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January 21, 2012


WSJ: Carolina Race Down to Wire
USA Today: South Carolina voters get their say after wild campaign
Fox: Gingrich aims for first primary win in SC as Romney says race 'neck and neck'
NYT: Gingrich Is Well-Positioned as South Carolina Votes
Hot Air: Oh my: Gingrich’s lead increasing in final hours before South Carolina vote?
NYT: Gingrich Gets a Boost on Intrade
NatJ: Gingrich Rides Lucky Streak Into S.C. Primary
Fox: Reagan's Son: Gingrich Exemplifies My Father's Conservative Principles
Daily Caller: Chuck Norris endorses Newt Gingrich
WaPo: Newt Gingrich’s Southern swagger is a positive in South Carolina
NYT: Gingrich Is Victim of False Smear Campaign
Daily Caller: Phony email claims Gingrich forced second wife to have abortion
Fox: SC officials to investigate bogus campaign emails aimed at Gingrich campaign
NYT: Disdainful of Strategists, Gingrich Acts as His Own
Human Events: Gingrich benefited from debates, says former S.C. GOP Chairman
WTimes: Gingrich makes play for gold vote
WTimes: Gingrich backs portion of Dream Act
WTimes: Gingrich ambushed by House bank attack
NYT: For Gingrich, Wives Always at Center of Career

IBD: Editorial: Gingrich Looking Churchillian In Political Comeback
John Gizzi: Newt Gingrich, not Mitt Romney helped by South Carolina's undecided voters
Andrew McCarthy: Newt Was Right: Presidency is incompatible with adherence to sharia
Byron York: Team Newt: No more taxes until Romney releases his
Charles Blow: Newt’s Southern Strategy
Gail Collins: Opening Newt’s Marriage
Kathleen Parker: Newt Gingrich and the forgiveness ploy
Ruth Marcus: Newt Gingrich blames media for a mess he created

Human Events: Live coverage of the South Carolina primary
NatJ: How To Spend Your Saturday Night

WaPo: Romney campaign looks to consolidate support of GOP establishment
WaPo: Romney scrambles to fend off Gingrich in South Carolina
Examiner: Romney plays character card on eve of S.C. primary
NYT: Tightening Race Is an Abrupt Blow to Romney Team
Hill: Doubts creep in as an awkward Romney tries not to lose GOP nod
LA Times: Mitt Romney drives a wedge into the tea party
WTimes: Romney to Gingrich: Release ethics records
NYT: Romney Turns His Attention Away From Gingrich and Toward Obama
Daily Caller: Stumping for Romney, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says character counts
WaPo: Editorial: Republicans are falling short of the Romney standard
WSJ: Romney's Wealth Proves Rich Vein for Rivals
Larry Kudlow: Mitt’s Attack on Crony Capitalism
Holman Jenkins: It's time for Mitt Romney to come out in favor of the flat tax
Stephen Hayes: The New Romney Firewall: On to Florida

Politico: Rick Santorum declared Iowa winner
WTimes: Santorum: South Carolina is not end of line
Hill: Santorum in South Carolina cites the Bible, ignores Obama birther remark
NYT: Once Schooled by Him, Santorum Moves to Give Gingrich Lessons
NatJ: Santorum: I’d Discourage Abortion if Daughter Was Raped

Daily Caller: Paul: American exceptionalism does not justify overseas intervention
WSJ: Paul Foot Soldiers Take to Airwaves
Boston Globe: Paul says veterans are backing him more than others

Rush Limbaugh: Brokered Convention Chatter on Rise


Omaha WH: GOP House members vow unity
Hill: House Republicans on retreat focus on picking their fights in election year
Hill: House GOP leaders get heat from rank and file ahead of debt vote
NYT: House Republicans Hone Plan to Take On Obama
WTimes: Boehner wants oversight of Obama policies
Roll Call: Cantor Seeks Contrasts in 2012 Agenda, May Endorse

CBS: Jobs, re-election frame Obama's State of the Union

LA Times: Religious institutions' health plans must offer birth control
NYT: Obama Reaffirms Insurers Must Cover Contraception
WaPo: Obama administration gives groups more time to comply with birth control rule

George Will: A Supreme Obamacare test

Chicago Tribune: Congress has legal clout on Keystone pipeline: study
Fox: As Obama delays Keystone oil pipeline, vast network of pipelines already in place
Rush: Entrepreneurs Plot Their Way Around the Regime's Insane Keystone Pipeline Decision

WTimes: Federal prosecutor cites Fifth in ‘Fast and Furious’ probe

WTimes: Congressman irked by Solyndra bonuses, equipment destruction

Roll Call: High Court Tosses Out Interim Texas Map
Examiner: Supreme Court tosses Texas electoral maps favoring minorities
NYT: Texas Redistricting Ruling Likely to Help G.O.P.
NYT: Editorial: Redistricting in Texas

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Roll Call: Nikki Haley to Keynote NRCC Annual Dinner


Hill: California Dems want a sit-down with Obama over 'insufficient' housing policy


Miami Herald: In tight S.C. GOP primary, Newt Gingrich feels confident, eyes Florida
Hill: Florida debate uncertain without Romney commitment


Detroit News: Snyder rebuffs right-to-work talk


Roll Call: N.C. Court Denies Motion to Delay Primary


Fox: Scott Brown, nation's most bipartisan senator?
Roll Call: Brown: Romney’s Wealth ‘a Different World’


January 20, 2012


Human Events: The Final South Carolina Debate
WSJ: Fewer Debaters, Plenty of Heat
American Spectator: Southern Showdown
Examiner: Sparks fly in final debate before S.C. primary
Fox: GOP candidates refocus their attacks at South Carolina debate with field down to four
WaPo: At South Carolina GOP debate, four survivors spar; Gingrich adds host to the fray
NatJ: Debate Takeaways: Gingrich Fierce, Santorum Strong, Romney Unexciting
Fred Barnes: The Final Fight for South Carolina
Jen Rubin: South Carolina Republican debate: Fireworks in a showcase for the candidates
EJ Dionne: Gingrich wins debate by trashing the media
NatJ: Tumultuous Final Days Muddy Romney, Gingrich Contest in South Carolina
WaPo: GOP leaders slow to back Romney - or anyone else - in race for nomination

