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January 14, 2012


NYT: Romney Rolls Out the Big Guns in S.C.
NatJ: Romney's Newest High-Profile Backer Comes Out Swinging
Boston Globe: Romney returns fire on two fronts
Greenville News: Romney's ties not likely to sway Hispanics
Human Events: Romney's South Carolina challenge: Win, and unite a house divided
NYT: Obama and Romney Face a Tough Fight for Key Group
WSJ: The Romney Surge
NatJ: Romney Could Draw Blue-Collar Voters in a General Election
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Claims He'll Roll Back So Much Liberalism, He May Only Last One Term
Rush Limbaugh: Why Conservatives are Wary of Romney

Politico: Mitt Romney's biggest backer: Bain Capital
Holman Jenkins: The Truth About Bain and Jobs
Larry Kudlow: Isn’t a Bainful Turnaround What America Needs?
Weekly Standard: Romney, Bain Capital, and the 2012 Election
NatJ: Watch 'King of Bain' Video That's Causing a Stir
NYT: Town, Cast as Romney’s Victim, Says, ‘Huh?’
WaPo: OpEd: When Romney ran Bain Capital, his word was not his bond

Andrew McCarthy: Right, Wrong, and Romney
Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney’s Al Gore problem

Rasmussen: South Carolina Primary: Romney 28%, Gingrich 21%, Santorum 16%, Paul 16%
State: South Carolina polling summary
Daily Caller: Two new polls: Paul surges in South Carolina, Santorum slumps
National Review: Predicting South Carolina: Rep. Tim Scott thinks Romney is in the lead
NatJ: Insiders: GOP Nominating Contest Will Be Wrapped Up After Florida

Miami Herald: Newt Gingrich stumps in Miami and Orlando, slamming Mitt Romney
Weekly Standard: Newt's New Plan of Attack: Hit Mitt on Abortion, Guns, and Taxes
Politico: Franks backs Newt, dings Mitt on abortion
NYT: In Reversal, Gingrich Calls for Withdrawal of Film Attacking Romney and Bain
Hill: Gingrich calls on his super-PAC to correct inaccuracies or pull anti-Bain ads
Rush Limbaugh: The Latest on Newt vs. Mitt
Fred Barnes: The Circular Firing Squad: A GOP specialty
Politico: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum in South Carolina fight for conservative edge

WSJ: Rick Santorum: 'Supply-Sider' for the Working Man
American Thinker: Mad at Santorum over Specter? What Would Reagan Do?

Hill: What does Ron Paul want?
WTimes: Would Israel benefit from a Ron Paul presidency?
Mark Steyn: The Ron Paul Faction: His appeal is growing after decades of unwon wars
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 43%, Paul 37%

Dallas MN: Perry pivots from Romney attack, pleads his case in South Carolina
Politico: Rick Perry in South Carolina struggles with the undecideds

HChron: Judge refuses to allow Perry onto Virginia ballot
WaPo: Perry, Gingrich lose lawsuit to get on Virginia primary ballot
Fox: Judge rejects GOP candidates' request to be added to Virginia ballot
Examiner: Judge won't put GOP candidates on Va. ballot

Politico: Jon Huntsman's Mandarin moments

WSJ: Hope Dims for an Evangelical Pick
WTimes: Top evangelical: Romney ‘not Mormon enough’ for social conservatives

Rush Limbaugh: Yes, Obama Is Landslideable Beatable
Kathleen Parker: Denigrating Michelle Obama with the ‘angry black woman’ slur

Fox: Republican Party raises $27 million in 4th quarter
WTimes: Rebounding RNC bests Democrats in money chase


WaPo: Standard & Poor’s cuts credit ratings for France and eight other European nations
NYT: Downgrade of Debt Ratings Underscores Europe’s Woes

Hill: Obama proposes tax breaks for companies 'investing in America'

Hill: GOP senator: Let's get moving on Keystone

WTimes: Obama seeks power to streamline government
WaPo: Obama seeks more power to merge agencies, streamline government
WSJ: White House Seeks to Merge Agencies
NYT: Obama Bid to Cut the Government Tests Congress
WSJ: The Reorganization Man: Obama now says he wants to reform government
Roll Call: Consolidation Authority Would Empower Obama, Successors
Hill: Obama tries to seize the mantle of small government from Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Election Year Conversion: Barack Obama Wants to Streamline Government

LA Times: Obama's new chief of staff an expert on executive powers

Daily Caller: Obama admin taken to court for recess appointments
WSJ: Cordray's Charm Offensive

WTimes: Eleven states, D.C. back Obama on health law

WSJ: Lawmakers Tied to VIP Loan Program

Hill: Fannie, Freddie overhaul unlikely

Hill: Controversial provision to block websites dropped from online piracy bill
Fox: Rep. Lamar Smith removes key provision from SOPA
NatJ: Smith Joins Leahy In Dropping Disputed Website-Blocking Proposal
NatJ: Texas Businesses Oppose Bill Combating Online Piracy

Fox: More Solyndra-esque debacles?

WaPo: White House got heads up on Solyndra’s pending layoff announcements

Fox: Senators warn new EPA rules would raise gas prices

Ted Nugent: God bless BP: Oil company has made amends for Gulf oil spill

James Taranto: The Truth Vigilantes

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NatJ: Candidates Seek S. Carolina's Blue-Collar Vote


Rochester D&C: Rep. Kathy Hochul travels many a mile in GOP country


LA Times: Brown enlarges his role in California's foundering bullet train project


Austin AS: State party conventions in jeopardy due to redistricting delays


WTimes: Ex-Gov. Barbour ‘very comfortable’ with pardons
Fox: Barbour defends controversial pardons as based on the Christian belief in forgiveness
NatJ: Barbour Defends His Pardoning of Over 200 Criminals


Human Events: Wisconsin governor determined to survive recall threat


Detroit FP: Michigan revenue projection: We've got $633 million extra


Politico: Mo. gov candidate fibbed on bio


NYT: Heart Surgery Is Planned for Edwards; Trial Delayed
WaPo: Judge: Ex-pres. candidate John Edwards has serious heart condition; trial delayed


WTimes: Four GOP candidates blocked on Va. ballot bid
NYT: Gingrich, Perry, Santorum and Huntsman Lose Virginia Ballot Fight


