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March 7, 2012


WSJ: Romney Extends His Lead
WSJ: Romney Extends Delegate Advantage
WaPo: Romney’s rivals have scant hope of closing the delegate gap
WaPo: Mitt Romney wins the grand prize of Ohio on Super Tuesday
Fox: Romney bags Ohio prize, wins more than half of Super Tuesday contests
Fred Barnes: Romney Marches On
Hill: Super Tuesday: Romney narrowly wins critical Ohio primary
Human Events: Romney wins Ohio
LA Times: Battle in Ohio reinforces GOP divide
AJC: Romney wins Ohio, 5 other Super Tuesday states
WTimes: Romney takes Super Tuesday lead with Ohio; rivals win Ga., Tenn., Okla., N.D.
CNN: Romney wins 6 states, including Ohio; Santorum takes 3; Gingrich nabs Georgia
NatJ: Romney Survives Super Tuesday, But Fierce GOP Race Goes On
CBS: Candidates split Super Tuesday states
Examiner: Romney can't seal the deal on Super Tuesday
NYT: With No Knockout Punch, a Bruising Battle Plods On
Dan Balz: GOP race takes toll on front-runner Romney
NatJ: A Grueling Super Tuesday for Romney and the GOP
Examiner: Pollster Zogby: Still Romney's race to lose
Dallas MN: Romney tallies up delegates but can’t put GOP race away
Boston Globe: Romney fails to quiet doubts over evangelical vote in South
Politico: Mitt Romney’s rough road to Tampa
Politico: Super Tuesday primaries: 5 takeaways
Erick Erickson: The Nominee

Examiner: Santorum rides Ohio blue-collar vote, falls short
Human Events: Santorum wins North Dakota, Tennessee, Oklahoma
WSJ: GOP Split Decision: Romney has a good night but Santorum has cause to fight on
WSJ: Santorum, Gingrich Look Headed to Long Duel
Ross Douthat: The Future of the Santorum Coalition
Stephen Moore: Purple State Santorum
Daily Caller: Looking past Super Tuesday, Santorum needs Newt to drop out
Daily Caller: Santorum campaign: We’re staying in, not asking Newt to drop out
Daily Caller: In Ohio, Santorum focuses on Obamacare before narrow loss
William Kristol: It Ain't Over

Human Events: Gingrich wins Georgia
WaPo: Newt Gingrich’s Georgia win cements Southern strategy
NYT: Gingrich Takes Georgia, Keeping Campaign Alive With a Southern Strategy
Daily Caller: Gingrich wins Ga., loses Tenn., Okla., but declares comeback
Fox: Sarah Palin: I voted for Newt Gingrich

NYT: Voters Said the Economy Was Their Main Issue

WSJ: Super Tuesday Ensures a GOP War of Attrition
Dick Morris: After Super Tuesday …
James Taranto: Fade to Darkness? No, the Republican Party isn't doomed
National Review: What Super Tuesday Means

WSJ: Race Heads South, a Test for Romney

NYT: Scrutiny of Political Nonprofits Sets Off Claim of Harassment


WSJ: With Gas Prices Rising, Obama Feels Heat
Hill: Exit polls: Gas prices, economy are top Super Tuesday issues

NYT: Republicans to Push Bill in an Effort to Add Jobs

WTimes: Stock Act remains stalled in Senate a month after House passage


NYT: Ohio’s Divided Political Passions on Display in Vote
Politico: Super Tuesday Ohio primary: Mike DeWine slams Mitt Romney
Daily Caller: 10 interesting results from the Ohio exit poll

Politico: ‘Joe the Plumber' wins Ohio Republican congressional primary bid

Roll Call: Jean Schmidt Loses GOP Primary in Big Upset
NatJ: In Upset, Schmidt Goes Down in Ohio
Fox: Newcomer Wenstrup upsets Republican Schmidt

WaPo: Rep. Dennis Kucinich suffers primary defeat in Ohio
NYT: For First Time in 16 Years, Kucinich Loses His Seat