Hill: Gingrich's attack on the media sets feisty tone for GOP debate
NYT: Gingrich Jousts With Rivals on Matters Professional and Personal
LA Times: Gingrich rips into media, then his rivals, in GOP debate
Politico: Newt Gingrich fights back
WTimes: Gingrich assails infidelity charges in S.C. debate
Daily Caller: Newt schools CNN’s John King for asking question about ex-wife
NYDN: Newt Gingrich lashes out at media for reporting ex-wife’s ‘false’ claim
NY Post: Gingrich rips into CNN moderator over question about affair
NYT: For Gingrich, Rival’s Gift and an Ex-Wife’s Sting
HE: Gingrich Defiantly Gambles At Debate, Pays Off; ABC Interview With Ex-Wife Falls Flat
WaPo: Marianne Gingrich, Newt’s ex-wife, says he wanted ‘open marriage’
WTimes: Ex-wife says Gingrich wanted ‘open marriage’
WSJ: Gingrich’s Ex-Wife: He Wanted an Open Marriage
WTimes: Gingrich denies ex-wife’s open marriage request claim
Politico: Jenny Sanford: I won’t vote for Newt Gingrich
Human Events: Ex-Gov. Campbell's son endorses Newt Gingrich
NatJ: Will South Carolina Women Surge Against Gingrich?
NYT: Gingrich Attacks the Media and Creates a Stir
Rush Limbaugh: Drudge Screwed Up ABC's Plans for the Marianne Gingrich Interview

Hill: Gingrich releases his tax returns during the GOP debate in SC
WaPo: Gingrich tax rate about 32 percent in 2010, returns show
NYT: Returns Suggest Gingrich Pays Higher Rate in Taxes

Daily Caller: Gingrich to parents: Elect us, and we’ll help your kids move out

WaPo: Sheldon Adelson & Newt Gingrich: One gained clout from friendship, the other funding

Paul Gigot: Perry Lifts Gingrich
Bill McCollum: Gingrich Can Repeal ObamaCare
New Republic: Why Does the Media Keep Underestimating Newt?
James Taranto: The Ex Factor
NYT: Editorial: Moralizing’s High Cost

Rasmussen: South Carolina: Gingrich 33%, Romney 31%, Paul 15%
Roll Call: Gingrich Surges into Lead in South Carolina
National Review: Gingrich Gains in South Carolina
Weekly Standard: Propelled by Tea Party, Gingrich Takes Lead in South Carolina

NYT: Romney's 'Prevent Defense' Yielding Big Gains to Opponents
Politico: Mitt Romney tax returns issue causes him to battle plutocrat image
Roll Call: Perry’s K Street Allies Jump to Romney, Not Gingrich
American Spectator: Mitt Romney's Chance for Glory
David Brooks: The Wealth Issue
Paul Krugman: Taxes at the Top
John Bolton: Romney: The Conservative Who Can Beat Obama
William Kristol: Taxes and Romneycare
WSJ: How Much the Rich Pay
WaPo: Editorial: Mitt Romney’s unjust position on voting rights

Hill: GOP debate: Santorum blasts Gingrich
Daily Caller: Santorum: GOP ‘can’t afford’ risk of Gingrich embarrassing himself as nominee
NYT: Santorum Rose Quickly From Reformer to Insider
NYT: For Santorum, Perry Endorsement Dulls Iowa News
WTimes: Gingrich, Santorum dueling for conservative mantle

Daily Caller: CNN moderator John King met with chorus of boos after ignoring Ron Paul
WTimes: Backers reflective of Paul’s wild-card status
CSM: Will Ron Paul pick up many of Rick Perry's voters?
Kim Strassel: What Ron Paul Wants

WSJ: Perry Abandons Presidential Bid
WSJ: A Battered Perry Heads Back to Texas
NYT: Perry Ends Bid for Presidency
WTimes: Perry pulls out of race, backs Gingrich
WaPo: Rick Perry ends presidential candidacy, endorses Newt Gingrich
NYT: A Final Indignity, Where Perry’s Crusade Began
Dan Balz: Rick Perry’s ‘oops’ campaign never ready for prime time
Star-Telegram: Perry ends candidacy, returns to Texas without ruling out future bids
Austin AS: Pundits say Perry can recover from presidential defeat
Dallas MN: After failed presidential bid, what’s in Perry's future?
HChron: He’s out of race, but Perry still has identity crisis

Charles Krauthammer: The GOP’s suicide march
Michelle Malkin: The land of Obama make-believe
Rich Lowry: Why Do Obama Officials Get Rich?
Jonah Goldberg: A Question of Priorities
Peggy Noonan: The No-Obama Drama
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama is the Problem


Fox: House GOP Seeks Unity in Baltimore
Roll Call: House GOP Lands at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for Retreat
Hill: Boehner at Republican retreat calls for unity to keep pressure on Obama


WaPo: Keystone XL oil pipeline battle has only just begun
Human Events: Congress plots new moves to sidestep Obama on Keystone pipeline
American Spectator: Environmentalism and the Leisure Class

WaPo: Mortgage rate continues to hit new lows

NatJ: Senate Online-Piracy Bill Faces Long Odds
Fox: Chris Dodd warns of Hollywood backlash against Obama over anti-piracy bill
Daily Caller: Early co-sponsor of SOPA recants, declares: ‘It’s time to scrap the bill’
Hill: GOP leader McConnell asks Senate Dems to shelve anti-piracy bill

Guardian UK: US government hits Megaupload with mega piracy indictment

Fox: Federal official in Arizona to plead the fifth and not answer questions on 'furious'


NYT: From South Carolina, a Wary Welcome


NYT: Budget Provision Raises Worries About Cuomo’s Reach
NYT: Governor Cuomo to Be Subject of a Biography

Albany TU: Albany lobbyist, wife of retiring congressman, charged by cops with DWI

Albany TU: Net numbers show Senate GOP with 5:1 cash edge


LA Times: Brown sharply differs from Obama on education policy
Dan Walters: Unemployment tax increase looms as Capitol battle


Miami Herald: As Florida awaits, GOP contest in SC takes bizarre twists for Romney, Gingrich


