packing scheme’

Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Saves "Today"


WSJ: Haley Faces Ethics-Panel Probe
Kathleen Parker: Whispering campaigns can take flight in new media


WSJ: Rangel Returns After Back Injury


Politico: Issa looking into California high-speed rail

SacBee: Feinstein says she's 'not terribly worried' by campaign fund loss


Dallas MN: Dewhurst agrees to a second televised Senate forum, using novel format


Roll Call: Obama Hones Stump Speech in Florida
Fox: Obama Keeps Florida Focus in Bid to Pad Swing State Lead


Chicago Tribune: Smith indicted but refuses to step down

Chicago ST: As murders rise, Emanuel pushes for tougher anti-gang law


Hill: Lugar’s struggles increase as Tea Party’s other targets fall


Star Tribune: Bachmann comes home to a fight


Milwaukee JS: Walker opens campaign barnstorming across state
WTimes: Wisconsin governor Walker starts in-person campaigning


Politico: Creationism bill becomes Tenn. law


WaPo: John Edwards again puts his faith in a jury as he seeks to avoid prison


Examiner: Failure of lawmakers to pass budget an 'embarrassment,' Maryland leaders say


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey Endorses Mitt Romney


NYT: Christie Stands by Decision to Cancel Tunnel
NY Post: NJ gov: Entitlements make us lazy


Rasmussen: Massachusetts Senate: Warren (D) 46%, Brown (R) 45%
NYT: In Massachusetts Senate Race, Testing the Politics of Likability


Rasmussen: New Mexico: Obama 52%, Romney 36%


April 10, 2012


NatJ: Romney Moves in for Pennsylvania Knockout
WaPo: Mitt Romney pulls negative ads in Pennsylvania
WSJ: Romney Camp Pulls Negative Ads in Pa. as Santorum Stays With Ill Child
NatJ: Romney's Pennsylvania Ad Bomb
WSJ: Romney Says He’ll Campaign Until He Secures Nomination
WSJ: Tax Day Promises More Scrutiny for Romney
Hill: Norquist confident Romney won’t flip despite Buffett Rule pressure
NYT: A Shift in Strategy in Pennsylvania for Romney
NYT: The Campaign Shifts to the General Election
WTimes: Romney faces lengthy to-do list as likely GOP pick
Michael Gerson: How Romney can solve his woman problem
Michael Barone: Obama Is Out of Date

Politico: Veepstakes speculation: A guide

Reuters: Santorum hitting campaign trail again despite pressures
Fox: Rick Santorum's 3-year-old daughter out of hospital
WSJ: Santorum Daughter’s Health Improves
WSJ: Cracks in Santorum's Base
NatJ: Republican Voters To Santorum: Time To Leave
Dick Morris: Santorum’s May myth

WaPo: Why Ron Paul matters more than Newt Gingrich

WSJ: Obama to Visit Swing State to Push His Millionaire Tax
WTimes: Obama renews call for ‘Buffett rule’ tax on millionaires
NatJ: Obama Pushes Buffett Rule, Strikes “Fairness” Theme
Hill: Obama, Dem lawmakers target Romney with Buffett Rule attack
Hill: Dems use Reagan to push Buffett Rule
Examiner: Obama aggressively targets Romney, re-election
Hill: Obama campaign: Romney 'looks out for people just like him'
Fox: The other gender gap: Obama struggles to make gains among male voters
WSJ: The Unhappy History of Running Against the Supreme Court
WaPo: Obama holds key leads on Romney, as economy malaise looms over reelection bid
WaPo: White House Easter Egg Roll brings 30,000-plus to South Lawn
Hill: Kids, Obamas play games at annual White House Easter Egg Roll
WaPo: Can the campaign of “hope” go negative?
WTimes: Editorial: Obama’s Brazilian model
Fox: Poll: Romney and Obama nearly even when it comes to the economy, jobs
Hill: Poll finds Obama tops Romney on key issues, overall likability
American Spectator: What's So Likeable About President Obama?
Chicago Tribune: Poll: Swing voters lean to Obama but identify closer with Romney
NatJ: The Fairness Agenda Divides Democrats. Seriously
Byron York: Obama team mocks, underestimates Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Obama in a Nutshell: I Want Your Money, Because I'll Spend It Better
Wash FB: Stunning lack of diversity in Obama campaign, photos reveal

NYT: F.C.C. Pushes for Web Site on TV Political Ad Spending


Politico: Issa panel probing GSA spending
Hill: Rep. Issa knocks video showing GSA employees singing for President Obama
Fox: New video from GSA conference emerges as lawmakers scrutinize spending

Roll Call: Senate Budget Committee to Move Forward With Markup

Weekly Standard: How Mitch Maneuvered the JOBS Act

Ezra Klein: No free lunch in Republican budget

Charlie Cook: The Even More Evenly Divided Congress

Roll Call: The Vacant Center Aisle Caucus?

