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August 14, 2012


Fox: In Iowa face-off, Ryan hammers jobs message as Obama employs drought politics
Examiner: Obama, Ryan snipe at each other in Iowa
WSJ: Paul Ryan Presses the Flesh in Iowa
NYT: Obama Rejoins Campaign Trail in Iowa and Finds a Brand-New Rival There
WSJ: Presidential Race Snaps Into Gear
WTimes: Obama, Ryan take longtime rift to the next level

WSJ: Ryan's Record Shows Flexibility on Policy
WTimes: Ryan sparks split on immigration
WSJ: Romney on ‘Same Page’ With Ryan Budget Plan
NYT: Medicare Rises as Voters’ Issue in G.O.P. Gamble

Grover Norquist: Paul Ryan 2012: Republicans’ plan for success

WTimes: Conservative groups’ ad-buying binge eclipses Obama, Romney

Fox: Ryan could bring senior, female votes to GOP ticket despite Dem narrative
Fox: Andrea Mitchell declares Ryan 'not a pick for women'

Fox: Christie to keynote GOP convention, Rubio to introduce Romney

WSJ: Controversial Ad Tops Online Charts
Fox: DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz won't condemn Priorities ad

WSJ: Biden Tries to Tie GOP Ticket to Congress

NYT: Scrutiny for Casino Mogul’s Frontman in China

Gallup: Reaction to Ryan as VP Pick Among Least Positive Historically
NYT: Polls Have Middling Reviews for Ryan
WTimes: Main Street’s financial advisers overwhelmingly back Romney


Fox: GOP lawmakers file suit against Holder seeking 'Furious' documents
WTimes: GOP sues to force Obama, Holder compliance on Fast and Furious
Bloomberg: House Panel Sues Holder Over ‘Fast and Furious’ Subpoenas
Roll Call: Darrell Issa Suit: Eric Holder's Executive Privilege Claim 'Legally Baseless'

Fox: Rep raises alarm after murders by illegals blocked from deportation by home countries


WSJ: Plan Opens Over Half of Alaska Reserve to Drilling

NYT: Young Illegal Immigrants Get in Line for Reprieve


WSJ: Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Bipolar Disorder, Mayo Clinic Says
Fox: Mayo Clinic: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. under treatment for bipolar disorder


WSJ: Wisconsin Primary Tests Ex-Governor


Fox: Brown: Warren should repay $276G state spent on welfare-voter registration


August 13, 2012


WSJ: Ryan Pick Jolts Race
WTimes: Ryan pick gives Romney camp a jolt of energy
WSJ: Crowds Swell at Romney Rallies After Ryan Pick
Daily Caller: Over 10K greet Romney and Ryan in High Point, NC
Fox: Ryan gets first full day on campaign trail, energizes crowds and Romney
Boston Globe: Romney, Ryan rouse crowds
NatJ: Romney Continues to Hammer Obama on Welfare
WaPo: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan share glow of honeymoon
Roll Call: Conservatives Happy, but Nervous, About Paul Ryan VP Pick
Fox: McCain leads GOP support of Ryan, calls choice 'excellent' and 'bold'
Fox: Paul Ryan bio emerges with insightful, unexpected stories
American Spectator: Shout It Out Loud
Politico: Paul Ryan VP pick: A young wonk, he's liked by friends and foes
Hill: Romney camp raises $3.5 million after Ryan veep announcement

Rep. Paul Ryan: Who Built America?
American Spectator: Obama's Labor Theory of Value

George Will: Romney’s presidential pick
Kim Strassel: Why Romney Chose Ryan
Michael Barone: Entitlement Crisis Takes Center Stage
Jed Babbin: Romney-Ryan: The Turnaround Boys
Paul Gigot: Ryan's Charge Up Entitlement Hill
Joe Curl: Game-changing pick for Romney, worst nightmare for Obama
Robert Samuelson: Paul Ryan could inspire meaningful debate
Chris Cillizza: How Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan has reshaped presidential campaign
Bill Keller: The Romney Package
EJ Dionne: Paul Ryan and the triumph of theory

Politico: Janna Ryan: Paul Ryan ‘low maintenance’

NYT: Conservative Star’s Small-Town Roots
Politico: Mitt Romney’s chemistry experiment
WSJ: Finding the Roots of Candidate's Economic Beliefs
NYT: As Ryan Aims at Economy, Spotlight Is on Other Views
WSJ: Policy Hand Has Carved Out Prominent Role
WSJ: Some Seniors Worry Over Ryan Selection
WSJ: The best rebuttal to Democratic attacks will be the man himself
NYT: Both Sides Focus on the Republican Ticket’s New Face
Politico: GOP again turns to Bill Kristol ball
Human Events: What Ryan told Human Events about a VP offer

Hill: Paul Ryan to follow Romney’s lead, release two years of tax returns

WSJ: Ryan Hails Bratwurst, Beers in Home State Speech
Milwaukee JS: 10,000+ RomneyRyan Rally in Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: VP candidate Ryan returns to Wisconsin to adoring crowd
LA Times: Romney-Ryan ticket gets hero's welcome in Wisconsin
NatJ: Ryan Offers Teary Tribute to Wisconsin at Homecoming Rally
Star Tribune: Ryan soaks up home state pride as Romney's running mate
WSJ: Republicans Seek Home-State Boost
WaPo: Can Paul Ryan deliver Wisconsin for Romney?
Milwaukee JS: Will Ryan help GOP ticket reverse trend in Wisconsin

WaPo: In key swing state Florida, Paul Ryan a virtual unknown
Politico: Romney-Ryan map has Florida at the center
Miami Herald: Mitt Romney to make campaign stop in Miami