Roll Call: West Virginia Leaders Turn to Supreme Court (reapportionment)


NYT: Menendez Drops His Opposition to Obama’s Pick for a Federal Appeals Court


Boston Globe: Warren releases financial report


Daily Caller: Aspiring first black GOP congresswoman: Don’t put me in a box


January 13, 2012


Hill: Poll: Romney slipping in South Carolina, holds just two-point lead over Gingrich

Hill: Romney to hammer Gingrich, Perry on immigration in SC
SPT: In Gaffney, S.C., Mitt Romney's Bain record clashes with campaign narrative
Greenville News: Romney defends his record, targets Obama
Politico: Mitt Romney in South Carolina could be helped by fractured right
NYT: In South Carolina, Romney Defends Bain Record
Human Events: Palin calls on Romney to prove job creation at Bain
NatJ: PAC Attack on Romney and Bain Begins
WaPo: GOP divided over potential impact of Bain attacks
American Spectator: Creative Destruction, Properly Understood
American Thinker: Vulture Capitalism
WTimes: Venture or ‘vulture,’ Romney takes spotlight with business background
NatJ: South Carolina's Jim DeMint: Romney's Silent Surrogate

Peggy Noonan: South Carolina Will Likely Choose Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Was Romney Ready for Bain Attack?
Jonah Goldberg: Romney Must Win Battle of the Bloat
David Brooks: The C.E.O. in Politics
Charles Schott: Chris Christie and the 2012 Electio
Paul Krugman: America Isn’t a Corporation

Rasmussen: Florida GOP Primary: Romney 41%, Gingrich 19%, Santorum 15%
Miami Herald: Mitt Romney targets Obama during Fla. rally
Tampa Bay Times: Pro-Romney group rips Rick Santorum in Fla TV ad
Boston Globe: Latino vote crucial for Republican rivals in Fla.
National Review: Florida GOP Forecast

Hill: Poll finds Romney surging nationally

Baltimore Sun: Feisty Gingrich makes plea for evangelical vote
NatJ: Gingrich: Splitting Anti-Romney Vote A 'Concern'
WSJ: Wall Street, Washington and Gingrich
WaPo: Gingrich camp defends candidate’s attacks on Romney’s Bain record
NYT: Gingrich Sees ‘Wealthy Institutions’ Behind Bain Attacks Backlash
Telegraph UK: If Gingrich can't beat Romney in South Carolina then it's all over for him
Michael Gerson: Newt Gingrich’s party of one
Stephen Moore: Will Newt Stand Down? (planned $3m ad campaign against Mitt Romney)
Rush Limbaugh: Newt's Revenge Divides GOP to the Delight of Liberals
American Spectator: The Thelma & Louise Party

State: Ron Paul: South Carolina’s most ‘googled’ candidate
State Column: Ron Paul re-doubles fundraising efforts with ‘South Carolina’ money bomb
Politico: Pro-Paul super PAC spends over $300k in South Carolina
ABC: Paul, Claiming Momentum,Predicts ‘Top Tier’ Finish in South Carolina
Chicago Tribune: Libertarian Ron Paul is dilemma for Republicans
Charles Krauthammer: Ron Paul’s achievement
Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul: The true believer

WaPo: Rick Santorum’s South Carolina team revels in momentum
Politico: Rick Santorum: John McCain's a fiscal fraud

NatJ: Perry Urges Congress Not to Raise Debt Ceiling
Politico: Rick Perry in South Carolina returns to retail roots
WaPo: Big spending on presidential candidates can have little effect
NYT: Rick Perry’s Son Emerges, a Tweet Off the Old Block
WaPo: Rick Perry ‘vulture’ attack on Romney costs him influential S.C. supporter
Am Spec: Return of the Phantom Menace: Will Rick Perry help Mitt Romney clinch in SC?
Hill: Rick Perry in new ad: ‘I’m not about to quit’
Dallas MN: New Perry web video features football player 'Tebowing'

NYT: Evangelicals Hope South Carolina or Florida Winnows Republican Field
NYT: PACs’ Aid Allows Romney’s Rivals to Extend Race

Sarasota HT: Laura Bush wanted Jeb to run for president in 2012

Kim Strassel: The GOP: Back in the Money Game

James Taranto: The Phony Class War: Is "conflict between rich and poor" really on the rise?
American Spectator: The Obama-Axelrod Class-Warfare Machine

Human Events: Americans, Independents, Republicans are becoming more 'conservative'

Fox: Obama fundraising could fuel a small economy
WaPo: Obama unlikely to break billion-dollar fundraising mark
Politico: Obama’s fundraising haul a potential albatross
Politico: Chris Christie praises Obama political skills
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Just in Over His Head?

American Thinker: The Liveliest Campaign Season Since 1968

NatJ: Resignation, Retirement, and Reelection: How 112th Congress Compares With 111th


Fox: Obama requests $1.2T increase in debt ceiling
WaPo: Obama asks Congress for debt limit hike
Hill: President Obama requests $1.2 trillion debt hike over GOP objections
WSJ: Government Edges Toward the Debt Ceiling

WTimes: Chamber chief critical of Obama’s jobs agenda

WTimes: Justice Department backs Obama on recess appointments
NYT: Justice Dept. Defends Obama Recess Appointments
WaPo: Recess appointments constitutional, Justice Department says
Hill: Justice Department memo argues Obama recess appointments were legal
WSJ: Contempt for the Constitution: Justice invents legal rationale for Obama appointments
Fox: Senator: Obama 'shredded Constitution'
Weekly Standard: Weak Justification for Executive Overreach

Fox: Army to withdraw 2 brigades from Europe, Panetta says
WaPo: 2 Army brigades to leave Europe in cost-cutting move
Rep. Buck McKeon: Obama’s damaging blow to our military

LA Times: Another ATF weapons operation comes under scrutiny

Hill: GOP hopes to seize momentum by attacking Obama on Keystone

WSJ: The DeMarco Pile-On: Democrats target a regulator who won't let them tap Fannie Mae

NYT: Court Martial Recommended in WikiLeaks Case

NYT: Editorial: The Ministerial Exception

WTimes: Watchdogs to Obama: Fix the FEC
NYT: Editorial: Back to the Robber Barons (campaign financing)

NYT: Boys’ School Affiliated With Catholic Group Draws Conservatives in Washington


