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February 29, 2012


WSJ: Romney Regains Momentum
Fox: Romney wins Michigan, Arizona primaries
WTimes: Romney sweeps Arizona, Michigan primaries
WaPo: Mitt Romney wins Arizona, Michigan primaries
Detroit News: 'What a night!' Romney says after sweep of Michigan, Arizona
WaPo: Mitt Romney in Michigan, Arizona: Just win, baby
WaPo: Michigan voters reveal Romney’s strengths and weaknesses
NYT: Romney Claims Victory in Michigan and Arizona
NYT: Romney Faces Stubborn Question, Despite Victories
NYT: Many Cast Vote With November in Mind; for Others, Character Rates High
WSJ: Extended GOP Race Forces Romney to Search for Funds
Politico: 5 takeaways from Arizona and Michigan
Fred Barnes: Romney Regains Frontrunner Status

Examiner: Santorum fails to stop Romney in Michigan
LA Times: Santorum puts positive spin on second-place finish in Michigan primary
Hill: Santorum focuses attacks on President Obama in Michigan concession speech
Politico: Rick Santorum now faces tougher battle
WaPo: Santorum’s scrappy rhetoric a campaign staple
Kathleen Parker: Santorum’s failed pandering to blue-collar workers

Chicago Tribune: Gingrich, poised for losses, says he's the tortoise in the race

Chicago Tribune: Ron Paul: 'We're very pleased with our strategy'

WTimes: GOP hopefuls look ahead to Super Tuesday
John Gizzi: Super Tuesday: A look ahead to March 6
Chicago ST: Super Tuesday up next for Republicans’ final four
WSJ: Each Party Claims a November Edge

Politico: Splintered GOP looks a lot like Democrats in 1972

NYT: Huckabee Will Host a Presidential Forum on Fox News on Saturday


NatJ: Democrats In Fighting Shape to Maintain Control of Senate
Politico: GOP hopes slip on Olympia Snowe fallout

FT: Democrats grow confident of House win


Hill: Worried Dems pressing Obama on gas prices
Dick Morris: Gas prices to cost Obama

WaPo: Housing prices fell in December, continue to hurt economic recovery

WaPo: House GOP seeks mass transit deal to revive transportation bill

Hill: House votes to overturn Supreme Court decision on eminent domain

NYT: Senate Nears Showdown on Contraception Policy

Daily Caller: Holder loses cool during House hearing when asked about Fast and Furious

Michael Barone: Puzzling cheers for higher taxes

WaPo: Court skeptical about overseas corporate abuse suits
NYT: Supreme Court Debates Rights Case Aimed at Corporations


Detroit FP: A fight to the finish in Michigan GOP primary
Hill: After tough race, Romney beats Santorum in Michigan primary
LA Times: Mitt Romney averts disaster in Michigan primary
Daily Caller: Robo-Wars: Automated phone calls become Michigan primary highlight
Rush: Copycat Operation Chaos Attempted in Michigan; Mitt, Rick Trade Clever Robo-Calls
Detroit News: Romney dodges dad's curse


Arizona Republic: Romney easily wins Arizona primary
Arizona Republic: Tests await Romney after Michigan, Arizona wins


Hill: Three-term Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe won't run for reelection
Roll Call: Olympia Snowe Shocks Colleagues With Retirement
NYT: Olympia Snowe Won’t Seek Re-election
WaPo: Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) says she’ll retire, citing partisanship in Congress


WaPo: In Ohio, fierce primary fight may hurt GOP’s chances for the fall
NYT: In Ohio, Santorum Tries to Widen Message While Keeping Base Excited
Politico: Mike DeWine says Mitt Romney will lose Ohio


Austin AS: Court releases interim redistricting map for U.S. House and Texas House
Roll Call: San Antonio Federal Court Releases New Interim Texas Map
WSJ: Judges Set New Lines for Texas Elections
Politico: Texas political maps issued by federal court
Star-Telegram: North Texas gains minority district under new maps
HChron: New congressional redistricting maps very close to Greg Abbott’s plan


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 50%, Baldwin (D) 36%
Politico: Poll: Scott Walker recall too close to call