WaPo: Evangelical voters raise Santorum to victory in Tennessee


WaPo: Romney wins Virginia easily, but a tougher battle may lie ahead
WTimes: Romney’s Virginia face-off with Paul not overwhelming


NYT: ‘He Should Be All Right,’ Massachusetts Voters Say of Their Ex-Governor


WaPo: Why Angus King is the most important Senate candidate in the country
Hill: DSCC chair doesn't rule out backing independent candidate in Maine


Rasmussen: Nebraska Senate: Bruning (R) 55%, Kerrey (D) 33%
Roll Call: Nebraska: Bruning Internal Poll Shows Big Lead


NYT: Judge Issues Congressional Redistricting Proposal
Roll Call: Court’s Map Could Push New York Legislature to Act


Austin AS: Texas might have a little more say in GOP race


Milwaukee JS: Judge bars voter ID law temporarily


Fox: Utah on verge of passing bill demanding Feds relinquish public land


March 6, 2012


Fox: GOP race hits 'Super Tuesday' with presidential nomination still up for grabs
WSJ: Respect or Not, Romney Keeps Winning
Examiner: Ohio could be make or break for Romney
Politico: Ohio primary: Mitt Romney touts delegate edge
WTimes: Romney swipes energy issue from Gingrich’s grasp
WaPo: Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney focuses on economy, while rivals seek openings
Mitt Romney: How I would check Iran’s nuclear ambition
Michael Gerson: Do not write Mitt Romney off yet
Ted Nugent: ‘I endorse Mitt Romney’
Byron York: Romney pushes jobs while rivals trip on side issues
Politico: Green donors bet on Mitt Romney flip-flop
Politico: Huckabee: GOP starting to unite behind Romney
Hill: Romney: Primary fight 'makes us tougher' against Obama in November
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney's New Mandate Problem

NYT: Romney and Santorum Roll Up Their Sleeves for Blue-Collar Votes
Dallas MN: Romney, Santorum eye Super Tuesday showdown
WTimes: Romney pushes jobs; Santorum lobs attacks
WTimes: Santorum hammers Romney on health care stance
NYT: In Ohio, Santorum Tries to Widen Message While Keeping Base Excited
NatJ: Two Areas That Could Boost Santorum in Ohio
WSJ: Ohio and Tennessee Looming Super Large
NatJ: Pre-Super Tuesday, GOP's Case of the Mondays
Examiner: GOP candidates face Super Tuesday showdown

NYT: Selling Gingrich, the Fighter
Politico: Super Tuesday: Newt Gingrich makes Tennessee primary pitch
NatJ: Gingrich: Israel Shouldn’t Warn U.S. on Iran Attack
Hill: Gingrich says Romney’s ‘rich enough’ to not worry about rising gas prices

WaPo: Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?

Star-Telegram: Remaining top GOP candidates have ties to North Texas

NYT: Super Tuesday, State by State
Daily Caller: Super Tuesday preview: 419 delegates up for grabs in 10 states
Human Events: What to look for in presidential contests in five key states
John Gizzi: Super Tuesday: A look ahead to March 6

Charlie Cook: Shifting Winds: Republicans have suffered brand damage


WTimes: Super PAC aims to wrest grip of incumbents


LA Times: Q&A: Why gasoline prices are so high
WTimes: Coal heats up as campaign issue for Obama
NatJ: Going Against the Green Grain on Natural Gas

NYT: Senate to Choose an Insider Trading Bill

WaPo: Holder: U.S. can lawfully target American citizens
WTimes: Holder: U.S. can kill American terrorists abroad
Fox: Holder defends killings of American citizens overseas as part of war on terrorism
WSJ: Holder Defends Antiterror Policies

Fox: Scalia a health care swing vote? Obama not counting out conservative justices

NYT: Wide Sentencing Disparity Found Among U.S. Judges

WaPo: Supreme Court to weigh ending foreigners’ ability to sue over rights abuses abroad
WSJ: Justices to Weigh Foreigners' Lawsuits

