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March 31, 2012


NatJ: Paul Ryan Endorses Romney
WSJ: Interview: Ryan on His Romney Endorsement
WTimes: Ryan endorses Romney for GOP nomination
Fox: Ryan endorses Romney for party's nomination
Hill: Rep. Paul Ryan endorses Mitt Romney
Rasmussen: Wisconsin GOP: Romney 44%, Santorum 34%, Gingrich 7%, Paul 7%

Chicago Tribune: Mitt Romney campaigns as a winner in Wisconsin
Chicago ST: Wisconsin might do it for Romney
WSJ: Romney Speech Looks Toward November
NYT: Romney Skips G.O.P. Rivals in Anti-Obama Speech
WaPo: Obama, Romney shift to general election
NatJ: Romney Assuming Tone of GOP Nominee
Byron York: Romney: Obama won because of personality, story
William Kristol: Forward, March!

WaPo: Mitt Romney’s ‘veepstakes’ begin
Human Events: Romney looking to fall campaign, but not yet to VP choice
Stephen Hayes: Who Will Romney Pick to Be His Running Mate?

Boston Globe: Romney-tied PAC has taste for secrecy
WaPo: Romney under fire for PAC donation to anti-gay marriage group

WSJ: Santorum's Other Wisconsin Fight
WSJ: Tough Math for Santorum to Get Tougher
WSJ: Santorum Adds Booze to His Wisconsin Pitch
Hill: Santorum supports Walker in recall fight
Hill: Top pro-Santorum super-PAC donor spends directly on behalf of Santorum

Fox: Gingrich says Romney indeed the front-runner, 'probably' will get enough delegates

Fox: Army Reserve reprimands soldier who spoke in uniform at Ron Paul rally
WaPo: Army reprimands reservist who appeared onstage at Ron Paul Iowa rally
Major Garrett: GOP Cost-Per-Delegate Madness: Ron Paul Spent $496K each!

WSJ: Delegate Math, Sex Divide, GOP Pickups
NYT: Primary Turnout Could Signal Trouble for G.O.P.

Rasmussen: Obama Still Leads Romney, Santorum in Core Four States (FL, NC, OH, VA)
Mark Penn: Could defeat for Obamacare mean victory for Obama?
Hill: Obama, taking on Congress, could find new foe in Supreme Court


Hill: Obama signs highway bill extension

Hill: After a long year, Congress grants itself an actual recess
WTimes: Congressional recess tests White House deal


Fox: Obama imposes sanctions to slow Iran's oil exportation
NYT: Obama Finds Oil in Markets Is Sufficient to Sideline Iran
WaPo: White House sees more pain for Iran as it clears way for further sanctions
Henry Kissinger: A new doctrine of intervention?

WTimes: War on coal escalates
Roll Call: Boehner Criticizes Obama Energy Policy

NYT: Now at Risk, Health Law Gives Insurers Pause
Fred Barnes: A Lose-Lose Case
Rush Limbaugh: Theory on How Supreme Court Gets to a 6-3 Vote to Uphold Obamacare
Mark Steyn: Swingin’ Kennedy
Andrew McCarthy: Statism Goes to Court

Hill: RNC draws heat over ad with doctored Supreme Court audio

Hill: Obama: Buffett Rule tax hike will 'make this country a little fairer'

WaPo: Democratic mayors challenge teachers unions in urban political shift

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows


Daily Caller: Nikki Haley says she’s victim of ‘dirty blogger politics’ again
Hill: IRS not investigating Nikki Haley for tax fraud


NYT: New York’s 2012 Budget Sails Through Albany
Albany TU: Budget passes with smiles
Buffalo News: Lawmakers adopt state budget on time
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Cuomo Budgets His Way

NY Post: Seat ‘Rangel’ers: Elbows fly as old pals challenge Charlie


SacBee: Democratic treasurer pleads guilty in record campaign theft case
Fox: Calif. campaign treasurer pleads guilty to looting $7M
Hill: Campaign treasurer pleads guilty to charges she defrauded Dems

SacBee: Gov. Jerry Brown to change high-speed rail plan, lower cost by $30 billion


Dallas MN: Texas GOP trying to lasso a national Republican presidential debate


Roll Call: Ethics Committee Dismisses Complaint Against Vitter
Hill: Committee drops complaint against Sen. Vitter for threatening official's salary


Breitbart: Hoodie-Wearing Gunmen Kill 1, Wound 5 in Bobby Rush's Chicago District


Hill: Sen. Lugar wins residency battle, but might have lost the messaging war


WaPo: Tom Barrett running in Wisconsin recall election
NatJ: Wisconsin Democrats Face Divisive Primary in Advance of Fight Against Walker
Star Tribune: Wisconsin history made; June 5 set for recall vote

Milwaukee JS: Federal court strikes down parts of public union law


WSJ: In Ohio, Mystery Robo-Calls Upend Race


Detroit FP: Retroactive state law lets GOP chairman's brother off hook for $2.4 million


Roll Call: New Jersey: Special Election Dates For Payne Seat Set


March 30, 2012


Daily Caller: Paul Ryan expected to endorse Mitt Romney
MSNBC: NBC/Marist Poll: Romney leads in Wisconsin primary
Weekly Standard: Wisconsin Poll: Romney 40, Santorum 33, Paul 11, and Gingrich 8
Rasmussen: Maryland GOP: Romney 45%, Santorum 28%, Gingrich 12%, Paul 7%
WSJ: Romney's Hawkish Stands Drawing Attention
WaPo: Mitt Romney prepares to challenge Obama on foreign policy
NYT: Romney Supporters Yearning for the Personal Side

WSJ: Romney Gets a Presidential Endorsement
NYT: It's Official: Elder Bush Backs Romney
WaPo: With Kenny Rogers nod, George H.W. Bush endorses Romney in Houston
NatJ: George H.W. Bush to Romney Rivals: Know 'When to Fold 'Em'
Examiner: GOP leaders back Romney, seek end to infighting
Human Events: Romney looking to fall campaign, but not yet to VP choice
Hill: Romney faces George W. Bush dilemma
Rush Limbaugh: We Now Return to the GOP Primary

