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July 31, 2012


Weekly Standard: Walesa Endorses Romney
Politico: Walesa proclaims solidarity with Mitt
Hill: Lech Walesa all but endorses Mitt Romney during meeting in Poland
NYT: A Trip to Poland, With an Eye on Swing States
WTimes: Romney’s pilgrimage to Poland

Weekly Standard: Romney Aide, Reporters Clash in Poland
Politico: Romney aide to reporters: 'Shove it!'

Fox: Romney stresses US-Polish ties in final stop on international tour
WSJ: Romney Wraps Foreign Tour
Fred Barnes: Rating Romney’s Foreign Trip

NYT: Romney Comments on Palestinians Draw Criticism
WaPo: In Israel, Romney wows crowds but puzzles with grasp of Palestinian relationship
NYT: Romney Trip Raises Sparks at a 2nd Stop
Rich Lowry: Romney’s Truth Telling
WTimes: Romney endures tough road trip: Palestinians scald contender for ‘racist’ remarks
WaPo: Jewish voters ponder Romney
WaPo: Romney praises health care in Israel
Weekly Standard: What Romney Accomplished in Israel
Miami Herald: Mitt Romney’s Jewish outreach won’t be easy
NYT: Editorial: Editorial: Mr. Romney Stumps in Israel
WSJ: Political Wisdom: Romney’s Hawkish Turn
Bret Stephens: Mitt Versus Barack on Israel
Wes Pruden: The Jewish dilemma for Barack Obama

IBD: Romney Knows Israel's Capital (And Its Enemies)
Examiner: WH: Romney is wrong — Jerusalem isn’t Israel’s capital
IBD: Capital of Israel? Don't Ask the White House
Human Events: Obama’s position on Jerusalem was identical to Romney’s

Dorothy Rabinowitz: Cameron, Romney and the Olympics

CNBC: Wall Street Already Betting On Who Wins in November
James Taranto: The Last Hundred Days: Obama supporters suffer a crisis of confidence
WSJ: 100 Days Out, Gallup Poll Sees a Tie
WTimes: GOP closing ranks to defend Romney

David Brooks: Dullest Campaign Ever
Pete DuPont: Will America Abandon 'Hope'?
American Spectator: Has Obama Peaked?
American Thinker: GOP Edge in Swing States

Charlie Cook: Veep Pick Could Reset Campaign
Politico: Poll: Condoleezza Rice for VP, small biz owners say

ABC: Cheney to Skip Republican Convention
MSNBC: Gingrich 'very comfortable' not speaking at GOP convention
Ed Rogers: How Romney will benefit from the convention

Exam: Federal Court finds Obama appointees interfered with New Black Panther prosecution

Fox: Dems move to include gay marriage support in official party platform
NYT: Democrats Move to Put Gay Marriage in Party Platform
NYT: Democrats Draft Gay Marriage Platform
WSJ: Democrats Back Gay Marriage for Party Platform
WaPo: Democrats add gay marriage to party platform
WTimes: Pro-family groups say move will hurt the party
American Spectator: Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

WTimes: Cheney defends his silence on gay marriage in 2000

WTimes: Obama will 'evaluate' bill to ban online munition sales

WSJ: Bill Clinton Gets Prime Convention Spot
Chris Cillizza: Why Barack Obama needs Bill Clinton
Fox: Obama Takes a Risk on Bubba for Bailout With Blue Collar Voters
WTimes: Obama, GOP both counting on Clinton
Gallup: In U.S., Bill Clinton at His Most Popular
Daily Caller: Newt says Bill Clinton’s presence at Democratic convention will hurt Obama

Uni: San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro to deliver keynote speech at Democratic convention

Hill: Both party conventions snub Lieberman

DC: Charlie Daniels: Hillary would have been a better president than Obama

WSJ: Political Perceptions: Obama’s Full-Time Campaign
WSJ: Obama’s Sunnier Ad Tops Online Chart
WSJ: Punctuation Nerds Stopped by Obama Slogan, 'Forward.'

Hill: Anxious Obama campaign plans high-dollar fall fundraising spree

Rush: Collectivist Gift to Obama: Olympic Opening Ceremony Honors National Health Care!


WaPo: Congressional leaders near budget deal to keep government running

NYT: Battle on Spending Cuts Moves to Campaign Trail
Fox: Lawmakers call for Obama 'leadership' on averting defense cuts, tax hikes
WaPo: As ‘fiscal cliff’ looms, debate over pre-Election Day layoff notices heats up
Reuters: Layoff notices unneeded before end-of-year budget cuts: Labor Department
Rep. Buck McKeon: The danger of Obama’s inaction on sequestration
Politico: Sequestration road trip heads to Florida, Virginia, North Carolina

Hill: Congress to pass bipartisan, tougher Iran sanctions this week

WSJ: Fresh Criticism of Fast and Furious
Fox: Republicans to issue report blaming five ATF employees for Fast and Furious' debacle
Hill: Scathing GOP report on 'Fast and Furious' blames five ATF officials

Hill: GOP scrambles for farm bill votes

WTimes: OpEd: Crony capitalism, Countrywide and Congress

Fox: Top Republican warns security leaks haven't stopped despite controversy
WaPo: Editorial: A bill to stop security leaks puts a plug on democracy

Fox: Co's decision to nix expansion over ObamaCare tax renews pressure on Congress

WaPo: House targets unpaid taxes, charge card misuse by federal workers

WTimes: Filibuster blocks Obama’s court appointee
Politico: GOP senators block Obama judicial nominee Robert Bacharach

NYT: Presidential Commission Sought on U.S. Expatriates

Daily Caller: Former CBO director defends agency against transparency push

NatJ: Senate Race Rankings: Toss-Ups!
NatJ: Resignation, Retirement, & Reelection: How the 112th Congress Compares With 111th


NYT: Some at Fed Are Urging Pre-Emptive Stimulus
WSJ: OpEd: Obama's policies have been hostile to growth

Stephen Moore: Milton Friedman: The Man Who Saved Capitalism
National Review: Editorial: Professor Freedom

NatJ: Postal Service Prepares for Default, Says Business Will Continue as Usual
Fox: Post office nears historic default on $5B payment
Joe Nocera: It’s D-Day for the Post Office

Charles Lane: Social Security Disability Insurance’s incentive not to work

Fox: Recidivism rate for illegal immigrants nearly 20 percent, DHS records show

NYT: Insurance Rebates Could Help Health Law

NYT: OpEd: Corn for Food, Not Fuel


NYT: Cuomo Said to Dissuade Lawyer Use by Witnesses

NYT: Paterson Aides Said to Have Sought Race-Based Changes to Security Detail in ’08

Roll Call: New York: GOP Poll Shows Chris Gibson Ahead by Double Digits


SacBee: California borrowing from special fund accounts surges; audit under way
Dan Walters: Jerry Brown may be the issue in California's tax initiative duel


Dallas MN: Long, nasty Ted Cruz-David Dewhurst Senate showdown to be settled today
Austin AS: Senate runoff goes down to the wire
Star-Telegram: Cruz vs. Dewhurst top today's runoff ballot
WTimes: Poll: Cruz rolls ahead in Texas Senate race
WSJ: Tea-Party Favorite Surges in Texas Senate Race
Hill: Candidate backed by Tea Party favored in Texas GOP Senate primary runoff
NYT: A Runoff Is Down to the Wire in Texas
WSJ: Senate Hopefuls Spar in Texas
WaPo: What a Ted Cruz victory would mean
Examiner: Tea Party savors expected win in Texas Tuesday
WaPo: Tea party retools as network of field operatives, keeps pushing GOP rightward

Fox: CNN issues apology for 'Stupid Girls' song before Palin story

NatJ: Previewing the Texas House Runoffs
Human Events: Stockman eyes primary win, return to Congress after 16 years


Miami Herald: Sen. John McCain talks defense cuts in Tampa

Politico: The business of being Marco Rubio is booming

NYT: Editorial: A Battle for Florida’s Courts

Miami Herald: Judge won’t limit public records in Greer case


Human Events: Martha Zoller tightens race in Georgia 9
Florida TU: Georgia heads to the polls
Roll Call: What to Watch in Texas, Georgia Primaries
WJBF: Georgia Primary Facts You Need To Know


Chicago ST: Gov. Quinn calls special session to solve pension mess — now what?


