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June 30, 2012


WaPo: GOP turns focus of health-care fight to Obama’s economic stewardship

NYT: On Health Care Policy, Romney Favors G.O.P. Consensus
Hill: Romney: Health ruling is 'a plus for me'
WSJ: Heath-Care Repeal May Not Be Great Politics, Poll Finds
WSJ: Rooney: Getting Numbers for Repeal Won’t Be Easy
William Kristol: November 6
Weekly Standard: This Election Just Became About Obamacare

Breitbart: Romney Ad Shows Hillary Clinton Attacking Obama
WaPo: New Romney ad uses Hillary Clinton to say ‘Shame on you’
WSJ: Ad Highlights Obama’s ‘Not a Tax’ Statement

NewsMax: Romney Vows Major Immigration Reforms

NYT: Signature Issue for Obama Looms Large Ahead of Election
NYT: Tax or Penalty? Both Campaigns Are Quick to Define Court’s Health Care Ruling
WSJ: Cutter Sees Flexibility for States on Health Overhaul

WSJ: The Murky Calculus of Job Exports
WaPo: Romney vs. The Post on outsourcing

WaPo: Five myths about the veepstakes

NYT: Obama Visits Colorado as Firefighting Progresses

NatJ: 2012 Campaign-Ad Spending Poised To Smash 2008 Record


WaPo: Student loan extension, highway funding approved by Congress
NYT: Congress Approves a $127 Billion Transportation and Student Loan Package
WTimes: Congress ends deadlock on highways, student loans
Examiner: Congress passes student loans, highway jobs bill
Fox: Congress passes highway jobs bill, halts student loan rate hike
WSJ: Congress Passes Bill on Highways, Student Loans and Flood Insurance
Fox: Congress extends flood insurance program covering 5.6 million
Allysia Finley: Harry Reid's Pension Raid

Examiner: Justice won't prosecute AG Holder for contempt
Fox: Justice Department shields Holder from prosecution after contempt vote
WTimes: White House says Holder won’t be prosecuted
Hill: Justice Department won't prosecute Holder
WSJ: No Charges for Holder After Vote
Roll Call: DOJ Won’t Pursue Eric Holder Contempt, Chuck Grassley Questions Decision
NatJ: Grassley to U.S. Attorney: Dismissing Holder Citation Isn't Option
Hill: GOP lawmaker: Holder could be arrested
WaPo: Politics plays role in some Democrats’ support of Holder contempt vote
Politico: What were the 17 anti-Holder Democrats thinking?
NatJ: Republican Who Voted No on Holder Contempt Says He'll Explain
NYT: Editorial: Score One for the Gun Lobby

WTimes: Issa’s secret gunwalking wiretaps revealed in Congressional Record
Hill: Issa reveals wiretap docs from DOJ mole
Rush Limbaugh: Wiretaps May Prove Holder Knew About Fast & Furious

Hill: Barrasso says GOP committed to repeal of ‘unworkable’ health law
Hill: Vulnerable Republicans backing repeat healthcare repeal vote
Human Events: 6 big ideas for Obamacare repeal and replace


WSJ: Health Battle Enters Round 2
WSJ: Figuring Out the Effect of a Watershed Law
American Thinker: A Surgeon Cuts to the Heart of the ObamaCare Nightmare
NYT: For Opponents of Health Care Law, No Easy Road to Repeal
WSJ: Politics Counts: Health Law’s Shades of Support
WTimes: Obama administration mum on tweaks to health law
Fox: White House claims ObamaCare fine a 'penalty,' despite court calling it a 'tax'
Fox: Health care mandate is tax, will negatively affect middle, lower class, some say
Fox: Some GOP-led states plan to resist healthcare law, as ruling reins in Medicaid expansion
Politico: Medicaid ruling could give red states more bargaining power
NYT: Some States Are Reluctant on Growth of Medicaid
WSJ: Hospitals Urge Medicaid Expansion
IBD: Editorial: What's Wrong With ObamaCare? Here's A Partial List
NYT: Editorial: It’s Time to Set Up Exchanges
WaPo: OpEd: We lost on health care. But the Constitution won
Holman Jenkins: ObamaCare—Upheld and Doomed
Rush Limbaugh: I Am Literally Sick Over This Obamacare Travesty

WSJ: Get Ready for the New Investment Tax

Fox: Did Roberts flip? Clues suggest court initially had the votes to strike down ObamaCare
WaPo: Chief Justice John Roberts’s health-care ruling gets plenty second-guessing
LA Times: Chief Justice Roberts signals that Supreme Court remains independent
Politico: John Roberts recasts his legacy with health care decision
Examiner: Roberts jokes about trip to 'impregnable' fortress
Hill: John Roberts jokes about vacationing on an 'impregnable island fortress'
John Yoo: Chief Justice Roberts and His Apologists
Kathleen Parker: Justice Roberts’s resurrection
Charles Lane: John Roberts’s Compromise of 2012
Andrew Napolitano: Roberts unleashes vast federal power
Rush Limbaugh: Marbury v. Madison is Out and Roberts v. America is In
Rush Limbaugh: Pundits Apply Tortured Logic to Applaud Roberts
Mark Steyn: Constitutional Contortions
Andrew McCarthy: Limiting the General Welfare Clause

James Taranto: Grumpy Old Lady (Ginsburg)

Fox: Supreme Court won't hear `wardrobe malfunction' appeal
NYT: Supreme Court Rejects F.C.C. Appeal in Janet Jackson Case

NYT: 5 More States Get Waivers From Education Law Rules

NYT: United States Ambassador to Kenya Quits Before Audit Release

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Ethics Inquiry Exonerates Governor In Lobbying
Aiken Standard: House Ethics panel clears Haley of lobbying charges
Fox: Haley cleared of ethics charges, still faces questions over husband's Facebook post


Buffalo News: Support for Romney stacks up in WNY visit

Politico: Charles Rangel race takes chaotic turn
Politico: Rangel race heads to court

Albany TU: Bill signings: The June 29th batch


SacBee: Judge halts Jerry Brown's move to take top spot on ballot
LA Times: In Brown setback, judge orders delay in numbering fall ballot items

SacBee: Supreme Court health care ruling provides fodder for California congressional races