WSJ: Obama Campaign Seeks Romney Tax Returns
NatJ: Labor Pains

WaPo: At Jelly Belly HQ, Santorum slams Obama for ‘whispering off-camera’ to Medvedev
SacBee: Santorum plays the Jelly Belly card in a California fundraising trip
Hill: Santorum: Ryan's budget doesn't go far enough with cuts

NYT: Gingrich Backer Says Candidacy Is Nearing End
WaPo: Sheldon Adelson meets with Romney backers, says Gingrich is ‘at the end of his line’
WSJ: News of a Romney-Gingrich Meeting, but No Deal
National Review: Newt in Autumn

Hill: GOP's RNC stockpiles $21M for eventual nominee
NYT: In Defense of Presidential Forecasting Models

WSJ: Obama Shifts View of Executive Power
WTimes: Obama’s campaign cash haul trailing pace of ‘08
Peggy Noonan: Obama increasingly comes across as devious and dishonest
Rasmussen: Wisconsin: Obama Grows Lead Over GOP Hopefuls

Martin Peretz: Where's an Open Mic When We Really Need It?
Charles Krauthammer: The ‘flexibility’ doctrine
Fox: US ambassador hints Russia is spying on him


WSJ: House Approves Ryan's Budget Plan
WaPo: House approves $3.5 trillion budget plan proposed by Paul Ryan
NYT: House Passes G.O.P. Budget Plan
NYT: House Passes G.O.P. Budget Plan, Mostly Along Party Lines
Hill: Rep. Paul Ryan's budget passed by the House with 10 Republican defections
WSJ: House votes reveal who's serious about fiscal reform
NYT: Editorial: A Cruel Budget
Michael Gerson: Paul Ryan unplugs the political third rail
WTimes: House’s OK’d plan hits wall in Senate

Erskine Bowles: Why I'm Optimistic About Cutting the Deficit
WaPo: Resolved: Supercommittees and debt commissions don’t work

WTimes: Congress passes short-term transportation bill
NYT: Congress Extends Highway Funding With Stopgap Bill
WaPo: Senate bows to House to extend transportation funding for 90 days
Hill: Congress approves 90-day highway bill, sends to President Obama
WSJ: Highways Funding Outlook Still Cloudy
NatJ: What’s Next for the Transportation Bill?

WSJ: Senate Rejects Attempt to End Oil Subsidies
Hill: Senate defeats Democrats' measure to kill off ‘Big Oil’ tax breaks, 51-47
WTimes: Senate rejects Obama demand for end to oil tax breaks
WaPo: GOP blocks Obama’s effort to end tax breaks for Big Oil
NatJ: Democrats Jump on Oil Subsidies Vote to Attack GOP
Pete DuPont: The Anti-Energy President
Rush L: After Impassioned Obama Plea to Punish Big Oil, the Dem Senate Rejects His Bill

Hill: McCain: Delaying deal on defense cuts to lame-duck session would be ‘a disaster’

WSJ: Obama's Fed Picks Fail to Win Senate Approval

NatJ: Senate: Democrats feel optimistic, but Republicans are in better shape than it appears

Hill: Both Democrats and Republicans see Ryan budget as big campaign issue


Fox: Justices meet Friday to vote on ObamaCare but opinion not expected until June
NYT: In Health Case, Appeals to a Justice’s Idea of Liberty
Hill: Dems fume over Justice Scalia’s comments during healthcare case
WSJ: Health-Law Case Puts Roberts in Crucible
Sens. Alexander, Johanns, Hoeven, Risch: ObamaCare Will Punish State Budgets
WSJ: The Infinite Mandate
WaPo: The Supreme Court will decide on the health-care law soon. It will tell you later
WaPo: Editorial: Civics lessons from the Supreme Court
John Yoo: What Conservative Legal Revolution?
Kim Strassel: The GOP's Health-Care Eeyores
Byron York: Obamacare's 2,700 pages are too much for justices
Rush Limbaugh: Reality Confounds the American Left
Rush Limbaugh: The Four Liberal Supreme Court Justices Don't Like the US Constitution
American Spectator: Let It Be (Political)
Paul Krugman: Broccoli and Bad Faith
Eugene Robinson: A stronger prescription for what ails health care

WaPo: Super PACs, donors turn sights on judicial branch

NYT: OpEd: The Gated Community Mentality
WaPo: OpEd: The myth of the disappearing middle class


SacBee: CA GOP lawmakers push budget plan to cut state workers' pay, nix tax increases

David Brooks: A Moderate Conservative Dilemma (Nathan Fletcher)


Dallas MN: Few Texas Republicans in Congress make endorsements in U.S. Senate race

NYT: Challenge From the Right Tests Texas Speaker, Again

WSJ: A federal court slams the EPA's clean-air war on Texas


Miami Herald: Scott signs Medicaid billing changes; may cost counties $326 million
Miami Herald: Scott must decide future of pensions bill


AJC: Georgia lawmakers pass abortion bill on last, emotional day


Chicago ST: Emanuel pushing $7.3 billion plan to rebuild Chicago’s infrastructure


Star Tribune: Photo ID battle turns into a war over the wording


Politico: Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney embrace Scott Walker


Detroit News: New consent plan could impose labor contracts
WSJ: Detroit May Impose New Labor Contracts


Fox: Arkansas high court overturns teacher-sex law


Boston Globe: Ruling may spur foes to challenge Mass. health law


Denver Post: Bill requiring drug tests for welfare recipients dies in Colorado House


March 29, 2012


NatJ: Rubio Endorses Romney
WaPo: Marco Rubio endorses Mitt Romney
NYT: Rubio Endorses Romney, Dismissing Vice Presidential Talk
Telegraph UK: Mitt Romney gains endorsement from key Republican senator
Tampa Tribune: Endorsements fuel Romney support among Hispanics

Guardian UK: George Bush Sr expected to endorse Mitt Romney at Houston event
WaPo: George H.W. Bush to endorse Romney on Thursday

WSJ: Bain Gave Staff Way to Swell IRAs by Investing in Deals

NYT: Taking Heed of Criticism, Santorum Tones Down Attacks
WaPo: Rick Santorum’s ‘Win or go home’ states
WSJ: Zeleny's Revenge?

