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December 31, 2012


WSJ: Congress Meets Cliff's Edge
Politico: Senate stuck on fiscal cliff
Hill: Lawmakers have no bill, no deal and New Year's Eve on the cliff
Hill: Senate inches toward fiscal deal
LA Times: Congress edges closer to 'fiscal cliff' deal but can't close it
Hill: House Republicans play waiting game on 'fiscal cliff' negotiations
NYT: Day of Seesaw Talks Produces No Accord on Fiscal Crisis
WTimes: Offers fly, but still no ‘fiscal cliff’ agreement
WaPo: Senate negotiators yet to reach ‘fiscal cliff’ deal as clock winds down
Fox: Reid: 'Significant distance' between sides as fiscal talks stall, carry into Monday
Examiner: Lawmakers poised for last-chance negotiations on 'fiscal cliff'
WaPo: GOP senators: Social Security off table
WTimes: GOP backs off Social Security income change
WSJ: Parties Pivot to Blame Game in Cliff Saga
WSJ: Unthinkable Cuts Almost a Reality
WaPo: From partisan perspective, ‘cliff’ may not be that scary
WSJ: Signs of Negative Economic Impact Growing
NYT: Experts Forecast the Cost of Failure to Compromise
WSJ: How the 'Dairy Cliff' Will Cream Consumers
WSJ: Obama Puts Pressure on GOP in Cliff Talks
WSJ: Le Tax Fairness
NYT: A Showdown Long Foreseen

Jen Rubin: When will Obama decide to make a deal?
Chris Cillizza: Republicans have no political incentive to make deal with Obama
Paul Krugman: Starbucks spreads nonsense about budgets and bipartisanship

Fox: Congress gives farm bill one-year extension, averting spike in milk prices
WTimes: Congressional leaders find agreement on farm bill

WaPo: Hillary Clinton hospitalized with blood clot
WSJ: Hillary Clinton in Hospital After Blood Clot Found
NYT: Hillary Clinton Is Hospitalized After Exam Finds a Blood Clot
Fox: Secretary Clinton in hospital with blood clot stemming from concussion
NYDN: Location of clot may determine whether Hillary Clinton is hospitalized longer
Fox: Graham: Clinton must testify on Benghazi before Kerry's nomination process
WSJ: Senate Report Widens Fault for Benghazi Failures
Fox: Latest Senate committee report on Benghazi terrorist attack faults State Department

WaPo: Tom Coburn: I wouldn’t vote to confirm Hagel
Weekly Standard: Graham: Hagel Has 'Very Little Republican Support'

Hill: Observers ponder impact of Markey's Senate bid on Energy and Commerce

WTimes: Obama says immigration reform will be priority
Daily Caller: Obama promises new immigration plan but keeps endgame close to his vest

John Fund: The Mega Scandal Everyone Has Forgotten: Fannie, Freddie

Fox: Obama signs extension of overseas surveillance law

Sens. McCain, Graham & Lieberman: Syria’s descent into hell

Robert Samuelson: Can globalization survive 2013?


Florida Today: GOP governors walk balance beam: Health-care law may prove tricky


DCDT: Editorial: Pa. GOP’s Electoral College plan is no fix
IHT: Republicans Consider Changing Electoral Vote Counting to Improve Presidential Odds


NYT: Again, Supermarket Mogul Weighs Running for Mayor

Albany TU: Appeal puts Amedore Senate start on ice


WaPo: California’s climate-change experiment
NatJ: California's New Cap-and-Trade Law: A Model for the Country?


