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July 21, 2012


NYT: Overseas, Romney Will Try to Hone Foreign Policy
WSJ: Mideast Turmoil Complicates Romney Trip

NatJ: Romney Offers Prayers, Urges Unity After Colorado Shooting
WSJ: Romney on Colorado Shooting: ‘Our Hearts Break’
NYT: Romney Reacts to Colorado Shooting

WSJ: Unemployment Rises in Six of 10 Battleground States

Fox: Obama calls 'you didn't build that' furor 'bogus,' as Romney releases new ad
Mark Steyn: Golden Gateway to Dependency

WSJ: Romney Ad Gets Personal, En Español

WaPo: President Obama spent twice as much as Mitt Romney in June
NYT: Obama Spends the Most, but Romney Raises More
WTimes: Obama super PAC spends while Romney one lies in wait
WTimes: Romney doubles small donor base
WTimes: Most of Obama committee's funds tied to bundlers
WSJ: Business Shifts Its Support to GOP

Roll Call: GOP Strategists: Mitt Romney Should Embrace Bain
Kathleen Parker: The Bain of truth: The Obama camp’s desperation
Fred Barnes: Obama Pandering to His Base

Rasmussen: Ohio: Obama 47%, Romney 45%
Rasmussen: Pennsylvania: Obama 48%, Romney 44%
Examiner: Obama leads Romney in Pa., Ohio, Va.

Weekly Standard: Rules for Romney: How to Win
William Kristol: Only 108 Days to Go

NYT: Obama Cuts Short Florida Campaign Trip

NYT: After Killings at Theater, Campaigns Suspend Their Ads in Colorado
WSJ: Shooting Disrupts Political Campaigns

NYT: To Stay Off ‘Political Stage,’ Bush Will Miss Convention
Hill: George W. Bush will skip GOP convention


NYT: Tax Loopholes Block Efforts to Close Gaping U.S. Deficit

NYT: Congress Takes a New Look at Low-Slung Washington

WSJ: Battle for the Senate Takes Shape
WSJ: Democrats Have Financial Edge in Battle for Congress

Fox: Pelosi: I'll release tax returns 'when I run for president'


Roll Call: Barack Obama, John Boehner Pause from Partisanship in Weekly Addresses

WaPo: Third-party groups ready multiple ads attacking health-care law
Nance & Blackburn: Women are fighting Obamacare’s next battle

Human Events: Voter ID cause furthered by Philadelphia fraud report
WSJ: Voter ID Laws Bring Challenges in Several States
Charlie Crist: The voter ID mess subverts an American birthright

Andrew McCarthy: Questions about Huma Abedin

Fox: ABC News, Brian Ross apologize for report suggesting shooting suspect tied to Tea Party
Politico: Brian Ross of ABC takes heat for another blunder
Daily Caller: Tea party familiar with being wrongly blamed after horrific tragedies
James Taranto: With Extreme Prejudice: How ABC News "investigates" a horrific crime

NYT: He’s Watching That, in Public? Pornography Takes Next Seat

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Bibi to talk Romney on Sunday show
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Boston Globe: VP speculation marks the latest stage of Kelly Ayotte’s swift ascent


Roll Call: California: GOP Polls Find Competitive House Races

Human Events: California moves ahead on high speed rail


Roll Call: Texas: Nolan Ryan Endorses David Dewhurst
Dallas MN: Ted Cruz eclipsed David Dewhurst in Senate race fundraising in early July


Politico: The returns of Rick Scott


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 46%, Mandel (R) 42%


Detroit News: Six vie to finish McCotter's term


NYT: Woeful Trenton Sees Mayor Add Insult to Injury


WTimes: Wrestling magnate releases tax returns in Senate bid


NYT: Liberal Donors Finding Home in Massachusetts Senate Race


WSJ: New Gun-Control Laws Are Unlikely
NYT: Colorado Gun Laws Remain Lax, Despite Some Changes


July 20, 2012


Boston Globe: In Roxbury, Romney hits Obama’s business message
Rush Limbaugh: New Romney Ad: "These Hands"
Larry Kudlow: Reagan Praised Entrepreneurs into Recovery
John Kass: Who else, Mr. President
Charles Krauthammer: Did the state make you great?
Jonah Goldberg: Co-sponsoring Your Success
James Taranto: Unearned success is the central theme of Obama's life story
WTimes: Obama tries to explain entrepreneurs comments
WaPo: Obama support for GE, Boeing, JPMorgan doesn’t always go both ways
Salena Zito: Romney tells Trib he thinks it’s unlikely Obama’s negative ads will stop
Rush: Limbaugh Institute Economics Lecture 101: The Economy is Not a Zero-Sum Game
American Thinker: The Roanoke Shuffle: Obama and the Racial Gratitude Racket
Rush Limbaugh: The Authentic Obama: Community Agitator
American Spectator: Three Big Cheers for Mitt

Rasmussen: Among Uncommitted Voters, Obama Job Approval Is At 29%
Politico: NPR poll: Obama up 2 nationally, race tied in swing states
WSJ: Florida Poses New Worry for Obama
Hill: Obama faces uphill battle to win repeat victory in Florida
WTimes: Poll: Romney winning over hesitant Virginia voters
Human Events: New polls: Economy catching up to Obama
Charlie Cook: Another Recession? Economic news keeps going from bad to worse
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Vaults into Lead -- Before Real Obama Emerged in Roanoke
Weekly Standard: Are the Polls Skewed Toward Obama?