Milwaukee JS: Walker says education bill based on task forces is nearing


WTimes: Michigan plan offers tuition-free education

Detroit FP: Pick-a-party requirement riles some seeking absentee ballot in Michigan


Huff Post: Joseph Kyrillos Challenging Robert Menendez For New Jersey U.S. Senate Seat
Trentonian: GOP's Joseph Kyrillos throws his hat in the ring for U.S. Senate seat
NYT: Ally of Christie Will Seek U.S. Senate Seat


Politico: Elizabeth Warren nets $1 million in a single day
Hill: Top Senate Dems pitch for Elizabeth Warren's senatorial campaign


LA Times: Appeals court upholds Washington state's open primary system


January 19, 2012


WTimes: Romney attacks, Gingrich parries ahead of S.C. primary
NYT: As Attacks Heat Up, Romney’s Lead Narrows in S.C.
NYT: Romney Riches Are Being Seen as New Hurdle
Examiner: Romney's taxes, speaking fees become SC liability
WSJ: Romney's Unorthodox IRA
NatJ: Report: Romney Has Millions in Cayman Island Funds
Miami Herald: In Miami, profits & layoffs highlight debate over Romney's tenure at Bain
WaPo: Editorial: Romney’s tax returns should be only the start of his disclosures
NYT: Editorial: The 1% and That 15%
National Review: Editorial: Taxing Romney

A.B. Stoddard: Romney's 15 percent problem
Rush Limbaugh: Media Feasts on Romney Tax Remark
Rush Limbaugh: How Romney Should Respond
Ann Coulter: Strongest Case Against Romney a Few Sheets Short of a Ream
Dan Henninger: Bain Capital Saved America
Karl Rove: Time for Romney to Talk About Bain
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi Admits Nobody Thinks Mitt Can Win

Hill: Democrats receive more Bain Capital dollars than Republicans
WaPo: Mitt Romney and the fall of Republican moderates
EJ Dionne: Where are the Republican populists?
American Thinker: Mitt's Game

NYT: Higher Deficits Seen in Romney’s Tax Plan, and His Rivals’, Too
LA Times: For Romney, immigration issue offers an opportunity
NYT: This Year, Voters Focus More on a Man Than on His Religion
NatJ: Romney's South Carolina Formula
WTimes: Many Bush-era hard-liners are Romney security advisers

WaPo: Gingrich sees a South Carolina surge
Politico: Poll: Newt in striking distance
Hill: Gingrich campaign shows signs of momentum in South Carolina
NYT: Does Gingrich Have Momentum in South Carolina?
Daily Caller: Tea party activists coalescing behind Newt in South Carolina
AJC: Gingrich fostered Georgia GOP rise
National Review: Sarah for Newt?
American Spectator: Desperate Days in Dixie
Fox: Former Huntsman SC Chairman and Huckabee SC 2008 Chairman to Endorse Gingrich
Human Events: Gingrich: 'I have a game plan to win after South Carolina'
NYT: Gingrich Says His Tax Rate Was 31 Percent
WaPo: Gingrich to release tax returns Thursday; calls Romney campaign ‘dirty & dishonest’
NYT: Gingrich Feels Heat From Romney, and Welcomes It
WSJ: Food Stamp Nation: Gingrich highlights a national disgrace. White House shrugs
Rush: Palin Launches Her Own Version of Operation Chaos, Urges SC to Vote Newt
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Goes Scorched Earth on Newt Again
Rush Limbaugh: Clyburn: Newt Wants White Kids to See Black Kids as Servants

WaPo: What’s Marianne Gingrich got on her ex?
Politico: ABC to air interview with Newt's ex-wife
NYT: Gingrich Camp Responds to Ex-Wife's Interview
NY Post: Gingrich's bitter ex gives TV interview that could derail presidential run
NYDN: Newt Gingrich’s daughters ask ABC News not to air interview with ex-wife
Fox: Gingrich's Daughters Send Letter to ABC News Ahead of Network Airing Interview
Hill: Gingrich's daughters try to set tone before interview with ex-wife
NatJ: Gingrich Campaign Releases Daughters’ Letter on Eve of Ex-Wife’s TV Interview
WTimes: Female turnout critical in SC primary: Gingrich ‘like a Yankee’ to Southern women
NatJ: The GOP's Gingrich Dilemma, Now With Women On Both Sides
Examiner: Will Newt's ex doom his chances in South Carolina?

NatJ: GOP Candidate Tax Rates: Perry in the Middle at 27 Percent
Texas Tribune: Perry Challenges Opponent to Show Tax Returns — Again
Daily Beast: Perry Has a Point About the Marines Video Vs. the Daniel Pearl Video
Austin AS: Perry backs ban at anti-abortion forum, brushes aside calls to quit
Fox: Team Perry Scoffs at Erickson's Call for the Governor to Drop Out
ABC: Conservatives Call on Rick Perry to Exit Race
Politico: Rick Perry's shrinking schedule

Hill: South Carolina social conservative leaders to endorse Rick Santorum
Daily Beast: Evangelicals in an Uproar Over Rick Santorum Endorsement
Des Moines Register: Santorum finished ahead by 34 votes in Iowa Caucus
Boston Globe: Study: Santorum tax plan swells deficit by $900B
LA Times: Rick Santorum touts small-town values
National Review: Santorum Soldiers On in South Carolina
Roll Call: Santorum Sticks With Trusted Strategist

ABC: Ron Paul Warns of ‘Dire Circumstances’ If Debt Ceiling Is Increased
WaPo: Ron Paul leaves trail to vote against debt ceiling hike
WaPo: Poll shows Ron Paul’s strengths and weaknesses in GOP primary
Daily Caller: Ron Paul only GOP candidate to publicly denounce SOPA
Andrew McCarthy: Ron Paul: Wrong on the Taliban

Gail Collins: Anchors Aweigh, My Boys

NYT: Poll Shows Obama’s Vulnerability With Swing Voters
Politico: Obama’s Florida 2012 problem
NYT: Obama Fights Back Against Koch Brothers in New Ad
Fox: Obama's first 2012 ad defends record on Solyndra
NYT: Obama Strategist Plans Post-Vote Academic Role