WSJ: OpEd: Limbaugh and Our Phony Contraception Debate
James Taranto: The Fluke Distraction: The left hasn't won its war against religious liberty
WSJ: Limbaugh Syndicator Defends Host
LA Times: Don't rush to write off Limbaugh, analysts say
WaPo: Rush Limbaugh apologizes again, but advertisers continue to sever ties
Rush Limbaugh: Why I Apologized to Sandra Fluke
WTimes: GOP on losing side of birth control
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Worry: Advertisers Who Don't Want Your Business Will Be Replaced
American Spectator: Rally for Rush
American Spectator: Limbaugh vs. Party of Subsidized Sin


Rasmussen: Ohio GOP Primary: Santorum 32%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 13%, Paul 13%

NYT: A Possible Last Hurrah for a Liberal Lion of Ohio
Roll Call: Member-Vs.-Member Races Begin in Ohio


Rasmussen: Georgia GOP Primary: Gingrich 37%, Romney 27%, Santorum 18%, Paul 10%


Fox: Will Virginia make a 'Super' difference (only two of the four candidates on the ballot)?

Roll Call: George Allen Seeks to Avoid Abortion Bill Controversy


WSJ: Wisconsin Recall Realigns Campaign Spending

Milwaukee JS: Thompson backs Keystone pipeline, fracking


Fox: Former independent governor of Maine announces he will run for Sen. Snowe's seat
Roll Call: Maine: King Enters Senate Race; Democrats Express Unease


NYT: Update on New York Redistricting


Roll Call: Florida: Poll Shows Mica With Surmountable Lead vs. Adams

Miami Herald: Lawmakers reach deal on nearly $70 billion state budget


Roll Call: Pennsylvania: Court Rules Altmire Stays on Ballot


Boston Globe: Democratic jitters in Senate race
Daily Caller: Chris Christie endorses Scott Brown in hot Senate race


WSJ: Colorado Justices Back Handguns on Campus


March 5, 2012


WSJ: Romney Advances as Obama Gains
WSJ: Romney Taps Town-Hall Connection
NYT: Before Super Tuesday, Big Names Rally to Romney
WaPo: House GOP leader Eric Cantor endorses Mitt Romney
Human Events: Coburn and Cantor endorse Mitt Romney
NatJ: Cantor and the GOP Need Romney to Close the Deal
Politico: Barbara Bush robocalls for Romney on Ohio, Vermont (Updated)
NYT: Romney Could Win Majority of Super Tuesday Delegates
Examiner: Romney remaking image ahead of Super Tuesday
NatJ: Romney Visits Two States He May Not Win
WaPo: In South, Mitt Romney’s attacks against rivals more subtle
WaPo: ‘SNL’ lampoons Mitt Romney’s Michigan victory (video)

WaPo: Santorum moves to shore up support before Super Tuesday
WTimes: Romney, Santorum all tied up in latest poll
WTimes: Pro-Romney super PAC solely targets Santorum

Hill: Newt Gingrich predicts high gas prices will 'crater' the economy
Hill: Gingrich: ‘No evidence’ Obama will stop Iran’s nuclear program
WaPo: As Newt Gingrich lowers Super Tuesday expectations, he pins hopes on Georgia
WTimes: Gingrich: ‘I’m taking Santorum’s advice’

Politico: Ron Paul dismisses VP talk as 'conspiracy'

NYDN: Super Tuesday: One-day, 10-state battle for GOP nomination
Fox: 2012 GOP candidates fan the nation looking for delegates on Super Tuesday
Politico: Super Tuesday preview: What’s at stake
NYT: Four Candidates, the Next Four Months

WaPo: In GOP circles, some wonder whether the party needs to lose big to eventually win
Dallas MN: Southern voters see flawed field of Republican candidates

NYT: Rogue, Rube or G.O.P. Star: Portraying Palin

WaPo: Obama allies, foes speculate on a big — and hypothetical — second-term agenda


