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March 21, 2012


WTimes: Mitt Romney wins Jeb Bush’s endorsement
WaPo: Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney
NYT: Jeb Bush Backs Romney and Urges End to G.O.P. Battle

Chicago Tribune: Mitt Romney declares victory in Illinois
Chicago ST: Romney wins Illinois GOP primary
WSJ: Romney Rolls to Illinois Win
NYT: Romney Wins by Wide Margin in Illinois Contest
WaPo: Illinois primary: Romney wins GOP contest
WTimes: Illinois win moves Romney closer to inevitability
Fox: Romney wins Illinois GOP primary, inches closer to nomination
Examiner: Romney dominates Santorum in Illinois primary
NatJ: In Illinois Primary, Romney Finally Gets a Clean Hit
National Review: Romney’s Big Night
Jen Rubin: Romney cruises to win

Fox: Romney adds to delegate lead in Illinois primary
Politico: Mitt Romney readies for April showdown
WSJ: Romney Builds His Lead, but Prize Remains Elusive
Dan Balz: A Mitt Romney victory but a long road ahead
NatJ: Illinois Verdict: The Race Goes On With Divided GOP
WaPo: Mitt Romney supporters rally in February, donating $18 million
WTimes: Finally, Romney gets tea party support
Politico: Mitt Romney's enthusiasm gap on the Hill
James Taranto: Romney's condescending approach may be the best way to beat Obama
Fred Barnes: Romney-Ryan?

NatJ: Santorum Looks to Louisiana After Big Illinois Loss
Hill: Santorum launches second half of campaign in Illinois concession speech
NYT: Pennsylvania Rises in Importance for Santorum After Loss in Illinois
Boston Globe: With shift north, going gets tougher for Santorum
WaPo: Santorum’s blunt talk is proving troublesome
Rush Limbaugh: Santorum's Core Threatens Libs

NatJ: Gingrich: Victory Lies in the South
NYT: ‘Super PACs’ Supply Millions as G.O.P. Race Drains Field

WSJ: Obama Piles Up More Cash Than GOP Field
Fox: Obama piles up more cash than entire Republican field
NYT: Gay Donors, Key Group for Obama, to Plot Strategy in Washington
NYT: 10 Questions for Jim Messina
WSJ: Obama's Miseries
Ted Nugent: GOP storm brewing

Roll Call: 2016 Frontrunners Diverge on Redistricting

Politico: Fighting over Eisenhower's monumental legacy


Dick Armey & Matt Kibbe: What Do Republicans Believe?
Politico: Senate 2012: John Cornyn hits bumps with campaign
NatJ: Change in the 112th Congress
Hill: Many Dems haven’t paid dues to aid efforts to retake House

Politico: Dole on Baker and Baker on Dole


WSJ: Ryan Plan Revives Deficit Duel
WaPo: Ryan introduces GOP budget plan, slashing social programs and tax rates
Milwaukee JS: Ryan touts GOP budget as 'alternative path' for nation
WTimes: Ryan strikes Democrats with third plan for Medicare
WTimes: Ryan budget shoots for lower deficit, flatter tax
Human Events: GOP budget plan would cut spending $5 trillion over 10 years
Hill: ‘We have the votes’ to pass this budget in House, says the GOP's Paul Ryan
WSJ: The Reform Republicans: Paul Ryan's budget doesn't shrink on Medicare and taxes
NYT: Editorial: The Careless House Budget
WaPo: Paul Ryan’s dangerous, and intentionally vague, budget plan
Fox: Obama debt hole deeper than George W. Bush's in less than half the time
National Review: Editorial: Paul Ryan Leads
Michael Barone: Ryan's budget kicks the can at timorous Democrats
Rush Limbaugh: Architects of Our Debt Disaster Have No Right to Attack Paul Ryan's Budget
American Spectator: Now That's Leadership!

WSJ: Questions Arise on Gasoline Data
WTimes: Obama to visit four states for damage control on energy issues
Newt Gingrich: Why Obama is absurd to suggest algae

WaPo: Senate to vote on STOCK Act
Hill: Reid moves to adopt House-passed version of lawmaker insider-trading bill

Hill: Supreme Court faces an unprecedented healthcare frenzy
Hill: Obama will avoid healthcare defense during court review
Sen. Ron Johnson: ObamaCare's Costs Are Soaring

Hill: House Republicans push for military buildup with focus on countering Iran
Dick Morris: Obama tells secrets to Russia


NatJ: Kinzinger Defeats Manzullo in Illinois 16th District GOP Primary
NatJ: Schneider Beats Back Sheyman in Illinois 10th District Primary
WSJ: Democrats Seek Gains in Illinois
NatJ: Party Favorites Win in Illinois 12th, 17th Districts
NYT: Close G.O.P. Primary in House Race; Jackson Survives Challenge to Defend Seat