AJC: Chambliss advocates for secret surveillance


WTimes: Illinois pensions reaching critical mass


Human Events: Battle lines being drawn for Kerry’s seat



December 30, 2012


Hill: Fiscal talks continue in Senate with agreement far from certain
WaPo: Senators trade proposals into night to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’
Hill: Democrats prepare tax-cut bills in case nation goes over 'fiscal cliff'
NYT: Senate Seeks Bipartisan Formula to Reach Tax Deal
WSJ: Cliff Negotiators Grapple With Tax Issues
LA Times: Congress leaders scramble to find 'fiscal cliff' compromise
Chicago Tribune: Congress leaders scramble to find 'fiscal cliff' compromise
WTimes: Sides trade blame on ‘fiscal cliff’ as talks proceed
Politico: GOP senators propose $1 trillion debt ceiling deal
Fox: House lawmakers now say fiscal crisis vote not likely until Monday
Examiner: Congress faces make-or-break moment on 'cliff' deal
WSJ: Fiscal Deal Would Do Little To Shrink U.S. Deficit
USA Today: Fiscal cliff deal would pale against expectations
WaPo: With no ‘fiscal cliff’ deal in sight, sequestration seems all but certain
NatJ: The Bright Side of Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff
Politico: Lawmakers fear voter backlash on fiscal cliff

Examiner: Editorial: GOP right to be skeptical of grand bargain
NYT: Editorial: Why the Economy Needs Tax Reform

Byron York: How the fiscal cliff fight will end (unhappily for Republicans)
Gregory Mankiw: Wishful Thinking and Middle-Class Taxes

Rep. Darrell Issa: Washington spenders flunk basic math

Politico: GOP unlikely to oust Boehner as speaker of the House
WaPo: House speaker’s easygoing style proves a weakness during ‘fiscal cliff’ crisis
Cleveland PD: Does Boehner run anything but Ohio?

LA Times: Immigration reform could get overshadowed in Congress

WaPo: In Congress, relatives lobby on bills before family members


WSJ: The Second-Term Cabinet Shakeup

Hill: Hagel plays waiting game as White House sits on nomination

Hill: EPA nominee would face uncertain path

Fox: Death of Tea Party exaggerated, members in House appear to hold key fiscal vote

Ross Douthat: How to Read in 2013

Hill: President returning to Sunday talk show for the first time in three years


Sun Sentinel: Second acts coming in state politics?
Sunshine News: Florida Politics in 2012 Overshadowed by the Specter of Charlie Crist


Pittsburgh PG: Pennsylvania looks to alter state's electoral vote system


Cincinnati: Newly elected OH Supreme Court justice sworn in


Star Tribune: In Minnesota, voices of optimism on fiscal cliff are few, far between


NY Post: Rudy already on the job for Lhota


Dan Walters: New era of Democratic dominance will be fascinating


Politico: Report: Dewhurst accuses campaign aide of stealing as much as $1 million

Dallas MN: Texas' GOP budget writers are in no hurry to restore billions cut from schools


Chicago ST: Obama urging state lawmakers to legalize gay marriage in Illinois


Hill: With Markey in, Brown weighs his move



December 29, 2012


WaPo: Agreement within reach on ‘fiscal cliff’ deal, officials say
Hill: Reid and McConnell work to reach 'fiscal-cliff' agreement by Sunday
Hill: A defining moment for Sen. McConnell
WTimes: Senate leaders hopeful for last-minute ‘fiscal cliff’ deal
Fox: Senate leaders take final crack at fiscal crisis solution, Obama urges 'immediate action'
Examiner: Last ditch effort to avoid fiscal cliff under way
WSJ: Cliff Deal Hinges on Senators
Hill: Blunt: Still time to make 'fiscal-cliff' deal
Hill: Eyeing debt ceiling, Corker, Alexander offer entitlement-reform plan
NYT: Senate Leaders Set to Work on a Last-Minute Tax Agreement
WaPo: Any ‘fiscal cliff’ deal must get through political obstacle course in next few days
NatJ: Forget a Fiscal Cliff Grand Bargain. A Bare Bones Deal is the Only Hope
WSJ: Real Housewives of the Beltway
Politico: Krauthammer: Obama caused GOP civil war