Roll Call: Super PACS Target Congressional Races

Politico: FEC's bad rap getting worse


NYT: Deepwater Oil Drilling Picks Up as BP Disaster Fades
NYT: Editorial: Drill Baby Drill, Redux
NatJ: Cantor: Obama is 'Hostile to Fossil Fuels'

NatJ: McKeon Warns Against Steep Military Cuts

Fox: Attorney questions promotion of terrorist defender to head of Gitmo policy at Justice

WSJ: The 60th ObamaCare Vote: How rogue prosecutors defeated Ted Stevens

Robert Samuelson: Budget sequestration would be a dagger to defense
Paul Krugman: States of Depression
Armstrong Williams: The New American era of socialism

WTimes: Grassley: Where’s report on ‘Fast and Furious’?

WaPo: How is the Roberts Court unusual? A law professor counts the ways

WSJ: GOP Hopefuls Address Limbaugh Furor
WTimes: Limbaugh apology garners bipartisan approval
WaPo: Rush Limbaugh should take lessons from Imus, liberal talk-show host Shultz
NYT: Limbaugh Advertisers Flee Show Amid Storm

LA Times: ProFlowers latest Rush Limbaugh sponsor to pull its business


Detroit News: Ohio is key test for GOP hopefuls
WTimes: Ohio primary win seen as springboard for November
Politico: Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum sprint statewide in Ohio
Human Events: Romney gains most from Huckabee Forum in Ohio
Hill: Two polls find Romney, Santorum tied in Ohio
NYDN: Rick Santorum not high on Ohio victory odds

Hill: Reps. Kucinich, Kaptur face off in cycle's first redistricting contest


Politico: The case for Georgia over Ohio


WSJ: Tennessee Viewed as a Southern Bellwether
Rasmussen: Tennessee Primary: Santorum 34%, Romney 30%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 8%
Hill: Polls: Romney cuts Santorum Tennessee lead to four points


NYT: Update on New York Redistricting
NYT: Editorial: Veto the Maps
Ed Koch: Veto the map, Gov. Cuomo
Newsday: OpEd: Gov. Cuomo should veto the maps


Star Tribune: Gov. Dayton's crucial days may lie just ahead


Milwaukee JS: Has Walker's budget formula worked?


NatJ: Brown Up Eight over Warren in New Poll
Roll Call: Massachusetts: Scott Brown Up Eight Points in Latest Poll


March 4, 2012


Hill: Romney wins in Washington, Paul edges Santorum for second
Seattle PI: Romney wins in Republican straw poll, Paul and Santorum fight for second
Seattle Times: Big win in state propels Romney into Super Tuesday
WSJ: Romney Wins Washington Straw Poll
LA Times: Romney winner of Washington state's caucuses
Fox: Romney notches fifth straight win with Washington state GOP caucuses
Politico: Washington caucuses: Mitt makes it five with win
NYT: Romney Takes Washington Ahead of a Big Election Day
Hill: Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses Romney
NatJ: Romney the Inevitable: A Back to the Future GOP Moment
Larry Kudlow: Romney’s Upper Hand
NYT: Romney Traces Obama’s Path on Delegates
NYT: Romney Advisers Chide Santorum on Delegates
NYT: Pressed for Anecdote, Romney Recounts Tale of Missing Girl
WaPo: How Mitt Romney, as consultant in chief, would fix the economy
WaPo: Romney gets emotional at presidential forum
Seattle PI: Romney: Obama wants to create "European-style" economy
NatJ: Romney unable to build a competitive national grassroots network
Hill: Unions spend in bid to damage Romney

WTimes: Gingrich, Santorum battle for Super Tuesday votes in Bible Belt
NatJ: For Some Catholics, Santorum Is A Custom-Ordered Presidential Candidate
NYT: From ‘Nominal Catholic’ to Clarion of Faith

WaPo: Super Tuesday contests will reshape GOP race
WaPo: If Mitt Romney wins Ohio, is the Republican race over?