NYT: NY City Comptroller’s Campaign Treasurer Arrested on Fraud Charges
NYDN: John Liu’s campaign fund-raiser nabbed for using straw donors
NY Post: Feds take down top Liu $$ aide


SacBee: Support for gay marriage takes dramatic leap in California, new poll shows


Miami Herald: Redistricting is creating rifts in the state’s non-partisan high court
Roll Call: Florida: Boehner to Appear at Fundraiser With Vern Buchanan
Miami Herald: Jim Greer sues two law firms over RPOF ouster, consulting contract


Roll Call: Storied Political Families Square Off in Missouri
Politico: Roy Blunt: The new culture warrior


WTimes: Va. Senate passes bill mandating ultrasound before abortion


February 28, 2012


Fox: Stakes high for GOP race in Michigan, as Romney, Santorum slug it out
WTimes: Romney works for votes using economic pitch
WaPo: Romney refocuses on core message ahead of Super Tuesday
WaPo: Mitt Romney pounds Rick Santorum for not focusing on economy
NYT: Romney Takes Analytic Approach to Campaign Chaos
WaPo: Mitt Romney consultants benefit from campaign
WaPo: Romney gets a Kid Rock finale
NYT: How Romney Courted Kid Rock
LA Times: Romney's at odds with Mormon Church on immigration
Kim Strassel: The Ann Romney Advantage
Michael Gerson: How Mitt Romney can make the most of his weakness
Ezra Klein: Run the numbers, and there’s nothing dynamic in Romney’s budget strategy

Fox: Santorum encourages Michigan Democrats to vote against Romney in phone calls
WaPo: Rick Santorum takes heat for ‘snob’ comment against President Obama
WTimes: Santorum: I was on George Bush’s team for Hill votes
Kim Strassel: The Race to Define Rick Santorum
Byron York: With everything at stake, Santorum wings it
Jim Taranto: What's the Matter With 'Nebraska'?
Jen Rubin: Santorum: Boo-hooing about the press
NatJ: Why Rick Santorum Keeps Fighting the Culture Wars
American Spectator: Rick Santorum strains the libertarian-conservative alliance.

Fox: Gingrich questions Santorum’s electability, blasts Romney’s Medicare proposal
Daily Caller: Bob Barr: Libertarians should vote for Gingrich

NatJ: Paul Draws 3,800 People at Michigan State

Michael Barone: Romney and Santorum: Two White Americas
Bill McGurn: Memo to GOP: Beat Obama
Dana Milbank: Common ground becomes a great divide
Marc Thiessen: Republicans are losing the class warfare fight
Human Events: GOP candidates look to turn around lagging primary turnout

Fox: Republicans look over horizon to Super Tuesday

WaPo: A brokered convention or late-arriving winner? Probably not


WaPo: The fight for the Senate majority headed for deadlock


NYT: A U.S. Boon in Low-Cost Borrowing

Fox: Poll: 75 percent of Americans think wealthy should pay 30 percent or less in taxes

Fox: TransCanada plans for new, shorter US oil pipeline after Obama Keystone veto
WaPo: TransCanada to push ahead with part of Keystone pipeline
NYT: TransCanada Renewing Request to Build Keystone Pipeline
WTimes: White House hails scaled-down Keystone pipeline plan
Charles Lane: Driving the politics out of gas prices
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrat Gas Hypocrisy
Rush Limbaugh: Bam's Absurd Algae Dream

WTimes: Questions arise over fire sale of Solyndra’s assets

WaPo: White House, NSA weigh cybersecurity, personal privacy

NYT: Democrats See Benefits in Battle on Contraception Access

National Review: Obamacare’s Bipartisan Critics
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare is Overwhelmingly Unpopular

American Spectator: Obama's Food Stamp Fetish

Fox: Media Matters boss paid former partner $850G 'blackmail' settlement
Daily Caller: Madoff-invested charities contributed $365k to Media Matters


