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June 7, 2012


Hill: Romney: Obama ‘knowingly’ held back economy to pass healthcare reform
HChron: Romney plans two S.A. stops today

Karl Rove: Wisconsin and the GOP Ground Game
Ann Coulter: The recall heard around the world
Michael Gerson: Unions are driving a wedge between Democrats
Michael Barone: Walker changes attitudes on public employee unions
John Gizzi: Republicans win almost all in Wisconsin, but what’s next?
Rush Limbaugh: Will Wisconsin Show the GOP Establishment That Conservatism Wins?
Rush Limbaugh: After WI Exit Polls, White House Must Wonder If All the Polling is Wrong
Weekly Standard: What Is Up With the Exit Polls?
James Taranto: We Are the 119%: MSNBC: My Schadenfreude Now Blankets Cable
EJ Dionne: Wisconsin’s dangerous result
Dan Balz: Can Mitt Romney match Wisconsin’s Scott Walker?
NatJ: Romney’s Tipping Point: Has the presidential race come to a crucial turn?

WSJ: GOP Looks for Post-Wisconsin Boost
NYT: Looking at Recall Vote as Drawing Lines for Fall
NatJ: How Wisconsin Could Reset The Electoral College Map
Weekly Standard: Walker to Romney: Go Big, and Go Bold
WaPo: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s victory deals blow to unions
American Spectator: The Walker Vote Earthquake
Hill: Barney Frank: Dems, unions made 'big mistake' in pushing for Wisconsin recall
WSJ: White House: No Deeper Meaning in Wisconsin
Fox: Democrats for Obama appear unwilling to let go of Wisconsin loss
WTimes: Democrats say GOP money bought Walker’s win in Wisconsin
WaPo: Editorial: Unions need to reorganize after Wisconsin

Hill: Wisconsin Gov. Walker in line for speaking spot at Republican convention

WSJ: Romney Delegate Tally Now at 1,398
Hill: Romney narrows gender gap
WSJ: Filing Offers Details of Romney Finances
Hill: Mitt Romney’s campaign, GOP leaders ramp up coordination

WSJ: The Obama-Romney Jobs Debate
Fox: Issa: Obama administration classifies jobs with political purpose
Gramm & Hubbard: What a Romney Recovery Might Look Like

WSJ: Clinton's Remarks Test Ties
WaPo: Bill Clinton: Extend all tax cuts temporarily
Hill: Obama holds position on Bush-era tax rates despite comments from Clinton
American Spectator: Bill Clinton and the Reagan Consensus
WSJ: Summers Says U.S. Needs to Avoid Slowdown
NYT: Democrats’ Comments Spark Tax Cut Debate
Politico: Clinton aides: Bill screwed up
Politico: 2012 surrogate gaffes: The art of d'oh
Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Undercuts Obama on Bush Tax Cuts, "Recession"

NYT: Europe’s Woes Give Democrats a New Line of Attack

NYT: Obama Heads West for Dollars and Thanks From Gay Supporters
WTimes: Gay support pays big dividends for Obama camp
Fox: Obama's run of celebrity-packed fundraisers continues on West Coast
Examiner: Hollywood trip marks Obama's 150th fundraiser

National Review: Obama’s Third-Party History

WaPo: Restrictive voting laws tied up in court

Rush Limbaugh: Bam Blows Off D-Day Again


Hill: House approves $32 billion Energy and Water spending bill
WSJ: House Republicans See Energy Bill as Jobs Bill

WTimes: GOP proposes one-year delay on new tax code
Fox: Latest House GOP spending cuts mixed in with some increases
Politico: Secret talks under way about 'fiscal cliff'

WSJ: Farming Cuts Sow Discord
WaPo: Senate begins debate on slimmed-down farm bill
NYT: Crop Insurance Proposal Could Cost U.S. Billions

Hill: McCain, White House clash over ‘grossly irresponsible’ national security leaks
Fox: McCain, Chambliss call for investigations into U.S. security leaks
Politico: Dianne Feinstein vents ire over 'avalanche of leaks'
Weekly Standard: Gates to National Security Team on Osama Raid: 'Shut the F--- Up'

NYT: Ethics Case Against Congresswoman to Resume
Fox: House committee says Waters ethics probe will continue
WTimes: Counsel: Ethics case against Rep. Waters will proceed
WSJ: In Waters Probe, House Ethics Panel Clears Itself
American Thinker: Ethics case against Rep. Waters to resume
WaPo: House Ethics Committee says Rep. Waters was treated fairly in ongoing ethics case

WTimes: Democrats face choice on health care details

Hill: Mole helps Rep. Issa whack Justice Dept. over Fast and Furious

WaPo: House plans that would freeze federal pay rates advance

WTimes: Obama to outline options for student loans
Hill: House GOP leaders to Obama: Cancel student loan rally, work with us

George Will: Applying REINS to a runaway executive

WTimes: Congressional staffers, public shortchanged by high turnover, low pay


WaPo: Three top Fed members say new action to help economy may be needed
CNBC: Markets Await 'Helicopter Ben,' But May Be Disappointed

WSJ: Probe Widens Into Mortgage Lenders


Politico: Lobbyist indicted for Harry Reid donations
WaPo: Nevada campaign donor is indicted


NYT: Gambling Group Lobbied for Convention Center at Cuomo Fund-Raiser
WSJ: Casinos Wagered Early on Cuomo