Star Tribune: Former Bachmann aide sues campaign, alleging theft


Milwaukee JS: GOP Senate candidates spar in debate


Fox: GOP Rep. LaTourette of Ohio decides not to seek re-election
NatJ: LaTourette Out In Surprise Departure
Politico: Behind LaTourette's retirement: Party rifts
WaPo: Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Ohio) retiring
Columbus Dispatch: Republicans press Ohio Rep. LaTourette not to drop re-election run


WTimes: Camp talks of cancer diagnosis, thanks supporters


Roll Call: In Missouri, John Brunner Attacks GOP Opponent’s Wealth


WTimes: Pace of new voter registration slows in VA: ‘Enthusiasm gap’ for Obama cited


NYT: Chief Justice Lets Maryland Continue to Collect DNA

Examiner: Poor performance puts Md. pension system further in debt


Fox: Democratic official in Pennsylvania says he won't enforce voter ID law

Politico: The 'surprisingly moderate' Pat Toomey


WSJ: Warren Doubles Down
Weekly Standard: Elizabeth Warren: People Think I'm Capitalism's Savior
Rush: Elizabeth Warren Ad: I Will Do for You What the Communists Have Done for China

WSJ: Massachusetts Set for Health-Care Vote


Fox: Judge says Arizona's abortion ban can take effect


July 30, 2012


Fox: Romney: US has 'moral imperative' to aid Israel in its defense against a nuclear Iran
NYT: Romney Backs Israeli Stance on Threat of Nuclear Iran
WSJ: Romney Talks Tough: He Defends Israel's Right to Prevent Iran Nuclear Weapon
WaPo: Romney in Israel: ‘Any and all measures’ should be used to dissuade Iran
WTimes: Romney in favor of ‘any measures’ against Iran
NatJ: Romney Clarifies Comments on Iran

WTimes: In Israel, Romney declares Jerusalem to be capital
Hill: Romney says Israel’s capital is Jerusalem, vows to move embassy

WSJ: Romney Visits Holy Site During Israel Visit
WaPo: Romney visits Jerusalem’s Western Wall on Jewish holiday
WaPo: At fundraiser in Israel, Romney describes spiritual impact of visit
NYT: Romney Courts Campaign Donors in Israel
WaPo: Romney opens Jerusalem fundraiser to press, reversing earlier decision
Politico: Israeli press sizes up Mitt Romney

NatJ: Romney Hopes Poland Visit Can Pay Dividends in Swing States

Examiner: Romney continues third week of ‘didn’t build that’ attacks against Obama

Scott Rasmussen: Declining Views of the Economy Put Obama's Reelection at Risk
Gallup: Americans Want Next President to Prioritize Jobs, Corruption
Byron York: Poll: Americans unenthusiastic about Obama campaign priorities
Hill: Swing states give Obama the edge

Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 47% Obama 45%
Hill: The Hill Poll: Voters say Romney, Obama equal on issues of character

Politico: Rob Portman’s ‘genteel’ conservatism
NatJ: Cheney Offers Views on Veep Search

Hill: Dick Cheney: Obama worse than Carter
WSJ: Cheney: Picking Palin Was a Mistake
NYT: Cheney Says Palin Was Not Ready to Be Vice President
WaPo: Cheney calls Palin selection for vice president in 2008 ‘a mistake’

WTimes: McDonnell sees Paul platform influence

Roll Call: Mitt Romney's Fundraising Boost Stems From Unique Tactic
Juan Williams: Obama camp facing cash crisis

Charles Krauthammer: Busted: Mr. Pfeiffer and the White House blog
NYT: Campaigns Take Different Roads Against Olympics
Joe Curl: Romney didn’t say what they said he said

NatJ: Obama, Romney Teams Vie for Early Voting Edge
Hill: Obama, Romney campaigns are walking fine line between negative and nasty ads

DC: Book bombshell: Obama canceled Bin Laden ‘kill’ raid three times at Jarrett’s urging

Politico: Clinton to formally nominate Obama in Charlotte
NatJ: Bill Clinton Gets Prime-Time Convention Speech
NYT: Bill Clinton to Have Leading Role at Party’s Convention
Fox: Bill Clinton to have a key role at Democratic convention
WaPo: Obama campaign to use Bill Clinton in prominent role at Democratic convention

NYT: Obama Has Ties to Slavery Not by His Father but His Mother, Research Suggests

Fred Hiatt: The motivation for voters is stopping the other guy
EJ Dionne: Mitt Romney and the go-for-broke election


Newt Gingrich: In defense of Michele Bachmann, Muslim probes

Fox: Cantor calls Pelosi's comments on Jewish Republicans 'insulting'

Hill: McCain’s trip to publicize military spending cuts drawing scrutiny

Hill: Sen. Durbin optimistic lawmakers can avert impending sequester cuts

NYT: Senate Committee Report on For-Profit Colleges Condemns Costs and Practices
WaPo: Report finds for-profit colleges serve shareholders over students

Fox: Dems advertising in several GOP Senate primaries

Judd Gregg: Capitalism works in the Capitol

Examiner: Congress expected to do little in time it has left
NYT: Editorial: A Poor Excuse to Block Judges


WTimes: Scalia: ‘Limitations’ possible for gun control
NatJ: Scalia: Guns May be Regulated
Fox: Scalia opens door for gun-control legislation, extends slow burning debate
WSJ: Supreme Court Justice Scalia Addresses Nation’s Gun Laws

WTimes: White House downgrades GDP numbers
Robert Samuelson: Behind the economic pessimism
Paul Krugman: Crash of the Bumblebee

Fox: Car dealers fear Obama fuel standards will make new vehicles unaffordable

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner: Politicizing the Voting Rights Act
Politico: Voter ID laws could swing states
Thomas Edsall: Killing a Fly With a Bazooka (Voter ID Laws)

Bill Keller: The Entitled Generation

NYT: OpEd: The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic
NYT: Editorial: Canada’s Oil, the World’s Carbon

NYT: Editorial: Republicans vs. Women



Politico: Ayotte: Using defense cuts as bargaining chip 'makes me sick'





George Skelton: Jerry Brown's water plan is more than policy


Politico: Tea party’s Cruz looks poised for Texas triumph
WTimes: Big bucks roll in for GOP Senate primary in Texas


WaPo: Health insurance mandate faces huge resistance in Oklahoma


Miami Herald: President Obama may give Mitt Romney a fight in conservative Duval County


Politico: Jesse Jackson: No timetable for son

Politico: Joe Walsh takes without asking


Detroit News: Michigan's recovery outpaces rest of U.S.