Fox: New Hampshire lawmakers to consider repealing gay marriage vote


Rasmussen: Nevada: Obama Leads Romney, Santorum


NYT: Both Sides Declare Victory in Bumpy Race for a Brooklyn Senate Seat


Austin AS: Fiscal conservatives seek more state budget cuts


Miami Herald: Senators get snagged on thorny redistricting issues


Star Tribune: House approves placing photo ID on November ballot


March 20, 2012


WSJ: Job Gains Drive Romney to Attack Obama Over Gas
WTimes: Romney rallies for ‘economic freedom’
WaPo: Romney: ‘I don’t see how a young American can vote for a Democrat’
WaPo: Romney’s bundlers are key to his presidential campaign
Boston Globe: Romney’s Medicare plan could create gap for seniors

Hill: Romney poised for key Illinois win
National Review: Romney Woos Illinois
NYDN: Mitt Romney pushing hard for win in Illinois
Boston Globe: As Illinois votes, Mitt Romney focuses on Obama
Fox: Upbeat Romney urges Illinois GOP primary voters to get to the polls
WaPo: Coming off Puerto Rico win, Romney pushes hard in Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Romney, Santorum make final push for Illinois Republican votes
Chicago Tribune: Illinois primary is set for frenzied finish
Chicago ST: Romney runs on Obama’s turf, Santorum pays homage to Reagan
WaPo: Romney, Santorum each claim conservative mantle before Illinois primary
Politico: Illinois primary: 5 things to watch

Slate: The Calculus Behind the Race to Tampa: Romney is further ahead than he looks

Bay Buchanan: One conservative’s case for Mitt Romney

NYT: Santorum Writings Voice Strikingly Consistent Views
WaPo: Rick Santorum has embraced Spanish priest behind devout Catholic group Opus Dei

NYT: In Illinois, Santorum Talks of Brokered Convention
NatJ: Rick Santorum Stokes GOP Divisions in Run-Up to Illinois Primary

Examiner: Santorum channels Reagan to rally conservatives
NYT: Santorum Waves Away Economics
Politico: Rick Santorum not talking much about the economy
NatJ: Santorum: 'I Don’t Care What the Unemployment Rate’s Going to Be'
Weekly Standard: Does Santorum Really Not Care About the Unemployed?

Politico: Santorum super PAC escalates in Louisiana

Star-Telegram: Santorum not alone in needing a history lesson on Puerto Rico

NatJ: Santorum's Mystery Kitchen Cabinet: Who Advises Him Besides Himself?
Chicago ST: Karen Santorum one of her husband’s top advisers, despite her low profile

Bill McGurn: The Improbable Mr. Santorum
Rush Limbaugh: Santorum Slaps Down Scarborough

WTimes: Gingrich edges away from hawkish past on campaign trail
Politico: Newt Gingrich's twin campaigns
Hill: Newt won’t exit, thought others should

HChron: Ron Paul’s campaign is spending more than it’s raising as available cash ebbs

NYT: Candidates Disclose Fund-Raising

Roll Call: Who Else for Vice President but Marco Rubio?
Politico: Marco Rubio autobiography rushed

Examiner: GOP leaders urge candidate truce on social issues
Politico: Karl Rove: Long GOP primary ‘a negative’

Dallas MN: Obama raised $45 million for campaign in February
Rush Limbaugh: More Terrible Poll News for White House

Charlie Cook: Longing for Long-Form Political Ads


Roll Call: NRCC Feels Bullish on House Prospects
Hill: Obama is main target in House races, GOP says
WSJ: NRCC Math: Democrats Need 34 Seats to Take Over House
NatJ: Democrats See Land of Pickup Opportunities
Roll Call: GOP Committees Announce February Fundraising

Hill: Pelosi looms over contest for top slot on House Appropriations Committee

WTimes: Small office has big job as monitor of ethics in the House


WSJ: GOP's Budget Targets Taxes
Hill: House GOP budget to slash taxes
WaPo: House Republicans to propose dramatic changes to tax code
WaPo: Senate Democrats warn House GOP not to cut too deeply in budget plan
Politico: House GOP set to move on debt package
Politico: For Democrats, GOP budget is Christmas in March
Rep. Paul Ryan: The GOP Budget and America's Future
Byron York: Ryan tries to break Reid's grip on budget
American Spectator: Paul Ryan vs. 'Medicare March'
William Kristol: Ryan vs. Obama