LA Times: 'Super PACs' dominate the political landscape


WaPo: House Democrats’ plan to win back the majority
NatJ: Top Aides Used to Lure Donor Dollars
Roll Call: DCCC Casts Large Net This Cycle


Fox: Obama administration rejects Keystone pipeline permit
Boston Globe: Obama rejects new oil pipeline, blames Congress
NYT: Rejecting Pipeline Proposal, Obama Blames Congress
WaPo: Five myths about the Keystone XL pipeline
WTimes: Republicans fume as Obama rejects Keystone pipeline
WSJ: The Anti-Jobs President
WaPo: Obama’s Keystone pipeline rejection is hard to accept
NYT: Editorial: A Good Call on the Pipeline
Rush: Election-Year Politics: Obama Rejects Keystone, Floats Phony "Budget Cuts"
Fox: Obama Caves to Daryl Hannah
Fox: Trump on Obama and Keystone: 'Absolutely Disgraceful'
James Taranto: The Passive-Aggressive Presidency

WTimes: House nixes $1.2T hike in debt limit in symbolic gesture
NYT: Budget Wars Are Revived With a Vote in the House
Dana Milbank: For House Republicans, a game of debt charades

WTimes: Fed pushes for government action to help revive housing

Fareed Zakaria: The economic lessons the rest of the world could teach us

WaPo: Senators drop support of piracy bill after protests
WSJ: Net-Rule Doubts Hit Congress
NatJ: Websites' Blackout Has Impact on Capitol Hill
Daily Caller: Rand Paul promises to filibuster ‘censor the Internet’ legislation
NYT: Editorial: Online Piracy and Political Overreach
NYT: OpEd: The False Ideals of the Web
Joshua Topolsky: SOPA and PIPA: The wrong tools to combat online piracy

NYT: Edward J. Derwinski, First V.A. Secretary, Dies at 85

George Will: A snapshot of our times


WTimes: Rep. Scott: GOP survivor will be a better candidate


NYT: Coalition Spends Millions Pushing Cuomo’s Agenda
NYT: Cuomo Limits State Money for Salaries of Contractors

WaPo: Democratic Rep. Maurice Hinchey to retire
NYT: Hudson Valley Democrat Won’t Seek 11th Term in Congress


LA Times: Gov. Jerry Brown's State of State speech puts focus on big projects
SacBee: Jerry Brown pitches higher taxes, budget cuts and and more public works spending
NYT: Brown Asks California to Cheer Rail Project
George Skelton: No longer on national stage, Jerry Brown addresses California's needs

SacBee: Democrats target GOP House seats held by Dan Lungren, Jeff Denham


WTimes: Nelson will be absent for Obama’s visit to Florida


WSJ: Wisconsin Recall Effort Heats Up
Milwaukee JS: Neumann: Walker re-election is a priority


NatJ: Q Poll: Brown Leads Mandel by 15 Points in Ohio


Detroit News: Snyder calls for continued reforms and focus on jobs


Examiner: Montgomery County residents get hit under O'Malley income tax hike


WTimes: Christie touts 10% tax cut far and wide


NYT: Republican Senator Runs Away From the Party Line


NYT: A New Fight on Licenses for Illegal Immigrants


January 18, 2012


NYT: Romney Shares Some Tax Data; Critics Pounce
WaPo: Mitt Romney agrees to release tax returns, estimates 15 percent tax rate
WTimes: Romney defers release of income-tax returns
WSJ: Mitt Romney's 15%: After his tax rate news, he needs a big reform proposal
Politico: Mitt Romney’s tax return problem
Hill: Romney's tax return headache
LA Times: Mitt Romney fumbles common touch regarding money
NatJ: Opposition Dossier on Romney Hits Internet
NatJ: Substance Trumps Style
NatJ: GOP's Managerial Wing Picks Its Man -- Romney
NYT: Romney Looks Past Weekend’s Primary as Rivals Find New Hope
Maureen Dowd: Hunting, Dear Sir? Delighted!
WaPo: Editorial: Mitt Romney’s flawed plan to ‘fix’ campaign financing
Ted Nugent: Bain Capital isn’t the problem
American Spectator: Mitt & Mop
Jonah Goldberg: Romney Is Right on Corporations

Rasmussen: South Carolina: Romney 35%, Gingrich 21%, Santorum 16%, Paul 16%
NatJ: Poll: Romney Cruising Past Rivals in Ohio
Hill: Republican primary calendar tilts in Romney’s favor after South Carolina

Newt Gingrich: We need an American energy plan -- 'strait' away
WaPo: Is Newt Gingrich surging in South Carolina?
IBD: Gingrich's Debate Prowess Shows How Obama Can Be Beat
Dick Morris: Newt is finally Newt again
Rush Limbaugh: Montage: Newt's Grand Slams
NatJ: Sarah Palin: If I Were a South Carolinian, I'd Back Gingrich
WaPo: Sarah Palin: I’d vote for Newt Gingrich in South Carolina
Human Events: Sarah Palin: 'If I were a South Carolinian ... I'd vote for Newt."
NYT: For Gingrich, an Endorsement of Sorts From Sarah Palin
Roll Call: Gingrich: Christian Conservatives on My Side
Examiner: Gingrich: Conservatives must stop Romney in S.C.
Human Events: Newt Gingrich allies in South Carolina and Florida smell victory
NYT: Risks for G.O.P. in Attacks With Racial Themes
James Taranto: Why They Stood & Cheered: Gingrich confronts left's racial supremacy
Ross Douthat: Not the Bane of His Existence
Paul Gigot: The Bain of Gingrich's Campaign
NYT: Editorial: Preaching Division in South Carolina
Rush: Newt Turns Racially Charged Question From Williams into Explanation of Conservatism
WaPo: Jackie Gingrich Cushman, child janitor: ‘I had so much satisfaction’
Rush Limbaugh: Debate Proves Conservatism Sells
American Thinker: Gingrich's Practical Conservatism
American Thinker: Newt and the '10 PM Question'
Weekly Standard: A Gingrich Win Could Benefit Everyone — Even Romney

Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 47%, Gingrich 38%

NYT: Duggars Are Suprise Guests at Santorum Event
WaPo: Rivals vie to battle Romney from the right — alone
WTimes: Iowa recount may boost Santorum
American Spectator: Rick Santorum, Bad Economist
Weekly Standard: Santorum on the Constitution and the Declaration