John Fund: Romney’s Former No. 2
NYT: OpEd: More Than Just a Running Mate
Politico: Introducing The Veep Sheet
Star Tribune: VP search: Will Mitt Romney go for sizzle or safety?
Chris Cillizza: The case against Bobby Jindal for vice president
NatJ: Tim Pawlenty, Defender in Chief of the Romney Family?
NatJ: Will Romney's VP Pick Excite the GOP? Who Cares?

WSJ: Ann Romney: No More Tax Returns
Human Events: Democrats demand Romney’s tax returns, keep theirs secret

WSJ: DNC Pulls Ad Featuring Ann Romney’s Horse
WTimes: Dems eat crow over Romney horse gibe

WaPo: Mitt Romney hopes overseas trip will show him as statesman
NYT: London Fund-Raisers Put Romney in a Scandal’s Glare

WSJ: Former Gingrich Aides Hold Romney Fundraiser

Morgan Liddick: Mitt speaks the truth to blacks

NYT: Legal Battles Erupt Over Tough Voter ID Laws

Kim Strassel: Obama's Enemies List—Part II

NYT: Obama Visits Florida to Win Over Older Voters
WSJ: Obama Makes Pitch to Jewish Voters
Examiner: Obama makes push to win over Florida seniors
WaPo: As race tightens, Obama opens two-day Florida tour to court seniors
Politico: Obama's heavy Florida lift
NYT: Obama, on the Trail, Plays for Time on Foreign Policy
David Brooks: Where Obama Shines

Daily Caller: Pro-Obama online merchandise sales plummet, compared to ’08 election

NatJ: McCain: Obama Campaign is Lowest I’ve Seen

NatJ: Both Candidates Trying to Leverage the Big Divide in Bain Capital Debate

WSJ: Morgan Freeman Gives $1 Million to Pro-Obama Super PAC

NYT: More News Reports Show Up in Campaign Ads, to Journalists’ Chagrin
WTimes: Obama aide Cutter ready to rumble with no apologies
Peggy Noonan: A Remedial Communication Class

Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi to Dems: Skip the Convention
Kim Strassel: Who's Afraid of Charlotte?

WTimes: Cain’s post-candidacy PAC spending raises questions


WaPo: Congress’s debate on year-end ‘fiscal cliff’ sets stage for fall showdowns
IBD: The Budget Measure That Could Be A Godsend For Romney
NYT: Editorial: Democrats Gain the Upper Hand
WaPo: Ending Bush tax cuts for rich would save about $80 billion in 2013, analysts say
American Spectator: Just Say No

Hill: House approves $606 billion DOD spending bill in 326 to 90 vote
WTimes: House-passed bill ignores defense cuts

Fox: Republicans introduce bill to block changes to welfare reform
WSJ: Fight Heats Up Over Welfare Rules

Hill: House votes to prevent violations of Defense of Marriage Act

Human Events: House bars Obama from sharing secrets with Russia

Daily Caller: Sen. Johnson: It’s time for Republicans to play offense on spending

Politico: Senate Democrats drop estate tax plan

Hill: Senate Dems growing cool to extending payroll tax holiday

WTimes: GOP sees mischief in jobs legislation

Hill: Revised cybersecurity bill introduced

HE: Domestic drones unchecked by federal agencies, civilian privacy rights at risk
WTimes: High anxiety on the Hill about civilian drone use

Roll Call: NRCC Tops DCCC in June Fundraising
Roll Call: Donald Trump Donates to NRSC Again
WSJ: Democrats Have Financial Edge in Battle for Congress


Fox: Fort Hood report faults FBI for missteps in Hasan review, cites political correctness
Pres. Barack Obama: Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously
Daily Caller: Obama scares the hell out of everybody with cybersecurity op-ed

WaPo: John Boehner: Accusations against Huma Abedin ‘pretty dangerous’
WaPo: Editorial: Michele Bachmann’s baseless attack on Huma Abedin

Fox: Senator says food stamp partnership with Mexico 'pressuring' immigrants to enroll

WSJ: White House Backs Bankruptcy Option for Some Student Debt

Michael Gerson: The quiet overturn of No Child Left Behind

WTimes: Homeland Security deletes immigration enforcement success stories from website

Fox: Investigation launched into one-day GSA awards ceremony that cost $270G
WaPo: GSA spent more than $270,000 to entertain employees who got performance awards

Wapo: OpEd: The Postal Service is struggling, but not because of the mail

Paul Krugman: Pathos of the Plutocrat


Albany TU: Cuomo signs a boatload of bills

Reuters: NYC's jobless rate hits 10 pct in June, though jobs added

Fox: Grand jury probes allegations Rep. Grimm took illegal campaign donations


Dan Walters: California politicians act as if they live in isolated bubbles


Dallas MN: Senate candidates David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz make pitches to Texas GOP groups

WSJ: Texas Alters Execution Procedure

Fox: Taxpayer watchdog calls on IRS to probe re-branded Texas ACORN branch


NYT: Race in New District Is New Test for a G.O.P. Firebrand (Rep. Allen West)

Politico: Florida GOP dodges Greer bullet
Miami Herald: Trial of former RPOF chair Jim Greer postponed until mid November


NYT: Editorial:


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich insider, key witness, gets 5 1/2 years in prison

