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January 7, 2012


WaPo: Romney pushing for four-state streak to steamroll GOP opponents
WTimes: Romney raps Obama in S.C.; GOP rivals pile on in N.H.
Boston Globe: Rivals race to block Romney sweep
Dallas MN: Rivals hope to close gap with Romney in New Hampshire
NYT: For Evangelicals Wary of Romney, Time Runs Short
WaPo: The new evangelical vote
NYT: Romney Advantages Could Prove Disadvantageous
NYT: As Romney Jabs at Obama, His Rivals Swing at Him
WSJ: Romney's Odd New Hampshire Odds

WTimes: Bay Buchanan endorses Mitt Romney

WaPo: Romney in strong position in N.H., S.C. ahead of primaries
Human Events: Romney comfortably leading two New Hampshire polls
Human Events: Gearing up for the Granite State Primary
Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Romney 42%, Paul 18%, Santorum 13%, Huntsman 12%
Rasmussen: South Carolina Primary: Romney 27%, Santorum 24%, Gingrich 18%
Dallas MN: New S.C. poll: Romney 37%, Santorum 19%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 12%, Perry 5%
NatJ: South Carolina Poll Shows Narrowing Window for Romney Foes

Fred Barnes: Romney More Conservative Than You Think
William Kristol: The establishment usually wins

WSJ: An Old Loss Dogs Surging Santorum
WTimes: Santorum takes heat on values
NYT: A Long History of Political Brawling for Santorum
WaPo: Rick Santorum: ‘The idea I’m coming after your birth control is absurd’
NatJ: Jesus, Gays, and Health Care: New Hampshire Voters Hammer Santorum
Roll Call: Former Abramoff-Linked Lobbyist Helps Santorum in South Carolina
Politico: Rick Santorum’s risky New Hampshire primary play
Politico: Santorum: Ultimate D.C. insider
Weekly Standard: Rick Santorum and Independents

James Taranto: Pro-abortion extremism lies behind the "weird" attack on Rick Santorum
Kathleen Parker: The battle of the GOP nice guys
Ruth Marcus: In New Hampshire, Rick Santorum doesn’t hold back
Gail Collins: It Takes a Santorum
Eugene Robinson: The extreme Rick Santorum
Mark Steyn: The Left’s So-Called Empathy

LA Times: Gingrich softens his approach in New Hampshire
WTimes: Going local: Gingrich woos N.H. voters over power project
WSJ: Gingrich Goes on the Attack as He Flags
NatJ: Gingrich: Romney Won't Be GOP Nominee
Examiner: Newt: Reagan Reagan Reagan. .repeat repeat repeat
WTimes: Will anti-fat bias affect the 2012 election?
NYT: Gingrich Pushes Back Against Charges of Racism
NatJ: Gingrich Takes a Page from Clinton Playbook

Byron York: Gingrich plans ad to hit Romney on abortion
Dana Milbank: Newtonian exceptionalism

NYT: Paul, After Texas Detour, Gets Back to the Campaign
Examiner: Paul finally lands in New Hampshire
Boston Globe: Paul’s libertarian zeal draws in younger voters
WTimes: Paul, son target Santorum in N.H. campaigning debut
Daily Caller: Paul campaign volunteers in NH forced to sign nondisclosure agreements
Daily Caller: Kelly Clarkson’s album sales jump exaggerated
SPT: Ron Paul in for long slog with vast support the GOP dismisses at its own peril
Weekly Standard: Ron Paul’s Timidity

Austin AS: Perry faces uphill climb in presidential bid
Star-Telegram: Perry hopes to rebound in two debates
HChron: Perry to New Hampshire: Hello, I must be going
NatJ: Perry Names Controversial Arizona Sheriff to Campaign
Michael Barone: Why did Rick Perry stay in? Pretty obvious

HChron: Huntsman looking for New Hampshire spotlight
WaPo: Huntsman objects to ad by Paul backers featuring adopted daughters
Boston Globe: Huntsman blasts Paul backer’s ad calling him ‘Manchurian candidate’

Rush Limbaugh: Electability & Qualifications: Don't Be Imprisoned by Perceptions of Others

Rush Limbaugh: Instinct: Trump Won't Run

WaPo: Sarah Palin: “I’m all in favor of girls with guns who know their purpose.”

Hill: Cain to endorse before S.C. primary

Charles Blow: The G.O.P.’s ‘Black People’ Platform

NYT: Michelle Obama and the Evolution of a First Lady


WSJ: Republicans Press Justice Dept. on Recess Appointments
WaPo: Obama visits consumer agency despite legal questions
Hill: GOP: Could Obama make a recess appointment overnight or on weekend?
John Yoo: Richard Cordray & the Use and Abuse of Executive Power
Vincent Vurnuccio: No time for advice and consent
Rush: Consumer Protection Bureau Advertises 103K Job for "Invitations Coordinator"
Andrew McCarthy: Obama Skirts the Democratic Process

NYT: A Shrinking Military Budget May Take Neighbors With It

WSJ: Three Fed Officials Urge Action to Boost Housing

WaPo: White House proposes 0.5 percent pay increase for federal workers
WaPo: White House calls for modest 0.5% pay raise for federal civilian workers

Hill: Rep. Hayworth: Senate needs to act on House-passed jobs bills
Rush Limbaugh: It's Party Time! 8.5% Unemployment!

NYT: Editorial: One Bad Energy Subsidy Expires

Fox: Obama Administration Defends Health Care Overhaul in First Supreme Court Brief
WTimes: New briefs preview Supreme Court clash over health care
WSJ: Government Lays Out Health-Law Defense
Politico: Justice Department defends health mandate
NatJ: U.S. Makes Its Case for Health Care Law
WaPo: Administration to high court: Congress acted within rights on health-care law

George Will: Government: The redistributionist behemoth

WTimes: Obama expands “hardship” waiver for illegal immigrants
NYT: Tweak in Rule to Ease a Path to Green Card
NYT: Editorial: A Common-Sense Immigration Move
LA Times: Obama's immigration move may have political benefit on 2 fronts

NYT: OpEd: Why Islamism Is Winning

WTimes: Justice Department’s political action

Fox: IRS Study: 17 Percent of Taxes Went Unpaid
Politico: Unpaid taxes: IRS report says $450 billion owed
WSJ: IRS Steps Up Audits of Millionaires

Politico: New player in redistricting: SCOTUS

NYT: Democrats See Signs of Hope in Battle for Congress

Politico: Liz Cheney to be Fox News contributor

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: New Hampshire debate dominates Sunday shows


WSJ: True's Story: Tally in Iowa Was Faulty


NYT: In New Hampshire, Fiscal Anxiety Despite Relative Economic Health


Fox: GOP Candidates Step Up South Carolina Push as Polls Show New Leaderboard


Albany TU: Surprise! Here’s how we get to 63 senators
NY Post: NY GOP’s redistricting shuffle