NYT: G.O.P. Senators Oppose Cuomo’s Marijuana Plan
Albany TU: Skelos has problems with pot bill
Buffalo News: GOP opposes Cuomo on loosening pot laws
Rush Limbaugh: Defining Deviancy Down in New York


NYT: San Diego and San Jose Lead Way in Pension Cuts
WSJ: California's Pension Watershed
WTimes: California voters deal twin blows to unions
Rush Limbaugh: Unions Take Beating in California, Too

SacBee: California's top-two system shakes up field
WaPo: California primary results: GOP catches a ‘top-two’ break
WSJ: California Centrists See Their Stock Rise
NYT: California’s Nonpartisan Primary Shows Independents to Be in Short Supply

LA Times: Prop. 29's tobacco tax teeters on edge of defeat
SacBee: California tobacco tax backers hope uncounted ballots turn tide


Star-Telegram: Texas GOP prepares to kick off Fort Worth convention


Roll Call: Florida: Connie Mack IV Scores Jeb Bush Endorsement

NYT: Florida Defends Search for Ineligible Voters
National Review: Non-citizens Voting in Florida?


WSJ: Wisconsin’s Walker Talks Unity in Victory Lap
NYT: Talk of Higher Office Swirls Around Wisconsin Governor in the Spotlight
NYT: Unions, at Center of Wisconsin Recall Vote, Suffer a New Setback in Its Outcome
Pittsburgh PG: Wisconsin's message: Public workers must live within the public's means

Milwaukee JS: Democrats' control of Senate may be temporary


Sen. Sherrod Brown: An end to ‘too big to fail’


Roll Call: Michigan: Republicans Will Vet Write-In Hopefuls, Make Decision by Monday


Roll Call: Missouri: John Brunner Goes Negative Against His GOP Foes


WTimes: Connecticut poll: McMahon triples lead over Shays

WSJ: Conn. Election Is Scrambled By a Scandal


Politico: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren agree to TV debates


Roll Call: New Mexico: Martin Heinrich, Heather Wilson Win Senate Primaries


WaPo: Rick Hill wins Montana GOP governor nod


June 6, 2012


WTimes: Walker, Republicans win big in Wisconsin recall races
Fox: Wisconsin's Walker survives recall by wide margin
Weekly Standard: Walker Tops 2010 Performance with 7-Point Win
Weekly Standard: Walker's Victory Speech
WSJ: Recall Bid Fails in Wisconsin
Chicago Tribune: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker beats back recall
Milwaukee JS: Walker wins recall race over Barrett
WSJ: Governor's Victory Deals Costly Blow to Organized Labor
WSJ: A Victory for Self-Government: In WI, voters defeat a campaign of union revenge
WaPo: Gov. Walker survives recall in Wisconsin
NYT: Walker Survives Wisconsin Recall Vote
Examiner: Walker survives recall vote in Wisconsin
NatJ: Walker's Wisconsin Recall Win Built on GOP Unity, Energy
Politico: Wisconsin recall: The biggest losers
Politico: Wisconsin recall: Results a blow to Big Labor
American Thinker: Big Labor's Big Boo-Boo
Politico: Supporter slaps Tom Barrett after loss
Ross Douthat: No Recall
American Spectator: No More Excuses
Weekly Standard: Why Scott Walker Won the Battle of Wisconsin
Chris Cillizza: Why Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall
William Kristol: After Wisconsin
EJ Dionne: How did Scott Walker win Wisconsin?
Greg Sargent: A wake-up call for Dems, labor, and the left
James Taranto: The Invisible Fist: The left braces for defeat in Wisconsin
Rush Limbaugh: Scott Walker Deserves to Win

WSJ: GOP's Voter Outreach Could Pay Off in November
NatJ: Walker Wins, Obama Leads in Wisconsin Exit Poll
NatJ: Red Flags All Over for Obama in Wisconsin
Examiner: Obama, public unions suffer setback in Wisconsin
NYDN: Wisconsin Governor Walker survives recall giving Obama plenty to worry about
RedState: The Whupping in Wisconsin: Seven Key Conclusions
Human Events: Walker victory a ‘tipping point’ in public sector union pension reform
Ed Rogers: Big win for the GOP, but Obama is still the favorite
WTimes: Jindal: Walker win shows GOP competitive in Democratic strongholds

WTimes: Walker win vaults Wisconsin governor into vice presidential discussion

Human Events: Wisconsin’s Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch survives recall

Human Events: Republicans win all in Wisconsin, but what’s next?

Fox: Recall to decide Wisconsin Senate control too close to call


Dallas MN: Romney, in Fort Worth, blasts Obama for taking economy ‘forward over a cliff’
WaPo: Romney courts Latino voters in Texas
Hill: Romney woos Hispanics over economy
WSJ: Romney Expects Big Haul From Texas Republicans
Politico: Romney raiser claims $15M Texas haul
NYT: Trying the Economic Overshoes on Different Feet

Miami Herald: Ann Romney campaigns in Miami

Fox: Romney wins GOP presidential primaries
HE: Romney wins New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, and California

National Review: Romney Fights Back

WaPo: Romney’s personal e-mail may have been hacked
Fox: Romney's private email possibly hacked, campaign investigating
Politico: Romney email breach?