Politico: Sharia law, super PACs roil GOP primary

WSJ: Tennessee Directs Nashville to Back Charter School


Hill: GOP fears ex-lawmaker’s candidacy will help Obama win swing-state Virginia


NatJ: Strict New Pennsylvania Voter-ID Law Challenged in State Court


Politico: Olympia Snowe’s long-festering resentment back home


Politico: John Tierney scrambles to save House career


Politico: Cardon goes it alone against Flake in Arizona


WTimes: Colo. shooting case shifts focus to race for DA


WSJ: Montana Senate Race a Dead Heat


July 29, 2012


Fox: Romney would back Israeli strike against Iran, senior adviser says
NYT: Romney to Back Israel's Right to Strike Iran, Aide Says
Hill: Report: Adviser says Romney would back Israeli attack on Iran
WaPo: Adviser says Romney would back Israeli strike to stop Iran’s nuclear program
Fox: US has reportedly presented Israel with Iran strike plan

HChron: Warm reception expected as Romney lands in Israel
Israel Hayom: Romney: Israel deserves better treatment than it's getting from Obama
Examiner: Romney says Obama 'undermining' Israel
Daily Caller: Obama evolves on Israel security bill just before Romney visit
Hill: Poll: Romney’s support among Jewish voters slips ahead of Israel trip

WSJ: Press Barred From Romney’s Israel Meeting
NYT: Fund-Raiser for Romney in Israel Bars Media

NYT: Romney and Obama Strain to Show Gap on Foreign Policy

NatJ: Obama, Romney Contrasts Clear on Insurance

WSJ: 2012 Voter Math Tests Old Limits
Hill: With only 100 days to go, 2012 election remains up for grabs
WaPo: As presidential campaign heads into final 100 days, undecided voters still struggle
WaPo: In 2012 campaign, Obama and Romney inundate swing states with ads
Fox: Pace of baby-making could hold clues to economy, presidential race
Fox: Campaigns take pains to stage reality in pursuit of perfect moment
Politico: Asian-American vote key for both parties

Hill: Poll finds McCaskill, Obama both down in swing-state Missouri
LA Times: Obama outranks Romney on likability, polls show

Michael Barone: 2012 campaign very different than Kerry vs. Bush
Dan Balz: 8 questions on topics that will shape final days of campaigns
Fouad Ajami: Romney isn’t out to make the world swoon
Maureen Dowd: Mitt’s Olympic Meddle

NYT: Obama’s Team Takes Gamble by Going Negative


WTimes: Obama calls on House GOP to approve middle-class tax cut bill

Fox: Pelosi: Jewish Republican voters being 'exploited’
Hill: GOP members double down on Muslim Brotherhood comments

Hill: Vulnerable House members face tough votes on competing tax bills

Hill: Conservative group challenges red line dividing candidates, super-PACs


NYT: Doctor shortage likely to worsen with health law
NYT: Editorial: Medicaid After the Supreme Court Decision

Thomas Friedman: Coming Soon: The Big Trade-Off

Ross Douthat: Defining Religious Liberty Down

Fox: US intelligence predicts poverty plummet by 2030


SacBee: Reeling from recession, Washoe County weighs whether to back Obama again


NYT: Editorial: Governor Cuomo at the Controls

Daily Caller: Rep. Buerkle: ‘Almost humorous’ when feminists picket her office


Dan Walters: California job report needs to be put into larger context


Austin AS: Senate runoff turns on style, experience, not policy differences
Dallas MN: Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst offer contrasting styles on campaign trail
Dallas MN: Cruz video: ‘Dewhurst in B minor’ (guest conductor spoof)
Dallas MN: More on Santorum and Cruz rally: Mericle, Burgess and Leppert, Oh my!
HChron: Sarah Palin jabs at Rick Perry while campaigning for Ted Cruz


Fox: Marco Rubio's plane makes emergency landing in Albuquerque


Politico: Jindal polishes his profile

CNN: Ron Paul campaign to challenge all Louisiana delegates


Chicago Tribune: Quinn, Durbin irked with Va. lawmaker over prison sale rejection


Rasmussen: Democrats’ Baldwin Now Leads GOP Pack in Wisconsin Senate Race

Milwaukee JS: Impending military cuts could cost Wisconsin 11,000 jobs


WSJ: Rep. Camp Has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Fox: GOP Rep. Camp say he has 'highly treatable' form of cancer
NatJ: Rep. Dave Camp to Undergo Cancer Treatment

Detroit News: Snyder has no partner in Detroit

Detroit News: McCotter's exit gives eclectic group of candidates shot in 11th District


NatJ: Poll Shows McCaskill Way Behind


WaPo: Tennessee raises bar for some Medicaid coverage of nursing home care


Fox: McMahon finds herself on familiar Connecticut turf: attacked, ahead


Boston Globe: Warren’s star rose in D.C. battles


Politico: Alaska celebrates Ted Stevens Day


July 28, 2012


NYT: Romney Faces Perils and Opportunities in Israel
WSJ: Chances and Challenges Await Romney in Israel
Hill: Romney campaign uses Cantor hitting White House on Israeli capital
WSJ: Obama Signs U.S.-Israel Security Bill Ahead of Romney Visit
WTimes: On cusp of Romney visit, Obama offers new Israeli aid
WaPo: Romney looks for a breakout moment in Israel to salvage foreign trip

Politico: Romney picks Phelps over Lochte

NYT: For Romney, an Olympic Stage Less Welcoming
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Told the Truth in London
WSJ: Even in London, Romney Gets Tax Question
WSJ: Mitt Does London
Dana Milbank: The politics of horse ballet

WSJ: Slow-Growth Economy Gives GOP More Fuel
WSJ: Political Split on Voters’ Economic Outlooks

Human Events: Romney says EPA should be force of good, not evil

WaPo: If Obama loses the election, here’s why
IBD: Are Obama voters really as solid as they profess?
Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Obama 49%, Romney 46%

WSJ: Abortion-Rights Activists: Romney’s VP Choices Don’t Favor Choice
Politico: Veep Sheet: It's a busy weekend
Hill: With Mitt Romney abroad, his vice presidential contenders go on the attack

WSJ: Republicans' Ad Campaign: They Built It
Rush Limbaugh: Great Romney Ad: "It Worked"
Human Events: Mitt Romney’s approach would differ greatly from Obama’s failed vision
WSJ: Romney Aide: Obama Pursues ‘Different World View’
Reince Priebus: Obama’s ‘gaffes’ are what he truly believes

Politico: Romney camp briefs Hill Republicans

NatJ: GOP Outspending Obama Across the Map
Rush Limbaugh: Is Bam Losing Fundraising Battle?

WSJ: White House Again Calls for Gun Dialogue, But Nothing More
Hill: Dem gun reformers give Obama a pass as they push tougher laws

NYT: An Ocean Away, but Still Shadowing His Competition
WSJ: Obama Gives It Another College Try

WaPo: Obama’s Muslim problem = Romney’s Mormon problem

NYT: Dick Cheney Sits for ABC News Interview

WaPo: FEC says it will enforce nonprofit disclosure rules
NatJ: FEC Releases Disclosure Rules
Politico: Outside groups may have to disclose donors

Hill: Dem, GOP leaders face dilemmas in crafting their 2012 party platforms


LA Times: Republicans campaign against Obama's tax plan
Fox: Republicans seize on weak GDP report, build case to avert 'looming tax hikes'
Hill: Hatch urges extending all Bush-era tax rates to avert ‘Taxmageddon’
Hill: Obama: GOP plan is to spend ‘trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthy’

WSJ: Lawmakers Negotiate to Avoid Shutdown Before the Election

Hill: Parties look to make $1 trillion in sequestration cuts a campaign issue

Fox: House to vote on drought relief, farm bill
Hill: House GOP sets up vote next week on one-year farm bill extension

Rush Limbaugh: What They Hid in the Highway Bill

Fox: Sen. Hatch presses NLRB member for answers on ex-employer tainted by mob ties

Hill: Sen. Cornyn blocks White House nominee for Air Force chief

Politico: Eric Cantor defends Michele Bachmann

Politico: GOP may let contraception rule take effect without a fight

NYT: Senators Force Weaker Safeguards Against Cyberattacks


Fox: White House projects $1.2 trillion budget deficit this year
WTimes: Federal deficit to reach $1 trillion for fifth straight year
Examiner: WH predicts $1.2 trillion deficit as Obama campaigns on debt reduction
Hill: White House projects $1.2 trillion deficit, lower economic growth in 2012
NYT: Deficit Prediction Trimmed for the Rest of the Decade
Rush Limbaugh: Dem Strategy: Spend as Much as Possible

NYT: U.S. Growth Falls to 1.5%; a Recovery Seems Mired
WSJ: The 1.5% Presidency
NatJ: The Slow Agony of the Obama Recovery
Human Events: Gross Disappointing Product: GDP growth at 1.5 percent
Rush Limbaugh: Economy Weakens as Election Nears

Rush Limbaugh: Regime Replicates the Policy That Created the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Rush Limbaugh: Buchanan: Last Hurrah for the GOP?