Rochester D&C: House freshman Ann Marie Buerkle sticks to her conservative principles


Politico: California budget: Jerry Brown plans for future amid cuts
LA Times: California in retreat on social service spending


Politico: Illinois credit rating lowered by Moody's, again


NYT: Indiana Labor Measure Is Expected to Progress


Daily Caller: Judge: Remove fake names from recall petition
Milwaukee JS: Walker recall cost estimated at $9 million


Politico: Fred Upton's 2010 challenger promises answer on rematch by Jan. 17


Politico: Bob Kerrey Senate run eyed in Nebraska


Roll Call: Draft Tennessee Map Seeks to Keep Current Partisan Makeup


NYT: Senator Says His Concerns With Nominee Aren’t Personal


Politico: Gabrielle Giffords’ future is up in the air a year after Tucson shooting


Denver Post: Rep. Coffman's coffers ready for costly 2012 race


Fox: Utah State Representative Announces U.S. Senate Bid to Challenge Sen. Hatch


January 6, 2012


WaPo: Poll watcher: Romney in position for N.H. landslide
Boston Globe: Romney seeks to hold ground in N.H. as foes intensify their attacks
WaPo: Romney’s the target, but his GOP opponents keep attacking one another in N.H.
Dan Balz: Romney fights high expectations in New Hampshire primary
WTimes: Sen. Ayotte: Obama doesn't want to face Romney
WaPo: Why Romney is bulletproof in New Hampshire

NYT: Romney, in South Carolina, Sets His Sights on Obama
WTimes: Romney calls Obama a ‘crony capitalist’
WaPo: With SC gov & McCain, Romney makes a strong play for Southern primary votes
NatJ: McCain Invokes S.C. Senators in Campaigning for Romney
Dallas MN: South Carolina shaping up as focal point for GOP race

Star-Telegram: Conservatives pushing for unity behind single GOP candidate
WTimes: Thune: Conservatives will rally to Romney
NYT: Romney Facing Risks Left and Right
Rasmussen: National GOP Poll: Romney 29%, Santorum 21%, Gingrich 16%
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 42%, Romney 42%

Peggy Noonan: Romney Wins but Takes a Beating
Fred Barnes: It’s the Media’s Republican Primary
Kim Strassel: The GOP's Working Class Muddle
David Keefe: Will Romney harken to the right?
American Spectator: Mitt Romney's Achilles' Heel
James Taranto: Pogo Progressives: With Bush gone, they have met the enemy
Paul Krugman: Bain, Barack and Jobs

Examiner: Surging Santorum storms New Hampshire
American Spectator: Will New Hampshire 'Join the Fight'?
NYT: First Post-Iowa Polls Show Bounce for Santorum
WTimes: Santorum gets big poll bounce in N.H.: Romney still dominant
WTimes: Santorum touts his ‘past performance’
HE: Endorses Santorum As His Momentum Increases After Iowa
LA Times: Questions over vote count put Iowa caucuses result in doubt
HE: Santorum May Have Won Iowa: Vote Counter Says Typo Gave Romney 20 Extra Votes
Fox: Santorum: Vote Count Error in Iowa Is No Big Deal
WSJ: Santorum, Riding Wave, Sharpens Aim at Romney
WaPo: Rick Santorum: The phenomenon the pundits couldn’t see coming
American Spectator: About Santorum, Pundits Pathetically Failed
Daily Caller: Santorum on abolishing the Ninth Circuit: ‘Yes we can’
National Review: Santorum and Earmarks
WSJ: Earmarks Carry Risk for Santorum
WaPo: Santorum plays down long history as Washington insider
Politico: Rick Santorum in New Hampshire takes professorial turn
NYT: Students Jeer Santorum on New Hampshire Blitz
NYT: Santorum Has Testy Exchange on Same-Sex Marriage
WaPo: Rick Santorum compares same-sex marriage to polygamy, in spirited exchange
National Review: Santorum on Contraception
NatJ: N.H. Crowd Shows Santorum It's More Interested in Fiscal Than Social Issues
NYT: After Santorum Left Senate, Familiar Hands Reached Out
National Review: Santorum’s Tax Plan Doesn’t Add Up
Hill: To right’s dismay, Santorum was active in passing Medicare drug bill
Hill: Santorum: Obama's healthcare law a scheme to get Democrats reelected
WaPo: Rick Santorum’s “beat Obama” problem
Rush Limbaugh: The Electability Trap
Rush Limbaugh: Can Santorum Overcome Whiny Pestiness?
Politico: Rick Santorum 2012 bid haunted by landslide 2006 loss
NatJ: The Good and Bad About Rick Santorum
Roll Call: Uneven as a Senator, Santorum Not Perceived as Presidential

Charles Krauthammer: A worthy challenger
David Brooks: A New Social Agenda

AJC: Newt Gingrich sheds his ‘nice guy’ strategy in New Hampshire
WTimes: Gingrich: Romney soft on left
NYT: Gingrich Goes Local on New Hampshire Issues
Fox: Gingrich: African-American Community Should Demand Paychecks, Not Food Stamps
NYT: Gingrich Campaign Defends Remarks on Food Stamps
NatJ: Gingrich Tries New Persona: `Bold Newt'
NYT: Newt’s Shop of Horrors

HChron: Paul’s anti-war call attracts GOP ears
CNN: Ron Paul hammers Gingrich in South Carolina mailer
Daily Caller: In New Hampshire, Paul absent on the campaign trail

Politico: Family, two top aides, South Carolina advisers urged Perry on
CBS: Perry stayed in race on the advice of family, South Carolina team
NOLA: Jindal says he will continue to support Rick Perry
HChron: Perry drops to 4 percent in first post-Iowa poll
HChron: Will they still say carry on if Perry cash dries up?
Daily Mail UK: Perry's bizarre mind-change on SC could hand GOP nomination to Romney
Stephen Moore: Can Perry Come Back?

Boston Globe: For vision and national unity, Huntsman for GOP nominee
NYT: Boston Globe Endorses Huntsman
American Spectator: Jon Huntsman's Original Sin
Weekly Standard: Is Jon Huntsman a Rachel Maddow Republican?

Fox: Santorum, Romney Focus on Obama as Huntsman, Gingrich Target Frontrunners

WaPo: How Michele Bachmann went bust
WaPo: Next for Michele Bachmann — retirement?
Daily Caller: Bachmann not rushing to make an endorsement
WaPo: Michele Bachmann raises the fashion bar for female politicians

WaPo: Herman Cain launches 9-9-9 bus tour

NYT: Obama Testing 2-Tier Strategy for Re-election
HE: Youths' love affair with Obama is over, and GOPers must pounce on this voting bloc
Rush: Rogue Obama Plans to Forgive Mortgages and We Can't Say the Country is Screwed?


