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December 7, 2012


WSJ: Some See Hope as Talks Resume Over 'Fiscal Cliff'
NYT: Participants in Talks on a Budget Deal Shrink to Two
Fox: Rank-and-file Republicans hint at putting tax hikes on table in fiscal talks
WSJ: McConnell Takes Hard Line
WSJ: IRS Chief Warns Again About AMT Hit
WSJ: Fiscal Talks Spur Charitable Giving
WTimes: Charities could be losers in tax plan
WSJ: OpEd: The Fantasy of a 91% Top Income Tax Rate
NYT: Editorial: Keep the State Tax Deduction
NatJ: Fiscal-Cliff Showdown Mirrors Payroll-Tax Fight
NatJ: Gephardt: Fiscal Cliff Deal Will Cost Some Lawmakers Their Jobs
National Review: Don't Get Rolled: Extend the payroll-tax cut.
AP/Cass: How far over the 'fiscal cliff' could they go?

Kim Strassel: Obama's Famous Tax 'Victory'
Charles Krauthammer: It’s nothing but a power play
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wants to Tax the Rich for Revenge
Peggy Noonan: Obama's rhetorical blandness conceals an ideological boldness
Rush Limbaugh: There's No Common Ground on the Cliff
Paul Krugman: The Forgotten Millions

WTimes: White House won’t sidestep Hill on debt ceiling

AJC: After election setbacks, die-hards battle pragmatists for control of GOP
American Spectator: Boehner Punishes the Principled
American Thinker: Boehner Orchestrating the GOP's Demise


Fox: Housing secretary under fire over FHA's massive losses

NYT: Clinton Praises Rice, a Possible Successor
WSJ: OpEd: John Kerry, Secretary of What?
James Taranto: Springtime for Assad: Why not Wintour for Syria?

David Brooks: The Republican Glasnost
Charlie Cook: History Favors a 2014 GOP Comeback

Politico: Priebus to run again for RNC chair
Hill: Priebus says he’s locked up support for second term as RNC chairman

NatJ: GOP Digerati Hold Closed-Door Election Review
Roll Call: In Private Meeting, RNC, GOP Digital Strategists Look to Improve
NatJ: Republicans Confront Democrat Edge in Tech Skills, Campaign Talent

WSJ: Adelsons Gave $33 Million in Final Weeks of Campaign

Politico: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney both topped $1 billion in 2012


Fox: Jeb Bush to lead Philadelphia's National Constitution Center


Detroit News: Right-to-work bills pass in Lansing
Detroit FP: Right-to-work legislation speeds ahead in Lansing
WSJ: Push to Curb Union Power Advances in Michigan
Fox: Michigan Republicans approve right to work amid protests
WTimes: Protesters swarm as Michigan pushes right-to-work measure
NatJ: Snyder: Michigan no Wisconsin


WTimes: Virginia’s Kaine backs changes to filibustering


Politico: NRSC spent big late in Missouri


NYT: G.O.P. Senate Deal: Diversity Takes Back Seat to Power in Albany


Dan Walters: Has California Republican Party learned its lesson?


Dallas MN: Hutchison’s plan after Senate retirement: new book, keep fighting for Texas

NYT: Likely Increase in Births Has Some Lawmakers Revisiting Cuts


WSJ: Sen. Jim DeMint to Head Heritage Foundation
WaPo: Jim DeMint resigning from Senate to head conservative think tank
WSJ: Senator Quits for Think Tank
Examiner: DeMint quits Senate to head Heritage Foundation
NYT: Tea Party Hero Is Leaving the Senate for a New Pulpit
WaPo: Jim DeMint says move to Heritage ‘a homecoming,’ won’t politicize policy work
Hill: DeMint takes parting shot at Boehner
LA Times: Sen. Jim DeMint's resignation a sign of bad times for tea party
WaPo: DeMint marks a new, sharper edge for Heritage
Roll Call: Heritage Foundation's Star Will Rise With DeMint
WTimes: DeMint won’t leave tea party voiceless
WSJ: Reactions: Departure of DeMint’s ‘Powerful Voice’
WaPo: Editorial: Jim DeMint leaves the Senate
Chris Cillizza: What Jim DeMint’s resignation says about the conservative movement