Examiner: Santorum losing ground in home state of Pa.

WaPo: For Newt Gingrich, it’s now convention or bust
WTimes: Romney rivals seen ‘tilting at windmills’ in convention ploy
WTimes: Gingrich says no deal after a secret talk with Romney

WaPo: Ron Paul brings his message to University of Maryland
WTimes: Paul puts campaign before duty: Misses all but nine votes this year

NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Federal Budgets and Class Warfare

Hill: Poll: Obama holds double-digit lead over Romney nationally


WSJ: House Votes Down Bipartisan Budget Proposal
Hill: 0-414 vote: House clobbers budget proposal based on Obama's 2013 plan
WaPo: Bipartisan plan to cut deficits gets meager support in House
WTimes: Bowles-Simpson goes down to defeat

Hill: Ryan budget plan poised to pass House, giving GOP needed boost

WTimes: Republicans vote to subpoena oil moratorium documents

Hill: GOP shifts to offense in highway bill fight

WTimes: Boehner to Obama: Clarify your hot mic comments to Medvedev

NYT: Business Bets on the G.O.P. May Be Backfiring

WaPo: Democrats look to stretch the Senate map in Arizona and Indiana

Daily Caller: Congressman ejected from House floor for wearing hoodie


WSJ: Justices Question Extent of Federal Power
WSJ: Health Case Ripples Outward
WSJ: Three Days Of Hearings Yield Five Take-Aways
WSJ: Big Case Stirs Up This 'Hot Bench'
WSJ: The ObamaCare Reckoning
Karl Rove: ObamaCare and the 2012 Election
James Taranto: Will the High Court Vindicate Vinson?

WTimes: Justices skeptical of health care law’s expansion of Medicaid

Fox: Supreme Court closes historic ObamaCare arguments, as public awaits verdict

Rush Limbaugh: The Ridiculous Obamacare Debate

WaPo: Supreme Court’s health-care ruling could deal dramatic blow to Obama presidency
WaPo: On health-care hearing’s last day, Supreme Court weighs Medicaid expansion
WaPo: Health-care hearings are over: What happens next?
WaPo: The 3 ways the Court could rule against Obamacare's mandate
EJ Dionne: Judicial activists in the Supreme Court
Tom Daschle: In defense of President Obama’s leadership on health-care reform

NYT: On Day 3, Justices Weigh What-Ifs of Health Ruling
NYT: Parties Brace for Fallout in Court’s Ruling on Health Care
NYT: Few Minds Are Changed by Arguments in Court
Star-Telegram: Justices appear poised to strike down entire healthcare law
NYT: Few Minds Are Changed by Arguments in Court

WSJ: Federal Court in New York Won't Rule on Obama Recess Appointments

NYT: Editorial: The Never-Ending Cold War

NYT: OpEd: When Stealing Isn’t Stealing

Ann Coulter: "Post-Racial" Lynch Mob


NYT: Espada Aide Is Inconsistent as She Testifies in Fraud Trial

NYT: Claim of Fraud as Votes Are Counted in Brooklyn Special Election

Albany TU: State: "Back office" mergers to save $1B


NatJ: Q Poll: Nelson Opens Up Eight Point Lead Over Mack in Florida


Rasmussen: Wisconsin Senate: Thompson (R) 48%, Baldwin (D) 44%


NatJ: Q Poll: Brown Leads Mandel by Ten Points


WSJ: Detroit Reaches Tentative Pact With State


NatJ: Coburn, Johnson Backing Brunner in Missouri


Hill: No grudges: Rand Paul signals he supports Mitch McConnell’s reelection


Roll Call: Connecticut: Polls Show Linda McMahon Up by Varying Margins


WaPo: Pact on third-party ads seems to be working in Massachusetts


NatJ: Raising Arizona


March 28, 2012


WSJ: Poll Puts Romney Up by 8 Points in Wisconsin

Boston Globe: Romney makes effort to show more personal side
NYDN: Rick Santorum can be my ‘press secretary,’ Mitt Romney quips
Reuters: Joking Romney has job for Santorum: press secretary
WaPo: What does Romney really think of Santorum?
NYT: For a Romney Running Mate, Don’t Bet on a Governor
WTimes: Romney faces hurdle gaining Hispanic votes
HChron: Mitt Romney taken to task on immigration before Texas trip
WaPo: Romney far behind Obama on test of basic popularity
WaPo: Mitt’s ‘Romniacs’ united by an uncommon passion for the Republican hopeful
NatJ: Romney Myth-Busting
Mike DeWine: Romney’s individual mandate problem

NatJ: Romney, Paul Allege ‘Dirty Tricks’ by Santorum Supporters
NatJ: Pennsylvania's Conservative Shift Could Save Santorum
Hill: Santorum’s chances for VP slot slim
National Review: Santorum’s Ultimate Strategy

WSJ: Gingrich Cuts Staff, Replaces Manager
WaPo: Newt Gingrich scales back campaign
NYT: Gingrich Is Cutting Staff to Shift Focus to Convention
Indy Star: Newt Gingrich revamps campaign to deny Mitt Romney delegates
Politico: Newt Gingrich cuts staff, aims for Tampa

NYT: Strength and Weakness in the Campaign of Ron Paul

NatJ: Polls: Obama Stronger, Still Vulnerable in Swing States
WSJ: Swing State Battle Picks Up
NatJ: How faith shapes the electoral map

WTimes: Republicans fear Obama will sell out to Russia
Michael Barone: Obama gaffe hints at hidden agenda in second term

American Spectator: Won't Someone Please Ask Meghan McCain to the Prom?