Daily Caller: Ryan could aid Romney in winning Ohio, analysts say

Politico: Paul Ryan ramps up fight for Catholic vote

Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 46% Obama 44%
Politico: Battleground Poll: Tied up
Gallup: Voter Engagement Down Slightly From Last Two Elections

WaPo: Scott Walker: Paul Ryan appeals to swing voters
WaPo: Winners and losers from the Paul Ryan VP pick
WaPo: Five issues where Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan differ

Weekly Standard: Romney Ad: Put Work Back Into Welfare

Hill: Romney says campaign will run on his budget plan, not Paul Ryan’s
Hill: Romney defends Ryan, says Obama ‘robbed’ Medicare to fund health reform
NY Post: Romney introduces new No. 2 man on '60 Minutes'
NYDN: Fight over Medicare takes center stage as Romney, Ryan appear on '60 Minutes'
NatJ: Romney and Ryan, a Matched Pair, Go After Obama on CBS

Paul Ryan: The GOP Budget and America's Future

Dallas MN: GOP, Democrats race to frame Romney's vice presidential pick
NatJ: The Ryan Budget: By the Numbers
Roll Call: Paul Ryan Helps Define the Presidential Race, Both Parties Say
WSJ: Details of Obama Deficit-Reduction Plan Have Varied in Recent Months
NatJ: Romney-Ryan Ticket Brings Lame Duck Debate Forward
NYT: For Ryan and Obama, More Than the Usual Rivalry
NYT: Editorial: The Romney-Ryan Plan for America
WaPo: With Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP pick, Democrats pounce on GOP budget plan
Hill: Obama welcomes Ryan to race, slams him for ‘top down’ economics
Examiner: Ryan to hit back at Dems on Medicare
National Review: The Return of Mediscare
WTimes: Democrats slam Ryan as threat to social safety net
Detroit News: Romney running-mate Paul Ryan has lengthy record to dissect
WaPo: Paul Ryan donations from a now-convicted Wis. businessman could draw fire
WaPo: Liberal Wyden’s partnership with Ryan becomes a GOP talking point
WaPo: Newt Gingrich, in about face, sings Ryan’s praises
WTimes: McCain: Attacks on Romney ‘succeeded to a certain degree’
Examiner: Dem demagoguery on Ryan reveals Left's shallowness

Fox: Palin won't speak at Republican convention
NatJ: Palin Will Not Speak at GOP Convention

Daily Caller: Newt says conservatives should press for Obama college records

Politico: Evan Bayh: Democrats must disavow Priorities ad

Fox: Wasserman Schultz: 'No idea' about political affiliation of Priorities USA
Examiner: DNC chair claims not to know if Obama super PAC is Democratic

Politico: Obama camp: 1,000 attended 'half-full' fundraiser

WaPo: OpEd: When is a campaign contribution a bribe?


Hill: Rep. Issa to file lawsuit against Holder over Fast and Furious docs
Fox: House Oversight Committee to file contempt suit against Holder
DC: House GOP to file civil contempt suit Monday against Holder over ‘Fast and Furious’ docs
DC: Book: Holder went on ‘Reefer Madness’-like campaign to distract from Fast and Furious
Politico: House to sue Holder Monday over Fast and Furious docs
NatJ: Issa Not Dropping Fast and Furious

WaPo: Federal workers fret about jobs as sequestration looms

Politico: Paul Ryan VP pick rattles congressional campaigns


NYT: Racial Profiling Charges Renew Questions About Counterterrorism Program

NYT: OpEd: The One Housing Solution Left: Mass Mortgage Refinancing

WaPo: Election Day impersonation, an impetus for voter ID laws, a rarity, data show

Fox: Tea party evolves, achieves state policy victories


Hill: Ryan, Obama to clash in Iowa
Politico: Obama, Paul Ryan to overlap in Iowa


Buffalo News: Collins is mum on Ryan budget

NY Post: Anthony Wiener and wife move into $3.3M Manhattan apt.


SacBee: Christie, Boehner set to talk to CA delegates at Republican National Convention


Politico: John Mica makes tea party sweat in Florida

Miami Herald: Florida Legislature turns blind eye to property insurance reform


WSJ: Targeting Michele Bachmann


WTimes: Thompson no sure thing in Wisconsin 4-way GOP primary for Senate


American Spectator: Elizabeth Warren Dips into FDR's Bag of Dirty Tricks


Politico: Gabrielle Giffords moving back to Arizona


Human Events: Hawaii Senate race most competitive since 1970


August 12, 2012


WSJ: Romney Picks Ryan as Vice-Presidential Running Mate
Fox: Transcript: Romney introduces Ryan as pick for vice president
Examiner: New Romney/Ryan ad touts the ‘Romney Plan’
Hill: Obama camp unveils website, video hitting Ryan on budget plan
Daily Caller: The best of Paul Ryan [VIDEO]
Fox: Ryan comes out swinging as Romney VP pick, condemns Obama 'record of failure'
WTimes: Ryan’s voting record shows conservatism tinged with maverick streak
Buffalo News: Romney running mate is cut from Kemp mold
WSJ: The Ryan Choice: Romney selects a leader of the GOP's reform wing
Catholic News Agency: Romney names Catholic Rep. Paul Ryan as running mate
WaPo: Paul Ryan: Midwesterner, Catholic, intellectual
Boston Globe: Paul Ryan’s early self-reliance laid ground for staunch conservatism
AP: It's Paul Ryan: Romney picks Wis. Rep. for No. 2
NYT: In Romney and Ryan, a Pair Who Don’t Mind Their Differences
Politico: 5 keys to understanding Paul Ryan
Fox: Republicans rally around Ryan choice
Hill: Republican House, Senate leaders praise Romney, Ryan presidential ticket
Human Events: Conservative leaders hail Paul Ryan for Vice President
Human Events: Paul Ryan’s selection electrifies GOP grassroots
Human Events: Paul Ryan named 2011 Human Events Conservative of the Year
LA Times: Romney's choice of Ryan pleases both left and right
Fox: Biden calls to congratulate Paul Ryan
Hill: Romney’s campaign raises $2M after Ryan veep announcement