Chicago ST: Durbin, Kirk name panel to screen U.S. attorney candidates

Chicago ST: House committee recommends expelling indicted lawmaker

Politico: Joe Walsh won't attend GOP convention


Star Tribune: Bachmann ties Ellison to Muslim Brotherhood


WTimes: Upstart hedge-fund manager making waves in Wisconsin

Milwaukee JS: Ryan's war chest leads House candidates nationwide


Detroit News: Glenn says he'll bow out of U.S. Senate race, back Durant

WTimes: Michigan to pay for McCotter meltdown


Politico: With Todd Akin ad, Claire McCaskill meddles in GOP primary


WSJ: Centrist Republicans Feel the Heat in Kansas Primaries


NYT: A Hunt for Split-Ticket Voters in a Tight Virginia Senate Race
Rasmussen: Virginia Senate: Kaine (D) 46%, Allen (R) 45%


WTimes: Obama, Menendez widen leads in New Jersey


Elizabeth Warren: Libor fraud exposes Wall Street’s rotten core


Fox: Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio faces allegations of racial profiling as civil trial kicks off
WaPo: Trial begins over whether Latinos racially profiled in AZ. sheriff’s immigration patrols


July 19, 2012


WTimes: In Ohio, fired-up Romney pledges to ‘fight for soul of America’
Weekly Standard: Romney in Ohio: 'I Feel That We're All Catholic Today'
Fox: Romney goes on offense over jobs remark after weathering criticism on taxes, Bain
NatJ:: Romney Pounces on Six-Month Lapse in Obama Jobs Council Meetings
WSJ: Romney: Obama Focused on Fundraising, Not Jobs
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Gets Mad and Makes a Great Speech
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Asks Business Owners to Stand Up and Accept Thanks
Rush Limbaugh: Bain Capital vs. Das Kapital
James Taranto: You Didn't Sweat, He Did
Rush: We Have a Lifetime of Context for What Obama Said About American Business
Rush Limbaugh: How to Fix the Economy

Karl Rove: Obama Gets Down and Dirty

Ann Coulter: Democrats' Ideal Voter: Illegal Alien, Single Mother, Convicted Felon

NatJ: 3 New Polls Show Close Presidential Race With Romney Ahead
NatJ: CBS/NYT Poll: Romney 47% Obama 46%
NYT: Poll Shows Economic Fears Undercutting Obama Support
WSJ: Presidential Race Appears to Tighten in New Mexico
Politico: Romney closes 12-point gap to tie Obama in Virginia, poll finds
NatJ: Poll: Obama, Romney Tied in Make-or-Break Virginia
Rasmussen: Virginia: Obama 47%, Romney 46%

NYT: Romney Ad Contends Stimulus Money Went Overseas or to Cronies
Examiner: Romney’s toothless attacks on ‘crony capitalism’

WSJ: Group Comes to Romney's Defense

Observer: Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama

WaPo: Democrats apply legislative pressure on Mitt Romney to release more tax returns
Rush Limbaugh: The GOP Establishment Couldn't be More Wrong on Romney's Tax Returns
American Spectator: Mitt Is Right: No More Tax Returns
WSJ: National Review to Romney: Release More Tax Returns
WSJ: OpEd: Romney Should Release His Tax Returns
WaPo: ‘Certainly an upside’ to disclosing more information, says N.H. GOP chairman
NatJ: What's Keeping Romney From Sharing His Taxpaying History?
Politico: Romney camp: 'Not true' he paid $0 in taxes
Politico: Report: Only 17 lawmakers (3%) disclose
NYT: Barrier to Romney Tax Disclosure Is the Candidate Himself
Charles Blow: From Victim to Vicious

NYDN: Ann Romney says her husband's veep decision is ‘not quite there yet’
Politico: Where the vice presidential prospects stand on energy
Gail Collins: Veeps Wielding Pens

WTimes: Mayor says Tampa ready for GOP invasion

Politico: The left’s lost donors

WaPo: Romney’s London fundraisers take him to heart of scandal-plagued banking industry

WSJ: Obama Pollster: Why the Focus on Bain Capital
Fareed Zakaria: What voters are really choosing in November
Dan Balz: Can Romney survive the summer storm?
Chris Cillizza: Some Republicans still not sold on Mitt Romney’s campaign

WSJ: Jobs Council Is Sidelined as President Courts Voters

NYT: Philosophic Clash Over Government’s Role Highlights Parties’ Divide

WTimes: Obama fundraiser gets Energy Department post

NYT: Jokes About Fox News Creep Into Obama’s Comments as the Campaign Heats Up

Dana Milbank: Ron Paul, fed up with trying to end the Fed


WSJ: The Coming Defense Crack-Up
WSJ: Defense Firms Open to Higher Taxes to Avert Cuts

Hill: House passes bill demanding sequester details from the Obama administration
Daily Caller: Congress presses Obama for details on ‘sequester’ spending cuts
WSJ: Bill Passes Mandating Cuts to Be Specified
Hill: Execs: Sequester is a big jobs killer

WTimes: White House misses another budget deadline

Politico: Online sales tax bill is approached with caution

WSJ: Democrats Cite Koch Brothers in Clash Over Disclose Act

WSJ: The GOP's Solyndra Wing: Republicans who love corporate welfare

Roll Call: Reading the Tea Leaves: How the Senate Could Look


WTimes: Republicans back Clinton welfare rule: Obama eases on work
Politico: OpEd: Obama encouraging Americans to get on welfare
Human Events: Orrin Hatch introduces bill to block Obama power grab

WSJ: Post Office Might Miss Retirees' Payment
Fox: Post Office might miss retirees' payment, as first ever default looms
NYT: Postal Service Set to Default on Billions in Health Fund Payments