WaPo: House Democrats say they want open, transparent payroll tax committee
NYT: Recent Fights in Congress Could Be Just Warm-Ups
Hill: House Dems hammer GOP on jobs
Politico: House GOP weakened, divided
Austan Goolsbee: Washington Isn't Spending Too Much

WaPo: Cordray moves forward despite appointment challenges
Daily Caller: Cordray’s power stymied by 2010 law that created his new agency
LA Times: Obama appointments could trigger court test case
Weekly Standard: An Unconstitutional Appointment to an Unconstitutional Office
WTimes: President ‘confident’ about recess appointments
WSJ: Obama Recess Pick Riles GOP, Firms
WaPo: What is a recess appointment?
Human Events: Obama's 'abuse of power' threatens to shut down Senate
Rivkin & Casey: Obama's Reckless Recess Ploy
Lawrence Tribe: Games and Gimmicks in the Senate
Robert Ehrlich: Occupy Wall Street and the disconnect with the American dream

WaPo: Obama announces new, leaner military approach
WSJ: Military Faces Historic Shift: Obama Plan Would Slash Army, Limit Ability
NYT: Obama Puts His Stamp on Strategy for a Leaner Military
Hill: Obama takes 2012 risk by ending Pentagon's two-war strategy
NatJ: Shifts at Pentagon Reflect Dual Realities of Different Threats, Tighter Budgets
Examiner: Obama's Pentagon cuts assailed by Republicans
WSJ: Obama's Defense Drawdown: Entitlements begin to crowd out the American military
National Review: Editorial: Obama’s Indefensible Cuts
NYT: Editorial: A Leaner Pentagon
Daily Caller: Krauthammer: Obama military reforms a ‘road map of American decline’

Fox: Defense, CIA to Investigate Access for Filmmakers to Info on Bin Laden Kill Mission

Hill: Lawyers, courts see weaknesses in defense of Obama’s healthcare law
WTimes: IRS could face glut of health law tax appeals

NYT: In Act of Defiance, Democrat Stalls Obama Choice for Court

NYT: Editorial: Judicial Ethics and the Supreme Court

NYT: Editorial: FEC: Donors, Secrecy and That Loophole

LA Times: Obama rule would let undocumented stay in U.S. during application
NYT: Easier Route to Green Card to Be Proposed for Some

NYT: Study Says Looks Matter as TV Covers Congress


WSJ: What Iowa Says About the Religious Right
Hill: Iowa officials dismiss report of problems with vote count in caucus


WaPo: Independents represent a major unknown in the N.H. primary
WaPo: New Hampshire primary voters get up close and personal with GOP candidates
Byron York: Is NH too white, too old, too godless?


Reuters: Tough South Carolina fight looms in Republican race
Boston Globe: Conservatives see S.C. as a chance to choose alternative


Albany TU: The reform piece: Campaign finance, not redistricting

Buffalo News: GOP picks Rochester for state confab


WSJ: California Takes Aim at Budget Gap
NYT: Californians Are Asked for $6.9 Billion in New Taxes
SacBee: Jerry Brown budget plan cuts welfare, threatens deeper cuts if taxes fail
WSJ: A Present for Jerry Brown: California's budget catches a rare break from its courts
Dan Walters: Let the California budget games begin


Austin AS: County officials hold off on new voter cards during redistricting fight


TB Times: Tampa City Council approves police upgrades for 2012 GOP National Convention


NYT: Is It a Conflict of Interest? Yes, but It’s Legal


WSJ: Pro-Union Boycott Hits Indiana House


Hill: Scott Walker, undaunted by recall, urges governors to cut state budgets boldly
WTimes: Wisconsin Gov. Walker: Unions ‘want me dead’
HE: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker likely to face recall, say state GOP assembly speaker, AG

Milwaukee JS: Walker appointees charged in John Doe investigation


WaPo: Possibility of emergency manager in Detroit prompts civil rights concerns


Examiner: McDonnell helps GOP guvs outraise Democrats
Politico: McDonnell raps loyalty oath


WSJ: Rhode Island Miracle Explained: How a liberal state reformed its pensions


Boston Globe: Joseph P. Kennedy III explores run for Barney Frank’s House seat
WSJ: Joe Kennedy III Takes Step Toward House Bid
NYT: A Young Kennedy Considers a Campaign
WTimes: Grandson of RFK edges closer to entering race for Frank’s seat

WTimes: Solyndra payday for former Massachusetts governor


Politico: Joe Arpaio to run again, despite DOJ battle


Denver Post: Drop boxes upheld for mail ballots at every CO polling place on Election Day


January 5, 2012


WTimes: McCain endorses 2008 rival Romney
WaPo: Romney and McCain bury the past

Fox: Sen. Kelly Ayotte Stumping for Romney in New Hampshire
Human Events: Romney picks up most congressional endorsements to date

NatJ: Rough Game Ahead in New Hampshire
Boston Globe: New dynamic for GOP as scene shifts to N.H.
WSJ: Multifront Attack Awaits Romney in New Hampshire
Dallas MN: Republican contenders show differing strategies in New Hampshire
NYT: Romney Takes a Victory Lap as Santorum Plays Catch-Up
WaPo: Mitt Romney comes under attack after win in Iowa
Politico: GOP elites: Hard to stop Mitt Romney now
NatJ: Conservatives Rallying Against Romney?
Daily Caller: Former RNC chair: Romney jobs plan ‘too big,’ should be ‘narrowed down’

SPT: Fresh off Iowa win, Mitt Romney shifts Florida campaign into high gear

Ann Coulter: Iowa Shows Republicans Determined to Beat Obama
Karl Rove: A Big Win for Romney in Iowa
Dick Morris: Romney’s huge win
Paul Gigot: Romney's Iowa Paradox
Michael Barone: Romney’s Watchwords in Iowa: Divide and Conquer
Rush Limbaugh: This Race is Far From Over
Rush Limbaugh: The White House Wants Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Who Thinks McCain Endorsing Romney is a Great Idea?
James Taranto: A Win-Win Election: By comparison, Al Gore didn't even come close in FL
Dan Henninger: The divider of the Republican party is its front-runner, Mitt Romney
Nicholas Kristof: Waiting for Mitt the Moderate
Gail Collins: The March of the Non-Mitts
Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney out of control
Eugene Robinson: Romney’s not-a-mandate

National Review: Santorum: The Blue-collar Candidate
Weekly Standard: Rick Santorum Arrives in New Hampshire
Weekly Standard: Santorum's Strategy
Examiner: Populist convert Santorum takes on Mitt's elites
Boston Globe: Santorum getting fresh consideration
LA Times: Rick Santorum's new image worked in Iowa
WSJ: In Senate, Santorum Fused Pugilism and Pragmatism
NatJ: Santorum's Tax Policy Good for Families, Bad for the Poor
NYT: After a Child’s Death, a Religious Politician Became a Cultural Warrior
NatJ: Sanctimonious or Sincere? Santorum Evoked Strong Feelings in Congress
NatJ: NAACP Slams Santorum for Remarks About Blacks
NatJ: Santorum Raises $1 Million in a Day
Roll Call: Santorum Super PAC Likely to Shut Down
Politico: Rick Santorum faces electability question
American Spectator: Santorum's Moment in the Sun
American Spectator: Beers to You, Santorum
Rush Limbaugh: Rick Santorum's Inspiring Speech
Rush Limbaugh: Mantra: Santorum is a "Big Government Conservative"
George Will: Suddenly, a fun candidate
EJ Dionne: Santorum, Huntsman and the future of conservatism
Ezra Klein: Was Rick Santorum good? Or was he lucky?