WSJ: Who Will Succeed DeMint in Senate?
Human Events: What happens in South Carolina after DeMint quits?
Politico: All eyes on Nikki Haley to pick Jim DeMint successor
Daily Caller: Tim Scott gets early buzz for Senate appointment
Hill: Republican sources: DeMint wants Rep. Tim Scott to take his place in Senate
WSJ: Mark Sanford Mulls Second Act in South Carolina
Byron York: After DeMint, what next?
Fred Barnes: The Ideal Replacement for Jim DeMint: Rep. Tim Scott


Roll Call: Landrieu Ready, Eager to Take On GOP Challengers in Increasingly Red State


NBC Chicago: Michelle Obama for Senate? PPP Says Yes


Politico: Paul: Judd way too liberal for Kentucky


WTimes: Christie vetoes Obamacare
NYT: On Talk Show, No Hug for Christie


WSJ: Smokers Celebrate as Washington State Legalizes Pot


Nate Silver: FiveThirtyEight: Is Alaska a Future Swing State?



December 6, 2012


NYT: Boehner Gains Strong Backing From House Republicans
Fox: Boehner tells Obama to put deal on the table, amid growing caucus discontent
Hill: Boehner to members: Leadership is watching your voting patterns

NYT: Obama Appeals to Business for Support on Tax Plan
Hill: Obama-friendly business group given great White House access
Reuters: Obama set for "middle-class" family visit in "fiscal-cliff" campaign
WTimes: Obama changes tune on budget
WSJ: Taxes: Hints on Room Between 35% and 39.6%?
NYT: In Fine Print of Fiscal Debate, Charities Unite to Defend Deductions
WaPo: Some in GOP urge lawmakers to back tax hikes for changes in safety-net programs
WaPo: On the cutting edge of ‘fiscal cliff’ lobbying
Fox: Pentagon now preparing for massive cuts as fiscal negotiations appear stalled
Human Events: Defense Department now planning for sequestration
Hill: Aerospace Industries predicts $6B growth despite Pentagon spending cuts
NatJ: Poll on Fiscal Cliff Shows Support for Obama Tax Hike on Rich
Examiner: Harry Reid blocks vote on Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal
Hill: Debt limit complicates deficit talks

Karl Rove: The Political Risks of Cliff-Diving
Gov. Bobby Jindal: Cliff diving
Rush Limbaugh: The GOP Seminar in Surrender
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Should Oppose Disastrous Policies, Not Participate in Them
Dan Henninger: Obama's Ruinous Course
Michael Barone: Higher Tax Rates Don’t Equal Higher Revenues
Dana Milbank: Republicans wave the white flag
George Will: Bewitched by Obama
American Spectator: The Conservative Revolt: Principles and Leverage

NYT: Stalled Farm Bill Is Pushed for Its Savings

WTimes: Lame-duck Senate in no hurry to OK judges

Fox: Huelskamp charges Boehner punished him and others for conservative votes


NYT: Interest Groups Push to Fill Margins of Health Coverage
WSJ: OpEd: The Opening for a Fresh ObamaCare Challenge

WTimes: Firings advised for 4 ATF leaders tied to Fast and Furious

Examiner: Obama expected to push gun control in second term

LA Times: NASA on verge of losing its edge, report says

Peggy Noonan: Bush on Immigration

Ann Coulter: America Nears el Tipping Pointo

James Taranto: 'Voter Suppression,' Debunked


Miami Herald: State lawmakers cautious about projected $437 million budget surplus

Miami Herald: To win in 2014, Florida Democrats must build on momentum


Politico: Pennsylvania looks to revamp electoral vote count


NatJ: Snyder Earns Soft Support in New Poll
Detroit FP: Snyder -- making the most of his doubters' doubts

Detroit News: Emergency fiscal manager likely next step for Detroit
Rush Limbaugh: Detroit Wants Its Obama Bacon


Politico: Cuccinelli throws brushback at Cantor
Politico: Tom Perriello out for Virginia governor


Fox: South Dakota Sen. Johnson opens possibility he won't run
Politico: Sen. Tim Johnson signals possible retirement


NYT: Obama’s Storm-Aid Bid to Be About $50 Billion

NYT: Cuomo Says 'Only Time Will Tell' if Senate Coalition Will Succeed
Albany TU: Cuomo: I’ll wait and see how this coalition Senate does