WSJ: Those Barely in Top Brackets Brace for a Hit
WSJ: Impasse Leaves Employers In the Dark Over Paychecks
WSJ: A Payroll-Tax Rise Is Likely
Hill: Wind credit proponents prepare for 'fiscal-cliff' agreement without extension

WTimes: Senate approves $60.4 billion Sandy aid bill
Hill: Senate votes in favor of $60B Hurricane Sandy emergency-spending bill 62-32
NYT: Senate Passes $60.4 Billion for Storm Aid; Bill’s Fate in House Is Unclear

NYT: New Effort in Congress to Extend Disputed Farm Bill
Politico: With Obama's urging, Congress tries for farm bill extension to avoid dairy disaster
Hill: 'Milk cliff' worries prompt pivot to one-year farm bill extension

WTimes: Congress renews surveillance law
NYT: Federal Power to Intercept Messages Is Extended

Politico: Bipartisan compromise pitched on filibuster
WTimes: Senators try to head off ‘nuclear’ filibuster fight
NYT: Lawmakers Suggest New Rules to Speed Up Senate

Hill: Congress, federal workers to get raise


Daily Caller: EPA chief Jackson resigns amid transparency investigations

WSJ: OpEd: A Reluctant Vote in Favor of Armed School Guards

WTimes: Special provisions allow ‘Fast and Furious’ gunrunning lawsuit to continue

NatJ: Professor Romney? What Lies Ahead for 2012 Republican Nominee?

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Miami Herald: The political rise and fall of U.S. Rep. David Rivera


DFP: Snyder makes stronger oversight of abortion clinics law but vetoes insurance measure
Human Events: Snyder outlaws Michigan ‘Skype abortions’


Dallas MN: How will Rick Perry’s national ambitions affect his legislative agenda?


Chicago Tribune: Trotter to exit crowded race for Jackson Jr. House seat, sources say
Roll Call: Report: Trotter Quits Special Election in Illinois


Boston Globe: Leaders in party support Markey
NYT: Democratic Establishment Voices Support for Markey’s Bid to Succeed Kerry
Roll Call: Massachusetts: National Democrats Coalesce Behind Markey
Fox: Kerry, Kennedy widow back Markey Senate run


Fox: Senator Crapo, R-Idaho, won't fight DUI charge


NYT: Loss of Inouye Means Loss of Clout for Hawaii



December 28, 2012


Sen. Mitch McConnell: Congress awaits president’s fiscal cliff proposal
WaPo: Obama summons congressional leaders for ‘fiscal cliff’ talks
Politico: President Obama sets last-ditch meeting with Hill leaders
Hill: 'Fiscal cliff' focus shifts to Senate; estate tax emerges as key in talks
Hill: Brown: Obama making proposal to Senate GOP on 'fiscal cliff'
WTimes: ‘After you’ dance on ‘fiscal cliff’ deadline
WSJ: Cliff Talks Down to the Wire
NYT: Summoned Back to Work, Senators Chafe at Inaction
NYT: In Flurry of Activity, Only Muted Hope for Fiscal Deal
Fox: Lawmakers ramp up the rhetoric, with no plan in sight to avert fiscal crisis
WaPo: On Wall Street, realization is sinking in over the elusiveness of ‘fiscal cliff’ deal
WSJ: Expiration Date: Tax and Spending Changes Ahead
NYT: Stalemate in Washington Is Eroding Confidence of Consumers
WSJ: OpEd: Dear Mr. President, Zero-Sum Doesn't Add Up
Politico: Why they want to go over the cliff

WaPo: House coming back on Sunday
Hill: House eyes Sunday return as 11th hour work on fiscal cliff begins
Politico: The logic of House GOP intransigence
WaPo: Reid accuses Boehner of running ‘dictatorship’

WTimes: Renewal of surveillance law set for vote in Senate
Hill: Senate vote begins on reauthorizing surveillance programs

Hill: Biden swears in Schatz to replace Inouye

WaPo: If Congress doesn’t avoid ‘dairy cliff,’ milk prices could double

NatJ: Chuck Hagel Broke Party Lines on Iraq. Is He Now Being Punished?