NYT: Paul to Break From Trail for Debt Ceiling Vote
National Review: GOP Should Heed Ron Paul

Star-Telegram: Perry tries to revive campaign with faith
Dallas MN: Days before primary, Perry attends prayer rally
Austin AS: Perry gets different response at South Carolina prayer gathering
Fox: Perry draws Turkey rebuke over debate comments
WaPo: Turkey bashes Perry over debate comments
HChron: Perry plummets in Texas poll; now trails Romney, Gingrich

Examiner: Court keeps GOP candidates off Va. ballot

WTimes: Times poll shows GOP schism on interventionism

WaPo: Electorate is sharply split over Obama, poll finds
Milton Wolf: Newtering Obama’s re-election strategy

Fox: Dems move last night of convention to Charlotte stadium in potential fundraising boost

SPT: Republican National Convention to disrupt civic life in downtown Tampa


NatJ: Dissension Rising Among Senate Republicans


Hill: Recess appointments might not hold
Human Events: Obama appointments face court challenge

WTimes: Congress revisiting bruising payroll tax cut fight
NYT: Parties Confident of Extending Payroll Tax Cut
WTimes: House faces issues from last year again
Hill: President Obama faces tax dilemma: $1 million or $250k?

WaPo: Treasury’s Thrift Savings Plan maneuver aims to keep government under debt cap

WaPo: U.S. losing high-tech manufacturing jobs to Asia
WSJ: Politics, Tax Code Said to Stymie U.S.
Rick Moranis: Capitalism and My Discontents

WTimes: Obama advisers push oil pipelines for jobs
Hill: House Republicans huddle to weigh options if Obama kills Keystone pipeline
American Spectator: Now Playing: The Sustainability Con

WaPo: SOPA protests shut down Web sites
NYT: Protest on Web Uses Shutdown to Take On Two Piracy Bills
NAtJ: Online Protest Aims to Sink Antipiracy Legislation
Politico: What is SOPA?
Hill: Unbowed by protests, Lamar Smith to move ahead on piracy bill

NYT: As States Weigh Online Gambling, Profit May Be Small
NYT: Few Cities Have Regained Jobs They Lost, Report Finds

WaPo: Jeffrey Zients tapped to lead Office of Management and Budget
Examiner: New Obama OMB director a Bain alum

NatJ: Report: Sessions Got Discounted Mortgage
Politico: Pete Sessions got Countrywide VIP loan

WTimes: Pro-life website to offer facts on abortion clinics
Daily Caller: Abortion provider predicts ‘free states’ and ‘slave states’ if Obama loses


NatJ: Don't Expect 'Populist Backlash' in Palmetto State
Michael Barone: South Carolina hoping to pick the next president


NYT: In Cuomo’s Budget, Nip-and-Tuck Cuts and Big Policy Aims
Albany TU: Cuomo says he's set to combat status quo in his vision of change
Albany TU: Details of Cuomo's budget proposal
Buffalo News: Cuomo budget targets unions
Rochester D&C: Cuomo looks to aid economy, local governments in budget plan
NY Post: Gov’s public pension bomb
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Cuomo’s Sound Budget

NYT: Money Flows to G.O.P. Backers of Gay Marriage


SacBee: Brown will deliver State of the State at Capitol and quickly hit the road
SacBee: GOP responds to Jerry Brown's address before it's given

Politico: In California, the divide is north vs. south

NYT: Affirmative-Action Foe Is Facing Allegations of Financial Misdeeds


Star-Telegram: Texas redistricting trial begins in D.C.


Miami Herald: Senate earns bi-partisan support for its redistricting maps as critics complain


Milwaukee JS: Democrats file 1 million signatures for Walker recall
Fox: Siege mentality grips Wisconsin as organizers submit recall petitions
WaPo: Over a million signatures filed to force recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
NYT: Organizers Say 1 Million Signed Petition to Recall Wisconsin Governor
Politico: Scott Walker: Recall election is about ‘union money’
Rush Limbaugh: Interview with Wisconsin Governor Walker
Rush Limbaugh: Scott Walker: A Man on the Bleeding Edge


WSJ: Humbled Flint Forced to Take State's Orders


Fox: Missouri governor proposes higher ed cut, touts economy

Roll Call: Missouri Supreme Court Orders Closer Look at Redistricting


WTimes: Nebraska Democrats pin hopes on Kerrey


WTimes: Bill would add Virginia to health care opponents


Politico: Rep. Todd Platts to retire
Human Events: PA's GOP Rep. Platts won't run again; seat considered safe


Fox: New Jersey governor proposes 10 percent income tax cuts
NYT: Christie Proposes a 10% Income Tax Cut in New Jersey


Boston Globe: Senator Scott Brown’s crass warfare


Denver Post: Sen. Bennet of Colorado backs away from anti-piracy legislation


January 17, 2012


WSJ: GOP Race Intensifies
WaPo: Mitt Romney rivals try to plant doubts about him in debate
Fox: Romney put on defense at SC debate, as GOP rivals fight for edge in state primary
Dallas MN: Republican rivals hammer Romney in do-or-die debate as S.C. primary looms
NYT: Romney Is Opponents’ Main Target in G.O.P. Debate
LA Times: Romney endures battering in South Carolina
Examiner: Romney's rivals go on attack in S.C. GOP debate
Boston Globe: Rivals rip Romney in S.C. debate
NatJ: Romney Solidifies Standing as Rivals Miss Attack Opportunities
Politico: Mitt Romney's unwitting allies
NatJ: South Carolina: GOP Debaters Blow Chance to Stop Romney
Politico: The GOP debate in South Carolina: 8 takeaways
NYT: Discord in G.O.P. as Conservatives Air Differences
NatJ: Romney Shaken By Voting-Rights Question
Daily Caller: Santorum knocks Mitt off his game with question on felons’ voting rights
NatJ: Nomination in Sight, Romney's Now Anti-Super PAC

WTimes: In debate, Romney urged to release tax forms
NYT: Editorial: Taxes and Transparency
Major Garrett: Romney Says He Might Release Tax Returns, But Not Yet
Daily Caller: Romney: I’ll ‘probably’ release tax returns in April

Human Events: The South Carolina Debate
American Spectator: Carolina Spin Wars
Chris Cillizza: South Carolina Republican debate: Winners and losers
Kim Strassel: Romney's Rivals Fizzle in South Carolina
Charles Lane: A verdict on the ‘Mormon question’?
Pat Buchanan: Vulture capitalism or populist demagoguery?