Politico: The GOP crush on Andrew Cuomo


LA Times: Expect Democrats to be robust, not reticent, in wielding power
SacBee: High-income Californians may pay nation's highest tax rate
Rush Limbaugh: The Beginnings of a California Backlash?
SacBee: California Republicans look to Jim Brulte to lead comeback
SacBee: Pension benefits set to get less generous for California's new hires


National Review: Oklahoma Versus Obamacare


Hill: Primary challenger yet to emerge for Graham


Hill: Last House race to end on Saturday


Politico: The Wash. GOP's 32-year losing streak



December 5, 2012


WSJ: GOP Deficit Plan Irks Conservatives
WTimes: Boehner plan is criticized by both sides
Fox: Boehner faces conservative backlash over tax proposal, even as Dems resist offer
Boston Globe: GOP deduction cap would hit the comfortable
WSJ: Weighing Consequences of a Temporary Dive Off Cliff
NYT: In Tax Fight, G.O.P. Seeks a Position to Fall Back On
WaPo: Obama: ‘Fiscal cliff’ deal must include higher tax rates for top earners
NatJ: Poll Shows Public Wants Entitlements Left Untouched
Hill: Lack of rank-and-file House GOP backlash hints at softening on taxes
Hill: Conservative leader says GOP not punishing right-leaning members
NYT: Tax Deduction Limits May Trim Deficits, but Not Easily
NYT: Republicans Balk at Short-Term Stimulus in Obama Plan
WaPo: ‘Fiscal cliff’ warnings yet to faze Wall Street
Alan Blinder: How to Get a Budget Deal Instead of the Cliff
Michael Barone: Higher tax rates won't support entitlement state
Dick Morris: GOP ‘doomsday’ plan
Rush Limbaugh: Boehner Will Do Deal Obama Wants, But Obama Wants to Destroy GOP
WSJ: The Budget Baseline Con

Fox: US Senate passes $631 billion defense bill

WTimes: Families want to know what happened in Benghazi
Kathleen Parker: Susan Rice and the Senate’s blame game

WSJ: Maxine Waters to Succeed Barney Frank on Banking Panel

Fox: Colorado Sen. Bennett to head Democrats’ senatorial campaign committee

NatJ: Republicans Are Running Scared--From Each Other


WSJ: Ryan, Rubio Seek Party Rebranding
NYT: Ryan and Rubio Say Republicans Must Work on Aiding Middle Class
WaPo: Rubio, Ryan look to the future during award dinner speeches
Hill: GOP stars Rubio, Ryan lay out visions for Republican Party
NatJ: Ryan, Rubio Look to Jack Kemp for Inspiration
Miami Herald: On shared stage, Sen. Marco Rubio and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan
Human Events: Full text of Rep. Paul Ryan’s remarks at Jack Kemp Leadership Dinner
Human Events: Full text of Sen. Marco Rubio’s remarks at Jack Kemp Leadership Dinner
Byron York: Ryan, Rubio roll out new GOP message: We care
Jen Rubin: Does the ‘no’ crowd matter?

NYT: Praising Immigrants, Bush Leads Conservative Appeal for G.O.P. to Soften Tone

WSJ: Adelson to Keep Betting on the GOP

WTimes: Tea Party group chief quits, cites internal split
WTimes: Armey eased out of post in tea party

WSJ: Firings Set Over 'Fast and Furious'

James Taranto: An ObamaCare challenge that's almost certain to fail
Rush Limbaugh: Avalanche of Obamacare Taxes Begins

WSJ: OpEd: The Underworked Public Employee

Maureen Dowd: Mighty Morphin Hillary


Detroit FP: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says right-to-work issue is on the table


Examiner: Va. GOP revives drug testing for welfare recipients


NYT: Coalition Is to Control State Senate as Dissident Democrats Join With Republicans
Albany TU: Senate Majority Coalition forms

NYT: In Poll, New Yorkers Like Cuomo for Governor and Clinton for President


HuffPost: Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Fined $37,000 For Ethics Violation


Politico: Poll: Herman Cain tops Saxby Chambliss in primary
Weekly Standard: Price Won't Say if He'll Challenge Chambliss
National Review: Taxby’s Troubles