WTimes: At two-year mark, health law’s legacy is confusion
NYT: Publicity Push as Health Law’s Court Date Nears
Hill: Dems hail health law's benefits for seniors
NYT: At Heart of Health Law Clash, a 1942 Case of a Farmer’s Wheat
WSJ: OpEd: ObamaCare's Flawed Economic Foundations

Hill: House GOP weighs new gas-price bill
Politico: Democrats file bill to repeal oil tax incentives
American Thinker: Cheaper Gasoline Starts at the EPA

Hill: Senators to Pentagon: No troop cuts until Congress gets a say in budget

Hill: Insider-trading bill grinds to halt

Fox: DOJ opens investigation into black teenager killed by neighborhood watch captain
Miami Herald: U.S. Department of Justice, FBI and FDLE to probe Trayvon Martin killing

Fox: Obama executive order revising authority to nationalize resources for defense

WaPo: Behind the brewing voter ID war

James Taranto: Green yet Barren: You can't make a baby by hugging a tree


Chicago Tribune: Illinois voters to weigh in on races from White House to courthouse
WSJ: Super PACs Shake Up Illinois House Race
Politico: Tea party backs veteran Illinois politician in House race
John Gizzi: There Are Other Races In Illinois
Human Events: Is this the last hurrah for Jesse Jackson Jr.?


Albany TU: Federal court formally sets congressional lines
NYT: New Congressional Lines Imposed by Federal Court
Roll Call: New York: Court-Drawn Congressional Map Adopted for 2012 Elections
Politico: Incumbents at risk in final N.Y. map
Buffalo News: Redrawn districts will put Hochul, Slaughter to test
Rochester D&C: Maggie Brooks announces run for Congress
Roch D&C: Maggie Brooks using her Monroe popularity to take on Congresswoman Slaughter

NYT: Three Officials Announce Bids to Replace Ackerman

NYT: Brooklyn Voters to Fill State Senate Vacancy today

Roll Call: New York: Bob Turner Makes Senate Primary Ballot
NY Post: Conservatives back Long shot

WSJ: Cuomo Hypes Modest Pension Deal
Albany TU: Cuomo, thronged by crimestoppers, signs DNA bill

Rochester D&C: Focus in Albany turns to state budget talks


SacBee: CA chief justice avoids controversy, warns that budget cuts could imperil judiciary


Fox: Gov. Walker vs. Wisconsin recall


WSJ: McCaskill's ObamaCare Baggage


Roll Call: Once Endangered, Orrin Hatch Battles Back in Utah


March 19, 2012


WSJ: Romney Wins Primary in Puerto Rico
WaPo: Mitt Romney wins Puerto Rico primary
NYT: Romney Prevails Easily in Puerto Rico Primary
Fox: Romney wins in Puerto Rico while focused on Illinois

Chicago Tribune: Illinois primary is set for furious finish
Chicago ST: Romney and Santorum tangle over who is “economic heavyweight”
NYT: Drifting Away From Moderate Image, Illinois Tests Romney
WaPo: Romney appeals to women on campaign trail in Illinois
WTimes: Romney, Santorum take fight to Illinois
NatJ: Illinois Looking Like Fertile Ground for Mitt Romney
Politico: No sparks for Mitt Romney in Illinois
Politico: Illinois ballot deal for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum
Miami Herald: Confident Romney calls for unity, looks to Ill.
Examiner: Romney battles Santorum for Illinois conservatives

WTimes: Romney lambastes Obama over military decisions
Fox: Mitt Romney calls for Obama to be more engaged in Afghan war
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney’s defense budget target is lofty
Hill: Romney says Obama’s ‘failed leadership’ hurt Afghanistan mission

WSJ: Romney Seizes on Gas Price Spike
Fox: Romney to Obama: Fire 'gas hike trio'

NatJ: Ann Romney Makes Pitch to Women Voters
NYT: Romneys Court Women Put Off by Birth Control Issue

Politico: Mitt Romney's top fundraising zip codes

Weekly Std: As Obamacare Anniversary Approaches, Debate on Romneycare Heats Up

WSJ: Romney Calls Santorum an "Economic Lightweight"

National Review: Santorum’s Conservative Stance in Illinois
WTimes: Santorum: Conservatives don’t want a CEO
NYT: Santorum Takes On Urban America
Jen Rubin: Santorum’s bad weekend (aside from Puerto Rico)
Thomas Sowell: The ‘Inevitability’ Vote

National Review: Is Ron Paul Winning?

