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December 21, 2012


WSJ: Boehner's Budget 'Plan B' Collapses
Fox: House puts off vote on 'Plan B' tax bill, path to avert fiscal crisis uncertain
Hill: Boehner cancels vote on 'Plan B', says cliff solution up to Dems
ST: Obama vows to press ahead on fiscal cliff solution after House GOP leaders scrap vote
WTimes: Boehner’s ‘Plan B’ to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’ fails to win over GOP
NYT: Boehner Cancels Tax Vote in Face of G.O.P. Revolt
WaPo: Boehner abandons plan to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’
Daily Caller: Boehner pulls the plug on ‘Plan B’
NatJ: How Boehner's Plan B Vote Imploded
Examiner: Conservatives refuse to back Boehner on 'Plan B'
WaPo: How Boehner’s Plan B for the ‘fiscal cliff’ began and fell apart
National Review: Inside the Meltdown
Jen Rubin: Boehner Plan B: House Republicans humiliate their leader
Roll Call: In Stunning Rebuke, GOP Won't Deliver Votes for Boehner's 'Plan B'
Politico: Behind the scenes of a GOP meltdown
NatJ: House Conservatives in the Mood for Gumbo, Not Plan B
WaPo: Will Boehner’s speakership survive until Plan C?
NatJ: Trouble for Boehner's Speakership?
Examiner: How Boehner could cut a deal and still keep his speakership
NatJ: Why A Fiscal Cliff Deal Is Still Possible
Hill: House recesses for Christmas after collapse of 'Plan B'
Human Events: Plan B deal collapses, House goes home
WSJ: Boehner's tax bill failure reflects Obama's failure to negotiate seriously
Politico: Sequestration: Where will the cuts hit?
WaPo: Administration says furloughs are possible, but not immediately
Ruth Marcus: Making a ‘B’ line to the cliff
Paul Krugman: Playing Taxes Hold ’Em
David Brooks: Strangers in the Night

Politico: Merry Cliffmas: Senate will return Dec. 27

WSJ: Millions Face a Hit if Fix for Minimum Tax Fails to Pass

WSJ: Threat of Tax Changes Rattles Muni Market

Kim Strassel: Big Business Sells Out Small Business

Fox: House approves $633 billion defense bill

Hill: Ryan objects to Dems' Hurricane Sandy bill
Examiner: Reid trying to buy Republican votes for fat Sandy relief package

NYT: Editorial: A Tax Credit Worth Preserving (low-income housing tax credit)

WSJ: GOP Criticism of Hagel Grows
Weekly Standard: Senator Coats: Hagel 'Has Had So Much Disrespect for the Military'
Weekly Standard: Toomey: 'I Have Deep Concerns' About Hagel for SecDef
Weekly Standard: Rubio Might 'Hold' Hagel
Fox: Senator voices 'serious' concerns about Hagel for Pentagon post
WaPo: Gay rights activists voice doubts about Chuck Hagel as prospective defense secretary
NYT: Possible Defense Nominee Faulted for Record on Gays

NYT: Obama Vows Fast Action in New Push for Gun Control
Hill: Boehner: Will consider gun-control legislation
Charles Krauthammer: The roots of mass murder
Fox: Connecticut killings reopen debate on forcibly committing the mentally ill
Byron York: Obama uses Clinton's playbook to exploit shooting

NYT: With Farm Bill Stalled, Consumers May Face Soaring Milk Prices

WSJ: OpEd: Will the Carbon Tax Make a Comeback?

WTimes: In Benghazi hearings, GOP criticizes misplaced State priorities
Fox: State Department official suggests Libya warnings went to the top
NYT: At Benghazi Hearing, State Dept. Concedes Errors
LA Times: GOP lawmakers challenge plan to correct diplomatic security flaws
NatJ: Benghazi-gate May Be Drawing Down

WTimes: House ethics panel dismisses cases against two Dems

Roll Call: NRSC Hires Rob Collins as Executive Director
Politico: Rob Collins tapped for NRSC, sources say


WTimes: Mortgage industry insider warns about a stifling regulatory cliff

Fox: Number of Americans seeking unemployment aid rises

Rush Limbaugh: Death-Spiral States Eye Exit Taxes


Miami Herald: Miami-Dade grand jury: Absentee voting fraud clouds confidence in elections


Detroit News: Can Snyder wrestle with GOP heavyweights?


