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June 14, 2012


WSJ: Romney Attacks Obama as Anti-Business
WTimes: Romney to top CEOs: White House is anti-business
NYT: Romney Calls Obama Policies the Most Anti-Business in Recent History
WSJ: Romney Points to Failures, GOP Governors Tout Jobs
WaPo: Romney doubles down on economic message as slowdown weakens Obama
Fox: Romney amends budget goals, assails Obama's record
Dallas MN: Romney vows to put budget on track to be balanced
NatJ: Romney Says Obama's Russia Policy Has 'Clearly Failed'
American Spectator: Trying to Be Mr. Right

Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Romney 47%, Obama 44%
Hill: Poll finds Romney ahead in Wisconsin after recall election

WaPo: Romney does Face the Nation, his first non-Fox Sunday show

HChron: Report: Spellings leaves Romney campaign role amid policy differences

WSJ: Adelson Gives $10 Million to Pro-Romney Super PAC
WSJ: Casino Mogul Aids Romney's Backers
Chicago Tribune: Sheldon Adelson shakes up race with $10 million pro-Romney donation
NYT: Campaign Aid Is Now Surging Into 8 Figures
Roll Call: Beltway Bundlers Have Mitt Romney Sitting Pretty
WaPo: Ex-lawmaker lobbyists more likely to put leftover campaign money to political use
EJ Dionne: Secret money fuels the 2012 elections

Karl Rove: Obama's Health-Care Opportunity
Weekly Standard: How Will the Supreme Court Decide on Obamacare?

Ann Coulter: Obama's Public Sector Full Employment Plan
National Review: Only the Public Sector Is ‘Doing Fine’

Dan Henninger: Would Harry Truman Blame Paris?
WSJ: OpEd: Obama's United Auto Workers Bailout
James Taranto: Tar Heel Trouble: Is Obama losing black voters in North Carolina?

Ted Nugent: Attracting the Latino vote: GOP should support legal immigration

WSJ: Obama to Contrast His Economic Vision With Romney's in Speech
WaPo: Obama’s ‘08 economic advantage disappears
Politico: James Carville 'worried’ about Obama’s message on the economy
Rush Limbaugh: Carville: There's No Recovery, Stupid
Hill: Obama heads to Ohio for reboot
NYT: Obama Adds a Fresh Metaphor to a Familiar Message
Greg Sargent: The contrast Obama needs to draw in tomorrow's speech
NatJ: Poll Shows Obama's Electoral Lifeline
NatJ: In Colorado Focus Group, Obama Voters Disillusioned
Politico: Second-guessing Obama
Politico: Poll: More blame Bush than Obama
Rush Limbaugh: The Regime's "New" Tack: Blame Bush
Rush: Every Week is a Bad Week with Barack Hussein Kardashian in the White House
Rush Limbaugh: Panic! Democrats Realize Obama Can Lose

Atlantic: Is Legalizing Weed Obama's Secret Weapon?

American Thinker: One More Dubious Story in the Obama Family Saga

WTimes: Obama aims to shore up Jewish support
Daily Caller: Poll finds Obama’s approval among Muslims reaches new lows
LA Times: Catholic bishops say fight with Obama is over freedom of religion

NYT: Census Data Finds Who Votes, and Who Doesn't

WTimes: Permits for rallies, marches in Tampa still available

Politico: Tim Pawlenty takes exception to Jeb Bush's comments
American Spectator: Not So Fast, Jeb Bush
NatJ: A Kinder, Gentler Jeb Bush


NYT: G.O.P. Senators Oppose Choice for Iraq Envoy
WTimes: GOP senators call on Obama to withdraw nominee for ambassador to Iraq
WSJ: Senators Ask White House to Withdraw Iraq Nominee
WaPo: Battle forming over Obama’s pick for Iraq envoy; GOP seeks withdrawal of nomination

NYT: Senate Confirms 27 Obama Nominees

WSJ: GOP Backs Nuclear-Agency Pick

Fox: Republicans open door to negotiating with Holder over contempt push
Hill: Issa to Holder: Give me 'serious proposal' and I'll drop contempt vote
WaPo: Attorney General Holder embattled on two fronts
WTimes: Holder aide who erred on Fast & Furious leaves Justice

Fox: Mandated defense cuts could lead to war, top US military official says
Politico: Layoff threats put Congress on notice
Walter Pincus: The battle for the military’s future

Fox: Panetta denies classified information was given to filmmakers for bin Laden movie
Hill: Feinstein fires back at McCain as parties battle over security leaks
Hill: President Obama snubbed me, says Sen. John McCain

Politico: Senate rejects food-stamp cuts
Hill: Majority Leader Reid continues to control amendments offered to farm bill

WSJ: Republicans See Advantages in Go-Slow Approach on Bills

Politico: Business tax negotiations get serious

Hill: Highway conference leaders trade blame for negotiation breakdown

Dana Milbank: The Wall Street Senate

Politico: Crossroads bombards six Dem Senate candidates, hits Berkley on ethics


NYT: Canada Seeks New Ways to Transport Oil Reserves

NYT: Bishops Defend Fight Against Obama’s Policy on Birth Control Coverage

NYT: OpEd: The College Graduate as Collateral

American Thinker: Is There a Woman's Right to Be Born?