Detroit News: Analysis: Ryan pick sets clear November choice
Boston Globe: Selection of Paul Ryan may add substance to campaign
Detroit News: Editorial: Ryan on ticket will pivot campaign
NatJ: Ryan Pick Shifts Debate Toward Big Issues
Examiner: Romney taps Ryan, shakes up 2012 campaign
WSJ: A Beltway Budget Hawk Gets Chance to Sell Vision
Fox: Rep. Ryan built 'clear-minded' reputation as policy point-person, despite 'extreme' label
Weekly Standard: Obama Campaign Lies About Ryan Medicare Reform
Human Events: Media, Obama camp, sharpening claws for Ryan
WaPo: Ryan’s budget becomes a focus of the presidential race
Fox: What is the 'Ryan plan'? Budget proposal back in spotlight with VP announcement
WaPo: Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP pick, setting up stark choice on budget issues
WSJ: Romney's Pick Puts Medicare in Bull's-Eye
WSJ: Fed Could Face White House Foe in Ryan
NYT: An Upbeat Budget Cutter, Eager to Joust With Democrats
NYT: Elevating Ryan, and His Budget Details
Daily Caller: 5 notable points about Paul Ryan’s selection as Romney’s running mate
Detroit News: GOP VP pick Paul Ryan supported bailing out automakers in 2008
Daily Caller: Paul Ryan in 2008: ‘Heaven help us’ if TARP bailout package not approved

WTimes: Romney rolls out Ryan as vice presidential choice at Virginia stops
Chicago ST: Romney and Ryan in Manassas: “We are going to win”
Daily Caller: In first appearance, Paul Ryan appears at ease with running mate role
WSJ: What Politicians Are Saying About Ryan
NatJ: Ryan's Colleagues Take to Twitter to Praise, Bash Him
Detroit FP: Editorial: Editorial: Romney-Ryan a bold ticket
Fox: With Ryan Pick, Romney Seeks to Shift Battle From Personal to Policy
Fox: Democrats charge at Ryan, targeting his budget as expected
NatJ: Why Ryan Could Make a Romney Victory Harder
WSJ: Romney Pick Ensures Different Kind of Race
National Review: Editorial: Just the Ticket
WTimes: Romney-Ryan ticket takes fight to Obama
LA Times: Romney's choice of Ryan reframes campaign
NYT: Ryan Pick Gives Obama Chance to Change Subject
Roll Call: The Risks and Rewards of Choosing Paul Ryan
Daily Caller: Romney, Ryan push reform to ward off ‘MediScare’ attacks
WaPo: Obama campaign is well prepared in matchup against ‘radical’ Ryan
NatJ: Obama Team Salivates Over Ryan Pick
NatJ: Democrats Bolt Out of the Box To Define Ryan and His Budget
NatJ: Ryan Swiftly Jumps Into Attack-Dog Role
NatJ: Ryan = Kemp, Ryan = Palin (Yes, Palin): Warning Signs for Romney
WTimes: Obama and Ryan have tangled repeatedly

Fred Barnes: What the Ryan Pick Says About Romney
Michael Barone: Romney-Ryan ticket puts entitlement crisis at center of campaign
Daily Caller: Coulter says Ryan pick makes contest ‘into a 1980 election about ideas’
Daily Caller: Krauthammer on Ryan veep pick: ‘Change is now on the side of Republicans’
Politico: Christie: Romney-Ryan 'uniquely positioned'
Politico: Newt Gingrich hails Paul Ryan, though once a critic
Dallas MN: Rick Perry on Paul Ryan: There’s “no perfect candidate” but he’s pretty good
Nolan Finley: Ryan can touch magic of 2010
Nate Silver: A Risky Rationale Behind Romney’s Choice of Ryan
Anneke Green: Ryan pick is popular, bold
Salena Zito: Romney taps Paul Ryan to be his running mate
Clarice Feldman: Paul Ryan and the Triumph of Math

Fox: Paul Ryan selection shrouded in secrecy
WSJ: Secretive Wooing of Ryan Involved Backdoor Exits
WaPo: When Mitt Romney settled on Paul Ryan and how he kept it a secret
NYT: How Campaign Outwitted the 24-Hour News Cycle
Politico: Behind the scenes, Romney wanted Ryan
Examiner: For Ryan, journey to being Romney's running mate went 'from surreal to real'

Politico: Meet Janna Ryan
WaPo: Janna Ryan: Family comes first
Hill: With husband’s selection for GOP ticket, Janna Ryan finds herself in the spotlight
LA Times: Ryans: The Kennedys of Wisconsin

Rasmussen: 39% Have Favorable Opinion of Paul Ryan, 25% Unfavorable
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 46% Obama 44%
WTimes: Poll shows most Americans know little about Paul Ryan
Hill: Ryan selection shows Romney camp eyeing Midwest states for win
NatJ: Use of Ryan Budget in Hill Races Offers Insights
WSJ: Ryan Provides Wisconsin Lift but No Guarantee
WTimes: Romney-Ryan ticket puts Wisconsin in play
NatJ: In Ohio, GOP Disappointment Over Ryan and Ticket Prospects

WaPo: Ryan pick alters metrics for congressional elections

Fox: Republicans tally Obama's broken promises as November nears

LA Times: Millionaire VP pick: Paul Ryan rich from investments, inheritance
Politico: Unlike Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan’s personal wealth is no mystery
NYT: Romney Team Hints at More Openness on Ryan’s Tax Records
Roll Call: Paul Ryan's Tax Plan Would Slash Mitt Romney's Tax Rate to 1 Percent


Hill: GOP colleagues: Ryan’s clashes with Obama prepped him for 2012
Roll Call: House Democrats Elated by Paul Ryan Pick. Should They Be?