NYT: Behind the Scenes in Congress; Out in Front at Home


Denver Post: Tom Tancredo mocks Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet's immigration compact


Fox: Ethics panel says Nevada Democrat violated rules
Roll Call: Ethics Committee Finds Berkley Broke House Rules
NYT: Panel Finds Lawmaker Broke Ethics Rules
Hill: Ethics panel: Berkley violated rules


NYT: Cuomo Says He’ll Outline Gun Proposal Next Month


Dan Walters: California's uneven recovery


WaPo: Mark Sanford set to run for Congress again
Roll Call: Report: Mark Sanford to Run for House


AJC: Proposals would lift restrictions on carrying guns in Georgia


Chicago Tribune: William Daley considering bid for governor
Chicago ST: Considering run for governor, Bill Daley criticizes state’s ‘leadership’
Fox: Bill Daley considering run for Illinois governor

WTimes: Jackson seat hopefuls taking a stand on guns


Politico: Mitch McConnell polls on Ashley Judd’s politics


Hill: Booker eyes Lautenberg’s Senate seat
NYT: Booker Studies Bid for Senate, Not Governor
WTimes: Booker rules out bid for New Jersey governor in 2013
Politico: Reid likes Lautenberg over Booker
Human Events: Christie breathes sigh of relief as Booker says he won’t run for gov.


WaPo: Massachusetts special election: Who will run?
NatJ: Poll: Brown Would Enter Special Election as Favorite
Politico: Mass. poll: Scott Brown for John Kerry's seat
NatJ: Lynch Telling Allies He's in for Senate Special
Politico: Another Ted Kennedy in the Senate?
Politico: Frank not saying 'no' to Senate appointment
Rush Limbaugh: Scott Brown Writes Ticket for GOP Defeat



December 20, 2012


WTimes: Boehner to hold vote on ‘Plan B’ to skirt ‘fiscal cliff’
WaPo: House GOP plans vote on fiscal cliff ‘Plan B’ despite Obama veto threat
Fox: Boehner defies White House, says chamber will pass 'Plan B' to avert tax hikes
Hill: Boehner scrambles for GOP votes to pass 'Plan B' tax proposal
WaPo: As ‘Plan B’ vote nears, John Boehner seen whipping votes on House floor
Hill: WHIP COUNT: House lawmakers' positions on GOP's ‘Plan B’
Hill: GOP lawmaker: Boehner to hold 'Plan B' vote whether he has the votes or not
NatJ: Support for Plan B Among House Republicans Uncertain
Human Events: Republicans split on Boehner’s tax increase plan
StarT: Boehner's alternative plan results in higher taxes for millionaires, low-income families
NYT: Obama and Boehner Diverge Sharply on Fiscal Plan
Karl Rove: Boehner Plays a Weak Hand Well
WSJ: Boehner's 'Plan B' Gets Pushback
WSJ: Tax Impact for Small Business Hard to Gauge
NatJ: Boehner's Gamble: Will Plan B Make Getting a Cliff Deal Easier?
Hill: Ryan to vote yes on 'Plan B' tax plan
Hill: Ryan tiptoes along fiscal cliff’s edge

NYT: Obama Vows Fast Action in New Push for Gun Control
Fox: Obama taps Biden to craft new policies to curb gun violence in wake of shooting
WTimes: Gun task force draws cool GOP reception
WaPo: Obama calls on Congress to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines
NYT: Lessons in Politics and Fine Print in Assault Weapons Ban of ’90s
Charlie Cook: Why the NRA Is Still So Strong Even After Newtown Shootings
Ann Coulter: We Know How To Stop School Shootings
National Review: Running Amok

WaPo: Congress sends Hatch Act reform bill to President Obama

NYT: Senate Republicans Plan Smaller Storm-Aid Bill
Chicago Tribune: Senate Republicans aim to cut Sandy aid bill down to $24 billion

Rich Lowry: Why Mr. Hagel shouldn't go back to Washington
NYT: Comments on Israel by Top Contender for Defense Secretary Are Scrutinized
Politico: Kristol-founded group targets Chuck Hagel
WStd: Unlike All Other Senators, Hagel Passed on Opportunity to Condemn Anti-Semitism
Weekly Standard: 'Chuck Hagel Is Not a Responsible Option'