SF Chronicle: Ron Paul goes into New Hampshire swinging
HChron: Ron Paul fired up for New Hampshire primary
NYT: A Bit of a Balancing Act for Republicans Critical of Paul
NatJ: Paul's Foreign Policy Views Not So 'Dangerous'
Daily Caller: Google: Ron Paul, Kim Kardashian more popular in NH than Romney
New Yorker: Ron Paul, Spoiler?
Daily Caller: Limbaugh on Ron Paul’s third-place Iowa finish: ‘It’s over’

NYT: After a Red-Eye, Gingrich Reloads
Fox: Romney Goes 'Establishment' as Gingrich Looks to Take Down Frontrunner
Examiner: Romney, Gingrich take fight to New Hampshire
Daily Caller: In New Hampshire, a tale of two Newts
Daily Caller: Hume says Gingrich exhibiting ‘road rage’ symptoms
Politico: Newt Gingrich suffers from super PAC buyer's remorse
WSJ: Gingrich and the History of Negative Campaigns
Rush Limbaugh: An Angry Newt Could Hurt Romney
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 49%, Gingrich 39%

WSJ: Perry Stays In
Austin AS: Perry decides he can win, stays in race
Star-Telegram: In an about-face, Rick Perry keeps presidential bid alive
Dallas MN: Perry plans to stay in presidential race, campaign next week in South Carolina
WaPo: Rick Perry: ‘Here we come, South Carolina!’
HChron: Rick Perry and his supporters shrug off Iowa
American Thinker: Daydreaming about a President Perry
SF Chronicle: Rick Perry reassesses - remains in race
Dallas MN: Analysis: Perry’s Iowa collapse caused by gaffes, campaign discord, harsh tone
Dallas MN: Texas Democrats revel in Perry’s first election defeat

Examiner: McDonnell knocks Perry's primary lawsuit
HChron: Judge lets 3 Perry rivals join gov’s Virginia ballot lawsuit

WaPo: Can Jon Huntsman become the Rick Santorum of New Hampshire?
Weekly Standard: Huntsman: 'Nobody Cares' About McCain Endorsing Romney

WSJ: Bachmann Ends Presidential Bid
Fox: Bachmann Ends Presidential Campaign
WTimes: Bachmann ends campaign after loss in Iowa
NatJ: Bachmann Says Good-bye; Mitt Romney Will Miss Her
Examiner: In Bachmann, a candidate who commanded attention
WaPo: Michele Bachmann exits the GOP race as she entered it
WaPo: Bachmann quits; Romney, Santorum and Gingrich take battle to N.H.
Rush Limbaugh: We'll Miss Michele Bachmann
Star Tribune: Bachmann leaves her next move a mystery

WSJ: Defense Industry Turns to GOP Field

WaPo: Few rules control super-PAC donations after a candidate withdraws from a race


Fox: Obama Administration Tests Constitutional Power After Controversial Appointment
WTimes: Obama defies Congress with ‘recess’ picks
WSJ: Obama Picks Nominee Fight
LA Times: Obama circumvents Congress to make appointments
Human Events: The Cordray Imperial Charter
Daily Caller: Obama makes four recess appointments of dubious legality
WSJ: Contempt for Congress: Obama makes recess appointments when there's no recess
Fox: Uproar Over Recess Appointments, But What Exactly Is a Congressional 'Recess'?
Hill: Court fight over recess appointments 'almost certain,' Chamber says

NYT: Bucking Senate, Obama Appoints Consumer Chief
WaPo: Obama appoints Richard Cordray to head consumer watchdog bureau
NYT: Appointment Clears the Way for Consumer Agency to Act
NYT: The Consumer Bureau Gets a Chief
NatJ: Obama Reelection Strategy Seen in Cordray Appointment
Human Events: Portman: Obama's Cordray play won't advance CFPB

WSJ: Obama Makes Recess Appointments to NLRB
Fox: Obama Again Bypasses Congress, Appoints 3 to Labor Board
Roll Call: Obama Adds Labor Board to Recess Appointments

Fox: President Obama to Announce New Program to Help Kids Find Summer Jobs

WSJ: Fed Urges Action on Housing
WSJ: Apartment-Vacancy Rate Tumbles to 2001 Level
WSJ: Auto Lenders Speeding Past Mortgage Woes

NYT: Oil Price Would Skyrocket if Iran Closed the Strait of Hormuz
Fox: The Islamist Winter: New Report Suggests Extremist Views Winning in Libya

WSJ: Where to Put Your Money in 2012

American Spectator: The Paramount Issue of 2012

WTimes: Holder facing further ‘Fast and Furious’ grilling
Daily Caller: Holder to testify on Fast and Furious before Issa’s committee

NYT: In New Strategy, Panetta Plans Even Smaller Army
Hill: Obama, Panetta to unveil defense strategy review at Pentagon

WSJ: Health-Law Opponents Try to Add Plaintiffs to Lawsuit

WSJ: FDA Moves to Restrict Use of Antibiotics in Livestock

NYT: Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs

NYT: OpEd: Internet Access Is Not a Human Right


Des Moines Reg: Anatomy of caucus night in Iowa: Precinct by precinct, drama kept growing


WaPo: New Hampshire’s primary scene is smaller, but it’s still a big stage


WSJ: Candidates on Right Look to South Carolina
Politico: New Hampshire is next, but South Carolina is key


Albany TU: Cuomo offers vision for Year 2
NYT: Productive and Popular, but Facing a Challenge in Remaining So
NYT: Cuomo Pushes Job Creation in 2012 Agenda
NYT: Cuomo Vows New Push to Improve Education
Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo vows state growth
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Cuomo’s New Year
WTimes: Cuomo outlines goals for 2nd year, sounds ‘presidential’
Fred Dicker: Andy has a lot of reasons to play it safe as 2016 nears

NYT: Lobbyist Pleads Guilty to Paying Bribes to a State Senator
NYT: Brooklyn Legislator Pleads Not Guilty in Latest Bribery Case


WSJ: Solyndra on Rails: California's high-speed rail project 'is not financially feasible.'