WTimes: GOP debates thinned field, but didn’t produce clear consensus
NatJ: Why Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum May Battle Until June
NatJ: Barbour: Contested Convention 'Isn't Necessarily All Bad'

WaPo: Obama’s high-dollar donations lagging
NYT: OpEd: The Uses of Polarization
Harold Ford Jr.: A Tax and Energy Plan to Re-elect Obama
Hill: The Hill Poll: Voter gloom on Obama’s jobs, gas, debt policies


WSJ: New 'Super PAC' Takes Aim at Incumbents
NYT: Editorial: The Wrong Way to Shake Up Congress

Examiner: Dems still fretting about keeping Senate majority
Hill: Senate Dems top $5.3 million in February

Roll Call: Cracking the Whip a Big Job for Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Michael Barone: Redistricting Not a Big Story in 2012


WaPo: House GOP’s Ryan to unveil new budget
Hill: House GOP seeks political upper hand with 2013 budget proposal
Hill: Sessions says Reid dodging budget debate to avoid tough votes
Alan Blinder: The U.S. Cruises Toward a 2013 Fiscal Cliff

WSJ: With Gas Prices Rising, Smog Rules May Stall
NYT: House Panel to Cite New Flaw in Energy Loans
Hill: Republicans go on offensive over rumors Obama may tap emergency oil reserves
WaPo: Solar industry faces subsidy cuts in Europe

NYT: Health Care Debate Returns With Intensity
WSJ: Insurers Set Plans in Case Mandate Is Quashed
WaPo: Health-care law activists to reach for broad political targets at Supreme Court hearings
Rep. Steve King & Sen. Jim DeMint: End Obamacare, don’t mend it
Paul Krugman: Hurray for Health Reform

WTimes: Same-sex benefits a powder keg in Pentagon

NYT: Editorial: Justice After Senator Stevens


WSJ: Illinois Race Muddled by State's Move Right

Human Events: Rep. Cantor takes sides in Illinois House primary


NYDN: Rep. Bob Turner blames Gillibrand and Obama for high gasoline prices
Daily Caller: Bob Turner readies to take on Gillibrand, Republican Senate challengers
NY Post: A dough blow for Gilly rival

Human Events: New York GOP moves right at state convention

NYT: New York Moves to Soften Tough Medicaid Audits

Rochester D&C: GOP making major announcement at 10 a.m. Monday


OrlSen: New Senate map doesn’t impact leadership contest, slightly erodes GOP advantage


NatJ: Lugar Leads Mourdock by Just Six in Dem Poll
Roll Call: Indiana: Dem Poll Shows Lugar Leads Mourdock by 6 Points

Human Events: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels remains prime player in national GOP


Fox: Minnesota to vote on rescinding immunity for lawmakers facing drunken driving arrest


Milwaukee JS: Site helps Dems, not Walker probe


Politico: Ohio's DeWine tells GOPers he'll step down next year


WSJ: Detroit Struggles for a Fiscal Fix


WaPo: Study finds state governments at risk for corruption; NJ listed as most transparent


Boston Globe: GOP sees Tierney as wounded, beatable

Politico: Brown makes raunchy barb at Santorum's expense


WTimes: Maine GOP out to subvert independent King


March 18, 2012


Chicago Tribune: Romney takes aim at Obama Cabinet members
WaPo: Ahead of Ill. primary, Romney blasts Obama on gas prices, defends his own wealth
Politico: Romney, not in it for the money
NYT: Romneys Make a Push Through Puerto Rico
WaPo: In Puerto Rico, Romney and statehood inextricably linked
WaPo: Romney loves Puerto Rico but Sotomayor, not so much
WaPo: Romney redoubles Illinois effort after recent losses to Santorum
NYT: Romney Brushes Off Criticism Over Bain Purchase in China
Human Events: Is Romney electable?

Chicago Sun-Times: Romney, Santorum battle over Illinois conservatives, delegates
Chicago Tribune: Santorum, Romney fight for conservative voters in Illinois
AP/Elliott: A look at long-shot strategy by long-shot Santorum
NYDN: Santorum ahead in Missouri caucus despite days of controversy
NatJ: Santorum Learns to Love Math in Missouri
Politico: Rick Santorum has history with Puerto Rico
NatJ: Santorum Wrongly Claims to Have Midwest Locked Up
Daily Caller: Gay kissers ejected from Santorum rally, crowd chants 'U-S-A!'