Hill: ASPCA, PETA criticize Romney for dog on top of car during roadtrip

WTimes: Romney solidifying lead, WTimes poll finds
ARG: FL Poll: Romney 42%, Gingrich 25%, Santorum 9%, Paul 8%
WaPo: Most in poll think Romney will clinch GOP nomination
American Thinker: Romney Denialists

Human Events: Gingrich Wins Debate, Gets Standing Ovation
Weekly Standard: Newt’s Night
Daily Caller: Newt delivers potentially game-changing performance
Weekly Standard: Gingrich's Standing Ovation
National Review: Newt Gingrich Plays Hardball
LA Times: Gingrich defends calling Obama 'the food stamp president'
NYT: Four Evangelical Leaders Reaffirm Support for Gingrich
WTimes: Voters know Gingrich talks a good game, but can he dance?
NYT: Black Voters Are Wary as Hopefuls Seek Kinship
Charles Blow: Newt Gingrich and the Art of Racial Politics
Michael Gerson: Climate and the culture war
William Kristol: Newt Claims To Be More Electable than Rick . . . But He Is Not
Fox: Is a 'death match' coming between Gingrich, Santorum and Perry?

NatJ: Karen Santorum: Gay Activists Have 'Vilified' My Husband
Examiner: Newsweek's malicious smear of Mrs. Santorum
NYDN: Santorum’s wife dated abortion doctor in the 1980s: report

WaPo: Santorum: I ‘shouldn’t have’ voted for No Child Left Behind
WTimes: Santorum defends support for restoring felons’ voting rights
Fox: Stakes Highest for Santorum in South Carolina Debate

AJC: Ralph Reed’s presidential tent revival in Myrtle Beach
WTimes: Conservatives feud over Santorum endorsement
WaPo: Evangelical leaders’ vote to endorse Santorum was sharply divided, participants say

NYT: Santorum Releases His First Ad Attacking Romney

CNN: Paul scores sought-after endorsement in South Carolina
American Thinker: Ron Paul's Successful Brand Strategy
KC Star: Ron Paul is the great contrarian
National Review: Ron Paul in Left Field
Politico: Republican debate in South Carolina: Ron Paul takes drubbing
Hill: GOP debate: Crowd gets rowdy when candidates talk foreign policy
ynet: Ron Paul during debate: No need for Iran war
SF Chronicle: Ron Paul in 2012 mirrors Jerry Brown in 1992

Texas Tribune: Perry Fights for Airtime at South Carolina Debate
Dallas MN: Perry says faith, relationship with wife have helped on campaign trail
HChron: Rick Perry shows no signs of dropping out of race during debate
CNN: Perry loses key South Carolina supporter
State: State senator drops Perry
Dallas MN: Perry struggles to stay in the conversation
NatJ: Perry's Wars: Will They Resonate in the Fort Sumter State?
Daily Caller: Perry: ‘I was hoping I’d get the Huntsman girls’ [VIDEO]
Daily Beast: Rick Perry Unleashes His Inner Cowboy in Fox News Debate

WaPo: Huntsman’s endorsement of Romney underscores strained relationship
WTimes: Withdrawing Huntsman takes parting shot at GOP field
WaPo: Jon Huntsman lectures GOP on civility even he wouldn’t have been able to deliver


Charlie Cook: Epic Battles Will Seal Senate’s Fate: Future majority hinges on MA, MT, NV, VA


Examiner: Congress returns, renews fight over spending
Roll Call: GOP Ready to Combat Payroll Tax Narrative
WTimes: GOP maps strategy in wake of payroll tax debacle
Daily Caller: House GOP pushes to rescind $100 billion IMF, Eurozone bailout fund
Fox: Republicans prepare return to House with shades of 2010 casting shadow on agenda
Hill: The Dirty Dozen: Twelve thorns in Speaker Boehner’s side
Politico: Chris Christie to address House Republicans

Hill: Obama administration warns the left: You will not like our budget

Fox: Business group leader says Obama's recess appointments create 'constitutional crisis'
WSJ: Obama Brings Back the Constitution
Charles Schott: Getting the Timing Exactly.....Wrong?

WTimes: House panel seeks more Solyndra documents

NYT: U.S. to Force Drug Firms to Report Money Paid to Doctors


Byron York: Final count could show Romney lost Iowa


David Brooks: South Carolina Diarist


Albany TU: Cuomo: Reform education
NY Post: I’ll Cuo it alone on teachers: Gov warns unions
Buffalo News: Funding for schools a key part of budget
Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo's budget likely to rile some

NYT: Editorial: A New Day in Suffolk? Here’s Hoping

Albany TU: Ballot fraud trial starts


SacBee: California lawmakers take another crack at 'single-payer' health care bill

Roll Call: California Retirements Present Opportunities

LA Times: Homeless make up growing number of California welfare recipients


TBT: Florida Senate will vote on redistricting maps this week that aren't what some hoped for

TBT: Fla poll: Rubio prez primary endorsement would be big, Jeb's less so


DNW: Perry, Santorum may be booted off Illinois primary ballot


Milwaukee JS: Elections officials to ask judge to schedule all recalls on the same day
Politico: Scott Walker recall deadline on Tuesday
WTimes: Wisconsin recall drive set to clear hurdle
WaPo: Walker recall organizers to submit petitions, but WI governor will be in New York
Politico: Scott Walker's health care dilemma