National Review: Most gay-parenting studies are long on bias and short on hard data

Human Events: Maine, Nevada, North Dakota primary wrap-up


Roll Call: Nevada: Danny Tarkanian Wins 4th District GOP Primary


Roll Call: South Carolina: Top Democrat Says 7th District Primary Botched


NYT: Republicans, Outnumbered, Keep Power in Albany

NYT: Cuomo Proposal Would Restrict Gas Drilling to a Struggling Area
WTimes: N.Y. set to join fracking-friendly states, with limits

NY Post: NY Senate proposes law to bar welfare spending on booze, cigarettes, gambling and adult entertainment


SacBee: California Dems ready to send Gov. Jerry Brown a budget that rejects $1B in cuts
George Skelton: This budget bait and switch benefits California


Dallas MN: Perry defends his and Texas’ robust conservatism
Dallas MN: Perry imprint on Dewhurst camp deep, as spokesman enlists


Fox: Holder Fires Back at GOP With Florida Voter Suit
Miami Herald: Legal voters may have been purged from rolls in noncitizen hunt


AJC: Nathan Deal: ‘I never pledged away my First Amendment rights’


WaPo: North Dakota’s Senate race is no sure thing for GOP


Roll Call: Scott Walker: Recall Gives GOP Momentum to Take Wisconsin Senate Seat

Milwaukee JS: Judicial Commission's first vote on Prosser complaint was unanimous


Roll Call: Ohio: Senators to Fete GOP Nominee Against Sherrod Brown


Detroit FP: Is MI next battleground for union rights? Petitions for Nov. vote on bargaining


Roll Call: Arkansas: Democratic Nominees Emerge in 1st and 4th Districts


NYT: No New Trial for John Edwards
Fox: Justice Department: No new trial for Edwards
WaPo: John Edwards will not be retried, Justice Department announces


NYT: For a Virginia Republican, a Comeback and a Tough Fight Ahead
Roll Call: Senate, White House Races Ensure Virginia Slugfest


WSJ: Democrats Silent on Maine Senate Nominee
Hill: DSCC chairwoman won’t say which Maine Senate candidate she backs
WaPo: Cynthia Dill and Charlie Summers to face Angus King in Maine Senate race


WTimes: Democrats jubilant after holding Giffords’ seat
WSJ: GOP Scrambles After Former Giffords Aide Wins Special Vote
Roll Call: Five Not-So-Special Lessons From Tucson

WTimes: Arizona prepares to enforce strict immigration law


Fox: Colorado lawmaker reportedly unhappy campaign e-mail outed gay son
NYDN: Colorado legislator upset over campaign's e-mail about gay son

Denver Post: Colorado AG reviewing legality of tuition break for illegal immigrants


WSJ: Gay Marriage Makes Washington State Ballot


June 13, 2012


WaPo: Romney outlines plan to make health-care system like ‘consumer market’

WSJ: Romney: Obama’s Campaign Slogan Is ‘Absurd’
NYT: Now Who's Out of Touch? Romney Tries to Turn the Tables on Obama
NatJ: Romney's Economic Reach Threatens Obama
NatJ: Romney Scaling the Blue Wall: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
Rasmussen: Iowa: Romney 47%, Obama 46%
Politico: PPP: Mitt inches ahead in North Carolina
Michael Novak: The Catholic Vote Swings
Weekly Standard: Obama's Jewish Support Drops 22 Points in New York

Politico: Wall Street's vote: Romney by a landslide
Politico: Mitt Romney continues to court CEOs
Financial Times: Agile Romney gains momentum

American Spectator: Running Mate Revelation

NYT: 2 Campaigns Chasing Funds at Frantic Pace

WSJ: Black Support for Obama Ebbs In North Carolina
Rush Limbaugh: Desperate Obama Campaign Runs Radio Ad Targeting Black Voters
WaPo: Obama campaign’s rough patch concerns some Democrats
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Face Reality: Obama in Trouble
Politico: Spike Lee: Obama win not a sure thing
WaPo: President says GOP has simple campaign slogan: ‘It’s Obama’s fault’
Fox: Obama claims most Americans aren't closely following 2012 race at campaign stop
NatJ: How Badly Has Obama Alienated the Middle Class?
Rush Limbaugh: "The Private Sector is Doing Fine" Illustrates How Obama Thinks
Rush Limbaugh: Obama on Wisconsin: I Was Too Busy
Michael Barone: Obama listens to rich liberals at his peril
Dick Morris: New York Times v. Obama
American Spectator: Green Welfare, Green Taxes, Green Poverty

Daily Caller: Tax-exempt Media Matters ramps up support for Obama during election year
Daily Caller: Media Matters pulled hard for Hillary Clinton in 2008

Dana Milbank: Jeb Bush’s heresy


WaPo: Senate Republicans call for special prosecutor in White House leaks probe
Hill: Sens. McCain, Graham charge Obama with hypocrisy on national security leaks
NYT: Republican Senators Criticize Holder Over Response to Leaks
Politico: Donald Rumsfeld backs leak special counsel
Politico: Leak fever hits D.C.
Rush Limbaugh: The Regime's Leaks Aren't Shocking

Hill: Cornyn: Holder should resign in wake of Fast and Furious probe
WTimes: Holder tells Cornyn in faceoff on gunrunning he won’t quit
Examiner: Holder hints at compromise on Fast and Furious
Fox: Fact Check: Cornyn accuses Holder of misleading Congress
National Review: Editorial: Botching Fast and Furious

WaPo: Sen. Levin: Defense Dept. could cut budget now to avoid severe reductions next year

Politico: Senate farm bill off to rough start

Hill: Reid 'not ready' yet to give up on passing a long-term transportation bill

WaPo: The 20 best (and worst) Congressional districts for female candidates


WSJ: Steep Rise in Health Costs Projected
WTimes: Report predicts rising health costs under Obama law
NYT: Navigating the Health Care Maze
Hill: Supreme Court health law decision could be trouble for GOP

Fox: Top global accounting firm: US debt crisis 'bigger than you think'
Fox: US federal deficit totals $844.5B through 8 months

Rush Limbaugh: The Value of Police, Firefighters, Teachers

NYT: Christians on Right Urge Reform on Migrants

WaPo: Commerce Secretary John Bryson undergoing tests to determine cause of seizure
Politico: Commerce was static even before Bryson’s leave

NYT: Senate Confirms Appellate Judge, Rebuffing Critics

James Taranto: Talk Talk

Robert Samuelson: Scrapping college for all (Part 2)