NYT: Some Explaining to Do for Republican Leader
Politico: Did Don Manzullo say Eric Cantor wouldn't be 'saved'?


WSJ: Obama's Revenue Soup: A history lesson on capital gains taxes
Human Events: The Debunker: Obama's debt blame game
David Brooks: The Two Economies
NYT: Editorial: A Rockier Pathway to Work
NYT: Editorial: Pulling Back From the Exurbs

Hill: Consumer bureau plans overhaul of mortgage industry

Human Events: Obama may soon require all Federal contractors hire 7% disabled workers

Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare Has Nothing to Do With Health Care! It's New Taxes
NYT: OpEd: Bring the Justices Back to Earth
American Spectator: How Are Those Supreme Court Attacks Working Out for You?

NYT: Raising the Floor on Pay

James Taranto: Wild Goose-Step Chase

WSJ: For Feds, 'Lying' Is a Handy Charge

Rush Limbaugh: O'Keefe Offered Ballot in Eric Holder's Name, Shows Need for Voter ID Laws

American Spectator: Huckabee Show Opens With Staged Caller


NYT: Grassley Assailed for Calling Obama 'Stupid' on Twitter
Politico: 12 of Sen. Chuck Grassley’s best tweets


NYT: A Lie Races Across Twitter Before the Truth Can Boot Up


NY Post: Cuomo at all-time high in latest poll; Bam and Gillibrand strong
Albany TU: Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari set to retire
NY Post: A Clinton connection: De Blasio calls on other Bill


Politico: David Rivera friendship risky for Marco Rubio


AJC: Lawsuit challenges Georgia's stand your ground law


WTimes: Lugar in danger for first time in years
WaPo: Richard Lugar: Too mild to be memorable?
Roll Call: Indiana: Make That Address List, Check It Twice


Milwaukee JS: Democratic primary in governor recall race heats up
WaPo: Wisconsin recall election’s first Democratic ad up from Kathleen Falk
Fox: Taking a shot at their own? Wisconsin union portrays Democratic mayor as Walker ally

National Review: Editorial: There Is No War on Women in Wisconsin


WSJ: Poll: Michigan Independents Shifting to Romney


Rush Limbaugh: Maybe Sen. McCaskill Can Tell Us Why We Need Thousands of IRS Agents to Provide Health Care


Politico: Trump to keynote N.C. GOP dinner


WTimes: Maryland House, Senate adjourn without revenue plan
WaPo: Officials in Md. fail to vote on tax, casino bills
Examiner: Maryland lawmakers seek extended session over taxes, casinos


NYT: Report Disputes Christie’s Basis for Halting Tunnel


Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren sets Mass. Senate fund-raising pace
NYT: Another Strong Fund-Raising Quarter for Warren in Massachusetts
WaPo: Elizabeth Warren raises $6.9 million
WTimes: Warren doubles Brown’s fundraising for Massashusetts Senate race


Roll Call: Arizona: Redistricting Plan Pre-Cleared


Daily Caller: Gov. Martinez says no to VP speculation


Denver Post: GOP silent as Colorado Senate OKs undocumented-student tuition bill


April 9, 2012


LA Times: Mitt Romney relaxes during Easter holiday in California
WSJ: Path for Romney Getting Clearer
NYT: Romney the Centrist Peeks Out
National Review: An American Gospel: Mormonism drives people crazy

Fox: Santorum hoping to resume campaign this week after tending to daughter
Bill Schneider: Why Rick Santorum won't stop
National Review: The Pennsylvanian

Fox: Gingrich says campaign 'on a shoestring,' signals he's preparing for Romney nomination
Politico: Gingrich: Romney and I are at peace

Roll Call: Capitol Hill Turns to Speculation on GOP Vice Presidential Nominee
WTimes: Eagerness seen as a vice in presidential veepstakes
NYDN: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio may be right fit for Mitt Romney's vice presidential nominee

Politico: 'Orphan' state parties worry GOP

NYT: ‘Super PAC,’ Eyeing General Election, Aims Blitz at Obama
Roll Call: FEC Ruling Leaves Ad Uncertainty

WaPo: Catholic leaders remain critical of Obama administration
WTimes: Being ‘Army strong’ gets weak backing with Obama’s strategy
Fred Hiatt: Obama’s lack of passion in supporting freedom
John Zogby: President Obama’s weekly report card (April 2-8)
Politico: President Obama leads among 'swing independents'
Hill: Inviting Bill Clinton on campaign trail carries risk, reward for Obama

WSJ: Both Parties Wooing Seniors
Paul Krugman: The Gullible Center
WaPo: ‘Big’ is bad for politicians this election year as populist sentiment prevails