Fox: Second ICE staffer claims anti-guy bias by Napolitano

Fox: IG report: Ag Dept. spent $2M on internship program that resulted in just one hire


Hill: As election looms, outspoken Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King adopts softer tone


Albany TU: NY pols VP nom Paul Ryan React-o-Mat™


Dan Walters: State GOP down, but not buried


Miami Herald: Ryan could be a drag on Romney in Florida


AJC: Gas prices increase 34 cents since July 1


Hill: Ryan can run for House seat, VP at same time under Wisconsin law
Roll Call: Wisconsin: Paul Ryan Still Heavily Favored Over Rob Zerban Back Home


Detroit News: Republican leaders in Michigan praise running mate choice of Paul Ryan


Hill: Steelman breaks Palin's 2012 winning streak but burnishes credentials


Human Events: Defense cuts will define Va. in November


Denver Post: Colorado pundits react to Mitt Romney's choice for running mate


Hill: Hirono, Lingle win primaries, set to fight for Hawaii Senate seat
Fox: Hawaii Senate race shaping up to be competitive
Fox: Former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle wins GOP nomination in Hawaii for US Senate


August 11, 2012


WSJ: Romney Picks Ryan as Running Mate
NYT: Romney Picks Paul Ryan of Wisconsin
WaPo: Romney picks Paul Ryan as running mate
Weekly Standard: iPhone App: Romney Selects Paul Ryan
National Review: From Boston to Janesville
WTimes: Mitt Romney to tap Paul Ryan as running mate
AP: Source: Romney picks Ryan for running mate
Daily Caller: Romney chooses Paul Ryan for running mate, source confirms
Fox: Romney has picked Paul Ryan as running mate, Republican source tells AP
NatJ: Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Vice President
Hill: Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan as his running mate
Politico: Mitt Romney picks Paul Ryan as running mate
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Running Mate
WaPo: Romney to announce running mate on Saturday; signs point to Paul Ryan
WSJ: A Recent Push for Paul Ryan
WaPo: Who is Paul Ryan?
Wikipedia: Paul Ryan bio
LA Times: What Paul Ryan brings to Romney's campaign
LA Times: Paul Ryan pick by Romney changes tenor of the race
NatJ: The Quick Economic Case for V.P. Paul Ryan
Politico: How Paul Ryan's ideas went mainstream in House GOP
NatJ: Strong Rapport Between Romney, Ryan Drives Budget Chair to Top
Examiner: The speech that got people talking about Paul Ryan for Vice President
Weekly Standard: How Paul Ryan became the intellectual leader of the Republican party
Politico: VP primer: Paul Ryan's Medicare plan
Politico: What the Paul Ryan pick means for Obama
WTimes: Obama and Ryan have tangled repeatedly
Daily Caller: Paul Ryan: Obama creating ‘government-centered society’ of ‘debt and decline’
Examiner: Video: When Paul Ryan schooled Obama on healthcare
Daily Caller: 10 interesting facts about Paul Ryan
Politico: Koch brothers have Paul Ryan's back
Byron York: Romney goes bold
Rich Lowry: Don't fear Ryan
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney goes bold with choice of Paul Ryan as running mate
Ezra Klein: Mitt Romney will name Paul Ryan as his VP. Here’s what that means
Chris Cillizza: Mitt Romney goes bold (and risky) with Paul Ryan vice presidential pick
Jonathan Bernstein: Ryan: a high-risk, low-reward pick
Jen Rubin: Ryan is the one?
Daily Caller: Media Matters super PAC releases opposition research report on Paul Ryan
NYDN: Picking Ryan would turn desperation into disaster
NYT: A Campaign Staff Awaits the Unnamed No. 2

Salena Zito: Ads in Pa., 10 other states to focus on debt

NYT: New Focus for Romney on Closing the Empathy Gap

WSJ: Al Cardenas on Welfare Reform
Rush Limbaugh: Why the Welfare Ad Gets Under Their Skin

Human Events: Three challenges for the 2012 Republican platform
Human Events: First group of convention speakers announced

Human Events: Five things to know about Romney’s trip through the swing states

Fox: College grads score YouTube hit with 'Obama That I Used to Know' parody

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Says He Wants to Repeat Auto Takeover in Every Industry

Rush Limbaugh: Hosanna! Krauthammer Gets It! Ideology!

WaPo: What Romney’s run with the Big Dig tells us about how he’d manage America

NYT: Campaign Steps Up Its Attacks on Negative Ads by a Pro-Obama ‘Super PAC’
WaPo: Romney aide Fehrnstrom calls Obama campaign lower than ‘champion limbo dancer’
NYT: Criticized 'Super PAC' Ad Has Yet to Be Broadcast as a Paid Commercial

NYT: In Superrich, Clues to What Might Be in Romney’s Returns
Fox: Reid aide divulges details on source of Romney tax claim -- then retracts

Rush: Democrat Party Exists to Defeat Us, But the GOP Doesn't Return the Sentiment

Rasmussen: Iowa: Romney 46%, Obama 44%
WSJ: Romney Campaign Plays Down New Polls
NYT: Romney Advisers Dismiss Recent Dip in Polls
WaPo: Three polls show Obama widening lead over Romney
Charles Blow: Wrong-Track Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Get Depressed by the Polls

NYT: Obama Defends Clinton Aide at Dinner for Muslim Americans
WaPo: Obama praises Huma Abedin, Muslim American aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton

NYT: Memo Outlines Democrats' Convention Plans
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Leak Convention Plans