Politico: Karl Rove, Bill Kristol battle over 'last chance' South Carolina

American Spectator: Jim DeMint Issues Political Call to Arms


NYT: Panel Chief Raises $450,000 as She Eyes Manhattan Post

Albany TU: Ex-Congressman Sweeney in tax hole


SacBee: High-speed rail project's chief, board chairman resigning
WSJ: Top Official Of Rail Plan in California To Step Down

Dan Walters: Jerry Brown's tax increase is a big risk

WTimes: GOP Rep. Jerry Lewis to retire
WaPo: California GOP Rep. Jerry Lewis retiring


WSJ: Texas-Size Test for Senate Contenders
Dallas MN: Senate rivals attack Dewhurst in debate


Roll Call: Redistricting Maps Starting to Move in Florida

Tampa Bay Times: Kurt Browning resigns as Florida's secretary of state


AJC: Governor: Georgia negotiating for biggest project since Kia


Fox: Indiana GOP get schooled on election fraud


Hill: Rand Paul blocking tax treaties over fears of government snooping
Politico: Rand Paul returns $500K in office budget to Treasury


Roll Call: Raese Files for Rematch with Manchin in West Virginia
Politico: Raese is back for a re-match


Fox: DNC chief accused of blaming Tea Party for Giffords shooting


Denver Post: Gov. John Hickenlooper's State of State speech cheers Tim Tebow, civil unions


January 12, 2012


WSJ: Candidates Brace for Brawl in South Carolina
LA Times: Romney focuses on economy and unemployment in South Carolina
NYT: Republican Rivals Batter Romney in South Carolina
WTimes: Romney targets Obama on stump in South Carolina
SPT: South Carolina may be last stand for Mitt Romney's rivals
NatJ: Romney Can Give Obama a Run for His Money
Human Events: Romney turns corner, focuses on South Carolina and general election
American Spectator: The Venture Capitalist vs. The Vulture Socialist
WSJ: Romney Lashes Back on Bain
Boston Globe: Romney foes lean hard on Bain cuts
WaPo: Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and the gospel of ‘creative destruction’
LA Times: Private-equity industry: A bad rep, but is it deserved?
Weekly Standard: Nikki Haley Goes to Bat for Romney on Bain
National Review: Nikki Haley’s Rough Start
NYT: Mormons Uneasy in the Spotlight
WTimes: Mormons overcoming hurdles
NYT: A Blurring of the Lines in the Populist vs. Capitalist Debate
NYT: Expensive and Bitter Media War Already Ignited
NYT: Editorial: Romney’s Hard Line on Immigration
Fox: Immigration debate returns to GOP campaign in South Carolina
WTimes: Romney’s push against amnesty makes immigration a defining issue
WaPo: Mitt Romney raises $24 million in fourth quarter, ends 2011 with $19 million on hand
Daily Caller: On Fox, John Bolton endorses Mitt Romney

Karl Rove: Romney Makes History
Ann Coulter: Who Wouldn't Enjoy Firing These People?
James Taranto: 'Clear and Unapologetic': Suddenly Romney stands for something
Paul Gigot: Romney's New Hampshire Breadth
Dick Morris: 9-9-9: The key to GOP victory
Michael Barone: ‘Tactical Voters’ Went to Romney in New Hampshire
Fred Barnes: Romney and the Corporate Raider Critique
Dan Balz: Romney’s playing to win the GOP, but the general election is another game
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Misses a Teachable Moment on Obama's Worldview
Rush: Romney Compares His Career at Bain Capital to Obama's Takeover of Auto Industry!

Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 44%, Romney 41%

Politico: Newt Gingrich on Bain attacks against Mitt Romney: I crossed the line
Hill: GOP frets Gingrich's attacks will damage Romney in November general election
NatJ: Gingrich: Attacks on Romney May Be Unwise
NatJ: Gingrich Tests Scathing New Anti-Romney Video
NatJ: Gingrich Friends Worry He Has Gone Rogue
WTimes: Gingrich ad buys not confirmed with FEC
Examiner: Gingrich is a perverse product of political system
Politico: 3 billionaires who'll drag out the race
Rush: Gingrich and Perry Blew It on Bain Attack (Update: Newt Admits He Made a Mistake)

Hill: Perry might not qualify for key SC debates
NYT: Struggling, Perry Finds Place Where His Message Sticks
NatJ: Perry Begs Voters ‘Not to Quit’ Him
WSJ: Perry, After Poor Showings, Mines New Terrain
WSJ: Insourcing for Dummies: Obama and Perry reach an intellectual condominium

Byron York: After NH, is Ron Paul headed for bigger things?
Human Events: Ron Paul supporters want their candidate to go rogue
Daily Caller: Sen. DeMint: ‘I really don’t want Ron Paul to drop out’
Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul Kills Conservatives

Politico: Jon Huntsman's South Carolina goal: 'Stay relevant'

Politico: Rick Santorum in South Carolina aims to regain momentum
Politico: Rick Santorum files incomplete delegate slate for Ohio ballot

NYT: Economic Woes Loom Larger as G.O.P. Heads South

NYT: With Recent Criticism, Romney’s Rivals Bring a Smile to the White House

WTimes: New Hampshire primary fails to knock out any hopefuls

Hill: Cain will not endorse, 'probably' will not run for political office again

NatJ: Veepstakes Race Well Under Way

NatJ: New Young Guns Issue Group to Host First Event Next Month

Linda Greenhouse: Voting in Plain Sight

Politico: Obama, DNC raise $68 million
Politico: Arlen Specter: Dump Obama for Hillary


Fox: Supreme Court sides with church on decision to fire employee on religious grounds
NYT: Religious Groups Given ‘Exception’ to Work Bias Law
WSJ: Justices: Ex-Worker Can't Sue Church
WTimes: High court ruling landmark for religion

Hill: Lawmakers geared up for battle over defense spending, military strategy

NYT: Survey Finds Rising Perception of Class Tension

WTimes: Bankrupt Solyndra seeking to pay bonuses

Hill: Business groups, Republicans launch onslaught on president over Keystone

WTimes: Prosecutors will ask for unsealing of files in gun-walking case

NYT: OpEd: The Next Immigration Challenge

NatJ: Issa to Introduce Legislation to Counter SOPA Next Week
Hill: Hollywood or Silicon Valley? — President Obama must choose

