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August 31, 2012


Examiner: Romney pledges 12m jobs and help for families
WTimes: Romney accepts GOP nomination at RNC, vows leadership, ‘lots of jobs’
Fox: Romney accepts nomination, says 'now is the time to restore the promise of America'
WSJ: Romney Promises to 'Restore' U.S.
NYT: Romney Vows to Deliver Country From Economic Travails
WaPo: Romney draws battle lines in GOP acceptance speech
WaPo: Romney shows his emotions in acceptance speech
WSJ: Romney Takes On a Triple Challenge in His Speech
NatJ: Mitt Romney Takes It to Mr. Hope and Change
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Makes His Case to Lead
Daily Caller: Romney in speech: ‘Centerpiece’ of Obama campaign ‘attacking success’
WSJ: Romney Opens Up About Himself
WSJ: Full Text of Romney’s Speech

WSJ: The Romney Opportunity
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Romney Reinvents History
WaPo: Mr. Romney’s speech: A better indictment than sales pitch

Rush Limbaugh: Confident, Uplifting Convention Night Puts Obama in the Past
Jen Rubin: Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech
Kathleen Parker: Romney and Ryan, running against themselves
EJ Dionne: Mitt Romney’s Etch a Sketch speech

WSJ: Marco Rubio Delivers Rousing Speech at RNC
Examiner: Rubio: Romney will keep America exceptional
WTimes: Rubio: American exceptionalism imperiled under Obama
Fox: Rubio tells his American story, says Romney can bring back spirit of hope
Fox: Transcript of Marco Rubio's speech at the RNC
Rush Limbaugh: Count on Rubio to Tackle Immigration

WSJ: Dirty Harry Makes Surprise Appearance
NatJ: Clint Eastwood Enlists RNC Audience to 'Go Ahead, Make My Day'
Examiner: Eastwood says Obama has failed, backs Romney's White House bid
WTimes: Clint Eastwood adds Hollywood glitter to GOP gathering
Fox: Eastwood spars with chair as Obama stand-in, calls Romney 'stellar' businessman
WaPo: RNC 2012: Clint Eastwood’s speech to the Republican convention in Tampa (full text)
Fox: Transcript of Clint Eastwood speech at RNC
Rush Limbaugh: Clint Eastwood is the Mystery RNC Speaker

Fox: Jeb Bush defends brother in speech at RNC
Fox: Transcript of former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush's RNC speech
WTimes: Jeb Bush defends his brother, former president
NatJ: Jeb Bush: My Brother 'Kept Us Safe'

Fox: Gingrich compares Romney to Reagan in GOP convention speech
Fox: Transcript of Newt and Callista Gingrich's speech at the RNC

WSJ: After the Celebrating, Race Moves to Battleground States
Fox: Romney, Ryan have custom jets waiting

Fox: New GOP platform condemns Fast & Furious, blame agent's death on operation

WSJ: GOP Rates Future Contenders
Byron York: Christie, Rubio are getting ready for next time

WSJ: Paul Ryan quotes Barack Obama from 2008. Democrats are outraged
James Taranto: Reagan and Ryan: The resurgence of small-government conservatism
Rush Limbaugh: Analysis of Paul Ryan's Fabulous Speech

Rush Limbaugh: Condoleezza Rice Epitomizes Class

Rush Limbaugh: Nikki Haley: The Star of Tuesday Night

Michael Barone: “Day four” of the Republican Convention
Althouse: Live-blogging Day 3 of the GOP Convention
Byron York: The most extraordinary story of the GOP convention

WTimes: Obama hits the road to reclaim spotlight
WSJ: Democrats Return Fire Quickly on Medicare
Paul Krugman: The Medicare Killers
NYT: Obama Team Sharpens Attacks on Rivals’ Character
NYT: Emotional Ties to Obama May be Central to the Election

NYT: At Convention, Lines Blur for Party and ‘Super PACs’

NYT: G.O.P. Balances Ticket With a Picture of Diversity
NYT: Republican Women Seek to Play Down Social Issues

NYT: The Attack Ad, Pompeii-Style


Fox: Bernanke's speech at conference may offer clues to Fed's next step

Fox: Pentagon to consider legal action against ex-SEAL author of bin Laden raid book
NatJ: Bin Laden Book in Breach Non-Disclosure Agreement, Pentagon Says--Report

Charles Krauthammer: The ‘deterrence works’ fantasy


WTimes: Poll: Akin-McCaskill race still a tossup


NYT: Assembly Democrats Support Speaker Over Settlement
NYT: Editorial: The Sexual Bully in Albany


Fox: California lawmakers move to give some illegal immigrants driver's licenses


NYT: Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law, Citing Racial Impact


Gov. Nathan Deal: GA’s budget can’t take Obamacare: Ballooning costs threaten taxpayers


WTimes: Sen. Scott Brown distances himself from GOP platform


August 30, 2012


IndyStar: In Indianapolis, veterans give Mitt Romney a warm reception
WTimes: Romney vows to reverse defense cuts, improve VA
WSJ: Romney Pledges to Expand Programs to Help Veterans
IndyStar: Veterans praise Mitt Romney after speech at American Legion Convention

NYT: Defeat, Introspection, Reinvention, Nomination
Dan Henninger: Mitt Romney should be right for our times. So what's the problem?
NYT: Precise Foreign Policy Intentions Can Be Tough to Gauge
WTimes: Romney erases ‘Etch A Sketch’ image

WSJ: Mormon Faith to Take the Stage
NYT: Voices Hope to Add Texture to Romney’s Faith

Charlie Cook: Tonight May Be More Important Than the Debates
William Kristol: Romney at the Bat
Dick Morris: Obama loses election lead over economy
Karl Rove: What If Obama Had Turned to the Middle?
George Will: Voters, are you bluffing?
Gallup: Mitt Romney Brings Strengths and Weaknesses to GOP Stage
Rush Limbaugh: Swing Voters Have Been Driven Insane

WSJ: Ryan Pledges GOP Rebirth
Examiner: Ryan taunts Obama, electrifies convention
WSJ: The Ryan Difference: Romney's veep choice has lifted his campaign
WaPo: Paul Ryan promises GOP ‘won’t duck the tough issues’
Fox: Ryan takes aim at Obama in RNC speech, vows GOP won't 'duck the tough issues'
WTimes: Ryan says ticket won’t ‘duck the tough issues,’ will repeal Obamacare
NatJ: Ryan, GOP Take Offensive on Medicare
Roll Call: Paul Ryan Issues Blistering Indictment of Barack Obama
Michael Gerson: Ryan’s schools Obama
Byron York: GOP wowed by Ryan speech
WSJ: OpinionJournal @ the GOP Convention
NYT: Rousing G.O.P., Ryan Faults ‘Missing’ Leadership
Fox: Transcript of Paul Ryan's speech at the RNC
Gallup: Americans Split on Paul Ryan; One in Four Have No Opinion

WSJ: Condoleezza Rice Hits Obama Policies
Fox: Rice warns Republicans that US standing in world 'endangered'
Jen Rubin: First came Condi Rice, and then Paul Ryan at RNC

WSJ: Susana Martinez Reaches Out to Latinos
Fox: Transcript of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez's speech at RNC

WSJ: Portman: Romney’s Business Acumen Will Help Fix Government

Fox: McCain hails Romney as best to lead country, hits Obama on foreign policy
WSJ: McCain Rips Obama’s Foreign Policy
Examiner: McCain, Rice endorse Romney as commander in chief
Fox: Transcript of John McCain's speech at the RNC

WSJ: Huckabee Tries for Unity in Tampa
Peggy Noonan: Huckabee Hits a Homer
Fox: Transcript of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's speech at RNC

Fox: Transcript of Sen. Rand Paul's speech at RNC

Rush Limbaugh: GOP Governors Lead the Way
Fred Barnes: A Soft-Hitting Convention

James Taranto: Ann Romney tries to close the gender gap: "This Man Will Not Fail"
Dick Morris: Ann Romney: Game changer

Michael Barone: “Day three” of the Republican National Convention
Althouse: Live-blogging Day 2 of the GOP Convention
WaPo: At Republican reality show, which up-and-comer has the X-factor?