WSJ: OpEd: Ryan's Budget Protects Defense
American Spectator: Ryan's Budget Is Better Than You Know
Rep. Tom McClintock: Eve of the budget debate

Hill: GOP scraps planned highway vote for a second day in a row
WaPo: House Republicans block transportation extension

Examiner: Senate GOP turns gas fight against Democrats

Dick Morris: Friendly fire from Obama: polling indicates a massacre of Senate Dems


WSJ: Justices Question Health Law
WSJ: Kennedy Leaves Both Sides Hopeful
WSJ: Health Executives Unfazed by Supreme-Court Debate
WSJ: Editorial: A Constitutional Awakening: A bad day for unlimited government
WSJ: Overhaul's 'Individual Mandate': What It Is, Why and Why Not
WSJ: Five Takeaways From Tuesday’s High Court Health-Care Showdown

WTimes: Supreme Court justices challenge health insurance mandate
WTimes: Obama’s tax plea gets rude reception
Rep. Michele Bachmann: Ripping out Obamacare by the roots

Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare Oral Arguments Don't Appear to be Going Well for the Regime
Rush Limbaugh: Left Shocked by Court Developments
Rush: Liberal Wishful Thinking: No Matter What Happens with Obamacare, Obama Wins

RCP: Kennedy: Individual Mandate Fundamentally Changes Relationship Of Gov't
Fox: Health care law endures tough questioning from swing justice at Supreme Court
Weekly Standard: Obamacare on Trial: The Individual Mandate

NYT: Health Ruling Hinges on How Justices Frame the Core Issue
NYT: Contingency Plans Are Few if Court Strikes Down Insurance Requirement
NYT: In Court, Sharp Questions on Health Care Law’s Mandate
NYT: Could Defeat in Court Help Obama Win?
NYT: Editorial: The Supreme Court’s Momentous Test
Boston Globe: Court’s conservatives question health law’s mandate sharply
Politico: 5 takeaways on health law arguments

WaPo: Supreme Court expresses doubts on key constitutional issue in health-care law
WaPo: On last day of hearing, Supreme Court considers severability, Medicaid expansion
WaPo: Court watchers on both sides speculate about health-care mandate
Charles Lane: Citizen Kennedy
Kathleen Parker: Obamacare is not a civil rights issue
Eva Rodriguez: Why the health-care law might stand at the Supreme Court

Fox: Supreme Court sets up doubleheader finale on ObamaCare hearing
Chicago Tribune: Supreme Court weighs all-or-nothing on healthcare law

Fox: EPA proposes first-ever limits on new power plants' carbon pollution
Fox: Western states demand feds return public land amid clamor for more drilling
Ed Rogers: Regulating carbon won't help anything

Fred Barnes: Why won’t the Obama administration sell its GM stock?

Thomas Friedman: Elephants Down Under


Albany TU: Budget: $1.2B for building projects
NYT: Quietly, a Budget Deal Is Reached in Albany
LoHud: Lawmakers Reach Tentative Budget Deal
Rochester D&C: Cuomo, leaders announce final deal on state budget

NYT: Group Allied With Cuomo Tops Albany Spending List


SacBee: Dem campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee expected to plead guilty to stealing millions


NYT: Florida’s New Election Law Blunts Voter Drives


Milwaukee JS: New poll finds Walker in tight matchups with Barrett, Falk
Michelle Malkin: The War on Wisconsin


Rasmussen: Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 43%, Mandel (R) 43%


NatJ: McMahon Leads Shays by 21 Points in Own Poll


Boston Globe: Brown transfers to Guard in Md.


March 27, 2012


Chicago Tribune: Romney: Obama's exchange with Medvedev a "troubling development"
Dallas MN: Romney collects conservative endorsements as he looks to lock up nomination
NewsMax: USC/LA Times Poll: Romney Leads Santorum 42-19% in Calif.
ABC: Romney holds fundraiser in Redwood Shores CA
Politico: Mitt Romney: I liked 'The Hunger Games'
WSJ: Romney's fundraisers are quietly amassing millions
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Earns GOP Health Care Truce
CNN: Romney's lead hasn't convinced many of GOP's unpledged delegates
WaPo: AFL-CIO calls on Romney to dismiss labor advisor linked to NLRB ethics case
Boston Globe: Romney, Obama vie for female support
Al Hunt: Romney and the Mormon Factor

Fox: Santorum: 'Of course' I'd consider being Romney's running mate
WaPo: Santorum says he’s only candidate who can make repealing ObamaCare a reality
NYT: Santorum and Foes Spar on Day of Health Care Hearing
CSM: Rick Santorum puts 'Romneycare' on trial on steps of Supreme Court (+video)
WaPo: Review of ‘Obamacare’ puts GOP spotlight on Romney’s Mass. health care law
NYT: Santorum Fails to Capture Catholic Vote
Boston Globe: Santorum looks to deny Romney a win by any means
WaPo: Rick Santorum’s nice-guy persona is turning a bit testy lately
Michael Gerson: Politicians giving religion a bad name
Byron York: Doubts about winning Wisconsin

Reuters: Immersed in race, Gingrich stays in despite setbacks
NatJ: Gingrich Begins Charging $50 for Photos at Events

Chicago Tribune: Despite delegate math, Santorum and Gingrich remain steadfast

WaPo: Where is Ron Paul?
NatJ: Ron Paul: Dropping Out is 'Silly Question'

Politico: Karl Rove's fight club

Hill: Republicans seeking out Hispanics

KC Star: Romney still close to Obama, Santorum 5 points back, poll finds
John Fund: Still the Alinsky Playbook


WTimes: Senate GOP sets stage for energy debate

WaPo: Short-term highway funding bill scrapped
WaPo: House Republicans abruptly cancel vote on extension of highway programs
Hill: GOP Reps. Dold, Biggert and Bass call for House to pass Senate highway bill
Politico: GOP highway plan in trouble

Hill: Cast blame or take credit? Boehner pressed to switch direction on economy

WaPo: Jobs Act: White House, Democrats at odds over Obama-backed pro-business bill

WaPo: Democrats release budget to compete with Ryan plan
Hill: House conservatives to unveil budget which balances books faster
WSJ: Ryan and the Right: Some conservatives risk falling into Obama's tax and deficit trap