American Spectator: Romney's Education Choice

WaPo: Romney-backed Konarka solar panel firm files for bankruptcy

Hill: Sens. Rubio, Portman showcase foreign policy credentials as VP search heats up
Hill: Mitt Romney’s VP balancing act

Fox: Paul supporters say RNC is blocking festival plans
Politico: Pro-Paul anger growing over fair venue

Fox: Splitting with Obama, Bill Clinton says he supports extending all Bush-era tax cuts
Hill: Clinton breaks with Obama on extending Bush-era tax rates
WSJ: Clinton's Tax-Cut Position Undercuts Obama Stance
Politico: Hill Republicans love Bill Clinton on taxes
Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Under Fire from Left
Kathleen Parker: Obama and Clinton team up for a night on Broadway

Rush Limbaugh: The Incompetent Obama Campaign Flounders

Dick Morris: Obama’s unhappy left flank

Politico: Sarah Palin: ‘Obama’s goose is cooked’

WaPo: Obama campaign running TV ads in fewer states

WSJ: OpEd: Why Obama Strikes Out In Court

Rush Limbaugh: What the Partisan Divide Really Means


WSJ: Dire CBO Report Urges Fiscal Fixes
WaPo: CBO: Taxmageddon would bring tax pain but debt relief
WTimes: CBO: Federal debt to double in 15 years

NYT: House Bill Takes a Scythe to Spending

WaPo: John McCain wants special counsel to investigate national security leaks
NYT: Senate Will Investigate National Security Leaks About Terrorism 'Kill List'
WSJ: FBI Probes Leaks on Iran Cyberattack

DC: Boehner spokesman: NYT story about Holder Fast & Furious compromise is false
WTimes: Papers show Justice was told about tactics in gunrunning
Fox: Issa: Wiretaps show 'immense detail' about questionable Fast & Furious tactics

WaPo: Sens. Boxer, Inhofe deliver transportation proposal to House

Fox: GOP Senate blocks paycheck bill, says better ways to achieve fairness
NYT: Senate Republicans Again Block Pay Equity Bill
WTimes: Republicans filibuster equal-pay bill
Fox: Senate GOP blocks Democrats' equal pay bill

WaPo: White House skeptical of GOP student loan proposals


WSJ: Fed Considers More Action Amid New Recovery Doubts
WaPo: Fed faces political heat in weighing more economic stimulus
WSJ: Obama's Debt Boom: The most predictable crisis in history

WSJ: Defense Chiefs Signal Job Cuts

NYT: Fannie Mae Names Its Top Lawyer as Chief
WSJ: New Fannie CEO Has Bank Baggage

WSJ: Overseer: IRS Could Face ‘Serious Problems’

WTimes: Top GSA official tried to hide report on Vegas bash

Rasmussen: Clinton Remains the Most Popular Cabinet Member, Holder the Least

NYT: Abortion Qualms on Morning-After Pill May Be Unfounded

NYT: Same-Sex Marriage Issue Moves Closer to Justices
WaPo: Appeals court won’t reconsider ruling that gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional
WTimes: Prop 8 may go before high court


NYT: Defense Offered for Cuomo on Ties to Lobbying Group
NYT: Editorial: The Governor and the Committee
Buffalo News: Pro-Cuomo cash scandal hits home

Hill: Tough June primary could mark end of Rangel’s career

Albany TU: Mario Cuomo and Judith Kaye talk up judgeships


LA Times: California primary races and results

Fox: 2 major California cities approve pension cuts for city workers
NYT: Voters in California Appear to Approve Pension Cuts
WSJ: As Costs Soar, Taxpayers Target Pensions of Cops and Firefighters
WSJ: San Jose Voters Back Pension Overhaul, Early Results Show

WaPo: New map, new rules shake up California primaries
WSJ: California Primary Produces One-Party Races

SacBee: Tobacco tax initiative narrowly falls behind
Politico: Prop 29: California cigarette tax too close to call

Fox: Hahn tops ethics-plagued Richardson in first round of voting
Fox: Sherman and Berman brawl in California House race to continue through fall


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott looks ready to fight DOJ over voter purge
National Review: Who May Vote in Florida?


Roll Call: Indiana: Marco Rubio Stumps, Fundraises for Richard Mourdock


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 47%, Mandel (R) 42%


Roll Call: Michigan: Write-In Field for Thaddeus McCotter’s Seat Grows

Detroit News: Ex-law partner claims misconduct by Fieger


NYT: Editorial: North Carolina, Meet Citizens United


Examiner: McDonnell bests O'Malley for Wisconsin bragging rights

NatJ: Va. Poll: Kaine, Allen in Dead Heat; Cuccinelli Leads Bolling
Rasmussen: Virginia Senate: Kaine (D) 46%, Allen (R) 44%


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Casey (D) 48%, Smith (R) 41%


NYT: Pascrell Wins Duel of House Democrats in New Jersey
Fox: Pascrell defeats fellow New Jersey Rep. Rothman in tense Democratic primary
Roll Call: New Jersey: Bill Pascrell Wallops Steven Rothman in Primary

Fox: Payne wins New Jersey primary to fill late father's seat in Congress


Boston Globe: Senate teams clash over a schedule for debates


NatJ: Arizona Provides Next Bellwether

Daily Caller: Quayle accuses rival campaign of lying about sending spy to headquarters


Roll Call: New Mexico: Michelle Lujan Grisham Wins 1st District Democratic Primary