SacBee: Bob Huff named Republican leader in California Senate


Miami Herald: GOP campaign kicks into high gear

Tampa Bay Times: House proposes redistricting changes, Senate schedules vote
Miami Herald: Republicans are prepared to sacrifice numbers in the redistricting battle


Chicago Tribune: Quinn to sign landmark pension abuse reforms into law


WSJ: Indiana House Democrats Hold Up Start of Session Over Right-to-Work Law
NYT: Right to Work’ Republicans Deprived of a Quorum in Indiana


Politico: Retiring Ohio Rep. Steve Austria knocks Boehner
Daily Caller: Obama swings for the Buckeye State


Detroit News: Michigan GOP watches, waits its turn


WTimes: Veteran Hatch gets challenger


Politico: Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire backs gay marriage


Roll Call: Time Running Out for GOP to Play in Oregon Special


January 4, 2012


Des Moines Register: Mitt Romney wins Iowa caucus by 8 votes
Fox: Romney Wins Iowa Caucuses by 8 Votes
NYT: Romney Wins Iowa Caucus by 8 Votes
Daily Caller: In Iowa, Romney edges out Santorum by 8 votes
WSJ: Romney Ekes Past Santorum to Win Iowa
Fox: Romney Edges Out Santorum to Win Iowa Caucuses
WaPo: Romney edges Santorum; Paul finishes third

Hill: Romney doesn't declare outright victory
WSJ: Iowa's Opening Skirmish: The Romney coronation will have to wait
WaPo: Romney leaves Iowa with same problems he had in 2008
NatJ: Iowa Reaffirms Romney as Odds-on Favorite
NatJ: Mitt Romney's Plod to the Republican Nomination

NYT: McCain to Endorse Romney in New Hampshire
WaPo: Santorum says ‘moderate’ McCain’s endorsement of Romney not a surprise
Weekly Standard: Romney Campaign Focused on New Hampshire

WaPo: Mitt Romney going on air in Florida
Politico: Romney blanketing South Carolina airwaves
Daily Caller: Romney, Gingrich look past Iowa with new ad buys
American Spectator: Mitt and the Anti-Romney

WSJ: After Santorum's Rise, a Test
Hill: Santorum cheers success in Iowa
NatJ: Santorum's Meteoric Rise: How Long Will It Last?
Daily Caller: Rick Santorum takes a victory lap: ‘Game on’
WaPo: Santorum hopes strong Iowa finish will spark campaign’s next phase
NYT: Out of Santorum’s Lean Operation, a Muscular Result
NatJ: Santorum Admits He Has Catching Up To Do In New Hampshire
Weekly Standard: The View from New Hampshire
Politico: The Buchanan of 2012?
Byron York: Santorum & Romney: Gritty Underdog vs. Death Star
Rush Limbaugh: Did We Spur the Santorum Surge?
American Spectator: And the Winner in Iowa Is… Rush Limbaugh!
Rich Lowry: Santorum’s Pro-Life Credibility
Fred Barnes: Santorum Soared, Romney Rocked

WSJ: Paul Aims to Build on Caucus Groundwork
NatJ: Paul Declares He’s ‘Satisfied’ with Third Place Finish
NatJ: Paul's Third Place Letdown Doesn't Diminish His Impact
WaPo: Ron Paul looks to capi­tal­ize on top-tier Iowa finish
NYT: Paul, Influence Assured, May Face More Attacks
Daily Caller: Al Gore encourages voters to dismiss Ron Paul as a ‘silly’ candidate

WaPo: In Iowa caucuses, Gingrich lags behind but prepares to storm on
NYT: A Frustrated Gingrich Looks Past Iowa and Lashes Back at Romney
Daily Caller: Gingrich places fourth, slams Romney and praises Santorum
Politico: Angry Newt Gingrich bolts after bad finish
Daily Caller: Chris Matthews: Anti-Gingrich ad blitz ‘equally intensive’ as Dresden bombings
Major Garrett: Gingrich Commits Political Malpractice
Rush Limbaugh: Negative Ads Took Out Newt, While Obama Gets a Pass

Star-Telegram: Perry reassessing campaign after big setback in Iowa
HChron: Perry’s non-concession speech
WaPo: Perry to reassess his campaign after poor Iowa finish
Fox: Perry Heading Back to Texas to Determine Next Step
NatJ: Perry Reassessing Campaign After Poor Iowa Showing
Austin AS: Perry will reassess caucuses
Dallas MN: Perry suspends bid as Romney, Santorum tie for first in Iowa
Daily Caller: Perry says goodbye, for now at least
Hill: Perry to return to Texas to 'reassess' campaign after fifth-place finish
WaPo: Perry spent more than $300 per vote in Iowa; Santorum, only 73 cents
Daily Caller: Carville: Rick Perry is the worst presidential candidate in American history
Daily Caller: Rick Perry, YouTube star for the month of December
Ken Herman: Career-first defeat means it's time for Perry to reassess campaign
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Write Off Rick Perry

Star Trib: In spite of disappointing turnout, Bachmann tells supporters she's staying in race
Fox: Bachmann Says She's Forward Marching, While Perry to Reassess Campaign
Daily Caller: Bachmann refuses to end campaign as she bottoms out in Iowa
Politico: Michele Bachmann still a lock for reelection -- if she runs

Fox: Huntsman: No One Cares About Iowa
Daily Caller: Huntsman says ‘legitimate’ to attack Romney’s layoffs

Politico: Iowa caucuses: 7 takeaways
WSJ: Iowa Voters Split On Electability, Core GOP Values
Fox: How Iowa Caucus-Goers Looked at Their Choices
NatJ: Iowa's Other Winners and Losers
NYT: First Vote Reinforces G.O.P.’s Ideological Divide
NYT: Tight Race Catches TV Anchors by Surprise
WSJ: The GOP's Not-So-Great Communicators
WaPo: Republican candidates are glum and glummer
Politico: Rivals seek to rally right against Mitt Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Some Perspective on the Hawkeye Cauci
National Review: What Iowa Means

WaPo: Are Iowa caucuses harbinger of the super-PAC era?

Boston Globe: As eyes turn to N.H., front-runner becomes the target
WSJ: Some GOP Hopefuls Skip Hampshire
NYT: New Hampshire Now Optional for Some

Grover Norquist: Post-Iowa, GOP prospects promising
EJ Dionne: Three very different GOPs in Iowa
Dana Milbank: Indecision 2012: In Iowa and the GOP
Jen Rubin: A virtual tie and some big losers

Kathleen Parker: Marco Rubio has what Mitt Romney needs in a vice president

WSJ: Obama Criticizes GOP In Message to Iowans
WaPo: Obama warns Iowa Democrats to gird for ‘big battle’
NatJ: Obama Heads to Cleveland to Turn Heat on GOP, Rally His Base
Suzi Parker: Hillary Clinton for vice president


WSJ: More Brown Jobs: Now foreign investors are betting on America's shale boom

Fox: Sources: Defense Budget Cuts Prevent Two-War Force Structure

Hill: Report: Attorneys say Obama can appoint Cordray during recess

WSJ: Will Republicans Hand the Left a VAT Victory?