Albany TU: Poll: Obama holds bare majority Upstate, suburbs

Roll Call: Charlie Rangel at Risk in Rough Race
Hill: Rangel ties his reelection to Obama


SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown, Democrats divided over welfare cuts


Dallas MN: Texas Senate candidates clash over term limits
HChron: The money chase: The Cruz-Dewhurst race by the numbers


Roll Call: Oklahoma: Markwayne Mullin Internal Poll Shows Him Ahead in GOP Primary


Miami Herald: How Rick Scott’s noncitizen voter purge started small and then blew up
NYT: Florida’s Approach to Purging Voter Rolls of Noncitizens Prompts Federal Lawsuit

WTimes: Florida’s West has the money, needs votes


WSJ: North Dakota Rejects Property-Tax Elimination
NYT: North Dakota Voters Reject Effort to Abolish Property Tax
Rush Limbaugh: The North Dakota Petri Dish for Recovery

Roll Call: North Dakota: Kevin Cramer Upsets Party-Backed Candidate


Roll Call: Wisconsin: Candidates Boycott ‘Beer and Brats Summit’


Politico: Boehner and Romney to appear in Ohio Sunday


WSJ: Michigan's GOP Pension Scrap


Human Events: George Allen wins Virginia Republican Senate primary
NYT: Allen Wins Republican Senate Primary in Virginia
WaPo: Allen beats back 3 GOP rivals, grabs Senate nod in Virginia
WTimes: Allen’s Va. primary victory sets up showdown with Kaine

WTimes: Perkins edges Vaughn in Va.’s 11th District GOP battle

WTimes: Moran eases by foe in Va. 8th District primary


Fox: Campaign arrest, undercover FBI agents cloud Connecticut Democrat in House race


Boston Globe: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama spend big in Mass.


NatJ: Summers, Dill Win in Maine
Hill: Dill, Summers win nominations for Snowe's Senate seat
Roll Call: Maine: Charles Summers, Cynthia Dill Win Maine Primaries


NatJ: Barber Wins Ariz. 8th District Special Election
NYT: Arizona Race to Succeed Giffords Won by Democrat
WSJ: Former Giffords Aide Will Fill Out Her Term
WaPo: Ex-aide Ron Barber wins Gabrielle Giffords’s Arizona seat in Congress


June 12, 2012


CBS: Romney plans bus tour of swing states
Chicago Tribune: Romney bus tour marks return to heavy campaign schedule
Seattle PI: GOP mood toward Romney's fall prospects brightens
Jewish Press: Romney Gaining Momentum As Obama Struggles

NatJ: Poll: Obama Leads in Pennsylvania But Remains Vulnerable

Hill: Wis. Sen. Johnson keeps Romney in step with congressional conservatives

Laffer & Moore: Obama's Real Spending Record
Bret Stephens: A Presidency of Excuses
James Taranto: Has Obama lost the all-important white bigot vote?
Ted Nugent: Ready to roll over the O Team
Frank Gaffney: Hold Obama accountable
Fred Barnes: Slow Learner
William Kristol: Barack Tikhonov Obama?
Byron York: Romney targets Obama's obsession with health care
Rush Limbaugh: After Obama Screws Up, Mark Halperin Wants a Truce on "Gaffes"
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thinks the Private Sector is Doing Fine & He Did NOT Walk It Back
Rush Limbaugh: Walker Win Should Give GOP Backbone

American Spectator: Mitt Romney and the Conservative Succession

National Review: Romney’s Fiscal Successes

Bill McGurn: Romney vs. Obama—en Español

NYT: Vouchers Unspoken, Romney Hails School Choice

Frank Bruni: An Election Half Empty
Dana Milbank: Pileup at the White House
Charles Lane: Training the government beast

Politico: Does Mitt Romney need 'Obamacare'?

WaPo: Obama says he was too busy to campaign in Wisconsin recall election

NYT: Gentle Dissent in Mormon Church on Gay Marriage

NYT: Jeb Bush Questions G.O.P.’s Shift to the Right
Boston Globe: Jeb Bush says Mitt Romney needs to ‘change the tone’ on immigration
TPM: Norquist Lashes Back At Jeb Bush On Reagan, Taxes
Rich Lowry: The Myth of Republican Irrationality

WSJ: George P. Bush Targets Under-40s for GOP

LA Times: FEC allows campaign contributions via text message
Tucson Citizen: FEC OKs political donations by text message

Fox: Uploaded Weapons: Inside the world of political ads

Erick Erickson: Remember the Dem Justices of the FL Supreme Court During Bush v. Gore?

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary 2016 Campaign Underway


Fox: House oversight committee schedules contempt vote for Holder
WTimes: House moving to hold Holder in contempt
WaPo: Justice Department aims to avoid contempt vote on Holder over Fast and Furious
Hill: Issa threatens AG Holder with contempt; Justice Dept. calls move 'political'
Politico: Can Eric Holder avoid contempt vote?

Hill: McCain set to offer resolution on special counsel on leaks as early as Tuesday
WTimes: White House backs Holder’s decision to appoint U.S. attorneys to probe leaks
Examiner: Are security leaks aimed at lifting Obama's campaign?

WSJ: Sen. Baucus Sketches His Vision for Tax Overhaul
WSJ: Would Reagan Cut a Budget Deal?

