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January 31, 2012


WSJ: Romney's Florida Lead Cuts Across Categories
Fox: GOP prepares for critical primary in diverse Florida voting blocs
NYT: Buoyant Romney Speaks of Victory in Florida Vote
Hill: Romney sees big win in Florida
Examiner: Romney poised for win as Fla. heads to polls
Politico: Final PPP poll: Romney 39, Gingrich 31 in Florida
Boston Globe: Much unsaid as Mitt Romney cites his tie to Mexico
Human Events: RomneyCare and the limits of government power
NYT: On Eve of Florida Primary, Romney and Gingrich Travel State in Appeal to Voters
WTimes: Romney hits Gingrich again over Freddie Mac
WaPo: Mitt Romney sings ‘America the Beautiful’ (VIDEO)
WaPo: Romney and Gingrich policy ideas mirror their personalities: Pragmatic vs. epic

William McGurn: How Mitt Can Finish Off Newt
Byron York: Running as businessman may be Romney's curse
Rush: Don't Hold Your Breath for Romney to Attack Obama the Way He Attacked Newt
Rush Limbaugh: Is Mormonism Hurting Mitt Romney?

WTimes: Gingrich lobbies for anti-Romney votes in Florida
Detroit News: Gingrich chasing Romney as Florida Republicans cast votes
Huff Post: Newt Gingrich's Complicated Past With Cuban Americans
NYT: On Day Before Primary, Gingrich Hits Five Florida Cities
Hill: Embattled Gingrich goes populist in last-ditch, anti-establishment effort in Florida
NatJ: A Gingrich Administration Could Be Expensive
Daily Caller: Gingrich sketches Day 1 agenda for his presidency
NatJ: Gingrich, Romney Outline Early Actions as President
Hill: Gingrich, with ‘big tent’ philosophy, has backed centrist GOP candidates
WSJ: Newt Gingrich to Amend Financial Disclosure Form
WTimes: In Florida run-up, Chuck Norris battles for Gingrich
Fox: 'Eye of the Tiger' composer sues to stop Gingrich use of song
Examiner: Gingrich camp: 'Campaign will continue for months'
Politico: Why Newt Gingrich won’t quit

Arthur Laffer: Why Gingrich's Tax Plan Beats Romney's
Allysia Finley: Newt's Trust Deficit
Dana Milbank: The end of the road for Newt Gingrich?
John Gizzi: Newt looks beyond Florida
Rush Limbaugh: Stop Whining About Negative Campaigning!

WSJ: Santorum Returns to Campaigning after Daughter's Health Improves
NYT: Santorum Daughter’s Illness a Test for Candidate
WaPo: Daughter’s illness is quandary for Santorum
Politico: Rick Santorum sets sights on Missouri
Rush Limbaugh: Santorum Was Right About Romneycare

Politico: Rick Perry’s campaign burned through millions

Politico: Court upholds conviction in Sarah Palin e-mail hack

NYT: Editorial: Don’t Stop the Debates

Charlie Cook: Tipping Point? Polls show Obama is walking statistical tightrope for reelection
James Taranto: The Magnetic Mr. Obama
WSJ: Obama Exploits the Navy SEALs
Michael Gerson: Obama plays his Catholic allies for fools
Pat Buchanan: Obama sandbags the Archbishop

Examiner: Social media helps Obama skirt press, target youth
Hill: Obama finds virtual end-around to bypass the White House press
NatJ: Voters Favor Obama Ideas But Keystone, Too

Pete DuPont: The Pros and Cons of Hillary


Politico: Polls show toll on House GOP image
Roll Call: House GOP Names 10 New Incumbents to Protect
Hill: Increasing number of ethics probes rattles House Republicans
Hill: 1997 GOP coup is talk of 2012 primary race


Fox: Debt ceiling skyrockets, Obama no longer calls Bush 'unpatriotic' for increases

Politico: Paul Ryan budget: Democrats await new proposal

WTimes: Stock Act advances to debate in Senate
NYT: Bill to Prohibit Insider Trading by Members of Congress Advances in Senate
Hill: Democrats see new weapon in congressional insider-trading bill

WaPo: Federal, congressional pay freeze bill to be considered by House this week
WTimes: CBO says federal employees rake in much more pay

Politico: Transportation bills: House and Senate versions have major differences

Politico: Frugal senators return office funds to U.S.

WaPo: Congress tries again to hand president a line-item veto

Examiner: Pentagon cuts will leave gaps special operations can't fill, experts warn
Hill: Lawmakers say base closures DOA

NYT: Report by House Democrats Absolves Administration in Gun Trafficking Case

Fox: Emboldened GOP wants to abolish state income taxes


Politico: If not for the desert, Nevada could be Florida


NYT: Albany Redistricting Plan Faulted as Unfair to Minorities


WTimes: Gay history law on Calif. books, but not in texts


Rush Limbaugh: Florida GOP Tries to Write Out Allen West


Politico: Kirk upgraded to fair a week after surgery


Fox: Indiana secretary of state's voter fraud trial starts

Daily Caller: Richard Lugar doesn’t live here anymore


Politico: Scott Walker recall petitions release delayed


Big Govt: Ohio Republican party's outrageous new tactic to keep the tea party out


News&Observer: McCrory well-positioned for governor's race
Charlotte Observer: With Perdue out of picture, many Democrats like Bowles


Roll Call: Democrats Wait on Sidelines in Arizona for Now

Roll Call: Arizona: State Democratic Party Head Resigns to Run


NYT: Colorado Lawsuit Challenges Wisdom of Ballot Box


NatJ: Social Issues Back in Vogue in Washington State


Roll Call: Democratic Victory Expected in Oregon Special
Politico: Oregon special election is a contest where Dems are taking no chances


January 30, 2012


Rasmussen: Florida GOP Primary: Romney 44%, Gingrich 28%
NatJ: Romney Surges to Double-Digit Lead in Two New Florida Polls
WSJ: Romney Regains His Edge
Miami Herald: In Florida, Romney's organization seems to trump Gingrich's crowds
SunSentinel: Romney takes on Gingrich, Obama during Pompano Beach visit
Hill: Leading in the polls, Mitt Romney looks for a Florida knockout
NYT: Romney and Gingrich Scrap Amid Shifting Fortunes
NatJ: Romney: Gingrich is 'Finding Excuses'
WaPo: Romney adviser goes all out to rally Hispanics in Florida
LA Times: With a little Espanol, Romney courts Cuban voters in Hialeah
WaPo: Wealth can be a political burden
Boston Globe: Boston lawyer keeps steady hand on Romney’s holdings
WTimes: Romney tiptoes a fine line on health care
Hill: GOP opponents’ attacks on Romney healthcare record fail to land a blow
Examiner: Romney win in Fla. won't ensure nomination
Detroit FP: Mitt Romney's run for president spurs interest in Mormon faith

LA Times: Gingrich defiant as Romney's lead grows in Florida
NYT: Gingrich Sees 'Non-Romney Majority' of Delegates Forming
WaPo: Gingrich vows to ban embryonic stem-cell research, questions in vitro practices
WSJ: Female Support Slips for Gingrich
WTimes: Gingrich blames attack ads for slump in Florida
NatJ: Good News and Bad News for Gingrich in Florida
Tampa Trib: Gingrich makes stop at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz
Politico: Gingrich forces outspent by nearly $12 million on Florida airwaves
WaPo: Gingrich delivers on ‘wild and woolly’ vow
Examiner: Gingrich vows to fight on against 'liberal' Romney
Hill: Gingrich doubles down on claim to President Reagan’s legacy
Examiner: When it comes to hubris, Gingrich has Obama beat
NatJ: Gingrich: Romney Attacks are 'Breathtakingly Dishonest'
Politico: Thompson: Mitt campaign has 'Drudge in their back pocket'
Human Events: FOX News segment with Sarah Palin abruptly cut off
Politico: Newt Gingrich's long march
Human Events: Newtonian physics

Fox: Santorum back on the campaign trail after sick daughter makes 'miraculous turnaround'
Boston Globe: Santorum: Daughter with pneumonia recovering
NYT: Santorum to Return to Campaigning on Monday, in the Midwest
DC: Tea Party Patriots straw poll: Santorum nomination would generate most enthusiasm

Politico: Paul: TSA a 'bureaucratic monster'

NYT: After Florida, a New Tenor for the G.O.P. Campaign
Fox: Tea party v. establishment in 2012 race: A battle for the GOP soul?