William Kristol: Will’s Wrong

Fox: Tea Party Patriots leader defends group after co-founder leaves claiming GOP ties

NYT: Obama Will Speak at Commencement at Barnard College


WaPo: As 2012 races kick off, new congressional map looks a little better for Republicans


Steven Pearlstein: Signs the economy has shifted in the right direction
Thomas Friedman: Take the Subway

Rush Limbaugh: A Statement from Rush
WTimes: Limbaugh apologizes for making slurs about Georgetown student
WSJ: Limbaugh Apologizes to Law Student for Insult
NYT: Limbaugh Apologizes for Attack on Student in Birth Control Furor
WaPo: Limbaugh apologizes to law student for insult on sex, intended no personal attack
Daily Caller: Meet law student and feminist hero Sandra Fluke


CinEnq: Endorsement: Romney deserves Ohio's support
Cleveland PD: The Plain Dealer endorses Mitt Romney
NatJ: Romney Endorsed by Two Major Ohio Newspapers
NatJ: Ohio, That Economic Bellwether
Salena Zito: As goes Ohio ...
Todd Gillman: Ohio stands in the middle of U.S. political waves
Politico: Ohio GOP civil war taints 2012 race


AJC: Gingrich carries double-digit lead into Georgia primary
NatJ: New Georgia Poll: Gingrich Has Double-Digit Lead In Home State


Frank Bruni: Snowe’s Sad Retreat


Fox: FBI may probe New York congressman's fundraising (Rep. Michael Grimm)


Fox: Justice Department pushes for trial in Florida voting law challenge

Miami Herald: State budget talks move forward


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin missing out on U.S. jobs gains


Fox: John Edwards asks judge not to destroy sex tape


March 3, 2012


Politico: Ted Nugent endorses Mitt Romney
Boston Globe: Romney struggles for blue-collar vote
NYT: Romney Trying to Recast Wealth to Be Seen as Asset
WaPo: OpEd: How Mitt Romney, as consultant in chief, would fix the economy

NYT: Santorum Calls for Investigation of Michigan Republican Party
Hill: Santorum asks RNC for Michigan probe
NatJ: Santorum on Economy: It's About Values
NatJ: Santorum Could Be Ineligible For 18 Ohio District Delegates -- Report

Examiner: In Ga., Gingrich helped build a conservative base
Stephen Moore: A Gingrich-Santorum Alliance?

LA Times: In Washington state, Ron Paul has a shot at first win
NatJ: Paul Explains Why He's Not Winning Primary States

NYT: ‘Super PACs,’ Not Campaigns, Do Bulk of Ad Spending
Fox: Inside the rise of the super PACs

Weekly Standard: Who Can Beat Obama?
George Will: Plan B for stopping Obama
Rush Limbaugh: George Will Gives Up on WH, Urges GOP to Focus on House & Senate


NYT: Accord Is Reached to Settle Lawsuit Over BP Spill
WaPo: BP, plaintiffs reach Gulf of Mexico oil spill settlement

American Spectator: Energy Will Be Obama's Waterloo

Milwaukee JS: Health care fix critical to nation, Ryan says
Weekly Standard: The High Price of ‘Free’ Health Care

Fox: White House enters controversy over Limbaugh comments on Georgetown student
WTimes: Obama phones student called a ‘slut’ by Limbaugh
WaPo: Obama calls Georgetown law student attacked by Rush Limbaugh to offer support Kathleen Parker: Rush Limbaugh the uniter
NatJ: Romney: Limbaugh Remarks 'Not Language I Would Have Used'
Rush Limbaugh: The Dems are Desperate: Obama Calls Sandra Fluke, the 30-Yr-Old Victim

James Taranto: The War on Fertility

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Fox: WA race gives GOP candidates last chance for momentum before Super Tuesday
Politico: In Washington state, Mitt Romney is caucus cheerleader

WTimes: Rep. Norm Dicks, top House Dem appropriator, to retire
Roll Call: Washington: No Shortage of Successors Looking At Norm Dicks’ Seat


