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July 7, 2012


WSJ: Romney to Critics: ‘I Have a Plan’ for Action
WTimes: Romney: Jobs figures underscore Obama failure
NYT: Romney and Republicans Criticize Obama Over Weak Jobs Report
NYT: Job Weakness Starts to Shape Election Tone
WSJ: Weak Labor Report Fans Fears
Examiner: Economy adds 80,000 jobs in another weak month
Boston Globe: Weak jobs report fuels criticism, may hurt Obama’s campaign
NYT: Obama Urges Voters to Look Ahead on Economy
WTimes: Obama: June jobs report is ‘a step in the right direction’
Fox: Obama drops line claiming 'step in the right direction' after GOP slams weak jobs report
WTimes: Obama touts transportation, student loans; GOP hits economy, health care
WSJ: Campaigns Shift Focus Back to Job Creation
NYT: Editorial: The Square Off Over Jobs
James Taranto: A Bettor America
Dan Balz: For Obama, a jobs report that keeps stinging
Larry Kudlow: Obama’s Goose Is Cooked
DC: Obama administration has said ‘not to read too much into’ jobs reports for 30 months
Byron York: Obama: 30 months of excusing bad jobs numbers
Rasmussen: 31% Give Obama Positive Marks on Handling Economic Issues

NatJ: New $25 Million Ad Blitz Hits Obama on Jobs
WSJ: $25 Million Ad Campaign Sprints Online
WaPo: Campaign ads flood into swing states for a summertime blitz

Politico: Mitt Romney weighs foreign-policy tour

NYDN: Romney prepping for first debate with Obama even though it is still 13 weeks away

Politico: Trouble brewing for Obama camp in Ohio?

WSJ: Red-State Democrats Snub Obama

Star-Telegram: Evangelicals unenthusiastic about Romney, Obama
Daily Caller: James Carville: Romney’s Mormon religion still a problem

DC: Pastor: Black Christians should ‘withhold support’ for Obama over gay marriage

WaPo: Woman dies hours after meeting Obama at diner on bus tour
WSJ: Obama Offers Condolences After Diner Owner Dies

Hill: Report: Dozens pass out from heat at Obama campaign event

WSJ: Obama Continues Delicate Dance on ‘Tax’

WSJ: U.S. Olympic Committee Won’t Stop Romney Games


NYT: Delicate Pivot as Republicans Blast Rivals on Medicare Cuts
Hill: GOP seeks to rebound as Dems hit reset on healthcare debate
Hill: GOP: Healthcare law draining the economy

WSJ: Politics Counts: Where Congress Is Competitive
WaPo: Fundraising crunch time: 8 Senate candidates with something to prove

WTimes: OpEd: Fast and furious cover-up at Holder’s Justice

Hill: Senior GOP lawmaker: Interior is stonewalling on deepwater drilling probe
Examiner: Second Obama cabinet official faces contempt of Congress charge

Fox: Lawmakers demand answers as probe widens into Air Force sex scandal

Politico: Darrell Issa made $15 million last year


WSJ: Weak Report Lifts Chance of Fed Action

WSJ: States Interpret Ruling to Cut Medicaid Now

WSJ: The Crushing Cost of Medicare: A small percentage of challenging cases

George Will: What price clean air?

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Kathleen Parker: A South Carolina man of deeds


Albany TU: Paladino: ‘It’s all about incumbency’ for RINOS


SacBee: High-speed rail squeaks through California Senate
WTimes: California OKs funding for high-speed rail line
WaPo: CA lawmakers approve billions of dollars to start nation’s first high-speed rail line
NYT: Lawmakers Vote to Move Ahead With California Rail Link

SacBee: Feinstein holds big lead over GOP rival Emken in Field Poll


Roll Call: Texas: Ted Cruz Internal Poll Shows Lead Over David Dewhurst
Politico: Cruz's eyebrow-raising poll

Dallas MN: Rep. Lamar Smith blasts Justice Dept for hiring Dem firm in Texas voter ID case


Gov. Rick Scott: Florida will not implement Obamacare

Hill: Primary opponent hits Rep. Mica for attending White House signing ceremony


Fox: Rep. Walsh faces campaign backlash over comments on double-amputee rival
Dana Milbank: Rep. Walsh’s ‘Ashleigh’ moments


Columbus Dispatch: County Dems’ leader resigns amid probes


Detroit News: Rep. McCotter gives up seat in Congress
WaPo: Thaddeus McCotter unexpectedly resigns from Congress
NYT: Michigan: Congressman McCotter Resigns After Trouble With Petitions

Fox: Republicans warn union campaign in Michigan could roll back reforms


NatJ: As Charlotte Goes, So Goes the Nation?