WTimes: Crackdown on ‘insider’ profits may be lone plus for campaign-mode Obama
Fox: Congressional GOP slam Obama sloganeering
Gary Bauer: Barack Obama: Our thin-skinned president


Roll Call: Independent Expenditure Heads Face Tightrope Act


Politico: Jeb Hensarling eyes financial panel chairmanship


Hill: Republican lawmakers begin pushback against Obama recess appointments

WTimes: McConnell won’t say no to tax increases

WSJ: Will Buffett Avoid the Buffett Rule?
Robert Samuelson: ‘Buffett Tax’ and truth in numbers
Paul Krugman: The Austerity Debacle

WTimes: Retiring later a tough sell in cutting deficit

NatJ: Obama's State of the Union: What Does It Mean for the Energy Agenda?

NatJ: Who's Right about the Pentagon's New Budget and Strategy?

NYT: Ruling on Contraception Draws Battle Lines at Catholic Colleges


WSJ: In Florida, Politics Begins at Homes
NatJ: GOP Candidates Pursue Risky Hands-Off Housing Policy in Florida, Nevada
Politico: Florida primary: 5 states in 1
WTimes: In Florida, Republican hopefuls target Castro
NYT: A Florida Bush Stays Silent, and to Many, That Says a Lot
NYT: Years of Despair Add to Uncertainty in Florida Race

Miami Herald: Poll: Scott gaining more popularity with voters


Las Vegas RJ: Paul, Santorum turn attention to Silver State


WSJ: Cuomo Seeks Civil Service Law Changes
NYT: With Focus on Income Inequality, Albany Bill Will Seek $8.50 Minimum Wage

Albany TU: Paladino faults Cuomo, also Senate GOP


SacBee: California Republican voters still waiting for presidential inspiration


Hill: Facing his own reelection issues, Walsh focuses on beating President Obama


WSJ: .Democrats Spending Big to Maintain Oregon Seat


January 29, 2012


TBT: Poll: Romney leads Fla by 11, crushing Gingrich among Hispanics and beating Obama
Reuters: Romney widens lead over Gingrich in Florida: Reuters/Ipsos poll
Miami Herald: Poll: Romney holds big lead over Gingrich in Florida
Weekly Standard: Florida Poll: Romney 40, Gingrich 32, Santorum 15
NYT: Romney Holds Solid Lead in Latest Florida Poll
Boston Globe: Romney leads in Fla., but obstacles loom large
WaPo: Romney gains momentum in Florida
LA Times: In Florida, Romney vs. Gingrich is a fight for GOP's direction

Examiner: Romney courts military vote with McDonnell
NatJ: Romney Makes Debatable Claims About Military in Florida
Hill: Hollywood, GOP stars out for Romney

Florida TU: Romney uses "most trusted man in news" to hammer Gingrich's ethics record
NYT: NBC News Asks Romney Campaign to Remove Ad
NatJ: NBC Asks Romney Campaign to Remove Its Content from New Ad
Politico: Romney camp leaving NBC ad on air

NYT: The Calculations That Led Romney to the Warpath

Orlando Sentinel: Many GOP voters want more details on candidates' economic plans
Bradenton Herald: Area GOP contributions favor Romney
Daytona Beach NJ: Early voting modest before Tuesday's GOP primary

Hill: Romney, Republican-led House at odds on congressional term limits
NYDN: If elected, Romney would likely be among the top four richest presidents in history

AJC: Herman Cain backs Gingrich for president
CBS: Cain endorses Gingrich
WaPo: Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich
NYT: Gingrich Vows Long Fight and Gets Cain’s Backing

Daily Caller: Gingrich wins coveted Duke Cunningham endorsement

AP/Espo: Gingrich says he’s in till GOP convention
Examiner: Gingrich lashes out as momentum wanes in Florida
WaPo: Gingrich campaign brings up comparison of Republican revolutions
NatJ: Why Immigration is Fizzling in Florida for Gingrich

Dallas MN: Evangelicals face quandary during GOP primaries
Hill: Gingrich goes after Santorum backers

Hill: Sarah Palin accuses GOP of 'Stalin-esque' attack on Newt Gingrich

NYT: The Man Behind Gingrich’s Money
Miami Herald: Helped by $10m from casino magnate, Gingrich says gambling is a "worry."

WSJ: Gingrich Defends Congressional Record
WSJ: A Tale of Two Gingrich Rallies
Hill: Five things Gingrich must do to come from behind and win the nomination
Gail Collins: Newt’s Real Legacy

NYT: Santorum's Daughter Is Hospitalized
WaPo: Rick Santorum’s daughter Bella is hospitalized
NatJ: Rick Santorum's Daughter Admitted to Hospital in Philadelphia
NatJ: Santorum Pauses Campaign For Hospitalized Daughter
Fox: Gingrich: Santorum Young Enough to Run Next Time
AP/Elliott: Tired and trailing, Santorum goes home to do taxes

Fox: Paul Skips Florida, Focuses on Caucus States of Maine and Colorado

Hill: As Florida race turns personal, GOP insiders fear for party unity
Fox: GOP candidates run into ad trouble, resort to name-calling in final Florida stretch
Detroit News: As Floridians prepare to vote in GOP primary, economy and housing top list
Politico: Florida's calendar crashing pays off
NYT: In Nonstop Whirlwind of Campaigns, Twitter Is a Critical Tool

Clarice Feldman: The Debate Show

Salena Zito: Populism elusive for president
Dallas MN: Young and old hold contrasting views of Obama, News poll finds


NYT: Editorial: Filibustering Nominees Must End

NYT: Editorial: Beyond SOPA

Hill: Justice Dept. releases more 'Fast and Furious' documents


NYT: A Governor Still Trying to Become a Politician


Roll Call: NYT Article Stirs Up Race to Take on Grimm
Hill: Report: Rep. Grimm tied to questionable campaign donations

Rochester D&C: New Albany a lot like old Albany with redistricting


Dan Walters: Strength of California economic recovery still hazy


Star-Telegram: Redistricting fight may delay political conventions in Texas
NYT: In Their Election Drought, Texas Democrats Find Solace in G.O.P.’s Past Struggles

HChron: Texas Dems, GOP not ready to count Perry out – yet


Star Tribune: GOP ready for voters to rule by amendment


Daily Caller: Millionaire Elizabeth Warren misleads on wealthy: ‘I’m not one of them’


Maureen Dowd: Tension on the Tarmac

LA Times: Arizona candidate with 'survival English' fights to get on ballot


January 28, 2012


LA Times: Mitt Romney leading polls in Florida
NYT: Romney Goes on Offensive in Florida, Bolstered by Debate Performance
Weekly Standard: Romney at the Retail Level
NYT: Close Ties to Goldman Enrich Romney’s Public and Private Lives
NatJ: Visiting Space Coast, Romney More Grounded Than Gingrich
Weekly Standard: Romney: America Must 'Define a Mission' for Space Program
HChron: Former NASA chief Mike Griffin backs Mitt Romney for president
Miami Herald: In Miami, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney court Hispanic vote
Human Events: Romney displayed many vulnerabilities at CNN debate
Hill: Puerto Rico governor endorses Romney
Paul Gigot: RomneyCare and ObamaCare
James Q. Wilson: Angry about inequality? Don’t blame the rich

WaPo: Gingrich professes shock at Romney’s ‘dishonest’ debate performance
NatJ: Gingrich Hits Romney for 'Factually Incorrect' Statements
NYT: Gingrich Unleashes Ad Attacking Romney
Fox: Pro-Gingrich PAC claims Florida stations are holding up ads
NYT: No More Nice Guys: Fans Love ‘Nuclear Newt’
WTimes: Rivals hold their fire on big Gingrich funder
Miami Herald: Gingrich daughter runs campaign from Key Biscayne
Fox: Huckabee: Gingrich should pull "Deceptive" Ad
Politico: Sarah Palin: Newt Gingrich's secret weapon
Daily Caller: Mark Levin bucks conservative media trend, comes to Gingrich’s defense
NatJ: How Gingrich's Earmark Regime Led To Cunningham Corruption
NYT: For a Moon Colony, Technology Is the Easy Part
Dan Balz: The GOP empire strikes back at Gingrich
NatJ: Return of the Revolutionary

Jeffrey Lord: Elliott Abrams Caught Misleading on Newt
Rich Lowry: Jeffrey Lord’s Distortion
Sarah Palin: Cannibals in GOP Establishment Employ Tactics of the Left
Joe Scarborough: The Newt I know
Bill O'Reilly: Newt, the media and momentum
Rush Limbaugh: Was Elliott Abrams Deceived on Newt?
Rush: Sarah Palin vs. Brit Hume on Newt -- and Cucumber Sandwiches at Romney Rallies?