WTimes: House Ethics Committee ends Countrywide probe
Hill: House Ethics closes Countrywide probe without taking action

Nate Silver: As Swing Districts Dwindle, Can a Divided House Stand?


Hill: Obama pressed to act as dockworker unions threaten massive port strike

WaPo: EPA head Lisa P. Jackson to resign post
NYT: E.P.A. Chief Set to Leave; Term Fell Shy of Early Hope
WTimes: Jackson leaves EPA to mixed reviews
Fox: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson stepping down after tumultuous term
Fox: Attorney claims EPA chief resigned over alias email accounts
Hill: Acting EPA chief among most likely to succeed Jackson

Fox: U.S. jobless claims fall to a 5-year low
Paul Krugman: Is Growth Over?

WTimes: State Dept. official who quit remains on payroll

Politico: Hillary to return to work
Politico: When will the right start hating Hillary Clinton again?

Hill: Five 'ObamaCare' provisions to watch

WSJ: Silicon Valley's Green Energy Mistake
John Fund: Let’s Be Gone With the Wind

Gingrich & Nolan: Criminal justice reform saving states billions

Michael Barone: Obama 2012 and Bush 2004

Weekly Standard: Even a 5-Point Swing Wouldn’t Have Saved Romney

WTimes: Desert Storm commander Norman Schwarzkopf dies
Fox: Reaction to death of General Norman Schwarzkopf


Examiner: Michigan Gov. Snyder takes on unions again


American Spectator: O’Malley’s Tin Whistle


Hill: Rep. Markey to seek Kerry’s Senate seat
WaPo: Ed Markey to run for Kerry’s Senate seat
WTimes: Markey throws hat in ring to claim Kerry’s seat in Senate
Fox: US Rep. Markey to run for Senate seat if Kerry confirmed in Obama Cabinet


Sen. Jon Kyl: Lessons Learned


WaPo: Who is Brian Schatz?
WaPo: Neil Abercrombie’s head-scratcher
Politico: Why Abercrombie bucked Inouye pick
WTimes: Schatz hitches ride with Obama back to D.C.
WTimes: New Hawaii senator provides Democrats with reinforcements

Hill: Source: Hanabusa receiving 'a lot of pressure' to run against Abercrombie



December 27, 2012


WaPo: On fiscal cliff, Obama & senators returning to Washington for one last attempt at deal
NYT: Senators to Return With 5 Days Left and No Clear Fiscal Path
Hill: Obama, lawmakers return to ‘cliff’ with little room left to maneuver
NatJ: House GOP Look To Senate Dems To Make Next Fiscal Cliff Move
WSJ: Debt Ceiling Nears as Budget Talks Stymied
Hill: Obama looks to retain upper hand as ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations resume
Politico: Fiscal cliff deal increasingly unlikely
Fox: Tough choices, dimming chances for lawmakers seeking fiscal crisis solution
WTimes: Liberals press own red lines in ‘fiscal cliff’ talks
Politico: Republican leaders huddle over fiscal cliff
Hill: GOP leaders continue debt talks via phone
LA Times: Mitch McConnell lies low as 'fiscal cliff' nears
Hill: Gallup poll: Public’s fear of falling over ‘fiscal cliff’ grows
NYT: Fiscal Cutoff Would Pinch at First, Then Get Steadily Worse
Fox: What will it cost you? Fiscal deal failure would dent monthly budgets for millions
American Spectator: Fiscal Cliff Diving
American Spectator: Obama’s GOP Tax Collectors

Hill: Geithner: US will hit $16.4 trillion debt limit on New Year’s Eve
Fox: Geithner warns US would hit debt ceiling Dec. 31, taking steps to avoid limit
Roll Call: Treasury Department Taking Action to Avoid Hitting Debt Limit
Human Events: Geithner’s debt ceiling letter nothing but politics