NYT: Facing Foreclosure After 50: Foreclosure Rates Said to Rise For Older Americans

Fox: McCain defends Clinton aide against Bachmann accusations on Muslim Brotherhood ties
WaPo: McCain defends Clinton aide against accusations of Muslim conspiracy
NYT: Lawmakers Condemn Michele Bachmann’s Claim of an Islamist Plot
NYT: Accusation and Interview Put Spotlight on Weiner's Wife
Politico: Ed Rollins rips 'extreme' Michele Bachmann
NYT: Editorial: McCarthyism Redux

Fox: Evangelical college joins suit against ObamaCare contraception mandate
WSJ: OpEd: An Evangelical-Catholic Stand on Liberty
Weekly Standard: The GOP’s Big Tent

NYT: Scalia Says He Had No ‘Falling Out’ With Chief Justice
WaPo: Feuding with Roberts over health care decision? Not me, says Scalia
Hill: Scalia, on healthcare ruling: 'I haven’t had a falling out with Justice Roberts'
NYT: Public’s Opinion of Supreme Court Drops After Health Care Law Decision

Hill: Former GOP Sen. Frist urges party to back key measure in Obama health law

Fox: Conservative group offers $100G for tip linking White House to Fast and Furious

NYT: Consumer Watchdog Fines Capital One for Deceptive Credit Card Practices

WTimes: Obama administration way behind predecessors on free-trade agreements

Daily Caller: USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation

Fox: Agriculture secretary warns shoppers on food price gouging tied to drought


Politico: Kelly Ayotte’s $120K legal headache


Albany TU: Latest list of 2,606 campaign filers

NYT: Family, Not Scene, Attracts Governor to the Hamptons

NY P: Kennedy family acting like crime clan after Kerry's alleged drugged-driving crash: cops

Buffalo News: In bid to unseat Rep. Hochul, Collins targets ties to Obama

CBS: Anthony Weiner: Not running for office - for now
American Spectator: Return of a Weiner?


Politico: This time, Waxman’s giving campaigning his all

SacBee: Mega-fundraiser for California candidates aims to boost GOP in House


Roll Call: Texas: Tom Leppert Backs David Dewhurst Over Ted Cruz
Dallas MN: Analysis: Dewhurst, Cruz dodge key questions on health care issues
HChron: Commentary: Ted Cruz is big winner of final GOP Senate debate

Star-Telegram: Texas Governor's Mansion back from the ashes
Austin AS: Security tight as Perrys preview restored Governor's Mansion


Politico: Rep. Mack's war on Adam Smith escalates

Miami Herald: Obama visits FL to tout his plans for ‘middle class’ tax cut, debt reduction


AJC: Georgia’s jobless rate rises to 9 percent in June


Star Tribune: Bachmann’s attacks on Muslims drawing bipartisan rebukes


WaPo: In North Dakota, the gritty side of an oil boom


Milwaukee JS: GOP Senate candidates joust over budget skills, tactics


Detroit FP: 11th Congressional District: Wildly different candidates vie in wide-open race

Detroit News: Embattled Bolger rejects calls to resign


Human Events: North Carolina House primaries lean to the right


Politico: Poll: Virginia Senate race: Allen 46% Kaine 44%


Roll Call: Narrow N.M. Senate Race Will Only Get Closer


CNN: Washington state to become first to offer voter registration on Facebook


WSJ: U.S. Chamber Poll: GOP’s Lingle Ahead in Hawaii Senate Race


July 18, 2012


Fox: Romney: Obama wants Americans to be 'ashamed of success'
WSJ: 'You Didn't Build That'
Daily Caller: Romney jumps on Obama’s ‘you didn’t build that’ comment
Human Events: Romney defends the entrepreneurial spirit
American Thinker: Obama: The Bane of Capital
Michael Barone: Obama believes success is a gift from government
Holman Jenkins: In 'defining Romney,' Obama defining himself for a mystified electorate
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Declaration of War Against the Way America was Founded & Built
Rush: Obama Assigns Valor to Victimhood & Mocks the Outdated American Dream
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Next Target: Doctors

WSJ: Staples vs. Solyndra: Romney needs to make a better argument for Bain capitalism

NYT: Romney and Obama Resume Economic Attacks, Despite a Few Diversions
Hill: 2012 attacks intensify as Obama and Romney draw battle lines
Examiner: No end in sight for Obama, Romney attacks
WTimes: Obama, Romney campaigns positively negative at an earlier stage
WTimes: Romney team gets outgunned on rapid response to Obama
Charles Hurt: Obama’s South Side Chicago thuggery

NatJ: Pennsylvania in Play?
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 47% Obama 44%

WaPo: RNC spot uses softer approach to win over disappointed Obama voters

Ross Douthat: Mitt Romney’s Long Hot Summer
WSJ: Romney Explains Cayman Island Investments

NYT: Christie’s Brashness Blunts Hopes to Join Romney’s Ticket
Politico: Christie reportedly eyed for RNC convention keynote

NYT: Inside Romney’s Search for a Vice President
WSJ: Romney's Ticket Talk Is Heating Up
WSJ: Romney Camp Hires 2 for VP Staff
Miami Herald: Bye-bye Marco Rubio in Romney veepstakes?
NYDN: Medal-winner in Mitt Romney veep stakes won't be known until after Olympic Games
Politico: Mitt Romney's vice-presidential hopefuls fan out for fundraising
WaPo: Sarah Palin was the better choice, says McCain

Weekly Standard: Star of Pro-Obama Super PAC Ad Unleashed:
'Obama Is a Jerk, a Pantywaist, a Lightweight, a Blowhard'