MSNBC: Battle for Ohio remains neck-and-neck
Politico: Ohio primary: Fight for the undecideds
Rasmussen: OHIO: Santorum 33%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 11%

Politico: Dennis Kucinich in trouble on Tuesday


Rasmussen: Georgia Primary: Gingrich 38%, Romney 26%, Santorum 20%, Paul 7%


Weekly Standard: N.C. Poll: Santorum 31, Romney 25, Gingrich 23, Paul 8


Detroit News: Sparks fly within Michigan GOP party over delegates


Kennebec Journal: Four big-name Republicans express interest in U.S. Senate race


NYT: Democratic State Senator, His District Threatened, Focuses on Party’s Future
Roll Call: New York: First Look at New (but Far From Final) Maps


WSJ: Jerry Brown's Medicaid Blues


Dallas MN: Texas Senate race becoming a battle for 2nd place behind David Dewhurst


Politico: Marco Rubio calls for Florida ethics case to be tossed

American Spectator: Florida Senate Food Fight


Politico: Walker recall election likely in June


Roll Call: Nebraska: Jon Bruning Goes on the Air Against Bob Kerrey
Politico: Bob Kerrey bid causes left to lash out


Politico: Max Baucus, Jon Tester investigation called for by Montana GOP


March 2, 2012


NYT: Romney Reopens Whatever-It-Takes Playbook
WaPo: Mitt Romney’s millions (and why they could matter)
LA Times: Romney campaign turns to shallow pockets
LA Times: Mitt Romney draws thousands at Idaho rally
Charles Krauthammer: Romney’s luck
Rasmussen: National GOP: Romney 40%, Santorum 24%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 12%
Hill: Romney holds double-digit leads in two new national polls

NatJ: Santorum Urges Washington State to Re-Energize His Campaign
Politico: In Washington state, Rick Santorum relies on religious voters
LA Times: Santorum tells Spokane: Send a message to the GOP's 'good old boys'
WSJ: Ohio's Demographics Help Santorum
WaPo: Rick Santorum stumps in Newt Gingrich’s territory: Georgia
Politico: In Georgia, Rick stumps on Newt’s home turf
NYT: Santorum, Defender of Free Market, Pushed in Congress to Protect Big Steel
Dallas MN: Santorum scorns education programs, but used one
William Kristol: Can Santorum Come Back?

Politico: Newt Gingrich: Fire Steven Chu over gas price remarks
NatJ: Gingrich Goes After Santorum on Labor
Politico: Newt Gingrich goes on the attack
WSJ: Strong Views of Gingrich in District He Represented
NYT: Gingrich Narrows Focus to Georgia for Super Tuesday
WaPo: Newt Gingrich: Will #250gas drive him back to contention?

WaPo: Why doesn’t the tea party like Ron Paul?
Dallas MN: Ron Paul doesn't hold back blasting GOP field in TV ad

WSJ: GOP's Race Heads West in Quest for Momentum
Weekly Standard: The Real Divide in the GOP Race

WTimes: Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate a ‘forgery’
Fox: Arizona sheriff Arpaio unveils findings of Obama birth certificate probe
DC: Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate forged, ‘perpetrators’ must be ‘brought to justice’
LA Times: On the case: Sheriff Joe Arpaio probes Obama birth certificate


Fox: Lucky breaks could give Democrats clearer path to holding Senate majority
Sen. Olympia Snowe: Why I’m leaving the Senate
NatJ: Snowe: The Senate Is No Longer What the Founders Envisioned
Hill: Schumer focuses on the Senate, Scott Brown and contraception

Hill: McConnell vows full-fledged assault on health law amid threat to his leadership


WTimes: Obama: Time to end tax breaks for Big Oil
WaPo: Obama calls on Congress to repeal federal subsidies for oil industry
NYT: Obama Seeks to End Subsidies for Oil and Gas Companies

