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December 14, 2012


WSJ: Debate Grows in GOP Over Tax Stance
WSJ: Cliff Fight Likely to Take a Toll on Growth
Denver Post: Obama, Boehner meet for "frank" talks on "fiscal cliff"
NYT: With Gap Wide and Time Short, Obama and Boehner Meet
Fox: Boehner, Obama meet amid doubts on Hill over fiscal crisis talks
WaPo: Obama, Boehner meet on ‘fiscal cliff,’ but no deal is reached
LA Times: Signs of drift in 'fiscal cliff' talks
WTimes: Edging closer to the ‘fiscal cliff’: Obama, Boehner mum after talks
Hill: Boehner: 'I'm not concerned about my job as Speaker' in fiscal talks
Hill: House Republicans made scarce during ‘cliff’ talks
Hill: Cantor warns of possible weekend votes next week
NatJ: Democrats Declare Checkmate in Fiscal Cliff Debate
NYT: As State Budgets Rebound, Federal Cuts Could Pose Danger
NYT: Editorial: Pain Behind the Budget Cuts

Steve Forbes: Clock is ticking for fiscal cliff

Examiner: Republicans resist Obama's push for authority to raise debt

WaPo: Susan Rice withdraws as candidate for secretary of state
TPM: Susan Rice Withdraws From State Bid After Being Hounded By Right
Politico: Barack Obama avoids fight over Susan Rice
David Ignatius: The case for John Kerry as secretary of state
Boston Herald: Swift challenge likely if John F. Kerry's picked

Hill: Report: Hagel likely top White House pick for Department of Defense chief
Examiner: Top GOP aide: 'We'll confirm Hagel, Kerry'

WaPo: Will record number of women in Senate mean less gridlock?

Roll Call: Steve Israel Names 2014 DCCC Leadership


WSJ: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad ObamaCare
WaPo: GOP state leaders fumble by ceding control of health exchanges to federal officials
Rush Limbaugh: Senate Dems Want Obamacare Waivers

WSJ: Citizenship Becomes Focus of Immigration Fight

Peggy Noonan: Republicans Need to Talk
Paul Krugman: The G.O.P.’s Existential Crisis
Charlie Cook: To Win in 2016, the GOP Must Modernize Its Campaigning Now
Rush Limbaugh: The Leader of the Never Surrender Wing

American Thinker: The GOP Opportunity in Electoral College Reform

NatJ: Axelrod: Hillary Clinton 'First Among Equals' for 2016 Nomination


Miami Herald: Now a Democrat, Charlie Crist regrets signing anti-gay marriage petition


Charles Krauthammer: The right-to-work dilemma
Kim Strassel: Michigan and the Wisdom of Solomon
Pat Buchanan: The fall of the house of labor
American Spectator: We Cheer for Michigan
Roll Call: Michigan Fight Symbolizes Coming Changes in Delegation

WSJ: Detroit Faces Fresh Fight for Control

Detroit FP: Abortion bill heads to Snyder's desk after House vote


Fox: Virginia takes EPA to court claiming water regulation plan is illegal land takoever


Denver Post: Hickenlooper shifts position on more gun control measures


Daily Caller: NV governor first Republican to support Medicaid expansion under Obamacare


NYT: Costly Toll for Republicans Who Voted for Gay Marriage


NYT: Hoping for a Senate Seat, the Friendliest of Rivals
Daily Caller: DeMint on prospect of Jenny Sanford replacing him: ‘She’s great’
NatJ: Haley Offers S.C. Senate Status Update

Daily Caller: Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen considering rematch with Nikki Haley


WSJ: Chicago Suit Targets Online Gun Marketplaces

Chicago ST: After Jesse Jackson Jr. quit, Sandi changed campaign reports


James Taranto: Chris Christie Christmas
Rush Limbaugh: Barbara Wawa with Hillary and Christie

NYT: New Jersey’s Pension Plan Is Said to Be in Trouble Despite Overhaul by Christie

WaPo: Cory Booker points to policy differences with Christie


NatJ: With Rice Out, Massachusetts Special More Likely


Bloomberg: Arizona’s Brewer May Challenge State Constitution to Run



December 13, 2012


WSJ: Poll: Strike a Cliff Deal Now
NYT: Income Malaise of Middle Class Complicates Democrats’ Stance in Talks
NYT: Investors Stay Calm, if Cautious, as Stalemate Simmers
WaPo: Executives push for ‘fiscal cliff’ deal, even if their tax concerns have to wait
Fox: Fiscal talks spark feud over whether to spend Christmas in Washington or home