WTimes: Sununu: ‘I wish this president would learn how to be an American’
WaPo: John Sununu, Mitt Romney’s best/worst surrogate
NYT: After Pressing Attacks on Obama, Romney Surrogate Later Apologizes
Fox: Romney surrogate Sununu apologizes for earlier Obama remark
Rush Limbaugh: Sununu Takes My Advice

Examiner: Obama has investments in companies that ship jobs overseas

Daily Caller: Michelle Obama praised Bain Capital-backed child care company

WaPo: Obama raises campaign cash in deep-red Texas

NYT: White House Refutes Reports of 'Kiss Cam' Rebuff

WaPo: With or without tax return release, pressure on Romney ramps up from both sides
NatJ: New Democratic Consensus: Go After Romney on Bain, Taxes
Rush Limbaugh: The Batman Campaign?

Politico: Conservative elites club Mitt Romney
Fox: Rick Perry calls on Romney to release tax returns
WaPo: Rick Perry: Romney should be ‘as transparent as you can be’ about tax returns

Greg Sargent: Experts: Mitt Romney’s returns could show he paid very low tax rates

Maureen Dowd: Who’s on America’s Side?

Fox: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent,' Sheriff Joe Arpaio says
AP: Arpaio: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent'


WSJ: Cheney to House GOP Leaders: Say No to Automatic Defense Cuts
WTimes: Cheney huddles with GOP strategists: 2013 Pentagon spending at issue
Hill: Cheney, Lockheed CEO deliver dire warnings of impact of automatic cuts
WaPo: Across-the-board federal cuts could cost 2 million jobs
Examiner: Washington region at risk of losing 450k jobs
WaPo: Military contractors to testify on potential defense cuts
Dana Milbank: Dick Cheney offers the GOP familiar advice on spending

WaPo: U.S. economic fears shift from Europe toward ‘fiscal cliff’
NYT: Democrats Propose Plan to Sidestep G.O.P. Anti-Tax Pledge
Hill: Democrats put in tight spot with tax threat
American Spectator: Thelma and Louise Economics
Grover Norquist: Waiting for Taxmageddon

Politico: GOP fears shutdown showdown

Hill: Retailers confident lawmakers will pass legislation for online sales tax

WSJ: Faux Campaign Finance Reform

NYT: Editorial: The Rush to Abandon the Poor

WSJ: U.S. Chamber Rolls Out Ads for 4 GOP Senate Hopefuls

NatJ: Five Bellwether House Races to Watch in 2012
NatJ: House Race Rankings: Getting to Know You


NYT: Shift in Welfare Policy Draws G.O.P. Protests
American Spectator: Obama Retracts Clinton Welfare Reforms
Dick Morris: Obama kills welfare reform

Fox: More Americans went on disability than found jobs in last 3 months

Andrew McCarthy: Obama Flouts the Rule of Law

WSJ: Report Details Threats to States' Fiscal Health

WaPo: GSA chief reins in bonuses and freezes new hiring

Fox: Senator implicates top FDA office in agency spying program
WaPo: FDA isn’t the only agency snooping in e-mail

WTimes: Boy Scouts will not allow gays to join
ABC: Despite Protests, Boy Scouts Reaffirm Ban on Gays

James Taranto: And Baby Makes Two: The politics of single motherhood

WaPo: Study finds costs associated with voter IDs


Fox: North Las Vegas city leaders declare state of fiscal emergency


Albany TU: Ravitch, Volcker unveil report on state budget crisis

NYT: Kerry Kennedy Cites Possible Seizure, Not Drugs, in Car Crash
NYDN: Kerry Kennedy blames seizure for Westchester smash-up, pleads not guilty in court


Dallas MN: In final debate, Cruz, Dewhurst trade jabs on conservative credentials, taxes


Miami Herald: Rep. Allen West leads fundraising race among congressional candidates in FL


Milwaukee JS: Second judge rejects state voter ID law


Fox: Obama campaign sues over Ohio early voting law


Detroit FP: State House speaker, representative blamed in election candidate scam


Weekly Standard: Palin Endorses Steelman in MO


Examiner: Cuccinelli steps up for Romney, Allen in Virginia


Roll Call: Chris Christie Pushes House GOP for Dues

Politico: Ethics case against Rep. Rob Andrews advances
Hill: Ethics Committee launches probe of Dem Rep. Robert Andrews


Roll Call: In Maine, It’s Good to Be King, or Just ‘Angus’


Boston Globe: Brown raises more large gifts from Mass. than Warren

WSJ: Teen Spirit Spurs Bill to Lower Voting Age


Roll Call: Arizona: Jim DeMint, Pat Toomey Raise Money for Jeff Flake


July 17, 2012


Fox: Romney campaign calls Obama remark to business owners 'insulting'
Fox: Business groups criticize Obama over remarks about government's role in success
WTimes: Romney shows his fighting side, to GOP cheers
WSJ: Romney: Obama Bestows Favors on Donors

Charlie Cook: Red Alert: The fundamentals are pulling strongly in favor of Mitt Romney

WSJ: Romney Camp: No Veep Pick Just Yet
NYT: Romney Aide Reports 'No Decision' on Vice Presidential Pick
WSJ: Pawlenty’s Odds of Getting the VP Nod Rise — on Intrade
WaPo: Rob Portman, who could be a vice presidential contender, is a Washington insider
Human Events: Is Mitt serious about Condi?
Fox: Aide says Romney could announce VP pick by end of week