WSJ: Harassment Case Moves to Ethics Committee (Rep. Alcee Hastings)
Roll Call: Alcee Hastings Admits Sexual Comments but Denies Harassment
Politico: Alcee Hastings escapes House Ethics Committee judgment


NYT: New Hampshire Barely Moves the Ratings Needle


WaPo: GOP prepares for a bruising South Carolina primary campaign
Gail Collins: The Primary Primer
Daily Caller: State lawmakers: SC voter ID law would prevent dead people from voting


WSJ: Cuomo's Slow Education: New York should give back its Race to the Top money


WTimes: California redistricting seen influencing five in House not to run

Hill: California Democrats up pressure on Obama over home foreclosure relief
LA Times: Foreclosures expected to rise, pushing home prices lower


Jackson Clarion Ledger: Miss. court halts quick release of some pardoned
Fox: Mississippi judge blocks release of 21 inmates given pardons by Gov. Barbour
WaPo: Miss. judge blocks release of convicts granted pardons, clemency by outgoing gov


Politico: Fred Upton still faces arrows from the right

NYT: Michigan: Ex-Congressman Gets One-Year Sentence


Examiner: McDonnell launches new era of GOP dominance
WaPo: GOP takes control of Virginia General Assembly
Roll Call: Virginia House Panel Restarts Redistricting Process


WTimes: O’Malley springs sales-tax surprise on assembly


Politico: Chris Christie sits down with Oprah


Boston Globe: Warren quickens pace in cash race
WaPo: Elizabeth Warren raised $5.7 million in fourth quarter
Roll Call: Elizabeth Warren Raises Massive $5.7 Million in 4th Quarter


January 11, 2012


Fox: Romney secures front-runner status with New Hampshire win
WaPo: Romney cruises to victory in New Hampshire primary
Fox: Romney makes history with victory, sets aim on Obama
WSJ: Chances to Slow GOP Leader Dwindle
WSJ: Independents Set Top Tier
NYT: Romney Wins G.O.P. Primary in New Hampshire
WTimes: Romney wins New Hampshire, Paul second
NatJ: Romney's New Hampshire Win Banishes 'Fragile Front-Runner' Label
Dallas MN: Romney cruises to victory in New Hampshire, may be poised to clinch nomination
Examiner: Fractured conservative vote keeps Romney atop N.H.
American Spectator: Divide and Conquer
American Spectator: RINO Romney Is the Least Electable

NYT: New Hampshire Primary Results
CBS: New Hampshire exit poll: Almost half made choice late
NYT: Before Handing Romney a Victory, Many Voters Spent Weeks Wavering

WSJ: Romney's Granite Statement
Dallas MN: Editorial: Momentum on Mitt Romney’s side
National Review: What New Hampshire Means
NYT: Editorial: The Republican Contest
American Thinker: The Myth of Bad Republican Candidates
American Spectator: A Cruel Night in New Hampshire
Fred Barnes: As Good As It Gets for Romney
Kim Strassel: Romney Derangement Syndrome
Jen Rubin: Mitt Romney’s best speech
Jonah Goldberg: Romney’s Authenticity Problem
Dan Balz: New Hampshire puts Romney in driver’s seat
Ross Douthat: The Silver Medalists
EJ Dionne: Romney: All things to all Republicans
Maureen Dowd: A Perfect Doll
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Extremist in pinstripes

WSJ: The Bain Capital Bonfire
Human Events: The Bain Capital assault: You can't have capitalism without capital
NYT: Advisers Work to Put Positive Spin on Romney’s Career in Corporate Buyouts
NYT: As Romney Advances, Private Equity Becomes Part of the Debate
NYT: Advisers Work to Put Positive Spin on Romney’s Career in Corporate Buyouts
WaPo: Romney may face lasting damage from New Hampshire campaign
WaPo: The peculiar debate over Mr. Romney’s business record
Daily Caller: Hume’s advice to Romney: Find a way to explain capitalism
Hill: Romney hits Obama for wanting to 'put free enterprise on trial'
American Thinker: Mitt Romney, Vulture Capitalist?
Charles Hurt: Attacking markets exposes folly of Romney rivals
William Kristol: Special Editorial: From Bain to Main
Rush Limbaugh: Making Sense of Republicans Attacking Capitalism
Rush Limbaugh: History Lesson: The TARP Snow Job

NatJ: Will Romney Extend His Winning Streak to South Carolina?
Daily Caller: DeMint predicts Romney win in SC
Human Events: Divide and conquer: Romney has strong path to victory in South Carolina

NYT: Ron Paul Finishes Second in New Hampshire
Politico: Ron Paul after New Hampshire second-place finish: 'We’re nibbling at his heels'
WTimes: Paul backs Romney’s record at Bain Capital
American Spectator: Drug Legalization Chic

WaPo: Jon Huntsman vows to stay in race after finishing third in New Hampshire primary
Fox: Huntsman Bumped by Colbert in New SC Poll

Daily Caller: Santorum’s NH election party short on sweater vests
Fox: Fashion Forward? Santorum Campaign Offering Sweater Vests for $100 Donation
WaPo: Rick Santorum: The evangelical’s Catholic candidate?

Fox: Gingrich: 'Campaign for Jobs and Economic Growth'
Fox: Gingrich, Top Democrat to Share Stage in South Carolina
WaPo: Gingrich and Santorum sets sights on South Carolina — and Romney
NatJ: It's On to South Carolina for 'Kamizake Newt'
LA Times: Newt Gingrich super PAC sees $5-million boost from Vegas benefactors
Politico: Callista's first press gaggle
James Taranto: Barack Hussein Gingrich
Rush Limbaugh: Gingrich Goes Perot on Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Newt Sounds Just Like Obama

WaPo: A son of the South, Perry banks on geographic kinship as GOP contest shifts to SC
WaPo: Rick Perry: Does he have a prayer in South Carolina?
Hill: Perry: South Carolina is not ‘our Alamo’
HChron: Problem for Perry? ‘They’ve got TV in South Carolina’
Austin AS: Perry never clicked in New Hampshire
Rush Limbaugh: Perry Joins the Mitt Bash

Rush Limbaugh: Needed Perspective on Campaign: Obama Regime Unpopular, in Disarray