Roll Call: How Rep. Steve Austria Became a Sacrificial Republican


Politico: To stay safe, some Dems OK GOP maps


American Spectator: Sen. Scott Brown: No Cash From Conservatives


Fox: Arizona sheriff to appeal decision in profiling case


NYT: With Bill, Washington State Shifts Its Views on Marriage


January 16, 2012


WSJ: Jon Huntsman to Drop Out of Presidential Race
Fox: Huntsman to withdraw from race for Republican presidential nomination
NYT: Huntsman Says He’s Quitting G.O.P. Race
WTimes: Huntsman set to exit GOP presidential race
LifeNews: Huntsman to Leave Republican Presidential Race, Back Romney
WaPo: Jon Huntsman will leave GOP presidential race, endorse Mitt Romney, officials say
Daily Caller: Huntsman to end presidential campaign, endorse Romney
LA Times: Jon Huntsman Jr. to end bid for White House on Monday
NatJ: Huntsman, Out Of Step With His Party, Steps Aside
WaPo: Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney faced off over 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics
Byron York: Huntsman: A boutique candidacy that didn't sell
Michael Barone: Huntsman aide: "Just didn't make sense"
WaPo: Jon Huntsman’s exit: Whom will it help?
Human Events: Jon Huntsman to drop out of race, doing so hurts conservative candidates

NatJ: A Critical Time for Romney
Miami Herald: Republican candidates go all-out for evangelicals in South Carolina
Fox: Romney takes day off trail as rivals troll SC warning of frontrunner's ascendancy
National Review: Bain Capital and the Little Steel Mill That Could
LA Times: More South Carolinians wary of Mitt Romney's corporate side
Boston Globe: All's not well for 'King of Bain'
Fox: Bain film organizer stands by claims against Romney
Jed Babbin: Bane Capital and the GOP's Dark Night
Greenville News: Endorsement: Romney best choice for Republicans
Am Spectator: I Think He Can: Who says Mitt Romney is "unelectable"?
Charlotte Observer: Endorsement: Romney has what S.C. Republicans are looking for
USA Today: Lawmakers: If Romney wins S.C., it's over
Fox: Fox News poll: 2012 Obama-Romney race would be tight

Fox: Gingrich Challenges Romney to Tax Records Release
Daily Caller: Newt’s campaign taunts Romney on tax returns
Hill: Gingrich: Reports social conservatives rallying behind Santorum ‘exaggerated’
LA Times: Now, Newt Gingrich shelves Bain attack against Romney
Human Events: Gingrich has most exceptional moment of 2012 election cycle
Telegraph UK: If he really wants to deny Romney the nomination, Gingrich should quit race
Joe Curl: Goodbye Newt, and good riddance

Examiner: Santorum looks for late surge in South Carolina
WTimes: Santorum: Make it me against Romney
NYT: Santorum Capitalizes on Evangelical Endorsement
Gary Bauer: Healthy families key to healthy economy
LA Times: Evangelicals still divided as South Carolina primary nears
WTimes: Activists say pro-Santorum vote was rigged
Politico: Mike Huckabee remains undecided after forum
NYT: Donors Gave as Santorum Won Earmarks
Politico: Rick Santorum confronts Arlen’s specter
American Spectator: A Prayer in Carolina

NYT: Focusing on Nomination, Paul Plots a Backup Plan
Examiner: Paul fights Washington spending, flies first class
Politico: Ron Paul returns to South Carolina after four-day absence
Hill: Ron Paul could be Santorum’s stumbling block in South Carolina primary
National Review: The Constitution and the Coot

AFP: Perry urges no criminal charges over Marines' video
LA Times: Rick Perry: Marines who urinated on dead bodies are 'kids'
WaPo: Rick Perry defends Marines accused of urinating on Afghan corpses
WTimes: Perry: Marines in video are ‘kids,’ not criminals
Star-Telegram: Perry vows to fight on in S.C.
WTimes: States’ rights backer Perry struggling in South Carolina
WSJ: In or Out? Perry Counts on Strong S.C. Vote to Stay in Race
Politico: Perry says attacks on Mitt fair game

Politico: Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich appeal for slots on Virginia ballot
Bloomberg: Perry Asks Federal Appeals Court to Place Him on Virginia Primary Ballot

WCP: Jon Huntsman’s Campaign Sued for Unpaid Rent
State: Endorsement: Huntsman could bring us back together

Fox: Republican Immigration Tone Remains Elephant in the Room

CBS: DeMint: GOP will unite behind candidate

Fred Hiatt: Where are the serious Republican candidates?
Chicago Tribune: This just in: Barack Obama wins in '12

NYT: Editorial: Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and the Right to Vote


Hill: House GOP leaders get heat from rank-and-file ahead of debt vote
Hill: Business groups push Congress to act quickly to extend tax breaks
WTimes: Congress logs most futile legislative year on record

WTimes: New Navy budgets may sink plans for carriers

WTimes: GOP: Administration shirking duties on health rule
Politico: On health reform, the election will matter more than SCOTUS

NYT: Bills to Stop Web Piracy Invite a Protracted Battle
Hill: Reid pushes online piracy bill despite White House concerns

Hill: Regulators face pressure from both GOP, Dems on implementing ‘Volcker Rule’

WaPo: Plans for high-speed rail are slowing down

Fox: As Keystone pipeline decision looms, White House suggests deadline is too soon
WTimes: Scientists want climate change in young minds
Fox: Kennedy clansman stands to make millions in oil company lawsuit
DC: Court records show Kerry Kennedy was on the take for her advocacy against Texaco

WaPo: OpEd: Middle class is moving forward, not backward

Lee Bollinger: College diversity at risk


Politico: DeMint plans no endorsement before S.C. primary
LA Times: In South Carolina, a discrepancy on federal spending


Rochester D&C: Andrew Cuomo to offer specifics on budget

Buffalo News: Going for 'big one' here a billion-dollar gamble
WSJ: How Stimulus Spending Ruined Buffalo


Human Events: Rep. David Dreier's political future still at stake

Mercury News: Is Brown's plan to close state parks all a political gimmick?
NYT: Editorial: Some Good News From California’s Justice System


Austin AS: Wentworth pushes for new approach to redistricting


Tampa Bay Times: 5 reasons why Florida's primary matters more
Miami Herald: Primary vote in Florida to be run under two sets of rules
American Spectator: Would It Were Tomorrow


NYT: Governor Who Took On Unions May Face a Closely Watched Recall Election


Cleveland PD: Senator Portman says he'll endorse Romney, won't seek vice presidency


Politico: Poll: Bruning, Stenberg beat Kerrey


Norwich Bulletin: Shays urges GOP not to back McMahon again


January 15, 2012


LA Times: Mitt Romney courts South Carolina veterans, goes after Obama
NatJ: How Well Does Mitt Romney's Primary Campaign Set Him Up Against Barack Obama?
LA Times: Mitt Romney's rivals don't have time on their side
Politico: Mitt's new pals: Huck, Rudy, McCain

NYT: Advisers See an Upside in Criticism of Romney’s Time at Bain Capital
Politico: Priorities USA memo: Anti-Bain message works in S.C.
NYT: Romney Offers Praise for a Donor’s Business
NYT: Among the Wealthiest One Percent, Many Variations
NYT: Editorial: What They Don’t Want to Talk About (income inequality)

Tampa Bay Times: Is Mitt Romney's Mormon faith an issue? South Carolina is test case
NYT: The Theological Differences Behind Evangelical Unease With Romney
NatJ: Why Romney Needs to Keep Fighting for Evangelical Votes
Boston Globe: Evangelical divide lifts Mitt Romney in S.C.