Roll Call: Landrieu Ready, Eager to Take On GOP Challengers in Increasingly Red State


Chicago Tribune: New Illinois pension fix floated


WSJ: Elizabeth Warren Expected to Get Banking Panel Seat
Reuters: Warren likely will get seat on banking panel
HuffPost: Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Banking Committee Seat: Sources

Daily Caller: Elizabeth Warren lauds organizing at progressive event



December 4, 2012


WSJ: GOP Makes Counteroffer In Cliff Talks
NYT: Republicans Make Counteroffer in Fiscal Talks
Human Events: Boehner makes counter offer on fiscal cliff
WaPo: Boehner, House GOP leaders offer ‘fiscal cliff’ counterproposal
Hill: House GOP makes a $2.2 trillion debt counteroffer to Obama on cliff
Examiner: GOP's 'cliff' proposal includes spending cuts, no tax hikes
Fox: Republicans call for new revenue, entitlement cuts in fiscal crisis counter-offer
WTimes: Democrats shrug off Republicans’ ‘fiscal cliff’ counter
NatJ: Boehner Backlash Begins
Hill: McConnell’s moves box in House Republicans
Hill: Boehner goes on a PR blitz to counter Obama in deficit talks
Roll Call: Ryan Walks Fine Line in Fiscal Cliff Debate
WaPo: GOP fiscal cliff plan would freeze federal pay for a total of five years
NYT: Initial Deficit Cuts Are Sticking Point in Negotiations
WaPo: AARP lobbies against Medicare changes that could hurt its bottom line

Jen Rubin: Republicans make their ‘fiscal cliff’ counteroffer
Philip Klein: Boehner embraces Erskine Bowles’ 'middle ground' approach
Sen. Pat Toomey: How to tackle entitlements, avoid the cliff
Thomas Sowell: Fiscal Cliff Notes
David Brooks: The Truly Grand Bargain
Charles Lane: The Fed’s role in the debt debate
Ted Nugent: U.S. sailed off the ‘fiscal cliff’ long ago
Charlie Cook: Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations Have Become a Roller-Coaster Ride

Rush Limbaugh: The American Expectation

WSJ: Democratic Senators Push to Extend Emergency Jobless Benefits

Hill: UN disabilities treaty expected to fail in Senate amid GOP opposition

WSJ: Bureaucratic Battle Blunted Libya Attack 'Talking Points'
Weekly Standard: Benghazi Storytelling

Roll Call: Republican Insiders Starting to Fret About 2014 Primary Battles

Politico: Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio’s makeovers


Boston Globe: Mitt Romney rejoins Marriott board
WaPo: Mitt Romney rejoins Marriott’s board, 1st job announcement since Nov. election loss

NYT: Romney Campaign Manager Says He Regrets Immigration Stance
Dallas MN: Romney adman says economic focus crowded out brand creation

NYDN: Romney supporter Kid Rock recounts post-election encounter with Obama

NYT: Obama to Ask Wasserman Schultz to Stay On as D.N.C. Chief
Hill: Four more years for DNC chief

American Spectator: Ruminations of a Reaganite
NYT: OpEd: Where Have You Gone, Bill Buckley?

Boston Globe: Obama’s uncle gets expulsion rehearing

James Taranto: An advice columnist joins the postelection vilification of whites


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich, Beatty address ethics in government


NatJ: McAuliffe Rolls In Establishment Support, Sends Signal To Perriello


Star Tribune: With $1B in projects, building is booming in Minneapolis


Human Events: Rounds announces Senate run in South Dakota


NYT: After Re-election, Missouri Republican Decides to Leave Congress
NatJ: Emerson Retiring to Head Up NRECA
Roll Call: Emerson Resignation Sets Off Scramble in Missouri


NYT: Cuomo Travels to Washington to Press for Disaster Aid
Albany TU: Cuomo: Sandy aid needs ‘big numbers’
Hill: Cuomo gets no firm assurances on Sandy aid from federal government
NY Post: Gov gets love for Sandy job

Albany TU: Republicans subpoena residency records in Senate case


Dan Walters: What will CA Democrats do with all of their new power?