James Taranto: Bad-Faith Journalism: PolitiFact tacks right, its approach is wrong

WSJ: Why Public Pensions Are So Rich


Albany TU: An early rebuttal to Cuomo
NYT: A Cuomo Microscope on Capitol Renovation
Buffalo News: Cuomo's outlook for 2nd year builds on ambitious start
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo's focus: Economy, casinos, agency reform


Fox: State Panel Suggests Putting California High-Speed Rail on Hold
WSJ: California Train Plan Hits Bump Over Funds


Buzz: RNC: Fla primary will remain winner-take-all for delegates


Roll Call: Judges Make Only Slight Tweaks to Mississippi Map


Roll Call: Auto Dealer Passes on Dick Lugar Challenge, Clears Field for Richard Mourdock


Detroit News: Michigan may see $1B surplus this year


Roll Call: New W.Va. Map Overruled by Federal Judges


January 3, 2012


NYT: Romney Sounds Increasingly Confident in Iowa
NatJ: Romney Says of Iowa: `We’re Gonna Win This Thing’
WTimes: Romney vs. ‘anyone but’ in Iowa
WaPo: Romney’s religion still a sticking point
Hill: Romney Iowa event interrupted by Occupy Wall Street protesters
Daily Caller: Romney supports, opposes free trade with China
Kim Strassel: Mr. Good Enough
Paul Gigot: Divided Conservatives Fall
Byron York: In GOP ad war, why did Romney get off easy?
Charles Hurt: Romney just another latter-day John Kerry
Frank Bruni: Mitt, the Paisley Tiger

WaPo: In Iowa caucuses, Rick Santorum is counting on his personal bonds with voters
NatJ: Santorum's Opportunity: Working-Class Republicans
Hill: Santorum touts blue-collar upbringing
Weekly Standard: Santorum’s Support Grows
Daily Caller: Santorum: ‘Bill O’Reilly has refused to put me on his program’
NatJ: Question on Newborn Has Santorum Fighting Back Tears
Examiner: Santorum says CEOs can't govern
American Spectator: The Passion of Rick Santorum
NYT: Sleeveless and V-Necked, Santorum’s Sweaters Are Turning Heads
David Brooks: Workers of the World, Unite!
Dana Milbank: Rick Santorum’s curious closing argument
William Kristol: Iowa Omen?

WTimes: Paul sticking to his principles despite newfound attention
Daily Caller: Rand Paul predicts his dad will win Iowa caucuses
Politico: Branstad: Don't count out Ron Paul
Hill: Paul says large Iowa crowds show his campaign is 'going very well'
Hill: Paul’s Iowa return draws raucous crowd
NatJ: Paul Battles Assumptions He Can't Win Outside Iowa
WaPo: Ron and Rand Paul, a double dose of liberty
WSJ: Meditators Back Paul for Peace
American Spectator: Get Clean for Ron
Richard Cohen: Isolationism redux via Ron Paul

WaPo: Gingrich concedes Iowa, but not race
AJC: Newt Gingrich retreats on ‘I don’t think I’m going to win’
NatJ: Gingrich Pessimistic on Iowa
Hill: Gingrich says he doesn’t think he’ll win in Iowa, blames ‘volume of negativity’
Daily Caller: Plaintive supporter to skeptical Gingrich: ‘You’re going to win tomorrow night’
Politico: How Newt Gingrich blew it: An Iowa road map

Star-Telegram: Rick Perry pushes for a surprise in tonight's Iowa caucuses
Dallas MN: Perry touts values, staying power in final Iowa push
HChron: For Perry, Iowa is just the first leg in a distance race
NatJ: In Final Pre-Iowa Pitch, Perry Urges Supporters Not to Settle
Politico: Rick Perry works Iowa by pumping Texas
NatJ: Perry: Santorum Doesn't Have What It Takes To Win
Hill: Perry attacks Santorum on earmarks, calls him a 'porker's best friend'
NYT: After Setbacks, Perry Takes the Long View

WTimes: Bachmann defies poll forecasts
NatJ: Bachmann Attacks Santorum
Politico: Michele Bachmann: I'm going to S.C. and N.H.
RCP: Palin On Michele Bachmann: It's Not Her Time

WTimes: Huntsman makes final push in New Hampshire
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 46%, Huntsman 33%

NatJ: Cain Declines to Endorse; Promises 'National Movement'

Des Moines Register: Decision day is here for Iowa caucusgoers
Fox: Gloves Off as GOP Candidates Battle for Iowa Support
Fox: What Is a Caucus and How Does It Work?
WSJ: Iowa Race Down to the Wire
WSJ: Across America, the Middle Looks Up for Grabs—Again
WSJ: Economic Indicators: Jobs Will Be Job One
WaPo: Iowa caucuses: One day out
WaPo: Will the nominee shape the GOP, or will the GOP shape the nominee?
WaPo: She the People: our predictions for Iowa
WaPo: Who will win the Iowa caucuses?
Kathleen Parker: Iowa’s three uneasy pieces
Jen Rubin: Romney to win, Gingrich to the discard pile
Marc Thiessen: Ron Paul (I fear) wins Iowa
NYT: On Eve of First Voting of ’12, a Last Pitch in Iowa
NYT: Iowa, the Early Decider, Still Hasn’t
NYT: Frenetic Push as Campaign in Iowa Ends
NYT: Davenport Becomes a Magnet for Candidates
NYT: Editorial: The Slush Funds of Iowa
WTimes: In Iowa, 40 years at starting line of presidential race
WTimes: As Iowans prepare to vote, doubts linger about Republican field
NatJ: Forget Winning Iowa: It's Better to 'Exceed Expectations'
Examiner: Iowa caucuses dead heat after a yearlong campaign
Detroit News: Down to wire, Iowa promises a tight race
Hill: Iowa GOP chairman predicts high turnout, unpredictable finish
Hill: Poll shows Romney, Paul in Iowa dead heat
HChron: As Iowa nears, oddsmakers make Perry 30:1; Ron Paul at 5:2
Human Events: Countdown to Des Moines
Star Tribune: Iowans prepare to cull GOP field
Austin AS: Iowa caucuses only expected to start GOP weaning process
National Review: GOP Candidates Betray the Spirit of Reagan on Immigration
Dallas MN: Analysis: GOP hopefuls’ best-case, worst-case scenarios in Iowa caucuses
American Spectator: Waiting for Answers in Iowa

Fox: Iowa Caucuses: The First Votes Against Obama?
American Spectator: A One-Hit Wonder

WSJ: The Super PAC Boomerang

American Thinker: Americans Elect: Obama's Third-Party Tar Pit


NYT: New Laws Now Evaluated by Job Creation
Andy Kessler: The Rise of Consumption Equality
National Review: Keynes, Krugman, and Austerity