WTimes: Conservatives worry about state strategy for Romney

HE: Romney asks why President Obama won’t release Fast and Furious documents

NYT: Mormons’ First Families Rally Behind Romney

David Brooks: The Capitalism Debate

WSJ: Pro-Romney Super PAC Hauls in $20 Million
WaPo: Republican fundraising engine shifts into a higher gear
WSJ: Romney Donors: Wall Street Ties
Politico: Jeb raises campaign cash for Romney

Examiner: Romney on attack in Pa.; Obama collects Texas cash

WSJ: President's Populist Pitch Divides Suburban Voters
Michael Gerson: The politics of polarization

NYT: Obama and Romney Step Up Accusations on Jobs
WSJ: Candidates Spar Over Job Creation
WaPo: President Obama attacks Mitt Romney’s jobs plan
Hill: Bain ads hit home in swing states
WSJ: The Incredible Bain Jobs Machine
Rich Lowry: Obama against the Self-Made Man
Weekly Standard: Obama's Fantasy World
Chris Cillizza: Mitt Romney’s unsolvable Bain problem
Examiner: Romney's new foe: Batman's 'Bane'
Rasmussen: 41% See Romney’s Business Record As a Positive, 41% Disagree
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Hates This Country
Rush Limbaugh: Has It Really Come to This?
Rush Limbaugh: The Dismantling of the American Dream
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Seek Swift Boat Revenge
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Must Fight the Felon Charge

James Taranto: Political Correctness and Racial Tension

Dana Milbank: Romney and his time machine

Politico: Obama meets with Jerry Springer

Hill: Obama switches off teleprompter

WTimes: Obama slams Romney’s proposals on taxes
WSJ: Obama Tax-Increase Plan Gains Supporters

WSJ: Romney Rejects Calls on Tax Returns
WSJ: Obama Ad Targets Romney’s Tax Returns

WaPo: Obama's ‘Kiss Cam’ shenanigans get attention

Hill: George H.W. Bush to miss GOP convention
NYDN: Sarah Palin still waiting for her Republican National Convention invite

American Spectator: Reagan's 2012 Acceptance Speech

WSJ: The Hillary Myth: Can anyone name an achievement to justify the adulation?


LA Times: Congressional Democrats dig in on 'fiscal cliff' scenario
Fox: Democrats open door to letting taxes rise in 2013 to reset debate with GOP
WSJ: Patty Murray explains why Democrats want to jump off the tax cliff
Hill: GOP, liberals doubt Dem leaders' tough rhetoric on taxes
Fox: More than 2 million jobs will be lost if automatic spending cuts kick in, report says

Politico: Frenzy over sequester hits Capitol Hill
Hill: McKeon: Democrats living in a ‘fantasy’ on impending defense budget cuts
Hill: Report: Cheney to meet with House GOP to discuss sequester cuts

Daily Caller: Senate GOP blocks DISCLOSE Act
Hill: Senate to take second shot Tuesday to advance DISCLOSE Act
WSJ: Senate Democrats Plan ‘Midnight Vigil’ on Campaign Finance Bill
NYT: Republican ‘Super PACs’ Donate Millions for General Election
WaPo: As DISCLOSE Act stalls, Super PAC reserves $6 million in ad time for House races
NYT: Tax-Exempt Group’s Election Activity Highlights Limits of Campaign Finance Rules
NYT: Editorial: The Power of Anonymity
Warren Rudman & Chuck Hagel: For Political Closure, We Need Disclosure

Daily Caller: GOP senators effectively kill UN sea takeover
Hill: Republicans have the votes to sink sea treaty
WTimes: Law of the Sea Treaty now dead, DeMint says

Hill: Republican-led House panel keeps 'activist' EPA in its crosshairs

Hill: GOP leaders slam the door on carbon taxes

Hill: Groups push to rein in estate tax

WaPo: Senate report criticizes HSBC for money laundering, inadequate monitoring

Roll Call: Handful of Races Eat Democrats’ Resources

Hill: Self-funding candidates pick up traction in Republican Senate primaries


WSJ: Obama Administration Raises Red Flags on Donor’s Mortgage Initiative

WSJ: Health Law Opponents Challenge Tax Credit
WTimes: Both parties wield health care law to their advantage
NatJ: GOP Governors Won’t Pay Political Price for Rejecting Medicaid Expansion

WSJ: Obama's IRS Snoops Abroad

Fox: Feds expanding state access to immigration database for purpose of voter roll cleansing

NYT: Consumer Groups Criticize Delays on Food Safety Law

NYT: Investigation Sought of Extensive F.D.A. Surveillance
WaPo: FDA lawyers authorized spying on agency’s employees, senator says

Fox: Ex-Treasury employee used taxpayer resources to see prostitutes, probe finds

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation


NatJ: In Nevada, 'None' a Fearsome Foe for the GOP


NYT: Despite Cuomo’s Vow of Sunlight, a Bid to Keep Aides’ E-Mail in the Dark
AP: Cuomo raises $5.8 million more in campaign funds

NYDN: Kerry Kennedy plans to plead not guilty to driving while drugged

WaPo: Anthony Weiner’s comeback: How soon is too soon?
Politico: Pollsters: Anthony Weiner ‘has a chance’

Politico: Massa continues to pay wife out of campaign kitty

Albany TU: Poll: Cuomo popular, Legislature ok, Congress bad
NY Post: Poll: Obama boosts lead in NY, Gillibrand would clean up vs. Long

Albany TU: Senate Dems have over $750K, far less than GOP


Dan Walters: Will California go the way of Pennsylvania?