NYT: Romney Gives Cash to Woman in Need
NatJ: South Carolina woman says God brought her to Romney
WaPo: Mitt Romney gives cash to financially struggling woman at South Carolina rally
WTimes: Attacks on Romney getting personal

Ross Douthat: The Benefits of Bain Capitalism
Byron York: In SC, Bain fight is starting from scratch
WSJ: Occupy Mitt Romney!
Frank Bruni: Running From Millions
Maureen Dowd: Mitt’s Big Love

Human Events: Influential Evangelical Leaders Choose Rick Santorum For President
Boston Globe: Santorum backed by social conservative leaders
HChron: Christian conservatives reach ‘strong consensus’ for Santorum
WTimes: Evangelical leaders pick Santorum on third ballot
NYT: Evangelicals, Seeking Unity, Back Santorum for Nomination
Star-Telegram: Conservative leaders unite behind Santorum over Romney
Austin AS: Conservative leaders, meeting in Brenham, endorse Santorum
Fox: Battle for social conservatives heats up as Santorum wins key endorsement
WSJ: Super PAC Supporting Santorum Jumps on Christian Conservatives’ Endorsement
WaPo: GOP candidates in S.C. battle for evangelical vote
NatJ: Santorum Sharpens Populist, Electability Messages
Dan Balz: Is social conservatives’ embrace of Santorum too late?
Politico: Mike Huckabee remains undecided after forum

Fox: Santorum: US wrong to condemn Iranian scientist killing

WaPo: Santorum charity for poor spent most of its money on management, political friends

LA Times: Newt Gingrich says he won't back down on Bain
NatJ: Gingrich Super PAC Unleashes Two More Attack Ads Against Romney
WSJ: Pro-Gingrich Radio Ad Causes a Stir
LA Times: Newt Gingrich defends his views before unlikely audience
Politico: Newt Gingrich battles with crowd at black church
Wach: Newt Gingrich faces tough audience at public forum in Columbia
Daily Beast: Newt's Surprising S.C. Strength

Politico: Newt Gingrich embraces David Rivera, though few do

WaPo: Cuccinelli asked to probe Newt Gingrich ballot signature ‘irregularities’

AJC: Paul goes home to Texas just as campaign heats up
NYDN: Ron Paul wins Nevada prostitutes’ support for his 2012 Republican campaign
American Spectator: Ron Paul Praised David Duke

WaPo: Rick Perry hoping for a campaign revival in South Carolina
Dallas MN: Perry struggling to close the deal with wavering S.C. voters
NatJ: Ouch! Evangelical Leaders Skip Perry in Texas, Endorse Santorum
US News: Perry Trumps Gingrich, Santorum as Top Conservative Standing

WaPo: Jon Huntsman, rejected by GOP masses, seeks a boost from his elite base
BuzzFeed: Huntsman Exodus Begins

Hill: 10 congressional endorsements the 2012 GOP hopefuls want
Telegraph UK: GOP debate all seems stuck in the past, with no vision for America's future

Politico: Bob McDonnell stokes VP talk in South Carolina

HChron: Tea partiers find it hard to make up minds in Houston
NYT: History vs. the Tea Party
NYT: The Tea Party’s Not-So-Civil War
Politico: Poll: South Carolina users cool to tea party

Dallas MN: Obama escalates campaign moves while dodging jabs from would-be GOP rivals
Salena Zito: Buckeye State Barack's bellwether
Michael Barone: Obama's 1-man rule thumbs nose at Founders
Clarice Feldman: Voguing for Obama

Star-Telegram: Clinton backers want her to seek the presidency

LA Times: Nationally, redistricting looks like a draw between the parties


NYT: Boehner Faces a Restive G.O.P. and New White House Attacks

Hill: SOPA shelved until 'consensus' is found
NYT: White House Says It Opposes Parts of Two Antipiracy Bills
WaPo: White House objects to legislation that would undermine ‘dynamic’ Internet
NatJ: White House Vows to Protect Web Openness While Fighting Online Piracy

Hill: White House signals more aggressive stance to protect homeowners

WaPo: As deadline nears, friends and foes of Keystone XL pipeline step up campaigns

NYT: Countrywide ‘V.I.P.’ Loans Linked to 2 Congressmen

NYT: Editorial: Good Immigration Policy, on Hold

NYT: Editorial: Rights in the Workplace


Fox: Same-Sex marriage faces test in New Hampshire as lawmakers consider repeal


Dan Walters: Jerry Brown knows California water debate is tricky business


NYT: For Ted Cruz, a Biography Built to Let Voters Fill in the Details (Favorably)


Politico: Lugar going back up on TV


Milwaukee JS: Republican faithful gear up to defend Walker


Detroit FP: Gov. Rick Snyder's first year in office marked with victory, few defeats


Hill: Bob Kerrey returns fire on Karl Rove


WaPo: N. Va. loses its clout in state Senate


Boston Globe: Brown, Warren campaigns to meet over PAC spending


Fox: Flush with funds, Arizona weighs buying back state buildings


Denver Post: Timing is everything for Colorado's sway in having a say in GOP pres nominee


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Getting the Timing Exactly.....Wrong?

RNC: The Big Fail -
Top 5 Failed Obama Policies

Hill: Key upcoming dates on campaign trail

NYT: Republican Primary Projections: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida

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