WSJ: Trying to Stay Behind Enemy Lines

Daily Caller: Obama signs bill exempting presidential appointees from Senate confirmation

Daily Caller: GOP marks 1,200 days without Senate budget


WTimes: U.S. gas prices spike; refinery problems cited
Daily Caller: CBO: Drilling in ANWR could yield billions in state, federal revenue

WSJ: Hard Times Spread for Cities

Fox: Employee's lawsuit accuses Napolitano’s DHS of humiliating men, favoring women

Fox: Looming report the final word on 'Furious'? Findings to hit at peak political time

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Editorial: Politics, Intolerance and Fair Courts


NYT: Cuomo Against $14 Tappan Zee Toll

Albany TU: Hinchey's wife gets jail for DWI


NatJ: Ex-Florida GOP Chair Greer: Party Strategy Includes Suppression of Black, Latino Voters


Chicago Tribune: Quinn vetoes coal-to-gas plant on Southeast Side


Star Tribune: Bachmann distributes speech escalating her charges


NYT: Stiff Challenge for Thompson in Senate Race
NatJ: Late Money on Neumann
Milwaukee JS: After weeks of discord, GOP Senate hopefuls in harmony in final debate


NatJ: GOP County Chairs Select David Joyce as Ohio 14 Nominee
Roll Call: Ohio: Republicans Pick David Joyce to Replace Steven LaTourette on Ballot


WTimes: Police group backs Allen, credit unions go with Kaine


Hill: Hawaii lawmakers square off in Saturday’s Senate primary contests


August 10, 2012


WSJ: Romney's VP Choice: Mild or Spicy?
WSJ: No Change in Portman VP Stance
WTimes: Portman seen having edge as VP choice
WaPo: Tim Pawlenty waits to see if his campaigning will lead to vice presidential nod
Star Tribune: Pawlenty on 7 corporate boards, raising new VP questions
NYT: Romney Faces Pressure From Right to Put Ryan on Ticket
Politico: Paul Ryan’s Washington lineage could be risk for Mitt Romney
Politico: Veep Sheet: Kelly Ayotte is no Sarah Palin
NatJ: Veep Rollouts That Worked, and Those That Really Did Not
NatJ: When Do Candidates Choose Their Veeps?
NatJ: The Pros and Cons of Romney's Top Four Veep Prospects
NatJ: On NBC, Romney Drops One Small Hint About Veep Choice
WTimes: Obama camp picks at possible Romney veep choices
Stephen Moore: The Ryan Express
Kim Strassel: Romney's VP: The Case for a Reformer
Chris Cillizza: The vice presidential pick is overrated. Here’s why
John Fund: The Great VP Fake-Out

WTimes: Obama backers won’t pull ‘disgusting’ TV ad
Fox: Romney campaign claims Obama aides caught in 'lies' over controversial ad
WSJ: Postmodern President: The challenge is finding anything his campaign says that is true
Daily Caller: Obama campaign finally tells truth on misleading super PAC ad
Politico: Obama camp acknowledges knowing man's story
Hill: Romney pressures President Obama to denounce controversial cancer ad
HE: Twisted timelines and possible collusion on PAC ad shakes Obama campaign
WSJ: Romney Camp Sees Red, Then Green
WaPo: Obama, Romney campaigns run provocative ads to draw attention
Examiner: Under fire for cancer ad, Obama camp ties Romney to obscure birther ad
Peggy Noonan: A Nation That Believes Nothing
Pat Buchanan: 'Obama has steadily diminished both himself and the office he holds'
Rush: Have We Ever Seen Anything as Disgusting as the "Romney Killed My Wife" Ad?
Rush: State-Run Media Equates Romney Welfare Ad with the Despicable Obama Murder Ad
Rush: Bill Burton: We're Just Telling the Story of How Romney Killed a Man's Wife
Rush: Stephanie Cutter Lied About When She Heard the Story of How Soptic's Wife Died
Rush Limbaugh: How Should Romney Combat Smears?
Rush Limbaugh: Gergen: Obama's Tactics are Working
Mona Charen: Unfit to Govern
American Thinker: Why Obama Thought Going Toxic Was a No-Lose Strategy

Sabato & Kondik: The Dates That Will Decide November
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 47% Obama 43%
Fox: Fox News poll: Obama's lead grows as Romney's support slips
CNN: CNN Poll: Obama holds 7-point lead over Romney
WTimes: CNN/ORC poll: Obama up 7 over Romney
Hill: Poll: Independents and men boost Obama
Politico: Shouldn’t Mitt Romney be ahead by now?

Examiner: Romney says Obama is launching a 'war on religion'
WSJ: Ad Says Obama Waging ‘War on Religion’
American Spectator: Be Not Afraid, Mitt

WTimes: Conservative ads in Spanish tell a different story to Hispanics

Human Events: Romney should sell himself as turnaround artist for U.S. economy
Human Events: Obama: Let’s bail out “every” industry

Charles Krauthammer: The case against Obama's reelection
Byron York: Romney and conservatives remain uneasy partners
Michael Gerson: Ignoring foreign policy won’t make it go away

Hill: Romney reaches halfway point toward $800 million fundraising goal

NatJ: Obama Refutes Welfare Attacks in New Ad
WaPo: Editorial: Playing politics over welfare waivers

NYT: In Real Estate Deal, Romney Made His Loss a Couple’s Gain

WSJ: Obama Enters GOP Bastion in Colorado
WTimes: Obama attacks Romney at Colo. rally
WTimes: ‘Romney bus’ tails Obama to slam president’s stump vows
WTimes: Obama team deflecting criticism by citing Bush
WaPo: Obama the candidate emerges on Colorado trip, with political ferocity
WSJ: Campaigns Shift Focus to Mobilize Supporters
NYT: Obama Drawing Big Crowds, but Not Like in ’08
WTimes: Gingrich: Obama 'last hope of left-wingers in America'