Fox: Mikulski becoming 1st woman to head Appropriations
NatJ: Sen. Mikulski First Woman To Chair Approps Committee
Hill: Mikulski will take gavel of powerful Senate Appropriations Committee

Human Events: Wakeup call: Newt says GOP must change or fail again
Roll Call: GOP Consultants Seek to Regain Control
NatJ: Ex-NRCC Polling Director: Embrace Robo-Polls

Politico: Christie on future run: I’ll be ready

Jon Huntsman: Finding our Inner optimism: Conservatives offer better solutions


NYT: 4 Are Out at State Dept. After Scathing Report on Benghazi Attack
WaPo: Four State Department officials disciplined following Benghazi probe findings
Fox: Top State Dept. official quits, others on leave after report on security lapses in Libya
WTimes: Lawmakers insisting on justice for Benghazi attack on consulate
Daily Caller: Obama, Clinton duck blame in Benghazi report
NatJ: Where’s Obama in the Benghazi Report?
Rush Limbaugh: Benghazi Report: Mistakes Were Made, But Nobody Made Them

Detroit News: Treasury faces $13 billion hit

NYT: Next Challenge for the Health Law: Getting the Public to Buy In

George Will: The Drive to Federalize Voter Registration

WaPo: Robert H. Bork, conservative judicial icon, dies at 85
NYT: A Conservative Whose Supreme Court Bid Set the Senate Afire
WSJ: The Wisdom of Robert Bork
Ann Coulter: Robert Bork, Rest In Peace
Rush Limbaugh: Remembering the Great Robert Bork
American Spectator: Robert Bork’s America


Miami Herald: Charlie Crist trashes Gov. Rick Scott in Senate hearing over bad voting ‘joke’
WTimes: Crist at ease with joining Democrats


Politico: Pro-gun Bob Casey backs restrictions


Examiner: Guns becoming an issue in Virginia governor's race


Albany TU: Judge certifies Amedore’s Senate win

NYT: Weighing Mayoral Bid, and Shaking Up the Race


LA Times: L.A. mayoral election a wide-open contest


DMN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, urging comity, bids an emotional farewell to the Senate


Roll Call: Group DeMint Founded Has No Plans to Replace the Departing Senator


AJC: Georgia’s jobless rate falls to 8.5 percent in November — lowest level in nearly 4 years


Hill: Race to fill Jackson’s seat highlights new challenges for the Black Caucus

Chicago ST: Gov. Quinn lukewarm to state union employees pension plan


Roll Call: New Jersey: Pascrell Calls Idea of Being Governor ‘Intriguing’


WaPo: Scott Brown supports federal assault weapons ban
Daily Caller: Mass, conservatives opposing Scott Brown’s efforts to restructure state GOP

Daily Caller: Ben Affleck meets with John Kerry amid rumors of Senate run
Politico: Ben Affleck mum on Senate run


Fox: Rep. Hanabusa to apply for Hawaii US Senate seat following death of Sen. Inouye
Politico: Hanabusa to apply for Inouye's Hawaii Senate seat



December 19, 2012


NYT: Boehner Plan Addresses Taxes but Delays Fight Over Spending Cuts
WSJ: GOP Unveils a 'Plan B' if Budget Talks Fail
Fox: White House rejects Boehner 'Plan B' with threat of tax hikes looming
NatJ: Support for Plan B Among House Republicans Uncertain
Politico: John Boehner's fiscal cliff ‘Plan B’ stalls in Senate
WaPo: Boehner’s backup tax plan shakes up ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations
WSJ: Deal's Parameters Spell Higher Taxes
Examiner: GOP willing to support tax hike to get 'cliff' deal
NYT: Goodbye, Government, Under Either Fiscal Plan
Boston Globe: Obama’s fiscal offer gives his party pause
WSJ: U.S. Economy Will Face Drag Next Year
WSJ: Budget Hawk Paul Ryan Is Now Quiet as a Mouse
WaPo: Eric Cantor plays loyal lieutenant to Boehner
NYT: Editorial: President Obama Offers a Deal
WSJ: A Bad Budget Deal: Higher taxes now for notional reform later is worse than nothing
WaPo: From Boehner and Obama, good news for those who want a ‘fiscal cliff’ deal
NatJ: Obama, Boehner Not Far Apart on Fiscal-Cliff Numbers
Dick Morris: Phase in debt-limit hikes
Sen. Jeff Bingaman: Don’t tie tax extenders bill to fiscal cliff
Hill: Mike Sommers, Boehner’s point man in talks, keeps a cool head in a difficult job
Hill: Pelosi and Hoyer keeping an open mind to cuts to entitlement programs
Hill: Conference committee agrees to final $633B defense authorization bill
Rush Limbaugh: Did Boehner Just Propose Pelosi's Plan?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Real Plan: Soak the Middle Class

