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August 21, 2012


WTimes: Romney backs audit for Fed, vows to not raise taxes on middle class
Boston Globe: Romney, Ryan blast Obama’s health care law
CNN: Romney, Ryan get warm reception for first joint town hall
LA Times: Romney and Ryan campaign together in New Hampshire
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney showing his Mormon faith

Hill: Romney ad: Obama welfare change leads to 'cycle of dependency'

NYT: Romney Gains Huge Cash Advantage Over Obama Camp
Politico: Romney opens up big cash lead
WSJ: Romney’s Money Lead Widened in July
WTimes: Romney campaign running in the black for July
WSJ: Romney's Economic Edge
NatJ: Obama Has Significantly Less Money on Hand Than Romney
Hill: Romney campaign $186 million, Obama Campaign $123 million

Rasmussen: Among Entrepreneurs, Romney Leads By 20
Politico: Kelsey Grammer praises Mitt Romney
Politico: Mitt Romney campaign spent $500 at Chick-fil-A

Fred Barnes: How Ryan Recasts the Race
Fred Barnes: Ryan’s Raiders: The GOP class of 2010 is the key to his influence
American Spectator: More Kemp, Please
American Thinker: Paul Ryan and the Return of Normal
Bill McGurn: Social Justice and Ryan the Heretic
James Taranto: Randier Than Thou: The left's weirdest attack on Paul Ryan
Stephen Moore: Ryan and Pork

Politico: Poll: Positive reviews for Ryan
NYT: As Romney Enjoys Ryan’s Spark, Rivals Try to Fan It
Human Events: How Paul Ryan can win blue-collar voters
WSJ: Ryan, Democrats Couldn't Seal Deals

WSJ: GOP Panel Rejects Plank on Mortgage-Interest Deductions
Politico: Tampa platform's 5 flashpoints
WTimes: Paul backers vow trouble over Oklahoma delegates
WTimes: RNC lacks ‘party’ people, strip-club king predicts
American Spectator: Tampa Exposes Itself

WSJ: Obama Plays Down Issue of Tone
Examiner: Obama defends campaign's tone, attacks Romney
Fox: Obama distances himself from super PAC ad, in rare press conference
WTimes: Obama: Nobody accused Romney of being a felon
Hill: Obama defends his attacks on Romney as not 'out of bounds'
NatJ: Obama Campaign This Time Around: Brutal... And Purposely So
American Thinker: Will Obama Keep Power 'by Any Means Necessary'?
WSJ: Obama Has to Score Big Among Key Voter Blocs
WaPo: Independents favor cooperation, are dissatisfied with political system
WSJ: Obama Radio Ads Target ‘Ryan-Romney’ Ticket
NYT: Investors in Health Care Seem to Bet on Incumbent
Dana Milbank: Passing and punting on the trail
LA Times: The disabled may be hurt most by Paul Ryan's Medicare plan

NYDN: Nurse who cared for Aurora victims & met with Obama drowns on family vacation

DC: Obama praised SCT affirmative action ruling in 2003, applauded racial ‘set aside plans’

Examiner: O'Malley, Kaine to speak at Democratic convention

Nate Silver: When the Polling Gets Weird
David Brooks: Guide for the Perplexed

WTimes: Obama team sued for failure of Bush loan

WSJ: Parties Vie to Sign Up Voters

WTimes: ‘Social welfare’ funders sidestep rules of super PACs


NYT: In Congress’s Paralysis, a Mightier Supreme Court

Roll Call: NRCC Outraised DCCC by $2.5 Million in July

Hill: The Hill’s 50 Wealthiest lawmakers


NYT: The 14 Potential Causes of the Income Slump

Fox: US taxpayers bail out California homeowners, as banks fail to pay their share

OHIO (18)

NatJ: NAM Drops Six Figures on Ohio Ad Buy


Detroit News: Snyder petitions to block Michigan collective bargaining ballot proposal


Politico: Justice Dept. clears Virginia voter ID law


Weekly Standard: Dem. State Rep. Urged to Resign Amid Sex Scandal
Pioneer Press: Duluth Rep. Kerry Gauthier urged to quit by own party amid sex scandal


Examiner: Akin cuts new ad begging Missouri voters for forgiveness
Politico: Akin ad asks for 'forgiveness'
Human Events: Source: Akin to have prayer vigil, decide future tonight
Chicago Tribune: Akin has until Tuesday evening to withdraw from U.S. Senate race

Hill: Poll finds Akin with slim lead over McCaskill after rape comments
Weekly Standard: SurveyUSA: Only 35% of Missourians Say Akin Should Stay in Race

Roll Call: Missouri: What Happens If Todd Akin Drops Out

Fox: Rep. Akin resists mounting calls to withdraw from Senate race after 'rape' comment
KC Star: As political firestorm rages, Akin vows to stay in race
Detroit News: Akin rebuffs fellow Republicans' calls to quit Senate race over rape remarks
Politico: Todd Akin: 'I am in this race to win'
WaPo: Todd Akin rape comments prompt GOP to pull campaign funding, calls to exit race
St. Louis PD: Akin under pressure to quit Senate race
Dallas MN: Fellow Republicans shun Missouri congressman Todd Akin after rape comments
Roll Call: Missouri: Pressure Builds for Todd Akin to Step Aside
WTimes: GOP tries to oust Akin after rape remarks
WSJ: Republicans Press Missouri Nominee Akin to Drop Out After Comments on Rape
NYT: G.O.P. Trying to Oust Akin From Race for Rape Remarks
LA Times: Republican establishment presses Todd Akin to quit race