Sen Ron Johnson: A 2012 Republican Strategy for Congress


Hill: Obama to ask for increase to debt ceiling in a 'matter of days'

WTimes: Partisan acrimony looms over talks on payroll-tax cut
NYT: Dividends Rise in Sign of Recovery
Arthur Laffer: Class Warfare and the Buffett Rule

WSJ: Fannie Mae CEO Williams Resigns
Hill: Fannie Mae CEO is stepping down

WSJ: Adviser on Immigration, Muñoz, Gets Bigger Job
WaPo: Dispute over proposed green card law pits brightest immigrants against each other

WTimes: RNC directs spotlight to issue of Taiwan

WTimes: Call rises again to close Guantanamo lockup
NYT: OpEd: Give Guantánamo Back to Cuba

Tom Friedman: Political Islam Without Oil

Fox: Supreme Court hears case of workers fighting union over dues spent on political efforts


WTimes: Up next, South Carolina a make-or-break state
WSJ: Conservatives Target South Carolina
WaPo: Conservative activists scrambling for a strategy to block Romney
NYT: In South Carolina, Challenges Await on Ideology and Faith
NYT: With a Fast and Anticipated Result, TV Analysts Shift Focus to South Carolina


Alb: Redistricting called 'farce': Dems offer harsh criticism for GOP call for add'l Senate seat

NYDN: Gov. Cuomo: Assembly Democrats put teachers union ahead of students


WaPo: 2 veteran Calif. GOP congressmen announce retirement
Human Events: Two more GOP reps. from California leave


Star-Telegram: Texas abortion law can be enforced, court rules


Fox: Federal court blocks Oklahoma ban on Sharia law


NatJ: Poll: Obama Makes No Gains in Florida

NatJ: Q Poll: Mack, Nelson Neck-and-Neck in Florida

Miami Herald: Capitol Buzz: Redistricting to dominate Legislature

SPT: Gov. Rick Scott vows to increase education funding in State of State speech
Miami Herald: Scott touts jobs, less taxes, more money for schools


AJC: Deal outlines plans for economy, education


Reuters: Mississippi's Barbour surprises with raft of pardons
Jackson Clarion Ledger: State Democrats seek changes with pardons
NYT: Mississippi Governor, Already Criticized on Pardons, Rides a Wave of Them Out of Office

Roll Call: Haley Barbour’s Back at His Old Firm


NYT: Indiana: Democrats Again Prevent Vote
IndyStar: Democrats walk out again in protest over 'right to work' bill


Milwaukee JS: Walker waste panel identifies nearly a half billion in savings


Examiner: Will energy behind Indiana right-to-work bill flow to Ohio RTW amendment?


Politico: Judge says Perry will likely prevail in Va. ballot challenge
WaPo: Judge says Perry likely to prevail on key issue in Va. ballot lawsuit
NPR: Perry Lawsuit Could Put More Candidates On Virginia Primary Ballot

Roll Call: George Allen to Post $1.1 Million Raised in 4th Quarter

WTimes: Virginia Senate split likely to cause jams


Politico: Tim Manchin out in West Virginia


NYT: Somber Tribute in Trenton After Assembly’s Top Republican Dies
Albany TU: NJ gov eulogizes lawmaker as State of the State address delayed


NYT: Loyal to His 4-Legged Constituents (Sen. Jon Tester)


January 10, 2012


Fox: New Hampshire Kicks Off Republican Primary
Fox: Enjoying Big Lead, Romney Withstands Collective GOP Assault in New Hampshire
Boston Globe: On eve of primary, rivals intensify attacks on Mitt Romney
Hill: As New Hampshire votes, Mitt Romney faces a moment of truth
NYDN: For Mitt Romney in New Hampshire a win is not a win unless it's a big one
WSJ: Rivals Attack Romney on Bain
NatJ: Romney's Bain Business is Everybody's Business
NYT: On Primary Eve, Rivals Try to Put Romney on Defensive
Dallas MN: Front-runner Romney hardly a tea party favorite
WaPo: Romney comes under attack as New Hampshire primary looms
Fox: Christie Slams Protesters at Romney New Hampshire Campaign Rally
WTimes: Romney slips in N.H. as foes slam jobs record
Daily Caller: Romney’s awkwardness on display at final NH rally
Daily Caller: Romney continues refusing to release his tax returns
Examiner: Fractured conservative vote keeps Romney atop N.H.
Tampa Bay Times: More GOP settle for Romney, though doubtful he’s best bet vs Obama
Politico: After New Hampshire’s 2012 primary, Mitt Romney may face long, hard slog

Charlie Cook: Lack of Conservative Option Boosts Romney
National Review: Romney’s Profitable Past
Michael Gerson: Mitt Romney’s improbable achievement
American Spectator: Mitt's Masquerade
Paul Gigot: Romney's Wing Man: Ron Paul
Dana Milbank: Mitt Romney’s money problem
Rush Limbaugh: Donna Brazile Lets Cat Out of Bag: Dems Want to Run Against Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Thoughts on Haley, Newt, Huckabee, McCain and Romney
Rasmussen: Romney’s Only Republican Most Voters Think Is Likely To Beat Obama

Human Events: Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich for president
Huff Post: Todd Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich For President
NYT: A Big Check, and Gingrich Gets a Big Lift
Boston Globe: Casino mogul fuels Gingrich’s offensive
Hill: Gingrich going full bore to stop Romney
American Spectator: Anti-Romney -- Or Anti-Capitalism?
Human Events: Sununu on Gingrich's 'liar problem'
WaPo: Newt Gingrich veers from nice to nasty, with few advisers to guide him
NYT: With Protesters on the Sidewalk, Gingrich Skips an Appearance
Daily Caller: Newt works to recruit former Mass. legislator to star in Romney attack ad

Human Events: Santorum: 'We're lucky to finish third'
WTimes: Santorum, Paul detail Israel, Iran policies
NYT: Santorum Supporter Gets a Taste of the Big Leagues
Atlantic: What Is Rick Santorum's Problem with the Term 'Middle Class'?
NatJ: Does Santorum's 2006 Loss Prove He's Unelectable?
Dan Balz: Rick Santorum and the Huckabee trap
Weekly Std: A Winning Message? The neglected substance of the Santorum campaign
William Kristol: Rick at the Diner
American Spectator: Santorum Doesn't Pander
Rasmussen: Election 2012: Obama 46%, Santorum 39%