Fox: New Obama ad questions whether Romney paid taxes, following Reid attack
NatJ: Reid Aide Fumbles Info About His Romney Tax Source

WTimes: Labor chief Trumka vows stronger ground game for elections

Erskine Bowles: Romney’s tax plan wouldn’t cut the deficit

Politico: Obama to include Republicans in hard-hitting convention
NYT: Politicians, Protesters, Police: Charlotte Braces

NYDN: Donald Trump won’t be among featured speakers at GOP convention: sources
WTimes: Gay conservatives say they'll bring 'Homocon 2012' to Tampa convention

NYT: OpEd: Romney’s Side Course of Culture

Politico: Republican hopefuls jockey for 2016


Hill: Pelosi and Hoyer sweeping country in fight for Dems to take the House

Hill: House Republicans ask for details on healthcare implementation spending


WaPo: Economy might be gaining traction, new data suggest

Fox: Justice Department won't prosecute Goldman Sachs for financial crisis

NYT: Health Insurer Refunds May Stall With Employers

NYT: Illegal Immigrants See Opportunity in New Rule
Fox: DHS document shows Obama administration wrestling with ‘DREAM Act' policy

Fox: Agriculture Department unveils new steps to stop food stamp fraud

WTimes: Postal Service reports $5.2B loss in 3rd quarter

Frank Luntz: Gun owners support some controls
Ted Nugent: O’Reilly spinning in the ‘No Spin Zone’


Albany TU: Ray Harding, former Liberal Party leader, 77


WSJ: California Races Form Strange Bedfellows

NYT: Editorial: Rights for Domestic Workers


Fox: Rep. West decries 'classless' ad that depicts him punching women

NYT: A Heated House Primary in Florida Echoes the Republicans’ Internal Battles

Miami Herald: Feds demand voter-purge info from Florida counties


AJC: House Republicans consider total ban on lobbyist spending


Hill: Jackson Jr. staff laying groundwork for reelection campaign
NatJ: Report: Rep. Jackson Jr. Could Complete Treatment Soon
Chicago ST: Doctors searching for medicine to help Jesse Jackson Jr., wife says
Chicago Tribune: Sandi Jackson: no timetable on Rep. Jackson's return to Congress


WTimes: Dem poll puts Donnelly, Mourdock even in Indiana Senate fight


HE: Former U.S. attorney: Michele Bachmann is right to question Clinton aide’s background


WaPo: Sen. Sherrod Brown targeted by U.S. Chamber, outside conservative groups

NYT: 10 Questions for an Undecided Voter in Ohio


NYT: Michigan: Ex-Congressman’s Aides Face Charges
WTimes: McCotter staffers charged in Michigan election fraud
WSJ: McCotter's Staff Faces Charges of Vote Fraud
Roll Call: Four McCotter Staffers Charged Following AG Investigation
DFP: Schuette: 'Criminal acts were committed' by McCotter aides forging election petitions

NatJ: Republicans Face Choice on Bentivolio


Rasmussen: Virginia Senate: Allen (R) 46%, Kaine (D) 46%


WSJ: Christie Does Tenure: Now New Jersey will evaluate teachers before hiring them for life


Fox: Sen. Brown slams costly push to register welfare recipients as politically motivated


August 9, 2012


NatJ: New Romney Ad Accuses Obama of ‘War on Religion’
Examiner: New Romney ad: Obama declared a ‘War on Religion’
Weekly Standard: Romney Ad Goes After Obama for Declaring 'War On Religion'

WaPo: Romney, in Iowa, again attacks Obama record on welfare, economy
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Go Nuts Over Romney Welfare Ad

Karl Rove: For Romney, Even Means Ahead
Politico: The disappearing undecided voter

WSJ: Picking Through the Romney VP Chatter
ABC: VP Shortlister Rob Portman Comes Out Swinging in Colorado
Daily Caller: ‘Throb Portman’ roasted in hilarious 1991 White House farewell party invitation
WSJ: Why Not Paul Ryan?
WaPo: GOP vice-presidential contenders keep busy on the trail as convention nears
NatJ: Romney's Everyman Veep Alternatives to Tim Pawlenty
Byron York: Rating likelihood of Romney picks: Portman, then Pawlenty, then Ryan, Rubio
Nate Silver: How Romney’s Pick of a Running Mate Could Sway the Outcome
Rich Lowry: Don't fear Ryan
Hill: Dems want Romney to make bold but risky running mate choice

Roll Call: Mitt Romney Tries to Neutralize Yucca Mountain Issue in Quest for Nevada

Rasmussen: Virginia: Obama 48%, Romney 46%
Rush Limbaugh: I Am Really Worried About This Election

NYT: In Clamor for Roles at Convention, More Are Out Than In
Politico: Scheduled 2012 convention speakers

WaPo: Romney spokeswoman praises his efforts on health-care reform as governor

Ann Coulter: Liberals' Secret Weapon: Republicans Who Don't Read

Charlie Daniels: I won’t just shut up and sing

Fred Thompson: Mitt’s Tax Returns: Don't Give In to the Demagogues

Fox: Romney jokingly compares California to Greece

NYT: Young in G.O.P. Erase the Lines on Social Issues
WSJ: Campaigns Put Focus on Suburban Women

WTimes: It’s not over till it’s over for backers of Ron Paul

Fox: Romney campaign slams Obama 'hypocrisy' over super PAC ad
Fox: Obama campaign no stranger to steelworker in disputed ad
HE: Obama’s campaign featured Joe Soptic in May, now insists they never heard of him
Yahoo: Obama camp denies knowledge of cancer tale it told in May
WSJ: A Harsh Anti-Romney Ad Sparks Criticism
WaPo: Beyond the Obama ads, Joe Soptic’s steelworker story
Fox: Obama rolls out hard-hitting ads as campaign looks to buck up battleground numbers
Rush Limbaugh: CNN Debunks "Romney Killed My Wife" Ad