Karl Rove: What Obama Is Really Bargaining For
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Seeks to Permanently Eliminate GOP Opposition in Fiscal Cliff Deal
Ann Coulter: Tax Rich Liberals
Dan Henninger: Who Speaks for the GOP?
Major Garrett: The Real Fiscal-Cliff Story Is That the GOP Won
Peggy Noonan: Means Testing
George Will: Fixing the tax code at the cliff’s edge
Jim Talent: A Fiscal-Cliff Primer

NYT: Boehner Tries to Contain Defections on Fiscal Unity
Examiner: Conservatives pressure Boehner to demand deeper spending cuts
Hill: Conservative leaders warn GOP lawmakers on dealing with Dems
WTimes: Boehner seen holding top post despite purge
American Spectator: Speaker George H.W. Bush?

Hill: Corker introduces bill trading nearly $1T in entitlement cuts for debt-ceiling hike

WSJ: House GOP Pushes Back on Sandy Aid

NYT: G.O.P. Balks at Plan to Add Airwaves for Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi

NYT: Editorial: Judges Needed for Federal Courts


WaPo: Fed ties stimulus to jobs, inflation in unprecedented steps to bolster economy
NYT: Fed Ties Rates to Joblessness, With Target of 6.5%
WTimes: In shift, Fed sets 6.5 percent unemployment goal for easing
WSJ: The Fed's Contradiction

WSJ: States Faulted Over Teacher Pension Shortfall

WSJ: Hispanic Future in the Cards
Jen Rubin: New Hispanic polling data: Most don’t like GOP
Politico: Poll: The GOP’s Hispanic nightmare

Politico: Poll: Obama won 71% of Asian vote

WTimes: ‘Fast and Furious’ ‘straw buyer’ gets 57-month term

WaPo: At federal government agencies, survey finds sagging job satisfaction
WTimes: Complaining but not quitting: Federal workers choose security

Politico: Reince Priebus: RNC can control debates
Hill: GOP tech gap needs millions
WTimes: GOP panel urged to root out consultant cronyism

Ross Douthat: Why Jim DeMint and the tea party fell short

Politico: Joe Biden in the bullpen


WSJ: Centrist Republican Tacks Right in Turbulent Michigan

Jeb Bush: Right-to-work victory in Michigan
Chris Cillizza: Rick Snyder: The Scott Walker of 2014
EJ Dionne: Which path for the right?
Rush Limbaugh: What's at Stake in MI Union Fight: Dem Money-Laundering Operation

WaPo: Groups vow to push ‘right to work’ in other states

Detroit FP: House passes new emergency manager law, sends it to Senate


NatJ: Virginia Republicans Skeptical Bolling Could Compete as Independent


Politico: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker keeps same-day voter registration


Denver Post: After taking dems' top fundraising post, Bennet gets Finance committee


Politico: Good to be King: Rookie gets sweet panel seats


Albany TU: As Skelos balks on agenda, Cuomo warns
NY Post: Cuomo vows to take on state GOP leaders if they don’t back his legislative agenda

Albany TU: Judge rejects Joe Bruno’s latest dismissal plea


SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown undergoes treatment for prostate cancer
NYT: California: Governor Being Treated for Prostate Cancer


Politico: Democrats eye hobbled Nikki Haley in 2014


Politico: Chambliss strategist dismisses primary talk


Human Events: Court overturns Illinois concealed carry ban
Chicago Tribune: Quinn, Emanuel assail court's concealed carry decision
James Taranto: Under the Gun in Springfield


Daily Call: Poll: Americans say GOP needs major overhaul, Christie best positioned to help
Huff Post: Chris Christie: I Didn't Help Obama Win Reelection
WTimes: Christie: Weight not factor for White House bid

Fox: ICE reportedly arrested illegal immigrant sex offender interning for Menendez
WaPo: Bob Menendez: Office didn’t know anything about unpaid intern’s past


NYT: In a Farewell Speech, Lieberman Reflects on His Political Journey
Dana Milbank: Joe Lieberman’s sad send-off