National Review: Tampa Tempest: Newt Gingrich plots convention chaos

NYT: All Odds Aside, G.O.P. Girding for Floor Fight
Hill: Brokered GOP convention could energize base, say some insiders
Dan Balz: Santorum-Romney battle reveals stark divide in the GOP

WaPo: Romney, Santorum to headline Sunday talk shows

WaPo: Obama’s evolution: Behind the failed ‘grand bargain’ on the debt

HChron: As GOP brawls, Obama backers told not to get too confident

Milwaukee JS: An age gap in American politics that barely existed a decade ago


WaPo: 3 candidates may help Democrats keep control of Senate

WaPo: Tea party using member vs. member races to flex political muscle
Michael Barone: Expected GOP redistricting boost looks unlikely

Atlantic: How Voter ID Laws Are Being Used to Disenfranchise Minorities and the Poor


Fox: As gas prices rise, no relief in sight at pump

Fox: GOP prepares for budget battle as Rep. Ryan drafts new blueprint
George Will: High-flying corporate welfare

Hill: Republicans shift from McCain on war

Hill: Sunday show preview: Santorum, Romney, McCain and Clooney


NYT: A look at Puerto Rico as it holds its primary today


Examiner: Santorum, Romney battling for Obama's home state

Roll Call: Illinois GOP Primary Pits Generations


St. Louis PD: Raucous GOP caucus in St. Peters is shut down
NYT: Disruption Closes a Missouri Caucus Before Vote


Salena Zito: 'Welcome home' for Rick?


Hill: Pingree tried to get King to drop Maine Senate bid


Albany TU: GOP headed for primary, Long gets highest delegate count

Rochester D&C: Maggie Brooks weighs congressional bid

Albany TU: Occupy protest anniversary ends with police sweep


SacBee: High-speed rail proponents make changes to win over California lawmakers

Dan Walters: Jerry Brown 2.0 finds it tough going


Dallas MN: Supreme Court could be receptive to Texas’ challenge of Voting Rights Act

Dallas MN: More Texas congressional Republicans facing primary challengers this year

HChron: 3 conservatives tout credentials in race to succeed Paul


Miami Herald: New Senate district map ticks off both parties


NYDN: John Edwards campaign must repay $2M to Treasury


Boston Globe: For the Kennedy clan, he is Generation Next


March 17, 2012


Boston Globe: Illinois primary could be pivotal
WaPo: Christie stumps for Romney in Illinois
Daily Caller: On Illinois stump, Christie sounds more like candidate than Romney surrogate
WaPo: Why Mitt Romney should win Illinois
Rasmussen: Illinois: Romney 41% Santorum 32% Gingrich 14%
Weekly Standard: Illinois Poll: Romney 37, Santorum 31, Gingrich 14, Paul 8
Hill: Chicago Tribune endorses Romney for GOP nomination
Chicago Tribune: Editorial: For the Republicans, Romney

WaPo: Romney campaign in hyperdrive before Puerto Rico primary
WSJ: Romney Campaign, Puerto Rican Style
WSJ: Ann Romney Tries Out Puerto Rican Politics
NatJ: Romney Supports Puerto Rican Statehood Without English Condition
Politico: Mitt Romney on defense in Puerto Rico

WaPo: Romney advisers try to lay groundwork for united GOP against Obama
WSJ: Romney's Other Ceiling
Hill: Romney’s recurring dilemma
WaPo: In GOP race, voters divided over religion’s place in politics
William Kristol: The Man Who Likes Mandates
Rasmussen: National Poll: Romney 37%, Santorum 28%, Gingrich 17%, Paul 10%

NYT: Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance
WaPo: John Kerry tied to controversial Bain Capital investment

Chicago ST: Santorum gives Romney tougher-than-expected Ill. primary battle
Politico: In Illinois, Rick Santorum is fighting City Hall
NatJ: Santorum's Progress in GOP Race is Historic
Rasmussen: Obama Trails Santorum, Leads Romney in Core Four States (FL, NC, OH, VA)
WSJ: Santorum's Tight, Harried Team
NYT: A Passionate Persona Forged in a Brutal Defeat

WaPo: Newt Gingrich’s campaign: Good for the GOP?
NatJ: Gallup: Romney and Santorum Would Split Gingrich Backers If He Quit

Politico: Ron Paul campaign bleeds cash

NYT: Where Are the Republican Elder Statesmen?