Fox: Former Arizona governor detained at border checkpoint


Denver Post: Coors, Perlmutter spar over debates in Colorado's 7th District


July 6, 2012


WaPo: Romney to bolster communications team amid conservative tempest
NYT: Shots by Murdoch at Romney Play Out to Conservative Core
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney’s team taking fire from right
Weekly Standard: The Case Romney Needs to Make
American Thinker: Take Off the Gloves, Mitt
Politico: Sununu: It's time for simple declarative sentences
AJC: Marco Rubio: Mitt Romney’s campaign has done ‘a fantastic job’

Examiner: Romney’s quiet courtship of evangelicals

Politico: Mitt Romney sets GOP fundraising record
WSJ: Romney Haul Topped $100 Million in June
Fox: Romney campaign, RNC haul in $100 million in June, GOP officials say

WaPo: Ann Romney: Obama's strategy is ‘let's kill this guy’
WaPo: Ann Romney is tough, OK? Claims Obama wants to ‘kill Romney’

Fox: Ann Romney says woman being eyed for husband's ticket
National Review: Vice President Paul Ryan?

NYT: In Defending His Health Care Plan, Romney Often Called Its Mandate a Tax
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s problem on the health-care mandate question
National Review: What Romney Needs To Say About Romneycare
American Spectator: Time for One More Flip-Flop
American Spectator: Romney's Tom Dewey Moment
American Spectator: Meandering Mitt
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Romney Changes His Mind, Again
Byron York: Should Mitt Romney apologize for Romneycare?

Examiner: McDonnell may referee GOP split at national convention

Kim Strassel: Obama's Imperial Presidency
Charles Krauthammer: The imperial presidency revisited
Paul Krugman: Off and Out With Mitt Romney
WaPo: OpEd: A plan that offers Obama a fighting chance

WTimes: Obama struggles to shine again in Rust Belt
WSJ: Obama Returns to Retail Politics in Ohio
NYT: Obama, in Rust Belt, Offers Tough Talk on Jobs and Trade
WTimes: President tells of trade complaint against China on Ohio tour
Examiner: Republicans try double-teaming Obama in Ohio
Daily Caller: Romney supporters battle protesters in Ohio
Examiner: Where’s Portman? Senator absent as GOP, Obama spar in Ohio
WaPo: Obama begins Rust Belt tour, assisted by popular senators
WSJ: Obama Hits China Over Auto Duties
WSJ: Obama: Health-Care Law ‘Here to Stay’
WTimes: Health care law ‘here to stay,’ president insists

NYT: Stakes for Jobs Data Rise as Voter Views Start to Solidify
Human Events: Sequester layoffs could sway elections in battleground states
WSJ: Candidates Keep Eye on Local Job Conditions


Politico: GOP plots health care repeal vote
Fox: Republicans pressed to detail plans for replacing ObamaCare if it's repealed

Fox: House unveils 5-year farm bill, includes cuts to food stamps
NatJ: House Draft of Farm Bill Would Cut Billions More Than Senate Version
Hill: House committee unveils draft of farm bill with $35 billion in cuts
Human Events: Food Stamp battle now moves to the House after Senate cuts

WaPo: OpEd: Where’s the punishment after Justice Dept. misconduct in Ted Stevens case?


WaPo: The June jobs report and President Obama’s summer swoon(s)
NatJ: Pace of Recovery More Frustrating Than Jobs Report Will Suggest
NYT: Stocks Slip in Europe and Asia as Markets Await U.S. Jobs Data
Human Events: Hunter wants new number as measure of unemployment rate

WSJ: Poll Finds Pessimism on Health Law’s Economic Impact
James Taranto: The ObamaCare case looks like a managerial debacle, too

Politico: Justice Elena Kagan: Overlooked turncoat on health care law?