NYT: For 2012, Signs Point to Tepid Consumer Spending

NYT: Panetta to Offer Strategy for Cutting Military Budget

WSJ: N.J. Senator Pushes Online-Betting Bill

WaPo: Editorial: A fair block on Internet piracy

NYT: For High-Speed Rail, Support in the Past From G.O.P. Presidential Hopefuls

John Yoo: Attacking Iran: The case for a military strike


Austin AS: Perry voices support for Dewhurst’s Senate bid

WaPo: Texas Consumer Health Assistance Program to close after losing federal funding


Weekly Standard: Rand Paul: Tea Party 'Best and Most Effective' Within GOP


WTimes: Eyes turn to Virginia as state weighs voter ID law


Fox: Lawsuit Claims Maryland Not Doing Enough to Desegregate Schools


WSJ: Coakley for the Housing Crisis


January 2, 2012


NYT: Romney Fights for First-Place Showing in Iowa Caucuses
NatJ: Romney makes closing appeal to Iowans
NatJ: Like Him or Not, Iowa Voters Seem Resigned to Romney
WaPo: For Romney, a ‘big hill to climb’ with conservatives
LA Times: Romney seems optimistic in face of Santorum surge
Detroit FP: A finish in the top 3 would translate into an Iowa win for Romney
Fox: Romney Raises "At Least $15 Million" in Fourth Quarter: Possibly More Than $20 Million
Hill: Romney promises banner campaign fundraising quarter
NatJ: Romney: Obama Strategy Will Fail, Like His Presidency
Daily Caller: Romney compares Obama’s promises to Kim Kardashian’s wedding vows
Hill: Romney: Obama’s promises as good as Kim Kardashian's wedding vows
WaPo: This time around, Mitt Romney’s sons are more scarce on campaign trail
Boston Globe: Negative ads aimed away from Romney
WSJ: Democratic Party Takes on Romney
NYT: Democrats Descend on Iowa to Hit Romney
Examiner: Romney picks on Santorum
WTimes: Romney, Santorum gain momentum down stretch in Iowa
Daily Caller: Romney’s media strategy includes courting liberal news outlets
Joe Curl: Is Romney the next Kerry?
Michael Barone: Steady in Iowa, Romney counts on New Hampshire and Florida
William Kristol: A Time for Choosing

AJC: Gingrich slaps at Romney, declares race is still wide open
Roll Call: Gingrich Ad Maker Has Reputation, Long Client List
WTimes: Gingrich fires back at Romney’s attack ads
Weekly Standard: Newt Plans to Hit Mitt on Romneycare and Abortion
Politico: Newt's message goes negative
NatJ: Gingrich: Romney Wants to “Buy Election”
NYT: Gingrich Says He’s Been ‘Romney-Boated’
Hill: Pro-Gingrich PAC: Other candidates lack 'inner security' to run positive campaign
National Review: Newt’s Brother

Weekly Standard: New Iowa Poll: Ron Paul 20, Mitt Romney 19, Rick Santorum 18
WSJ: Ron Paul Sees First or Second Finish in Iowa
Politico: Ron Paul predicts top-two finish in Iowa
Examiner: How Ron Paul became a contender in Iowa
Politico: For Ron Paul, first place isn’t first priority
Hill: Ron Paul: 'I'm pretty mainstream'
Human Events: Ron Paul and his enemies
WaPo: Ron Paul leaves rosy outlooks, campaign promises to the other GOP candidates
Fox: Paul Defends Past Criticism of AIDS Patients, Says Support in Iowa Is Strong
American Thinker: Hawkeye Hoopla and the Rueful Paul Reality
Michael Gerson: Ron Paul’s quest to undo the party of Lincoln

Austin AS: Perry, volunteers work to get out the vote, exceed expectations
Star-Telegram: 'Perry's posse' volunteers ride to Iowa as caucuses near
Des Moines Register: Perry slows down for church, plans for busy Monday
Fox: Gov. Rick Perry on Iowa Expectations
NatJ: Perry's Dramatic Fade Shapes GOP Nomination Race
NatJ: Forbes: Perry Will Get a Boost
Hill: Perry backers could move to Santorum
Brett Decker: Five questions with Rick Perry

Examiner: Santorum, final anti-Romney, poised for victory
Dallas MN: Santorum surge could show old rules still apply in Iowa politics
Politico: Rick Santorum rises with blue-collar pitch
Hill: Energized Santorum campaign showing confidence after surge
Hill: Rick Santorum rallies his troops in Iowa: 'Fire the first shot. Do not miss.'
NYT: Santorum’s Challenge: Broaden His Appeal Beyond Evangelical Christians
Boston Globe: Iowa evangelical bloc fractured over GOP candidates
National Review: Santorum in Iowa: The candidate woos the state’s conservatives
NY Post: Churchgoers boost Rick Santorum on Sunday before Iowa caucuses
HChron: Rising Santorum targeted by GOP rivals in Iowa
Hill: Santorum dings Perry while playing for Iowa conservative voters
Fox: Santorum Talks Tough on Iran as Country Announces Nuclear Fuel Rod
NatJ: Santorum's Surge Comes With Scrutiny
NatJ: Candidate Guide: Where Does Rick Santorum Stand?
American Spectator: Hope in the Heartland

Politico: Bachmann forecasts 'miracle' in Iowa
NYT: Embattled but Confident, Bachmann Says She Is the ‘Complete Package’
Star Tribune: Will Iowans buy Bachmann as 'Iron Lady'?
Brett Decker: Five questions with Michele Bachmann

Hill: Huntsman campaign hits Ron Paul with 'Twilight Zone' video
Fox: Absent From Iowa, Huntsman Says New Hampshire Will 'Set the Standard'
Politico: Huntsman says he'll match donations
NatJ: Huntsman Still Touting Moderate Message

HChron: Report: Trump supporters file paperwork to get on Texas ballot

Fox: GOP Candidates Build Iowa Ground Game in Quest for Caucus Turnout
LA Times: Republican candidates set stage for final push in Iowa
Hill: Iowa front-runners making final push to win late-breaking voters
NYT: A Relentless On-Screen Bid to Sell Candidates in Iowa
Human Events: 48 hours to Des Moines
Human Events: Iowa poll analysis: Race in flux, Santorum gaining
Weekly Standard: Iowa: Santorum Surges, Romney Stable, Paul Dropping
NYT: In Iowa, a Time to Vote, and, for Many, to Settle
WSJ: Jabs Fly as Iowa Caucuses Near
NYT: Last-Minute Scramble as Caucus Night Nears
NYT: At Worship, Iowans Consider the Candidates
WaPo: ‘Life is good’ in Iowa’s Washington, but the candidates keep raising alarms
Politico: Gallup: Most fluid GOP primary ever
Mike Lupica: White-bread Iowa doesn’t begin to represent America’s diversity

Miami Herald: 4 yrs after propelling Obama to White House, Iowa Dems re-examine choice
WaPo: GOP’s election battle plan: Use Obama’s own words against him
NatJ: RNC Compiles 500-Page Book of Clips to Be Used Against Obama—Report
WTimes: Iowans await Obama’s pledge to bring change
Politico: Barack Obama’s primary concerns

Robert Samuelson: Why Obama will (won’t) win in 2012
EJ Dionne: Can a messiah win twice?


