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February 2, 2012


NatJ: Romney Bashes Announcement on Afghan Troop Withdrawal
WTimes: Hispanics out West a tougher sell for Romney
National Review: Nevada Mormons for Mitt
WTimes: Big donors help Romney in cash race
WTimes: Problems lurk for Romney beneath surface of Fla. win
NatJ: Two Romney Storylines Lay Bare His Challenges
NatJ: Romney Drops Use of Song at Events
American Spectator: Immigration Didn't Doom Romney
Examiner: As Romney shows, politics makes strange bedfellows
Human Events: The road ahead for Romney

Karl Rove: Romney, Gingrich and the Power of Ideas
Ann Coulter: Three Cheers For Romneycare!
National Review: Romney vs. Obamacare
Paul Gigot: Where Mitt Has Work to Do
Rush Limbaugh: What Do We Do Now? Focus on Obama
Michael Barone: Post-Florida Mitt
Jen Rubin: Romney derangement syndrome (on the right)
Milwaukee JS: Just like McCain in '08, Romney owes early success to moderates
Daily Caller: Getting right with the right: Conservatives on how Romney can woo them
DC: Carville: Romney ‘doesn’t understand conservative doctrine … I happen to live with it in my house’

Major Garrett: Romney and the Poor: An Unforced Error by the GOP Front-Runner
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Makes Himself a Target Again
James Taranto: Remember 'Compassionate Conservatism'?
DC: Krauthammer rips Romney’s ‘not concerned about the poor’ remarks: ‘This is bad’
NYT: ‘Poor’ Quote by Romney Joins a List Critics Love

EJ Dionne: Mitt Romney won in Florida but lost overall
Nicholas Kristof: Where Are the Romney Republicans?
Gail Collins: Mitt Speaks. Oh, No!
Fareed Zakaria: The world has changed, Mr. Romney
NYT: OpEd: Do-It-Yourself Deportation

NatJ: Trump to Endorse Gingrich
Daily Caller: Trump to endorse Gingrich
Politico: Sources: Trump to endorse Newt
NYT: Gingrich Awaits a Flashy New Endorsement
AJC: Gingrich faces a high money hurdle
Politico: How Newt Gingrich could bounce back
Hill: Gingrich faces rough February
Examiner: Despite loss, Gingrich remains a threat in South
Examiner: Gingrich fights to hold No. 2 position
Daily Caller: Michael Reagan to Newt: Shut up about my dad already
American Spectator: Exit Newt
American Thinker: Newt Struck Gold, Promptly Abandoned Mine
Rush Limbaugh: Florida Exit Poll Data Mitigated by 65 Romney Ads for Every Newt Ad

Stuart Rothenberg: Don’t Bet on Gingrich Showing Up in Tampa

NatJ: Santorum Doles Out Tough Medicine on Drug Costs
ABC: Rick Santorum Tells Sick Kid Market Should Should Set Drug Prices
Politico: Sharron Angle endorses Santorum
Rush Limbaugh: Does Santorum Still Have a Shot?

Dallas MN: Ron Paul aide suggests clout built in pres. race could land son on GOP ticket
WaPo: For Romney and Paul, a strategic alliance between establishment and outsider
NYT: Among These Republicans, Paul Supporters Go From Outsiders to Vanguard
HChron: Ron Paul and wife celebrate 55th wedding anniversary

WTimes: Huntsman funding primarily from dad

NYT: Editorial: The Darkening Tone of the Primaries

Dan Henninger: Obama's Maddening, Winning Speech
Politico: Why Obama should be worried
Hill: Reelection rumblings for Obama

WSJ: How Much Are Super PACs Spending?
Boston Globe: Super PACs fuel GOP attack ads
LA Times: 'Super PACs' largely funded by a wealthy few
NYT: Secrecy Shrouds ‘Super PAC’ Funds in Latest Filings
George Will: How states are restricting political speech
NatJ: Split-Ticket Extinction


Roll Call: Control of Senate May Rest on Money


WaPo: Panetta: U.S., NATO will seek to end Afghan combat mission next year
Fox: Panetta: US looking to end 'formal combat role' in Afghanistan in 2013
NatJ: Panetta: U.S. to Wind Down Combat Mission in Afghanistan Next Year
Hill: Panetta: US plans to end combat mission in Afghanistan next year
Weekly Standard: Courting Disaster in Afghanistan
Weekly Standard: Drones Are Not Enough
Weekly Standard: Strategic Retreat

Fox: Source: Plans to turn over Taliban Gitmo detainees in works

Hill: GOP senators to release plan to stop triggered defense cuts
Hill: Defense lobbyists mobilize for Obama administration's round of base closures

Politico: Club for Growth aims to thwart transportation bill
Andrew McCarthy: Big-Government Republicans

NYT: For G.O.P., Pipeline Is Central to Agenda
Politico: John Boehner, Eric Cantor call ‘truce’