Rush Limbaugh: Santorum Hammers Romney on Obamacare
NYT: Santorum’s Attacks on Romney Health Plan Could Help Democrats
WaPo: Santorum pushed to limit malpractice awards but sought larger payout for wife

HChron: Paul skips sunny Florida, braves snowy Maine
WaPo: Paul pursued strategy of publishing controversial newsletters, associates say
HChron: Paul denies report that he OK’d controversial newsletters
WTimes: Financier who profited on Europe’s debt fueling Paul PAC

NatJ: Discussing Immigration, Rubio Shows His Star Power

George Will: Obama to the nation: Onward civilian soldiers


Charlie Cook: Look for a lot of new faces in the House next year
Hill: Fiery Obama rallies House Dems for a unified election-year fight
Human Events: Top 10 perils of Pelosi


Hill: House GOP ready to move on Boehner’s plan to link drilling and infrastructure

NYT: Medicare Seen as Battleground Issue in Congressional Races

Fox: Justice Department launches unit to probe mortgage-backed securities

Mark Steyn: The State of Our Union Is Broke
Larry Kudlow: Obama’s Low-Ball Vision

Andrew McCarthy: The Myth of GOP Stinginess

WSJ: Will Buffett Avoid the Buffett Rule?
James Taranto: Happy Enroniversary

Prof. Ron Rotunda: Evidence Mounts Against Justice Kagan For Recusal In ObamaCare Suit

NatJ: FEC Wrap: Friday News Dump Edition

NatJ: Osborne to Lead External Affairs at GOP Convention

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Miami Herald: Poll: Sen. Nelson holds slim lead in Senate race
Buzz: Times/Herald/Bay News 9 poll: Bill Nelson 45, Connie Mack 42
Florida TU: Poll: Connie Mack 29, everyone else single-digits

NYT: Polls Highlight Florida’s Diverse Electorate
Fox: Florida's election laws undergoing changes


NYT: Cuomo Defends Closed Session With Executives and Lobbyists
NYT: Editorial: A Veto for the Voters
NYT: Judge Moves Congressional Primary Date to June

Rochester D&C: Corning congressman Tom Reed labeled a rising star


LA Times: California high court backs panel's new state Senate districts
SacBee: Supreme Court validation of maps could give Democrats two-thirds Senate majority

LA Times: Clamor grows to rein in California pension benefits


WaPo: Rick Perry’s back in Texas, and some wonder if he’s lost political power there

Hill: Texas Dems, minority groups near huge win with redistricting settlement
Austin AS: Federal judges warn April 3 primary in jeopardy, urge redistricting compromise


NYT: List of Pardons Included Many Tied to Power


Politico: Recovering Sen. Mark Kirk 'doing quite well'
Hill: Sen. Kirk recovering 'more rapidly'

Chicago ST: Gov. Pat Quinn to propose tax cut for families with children


Stephen Moore: The Most Important Non-Presidential Election of the Decade
Milwaukee JS: Walker: John Doe investigation is not targeting me


NatJ: Poll Shows Presidential, Senate Races Deadlocked In Va.


WSJ: Christie to the 1%: Please Occupy New Jersey


Fox: Military plan to delay submarine, engine projects could hurt Connecticut towns


Boston Globe: Brown’s records from Guard released


Fox: Arizona Gov. Brewer sets election dates to fill Giffords' seat

WTimes: Suspect in Ariz. sheriff death threat in custody


John Gizzi: Former Rep. David Wu's Oregon district faces special election Jan. 31


January 27, 2012


AP/Espo: Gingrich, Romney spar in final Florida debate
Miami Herald: No knockout in GOP’s last Florida debate
Hill: Romney takes the fight to Gingrich in Republican debate in Florida
WTimes: Romney, Gingrich clash over immigration in Florida debate
WaPo: Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich square off in Republican debate
Boston Globe: Romney, Gingrich let attacks fly
NatJ: Gingrich Claims Reagan Mantle; Blames 'Romney Attack Machine'
Daily Caller: Romney gets aggressive with Newt during Florida debate
NYDN: Gingrich & Romney slug each other in FL GOP debate, neither land knockout punch
LA Times: Aggressive Mitt Romney gets the best of Newt Gingrich in Florida debate
Fox: Campaign attacks follow Romney, Gingrich into last debate before Florida primary
NYT: Romney Stays On the Offense With Gingrich
Examiner: Romney steady, Gingrich flat in GOP debate
Politico: Florida GOP debate: Newt's no-show
NatJ: Debate Takeaways: Gingrich Loses Groove, Romney Gains Ground
Hill: GOP Debate: Mitt to Newt: ‘You’re fired’
NYT: In Florida Debate, Gingrich Ignores Lessons of Recent History
Politico: Florida GOP debate: 7 takeaways
Weekly Standard: Romney and Santorum Shine in Final Florida Debate
NatJ: Romney, Gingrich Look Backwards on Housing
Examiner: GOP candidates trade blame for housing collapse
Hill: GOP debate: Gingrich knocks the media, and moderator Wolf Blitzer hits back
Daily Caller: Wolf to Newt: Should moon colony be granted US statehood?
McClatchy: Romney vs. Gingrich rhetoric grows rougher in Florida
Examiner: GOP contenders court Florida Hispanics
Byron York: In Florida, ugly Republican fight gets even uglier
National Review: Mitt and Newt in Florida

WSJ: Gingrich Surges to Lead in Poll
Politico: Florida primary: Polls show dead heat
Rasmussen: Florida GOP Primary: Romney 39%, Gingrich 31%, Santorum 12%, Paul 9%
Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Reason for Gingrich's Rise
Peggy Noonan: The GOP Takes a Wild Ride
Rush Limbaugh: Voters See Gingrich Fighting for an Ideal & Romney Fighting to Get Elected
TBO: Poll: Romney and President Obama even in Florida

WaPo: Is Newt Gingrich’s space plan science fiction?

Bloomberg: Gingrich Attacks Romney in Florida as Swiss Account Owner
NY Post: Mitt’s bank shot: Deflects Newt’s ‘$wiss’ attack at debate
NYT: Gingrich Opens Up New Line of Attack on Romney
CNN: Gingrich blasts Romney before last Florida debate
NYT: A Call Resounds Across Florida for an Overscheduled Candidate: ‘Is He Here Yet?’

WSJ: Top GOP Rivals Reprise Old Roles
WSJ: Gingrich Blends Potential With Peril
NYT: Gingrich Insurgency Tests Party’s Old Guard
CNN: Dole assails Gingrich in plea to conservatives
NatJ: Dole vs. Gingrich: The GOP Empire Strikes Back
WTimes: Dole: Gingrich hurt my '96 bid, cost GOP House seats
Politico: Newt Gingrich 2012 rise unnerves House GOP
NYT: Conservatives Criticize Drudge for Anti-Gingrich Assault
National Review: Newt and the Earmark Era
NYT: Gingrich Stuck to Caustic Path in Ethics Battles
NatJ: Pelosi on Gingrich: 'I'm Not Here to Give a Road Map Through the Public Record'
Rush: Coordinated Avalanche Against Newt Doesn't Match My Memory of Reagan Years
Rush: Will Republicans Go After Obama the Way They're Going After Each Other?