Weekly Standard: Senate Republicans May Oppose Hagel SecDef Nomination
DC: Sen. Ayotte concerned about Chuck Hagel’s prior positions with regard to Israel & Iran
WaPo: Editorial: Chuck Hagel is not the right choice for defense secretary
Dana Milbank: Neocons push against Chuck Hagel
Hill: Jewish Democrats divided on supporting Hagel for Defense secretary
Politico: GOP critics line up against Hagel

NatJ: Team of Mentors: Obama's Senate Mafia

Politico: Boehner's stand dims farm bill hopes
Hill: Clock running out for passing big bills

Hill: Feinstein to take over Judiciary

NatJ: Paul Ryan Picks Tom Price as Budget Committee Vice Chair

WSJ: Bill Restricts Guantanamo Transfers


FT: State department faulted over Libya attack
WaPo: Review of Benghazi attack faults ‘grossly’ inadequate security, leadership failures
NYT: Benghazi Panel Strongly Assails Role of State Dept. in Attack
WTimes: Review board raps State for poor security in Benghazi
Hill: Benghazi probe faults 'systemic failures' at State Department
Fox: Report on Libya attack cites 'systemic failures' in security, confirms no protest
LA Times: Panel faults security failures in Benghazi attacks
WSJ: Surveillance Cameras Show Attackers Kicking In Doors
Fox: State Department dismisses Bolton's 'diplomatic illness' remark about Clinton
Hill: Benghazi report could tarnish Clinton’s legacy

WTimes: NRA seeks a voice in talks about ending gun violence
Ted Nugent: Connecticut killings a result of moral decay
Nate Silver: Party Identity in a Gun Cabinet
Charlie Cook: Why the NRA Is Still So Strong Even After Newtown Shootings

WSJ: Cooling Down the Fears of Climate Change

WTimes: Report: Justice’s pardon attorney misadvised White House on clemency bid

Fox: Electoral College vote affirms Obama re-election

NatJ: Out of Office, Republicans Turn to Bush for Inspiration

Human Events: Election 2012 Debrief: What went wrong and how to fix it
Roll Call: Priebus: GOP Must Improve Community-Based Outreach
Politico: Poll: GOPers have bleak outlook

Hill: For 2016 prospects, guns may matter


NatJ: Rick Scott Has 'Awful' Numbers in Quinnipiac Poll


Detroit News: Snyder vetoes gun legislation
Detroit FP: In light of tragedy, MI Gov. Rick Snyder vetoes bill that allowed guns in schools
WSJ: Michigan Governor Vetoes Gun Bill
Politico: Rick Snyder's right-to-work poll crash


Politico: Ames straw poll under fire


NYT: Experts Warn of Budget Ills for the State, Lasting Years

Politico: Fraudster pressured Rep. Hochul to lean on husband to drop charges


Sen. Rand Paul: Rep. Tim Scott right pick for Senate
WaPo: Tim Scott is not GOP window-dressing
NYT: The Puzzle of Black Republicans

NYDN: Race for SC House seat may include both former governor and first lady, now divorced


Politico: Dustin McDaniel, Arkansas gubernatorial candidate, admits ‘inappropriate’ relations


Human Events: West Virginians protest Manchin’s gun rights betrayal


Politico: Chris Christie aims to raise $2M by Dec. 31

Roll Call: New Jersey: Reports Say Cory Booker Signaling Senate Run
Politico: Cory Booker eyeing Senate run, report says