NYT: House Passes Bridge Bill After an Earmark Debate

Sec. Tim Geithner: Financial Crisis Amnesia

WTimes: Senate narrowly defeats contraception amendment
WaPo: Birth control exemption bill, the ‘Blunt amendment,’ killed in Senate
NYT: Senate Rejects Step Targeting Coverage of Contraception
Rush Limbaugh: The Politics of the Blunt Amendment

WTimes: Online pioneer journalist Breitbart dies at 43
Fox: Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart is dead at 43
NYT: Andrew Breitbart, Conservative Blogger, Dies at 43
James Taranto: 'A Bit of Dust That Burns for a Fleeting Second'
Byron York: In politics fight, Breitbart knew culture is key
WaPo: Andrew Breitbart built Internet empire by combining new media, partisan slant
Politico: Andrew Breitbart's new-media message
Rush Limbaugh: Andrew Breitbart: Bulldog for the Cause
Jonah Goldberg: Andrew RIP


WTimes: Washington caucuses on Saturday are last stop before Super Tuesday


Roll Call: Maine: Mike Michaud Staying Put in House, Won’t Run for Senate


NYT: Law Has Polling Firms Leery of Work in New Hampshire


Hill: Bob Kerrey: Promises from Reid factored into Senate decision


Albany TU: Congressional plans differ in Capital Region treatment
NYT: Congressional Redistricting Plans Go to a Judge


WSJ: And Dreier Makes Seven: The California redistricting carnage goes on

WTimes: California judges asked to say if they are gay

SacBee: Jerry Brown seeks Chinese investments for California projects


NYT: Texas: Primary Election Set for May 29
Roll Call: Texas: San Antonio Court Orders May 29 Primary


Miami Herald: School prayer bill passes with bipartisan support in House


Chicago Tribune: Illinois Republican presidential primary's fate rests on Super Tuesday
Chicago Tribune: Relevance of Illinois primary could hinge on Super Tuesday


NYT: A Conservative Leader Was Less So in Congress (Rep. Chocola)


Milwaukee JS: With millions spent on TV, opinions about Scott Walker aren't changing much


WTimes: Old friends are now bitter rivals for Ohio House seat


Examiner: Abortion ultrasound bill headed to Gov. McDonnell


Examiner: Maryland governor signs same-sex marriage law


Human Events: Pa. governor draws ire for interfering in state's Senate seat battle


Rasmussen: Massachusetts Senate: Brown (R) 49%, Warren (D) 44%


March 1, 2012


WaPo: Mitt Romney wins Wyoming caucuses
WTimes: Romney tops Wyoming caucuses
Fox: Romney wins nonbinding vote at Wyoming precinct caucuses
Karl Rove: Romney Takes the GOP Lead
Paul Gigot: Romney's Michigan Coalition
Rush Limbaugh: Should I Just Declare the Primary Over and Anoint Mitt Romney?
WaPo: Mitt Romney, facing money challenges, aggressively seeks donations
Examiner: GOP voters start lining up behind Romney
NatJ: The Real Reason Romney Is Winning
Weekly Standard: Romney Supports Conscience Bill
NYT: Romney Sets Off Furor on Contraception Bill
WaPo: Romney camp says candidate supports Blunt amendment on contraceptive coverage
NYT: Missed Opportunity for Rivals of Romney, but Another Looms
EJ Dionne: The Two Cadillacs Fallacy

WaPo: Rick Santorum faced with strategy shift that will test his shoestring campaign
Fox: Santorum makes crossover appeal
NatJ: Can Santorum Broaden His Base?
Hill: Santorum gets big boost, takes $9 million haul in February
Examiner: Santorum eyes second chance to beat Romney
NYT: Despite Vote, Santorum Claims Victory in Michigan
WTimes: Santorum claims win despite loss in Michigan
WaPo: Santorum remembers the ladies in Michigan speech
Ann Coulter: The Problem with Rick Santorum
Hill: Santorum let his moment come, then go