NYT: For Uninsured in Texas, Supreme Court Ruling Adds to Uncertainty

HChron: Texas boasts eight of the nation’s 15 fastest-growing cities


Miami Herald: Gov. Rick Scott to review Medicaid expansion option for Florida


Chicago ST: After 11 years as U.S. attorney in Chicago, Fitzgerald steps aside


Detroit News: Failure to OK health plan could cost state $10 million


Examiner: Gov. McDonnell reappoints Dragas to U.Va. board


NYT: Christie Signs Budget, but Also Vetoes Pieces
NYT: Christie Limits Legislature’s Scrutiny of Halfway Houses


Denver Post: Obama visits Colorado Springs burn area, thanks firefighters


June 29, 2012


Hill: Romney: Healthcare ruling will raise taxes
WSJ: Romney Will Seek to Repeal Health Ruling
WSJ: Romney, GOP Pledge to Repeal Health Law
WSJ: Transcript, Video of Romney’s Remarks on Supreme Court Ruling
WaPo: Health-care ruling motivates Romney supporters
WTimes: Ruling offers opening to Romney
Hill: High court gives GOP new weapon on taxes
Politico: Mitt Romney looks for edge on health care
NYT: G.O.P. Vowing to Take Battle Over Health Care Law Into November
Boston Globe: Ruling frames Obama battle with Romney
Examiner: Court decision sets course for campaign debate
Fox: Republicans claim ObamaCare ruling could help push to repeal it
NYT: Republicans Vow to Press Health Care Challenge
WTimes: Ruling helps Romney haul in $3 million in one day
NYT: Editorial: A Muddled Political Response From the Right

WSJ: It's Up to the Voters Now
Rush Limbaugh: It All Boils Down to November
Rush Limbaugh: Our Only Choice: Win Elections
Albany TU: Dick Morris says Obamacare will propel GOP to wins
Politico: Sarah Palin feeling ‘optimistic’ after ruling
Politico: Rick Perry on Supreme Court decision: 'Stomach punch' to economy
Roll Call: Political Landscape to Stay Largely Unchanged After Decision
Politico: GOP sees down-ballot gold in Supreme Court decision
Roll Call: Health Care Ruling Re-Energizes Tea Party
Kim Strassel: The ObamaCare Election
George Will: Conservatives’ consolation prize
Joe Curl: Roberts to the rescue for Romney
Wes Pruden: The court’s gift to Mitt Romney
Charlie Cook: Skip Electoral College Math
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare is the Largest Tax Increase in the History of the World
Rush Limbaugh: A Precedent for Unlimited Taxation

NYT: Obama’s Play for History Survives
WaPo: Ruling secures for Obama a larger place in history
WTimes: Obama urges country to move on after health care victory
WTimes: Obama hails ruling as win for ‘middle class’; justices hand tax issue to GOP
WSJ: Obama's Big Political Win Sets Stage for More Battles
Human Events: Supreme Court ruling a temporary victory for the administration
Hill: Healthcare ruling's winners and losers
Peggy Noonan: Obama Has a Good Day
Dan Balz: A victory for Obama in June, but what about November?

WSJ: Ron Paul: Add Inflationary Dangers to the Day’s News
Politico: Paul plans major pre-convention rally

Politico: Adelson pledges $10M to Koch effort


Fox: House votes to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress
WaPo: House votes to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt
WTimes: House holds Holder in contempt over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents
NYT: House Finds Holder in Contempt Over Inquiry
LA Times: House finds Atty. Gen. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress
WSJ: House Vote Finds Holder in Contempt
Examiner: House declares AG Holder in contempt of Congress
NatJ: Dems Walk Out En Masse During Holder Contempt Vote
Hill: AG Holder decries 'political' vote, vows to go back to work
Fox: Holder statement on House contempt vote
Fox: Terry family critical of Holder after contempt vote
Fox: List of lawmakers who broke with their parties on Holder contempt vote
NatJ: Which Members Crossed Party Lines in Holder Contempt Vote
Politico: 11 Democrats defy the NRA on Holder

WaPo: Following Supreme Court health-care ruling, House GOP will again try to repeal the law
Daily Caller: NRCC on health care ruling: ‘This is a big f***ing tax’
Rep. Michele Bachmann: Onward to repeal Obamacare

Politico: Transportation bill inching forward to passage
Politico: Backers vow to keep Keystone in pipeline
Hill: Conservative groups rev up opposition to highway bill


WSJ: Court Backs Obama on Health Law
WaPo: Supreme Court upholds Obama’s health-care law
WTimes: Supreme Court upholds Obama’s health care overhaul
Fox: Supreme Court upholds individual mandate, ObamaCare survives
NYT: Supreme Court Lets Health Law Largely Stand, in Victory for Obama
WTimes: Health care ruling opens new avenues of debate
Fox: Debate on ObamaCare to intensify in the wake of landmark Supreme Court ruling

WTimes: The Supreme Court Opinion (.pdf)

WSJ: Unwanted Label of 'Tax' Saves Health Measure
WSJ: ObamaCare and the Power to Tax
NYT: Justices Allow the Term ‘Tax’ to Embrace ‘Penalty’
WTimes: Roberts strikes balance with ‘tax’ interpretation

WaPo: How the Supreme Court ruled

NYT: Editorial: A Moderate Ruling With Risks Ahead
WaPo: Editorial: A ruling that’s good for the country
Stephen Moore: The ObamaCare Tax
Paul Krugman: The Real Winners
Mike Lupica: Republican party gets spiked as Supreme Court upholds Obamacare
NYT: OpEd: A Confused Opinion

WSJ: Roberts Straddles Ideological Divide
WSJ: The Roberts Rules: The Chief Justice rewrites ObamaCare in order to save it
WTimes: Roberts’ vote sways Supreme Court to uphold Obama’s health care overhaul
WaPo: Roberts’s health-care decision stuns many but is in line with his outlook
Human Events: Roberts forces us to deal with health care politically — and that’s OK
Hill: GOP shocked with Roberts ruling
Examiner: Roberts riles conservatives by backing Obama
Daily Caller: Obamacare ruling: The liberal apotheosis of John Roberts
Hill: Dems grapple with feelings about Roberts court after health decision
WSJ: The New Swing Justice
NatJ: Daring to Defer
NYT: Roberts Shows Deft Hand as Swing Vote on Health Care
NYT: Ruling Likely to Prompt Re-evaluation of Roberts
Boston Globe: Roberts’s role in vote sparks questions on legacy
Politico: Kennedy slams 'judicial overreaching'
Charles Krauthammer: Why Roberts did it
Rush Limbaugh: What Happened to John Roberts?
David Brooks: Modesty and Audacity
Ross Douthat: John Roberts's Political Decision
Byron York: Roberts' dodge at heart of Obamacare decision
James Taranto: We Blame George W. Bush
Linda Greenhouse: A Justice in Chief
EJ Dionne: A victory for Obama — and for Roberts
Dana Milbank: The umpire strikes back