WaPo: How conservatives misread and misuse Milton Friedman

WSJ: December Debacle? U.S. Likely to Hit Debt Ceiling Then

Reps. Jordan & Southerland: To fight poverty expand welfare-reform work requirements

Fox: White House under increasing pressure to cooperate on leak probe

Fox: Media make Tea Party frequent suspect following shooting attacks

George Will: Blowing the whistle on the federal Leviathan

WSJ: Charles Hill: The Empire Strikes Back

Daily Caller: Record number of coal-fired generators to be shut down in 2012

WSJ: Judge Backs Catholic Owners of Firm on Health-Law Rule
Daily Caller: Obamacare’s contraception mandate loses in Colorado court
Hill: Federal court allows company to ignore birth-control mandate

Weekly Standard: CBO: Obamacare to Cost $1.930 Trillion, Leave 30 Million Uninsured

Fox: Indiana company scraps plans for expansion over ObamaCare device tax

NYT: Amazon's Founder Pledges $2.5 Million in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

WaPo: Chick-fil-A controversy over same-sex marriage draws Billy Graham back into spotlight
James Taranto: A Game of Chicken
Politico: Palin visits Chick-fil-A
Rush Limbaugh: The Left's Stalinist War on Chick-Fil-A

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Rasmussen: Nevada Senate: Heller (R) 51%, Berkley (D) 42%


WSJ: New York's Tea-Party Rematch

NYT: Behind Big Political Gifts, a Mysterious Donor


Daily Caller: Millions flee California because of progressive tax system
SacBee: CA Finance Department's audit highlights how hard it is to reconcile budget numbers

NYDN: Feces, urine force shut down of escalators in San Francisco subways


DMN: Tuesday’s Cruz-Dewhurst runoff is coming down to voter turnout efforts built on the fly
Roll Call: Texas: Dewhurst, Cruz Launch Final Push in Senate Race
Politico: Palin touts Cruz at Texas runoff event
Dallas MN: Palin: ‘Fighters like Ted Cruz can lead the charge for us’
Austin AS: Palin champions Cruz as a 'proven, common-sense, constitutional conservative'
Dallas MN: Veterans for Dewhurst pour scorn on ‘career pol’ Cruz
Politico: RedState hammers Dewhurst
Hill: Tea Party favorite Cruz gains momentum ahead of Texas GOP Senate primary


Politico: Fla. pol: Shirtless pics have purpose

Miami Herald: IRS targets, slaps liens on Rep. Daphne Campbell

Miami Herald: Democratic lawmaker files suit over reduced early voting period


Chicago Tribune: Rep. Jackson being evaluated for depression, 'gastrointestinal issues'
Chicago ST: Jackson at Mayo Clinic for ‘depression and gastrointestinal issues’
Fox: Jesse Jackson Jr. in Mayo Clinic being treated for depression
NYT: Mayo Clinic Says Jesse Jackson Jr. Is There for Depression
WaPo: Mayo Clinic: Ill. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. at clinic for depression

Politico: Sen. Mark Kirk releases upbeat statement on recovery


Star Tribune: Cravaack on Bachmann's Muslim inquiry: "Let the facts go where they go"


Gail Collins: Land of the Mega-Voters

Roll Call: North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp Leads Rick Berg in Poll
Politico: Dem poll: Heitkamp up 6 in North Dakota


Examiner: Wis. state senator rejoins Democratic Party


WSJ: Wolverine Attacks, on the Hunt for Ballots

Detroit FP: State Rep. Roy Schmidt repay Democrat backers after he switches to GOP


Politico: Race plays role in Clay-Carnahan primary


WSJ: Republicans vs. Conservatives


Roll Call: Tennessee: Weston Wamp Launches Last TV Ad


WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Cuccinelli’s abortion crusade


Rush Limbaugh: Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) Gets Standing Ovation on House Floor


Politico: Cory Booker eyeing run for governor or Senate


WaPo: Scott Brown plays up crossover support


July 27, 2012


NYT: Romney Fund-Raisers in London Draw Banking Crowd
WSJ: Churchill Bust in Spotlight at Romney Fundraiser
NatJ: Romney Promises to Bring Churchill Bust Back to White House

WSJ: Romney’s Not-So-Secret Meeting With MI6

Charles Krauthammer: Why he’s going where he’s going

Sky News: Olympics: Romney Questions UK's Readiness
NYT: Romney’s Remarks on Olympics Cause a Stir
WSJ: U.K. Leaders Defend Games After Romney Comments
WaPo: Mitt Romney tries to steer around Olympics controversy in London meetings
Examiner: Romney Olympic success required federal payout
WSJ: A Recap of Romney’s Tough Day in London
Hill: Romney stumbles in London
Politico: Boris Johnson whacks Romney
WSJ: Shaky Start for Romney Overseas Trip

Weekly Standard: Romney: 'Nuclear Iran Represents the Greatest Threat to the World'

WSJ: Slovak Foreign Minister Chides Romney on Missile Defense

WaPo: Rudy Giuliani campaigns for Romney, criticizes Obama

Politico: Giuliani calls Rubio best Romney VP pick
Human Events: Rubio leads 3 to 1 in VP poll, gets Jeb Bush endorsement
Politico: Marco Rubio to raise cash for Mitt Romney in Texas
Politico: John Boehner 'partial to' Rob Portman
WTimes: McDonnell appears on VP shortlist
Politico: Veep Sheet: Mitt Romney yet to decide

Politico: Dems reportedly move to counter Jewish voter peel-off

WTimes: Romney must start to sell himself to voters, polls show
Charlie Cook: Negative Impressions Hold Romney Back
Rasmussen: Nevada: Obama 50%, Romney 45%

Kim Strassel: Four Little Words: Why the Obama campaign is suddenly so worried
James Taranto: The Shoulders of Giants: Obama didn't build "You didn't build that."
Hill: 'You didn't build that' remarks won't change Obama's strategy
Rush Limbaugh: Lakoff Inspired "You Didn't Build That"

Reince Priebus: Obama repays donors in tax dollars

WSJ: White House Offers No Follow-Up on Gun Laws
WTimes: Obama won’t push new gun control law
Michael Gerson: Gun policy’s slippery slope
Major Garrett: 3 Steps Obama Can Take on Gun Control
Rich Lowry: Thank you, NRA

Rush Limbaugh: Trump on Fear of a Second Obama Term

WSJ: Political Perceptions: Economy Stays Cool to Obama

Rush Limbaugh: Why Democrats Get the Black Vote

WaPo: Obama raises millions for 2012 campaign within spitting distance of White House