Detroit News: Bain delivered Domino's turnaround: doubled work force and profits
Miami Herald: Romney’s depressing tour of FL stops at closed Jacksonville printing shop
Kim Strassel: Mitt Keeps Missing the Message
NYT: OpEd: Don’t Mind the Gap (income inequality)
Hill: Dems embrace new strategy on taxes

Human Events: The second Florida debate: Santorum's big night
Hill: Santorum scolds Gingrich, Romney for personal attacks
WaPo: Santorum, short on cash, fights uphill battle
NYT: Santorum Says He’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’
WSJ: Santorum's Main Backer Plans to Keep on Funding
WTimes: Values voters with big families favor Santorum
Fox: Florida or bust for Santorum?

Politico: Ron Paul ignores Florida at Republican debate, on trail

NYT: Marco Rubio Won’t Be V.P.

WTimes: Arizona tarmac tiff trips Obama campaign
WaPo: Jan Brewer defends pointing finger at Obama
WaPo: Obama exchange with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer reveals his testy side
WaPo: Gov. Jan Brewer calls Obama ‘thin-skinned’ after tarmac encounter
NYT: In Airport Run-In, Democrats See Help for Obama Among Hispanics
Fox: Obama dismisses tense exchange with Brewer in Arizona as 'blown out of proportion'
Rush Limbaugh: The Real Barack Obama Shows Up on Tarmac in Arizona

LA Times: With campaign season here, Obama shows some swagger

Tucson Sentinel: Hillary Clinton to quit if Obama is re-elected
Bloomberg: Clinton Restates Plan to Leave Post at End of Obama’s First Term
WaPo: Clinton: Done with the ‘high wire’ of politics. Really

Michelle Malkin: Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants
Roger Hedgecock: Neither liberty nor safety


WaPo: Senate moves toward agreement on transportation bill

WaPo: Senate to look at congressional insider-trading bill
WTimes: Bill would ban using Hill data for profit
Hill: Senate to take up insider-trading bill

WaPo: Senate GOP leadership shuffles, as Alexander leaves and Blunt moves up
Roll Call: Senate GOP Not United on Nominations

WaPo: Pentagon budget set to shrink next year
LA Times: Defense budget plan would cut spending by half a trillion
WTimes: Panetta says 2013 defense budget to cut land forces
NYT: Defense Budget Cuts Would Limit Raises and Close Bases
WaPo: Congressman calls for review of all 131 military cemeteries

Fox: Senate OKs drug-smuggling bill, Giffords' last
WaPo: Giffords border legislation heads to White House

Roll Call: House Conservatives Using Retreat to Focus on Battles Ahead
Politico: Chad Ochocinco Twitter buds with Boehner

WSJ: 16 Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming
NYT: Waning Support for Wind and Solar
WaPo: Obama-backed car battery company files for bankruptcy protection

WTimes: Republicans accuse Obama of sham drilling announcement

Fox: State Department urges Egypt to 'immediately' lift travel restrictions on Americans

James Taranto: Alternative Certification and 'Colorblind Racism'

Charles Krauthammer: The State of the Union flop
David Brooks: Hope, but Not Much Change
Paul Krugman: Jobs, Jobs and Cars

NYT: Obama College Aid Proposal Puts a Focus on Affordability

WTimes: House Democrats say they’ll put up stiffer defense of their record


Buzz: Fair Districts blasts legislative redistricting maps, details alleged violations


NYT: Lawmakers Release Proposed Redistricting Maps
Albany TU: New lines draw veto threat

Albany TU: Governor stands firm on Tier VI


SacBee: Universal health care measure stalls in California Senate
Dan Walters: California Legislature once again earns scorn


Hans von Spakovsky: The Sordid Business of Redistricting by Race

Fox: Texas Dem Asks Perry to Foot $2M Security Bill


Politico: It’s payback time as banks boost Dick Lugar rival


Roll Call: New Tennessee Map Cements GOP Dominance


WTimes: N.C. Governor Will Not Seek Re-election
Politico: Bev Perdue will not seek reelection
NYT: In North Carolina, the Governor and a Lawmaker Will Not Seek Re-Election
NYT: North Carolina Governor’s Decision May Aid Obama Bid
Roll Call: North Carolina Democratic Bench Keeps Shuffling


WaPo: Barney Frank engaged to boyfriend Jim Ready (updated)


NYT: Judge Orders Arizona Candidate Struck From Ballot


WTimes: Former governor has fundraising lead in Hawaii


January 26, 2012


Florida TU: Times-Union/Insider Advantage poll: Romney 40, Gingrich 32
Buzz: Fla poll: Romney 40, Gingrich 32; Romney leading big among Hispanics
SunSentinel: Tied in poll, Gringrich, Romney woo South Florida
CNN: CNN/Time Poll: Dead heat in Florida ahead of debate
Miami Herald: Poll: Gingrich, Romney in dead heat in Florida GOP primary
Hill: Romney and Gingrich are neck-and-neck in Florida, says poll
Weekly Standard: National Gallup Poll: Gingrich 31, Romney 28
NYT: Polls Suggest Gingrich's Support May Have Peaked
Roll Call: Democrats Doubt Gingrich Has Chance at Presidency

Examiner: Gingrich tells Florida voters he'd revive NASA
WaPo: Gingrich pledges moon colony during presidency
Politico: Newt pledges moon base by second term
Weekly Standard: Newt Chooses to Go to the Moon
NYDN: Newt Gingrich unveils plan to build permanent base on the moon by 2020
Miami Herald: Beam me up, Newt. Gingrich soars in the Space Coast

SunSentinel: Gingrich attracts large crowd in Coral Springs, concentrates on Obama
Orlando Sentinel: At local stops, Romney draws applause, but Newt Gingrich gets cheers

Miami Herald: Gingrich, Romney continue attacks in Miami
NYT: Candidates Scramble to Win Hispanic Votes in Florida
Examiner: GOP contenders court Florida Hispanics
WaPo: Romney, Gingrich trade attacks on immigration
WTimes: Gingrich opens door for illegal immigrants
Politico: Rubio gets off the 2012 bench
NatJ: Gingrich Pulls Ad After Rubio Dubs It 'Inflammatory'
Jeb Bush: Four ways Republicans can win Hispanics back

National Review: Newt Beats Mitt on Energy

Fox: Newt, Inc.: Gingrich started four firms post-speakership
LA Times: Newt Gingrich proud to be 'grandiose'
AJC: Gingrich donor is casino mogul, Israeli hardliner

Hill: Mystery: What Nancy Pelosi has on Newt
Fox: Gingrich dismisses Pelosi claim she knows 'something'

Fred Barnes: What Reagan Thought of Newt
Dan Henninger: The GOP Goes MAD: The candidates go thermonuclear
Rush Limbaugh: Newt: I Wasn't Knocking Lewinsky Sex
James Taranto: What Obama and Gingrich have in common
Ann Coulter: Re-Elect Obama: Vote Newt!
Victor Davis Hanson: Fidelity and the Presidency
American Spectator: Our Bill Clinton

NYT: Feeling Heat From Gingrich, Romney Enters Attack Mode
WaPo: Mitt Romney likely to far outspend Newt Gingrich on Florida TV ads
Boston Globe: Romney money edge washed away in Fla.
WSJ: Romney Battles Likability Deficit
NatJ: Romney’s Hispanic Problem
Politico: Mitt Romney’s immigration dilemma
Hill: Rivals turn Romney’s strength against him
Politico: American Bridge outlines Fla. attack on Romney
American Spectator: Romney isn't the only Republican who paved the way for Obamacare
WaPo: Liberal groups join in Fla. ad war against Mitt Romney
NatJ: Romney's Florida Formula: Return to Divide and Conquer
NYT: Romney’s Tax Bill, European Style
Hill: Senate Dems make Romney the poster boy for raising taxes for the wealthy
Politico: Murdoch weighs in on Romney tax returns
NYT: Romneys’ Swiss Account Captures Critics’ Fancy
Weekly Standard: Romney: 'I Want to Help the 99 Percent'
Politico: The great divide: Florida primary crowds
WSJ: With Friends Like Romney's: Norm Coleman tells voters GOP won't repeal ObamaCare
NYT: Why Evangelicals Don’t Like Mormons
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Adviser: GOP Won't Repeal Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Disgusting Use of Warren Buffett's Secretary as a Prop
Dan Balz: Obama team sees Romney damaging self with independents for fall campaign