Fox: Outside review of massacre at Fort Hood to be filed soon, calling for change at FBI

NYT: New Agency Plans to Make Over Mortgage Market

NYT: OpEd: The Wise Way to Regulate Gas Drilling

NYT: ‘No Child’ Law Is Whittled Down by the White House
Fox: Washington, Wisconsin win 'No Child Left Behind' waivers

NYT: U.S. Files Trade Complaint Against China on Vehicles

WSJ: AFSCME Head Gets Ready to Battle Over Pensions
Hill: Union chief dismisses talk of rift between Democrats, labor

Peggy Noonan: Three immigrant stories that illustrate what makes our country great


NYT: Rangel’s Slim Lead Widens as Ballot Count Continues
Fox: NYC election officials counting final ballots in disputed Rangel primary
John Fund: The Rangel Bungle


SacBee: High-speed rail up for critical vote today in California Senate
Fox: California Assembly approves high-speed rail

LA Times: California Senate OKs bill that would blunt deportation efforts
Fox: California bill could create sanctuary state for non-felon illegal immigrants

SacBee: Field Poll: Obama holds 18-point lead over Romney in California


Fox: Justice used research by Dem 'agent' to build case against Texas voter law, rep claims

Dallas MN: Pete Sessions cleared of wrongdoing in Countrywide loan scandal


WSJ: Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Ailments ‘More Serious Than Initially Believed’
NYT: Jesse Jackson Jr. Is More Seriously Ill Than Previously Disclosed
WaPo: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. dealing with severe ‘physical and emotional ailments’
Fox: Rep. Jackson requires in-patient treatment, spokesman says


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Eric Hovde Poll Shows Narrowing Senate Primary Field


Denver Post: Joe Coors opposes higher taxes, but won't sign Norquist's tax pledge


July 5, 2012


NatJ: Romney Marches in July 4 Parade
Fox: Romney at Fourth parade, calls for 'strong' family, America
Hill: Romney says nation's best days are ‘ahead’ in July 4 campaign ad

Miami Herald: A change of political heart for Ann Romney

Fox: Romney: Insurance mandate is a tax, high court 'has spoken'
WSJ: Romney Adds to Health-Tax Fireworks
WaPo: Romney: Health-care mandate is a tax
WTimes: Romney changes tune: Health care law is ‘a tax’
Hill: Romney contradicts top adviser, says health law mandate ‘is a tax’
NYT: Romney Now Says Health Mandate by Obama Is a Tax
NatJ: Romney Says Health Law a 'Tax,' But Tries to Turn Issue Back on Obama
WSJ: Editorial: Romney's Tax Confusion reveals larger campaign problems
Ed Rogers: The Romney campaign needs to grow, not change

WaPo: Bermuda-based company, other undisclosed Romney assets hint at larger wealth
WTimes: Assets offshore raise Romney wealth questions
Politico: Team Obama hits Romney on offshore accounts
NYDN: Team Obama dings Romney for undisclosed Bermuda holdings

Hill: Romney taps former President Bush, Dole to lead veterans group
Hill: Marine Corps band plays Romney song on White House lawn

NYDN: Romney VP contender Kelly Ayotte has earned a serious reputation

Fox: Obama's 'American story' faces fresh scrutiny

Examiner: Obama's subsidies: Private profit, public risk

Fox: Obama in Fourth of July ceremony calls for comprehensive immigration reform
WTimes: Obama presses Congress on immigration at naturalization ceremony
WSJ: On July 4, White House Salutes New American Citizens
NYT: Obama Marks Fourth With New U.S. Citizens
Byron York: Obama uses July 4th to defend DREAM decree, push immigration reform

WSJ: Obama's Bus Tour Heads to Rust Belt
Examiner: Obama hits the campaign trail in Ohio
Hill: Obama launches bus tour in key swings states Ohio and Pa.
Hill: Report: Obama plans campaign visit to swing state Iowa next week

WaPo: In four key swing states, voters are anxious, divided and debating big questions
Politico: 7 points that could tip the election

WTimes: Millions of dollars spent in clash over jobs records

WTimes: Pro-secular group going nationwide, gearing up for election

WaPo: Presidential fundraising down; congressional soars
Boston Globe: Democrats losing race for super PAC money

NatJ: Political-Ad Rule to Go Into Effect in August


Fox: Grassley has new questions about Fast & Furious, erroneous DOJ letter
D Caller: Grassley releases another document showing possible Fast and Furious cover-up
Hill: Sen. Grassley demands additional ‘Fast and Furious’ documents

WSJ: Complaints in Congress Helped Prompt VIP Loans
Fox: Countrywide made discount loans to buy influence with Congress, House report says
Politico: Issa report: VIP loans brought influence
Dallas MN: VIP loans from Countrywide: House report shows favors for 100s of top officials