Rush Limbaugh: Stanley Kurtz's New Book Examines Obama's War on Suburbia

Politico: Sarah Palin: Tampa decision is days away

NYT: Tampa Strip Clubs Are Ready to Cash In on G.O.P. Convention

WTimes: Households divided by campaign donations

Fox: Political parties turn to independent voters for edge in November


Hill: House, Senate aim to prevent shutdown before election
WSJ: Avoiding Another Shutdown: Dems are setting up Republicans for an autumn ambush
WSJ: Senate Democrat Warns of Cuts’ Impact
Stephen Moore: Over the Cliff We Go
WaPo: McCain, Graham and Ayotte to headline sequester-themed town halls

Hill: Boehner: House to vote next week on Senate Democratic tax bill
Fox: Boehner says he'd meet with Dems 'tomorrow' to work out differences on tax rates
WTimes: Obama ratchets up heat on House to OK Senate tax bill

WTimes: Democrats fume after Coburn stops spending bill

Hill: Senate advances bill to bolster cybersecurity defenses in 84-11 vote
Examiner: Senate advances cybersecurity bill for vote
WTimes: Senate to take up securing U.S. telecom, power, water
NYT: Rise Is Seen in Cyberattacks Targeting U.S. Infrastructure
Fox: Senate advances legislation to better cybersecurity
Hill: Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill

Fox: House Republicans blast Justice Department on voter ID challenges

Fox: House GOP passes bill to freeze regulation
Hill: Dereg bill passes with all its typos fixed

Politico: Senate Dems step up judicial wars

Hill: McConnell sticks to tactic of keeping spotlight off GOP

Fox: Bipartisan group of senators voices concerns with global arms treaty

WaPo: Colorado shootings: House leaders open to gun law debate
NatJ: Lautenberg to Offer Gun Control Amendment Next Week

Rivkin & Casey: Obama vs. Congress—and the Law

NYT: Major Bill Delayed, House Works on Short-Term Farm Measure

NYT: Head Start Fears Impact of Potential Budget Cuts

WTimes: Chamber spends big in Senate races


Fox: Economy lost more than 200,000 small businesses in recession, Census shows

Examiner: CBO: Obamacare levies $1 trillion in new taxes
NYT: Hospitals Are Worried About Cut in Fund for the Uninsured
WaPo: OpEd: Cutting U.S. health-care costs doesn’t have to be harmful

Hill: Nepotism prevalent at Justice Department, says IG report
WaPo: Justice Department officials violated nepotism rules, new report says
WTimes: Justice Department IG criticizes division’s practice of nepotism
Fox: Probe cites Justice employees for schemes to hire relatives

Human Events: Are political connections protecting Jon Corzine from prosecution?
Breitbart: Corzine’s MF Global Was Client of Eric Holder’s Law Firm

Fox: ICE, Border Patrol unions claim illegal immigrants exploiting 'dreamer' policy
DC: Immigrants don’t have to prove DREAM Act criteria to avoid charges, ICE union says
Hill: Sen. Grassley says he's open to legal recourse on Obama immigration policy

NatJ: Geithner Wrestles With Legacy Amid Libor Scandal, Economic Worries
Rasmussen: Just 23% Have a Favorable Opinion of Geithner

NYT: Deals to Hold Back Generic Drugs Get a Rebuff in Court

NYT: States With Education Waivers Offer Varied Goals

Politico: Obama's college math doesn't add up

NYT: A Climate and Energy Stalemate

Fox: Legal eagles cry fowl over politicians' plans to block Chick-fil-A
NYT: Conservatives Defend Chick fil-A on Twitter

Paul Krugman: Money for Nothing


Politico: Gov. Nikki Haley vs. The State


Politico: Calif.'s changing political tide


WSJ: Tea-Party Favorite Surges in Texas Senate Race
Dallas MN: Cruz focuses on Obama during conservative rally in Dallas
Dallas MN: Cornyn picks sides in Dewhurst v. Cruz, but keeps it secret


Politico: Sen. Vitter urges Advance to sell the Picayune


Politico: Chick-fil-A owner wants Rahm chat


WSJ: Super PAC Backs Hoekstra Rival


Examiner: O'Malley PAC another signal of possible White House run


Fox: Scranton's 'Minimum Wage Mayor' now wants to borrow $16M from pension fund


NYT: A Christie Aide Is Named to Lead New Jersey’s Development Agency


NYT: Campaign Money Scandal Rattles Congressional Race


NYT: Bloomberg Endorses Republican Scott Brown in Heated Massachusetts Senate Race
Roll Call: Massachusetts: Scott Brown Touts Democratic Mayor’s Backing

Boston Globe: Brown opposes, Warren supports renewing assault weapons ban


NYT: Once a Rebel, McCain Now Walks the Party Line

WaPo: Editorial: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s day in court


July 26, 2012


WSJ: Romney: Tougher Gun Laws Won’t Stop Violence
NYT: Romney Says Country Doesn’t Need New Gun Laws
NatJ: Romney: ‘Many’ Weapons Used in Aurora Shootings Were ‘Illegal’
James Taranto: Heroes of Aurora
Ann Coulter: Obscurity: No Crueler Punishment!
Politico: Sarah Palin: 'Bad guys don't follow laws'
WaPo: Is the National Rifle Association overrated?
WSJ: Obama Wades Into Debate on Guns
WTimes: Obama calls for measures against gun violence
Fox: Obama talks of limiting some gun use in wake of Colorado massacre
Rush Limbaugh: This Wasn't Supposed to Happen: Gun Sales Jump in Colorado

WSJ: Poll: Rice as VP Evens Race in Pennsylvania
Fox: Jeb Bush wants Romney to choose Rubio for VP

Gallup: Democratic Voting Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2004, 2008
Rush Limbaugh: Gallup: Democrat Enthusiasm Down Sharply
Fox: Voter enthusiasm among Democrats down 'significantly' from 2004, 2008, poll finds
Rasmussen: Long-Term Optimism About U.S. Economy Falls to New Low
Karl Rove: Obama and the Economic Blame Game
Rush Limbaugh: Bogus NBC/WSJ Poll Oversamples Dems

Fox: Romney's overseas trip underway as he meets with British leaders
NatJ: Romney Trip Off to Inauspicious Start

NYT: Sheldon Adelson to Meet With Romney During Israel Trip
Fox: Romney overseas tour a chance to showcase Netanyahu friendship
WSJ: Republicans Make Big Push for Jewish Voters
WaPo: Sheldon Adelson’s Jewish vote effort, and what it means
WSJ: Romney Visits Jerusalem To Win Florida

WSJ: Romney Woos Expat Donors, a Stronghold for President

WSJ: Political Wisdom: Romney’s Selling Points
Examiner: Republicans urge Romney to get more aggressive
WaPo: Bain doesn’t have an image problem. Romney does

WaPo: As Romney, Obama spar over ‘you didn’t build that,’ small businesses add context
NatJ: Obama Campaign Still Explaining Small Business Remarks
Hill: Obama campaign stepping up damage-control over remark
Gallup: U.S. Business Owners Now Among Least Approving of Obama
Rush Limbaugh: "You Didn't Build That" Gets Under His Skin

WSJ: Campaigns Joust Over ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Report
WaPo: Romney camp: We had nothing to do with ‘Anglo-Saxon’ quote
WTimes: Biden goes on the attack over anonymous ‘Anglo-Saxon’ comment
Fox: Romney accuses Biden of pushing 'falsehood' after reported 'Anglo-Saxon' comment

WSJ: Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman Jr. and 2002 Olympics
WSJ: Olympics-Themed Ad Attack on Romney

NYT: Negative Ads Hit at Identity to Shape Race for Presidency

NYT: Obama Delivers Defense of His Policy Efforts
NYT: Obama and Insurers Join to Cut Health Care Fraud
WSJ: Obama Aides Play Campaign Roles
WSJ: Hispanics, Surging Toward Obama, May Need Motivation To Vote

Dana Milbank: Romney can’t have it both ways on defense spending, tax cuts

WSJ: Fall Presidential Debate Schedule Set
Fox: Committee announces formats for 3 fall presidential debates

Mark Helprin: The Hunt for Blue October

Fox: Christie says he's open to 2016 presidential bid


Hill: Senate Dems pass $250K tax plan
Fox: Senate narrowly approves Democratic plan on Bush-era tax rates, compromise elusive
WaPo: Senate passes bill to keep tax cuts for the middle class
NYT: Eye on Election, Senate Passes Tax Cut Measure
WSJ: Democrats In Senate Prevail on Tax Votes
WTimes: Wealthy left out of Bush-era tax cut renewal
Greg Sargent: In power play, Senate Dems sneak middle class tax cuts past GOP
NYT: Editorial: Who Deserves a Tax Break?