Roll Call: Shop Talk: No More Half-Nelson


Chicago Tribune: Duckworth outraises Walsh in 2nd Quarter


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Tommy Thompson Outraises Mark Neumann
WSJ: Hovde Surges in Wisconsin


Roll Call: Michigan: Nancy Cassis Banks Second Congressional Endorsement


Roll Call: Runoffs in N.C. Set Stage for Republican Pickups


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Democratic Poll Shows Mark Critz With Single-Digit Lead


Politico: N.J. poll: Chris Christie is leader, not bully
NYT: Financial Woes Plague a Penal Company Tied to Christie


Roll Call: Connecticut: Christopher Shays Decides Against TV Ads in GOP Primary


Fox: Planned Parenthood Arizona sues state over law on non-abortion funding


WaPo: Can Heather Wilson, a moderate Republican, win over New Mexico’s Latino voters?


Denver Post: Colorado congressional candidates release 2nd quarter fundraising


July 16, 2012


WSJ: Political Perceptions: Romney Banks Big on Anti-Obama Vote

WaPo: Romney tries to regain momentum with new focus on Obama’s ‘political payoffs’

Politico: Romney Victory fund pulls in $140M

American Spectator: Battleground Virginia

NYT: In Pawlenty, Romney Campaign May Find Down-to-Earth Appeal

WSJ: Policy, Backstory Put Jindal on List
WaPo: Bobby Jindal’s stock on the rise
WTimes: Jindal’s rebound has him in vice-presidential rumor mill

Hill: Portman to stump for Romney in Ohio ahead of Obama speech

Hill: Thune Rising: GOP senator on Romney veepstakes and his future

Fox: Obama to business owners: 'You didn't build that'
WT: Obama - If you’ve got business you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen

IBD: Outsourced in Space: NASA Astronaut on Russian Rocket

WSJ: Fight Over Romney's Bain Tenure Thunders On
Dallas MN: When Mitt Romney gave up Bain Capital role at issue
Fox: Obama and campaign offer no apology to Romney
WTimes: Obama camp hits hard on Bain slam
Daily Caller: Rove on Obama’s Bain attacks: ‘This is gutter politics of the worst Chicago sort’
Politico: The Democrats play hardball
Politico: Republican governors want Mitt Romney to hit back
Politico: Gillespie: Bain attacks 'working'
Hill: Campaign adviser Gillespie says Romney ‘retired retroactively’ from Bain Capital
Human Events: Romney no Outsourcer-in-Chief
NYT: In Tracing Romney’s Role at Bain, a Convoluted Timeline
NYT: Latest Word on the Trail? I Take It Back
NYT: Editorial: Mitt Romney’s Complaints
Robert Samuelson: Character assassination on the campaign trail
Paul Krugman: Policy and the Personal

Jack & Suzy Welch: It's True: Corporations Are People

Joe Curl: Why Romney’s NAACP speech matters

Politico: Kristol: Romney 'crazy' not to release tax returns

Examiner: GOP is anti-Obama if not pro-Romney
WaPo: Mormons, African Americans face substantial prejudice, poll finds

Fox: Paul's bid to be nominated for GOP president ends
Omaha WH: Ron Paul revolution fails to materialize in Nebraska
Hill: Rep. Ron Paul readies his salvos for last showdown with Fed’s Bernanke
NatJ: Ron Paul Not Guaranteed Speaking Slot at Convention
Politico: Can GOP manage the mic in Tampa?

NatJ: Who Are Those People Standing Behind the President?


WaPo: Democrats threaten to go over ‘fiscal cliff’ if GOP fails to raise taxes
Arthur Laffer & Ford Scudder: The Tax Cliff Is a Growth Killer
Judd Gregg: Five keys to a better budget

Sen. Tom Coburn: Norquist’s Phantom Army

WTimes: Grassley: Can U.S. attorney be trusted in Furious probe?

Fox: Conservative PAC Maggie's List looks to expand impact in November

Roll Call: Dissecting Tactics of Young Guns
Politico: Sheldon Adelson gives $5M to Eric Cantor-backed super PAC
Politico: Bob Perry gives $1 million to Congressional Leadership Fund
Hill: Boehner rakes in $8.5M second quarter, has raised $80M as Speaker

Human Events: This week in Congress: Spending bills, drone hearing


NatJ: Governors Gripe About Washington
Politico: Governors agree: Washington broken
WaPo: Governors may push for delay of defense layoff notices until after election
Fox: GOP governors differ on Obama change to welfare, amid larger 'safety net' debate
WaPo: Why Republican state leaders are resisting Medicaid expansion

National Review: The Mandate After the Court
Bill Keller: Five Obamacare Myths

Lawrence Summers: Changing focus to inequalities in opportunity
EJ Dionne: A challenge to conservatives

NYT: Editorial: Disenfranchised Felons

WSJ: Tax Break Nears End For Online Shoppers
WaPo: Editorial: Taxing online purchases

Politico: Egyptians chant 'Monica' at Hillary Clinton
NYDN: Clinton has motorcade pelted with tomatoes as protesters shout 'Monica, Monica!'