Weekly Standard: Boehner: 'Here’s to the Spirit of ‘76'

WSJ: Cut in Coal-Cleanup Cash Upsets Wyoming Interests

Examiner: Tariff waivers are cash cows for Hill leaders

NYT: In Washington’s New Mood of Austerity, Legislating Turns Into a Zero-Sum Game


Dan Henninger: ObamaCare's Lost Tribe: Doctors
American Spectator: How to Defeat and Replace Obamacare Now
Grover Norquist: With a gavel bang, Obamacare is Obamatax
American Spectator: Chief Justice Roberts, You Fox You
American Thinker: If the GOP Cavalry Doesn't Come
Fareed Zakaria: Curbing the cost of health care
NYT: Editorial: A Gap in Health Coverage

Hill: Supreme Court healthcare ruling leaks have D.C. buzzing: Who is the culprit?

WTimes: Scalia critics say justice too political last term

Daily Caller: Medal of Honor winners lament Supreme Court Stolen Valor decision

Karl Rove: Helping Veterans for Love of Country

Ann Coulter: On July 4, Remember: We Are Not French
Human Events: Let’s keep America exceptional
EJ Dionne: The Founders’ true spirit

WSJ: Cities Consider Seizing Mortgages

NYT: OpEd: The Most Sensible Tax of All: A Carbon Tax


Fox: Governor of Iowa leaves hospital after choking on carrot


WSJ: Rangel Rips Vote Challenge
Politico: Charles Rangel rips Adriano Espaillat over vote mess

Politico: Billy Baldwin: Alec may run for NYC mayor

Buffalo News: Media seize on comment by Collins


SacBee: Rail vote potential pitfall for Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative, Field Poll finds
George Skelton: Bullet train could shoot down Brown's tax initiative

Hill: Boxer to tout highway bill in California

WTimes: Calif. lawmakers mull adjusting family structure, may allow more than 2 parents


Examiner: Conservatives battling each other in Texas runoff

National Review: Can Cruz Pull It Off?


Politico: Joe Walsh slams Tammy Duckworth again

George Will: In Chicago, a battle over schools’ future


Milwaukee JS: Tommy Thompson and the GOP base: how's the relationship?


Politico: The hunt for Nebraska's electoral vote


WTimes: ID law could impact 10 percent of Pennsylvania voters

Daily Caller: In Pennsylvania, an ‘old farm boy’ is taking on Democratic Sen. Bob Casey


NY Post: Corzine is having no fun in the shun


Denver Post: Colorado's tab for Medicaid expansion still a troubling mystery


July 4, 2012


NYT: Possible No. 2 to Romney Knows Ways of the Capital (Sen. Rob Portman)
WSJ: Christie on VP Spot: I’d Listen at Least
NatJ: Ayotte Will Parade With Romney on July 4
Politico: Report: Ayotte to meet Romney in her home state
SF Chronicle: Romney breaks from vacation for July Fourth parade

Boston Globe: Romneys put tiny N.H. town in the spotlight

WTimes: GOP waits for Romney to pick ‘tax’ or ‘penalty’
Hill: GOP damage control after Team Romney definition of mandate
NatJ: Romney Campaign Declaring Cease Fire on Health Care
Byron York: Team Romney: No, we’re not declaring ‘cease-fire’ on Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Must Focus on the Economic Reality of Obamacare
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Must Stop Ignoring This Unconstitutional Obamacare Disaster
Rush Limbaugh: Imagine How the Left Will Use This Dictatorial-Type Power

Daily Caller: Obama campaign steps up Obamacare defense
NYT: Both Parties Wary of Overemphasizing Health Care
WSJ: Post-Ruling Boost for Democratic Campaign Group
NYT: Editorial: Too Quiet, Again, on Health Care

Hill: Report: Gov. Jindal, Pawlenty to stump for Romney in Ohio, Pa

WaPo: Mitt Romney supporters fight calls for campaign staff shake-up
WaPo: Romney bundler resigns banking post

Hill: Romney’s age gap with Obama

WaPo: Mitt Romney at Rupert Murdoch meeting: I won’t be a ‘flip-flopper’ on immigration
Politico: Jack Welch: Rupert right about Romney
Politico: Allen West questions Romney team

WSJ: Obama Sticks With Outsourcing Attacks
NYT: New Obama Ad Renews Outsourcing Attack
Hill: Obama's bus tour in Ohio, Pa. will hammer Romney as outsourcer of jobs

LA Times: Obama takes lead in Gallup polling
Weekly Standard: Likely Voters: Carter Was a Better President than Obama
Weekly Standard: N.C. Poll: Romney 50, Obama 45

NatJ: Obama Fundraising a Little More Awkward This Time

WSJ: U.S. Asks Court to Reconsider Political Ads on Public Stations

WSJ: Who Will Pick Up Ron Paul’s Role of Chief Fed Critic?