Dallas MN: Young voters drawn by Ron Paul’s war opposition, consistency
WTimes: Paul’s campaign finds big gender gap to bridge
WaPo: A Ron Paul convert questions how to play a role in a future he sees as bleak
Politico: Ron Paul on the 2012 campaign trail: 1,000 points of darkness
American Spectator: Ron Paul Haunts New Hampshire
American Thinker: Ron Paul Is Wrong about Iran
NatJ: Poll: Romney, Paul Tie Obama
National Review: Paul Seeks Converts in New Hampshire

Boston Globe: Jon Huntsman getting late surge in N.H.
NatJ: Huntsman’s Day Has Finally Arrived
WSJ: Huntsman, on the Rise, Makes His Closing Pitch
Fox: Huntsman Doesn't Make It Onto Arizona Primary Ballot
Politico: Jon Huntsman's missed chance in S.C.
HE: Success of anti-Romney conservative movement may be tied to Huntsman's fate

Dallas MN: Perry campaigns in S.C., rips Romney over layoffs
Politico: Rick Perry swings at GOP rivals from a distance in South Carolina
Hill: Dem lawmaker says Perry should drop out of GOP race for the sake of Texas
HChron: Why Rick Perry has tanked in New Hampshire

NYT: Ad Battle Heats Up for Contest in South

Human Events: GOP presidential platforms, timid and bold

Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Hacks Host GOP Debates
Bill McGurn: The Stephanopoulos Standard

American Thinker: The Hundred Year GOP War
NYT: Editorial: The Corporate Candidates
David Brooks: Where Are the Liberals?

Michael McConnell: Democrats and Executive Overreach
Rush Limbaugh: A Theory on the Royal Lifestyle of the Obamas

WSJ: OpEd: Will Independents Vote GOP In 2012?

Hill: Obama re-election effort picks up speed amid noise of NH primary


Fox: Republicans Blast Obama After National Debt Surpasses Economic Output
WTimes: U.S. runs in the red for 39th straight month

WSJ: White House Chief of Staff Daley Resigns
LA Times: William Daley to step down as Obama's chief of staff
NYT: Daley Stepping Down in Rare White House Shake-Up
Fox: Obama Chief of Staff Bill Daley to Step Down, Serve on Obama's Campaign
NYT: Lew to Replace Daley as White House Chief of Staff
WaPo: White House Chief of Staff William Daley resigns; budget chief Jacob Lew fills post
Atlantic: Who Is New White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew?
Roll Call: Jacob Lew May Have Better Relations With Hill
WSJ: Bill Daley's Lost Year
Politico: Bill Daley resignation: Why he had to go
Politico: Bill Daley resignation: Hill Democrats are happy but Obama is stunned
Chris Cillizza: What Bill Daley taught the White House

NYT: Drilling Critics Face a Divide Over the Goal of Their Fight

WSJ: The Fed's Housing Politics
Ezra Klein: By promoting mortgage refinancing, Obama could win big

Fox: Electric Car Subsidies Transferring Wealth From the Poor to the Rich?

Fox: U.S. Agents Helped Mexican and Colombian Drug Traffickers Launder Millions

NYT: Pentagon Tries to Counter Cheap, Potent Weapons
Bret Stephens: Obama 'Retrenches'—America Retreats

Fox: Closing of 259 USDA Offices Raises Safety Concerns

Fox: Supreme Court Weighs Policy Against Curse Words on TV

Fox: Supreme Court Hears Case of 'Dream House' Stopped by EPA

James Taranto: Sexual Socialism: Can government make men "marriageable"?


WaPo: New Hampshire voting opens in Dix Notch--with nine votes
WaPo: New Hampshire ballot order not a boon to Romney
WSJ: Late Deciders Are Taking Their Sweet Time
WSJ: Tea Party Is Taking Back Seat In Primary
Fox: New Hampshire, According to 'The Donald'
NatJ: The High Stakes for Republicans in New Hampshire
LA Times: Political tourists pour into New Hampshire


NYT: In South Carolina, Hopes of Passing a Crucial Test
Examiner: N.H. is off-Broadway for South Carolina's big show


SacBee: Dreier? Issa? GOP searches for a Feinstein foe

WSJ: California's High-Speed Rail Fibs: Florida and Ohio have walked away
Charles Lane: California’s high-speed rail to nowhere

LA Times: Brown tax hike plan may bring in less than estimated


Roll Call: Mike Huckabee Endorses David Dewhurst in Texas Senate Race

Star-Telegram: Supreme Court struggles over Texas redistricting maps
NYT: Justices Grapple With Voting Rights Case That Could Help Tip the House
Roll Call: High-Profile Texas Redistricting Case Hits Supreme Court


SPT: Florida lawmakers plan controversy-free agenda
Miami Herald: Scott’s mission still about jobs


WaPo: Outgoing Gov. Barbour pardons 4 convicted killers who worked at governor’s mansion


WSJ: Indiana's Right to Work: Hoosiers debate voluntary union membership


Star Tribune: Campaign finance board will look into state GOP


Examiner: Another attack ad highlights Kaine-Obama friendship
Examiner: McDonnell backs August start for Va. schools


WTimes: Taxes, gay marriage top O’Malley’s agenda for Maryland assembly


WTimes: N.J. Democrats pledge push for gay marriage

NYT: Alex DeCroce, New Jersey Assembly’s G.O.P. Leader, Dies at Statehouse


Boston Globe: Brown’s big quarter boosts total to $12.8m
Roll Call: Scott Brown Ends 2011 With $12.8 Million War Chest