NatJ: House Approves Federal-Worker Pay Freeze
WTimes: House votes to freeze federal workers’ pay
Politico: House backs federal pay freeze

Herbert London: The Fraud in Our Entitlement System

WTimes: House votes to repeal part of health care law

Fox: House passes bill to ban use of welfare funds for strip clubs, casinos and alcohol

Fox: House GOP bill would cut small business taxes, Cantor says

Hill: STOCK Act now makes senators squirm

WSJ: GOP Seizes on Contraception Rule
Politico: Catholics cross with Obama over birth-control coverage

WTimes: Obama floats latest homeowner-relief plan
WaPo: Obama announces new housing refinance plan
NatJ: Obama Housing Plan Trumpets Reelection Themes
Examiner: Obama rolls out housing fix plan in Virginia
Hill: California Dems wary of President Obama's new housing plan
Rush: Obama Mortgage Plan Demonizes Banks in Preparation for Run Against Romney

Hill: Holder to face House GOP critics at hearing on Fast and Furious
WaPo: Justice official says deadline for more Fast & Furious documents ‘impossible to meet’
Human Events: Fast and Furious: Issa threatens Holder with contempt charges
Daily Caller: Quayle asks Obama to appoint special prosecutor for Fast and Furious
CBS: Family of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry sues U.S. government
LA Times: Slain border agent's family alleges lies over ATF gun program

DC: Bribery, compromised officials leave indicted financial-crime suspects free from prosecution under Holder’s DOJ


Fox: Nevada GOP caucuses assume unique role after divisive early voting season
NatJ: The Nevada Caucuses: The Wild West, Tempered by Recession
NYT: Downturn and Upstarts Transform Nevada’s G.O.P. Caucuses
Politico: Nevada primary 2012: The GOP candidate guide for how to woo voters


Rochester D&C: Maggie Brooks won't challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate seat

Albany TU: 50,000 state workers still without a contract

NYT: Quinn’s Friendship With Lobbyist May Pose Test in Mayor Bid


SacBee: Challengers raise more cash than incumbents in some CA congressional races


HChron: Redistricting decision at least 30 days away, DC court says


Miami Herald: Mitt Romney boosts Connie Mack’s Senate bid
Miami Herald: Plenty of lessons learned from the GOP primary
Miami Herald: More Democrats may join primary fight for Rep. West’s seat


Fox: Mississippi high court takes ex-gov pardons case
NYT: Mississippi: Court Takes Up Challenge to Pardons


Chicago Tribune: Quinn shoves aside state's budget woes
Chicago ST: Quinn’s State of State address gets cool reception from legislators


NYT: Indiana Governor Signs a Law Creating a ‘Right to Work’ State
Weekly Standard: Indiana Becomes First Right-to-Work State in Rust Belt

Roll Call: Indiana: Rice Hits Trail for Lugar During Super Bowl Trip


Star Tribune: Minnesota takes turn in the GOP spotlight

Star Tribune: Senate panel holds off on voter ID
Fox: Minn. Senate committee discusses voter ID


WaPo: Virginia Senate passes bill requiring women to undergo ultrasound before abortion


Hill: Former Rep. Gabby Giffords could flip Arizona in presidential race

NYT: Arizona: Panel Votes to Ban Collective Bargaining


Denver Post: Colorado GOP lawmaker Bradford says she might leave party


WTimes: Washington state Senate approves gay marriage
NYT: Washington Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill
WaPo: Wash. Senate passes bill legalizing same-sex marriage; final vote will come in House


Roll Call: Oregon Escapes Notice in Voter Photo ID Battle


February 1, 2012


Miami Herald: Mitt Romney routs Newt Gingrich and rest of GOP field
Miami Herald: Florida Primary Election Map
WaPo: Florida primary: Mitt Romney wins decisive victory
WaPo: In Florida fight, Mitt Romney regained discipline and went on the offensive
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s Florida sweep — and how it changes the presidential race
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s Florida win may be a turning point
WSJ: Romney Wins Big in Florida
WSJ: Romney Strikes Back
WTimes: Romney scores victory in Florida primary
WTimes: Romney wins big among Hispanics in Florida
Daily Caller: Women abandon Gingrich this time, by 22-point margin
Fox: Romney wins Florida primary prize, Gingrich pledges drawn-out battle
NYT: Romney Wins Big in Florida Primary, Regaining Momentum
NYT: Economic Issues Drove Florida Voters
NYT: The Political Costs of a Nasty Fight
AP: Romney to get Secret Service protection
NatJ: Romney Has Obama in His Sights, But Won't Give Gingrich Free Ride
NatJ: How Romney Came Back in Florida
Examiner: Romney crushes Gingrich in Florida GOP primary
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Wins Florida Primary by Double Digits
Roll Call: Florida Primary Shows Rubio's Influence
Boston Globe: A drawn-out negative race could mean peril for GOP
Politico: Florida fight rattles GOP leaders
Politico: Mitt Romney claims return to inevitability in Florida primary win
Politico: Mitt Romney super PAC rakes in $23.6 million
Human Events: Romney dominates Florida
Human Events: How Romney won Florida
Human Events: Romney tells supporters the election is about 'saving the soul of America'