Dan Balz: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on the perils of bipartisanship

NYT: From Sibling Rivalry to Protective Brother, Scott Romney Stands by Mitt

Ann Coulter: New York Times Fact Checkers: Bed Rest Is Work!

Fox: List of Republican convention speakers for Thursday

WSJ: Partyers Barter Tickets in Tampa
WaPo: Mega-donors lavished with attention at convention parties
WTimes: Political pecking order doesn’t sit well with some states

Fox: Speculation swirls around GOP convention mystery guest

Examiner: Republicans attempt to keep Bush out of sight, out of mind at convention

WaPo: Yahoo editor fired over anti-Romney joke
Fox: Yahoo News fires reporter, apologizes to Romney over 'black people drowning' remark

WaPo: GOP: Too many feds and they are paid too much

NYT: In College Town, Obama Jokes at G.O.P.’s Expense


Sen. John Cornyn: Path to a Republican Senate

WaPo: At Republican convention, Eric Cantor stays in the background


Phil Gramm: Reagan and Obama: A Tale of Two Recoveries


IBT: Judge To Toss Florida Voter Registration Restrictions


NYT: Women Employed by Lawmaker Describe Sexually Hostile Office
NYMag: Former Employees Say Vito Lopez Had a History of Slimy Behavior


WSJ: A Downgrade for Illinois: The worst credit rating aside from California


NYT: Results of Primary Elections Feed Arizona Democrats’ Hope


August 29, 2012


Marconews: Romney nominated; wife Ann convention star speaker
WSJ: Ann Romney: Hope and Opportunity in America
Examiner: Ann Romney promises husband will 'lift up America'
Fox: Ann Romney takes center stage in Tampa, vows husband Mitt 'will not fail'
Hill: In personal address, Ann Romney tells voters 'this man will not fail'
Dallas MN: Mitt Romney’s the ‘man America needs,’ his wife tells GOP convention crowd
WaPo: Ann Romney’s speech offers prime-time chance to show Mitt’s appeal
NYDN: Ann Romney leads way as Republicans kick off convention
Human Events: Ann Romney at best speaking for Mitt
Roll Call: Ann Romney Shows Sentiment in Speech
NYT: Stepping Out of a Husband’s Shadow, and Perhaps Overshadowing Him
LA Times: Mitt Romney gains GOP nomination, but his wife steals the night
Denver Post: Ann Romney tries to humanize husband Mitt for all women to see
WaPo: Romney clinches GOP nomination at convention; Ann Romney, Chris Christie speak
Peggy Noonan: Ann Romney and Chris Christie
NatJ: Convention Insiders: Ann Trumps Christie
Byron York: RNC: Why Ann Romney succeeded and Chris Christie didn’t
Gallup: Americans See Christie, Ann Romney in Positive Light
Juan Williams: Ann Romney looked like a ‘corporate wife’ and a ‘very rich woman’
NatJ: Seeking Respect, Not Love
Fox: Transcript of Ann Romney's speech at the Republican National Convention

Hill: GOP votes to nominate Romney
WSJ: Republicans Anoint Romney
Human Events: Romney officially secures GOP presidential nomination
Fox: Romney formally chosen as GOP nominee, convention moves into full swing
NYT: Nomination Secure, Romney Pitch Starts
WSJ: For Romney, Florida Win Is Key
Charleston Daily Mail: How Mitt Romney won over the GOP
Michael Barone: Romney pins hopes on being different from Obama
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney is no washout
WSJ: Above all, voters want to hear how Republicans will restore prosperity
Martin Feldstein: Martin Feldstein: Romney's Tax Plan Can Raise Revenue
WaPo: Editorial: Mitt Romney’s tax plan, obscured by ‘underbrush’
Pete DuPont: Steer Clear of the Cliff: How to avoid imminent fiscal disaster

NYT: In Keynote Speech, Christie Asks Country to Face Hard Truths
WTimes: Christie vouches for Romney: ‘Solutions will not be painless’
Fox: Christie rallies GOP in convention keynote with tough-love 'truth-telling' message
Hill: Christie slams Dems whistling happy tune over fiscal cliff
NY Post: Fiery Chris turns the key
LA Times: Chris Christie touts his record, Romney's, in keynote speech
Examiner: Christie: Tough problems require painful solutions
Human Events: Christie doesn’t disappoint as he rips into liberals
Dan Balz: Chris Christie rouses RNC convention
Jen Rubin: Chris Christie: A force of nature
William Kristol: The Rabbi and the Governor
Weekly Standard: The Pride of New Jersey
Politico: Chris Christie RNC keynote: 10 rousing quotes
Fox: Transcript of Chris Christie's speech at the Republican National Convention

Human Events: Ohio GOPers confident of Romney win, Senate pickup

NYT: Key Speeches From the Republican National Convention

Hill: Boehner calls on convention delegates to 'throw out' Obama
NatJ: Transcript of Boehner's RNC Speech

Fox: GOP OKs platform barring abortions, gay marriage
NYT: Platform’s Sharp Turn to Right Has Conservatives Cheering
Hill: GOP platform slams military's focus on climate change

Hill: Convention hall turns rowdy during votes on procedural rules
Human Events: RNC rules change upsets conservatives
Rush Limb: GOP Establishment Tries to Change Delegate Rules to Marginalize Conservatives
Rush Limbaugh: A Unified Convention Torn Apart?

James Taranto: Soak the Rich: Too much rain, few protesters

WSJ: Nikki Haley Offers GOP Voter Trifecta

Examiner: McDonnell plays it safe on national stage
WTimes: Convention puts spotlight on GOP governors

Daily Caller: Scott Walker: ‘R’ next to Romney’s name ‘stands for reformer’
Fox: Rousing welcome at convention for Scott Walker

Daily Caller: Santorum highlights dependency under Obama
Human Events: Santorum attacks Obama for waiving welfare work requirement
Hill: Rick Santorum courts blue-collar voters in convention speech
WSJ: Santorum Highlights Abortion Debate
Fox: Santorum talks up American dream, accuses Obama of turning it into 'nightmare'

Fox: Rising GOP star Mia Love glides into the spotlight at convention
Daily Caller: Convention speech highlights Mia Love’s GOP rise
Human Events: Women in the spotlight on first night of RNC

DC: Ex-Obama ally Artur Davis uses convention speech to ask other Dems to leave party too
HE: From Obama booster to GOP star: Artur Davis gets electric reception at RNC

Daily Caller: MSNBC abandons GOP convention during every speech by a minority
Rush: Left Focuses on Intimidating Republicans Into Not Mentioning Obama at Convention

NYT: A Hotel Is Romney Central (Cart Coming Through!)