Hot Air: What’s up with Newt Gingrich? Gallup’s daily tracking poll, for one thing
AJC: Gingrich comeback hinges on Georgia
WSJ: Gingrich, Struggling, Gets More Creative
WaPo: Pro-Gingrich super PAC places big radio buy in six states
NatJ: Gingrich Getting the Hang of Hashtags
Erick Erickson: Gingrich lays out his path to victory

NYT: G.O.P. Fight Moves to Super Tuesday Battlegrounds
Ralph Hallow: Forecast still cloudy on eventual GOP pick

George Will: Super PACs can’t crown a king

NYT: President Offers Theme of Nation Seeing a Comeback
Dan Henninger: Opinion: Obama's Mythical America
Ted Nugent: ‘Progressives’ are regressive


NYT: Tensions Raise Specter of Gas Reaching $5 a Gallon
Fox: Republican lawmakers step up attacks on Obama administration over rising gas prices
Politico: On energy, Obama avoiding ghost of Jimmy Carter
Rush Limbaugh: Chu: We Don't Want to Lower Gas Prices

WaPo: Obama, Boehner meet for first time in seven months
WTimes: Bipartisan lunch has White House optimistic on jobs
Hill: Republican leaders say their meeting with Obama was 'very positive'

WaPo: Ben Bernanke strikes cautious tone amid signs economic recovery accelerating
Hill: Bernanke warns lawmakers nation headed for 'massive fiscal cliff'
Hill: Paul returns to DC to assail Bernanke

Hill: Rogers rips EPA chief over coal permits

Fred Barnes: Ryan's Medicare Revolution

Pete DuPont: The Dependency Crisis: More Americans live off government

Andrew McCarthy: Releasing the Blind Sheikh?

NYT: Editorial: Reforming the Postal Service


ABC: Mitt Romney wins Wyoming caucus vote


NatJ: Romney Looks to Ohio for a Knockout Punch
Politico: Mitt Romney aims to connect in Ohio
Hill: Ohio is next battlefield for the GOP
Fox: Romney pushes economic message in Ohio
NYT: Ohio Offers Chance for a Santorum Rebound
Politico: Ohio primary: Buckeye State brawl up next


NatJ: Gingrich Says He’ll 'Decisively' Win in Georgia


Boston Globe: Snowe triggers a shakeup in Maine politics
NYT: After Many Tough Choices, the Choice to Quit
NYT: Retirement Throws Maine’s Senate Race Into ‘Chaos’
NYT: Democrats Favored to Pick Up Snowe Seat
Roll Call: Pack of Politicians Mull Run for Snowe’s Seat
James Taranto: Snowe Tires: The case against the "vital center."
Dana Milbank: A moderate’s lament
Roll Call: Olympia Snowe, Bob Kerrey Shift Senate Landscape
Rush Limbaugh: Breaking News: Olympia Snowe Turns Over the Senate to the Democrats
LA Times: Republicans' hopes for recapturing control of Senate dim


OC Register: Republican hopes for Senate majority may rest on Nevada


NYT: Another Republican Wants Gillibrand's Senate Seat

Albany TU: In submissions, legislators carve up Hinchey seat


WaPo: Rep. David Dreier to retire at end of year
WaPo: CA Republican Rep. David Dreier, chairman of House Rules, announces retirement
Politico: David Dreier was thrown into Dem seat

NYT: In California, City Teeters on Brink of Bankruptcy

LA Times: California attorney general seeks more mortgage protections

SacBee: Assembly committee rejects Jerry Brown's welfare-to-work cuts


Chicago Tribune: Illinois Republican presidential primary's fate rests on Super Tuesday


Weekly Standard: The Bell Tolls for Lugar


Milwaukee JS: Michigan's tight contest could be a preview of Wisconsin's primary
Rasmussen: Obama Leads Romney, Santorum In Wisconsin


Detroit News: Survey: Electability gave Romney an edge in Michigan


WaPo: Bob Kerrey is officially running for Senate in Nebraska


WTimes: Senate Democrats block Virginia budget


Boston Herald: Poll: Sen. Brown jumps to 10-point lead


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Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

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