WSJ: For Health Sector: Forward, March
Hill: Lobbyists brace for flood of regulations after healthcare ruling
Fox: Insurance industry warns of higher rates, as ObamaCare supporters see long-term fix
WSJ: OpEd: The Wrong Remedy for Health Care
Rush Limbaugh: Why Employers Will Dump Health Insurance

WSJ: Medicaid Decision Looms for States
NYT: States Face a Challenge to Meet Health Law’s Deadline
NYT: In Health Care Ruling, Investors See a Mixed Blessing
NYT: Uncertainty Over States and Medicaid Expansion
Charles Lane: Medicaid mystery at SCOTUS

Daily Caller: Stock trades may show Obamacare leak from Supreme Court

WaPo: Supreme Court: Lying about military medals is protected by Constitution
NYT: Lying About Earning War Medals Is Protected Speech, Justices Rule
WSJ: Court: You Can Tell Lies About Being a War Hero


Daily Caller: New Hampshire legislature overrides governor’s voter ID veto


NYT: South Carolina Governor Criticizes Accuser


Roll Call: New York Offers Landscape-Shifting Potential
NYT: After Rangel Victory, Uncounted Votes Prompt Questions
Albany TU: Owens, Hochul vote to hold Holder in contempt

NYT: In Albany and at Polls, Conservative Party’s Sway Rises

NYT: New York Led Country in Population Growth Since 2010 Census

Albany TU: State already following health care law
Rochester D&C: Expert believes health-care ruling unlikely to affect congressional races


Roll Call: Late Date, Summer Heat to Affect Texas Race


Fox: Judge refuses to block Florida voter purge


Detroit News: Michigan GOP to keep fighting health care ruling; Democrats elated
Detroit FP: How health ruling will change care in Michigan


Daily Caller: Sen. Scott Brown demands Holder’s resignation


Rasmussen: Arizona Senate: Flake (R) 47%, Carmona (D) 31%

Rasmussen: Arizona Voters Blame Government, Employers for Illegal Immigration


NYT: Western Colorado Struggles as Energy Jobs Fade


June 28, 2012


WSJ: Romney Predicts Tough Night for White House
NYT: Diplomatic Crisis Gives Romney Campaign a Chance to Work Out Its Policy
WaPo: Mitt Romney shifts focus from Post article on Bain to health-care law
Fox: Romney campaign meets with Washington Post, wants 'outsourcing' story retracted
Hill: Washington Post declines Romney request to retract article on Bain Capital
NYT: For Romney Superfan, a New Truck Courtesy of the Candidate
Fred Barnes: The View From Romney's 'Victory Retreat'
Pete DuPont: On education, there are big differences between Obama and Romney
Karl Rove: Obama's Campaign Whoppers
Michael Gerson: Romney’s strategic failure on immigration

WTimes: Romney’s pool of governors: The states offer many possible vice presidents
WTimes: McDonnell hints of being vetted for VP

NYT: Future of an Aging Court Raises Stakes of Presidential Vote

WSJ: Obama Gains Among Latinos
WaPo: Poll suggests Obama swing state attacks working
WTimes: Poll: Obama has edge in three key states
NatJ: Swing State Storm Clouds for Obama and Romney Alike
Rasmussen: Arizona: Romney 54%, Obama 41%

WTimes: Democratic convention plagued
Hill: Multiple stumbles on the Democrats's road to Charlotte, N.C. convention
Weekly Standard: Out of Their Minds ... for Going to Carolina

WSJ: IRS Probes Political Group Tied to Rove

NYT: Judy Agnew, Wife of Vice President, Dies at 91


WSJ: Boehner Taps 2 Lawmakers to Give GOP View on Health Decision

WSJ: House to Vote on Holder Contempt
Examiner: House set to declare Holder in contempt of Congress
Hill: Democrats defect on AG Holder
LA Times: Eric Holder loses some Democrats' support over Fast and Furious
Fox: House GOP poised to hold Holder in contempt, with some Dems to vote in favor
WTimes: Sides dig in as contempt vote on Holder looms
Daily Caller: Holder heading into contempt proceedings over Fast and Furious
WSJ: U.S. Attorney Could Ignore Holder Contempt Citation
Hill: Black caucus to stage walkout during Holder contempt vote in House
National Review: Fast and Furious: A Timeline
WaPo: Agent who started ‘Fast and Furious’ defends gunrunning operation
Ann Coulter: The Biggest Scandal in U.S. History
Kim Strassel: Holder's 31 Wild Cards

Human Events: John McCain renews call for investigation into ‘avalanche of leaks’

WSJ: Leaders Set Deal On Highway Bill, Student Loans
NYT: Tentative Deal Reached on 2-Year Transportation Bill
Politico: Highway deal: Keystone out; compromise clears path
National Review: Bad Deal on Student Loans

WSJ: Political Perceptions: Maze of a Tax Debate

Dana Milbank: GOP-style jobs program

NYT: Most Americans Support Plan to Suspend Saturday Mail Delivery, Poll Finds

Roll Call: NRCC Elevates Six Young Guns Candidates


WSJ: Supreme Court to Decide on Health Law
WTimes: Supreme Court ready for ‘high theater’ with health care ruling
WSJ: Health Ruling Won't Cure States' Ills
NYT: Awaiting Ruling on Fairly Simple Questions About a Complex Health Law
Hill: High court healthcare ruling will be verdict on Obama as a leader
NYT: If the Health Care Law Is Overturned, Anger May Not Be the President's Reaction
NYT: Details of Health Care Ruling Could Be Lost on Public
Politico: Ex-AG: John Roberts might punt on Supreme Court health care case
WSJ: Obama and Roberts Legacies Are Intertwined
Dan Henninger: The President That Time Forgot

NYT: A Dissent by Scalia Is Criticized as Political
EJ Dionne: Justice Scalia must resign
WaPo: Editorial: Justice Scalia’s partisan discredit to the court
Examiner: The Left's effort to discredit all conservative thought

WTimes: Tax cheats got $1.4 billion in stimulus loans

Hill: Ron Paul’s audit-the-Fed bill advances

James Taranto: The Sky Isn't Falling! And regulators are worried

NYT: After Years of False Hopes, Signs of a Turn in Housing

WSJ: Cities Outpace Suburbs in Growth


WaPo: New York's Wendy Long Faces Kirsten Gillibrand in Two-Woman Senate Contest
Human Events: New York primaries set stage for GOP wins in November
Buffalo News: Gloves off as Collins, Hochul battle in national arena