Milwaukee JS: With big speech, Ryan prepares for ultimate sales job
Hill: GOP faithful excited for Paul Ryan's address
NYT: In Ryan Speech, Don’t Expect Palin Sequel
NYT: Paul Ryan: Fast Rise Built With Discipline
Rush Limbaugh: Paul Ryan and the Battle for the GOP

Gov. Rick Perry: Who’ll make the difference in November?
Rasmussen: Swing State Tracking Confirms Sense of a Race Too Close to Call

AP: What to watch for at the GOP convention Wednesday
Daily Caller: Top 5 possibilities for the RNC’s mystery speaker
Rush Limbaugh: I'm Not the Surprise Speaker at the RNC

Michael Barone: Reflections on “day two” of the Republican National Convention
Miami Herald: Republican convention is in full-throated roar
American Spectator: Off to a Strong Start

Gallup: GOP Favorability Matches 2008 Pre-Convention Level

Rush Limbaugh: 1980: Here's How You Do a Convention

WTimes: Republican convention seeks a break from Bush’s years

Hill: Alaska delegates think Sarah Palin was snubbed, deserved Tampa speaking slot

NYT: Editorial: How the Republicans Built It

American Thinker: Presidential Debate Advice for Mitt Romney

NYT: Paul Supporters’ Protest Signals Deeper Division
WaPo: The Republican delegates convene, and Ron Paul’s supporters mix it up
Dana Milbank: A storm inside the GOP convention

Fox: Protesters clash with Westboro members in Tampa

WSJ: GOP Set to Blast Obama's Foreign Policy
Stanley Fish: Obama, D’Souza and Anti-colonialism

WSJ: Obama Woos Campus Voters
NYT: Obama Courts the Votes of a Less-Engaged Youth
WTimes: Obama counters GOP convention coverage with campus tour

NYT: Dolan to Offer Prayer at Democratic Convention, Too


Daily Caller: Inhofe: GOP will take Senate, including Missouri

Politico: NRSC shuffles Senate map, reinforcing North Dakota and axing two others

NYT: House Republicans Deemed Not Ready for Convention’s Prime Time

WTimes: Outspent on ads, Dems pay ‘trackers’ to tail candidates for dirt


Hill: Jeb Bush tells Republicans to ‘stop acting stupid’ on immigration policy


WSJ: Todd Akin Is Not a Victim: His candidacy is hurting social conservatives


Albany TU: Video: New York casts its lot for Romney
NYDN: New Yorkers wonder what’s next for Rudy Giuliani

NYT: Assembly Leader Admits Fault as Critics Assail Secret Payoff

NY Post: Huntley ‘$hare’ eyed


Fox: Federal court rejects Texas voting maps, finds them discriminatory
WaPo: Texas redistricting discriminates against minorities, federal court says
NYT: Federal Court Finds Texas Voting Maps Discriminatory
Houston Press: Feds Toss Out Redistricting Maps: Biased Against Minorities, Panel Says


NewsOK: Mullin, Wallace cruise to victory in Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District runoff races
Roll Call: Oklahoma: Rob Wallace, Markwayne Mullin Win Primaries in 2nd District


Chicago Tribune: Kirk appears at Republican convention via video


NYT: Shift in Connecticut Senate Race as Democrat Is Put on the Defensive


Arizona Republic: Jeff Flake wins GOP primary for U.S. Senate
WaPo: Jeff Flake wins GOP Senate nomination in Arizona

Arizona Republic: Schweikert defeats Quayle in District 6 battle of incumbents
Fox: Quayle becomes first House freshman Republican to lose primary
Politico: Arizona House primary results: Ben Quayle booted from Congress
Hill: Rep. Schweikert tops Rep. Quayle in Ariz. member matchup

WSJ: Giffords, Democrat Shot in '11, Starts PAC


August 28, 2012


Examiner: Romney copying Reagan's 1980 path to victory
Examiner: Romney looks to redefine himself, place focus on economy at convention
WTimes: Romney preps for speech, frets about storm
WaPo: Romney to arrive in Tampa Tuesday
Human Events: Ann Romney, John Boehner to speak at RNC Tuesday
National Review: Who Is Ann Romney?
WTimes: ‘Mittigator’ to make case for Romney
Politico: Ann Romney's RNC task: Humanize Mitt
Hill: Romney steps up effort to close the gender gap
Fox: List of Republican convention speakers for Tuesday
WaPo: Mitt Romney stays out of the spotlight in run-up to Republican convention
NYT: Business and Political Experiences Pull Romney 2 Ways on Economy

WSJ: The Tampa Republicans: This is not the George W. Bush-Tom DeLay GOP
WSJ: The Reform Governors Who Led the Way
Bill McGurn: The House That Government Built
NYT: New York Rabbi’s Prayer Will Open G.O.P. Convention

David Brooks: The Real Romney
Rich Lowry: Making Mitt Romney human
James Taranto: Mitt Bites Dog
NYDN: Will the real Romney please stand up

Politico: Who’s on the inside track for a Romney Cabinet

Fox: Convention-bound Ryan slams Obama for presiding over 'debt, doubt and decline'
WPo: Paul Ryan focuses on community, immigrant roots in preview of GOP convention speech
DC: Paul Ryan makes plea to Ron Paul and his supporters
Hill: Deal struck to avoid messy floor fight at GOP convention

WTimes: 5 Questions with Gov. Scott Walker
Politico: Scott Walker: Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan to take Wisconsin

DC: Gov. McDonnell: Obama, Democrats focusing on abortion to distract from ‘failed’ record
Politico: RNC 2012: Bob McDonnell gives GOP enthusiasm edge

Politico: Chris Christie: I may ‘stray’ during keynote
Fox: Romney camp says report on Christie fearing GOP loss, ducking ticket 'totally untrue'
Weekly Standard: The Pride of New Jersey

Politico: Portman to play Obama in debate prep

Rick Santorum: The Return of Welfare as We Used to Know It

Rush Limbaugh: RNC Theme: Obama is a Nice Guy, But He's Incompetent

WaPo: Newt University debuts at the Republican National Convention
Fox: Former GOP presidential rivals stake out their turf in Tampa
Politico: Steve Schmidt: Mike Huckabee could have been nominee

DC: Conservative foreign policy experts on what Romney should say in RNC address

Politico: Toast of Tampa: 5 rising stars to watch

Fred Barnes: Republicans for Change

Phyllis Schafly: Republican Party platform best yet

WaPo: Jon Voight in Tampa: Hollywood’s new senior Republican
Politico: Jon Voight spotted at the GOP convention

WaPo: With an eye on Isaac, Republicans press ahead with convention in Tampa
Fox: GOP convention kicks off, briefly, as officials wait out storm
WSJ: A Convention Hurricane: Isaac and other important business
WTimes: GOP delegates stew as storm fizzles
NYT: Editorial: The Storm, Again
Politico: GOP fears ghost of Katrina at RNC 2012
WaPo: Tropical Storm Isaac intersects with Gulf Coast, GOP convention and painful past
NYT: While Convention Postponed, Show Still Must Go On
Dana Milbank: Isaac brushes past an obsolete convention

Fox: 1 arrest during GOP protests in Tampa
Hill: Police outnumber convention protesters by 4-1 in Tampa
Fox: Tampa businesses brace for impact -- from protesters
WaPo: Protesters kept far from GOP convention site
WTimes: GOP sets anti-porn focus in a city full of strip clubs
DC: Despite Palin lookalike, strip club business in Tampa is slow

WTimes: Apps take you to conventions

Hill: Hill Poll: GOP bullish on ticket
Rush Limbaugh: Contemplating the Undecideds
Human Events: Poll raises question: How is this election even close?
Michael Gerson: Polarized to a draw
NatJ: Dead-Heat Polls: It’s Still the Economy ...
Gallup: Most Americans Still Predict Obama Will Win 2012 Election
Human Events: Report from the RNC Convention: Karl Rove on swing states

NatJ: Candidates Just Don’t Bounce Like They Used To

NatJ: Obama Super PAC Ad Targets Romney During Convention
Examiner: Pro-Obama Super PAC ad features small business owner ‘duped’ by Romney

WSJ: Barack Obama, Global Has-Been
Roger Cohen: Obama’s Team of Idolizers
Fox: Clooney helps Obama campaign with Geneva fundraiser

WaPo: Documentary film ‘2016: Obama’s America’ out of nowhere to burn up the box office

WaPo: Citizens United chief watches as other groups reap windfall from landmark case


Hill: Boehner: House Republicans in a ‘strong position’ to retain majority
Examiner: Speaker Boehner: Slash convention, party platform
Human Events: Boehner says GOP should put platform ‘on one page’
Politico: John Boehner comes out smoking
Politico: Unpopular House GOP lies low in Tampa

Politico: $8 billion surprise grist for new spending fight

WSJ: GOP Plays Up Congressional Candidates

WTimes: Despite Akin, GOP’s odds improve on taking Senate
Hill: GOP lawmakers huddle with donors to discuss winning control of Senate
Charlie Cook: Winning the Senate Has Become a Lot More Difficult


WTimes: The Mean Economy: Even law firms hit hard by recession

Human Events: Survey of Army leaders: Military not headed in right direction

WaPo: Editorial: The GOP’s muddled message on immigration
Rush Limbaugh: Gloomy GOP Establishment Thinks They Will Lose Because of Immigration

Charles Lane: The failing case for gold

Roll Call: Key Primaries Decided Today in Ariz., Okla.