Hill: Hawaii's Dems move to draft shortlist for Inouye’s Senate seat
Roll Call: Hanabusa Appointment Would Risk House Seat
Human Events: Inouye sought to influence selection of his successor



December 18, 2012


WSJ: With New Offers, Fiscal-Cliff Talks Narrow
WTimes: White House makes concessions in latest fiscal cliff offer
LA Times: Obama makes a substantial counteroffer on fiscal deadline
NYT: Obama’s New Offer on Fiscal Crisis Could Lead to a Deal
Fox: Obama gives ground on taxes in latest offer, as Boehner's office calls it 'right direction'
WaPo: Obama, Boehner move closer to ‘cliff’ deal
Chicago Tribune: 'Fiscal cliff' deal closer as Obama-Boehner talks accelerate
Boston Globe: Obama, Boehner proposals at a glance
Fox: Obama, Boehner meet amid hard bargaining over tax hikes, debt ceiling
NatJ: Obama Counters, Boehner Faces Moment of Truth on Fiscal Cliff
Politico: Grover Norquist holds fire on Boehner tax offer
Hill: Reid warns Senate may have to return after Christmas to finish deal
Hill: The Hill’s player of the week: Paul Ryan

WTimes: Boehner’s ‘fiscal cliff’ bargaining stirs some uneasiness
Politico: Boehner’s Tuesday task: Selling GOP on tax hike
Daily Caller: Obama, Boehner close gap on fiscal cliff deal, eye trillion-dollar tax hike
Hill: Conservative groups slam reported Boehner concessions in talks
Daily Caller: Conservative group launches campaign to ‘depose’ Boehner from speakership
Human Events: Gingrich to GOP: Go home, let Democrats take the blame

WSJ: How Big Deficits Became the Norm
WSJ: Face-Off: Two Views on the Deficit Debate
WSJ: Beneath Budget Battle, a Health-Spending Juggernaut
Fox: The Cost of Spending: Federal government racking up huge tab

Fox: Congress begins debate on $60B Sandy package, as victims grow frustrated
Hill: Conservative groups complain Sandy aid bill contains unrelated spending

WaPo: Obama’s picks for State Department and Pentagon could be announced Friday
Bret Stephens: Chuck Hagel's Jewish Problem
WaPo: Is Obama’s secretary of energy list shortening?

WSJ: Top Senate Committees Set for Changes
Hill: Sen. Menendez likely to take Foreign Relations panel in wake of Kerry exit
NatJ: McConnell Fundraisers Set Amid Cliff Talks

NatJ: Conaway to Chair House Ethics Committee


WSJ: ObamaCare's Faux Federalism

James Taranto: The Medium Is the Motive
Peggy Noonan: Newtown
Michael Gerson: We are not helpless against gun violence


Politico: Crist to testify against voter ID laws


Politico: Rubio, Clinton top Iowa wish list


Albany TU: Amedore declares victory in Senate race


WSJ: Tim Scott Tapped to Succeed DeMint in Senate
NYT: Congressman Is Chosen to Succeed DeMint as South Carolina Senator
WaPo: Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina to be first black Republican senator since 1978
Examiner: Scott poised to become first black Republican senator in 34 years
WTimes: S.C. Gov. Haley names Scott to replace DeMint in Senate
Roll Call: Republicans Laud Scott Pick for S.C. Senate Seat
Politico: GOP stresses Tim Scott's credentials
NatJ: Tea Party the Fuel Behind GOP Diversity
NatJ: Tim Scott Already Making Senate Fundraising Pitch
Human Events: Scott Senate appointment shores up Haley’s right flank
WaPo: Scott’s departure for Senate will trigger third special House election in 2013
WkStd: Son of Ted Turner, 'Teddy' Turner, to Run for Tim Scott's South Carolina House Seat


Roll Call: Manchin Open to New Gun Control Conversation


Roll Call: Senate Appointment Dicey for Bay State Members
NatJ: Dukakis Won't Serve As Interim Senator


WSJ: Sen. Inouye of Hawaii Dies at 88
Roll Call: Hawaii: Inouye Asked Governor to Appoint Hanabusa in ‘Last Wish’
Politico: Colleen Hanabusa favorite for Daniel Inouye seat