WSJ: Editorial: Todd Akin's Sinking Ship
NYT: Editorial: New Frontiers of Extremism
WaPo: Editorial: The repugnant code behind Todd Akin’s words

NYT: Health Experts Dismiss Assertions on Rape
NatJ: Analysis -- A Canard That Will Not Die: 'Legitimate Rape' Doesn't Cause Pregnancy
National Review: Aftereffects of Akin

NYT: Romney Condemns Akin Remarks on Rape
WTimes: George Allen denounces Akin’s comments on pregnancy, rape
HE: Ann Coulter: If Akin loves his country, he will step aside
WTimes: Obama to Akin: ‘Rape is rape’
NatJ: Could Akin Damage the Top of the GOP Ticket?
NatJ: CNN Says Rep. Akin Cancels Appearance
Roll Call: Missouri: Todd Akin Stands Up Piers Morgan


NYT: House Member Is Rebuked After Nude Swim in Israel


Denver Post: Outdoor advertising for medical marijuana banned in Denver


National Review: Mitt Romney’s Honey Badger: John Sununu


Albany TU: Cox says Ryan’s fiscal conservatism fits in with NY’s ‘Tax Revolt’

Weekly Standard: Pro-Women Political Site Front for Gillibrand Campaign

Buffalo News: Hochul, Collins revving up their ad campaigns


LA Times: Bill extends overtime pay protections to California farmworkers


HE: Establishment and tea party candidates head to runoff in Georgia 9

Fox: Court rules Georgia police may verify immigration status
Politico: Georgia police may verify immigration status, court rules

American Spectator: Georgia Rejects the Debt


WTimes: Ala. court delivers split decision on immigration law
Fox: Federal court delivers split decisions on immigration laws in Alabama, Georgia


Politico: Jackson Jr. gets another visitor: Kucinich


Roll Call: Indiana: Senate Majority PAC Boosts Joe Donnelly With $500K Buy


WTimes: Palin endorses Bongino in Md. Senate race


WSJ: Christie's Senate Fight

WSJ: Rabbi Shmuley Gets Boost From Adelsons
Politico: A congressional race for Adelson


Politico: Curt Schilling calls Lincoln Chafee ‘a dunce’


August 20, 2012


Hill: New Romney ad decries Obama welfare changes as 'nuts'
NatJ: New Romney Ad Escalates Welfare Attack on Obama
Fox: Romney renews Obama welfare policy criticism in new ad
Politico: Romney keeps up welfare attack

Gallup: Swing-State Voters Say They Are No Better Off Than in 2008
Hill: Poll: Most swing-state voters say they are not better off than in 2008
Boston Globe: Obama’s vital Jewish backing slips in Florida
Daily Caller: Shock poll: Obama could lose Illinois
WSJ: An Elusive Vein of Obama Support
Fox: Poll: 40 percent of eligible voters unlikely to vote, a group Obama camp needs to reach
Niall Ferguson: Obama’s Gotta Go
Chris Cillizza: Is the 2012 election more about base than undecideds?
Politico: Kristol channels 'Carnac the Magnificent'

WSJ: Romney Set to Get Access to More Funds

NYT: Romneys Open Church Doors to Press: Scripture, Song and Six Grandchildren
WaPo: Mitt Romney, as a leader in Mormon church, became a master of many keys
WaPo: Romney’s rise through the ranks of the Mormon Church in Boston

Hill: RNC: Convention a chance to introduce Romney, Ryan to ‘millions of Americans'
NYT: Before the G.O.P. Convention, a Romney To-Do List
Human Events: This year’s Republican platform will be ‘more conservative than in 2008’
NYT: G.O.P. Packaging Seeks to Reveal a Warm Romney

Fox: Top advisers try to redefine race as candidates prep to return to campaign trail
LA Times: Romney's shifting focus defies tested campaign strategy

Fox: Romney, Ryan take Medicare case to New Hampshire
WTimes: Medicare now focal point of Obama-Romney debate
Hill: Romney campaign keeping debate over Medicare on center stage
Hill: Romney camp: Obama cuts forcing some seniors out of Medicare
Fox: Middle class, Medicare issues add more fuel to Obama, Romney debate talk
Buffalo News: 'Mediscare' Tactics: Reality is that Medicare is going broke
WSJ: The $6,400 Myth: Breaking down a false Obama Medicare claim
Robert Samuelson: Why Ryan might be right about Medicare

Daily Caller: Book: Obamacare law designed to unionize 21 million health care workers

WSJ: Business Leaders Back Ryan's Plan With a Few Caveats
WTimes: Foes resurrect Ryan’s ‘10 Social Security plan
Examiner: Ryan's corporatist past gives way to populist talk
WaPo: How much will Paul Ryan influence Generation X?
American Spectator: P90X Politics
WaPo: Republican Paul Ryan still has a Randian problem
Nate Silver: In Picking Ryan, Romney Makes an All-In Move
Juan Williams: GOP has good reason to worry about Paul Ryan on presidential ticket