David Malpass: Ron Paul, the Fed and the Need for a Stable Dollar
WaPo: Internet focus allows super PAC to stay lean

Hill: Santorum indicates he could leave Florida before Tuesday primary
Hill: Santorum: Obama wants Americans to go to college to become indoctrinated

Human Events: Mitch Daniels a contender for 2016

Buzz: Fla's winner-take-all primary could lead to messy challenge
Politico: Florida primary 2012: Delegate dispute could drag on

Miami Herald: Where the GOP hopfuls stand on the issues
NYT: With Audiences Encouraged to React, Primary Debates Seem More Made for TV
NatJ: Florida's Missing Governor

NYT: Obama Returns to Familiar Theme in Case for 2nd Term
Hill: Confident Obama struts his stuff
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Pitiful Speech Full of Lies
Rush Limbaugh: Mitch Daniels Delivers Terrific Speech
Michael Barone: The GOP candidates are more serious about governing than Obama
Karl Rove: Channeling David Axelrod


NASDAQ: Fed Sees Low Rates Through 2014
NYT: Fed Signals That a Full Recovery Is Years Away

NYT: New Housing Task Force Will Zero In on Wall St.
NYT: Editorial: On the Trail of Mortgage Fraud
WaPo: Geithner Says Obama Won’t Ask Him to Remain Past First Term

NYT: Talk of Taxing the Rich More Faces Political Realities
WSJ: The Buffett Ruse: Obama's ploy means the highest capital gains tax rate since 1978

Human Events: Republicans move to revive Keystone XL pipeline
Politico: Keystone pipeline decision looms for GOP
WTimes: Democrats press for Koch testimony on Keystone XL

Hill: Leak to media about House Ethics probes ignites chatter on source, motives
Hill: House GOP livid White House memos leaked to The New Yorker

WTimes: Pending health law ruling, GOP eyes substitutes

WTimes: Medicare nominee gets lifetime payout

Politico: Ray LaHood's son barred from leaving Egypt

WaPo: Editorial: The Supreme Court left too much unresolved with its GPS ruling


NYDN: State Senate GOP majority wants to merge four Dem Queens districts into two
Albany TU: Reilly and Tedisco swap towns; Reilly may not run


LA Times: Poll shows strong support for Jerry Brown's tax hike proposal
Hill: California Democrats cheer Obama's housing proposal, but want much more
SacBee: California GOP chief eyes statewide election strategy to boost initiatives, candidates


NatJ: Dewhurst Maintains Big Lead in New Poll
Politico: Dewhurst poll puts him at 50%
HChron: Texas Senate poll: Dewhurst leads, Cruz gains, James struggles

Austin AS: Poll: Perry approval rating lowest ever
Star-Telegram: Survey: Rick Perry’s support in Texas has eroded
Dallas MN: Perry’s job approval plunges after failed presidential run, News poll shows

Roll Call: Between the Lines: Courts Speed Time Table for Texas Primary

Dallas MN: Texans deeply split over Obama’s job performance


Chicago Tribune: Kirk's best friend in Senate will pay him a visit


IndyStar: Indiana House passes right-to-work legislation 54-44


WaPo: Michele Bachmann running for reelection
Star Tribune: Bachmann back in race -- for her seat in Congress


Milwaukee JS: New state poll shows Walker and Obama with small leads in 2012 match-ups
WTimes: Wis. governor has edge in approval rating


Detroit News: Michigan business balks at right to work


NYT: Kerrey Weighs Return to Nebraska and Senate


NYT: Christie Avoids All the Thorns in the Thicket of Gay Marriage


WSJ: Tarmac Tiff: Obama, Gov. Brewer Exchange Words
Hill: On visit to Arizona, Obama and Brewer spar over her book
Fox: Brewer says Obama took her to task for her book during trip to Arizona

Roll Call: Arizona Governor to Set Special Election in Short Order

NYT: Arizona Candidate Challenged Over English Skills


Roll Call: Final Weekend Before Oregon Special Election Arrives


January 25, 2012


Rasmussen: National Poll: Gingrich 35%, Romney 28%, Santorum 16%, Paul 10%
NatJ: Florida Poll: Gingrich Surges to Tie Romney
Politico: Poll: Florida lurches toward Newt

Miami Herald: Pro-Gingrich SuperPac: $6m FL ad buy tying Mitt Romney to ObamaCare
Miami Herald: Miami becomes battleground for Gingrich, Romney
TBT: In St. Petersburg, Newt Gingrich attacks Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Charlie Crist
WaPo: Newt Gingrich using energy, power of tea party movement
NYT: Gingrich Tries to Lure Tea Party Support in Florida
Politico: Newt Gingrich plays the Charlie Crist card
Buzz: Marco Rubio: Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist
NatJ: Latest Freddie Mac Contract Describes Gingrich As a Hired Gun
American Spectator: Gingrich Frames the Debate
American Thinker: Newt Gingrich the Jacksonian
RCP: Pelosi On A Gingrich Presidency: "That Will Never Happen"
Dana Milbank: Gingrich is Obama’s best surrogate
Kathleen Parker: Newt in Wonderland
Elliott Abrams: Gingrich & Reagan: In the 1980s, candidate repeatedly insulted president
Conrad Black: Once More unto the Breach
Jonah Goldberg: Newtzilla Conquers All?

WSJ: Romney Rethinks Key Income-Tax Break
WaPo: Romney’s Cayman Islands holdings complicate tax return debate
NYT: For Romneys, Friendly Code Reduces Taxes
NYT: Obama Disappoints Romney
NYT: Inside the Romney Tax Returns
Human Events: Mitt Romney's taxes
Hill: Romney hopes tax disclosure ends issue
LA Times: Romney tax returns highlight tax code's breaks for rich
LA Times: Romney's tax returns sit uneasily with Florida voters
Daily Caller: Romney tax returns indicate that he underpaid Mormon church tithe
NYT: In Florida, Romney Plays Down Immigration
WSJ: Romney Regains His Footing
Examiner: Romney turns sights on president in Florida
Examiner: Romney slams Obama ahead of State of the Union
Boston Globe: Editorial: Romney’s tax returns undercut GOP message
WSJ: Romney's Fair Share: The candidate's tax return is an argument for tax reform
American Spectator: The Ad Romney Should Run
Maureen Dowd: Mitt, Is This Wit?

Daily Caller: Ron Paul fundraising off son’s TSA detainment
Daily Caller: Oliver Stone would vote for Ron Paul over Obama
Politico: Pro-Ron Paul super PAC hits Newt Gingrich in Florida ad
National Review: Ron Paul, Weak on Entitlements?