Politico: Another Crossroads target: New Mexico


Fox: Colorado vote on marijuana could impact Obama-Romney race

Denver Post: Colorado overpays jobless benefits by $128 million, pursues recipients


Roll Call: Montana: Steve Daines, Kim Gillan Win House Seat Primaries


June 5, 2012


WaPo: Cathy McMorris Rodgers to serve as Romney’s House GOP liaison
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Pick Boosts Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Politico: Cathy McMorris Rodgers emerges as top Romney surrogate

Rasmussen: Virginia: Obama 47%, Romney 47%
Politico: Romney leads Obama among middle income voters
NatJ: How Obama Views the Electoral Map
Examiner: Obama soothes supporters as Romney makes gains

Dallas MN: Romney comes to Texas looking to catch up on campaign cash
Star-Telegram: Romney to visit Fort Worth this afternoon

Hill: Romney uses Vogue editor’s campaign ad to portray Obama as out of touch

Politico: 5th grader 'shocked' by Obama note
James Taranto: Please Excuse Barack, The dog ate his job growth
Ezra Klein: The Keynesian case for Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Camp Fighting Hard, But...

Detroit News: Romney vows quick U.S. exit from GM
WSJ: How Romney Pushed State Health Bill

Marc Thiessen: Vice President Scott Walker?

WaPo: GOP attacks celebrity support for Obama
Politico: Bon Jovi gets a ride on Air Force One

NYT: Clinton Supports Obama at New York Fund-Raisers
WSJ: Clinton: Romney Has ‘Adopted’ European Economic Policies
WTimes: Barack on Broadway: 3 fundraisers tonight
Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Taken to the Woodshed

WSJ: Obama Aims at Romney in New Ad
NYT: New Obama Ad Continues Focus on Romney's Term as Governor

Politico: Fear factors: What worries Romney backers

WSJ: President's New Target: Romney's Party

Daily Caller: High youth unemployment hurts Obama campaign

NYT: Democrats Grab a Chance to Speak With One Voice

WaPo: Attorney General Holder considered resigning, book says
Fox: Book details purported argument between Axelrod, Holder that almost came to blows
Daily Caller: Author: Jarrett ‘very important’ in Holder continuing as attorney general
Daily Caller: Obama book author: Romney camp should talk about Rev. Wright bribe offer

LA Times: Poll: Sharp increase in partisan divides among Americans
Dan Balz: Politics is the great divider in United States
Charlie Cook: Following the Money

WaPo: Hillary supporters start pushing for 2016


Hill: Cornyn needs GOP to win Senate majority to secure his promotion

NYT: House Incumbents Face Primary Pitfalls

Charles Lane: Congress should cut funding for political science research

Hill: Senate poised to struggle with farm bill

WaPo: Paycheck Fairness Act expected to fail
Examiner: Dems again blasting Republicans over pay equity
Hill: Obama joins Dem blitz before Senate vote on equal pay measure

WaPo: GSA bonuses, travel expenses raise congressional ire


WSJ: OpEd: Robert Barro: Why This Slow Recovery Is Like No Recovery
David Brooks: The Debt Indulgence
Lawrence Summers: It is time for governments to borrow more money
Hill: Election-year bind for Federal Reserve

WSJ: OpEd: Teachers Unions Have a Popularity Problem
Joe Nocera: Turning Our Backs on Unions

WSJ: Meet the JOBS Act's Jobs-Free Companies

Boston Globe: Looking ahead at options if health law falls

Fox: Holder's DOJ opposes release of Watergate wiretap info

NYT: Elite Military Forces Are Denied in Bid for Expansion

Reuters: Supreme Court rules for Secret Service in Cheney case
WaPo: Supreme Court protects Secret Service agents guarding Cheney

Politico: Sarah Palin to rally conservative online army


Roll Call: Nevada Republicans Work Around State Party


NYT: Gambling Group Gave $2 Million to a Cuomo Ally

Albany TU: Cuomo goes public on pot

Politico: Rep. Nan Hayworth's flack resigns over 'acid' remark


WSJ: New Day for California Voters
WTimes: Laundry list California ballot has Feinstein, 23 others
Roll Call: California Primaries Spell Political Upheaval
SacBee: Field Poll predicting low turnout in today's California presidential primary
Dan Walters: California's primary election stakes are minimal

LA Times: Brown seeks to reduce environmental protections for bullet train


Roll Call: Florida: Connie Mack IV Gets Mike Lee Endorsement


WSJ: Boortz to Exit Talk Radio as Cain Enters


NYT: Justices Refuse to Hear Ex-Governor’s Appeal
WaPo: Supreme Court turns down appeal from Siegelman


William McGurn: Illinois Blows Smoke at Taxpayers


Hill: Gov. Walker knocks Obama for shying away from Wisconsin recall
WSJ: All Eyes on Turnout in Wisconsin Recall Vote
Chicago Tribune: Bitter Wisconsin recall race in voters' hands
NatJ: Five Things to Watch in Wisconsin's Recall Election
Human Events: Walker moves toward win in recall election
WTimes: Labor has much on line in Walker recall vote
Fox: No voter fatigue in WI as Republicans, Democrats continue to spend money, resources
WaPo: In Wisconsin recall vote, it’s TV ad spending vs. boots on the ground
NYT: Frenzied Campaigning on Eve of Wisconsin Vote
Hill: Dems, labor fallout begins in Wis.
Politico: Wisconsin recall: Democrats prepare for recall recount
Wes Pruden: Waiting for Gov. Scott Walker’s survivor’s tale
Byron York: Wisconsin labor fight started ugly, ended ugly
John Gizzi: Democrats downplay the impact of a Walker win
Rush Limbaugh: Democrat Desperation Time in Wisconsin