Daily Caller: Possible Hagel nomination takes on water from both sides of the aisle
NYT: OpEd: Don’t Let Pro-Israel Extremists Sink Chuck Hagel
William Kristol: Tom Friedman: ‘Hagel Is Out of the Mainstream’


WTimes: Unions dream big for Obama’s 2nd term

WaPo: FreedomWorks tea party group nearly falls apart in fight between old and new guard
NYT: Clout Diminished, Tea Party Turns to Narrower Issues

George Will: The door-opener to America

WaPo: George H.W. Bush in intensive care
WTimes: Former President George H.W. Bush in intensive care


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder worked for $1, made $1.9M in other income


Politico: Virginia embodies GOP's woes


WSJ: Ex-Prosecutors Use Links To Forge a Path to Politics


WSJ: Senator Reflects On Long Career


WSJ: A High-Profile Newcomer Keeps a Low One, for Now


Fox: Arizona Attorney General proposes arming school employees

Fred Barnes: Arizona’s Jon Kyl retires from the Senate


NYT: Washington State Senators Cross Aisle and Tilt Ideological Balance


WaPo: Hawaii’s lieutenant governor is named to the U.S. Senate
NYT: Hawaii’s Lieutenant Governor to Succeed Inouye
Boston Globe: Hawaii governor names new senator
WSJ: Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Picked to Fill Senate Seat
Fox: Hawaii governor taps Lt. Gov. Schatz over Rep. Hanabusa to fill Senate seat



December 24-26, 2012


NYT: Obama to Leave Hawaiian Vacation Early to Work on Fiscal Deal
Fox: Senators suggest only fiscal deal remaining is scaled-back tax cut compromise
NYT: Search for Way Through Fiscal Impasse Turns to the Senate
Boston Globe: 2 in GOP call for fiscal deal in Senate
Hill: Business groups grow frustrated over impasse in ‘fiscal cliff’ talks
NYDN: Sen. Lieberman: Likely country will go over fiscal cliff after Boehner's plan rejected
National Review: Fiscal Cliffhanger
WSJ: Cliff Would Strike Low Incomes Hard
NYT: A Campaign on U.S. Debt Gains Steam
WaPo: Tea party stays on the sidelines as Obama, Republicans in Congress tackle fiscal cliff
Examiner: Boehner's tactics leave supporters puzzled
Examiner: GOP Rep: Boehner doesn’t mind passing bill with Democratic support
John Fund: The Demise of Boehner?
Michael Barone: Here Comes the Cliff

WSJ: John Kerry's Record in Latin America

NatJ: White House Wavers on Hagel, Considers Others for Defense
Hill: Sen. Graham: Hagel’s views appear ‘well to the left’ of Obama
Weekly Standard: Andrea Mitchell: 'Serious Problems' with Hagel Nomination
Weekly Standard: Schumer Won't Commit to Supporting Hagel

Roll Call: The Most Expensive House and Senate Races of 2012


WTimes: NRA chief: Enforce the existing gun laws
NYT: N.R.A. Leaders Stand Firm Against Gun Restrictions
WaPo: Hope for consensus on gun control diminishes
WSJ: Battle Lines Drawn Over Stricter Gun Laws
NYT: Gun Makers Use Home Leverage in Connecticut
Hill: GOP lawmakers show caution as NRA rejects calls for gun control
NatJ: Republicans Aren't the Only Gun-Control Obstacle
WaPo: On gun control, Obama’s record shows an apparent lack of political will — until now
Jed Babbin: The Politics of Gun Control
Byron York: Journalists rush to take sides in gun debate

WSJ: Could Another 'Borking' Ever Succeed?