WTimes: Raising money, Obama calls on GOP to raise its game
NYT: Obama Parries Criticism as Fund-Raising Eats Into His Schedule
Politico: Obama's five-fundraiser day
Mark Steyn: Obama’s History Lesson


WaPo: Gas prices spike, and American motorists rumble with anger, frustration
Hill: GOP: Obama, Dems need to do more to fight high gas prices
NYT: Price of Gas Matters to Voters, but Doesn’t Seem to Sway Votes
WTimes: Obama: End tax breaks for oil companies
Daily Caller: Obama uses high gas prices to argue for end to ‘big oil’ subsidies
Politico: Gas price rhetoric pumps up the hype
Hill: White House looks to change the optics in debate over rising gas prices

WTimes: CBO: Obama budget deepens debt by $3.5 trillion
Hill: CBO says Obama's latest budget would add $3.5 trillion in deficits through 2022

CBS: Paul Ryan's budget: What's in the GOP plan?
WaPo: Paul Ryan’s dramatic budget preview
Rush Limbaugh: Why People Want Paul Ryan to Run

NYT: G.O.P. Freshmen Not as Defiant as Reputation Suggests

WSJ: Administration Offers Contraception Options
Hill: White House: Colleges must cover birth control for students
NYT: Birth Control Mandate to Apply to Self-Insuring Religious Groups
WaPo: Birth control rule won’t apply to all student plans at colleges, White House says
Politico: HHS spells out new options for contraception coverage rule
Human Events: Top 10 examples of the war on religion

WSJ: States Get Medicaid Rules

WSJ: Same-Day Release Set for Audio of Health Care Arguments
NYT: Health Law Hearings: Justices Plan Daily Tapes
WaPo: Supreme Court will not allow cameras for health-care arguments, will release audio
WaPo: How the Roberts court could save Obama’s health-care reform
Politico: Health care reform: Four inconvenient truths

Hill: GOP split on health-law repeal strategy

WSJ: Department of Injustice: Prosecutors in the Stevens case deserve severe sanctions
NYT: A Call to Fire Prosecutors in Botched Stevens Trial

Fox: Lawmakers question Justice investigator's independence in Fast and Furious probe

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Chicago Tribune: Presidential campaign takes center stage in Chicago area today
WTimes: Delegate-rich Illinois the focus of GOP next week


NYT: In Missouri, the G.O.P. Fight for Delegates Enters Round 2 (Post-Beauty Contest)

Roll Call: Missouri: GOP Senate Candidates Don’t Know State’s Minimum Wage


NatJ: Kerrey Can Appear on Nebraska Ballot
Daily Caller: Bob Kerrey eligible for Senate run despite ‘troubling’ residency hijinks


WSJ: GOP Race Moves to Local Beat in Puerto Rico


Albany TU: GOP Senate primary offers 3-way race
Buffalo News: State GOP approves 3 for Senate primary ballot
Rochester D&C: Gillibrand foes emerge: 3 candidates make GOP primary ballot
NYT: GOP Leaders Attack Democratic Senator, but Leave Candidate Selection to the Primary
WSJ: GOP Finds It Tough to Fault Governor
Albany TU: Pataki rouses crowd at GOP convention

Albany TU: Governor signs pension reform bill


NYT: Untouchable Pensions May Be Tested in California


Austin AS: Texas sues federal agency over Women's Health Program
Hill: Rick Perry: Obama denying states ‘right to make sovereign decisions’ on voter ID
Fox: Perry blasts Obama for federal funding cuts to Texas women's health programs

Dallas MN: James turns up heat under Dewhurst for 'inexcusable' no-shows

Dallas MN: Hispanic voter numbers slip even as population soars


WSJ: Obama to Visit Oklahoma to Talk About Oil Drilling


Miami Herald: Bills passed by Florida Legislature headed to court


WSJ: Low-Road Conservatives: IN insurgents play Mickey-Mouse politics against Dick Lugar


Stephen Moore: More Madison Madness

Milwaukee JS: Ethics violations filed against Prosser


Rush Limbaugh: Theory: Election Hinges on North Carolina


American Thinker: Encouraging Signs in Maryland


WaPo: Voter ID becomes law in Pennsylvania, opponents vow legal fight


MassLive: Brown & Warren trade comedic jabs at St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Lowell


NYT: Arizona Might Curb Birth Control Coverage


WSJ: Sen. Hatch's Team Claims Good Night in Fight to Keep His Seat

Fox: Utah's repeal of panhandling law raises questions about national impact


March 16, 2012


WSJ: Romney Ramps Up Illinois Spending
Chicago Tribune: Romney moves up campaigning in suddenly crucial Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Romney: Santorum an 'economic lightweight'
NYT: A Shift in Focus, From Obama to Numbers
Roll Call: Kelly Ayotte, John Thune Raise Money for Mitt Romney
Ruth Marcus: Doggone it, stop hounding Romney

WaPo: Santorum becomes a leading conservative voice through campaign’s resurrection
NYT: Early Glimpse of Missouri Caucuses Shows Support for Santorum
Dallas MN: Santorum stirs furor over English as ‘main language’ in Puerto Rico
NYT: For Santorum, Trying to Tamp Down a Firestorm Over Puerto Rico Remarks
Fox: Romney, Santorum emphasize English language in Puerto Rico
Politico: Rick Santorum's ties to Arlen Specter described in book
Eugene Robinson: Santorum needs Gingrich in the race