Politico: Marco Rubio: Charlie Crist ‘running out of parties’
Fox: Ex-GOP Gov. Crist to speak at Democratic convention following Obama endorsement


Roll Call: Arlen Specter Hospitalized With 'Serious' Illness

OHIO (18)

WaPo: Federal judge says Ohio must count disputed votes


Human Events: Michigan GOP vows all-out effort to defeat Obama
Detroit News: Gov tells Romney: Michigan up for grabs

Detroit News: Michigan ballot initiatives head back to courts


Examiner: Virginians reminded of state's importance to Romney
Examiner: Gov. Bob McDonnell: Virginia trending red again


WaPo: Todd Akin’s rape comments find sympathy among conservative women in his district
Allysia Finley: Huck and Akin


Fox: Catholic business owners who beat back ObamaCare denied award from Denver


NYT: State Senator From Queens Is Indicted
NYT: Assembly Paid $103,000 in Harassment Case
NYT: Latest Scandals From Albany
NYDN: Albany’s short-lived ‘integrity’

Albany TU: Skelos optimistic on prospects, attacks Dem ‘chaos’


Fox: Trial opens challenging South Carolina voter identification law

WTimes: South Carolina health requires local solutions


Fox: Obama declares state of emergency in Louisiana ahead of Isaac
WaPo: Bobby Jindal’s delayed debut


Politico: Connecticut poll: Linda McMahon’s narrow lead


Fox: Warren driver accused of roughing up GOP tracker in Massachusetts
Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren outdoes Scott Brown in fund-raising


August 27, 2012


Fox: Convention marks GOP opportunity to ratchet up Romney enthusiasm
Politico: In New Hampshire, Romneys rehearse remarks
WSJ: Romney Seeks Image Boost as Storm Stalks Convention
NatJ: Tampa Copes With Glancing Blow as Isaac Churns in Gulf
Fox: Governors in Isaac's crosshairs are canceling GOP convention trips
Hill: Fears of Katrina repeat haunt opening of GOP convention
WaPo: Republicans defy a gathering storm
American Spectator: Storm Surge
WaPo: Republican National Convention reworking schedule because of Tropical Storm Isaac
WSJ: GOP Prepares for 'Day 2' Launch
Roll Call: Republicans Keep Headliners, Make Program Three Days
Fox: Republican delegates' plans uncertain as start of convention delayed
NYT: Storm Rewrites G.O.P.’s Script for Convention
NYT: Viewers Don’t Want Conventional

NYT: The Ad Advantage in Battleground States
NatJ: Poll: Romney Edges Ahead of Obama
Politico: Post/ABC poll: Romney 47, Obama 46
Gallup: Since 1952, Pre-Convention Leader Has Won 12 of 15 Elections
WaPo: Poll: Obama, Romney neck-and-neck ahead of party conventions
WTimes: Obama, Romney in dead heat as voter bases stick
Rasmussen: Swing State Daily Tracking: Obama 46%, Romney 45%
Hill: Romney has a knack for the comeback

NYT: A Party of Factions Gathers, Seeking Consensus
Michael Barone: The Evolution of the Republican Party Voter
Michael Barone: Without a 'bounce,' it's hard to win in fall
Milwaukee JS: Two different conventions, much different goals
WSJ: New Policy Details Unlikely to Come at the Convention
Hill: Expectations high for keynote from straight-talking Gov. Chris Christie
NatJ: In Tampa, Much of the Drama Will Stay Offstage
Fox: Man with machete arrested near GOP convention site, police say
Chris Cillizza: Republican National Convention speakers have much at stake
Salena Zito: Nomination to mark peak of Romney’s quest to serve

WSJ: Tea Party and GOP Are Now In Sync
Fox: Ex-presidential candidates Bachmann and Cain galvanize Tea Party supporters
NYT: Evaluating the Expat Factor
NYT: The Sun Belt, Eclipsed
WaPo: Editorial: The Republican Party’s challenge

Politico: Mitt Romney outlines his governing plan
Hill: Romney looks to balance specifics with vision at Republican convention
NYT: Earnest and Efficient, Romney Spares the Subtlety
NYT: Romneys Talk Issues, and Fashion, in Joint Interview
NYT: How Mr. Romney Would Force-Feed the Pentagon
NatJ: Foreign Policy: Who Has Romney's Ear?
Fox: Romney reinforces his support for women, points to record
Chicago ST: Mitt Romney irons clothes and shops at Costco
Hill: GOP seeks to hit reset with Hispanic voters
NatJ: Romney’s White-Collar Suburban Challenge
Examiner: Mitt's message: Big government helps big business
Hill: Fight over tax reform would dominate first year of a Romney presidency
WTimes: Kid Rock in tune with Romney
Politico: RNC 2012: Evangelicals talk about the things Mitt Romney won’t
NatJ: A Man Who Needs Some Introduction
WTimes: To get a grasp on Mitt Romney, start with the lesson of the muffin
WTimes: GOP officials accuse Romney of trying to rig rules for 2016 delegate selection

WSJ: Ryan to Preview Tampa Speech at a Hometown Rally
NYT: Editorial: Paul Ryan’s Social Extremism
Jen Rubin: Biden vs. Ryan
Byron York: Generational politics of non-Boomer Ryan

Rick Santorum: Americans must choose freedom, not dependency

Hill: Rep. Ron Paul rallies supporters in Tampa
WSJ: Paul Fans Bid Him Adieu for Now
WTimes: Paul forecasts a libertarian storm brewing
Daily Caller: Ron Paul’s swan song rally advertises his supporters as GOP’s future
Fox: Ron Paul, supporters heap scorn on GOP establishment at convention counter-rally
National Review: Ron Paul’s Swan Song
Human Events: Gary Johnson woos Paul supporters

WTimes: Trump awarded for ability as GOP ‘statesman’
WaPo: Trump won’t be in Tampa — Isaac will
Politico: Donald Trump’s moment in the Florida spotlight

NYT: Relaxed and Loose, Candidate Obama Hits his Mark
WTimes: Seniors boost Obama over fears of GOP Medicare cuts
Human Events: Romney hits back at Obama attack ad
NYDN: Romney accuses Obama of linking him to Rep. Akin's controversial comments on rape

Charlie Cook: Time Is Running Out to Cast Romney as Relatable
Bill Keller: The Last Bipartisan
EJ Dionne: Can Romney show he’s more than a politician?
Juan Williams: Why the Republican Party is losing the battle for women voters

Politico: GOP ponders Bushes past and future
Politico: Jeb Bush: Stop blaming my brother
Hill: Bush absences from GOP convention might be to Mitt Romney’s advantage


NatJ: 'Barnstorming' Boehner Raises Big Bucks

Politico: Romney transfers $3M to NRSC, NRCC

Hill: Republicans hope to win trifecta in 2012


Robert Samuelson: ‘Saving’ the middle class

Jon Huntsman: A GOP Opportunity on Immigration

WSJ: The architects of ObamaCare reveal their real vision for health care: coercion


Palm Beach Post: Six Floridians get main-stage moment at GOP convention

Miami Herald: National and state campaigns in Florida raked in $12.8 million — in one week

WaPo: Former Fla. governor Charlie Crist endorses Obama
Daily C: Putnam: Crist ‘so desperate to be in the parade, he will wear anybody’s costume’
Human Events: The fanciful political cross dressing of Charlie Crist

OHIO (18)