NYT: Date Blamed for Low Vote in Primaries

NYT: Inquiry Looks Into a Shield for Donors in Elections


LA Times: Jerry Brown signs budget that relies on voter-backed tax hikes
Fox: California governor signs new budget relying heavily on taxes
AP: California governor signs budget relying on taxes

Fox: Stockton set to become the largest US city to declare bankruptcy


WSJ: Sullivan Joins List of Felled House Incumbents
Roll Call: John Sullivan’s Big Mistake? Ignoring Challenger for Too Long


NYT: Judge Sides With Florida on Purging Voter Rolls
Politico: Judge: Florida voter purge is legal


Weekly Standard: Barrow to Vote to Hold Holder in Contempt


Star Tribune: Collin Peterson to join GOP in contempt vote


Politico: Claire McCaskill: Charlotte chatter is ‘stupid’


WaPo: Editorial: Rand Paul’s situational principle


NYT: As His Optimistic Budget Falters, Christie Comes Out Swinging


Weekly Standard: Mass. GOP Ad: Warren Got Rich Flipping Houses


Roll Call: Arizona: Jeff Flake to Make $1.4 Million TV Ad Buy


June 27, 2012


MSNBC: NBC/WSJ poll: Obama, Romney remain in dead heat
WSJ: Obama Clings to a Narrow Lead
Rasmussen: North Carolina: Romney 47%, Obama 44%

Fox: Romney ends primary season with a win in Utah

Dick Morris: Obama’s failed presidency

WTimes: Arizona ruling seen giving Romney opening
WTimes: Romney taking heat on amnesty question
WaPo: Mitt Romney says he would lead on immigration, he just won’t say how
Rush Limbaugh: Romney Flubbed Arizona Response
Kathleen Parker: Romney may soon be feeling the Arizona heat
Rush Limbaugh: The Regime Refuses to Enforce the Border
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Goes "Soviet" on Arizona

NatJ: Portman: Romney Would Sacrifice a Two-Term Presidency

Politico: Obama campaign’s Bain attacks could force Romney to reshuffle veep list

WSJ: Obama Defends Record in Florida Visit
NYT: Obama Campaign Banks on High-Tech Ground Game to Reach Voters
NYT: Obama Calls Romney Possible ‘Outsourcer in Chief’
WTimes: Obama cries the blues for cash

Fox: Organizers move opening of Democratic convention amid talk of money woes
WSJ: Sen. McCaskill to Skip Democratic Convention

Fox: Obama prepping thousands of lawyers for election


Fox: Last ditch meetings between White House and House GOP fail to avert contempt vote
NYT: Democrats Feel Pressure From Gun Lobby on Contempt Vote
Daily Caller: House Dem breaks from party, plans to vote for Holder contempt
Politico: Dem says he’ll vote ‘yes’ on Holder contempt
Hill: Jim Matheson becomes first Democrat to back placing Eric Holder in contempt

Fox: GOP senators press Holder for special prosecutor into potential national security leaks
Hill: Republican senators write Holder demanding special counsel for leaks
Examiner: House Republicans hammer Holder on guns, leaks

Fox: Senate leaders say they have student loan deal
NYT: Senate Agreement on Student Loans
WaPo: Senate deal would freeze student-loan rates for year

WSJ: Senate Clears Bill Renewing $6 Billion FDA User-Fee Program

WSJ: Sperling: ‘Grand’ Deal on Deficit Possible After Election

WSJ: What Good Is a GOP Senate? Rehberg sells out on Medicare reform


WaPo: The Supreme Court’s unusual moment in the spotlight
Ross Douthat: Douthat: The Liberal Embrace of Judicial Restraint
Rush Limbaugh: Politico Warns Chief Justice Roberts

NYT: Immigration Ruling Leaves Issues Unresolved
Michael Barone: Supreme Court sets stage for immigration reform

NYT: Sentencing Ruling Reflects Rethinking on Juvenile Justice
George Will: Shall we lock up a child and throw away the key?

AP: Federal court upholds EPA's global warming rules

WTimes: GAO: $1 billion in tax credits went to cheats

James Taranto: Switching Teams: A leading opponent of same-sex marriage defects


Politico: Iowa GOP panel offers caucus reforms


Human Events: Wendy Long wins NY GOP Senate primary
Albany TU: Wendy Long will face Kirsten Gillibrand
Fox: Long wins NY Senate GOP primary to face Gillibrand
Queens Courier: Wendy Long wins primary, to face Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in November
Times Ledger: Long beats Turner in Republican contest for Senate
Albany TU: Log Cabin Republicans chastise Long for NOM endorsement
Wikipedia: Wendy Long bio

NYT: Rangel Fends Off Challengers to Win Difficult Primary

Buffalo News: Collins gets GOP nod to face Hochul


Reuters: Stockton, California to file for bankruptcy
Fox: Stockton set to become the largest US city to declare bankruptcy


Fox: Tea Party favorite Bridenstine defeats incumbent Sullivan in Oklahoma primary
WaPo: Oklahoma Rep. John Sullivan loses primary


NYT: Senator McCaskill to Skip Democratic Convention
Rush: Missouri Democrats Flee Ship: McCaskill Ditches DNC, Nixon Dumps on Obamacare


NYT: North Carolina: Rielle Hunter Announces Breakup


Politico: PPP: Brown and Warren tied


Daily Caller: Ariz. congressmen: Administration has declared war against Arizona
WSJ: Ruling Sets Off Latino Vote Drive in Arizona


Human Events: Incumbent Sen. Hatch trounces Liljenquist in Utah primary
NYT: Hatch Overcomes Challenge in Republican Primary in Utah
WSJ: Hatch's Win Deals Setback to Activists


June 26, 2012


WSJ: Remapping the Road to Victory
Examiner: Romney challenges Obama for youth vote

WSJ: Romney Wants ‘Latitude’ for States on Immigration
Fox: Supreme Court immigration ruling gives Romney an 'opportunity,' analysts say
WSJ: Obama, Romney Statements on Arizona Ruling
NYT: On the Campaign Trail, Obama and Romney React to the Justices’ Decision
Hill: Supreme Court split verdict puts immigration center stage in 2012
WaPo: Arizona immigration ruling complicates Republicans’ strategy with Hispanics
WSJ: Arizona Ruling Helps Obama Court Hispanics
NatJ: Will Immigration Decision Fuel Latino Turnout?
Byron York: Romney's timidity on court's immigration ruling