WaPo: House begins its 7th week-long break of the year

Hill: GOP chairmen failing to cut checks from campaigns to NRCC


WSJ: Family Net Worth Fell Almost 40% Between 2007-2010
NYT: Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early ’90s, Fed Says
WaPo: Americans saw wealth plummet 40 percent from 2007 to 2010, Federal Reserve says

NASDAQ: Saudi Arabia Defends Oil Output Jump

WSJ: ObamaCare's Secret History
WaPo: As state revenues recover, health costs remain a burden
NYT: Editorial: Health Reforms Consumers Want
George Terwilliger: Obamacare’s supreme affront

CBS: Commerce Secretary John Bryson to take medical leave after accident
WSJ: Official Takes Medical Leave After Car Crashes
WaPo: Commerce Secretary to take leave of absence after suffering seizure, traffic accidents
Hill: Commerce secretary's hit-and-run keeps Obama off message
WSJ: Bio: Commerce Secretary John Bryson
WSJ: Police Statement on John Bryson Accident

Human Events: EPA power grab to regulate ditches, gullies on private property

NYT: Justices Reject Detainees’ Appeal, Leaving Cloud Over Earlier Guantánamo Ruling

WSJ: Supreme Court Saves Best for Last

NYT: Obama Nominates Two for Federal Appeals Court

David Brooks: The Follower Problem


NYT: Debate’s Main Quarrel: If Rangel Should Retire
NY Post: Foe tangles with Rangel

Politico: Cuomo's super PAC


Politico: Tech whisper campaign dogs Dianne Feinstein

WaPo: Editorial: California’s election reforms off to a good start

LA Times: State lawmakers will start moving budget plan through Legislature
SacBee: California Democrats show their unwillingness to cut programs for the poor
Dan Walters: Brown tax plan looks very shaky


Star-Telegram: Texas GOP touts guest worker plan as a solution
Dallas MN: Parties’ political strategies in Texas sharply diverge


NatJ: Florida Sues DHS Over Voter Rolls Purge Effort
Hill: Florida to sue DHS in voter registration battle
Fox: Florida, Obama administration trade legal blows over checking voters' citizenship
NYT: Florida: Voter Purge Results in Countersuits
Politico: Florida voting fight escalates


AJC: Mitt Romney campaign quietly raises $3 million in Georgia


Muncie FP: Indiana Republican convention projects money and power


Star Tribune: Minnesota could be the big winner in North Dakota property-tax vote


NYT: North Dakota Considers Eliminating Property Tax
Human Events: North Dakota oil boom could put country on path to energy independence


HChron: Wis. governor aims to bridge divide with cookout


WTimes: Independents the apple of Allen’s eye in Va. race
Weekly Standard: McDonnell 'Bullish' on Allen Senate Race

WaPo: U.-Va. board ouster of President Teresa Sullivan sparks anger


Politico: N.J. poll: Christie hits all-time high


WaPo: Angus King makes a last stand for moderation in Maine Senate race


Weekly Standard: Native American and Harvard Alum Blasts Warren, Harvard
Roll Call: Massachusetts: Scott Brown Launches New TV Spots Featuring His Wife
Roll Call: Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren Launches New TV Ad


WaPo: Special election to replace Gabrielle Giffords set for Tuesday in Arizona
NYT: Final Push in Race to Serve Out Giffords’s House Term
Hill: Arizona holding special election in the shadow of Obama, Giffords
Seattle Times: Special election in Ariz. to replace Giffords
PPP: Dems likely to hold Giffords seat
American Spectator: What's Civility Got To Do With It?


Denver Post: GOP hopefuls vie to win in onetime Boulder stronghold


AJC: FEC sues ex-Sen. Craig over use of campaign cash


Roll Call: Hawaii: Linda Lingle Launches Own Cable TV Channel


June 11, 2012


WTimes: Romney’s initiatives: Miracles or gimmickry? Evaluations say governor did OK
WS: Romney: 'Has There Ever Been a President So Out of Touch with the Middle Class?'
WSJ: Walker Urges Romney to Go ‘Big,’ ‘Bold’
Miami Herald: Mitt Romney campaign ramping up in Florida to enthusiasm of Republicans

INN: Obama in 10-Point Drop among Jews
Hill: Poll finds support for Obama among Jewish voters has dropped
Daily Caller: ‘Obama Girl’ is ‘not as excited’ about 2012, won’t endorse Obama
Fox: 'Obama girl' won't say whether she backs president in 2012
Hill: As November election nears, splits in Democratic coalition resurface

WTimes: TWT polls: Conservatives pick Rubio as VP favorite
WaPo: George P. Bush: Jeb would join ticket if asked
WTimes: Santorum on joining GOP ticket: 'I'll answer the phone call'
NatJ: Potential VPs Are Powerful Fundraisers
Joe Curl: Forget the ‘boring white guy’: Romney will pick Rubio

WSJ: Obama Campaign Bristles at Romney Aide’s Criticism
WSJ: Obama Camp Fires Back at Romney Over Jobs
Fox: Obama campaign plan for private sector? Hire more teachers, firefighters
NatJ: Emanuel: Economy is 'Not Growing Healthy'
Roll Call: All Over, All Eyes Are on Economy
Politico: Obama tests the theory of likability
Politico: Mitt Romney backed by 35% of union workers, poll says

NYT: While Seeking Support, Obama Faces a Frustrated Hispanic Electorate
WSJ: In Spanish-Language Ad, Obama Supporters Target Romney
NYT: Pro-Obama Ads Target Hispanics in Swing States

WSJ: OpEd: Castro Endorses Obama

NYT: Obama Campaign Seeks to Move on After Tough Week
Chris Cillizza: Obama’s political gaffe will be fodder in general election
Juan Williams: President Obama’s campaign takes a page from Truman’s playbook
Judd Gregg: Election a watershed for nation

Fox: Ralph Nader: Bill Clinton ‘laying the groundwork’ for Hillary by ‘undermining Obama’
American Thinker: The Clintons' Covert War on Obama

WTimes: Obama donors get deal; depositors get ‘stiffed again’

DC: Obama’s early Chicago rise brought African-Americans foreclosures, bankruptcies

NYT: At Meeting of Left’s Online Activists, Weighing Impact of Attack Ads
John Fund: Netroots Nation under a Cloud

WaPo: Friends and family plan: Super PACs often personal campaign fundraising affairs
WSJ: OpEd: Citizens United and the Wisconsin Vote
Roll Call: Wisconsin Recall Offers Strategic Lessons for Mitt Romney

American Spec: Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney tests his father's movement