WSJ: Senate Clears Bill to Detail Automatic Spending Cuts
WTimes: Congress pressures Obama to lay out spending cuts

NatJ: Why Dems Are Talking Tough on Fiscal Cliff

NatJ: House Conservatives Weigh 6-Month CR Deal With Dems

WTimes: House GOP members berate administration over Medicare bonuses

WTimes: House passes Ron Paul’s Fed audit measure
Fox: House approves 'audit the Fed' bill, marking capstone on Rep. Paul's career
Daily Caller: Ron Paul’s legacy celebrated after House votes to audit Federal Reserve

WaPo: House Dems to hold up GOP anti-regulation bill over typo

Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Dodd-Frank's Unhappy Anniversary

Sens. James Inhofe & Jim DeMint: U.N. treaties mean LOST U.S. sovereignty

WaPo: Timothy Geithner again under fire on Capitol Hill, this time over Libor scandal

NYT: G.O.P. Edge as Dynamics Shift in House Races
WSJ: Cash Woes Crimp Dem Plans

National Review: Boehner vs. Bachmann?


NYT: Medicaid Expansion May Lower Death Rates, Study Says
WSJ: Death Rates Vary in Medicaid Study
NYT: Too Much Medical Care?

Human Events: Supreme Court health care decision costly to small business
Daily Call: Report: Obamacare penalty regressive, will cost most uninsured at least $1,000

Dan Henninger: America's Two Economies, Private and Public


Fox: Bloomberg suggests police go on strike in appeal for gun control, then backpedals

NYT: Test Found Sleep Drug in Kerry Kennedy After Crash

Roll Call: New York: Dan Maffei Up 4 Points Over Ann Marie Buerkle in Democratic Poll


Roll Call: Texas: Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint to Campaign for Ted Cruz
George Will: Splitting hairs in a Texas race


Politico: Connie Mack’s staff tied to anti-Hugo Chávez group


Roll Call: Wisconsin Senate Primary Attracts Star Musician Power

Fox: Wisconsin state Dem quits caucus, threatens to undermine recall gains


Rasmussen: Michigan Senate: Stabenow Still Leads Top GOP Rivals


WaPo: Pennsylvania voter ID case opens in state court
WSJ: Holder v. Pennsylvania

American Spectator: Pennsylvania's Capitalist Revolt


Politico: Bloomberg to host fundraiser for Scott Brown


WSJ: GOP’s Don Young Backs Democrats’ Hirono in Unusual Ad
Fox: GOP rep surprises by endorsing Dem in Hawaii Senate race


July 25, 2012


WSJ: Romney Slams Leaks, Military Spending Cuts
NYT: Romney Blasts Security Leaks as a Betrayal
Examiner: Romney: Obama 'compromised' national security
WaPo: Romney, speaking to VFW, slams Obama on leaks, planned defense budget cuts
WTimes: Romney agrees with Feinstein remarks: Blames White House for intelligence leaks
Hill: Romney hits Obama on defense cuts, calls for special counsel to probe leaks

Fox: Ahead of overseas trip, Romney claims Obama 'diminished' US leadership

NYT: Mogul’s Latest Foray Courts Jewish Voters for the G.O.P.

Fox: Romney donor bashed by Obama campaign now target of two federal audits

WSJ: Candidates Debate Government Role in Individual Success
Fox: Obama claims Romney 'twisted' his words on 'you didn't build that'
Fox: Business owners know hard work, long hours lead to success -- and an early grave
Rush Limbaugh: The Most Telling Moment of Obama's Presidency: "You Didn't Build That"
WSJ: Voters Turned Off as Obama, Romney Keep Up Attacks

Hill: Romney could cash in on deficit issues

NatJ: Obama Tax Plan on the Trail: Part of the Reelection Strategy

WSJ: Romney's Olympics Role Is Back on Stage

NYT: Obama Rewarded ’08 Fund-Raisers, Barring Some From Helping Now
NYT: New Obama Ads Were Filmed in the West Wing

WSJ: WSJ/NBC Poll: Romney Leads on the Economy, Trails Elsewhere
WSJ: Obama Keeps Lead as Voter Anxiety Rises
NatJ: Poll Reveals Campaign Attacks Negatively Affecting Both Candidates
Gallup: Obama's Character Edge Offsets Romney's Economic Advantage
Politico: NBC/WSJ poll: Obama 49, Romney 43
Hill: Poll: Obama tops Romney overall, but trails on economy
National Review: Polls and Party Affiliation

Rasmussen: Michigan: Obama 48%, Romney 42%

Rush: Bain Attacks on Romney Bomb Big Time; Anti-Obama Groundswell Continues to Build
American Spectator: Mitt Romney's Fundamental Flaw

Politico: Rob Portman could face heat on steel

NYT: Editorial: The Candidates Talk Foreign Policy

Harold Meyerson: What happens if GOP’s voter suppression works?


Examiner: Senate to kick off fight over tax cuts
Fox: Senate showdown on bill that would extend Bush-era tax rates to all except high earners
WSJ: White House Tries to Prod Congress With New Tax Report
Hill: Tax fight heating up between the parties
WSJ: OpEd: The Tax Cliff Endangers Seniors

Hill: McConnell floats plan to stop defense cuts

Hill: Geithner to warn lawmakers on threats to financial system from Europe, fiscal cliff

NatJ: Boehner May Leave Farm Bill Undone

Fox: Senate Intelligence Committee head regrets speculating about leaks
Daily Caller: Feinstein walks back claim that White House is behind national security leaks
Hill: Feinstein backtracks on statement that White House leaked secrets

WTimes: Senate succeeds at something: Futility

WTimes: Grassley, Thune see waste of federal backing of high-priced hybrid car

NatJ: Poll Shows Tough Landscape for Incumbents
Hill: Hill braces for lame-duck frenzy


NYT: Court’s Ruling May Blunt Reach of the Health Law
WaPo: CBO: Court ruling cuts cost of health-care law, but leaves 3 million more uninsured

Fox: Study accuses Obama administration of 'dismantling' immigration enforcement

Andrew McCarthy: Huma Abedin’s Muslim-Brotherhood Ties

Steve Forbes: America is at a crossroads for freedom, with worldwide implications

NYT: Assessing the Trade-Offs Between Security and Civil Liberties

WaPo: Under Geithner, N.Y. Fed quiet about Barclays

Politico: Helicopter parents flood super PACs

CBS: 'Joker' on $26K Federal Grant


Albany TU: The ‘Troopergate’ memo Cuomo wants to keep hidden
NYT: Mysterious Cuomo Memo Is Still a State Secret, but Now You Can Read It

James Taranto: New York's mayor calls for a police insurrection


Politico: Connie Mack can't quit Adam Smith

Miami Herald: Legal bills pile up in case of former RPOF chairman Jim Greer


WSJ: New Orleans Agrees to Let U.S. Monitor Police
Fox: DOJ announces sweeping plan to reform the New Orleans Police Department
Politico: Holder to announce New Orleans police reforms