HE: Romney, Ryan in Ohio: A five point plan to invigorate the economy
Examiner: Senate candidate Josh Mandel: From sacrificial lamb to contender
Columbus Dispatch: Dispatch Poll results: Tight races put undecided voters in control


Marc Thiessen: Romney’s play for Michigan


Examiner: Virginia delegation settles in for GOP convention


Milwaukee JS: GOP convention revelry amped up for Wisconsin delegation


Star Tribune: Minnesotans are in the mix as GOP fights over its brand


Fred Barnes: Akin’s Support Craters in Missouri
NYT: Akin Stumbles, but His Opponent Still Watches Her Step


Albany TU: Republicans descend on Tampa
Albany TU: New Yorkers arrive at Tampa amid stormy skies

NYT: Cuomo Calls for Resignation of Brooklyn Assemblyman
NY Post: Cuomo calls for Vito Lopez to resign in wake of censure


SacBee: Being from a blue state means bus time for California Republicans

LA Times: California Legislature sets ambitious agenda in last week of session


Dallas MN: Paul Ryan pick helps Texas delegates get pumped about Mitt Romney
Dallas MN: Cruz retains convention speaking slot, Tuesday, right before prime time

WaPo: Texas counties consider going it alone on Medicaid expansion


Fox: Former South Carolina Gov. Sanford engaged to ex-mistress


AJC: Georgia Republicans leave Dems in dust on fundraising


Politico: Tropical storm Isaac ‘Couldn’t be worse for New Orleans'


HE: Daniels: Health Savings Accounts have incentivized Indiana’s citizens


NY Post: Christie chose NJ over Mitt's VP role due to fears that they'd lose: sources
Paul Krugman: Chris Christie: The Comeback Skid

Fox: Gritty N.J. city of Camden to scrap police department amid budget woes


Boston Globe: Mass. Republican delegates get a spotlight at last


NYT: For G.O.P. Congressmen in Arizona, a Fierce Primary in a Redrawn District


August 26, 2012


WSJ: GOP Delays Start of Convention
NatJ: Tampa Under Tropical Storm Warning
Politico: Ala. governor cancels convention plans
Fox: Approaching Isaac forces Republicans to delay convention start
WTimes: GOP cancels first day of convention as storm Isaac approaches
NYT: Citing Weather, Republicans Cancel First Day of Convention
WaPo: RNC cancels Monday events because of Tropical Storm Isaac
Politico: RNC 2012: In Tampa, most events go on
NatJ: Convention Delay One More Hurdle for Romney

CBS: New Romney ads focus on his "first 100 days" as president
NYT: Romney’s First 100 Days

WaPo: Mitt Romney’s road to Tampa
Dan Balz: Romney’s to-do list for the Tampa convention
Dan Balz: 8 Questions
Daily Caller: David Brooks: 'Unknown' Romney has post-convention bounce potential
Hill: Priebus predicts ‘real’ and ‘visible’ bump for Romney after Tampa
Detroit FP: Rooted in Michigan, politics is in the Romney family's DNA
Boston Globe: Romney followed rapid evolution as he aimed toward presidency

WTimes: Romney: No more Greek columns for Obama?

DC: GOP winning national Medicare debate two weeks after Romney picked lightning rod Ryan

Human Events: Romney energy plan makes bold contrast from Obama

NYT: Romney Team Adopts Harder Message for Last Stretch
NYT: Lessons Learned From ’08 Ticket, Romney and Ryan Present a United Front
Roll Call: In Interview, GOP Chairman Dismisses Obama Ground Game

LA Times: A Mitt Romney most of America doesn't know

Human Events: RNC Convention preview: The race is on
Hill: For some Republicans, convention could be springboard to future
Hill: Threats from anarchists have Tampa on lockdown ahead of GOP convention

NYT: For Big Givers, Cash and Clout Arrive Together
Examiner: Citizen Koch goes to Tampa
NatJ: From HomoCon to Stand-Up, Grover Norquist Takes on Tampa

NYT: Libertarian Legion Ready to Accept Torch From Paul
WaPo: Ron Paul’s fans throw a party without guest of honor

Ross Douthat: The Democrats’ Abortion Moment

NYT: A New Guide to the Republican Herd | Old guide

WaPo: John Sununu calls major TV networks ‘hypocritical’ on convention coverage

WTimes: As GOP converges on Tampa, Palin heads to Ariz.


Hill: FCC eyes tax on Internet service


NYT: Despite Democrats’ Warnings, Private Medicare Plans Find Success

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (8/26/12):


Politico: Crist endorses Obama


Detroit News: Michigan will matter in Tampa
Detroit News: Michigan delegates arrive in Tampa as Isaac looms


Fox: University of Virginia declines Obama request to speak on campus


WaPo: McCaskill leads Akin in Missouri Senate race, new poll shows


NYT: Before Censure, a Hushed Settlement Against Assemblyman
Albany TU: Lopez stripped of Housing committee, interns, over sex harass

Albany TU: Sen. Shirley Huntley says she’ll be arrested Monday
NYT: State Senator From Queens Is Warning of Her Arrest


SacBee: California Republicans head to Tampa amid major changes in grassroots efforts
SacBee: Storm shakes up RNC, but doesn't dampen California delegates' spirits


Fox: Complaints cause atheist-funded billboards in North Carolina to come down


NYT: In Maryland, Gay Marriage Seeks a ‘Yes’ at the Polls


Roll Call: Race Rating Change: Linda McMahon Makes Gains in Connecticut
Politico: Conn. GOPers: No social issues, please


August 25, 2012


Detroit FP: Mitt Romney brings Paul Ryan back home to Michigan
Hill: Romney looks to put Michigan in play
Detroit News: Romney in Michigan: 'No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate'
WSJ: Romney Makes Birth Certificate Joke
Examiner: Mitt Romney’s birth certificate joke (video)
NYT: Romney Makes a Birth Certificate Joke While Campaigning in Michigan
WTimes: Romney joke riffs on Obama 'birther' doubts
WaPo: Romney jokes about his birth certificate; Obama accuses him of embracing birtherism
CBS: Romney says "birther" joke wasn't a swipe at Obama
Boston Globe: Birth certificate reference in jest, Romney insists
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Hits: No One's Ever Asked to See My Birth Certificate

WSJ: How to Beat President Obama
WTimes: 10 Tips: How Romney beats Obama
Reince Priebus: Romney and Ryan will get country working again
George Will: Romney’s ‘Big 10’ strategy
Rasmussen: Virginia: Romney 47%, Obama 47%
WSJ: Negative $4,019: The Obama years have been brutal on middle-class incomes

Fox: The Task in Tampa: Reintroducing Romney
WSJ: GOP Releases Primetime Speaker Schedule
Roll Call: GOP Finalizes Prime Time Convention Line-up
Fox: Emerging GOP convention platform draws praise, scorn, shoulder-shrugging
WTimes: Another history-making GOP convention
Human Events: Top 10 memorable GOP Convention moments
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney plans personal narrative to reshape image
NatJ: Candidates Don't Always Get Winning Narratives Out of Conventions
Politico: Tropical storm Isaac can’t stop Mitt Romney nomination

NatJ: Ann Romney to Address Convention Tuesday During Network Coverage
Hill: GOP moves Ann Romney speech so networks can cover

NYT: G.O.P. Convention Will Include Video Tribute to Paul
NYDN: Ron Paul to get video tribute at Republican National Convention
WTimes: In Paul they trust as he leaves political stage
WaPo: Why Ron Paul’s presidential campaign may be the last of its kind
Fox: GOP panel ejects Maine delegates behind Paul

Rush Limbaugh: Was Sarah Palin Snubbed?

Hill: Sen. Rand Paul sees ‘war’ over the ‘heart and soul of America’

Fox: Santorum to release delegates

NYT: Invitation to Cardinal Shows G.O.P.’s Catholic Push

Hill: Obama: Medicare changes didn’t reduce benefits ‘a single dime’
WSJ: Obama Plans for Virginia, Florida Hit Snags
WSJ: Obama Team Aims to Play in Tampa
NYT: Biden Postpones Campaign Visit to Tampa
Hill: Biden cancels Tampa trip due to storm

Fox: Hollywood bailing on President Obama and the Democratic National Convention
James Taranto: The Abortion Convention: Will Democrats turn opportunity into disaster?