Chicago Tribune: Gingrich resets his 'vision' message on the stump in Illinois
WSJ: Gingrich Stays on Point: 'I'm Still Here'
AJC: Gingrich, presenting himself as visionary, heads to Louisiana
Fox: Gingrich: Obama supports Saudi drilling -- but not American drilling
Fox: Newt is Right: Santorum is Better Off With Gingrich in the Race

WTimes: Ron Paul in the driver’s seat
Hill: Romney: No 'secret deal' with Ron Paul

NYT: G.O.P. Strategy for Hispanic Voters: It’s the Economy
NatJ: GOP Enthusiasm Has Fallen Steeply Since 2008
Byron York: Why do islands play key role in GOP race?
Jonah Goldberg: Politics: A Never-Ending Game of ‘Hot Potato’

WSJ: Obama and Biden Escalate Campaign Rhetoric
NYT: Obama Defends Energy Policy, Hitting Back at Presidential Candidates
NatJ: Insiders Split Over Impact of Economy on Obama's Re-election Prospects
Rasmussen: 48% Blame Bad Economy on Bush Recession, 46% Blame Obama's Policies
NatJ: Insiders: Re-emergence of Social Issues Will Hurt Republicans' Electoral Prospects
WaPo: White House moves into full reelection mode
NatJ: Obama Movie Confronts Weak-Leader Meme, Revisits 'Tough Decisions'
Rush Limbaugh: Panic on the Left: The Polls are Broken and the Voters are Stupid


NatJ: Change in the 112th Congress

Kim Strassel: Conservatives vs. a Senate Majority


WTimes: White House plays down report about tapping oil reserves
Rush: Obama to Release Oil from Strategic Reserve in Response to Falling Poll Numbers
American Spectator: Obama's Oily Desperation Redux
WSJ: OpEd: What's Behind Rising Gas Prices?
Fox: Obama administration push for clean energy hitting bumps
WTimes: Government data undercut Obama’s energy claims
Human Events: Hoeven promises to push ahead with Keystone pipeline
WTimes: EPA regs could hamper oil, natural gas production, report says
Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s oil flimflam
Rush Limbaugh: Obama is Anti-Progress on Energy
Paul Krugman: Natural Born Drillers

WSJ: Cheap Natural Gas Unplugs U.S. Nuclear-Power Revival

Hill: Appropriators warn legislative agencies of further funding cuts
Human Events: Obama budget makes radical cuts in immigration enforcement

NYT: House G.O.P. Hesitates on Birth Control Fight
Peggy Noonan: America's Real War on Women
Michael Gerson: Catholics, contraceptives and John Locke
Pat Buchanan: Rush and the new blacklist
Rush Limbaugh: The "War on Women" Didn't Work

Hill: Obama shifts healthcare defense
Hill: CBO report says healthcare law could cause as many as 20M to lose coverage
Examiner: Health care reforms could cost 20m work coverage
Human Events: ObamaCare: Twice as expensive as promised, and getting worse
WSJ: An ObamaCare Briefing: Framing the legal arguments against the individual mandate
WSJ: Washington Elites Queue Up to See Nine Justices on Hot Seat
Roger Hedgecock: Showdown on health care

WSJ: Report Excoriates Stevens Prosecutors
WTimes: Inquiry slams prosecution of Stevens corruption case by Justice Department
NYT: Inner Workings of Senator’s Troubled Trial Detailed (Sen. Ted Stevens)

NYT: Editorial: No Way to Choose a Judge


Albany TU: Cuomo defends late-night compromises
NYT: Cuomo, Admitting Setbacks, Says He Asked for the Moon
NY Post: Albany working right: Cuomo

NYT: Ackerman Won’t Seek Re-election to Congress
WaPo: New York Rep. Gary Ackerman to retire

NYT: Aide Says Spending by Espada Raised Issue
NY Post: Espada turned family tree into a money tree at tax-funded clinic

NYT: An Update on New York Redistricting
Albany TU: Federal judges hear final pleas, move toward Mann plan


DMN: Dallas forum finds GOP Senate hopefuls united against Obama, front-runner Dewhurst

Austin AS: Feds ask state to start winding down women's program


DC: Congressmen furious as DHS delays partnership with tough-on-immigration Alabama
Daily Caller: Alabama judge won’t return Ten Commandments bust to judicial building