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Negative Ads Dominate Airwaves


WSJ: Kasich's Tax Swap: A creative Ohio plan to trade levies on income and energy


Daily Caller: ‘Rebel’ Michigan Senate candidate Clark Durant angling for tea party upset


Weekly Standard: Allen Ad: Coming Defense Cuts Will Hurt Virginia


Fox: Justice Department opens investigation into Pennsylvania voter ID law


Roll Call: Massachusetts: New Poll Shows Close Senate Race


Fox: Sheriff Arpaio takes the stand in civil-rights case


Weekly Standard: N.M. Senate Race Ad: Heinrich Too Extreme


July 24, 2012


Steve Forbes: Obama ignoring immediate economic fixes
Rep. Paul Ryan: After Roanoke

Rush: An Incomprehensible Defense of Obama's "You Didn't Build That" Philosophy
Examiner: Obama complains Romney is ‘knowingly twisting my words’ on business
LA Times: Obama says Romney twisted his comments about American business

Rush Limbaugh: Coming Soon: The Wealth Tax

WSJ: You Don't Owe That: Obama proposal would make it easier not to repay student loans

James Taranto: A second Obama term could kill the Second Amendment
Rush Limbaugh: Politically Ill Leftists Exploit an Unspeakable Human Tragedy
Rush Limbaugh: History of Violence: Guns vs. Hollywood
NYT: Obama and Romney Do Not Change Course Over Outcry on Gun Violence

NYT: Exploring the Issues Behind the 2012 Campaign
Mort Zuckerman: Unemployment Is Still the Biggest Election Issue
Charlie Cook: Close-Up Time: Whether voters zoom in on the economy or take a wider view
Byron York: 3 hurdles for Romney as campaign intensifies

WaPo: The incredible shrinking — and increasingly valuable — undecided voter
National Review: The Battle for New Hampshire, Romney’s Backyard

WaPo: Rob Portman’s steadiness is a strength and weakness for Mitt Romney’s potential VP
NYT: Hasty and Ruinous 1972 Pick Colors Today’s Hunt for a No. 2

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Campaign Strategy: Poison Blue-Collar White Voters vs Romney
NYT: Obama Speaks Directly to Camera in New Ad
WSJ: New Obama Ad Marks Shift From Attacks on Romney
WSJ: Campaigning Resumes After Weekend Pause

NatJ: A Ghost Haunting Obama Named Barofsky

IBD: After Recent Gaffes, Obama Looks Vulnerable In Polls

NatJ: Not Nearly the Foreign-Policy Pizzazz for Romney Trip, But Does He Want it?
NYT: President Criticizes Romney Over Foreign Policy
WTimes: Gibbs: Romney’s overseas trip appears ‘built around fundraising’

WSJ: Obama Hits Emotional Notes in Speech to Veterans
WaPo: Obama announces Transition GPS effort in Nevada as he courts military families
WTimes: Obama: GOP ‘playing politics’ with military
Fox: Obama blasts Republicans on defense cuts in speech to VFW

WaPo: Obama campaign pushes back on ‘burn rate’ criticism
WTimes: Obama campaign racking up big credit-card fees
NatJ: Nine Things We Learned From Obama's FEC Report

National Review: Explaining Brian Ross’s Mistake

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney’s ’02 Olympics short on transparency

NYT: Romney and First Lady May Cross Paths in London

WSJ: Peek at 2016 Shows Thin Bench for Democrats


Politico: Showdown over Bush tax cuts Wednesday
Hill: Ahead of votes on extending Bush-era tax rates, parties jockey for advantage
NYT: G.O.P. Senators Face Risks Over Proposal on Tax Cuts
Human Events: Pat Toomey and Howard Dean debate the ‘fiscal cliff’

WTimes: White House linked to intelligence leaks
Fox: Democratic Sen. Feinstein suggests some leaked info came from the White House

Fox: House GOP questions legal grounds for changes to welfare work requirements

Fox: House leaders wary of farm, postal bill showdowns
NatJ: An 'Uphill Battle' to Get Farm Bill Passed, McCarthy Says

WSJ: Debt-Ceiling Rift Raised Costs by $1.3 Billion
WaPo: GAO: Debt fight cost at least $1.3 billion

Fox: House Republican attempts end run on Obama to advance Keystone pipeline

American Spectator: Is Huma Abedin the New Alger Hiss?
Daily Caller: Limbaugh: GOP establishment pushing ‘to take Bachmann out’
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Establishment Joins with Left to Mainstream Radical Islam and Marginalize Michele Bachmann

Daily Caller: McCain attacks Reid for putting cybersecurity bill ahead of full defense budget

WaPo: 2012 has more intraparty incumbent battles than ever before

WaPo: Environmentalists target 5 Republicans who question humans’ impact on climate

Roll Call: GOP Promises New, Improved Senate
Hill: McConnell promises busy Senate if GOP retakes upper chamber
Weekly Standard: Fischer, Mourdock, Cruz ... Durant?


NYT: A Closer Look at Middle-Class Decline

DC: ‘Beleaguered’ Homeland Security agency wastes $57 million on failed computer contract

NYT: The Public Is Left in the Dark When Courts Allow Electronic Surveillance

Daily Caller: Energy-efficient CFL bulbs cause skin damage, say researchers


NYT: Cuomo’s Archive as Attorney General, Self-Edited
Albany TU: Cuomo papers as attorney general still denied public

Politico: ‘Diva’ candidate explains pink site


WSJ: California's Sunshine Democrats

Dan Walters: Prop. 32 will be a test for California voters


Dallas MN: In final televised debate, Cruz and Dewhurst trade blame for negativity
Austin AS: Last Senate debate, on Cruz's turf, focuses on experience
HChron: Cruz and Dewhurst work overtime to get their supporters to vote early
Roll Call: Texas: Early Voting Begins; Senate Runoff Escalates


Star Tribune: Brodkorb set to spill Senate secrets


Fox: Federal court rules Wisconsin schools' graduations in church were unconstitutional

Roll Call: Wisconsin Candidates Battle to Proclaim Identity


WTimes: Gender politics in play in Missouri GOP primary


NatJ: NC Dems Hold Fundraising Leads


Human Events: Virginia’s Goode could be Romney’s undoing

Examiner: Defense cuts become focus of Va. senate race


Fox: Justice Department opens investigation into Pennsylvania voter ID law

Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 49%, Smith (R) 38%


Politico: Beau Biden: The next generation


Politico: Shays trashes, won't back McMahon


Weekly Standard: Scott Brown: 'Let America Be America Again'
Boston Globe: Leave weapons bans to states, Scott Brown says
Greg Sargent: Scott Brown gets in on the Big Lie


WaPo: Sarah Palin endorses Rep. Jeff Flake for Senate in Arizona


WTimes: After fight for political survival, tax reform could be Hatch’s legacy
Fox: Tea party threat defused, Hatch wants to do a deal


July 23, 2012


Hill: Rewards and risks as Mitt Romney heads abroad amid campaign
NYT: A Week Abroad, With Pitfalls and Payoffs
WSJ: Romney's Top Foreign-Policy Advisers: Moderates, Neocons
WP: Amid a campaign of American exceptionalism, reminders of Romney’s international past
Fox: Netanyahu 'rock solid' about Iran-Hezbollah terror connection, mum on Nov. election
Politico: Netanyahu: I'll tell Romney 'pretty much the same thing I said to' Obama
NatJ: Foreign Policy Gets a Rare Look on the Campaign Trail This Week