Roll Call: Thaddeus McCotter Puts GOP in a Tough Spot
Detroit FP: U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter's snafu leaves GOP looking for write-in candidates


Politico: Judge to mull venue issue in John Edwards case
Frank Bruni: The Enigma Beside Edwards


WSJ: Newark Race Is Dynastic Showdown


WTimes: McMahon wrestles establishment for GOP Senate nomination prize


WS: Warren Agreed with Brown's Approach to Financial Regulatory Reform Before Opposing it


Roll Call: Arizona: House Majority PAC Airs TV Ad Against Jesse Kelly


NatJ: Hispanic Candidates Struggle in N.M. Senate Race


Denver Post: Metro State proposes special tuition rate for illegal immigrants


June 4, 2012


NYT: With Boos and Solyndra, Romney Plays Offense
Human Events: Romney calls K-12 education ‘the Civil Rights issue of our era’
NatJ: Should Romney Remind Voters He Was Once a Governor?

WaPo: Romney picks Mike Leavitt to head transition team
Politico: Mitt Romney’s top political adviser: Mitt Romney

Fox: Romney could pick running mate earlier than expected, advisers say
WaPo: Mike Huckabee goes from pole position to VP dark horse (video)

WTimes: In Walker recall, road to White House runs through Wisconsin
Roll Call: Wisconsin Recall Vote Becomes Microcosm of National Election
NYT: Recall Battle in Wisconsin May Snarl Obama Camp
Detroit News: Result in recall vote will echo beyond Wisconsin
NYT: June Brings Harbingers for the Fall
Politico: Gillespie: Romney will win in November
Weekly Standard: The Media Starts to Lay Down Markers on a Romney Victory

Politico: Poll: Mitt Romney’s youth gap

Boston Globe: Utah is Romney’s key to West

WSJ: Obama Seeks Way Out of Jobs Gloom
NatJ: Democrat Says Obama Will Lose if Election Focuses on His Record
Charlie Cook: Trouble for Obama

Telegraph UK: War in the White House: Holder and Axelrod 'had to be separated'

NYT: Editorial: Whose Welfare?

Joe Curl: This sure isn’t the McCain campaign
EJ Dionne: Can this campaign be constructive?

Fox: Biden's daughter marries doctor in Delaware


NYT: Some Lawmakers Look for Way Out as Defense Cuts Near
Politico: Defense cuts could mean trouble at home for lawmakers
Hill: Obama administration decision to include war funding in automatic cuts riles GOP
Human Events: Scuttling of the Great Green Fleet
Jed Babbin: Killing Them Softly

WTimes: Highway bill talks sluggish on Capitol Hill

Politico: House GOP: Solyndra probe is like 'pulling teeth'

Sens. Lieberman, Collins, Carper, Brown: House must deliver on postal reform

WSJ: The Surprising Truth About Senate Obstructionism

Politico: Congress sets its sights on conventions


WSJ: Investors Brace for Slowdown
WTimes: Politics and more at play in painful job numbers
WSJ: Democrats, Republicans Spar Over Jobs Report
Hill: Weak May jobs report spurs talk of new Federal Reserve stimulus measures
Paul Krugman: This Republican Economy
Robert Samuelson: Europe’s grim choices
Fred Hiatt: Who has the spine to fix the United States’ finances?

NYT: Expert Issues a Cyberwar Warning
WaPo: Cyber search engine Shodan exposes industrial control systems to new risks
Preet Bharara: Asleep at the Laptop

WaPo: Editorial: Wind power


NYT: Wading Into Debate, Cuomo Seeks Cut in Frisk Arrests
Fox: New York governor in bid to decriminalize small-quantity marijuana possession

NYT: Champion of Gay Rights to Leave New York State Senate


NYT: A $1 Cigarette Tax Starts a $47 Million Brawl in California
WSJ: OpEd: California's Casino Budgeting

NYT: Nonpartisan Primaries Face Test in California

SacBee: Elite donor roster sways many votes


WSJ: Court to Hear Texas Case on Planned Parenthood

Star-Telegram: Fort Worth's Davis expected to be a star of Texas Dem Party convention


Miami Herald: How Obama aided and abetted Scott’s voter purge mess

Miami Herald: Sen. Marco Rubio earning respect in Senate for foreign-policy work


Politico: Tough times for Alabama Democrats


American Spectator: Bobby Jindal's Budget Blind Spot


Chicago ST: Nurse to feds: State grants went to politicians’ campaigns


Politico: Warner: Mourdock's 'wacky'