WaPo: Supreme Court begins review of health-care law
Hill: Tea Party converges on court for main event in healthcare debate
WTimes: Supreme Court looks at tax issue in Obama health law
WSJ: Court Unlikely to Delay Ruling
Weekly Standard: Obamacare on Trial: Day One
NYT: For Justices, a Matter of Framing the Core Issue on Health Care
Daily Caller: Obamacare’s first day at the Supreme Court: The calm before the storm
NYT: Vindication for Challenger of Health Care Law
WaPo: Health-care provision at center of Supreme Court debate was a Republican idea
CBS: Will Supreme Court health care case boost the GOP, or Democrats?
NatJ: Public Still Opposes Health Care Mandate
Human Events: ObamaCare: Up for grabs at Supreme Court
NYT: Editorial: Getting to the Merits
WaPo: Editorial: Why the individual mandate holds the key to health-care reform
Rush L: Making the Complex Understandable: Obamacare Arguments at Supreme Court
Rush Limbaugh: Nobody Doubts How the Liberal Members of the Supreme Court Will Rule
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare: Gateway to Totalitarianism
Charlie Cook: A Supreme Election?
David Limbaugh: Obamacare: Will the court vindicate itself?

WaPo: EPA to impose first greenhouse gas limits on power plants
NatJ: First Major Climate Regs from Obama EPA Sure to Heat Up Political Debate
WSJ: Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again

WaPo: Obama administration allows health coverage for same-sex spouse

Fox: Republicans call on Obama to clarify comment on missile defense 'flexibility'
WTimes: Obama defends missile defense comments on hot mic
WTimes: Hot mic: Obama begs Russians for ‘space’ on missile defense talks

National Review: The Justice Department’s Special Litigation

James Taranto: A New York Times columnist invades a troubled woman's privacy

Rush Limbaugh: Libs to Cheney: Take the Painkiller

NYT: Priscilla Buckley, Editor at National Review, Dies at 90


Weekly Standard: Romney and Santorum Robocall Wisconsin Voters
Huff Post: Wisconsin Democrats Attack Mitt Romney, Ignore Other Republican Candidates


Union Leader: Former Huntsman delegate Paul Collins moves to Mitt Romney


NYT: Cuomo and Top Legislators Near Accord on the Budget
Albany TU: Almost a deal on the budget
Rochester D&C: Lawmakers reach tentative budget deal

Fred Dicker: GOP’s Dem-olition man in Senate

NYT: Rangel and His Campaign to Pay $23,000 Fine Over Misuse of Rent Law


Huff Post: California Republicans Donating To Multiple GOP Nominee Hopefuls

SacBee: She may be candidate Feinstein, but the California senator shuns the spotlight


Marc Thiessen: The Great Whisperer (Marco Rubio)


AJC: In failed hotel venture, Ga. Republicans appear to cut loan nearly in half


WaPo: Former Rep. William Jefferson’s conviction upheld by federal court
Politico: Jefferson loses bribery appeal

Weekly Standard: Louisiana Teachers Close Schools (Again) to Protest Governor


Chicago Tribune: Family takes Blago home off the market


Hill: President of firefighters union says Ohio will be carried by Obama


Detroit News: Review team: Detroit in crisis, consent deal close


American Thinker: Why John Edwards Is the Perfect Democrat


Boston Globe: Senator Brown steps up focus on women


March 26, 2012


WSJ: A Top House Leader Backs Romney
Hill: Report: Rep. McCarthy to endorse Romney
Politico: Graham: GOP primary is over
WaPo: Is Mitt Romney underrated?
WTimes: Romney’s chicken soup
Daily Caller: Rivals use Obamacare anniversary to ding Romney

WTimes: Louisiana win steels resolve of Santorum to stay in race
CNN: Santorum's Louisiana win does little to change the game of delegate math
NYT: Santorum Ignores Pressure to Bow Out to Romney
Fox: Santorum says 'bad math' makes Romney's lead look bigger
NatJ: Could Pennsylvania End Santorum's Political Career Twice?
NatJ: Santorum Calls Romney 'Worst Republican' to Face Obama
Politico: Rick Santorum lashes out at New York Times reporter
American Spectator: Santorum's Sagging Significance
American Spectator: The Politics of Demoralization

Austin AS: Gingrich soldiering on, despite dearth of victories
WaPo: Obama adviser smacks down Gingrich’s comments on Trayvon Martin

WSJ: Candidates Woo Unbound Delegates
NYT: Debate Shifts From the Trail to the Capital
Joe Curl: GOP’s 2012 primary plan creates a colossal mess
Politico: GOP race nears tipping point

Judd Gregg: President Obama’s view of America’s future key to deciding 2012 election

Human Events: Obama faces major enthusiasm gap compared to Bill Clinton in 1996

WaPo: Rep. Paul Ryan says he’d ‘consider’ a vice presidential candidacy


WTimes: Report: Campaign funds become ‘a family affair’

Roll Call: Five Races in Which the Health Care Debate Will Matter


WSJ: Health Law Heads to Court
WSJ: Camping Out for a Ticket In
WSJ: A Primer on the Issues, Likely Outcomes
WTimes: Ruling on health care case hard to predict
Fox: Health care law brawl arrives at Supreme Court steps
Fox: Terrible Two for Obama Health Law
Fox: First round of Supreme Court health care hearings not about health care
Hill: Supreme Court weighs the fate of Obama’s landmark healthcare law
WaPo: Supreme Court to hear arguments on timing of health-care ruling
WaPo: As Supreme Court justices review health-care law, stakes will be hard to ignore
WaPo: President Obama embraces ‘Obamacare’ label. But why?
Weekly Standard: Obama Looks to Shift Blame on Obamacare
NYT: Health Act Arguments Open With 1867 Obstacle
NYT: In Health Care Case, Lawyers Train for 3-Day Marathon
NYT: Waiting (and Sleeping) in Line, for View of Health Care History
National Review: Editorial: The Constitution vs. Obamacare
WaPo: Editorial: Health-care reform, part one
Politico: 5 things to watch in health law oral arguments
Sen. Orrin Hatch: One Supreme Court vote can change everything