WaPo: Obama opposes Scout ban on gays

WTimes: Anti-Obama Catholics want dinner invitation rescinded

NatJ: Coal Miners’ Union Sits Out Presidential Race

Rush: Romney's Push for Independents Waters Down His Welfare Reform Argument
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Romney Hits Bottom on Welfare
Charles Blow: The Welfare Gambit
EJ Dionne: Romney and his fictional Obama
Robert Samuelson: Romney’s tax plan makes no sense

NYT: Obama Assails Romney on Women’s Health Care
WaPo: Obama appeals to female voters at Colorado campaign stop
WTimes: Obama tries to woo women of Colorado

WaPo: Democratic abortion foes push for change in platform
WaPo: Charlotte prepares for Democratic National Convention protesters

NYT: Adelson Libel Lawsuit Seeks $60 Million


NYT: Down-Ballot Races Provide Much of Season’s Election Theater

NYT: Poll Finds Tight Senate Races in Virginia and Wisconsin

Hill: Predictions bleak for Blue Dog Democrats, moderates in Congress
WSJ: Southern White Democrats Face End of Era in Congress

WTimes: Close races could be turned by out-of-state money


WaPo: E-mails about clean-energy loans provide new details on White House involvement

Fox: White House told authorities not to crack down on 'Occupy' protesters, documents show

NYT: Rebuking Critics of Leaks, Top Counterterrorism Adviser Seeks a Little Room

Fox: Justice announces new whistleblower post in wake of 'Furious'

WSJ: Fannie Mae Posts Profit as Home Prices Rise

Fox: Report finds widespread fraud in taxpayer ID program
Examiner: IRS staff were instructed to overlook fraud in applications for taxpayer IDs
WTimes: IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants

Ben Wattenberg: Immigrants and 'Comparative Advantage'
Daily Caller: Study: Census data show high immigrant participation on US welfare rolls

Fox: NLRB member defends job in union with criminal past


Colin Levy: Graham (Hearts) the ABA


NYT: Groups’ Campaign Spending Scrutinized in New York

NYT: Congressman Grimm’s Report of Trip Is at Issue


George Will: A Golden State train wreck


Roll Call: Indiana: New Dem Poll Shows Tied Senate Race


Detroit News: Senate showdown gets in full swing for Hoekstra, Stabenow

Detroit FP: Criminal charges coming Thursday in allegedly fraudulent McCotter petitions
Roll Call: AG Will File Charges in Thaddeus McCotter Petition Scandal Thursday
Detroit News: Can GOP fall in love with 'Krazy Kerry'?
Detoit FP: Unlikely pair of candidates to face off in 11th Congressional District race


WaPo: Why Todd Akin’s win gives Democrats hope in Missouri
WaPo: Sarah Palin’s winning streak ends with Missouri’s Steelman
Gail Collins: The Wacky Primary Voters
Allysia Finley: Missouri's GOP Surprise


WSJ: Kansas Voter Uprising: GOP incumbents who resisted reform get early retirement
WTimes: Conservative Republicans beat more moderate rivals in 8 Kansas primaries
WaPo: The death of the Kansas moderate?
Colin Levy: Kansas's Conservative Rebellion


WaPo: George Allen, Tim Kaine woo ticket-splitting voters


Politico: Linda McMahon 2.0: Ready to rumble?


Boston Globe: Brown criticizes voter registration mailing to Mass. welfare recipients
Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown start pouring millions into ads

NYT: In House Race, Watchdogs Question Family Finances


Daily Caller: Schweikert: Quayle ‘goes both ways … on important conservative issues’


NYT: A Candidate Whose Ads Are Never Off the Air


August 8, 2012


NYT: Romney Presses Obama on Work in Welfare Law
WSJ: Romney Attacks Obama Over Welfare Reform
WTimes: Romney: Obama undermining welfare reform
LA Times: Romney accuses Obama of trying to undo welfare reform
WaPo: Mitt Romney attacks President Obama over welfare reform
Chicago ST: Romney, in Chicago Tuesday, hits Obama on economy, welfare
National Review: Obama’s Attack on ‘Workfare’
WaPo: Bill Clinton denounces Romney’s welfare ad
Fox: Bill Clinton slams new Romney welfare ad, says it is disappointing

NYT: Americans for Prosperity Begins $25 Million Anti-Obama Ad Campaign

WSJ: 'Better Off?' Theme Framing Election

WSJ: OpEd: Defense vs. Food Stamps—What Would You Choose?
Betsy McCaughey: ObamaCare's Phony Deficit Reduction

WSJ: Romney on His Dad and Free McDonald’s
Reince Priebus: Higher grocery bills knock American families lower

Jen Rubin: Romney’s foreign policy team needs to shape up

WSJ: Convention Role Set for Rand Paul, Not His Dad
Daily Caller: RNC chairman announces five additional Republican convention headliners
NatJ: Convention Austerity: Partying Like It's 2012

WaPo: The case for Paul Ryan to be vice president
Politico: Paul Ryan veep prospects split GOP
NatJ: The Riskiest Running Mate for Romney
Politico: Rob Portman to deliver $500K to Mitt Romney
Fox: Obama campaign looks for dirt on Rubio, Portman
WSJ: White House Shoots Down Drudge VP Story
NatJ: Expect Romney to Surprise With Running Mate Pick
Politico: Rove: Veep pick 'as early as Friday'
Hill: Romney veep pick is the talk of the town
Rush Limbaugh: Some VP Rumors and Convention Talk