WaPo: It’s on: Elizabeth Warren versus Wall Street

WTimes: Scott Brown makes quiet exit from Senate stage


Michael Barone: Reddish behavior in bluish states



December 12, 2012


NatJ: Boehner, Obama No Closer to Cliff Deal After Latest Offers
WaPo: Obama, Boehner trade ‘fiscal cliff’ proposals but appear no closer to a deal
Examiner: Obama, Boehner trade plans to avert 'fiscal cliff'
WTimes: No deal: GOP, Democrats trade barbs as clock ticks down on ‘fiscal cliff’

Hill: Both sides edging toward deal in deficit-reduction negotiations
American Spectator: Countdown to Capitulation
ABC: President Obama Predicts GOP Will Cave on Taxes
ABC: Obama Tops Boehner on Budget Talks, With Much Broader Core Support

Dick Morris: Triangulating the fiscal cliff
Joe Scarborough: When Republicans should walk away from a deal
Sen Jeff Sessions: We Can't Fix the Budget in Secret
Rush Limbaugh: It's Payback Time for the "Rich"
Rush: What the GOP Should Do: Propose Clinton Tax Rates and Clinton Spending Levels

WSJ: Corporate Taxes on Table in Cliff Talks
WSJ: Tax Breaks on Muni Bonds Draw Scrutiny
NatJ: Poll Shows Public Skeptical of Trimming Home-Mortgage Deductions
NYT: Estate Tax Among Those to Rise if No Deal Is Reached
WaPo: Editorial: Democratic senators take issue with the estate tax
Human Events: The estate tax distraction

WaPo: As John Boehner navigates fiscal cliff, House Republican freshmen largely quiet
Hill: Speaker Boehner issues curt reply to conservatives stripped from committees
NatJ: Key House Conservatives: We Won't Budge on Taxes
Hill: GOP bloc: Block tax-rate hike
NYT: As Fiscal Talks Heat Up, Questions on Whether Boehner Can Get the Votes
NatJ: House GOP Leaders Not Preparing Ground Ahead of Fiscal Cliff Deal
American Spectator: Replacing Speaker Boehner
American Thinker: Boehner's Boners

WSJ: Reid Says Time Running Short on Cliff Bill
Fox: Reid says budget deal by Christmas 'extremely difficult'

WSJ: FBI Readies Furlough Plan if Fiscal Cliff Talks Fail
NYT: Unlikely Backers in a Battle Over Taxes
WTimes: Americans desire a ‘fiscal cliff’ deal without pain
WTimes: Graham: Defense cuts would hurt Middle East operations

Byron York: Democrats urge delay for ‘job-killing’ Obamacare tax

WSJ: OpEd: Are Much Higher Than You Think

WSJ: Senate Leaders at Odds Over Sandy Relief Bill
Hill: Republicans question need for $60.4 billion in Hurricane Sandy aid

Politico: House Republicans hopeful on Fannie, Freddie changes

WTimes: Senator reports stock sale before HSBC settlement


NYT: Cabinet Diversity in Second Term Poses Question for Obama

WSJ: Inside the Risky Bets of Central Banks

WaPo: Romney campaign’s TV ad strategies criticized in election postmortems

Jen Rubin: Reince Priebus on where the GOP goes next

Daily Caller: Jindal proposes future for the Republican Party that leads through education

WaPo: Democrats’ 2016 field has a strong East Coast flavor
Nate Silver: Why Hillary Clinton Would Be Strong in 2016


WaPo: Charlie Crist, Democratic front-runner?
NatJ: Florida Democrats Wary as National Party Embraces Crist

Human Events: DCCC urges Florida voters to push for Obama tax plan


Detroit News: Union bastion Michigan joins right-to-work states
Fox: Michigan approves right-to-work legislation amid intense protests
WaPo: Michigan enacts right-to-work law, dealing blow to unions
WSJ: Unions Dealt Blow in UAW's Home State
NYT: Limits on Unions Pass in Michigan, Once a Mainstay
NatJ: Michigan Furor Previews Coming Tests of Labor Power
Detroit News: Battles over right-to-work laws may have just begun
Politico: Labor's plan to fight back
James Taranto: 'There Will Be Blood' Big Labor shows its ugly face in Lansing


NYT: G.O.P.’s Full Control in Long-Moderate North Carolina May Leave Lasting Stamp