Fox: GOP budget would strip loopholes for top earners, Rep. Paul Ryan says
WTimes: Budget gridlock imperils national defense

Lawrence Summers: Promoting the economic rebound
Paul Krugman: Lobbyists, Guns and Money
Steven Rattner: The Rich Get Even Richer

WTimes: White House sure its energy policy is an election winner

NYT: Senators Question Employer Requests for Facebook Passwords

WTimes: Obama wants to push reduction of nuclear stockpiles

WaPo: Cheney doing ‘exceedingly well’ after heart transplant
WSJ: Cheney Among Oldest to Get Heart Transplant
NYT: For Cheney, Pros and Cons in New Heart


NYT: Once Neighboring Congressmen, Iowans Compete for Same Seat


WSJ: Cuomo's Pension Retreat: New York's Governor loses a round to the unions

NYT: Queens G.O.P. Endorses Halloran for Congress


WSJ: California Farmers Feel Pain
WSJ: Governor 13.3%: Jerry Brown's latest California accomplishment
Dan Walters: Big pension conflicts ahead in California


WaPo: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall: Big money fuels small-government fight


Detroit News: Deadline today for Detroit crisis plan


Politico: Ben Nelson stands by his key vote


WSJ: High Court Help for Rand Paul


Human Events: Articulate voice for growth and capitalism: Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey


March 25, 2012


WaPo: Santorum wins Louisiana primary
WSJ: Santorum Wins Louisiana Primary
WTimes: Santorum wins Republican presidential primary in Louisiana
Human Events: Santorum Wins Louisiana
NYDN: Santorum declared Louisiana winner, but still trailing Romney overall
WSJ: Santorum: 'We're Still Fighting'
Weekly Standard: 22-Point Win Is 2nd-Biggest

WSJ: Santorum, Confident of Louisiana Victory, Turns to Wisconsin
Milwaukee JS: Santorum energizes supporters
Fox: Santorum wins Louisiana, next matchup Wisconsin on April 3
NYT: Santorum Gets a Boost in Winning Louisiana

NYT: Louisiana Results Suggest a Two-Man Race
NatJ: Santorum Tells Pennsylvanians His Crushing 2006 Loss was a ‘Great Gift’
Hill: Santorum: Big 2006 Senate loss was a 'self-correction,' a 'gift'
Politico: Pennsylvania GOPers: Let primary continue
Examiner: Santorum still needs to prove himself in Midwest
WaPo: Sunday talk show rounds: Santorum on CBS
NYT: Santorum Unveils 'Obamaville' Video, Scary Music Included
Politico: Santorum’s guerrilla ad war enemy: big states

WaPo: At elite Gridiron Club dinner, the joke’s on Mitt Romney
WaPo: Romney roundly defeated in Louisiana
Politico: Barbour: Romney's finally a real front-runner
Hill: Barbour: Romney will draw conservatives against Obama
Politico: Toomey vouches for Romney
Weekly Standard: Risk-Averse Romney: The candidate attempts to reassure conservatives
Larry Kudlow: The Reagan in Romney
Dan Balz: Can Mitt Romney hit the reset button on presidential campaign?
Todd Gillman: Romney’s failure to connect with voters contrasts with Bush

NYT: Kennedy Helped Shape Romney’s Career, and Still Haunts It

NatJ: Gingrich: Santorum Has to Win Pennsylvania
Politico: Newt keeps hope alive, barely

Human Events: Although out of race, Cain carries on

WaPo: Veepstakes 2012: The Inaugural Edition
Human Events: Pollster Luntz says Romney's Veep should come from key state

WaPo: Could Democratic fears of a Republican super PAC ‘avalanche’ be exaggerated?
Michael Barone: Obama campaign doc: not morning in America
Clarice Feldman: The Incredible Pliability of Fact and Statistics


NYT: Groups Blanket Supreme Court on Health Care
WaPo: As Supreme Court justices review health-care law, stakes will be hard to ignore
WaPo: What’s going to happen during 3 days of arguments on health care?
Rep. Allen West: Why Obamacare is bad for America’s health
Walter Dellinger: Five myths about the health-care law

Hill: Speaker Boehner goes toe-to-toe with Obama over energy policy

Hill: Boehner relies on unlikely alliance with appropriators to move Ryan budget plan
Mark Steyn: Our national bankruptcy is about to enter its “sudden” phase

NYT: In Europe, Where Art Is Life, Ax Falls on Public Financing

Hill: Obama set to clash with House GOP over program for training armed airline pilots

WTimes: DHS: Illegal immigrant population is 11.5 million

NatJ: Journalists, Officials Skewer Congress, GOP Presidential Field at Annual Dinner
Boston Globe: Panetta, Perry crack jokes with media at Gridiron

Roll Call: Administration Staffers Head Out the Revolving Door

WSJ: Cheney Undergoes Heart-Transplant Surgery
CBS: Dick Cheney receives heart transplant
WaPo: Former Vice President Cheney has heart transplant
NYT: For Cheney, 71, New Heart Ends 20-Month Wait
Daily Caller: New civility: Twitter explodes with Cheney hate following heart transplant

WaPo: Sunday Talk Shows (3/25/12)


Green Bay Press: Santorum energizes supporters in Bellevue
Politico: Santorum to pitch in for Walker


Human Events: Haley rules out Veep spot, backs Toomey on getting tough with NLRB


Albany TU: In time for Somos, Cuomo taps Rivera for Labor
Albany TU: What is it Cuomo is hiding?