WTimes: Giuliani's support for Palin discredits him, Democrats say

WTimes: Obama official downplays joke about Romney's dog

NYT: Cautious Moves on Foreclosures Haunting Obama

Fox: Obama taps well of federal agencies to help drought-stricken farmers

NatJ: Sizing Up Romney and Obama Energy Plans

WaPo: Rahm Emanuel, Tim Kaine, among convention speakers
Hill: Emanuel, Warren, and Kaine among Dem convention speakers
NatJ: O'Malley, Emanuel Named as Democratic Convention Speakers
NatJ: Political Conventions: No More Dead Doves, but They Still Matter


Sen. James Webb: The South China Sea's Gathering Storm

WaPo: Report: GOP lawmakers reprimanded for drinking, skinny dipping in Israel
NatJ: FBI Probed Lawmaker's Nude Swim Abroad on Official Trip Last Summer
Hill: Rep. Yoder apologies for skinny dipping in Sea of Galilee

Roll Call: Lawmakers Rack Up Hefty Bills Wining and Dining Donors

Human Ev: Lawyers rake in $15m from taxpayers for suing under endangered species law
American Thinker: Southern Poverty Law Center's Lucrative 'Hate Group' Label
Human Events: How lawsuits target the economy


Hill: Wall Street warns against using eminent domain to seize underwater mortgages

Lawrence Summers: The reality of trying to shrink government

WTimes: Denver company has city award rescinded for bucking Obama health law

Fox: 'Solid South' no longer just all-red or all-blue

Roll Call: College Republicans Launch GOTV Program


WaPo: As always, Florida in the middle of the voting wars


NYT: Michigan’s G.O.P. Governor Defies Easy Labels

NYDN: Kid Rock on hand as wounded war hero receives custom-built home

WSJ: Ballot Issues Roil Michigan


Examiner: Maryland's O'Malley, Virginia's McDonnell square off over presidential race


Milwaukee JS: Goofs left Tommy Thompson wary about tax returns


WSJ: Missouri Senate Hopeful Steps Back Rape Remarks
WTimes: Rep. Akin: I ‘misspoke’ in remarks on rape
Fox: Missouri Congressman Akin says he 'misspoke' about rape in interview
Daily Caller: Missouri GOP Senate candidate on abortion in cases of ‘legitimate rape’
NYT: Candidate’s Comments on Rape Draw Criticism
WSJ: Rep. Akin: Pregnancy From Rape Is 'Really Rare'
WaPo: Todd Akin, GOP Senate candidate: ‘Legitimate rape’ rarely causes pregnancy
NYT: Senate Candidate Provokes Ire With ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment
NatJ: Akin Remarks Latest Example of GOP Drawing a Line on Rape
Nate Silver: Akin Comments Could Swing Missouri Senate Race
NatJ: Is Todd Akin Toast In Missouri?


NatJ: Poll: Hochul, Collins Tied in Western N.Y. District

WSJ: HUD-on-Hudson: The feds tell Westchester County how to run local housing policy


SacBee: Field Poll: Support grows in California for federal health care law


Fox: Illinois adopts stripper tax to fund rape crisis centers


Hill: NJ Gov. Chris Christie steps into the light and looks down the road


WTimes: Mass. Sen. Brown tries to straddle allegiance
Boston Globe: Warren, Brown’s no third-party ad pledge holds


Daily Caller: Libertarians sue to block Romney from Washington state ballot


August 19, 2012


WSJ: Ryan Makes Case for Medicare Overhaul
WaPo: At Florida retirement community, Paul Ryan takes aim at Democrats on Medicare
Miami Herald: Paul Ryan talks entitlement reform during campaign stop in The Villages
Tampa Bay Times: Paul Ryan talks entitlement reform during campaign stop in the Villages
Orlando Sentinel: Paul Ryan at The Villages: Let's protect Medicare
Weekly Standard: In Florida, Ryan Goes All In on Medicare
WTimes: Ryan, campaigning in Florida, says: ‘Mom, you did build that’
Hill: Ryan says his Medicare reform plan ‘evolved’ to gain bipartisan support
Hill: Ryan campaigns with mother, vows to protect Medicare for seniors
NatJ: Paul Ryan Makes an Emotional Pitch for Medicare Plan in Florida
Fox: Ryan, then Obama argue about whose Medicare plan best helps seniors
Politico: Ryan’s mom is new face in Medicare wars

Bill Kristol: With Ryan, 2012 has that 2010 feel of GOP victory
Human Events: Editorial: Editorial: The right race, the right time

MiaHer: Obamacare’s unpopularity blunts Obama’s attacks on Romney-Ryan Medicare plans
NYT: Both Campaigns Seize Role of Medicare Defender
NatJ: The GOP Counter-Argument On Medicare
NYT: Editorial: Truth and Lies About Medicare

WSJ: Romney Campaign Targets Fundraising Events
NYT: For Romney, a Lucrative Weekend Raising Money
Fox: Romney raised $7M in two days, says Obama has forced fundraising over campaigning