WaPo: Editorial: Gov. McDonnell faces a challenge on gas taxes

NYT: Kaine Says He Is Optimistic About Immigration Overhaul


Politico: Cornyn: No comment on NRSC's apparent about-face on Akin


NatJ: Poll: Cuomo, State Senate Coalition Popular in N.Y.
Albany TU: Skelos: ‘Our agenda is not changing’ (updated w/video)
Albany TU: Poll: Just over half think Skleinos will work


Dan Walters: San Francisco's environmental hypocrisy exposed


Dallas MN: Laubenberg backs Straus; tea partiers update anti-Straus video


WTimes: S.C. governor choses 5 finalists to replace DeMint
NYT: South Carolina Governor Closing In on Replacement for DeMint
Roll Call: South Carolina: Haley Considers Politics of Appointment
NYDN: Former S.C. First Lady on short list, but no Mark Sanford or Stephen Colbert


Chicago ST: Federal appeals court tosses state ban on carrying concealed weapons
Chicago Tribune: Illinois concealed carry ban tossed by federal appeals court


Politico: Mourdock blames loss on 'liberal media'


WaPo: Cardin looks ahead to busy 2nd Senate term



December 11, 2012


WSJ: Obama-GOP Cliff Talks Take Positive Turn
Fox: Actual deadline for resolving fiscal crisis could be days away
WSJ: Obama Maintains Tax-Rate Stance
NYT: Obama, With Blue-Collar Backdrop, Pushes for Higher Taxes on the Richest
WaPo: Preparing for ‘fiscal cliff,’ investors move assets to avoid higher taxes
NYT: Federal Agencies Brace for Possible Cuts
Fox: Court system braces for layoffs as clock on fiscal crisis ticks
Politico: GOP tries to cope with tax hike reality
NatJ: GOP Playing With Fire on Debt Limit

Sen. Rob Portman: A Truly Balanced Approach to the Deficit
Bill McGurn: Obama's Middle-Class Tax Flip
Michael Gerson: Obama must learn to negotiate
Jen Rubin: Five negotiating tips for the GOP
Michael Barone: Can big government be rolled back?
Thomas Sowell: Taxing the Poor
Charlie Cook: Corporate Leaders Lose Confidence in Both Parties as Deal Remains Elusive
Rush Limbaugh: The Comical Floundering of the GOP
Rush Limbaugh: There's No Deal to be Had with Obama That Will Help the Country

WSJ: Boehner's Test: Keep GOP Ranks Behind Him
NYT: In Talks, House Majority Weighs Loyalty to Voters
WTimes: Boehner faces ouster threats within GOP
Roll Call: Rumors Illustrate Speaker's Vulnerability

Rep. David Schweikert: Losing committee seat for bucking leadership

Pat Buchanan: The winter of conservative discontent

WTimes: Storm relief sets up new spending without cuts

Bret Stephens: The Other Susan Rice File

WTimes: Lawsuit aims to be a filibuster buster

Roll Call: Members Eye Opportunities in Gubernatorial Races


Hill: Rubio, McCain huddle on immigration reform

James Taranto: A conservative case against the Defense of Marriage Act
Charles Lane: Pushing same-sex marriage ahead

WTimes: States put brakes on capital punishment

Daily Caller: College Republicans poised to elect first female national chair

Rush Limbaugh: Dems Anoint Mrs. Clinton 2016 Nominee; Newt Concedes on Behalf of GOP
NYDN: Gov. Cuomo passes on supporting Hillary Clinton for 2016 presidential bid
Weekly Standard: O’Malley Aligns Himself With Hillary Clinton


Miami Herald: South Florida pols sticking to party lines on fiscal cliff

Human Events: Crist makes move to return as Florida’s governor


NatJ: Poll: Kasich Numbers Improving, Remains Vulnerable


Detroit News: Michigan on the brink of right-to-work legislation
Detroit FP: Both sides of Michigan right-to-work brace for major blow to unions today
WSJ: Worker Liberation in Michigan
NYT: Michigan Labor Fight Cleaves a Union Bulwark
NYT: Editorial: Taking Aim at Michigan’s Middle Class
Fox: Meltdown of Subsidized Battery Maker Zaps Obama Detroit Visit
Rush Limbaugh: Michigan Unions Will Lay Siege to Lansing


Fox: Federal judge rules North Carolina's 'Choose Life' license plate unconstitutional