AJC: A brief summary of a summer Romney retreat in Utah

Fox: State of the race favors Romney ahead of health law scramble

WTimes: Would-be stars walk tightrope in VP circus

WSJ: Obama Steps Up Outsourcing Attacks on Romney
WaPo: Obama continues Bain attack in shadow of Supreme Court rulings
WTimes: Obama slams Romney for ‘outsourcing’ work at Bain

American Thinker: Time and Again, Maraniss Conceals Obama's Socialist Roots

Charlie Cook: The election still hinges on the economy

Fox: Cracks showing in Democratic Party's 'big tent' strategy ahead of convention

DC: Report: Debbie Wasserman Schultz ‘getting booted’ as DNC chairwoman after November
Weekly Standard: Wasserman Schultz Out as DNC Chief?


Hill: Holder contempt vote set for Thursday
WaPo: Eric Holder ‘Fast and Furious’ contempt vote to be held Thursday
Fox: Issa cites 'gunwalking' case based on plan floated by 'Furious' whistleblower
Politico: Issa escalates 'Furious' war
Michael Gerson: An attorney general lacking trust

WTimes: House GOP seen blocking farm measure

Human Events: Law allowing Border Patrol to do their job moves through House

Hill: GOP clash looms on tax loopholes

NatJ: Insiders Say Defense Sequester 'Somewhat Likely' to Take Effect

NYT: Intelligence Chief Announces New Rules to Curb Leaks
Hill: White House threatens polygraphs for leakers


WSJ: Court Splits on Arizona Law
WaPo: Supreme Court upholds key part of Arizona law for now, strikes down other provisions
NYT: Blocking Parts of Arizona Law, Justices Allow Its Centerpiece
Examiner: Court upholds key part of Arizona immigration law
WTimes: Obama loses on issue of police immigration stops
Fox: Supreme Court reins in Arizona immigration law, but leaves key provision in place
Fox: Brewer: Supreme Court's Arizona decision a 'victory for the rule of law'
WTimes: Arizona’s AG: Court’s ruling is ‘a 70% win’
WTimes: Immigration ruling shows clarity need
NYT: Arizona Ruling Only a Narrow Opening for Other States
Fox: States face uphill climb on immigration enforcement after court ruling, DHS shift
WaPo: Ruling on Arizona immigration to have mixed impact on laws in other states
Bloomberg: Justice Kennedy Leans Liberal -- for Now
WSJ: Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Arizona Ruling
NatJ: Text of Arizona v. United States, the Supreme Court's Immigration Ruling
WaPo: Editorial: A Supreme reminder that immigration belongs to Washington
WSJ: Raising Arizona: The Supreme Court unanimously rejects a White House power grab
American Spectator: Small Victories in Arizona Immigration Decision
Politico: Rush Limbaugh: Antonin Scalia is 'right on money'
Rush Limbaugh: Scalia's Dissent on Arizona Case
Rush Limbaugh: Confusion Over SCOTUS Arizona Ruling
Rich Lowry: Arizona’s Victory
James Taranto: Split Decision
Dana Milbank: A rough ruling for immigration hard-liners

NYT: Justices Bar Mandatory Life Terms for Juveniles
WaPo: Court says states may not impose mandatory life sentences on juvenile murderers

WaPo: Supreme Court reaffirms Citizens United, tosses Montana corporate spending ban
NYT: Court Declines to Revisit Its Citizens United Decision
WSJ: Supreme Court Majority United
Rush Limbaugh: Supremes Rule Against Libs on PACs

NYT: Health Care Ruling Expected Thursday
Politico: John Roberts's big moment
Charles Lane: Redefining American government through Obamacare
Ezra Klein: How GOP made it possible for the Supreme Court to rule against the mandate
Rush Limbaugh: The Pre-Obamacare Ruling Spin

WSJ: Koch Brothers, Cato Institute Settle Dispute

Alan Blinder: Stimulus Isn't a Dirty Word


NYT: For New York’s Early Congressional Primaries, a Desperate Push for Turnout

Fox: Rangel facing tough primary challenge in New York


SacBee: Budget tweaks could help Gov. Jerry Brown make his case for tax hikes


Austin AS: Perry blasts Arizona ruling but ready to push sanctuary city bill again
Dallas MN: Arizona ruling opens door for Texas lawmakers
Star-Teleg: TX legislators likely to address immigration in wake of Supreme Court ruling


WaPo: Jesse Jackson Jr. takes medical leave


WTimes: Rivals betting Rep. Conyers vulnerable in Aug. primary


Politico: Mike Turzai: Voter ID helps GOP win state


Roll Call: Ethics Issues Abound in Connecticut Primary


WSJ: Obama Gives A Boost to Elizabeth Warren


Roll Call: Orrin Hatch Poised to Win 7th Term
WaPo: Utah’s Orrin Hatch favored to win primary
NYT: Hatch Is Tested in Utah, but Tea Party Anger Cools
Weekly Standard: Utah Senate Primary Poll: Hatch 60, Liljenquist 32

WaPo: Mia Love of Utah hopes to become the first black Republican woman in Congress
Roll Call: Utah: Poll Shows Jim Matheson With Healthy Lead Over Mia Love


Bill McGurn: Son of Scott Walker


June 25, 2012


Detroit FP: New polls: Romney, Obama in dead heat in Michigan
WTimes: Poll: Obama immigration policy could hurt him in Michigan

Chicago Tribune: Restive Iowa could be a presidential decider

Politico: Romney is slated to be in Arizona on Monday

Hill: Romney shows his softer side
American Thinker: Romney Is Mr. Normal

Yahoo: Cash Rules at Romney Retreat While Condoleezza Rice Steals the Show
WSJ: Romney Financial Backers Feted, Then Pressed to Do More

Weekly Standard: Romney Celebrates the G.I. Bill

DC: GOP summit focuses on training Hispanic candidates to ‘grow the Republican family’

Fox: Romney camp fights claims of shipping jobs overseas

Gallup: Many Americans Can't Name Obama's Religion
NYT: Seeing an Obama Army in Gay Pride Legions
WSJ: Political Perceptions: Obama Keeps Faith in Ground Game
Juan Williams: Some Dems turning on Obama

WSJ: Romney Adviser Jabs at Obama Immigration Plan
American Spectator: Immigration Breakdown