Star Tribune: Fraud, waste hijack tutoring program


Examiner: Dems, unions face uphill fight in Wisconsin
National Review: The Second Battle of Wisconsin
National Review: Walker Nears the Finish Line
WSJ: Recall Stirs Passion in a Purple State
WSJ: The Wisconsin Recall Stakes
LA Times: Wisconsin recall election is an epic battle
Politico: Shell-shocked Wisconsin readies for recall
Politico: Wisconsin recall: Republican Governors Association flexes muscle
Hill: RNC chief Priebus: Walker kept promises to voters, Obama hasn’t
Hill: Labor, Tea Party pour resources into Wisconsin ahead of recall
Weekly Standard: Jesse Jackson Rallies the Party Faithful in Wisconsin
American Spectator: Wisconsin Waterloo for Labor?
Weekly Standard: Voter Intimidation in Madison, Wisconsin
Hill: AFL-CIO’s super-PAC shifts focus to get out the vote efforts in Wis.
Politico: Democratic cavalry may be too late in Wisconsin
WTimes: Barrett predicts recall win over Wisconsin governor
Fox: Barrett says Walker should have kept focus on jobs
Chicago Tribune: Two new polls show tight race in Wisconsin recall
Chris Cillizza: Winners and losers in Wisconsin recall vote
Juan Williams: Future of America’s labor unions at stake in Wisconsin’s recall vote
John Fund: If Walker Wins, What Are the Lessons?


Politico: Kasich predicts unemployment spike in Ohio


Human Events: John Edwards strived to put the ‘vice’ in the vice presidency
American Spectator: John Edwards, RIP


Politico: Romney win could shift Va. gov race
WaPo: Romney surrogate McDonnell says Obama stimulus plan helped Virginia


WaPo: In Pennsylvania coal country, voters not thrilled with their choices


NYT: Connecticut House Speaker Denies Knowledge of Scheme to Kill a Bill


CBS: Brown, Warren Agree To Senate Campaign Debates
WSJ: Massachusetts Senate Race Shifts into Higher Gear
Boston Globe: Black Ministers skeptical on Elizabeth Warren
NatJ: Warren's Show of Force and the Massachusetts Woman Question
Daily Caller: Erotic gay wrestler is fundraising for Elizabeth Warren’s US Senate campaign

Boston Globe: Senator Brown sought to loosen bank rules


Roll Call: Fighting to Succeed Giffords
Hill: Former Rep. Giffords to campaign with Democrat running to replace her


WTimes: In Oregon, chemist offers GOP a unifying formula


June 3, 2012


Reuters: Romney could pick VP early, and cash in often
NYT: Candidates Have College, Spicy Chicken and ‘Star Trek’ in Common
Star-Telegram: Perry's gibes at Romney used in Obama campaign ad
WaPo: Is Mitt Romney’s Mormonism fair game?
Politico: Mike Leavitt, the man planning the Mitt Romney presidency
Ross Douthat: Imagining a Romney Recovery

Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 48% Obama 44%

NYT: Weak Economy Points to Obama’s Constraints
WaPo: On foreign policy, Obama focuses on economic issues, not on Syrian turmoil
Examiner: Obama unlikely to stump for other Dems this fall
Chicago Tribune: President raises funds, sleeps in own bed and strolls neighborhood

Michael Barone: America looks like Texas, not like California
Salena Zito: Catholic voters key to presidential win
Hill: Ten game changers that could decide the 2012 presidential race

Thomas Friedman: G.(reen)O.P.?
Maureen Dowd: Dreaming of a Superhero

WaPo: Republican Party blocking massive Ron Paul event in Tampa?

Fox: Wolfe's primary run against Obama stumbles in Texas but continues

NatJ: Vice President Joe Biden's Daughter Gets Married
Politico: Bidens' statement on daughter's marriage


LA Times: Congress' balance of power could hinge on California contests
Politico: Poll: House elections a toss-up

ABC: Republicans fight to reclaim the Senate majority: 2012 races to watch

Fox: Congress probes more questionable spending by GSA employees

Hill: GOP plans to call attention to healthcare law with tax repeal votes next week


NYT: Editorial: In Defense of Marriage

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (6/3/12)


Hill: Occupy Wall Street activist aims to occupy New York House seat

Rochester D&C: New York State double-dipper ranks grow by 32 percent


Fox: California's new 'jungle' primary could be tough for GOP candidates

LA Times: Voters have turned against California bullet train, poll shows
Dan Walters: Is California high-speed rail an ego trip for Gov. Jerry Brown?


Dallas MN: Dewhurst out to vilify Cruz for support from outside groups

S-T: Ron Paul's supporters ready to fight for principles at state GOP convention in Ft Worth


Miami Herald: Fight to control leadership of state Senate looms over this year’s elections

Reuters: Florida weighs warning against voter purge


Chicago Tribune: Ron Paul supporter arrested at Louisiana Republican convention


Star Tribune: Klobuchar vows a tireless run


Reuters: Political activists converge on Wisconsin for recall
McClatchy: Wisconsin recall election tests voters' appetite for cuts
Fox: Wisconsin Gov. Walker works to meet voters before recall vote
Hill: Despite polls, Wisconsin Democrats relish prospect of Gov. Walker’s recall
Hill: Liberal group plows money into recall
Wkly Std: Fewer Than 1,000 People Show Up for Bill Clinton-Tom Barrett Rally in Milwaukee


Detroit News: McCotter ends write-in campaign, career in Congress
Detroit FP: U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter drops out of race
AP: Michigan Congressman McCotter Ends Write-In Campaign
Roll Call: Michigan: McCotter Drops Write-In Bid and Retires


KC Star: Missouri GOP Senate candidates bemoan loss of freedom

StLBeacon: Romney allies outmuscle Paul forces at Missouri Republican Party convention