Daily Caller: Grover Norquist opposes ‘job-killing’ Virginia gas tax indexing


Milwaukee JS: GOP redistricting leaves its stamp on 2012 election


Denver Post: Hickenlooper signs proclamation making marijuana legalization official
Fox: Pot now legal in Colorado with governor's proclamation


Dan Walters: California bullet train heading for political collision on funding


NatJ: Haley Won't Put "Placeholder" in DeMint's Seat
Roll Call: South Carolina: Haley Rejects Placeholder, Putting Focus Squarely on Scott
Daily Caller: Colbert South Carolinians’ top pick to replace DeMint
Weekly Standard: Haley's Choices


Roll Call: All Eyes on Lautenberg, Booker in N.J. Speculation Game

NYT: Governor Nominates 2 for New Jersey’s Top Court


NatJ: Washington's Empire State of Mind



December 10, 2012


WSJ: Obama, Boehner Meet as Urgency Over Talks Increases
NYT: Obama and Boehner Talk Deficits at the White House
WTimes: Obama, Boehner face-to-face
WaPo: Time running out on ‘fiscal cliff’ deal
WSJ: Both Parties Divided Over GOP 'Cliff' Idea
WSJ: The Republican Tax Panic
WSJ: OpEd: Obama's Historic Budget Opportunity
NYT: In Talks, G.O.P. May Have to Just Say Yes
Hill: Hill Poll: Majority says deficit talks are doomed

Fox: Republican Sen. Corker opens door to raising rates as part of fiscal deal
WaPo: Corker: Agreeing to tax increases then focusing on entitlements is ‘best route for us’
Politico: Corker: Obama's offer may be 'best route' for GOP
Human Events: Learn from the past: Get spending cuts first

NatJ: Gang Ready to Jump Into Action if Obama-Boehner Talks Fail

Salena Zito: Fiscal debates, then and now
Jed Babbin: Throwing Conservatives Off the Fiscal Cliff

WTimes: House Democrats petition for a vote on tax-cut extension
WTimes: Little interest in renewing payroll-tax holiday

NYDN: Dems want extension of unemployment for 2m Americans as part of fiscal cliff deal

Fox: Republicans tee up round 2 of debt-ceiling fight

NYT: 113th Congress: This Time, It’s Out With the New

NYDN: Bill proposes tax breaks for Hurricane Sandy cleanup efforts

NYT: U.N. Ambassador Questioned on U.S. Role in Congo Violence
NYT: OpEd: Susan Rice and Africa’s Despots
Politico: Durbin: Senate would approve Rice nomination
National Review: Secretary of State Rice?

WaPo: DeMint departure kicks off Senate resignation guessing game
Byron York: DeMint’s move and the growing frustration inside the GOP


NYT: Fed Is Likely to Sustain Its Stimulus Program

WSJ: High Earners at Fannie, Freddie Draw Scrutiny

WSJ: The North American Gusher

Robert Samuelson: Is the economy creating a lost generation?
Paul Krugman: Robots and Robber Barons
William Kristol: The Journal’s Tax Advice

Politico: The GOP's immigration jam
Michael Barone: The End of the Wave

Hill: Tapping Hagel for Obama cabinet could raise Republican concerns

NYT: Same-Sex Issue Pushes Justices Into Overdrive

Politico: Battleground Poll: No obvious 2016 GOP leader
NYT: Clinton’s Countless Choices Hinge on One: 2016
Hill: Gingrich: Current GOP ‘incapable’ of beating Hillary Clinton in 2016
National Review: President Hillary’s Inevitability
Weekly Standard: Carville: 90 Percent of Democrats Want Hillary Clinton to Run


Miami Herald: Republican insider fight becomes headache for GOP


WTimes: Michigan’s governor sides with right to work
Detroit News: Right-to-work battle looms in Lansing
Detroit FP: Right-to-work legislation leaves other initiatives in the dust


Star Tribune: Voting-law changes are on DFL minds


Denver Post: Sen. Bennet seeks bipartisan assurances in taking partisan job


Albany TU: Millions in quiet cuts under state buying plan


WTimes: California state revenue misses projection by almost $1 billion


Fox: Republican Rep. Boustany defeats Landry for Louisiana congressional seat


WSJ: Race to Replace Jackson Lacks Star Power


National Review: Ashley Judd Mulls Senate Run


WTimes: Newark Mayor Booker 'absolutely' considering a run against Governor Christie
Politico: Booker to decide within 2 weeks on run against Christie