LA Times: Judge blocks ban on gay 'conversion' therapy

LA Times: State lacks strategy on alternative energy, report says


Dallas MN: Rick Perry’s presidential campaign still stirring talk


Politico: Saxby Chambliss unapologetic on bipartisanship


Politico: Bredesen won't challenge Alexander


Politico: Ashley Judd exploring Senate run


Politico: Christie coming to D.C. on Sandy mission
Hill: Former Gov. Whitman sees turning tide for Republican centrists


American Spectator: Gov. Scott Brown?



December 3, 2012


WSJ: Fiscal Cliff Talks at Stalemate
WaPo: 'Fiscal cliff’ talks at a stalemate over tax hikes
WTimes: Barbs fly on ‘fiscal cliff’ but still no agreement
NatJ: Few Signs of Fiscal Progress on Sunday TV
Hill: Sen. Graham: ‘We’re going over the cliff’
Fox: Republicans, Democrats play political dare ahead of more fiscal talks this week
Hill: House GOP to speak to governors, business owners on deficit talks
Examiner: John Boehner, Tim Geithner trade blame for stalled 'fiscal cliff' talks
WaPo: Norquist still calling cadence in GOP ranks
WTimes: Press on entitlements, Norquist says
WSJ: Boehner Says Cliff Talks ‘Nowhere,’ Mum on Entitlement Details
WSJ: An Entitlement Reform Guide
NYT: Pushing G.O.P. to Negotiate, Obama Ends Giving In
WSJ: Gleanings from Geithner’s ‘Full Ginsburg’
WSJ: OpEd: Time to Call the President's Budget Bluff

John Fund: Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations
Paul Krugman: The Big Budget Mumble
Fred Hiatt: Paying for charitable giving
Juan Williams: With debt talks foundering, Simpson-Bowles suddenly in vogue

WSJ: Budget Battle Could Set Course For Second Term

WSJ: GOP, Democrats Tussle Over Susan Rice
WTimes: Democrats say Rice is not to blame for Benghazi
NatJ: Ayotte: Rice Went Beyond Benghazi Talking Points
Hill: Corker doesn’t think Obama will pick Rice for Secretary of State

Roll Call: Running for Congress? Try, Try Again


Fox: Former Republican Congressman Watts hints at bid for RNC chairmanship
Politico: J.C. Watts for RNC chair?

WTimes: Romney’s loss creates leadership vacuum In GOP
Politico: 2016 contenders courting mega-donors

WaPo: A detached Romney tends wounds in seclusion after failed White House bid


Miami Herald: Florida Gov. Rick Scott is Colombia-bound


Detroit FP: Safety net for jobless is set to unravel


American Thinker: Ken Cuccinelli: Conservatives' New 'It' Candidate
WSJ: Obama Political Support for McAuliffe Gauged on the Links


Hill: McCaskill feels ‘sorry’ for Boehner’s hand in deficit negotiations


Albany TU: Cuomo will make first trip to DC on Monday


Fox: California Republican eyeing governorship hit for hard-line illegal immigration stance

George Skelton: Keys to a California GOP comeback: camaraderie and good ideas


Politico: Saxby Chambliss, Lindsey Graham under fire


Fox: Illinois sets April 9 as special election date for Jackson's House seat



December 2, 2012


Fox: Tax debate becomes post-election issue that steers direction of Republican Party
Fox: Optimism faded when fiscal talks resumed; 31 days remain until deadline
NYT: If Deal Is Not Reached, the Impact Won't Be Instant
NYT: Aide to Obama Faces a Big Test in Fiscal Talks
Hill: Obama urges public to pressure House on tax rates in weekly address
Hill: Lieberman: Obama needs to be more involved in debt talks
Examiner: 'Fiscal cliff' negotiations may change cherished mortage deduction
WTimes: Hatch derides Democrats' 'Thelma and Louise' fiscal strategy
Hill: Republicans cool to Obama’s proposal to extend federal unemployment benefits
Clarice Feldman: Cliff Dwellers
Charles Krauthammer: GOP must avoid Obama tax trap

Chicago Tribune: Capitol Hill cronyism targets Rice
Chicago ST: Hillary Clinton no fan of Susan Rice, prefers Kerry for State

Hill: Debt talks could redefine Senate races


NYT: As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price

NYT: Editorial: The Mortgage Challenge

Salena Zito: Parties’ ‘no-show’ problem


WTimes: Cuccinelli dismisses 'rebranding' of GOP, makes appeal to Bolling supporters

Examiner: Federal budget cuts would force Va. to slash spending


Star Tribune: Dayton aims to overhaul Minnesota's tax system


NYT: Editorial: Mr. Cuomo’s Next Big Task


Dan Walters: Should property taxes be raised?