Politico: Democrats go to Plan B in North Carolina

Politico: John Edwards: How the prosecution stumbled


Kennebec Journal: Democrats promise fight with Republicans, King


Boston Globe: Warren trounces rival, girds for nasty campaign
WSJ: Warren Shuts Out Primary Opponent in Senate Race
WaPo: Mass. Democrats endorse Warren, shutting out primary opponent
NYT: Warren Fends Off Party Challenger in Massachusetts Race
Chicago Tribune: Democrat Warren talks tough in tight Senate race
Boston Herald: Records: Prof Warren profited by buying, selling homes


Politico: Obama, pot legalization to share Colorado ballot

Denver Post: Colorado's first-ever June primary creates little statewide excitement


Olympian: Hope for local trend to right runs high at GOP convention in Tacoma
Seattle Times: Wash. Republicans start selecting delegates


June 2, 2012


WaPo: Mitt Romney’s good week
NYT: Critics From Base See Romney Pulling Punches on ‘Nice Guy’ Obama
Chicago Tribune: Romney: California tough for GOP but can 'help me' win
NYT: In Disclosures, Romney Is Still Financially Quite Healthy
WaPo: Romney discloses sale of stocks in dozens of companies over past year
WSJ: Romney Has Shed Dozens of Stocks
NYT: Slowdown in Growth Could Reshape Fight for Presidency
Fox: Time running out for Obama to turn around the economy
WaPo: Jobs numbers remind Obama that he must do more than just attack
WaPo: With gloomier national jobs picture, Obama touts his economic plans regionally
Hill: Obama not backing off attacks on Romney's record at Bain Capital
WSJ: Campaign's Focus Turns to Grim Data
Rush Limbaugh: Desperate Dems Still Blaming Bush
WTimes: Dr. Obama diagnoses GOP ‘fever’
Weekly Standard: The Party of Lincoln
James Taranto: Promises, Promises: Unemployment was supposed to be 5.7% now
Allysia Finley: Obama's Tough Month
Fred Barnes: Barack Pinocchio Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Economy is a Train Wreck for Obama, But It's a Tragedy for the Country
Dick Morris: GOP can win on budget cuts
Rush Limbaugh: Bill Clinton Basically Endorses Mitt Romney
William Kristol: Trust the People

WaPo: Mitt Romney mobilizes a diverse cast of surrogates to carry GOP message

Hill: Portman's bipartisan reputation could hurt chance of joining GOP ticket
NatJ: Vice Presidential Pick? Don't Look At Jeb Bush

CNN: Poll: Obama-Romney race tied; Obama supporters appear more energized
Hill: Poll: Obama and Romney neck and neck

Stephen Moore: The Clinton-Biden Switcheroo

Fox: Conservative bloggers say they're targets of dangerous 'SWAT-ing' prank


WTimes: House Republicans add half-billion dollars to Pentagon budget

Hill: Jeb Bush OK with tax hike in debt deal

Dallas MN: Cornyn chides Obama for not working on tax reform in GOP’s weekly address


WSJ: Grim Job Report Sinks Markets
WaPo: Markets tumble on weak unemployment report amid fear that US recovery has stalled
NYT: Jobs Report Makes Federal Reserve More Likely to Act
WSJ: An Economy Built to Stall

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Consumed with Preparing for the Obamacare Decision

NYT: Panetta Outlines New Weaponry for Pacific

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


WSJ: State Takes Fresh Crack at Mortgages


NYT: Cuomo’s $4 Billion Plan for Project in Queens Falls Apart

NYT: Rangel Attacks Process That Led to His Censure


NYT: Cuts Threaten Status of California’s Universities


Miami Herald: Investigation of two non-citizen voters may bolster Scott’s fight with feds
WSJ: Justice Dept. Tells Florida to Stop Voter List Purge
Fox: Feds order Florida to halt ongoing push to remove ineligible voters from rolls
NYT: Search for Illegal Voters May Violate Federal Safeguards, U.S. Tells Florida
Charles Blow: Darkness in the Sunshine State


AJC: Ethics Committee: ‘Substantial cause' to believe Balfour violated rules


WSJ: Sen. Kirk's Backing of Coin Bills Scrutinized

Chicago Tribune: Walsh defends 'game' comments amid growing criticism


Milwaukee JS: Heavy absentee voting suggests big turnout Tuesday
Milwaukee JS: Barrett, Walker bring out political stars
Fox: Clinton urges Democrats to vote out Wisconsin Gov. Walker
Politico: Wisconsin recall election: Democrats roll out the big guns
NYT: Wisconsin Tops Itself in Big-Money Race
WSJ: Mismatch of Support in Wisconsin
Politico: Wisconsin recall election: Message at war with itself
George Will: Wisconsin’s Peter Pan progressivism


NYT: From Long Shot to G.O.P.’s Best Bet in Nebraska’s Senate Race


Fox: After mistrial in Edwards case, law enforcement official says retrial unlikely
NY Post: No retrial expected for John Edwards, even though jurors think he's guilty
WSJ: Edwards Jury Saw Guilt, but Lack of Proof
WaPo: John Edwards case was once thought too sensitive, Justice official says
NYT: Edwards jurors open up in morning TV interviews
WSJ: The Verdict on Edwards

Politico: Rielle Hunter book: 'What Really Happened'
NYDN: Rielle Hunter to offer her own account of John Edwards affair in new memoir