December 8-9, 2012


WSJ: Disagreement Over Taxes Stalls Talks on Deficit
WTimes: Boehner: No progress in fiscal cliff talks
WaPo: House speaker backs away from an idea on higher tax rate for wealthy
WSJ: This Time, Obama Takes Case to the Public
NYT: Jobs Report Becomes Fodder in Fiscal Debate
NYT: Editorial: Beyond the Fiscal Cliff
WaPo: Agencies set up plans to manage cuts if Congress, Obama fail to reach deficit deal

Kathleen Parker: The double-down president

NYT: Obama Asking Congress for $60.4 Billion to Help States Recover From Storm
WaPo: White House makes request for Hurricane Sandy federal aid
WTimes: White House says federal bill for Sandy is $60 billion

NYT: Rice in Limbo as Nomination Remains Uncertain

Fox: Boehner faces 'unrest' in House over committee snubs, tax concession
Daily Caller: Group looking to oust Boehner targets members with ‘little to lose’
Politico: Booted GOP lawmakers not letting go
Hill: Ousted GOP freshmen demand explanation from Speaker Boehner
Rush Limbaugh: Boehner's Tea Party Purge

NatJ: McConnell’s Floor Flip-Flop Could Cost GOP

Roll Call: Tea Party Favorites May Jockey to Fill DeMint's Senate Role


WaPo: Editorial: Natural gas exports: A boon to the economy

WTimes: Unemployment in U.S. falls to 7.7 percent
Rush Limbaugh: Another Half Million Americans Fall Out of the Workforce

WTimes: Govt. borrows 46 cents of every dollar it spends

NatJ: Immigration Reform Is Back on the Agenda
Hill: Hispanic Democrat says Obama is missing in action on immigration

Examiner: Blaming Bush still in vogue at White House

Mark Steyn: The Royal Presidency

WSJ: High Court Will Rule on Gay Marriage
WaPo: Supreme Court to hear same-sex marriage cases
NYT: Supreme Court to Hear Two Challenges to Gay Marriage
SacBee: Supreme Court to hear DOMA and Prop. 8 gay marriage cases
WTimes: High court sets up showdown over gay marriage
NYT: Editorial: Next Civil Rights Landmark

Hill: Clinton to testify in open hearing on deadly Benghazi consulate attack

George Will: A case for targeted killings

NYT: Corporate Money Allowed for Inaugural Donations
WaPo: Obama committee to accept corporate cash for January inauguration in Washington
WTimes: Reversing course, Obama inauguration will take corporate money

WaPo: Defense Department’s top lawyer resigns

Politico: 2016: Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton top picks, poll shows
Hill: Top 10 GOP 2016 Presidential Contenders, as of December 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Romney and the South

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WaPo: Charlie Crist becomes a Democrat
NYT: Crist Announces on Twitter That He Is Joining Democrats
Miami Herald: Charlie Crist signs papers to become a Democrat

Miami Herald: West spends $18 million in failed bid to keep congressional seat


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Schwartz for Governor?


WaPo: In Michigan, heart of organized labor, Republicans push to limit union power
WTimes: Dems look to Obama to punish Michigan over labor vote
Detroit News: How right to work got on the table
Detroit FP: Right-to-work legislation in Michigan: Thousands could mass for rallies at Capitol


Fred Barnes: North Carolina as the Blueprint for a Red-State Resurgence


WaPo: What’s next for Tom Perriello?


Chicago Tribune: Former aide to Wisconsin governor sentenced in embezzlement case
Milwaukee JS: Ex-Walker appointee charged in John Doe sentenced to prison


Star Tribune: Minn. GOP leaders gather to assess 2012 losses, start plotting 2014 strategy


Politico: Grimm, facing probe, owes $678k to law firm


SacBee: Online voter registrants in California were younger, more likely to vote

James Taranto: 'Stop Being So Anglo': San Francisco's Möbius strip of discrimination


Roll Call: Haley Will Not Run for Senate in 2014


AJC: PPP survey: 42% of Ga. Republicans would secede, Nathan Deal job approval at 37%


Chicago Tribune: Durbin says Trotter deserves no special treatment on O'Hare gun arrest


Fox: Sen. Manchin wants MTV to cancel West Virginia-set 'Buck Wild'


NatJ: Scott Brown Reports $464,000 on Hand After Election



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