Detroit FP: Michigan primary today; it's a make-or-break day for Romney, Santorum
Detroit News: Michigan primary voters have their say
Boston Globe: Republican rivals trade last jabs in Michigan
Rasmussen: Michigan GOP Primary: Romney 38%, Santorum 36%
National Review: Romney in Michigan
Examiner: Romney fighting to carry native Michigan
American Spectator: Showdown in Romneyland
NYT: Examining Michigan's Delegate Math
National Review: The Michigan Mess
NYT: Michigan a Testing Ground for Doubt on Romney
NYT: A Chance for Mischief in the Michigan Primary
WaPo: Michigan ‘Prayer Station’ volunteers are political doubting Thomases
Daniel Howes: Michigan relevant again in U.S. race
John Gizzi: Romney's Michigan chairman confident but stops short of predicting primary win
William Kristol: Michigan Mo?
Hill: Romney and Santorum hurtle to a photo finish in Michigan, Arizona


WTimes: Arizona set to test Romney’s appeal to Hispanics
Examiner: Santorum stumbles into Arizona primary

Roll Call: Arizona: Five Candidates File for Giffords Special

Denver Post: Mitt Romney’s and Mark Udall’s great grandfathers crossed paths in Arizona


NYT: As Gay Marriage Gains Ground in Nation, New Hampshire May Revoke Its Law


AJC: Nikki Haley vetoes S.C. bill to block dredging of Port of Savannah


NYT: To Pay New York Pension Fund, Cities Borrow From It First
Politico: Andrew Cuomo calls attention to himself by shunning media

Albany TU: Judge takes over redistricting
Albany TU: Redistricting: A pricey affair for some in Congress


SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown quibbles with President Barack Obama's budget advice
SacBee: Jerry Brown's proposed budget counts on too much revenue, analyst says
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's budget plan looks like a pipe dream


Roll Call: Race Ratings: Florida Offers Democrats Chances at Pickups

Miami Herald: Jeb Bush foundation helps shape Florida education policy


Star Tribune: Minnesota's new political map tests friendships, careers


Politico: Scott Walker: 'Frivolous' recall wastes $9M
NYT: Wisconsin Governor Will Not Challenge Recall Petitions


Roll Call: Claire McCaskill’s Mountain: A Tough Climb to Victory


WTimes: Reports of Kerrey run for Senate heat up
NYT: Kerrey Tells Democrats He Will Run for Senate
WaPo: Bob Kerrey changes his mind, will run for Senate, source says
Roll Call: Nebraska’s Hamlet Moment


NatJ: Tennessee Also Shows Santorum's Populist Opportunity


Examiner: Virginia GOP moves to toughen voter ID rules


Examiner: Maryland lawmakers try to bring back millionaire's tax


Rich Lowry: Travesty in New Jersey


Fox: Brown refuses to pull ad mentioning late Sen. Kennedy
Boston Globe: Kennedy bills appear to undercut Brown


February 27, 2012

We're back!

We've all heard about "trickle down" economics, but now consider
Obama's "Boil Away" economics, courtesy of Charles Schott-->


Fox: Romney defends economic plan: I'm not changing progressive tax code
Examiner: Brewer, GOP establishment endorse Romney in Ariz.
WaPo: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer endorses Mitt Romney
WSJ: Gov. Brewer Endorses Romney
WTimes: Critics hit Romney job-creation record
WSJ: Romney Defends His Wealth–Again
Politico: Christie: So what if Romney's rich?
WaPo: Mormon voters wary of too much public support for Romney
NYT: In the Romney Campaign, Precision Has Its Pitfalls
NYT: Prolonged Race Forces Romney Campaign to Recalibrate
Hill: Poll: Romney overtakes Santorum nationally

Rick Santorum(WSJ): My Economic Freedom Agenda
WaPo: Rick Santorum presses culture wars attack
LA Times: Rick Santorum rejects absolute separation of church and state
WSJ: Santorum: Obama Apology for Quran Burning Shows ‘Weakness’
WSJ: Santorum Reaches Out to Voters Who Don’t Want College Degrees
NYT: Santorum Makes Case for Religion in Public Sphere
NYT: Santorum Vows to Wage a Long, Fierce Battle
NatJ: Santorum On Why He’s Better Than Romney: ‘I Have No Teleprompters’
WTimes: Conservatives still hold ‘anger’ over Santorum backing of Specter
Examiner: Romney uses Specter to spook Santorum's supporters
NatJ: Santorum And The Specter Endorsement
Jen Rubin: The problem with Santorum’s ‘past’
Dick Morris: If Santorum wins …