Politico: Pennsylvania gets swing state downgrade


WaPo: Bitter New Jersey primary pits President Obama against Bill Clinton


NYT: Scrutiny for Connecticut House Speaker
WSJ: Candidate Presses On


Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren on Scott Brown’s heels in Globe poll
Politico: Poll: Brown-Warren race a toss-up


Roll Call: Arizona: Cardon TV Ad Uses Questionable Image


Politico: How to ruin Orrin Hatch's day


June 1, 2012


WTimes: Romney: Obama had little to lose in Solyndra
NatJ: Romney’s New Ad Says He’ll Put U.S. ‘Back on the Right Track’
NYT: Two Locations Chosen to Annoy the Other Side

WSJ: Recent Polls Show 2012 Settling Into Deadlock
Rasmussen: Ohio: Romney 46%, Obama 44%

Fox: Nancy Reagan endorses Romney's bid for president

Peggy Noonan: The Long Race Has Begun
Karl Rove: Why 2012 Is Not 2004
WSJ: Rove on Romney

Roll Call: Quiet on Veep, Paul Ryan Preps to Help Mitt Romney

NYT: Some G.O.P. Foreign Policy Experts Are Tepid on Romney
NYT: Obama Campaign's New Attack on Romney's Record as Governor
WSJ: Obama Attacks Romney on Job-Creation Record

WTimes: Obama Minn. trip to test gay marriage’s political clout
Byron York: On wrong side of issues, Obama avoids Wisc.

Michael Gerson: Biden’s personal grief lessens isolation, stigma

Fox: Democrats, supporters appear split over Charlotte as convention choice

WSJ: Bush Joins Obama in White House Portrait Ceremony
NYT: Political Truce for a Portrait Unveiling


NYT: Iowa House Battle Draws Speakers Present and Past

Roll Call: Mitch McConnell Picks Top Races in Majority Quest

WTimes: Congressional fight gives peek at intelligence spending

NYT: House Rejects Bill to Ban Sex-Selective Abortions
WSJ: Sex Selection Is New Front in Abortion Battle
WaPo: Bill banning ‘sex-selective abortions’ fails in the House

Fox: Hill GOP leaders make new offer on student loans

WSJ: Emails Describe Deal-Making on Obama Health Bill
WTimes: Threats, deals got drug companies on board with Obama


NYT: Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran
Charles Krauthammer: Barack Obama: Drone Warrior

Sens. Coates, Burr & Rubio: National-security leaks must be plugged

WaPo: Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, federal appeals court declares
WTimes: Boston court hands same-sex marriage backers big victory
NYT: Appeals Court Turns Back Marriage Act as Unfair to Gays
WSJ: Gay-Marriage Decision Sets Up Next Fight

WTimes: Discrimination lawsuits double as definition of ‘disability’ expands

WSJ: Holder's Racial Incitement

Paul Krugman: The Austerity Agenda

David Brooks: The Segmentation Century


Daily Caller: Book describes then-SC Gov. Mark Sanford’s ‘strange’ hotel room behavior


NYT: Label of Gay Is No Longer Defamatory, Court Rules

NYT: After Recount, Republican’s Opponent Concedes a State Senate Race in Brooklyn

WSJ: Sugar Ban Stirs Up New York


WTimes: Former rival James endorses Dewhurst in Texas Senate race
NYT: Runoff Draws Big Money and Heated Words

NYT: Trial Lawyers’ Support of Republican Candidates Yields Less Than Stellar Results


WSJ: Judge Blocks Parts of Florida Voter-Registration Law
NYT: Judge Blocks Florida’s Voter Drive Rules
Fox: Feds order Florida to halt ongoing push to remove ineligible voters from rolls
NYT: Editorial: Florida’s Discriminatory Voter Purge


NYT: Recall Election Could Foretell November Vote
WSJ: Bill Clinton to Stump for Tom Barrett in Wisconsin
WSJ: Wisconsin Unions See Ranks Drop Ahead of Recall Vote
Ann Coulter: GOP whistling past the end of America
James Taranto: What's at Stake in Wisconsin


WSJ: Michigan AG Opens Probe of McCotter Petition Mess


WSJ: Acquittal, Mistrial in Edwards Case
NYT: Edwards Not Guilty on One Count; Mistrial on Five Others
NYT: Another High-Profile Failure for a Justice Dept. Watchdog
WaPo: Editorial: John Edwards should not be retried


Roll Call: Tim Kaine Purchases $2.5M in Fall Airtime, Outraises George Allen

Examiner: McDonnell rips O'Malley in Wisconsin proxy fight


NYT: Legislative Panel Rejects 2nd Christie Pick for State Supreme Court


WSJ: Campaign Aide's Arrest Shifts Connecticut Race


WaPo: For Elizabeth Warren, a bump becomes a hurdle
WSJ: Warren Says She Informed Universities of Ancestry
Fox: Warren admits identifying herself as Native American to Harvard
NYT: Governor Throws Weight Behind Senate Candidate


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The important "evolution" of the President's views on same-sex marriage....from "Flip" to "Flop" and back again

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

George Will: The constitutional right to be left alone

Politico: Coburn’s book criticizes both parties on debt woes

WaPo: Sen. Tom Coburn, part one: Defusing the debt bomb

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

American Spectator:
The Devil Is in the Details

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Human Events: Uncommon Knowledge interview with Charles Murray

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

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