Politico: Another Dem to skip convention
Weekly Standard: Yet Another N.C. Dem. Won't Endorse Obama, Will Skip Convention
WaPo: Republicans and Democrats in close races plan to skip parties’ conventions

WaPo: Reform stalls as tariff loopholes return to the House

WTimes: Obama to sign student loan, road building bill
Hill: President to sign highway, student loan funding bill Friday
Hill: Administration may delay student loans after Congress fails to meet deadline


National Review: The States Resist Obamacare
WaPo: More state leaders considering opting out of Medicaid expansion
Fox: GOP governors stand ground against ObamaCare despite ruling
Fox: Efforts to implement ObamaCare law raise concerns of massive government expansion
WTimes: Ruling could hike CBO’s health law cost estimate
WSJ: On Social Media, Cheers Then Boos for Health Law
Rush Limbaugh: These "State Exchanges" Are a Health Care DMV
Ezra Klein: Health-care law’s Medicaid provision too good to pass up

Hill: Supreme Court leaks have D.C. buzzing: Who is the culprit?

WSJ: Consumer Financial Political Bureau

NYT: Economic Scene: Numbers Tell of Failure in Drug War

WaPo: Auditors find overlap, possible waste in federal job programs for the disabled

Robert Samuelson: Is the U.S. a land of liberty or equality?

James Taranto: Hot Enough for You? Apparently it is, if you're a global warmist


NYT: For New Congressman, It’s Back to Retirement

NYT: Amid Vote-Count Drama, Calm in Rangel’s District


SacBee: California voters don't like midyear cuts targeting education, Field Poll finds
SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown, legislative Dems still haggling over California public pension cuts

NYT: California: No Charges for Ex-Commerce Secretary
WaPo: Prosecutors won’t charge Bryson, citing confusion caused by his seizure


Daily Caller: Interview with Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Dallas MN: Rep. Blake Farenthold’s sister arrested in Corpus Christi drug raid


Fox: Obama, Romney Battle Over Florida's I-4 Corridor


Politico: The conversion of the trial lawyers


Chicago Tribune: U.S. Rep. Walsh appears to question Duckworth's 'hero' status


Politico: Anti-abortion amendment a no-go in Ohio


NYT: Republican Governor of Michigan Rejects Voter ID Bills
WTimes: Ballot initiatives likely to confuse Michigan voters
Daily Caller: Mich. taxpayers trump gov., force Canadian bridge proposal on ballot


WSJ: Lawmaker Hits Wrong Button, Approves N.C. Fracking
Daily Caller: Democrat’s accidental vote legalizes natural gas fracking in North Carolina


Examiner: Allen, Kaine split on convention attendance


WTimes: MDers move in droves to Virginia: Study cites high taxes for exodus of 40,000


NYT: Family Ties to Gambling Re-emerge in House Race
Boston Globe: Some backers skeptical about Rep. Tierney’s assertions
Roll Call: Massachusetts: John Tierney Tries to Turn the Page After Bad Week


July 3, 2012


Fox: Romney Plans Trip to Israel
WSJ: Romney to Meet With Netanyahu in Israel
NYT: Romney, an Eye on Campaign, Plans a Trip to Israel

WTimes: Romney goes against GOP on ‘tax’ label
WaPo: Romney camp sides with Obama that health insurance mandate is not tax
NYT: Romney Campaign and G.O.P. at Odds on Health Care ‘Tax’
WSJ: Romney, Obama Agree: Health-Mandate Penalty Isn't a Tax
WSJ: McConnell, White House Debate Whether Health Law Is Tax
WSJ: Polls: Modest Movement on Health Overhaul
Politico: Liberals fear the John Roberts rebound
Politico: Polls: No big bump for Obama
Politico: Poll: SCOTUS amps up GOP voters
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Claim "ObamaTax" Punishes "Free Riders"
Rush Limbaugh: We Have a Monumental Fight on our Hands
American Spectator: Obamacare's Hideous History, Recounted
Rich Lowry: Obamacare: It’s Not Over
Weekly Standard: A Tax Is a Tax Is a Tax
Weekly Standard: A Hanging Curveball for Mitt