NYT: White Working Chaos


WaPo: Darrell Issa: No evidence White House involved in ‘Fast and Furious’
WTimes: Issa: No evidence of White House cover-up in Fast and Furious probe
NYT: No Evidence White House Covered Up Guns Case
Examiner: Contempt vote likely to be forgotten by Election Day
Hill: Hill Poll: Voters: Obama over-reached blocking Fast and Furious docs
Jed Babbin: Obama's Watergate

Politico: Big deal to stave off cuts is elusive
NYT: Editorial: Lift the Veil on the Spending Cuts
Rep. Buck McKeon: The disastrous impact of sequestration

WTimes: Top secret: What food stamps buy
NYT: Editorial: A Mediocre Farm Bill

Hill: Sen. Ben Nelson: Norquist tax pledge shouldn't become 'trap' to debt deal

WaPo: Lawmakers reworked financial portfolios after talks with Fed, Treasury officials

Roll Call: Republican Freshmen Stick Together


Fox: Pols brace for landmark ruling in ObamaCare battle
NYT: Polarized Over Health Care, United on Drama of Ruling
WTimes: Spin doctors prepare to pounce on health care decision
NYT: Preparing to Respond to Landmark Decisions
WaPo: For Obama, Supreme Court health-care, immigration rulings to close a tough term
WSJ: Federal Power at Issue in Key Cases
WSJ: Smearing Small Business: Liberals turn on NFIB for challenging ObamaCare in court
National Review: It’s Not Just the Mandate
EJ Dionne: Will we love the health-care law if it dies?

WSJ: Supreme Court Set to Rule on Arizona Immigration Law

Hill: Week Ahead: Supreme Court decisions, Holder contempt, deadlines

Robert Samuelson: The sources of the global economic stalemate
Human Events: Reduce government, expand the economy
American Spectator: Heading Toward National Insolvency
Paul Krugman: The Great Abdication
American Thinker: Another Devaluation of Paul Krugman's credibility

John Fund: Twilight of the Unions

NYT: OpEd: United States should pursue an international treaty regulating cyberweapons


Fox: Anonymous donor agrees to foot the bill for Obama visit to NH college town


Buffalo News: A campaign run out of the spotlight (US Senate GOP primary)

NYT: A Governor Trying to Elude the Sophomore Slump


Dan Walters: California lawmakers now face water, pensions, bullet trains
George Skelton: California GOP sinking into third-party status


Hill: Centrist Dold seeks common ground

Chicago Tribune: Debt balloons for Chicago-area pension plans


Milwaukee JS: State's pension is strongest in nation, study finds


WaPo: Critics of TN ‘no holding-hands bill’ say it won’t reduce high teen pregnancy rate


NatJ: The Rehabilitation of George Allen

WSJ: The Virginia Fracas
WTimes: Battle-scarred McDonnell at ‘pivot point’ of leadership

Examiner: Connolly faces moderate Republican in N.Va.


WTimes: Obama too toxic for West Virginia Democrats


NYT: Budget Cuts Anger Catholics in Philadelphia


NYT: Gay Marriage Again on Ballot in Maine


Politico: Warren to introduce Obama in Boston


WTimes: Utah challenger a thorn in Hatch’s side


June 24, 2012


WSJ: Romney Revs Up Money Machine in Park City Weekend
WaPo: Romney mixes and mingles at rarefied retreat as top donors taste victory
NYT: For Wealthy Romney Donors, Up Close and Personal Access
NatJ: Romney Donors Mingle With GOP Elite at Utah Retreat
Boston Globe: Romney spends weekend with top fundraisers, donors
Politico: Mitt Romney rewards donors at Utah retreat

Fox: Pickens accuses Obama of abandoning '08 energy pledge, expects to back Romney
NatJ: T. Boone Pickens Likely to Back Romney

NatJ: Gillespie: Romney Will Review Obama's Executive Orders, Repeal Some
Hill: Romney adviser: Obama deportation decision would be 'subject to repeal'

Dan Balz: A peek behind the curtain of the vice presidential candidate selection process
Daily Caller: Veepstakes 2012: George Will says Jindal, Peggy Noonan says Portman
Hill: Rubio demurs on interest in vice presidential candidacy

NYT: Cardinal Dolan Says Obama Policies Threaten ‘Sacred Liberties’

WaPo: Obama has ‘genuine love for black community,’ senior adviser says

Michael Barone: Obama backers use race as alibi for ebbing support

Ross Douthat: All the President’s Privileges

NYT: Editorial: What Sheldon Adelson Wants

Fox: Poll: 1-in-4 uncommitted in 2012 presidential race

Human Events: Haley Barbour: GOP platform should include Education Dept. abolishment


Fox: Issa predicts 'bipartisan' contempt vote against Holder this week
Hill: Issa confident House will vote to place Eric Holder in contempt
WTimes: Issa refuses to back down over Fast and Furious conspiracy theory
Fox: Court rulings suggest 'privilege' claim over 'Furious' docs would fizzle, Republicans say
NatJ: Issa on Investigation: 'We're Not Fishing'
Daily Caller: Hume on Fast and Furious: ‘The scent of a cover-up is pretty strong’
Daily Caller: David Brooks: Obama’s use of executive privilege politically ‘stupid’
Politico: Perry: Obama Fast and Furious executive privilege 'Nixonian'

Hill: Pessimism growing on deal to avert deep cuts to Pentagon spending

Hill: Dems, GOP both stand to lose if highway bill stalls in final week

NatJ: Rubio: No New Tax Revenue
NatJ: Rubio Suppports Arizona Law, Attacks Obama on Immigration

WP: Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws affecting those same firms


WaPo: Obama’s legal tactics seen as possibly hurting chances to save health-care law
NYT: Chief Justice Offers Hint at New Timing for Health Care Ruling
NYT: Supporters Slow to Grasp Health Law’s Legal Risks
NYT: Wearing Brave Face, Obama Braces for Health Care Ruling
Hill: Healthcare decision leads to defining week for Obama, Roberts

Human Events: Stolen Valor: Supreme Court set to decide military phonies case

NYT: OpEd: Old vs. Young


Fox: New Hampshire town asks Obama campaign to pay for costs of upcoming visit


Fox: Cash-strapped Nevada city declares state of emergency


Bob McCarthy: Presidential campaign hits WNY


Boston Globe: Senator Kerry’s closeness to Obama draws fire


Fox: Utah Sen. Hatch in strong position ahead of GOP primary


June 23, 2012


Hill: GOP kingmakers make their case for Romney's running mate
National Review: Ryan Being Vetted for VP