Buffalo News: Collins launches campaign for Congress in 27th District

Rochester D&C: Monroe County taxpayers' pension tab for 2013: $173 million


Dan Walters: California's volatile tax revenue still a problem


HChron: Rick Perry, comic genius: Texas governor wows the media elite at Gridiron dinner
Austin AS: Perry pokes fun at rivals, failed race


Hill: DNC chairwoman: Repeal Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law


Weekly Standard: More TV Ad Buys in Indiana Senate Race


Salena Zito: Pa. coal country skeptical of Obama


NatJ: Shays Cites Reasons for Optimism in Race Against McMahon


WSJ: The Democrat Who Took on the Unions


NatJ: Tester to Launch First Television Ad


March 24, 2012


WSJ: Romney Slams Obama’s Health Care in Last-Minute Bid for La. Votes
WSJ: Politics Counts: The Demographic Road Ahead for Romney
NatJ: Barbour: Romney’s 'Moderately Conservative' Views Will Help in the Fall

Fox: Santorum looks for bayou bounce in Louisiana primary
WaPo: Santorum tries to claim Louisiana territory to cut into Romney’s delegate lead
WSJ: Santorum Says He Will Back GOP Nominee, Softening Remarks
Fox: Santorum takes back Obama-over-Romney comment
NYT: On the Right, Santorum Has Women’s Vote
NYT: Santorum’s Catholicism Proves a Draw to Evangelicals

NatJ: Gingrich Calls Obama Comments on Trayvon Martin Shooting ‘Disgraceful’

WSJ: Has Anyone Seen Ron Paul? Turn on Leno

NYT: After Palin, Expect a More Intense Vetting Process

WSJ: In Hot Pursuit of the Digital Voter


NYT: Panel Extends Ethics Reviews of 2 House Members


WSJ: Tax Breaks Exceed $1 Trillion: Report

WSJ: Health-Law Foes' Rocky Road to High Court
NYT: Implications Are Far-Reaching in States’ Challenge of Federal Health Care Law
NYT: A Lawyer Who Can Simplify the Complex Draws a Big One: Obama’s Health Overhaul
George Will: Obamacare’s contract problem

WSJ: U.S. Picks Physician to Head World Bank

WSJ: Email Ties Corzine to Missing Funds
Fox: Email suggests Corzine ordered transfer of $200M as MF Global failed

NatJ: Previewing the Sunday Shows


NYT: Finally, Texas May Play Role in G.O.P. Race for President


Fox: Wisconsin Senate evenly split after resignation, as lawmakers eye recall contests


NYT: Utah Asks U.S. to Return 20 Million Acres of Land


March 23, 2012


NYT: Romney Goes to Capitol Hill, Looking for Allies
NatJ: DeMint Touts Romney as the GOP Nominee
Hill: Romney reassures DeMint of his conservative credentials at DC meeting
Weekly Standard: DeMint 'Excited' About Possible Romney Nomination
NYT: The Electoral Math of Romney’s Stance on Trade With China
Roll Call: Mitt Romney Far Outraises GOP Rivals
National Review: Romney on Ryan, and More
Daily Caller: Romney voter fraud allegations loom as general election liability
WaPo: Eric Fehrnstrom, source of Etch A Sketch gaffe, is a trusted and loyal Romney adviser
Peggy Noonan: Kvetch A Sketch
Paul Gigot: Romney's 'Etch a Sketch' Adviser
Kim Strassel: Romney's Health-Care Duck

WTimes: Lose-iana for Romney?

WTimes: Poll: Santorum poised for big win in Louisiana
Rasmussen: Louisiana GOP: Santorum 43%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 5%
HChron: Santorum insists Texas crucial to his campaign
NatJ: Santorum: If you Like Romney, Vote for Obama
Hill: Specter says he may vote for Romney
WaPo: Rick Santorum’s end game

Fox: RNC rule could extinguish Gingrich’s long-shot odds
Roger Hedgecock: Say good night, Newt
American Spectator: No One Left to Blame

WaPo: Study: Ron Paul’s House seat enriches his family

Dallas MN: Rick Perry gets OK to use unspent presidential money to start a super PAC

Politico: Republican National Committee won't wait for presidential nominee

NYT: In Oklahoma, Obama Declares Pipeline Support
WaPo: In Oklahoma, Obama stresses that oil has a place in his energy policy
Examiner: Obama backs part of pipeline he once rejected
Byron York: Obama headed for defeat in Keystone fight
Hill: Obama heckled during energy speech in Ohio
Rush Limbaugh: AP BS: US Drilling Doesn't Drop Gas Prices
Rush: Brazen Media Backs Up Obama's Keystone Lies with Dishonest News Stories

Rasmussen: Virginia: Obama Widens Lead Over Romney, Santorum

NYT: The Selling of a Politician, and the Ads Almost Broadcast


Chicago Tribune: Illinois congressional races are key nationally in the fall
WaPo: Democrats’ battle to win back House ramps up in Illinois

NYT: House Votes to Kill a Medicare Cost Panel

NYT: Insider Trading Ban for Lawmakers Clears Congress
WaPo: Senate passes scaled-down version of bill to ban insider trading by officials

WaPo: Senate passes JOBS Act, sends it back to the House
Local10: Senate passes IPO bill, goes back to House

WTimes: Rare bipartisanship as Senate passes jobs, insider-trading bills

WTimes: Senate to hold hearings on NFL ‘bounties’


WSJ: Health Law Slow to Win Favor
Hill: White House marks healthcare anniversary with caution, defiance
WaPo: Health-care changes may not all disappear even if justices overturn the law
WSJ: Liberty and ObamaCare
Hill: Pelosi: Healthcare law is 'ironclad'
National Review: Can Obamacare Be Undone?
Sen. Mitch McConnell: Down with Obamacare
Charles Krauthammer: Obamacare: The reckoning
James Taranto: A liberal legal legend's ludicrous ObamaCare defense
Rush Limbaugh: Doctors Strike Back at Obamacare
Michelle Malkin: The ObamaCare hydra
Politico: 5 things Dems got wrong on health care

Hill: Republican leaders racking up ‘yes’ votes on Rep. Ryan’s budget
Ruth Marcus: Paul Ryan’s budget plan: Dessert first, vegetables later

WTimes: Critics rip Obama claim that drilling in U.S. won’t drop gas prices
NYT: U.S. Inches Toward Goal of Energy Independence

NYT: U.S. Relaxes Limits on Use of Data in Terror Analysis
WaPo: New counterterrorism guidelines permit data on U.S. citizens to be held longer

WaPo: Holder has become voice of the president on controversial racial issues

Michael Gerson: Obama’s ambivalent leadership on Afghanistan

Fox: Agents appeared to have probable cause to arrest Fast and Furious suspect

WaPo: Komen board chair steps down, citing Howard University duties


WSJ: Louisiana Unlikely to Join Romney Parade


Politico: New Hampshire's Jennifer Horn backs Kevin Smith for governor


Miami Herald: Senate revamps redistricting map; critics say it remains flawed


Roll Call: Indiana: Dick Lugar’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week


StarT: Proposal to require photo ID of voters heads to Senate floor; already passed in House


Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin primary unfolds in the shadow of the Walker recall fight


NYT: John Edwards Denies Prostitute's Claims


NYT: Democrats Reject Christie Choice for New Jersey’s Top Court


NatJ: Where's The Love for Chris Shays?