Dick Morris: No quick KO in GOP fight


WaPo: In State of the Union, Obama warns economic disparity threatens middle class
WaPo: Economy will be major factor in presidential election
Fox: Obama outlines 'mission' of rebuilding American dream, as hurdles await his agenda
WSJ: Obama Makes Populist Pitch
Hill: Obama cranks up populist pitch
Daily Caller: Obama urges 30 percent tax rate for million-dollar earners
Human Events: Obama leads with class warfare in State of the Union
WSJ: Obama Lays Out New Policy Proposals
WSJ: Obama to Propose Mortgage-Refinance Plan
WSJ: Text of President Obama’s State of the Union Address
WSJ: How Green Became Obama's Albatross
WSJ: Editorial: The State of His Policies
WTimes: Obama calls for taxes, investments
NYT: Obama Speech Makes Pitch for Economic Fairness
NYT: Critiques for Capitalists in Obama’s Speech, With One in Particular in His Sights
NYT: Obama Urges Tougher Laws on Financial Fraud
NYT: A Tax Proposal Is Brought Out Again
NYT: Taking Few Chances on Seating or Dress
NYT: State of the Union? More Like State of the Campaign
NYT: President to Offer Way for Easing Home Debt
NYT: Poll: Partisan Split Over Tax Policies
WTimes: Editorial: A state of class warfare
Examiner: Obama's State of the Union sounds campaign message
NatJ: Obama’s Message to GOP Rivals: I’m No Sitting Duck
NatJ: Obama: I Am Not a Class Warrior
Jen Rubin: State of the Union address: plenty of partisanship, few ideas
Michael Barone: Unlike Obama, GOP talks seriously about governing
Fred Barnes: An Utterly Unremarkable Address
William Kristol: Obama: Follow the Example of the Military?
Human Events: The real State of the Union
American Spectator: Obama's Open Buffet
CNS: Under Obama, Price of Gas Has Jumped 83%, Ground Beef 24%, Bacon 22%

WSJ: GOP Counters: Obama Has 'Made Things Worse'
Hill: Gov. Daniels: Obama is 'pro-poverty'
Politico: GOP rebuttal to State of the Union: Mitch Daniels slams Obama as ‘pro-poverty’
AJC: In GOP response, Daniels blames Obama for economy
WaPo: Republican reaction to Obama’s State of the Union address vary in tone
Human Events: Republican response: Obama's speech didn't ring true
NYT: Prepared Remarks of Gov. Mitch Daniels’s Republican Address to the Nation
WTimes: GOP says Obama’s agenda is designed to divide
Roll Call: Transcript of Mitch Daniels' State of the Union Response

Hill: Lawmakers praise tax reform proposals, but skeptical on energy, immigration

WTimes: Panel set to tackle tax-cut extension
NYT: Two Sides Far Apart on Payroll Tax Cut
Roll Call: Division Over Payroll Tax Widens
Hill: Longer extension of the payroll tax break faces many hurdles in Congress

WSJ: Pentagon to Lay Out Next Year's Budget Cuts

Fox: Obama's new consumer agency chief takes GOP hot seat on Capitol Hill

Hill: Reid supports rules change to eliminate filibuster of nominees

NYT: OpEd: A Way to Make People Buy Homes Again

WTimes: CEOs defend capitalism at Davos forum

Thomas Friedman: Average Is Over


Albany TU: Republican hopefuls look to New York primary

NYT: Cuomo Is Lure for Donors to Democratic Governors
NYT: Bloomberg, in a Visit to Albany, Has Nothing but Praise for Cuomo

NYT: Senate Hopeful Says He Takes 'Full Responsibility' for Blog Posts


Chicago Tribune: Kirk alert, answering questions after stroke
Politico: Mark Kirk doing better than expected following stroke


NYT: Democrats Flee an Indiana Vote on Union Bill


Star Tribune: New poll: Klobuchar popular in Minn.; Bachmann and Pawlenty not so much


Politico: Scott Walker raises $12M for recall battle
Star Tribune: Gov. Walker to deliver speech amid recall turmoil

NYT: Editorial: A Wisconsin Judge’s Refusal to Recuse


NYT: Christie Wants Voters to Decide on Gay Marriage


James Taranto: Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren's shameful campaign gimmick
Politico: Warren: 'This may not work'


WTimes: Giffords exits, but legacy of cooperation could remain
Politico: Ariz. Republican Jesse Kelly enters race to succeed Gabrielle Giffords


January 24, 2012


Rasmussen: Florida GOP Primary: Gingrich 41%, Romney 32%
WSJ: Gingrich Takes the Lead in Florida Polls
WaPo: Las Vegas casino mogul’s wife gives $5 million to super PAC backing Gingrich
NatJ: Newt's Billionaire Benefactor to Drop Another $5M
CNN: Pro-Gingrich super PAC says it will be competitive in Florida
Fox: Gingrich, enjoying rise in fortunes, sasses 'establishment' backing Romney
Daily Caller: Fred Thompson endorses Newt Gingrich
NYDN: Former Sen. Fred Thompson endorses Newt Gingrich for President
Politico: Barbour: Newt deserves credit for the 1990s
Detroit News: Rubio stays neutral ahead of Florida primary
Weekly Standard: Team Newt: Gingrich-Romney Race Is Just Like Rubio-Crist

Human Events: The First Florida Debate
Hill: Romney, Gingrich tussle in GOP debate
LA Times: Romney, Gingrich get testy in Florida
WaPo: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich clash sharply in Republican presidential debate
Chicago Tribune: Surging Newt Gingrich draws fire from rivals in GOP debate
Fox: Romney, Gingrich spar over records, sling mud at one another
Miami Herald: Mitt Romney strikes back at Newt Gingrich in Florida debate
Politico: Republican debate in Florida: Top 5 moments
NatJ: "Angry Newt" Takes the Night Off
NatJ: Gingrich Lost His Crowd-Pleasing Groove in Tampa
NatJ: Romney's Freddie Mac Attack Rattles Gingrich

Rush L: The GOP Establishment in Abject Panic: They Don't Understand Their Own Base
Rush L: Newt is a Vessel: He Won South Carolina Because He Articulated Conservatism
Rush L: David Brooks' Tortured Path to Blaming the Ruination of America on Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh: Electability Results from Getting Elected
Thomas Sowell: South Carolina’s Message: Mitt Romney’s electablility is overrated
Pat Buchanan: Mitt vs. Newt: The gloves come off
Stuart Rothenberg: Will GOP Risk Goldwater II With Newt Gingrich in 2012?
American Spectator: Motivational Speaker
American Spectator: Reagan's Young Lieutenant
James Taranto: The Genetic Fallacy: Logic and race in 21st-century America
Michael Gerson: Newt Gingrich, the man who knows too much
Rich Lowry: Gingrich: The Republican Clinton
Frank Bruni: The Gusts of Gingrich
NYT: Editorial: The Power Broker

WaPo: Gingrich’s former firm releases Freddie Mac contract
Politico: Newt Gingrich defends Freddie Mac contract
Fox: Gingrich's Freddie Mac contract shows firm was paid $25G a month for 'consulting'

NYT: Romney Tax Returns Show $45 Million Income
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney’s tax returns show income of $20.9m last year
WSJ: Romney's Taxes: $3 Million
WTimes: Romney releases tax records
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s tax returns shed some light on his investment wealth
Politico: Mitt Romney tax returns: Five reasons they matter
National Review: Bain Capital’s Legacy in South Carolina
Weekly Standard: The Rich Really Are Different

NYDN: Romney says he favors self-deportation when asked about immigration during debate

Florida TU: Expect to hear this a lot from Mitt Romney during the Jacksonville debate

George Will: Romney's time to step up
Byron York: Romney struggles with Massachusetts problem
American Spectator: The Sound of No Conservatives Clapping

Examiner: Romney rips Gingrich in Florida GOP debate
CBS: Republican debate: Mitt Romney strikes back
WTimes: Romney accuses Gingrich of ‘influence-peddling’
NatJ: Romney Blasts Gingrich as 'Highly Erratic'
Dallas MN: Romney blisters Gingrich over Freddie Mac, ethics charges
NY Post: Romney bloodies Newt in Fla. debate with Freddie Mac blows
NatJ: Gingrich Resigned From the House Under a Cloud
NatJ: For Romney, the SC Lesson is Attack, Attack, Attack
NY Post: Romney steps up attacks as polls show him trailing in Florida
NYT: Romney unleashes attack with Gingrich as sole target
WaPo: Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney’s attack dog
NatJ: Palin: Christie Got His 'Panties in a Wad' Over Gingrich

Rush Limbaugh: Reluctantly... My Advice for Rick Santorum

WaPo: The GOP primary fights for hearts — or minds
WaPo: Saul Alinsky lives on in GOP rhetoric
Roll Call: GOP Ready for Long Primary