NYT: Push for a Fiscal Pact Picks Up Speed, and Power

WTimes: Pentagon weapon systems can survive spending cuts
Human Events: Top five states affected by sequestration

Hill: Highway talks veer toward stalemate

Hill: Week Ahead: Senate tackles 2013 farm bill
Human Events: This week in the Senate: Farm bill, EPA rule will dominate

Politico: Congress in a pinch over student loan interest rates
Sec. Arne Duncan: Take politics out of student loan process
Rep. John Kline: Market can fix student loans
Politico: Obama, Romney court education vote

Human Events: Law of the Sea Treaty becomes war of the words

WSJ: McCain Pushes for Special Counsel on Leaks
Fox: Rep. King: Obama using leaks to build image, trying to be like 'John Wayne'
Fox: GOP leaders skeptical about US attorneys' freedom in leaks probe
WaPo: Leak probe’s risks for administration depend on two veteran prosecutors
Weekly Standard: Leaker-in-Chief
WTimes: Obama adviser denies administration leaks
LA Times: New York Times journalist defends national security leaks
Jed Babbin: Judging the Damage From Obama's Leaks

Politico: More newbies to take the Hill


Examiner: Parties await Supreme Court ruling on health care
Roll Call: Democrats Wary on Court Health Care Ruling
WaPo: Largest health insurer to keep key parts of law regardless of court ruling
NYT: Hospitals Aren’t Waiting for Verdict on Health Care Law
NYT: Health Law Ruling Won’t Alter Plans by Insurer

LA Times: Commerce Secretary John Bryson accused in hit-and-run crashes
NatJ: Commerce Secretary Cited in Hit-and-Run
WaPo: Police: US Commerce Secretary Bryson investigated in 2 Calif. crashes
Fox: US Commerce Secretary under investigation for felony hit and run in Los Angeles
Politico: Cops: John Bryson probed in hit and run
Hill: Report: Commerce chief investigated for hit-and-run accidents

NYT: N.R.C. Nomination Shines Spotlight on Waste-Disposal Issue

Paul Krugman: Another Bank Bailout
EJ Dionne: Government is the solution

WaPo: Obama’s wilderness legacy remains uncertain

WTimes: Study suggests risks from same-sex parenting
National Review: Is Gay Parenting Bad for the Kids?


WSJ: Desert Developer's Woes Buffet Reid


NYT: Cuomo Defends Ties to Ally Backed by Gambling Group
NY Post: Gov. Cuomo's popularity rises, voters want minimum wage increase: poll

WSJ: In New York Race, Rangel Plays the D.C. Card


WSJ: Los Angeles Appraisals Probed

SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders seek common ground on budget cuts
Dan Walters: California budget process has reverted to secrecy


NYT: Texas Race for Senate Reveals Rift on the Right
Politico: Dewhurst booed at Texas GOP convention


American Spectator: Mack Declares Himself the Winner


WSJ: Mitch Daniels: Wisconsin Win No ‘Harbinger’ for November
WTimes: Indiana Gov. Daniels: Public sector unions a ‘bad idea’
Fox: After Walker victory, Indiana governor suggests public unions should go


WSJ: Flush State Ponders a Tax Cut's Cost


Detroit News: Obama campaign to highlight effect of auto bailout in Michigan


WTimes: New elections demanded after chaotic Va. Democrat convention


Politico: Another wink and nod in Maine?


ABC: Gabrielle Giffords' seat up for grabs
Fox: Candidates locked in tough race for Giffords' seat
NYT: Final Push in Race to Serve Out Giffords’s House Term
Politico: Gabrielle Giffords looms large in special Arizona election
Human Events: Jesse Kelly, Ron Barber vie for Rep. Gabby Giffords’ Arizona seat


Denver Post: Colorado shapes up as a key swing state in presidential election


June 10, 2012


NYT: Romney Adviser Takes U.S. Political Debate Overseas

Boston Globe: In a world of super PACs, Mitt Romney rules
Fox: GOP groups far outpacing Democrats in TV spending
Boston Globe: GOP groups top opponents by far in TV ad spending
Hill: Romney to host exclusive Utah retreat for top donors
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Romney’s secret bundlers

Dallas MN: Rivals forget the past, endorse Romney
KC Star: A rising GOP tide and Romney’s opportunity

Hill: Republicans urge Romney to make a strong play for battleground Michigan

Michael Barone: Good day for the GOP in Wisc. & California

CSM: Why did Rand Paul forsake his dad Ron Paul for Mitt Romney?

Hill: Rubio top VP choice of CPAC straw poll
Tampa Bay Times: Rubio's prospects as Romney running mate gaining momentum
WaPo: Scott Walker for vice president? Maybe next time

Examiner: Obama jobs gaffe political gold for GOP
NatJ: Team Obama Not Shy About Switching Messages
WaPo: President Obama bristles when he is the target of activist tactics he once used
Dan Balz: A bad week for Obama and the Democrats

Maureen Dowd: Poppy Chic

Roll Call: The 2012 Campaign Through the Eyes of ‘Walmart Moms’


Hill: Rubio’s effort to reach Hispanics could backfire on Senate floor
NYT: Latino Growth Not Fully Felt at Voting Booth

Human Events: This week in the Senate: Farm bill, EPA rule will dominate

Hill: GOP governors bolster sales tax push

NYT: Editorial: Lost the Vote? Deny the Money


Fox: GOP leaders skeptical about U.S. attorneys' freedom in leaks probe
WTimes: McCain rejects Holder's leak probe, calls for outside counsel
NYT: For U.S. Inquiries on Leaks, a Difficult Road to Prosecution
Hill: President versus senator: Obama’s role reversal on leak investigations
Weekly Standard: Leaker-in-Chief
Sen Dan Coats: Why can't the White House keep a secret?