Hill: White House, GOP battle for supremacy on Keystone pipeline
NYT: Editorial: Where the Real Jobs Are

NYT: Editorial: ‘Essential Benefits’ and Health Reform

WaPo: Edit.: Overcharging taxpayers: Congress needs to pull plug on electric-car subsidies

NYT: Police Inquiry Prompts New Speculation on Who Leaked Climate-Change E-Mails

Examiner: 2012 Medicare debate is all about the baby boomers

Paul Krugman: Nobody Understands Debt

Roll Call: Harry Reid Beat Back Majority of Filibusters in 2011
Daily Caller: A look back at the most unpopular Congress ever

Human Events: The Top 10 political and policy stories to watch for in 2012


Dallas MN: Concerns about economy driving GOP voters’ choices in Iowa
Hill: Iowa governor says Bachmann, Gingrich may have to drop out if they finish poorly


Weekly Standard: N.H. Poll: Romney 41, Paul 15, Gingrich 11, Huntsman 9


Albany TU: Cuomo taps ex-HUD aide for state's


Dallas MN: Texas Democrats see potential benefits in Perry as GOP presidential nominee

Star-Telegram: Longtime Ron Paul backer heads GOP in Tarrant


Miami Herald: Deadline to vote in state primary looms


Roll Call: Redistricting Spurs Debate Over Voting Rights Act
Fox: Former Georgia Congressman Ed Jenkins Dies at 78


WaPo: Virginia attorney general changes mind, won’t intervene in primary ballot case
Examiner: Cuccinelli reverses positions on ballot law changes
Politico: Bolling defends Virginia ballot rules


Fox: First Civil Unions Take Place in Delaware


Boston Globe: Mass. voters divided on Romney presidency


January 1, 2012


WSJ: Romney Holds Narrow Lead in Iowa
WaPo: Mitt Romney leads in new Des Moines Register poll
DMR: Romney leads Paul in new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll; Santorum surges
NatJ: Poll: Romney With Narrow Lead Over Paul, Santorum
WTimes: Romney looking to solidify lead in N.H., Iowa
Boston Globe: Momentum in Iowa tilting toward Mitt Romney
Politico: Romney leads, Santorum surges in Iowa
NYT: Romney and Paul Ahead in New Iowa Poll
NYT: Romney Says He Would Veto the Dream Act
NYT: Romney Quotes His Favorite Patriotic Songs and Offers Voters an Interpretation
Politico: Mitt Romney's campaign: The monotonous march
NYT: Last-Minute Scramble as Caucus Night Nears
WaPo: Iowa caucuses: GOP presidential hopefuls making final push before Tuesday vote
WSJ: Candidates Make Closing Arguments in Iowa
NYT: Over Phones and Greasy Pizza, a Battle for Iowa
Detroit FP: As Iowa caucuses near, GOP contest is a guessing game

WSJ: Gingrich Ponders Response to Negative Ads
WaPo: Iowa caucuses: Volunteers for Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann scramble for votes
Boston Globe: Laden with baggage, Newt Gingrich tries to defy odds
Hill: Bob Dole on Gingrich's temperament: 'Sometimes it's his way or the highway'
AJC: Gingrich continues to struggle in polls, gets nod from key Cain ally

NatJ: The Ron Paul Coalition: Six Groups That Back the Texas Congressman
Politico: Ron Paul's South Carolina ad buy
Hill: Gary Johnson asks Iowa supporters to back Ron Paul
RT: Ron Paul was right about CIA drug deal
Star-Telegram: Though both Texas Republicans, Paul and Perry differ from each other

WTimes: Perry shifts focus from jobs to Job
Fox: Gov Rick Perry Trying to Regain Momentum in Iowa
NatJ: Is Rick Perry the Iowa Dark Horse?
Politico: Rick Perry campaign plays blame game
Dallas MN: Rick Perry slams Rick Santorum as Iowa caucuses draw near
Austin AS: Even if Perry beats Iowa expectations, a tough road awaits
WaPo: Many Iowans still don’t know who they will caucus for

WTimes: Poll shows possible second-place surge by Santorum
Hill: Santorum says he is the train right at Romney's heels
Human Events: Santorum Closing in on Romney in Iowa in Des Moines Register Poll
NYT: Latest Santorum Spot Reflects New Confidence
Politico: Rick Santorum camp savors its moment

Star Tribune: Bachmann last in Des Moines Register caucus poll

Fox: GOP Candidates Keep Focus on Obama Despite Heated Iowa Battle

Maureen Dowd: She Made Me Run!
Frank Bruni: Iowa’s Harvest
Ross Douthat: Pariahs and Prophets
Mike Littwin: An Iowa pre-mortem

Salena Zito: Obama's support faltering in Iowa

NatJ: Unopposed Obama Aims for Good Showing in Iowa Caucuses
Fox: In 2012, Obama Political Strategy Hinges on Contrast With Congress
NYT: Obama to Turn Up Attacks on Congress in Campaign
WaPo: Obama campaign as it also gears up for Iowa: ‘We’re ready’ for general election

Dallas MN: Voters’ discontent with nation’s direction is reflected in presidential campaign

Robert Knight: Voter ID terrifies Dems: Justice Dept seeks to undermine our elections
Jeff Kuhner: Will Obama steal the 2012 election?


NYT: Editorial: The Economy: As Good as It Gets?

NYT: After Struggle on Detainees, Obama Signs Defense Bill
WTimes: Obama signs defense bill despite ‘reservations’

WaPo: Roberts defends Supreme Court colleagues on recusal issue
WSJ: Chief Justice Responds to Recusal Calls in Health-Care Case
NYT: Chief Justice Defends Peers’ Hearing Case on Health Law

NYT: F.D.A. Is Finding Attention Drugs in Short Supply


LA Times: New year brings new laws in California

SacBee: Jerry Brown tries inside game at the Capitol to no avail


Star-Telegram: Texas still top state for the death penalty


AJC: State’s immigration crackdown is about to expand


Star Tribune: Beleaguered GOP picks new head


LA Times: 'Super PACs' are showing their power


WaPo: Republican candidates may get another shot at Virginia ballot for Super Tuesday
Fox: Virginia AG Intervenes in GOP Ballot Dispute as Blocked Candidates Join Suit
NatJ: Virginia Attorney General Intervenes to Get GOP Candidates on Ballot
Daily Caller: Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman and Santorum to file joint motion in Virginia


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Hill: Key upcoming dates on campaign trail

NYT: Republican Primary Projections: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

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