WaPo: Romney’s equating of taxes and charity sparks debate

NYT: The Courtship Before Romney Elevated Ryan
Detroit FP: Paul Ryan: From blue-collar Wisconsin town to Mitt Romney's running mate
WaPo: Ryan family companies hold stakes in energy business interests
Hill: With Ryan on ticket, right’s worries over his business tax plans ease
Fox: Ryan's Catholic roots reach deep
NatJ: Paul Ryan's Complete Political History
Rasmussen: Better Qualified To Serve As President? 42% Say Ryan, 40% Biden
DC: Krauthammer: Biden like Manny Ramirez, ‘Is this a guy you want a heartbeat away?’
Politico: Giuliani: Biden's a 'laugh line,' not a VP
Boston Globe: Editorial: Biden should apologize for “back in chains” remark
Politico: Globe asks Biden for 'chains' apology
Michael Barone: Ryan anchors GOP ticket in values of founders
Politico: Paul Ryan targeted on women's issues
Maureen Dowd: Beware a Beautiful Calm
WaPo: OpEd: Could Paul Ryan’s ideas help his struggling home town?

Fox: Political parties use social media to open up convention process
Hill: Delegation penalties to remain unchanged at Republican convention
Hill: Newt Gingrich to host ‘policy workshops’ at GOP convention
WaPo: Five myths about political conventions
Examiner: Obama will try to upstage GOP convention with campaign stops
Hill: Business groups headed to conventions to push lawmakers on Russia trade bill

WaPo: Obama slams Romney, Ryan on tax rates, Medicare in stops in New Hampshire
Hill: Campaigning in New Hampshire, Obama ramps up attacks over Medicare, taxes
NYT: To Obama, G.O.P. Budget Plans Are ‘Snake Oil’
WTimes: Obama: ‘Trickle-down snake oil’ won’t work

NYDN: Political spat: elderly woman protesting at pro-Mitt rally spits on Romney supporter

WaPo: Big gulf between political parties, divisions within

DMN: The real running mates: Candidates’ wives offer political, personal campaign touches

Fox: Libertarian Party eyes spoiler role in 2012 race


Politico: Obama signs bill giving him more power over appointments

Fox: Senate bill would expand fertility coverage for veterans

NatJ: Bill Would Ban Federal Workers from Conducting Union Activities at Work


WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (7/19/12)


Tampa Bay Times: Political insiders' take on Paul Ryan's Florida effect
Tampa Bay Times: Behind the Mitt Romney paradox

Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott will shed outsider role at Republican National Convention

Politico: Medicare shaping tight Florida Senate race


Salena Zito: Ryan to rally here Tuesday


Detroit News: Kid Rock surprises Mount Clemens soldier, wife with new home
Detroit FP: Kid Rock named Grand Marshal of NASCAR race at MIS


Examiner: Obama lags behind Romney in Virginia fundraising


Fox: Republicans relying on veteran Thompson to win Wisconsin, help swing Senate


Buffalo News: Poll puts Hochul, Collins in near tie

Hill: Report: FBI arrests top fundraiser for NY GOP Rep. Michael Grimm


Fox: California law barring parents from 'curing' gay children moves through legislature


Politico: Sequestration ground zero: 'Fayette-nam'


Politico: Alabama Dem chair: Davis a 'sore loser'


Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren’s politics rooted in academia


Fox: Tester, Rehberg bicker over bona fides in Montana Senate race


August 18, 2012


WTimes: Romney, Obama fight for edge on Medicare
Politico: GOP advice on Medicare: Attack
Hill: Romney podcast says Medicare was ‘raided’ to pay for health law

Fox: Romney promises energy independence by 2021

WaPo: GOP convention’s focus: Romney the professional
WTimes: Blackburn: GOP convention to be 'optimistic' event
Gwen Ifill: Artur Davis and the Rebuke of Obama
Weekly Standard: Romney Supporter Spat On by Protester in Wisconsin

Gallup: Election 2012 Trial Heat: Romney 47% Obama 45%
Kim Strassel: The Truth about Turnout: Romney campaign is more than holding its own
Mark Steyn: The Man with No Plan
Collin Levy: The Pocketbook Election
WTimes: Unemployment rates rose in 44 U.S. states in July
Fox: Unemployment rates rose in 44 states in July, most in 3 years
WSJ: Jobless Rates Rise in Pivotal States
WaPo: Unemployment rate falls in D.C., rises in Virginia and Maryland

WSJ: Ryan Opens New Line of Attack: ‘Crony Capitalism’
NatJ: Ryan Strikes Populist Tone in Virginia

WSJ: Ryan's Catholic Roots Reach Deep
NYT: Ryan, Appearing at Ease in First Week on Trail, Begins to Look Ahead
NYT: Conservative Elite in Capital Pay Heed to Ryan as Thinker
WaPo: Paul Ryan has record of pushing for and earmarking federal funds for his district
WSJ: Taking Medicare Challenge to Florida
NatJ: Medicare Dominates Ryan Trip to Florida
LA Times: Romney-Ryan campaign tackles Medicare in Florida
Stephen Moore: Medicaid Mischief
WSJ: Ryan Sparks a Money Bounce
WSJ: Clues to Ryan’s Influence on the Race
WSJ: Paul Ryan Discloses $1 Million to $5 Million Family Trust
Hill: Ryan as GOP veep: One week on
NY Post: Campaign gets flyin’ with Ryan
William Kristol: Why Ryan Matters