Hill: Romney unveils new swing-state ads
WSJ: Romney Tailors Ads by State

RCP: Obama's White Support Is Too Low to Win
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 48% Obama 43%
Examiner: 49% young voters grade Obama poorly
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Losing Racial Politics Game

WSJ: Priebus: Super PACs Not Hurting RNC Funding

Daily Caller: Romney to raise dollars for campaign with Chris Christie next week

Kathleen Parker: Kathleen Parker: Ann Romney has a horse. So what?
Gail Collins: The (Sort of) New Mitt

Fox: Politico reporter suspended after racial comment on Romney

Examiner: Obama to Hispanics on immigrants: I see my kids
WaPo: Obama courts Hispanic supporters at NALEO conference in Orlando
NYT: Obama Draws Contrast With Romney in His Turn Before Hispanics
WTimes: ‘Si se puede’: Obama basks in Hispanics’ appreciation
Fox: Obama rallies Latino officials on heels of immigration policy change
Fox: Hispanic Vote Far from Monolithic
WSJ: How Immigration Plays in Battleground States
WSJ: Obama Sharpens Policy Contrasts With GOP
WSJ: Political Perceptions: Micromanaging the Message
WSJ: Obama Calls Romney ‘Outsourcing Pioneer’
WaPo: Obama cites Washington Post story on Bain outsourcing to criticize Romney
NYT: Companies’ Ills Did Not Harm Romney’s Firm
Weekly Standard: Obama’s Victory Plan
Jay Cost: The Soul of the Democratic Party Machine
Mark Steyn: Obama’s Great American Novel

Rush Limbaugh: What We're Up Against: The Obama Phone

WaPo: Mitt Romney’s hidden campaign cash
WaPo: Editorial: Romney’s Republicanpalooza: How about a guest list?
NYT: With Elections Awash in Cash, There’s Plenty of Blame to Go Around
Politico: Obama taps overseas donor pool
Fred Barnes: They Pack a Wallop: The super-PAC juggernaut

Weekly Standard: The Obama Retreat

Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Obama 48%, Romney 43%
Politico: Poll: Obama tops Mitt Romney on social issues


Hill: GOP promises to rid nation of healthcare law
Rush Limbaugh: If the Obamacare Ruling Goes Our Way, It's Worth Celebrating
Jonathan Turley: The fate of health care shouldn’t come down to 9 justices. Try 19.

Hill: House Republicans release final Holder contempt resolution
Fox: Dems avoid, Republicans slam Pelosi theory on Holder contempt push
Andrew McCarthy: Fast and Furious and OCDETF

Hill: Rep. McKeon says Obama’s budget chief won’t commit to testify on defense cuts

WaPo: Student loan deal appears near in Senate
NatJ: Senate Leaders Strike Deal to Freeze Student Loan Interest Rates

Dana Milbank: Grover Norquist delivers the GOP’s marching orders


WSJ: The Dodd-Frank Downgrade

WSJ: States Face Pressure on Pension Shortfalls

WaPo: Mary Cheney gets married
NatJ: Cheney's Daughter Marries Partner
Hill: Cheneys ‘delighted’ about daughter’s marriage to longtime partner

NYT: Gay Marriage Gains Backer as Major Foe Revises Views
David Blankenhorn: How My View on Gay Marriage Changed

WTimes: Gay activists make obscene gesture at Reagan White House portrait
Fox: White House rebukes guests who flipped bird at Reagan portrait
Rush Limbaugh: Gay Community Update: Activists Flip Off Reagan at Obama WH Party

NYT: New Union Leader Vows Tougher Fight for Rights
Human Events: Top 10 labor union woes

Fox: Obama pick for NLRB was top lawyer for union tainted by mob ties, history of corruption

NYT: Editorial: The Anti-Union Roberts Court

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Rasmussen: Race for New Hampshire Governor Is Wide Open


Roll Call: South Carolina: Gov. Nikki Haley Endorses Tom Rice in GOP Race


NY Post: Wendy Long for the GOP

NY Post: Cuomo endorses Rangel
Hill: New York Gov. Cuomo endorses Rangel

Stephen Moore: Food Stamps Queen Gillibrand


Austin AS: Dewhurst, Cruz face off in first one-on-one debate
Dallas MN: Texas Senate candidates Dewhurst, Cruz clash in Dallas debate
Star-Telegram: Texas US Senate candidates mostly agree in debate

HChron: Perry Watch: Texas governor stumps for GOP nominee in West Virginia


Politico: Rick Scott: Florida economy ‘doing extremely well’

WSJ: Rubio Gives No Specifics on Immigration Overhaul
NatJ: Rubio Restrained


NYT: Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic at Risk as Law Nears


Hill: Wisconsin Senate candidate calls Rep. Baldwin a communist
Human Events: Wisconsin Senate primary a contentious four-candidate contest


Fox: Arkansas Supreme Court strikes down execution law


WaPo: McDonnell tells U-Va. board to resolve leadership crisis, or he will remove members


Human Events: Fear and trembling in West Virginia


Roll Call: Arizona: Trent Franks and Club for Growth Engage Over Arizona Senate Race


Stephen Moore: Orrin Hatch Battles Ted Kennedy's Ghost in Utah


NYT: Oregon Study Shows Benefits, and Price, for Newly Insured


June 22, 2012


LA Times: Romney reaches out to Latinos
NYT: Romney Exhibits a Change in Tone on Immigration
WSJ: Romney Softens Tone on Immigration
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Softens Immigration Rhetoric in Speech to Latinos
WaPo: Mitt Romney tries to soften image among Hispanic voters
WTimes: Romney hedges on keeping Obama’s amnesty in place
Politico: In Florida, Mitt offers few immigration details
Fox: Romney accuses Obama of pandering to Latino community
Examiner: Romney vows to overturn Obama immigration plan
Human Events: Rubio hammers Obama’s ‘no way bipartisan’ immigration action
Hill: Hispanic population soars in presidential swing states
National Review: Romney and the Latinos
Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s amnesty-by-fiat: Naked lawlessness

Gallup: Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval falls to 43%

Peggy Noonan: Romney can win, but he needs more than applause lines
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Desperately Needs Distractions
American Spectator: It's Still Romney's to Lose
James Taranto: Defending an increasingly counterintuitive view of the Obama era

WTimes: Romney stirs up challenge on unions’ own turf

WaPo: Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas

WSJ: Governors’ Messages Clash With Romney’s
Hill: Gov. Scott denies that Romney camp asked him to downplay growth in Fla.