Hill: GOP says healthcare law 'worst offender' among bad policies
WaPo: Health-care exchanges in many states held up by pending Supreme Court ruling
NYT: Health Care After the Supreme Court Ruling

NYT: OpEd: America’s New Energy Reality

Fox: Labor Department backs off plan forcing reporters to use government-issued computers

Fox: Man visited by armed EPA agents not satisfied with answers, wants agency changes

Politico: Paul Singer to fund pro-gay GOP super PAC
Frank Bruni: The G.O.P.’s Gay Trajectory
Hill: Lawmakers: Let healthy gay, bisexual men donate blood

Ross Douthat: Eugenics, Past and Future

Sally Quinn: Sally Quinn announces the end of power in Washington

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (6/10/12): Scott Walker, Rick Santorum
Chicago ST: Rahm on CNN predicts presidential election decided in “five states”


WaPo: Reid puts his Nevada campaign machine to work for Senate hopeful Shelley Berkley


Roll Call: New York: Ed Koch Tells Obama to Go “Bold,” Backs Charlie Rangel


Fox: Public-employee pensions face a rollback in California

Dan Walters: California's once-proud highways are crumbling


Austin AS: Republican convention crowd appears to favor Cruz over Dewhurst
NYT: Looking for Reasons for Dewhurst’s Failure to Secure Nomination

Dallas MN: Staunch GOP platform adds reform immigration plank
Star-Telegram: Republicans take a softer approach to immigration in platform
HChron: Illegal immigration, raw milk and motherhood. Only in the GOP platform

Star-Telegram: First Hispanic elected chairman of Texas Democratic Party


Miami Herald: Busted: The 6 Florida voters who shouldn’t have

Miami Herald: Crist's lawyer accuses Greer of witness tampering

CBS Miami: Report: Fmr. Fla. Republican Chair Accuses Crist Of Being Homosexual
USA Today: Lawyer alleges ex-Fla. governor paid men to cover up affairs
Daily Mail UK: Shocking claims of former Florida governor's gay affairs and heavy drinking


AJC: Health care redux: Phil Gingrey targets the AARP


NOLA: Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne expects to be Romney delegate at GOP National Convention


Chicago Tribune: Illinois GOP rallies against 'controlling, vindictive' Madigan


IndyStar: Party faithful get fired up at Indiana state Republican convention


Detroit News: Detroit unions concerned as contracts set to expire
Detroit FP: Detroit faces a choice between acceptance of reality and suicidal defiance


WaPo: Virginia’s Republican Senate race is the main event in Tuesday’s primaries

Richmond TD: Cantor, Forbes face primary challenges Tuesday


Fox: New front expected in fight over controversial Arizona immigration law


Fox: Obama, Romney battle for Latino vote in crucial Colorado


Republic: Quorum shortfall to reconvene Alaska GOP convention deepens rift in state GOP
Alaska Dispatch: Breaking up and making up at Alaska Republican Party (re)convention


June 9, 2012


WTimes: GOP slams Obama’s rosy remarks on economy
NYT: Six Words From Obama, and a Barrage in Return From the G.O.P.
NYT: Obama Backs Away From ‘Fine’ Comment
WaPo: Analysis: Obama’s private-sector comment is likely to haunt him
WSJ: 'Private Sector' Comment Becomes a Public Gaffe
WSJ: Transcript of Obama’s Clarification of ‘Doing Fine’ Remarks
WSJ: Full Transcript of Obama’s Friday Morning Remarks on Economy
WSJ: The President on Growth: An instructive Friday press conference
Hill: Obama walks back comment about private economy 'doing fine'
Hill: GOP leaders hit Obama for saying that private sector is 'doing fine'
Chicago Tribune: Private sector 'doing fine'? Romney pounces on Obama remark
Fox: Obama says private sector 'doing fine,' then S&P keeps downgrade, negative outlook
WaPo: Obama blames Congress for inaction on jobs; Romney calls president ‘out of touch’
LA Times: 'No excuse for inaction'; Obama presses jobs plan in weekly address
WaPo: Mitt Romney: Obama ‘detached, out of touch’
WS: Scott Walker: Obama’s Comments Reflect a Fundamental Misunderstanding of Economy
WTimes: Obama’s week goes from bad to worse
James Taranto: Mission Accomplished
Rush Limbaugh: Obama: "The Private Sector is Doing Fine"
Rush Limbaugh: It's Obama Who's Sabotaging the Economy
Major Garrett: Even Obama Loyalist Winces at Obama's Take on Private Sector
Kathleen Parker: Nobody likes a loser

Rasmussen: Missouri: Romney 49%, Obama 42%
Hill: Obama and Romney locked in tight race with 150 days to go
Rush Limbaugh: They are Worried for The One

LA Times: Romney touts his Massachusetts record as fiscal hawk

NatJ: Ryan's Top Policy Aide Joins Romney Campaign

WSJ: Romney's Ads Go Mobile
Politico: Obama’s data advantage

WaPo: Romney energy plan shows candidate’s changing views, draws questions on job claims

WTimes: TWT Poll: Rubio top conservative pick for Romney veep
NatJ: Marco Rubio Is the Favorite VP Choice of Chicago CPAC Attendees
Politico: Scott Walker: Put Paul Ryan on 2012 GOP ticket

Boston Globe: Romney camp aims to win over Hispanics
NatJ: Will Romney Put Money Behind His Message to Hispanic Voters?
Politico: Romney's glaring Hispanic gap

Rush Limbaugh: As Clinton Does Mea Culpa, More Democrats Dump on Obama

Mark Steyn: Our Celebrity President

Hollywood Reporter: Don Rickles Shocks Hollywood Crowd With Racial Obama Joke

NYT: Demographic Shifts in Key States Could Aid Obama in Fall

Star-Telegram: Santorum urges GOP to get behind Romney
Politico: Rick Santorum has not released delegates
American Spectator: Santorum Hears Patriot Voices

NYT: 2012 May Lack Drama, but Not Significance

WSJ: How Union Voters Impact 3 Swing States
WaPo: Five myths about swing states
WaPo: Introducing The 12: Student journalists chronicling the 2012 election on Tumblr

NYT: Steve Schmidt: A Career Resurrected After McCain and Palin

WaPo: Will Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016?