NYT: Ryan Tax Returns Show 20 Percent Rate in 2011
WSJ: VP Candidate Paid Higher Tax Rate Than Romney in '11

WSJ: Obama Extols Beer's Benefits to Woo Iowans

Boston Globe: Obama to blast rivals’ Medicare plan in New Hampshire

NYT: Obama Lags on Judicial Picks, Limiting His Mark

Examiner: John Kerry: Obama being 'swiftboated'
Daily Caller: Obama team revives ‘birther’ claim to fend off veterans’ criticism

Examiner: Hillary rejected VP slot to ready her own 2016 run
Weekly Standard: State Dept. Uses Children's Rhyme to Deny Hillary Clinton VP Report
DC: ‘The Amateur’ author Ed Klein: Hillary dismissed VP possibility two weeks ago
Weekly Standard: Polls: Biden Appears to Be a Liability for Obama

Politico: Ex-GOP senator to attend Dem convention

NYT: Criticism Greets List of Debate Moderators

Charles Blow: Dark Road to the White House
Kathleen Parker: All roads lead to Rome

WTimes: OpEd: Democrats continue to beat up Christians


NatJ: NRCC Reserves Nearly $10 Million in Ad Time in 12 Districts

Rochester D&C: Former House members spend leftover campaign cash


WSJ: Fannie, Freddie Bailout Receives Revamp
Hill: Republicans criticize changes to bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

George Will: Why environmental doom has not materialized

WTimes: Obama’s immigration move gives states spending and ID headaches

Fox: White House says tapping oil reserve is 'on the table,' as gas prices rise

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NatJ: Dem Poll: Berkley, Heller in Dead Heat


NYT: Senator, Senator, Make Me a Match: For Staff, Schumer Is Cupid


SacBee: California jobless rate unchanged in July at 10.7%


Rasmussen: Florida Senate: Nelson (D) 47%, Mack (R) 40%
WTimes: Florida Sen. Nelson leads in poll


Chicago ST: Quinn fumbles special session on pensions
Chicago Tribune: Lawmakers can't agree on pension reform, blame Quinn

WaPo: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. meets with Patrick Kennedy


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 54%, Baldwin (D) 43%
WTimes: Wisconsin center of Republican wave


August 17, 2012


WaPo: Mitt Romney, Obama camp spar on Medicare plans
Fox: Poll: Florida voters more afraid of Obama's Medicare plan than Ryan's
Human Events: Why the GOP is winning the Medicare debate
Hill: New poll finds Medicare more important to voters than healthcare reform law
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Targets Anti-Obamacare Democrats in Ohio
American Spectator: The New Face of Health Care -- the IRS
WTimes: Obama defends Medicare record in new ad
Fred Barnes: Obama’s Medicare Myths

Kim Strassel: Why Republicans Can Win
Charles Krauthammer: Romney’s present, Ryan’s future
Peggy Noonan: How the Republican ticket can suit the moment and use Paul Ryan
Rep. Michele Bachmann: The Romney-Ryan comeback team
Ted Nugent: All aboard for the Romney-Ryan Express
Rich Lowry: Give 'em hell, Mitt!
WaPo: Swing state voters don’t see U.S. economy rebounding
Human Events: The Romney-Ryan ticket gains among younger voters
Nate Silver: Why I’m Not Buying the Romney Rally
NYT: Few Voters Are Truly Up for Grabs, Research Suggests
Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Romney 48%, Obama 47%
Rasmussen: Florida: Romney 45%, Obama 43%
CNN: CNN Electoral Map: Wisconsin moves to true "toss up"
Hill: Poll: With help from Ryan, Romney closing gap on Obama in Wisconsin
WaPo: Obama hopes to Latino voters give him a chance in N.C.

Examiner: Romney Campaign: Team Obama ‘drowning in their own venom’
DC: Pat Buchanan explains why Democrats abandon civility more than Republicans
Michael Gerson: Obama’s betrayal
Weekly Standard: The Obama Bankruptcy

WTimes: GOP convention lineup: Ayotte, Jindal, McDonnell
WTimes: Crossing convention aisles: Ex-Democrat Davis to speak at Tampa GOP gathering

Politico: Ann Romney's MS scare

NYT: Ryan Pushes Working-Class Message in Ohio
WSJ: The Ryan Medicaid Questions
WSJ: Mediscare Boomerang: ObamaCare gives GOP a chance to win the Medicare debate

WSJ: Ryan Mixes Sunny Stories and Barbs
WSJ: Ryan: Letters Supporting Stimulus Projects Were Mishandled
WSJ: Campaigns Seek Positives in Negative Tone