Fox: New calls for Mitch Daniels to jump into GOP race
William Kristol: Debate Winner: Mitch Daniels
NYT: A G.O.P. Counterweight to Obama, but So Far Just in Speech Response
Bret Stephens: The GOP Deserves to Lose

National Review: Draft Jeb Bush

NYT: Confident Obama Knows Wild Cards Can Loom Large


NYT: Redistricting and Increased Partisanship Fuel House Departures

WaPo: Expectations low for election-year agenda
Politico: Small battles will dominate Hill agenda


WTimes: Obama’s Union speech to sound populist themes
WaPo: Breaking down the State of the Union
NatJ: Obama's State of the Union to Set Out Campaign Agenda
Examiner: Obama to strike partisan tone in State of Union
Human Events: GOP bracing for partisan attacks in Obama's State of the Union speech
Hill: Obama's target: Mitt Romney
Hill: Unions to run ads after Gov. Daniels’s State of the Union GOP response

NYT: For Justices, State of the Union Can Be a Trial

WaPo: White House to unveil budget plan in mid-February
Fox: White House delay of budget proposal infuriates Republicans

Hill: GOP leader calls for replacing defense cuts one year at a time, if necessary

WaPo: Federal employees owe $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes

Sens. David Vitter & James Inhofe: Nothing sound about EPA science

Gale Norton: Obama chooses American decline

WSJ: Justices Rein In Police on GPS Trackers
WaPo: Supreme Court: Warrants needed in GPS tracking
WSJ: High Court Backs Privacy Rights in GPS Case
LA Times: Supreme Court: Police need warrant to use GPS tracking on cars

WTimes: Ex-CIA officer charged in leak case


Politico: Florida Republican primary: 2012's ground zero
American Spectator: No Need to Rush in Florida

NYT: As Race Moves to Florida, Facing Political Implications of a Housing Crisis
WaPo: Florida primary forces GOP candidates to face the dreaded housing question

SunSentinel: Allen West, black conservatives challenge black-voter 'myths'

Roll Call: Rubio Aide Quits After Arrest
Daily Caller: Rubio aide accused of beating up wife and rolling her in carpet


Albany TU: GOP hits Gillibrand over PIPA

Albany TU: GOP plans 63rd State Senate district


Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's budget ups the stakes over California education


Austin AS: Texas sues feds over voter ID law


Politico: Haley Barbour pardons: Judge's ruling delayed


Daily Caller: La. Sec’y of State: DOJ abusing Motor Voter law for ‘political agenda’


Chicago Tribune: Doctors 'hopeful' after Sen. Kirk undergoes surgery for stroke
WaPo: Sen. Mark Kirk undergoes surgery after stroke
Chicago Sun-Times: Sen. Mark Kirk has stroke, could have problems with left arm, leg
WTimes: Sen. Mark Kirk suffers stroke affecting left side
Fox: Doctors confident of recovery after Sen. Mark Kirk suffers stroke


Fox: Indiana Senate votes 28-22 for right-to-work bill

Roll Call: Mitch Daniels Kicks Off Fundraising Spree for Dick Lugar


Milwaukee JS: Walker raises millions to fight recall effort
Hill: Dems fear union cash drain in Wisconsin


WaPo: Sen. Rand Paul declines TSA pat-down, is escorted from security checkpoint
Fox: Sen. Paul stopped by TSA at airport, law enforcement denies it was a detention
Sen. Rand Paul: TSA’s intrusions undermine security


NYT: Christie Names a Gay Man and an Asian for the Top Court
NYT: Editorial: Saving Lives in New Jersey


WaPo: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren pledge to curb outside campaign spending
NatJ: The Brown-Warren Agreement Explained

Roll Call: 4th District Field Clears for Joseph Kennedy III in Massachusetts

Fox: Bruins goalie Thomas declines White House visit for political reasons


WTimes: Giffords’ decision to resign sets up Arizona race
Roll Call: Arizona Candidates Race for Giffords Seat
Fox: Rep. Giffords' husband rules out 2012 run for her seat


Politico: Washington state set to approve gay marriage

Roll Call: Washington Candidates Fight for Competitive Seat


January 23, 2012


Hill: Poll: Gingrich surges to lead in Florida primary
WSJ: Gingrich Wave Gets Test in Florida
AJC: Gingrich hopes momentum trumps Romney's Florida advantages
Politico: Newt benefits from heavy debate schedule
Examiner: Surging Gingrich, defensive Romney collide in Fla.
WaPo: Newt Gingrich launches fundraising, organizing blitz
Hill: Winning South Carolina template could work for Gingrich campaign in Florida
NYT: Gingrich and Romney Trade Jabs as G.O.P. Race Rolls On
CNN: Gingrich plans major speeches, including one on space
NYT: Gingrich Bets on Attack Mode Against Media
Politico: Newt Gingrich: The master of disguise
WSJ: The Gingrich Challenge
Human Events: Newt and improved?
Examiner: Gingrich win shows collapse of GOP establishment
LA Times: Republicans' 'head vs. heart' battle moves to Florida
EJ Dionne: Newt Gingrich exploits politics of class and culture
WaPo: OpEd: Time to bring back Bill Clinton
American Spectator: The Unbearable Lightness of Being the MSM
National Review: Why Newt?

WTimes: Romney looks to rally in Florida
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney laboring to regain advantage
Boston Globe: Romney rivals have a lot of ground to make up in Florida
Miami Herald: Republican fight arrives in Florida — Newt’s momentum vs. Mitt’s organization
WaPo: In Florida, Romney takes aim at resurgent Gingrich
WaPo: Romney attacks Gingrich on Freddie Mac work, ties rival to Florida housing slump
WTimes: Public employees union heaps cash into GOP ad attacks on Romney
Dallas MN: GOP showdown intensifies as Romney agrees to release tax returns
WaPo: Mitt Romney to release tax returns Tuesday
Hill: Romney to release tax returns Tuesday, calls delay 'a mistake'
Fox: Romney to release 2010 tax returns this week
WaPo: Chris Christie says he would consider being Mitt Romney’s vice president
NYT: A Week of Challenges and Potential for Romney
WSJ: Romney Still Holds Financial Advantage
Dan Balz: Romney vs. Gingrich highlights GOP unease
Mark Steyn: The Man Who Gave Us Newt
Fred Barnes: What Mitt Must Learn from South Carolina
William Kristol: On Sarah Palin, Caucus States, and Latino Voters

Rick Santorum: My Fight for Life
Gary Bauer: The quiet triumph of life
WTimes: Rick Santorum wins! And still can’t catch a break
Daily Caller: Santorum pitches himself in Florida by highlighting tough stance on Iran

Daily Caller: Paul-Santorum sign war erupts during Florida rally

Daily Caller: Calls renew for Mitch Daniels to enter presidential race


Fox: John Boehner talks jobs, State of the Union
NatJ: How Obama Can Use Tuesday's State of the Union Address to His Advantage
Hill: Obama looks to bait GOP
Hill: White House rushes to define Keystone message ahead of Republicans
Hill: Boehner mulls tying Keystone approval to payroll tax extension
Jed Babbin: SOTU Sitrep

HE: Going 1,000 days without a budget hides Obama's spending agenda

Hill: Obama to shift strategy on healthcare in 2012

NYT: More Lockouts as Companies Battle Unions

Robert Samuelson: Why the Federal Reserve slept before the housing crisis
Paul Krugman: Is Our Economy Healing?