WSJ: Ron Paul Supporters Sue RNC for Helping Romney
NYT: For the Ron Paul Wing, Now What?

Byron York: Obama saw corporate job as working for the enemy

Fox: Biden's brawlers: Veep's security team squared off in Nantucket melee

Fox: As Obama Burns Through Cash, New Questions Arise About His Strategy

WSJ: OpEd: Republicans Are Blocking Obama's Jobs Plan

American Thinker: Maraniss Bio Deepens Obama Birth Mystery

WSJ: Obama Is Back Up in Florida, Poll Finds
Rasmussen: New Hampshire: Obama 48%, Romney 43%
Hill: Obama looks to capitalize on shift in presidential race’s momentum
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Worry About the Independents!

Daily Caller: Washington Post demolishes latest Obama campaign ad
WaPo: 4 Pinocchios for Obama’s newest anti-Romney ad


WSJ: Boehner Presses Ahead on Holder Vote
WTimes: House committee suspects ‘Fast and Furious’ cover-up
WSJ: GOP Keeps Punching in Fight With Holder
WaPo: White House, Republicans dig in for battle over Holder investigation
Fox: Democrats go on offense over Holder contempt push
WP: Ed: Does executive privilege outweigh Congress’s right to disclosure on Fast & Furious?
WaPo: OpEd: If the House holds Holder in contempt of Congress, what then?
NYT: For Recent Attorneys General, Crisis Is the Norm
NYT: Partisan Confrontation That Not All Wanted
Politico: How President Obama and John Boehner got to the brink
DC: Grassley: WH must provide Congress with a ‘privilege log’ for Fast and Furious documents
Hill: GOP senator: White House claims about document hand-over are 'hogwash'
Fox: Murdered border agent Brian Terry's parents accuse Obama of 'hiding something'
Rush Limbaugh: Pelosi: Holder Contempt Vote is Part of GOP Voter Suppression Scheme
Rush Limbaugh: Spokeskid Blames Bush for Fast and Furious
Rush Limb: Regime Tipped "Under the Radar" Gun Control Strategy Before Immaculation
Rush Limbaugh: What is the White House Hiding?
Fred Thompson: May Obama Claim Executive Privilege?

WSJ: Senators Call for Reports on Impact of 2013 Cuts
NYT: Pentagon Gets Attention, but Planned Spending Cuts Range Far and Wide
WaPo: Senate wants reports on how automatic budget cuts will affect domestic programs
Hill: McKeon: Time to punt on defense cuts
WSJ: Manufacturers: Fiscal Cliff Puts 1 Million Jobs at Risk

NYT: Senate Passes Farm Bill With Bipartisan Support
WSJ: Senate Passes Farm Bill That Curtails Aid
Fox: Senate passes five-year farm bill cutting subsidies for some
Hill: Senate passes farm bill, as 16 Republicans vote with Democrats

NatJ: Lawmakers Approaching Student-Loan Deal
Fox: Obama renews call to Congress to stop student loan rate hike
WaPo: Obama urges students, parents to pressure Congress on student loans issue

WSJ: Norquist: No-Tax Pledge at New Peak
Hill: 'No-new-taxes' Norquist instructs GOP

Charlie Cook: Wave Bye-Bye


NYT: S.&P. Cuts Its Ratings for 15 Banks
WSJ: Ratings Cut for Giant Banks
WP: Moody’s downgrades 15 global banks citing risks of ‘outsized losses’ in volatile markets
Boyden Gray & Jim Purcell: Why Dodd-Frank Is Unconstitutional

WSJ: Sales Show Housing's Fragile Recovery

NYT: Billions of Dollars Are in Play Over Health Care Law
NYT: Those Already Ill Have High Stake in Health Ruling
NYT: Insurers Seek to Soften Their Image, No Matter How Court Rules on Health Act
WaPo: Supreme Court health-care ruling likely to have long-term fallout
NatJ: Boehner: ‘No Spiking of the Ball’ on Health Ruling
Hill: Boehner: 'No spiking of the ball' if Supreme Court strikes down health law
Politico: Mourdock cheers SCOTUS for striking down 'Obamacare'
Kim Strassel: Axelrod's ObamaCare Dollars
Rush Limbaugh: Did Supremes Tip Obamacare Vote in Union Dues Case?

WSJ: Justices Deal Blow to Public Unions
Fox: Supreme Court rules against SEIU in dispute over union fee hike

NYT: Commerce Secretary Resigns
WSJ: Commerce Chief Quits After Car Accidents
WaPo: John Bryson resigns as commerce secretary, citing recent seizure

WSJ: Top Public Employee Union Picks New Leader
Chicago Tribune: Saunders elected to head embattled AFSCME union

Atlantic: Why Women Still Can’t Have It All
NYT: Elite Women Put New Spin on Old Debate

NYT: Should Air-Conditioning Go Global, or Be Rationed Away?


Roll Call: Race Ratings: Breakdown of Granite State Races


LA Times: State budget deal cuts into welfare, spares education
SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders agree on welfare changes in California budget
WSJ: California Works Out Budget Deal
Fox: California officials announce budget deal


Dallas MN: Dallas-area voters may be kingmakers in U.S. Senate runoff


Roll Call: Rep. Connie Mack IV Still Has Uphill Battle for Senate Seat
Roll Call: Florida: Bill Nelson Up in New Poll

Miami Herald: Jeb Bush cheered at Latino conference


Chicago ST: New Illinois law means state retirees have to pay health insurance premiums


Indy Star: Mitch Daniels rallies a new crowd at Purdue
NYT: Indiana Governor to Be President of Purdue
Chicago Tribune: Indiana Governor Daniels named Purdue president
WaPo: Gov. Daniels to leave political spotlight in new role as Purdue University president


Star Tribune: Top donor to Minnesota GOP calling a timeout


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin Launches First TV Ad in Senate Race


Roll Call: Virginia: George Allen First on TV in Senate Race


Politico: Jay Rockefeller's swan song?


Roll Call: Bob Casey Does Double Duty: Senator Must Deliver Pa. for Himself, Obama


Paul Krugman: Prisons, Privatization, Patronage


Boston Globe: Warren’s money machine well tuned for congressional run
Politico: Scott Brown: I meet with kings, queens daily


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NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

WSJ: Jonathan Haidt:
He Knows Why We Fight

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American Spectator:
The Great Destroyer

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