Daily Mail UK: Mitt's just a regular guy on holiday
Politico: Photo of the day: Romneys on a jet ski

Fox: Romney accuses Obama of 'vicious lies' on Bain Capital

WSJ: ‘Shame on You’ Ad Returns Romney Camp to Top 10

Roll Call: Vice Presidential Hopefuls Include Wealthiest and Poorest Members of Congress

WTimes: Military veterans missing in action this year in battle for White House

Ed Rogers: The White House has a surrogate problem
Carter Eskew: Mitt Romney's bad surrogating

WSJ: Issues That Keep Obama Afloat
WSJ: Wall Street Is Still Giving to President

NatJ: Poll: Romney Claims Slight Edge in 15 'Battleground' States
Daily Caller: Romney has eight-point lead in swing states, says implausible CNN poll
Hill: Obama's 5-point lead over Romney in Gallup poll largest since April

Ed Rogers: Obama has a lot more campaign money than Romney

WTimes: Virginia's McDonnell to chair RNC platform committee
Weekly Standard: Virginia Gov. McDonnell Named Republican Platform Chairman
National Review: The Priebus Difference


Fox: Holder deputy says ball in Republicans' court on Fast and Furious lawsuit
WaPo: Eric Holder says Republicans have made him a ‘proxy’ to attack President Obama
Daily Caller: Holder goes to Washington Post, says GOP out to get him, Obama
Human Events: Protestors gather at White House, call for Holder to resign

WSJ: OpEd: A Strategy to Undo ObamaCare

Fox: GOP critical of Navy's 'Great Green Fleet', $26 a gallon fuel

Politico: Top Senate races tighten up


NYT: Chairman of Barclays Resigns
WaPo: Barclays boss Diamond quits with immediate effect, latest scalp of price-fixing scandal
NYT: Editorial: Rigged Rates, Rigged Markets

CNS: 8,733,461: Workers on Federal 'Disability' Exceed Population of New York City
Hill: Obama braces for June jobs data

WTimes: Obama’s amnesty edict set in motion: Deportations already halted
Tom Tancredo: Immigration ruling nixes state sovereignty

Examiner: GOP governors resisting Obama health care law
WSJ: Some States Balk at Medicaid Expansion
Hill: Fifteen governors reject or leaning against expanded Medicaid program
Rush Limbaugh: States Balk at Paying for the Uninsured Under "ObamaTax"

Rush Limbaugh: IRS Will Have Terrifying New Powers to Investigate You Under Obamacare

WaPo: Now it’s conservatives who suspect a ‘political’ Supreme Court
NYT: After Ruling, Roberts Makes a Getaway From the Scorn
Bill McGurn: Chief Justice Roberts Taxes Credibility
Michael Gerson: John Roberts’s alternate universe
Pat Buchanan: John Roberts makes his career move
Byron York: For conservatives, the question: Who is John Roberts?
Rush Limbaugh: I'm Scared and Angry About the Obamacare Ruling
Dennis Prager: Roberts and Intimidation
Thomas Sowell: Judicial Betrayal
Fred Thompson: The Roberts Opinion
David Brooks: A Choice, Not a Whine
James Taranto: Supreme Court did set a precedent limiting the Commerce Clause
Marc Thiessen: Why are Republicans so awful at picking Supreme Court justices?

Stanley Fish: Hate Speech and Stolen Valor

NYT: Cost to Protect U.S. Secrets Doubles to Over $11 Billion

NYT: Agency Confronts Hurdles in Helping Veterans Match Military Skills to Civilian Jobs


WTimes: Iowa set to spurn expansion of state Medicaid rolls


WTimes: Rangel’s primary win in doubt
WSJ: Rangel's Lead Disputed
Fox: Rangel’s Democratic opponent claiming voter suppression in contested primary
NYT: Slow Count and Rival’s Doubts Cloud Rangel’s Primary Victory
Roll Call: New York: Court Hears Charlie Rangel Ballot Challenge


LA Times: California's budget plan balanced with risky assumptions
Fox: California to become first state to write into law much of national mortgage settlement
SacBee: California lawmakers approve homeowner-rights mortgage legislation

Rush Limbaugh: Bill to Allow for More Than Two Parents


Dallas MN: California and Texas: Mirror opposites on health care


NYT: Republican Governor of Florida Says State Won’t Expand Medicaid
Miami Herald: FL could lose billions of dollars by rejecting healthcare reform act, study says