WaPo: Woodward & Bernstein: 40 yrs after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought


NYT: As Recess Nears, Little Hope for Breaking Partisan Impasse

WSJ: Glimmer of Hope for Student-Loan Compromise
George Will: Subprime college educations

WaPo: Iraq ambassador nominee hits Senate opposition over racy e-mails

Fox: Capitol Hill GOP lawmakers ask Holder to probe harassment of conservative bloggers

Hill: Senators call on Holder to investigate Weather Service finances

NYT: House Votes to Protect 2013 Budgets for Its Offices

Fox: House committee won't release independent counsel's finding in Waters probe
Politico: Ethics panel refuses to release internal Maxine Waters report

Roll Call: NRCC Loads Second Clip of Young Guns Candidates

Hill: House rejects effort to ban polystyrene foam containers in House cafeterias


WaPo: Attorney General Eric Holder names attorneys to investigate leaks
WTimes: Holder taps two U.S. prosecutors to investigate leaks
ABC: Attorney General Eric Holder Appoints Federal Prosecutors for Leak Investigations
NYT: Holder Directs U.S. Attorneys to Track Down Paths of Leaks
WaPo: Profile of Rod Rosenstein, U.S. attorney for Maryland
WTimes: Obama rejects White House leaking charge
Hill: Security leaks become danger for Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Denies National Security Leaks, NY Times Denies Taking Dictation

Politico: Eric Holder unaware that court visitors must show ID

Rush Limbaugh: Fireworks Over Fast and Furious

NYT: Suicides Outpacing War Deaths for Troops

NYT: For Labor, a Fight to Lead Heats Up
WSJ: Charter Flights Shadow Union Election

WSJ: OpEd: State Politicians and the Public Pension Cookie Jar

NYT: Obama Was Pushed by Drug Industry, E-Mails Suggest
WSJ: More Emails Emerge From 2009 Health Push

NYT: U.S. Agency to Sell Off Loans to Stem Foreclosures

Fox: Big US banks brace for Moody's downgrades

Hill: Redistricting process draws to a close as last state gets its map

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Yes transparency, just not retroactive donor naming
NYT: Editorial: Cuomo has forgotten his promise of openness and transparency
NYT: Editorial: A Public Pension Should Be Public

Albany TU: Business Council steps up its electoral game, hires Reynolds

Buffalo News: Hochul has been bucking the party line


SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown's tax measure holds uneasy lead in latest polling


Austin AS: Romney is barely a presence at state GOP gathering
Dallas MN: Boos more scarce, but Texas GOP convention still divided
Star-Telegram: Dissent is mostly drowned out at Texas GOP convention in Fort Worth
HChron: Analysis: Texas GOP, united against Obama, is divided on many other things


Politico: Florida GOP's Senate primary update

NYT: Florida Halts Its Search for Violations of Voter Law

Miami Herald: Greer’s attorney accused of witness tampering for pressuring Crist


WSJ: Dead Heat in North Dakota Senate Race


WSJ: Absence Makes the Vote Grow Bigger for GOP
Charlie Cook: Why Wis. Recall Effort Was a Mistake
Rush Limbaugh: The Lessons of the Walker Recall

Roll Call: Wisconsin: TV Ads Race Heats Up in Senate Primary


Detroit FP: Detroit will be broke next week if lawsuit isn't dropped, mayor says


Rasmussen: Missouri: McCaskill’s Top GOP Challengers Again Hit the 50% Mark


Roll Call: Kansas: Court Issues Map, Redistricting Over


Politico: Rand Paul's signal to the GOP


NYT: After Edwards Trial, Much Returns to Normal, but Not All Is Set


Roll Call: Virginia: Eric Cantor, Bob McDonnell Hit the Trail for George Allen
Roll Call: Virginia: Jamie Radtke Going On TV Ahead of Tuesday’s Primary


Daily Caller: Surprising new poll throws Conn. Senate race into spotlight


WSJ: The Fight for Colorado's Hispanics


June 8, 2012


WaPo: Romney: Obama’s economic stewardship ‘moral failure of tragic proportions’
Rush Limbaugh: Romney: Obama Purposely Slowed Economy to Focus on Obamacare
Fox: Fox News Poll: Majorities say White House failed on economy, health care

WSJ: Poll: Romney Closes Gap in Michigan
Rasmussen: Colorado: Obama 45%, Romney 45%
CBS: Is Minnesota in play for Romney?
Politico: Rendell wavers on Obama's Pennsylvania prospects
NYT: Election Forecast: Obama Begins With Tenuous Advantage
Daily Caller: Wisconsin-sized polling error could mask Romney sweep of battleground states
Voice of America: Romney Rising, Obama Slipping
RCP: Cruel June for Obama, Dems -- and Could Get Worse
NatJ: Jobs, Money, Scott Walker: Is It Time for Democrats to Panic?
Mike Lupica: The silent issue that could doom President Obama in 2012 election
Mark Halperin: Dems now believe Obama could lose

Peggy Noonan: What's Changed After Wisconsin
Charles Krauthammer: What Wisconsin means
Brett Decker: Wisconsin wake-up call
American Spectator: Lessons From Wisconsin

NYT: Campaigns Blitz 9 Swing States in a Battle of Ads

Mercury News: For first time, Romney raises more money than Obama
NYT: Romney Raised More Than Obama in May
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s fundraising outpaces President Obama’s in May
Fox: Romney raised $77 million in May, outperforming Obama effort for first time
ABC: Gingrich sugar daddy ready to give big to super PAC supporting Romney

WaPo: Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney

WSJ: Conservative Group’s ‘Obama Apology’ to Wisconsin Voters

Rush Limbaugh: Documents Show Obama was Member of a Socialist Third Party in '90s