Nate Silver: Do Presidential Polls Break Toward Challengers?
Rasmussen: Among Military Veterans: Romney 59% Obama 35%
Politico: Is Wisconsin within Romney's reach?
WSJ: Political Perceptions: Campaigns Grow Louder as Pool of Converts Shrinks
Hill: The Hill Poll: Majority of voters blame president for bad economy
Chris Cillizza: In swing states, economic picture a little brighter for Obama
Judd Gregg: Heading toward a Sept. surprise
American Spectator: Mitt Is Doing Just Fine

Daily Caller: Chart: How potential Romney VP picks help or hurt him in their home state
Daily Caller: Paul Ryan is best Romney VP choice to help win home state
Daily Caller: David Brooks on GOP veepstakes: ‘I personally think Portman is the right pick’

WSJ: Romney Mutes Attacks on Obama After Aurora Shooting
NYDN: Editorial: President Obama distorts Mitt Romney’s record and ignores his own

WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Obama’s stand on taxes

WSJ: Obama's Burn Rate Worries Some Democrats

NYT: Obama Consoles Aurora as City Begins Healing
WaPo: After Aurora shootings, Obama again takes on role as healer in chief in Colorado
WSJ: Transcript of Obama’s Remarks in Aurora, Colo.
WSJ: Tragedy Is Unlikely to Factor in Presidential Race
Jed Babbin: The Duty of Self-Defense

Examiner: Obama counts on Virginia’s black voters

NYT: To Prepare for Republican Convention, Tampa Restricts Protests
Dallas MN: George P. Bush to carry on family name at Republican convention in Tampa

Hill: Mormons on cusp of new powerful era


WTimes: Another year, another stopgap bill instead of real budget
NatJ: Senate Dems High-Wire Tax Act
Human Events: Editorial: Capital gains tax ‘cliff’ could send weak economy tumbling

Ari Fleischer: The Latest News on Tax Fairness

WTimes: ‘Favorable treatment’ on house deal for Reid’s son?

American Spectator: Countrywide Corruption on Capitol Hill

Power Line: The problem with Michele Bachmann’s letter to the State Department
American Thinker: 'Gentlemen's Club' Gangs Up on Bachmann
American Thinker: Obama Administration Draws Closer to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood
American Thinker: Saleha Abedin and the Muslim Sisterhood

National Review: Huckabee’s Endorsements


NY Post: Editorial: Ft. Hood Whitewash

American Spectator: The IRS Illegally Expands Obamacare Tax Credits

Paul Krugman: Loading the Climate Dice

NYT: National Journal Bars Quotations Tweaked by Sources

George W. Bush: Extend the success against AIDS to other devastating diseases
Michael Gerson: The found generation of the HIV/AIDS epidemic


National Review: California King wants to make sure the GOP will keep control of the House
NYT: Republican Party in California Is Caught in Cycle of Decline

NYT: OpEd: Stockton: The Bankruptcy and the Burglar

Dan Walters: Enterprise zones hit wall in California Senate


Hill: Donation to Manchin is new fodder in feud between Norquist, Sen. Coburn


Politico: Florida Dems seek to limit GOP cash
Florida TU: Late-filed Democrats keep state GOP from big cash haul


Politico: Michele Bachmann finds plenty of friends back home


Fox: Johnson defends gun rights, calls alleged shooter 'sick, demented, evil'


Detroit FP: Senate candidate Clark Durant paid more than $500,000 by Cornerstone Schools


Fox: Sheriff Arpaio faces re-election amid challenges, controversy and massive war chest


CNS: Aurora's Strict Gun Laws Didn't Prevent Shooting


July 22, 2012


Fox: Romney makes key foreign trip, to visit with leaders from England, Israel and Poland
NatJ: Romney’s International Listening Tour: England, Israel and Poland in Six Days
Politico: Mitt Romney overseas trip may provide respite
Haaretz: Republicans in Israel hail Romney visit as pivotal bid for Jewish vote
Reuters: In Israel, Romney to provide contrast with Obama

NYT: Strategist Steers the Right’s Vast Money Machine (Carl Forti)

Detroit FP: Mitt Romney has a wide range of running mate possibilities
Star Tribune: Pawlenty's lack of pizazz may be just the ticket
Pioneer Press: Analysis: Tim Pawlenty might bring a lot to the Mitt Romney ticket
Gwen Ifill: Romney’s Veepstakes: Searching for Mr. (or Ms.) Right

Tennessean: Mike Huckabee hammers Obama at Republican Party's Statemen's Dinner

Pittsburgh TR: Romney rally real deal

Allentown MCall: Romney supporters open 'victory office' in Bethlehem

Patch: Obama's Lead Over Romney in NH is Narrowing
Hill: Poll finds Obama with 5-point lead in Florida
Miami Herald: Odd FL poll by SurveyUSA: Obama 48%-Romney 43%
Miami Herald: Presidential campaign pauses for now, but Florida remains major stop

Jeff Jacoby: How the marriage gap favors Obama
Trudy Rubin: Mitt Romney is still fighting the cold war

WTimes: Learning to love oppo researchers, whistle-blowers of democracy

Dan Balz: Will the Colorado shooting affect the campaign tone?
WaPo: Obama to visit with shooting victims and families in Colorado
WTimes: Obama to visit families of Colo. shooting victims
WTimes: Politics takes a back seat as Obama, Boehner appeal for unity after shooting

Hill: Obama, Romney will return to trail Monday with West Coast trips

Weekly Standard: Obama Paid $93k for Half-Empty Stadium Kick-Off Event

Weekly Standard: Obama Campaign Spends More than $2.6 Million for Polling—in June

Fox: Mass shooting prompts calls from Capitol Hill and beyond for tighter gun laws


Hill: Pre-election deal to avert looming sequestration cuts looks unlikely
Hill: Norquist: Senate Democrats up in 2014 are ‘hostages’ in year-end tax battle

WSJ: Cost Difference: GOP and Democrats’ Tax Plans Not So Far Apart

Hill: Optimism grows that Congress can pass Russia trade bill before August recess

Roll Call: NRSC Outraised in June, Transferred $540k to Montana GOP

Hill: Coburn donates to Manchin, says fellow senator not beholden to special interests

Human Events: This week in Congress: Bush tax cuts and oil moratorium


Hill: Challenges to Obama administration’s birth-control mandate piling up in court

NYT: Romney Aide Helps States Comply With Health Care Law

WSJ: Tax Justice Network: Wealth Held in Tax Havens Skyrockets

NYT: In New Exhibit, Disney Lends Its Star Power to Reagan, and Vice Versa

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (7/22/12)


Albany TU: Westchester County in tiff with feds over housing


Dallas MN: Cruz, Dewhurst offer contrasts in how they’d operate as Texas’ next senator
WTimes: Cruz winning money race ahead of Texas run-off
NYT: Senate Candidate and Supreme Court Have a History (Ted Cruz)


Hill: Poll: Mack leads Nelson 48-42 percent

Politico: Is Charlie Crist mulling a comeback?

Miami Herald: Medicaid expansion spurs debate in Florida


AJC: A rare word from Zell Miller: ‘I had a late life conversion’


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin: a very quiet presidential battleground


WaPo: Bob Kerrey’s Senate bid is an uphill climb


Hill: Allen, Kaine joust in Va. Senate debate
Fox: Allen, Kaine debate in close Senate race in swing state Virginia
NatJ: Kaine, Allen Spar at Second Virginia Senate Debate
Examiner: Kaine, Allen spar in first Virginia Senate debate
WTimes: Sharp exchanges punctuate first Allen-Kaine debate in Va.
WaPo: Allen, Kaine go on the attack in Senate debate


Hill: Green groups target NM Senate race


Denver Post: Colorado Republican campaigns in a new Democratic friendly seat


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WSJ: Fall Presidential Debate Schedule Set

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WSJ: Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

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