NYT: Democrats Expect a Deal on Medicaid Despite Perry

Dallas MN: Cornyn wants to debate the issues, not discuss Grover Norquist’s tax pledge

LA Times: Rep. Ted Poe is Washington's talker of the town


Hill: DeMint could go from bomb-thrower to dealmaker on key Senate panel


Chicago ST: Sen. Kirk expected to return to Senate in January


Roll Call: Lamar Alexander Lines Up GOP All Star Team to Chair Campaign
Politico: Lamar Alexander unveils heavyweight support


Human Events: Talk of Shelley Capito’s successor starts up


Politico: Conn. Dems play Romney card



December 1, 2012


WTimes: Obama pushes tax hike for families earning more than $250K
Fox: Boehner says fiscal talks 'going nowhere,' as Obama warns of middle class tax hikes
WSJ: GOP Takes Aim at Entitlements
WTimes: Boehner: ‘Fiscal cliff’ talks deadlocked
LA Times: Obama, GOP broaden their 'fiscal cliff' pitches
WSJ: Plan to Raise Estate Tax Divides Democrats
Weekly Standard: The GOP’s Payroll Tax Opportunity
Hill: Democrats: We're not overreaching in debt talks
WSJ: White House Debt-Ceiling Offer Splits Lawmakers
WSJ: AARP Opposing All Medicare Cuts
NatJ: 3 Votes Could Make or Break a Fiscal-Cliff Deal

NYT: In Latest Campaign, Obama Takes Deficit Battle to the Public
WaPo: In Pa., Obama pushes for his debt-reduction approach
WaPo: Obama seeks Aug. 1 deadline for tax reform
Examiner: Obama: GOP holding middle class ‘hostage’
Rush: Baracka Claus' Opening Bid Proves That He Wants to Take Sleigh Over Fiscal Cliff

TVNZ: US House votes to expand visas for high-tech workers
WTimes: House passes bill to cancel diversity visa lottery

NYT: Pelosi Backs Limiting Oversight of Debt Ceiling

Chris Cillizza: Republicans’ Senate silver lining

Human Events: Boehner threatens to shut out Senate bills if filibuster rules changed

Politico: With Candice Miller appointment, woman will lead House committee after all

David Ignatius: It’s a close call on Susan Rice
Fox: Susan Rice under fire from left for investments in Keystone pipeline firm
Chicago ST: Hillary Clinton no fan of Susan Rice, prefers Kerry for State


NYT: Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority

Byron York: Will Republicans go back to the future with Jeb Bush?

Politico: Priebus to meet NYC donors on post-election listening tour

Human Events: Top 10 GOP Newcomers

George Will: Colleges have free speech on the run

Nate Silver: When Internal Polls Mislead, a Whole Campaign May Be To Blame

Dana Milbank: The GOP and its urge to purge

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Columbus Dispatch: Bennett to seek top GOP post in January


WaPo: Sen. Ayotte offers GOP an influential new voice


NYT: Cuomo Plans Trip to Washington to Press for Disaster Aid
Albany TU: Cuomo will head to Washington on Monday


Dallas MN: Ted Cruz offers new formula for Republican Party
Daily Caller: Cruz: I’m ‘something that is not supposed to exist: a Hispanic Republican’
Politico: Texas GOP touts its Hispanic model


Fox: Graham says keep 'crazy bastards' at Guantanamo Bay


Daily Caller: Erick Erickson says he’s decided against U.S. Senate run
Politico: Erick Erickson won’t challenge Saxby Chambliss in primary


Fox: State judge rules Louisiana school voucher program unconstitutional


Chicago ST: Sen. Kirk still expected to return to Senate in January


Politico: Alexander flexes muscles ahead of 2014


Politico: Rand Paul heads to Israel


NatJ: Tim Griffin Rules Out Run for Higher Office


Politico: The Elizabeth Warren cash machine



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