Examiner: Alabama governor on how they snagged Airbus: We’re a right to work state


NYT: Mississippi’s Lone Abortion Clinic, Given Temporary Reprieve, Fields Rush of Calls
NYT: Editorial: Mississippi’s Abortion Ban


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Pat Toomey Endorses Mark Neumann for Senate

NatJ: Democrats' Bright Spot in the Wis. Recall Campaign


Politico: Mandel books over $4 million in fall TV


Politico: McCaskill: Obama OK with convention-skipping


Fox: North Carolina changes racial bias law for condemned inmates


NYT: Christie Makes New Appeal for a 10% Income Tax Cut
Fox: Christie, NJ Democrats battle again over tax cuts


Fox: Massachusetts rep's campaign shaken by claims about family's Antigua gambling ring

Daily Caller: Newly uncovered documents show Warren’s ancestors listed as ‘white’
Weekly Standard: Elizabeth Warren Registered 'High Cheekbones' Aunt as White


July 2, 2012


WSJ: Ann Romney Talks of Her Struggle With MS
Fox: Ann Romney says support of Mitt and boys helped in 'dark' days after MS diagnosis

WTimes: Romney has no intention of making frenemies

NYT: Romney Vacation Spot Is an Uneasy Star

WTimes: A ‘tax’ by any other name smells just as foul to GOP
WSJ: McConnell, White House Debate Whether Health Law Is Tax
WSJ: GOP's New Health-Law Front
American Spectator: Undoing Obamacare
National Review: Obamacare: The Final Battle
Hill: Romney surrogate: Obama health law would have hurt her cancer treatments
WSJ: Democrats Want to Move On After Ruling, GOP Doesn't
Hill: GOP worries 2012 election may be last chance to defeat health law
NatJ: Health Care: Political Football Returns to Partisan Scrum
NatJ: Obama's Already Losing the Messaging War on Health Care -- Again

Blue&Gold: Trump on ObamaCare

Politico: Vice president hopefuls play the name game

Hill: Gains in congressional approval could undermine Obama election strategy

NYT: Stung by Recession, Young Voters Shed Image as Obama Brigade

WaPo: Obama campaign call affirms money anxiety
WTimes: Obama removes bundler as Holland envoy nominee

WaPo: Outsourcing: What’s the true impact? Counting jobs is only part of the answer
EJ Dionne: Mitt Romney’s Bain problem

Fox: No one-size-fits-all approach in wooing Hispanic voters
American Thinker: Forget Immigration. It's Big Government Hispanic Voters Want
Andrew McCarthy: Sovereignty, Preempted
Thomas Edsall: Playing It Dangerously Safe

NYT: A Holiday Week In a Tough Campaign

Dallas MN: Bush library starts task of archiving the administration’s 200 million emails


Fox: Boehner says House will likely file suit within weeks to get Fast & Furious documents
Hill: Boehner: GOP ready to take Holder to court over Fast and Furious documents
Daily Caller: Protesters to converge on White House calling for Fast and Furious justice
DC: Lew won’t confirm or deny whether Obama involved in Fast and Furious cover up
American Thinker: Arrest Eric Holder

Fox: Boehner, Ryan vow GOP House will press ahead with ObamaCare repeal effort
Hill: Boehner pushes repeal, wants health law ‘ripped out by its roots’
Hill: McConnell will push for Senate repeal vote before Nov. elections
Fox: High Court ruling on ObamaCare brings Capitol Hill races back into focus
Hill: Dems target vulnerable GOP lawmakers over health law repeal vote

WaPo: Congress finally gets its business done. But first, lots of something else
NYT: Editorial: At Last, a Transportation Bill

Hill: Senate ready to move on cybersecurity legislation, but differences remain

Hill: Millions face loss of jobless benefits as lawmakers delay action

NatJ: Why House Republicans Are Obstinate And Proud


NYT: Financial Giants Are Moving Jobs Off Wall Street

Weekly Standard: CBS: Roberts Switched His Vote in Obamacare Case
Hill: Report: Sources say Roberts switched vote in healthcare case
NYDN: Roberts was set to strike down Obama’s health care law, but then changed his mind
John Fund: The Flip That Will Flop?
Michael Barone: Big Government Is Reined In
American Spectator: Supreme Beings
Am Thinker: Supreme Court Helps Obama Fulfill Dreams from His Communist Mentor
American Thinker: Roberts Hands a Poisoned Chalice to the President