Robert Samuelson: Don’t kill the shale-gas boom
Paul Krugman: When Prophecy Fails

Robert Barnes: Obama’s impact on federal judiciary


Star Tribune: For 12,000 unemployed Minnesotans, trouble hits next week


DMN: Texas' Ralph Hall, 89, going strong as he becomes oldest U.S. House member ever


Politico: Scott quiet on Sanford run


Fox: US Sen. Crapo charged with DUI, released on $1,000 bond, police say
ABC: Police: US Sen. Crapo Arrested, Charged With DUI
WaPo: Idaho senator charged with DUI
Politico: Mike Crapo apologizes after DUI


Fox: Ted Kennedy Jr. says he won't run for Massachusetts Senate seat



December 23, 2012


Examiner: Time running out for deal that would spare economy
Hill: Conservatives urge GOP leaders to be bold, prepare to go over cliff
WTimes: As Obama vacations in Hawaii, wounded Boehner fires back
WaPo: Boehner faces a political cliff over budget fracas in Washington
Hill: Failure of Boehner’s 'Plan B' may help unemployment benefits extension
Hill: Pressure grows on Senate Democrats to act on ‘fiscal cliff’ in wake of 'Plan B'
WaPo: Congress waits to see if McConnell will join ‘fiscal cliff’ debate
NYT: How Party of Budget Restraint Shifted to ‘No New Taxes,’ Ever
NYT: In the Fiscal Debate, a Little Symbolism Can Go a Long Way
WaPo: In tax fight, ‘small business’ is a term with many meanings
Michael Barone: With no governing party in sight, 'fiscal cliff' look inevitable
Politico: No apologies from Club for Growth

Sens. McCain, Graham & Ayotte: Critical questions still unanswered on Benghazi
WTimes: Inhofe: Benghazi cover-up bigger than Watergate, Iran-Contra

Fox: Kerry nomination attracts no outcry, but his liberal record likely to draw scrutiny

Politico: Hormel questions sincerity of Hagel apology


WaPo: History of gun-control legislation
WaPo: History of gun control is cautionary tale for those seeking regulations after shooting
Human Events: Lott schools CNN’s O’Brien on ‘Gun-Free-Zones’
Human Events: LaPierre: NRA moves forward with program to protect kids
Chicago Tribune: After school shooting, some states move to ease gun rules
Ross Douthat: Bloomberg, LaPierre and the Void
DC: Scarborough: GOP to be in a ‘horrific position’ if they block ‘common sense’ gun reform
NYT: Editorial: The Scourge of Concealed Weapons

WTimes: Obama announces new wave of proposed regulations
Fox: Obama releases first part of new regulatory agenda, drawing criticism

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney was hesitant to reveal himself

Newt Gingrich: The challenge confronting Republicans
Thomas Friedman: Send in the Clowns


Milwaukee JS: Walker open to changing state's Electoral College allocations


Fox: Judge blocks Missouri insurance law on birth control


Fox: New tax increases in California stir debate about adding to exodus

Politico: Jerry Brown's California revival


DMN: Kay Bailey Hutchison leaves legacy of TX projects but fell victim to changing electorate


Fox: Bill Daley considering run for Illinois governor


Daily Caller: Sen. Lautenberg says will address Booker announcement ‘next year’


Human Events: Scott Brown likely to make another run for Senate
WTimes: Yet another Senate race on the horizon in Mass.
Politico: Obama vows help electing John Kerry's successor


Politico: Mapping the Joe Arpaio vote


Fox: Reid urges quick appointment of Inouye successor
Roll Call: Hawaii: Reid Wants New Senator for Fiscal Cliff Votes



December 22, 2012


WSJ: Boehner Faces New Challenge After 'Plan B' Stumble
Human Events: Boehner blames failure of Plan B on GOP defection
Hill: Fearing primaries, GOP members opted to shun Boehner’s 'Plan B'
Hill: Despite defeat, Boehner’s grip on Speaker’s gavel appears secure
NYT: Boehner Again Finds the Speaker’s Chair Can be Lonely
WaPo: Tax fight sends GOP into chaos
Hill: Boehner challenges Obama, Democrats to act on 'fiscal cliff'
NatJ: Why Boehner Needs House Democrats
Politico: Democrats plot next steps after Boehner stumble
NatJ: Boehner Broke the Hastert Rule, Says Hastert
DC: Laura Ingraham: ‘Well-placed conservative’ says Paul Ryan in line to replace Boehner
Hill: McConnell demands Senate Democrats now move legislation on fiscal cliff
NatJ: Three Reasons Why McConnell Won't Save the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
Nate Silver: In House of Representatives, an Arithmetic Problem
Dana Milbank: John Boehner’s animal House
Rush Limbaugh: Will Boehner Survive as Speaker & What Happens Next on the Fiscal Cliff?
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Blame Me for Plan B Debacle