WSJ: Ryan’s Secret Medicare Weapon: His Mom
Examiner: Paul Ryan plans campaign appearance with his mom
Hill: With Ryan, GOP insists it has upper hand in fight over Medicare
Fox: Paul Ryan well-off but not megarich, financial forms show
WSJ: Catholic Group Prays for Paul Ryan’s ‘Conversion’
Matt Miller: Recognizing Paul Ryan’s ‘tell’ when he is trying to avoid something

Politico: Paul Ryan deepens Ohio battle lines
Hill: In Ohio, Ryan zings Biden over latest gaffe

WSJ: Romney Says He Paid at Least 13% Tax Rate
NYT: Romney Says He Paid at Least 13% in Income Taxes
WaPo: Romney: I’ve paid at least 13 percent tax rate in each of past 10 years
Fox: Romney says he's never paid less than 13 percent tax rate, challenges Reid
AP Obama asks Romney to release 5 years of tax returns, says would ask for no more

Politico: Romney campaign says $10M raised online since Ryan rollout
NYT: Editorial: Editorial: In Thrall to Sheldon Adelson

WaPo: Old Obama acquaintance voices South Side’s disillusionment with his former ally
WaPo: Iowa deli co-owner caters for Obama visit, but his T-shirt tells another story
WaPo: Obama steps up portrayal of Romney, Ryan as out of touch with middle America
NYT: Tax Analysts, Responding to Critics, Reaffirm Findings on Romney Plan
NatJ: GOP Ticket's Views on Renewable Energy Raising Concerns in Rural Red States

Hill: Obama to stick with Biden as veep
Fox: Carney affirms Obama-Biden ticket, knocks McCain-Palin criticism
LA Times: Biden's unscripted moments keep campaign on its toes
Hill: Odd couple Biden and Obama learn to get past bumps in the road
WTimes: Obama should dump Biden
William Kristol: Stand By Your Man!
DC: Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receives $20M federal loan to open foreign luxury car dealership in Ukraine

NYT: New York Democrats Skipping Convention for, Well, You Name It

Politico: Lynyrd Skynyrd front man embraces Romney, Yoho
NYT: Another Pop Group Tells Romney to Stop Using Its Song


Fox: Congressional probe launched into allegations of lewd conduct at ICE

Fox: Lawmaker accuses FBI official of faulty testimony on how bureau handled al-Awlaki

WaPo: Paul Ryan budget supporter target of House Democrats’ first TV ad of general election

NatJ: The Legend of Simpson-Bowles

NatJ: Understanding How House Recesses Play Out

Politico: Women Senate candidates winning the fundraising battle


Rob Portman: The Regulatory Cliff Is Nearly as Steep as the Fiscal One

Govs. Rick Perry & Rick Scott: bringing out best in Texas, Florida
WaPo: New rules expose bigger funding gaps for public pensions

Fox: EPA is pressured to drop ethanol mandate while drought drives corn prices up

WTimes: Questions on illegal immigration go back to states

WaPo: Stepped-up computer monitoring of federal workers worries privacy advocates

Fox: Nonprofit raises eyebrows with mailings seeking to increase voter registration


NYT: Amid Criticism Over Housing Authority, Bloomberg Decides to Revamp Its Board


Fox: Early voting changes in Florida rejected by federal court
WaPo: Federal court gives 5 Florida counties extra early voting days

Politico: Ted Yoho still waiting for John Boehner call

Miami Herald: ‘Disneyland for adults’ — The Villages is a coveted cache of GOP voters


Chicago ST: First pictures of Jesse Jackson Jr. released since leave for depression

Chicago Tribune: Rep. Joe Walsh acknowledges need to balance straight talk


NatJ: Polls: Mourdock, Donnelly Tied in Indiana Senate


WTimes: Thompson looks to Ryan bump for help in Senate race
Roll Call: Wisconsin: Tommy Thompson Says He Won’t Release Tax Returns


Detroit News: Kilpatrick says he can't get a fair trial in Detroit
Detroit FP: Kwame Kilpatrick: I can't get a fair trial in Detroit


NatJ: Voter ID Ruling Could Put Pennsylvania in Play
WaPo: Editorial: Catch-22 at the Pennsylvania ballot box
NatJ: Poll: Obama Leads Unpopular Romney in Pennsylvania


WSJ: GOP's McMahon Softens Image in Senate Rerun


NatJ: NFIB Backs Scott Brown


Roll Call: Arizona: John McCain Officially Endorses Ben Quayle
Hill: McCain blasts Arizona Republican who accused Quayle of ‘going both ways’


August 16, 2012


Hill: Poll: Romney posts gains in swing states
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 47% Obama 43%
Michael Barone: To stop Mitt, Obama targets N.C., Florida, Ohio
Gallup: Americans Continue to Give Obama Low Marks on the Economy
Wkly Std: Barack Hussein McGovern: The specter of 1972 is haunting the Obama campaign