National Review: Obama donor investigates White House leaks

WaPo: Vicki Kennedy says late husband Ted Kennedy would want to implement health-care

WTimes: For student-loan repayments, an F at for-profit schools


Rochester D&C: Editorial Board Special Report -- Grading Cuomo

NYT: Victory Margin for Rangel Narrows in New Vote Tally

NYDN: Conservative Party Chairman rejects married lesbian's bid to run for state Senate seat


AJC: Georgia faces tough call on Medicaid


Roll Call: Personal Tales May Sway Jon Runyan’s Race


NYT: Editorial: After Arizona, a Struggle Continues


July 1, 2012


WaPo: Mitt Romney’s summer vacation full of competitive sports and family meetings
WSJ: Political Perceptions: Romney’s Clintonesque Challenge
Hill: GOP lawmakers: Romney needs to distance himself from Bush
Arnaud De Borchgrave: Romney’s policy team

Hill: Rasmussen: Obama gets polling bump from high court health ruling
NYT: Bain Attacks Make Inroads for President
Politico: Obama Spanish language ad blitz aims to wrap up Latino vote
Hill: Dems see ‘window of opportunity’ on immigration if Obama reelected
Examiner: Obama to tout health care victory on campaign trail

Fox: GOP backer, casino mogul Adelson reportedly gave $10 M to Koch brothers' efforts
Politico: Trump, Koch brothers among megadonors looking down-ticket
NYT: Editorial: A Window on Campaign Abuse

Fox: Democratic convention changes renew concerns about financial risk to backers

Pat Buchanan: Rating & ranking presidents


DC: Issa, Grassley release details about Fast and Furious whistleblower retaliation, cover-up
WTimes: Retaliation feared for 'Fast and Furious' whistleblowers
DC: Allen West: Black caucus, liberals judged Holder ‘by color of his skin,’ not 'character’

Ted Nugent: Celebrate when good conquers evil

Hill: Senate Democrats unlikely to take up House spending bills

WaPo: OpEd: Want to stimulate the economy? Let’s hand cash directly to the states


WTimes: Conservatives bash court ruling at Western summit
Politico: McConnell: I'll repeal Obamacare as majority leader
Weekly Standard: Conservative Group to Spend $9 Million Against Obamacare Decision
Hill: Pelosi: House GOP efforts to repeal Obama health law unrealistic
Fox: Supreme Court ruling results in 'colorful' responses from Democrats and Republicans
Hill: Despite high court ruling, businesses still face uncertainty over healthcare law
NatJ: Obama, Romney, 'Obamacare' and the Facts
Boston Globe: Control of costs a test for health overhaul
NYT: Giving Health Care a Chance to Evolve
Pittsburgh TR: Editorial: Liberty at peril: The Supreme Court has failed its mission
Ross Douthat: The Price of Health Care
Byron York: Conservative anger growing over Obamacare decision
Scott Rasmussen: ObamaCare will not survive

WaPo: After Supreme Court term, line between ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ is blurrier
NYT: In Supreme Court Term, Striking Unity on Major Cases
NYT: Editorial: The Radical Supreme Court
NYT: OpEd: No Respite for Liberals
NYT: OpEd: How Liberals Win
National Review: OpEd: Why Roberts Was Right
American Thinker: Still Struggling with the Roberts-as-Hero Theory
Larry Kudlow: John Roberts Is a Super-Taxer
Thomas Friedman: Taking One for the Country
Dan Balz: Roberts’s health-care ruling sends a message to politicians
Todd Gillman: Roberts’ defection on health care amplifies election stakes for conservatives

Politico: Report: GOP appeals DOMA case to the Supreme Court

NatJ: Sierra Club Hires Former EPA Official

NYT: For Attorneys General, Long Shot Brings Payoffs

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (7/1/12)


Hill: Rep. Rangel’s primary opponent files suit over ballot count as vote margin narrows


Miami Herald: Scott vows he won’t implement Affordable Care Act


Weekly Standard: Missouri Dem. Senator 'Hiding' from Reporters After Obamacare


Salena Zito: Gen. Washington vs. Occupy 1784


NYT: Maine Race Complicates Struggle for the Senate


Boston Globe: For Brown, campaign an all-out family affair
Weekly Standard: Elizabeth Warren Supported Single-Payer Before She Opposed It


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The three faces of....
"nothing up my sleeve!"

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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