Sen. Olympia Snowe: How the GOP can mend its image among women
WaPo: OpEd: Republicans don’t have to cede women’s votes
Weekly Standard: Learning to Like Mitt

NYT: With Ryan, Romney Loses Claim to Outsider Status
David Ignatius: On foreign policy, an enigma
Dana Milbank: The Republicans walk the planks

NYT: Romney in Crisis: Two Dark Spots in Fortunate Life

WSJ: Debate Over Bain Capital Investor Documents
NYT: Tax Credits Shed Light on Romney
WaPo: Bain documents reveal tax and offshore details
WSJ: A Clue Emerges to Romney’s Gift-Tax Mystery

WSJ: 'Up for Grabs' Voters, Akin's Seat, Club vs. Dentists
Fox: Poll: Key fraction of voters remain undecided, unexcited ahead of election

WSJ: Who's Afraid of Rick Warren?
WSJ: Hubbard v. Romney

NatJ: CNN Poll Finds Obama, Romney in Statistical Dead Heat


Fox: Conference expense list details millions spent by VA in latest federal waste scandal

DC: Embattled House, Senate candidates to get boosts from GOP convention speaking spots


WaPo: Unemployment woes hit hard for displaced workers, Labor Dept. study shows
Fox: Federal debt nears $16 trillion, with no easy way to pay it down
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Produced Utter Economic Disaster

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: Politics Counts: GOP and Florida’s I-4 Corridor
Fox: GOP to Florida: No more primary calendar changes
Miami Herald: RNC strips VIP passes from FL GOP delegation, but lets all delegates on floor


Philadelphia Inquirer: New poll shows Obama with a significant lead over Romney in PA
Politico: Pennsylvania poll: Obama up by 9


Detroit News: Michigan delegate status unclear at GOP convention


Rasmussen: Virginia Senate: Allen (R) 45%, Kaine (D) 45%
WTimes: Kaine unveils $250,000 Spanish-language ad campaign

WSJ: An Economic Border War Right Under Washington's Nose


Star Tribune: Coleman is back in a GOP seat of power


NYT: Missouri Lawmaker Tries to Shift Focus From Comments on Rape
WTimes: Akin reiterates he's not quitting
Politico: Todd Akin’s team digs in for fight — again

Rasmussen: Missouri: Obama 47%, Romney 46%
WTimes: Romney leading in Missouri despite Akin gaffe
Examiner: Akin scandal hands Missouri to Obama


Daily Caller: Report: Mark Sanford proposes to girlfriend in Argentina


Fox: Local official: Booker weighs bid for New Jersey governor


NatJ: Warren Shifts Strategy by Nationalizing Battle Against Brown
Weekly Standard: Mass. Poll: Brown 49, Warren 43


August 24, 2012


WSJ: Romney's Energy Play
WSJ: Campaigns Duel Over Energy Plans
NYT: Giving Reins to the States Over Drilling
WTimes: Romney: Drill in refuge, federal land, offshore

Mitt Romney: What I Learned at Bain Capital

Peggy Noonan: America Meets Mr. Romney

NYT: Romney May Be Nominated Early
NatJ: GOP Moves Up Romney Nominating Vote
Star Tribune: Roll call on Romney may come on Monday
Mediaite: Romney’s Nomination May Come Two Days Earlier Than Planned
NYT: Preparing in Tampa for a Convention That Might Become a Hurricane Party
Examiner: Romney reacts to convention hurricane threat: ‘The winds of change are coming’
Fox: Protesters start to trickle into Tampa for GOP convention
Politico: For GOP mega-donors, a convention of their own
Politico: Ann Romney speech may move to Tuesday

Byron York: Can Romney stay focused on jobs?

Kim Strassel: The Silent Second-Term Agenda
Byron York: Voters fret about economy, Dems focus on abortion
James Taranto: Out of Mani, One: The philosophical roots of the Obama cult

WSJ: Romney Prepares for Hard Sell
WaPo: Mitt Romney team of ‘Mad Men’ creates ads to sell nation on candidate
NYT: Romney Uses Array of Props to Help Explain Ideas to Voters
WSJ: Romney Uses Secretive Data-Mining

NYT: Documents Show Details on Romney Family Trusts
WaPo: Bain documents reveal tax and offshore details

WSJ: Candidates Adjust to Shifting Map
WaPo: Heading into GOP convention, Mitt Romney narrowly trails Obama in polls
Fox: Fox News poll: Race for the White House tightens
Charlie Cook: It Shouldn’t Be Close
Politico: Fox poll: Romney 45, Obama 44
Hill: Poll gives Romney the edge over Obama
Rasmussen: Connecticut: Obama 51%, Romney 43%
MCall: Morning Call/Muhlenberg Poll: Paul Ryan doesn't move race in Pennsylvania
Gallup: Obama Still Wins on Likability; Romney, on the Economy
Rush Limbaugh: Bam Admits: Romney Coming on Strong

WaPo: Paul Ryan: Romney administration would undo defense sequester ‘retroactively’
WaPo: Paul Ryan and the rise of ‘Ryanism’

NYT: For the Ryans, a Union Across Political Lines
David Brooks: Ryan’s Biggest Mistake

Daily Caller: Obama endorses Biden, quiets replacement rumors
WTimes: Obama to break recent precedent, will stump during RNC
NYT: It’s the President’s Message, With President Clinton
Rush Limbaugh: Clinton Lies in New Obama Ad
WaPo: Obama campaign is depending on a strong ground game against Romney
Fox: Dems add business leaders to convention speaking roster

WaPo: George W. Bush doesn’t miss ‘the swamp’ of politics

NatJ: Rising Stars of the GOP


NatJ: Senate Race Rankings: Tales of Two Committees

Roll Call: Crossroads GPS Launches New Senate Ads


Fox: Immigration agents file suit against Napolitano over 'amnesty' program
WTimes: Immigration agents sue to stop Obama’s non-deportation policy
WTimes: Deportation statistics said to be inflated

Fox: Best-case scenario for US economy is 8 percent unemployment, report shows
Paul Krugman: Galt, Gold and God
WaPo: Editorial: Keeping Fannie and Freddie in the black
NYT: Editorial: A Slim Recovery for Housing

HE: Obama’s war on coal can be stopped, not reversed, says CEO of coal company

Charles Krauthammer: The sagest advice for facing Iran: The Cordesman criteria


WaPo: Editorial: Florida election laws threaten the vote in a key swing state


WSJ: Voter ID Standoff: Gov Corbett pushing back


Detroit FP: Michigan GOP getting star treatment at convention, despite breaking rules


Examiner: Former Rep. Virgil Goode hands in 20k signatures, makes VA presidential ballot

WTimes: Poll: Allen, Kaine now in literal dead heat


NatJ: Huckabee Defends Akin, Wants Him to Stay in Race
WSJ: Sen. McCaskill Relishes Akin Flap
Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: McCaskill (D) 48%, Akin (R) 38%
WTimes: Poll: Akin trails McCaskill by 10 points
Politico: Claire McCaskill’s see-no-evil campaign
WaPo: Democrats hoping that Akin’s rape remark will reverberate outside Missouri
NYT: Even if Akin Wanted to Quit Race, It Would Be Difficult
NYT: OpEd: The Medieval Roots of Todd Akin’s Theories
Michael Gerson: Rep. Todd Akin’s hubris
Eugene Robinson: A storm the GOP didn’t expect