December 17, 2012


WSJ: GOP Poses Millionaire Tax-Rate Increase
WTimes: ‘Fiscal cliff’ negotiations: Boehner offers concessions on higher tax rates
WaPo: Boehner offers debt-ceiling increase in cliff compromise
Hill: Report: Boehner offers to take debt-limit off the table in deficit talks
NYT: Boehner's tax offer to Obama raises hope for 'fiscal cliff' deal
Daily Caller: White House rejects Boehner’s offer
WTimes: Study: ‘Fiscal cliff’ could hit jobs hard
NatJ: GOP Movement on Taxes Still Leaves Huge Budget Quandary
NatJ: Could a Fiscal-Cliff Deal Go the Way of TARP?
Roll Call: GOP Fears Voters' Long Memory on Taxes
Hill: Deficit deal offers chance for salvation for the 112th Congress

WSJ: OpEd: Warren Buffett Knows That Tax Rates Matter
Paul Krugman: That Terrible Trillion
Robert Samuelson: The Fed rolls the dice
Juan Williams: The GOP’s folly over tax rates
Lawrence Summers: A tax reform to cut complexity, increase fairness

NYT: Obama Expected to Name Kerry as Secretary of State

WTimes: Porked-up Sandy relief bill storms into Senate

Fox: State Department says Clinton got concussion early last week, diagnosed Thursday
WTimes: Clinton’s health woes defer grilling on Libya attack

Hill: Republican leaders balance politics and principle on immigration reform


WSJ: New Calls for Gun Limits
Fox: Feinstein leads Democratic senators in call to renew gun debate, vows legislation
Politico: Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein push changes on gun laws
WSJ: OpEd: Breaking the Gun Control Stalemate

WaPo: Editorial: Demonizing welfare recipients

WaPo: Electoral college set to vote on President Obama’s reelection
NatJ: The GOP's Electoral College Scheme

Detroit News: RNC finance chairman Ron Weiser taking flak over Detroit comments
Politico: RNC official mocks Detroit in video

Judd Gregg: GOP can’t be party of exclusion


Human Events: Unions have broad appeal in Pa., staunching right-to-work efforts


NYT: Michigan Effort Shows G.O.P. Sway in State Contests


NYT: With a Supermajority, California Democrats Begin to Make Plans

Dan Walters: Old California budget issues remain despite new taxes


WaPo: Kay Bailey Hutchison’s retirement comes at a crossroads for women in U.S. Senate


Politico: Lindsey Graham may be tough to beat in 2014


NatJ: Cook County Dems Don't Choose Candidate in Jackson Special


WSJ: Talk of Kerry Move Triggers Scramble
Politico: Scott Brown no shoo-in as John Kerry successor
Hill: Dukakis seen as possible Senate replacement if Kerry tapped for State



December 16, 2012


WTimes: Boehner offers millionaire tax hike
Fox: Boehner offers millionaire tax hike, Fox News confirms
WSJ: Boehner Proposes Tax-Rate Rise
Roll Call: Boehner Reported to Offer Millionaire Tax Rate Increase
Politico: Fiscal cliff talks: Speaker John Boehner pitches millionaire tax hike
Hill: Report: Boehner proposes tax hike for nation's millionaires
AJC: A blink on the fiscal cliff: Boehner proposes tax hike on millionaires

WaPo: Some tax hikes, spending cuts now seen as inevitable in January
NYT: History Between Obama and Boehner Hampers Talks
NatJ: What Republican Unity Means for the Fiscal Cliff

WSJ: Popular Policies Won’t Balance Budget

Hill: Farm bill faces pivotal week

Hill: Reports: Obama to nominate Kerry for secretary of State
NYDN: Obama will name John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State
NatJ: A Secretary John Kerry Would Elevate Climate Issues

Politico: Chuck Hagel's record on Israel draws scrutiny
WaPo: Chuck Hagel, John Kerry share similarities as expected Obama Cabinet nominees
WaPo: For secretaries of Defense and State, Democrats’ short list is far too short
Hill: Obama looks for women to fill cabinet posts in second term

WTimes: Secretary of State Clinton faints, sustains concussion
Fox: Clinton will not testify before Congress on Libya, purported concussion cited
DCaller: Clinton calls in sick again, innoculating 2016 run against Obama Middle East policy
Hill: Republicans are 'not giving up' on Benghazi


Fox: Domino's founder sues feds over health care law

WaPo: As Republicans ponder 2012 defeat, party’s philosophy hangs in the balance

NatJ: What Jim DeMint Wants to Do at Heritage

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows


Miami Herald: 5 reasons Charlie Crist should (and shouldn’t) run for Florida governor


Salena Zito: Campaigning via celebrities


Milwaukee JS: Is Wisconsin still a presidential battleground?