WSJ: Obama Seeks Bare-Bones Budget to Avoid Fiscal Cliff
NYT: Obama Presses Stripped-Down Plan to Limit Tax Increase
WaPo: Obama calls on Congress to craft at least a minimal ‘fiscal cliff’ deal
WTimes: Obama calls for fiscal deal, departs for Hawaii
Fox: Obama arrives in Hawaii for Christmas after urging lawmakers to make one last try
Politico: Hill GOP cool to Obama overtures

WSJ: Agencies Act To Mitigate Effect of Cuts

WSJ: How 'Cliff' Talks Hit the Wall
NYT: Events Recall a More Bipartisan Era, and Highlight Gridlock of Today

WSJ: IRS to Issue Tax-Withholding Advice by Year End

WSJ: Holiday Break: Obama Closes Agencies on Christmas Eve

WSJ: Obama Nominates Kerry to Be Next Secretary of State
NYT: Kerry Named for the Role of a Lifetime
WaPo: If confirmed, Kerry could bring his face-to-face style of diplomacy to State Department
Human Events: No protest of Kerry nomination expected
Ken Blackwell & Bob Morrison: Question John Kerry Long and Hard!

WSJ: Cornyn Says Hagel’s Positions ‘Outside the Mainstream’
Weekly Standard: Cornyn Will Oppose Hagel Nomination
WSJ: A Flock of Doves: With Kerry at State, Hagel at Defense would be dangerous
WaPo: Hagel, under fire, says remarks on gays “do not reflect my views”
Politico: Chuck Hagel apologizes for gay slur

WTimes: GOP senators hit Benghazi report on Cabinet officials’ actions

WSJ: Judge Dismisses Senate Filibuster Lawsuit
George Will: Rewriting history on the filibuster


WSJ: NRA Calls for Arms in School
WaPo: Put armed police in every school, NRA urges
NYT: N.R.A. Envisions ‘a Good Guy With a Gun’ in Every School
Politico: Christie: No to armed school guards
WSJ: Politics Counts: Urban-Rural Split on Gun Laws
Sen. Joe Manchin: Between Obama and the NRA, another path to stopping mass violence
Mark Steyn: The Massacre of the Innocents

Peggy Noonan: The Collapse of the Republican Model
Politico: Gingrich: GOP faces 'bleak future' without a major political overhaul

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Detroit News: Michigan considers new deal for Detroit

WaPo: What Rick Snyder can learn from Scott Walker


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin appeals court upholds domestic partner registry


Stephen Moore: Tim Scott: Meet the New Senator From South Carolina

WaPo: Sanford vs. Sanford? Dream on, political (and drama) junkies


AJC: NRA push for armed officers backed by state superintendent


Chicago ST: Retired state workers in cross-hairs of Illinois’ pension crisis


NYDN: McConnell tries to block Ashley Judd Senate challenge by publicizing her past remarks


Boston Globe: Scramble underway for John Kerry’s Senate seat
Hill: Scramble is on for Kerry's Senate seat
Politico: GOP senators prod Scott Brown to run
NYT: With Kerry’s Exit Expected, Hopefuls Wait in the Wings
WTimes: Mass. braces for Senate race if Kerry leaves seat
Roll Call: Massachusetts: Long Line for Special Senate Election
Politico: Affleck on Senate run: 'One never knows'
Boston Globe: Mass. braces for third Senate race in four years



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