John Fund: Why We Need Voter-ID Laws Now


WTimes: Democrats see reason for hope in Senate races
Examiner: Senate Democrats seek political edge with tax vote
Fox: Senate budget leader predicts budget stalemate through 2012 campaign
Fox: Durbin joins call for hearings on agency's Vegas getaway

Hill: Black caucus chairman condemns Dem claims GOP is waging 'war on women'


WSJ: Treasury's Run Around DeMarco
NYT: Federal Funds to Train the Jobless Are Drying Up

NatJ: Ken Starr: Obama has 'Politicized' High Court Health Care Deliberations
WTimes: Report: Obamacare mandate isn’t really an issue
Hill: White House has diverted $500M to IRS to implement healthcare law
Betsy McCaughey: Twisting the Truth About Healthcare
Juan Williams: Four cases will determine high court’s standing before the public

Hill: Another health law faces court challenge

Hill: IRS confident courts will uphold effort to license tax preparers

Hill: White House abandons push for federal contractors to disclose political giving

NYT: OpEd: Protecting Face-to-Face Protest

Walter Russell Mead: The Myth of America's Decline

National Review: Why Are the Kochs after Cato?


WSJ: Medical-Pot Debate Rises in Albany


Dan Walters: California high-speed rail plan still has shaky finances


National Review: Texas vs. California, Revisited


NYT: Arrests in Shootings End a Terrifying Weekend in Tulsa


Tallahassee Dem: LeMieux: 'I'm no Crist'
Miami Herald: Marco Rubio, the GOP and the DREAM Act


Chicago Tribune: Cook County also faces pension funding gap, new analysis says


Politico: Kasich: Ohio is going to be close


Detroit News: Push begins for Nov. ballot petitions


Boston Globe: Coakley publicity stirs political speculation


Denver Post: Colorado Democrats hope bill can deliver mail ballots, presidential votes


April 8, 2012


NYT: Romney & Netanyahu, A Friendship Dating to 1976 Resonates in 2012
Fox: GOP superdelegates: It's over, Romney is nominee
Fox: Romney hones his appeal to women voters
Examiner: Romney battling to win back women
Charlie Cook: Romney must move to the center to run against Obama
Michael Barone: Can Romney show that Obama is out of date?
Salena Zito: Exceptionalism key for Mitt
Hill: RNC count: Romney passes halfway mark in delegate chase
Rasmussen: Obama 47% Romney 44%

WaPo: Rick Santorum cancels Monday campaign events due to daughter’s health
Hill: Santorum cancels Monday events after daughter hospitalized
Politico: Santorum releases weeklong sked, pushing back on withdrawal rumors
Roll Call: Rick Santorum’s Senate Record Comes Under More Scrutiny

WaPo: Why is Newt Gingrich still running?
NatJ: Why Are Republicans Still Turning Out To Rally For Newt Gingrich?

WaPo: Why don’t Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum just quit?

Fox: Obama constantly invokes Republican icons
Politico: Obama: A brand in search of a slogan


WP: Teapartyers press to oust long-serving GOP Sens. Lugar, Hatch, not conservative enough


NatJ: With Health Care, Obama Joins Presidents Who Have Commented on Court

WaPo: Jobless benefits claims drop to lowest levels since 2008
NYT: Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession Hit

Fox: White House pushing blame on Bush administration for GSA debacle

WaPo: U.S. intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence

WaPo: For Japan, shutting down nuclear plants brings surge in oil, gas imports

Hill: Case of Obama-bashing Marine renews First Amendment debate

Hill: NLRB member in ethics trouble has former Justice watchdog’s help

Politico: National Review fires John Derbyshire
DC: National Review fires John Derbyshire, author of ‘outlandish’ article on blacks, racism

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows


NatJ: As Hollywood Watches, SOPA Champion Berman Fights for His Seat


Hill: The Senate candidate who wants to be the Marco Rubio of Texas


Fox: Mississippi poised to tighten abortion regulations, could close last clinic


Roll Call: Illinois: More Timothy Johnson Retirement Fallout

Chicago ST: House hearing on state lawmaker facing bribery charges postponed
Chicago Tribune: House panel investigating lawmaker expects more federal court action


Star Tribune: Recall fight grips Wisconsin
WaPo: Wisconsin recall effort against Gov. Scott Walker now at center stage nationally


Akron BJ: Ohio can learn from Texas’ experience with fracking industry


Detroit FP: Consent agreement: How the state will help save Detroit


Fox: Race for Snowe's open Senate seat in Maine unpredictable, could decide majority


Boston Globe: Timothy Cahill’s defense undercut by record


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More Senate Math.......
The Overall Outlook for 2012

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Human Events: Uncommon Knowledge interview with Charles Murray

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

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