Chicago Tribune: Union workers protest Quinn budget cuts

Chicago ST: Rod Blagojevich begins sentence at a Colorado federal prison


USA Today: Sen. Lugar ruled unable to vote at Indiana home
Fox: Richard Lugar Can Vote in US Senate; But Not in Indiana
Hot Air: Oops: Dick Lugar ruled ineligible to vote in Indiana due to lack of residency
Roll Call: Indiana: Lugar Will Appeal Voter Eligibility Decision


Star Tribune: Zellers walks fine line on stadium


Milwaukee JS: Assembly OKs abortion restrictions on last day of session


WTimes: ‘Joe the Plumber’ takes the plunge into politics


Rush Limbaugh: Dumplin' Flips on Frackin'

Politico: Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’s ex-mistress, gets immunity


WaPo: New Virginia voter ID law expected to face less opposition from DOJ than others

WTimes: Cuccinelli fears Romney nomination would neutralize health law as issue


Hill: Candidate field for Snowe seat swells


Politico: How Scott Brown got his mojo back


Rasmussen: Arizona 2012: Obama Trails Romney, Ties Santorum


NYT: Hatch Supporters Make Strong Showing in Utah Caucuses


March 15, 2012


WSJ: Romney Banking on Swing-State Strength
NYT: In New York, Romney Gives Pep Talk to Big Donors
Hill: Romney heats up defending campaign
Boston Globe: Mitt Romney still has the math in his favor
WTimes: Romney’s delegate gain is still loss of ‘cushion’
Examiner: Romney losing elections, but winning delegates
NatJ: Romney: ‘Guess What? I Made a Lot of Money’
Politico: How Mitt Romney can make over his campaign
Kim Strassel: Romney team pulls out all the stops to garner a win in Illinois
Fox: Fox News Poll: Romney remains top choice in GOP race

WSJ: Santorum Strains to Compete in a Marathon
NYT: Fortunes Turn, as Does Style, for Santorum
NatJ: Santorum Gets a Big Win and His Own Song
Weekly Standard: Santorum Leads in Texas

NYT: Gingrich Casts Himself as the Key to Stop Romney
Hill: Gingrich plan to block Romney could result in a deal for delegates
NYT: Despite Losses, Gingrich Sticks to a Refrain
Examiner: Gingrich insists losses won't force him from race
NatJ: Gingrich: No One Understands Me
American Spectator: Why Newt's Narrative Is False

Daily Caller: ‘Brokered’ GOP convention? Get ready, say political strategists
Hill: Republicans' delegate soup

Karl Rove: Obama's Money and the Enthusiasm Gap
Rush Limbaugh: White House Shaken by Poll Numbers
Dan Henninger: The Magician
WTimes: Numbers offer little clarity, no closure in GOP marathon
NYT: Editorial: Divided on the Right
LA Times: Swing voters: Diverse, misunderstood and crucial in 2012


WTimes: GOP challenges administration on oil production

Hill: Senate approves $109B highway bill, raising pressure on Boehner, House
WTimes: Senate shifts into gear to pass a ‘highway’ bill

Politico: Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell strike deal on judges
Hill: Senate leaders Reid, McConnell strike deal on judicial nominees

Hill: Amid transparency push, House seeks balance of security concerns, traditions

WSJ: Budget Feud Erupts Again: GOP Push to Cut Spending Below Figure Set in August

Fox: New CBO health law estimate shows much higher spending past first 10 years

James Taranto: The American Shengnu: Why Charles Murray may be too optimistic

Ann Coulter: The Vagina Diatribes


Albany TU: Race to approve redistricting drives deals on pensions, DNA tests
NYT: In Albany, Plan to Cut Pensions Takes Shape; Redistricting Moves Ahead
NYT: DNA Database Deal Reached in Albany

NYT: Espada and Son Lived Well, but Deny Theft From Nonprofit


Dallas MN: Texas challenging federal government oversight of election laws in voter ID case
Austin AS: State tries to force challenge of U.S. voting law


National Review: LeMieux Rises in Florida: Connie Mack has a real challenger


Chicago ST: Blagojevich on leaving for prison: ‘I can’t even think about it now ’
NYT: On Eve of Prison, Blagojevich Keeps Talking, but Some Tune Out


NatJ: Baldwin, Obama Fates Intertwined in Wisconsin
WSJ: Abstinence Push Wins in Wisconsin

Star Tribune: Wisconsin recall race likely to set spending record
American Spectator: True Confessions in Wisconsin


NatJ: Justice OKs GOP Redistricting Map in Virginia


National Review: Who Is Angus King?


Hill: Hatch’s fate on the line in Utah caucuses
Roll Call: Utah: Senate Race Could Be Won or Lost Today
WSJ: Hatch Defends Senate Seat in Utah


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Senate Math for 2012.......
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NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

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