NYT: Ex-Cuomo Aide Attacks Press Coverage as Scandal-Focused


WSJ: Red Tide in Connecticut


EJ Dionne: Elizabeth Warren on health care and religion


Rasmussen: New Mexico Senate: Heinrich (D) 48%, Wilson (R) 41%


August 23, 2012


WSJ: Romney Outlines His Energy Plan
WaPo: Something new: Romney releasing energy plan
Hill: Romney plan hands drilling powers to states
LA Times: Mitt Romney sees path to energy independence
NYT: Romney Energy Plan Would Expand Oil Drilling on U.S. Land and Offshore
WaPo: Mitt Romney says plan will achieve North American energy independence by 2020
WSJ: Romney Say U.S. Must Avoid Europe’s Fate
American Thinker: Obama's Oil and Gas Folly

Examiner: New campaign ads stir class warfare
Rush: Do We Have to Read from the Affordable Care Act to Prove Obama's Medicare Cuts?
American Spectator: How to Replace Obamacare
National Review: How Obamacare Harms the Poor

Dan Henninger: Romney deserves credit for asking voters for a decision on Medicare

WaPo: Mitt Romney in Iowa tries to return to economic message following Akin fallout
NYT: Romney Strategists Say They’ll Stay the Course Amid Focus on Abortion
WTimes: Tea party voters lack enthusiasm for Romney

Karl Rove: The 2012 Battle for the 'Undecided'
Rush Limbaugh: Gallup Poll Puts Romney in Lead
WTimes: Polls show Romney closing gap with Obama in swing states
CCN: Romney Surges Ahead in Wisconsin Polls
WSJ: Romney's Wisconsin Surge
NatJ: Poll: Tied Race in Wisconsin After Ryan Pick
NatJ: Polls: Obama's Lead Cut in Florida, Wisconsin
Detroit News: Poll: Obama leads Romney in Michigan
WTimes: University of Colorado model predicts Romney win in November
WTimes: Economic model predicts Romney will beat Obama
NYT: In Poll, Obama Is Given Trust Over Handling of Medicare
Politico: Poll: 0 percent of blacks for Mitt Romney

WSJ: Republican Convention Threatened by Storm
WaPo: Could Hurricane Isaac derail the GOP convention?
Fox: Tampa mayor 'prepared' to order evacuation if convention city threatened by hurricane
AJC: Chances of hurricane evacuation in Tampa placed at 3 percent
NYT: Dolan to Give Benediction at Gathering of the G.O.P.
Fox: Cardinal Dolan to offer convention prayer, Romney announces
WTimes: GOP platform opposes U.N. tax plans
Walter Pincus: GOP plan for foreign policy and defense platform is predictable
WTimes: Lynyrd Skynyrd legend Ronnie Van Zant ‘would be a Republican’ now, says brother
Fox: Feds warn anarchists could blockade roads, use acid-filled eggs to protest conventions
Hill: GOP ready for five days of parties
Rush Limbaugh: RNC Theme: Turn Around War on Women

Gallup: Candidate Support Typically Up Five Points After Convention

NYT: Limited Convention Broadcasts Shut Out Ann Romney

NatJ: Ryan Says Obama, Congress Turning Blind Eye to Coming Fiscal Crisis
WaPo: Paul Ryan: ‘I’m proud of my record’ on abortion
WSJ: Ryan-Themed Ads Fight for Top of Online Charts
Sen. Tom Coburn: The Truth About Ryan and His Critics
Fox: Twisted Sister frontman asks Paul Ryan to stop playing 'We're Not Gonna Take It'
Fox: Obama frequently attacks Ryan's Medicare plan -- but is he correct?
NatJ: Paul Ryan Balked at Medicare Compromise He Now Backs
Fox: Obama campaign official donated $10G to Paul Ryan PAC
Hill: Ryan says he is ‘proud of my pro-life record,’ defends bill sponsored with Akin
Weekly Standard: Democrats Falsely Claim Paul Ryan Tried to 'Redefine Rape'
National Review: Extremities and Enormities

Boston Gl: Romney enters campaign’s final months with big edge in donations over Obama

WaPo: While GOP opposes gay marriage, key donors fund the other side

Fox: Ex-Navy SEAL defends group's Obama attacks, condemns Obama's bin Laden ad

Fox: Obama to campaign during GOP convention
Hill: Team Obama breaks precedent to try to spoil Romney’s convention

WSJ: Vow to Tame Partisan Rancor Eludes Obama Four Years In
Examiner: Obama: Team Romney coming on strong, playing dirty, time to ‘put them away’
WSJ: Basketball Legends Boost Obama Campaign Cash
Fox: Bill Clinton pitches for Obama in new campaign ad
Fox: Watchdog who exonerated Obama on energy loans now an Obama donor
Rich Lowry: Obama, the abortion extremist

WaPo: Democratic National Convention to feature female speakers, community activities
WTimes: Democrats to showcase women as speakers at party convention
Hill: Democrats ready to party in Charlotte
Rush Limbaugh: Let the Democrats Celebrate Abortion at Their Convention

DC: Marital, personal ties link Obama administration to Commission on Presidential Debates


WSJ: 'Fiscal Cliff' Has Many Perils
WSJ: The Cliff the Keynesians Built
Hill: CBO warns of deep recession if Congress fails to avert 'fiscal cliff'
WTimes: Deferring on budget no longer an option, CBO says
WaPo: Recession imminent if ‘fiscal cliff’ of tax hikes, budget cuts not averted, CBO says

WTimes: Chaffetz seeks data on use of stimulus cash for job ads
Fox: Labor Dept spent $500G in stimulus on green-job ad blitz on Olbermann, Maddow

Fox: Illegal immigrants could reap more than $7B in tax credits this year, senator says

Fox: ATF official tied to 'Furious' sting on leave, earning second paycheck, lawmakers allege

NatJ: VA’s Pricey ‘Patton’ Spoof Draws Heat From Lawmakers
Hill: VA: $52,000 ‘Patton’ parody video ‘misuse of taxpayer funds’
Human Events: Embattled Veterans Affairs spends $52,000 for joke videos
Fox: Video surfaces of 'Patton' parody that cost taxpayers $52G, agency under investigation

Hill: Issa probes talks between White House, IRS on healthcare law


WSJ: Fed Moving Closer to Action
Hill: Fed eyeing stimulus 'fairly soon' unless economy improves
Fox: Middle class suffers 'worst decade in modern history,' report says
Rush Limbaugh: Fixing the Economy Won't Be Easy

Human Events: GM goes from bad to worse despite Obama bailout

Fox: Justice Department joins false claims suit against Gallup
DC: DOJ’s lawsuit against Gallup based on whistle-blower who worked for Obama 2008


Examiner: NYT FL poll: Republican candidate Connie Mack leading Sen. Nelson by 9 points
NatJ: Nelson Leads Mack, Hits 50% in New Poll

Miami Herald: FBI, police target Dem primary candidate with possible ties to Rep. Rivera

Miami Herald: Florida to face stiffer RNC penalties if it moves up primary date again

OHIO (18)

NatJ: Poll: Brown Leads Mandel
WTimes: Ohio Senate fight attracts outsider bucks

NYT: Racial Comment by Republican Official in Ohio Rekindles Battle Over Early Voting


Detroit News: Snyder gives up on plan for state-run health exchange


Examiner: Virginia election officials prepare for new voter ID law


WTimes: Polls: Thompson leads Baldwin in Wisconsin Senate race
NatJ: Second Poll in Two Days Shows Thompson Up