Denver Post: Enstrom Candies executive Rick Enstrom to run for Colorado House


January 9, 2012


Fox: Rivals Get Another Chance to Target Front-Runner in Second Debate in Two Days
WTimes: Top Republican challengers gang up on Romney
NatJ: Few Nicks to Romney in Final New Hampshire Debate
WaPo: Mitt Romney under attack in final N.H. debate
Examiner: GOP candidates rip into Romney in second debate
Boston Globe: GOP rivals rip Romney as N.H. vote draws near
Concord Monitor: Rivals ramp up criticism
Dallas MN: Republicans pound on Romney in effort to slow him down
Weekly Standard: Romney Mediocre, Santorum Strong, Gingrich Mixed
NYT: Romney Is Focus as Battle in G.O.P. Takes Sharp Edge
NatJ: As New Hampshire Primary Looms, 5 Things to Look For
WSJ: Romney at Bain: Big Gains, Some Busts
WSJ: Romney Is Luring Undeclared Voters
LA Times: As Mitt Romney surges, Republican divisions sharpen
NYT: PAC Ads to Attack Romney as Predatory Capitalist
NatJ: Christie Turns Protestor’s Chant Into Anti-Obama Tirade
Hill: Facing challenges from left and right, Romney rallies with Gov. Christie
Examiner: Romney's lead in N.H. shrinking ahead of vote
Hill: Romney gives no sign of changing strategy despite eroding support
Hill: Sununu says attacks not rattling Romney
Hill: Romney tells voters he knows what it’s like to fear getting a ‘pink slip’
American Spectator: Is It Still Mitt's Turn?
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Hopes for New Hampshire Boost
Hill: Pressure mounting on Romney
Dan Balz: For Mitt Romney, authenticity remains an issue
Boston Globe: GOP fight reflects deeper war over party identity
Politico: Final NH Poll: Romney 35; Paul 18; Huntsman 16; Gingrich 12; Santorum 11

WTimes: Evangelicals weighing Romney options
Ken Starr: Can I vote for a Mormon?
Mike Lupica: It would be insult if Romney's Mormon faith becomes 'the elephant in room'

Examiner: Rested, Santorum and Gingrich hit Romney hard
WSJ: Rick Santorum's Economy
National Review: Rick Santorum, Conservative Stalwart
P-N: Pennsylvania GOP leaders believe Rick Santorum isn't a good fit for the presidency
WTimes: Santorum backed Pittsburgh stadium tax hike
Examiner: Santorum: Statist claiming to be a conservative
Hill: On education policy, Santorum is longtime critic of public school system
Hill: On budget, Santorum looks to out-cut them all
Human Events: Savage Hate
American Spectator: Savaging Santorum
HChron: Rick Santorum’s 15 minutes of fame may be coming to an end

LA Times: At chaotic town hall, Gingrich sticks to immigration plan
Union Leader: Newt Gingrich blasts Obama at packed town hall event in Derry
Hill: On campaign trail, Gingrich takes brief breather from Romney attacks
WaPo: Pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC documentary savages Mitt Romney’s time at Bain
NYT: In New Hampshire Newspaper, Gingrich Gets Coveted and Ferocious Supporter
Daily Caller: Gingrich: Iowa attack ads ‘good practice’ for general election
Weekly Standard: The Siege of Newt
Weekly Standard: Gingrich Hits Romney on 'Pious Baloney'

WTimes: Tony Blankley, former editorial page editor of Times, dies at 63
WTimes: Editorial: Tony Blankley, R.I.P.
Fox: Former Gingrich Spokesman, Conservative Author Tony Blankley Dies
WaPo: Conservative columnist Tony Blankley dies at 63
NYT: Tony Blankley, Gingrich Aide and Columnist, Dies at 62

Examiner: Huntsman runs moderate, governed as conservative
NYT: Huntsman Has Momentum, but He Lacks Time
WaPo: For Jon Huntsman, New Hampshire primary could be now or never

Politico: Ron Paul will not contest Florida
State Column: Ron Paul says he will bypass Florida, as he heads to South Carolina
Hill: Ron Paul says corporate medicine not much better than socialized medicine
WTimes: Ron Paul's surprising supporters (yes, Palin and Romney too)
Forbes: Ron Paul Narrows Deficit With Romney In New Hampshire
American Thinker: A Defense of Ron Paul and Political Boldness

HChron: Invoking Jesus and the Alamo, Perry vows “we’re not quitting this race”
HChron: Perry’s two-week S.C. tour kicks off on Monday
Politico: After solid debates, Rick Perry makes stand in South Carolina
Star-Telegram: Perry likens South Carolina stand to Alamo
Fox: Perry: "I've never quit a day in my life."

NYT: Politics Up Close and Almost Personal
EJ Dionne: GOP candidates in circular firing squad

Michael Barone: GOP Weaknesses
Gary Bauer: Obama is winning the Republican primary
Bill Keller: Just the Ticket : Why Hillary Clinton is the answer. Seriously

WTimes: Federal matching campaign funds find no major takers


WSJ: OpEd: The Conservative Case for a Wealth Tax
Jed Babbin: How far will congressional GOP retreat to avoid a confrontation with Obama?
Juan Williams: Continuing deadlock in Congress may boost state power
Paul Krugman: America’s Unlevel Field

NatJ: How Could High Oil Prices Shape 2012?


NatJ: In New Hampshire, the (Bad National) Economy Will Shape the Primary
WSJ: Candidates Back State's Right-to-Work Bill
Union Leader: 325,000 expected to vote Tuesday
Hill: GOP Rep. Guinta will not endorse candidate for NH primary
Human Events: New Hampshire: 24 hours to go


NYT: Paladino, Ever Unpredictable, Stumps for Gingrich
Politico: Meet Carl Paladino, New Hampshire voters
Buffalo News: Paladino travels to New Hampshire to back Gingrich

NY Post: Silver tarnish on gov speech


SacBee: California Republicans resign themselves to irrelevancy in the GOP presidential race

Dan Walters: 'Tort war' could hit the California Capitol


Star-Telegram: Texas redistricting case hits U.S. Supreme Court today
Fox: Texas Redistricting Case to Be Argued in Supreme Court
NatJ: Texas Primaries Await U.S. Supreme Court Ruling
Roll Call: Texas Redistricting Case May Cause Big Ripples
WSJ: Holder's Texas Intrusion: Supreme Court will rule on a racial redistricting ploy


SPT: Redistricting, budget to dominate Florida 2012 legislative session


Detroit FP: Tiny Hillsdale College in Michigan is a powerhouse in U.S. conservative circles