Ann Coulter: Why Liberals Behave The Way They Do

Karl Rove: The GOP's Medicare Advantage

WSJ: Obama Weighs In on Medicare Rift
Fox: Debate joined on Medicare; Romney, Obama go at it
WaPo: Paul Ryan on Medicare: ‘We will win this debate’
NYT: On Medicare, Obama Plays Offense
Hill: Obama slams Romney, Ryan tax plans as ‘trickle-down snake oil’
WSJ: GOP Sees a Medicare Retort: How to Parry Attacks on Changes to Program
NatJ: Ryan Budget Plan Adopted Medicare Cuts From Democrats' Affordable Care Act
WaPo: Campaign’s fierce rhetoric on Medicare dims hope for a solution, experts say
NYT: Health Care Leads Campaign Dialogue in Midwest
Rush: Ryan's Proposal Offers Future Medicare Recipients Same Plan as Federal Employees
Fox: How Obama Missed His Moment on Entitlements
Rush Limbaugh: Do Democrats Know Obama Cut Medicare?
Gail Collins: Middle-Age Blues
Byron York: Ryan abandons part of Ryan plan
Dana Milbank: The ugly presidential campaign

Politico: Paul Ryan revives fiscal fights in Ohio
WS: Ryan in Ohio: Payroll Taxes Should Go to Medicare & Social Security, Not Obamacare

WSJ: Romney Gets Fundraising Lift From Nascar

WTimes: Romney seeks to elevate tone of debate
Hill: Romney hits Obama’s likability
DMN: Romney fights Obama's likability portraying him as seething with animosity, power lust

WTimes: Obama vs. Romney on Syria policy

NatJ: Romney Again Targets Federal Compensation, Jobs
NatJ: Tens of Thousands of Federal Retirees Collect Six-Figure Pensions

Fox: Group launches campaign accusing Obama of taking credit for bin Laden raid
NYT: Ex-Officers Attack Obama Over Leaks on Bin Laden Raid

WTimes: Former Dem lawmaker to stump for Romney
WaPo: Artur Davis, who backed Obama in 2008, to speak at GOP convention
Artur Davis: Obama’s Hidden-Hand Politics

NatJ: Jindal, Portman Tapped As Convention Speakers

Hill: 'Rock star' Paul Ryan to be tested in glare of national campaign
LA Times: Paul Ryan unfazed by spotlight's glare
WSJ: Ryan Follows Arc of GOP Fiscal Policy
NYT: Choice of Paul Ryan Shifts Focus From Economy to Ideology
WSJ: Meet Paul Ryan’s Wall Street Backers
WSJ: What's Really in the Ryan Budget

WTimes: Students at Miami University greet Ryan as he returns to alma mater

Hill: Ryan's immigration shift leaves both sides uncomfortable

WaPo: Ryan pick presents new challenges for Biden

Hill: Paul Ryan’s abortion stance could widen gender gap in battleground states

WTimes: Gallup: No immediate 'Ryan bounce' for Romney

WSJ: Romney Campaign’s Secret Agent: Kelli Harrison

WaPo: Obama plays up love of beer to ferment coalition of the swilling
WaPo: Obama’s silent, non-voting majority

Politico: Obama defends Biden on 'chains' remark
Fox: Obama defends Biden on 'chains' remark, dismisses Palin's Clinton suggestion
WSJ: Biden's Remarks Draw New Scrutiny
Fox: Black ex-gov of Va slams Biden for 'chains' remark
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Biden’s Social Security promise falls flat
WTimes: Biden has a record with slave-themed remarks
Rush: Biden to Virginia Audience: Romney and GOP are "Gonna Put Y'all Back in Chains"
Politico: John McCain: Would be ‘wise’ to can Joe Biden
Human Events: Video: Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits

Fox: Silversun Pickups demand Romney camp stop using band's song


WaPo: How Tommy Thompson’s win in Wisconsin changes the Senate majority fight
Nate Silver: In Senate Races, Politics Are Local Again

NatJ: Why Issa Won't Drop 'Fast and Furious'


Fox: Illegal immigrants line up at consulates across country for 'DREAM'-er applications
WTimes: Big day for young immigrant job hunters
Hill: Thousands apply to stay in US on first day of Obama deportation initiative

WTimes: Economic recovery rockiest since Depression

Fox: Four-star general being investigated for lavish trip spending

WSJ: Guard Shot at Conservative Group's Offices
WaPo: Family Research Council guard shot by gunman in D.C.
Examiner: Guard shot at Family Research Council headquarters in D.C.


NYT: In Albany, Hopes of Making New York State a Yogurt Empire

WTimes: Rep. Towns kept discounted loan a secret, records show

Buffalo News: Collins discloses three years' tax returns


Victor Davis Hanson: There Is No California


Miami Herald: Longtime congressman beaten by horse doctor in Republican primary
WTimes: Fla. Rep. Stearns concedes defeat in tight race
Roll Call: Cliff Stearns Concedes Defeat
Human Events: Florida Rep. Stearns beaten: The defeat none saw coming

WSJ: South Florida Braces for Nasty House Race

Miami Herald: Absentee ballots played big role Tuesday in Miami-Dade elections


AJC: Georgia’s jobless rate jumps to 9.3 percent in July


Milwaukee JS: Stars align just right for Tommy Thompson's primary win


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 44%, Mandel (R) 44%
American Spectator: Buckeye Battleground

Fox: Presidential campaigns spar over Ohio election law


WTimes: Va. Senate race tops nation in ‘secret money’