Fox: Romney: Sikh temple suspect 'motivated by hate'
WaPo: Romney confuses ‘Sikh’ with ‘sheik’

NYT: Polls Underline Stubborn Splits From Voters in 3 Key States
NatJ: Polls: Romney leads in Colo., Trails in Va., Wis.
Rasmussen: Colorado: Romney, Obama Tied At 47% Each
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s poll numbers at standstill, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds
Gallup: Economic Confidence Slips in July, for Second Month in a Row
Hill: Economy remains Obama’s albatross
Nate Silver: Models, Models, Everywhere

WSJ: Early Voters Gain Influence in Races

NYT: Mixed Views Are Found on Stricter Laws for Guns

NYT: Dolan Will Let Obama and Romney Joke It Up at the Al Smith Dinner

WSJ: The Romney Hood Fairy Tale: The false, invented analysis behind Obama's tax claims
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Latest Lie: Romney Hood
American Spectator: No, Romney Won't Raise Your Taxes $2,000

NYT: Ex-Factory Worker Links Losses to Bain
Fox: Ad links Romney to death of steelworker's wife, campaign decries 'contemptible effort'
Ross Douthat: Fact-Checking is Not Enough
Dana Milbank: Romney’s Bain games
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Ad: Romney is a Murderer
Rush: The "Romney Murdered My Wife" Ad is Just Normal Fare for the Politicized Left

American Spectator: Jared Diamond on Western Civilization: 'You Didn't Build That'

Fox: Firm that paid White House adviser accused of securing UN votes, arms on Iran's behalf

WaPo: Editorial: Reid and Romney’s sleazy rhetoric on taxes

NYT: Obama Is an Avid Reader, and Critic, of the News

WSJ: Carter Gets Primetime Slot at Convention
National Review: Loud Praise for a Mayor of Quiet Record


WaPo: Peters, Clay turn back fellow Congress members in primaries

WTimes: Obama signs bill requiring him to detail budget cuts

NatJ: Polls Show Ties in Va., Wis. Senate Races

Hill: GOP leaders work hard to save freshman class targeted by Dems


WSJ: Home Prices Climb as Supply Dwindles

WTimes: Slow path to progress for U.S. immigrants: 43% on welfare after 20 years
National Review: Immigration and the GOP

American Spectator: Holder's Perez: Perjury on Panthers?


WTimes: The improbable reign of Harry Reid, mumbling gangster


NYT: Cuomo to Attend Only Last Day of Democratic National Convention

Albany TU: Pataki for Long; debate set for Oct. 17


Dan Walters: Three California cities' bankruptcy cases reverberate


Chicago Tribune: Jesse Jackson Jr. gets visit from parents at Mayo Clinic
Politico: Jesse Jackson Jr. 'responding', his dad says


Milwaukee JS: GOP Senate candidates begin last push


WaPo: Ohio economy improving, but residents can’t feel it

Fox: Battle over Ohio military voting law reflects high political stakes


Detroit News: Hoekstra wins Republican U.S. Senate primary
Detroit FP: Hoekstra wins, will be GOP Senate nominee
WTimes: Hoekstra claims victory in Michigan GOP Senate primary
Crain's: Hoekstra defeats Durant, wins GOP nomination for U.S. Senate race
WSJ: Hoekstra Wins Michigan GOP Senate Primary

Fox: Peters defeats Clarke in feisty member-versus-member Michigan Democratic primary
NatJ: Peters Wins Mich. 14th Primary

Fox: Dingell steps closer to 29th term in Congress after winning Democratic primary

Fox: Conyers poised to secure 25th term in Congress after winning Democratic primary


St. Louis PD: Akin wins GOP battle for Senate nomination, praises God for victory
KC Star: Show-Me State showdown: Akin will face McCaskill
Fox: Tea-party backed Rep. Akin wins Missouri GOP Senate primary to take on Sen. McCaskill
WaPo: Republicans in Missouri pick Todd Akin to face Sen. Claire McCaskill in November
NYT: Missouri Congressman Todd Akin to Take On McCaskill in Senate Race
WSJ: Missouri Congressman Wins Senate GOP Primary
NatJ: Underdog McCaskill Gets the Opponent She Wants in Akin
Human Events: Palin influence fails to win Missouri GOP Senate primary for Steelman

NatJ: Clay Wins Missouri 1st Primary

Fox: Missouri votes to fortify public prayer with amendment that critics call unnecessary


KC Star: Voters reject middle ground in Kansas Senate races
Topeka CJ: State's GOP conservatives gain upper hand
Fox: Conservatives win big in Kan. Senate primaries
Omaha WH: Conservatives win big in Kansas primary
WSJ: Conservative Republicans Make Gains in Kansas


Examiner: Va. gun sales soar without one-gun limit


NYT: Editorial: Congressional Primary in Connecticut


Boston Globe: Warren backs off demand that Brown release more tax returns
Fox: Warren misspoke on demanding 20 years of Brown tax returns
Politico: Elizabeth Warren backtracks on Scott Brown’s taxes


WSJ: Tucson Shooter Pleads Guilty


Fox: Colorado group sends big message to Obama in crop field

Denver Post: Tipton, Pace to face off in 3rd congressional district debate


Seattle Times: Washington primary trims ballot for November
Seattle PI: Jay Inslee, big in King County, faces McKenna in November
Spokane S-R: Primary winners set for next battle
NWCN: No primary night surprises in WA's marquee statewide races
WSJ: Inslee and McKenna Advance in Washington State Primaries


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"Chaos Theory" and the National Popular Vote initiative.......Putting the "faithless elector" on steroids!

Fox: Moderators announced for presidential debates

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Rush Limbaugh:
Obama's Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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