Roll Call: Another Wild Republican Primary in Kentucky


WSJ: Christie Pledges School Aid Battle


WTimes: Fourth-generation Kennedy considers a House run


January 8, 2012


Boston Globe: In debate, Romney defends business credentials
Fox: GOP Rivals Go After Romney in New Hampshire Debate
WSJ: Romney Spared in Republican Debate
Examiner: Romney escapes GOP debate fight unscathed
NYT: Romney Eludes Rivals’ Attacks at Republican Debate in N.H.
Daily Caller: In NH debate, no one lays a mitt on Mitt
Hill: Romney escapes debate intact as his GOP opponents trade barbs
Politico: New Hampshire primary: Mitt Romney unscathed as pack squabbles
WaPo: N.H. debate raises variety of issues, but Romney’s lead is largely untouched
Dallas MN: Republicans pound each other in debate, but Romney unscathed
LA Times: Republican debate turns testy
Jen Rubin: Romney’s night
Stephen Hayes: Romney’s Night
William Kristol: And Then There Were Two?
Boston Globe: A good night for Romney, and revealing for GOP
Austin AS: GOP hopefuls jockey for second in debate
NatJ: Romney's Well-Placed Zinger
Byron York: Team Romney: Steph 'obsessed' with contraception
Hill: GOP debate: Romney: 'Contraception, it's working just fine'
Human Events: The ABC News GOP Presidential Debate
NatJ: Five Takeaways From Saturday Night's GOP Debate
Politico: New Hampshire primary: 8 takeaways from the GOP debate
HChron: Who came out on top at critical N.H. debate
NatJ: Nobody Stands Between Romney and Nomination
WTimes: Romney, confident in conservative support, channels Popeye
Roll Call: Romney's Top Surrogates Descend on N.H. to Stump
WaPo: Heading into N.H. primary, GOP finds itself stuck
NYT: Romney Showcases Endorsement by Ex-Ambassadors to Vatican
NY Post: Evangelicals planning plot against Romney
Hill: After GOP debate, fight continues over Romney's private sector jobs record
NatJ: Romney's Bland Brand: Can It Power Him to the White House?
Daily Caller: Gov. Nikki Haley: Romney’s Mormon faith won’t hurt him in SC

Weekly Standard: Santorum Rises in Saint Anselm Debate
NatJ: Santorum Slams Obama 'Hubris' and 'Snobbery'
Hill: Social conservatives start to coalesce around Santorum
NYT: Gary Bauer Says He Will Endorse Santorum
WaPo: Rick Santorum to get Gary Bauer endorsement Sunday
Hill: Rick Santorum attracts his first congressional endorsement
Human Events: Who is Rick Santorum?
Examiner: Surging Santorum struggles in secular N.H.
WaPo: New Hampshire voters hammer Santorum over his views
Boston Globe: Rick Santorum known for outrunning expectations
Ross Douthat: Personal and Political
Maureen Dowd: The Grating Santorum

Fox: Gingrich Ramps Up Anti-Romney Message
WTimes: Gingrich: Romney win would hurt GOP
LA Times: GOP debate: Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul spar over military service
WaPo: Billionaire Adelson gives millions to Gingrich Super PAC
Fox: Billionaire Gives $5 Million to Gingrich Campaign
NYT: As Primary Looms in N.H., Donor Gives Lift to Gingrich
Politico: Newt Gingrich would bet LSU will win BCS championship

Hill: Ron Paul goes on the attack, steps back into the spotlight at debate
WTimes: Ron Paul digs his heels in during the GOP debate
TPM: Ron Paul Slams Newt Gingrich On Military Service
WaPo: Ron Paul-Newt Gingrich bad blood gets personal
Politico: Familiar fight: Ron Paul vs. Rick Santorum
CBS: Ron Paul says he is not racist, slams drug laws as unfair to blacks
Miami Herald: Ron Paul running a solid second in New Hampshire
NatJ: Paul Has Enthusiasm in N.H., But Has He Already Peaked?
Star-Telegram: Evangelicals turning from Perry to Paul
Major Garrett: Paul Spells Out Third Party Strategy: Pressure GOP to Change
Roll Call: Rand Paul Stumps to Educate Voters on Dad's Positions

Daily Caller: Perry calls Paul a Washington insider, hypocrite
Daily Caller: Gingrich blasts ‘anti-Christian bigotry’, Perry promises to end ‘war on religion’
Politico: Perry: Go back to Iraq
Buzz: Rick Perry: I'm a proven conservative in the Fla tradition of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio'
Politico: Report: Perry cans longtime ad-buying firm
NatJ: Rick Perry, Welcome to Minute 18
Dallas MN: Perry had reasons to quit GOP race after Iowa — but also reasons to stay

NYT: Huntsman, Out of Options, Bets It All on New Hampshire
Hill: GOP debate: Romney, Huntsman spar over China policy

Hill: GOP debate: No love for gay marriage

HE: Sarah Palin: Mainstream Media and Barack Obama Want Mitt Romney as Nominee

Salena Zito: Crucial voters' Obama ardor cools

NY Post: White House threw secret 'Alice in Wonderland' bash during recession

Frank Bruni: A Campaign Pruned of Bushes


NYT: Appointments Challenge Senate Role, Experts Say

WSJ: The President's Risky Defense Strategy
WaPo: In creating new defense strategy, Obama attempts to outflank Congress

NYT: Agents’ Union Stalls Training on Deportation Rules
NYT: Editorial: Continuing Assault on Unions

NYT: Private Sector Gets Job Skills; Public Gets Bill
WaPo: Five myths about the American dream

NatJ: The Legacy of No Child Left Behind

Fox: Breyer Wades Into Supreme Court Ethics Debate
NYT: Study Challenges Supreme Court’s Image as Defender of Free Speech


Fergus Cullen: The New Hampshire Primary Is Good for Democracy


Albany TU: NY Republicans trek to New Hampshire to work for presidential primary favorites

Rochester D&C: Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces potentially divisive issues


WaPo: California Republican Rep. Elton Gallegly retiring
Human Events: Elton Gallegly ninth GOP House member to quit

SacBee: Budget winners scarce – for now

Dan Walters: It's time to kill California's bullet train boondoggle


Austin AS: Supreme Court to hear Texas redistricting case
NatJ: Texas Primaries Await U.S. Supreme Court Ruling


NYT: In Florida, Lawmakers Consider Gambling Bill


Chicago Tribune: Santorum, Gingrich file to get on Illinois primary ballot


Tucson Citizen: Giffords’ political future still unclear


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