AJC: Gingrich takes aim at Obama from the pulpit
WSJ: Gingrich Condemns ‘Secular Left’ at Georgia Church
Politico: Newt Gingrich hits church in Georgia
Politico: Newt Gingrich's gas price gambit

Examiner: Paul denies alliance with Romney in Michigan

Politico: Coulter predicts Jeb Bush to enter race
Daily Caller: Coulter rips Jeb Bush, suggests he has eyes on GOP nomination [VIDEO]

WaPo: GOP governors see risks from tone, length of nomination fight
NYT: As Super Tuesday Nears, a Focus on Delegates
LA Times: Christie: Romney loss in Michigan could mean contested convention

NYT: Obama’s Deficit Dilemma
WaPo: Editorial: How the GOP would expand the deficit

Politico: Battleground Poll: GOP president’s race takes toll, Obama inches up
EJ Dionne: Obama hasn’t won reelection yet
Roll Call: Presidential Primary Has GOP Nervous
NatJ: Dem Pollster: Voters Don't Think America's Back


Hill: Democrats targeting House GOP committee chairmen in 2012
NYT: Before Vote, Republicans Make Moves to the Right


WTimes: Earmark ban facing a fight over definition

Sen. John Thune: Obama policies threaten America's energy boom

NYT: Many States Take a Wait-and-See Approach on New Insurance Exchanges
Human Events: Governors expect no action from White House on states' Medicaid plea

Rasmussen: 55% Oppose Affirmative Action Policies for College Admissions
Rasmussen: 68% Say Newcomers Should Adopt America's Culture and Language

NYT: Growing Support for Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients

LA Times: Supreme Court to weigh torture lawsuits against corporations

NYT: Editorial: Justice and Open Files


WaPo: Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney battle for upper hand in Michigan primary
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney scrambles to nail down Michigan
LA Times: Mitt Romney's Oscar-night gamble in Michigan
LA Times: Santorum and Romney fight their own class war in Michigan
NYDN: GOP hopefuls Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum put pedal to metal in tight Michigan race
Politico: Michigan highlights Mitt's slog
WSJ: Race Tightens as Michigan Vote Nears
WTimes: GOP race: The Michigan factor
NatJ: Snyder: No 'Dwelling on the Auto Bailout'
Hill: Michigan Gov. Snyder: GOP shouldn’t ‘armchair quarterback’ auto bailouts
Detroit News: Santorum touts his conservative record while campaigning in Davison
Detroit News: Michigan primary vote could prove to be GOP game changer
Detroit News: Crowds in state give Ron Paul rousing welcome
Detroit FP: Some Michigan backers of President Barack Obama to vote for GOP long shots
Detroit FP: GOP rivals try to prove most able to beat Obama
Politico: PPP: Romney 39, Santorum 37 in Michigan
John Gizzi: Romney should win Michigan, but don't be surprised by surprises


Human Events: Arizona primary preview: Five reasons Romney is the front-runner
NYT: Across Arizona, Illegal Immigration Is on Back Burner


NYT: Unmapped: Update on New York Redistricting


SacBee: GOP unknowns jockey for chance to take on Dianne Feinstein

SacBee: Jerry Brown's return to Washington lacks long-ago presidential ambition


WTimes: Five questions with Gov. Rick Scott
Tampa Bay Times: In quest for conservative Senate, Mike Haridopolos forgets his history


Politico: Richard Lugar, the Grandfather of the Indiana GOP, fights for reelection


John Gizzi: Walker watch: WI Gov. expects to run against "big union bosses from DC"


WaPo: Virginia ultrasound bill joins other states’ measures


Salena Zito: 'Signature' battle in new 12th


Roll Call: Race Ratings: Democrats Likely to Lose Edge in New Jersey Delegation


Boston Herald: Patrick Kennedy, Scott Brown trade fire on health care


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NatJ: Presidential Debate Timeline

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RNC: The Big Fail -
Top 5 Failed Obama Policies

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

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