James Taranto: Is He Unelectable? The case against the case against Romney
Dick Morris: How Mitt suckered Newt
American Spectator: Romney's Cheap and Empty Win
American Thinker: Mitt's Scorched Earth Win
National Review: What Florida Means
Weekly Standard: Romney’s Victory & the Growing Regional Divide Among Conservatives
Fred Barnes: For Romney, Challenges Remain
Byron York: Why Romney won -- Why Gingrich lost
Michael Barone: With win, Romney faces tough opponents in long war
WaPo: President Obama, Mitt Romney and the empathy gap
Rush Limbaugh: The Big Vote on the Right
William Kristol: Why February Could Matter

NYT: Gingrich Pins Hopes on Super Tuesday
Human Events: '46 States to Go' is the theme of Gingrich's primary night party
LA Times: Romney's Florida landslide doesn't mean Gingrich is quitting
WaPo: Gingrich: Nomination will go on for ‘probably six months’
Examiner: Gingrich camp: 'Campaign will continue for months'
WTimes: Deluge of ‘baggage’ ads helps sink Gingrich in Florida
Daily Caller: Newt loses Florida’s Space Coast
NatJ: GOP Women in Florida Spurn Gingrich
Kim Strassel: Newt's Next Move
John Gizzi: What Gingrich must do to go 'all the way to Tampa'
American Spectator: Doesn't Look Good for Newt
Ross Douthat: Gingrich 2012? Going, Going, Gone
Jen Rubin: Newt Gingrich loses Florida — and reminds us why

Politico: Rick Santorum says Newt Gingrich ‘had his opportunity’
WaPo: Rick Santorum looks beyond Florida to coming GOP contests
NatJ: Rick Santorum Says Daughter Bella Expected to Leave Hospital on Wednesday
WTimes: Santorum, Paul take campaigns out West and vow to stay in race

Fox: Paul: 'We want our freedoms back'
NatJ: Ron Paul Looks To Caucus States
Hill: Paul predicts rebound in caucus states

WTimes: Candidates head to Nevada for caucuses
Daily Caller: Next, candidates gamble on Nevada
WaPo: Can Mitt Romney be stopped in Nevada?
WSJ: Romney, Paul Hold the Cards in Nevada
NatJ: GOP Candidates Face Nevada's Busted Economy

NatJ: Veepstakes Power Rankings

LA Times: 'Super PACs' report donors for 2011
Examiner: Super PAC spending on GOP candidates tops $44M
WSJ: Outside Groups Outspend Candidates
NYT: G.O.P. Donors Showing Thirst to Top Obama
WTimes: Sixty percent of Obama funds come from big-money bundlers
Politico: Harold Simmons gave Karl Rove's Crossroads groups $7 million
Roll Call: Traditional PACs Not Hurting for Cash
Politico: Sarah Palin PAC fundraising craters
NYT: Obama and Romney Campaigns Adopt Square for Funding

Ted Olson: Obama's Enemies List: David and Charles Koch have been the targets


Politico: Virginia reclaims lead in Senate Top 10
Hill: Vulnerable Senate Democrats take early fundraising lead over 2012 challengers


Examiner: Budget deficit $1 trillion for 4th straight year
WaPo: U.S. deficit to top $1 trillion, smallest since ’09
WSJ: Obama's four years have seen the four highest deficits since 1946
WTimes: Budget chief: Big challenges, ‘worrisome trends’ for U.S.

NatJ: Poll Finds Americans Pumped for Oil Pipeline

Hill: Cantor: Senate needs to strengthen congressional insider-trading bill
HE: Bill to ban Congressional insider trading targets president, White House staff

Hill: House GOP seeks to bar the use of welfare funds at strip clubs

NYT: Editorial: Turning the ‘Buffett Rule’ Into Law

Fox: Holy war over health care law? Obama angers Catholic leaders

Fox: Issa threatens contempt proceeding against Holder


Politico: Matt Strawn resigns as Iowa GOP chair


NYT: Republican Chided Over Blog Says He Won’t Run for Senate
Albany TU: Cenedella is out of GOP Senate contention

NYT: Albany Bill to Expand DNA Database Fuels a Political Fight

Albany TU: Skelos outlines the dangers of June


LA Times: California needs to find $3 billion by March

LA Times: Should California bite the bullet on high-speed rail?
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown plans to cut back high-speed rail to save it

Politico: Will David Dreier retire?


WaPo: Rep. Allen West to seek reelection in new district


NatJ: Democrat Bonamici Wins Oregon Special Election
NYT: Oregon Democrats Retain House Seat


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