Fox: Minnesota lawmaker in rest stop scandal getting out of race


Human Events: Akin stays put, but what’s next for the Senate candidate?
WSJ: Akin Puts Fate in Evangelical Hands
Politico: Todd Akin in Tampa with top social conservatives
WTimes: Akin: 'Uncomfortable' with 'party bosses' trying to dictate race
NatJ: Blunt Takes Lead in Urging Akin to Quit
NatJ: Robo-Poll Convinced Akin To Stay in Race
WSJ: Parties Assess Fallout From Missouri Race
WaPo: Akin’s agenda wins loyalty of Christian groups
Fox: Obama mocks Akin over rape comments
WaPo: Defiant Todd Akin tests power of Republican hierarchy
NYT: Victory for Akin Seen as Difficult, but Still Possible
Hill: Akin comment increases pressure on Romney to shine at convention
WaPo: Sarah Palin: Steelman can beat McCaskill
Human Events: Selfish Akin bringing GOP down with him
Boston Globe: Abortion uproar may hurt GOP bid for Senate control
James Taranto: Middle Ages Man: Sexual folklore, bad science & the Dems' favorite GOPer
Ann Coulter: Missouri: The 'Show Me Another G.O.P. Candidate" State
Andrew Napolitano: absurdity aside, rape never justifies abortion
Ed Rogers: Last word on Akin: He’s now the Democrats’ favorite Republican
Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan’s ‘legitimate problem’
Rush Limbaugh: Media: Todd Akin Defies Rush Limbaugh
American Spectator: Cowed by Political Correctness
American Spectator: Bill Clinton and Legitimate Rape
Mona Charen: Akin and His Critics
William Kristol: Advice Regarding Akin

NYT: Another Senate Race Seizes on Rape Remark


Fox: Federal judge votes Nevada's 'None of the Above' option off ballot


WSJ: The Governor Hosts His Own Party
NYT: Cuomo Talking Policy and Philosophy


WSJ: Tax Cut Talk in Oklahoma


Chicago ST: Joe Walsh to GOP: Stick up for Akin despite ‘idiotic’ remarks


Rasmussen: Connecticut Senate: McMahon (R) 49%, Murphy (D) 46%
WTimes: Poll: McMahon jumps to lead in Conn. Senate race


EJ Dionne: Elizabeth Warren vs. Mr. Personality


WTimes: Arpaio pulls in $7.5 million for re-elect bid


Rasmussen: New Mexico: Obama 52%, Romney 38%


Rasmussen: Montana: Romney 55%, Obama 38%


Roll Call: Race Rating Change: North Dakota Moves in Dems’ Direction


August 22, 2012


Hill: Mitt Romney’s Republican convention bounce: How high will it go?
Detroit News: Romney's Michigan family unites at GOP convention
Politico: James O’Keefe to headline Tampa luncheon
WTimes: GOP takes tough platform approach
WSJ: Tax Reform Skirmish: The real-estate lobby loses a GOP platform fight
NYT: G.O.P. Approves Strict Anti-Abortion Language in Party Platform
WaPo: GOP party platform sticks with antiabortion stance, does not address rape exception
NYT: Editorial: What the G.O.P. Platform Represents
Hill: Dems prepare to go behind enemy lines at GOP convention in Tampa

Examiner: New Romney ad: Obamacare is not free
Human Events: Reality check: Taxes Up, Growth Down

Human Events: Romney pulls ahead in Michigan; Wisconsin a toss-up

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney has financial edge in final months
WTimes: In July, Romney raises $24M more than Obama with help of super PACs
Fox: Romney raising cash from traditionally Democratic cities
WSJ: Romney Taps Energy Sources for $50,000 Apiece
NYT: Romney’s Attack on Clean Energy: True, With an Asterisk

NatJ: Ann Romney in Charge of Conveying Mitt's Warm and Fuzzy Side

NYT: Focus of Presidential Campaign Shifts Away From Economy
WSJ: Defense Cuts Loom on Campaign Trail

NatJ: Gingrich Releases Delegates

Weekly Standard: The Virtues of ‘Ryanism’
WTimes: Ryan slams Obama plan as harmful to Medicare
WaPo: Ryan, Biden receive lukewarm reaction in new Post-ABC News poll
WaPo: Ryan voted for debt-reduction ‘process,’ not for defense cuts, campaign says
Fox: Poll shows White House race still tight after Ryan choice
Hill: Poll finds disapproval of Rep. Ryan for vice president and his Medicare plan

Hill: Obama’s Charlotte convention lacks the star power of Denver
WaPo: Democrats won’t disclose donors to Charlotte convention until after the event
Fox: Georgetown student Fluke to speak at Democratic convention

WaPo: Obama and Romney talk to D.C. magazine about their faiths
Fox: Dempsey 'disappointed' by anti-Obama campaign by ex-military members
NYT: On Trail, Obama Attacks Romney on Student Aid
WTimes: Obama to young voters: Romney doesn’t think you’re worth investment
NatJ: New Obama Ad Criticizes Romney on Education
WSJ: White House Worked With Buyout Firm to Save Plant
NYT: Patients Would Pay More if Romney Restores Medicare Savings, Analysts Say
WaPo: Editorial: Romney’s lack of specifics shortchanges the debate on his tax plan
Austan Goolsbee: Mitt Romney's Tax Plan and the Middle Class
Matt Miller: Drawbridge Republicans: A GOP only for the wealthy
James Taranto: False Balance: Why Obama is so out of touch

WSJ: In Tight Race, Romney Faces Hurdles
NBC: NBC/WSJ poll: Heading into conventions, Obama has four-point lead
Hill: Poll: Obama leads Romney overall, trails on economic issues
WTimes: Poll: Obama up 5 in Virginia; down from 8 last month


WSJ: Approval of Congress Matches All-Time Low

NYT: Skinny-Dipping in Israel Casts Unwanted Spotlight on Congressional Travel


WSJ: 'Short Sales' to Get a Boost
WSJ: Housing Agency Sets Plan To Encourage 'Short Sales'

WaPo: Federal appeals court strikes down Obama air pollution rule
WSJ: EPA Smack-Down Number Six: A federal court cashiers another illegal Obama regulation

NYT: Official’s Lawsuit Claims Discrimination Against Men at U.S. Immigration Agency
Rush Limbaugh: Has Obama Been Asked About the Big Sis Sexual Harassment Scandal?

Fox: VA under investigation over $5M conferences featuring 'Patton' parody

WTimes: Labor Department spends stimulus funds for ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows

WaPo: President extends federal pay freeze

John R. Bolton: Will Obama stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions?


Miami Herald: Rick Scott pressures Keys elections chief on early voting


WaPo: From N.Va. to southern Virginia, Allen and Kaine tailor economic messages


Fox: Rep. Akin stays in race as deadline passes, resists wall of GOP pressure
WaPo: Akin says he’ll stay in Senate race, heightening tension within GOP
WSJ: Senate Candidate Defies His Party's Pleas to Quit
NYT: Akin Says He Is Staying in Senate Race, Defying G.O.P.
Hill: Experts see Akin comments costing him at least five percentage points in race
NYT: A Politician Whose Faith Is Central to His Persistence
NYT: Akin Controversy Stirs Up Abortion Issue in Campaign
WaPo: Akin comments expose GOP rift over abortion
Dana Milbank: Signs of divine intervention for Republicans?
Kathleen Parker: The Republican need for a lesson on the fairer sex
Examiner: Democrats look to cement 'war on women' charge amid Akin outrage
Examiner: Sarah Palin endorses third-party run if Akin won’t drop out
Examiner: Akin mess creates interesting dilemma for Dems in Missouri
Roll Call: Missouri Scrambles GOP Path to Senate Majority
Politico: Todd Akin’s looming campaign of isolation
Rush: Akin's Remark was Stupid and Untrue -- Now He Must Put the Nation's Future First


NYT: As Decision Nears on Gas Drilling, Ad War Heats Up in New York State


Fox: Court rules Texas can cut off state funds for Planned Parenthood


WSJ: Georgia Voters Select GOP House Candidates
Human Events: Collins beats out Zoller in Georgia 9
Roll Call: Georgia: Doug Collins Wins House Race, Likely Headed to Congress


NYT: Former G.O.P. Hero Plays Down Label
Hill: Scott Brown calls GOP's abortion platform 'a mistake'


Fox: Sen. Barrasso easily wins GOP nomination for new term


Rasmussen: Montana Senate: Rehberg (R) 47%, Tester (D) 43%


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Fox: Pentagon to consider legal action against ex-SEAL author of bin Laden raid book

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