TPM: Krugman: Reagan Was More Keynesian Than Obama
IBD: Sorry Krugman, Reagan Was No Keynesian
Paul Krugman: Reagan Was a Keynesian

Hill: Obama campaign goes after Romney’s personal finances
Byron York: Obama will bang on Bain Capital as fight heats up

WaPo: Links to Obama campaign show fashion industry’s political clout is growing

WSJ: FEC Poised to Allow Campaign Donations Via Texts


NYT: House Acts to Repeal Medical-Device Tax
WTimes: House vote pulls plug on medical-device tax
Hill: House defies veto threat, votes to repeal medical device tax
WaPo: House votes to repeal ‘medical device tax,’ but Senate unlikely to agree
NatJ: Poll: Most Americans Want All or Part of Health Law Overturned
Politico: 3 health care scenarios for the president

WSJ: Millions of Young Adults Join Parents' Health Plans

Hill: Democrats paralyzed on tax cuts
Rush Limbaugh: Secret Senate Meetings on Bush Tax Cuts

WTimes: Top lawmakers pledge to crack down on leaks
NYT: Pressing for Leak Inquiry by a Special Counsel
Hill: White House rejects calls for special counsel for national security leaks
WaPo: Intelligence director summoned to Capitol Hill to discuss media leaks
Politico: The 'leak' wars

WTimes: Holder spars with GOP members of House Judiciary panel
Examiner: Issa, Holder square off over Fast and Furious
Fox: Fast & Furious amnesia hits Attorney General Eric Holder during House testimony
Fox: Boehner: 'No conversation' between GOP House and Holder on Fast and Furious
WaPo: Republicans clash with Attorney General Holder over voter ID laws, gun sting
NYT: New Clash in Congress on Gun Case Gone Wrong

Hill: Senate advances farm bill

WTimes: After $800K probe, Dems want answers in Waters case
Hill: Dems call on House panel to release Waters report in ethics case

WTimes: GOP faults Obama in impasse on student loans
Hill: Reid floats offer to break impasse on student loan rates
WaPo: Obama warns of congressional inaction on student loan bill

NatJ: Where Is Congress With Appropriations?

Hill: Left pushes for $10 minimum wage, but House Democratic leadership balks

NYT: Editorial: The Bills to Nowhere

McClatchy: Republicans poised to hold House, maybe win Senate

LA Times: California's new setup a hurdle for Democrats' bid to retake House

Daily Caller: Political roundup: Key House and Senate races, simplified

Politico: Boehner trades old for new


WSJ: Housing Agency FHA to Sell More Troubled Loans

WSJ: Bernanke's Cliffhanger: The 2013 fiscal danger is a tax increase, not spending cuts

Larry Kudlow: Why stocks love Scott Walker

WaPo: Public workers in fiscal, political bull’s-eye
Pat Buchanan: The bell tolls for the government unions

Daily Caller: Labor Dept. counts oil lobbyists, garbage men, bus drivers as ‘green jobs’

John Yoo: Obama, Drones and Thomas Aquinas

NYT: Approval Rating for Justices Hits Just 44% in New Poll


NYT: Ex-Aide to Senator Pleads Guilty in Scheme That Snared Only Him
WaPo: Former aide to Sen. Ensign admits to violating lobbying law and awaits sentencing

WTimes: Power broker with longtime ties to Reid pleads not guilty


NYT: Donations to Key Cuomo Ally Show a Rift Among Unions


Daily Caller: Two Calif. Republicans to face off in Democrat-majority House district


NYT: Rick Perry, Back on Stage
Dallas MN: Perry looks ahead, perhaps to re-election bid, in Texas GOP convention speech
Texas Tribune: Perry to GOP Convention: I'm Not Riding Into Sunset
Texas Tribune: Why State Conventions, Besides the Funny Hats?
Politico: Perry gets booed over Dewhurst
Star-Telegram: The quiet rescue of the Republican Party of Texas
Star-Telegram: Unity proves elusive at Texas Republican convention in Fort Worth

HChron: Mitt Romney refuses to back a candidate in the Texas Senate race


Miami Herald: Connie Mack leads Republican rivals; Bill Nelson leads them all

Politico: Florida defies Justice Department on voter purge
Miami Herald: County elections chiefs to state: We won’t resume voter purge program


Chicago Tribune: Illinois Supreme Court rejects Republican remap challenge


Roll Call: North Dakota: Senate Poll Shows Dead Heat
Hill: North Dakota race a test for Dems seeking to retain Senate


Kim Strassel: Wisconsin in the Fall
Kim Strassel: Scott Walker's Education Victory

WSJ: Wisconsin Boost for Democrat Tammy Baldwin?

WSJ: Democrat-Backed Group Pressures Wisconsinites With Voting Records


WSJ: Michigan Group Drops Governor Recall Effort

Roll Call: Michigan: Consensus for Nancy Cassis as Write-In

Detroit News: State House panel passes bills banning abortion after 20 weeks


WTimes: Same-sex marriage question will be on Maryland ballot


Politico: Christie: The mayor's 'got a big mouth'


WSJ: Brown Challenged Over Dodd-Frank
James Taranto: Noah's Arc: How to invoke old racist theories in defense of left-wing policies


Arizona PM: Republican Lawmakers Sue Redistricting Commission

NYT: Arizona Tries to Keep Reins Tight as It Starts Regulating Medical Marijuana


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The important "evolution" of the President's views on same-sex marriage....from "Flip" to "Flop" and back again

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

Rush Limbaugh: The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

George Will: The constitutional right to be left alone

Politico: Coburn’s book criticizes both parties on debt woes

WaPo: Sen. Tom Coburn, part one: Defusing the debt bomb

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

American Spectator:
The Devil Is in the Details

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Human Events: Uncommon Knowledge interview with Charles Murray

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

American Spectator:
Generation Unwed Motherhood

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