Fox: Rep. Quayle slams Club for Growth over warning on GOP primary race


March 22, 2012


WaPo: For Romney campaign, Jeb Bush and FreedomWorks announcements are good news
NYT: G.O.P. Nomination Becoming a One-Man Race
Hill: An air of inevitability grows around Romney after decisive primary win
WTimes: Evangelical states sketchy for Romney
WTimes: Romney’s super PAC still outraising his rivals’
Examiner: Jeb Bush calls on GOP to back struggling Romney
Daily Caller: FreedomWorks aims to force Romney’s hand with conservative Congress
WaPo: Romney’s road to nomination paved by dedicated delegate counter

Ann Coulter: Send Lizzie Borden to Washington
Erick Erickson: The Nominee: He Beat the Base. Now Will the Base be With Him?
AP/Espo: Analysis: The GOP race is now lining up for Romney
Rush Limbaugh: Nudge to the Right Produces Mitt's Best Speech Yet -- If He Means It

NYT: Santorum Plays to His Audience, Toy in Hand
WaPo: Etch a sketch politics: How small things become big things
NYT: Romney’s Day to Relish Is Marred by Aide’s Gaffe
NYT: Romney Tries to Move Spotlight Off ‘Etch A Sketch’
NYT: For Romney’s Trusted Adviser, ‘Etch a Sketch’ Comment Is a Rare Misstep

WTimes: Specter says Santorum not ‘up to being the president’ as barbs flow

NYT: Santorum Puts a Stress on History, in Hopes of Making It
Boston Globe: Santorum seeking to coax delegates
Milwaukee JS: Wisconsin may be Santorum's last best shot to hurt Romney
National Review: Santorum and the RNC: His campaign is targeting the “super delegates”

WaPo: Money problems underscore challenges for Newt Gingrich’s campaign
WSJ: As Gingrich Fades, His Super PAC's Funding Runs Dry

NatJ: Jeb Bush Backs Rubio for VP Nominee

WSJ: Texas Billionaire Doles Out Election's Biggest Checks

WaPo: Obama tries to reclaim advantage on gas prices, health care
NYT: Obama Tours Four States to Defend Energy Policy
WaPo: Obama touts solar in Nev. as part of four-state tour on energy policy
WSJ: 'The Road We've Traveled' With Obama
Fox: Energy industry accuses Obama of misleading public about extent of untapped oil
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Keystone Trick
National Review: Obama’s Oil Bottleneck


Fox: GOP budget plan heads to House floor after panel approval
Politico: How Paul Ryan sold his budget plan
Weekly Standard: Ryan’s Tax Plan Moves the Ball
Michael Barone: Paul Ryan’s Budget Bravery

WaPo: House rejects Senate transportation bill with procedural vote

WTimes: Small-business bill clears key Senate hurdle

WTimes: ‘Buffett rule’ fails its first test in Congress

NYT: Study Shows House Members Profit

NatJ: Redistricting’s Dark Matter

Roll Call: Eric Cantor Uses ‘Real Bullets’ in Primary Endorsement

Roll Call: Illinois: DCCC Names Five Nominees to Red to Blue Program

Hill: Some Dems with tough primaries, but not all, seek Obama backing


Fox: Supreme Court sides with Idaho property owners over EPA
NYT: Justices Allow Challenge to E.P.A. Control of Wetlands
WTimes: Court backs Idaho couple in battle with EPA
WaPo: Supreme Court allows Idaho couple to challenge EPA on wetlands ruling

WaPo: Supreme Court appears to side with Secret Service agents who protected Cheney

WaPo: Supreme Court expands plea bargain rights of criminal defendants
NYT: Justices’ Ruling Expands Rights of Accused in Plea Bargains

NYT: Court Appears to Be Wary Hearing Free-Speech Case

Rivkin & Casey: The Supreme Court Weighs ObamaCare
WTimes: On second anniversary, health care divide grows

Hill: Senators demand firing of prosecutors in case against Stevens

WaPo: Komen foundation continues to see fallout from Planned Parenthood controversy
NYT: Calls Grow for Leader of Komen to Step Down

James Taranto: Criminal Stupidity: It's spring, and "Occupy Wall Street" is back

Rush Limbaugh: Why Democrats Must Oppose Voter ID


NYT: Challenge to Gay Marriage Fails in New Hampshire


NYT: In Overtime, Tight Race for Senate Rests With Vote Counters
NYT: State Senator Alesi Loses Support of Local G.O.P.

Albany TU: Cuomo papers as attorney general still denied public

NYT: State Faults Care for the Disabled


Politico: Lugar to repay home state hotel expenses


Star Tribune: GOP plans tax breaks as a boost for Minnesota jobs


Detroit News: Snyder faces hard call on fiscal reforms Detroit can no longer avoid


Rasmussen: Virginia Senate: Allen (R) 46%, Kaine (D) 44%


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The Overall Outlook for 2012

NatJ: Timeline of 2012 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

RNC: Obama Has Hit A New Milestone, His Lowest Approval Rating

WaPo: ‘The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan’ by Timothy Stanley

Daily Caller: Inside the mind of General Petraeus

Charles Murray:
The New American Divide

Weekly Standard: Mind the Gap

David Brooks: The Great Divorce

Bradford Wilcox: Values Inequality

Rush Limbaugh: Charles Murray on Cultural Inequality

Robert Samuelson: Murray’s ‘Coming Apart’ misses our history

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