WaPo: Editorial: Respecting religious exemptions


SunSentinel: With primary looming, Republican candidates flock to Florida
Fox: Florida voters head to polls early, impact outcome long before primary day
WaPo: For GOP in Florida, it’s boom burbs or bust
NYT: G.O.P. Ventures Into Florida, a State Harder to Pigeonhole
NatJ: Scrappy Florida Gets Its Day in the Sun
NatJ: Florida's Housing Mess Puts GOP Hopefuls on Uncomfortable Turf
National Review: What the Sunshine State Will Illuminate

Miami Herald: Scott, lawmakers agree: Schools need at least $1 billion more


Politico: In South Carolina primary, Nikki Haley takes hit with Mitt Romney loss
NYT: South Carolina Exit Polls: How Different Groups Voted


NYT: Under the Name of a Senate Hopeful, Blog Posts on Sex and Drugs

NYT: As Closed-Door Redistricting Drags On, Incumbents’ Edge Only Grows
Hill: Rep. Turner keeps his eye on Israel — and redistricting in New York
Buffalo News: WNY stuck in middle as legislators redraw districts

Albany TU: State Senate GOP sitting on huge cash edge


Dan Walters: California civil service unions in denial on pension costs


Milwaukee JS: More charges expected against ex-Walker staffers, sources say


Detroit News: Michigan's role rises in GOP presidential contest


WTimes: McDonnell leads way in restoring ex-cons’ rights


Fox: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to resign from Congress
WaPo: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords resigning from Congress
Huff Post: Gabrielle Giffords Stepping Down From Congress
NYT: For Giffords, House Comeback Is One Too Many
WSJ: A Year After Attack, Giffords Says She'll Resign
Fox: Giffords' resignation opens up race to fill Arizona seat
NatJ: With Giffords Stepping Down, Who Might Step Up?
John Gizzi: Rep. Giffords district could go GOP in special election


January 22, 2012


WSJ: Gingrich Wins in South Carolina
Human Events: Newt Gingrich wins big in South Carolina
NYDN: Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary in stunning comeback
Dallas MN: Gingrich’s upset win in South Carolina scrambles GOP race
Hill: Gingrich victory upends GOP race
Weekly Standard: Newt Rolls On
Weekly Standard: Newt's Victory Speech
WSJ: Gingrich Resurgent After Bumpy Candidacy
WSJ: Gingrich Won on Electability: Exit Polls
Daily Caller: Gingrich won women’s vote in SC primary, exit polls show
Human Events: Gingrich: Conservatives want to see him debate Obama
Human Events: How Newt Gingrich won South Carolina
Fox: Gingrich resurrects campaign, scrambles race with South Carolina victory
Hill: Gingrich pats rivals on the back, takes gloves off against Obama
WTimes: Gingrich wins South Carolina’s GOP primary
WaPo: Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary
WaPo: Voters say they opted for Gingrich’s ‘guts’
LA Times: Gingrich surges to big win in South Carolina
NYT: Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary, Upending G.O.P. Race
NYT: Exit Poll Tells Story Behind Gingrich Win
NYT: Fresh Doubts About Republican Contest
NYT: Many Voters Moved to Gingrich With Days, or Moments, Left
NatJ: Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary
NatJ: Gingrich Coalition Could Pose Sustained Challenge to Romney
NatJ: President Newt? Not Likely But Scary to GOP
Examiner: Game on: Gingrich takes South Carolina
Roll Call: Gingrich Rolls to Victory in South Carolina
Politico: Newt Gingrich and the press: Secret pals
Charles Hurt: Drama king Newt Gingrich shines in Southern Gothic
Politico: On Newt Gingrich S.C. primary win, Karl Rove says thank John King

WTimes: Florida suddenly within Gingrich’s grasp
Miami Herald: Florida becomes major battleground for GOP nomination
Boston Globe: Florida stands as challenge to Gingrich’s resources
Human Events: State of play in Florida: Challenges and opportunities for Newt
Daily Caller: What comes next after Newt’s big win?
John Gizzi: Where does Newt go after big night in S.C.?
Daily Caller: Gingrich wins big in South Carolina, heads to Florida as race heats up

WSJ: Romney Dismisses South Carolina Loss
Hill: Romney blasts Gingrich in South Carolina concession speech
WaPo: Which Romney will show up after defeat?
Hill: Two weak debate performances led to Romney's SC fall
Boston Globe: Suddenly for Romney, Florida win seems a must
Tampa Tribune: Romney says he'll attend Monday debate at USF
LA Times: In Florida, cash-flush Romney has been all but unopposed
WTimes: Romney tells supporters to ready for a long fight
NatJ: Romney Heads to Florida Fiery and No Longer Inevitable
NatJ: Will Floridians Buy Mitt Romney's Schtick?
Hill: Romney camp marks anniversary of Gingrich House reprimand
Politico: Romney advisers hint at need to release taxes soon
WaPo: The origins of Mitt Romney’s corporate worldview
Fred Barnes: What Mitt Must Learn from South Carolina

WSJ: Challenges Mount for Rick Santorum
WaPo: Santorum’s hopes may be dashed
NatJ: Santorum Says He'll Fight On
Hill: Santorum vows 'different message' from opponents as he continues campaign
NYT: Santorum, Optimistic, Plans Effort Nationwide
WTimes: Santorum says he’s pressing on to Florida

WTimes: Paul says his campaign’s momentum will continue
NatJ: Ron Paul: It's About The Delegates
Politico: South Carolina primary speech: Ron Paul turns to caucuses
Daily Caller: Paul finishes fourth in SC: ‘The message of liberty is being received’
Hill: Ron Paul looks ahead, says GOP contest will be ‘a long, hard slog’

Star-Telegram: Gingrich calls Perry to offer thanks for help in South Carolina
Austin AS: Perry campaign hurt by internal turmoil
HChron: Perry campaign self-destructed amid unforced errors and in-fighting
Dallas MN: Can Texas’ national image survive the effects of Perry’s failed presidential bid?
Todd Gilman: Perry’s presidential run leaves behind plenty of ‘what-ifs’ to explore

WSJ: Conservatives Keeping Options Open
WSJ: Primary Season Just Got Longer
Politico: South Carolina primary results: 9 takeaways
Hill: Results map from the SC GOP primary

Salena Zito: Deep South abandons Dems
Rich Lowry: Why Gingrich, and GOP pols’ fears, are rising
Michael Barone: Where does the Republican campaign go from here?
Hugh Hewitt: The Ball Is in Florida’s Court Now
Dan Balz: Florida will show which GOP candidate has momentum
Clarice Feldman: Newt's Third Law
Thomas Friedman: American Voters: Still Up for Grabs
Ross Douthat: A Good Candidate Is Hard to Find
Maureen Dowd: Showtime at the Apollo
Jon Bernstein: SC primary is a bump in the road for Romney, but he’s still the favorite

NYT: Editorial: South Carolina’s Divisive Message
Michael Barone: A few words in defense of negative campaigning

William Kristol: A Candidate to be Drafted Later?

WTimes: Six slogans for Obama re-election campaign
NatJ: Why Obama's Chances Just Rose
Carter Eskew: Newt Gingrich’s South Carolina win is a Democratic dream

Examiner: Former Obama staffer arrested in false ID scheme


Examiner: GOP will revive Keystone deal Obama killed
Hill: CRS report: Congress can require Keystone oil pipeline approval

Hill: 'Be honest and kick ass': Gov. Christie energizes House GOP at retreat

NYT: Obama to Draw an Economic Line in State of the Union
WaPo: Obama’s State of the Union speech to focus on ‘return to American values’

Fox: US to keep 11 aircraft carriers to show sea power

Hill: House Dems push Fannie, Freddie regulator on mortgage write-downs
NYT: Editorial: Friends of Angelo, Part 2

Charles Murray: The New American Divide

NYT: The Affirmative Action War Goes On


Fox: Jeb Bush plans to stay neutral during Florida GOP primary
Fox: GOP candidates lay groundwork for Florida fight
NatJ: Florida Tests Loom for Romney, Gingrich
Buzz: On home turf, Wasserman Schultz will lead Democratic offensive amid GOP primary


PowerLine: Not Just A Democrat Dirty Trick, But A Crime


Fox: South Carolina attorney general informs Justice Department of dead voters


Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces tough policy battles

Albany TU: Records detail FBI's interest in Sweeney and Albany lobbyist


SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown once again seeks to sell Californians on big projects
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown still thinks he can govern California


Fox: Christie sets ambitious agenda in New Jersey amid 2016 speculation


Denver Post: CO legislature faces return of fight over tuition measure for illegal immigrants


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