Politico: California mail-in ballots hit record high

Dan Walters: Will California's wealthy residents vote with their feet to avoid new income tax?


Fox: Obama purportedly to nominate Kerry, sparking speculation about his Senate seat



December 15, 2012


NatJ: The Fiscal Cliff Plan B for Republicans
WSJ: Obama Tells Boehner He's Flexible on Tax Revenue Target
Human Events: Fiscal cliff update: GOP losing the opinion war
Star Tribune: Franken sees a short-term deal to end budget crisis

NYT: Senate Republicans Are Splitting With House Over Taxes
Politico: McConnell signals movement on taxes

WSJ: Cliff Talks Avoid Military Health Plan

WSJ: Defense-Chief Candidate Has Conservatives Wary
Politico: Some Jews, Israel-backers fear Chuck Hagel
William Kristol: The Hagel Thesis
Weekly Standard: ‘Introduction to the Reading of Hagel’

WSJ: Kerry: Old Hand on Foreign Stage
Boston Globe: Both parties embrace Kerry for secretary of state

NYT: With a Major Push, AARP Returns to a Hard Line Against Cuts in Benefits

NYT: On Capitol Hill, Fiscal Talks Now Turn to U.S. Borrowing Limit

NYT: How Maps Helped Republicans Keep an Edge in the House


WSJ: Obama Brings Gun Debate to Fore
NYT: Obama’s Cautious Call for Action Sets Stage to Revive Gun Debate
Fox: Obama: 'Our hearts are broken' for families of Connecticut shooting victims
Roll Call: Conn. School Tragedy: Obama Demands 'Action'
Hill: Obama calls for 'meaningful action to prevent more tragedies'
Hill: Obama under new pressure to support tougher gun controls
Politico: Connecticut school shooting: Activists rally for gun control at W.H.
Nate Silver: In Public ‘Conversation’ on Guns, a Rhetorical Shift
Rush Limbaugh: Left Mobilizes to Politicize School Shooting

Fox: State Department preparing for Libya bombshell?

WTimes: Issa: ‘Real accountability’ for Fast and Furious is happening

WTimes: Administration’s program halts 102,000 deportations
Politico: President Obama's next historic act: Immigration
Politico: Immigration waits in the wings

NYT: Most Governors Refuse to Start Health Exchanges
Mark Steyn: Waiting for Obamacare: The Doctor Won’t See You Now

James Taranto: The Sure Thing? Reconsidering a prediction about same-sex marriage

WaPo: Republicans race to be rebuilder-in-chief
WaPo: Stuart Stevens kicks back at GOP critics
Human Events: Top 10 questions Republicans need to ask

WTimes: White House knocks McCain for Palin pick

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Miami Herald: House Speaker apologies for behavior of unruly Republicans

Miami Herald: Gov. Scott calls for bids to build transparency web site


NatJ: Levin Retirement Could Complicate Dems' Quest to Beat Sndyer

Detroit News: State review of Detroit finances finds 'serious problem,' calls for action

WSJ: 'Right-to-Work' Economics
WSJ: OpEd: An Inspiration and a Warning From Michigan
George Will: The Michigan watershed on right-to-work


Milwaukee JS: Walker says he won't pursue union legislation in next session


Politico: Hickenlooper: Time to rethink gun laws


Albany TU: Senate vote-count inches forward, tightens


Dallas MN: Texas won’t bite on selecting core health benefits package under Obama law


Hill: Haley: DeMint wrong; no appointment yet


Politico: Bobby Jindal: Birth control should be over the counter


NatJ: Poll: Hutchinson Leads McDaniel in Hypothetical Arkansas Gov Race


WaPo: A Scott Brown comeback? Not on our Friday Line


Politico: The battle for the Arizona GOP



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