WaPo: Virginia surplus will fund bonuses for state workers


WSJ: Judge Allows Voter-ID Law to Proceed
WaPo: Pennsylvania voter ID law gets approval from state judge
NYT: Pennsylvania Judge Keeps Voter ID Law Intact on Its Way to Higher Court
WTimes: Pa. voters will need to show their IDs
WSJ: A Voter ID Victory


Fox: Brewer blocks undocumented immigrants from receiving public benefits
Politico: Gov. Jan Brewer defies W.H. on immigration


NYDN: Multiple victims deliver testimony against Utah GOP activist accused of date-rape
Salt Lake Trib: Greg Peterson, alleged date rapist, will stand trial


August 15, 2012


WSJ: Obama, Romney Spar Over Energy
WSJ: Economists 4 Romney

Fox: Romney accuses Obama of 'campaign of division and anger and hate'

WaPo: Romney calls Obama ‘angry and desperate’ as campaign turns uglier
NYT: Romney Delivers a Harsh Rebuke of Obama at Final Stop on Bus Tour
WSJ: Romney Calls Obama Campaign a ‘Disgrace’
NatJ: Romney: Obama Is Running Reckless Campaign of Hate and Anger

Michael Barone: To stop Mitt, Obama targets N.C., Florida, Ohio
Rasmussen: Ohio: Obama 45%, Romney 45%

Examiner: Ryan touts Romney energy plan in Colorado
WSJ: Ryan Has Crossover Appeal at Home
WSJ: Ryan Says Nevada Voters ‘Deserve Better’

WSJ: Ryan and the Fundamental Economic Debate
WaPo: Medicaid shapes up as major battleground
NYT: Obama-Ryan Battle Intensifies Over Medicare Savings
Fox: Ryan on Medicare, accuses Obama of treating program like 'piggy bank'
Ruth Marcus: Feeling ill over the Medicare debates
NatJ: Don’t Count on Americans Caring That Much About Ryan’s Pet Issues
NYT: Ryan Meets Casino Mogul and Major G.O.P. Donor
Ross Douthat: Why Moderates Should Like Paul Ryan
Jen Rubin: Did choosing Ryan do all this?
NYT: OpEd: Atlas Spurned

WaPo: Paul Ryan one of top fundraisers in Congress

Fox: Janna Ryan off-stage by choice as husband emerges as GOP rock star

WSJ: Christie and Rubio Given Prime Convention Roles

WSJ: The Bedwetter Caucus: GOP 'pros' trash the Republican ticket

NYT: Utility’s Role in Convention Tests Obama
Fox: Unions pan Dems' choice of convention city, plan to spend money elsewhere

WaPo: Biden: Romney’s approach to financial regulation will ‘put y’all back in chains’
WSJ: Biden’s ‘Back in Chains’ Remark Draws Fire

DC: In Harvard essay, young Michelle Obama argued for race-based faculty hiring


NYT: Two-Way Jabs on Medicare Recast Races for Congress


WaPo: Veterans Affairs agency under investigation for conference spending

Fox: ICE chief of staff on leave after new allegations of lewd conduct surface


NYT: Obama Returns to Iowa in Bid to Reignite the Fervor
WSJ: Obama's Iowa Hostage: He blocks drought relief in order to pass a $1 trillion farm bill


WSJ: Super PAC Targets GOP in New York

NatJ: Hochul Releases Tax Returns


Roll Call: Dennis Cardoza Resigning


Dana Milbank: What kind of conservative is Ted Cruz?


LA Times: Connie Mack wins, will face Bill Nelson in Florida Senate race
Orlando Sentinel: Bill Nelson, Connie Mack IV to battle for U.S. Senate
Miami Herald: Sen. Bill Nelson, Connie Mack IV coast to primary victories
Florida TU: U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson to face Connie Mack in November
WTimes: Familiar faces win Tuesday primaries: Mack in Fla.

Fox: Mica thumps Adams in latest member-versus-member primary
NYT: House Chairman Survives Florida Primary
Daily Caller: Mica beats Adams in bitter member vs. member Florida primary
WaPo: Rep. Mica defeats Rep. Adams in Florida
WSJ: Florida's Tea Party Test

WTimes: Veteran House member Stearns forced out in unexpected Florida upset

SunSentinel: South Florida voters set stage for hard-hitting races for Congress


NYT: Thompson Wins G.O.P. Senate Race in Wisconsin
WSJ: Thompson Wins GOP Primary in Wisconsin

WaPo: Tommy Thompson wins Wisconsin’s Republican Senate primary


NYT: Editorial: Overt Discrimination in Ohio


Fox: McMahon, Murphy to face off in Connecticut to replace Lieberman in Senate
Daily Caller: McMahon beats Shays in Conn. Senate GOP primary
NYT: An Ex-Wrestling Executive Wins a G.O.P. Primary


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"Chaos Theory" and the National Popular Vote initiative.......Putting the "faithless elector" on steroids!

HE: Schedule announced for first day of Republican National Convention

WSJ: Online Media
Will Star at the Conventions

WaPo: Latest news on the
Republican National Convention

WaPo: Meet Republican National Convention speakers

Fox: Moderators announced for presidential debates

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Human Events: “The Amateur” climbs to #2 on New York Times bestseller list

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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