Daily Caller: Iowa congressman expects immigration lawsuit against Obama in ‘weeks’


NYDN: Kerry Kennedy in hiding after drug-related driving arrest
NYT: Private Lives of Kennedys, Played Out in Public

NYT: Anthony Weiner Longs for a Second Chance in Politics, Friends Say
NatJ: Report: Weiner Mulling Mayoral Run


Dan Walters: Democrats' congressional hopes in California fade

George Skelton: Gov. Brown's ballot manipulation is sleazy politics


Politico: Texas bigshots aid Pro-Dewhurst super PAC
Examiner: Senate runoff in Texas: K Street vs. the Tea Party


Human Events: Romney & Obama tied in Florida; Rubio more popular than either of them
Miami Herald: Poll: Florida voters favor President Barack Obama’s immigration policies

Miami Herald: Prosecutors were ready to charge Rep. David Rivera before case fell apart

Miami Herald: Poll: Most Floridians want no changes to Stand Your Ground law


Politico: Jesse Jackson Jr.’s district stays loyal


Rasmussen: North Dakota Governor: Dalrymple (R) 61%, Taylor (D) 26%


WTimes: North Carolina losing favor of Democrats


Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren taps deep pockets near and far


Fox: Feds scale back immigration unit in Phoenix

NYT: Editorial: Sheriff Joe on Trial


July 15, 2012


Fox: Romney gets tough, but will he bring it on the trail?

NatJ: Scott Walker Urges Romney to Run as a Fiscal Reformer
Dan Balz: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s advice to Mitt Romney: Get off your heels
Politico: Walker pitches Ryan for VP
Hill: Romney fundraises off running mate search

CNN: Santorum buries hatchet with Romney in high-profile event

NYT: Oprah Interviews the Romneys
Politico: Oprah interviewed Mitt, Ann Romney Friday

WaPo: In Virginia, frenzied weekend highlights fight ahead in state for Obama, Romney
Examiner: Obama rallies supporters in must-win Virginia
Politico: Obama hangs tough in Virginia

NatJ: Poll: Obama, Romney Tied in Florida
Politico: Poll: Obama weak, 2012 race tied in Florida

Buffalo News: Romney a hot topic at pageant

NatJ: RNC Launches Independent Unit

NYT: Enlisting Economists, Bush Adds Book to Fiscal Debate

Dallas MN: Bush’s think tank keeping him in policy debates, sometimes in conflict with GOP

Examiner: Super-PACs swamp unions in campaign spending
Politico: Sarah Palin PAC amps up cash haul

Hill: Ron Paul: Romney campaign scared to let me speak at GOP convention

Human Events: Why Huntsman only got two delegates

WTimes: Obama again calls for action on Bush-era tax cuts

NYT: Leading Role in Obama ’08, but Backstage in ’12
NYT: No Apologies: Obama Campaign Continues Attacks on Romney
WSJ: Obama Campaign Slams Romney’s Finances in New TV Ad
Fox: Obama spending on attack ads soars
WSJ: In Case You Missed It, Romney Camp Says the Ad Is False
WSJ: 'No, It's You. You're the Outsourcer.'

Chicago Tribune: Obama staffer was a political 'fish in water' - autopsy inconclusive


Fox: Senate Democrats circulate tax plan, gauging if they will have the votes
Daily Caller: GOP Sens. push House to pass budget stop-gap now, before lame duck

WTimes: Candidates from both parties benefiting financially from domestic oil boom

Hill: Concerns over human-rights record leave Russia trade bill stalled in House

Hill: As recess nears, cybersecurity bill compromise uncertain


WTimes: Health care law has governors split along party lines
NYT: Many Governors Are Still Unsure About Medicaid Expansion
NYT: The New Tug of War Over Medicaid
Politico: GOP governors name their price on health care law expansion

Hill: Focused on repeal, GOP struggles to find healthcare mandate alternatives
Hill: White House to states: Time to get on board with healthcare reform

WaPo: Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East

WaPo: We see all immigrants as legal or illegal. Big mistake

WaPo: Five myths about free enterprise

NYT: In Vast Effort, F.D.A. Spied on E-Mails of Its Own Scientists

NYT: The Moral Case for Drones

Ross Douthat: Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved?

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (7/15/12)


Hill: Senate race is in Nevada spotlight


NY Post: Kerry Kennedy may have had seizure during wild Westchester drive: Source

Buffalo News: Hochul holds fundraising edge


NYT: California County Weighs Drastic Plan to Aid Homeowners


Miami Herald: Feds OK Florida access to U.S. citizens list
Fox: Feds OK Florida's access to citizens list, Scott declares 'victory' for voters
Hill: Administration grants Fla. access to database to verify voter rolls
NYT: U.S. to Let Florida Use Its Data for Voter Check
WaPo: In victory for GOP, Florida wins access to Homeland Security list of noncitizens

Miami Herald: Poll: Voters don’t like Gov. Rick Scott but like his policies


Hill: Report: GOP governor says he didn’t call on Romney to release more tax records


Chicago Tribune: Jackson case put mental illness in spotlight


Milwaukee JS: New legislative maps create plethora of primaries

Fox: Wisconsin DA: Fraud allegations in recall vote unsubstantiated


Detroit News: Health care on agenda when Michigan lawmakers return this week

Detroit News: Vote deal would save money in 11th Congressional District

Detroit FP: Detroit Free Press endorsements: Important primary choices


Pittsburgh TR: Romney will visit North Huntingdon company Tuesday

Fox: Judge blocks Philadelphia mayor's ban on feeding homeless in public parks

Salena Zito: What’s ‘blue collar’ & what’s not


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NatJ: Obama Sinks to Historic Lows Among Blue-Collar Men

Stanley Fish: Intention and the Canons of Legal Interpretation

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Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

American Spectator:
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